Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, January 26, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated January 26, 1855 Page 3
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' -r r Kvow NOTHING* were totally defeated at the n uiiictpi election in Atlanta, Ga., on Monday la.-t. ; n KKV<VK'S PncTOKAt. Svnrr.—l his is the 'a new article in the way of medicine, pre ra!l i, v ]) r G. H. K-VSei, Wholesale Druggist, rirftvood street, Pittsburgh, Pa. It is prepared to thH various diseases of I hi- Long* aiut Bronchia! T' a such as Cough-, Colds, Hoarseness, Bron "i Vsthma, and Sore Throat. It has been bigh , !L'ten of by the Pittsburgh Press, is pleasant to Je and costs hut half a dollar. Sold ... Bedford bv Rujp & iu -chellsburg by Colvin & Robin suit. -e | F STOMACH prepares the elements of the bile j the blood; and it it does the work feebly and mi lel'tly. liver disease is the certain re-ult. As ; ' therefore, as any defection of the liver is per-i ' , „e may be sure that the digestive organ- are j C? J of order. The tir-t thing to be done is to -admin- } °vr a specific which will act directly upon the sto- ( the mainspring of the animal machinery. . vT this purpose we can recommend Uoofland's Ger l,,i Bitters, prepared by Dr. C. M. Jack-on, I'hila- j Thihia. Acting as an alternative and a tonic, it ' ,h the digestion, cliarige.- the condition of the bh>od and thereby gives regularity to the bowels, j I < ee advertisement. re-CHEAT CURE FOll RHEUMATISM.—The! Viltvirs n! the Richmond Republican, ot Dec. 24th, ■ says that Carter's Spanish Mixtuie is no quack medicine. ... i Tbev had a man iri their pre-s room who was af- I tinted with violent Mercurial Rheumatism, who was • I'mtiniially complaining of misery in the back, limbs | , i'.,.,.,.'; his eyes had become feveri-h and mat- j "'fv lick swollen, throat sore, and all the s> mptonis | () f jjhenn atism, combined with Scrofula. Iwo liot liei'of Carter's S(wuis|i Mixture cured him, and, in j I an editorial notice as above, they hear testimony to ,t* wonderful effects, and -ay their only regret i-, j mat all -ulfeiing with disease ot the blood are not a- j „ , r e of the existence of such a medicine. £C7" Fee j I tiieir certificate and notice in lull around the bottle, j I mm**-'**™' 7^*v "* \ r " /Vrrr ""7' - ' ,lT ' '' JOSBCPU Vt. TATE, ATTORNEY AT LAW ArdKeal Estate Broker, Bedford, Fa. Wili attend to all business entrusted to his | far . lie will give especial attention to Sol ' . rs' Pensions, Claims, and Humify Land. He has two or three Farms and 4,000 acres j I of unimproved land lor sale. He has been appointed ag-nt to prosecute i I the R-Jeit Morris claims, to lands, in Bedford,} Blair, Cumberland, Huntingdon, Adams, Perry, Juniata, Franklin, and Fulton count if*. Persons holding the Robert Morris lands by purchase, improvement, or warrant, may com plete their titles bv calling soon. Suits will be instituted against all tresj asters not regarding i this notice. on Julianna street. Jan. 26, 13-55. PETITION FOR LICENSE. I To the Honorable the Judges of Hie Court of | Quarter Sessions for the county of Bedford, j The petition of Peter Kinzey humbly shew- . I eth that vour petitioner is riesitous of keeping a | Tavern in tlie house which he now occupies on ; the Bedford and Schelisburg Turnpike Road, ■> miles west of Bedlord, iu the township of Na- Ipi-r in said county: that the said house i; two stories high and contains eight rooms, and ha* sufficient staining, and i* convenient and suita lile for a public house of entertainment: that I said petitioner is well provided with house room in the said house, and with all other convetueri |c s for the lodging ami arc unmodation of stran gers and travellers: he therefore prays tlie Court ■ s i rrant liiin a license. PETER KTNZEY. We, the subscribers, citizens of and residing within the bounds ul Napier Tuu nship, in KM!-' firtl county, do certify that we are personally acquainted with Peter Kinzey the above peti tioner, and that we know him to be of good re pute for honesty and temperance, and is well provided with house room and conveniences (or lodging and accommodation ol strangers and trevellers. George Stocky, Peter Mowrv, Christian IStoufer, John Emiick. Patt it k Dollar I, Perry Trout, Joint fold, James fa resen, Joseph 15. I!ever, .Martin R 'ilev , Reuben K. Colvin, John ■ H,Jan. 26, 1855. KWTRIjH' K-AIAE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE. In pursuance cf a decreeof the Court ol Com- i mon Picas of Bedford county, in Partition, ; there will he sold, at public outcry, at the , Court II 'tjse, in the Borough ol Bedford, on MONDAY, the I2th day of February next, (court week) at one o'clock of said day, the fol- I lowing described HEAL ESTATE, late the property of JOS. S. MORRISON, deceased, to wit: One Lot of