Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, March 23, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated March 23, 1855 Page 3
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NOTICE. TS. n-'hrusned appointed by the Orphan's Court it ; lord county to make distribution ol the funds ri 7rf hands of John H. liub, upon hi* final account "'lk, ni-tratorofth* estate ot Samuel M. Taylor, a-fd. will attend to the duties ol Ins appomt at his ctfice in Bedford on Tuesday the ad day next, when and w here ait interested may at tend d they see proper. A CLOC( - EX , March 9, 1555. Auditor. DISSOLUTION. THE Partnership heretofore existing between ih,. undersigned, in the mercantile busines?, was voiced on the Ist inst. by mutual consent, 'c'he business will hereafter be transacted by ' J. Porter. All per>ms interested are no . dto attend to the settlement of their nc rgs without delay, as it is necessary to close the books of the Finn. ISAAC H. THARP, THOS. J. PORTER. Palo Alto, Bedford o>. March 9, 1855. A MIRACLE Or SCBsGi! Prp r C. L. Ku.iw;,of Mecliaiiicstiurgh, Cumber, land Co. Pa- announce* w> those alflu ted with Tu- Wens. Cancers, Polypus, Lupus, Moles or Mark's. Scrotula or King's livit; and all diseases tlia j ..i? been usually treated with Cau-tic or Knife, he vail remove them without cutting, burning or pain : • either Chloroform or Kther is administered to the valient, it is no matter on what part of the boily are he can remove tliem with pertect safety, i,,„| in a remarkably short time. No Mineral or Yf'rtalile poison, is applied; and no money required „i til a cure IS perfected. Prolapsi* Uteri, Female complaints. Chronic Ven fr-a! and all other di-eases treated with positive stic cr.,. Full particulars can be obtained bv addressing in either English or Herman post jmut. Patients can be accommodated with Board on reasonable terms. MerbanirslHirs is one ol the prettiest ami healthly Tnw( „ in tins or any other State, it is S trni> s tiom ]!afiisbur*: on the C. V. R. It. and accessible from parts of tiie Union. The Dr. will visit cases in any part of the State when desired. Kind render if you knov of any rfjlicteil fet loiß-creture, drltry not, to //. twi oj this treatment. March 2, ISo-l.—Gin.* News I'oa* tke People? NEW GOODS AT CHEAP CORNER, NO. I. Fellow-Citizens : We take this opportunity of returning you our most sincere thanks tor the liners! patronage you have so kindly bstowed onus. We would also inform you that we have just returned from the Eastern Cities, with a large anil well selected assortment of Goods, .ntclt as Cloths, Cassimeres,,und Satinets : Peter Shams, for over coats, Jeans, Ladies' title dress gmxis, such as Silks, Alpacas, Contirg Cloths, . ouibazines, Merinnes, arid a large assortim nt oi'B'iv State Shawls, Hosiery, for Indies, Com forts, Orajies, Collars, &c., Lie. —Mens.* V\o t: -ns,' Bovs' and Children-* Shoes and Boots, and a general assortment of Groceries. Crush < .am! pulverized Sugars, best Rio, Coffee, T> us of all kimis, N, O. Molasses, Golden Syrup, Mackerel, Salt by the suck, Baker s Chocolate, Kroir.a Cocoa. and a general assortment of GvXids usually kept in a country Store. \j~' All kinds ol' Produce taken in exchange iiir goods at market prices. SANSON! &. GEPHAIIT. Oct. 13, 1854. SttKACxY'W E-CZ .\£322Y! The subscribers respectfully G g leave to in firm the people of Middle Wooilberrv Town ship, and the country at large, that they are now prepared, at their establishment,one mile south ot Wuodberry, Bedford- County, to furnish fuur liorse Threshing Machines, Pierjionts' Patent Shaker, Cider Mills, Plougiis of every descriji tion, Keagv's Cooking Stoves, tun different pat terns, and two different pattei t:s of (N -ai Stoves— Plough Castings, Wagon Boxes of all sizes, and cast Dinner Bells of three diJieictit sizes—also, Mill Castings of every variety. We are also prepared to fit up Machinery in the best and most durable style, and will give prompt atten tion to all orders in this line. The publ icare respectfully invited jo give us a call, as we feel satisfied that both our uu:k and terms will please all who do so. J. M. SNOW DEN, WM. B. BLAKE, 1 ; opinions. Oct. 2T, 1554. TOOTH ACHE.—Persons are not (general ly aware that Dr. Keyser's Tooth Ache reme dy, prepared bv him at 140 Wood Street, Pitts burg, Pa. and fur sale at Rupp 4c Oster's in this place will stop immediately ari aching tooth. Whoever tries It will be convinced. D, c. 8, 1854. A two-Horse Wagon, and one Top Buggy, new, and work warranted, fur sale cheap un a liberal credit, or fur Countrv Produce. A. B. CRAMER Lc CO. HALF PSiCE J —Remnants of i)e Lames, and other (B'uds on band, which we are selling ;.t about half their vaTue. A. 13. CRAMER & CO. Jan. 20. Exchange Builtting. REMOVAL. t —The utulersigiicd respdet fully inform their friends and customers that they have removed their Store to Exchange Building, where it will atfoid us pleasure to of fer Goods of every description, at the lowest p r ices, to all who may favor us with a call. A." B. CRAMER & CO. j©SE3 s n W. TATE, ATTORNEY AT LAAV And Real Estate Broker, Bedford, Fa. Wili attend to all business entrusted to his care. He will give especial attention to Sol diers' Pensions, Claims, and Bounty Land. He has two or three Farms and 4,000 acres of unimproved land fur sale. He has been appointed agent to prosecute Ihe Robert Morris claims, to lands, in Bedford, Blair, Cumberland, Huntingdon, Adams, Perry, Juniata, Franklin, and Fulton counties. Persons holding the Robert Morris lands bv purchase, improvement, or warrant, may com pete their titles by calling soon. Suits will be instituted against all trespassers not regarding this notice, [fy*Office on Jutianna street. Jan. 2G, 1855. A WORD TO SOLDIERS ! Republics are no. lunger ungrateful! Your country lias done you lull and amplejustiee ! All persons eniitled to the benefits of the "Bounty Land Bill, are hereby notified that the subscriber will attend to their claims. Soldiers who served fourteen days, their widows and mi nor children, are entitled to 160 acres of land under the present law. f Office on Julianna street. JOSEPH W. TATE. March 16, 1855. FORWARDING AND COMMISSION WAREHOUSE Chambeisbarg, Penksylvania. Till". siib.-cril'Prs are prepared at all times to carry Produce ot' every description and Merchandize to and liorn Philadelphia and PaTiimore, on the ru -1 rea sonable terms. The hiclie-t price paid at a'! times ior all kit'iU of country I'ruduee. K7"Recivi* Depots. I '"/.BY 8- CO. 305 Market street. Pinladelpbta—JOHN BIGHAN", Baltimore, No. lot il street. C. VV. EYSTER fc CO. 1 fb. 9, lSao—Cm.* NOTICE. All persons indebted to the estate of GEORGE MILLS, late ot Monroe Township, Bedford county, deceased, are requested to n ake immediate payment ■ —and Those having claims against sail estate will present them properly authenticated tor settlement. DEN".I. MILLB, Administrator. Feb. 2, IS-5.5.