ground situate on the north-east' I corner nl Pittt antl Julianna streets, being Lot I No. 186 HI tlie general plan of the Borough of Bedford, adjoining Lot of Henry Woods" devi sees, with a large Stone Dwelling House, Store House and other buildings thereon erected. Also one other Lot situate on the south-west ] corner of Julianna and Pitt streets, the same j being the half of Lot No. 32 in the genera! plan ot said i-oroogh, extending 90 feet on Pitt street, with a frame store-house and four other small hame buildings thereon erected. Terms of Sale:—One-third of the purchase money in hand, and the remainder in two equal annual payments, with interest. to be given on the Ist of A pril next. HUGH MOORE, Jan. 19, 1 Rff. Sheriff. | FIST OF CAUSES Put down for trial at February Term (12th day) 1855. Maria McF.ldowney vs- Sand William* et al Commonwealth Hoi and Bed TRC Den II Keyser's Use John Burger Daniel HHsell Charles Smith John King Jonathan Baltzell j Same John Grace •' S Morrison's adm'r Su-an Carney Hunting and Broadtop HHC John Berk-tre-ser Same David S Berkstresser John Slighter . John H Ilil! Alexander Price Jo-eph Pure et al Jertnan Jacobs Win Figart John Jark-on J A Anderson and wife Same James A Anderson John II Hill John Slighter A V Staunton it Co Wm Griffith John A B'odget Tobias Heltzell Same Daniel Heltzell et al John Bowser Patton-villeand Wood berry T R C Henry B Mock Jacob Andrews M'm l.eary Matilda Miller et al Johh Furry et al Daniel Burger et al N Dirken use Jesse Dicken et at Same Same Same Jonathan H Dicken et a! Same Same Pattonsville and VVoodber ry T R C James Patton Same John and Tbos King Rebecca Brant's use David Patterson Same Wm Crisman's adm'r Adam Smith's heirs Benjamin Lyberger John Bowser Samuel Whetstone John lluddlesdin Wm P Schcll Esq. D. WASH ABA UGH, Prot'y. I'rothonotary's Office, Jan. 19, 1555. NOTICE. Christian SloufiVr, of Napier Township, hav ing on thy 4th day of January inst. executed to the undersigned, an assignment of all his pro perty, real, peisonal, and mixed, for the benefit of his creditors* notice is therefore given to the creditors to present their claims forthwith for settlement, and those indebted are hereby re quired to make payment immediately to either of the assignees, or at the office of Jno. P. Reed, j Esq. wheie the books and accountsare placed. Ail accounts unpaid after the next court, will j he placed iti the hands of officers for collection. DAVID PATTERSON, JNO. P. REED, JNO. MOWER, Assignees. Jan. 19, 185"). ' Deliiiqufnt (clicclors bf 1853 are hereby notified that, by order oftheCom i mis-ioners, all Duplicates lor that year must he ! settled up on or before tlie Ist dav of March ! next. For all taxes unpaid at that time execu tions will be issued without respect to persons. JNO. MOWER, Attorney for Commissioners. Jan. 19, 1855. GEORGE HENRY vs. HARRIET HENRY. j in the Court of Common Pleas for the County of i Beford, Pennsylvania, subpa-na lor diioice Horn the bonds ol matrimony to September Term,, No. J)(i. Alia- sutqcEi a to November Term, 18">4, No. i 100. On motion proclamation awarded by the Court, j To Harriet Henry respondent anil defendant above named. Take Notice that the Court ot Common : Pleas of the County aforesaid have granted a mle ! upon von. Harriet llenry, re.-jioiidput in the above J j case to show cau-e vhv a divorce should Hot be !■•- j ' creed according to the prayer of the libeiiant. George | llenry. ill the above case. J Returnable to February Term next, commencing j on Monday the 12th of February, 18)■ I. HUGII MOORE, Sheriff. Jan. 12, ISA".. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS! Just received, a hit oI ,\te!o Uur.s, J/uiett, : Guitars. c*c., <S c., whicii wu offer on tlie : . i most reasonable terms. SHKYCCK, REED tv Co. Chambershurg, Pa. j Nov. 17, 1554-.—3 m. fILIIBLE PfiePEßfl m sM The subscriber will sell, at private -ale. his valua ble Property, situate in Union Township, Bedlord County, Pa., on which he at present re-ides, contain ing .10 acre- ot patented land, 90 of which are cleared j and under po-T and rail lence, the balance well 11in— j beieii with good saw timber. This pioperty is on j the wntcis of Bobbs" Creek, -1 miles north ol Adol j phtis Ake's Mill, on the public road leading fioni Bedford to Johnstown or Jefferson, within 12 miles i ofjetferson, and 16 miles ol Hollidaysbtirg. The irn- j ! provemenfs are a Stone Gri*t Mill, with two run of Stones, one pair fust rate French Burrs, with good merchant and country Bolts, and a complete Smut Machine. The Machinery is all good and substan tial, and is partly new. The water power is -iiffi cient during the entire year, and the custom is good and plenty of it. There is al-o a new Saw .Mill on the premises, which w ill cut liom 1,160 to 201)0 leet of Lumber a nay inch rura-ure, which