* lI.IRDf.IEB STfiSi. Th< subscriber having purchased the entire stock ul II \RDWARE ol the late Thomas B. Milier, in the Borough of Bedford, would re spectfully announce to friends and the j nb !ic gem-tally, that be is now prepared to fur nish almost every article in his line of husiness on favorable terms. Ilss stock being nearly all new, anil selected by one \ve|! experienced in tlie business, he is fully satisfied that purchasers : will find it to their advantage to give him a call. In addition to a general stock of Haril- I ware, he has on band, and will constantly keen, GROCERIES of the very best quality GLASS ! of all sizes—also, STONEWARE of a very su perior quality. He has also on hand ail kinds of Oils, Paints, Drugs, B rooms. Bsc., Bcc., and i Cellar Ware in great vatietv. Having rmiv | ori; anei.;!y scttfod it) business, and being det.-rtnined to use every proper ex ertion to please, he hnju-s to merit and receive a liberal share of public ji-rtrotia^e. Dec. -2-2, 1 vr>4-. V V\l Flin? - VPK' J'QfUW a [A li\i i mill ,'wUJ i'jj U (lUUiM I The subscribers having purchased the entire I Stock of Goods ol Geo. \V. Horn, in the town of Schellsburg, beg leave to announce to the public generally, that they have now on hand, and wi,| continue to keep, a large and well se lected assortment DRY GOODS, GROCE RIES, HARDWARE:, QCEENSWARE, Tin ware, C !s, Drugs, Fish, Molasses, ami, in fact, everv article usually fund in < 'ountry Stores, to which thev invite the attention of purchas ers. satisfied that thev can give satisfaction to aii who give them a call. The highest price will be paid for Elides, and for ail kinds of Grain. Lumber and Produce, of every description, will he taken in exchange for Goods, at the highest prices. All kinds of L atlmr will he at the Store for sale. Give us a cull. A. J. SMVr.LY., JAMES Li URNS, Jr. Jon. 5, IS bo. ?s\\ Firm! New Store!! and New Gunls!!! The siihscritieps, hav ing just received and o pened at the old stand of J. 11. SCHELL, a new and splendid assortment of Goods, respect fully invite tile patronage of the public. Their stock consists of &: i'acacy RoctN, of the finest and newest styles also, a large as sortment of FAMILY" GFOCEFIEr-, Drugs-, Medicines. Paints, Oils, Dye Stuffs, Hardw are, Nails, G la -.-.w are, Queenswaire, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, 1 "tnbrelias, and, in fact, ev ery article that is kept in a well regulated country store, all of which have been carefully selected, and will be s- id on the most favorable terms fur CV7 SiJ or I'RCDI CE. MARIA SCHELL, JACOB S. t>< HELL. Scheilsburg, Pa., j Nov. 10, 185-h \ if Mil foeos: Tiie undersigned thankful to their numerous patrons for tlmir kind and very libera! patron age, respectfully informs tfi-m that they have just received from the eastern cities, a handsome assortment of new stvle fall Goods, suitable for the present an ! coining season, comprising French and English Broadcloths, Cassimeres, Two Is, Sattinetts; Ketitucky Jeans, IN mm-h, Satin and Worsted V .. stings, Cravats an I lnJkfi-., knit Merino Shirts and D.awers. Cashmeres, Mam-S' line De R--ge, M • line Delaines, Co burg and Thibet Cloths, Alpacas, Silk Poplins, Blank Cros !)e Rhine, and r ancv Silks, Prints from a tip up, Muslins bbached and unbleached from a tip tip, aii widths. N biG-l and Bay State Shawls. Ginghams, Clocks, Linseys, Tickings, Drillings, Cambrics, b.'ankee.s, Clash, Diapers, Damask Table ClotUsand Covers, White Goods, Embroiders. Sleeves, Collars, Dress