is ready sate . at the Mill. One ot the Dwelling Houses is a three story (fame, suitable lor a public Hou-e or Store House, and ts well finished. There are three other dwelling*, two frame and one log house, al-o a frame i -table and Wagou Shed, and other necessary buiid : ing-. A! o, will be sold, another Tract of Land contain ing "00 acres, ahout 7.1 acres ol which are chared, ot which 10 are good meadow with facilities lor mak ing 26 or 30 more. The balance well timbered and well watered by the Bobhs' Creek running through it. There is on the premises an excellent site? j eulated for either Gnst Mil! or Saw Mill, with head and fall of 22 feet. There is a variety of choice fruit trees on the farm. The building- are one good Log House and Stable and other outbuildings. Al o, will be sold, (>H) acres of good timber land, convenient to the Saw Mill, on which aie the very best of saw logs. The above land i- ail patented, ami a clear and indi-pofaii'e title will be made to the purchaser or puroba-ers. Those wi-hing to purchase good pro peitv. will learn tlie conditions, (which will lie mod erate.) by ("ailing with the sub-criher, re-iding on the iir.-t named property. CASF.LTOX AKE. j J lily 21, 15.71. Hews tot the Peopled j NEW GOODS AT CHEAP CORNER, NO. I. Fellow-Citizens: We take this opportunity ! of returning van our most sincere thanks for the liberal patronage you have so kindly bestowed on us. We would also inform you (hat we ; have just returned from the Eastern Cities, with a large and well selected assortment ol Goods, stich as Cloths, Cassiineres, and Satinets : Peter j Shams, for over coats, Jeans, Ladies' fine dress I <r<x>ds, such as Silks, Alpacas, Coburg Cloths, Bombazines, Meritmes, and a larjjm assortment j of Bav State Shaw is, Hosiery, for Ladies, Com i furts, Crapes, Collars, &c., (Sr.—Mens," Wo j mens,' Boys' and Children*' Shoes and Boots, ; and a general assortment ot Groceries. Crush . Ed and pulverized Sugars, best Rio Cotiee, i i as jof all kinds, N. O. Molasses, Golden Svrup, ; Mackerel, Salt by the sack, Laker's Chocolate, j Brorna (,'ocoa. arid a general assortment of Goods usually kept in a country Store. All kinds of Produce taken in exchange ! fi>r goods al market prices. SAN SUM (N GEPIIART. Oct. 13, 1854. The subscribers respectfully beg leave to in form (lie people of Middle VYorxlberry Town ship, and the country at large, that they are now pre|iared, at their establishment,one mile south of VVoodberrv, Bedford County, tofurnisli four horse Threshing Machines, Pierjionts' Patent Shaker, Cider Mills, Ploughs of every descrip tion, Kentry's Cooking Stoves, twodifierent pat terns, arid two different pattet ns of Coal Stoves— Plough Castings, Wagon Boxes of all sizes, and cast Dinner Bells of three different sizes—also, Mill Castings of every variety. We are also prepared to fit up Machinery in the best and i most durable slvle, and will give prompt atten- I Don to all orders in this line. The public are respectfully invited to give us i a call, as we feel satisfied that both out work and ! terms will please all who do so. J. M. SNOW DEN, WM. B. BLAKE, Proprietors. Oct. 27, 1854. JOB MANN. G. H. SPANG. LAW PARTNERSHIP THE undersigned have associated themselves in the : Practice of the Law, and will attend promptly to all business entrusted to their care in Bedford and ad joining counties. Office on Julianna Street, three door* south of "Mengcl House," opposite the residence of Ma j. Tate. JOB MANN. June 2, 1851. G. 11. SPANG. READY-MADE CLOTH ING. Overcoats, Cassirrtere and Cassinett Coals, I Vests, INC., cheap, by A. B. CRAMER (fc Co. SHERIFF'S SALES. By virtue of sundry writs of Fi. Fa. To me direct ed there will he sold nt the Court House in the Bo rough of Bedford on .Monday the 12th day of Februa iirv, 18.1.1, at 2 o'clock, P. M. the lollowing Heal Ks late, Viz; One tract of land containing about 200 acres more or less about JO acres cleared and under fence with a two story log hou-e tenant house and log stable thereon erected; adjoining lands of Teeter's heirs John I. nylon and otheis; situate HI Monroe Township, Bedford county and taken in execution as the pro perty of Samuel Kurns. Also one tract of land containing 125 acres more or less ahout 80 acres cleared and under fence with n cabin house and double log barn thereon erected, ad joining lands ot Joseph Croyle John Fickis and oth ers; situate in Union Township Bedford county and taken in execution as the property of Samuel Burket. Samuel Fi.nk. deceased, in the hands of his exec utors, all bis right title and interest to and in a lot of ground in the Borough of Bedford fronting 00 leet on I'itt street and extending back to the Haystown branch ot the Juniata river; adjoining an ally on the cast and lot herein alter mentioned on the west and being lot No. 189 in the plan ot said borough— Al-o the right title and mtere.-t of the --aid Samuel Funk of in and to lot No 190 in the plan of said Bo rough fronting 00 lei t on Pitt street and extending hark to the Raystowri branch of the Juniata River; adjoining lot before described on the east and lot ot Anthony StifHer on the west with a two story log house and log stable thereon erected; situate in tin* Boiough ol Be,:fold Bedford county and taken in ex ecution as the property of Samuel Funk deceased. All of defendant Solomon Stiflb'i 's interest in and to a tract of land containing 120 arres more or less alioiit 1.1 acres cleared and under teuce with a one and a hall story log hou-e and -mall log stable there on erected; adjoining lands of IJerfrv Mock John Al li.-on and otheis; si'uute in Fnion Town-hip Bedlord county and taken in execution as the pioperty ot So lomon StifHer. One tract of land on the west side ot Denning* mountain containing 11'J acres more or less situate in Union Township Bedford county Al-o one other tract of mountain land containing 200 acre- more or l-.-.s with a cab in hou-e thereon e iected; adjoining land* of Conrad C'layconib A Sill and other-; -Una e partly in Union ami partly in St. (.'lair township* Bedford county and taken in execu tion as the property of Michael Shirwr. Also one tract ol land containing 95 acre- more or less nearly all cleared and under tence with a story and a hall log house and log stable thereon erected; adjoining land- of N'eho'as Slighter Andrew Marin ami others; -itnate its Monroe 1 own-hip Bedlord Co. and taken in execution as the property of James G Me Fa i land. Al o on- lot of ground ill the town ol Pleasantville fronting tit) leet on the Johnstown load and extend ing back about 200 feet; adjoining lands of John Leighty and others with a two story frame house theieou erected; situate tu St. Clair township Bedfoid county and taken in execution a- the property ol Jos B Mock. All >(' defendant John Herr his interest in and to a tract of land containing 1270 ucie- more or !e-s abotit 1 .711 acres cleared and under fence with a two story frame house one two story log house two tenant hou ses gri-l null save mill double log Itsiniand liame sta ble thereon erected also an apple orchard thereon; arl ioining Inruis of Thomas \V i-egarver Michael Si I i and others; situate m S Clair Township Bedford county and taken in execution as the property of James I'ec ples John Herr and John \V Beeler. Alsu all defendants interest iti and to one tract of land containing 375 acres more or less about three a cres cleared and under fence with a cabin hou-e one other old log house and one new log -table thereon erected; adjoining lands of Daniel Blankley John Shafer and others; situate in Colerain township Bed foid county ank taken in execution as the projterty of Robert llafer. Also one tract of land containing 150 acres more ot ic-- about 100 acres cleared and under fence with a -torv and a hall log hou-e arid double log barn there on erected; adjoining lands oT Benjamin I.yberger James Logue and other-; situate in Londonderry Tp Bedford county and taken in execution as the proper ty of Jacob Wolford. Also one trait of land containing 200 acres more or Irs- about 12 i acres cleared and under fence with a two stoiy tfaoie house double frame bain two story log hou-e double log barn and spring house and -hop thereon erected also an apple orchard thereon; adjoin-' ing lands of situate 111 Napier' Township Bedford county and taken in execution a- the property ei Jes se Blackburn. Also one and one-fourth acres of ground in the j tow nof Plea-antv die with a two story log house j and frame stablest hereon erected; adjo.ning lands of j James Sill Thomas Schooly and other-: situate in | Pieasantviile St. ("lair Township Bedford county and taken in execution a- the prop ity of Samuel Clatk. j HI f.II MOCRE, Sl\triff. Sheriffs Office, Jan. 19, IS.")."). REGISTER'S NOTICE- All person- interested either as heirs creditors or otherwise are hereby notified that the follow ing nam ed persons have filed their accounts in five Register's Ollice and that they w ill be presented to the Orphan's Court of Bedford county on Friday the 16th day of February next at the court-house tor confirmation at which time and place they may attend if they think proper: The account of Jennings Oldham ailm'r of the es tate of Thomas Oldham late of St Clair Town-hip deceased: The account of Samuel Way and Thomas McCoy executor- of the la-t Will &c ot David Way late of St Clair Township deceased : The account ol Jacob Guyer administrator of the estate of Jdbn Guyer late of Middle Woodberry Township deceased: The account of O F. Shannon administrator of the estate of Peter Fisher late of Bedford Borough dee'd: The final account of Joseph Griffith one of tt>e