Trimmings, Ribbons, Gloves, Hosiery, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Queensware, Hardware, and Brooms, Groceries, \. (). Stigais, While Clarified, Pul verized, and Crushed do., Golden Syrup, N. O. Molasses, good Rio Coffee 124, Piime do In cents. Spice-, Teas, Chocolate, Extract ol Col fee, Tobacco, Flax Seed, Sperm and Whale Oils, Drugs, Patent Medicine, Cattle Powders, together with 1001 other articles adapted to the wants of the people, all of which they will sell at the very lowest possible prices for cash and approved produce, or upon short credit to good and punctual customers. And, as cur motto, short profits, many sales, and quick returns, has been fully carried out, and will continue the ruling feature, we feel assured we can make it t i the advantage of all in search of cheap bar gains to give us a call belore purchasing. All kinds of Produce taken lor Goods. RUPP G OS FEE. Bedford, Sept. 22, 1554. SI eev e p Mr- i£f, (S/trcr*<or to Hartley \ Kmsht.) BEDDING A. YD CARPET WAREHOUSE, .No. 14S South Second S'rcct, Fire door* alerrr Spruce Strut, PHIEADEISPIIIA, Where lie keeps constantly on hand a fill! assortment of everv article in his line of bu-im-ss. I F.ATfIKivS. FV.ATI! 11R-BEDS. Patent Spring Mattre-ses, Curled Hair, .Moss. Corn Husk anil Straw Mattresses. Velvet Tapestry, Tapestry, Row-el*. Three-Ply. Ingrain, Venetian. List, Rag am! Hemp Cat perirgs. OH Cloths, Canton Mattings. Cocoa and SpasiGh Mattings, Floor ami Stair Druggets. Hearth Rugs, Door Mats. Table and Piano Covers, to which be invites the attention of piirchasei s. Oct. 13, 18.31.—1y. LBATBEE. FRITZ, HENDRY & CO. No. 28, North THIRD street, Philadelphia, .Morocco Manufacturers, Couriers and Impor ters of FRENCH Calf-Skins, and dealers in Red and Oak Sole Leather and Kipp. March 9, 1855 —ly. Receipts end Expenditures of the Poor ami House of Employment of Bedford County for the year ending January i, 18.")5. DR. Gash from V. Stockman, o s2l 94 H. Moore, Collector of li. 8., 100 00 Moses Wisegarrer, B. T., 200 39 Isaac Kurlnua, Broadtop, 27 11 A bra. Snowden, C. V. ~ 107 6'7 j Eiias Gump, Colerain, 100 19 Jesse Dickon, Southampton, 50 00 Jos. Rarkman. Monroe, 75 00 Henry Wilt, E. Prov. 40 90 J. S. Ritchev, VV. Prov. 3E|^SS David Evans, Londonderry, 39 92 \aihan Wright, St. Clair, Iti'i 00 J. Working, S. Woodb'v. 17 29 ! Jac.! Kifer, M. Wuodb'y. 191 4-8 j Sand. Duh'ts, Union, 105 23 Arufi'eu- II n-n, Napier, 257 3i ■Gen. Frelvgh, Harrison, 11 oi> CCLECTORS FOR 1854. David Ford, Broadtop, 40 90 Wtn. limes, Southampton, 70 00 Jacob Werkinger, dec'il. S. Wood'by. 86 25 J. Brumbaugh, dr> 153 00 Emanuel J. Diehl, Colerain, 58 56 J. 8. If. trick, by E. Mentzer, 50 00 \Y in. O'Neal, .Monroe, 50 'OO CharlesStufkev, B. T., 215 00 David |Nin, Ik Prov. 00 CO Jacob Curie, Onion,. SO 00 William Hull, Napier, 142 00 J. S. lietrick, by E. Mentzer, 37 00 Win. Gepltart, (iate Steward,) 0 25 David fdvpher, LiUertv, 36 00 3. Williams, \V. Prm idence, ]9t> 40 J.irrms Fink, Hopewell, 52 00 Jo:>n L-.werv, L<in<lo:i:leiry, 50 00 Samuel Shuck, liedlord Bor. 160 01 11. Nic. ■ i.