ni|- mini-trators of the estate of Wm Griffith late of St Cla'r town-hip deceased: The partial account ofKdwin A ickroy one of the executor- of the la-t Will &<• of Thomas Vickroy late of St Clair Town-hip deceased: The account of George W. Vickroy one of the ex ecutors of the la-t Will of Thomas \ ickroy late of ST '"lair township deceased: The account of Westley Fisher administrator of the e ta;e of Philip Fisher late ot'Tu-t Providence Township deceased: The account of Jacob Croyle ami Joseph fmler ex ecutors of the la-t Will )kc of Thomas Croyle late of Union Township deceased: The account ol Richard R a nr. say one of the admin i-trators of the e-tate of Thomas Ramsay iate of Dublin Township (now Fulton) deceased: The account of George Whitehill administrator of the e-tate of Wm Piper late of Hopewell Township deceased: The account of Wm T Dougherty one of the admi nistrators of the estate of Wm Metz late of Colerain town-hip deceased:

Til" account of Wm T Datigherfy executor of the la-t Will ike of Thomas Kinton late of Bedlord Bo rough deceased: The account of.Tohn II Schell acting admini-trator of the e-tate of Edmund 1) Schell late of Schell-burg Borough deceased: The linai account of John 11 Rush administrator of the estate of Samuel Taylor late of the Borough of Bedford deceased. The supplemental account of Henry Fluek one of the executors of Henry Fluck late ot South Wood berry Township deceased. 1). WASHABAUGH, Register. Hr-rifit.rr& Office, Jan. 19, 18")"). NOTICE TC COLLECTORS. Collectors of the Poor Tax are notified To settle their Duplicates for 1853 and ISSI immediately and save costs, as suits will he instituted against all who neglect this notice. By order of the Directors: JOH.y 11. RUSH, Treasurer. Jan. 19, 1855. TO MULDERS. The subscriber is fully prepared to furnish any quantity or quality of Building Lumber and Plastering Laths. Orders directed to St. Clairsville, Bedford County, will be promptly attended to, by giving a reasonable notice. F. D. BEEGLE. Now 2f, 1554-. Iron, Nails, Spikes, and Grain and Grass Scythes for sale bv * A. B. CRAMER & CO. BEDFORD COUNTY, SS: At an Orphans' Conrt held at Bedford, in and for the County of Bedford, on :iie t2of!i day of November, A. D. 1854, before Ihe Judges of tlie said Court— On motion of JOHN P. REED, Est;., the Court grant a Rule upon the heits and legal represen- ! talives of John Stoler, late of Liberty Town-: ship, deceased, to wit : Abraham and Philip, residing in the County of Whitney and State of Indiana; John Stoler, and Susan, intermarried with John Clapper, residing in Ashland Coun ty, Ohio; Catharine, intermarried with Isaac! Kensinger, Mary, intermarried with David Bark- ' shesser, and David Stoler, residing in Liberty j lownship, Bedford County,-to be and appear at ; an Orphans' Court, to tie holden at Bedford, in ; and for said County, on the second Monday I (twelfth day) of February next, to accept or j refuse to take the real estate of John Stoler, de ceased, at the valuation, which has been valued and appraised in pursuance of a Writ of Parti tion or valuation issued out of the Orphans' j Court of Bedf(ird County and to the Sheriff of; said County directed, or show cause why the i same should not be sold by order of the said Court. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF. I have here unto s> t my hand and the seal of said Court, at Bedford, the Gth day of December, A. D. i 1854. D. WASIIABACCH, ATTEST : dark.! HUGH MOORE, Sheriff. Jan. 5, 1855. qfc., - ■ _ , BLDFCRD COUNTY, SS: At an Orphrns' Court held at Bedford in ind for the Countv of Bedford, on the 24th day of November, A. D. 1854, before the Judges of the said Court On motion of A. KING, Esq.. the Court grant a inle upon the heirs and legal representatives] >f Dr. William Watson, late of the Borough of ; Bedford, deceased, to wit ; Margaret, intermar- j ried with Dr. Samuel Smith, residing in Alle gheny County, Maryland : Dr. William 11. ; Watson, John Watson, Mary Jane, intermarried j with Alexander King, Louisa 11., intermarried with Espv L. Anderson, Susan, vvho was inter married with Brown, since deceased, leaving issue one thild, Eliza Brown, a minor, of whom William H. Watson is guardian. Eliza IT, intermarried with Edward Harrison, all re siding in the Comity of Bedford ; Isabella A., ; intermarried with George Smith, residing iti ; Allegheny County, Maryland ; Anna, intermar ried with John P. O'Neal, residing in the City of Philadelphia, Percival, since deceased, with out issue, and Laura V., intermarried with John C. Brashear, residing in the City of Washing ton, to fie and appear at an Orphans' Court, ! to be field at Bedford, in and for said County, | on the 2d Monday (12th day) of February next, I to accept or refuse to take the real estate of j said Dr. Wm. Watson, deceased, at the valua- j tion, which has keen valued and appraised, in | pursuance of a wr it of Partition or valuation! issued out of the Orphans' Court of Bedford j County and to the Sheritf'ofsaid County direct- j ed. r-r show cause whv the same should not he j sold bv order of the said Court. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have here- j unto set mv hand and the seal of said Court at j Bedford, the Gth day of November. A. I). 1854. D. WASIIABACCH, ATTEST : Clark., IICGH MOORE, Sheriff. Jan. 5, 1855. NOTICE. Letters of Administration having been grant ed t 11lie undersigned on the estate of Abraham Sparks, late of West Providence Township, Bedford County, all persons ind i.ted to said es tate are requested to make immediate payment —and those having claims will present them properly authenticated lor settlement. SOL. SPARKS, JOEY CESSNA, Jan. 5. 1555. A dintnistrutors. -PIGS. The undersigned having obtain ed from t lie East a fine selection of choice breeds of Hogs, including Chester county Sul- I'oik, 01ado and Berkshire Pigs, direct from im ported stock, can now furnish any of these va rieties to those desirous of improving their stock. A fine lot of Chester county Pig", from the ce lebrated stock of Benjamin Hickman, Chester county, now for sale. Terms moderate. W'M. HARTLEY, Mount Dallas Farm. Jan. 12, 1855—Gm. FASHIONABLE TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. j The subscriber would announce to his old friends and cosh mers, and toe public in gener al, that he has permanently located himself in ! Juliana Street, next door to Dr. RI:AIII:I:'S Drug ; & Book Store, where he is prepared to execute I all orders in his line in a superior manner, on : reasonable terms. From long experience in the | business, he feels confident he can render satis | faction to all who honor him with a call. He constantly keeps on hand ready-made clothing, of every description, for Men and Buys—also, a superior assortment of CLOTHS, CASSIMERES, CASSINETTS, SILK, SA TIN,ami other VESTINGS,and Summer Vv ear, which lie will sell as low ns tlmy can be bought elsewhere, and make them up to the taste of the purchaser. He also keeps a genera! assortment of Cravats, Stocks, Collars, Suspenders, Handkerchiefs, .Nr. He hopes to merit and receive a liberal share of public patronage. WM. SCIIAFFER. June 9, 1854. Delaines, Cashmeres, Alpaccas. Thibet Cloths, Ye., Yc., of every color, just received and for sale by ' A. B. CRAMER Y Co. TOOTH ACHE.—Persons are not general ly aware that Dr. Keyser's Tooth Ache reme -1 <iv, prepared by him at 140 Wood Street, Pitts burg, Pa. and for sale at Rupp Y Oster's in this place will slop immediately an aching tooth. Whoever tries it will be convinced. Dec. 8, 1554. SEW FILL & MM FOODS. I The undersigned respectfully inform their j friends and customers that they have just re ' ceived a very full assortment off ALL <s" WIX j TER GOODS, which will be offered at very ! reduced rat s. A. B. CRAMER & CO. Oct. 13, 1854. Wool, Rag, List and Hemp Carpeting, from iSc up, for sale by I * A. B. CRAMER & CO. New Firm! New Store!! and New Goods!!! The subscribers, having just received and o pened at the old stand of J. H. SCHELL, a new and splendid assortment of Goods, respect fully invite tlie patronage of the public. Their stock consists of FCLAPLE & FANCY IIOOTL*, of the finest and newest styles ; also, a large as sortment of FAMILY GROCERIES, Drugs, Medicines. Paints, Oils, Dye Stuffs, Hardware, Nails, Glassware, Queensware, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Umbrella*, and, in fact, ev ery article that is kept in a well regulated country store, all of which have been carefully selected, and will be sold on the most favorable terms for CHSII or PRODUCE. MARIA SCHELL, JACOB S. SCHELL. Scliellsburg, Pa., ) Nov. 10, 1854. ) M FILL FOODS! The undersigned thankful (o their numerous patrons for their kind and very liberal patron- 1 age, respectfully informs them that they have just received from the eastern cities, a handsome 1 assortment of new style Fall Goods, suitable for the*present and coming season, comprising j French and English Broadcloths, Cassimeres, Tweeds, Sattiuetts, Kentucky Jeans, Flannels, Satin and Worsted Yestings, Cravats and hdkiis., knit Merino Shirts and Drawers, Cashmeres, Mansseline De Rege, Mousseline Delaines, Co htirg and Thibet Cloths, Alpacas, Silk Poplins, Black Gros De Rhine, and Fancy Silks, Prints from a tip up, Muslins bleached and unbleached from a fip up, all widths, Thibet and Bay State Shawls, Ginghams, Checks, Linseys, 'Pickings. Drillings, Cambrics, Nankeens, Ciash, Diapers, Damask Table Cloths and Covers, White Goods, Embroiders, Sleeves, Collars, Dress Trimmings, Ribbons, Gloves, Hosiery, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Queensware, Hardware, ami Brooms, Groceries, N. (). Sugars, White Clarified, Pul verized, and Crushed do., Golden Syrup, N. O. Molasses, good Rio Coffee 12i, Piirne do 15 cents, Spices, Teas, Chocolate, Extract of Cof fee, Tobacco, Flax Seed, Sperm and Whale Oils, Drugs, Patent Medicine, Cattle Powders, together with 1001 other articles adapted to the wants of the people, all of u hich they will sell at the very lowest possible prices lor cash and approved produce, or upon short credit to good and punctual customers. And, as our motto, short profits, many sales, and quick returns, has ] been fii 11 v carried out, and will continue the j ruling feature, we feel assured we can make it to the advantage o| all in search of cheap bar gains to give us a call before purchasing. All kinds of Produce taken for Goods. RUPP Y CSTER. Bedford, Sept. 22, 1854. WATCHES, JLV.FJ.KY, SILVO'.YAKE AND FANCY GCOD3. A Choice Assortment of the Finest Quality, For Sale at the Lowest Cash Prices, at WM. B. 11 LTO .V HEAD'S, JYo. IS I South St con7 Street, hetirren Pin " and ll uion, Ii"/sV Side, PHILADELPHIA. The assortment embraces a J.nrse and S el ret Sloeil of Fine IVatrhrs, Jewelry, Silver 1 Care, A! hut a 11 <? re, plated villi fine Silver. HI Spoons, Forts, Ladles, ,\-r. Jet Goods, Fans and Fanri/ Articles of a superior quality, ile-erving the examination ol those who de sire to procure the best goods at the Lowest Cash l'lirfs. Having a practical / nondrdppe of the business, and all available facilities lor Importing and Manufactur ing, the subscriber confidently invites purchasers, believing that he can supply tlieni on term- a- favor able as any other establishment in either of the At lantic Cities. CP* All kinds of Diamond and Pear! Jewelry and Silver Ware manufactured to order, within a reason able time. CP 3 " Watches, Jewelry and Silver Ware faithfully repaired. WM. B. ELTON HEAD, No. 1M South Second Street, a few doors above the Second Street .Market, West Side. CP" In the South Window of the Store may be seen the famous BIRD CLOCK, which commands the ad miration of the scientific curious. Oct. 13, IS-3-L—ly. KTEEVE A,* KINISRHT, (Successor to Ilartlf-y A* A mzfht *) BEDDING AND CARPET WAREHOUSE, Mo. 148 South Second Street, Five doors above Spr nee Street, PIIILAP Is LI'III A, Where he keeps constantly on hand a full assortment oi every article in his line of business. LEATHERS. FEATHER-BEDS, Patent Spring Mattre-ses, Curled Hair j .Moss. Coin Husk and Straw Mattresses. Velvet Tapestrv, Tapestry, Brn-eD. Thrce-ITv. Ingrain, Venetian* Lu-i. Rag and Hemp Carpet in-. Oil Cloths, Canton Matting*, Cocoa and Spanish Mattings. Floor j and Stair Druggets. Hearth Rugs, Door Mats, Table and Piano Covers, to which he invites the attention of purchasers. Oct. 13, ISA.—ly. HARDWARE STORE. The subscriber having purchased the entire f stock ol HARDWARE of the late Thomas B. j Miller, in the Borough of Bedford, would re ! specfl'ullv announce to his friends and the pub lic genetally, that he is now prepared to fur | nisii almost every article in his line of business on favorable terms. llis stock being nearly all new, and selected by one well experienced in the business, he is fully satisfied that purchasers will find it to their advantage to give him a call. In addition to a general stock of Hard ware, he has on hand, and will constantly keep, GROCERIES of the very best quality—GLASS {of all sizes—also, STONEWARE of a very su perior quality. He has also on hand all kinds i of Oils, Faints, Drugs, Brooms, Yc., Yc., and ■ Cedar Ware in great variety- Having now permanently settled in business, ! and being determined to use every proper ex ! ertion to please, he hopes to merit and receive i a liberal share of public patronage. , JOHN ARNOLD. " Dec. 22, 1354. " Cassinetts cheaper than ever—Kentucky Jeans—Flannels, Linseys— Cloths and every description of Winter Goods, we offer at prices j that cannot fail to please. A. B. CRAMER Y Co. Oct. 27, 1854. ; BOOTS AND SHOES. Mens, Boys, and Childrens, Boots and Shoes— -1 Womensand Misses morocco, Seal and Calfskin ! Bootees and walking Shoes received and for sale bv A. B. CRAMER Y Co. CROCKS. Apple Butler and Milch Crocks can be had : at my Pottery in Schellsburg, by any quantity, ; for Cash. In all cases of sale, a reasonable per I centage will be allowed to storekeepers, but no carriage will be allow ed by me. PETER SCHELL. ! Sept. 1, 1854. BOOKS! BOOKS.'! BOOKS!!! Just received a very large assortment of Cobb'j series of School Books, to which we wiutld respect ft; By call the attention of the Merchants of Bedford County. We can sup ply them wholesale as cheap as they can be bought in small quantities in the cities. Our stock of miscellaneous Books, Stationery, &c., is also very extensive, and our facilities tor pro curing goods are such, that any thing ordered, if not already on hand, can be procured in a very short time. SHRYOCK, REED & Co. Mansion House, Chamhersburg, Pa. Nov. 17. 1854, —3m. Mijsic;. A large assortment of MUSIC for the Piano, Guitar, Violin, <Vc., always on band. Orders promptly attended to. SHRYOCK, REED & Co. Chamhersburg, Pa. Nov. 17, 1554.—3 m. NOTICE. Notice is hereby given that letters testamen tary on the Estate of Samuel Gruher, late of Southampton Township, deceas-d, have been this day granted to the subscriber, living in said Township. All persons indebted to said Es tate are requested to make immediate payment, and those having claims or demands against the same are requested to make known the same without de.'av. MARY Cm RUBER. Dec. if), 1554. Extentri r. Public tftue OF FMIBLE REAL ESTATE. Will he sold, at public sale, on the premises, on SATURDAY, the 3d day of FEBRUARY next, the following described Valuable Propet ty, to wit: A Tract of Land situate in St. Clair Township, Bedford county, about three-fourths of a mile from the new mill now putting up by Adam Oder, and lying on the same stream. There is 128 acres of Patented Land, having thereon e recteci a two story Log House and Bank Barn, and a Shop, with a Grainery above, Wagon shed and other outbuildings. About seventy five cresof this land is cleared and under fence, twelve of which is meadow, with facilities for making much more—and a never-failing spring of pure water near the door—also an apple or chard ol choice fruit. My only reason for sell ing, is a desire to go west. This property has many other advantages, which it is deemed unnecessary to enumerate, as persons wishing to purchase will of course visit the Farm and judge for themselves. Will be reasonable. SAMUEL M. BCOR. Jan. 12, 1855. PIBLIC SALE of Valuable Beal Estate! The subscriber being desirous to retire from business, will offer, at public sale, on the prem ises, on THURSDAY, the first day of Februa ry, 1855, the following described property, to CAE TRACT OF USD, situate on the "Big Run," in St. Ciair Town ship, Bedford County, adjoining lands ol Thos. W. Blackburn, Philip Sleek, and others, con taining 71 acres, about 40 acres cleared, 15 of which is meadow—two apple and one peach orchard of choice fruit, 'idle buildings a:e a one-and-a-half story Log Dwelling House, dou ble Log Barn, and the well-kdown "Eagle Woolen Factory," having a Picking Machine, 2 Carding Machines and a Condenser, 2 Power Looms, 2 Hand Looms and a Spinning Jack, with ail the Machinery necessary to manufac ture Cloth, Cassinet, Tweeds, fkc., from the fleece. The Water Power is never-failing. Also, one other tract, adjoining the above, containing 14? acres, all meadow. The im provements are a two-storv Frame Dwelling House, and Fulling Mill with a Picking and two Carding Machines, intended for Country work. Also, one other tract, adjoining the above described tracts, containing 1221 acres, 85 a c.res are cleared, 12 of v hich are good meadow . A one-and-a-half story Log House, Double Log Barn, and two apple orchards. The above mentioned lands are well watered and in a pretty good state of cultivation, and will be sold together or separate, as it may suit purchasers. If not sold on that day they will be sold at private sale. Capitalists had better look out, as I am de termined to sell. The title is indisputable. Tenns made known on dav of sale. LEWIS REISLING. Eagle Factory, Jan. 5, 1855. Notice! Notice is hereby given that Letters of admin istration have been granted to the undersigned on the Estate of Nicholas Boor, late of Cumber land Valley township, deceased, that all per sons indebted to said Estate are requested to make immediate payment, and those having claims thereon will present them duly authenti cated for settlement. WILLIAM 11. BOOR. Jan. 5, 1855.* .htminisimtor. WW FIRM m SEW BOOBS! The subscribers having purchased the entiie Stock of Goods of Geo. W. Horn, in the town of Schellsburg, beg leave to announce to the public generally, that they have now on hand, and will continue to keep, a large and well se lected assortment of DRA GOODS, GROCE RIES, HARDWARE, QUEENSWARE, Tin ware, Oils, Drugs, Fish, Molasses, and, in fact, every article usually found in Country Stores, to which thev invite the attention of purchas ers, satisfied that they can give satisfaction to all who give them a call. The highest price will be paid for Hides, and for all kinds of Grain. Lumber and Produce, of everv description, w ill be taken in exchange for Goods, at the highest prices. All kinds of Leather will be kept at the Store for sale, (five us a call. A. J. SNIYELY, JAMES BURNS, Jr. Jan. 5, 1855. A two-Horse Wagon, and one Top Buggy, new, and work warranted, for sale cheap on a liberal credit, or for Country Produce. A. B. CRAMER cN CO. One large 7'en Plnte Stove —with doors com plete, lor sale by A. B. CRAMER &. Co.