-nius, Est], of 11. Burk holtler, Judgment, 9 31 Daniel'frosel, monies of H. Trosel, 3 00 S. fmler, monies of F. Ling, IS 47 Amount due Treasurer, over paid, 19 11 $3149 57 CONTRA. CR. JJXr.'JRY I, 1854. Ami. due Treas'r at last settlement, sll 79 Paid Dr. S. i). Scott, medical at tendance on out door paupers, '53 97 40 Wm. Millhurn, making c.oliitis, "51 2 25 N. Lyons, Id!! of lumber, '54 13 33 -Mrs. Smith, supporting pauper, 5 00 James M. Gibson, his hall year salarv, 45 00 S. D.wore, bringing pauper to P. 11. i 17 J. Snyder, supporting pauper, 17 45 A. Saupj), (till of hardware, S 79 K- IJv iN Ongdaie bill nf.goods 'sl 14 03 Mrs. Smith, Supporting pauper, '54 5 00 Peter \angle, bill of beef, 5 34 Dr. Reamer, 2 quarter's salary, 25 00 S. U. Tate, lumber lor mill, 'sl 25 12i J. M. Gibson, nil! of bacon, &c. '53 IOS 19 L. Johnson, supporting pauper, '54 925 <•. Menkßv, bringing paup rtoP. H. 3 f)74 J. W. Lingonlelter, 2 quarter's salary lor 1854, 81 25 do do for 1553, SI 25 S. Whetstone, half-year salary, '54 ]0 00 E. Mentzer, bill of pork, 8 46 do half-year salary, ike., 15 00 Dr Reamers's bill ot dings, 42 93 Kelly N. Dugdale, bill of goods. 32 3 ) IM. lb i bringing pauper to P. H. 3 00 J. C; isman, collin lor pauper, 2 00 J. 'Murray, bringing pauper to P. 11. li 87 F. Oaks, do do 5 97 Ad.iv: Sha/er, Long straw, 3 56 it. Har-abarger's lull of i aeon, 16 62i John .Miller, bill of sltoemakit g, '54 13 51 Henry Shafer, bill of bacon, 6 til Brown &. Iluhntan, bill of go kL, 8;) ]9 Jos. Filler, work done at .Mill, 'sl .">;) 00 N. Boor, apjde butter, '5 4 7 08 S. J. Castner, issuing orders, 5 00 I). Tr -stie, apple-butter and bacon, 9 53 T. Ittiler, attendance at (5 urt, 98 do bill of corn, 8 40 J. M. Gibson, half-year salary, '53 45 00 J. Gates, bringing paupers to I'. H. 3 97 Solomon Filler, i id ol ifails and Lumber ibr mill, "51 40 06 J. 11. Filler,' ill Ft printing, "5 4 25 00 Jonathan Carrol, supporting jiauper, 23 50 Ik Mentzer bill of pork, 15 27 Adam Croyle, supporting pauper 5 00 11. J. Henderson, repairing oven, 2 0 > M. .M Lwiiin, bringing paujier to P. 11. JO 17 John A. Bludget, services in the Mu'tenberger case, 10 00 Mrs. Lingenlefter's services as natron in 1854, 12 09 Wm. Staid, making-coffin for pnnper, 2 0t) Jacob S. Ritchey, hill of pork, II 70 ileiu v Flock, bringing pauper to P. 11. S 75 A. Sanpp, bill of hardware, 19 21 David Over, hill of printing, 25 00 Samuel Whetstone, dist;touting Duplicates, 5 00 John Corley do 5 00 E. Mentzer, do 5 00 W. \V. Lanev, coal use of mill, JO 00 Peter Radebaugh, bill of goods, '53 87 John J. Ik Chas. Cessna, bill of smithing, '54 6S G. W, Smith, bringing pauper to P. 11. 1 00 Henry Flock, do '53 13 12f Josiah Kertsinger. do do ■ 5 37k G. W. Smith, bill of flour barrels, 5 33 Adani Snyder, cider, apples and apple butter, 16 00 William Gephart, (late steward,} bis 2 quarter's salary lor 'sl 81 25 G. D. Shuck £k Co's. hill of wagon work &.C. for use of mill, '54 57 54 Wm. Learv, supporting pauper, 23 43 S. Shuck, his bill of store and Tanyard, 79 04 S. Whetstone, half-year salary, 10 00 F. Mentzer, do 10 00 j. M. Gibson, bill of goods, 90 30 do clerking for Auditors, 5 00 Fr. Gordon, bill of beef, 8 .31 i J. G. Clark, bill of Veal, ' 4 59 JOHN ARNOLD Win. 3c J. C. Keyser, hill of hatting, 5 83 Keilv &. Duidalf, bill of goods, 51 85) J. A, fir auditing amount, '53 459 .J. M. (Jibson, half-year salary, do 45 00 John Sill, articles for out door pauper, 15 25 Abram. Ritchcv, bill of apple butter, 19 00 Nicholas Boor, bill of beef and pork, 4! G2£ Wm. Learv, supporting pauper, '54 10 00 L. Jimasun, bill of Beef, l(j 25 Lyon, bill of goods, lumber, SLC. 26 76 I>. Johnson, supporting pauper, 'fs3- 10 0.) \. Lvons bill of goods, 31 14 Solomon Filler, bill of goods, '54 IS 33 J. IV. T imlin-. bill of beef, '53 20 34 S. Filler, supporting pauper, 'SO 150 J. W. Blvrnire, bill of tinware '52 15 OS Sand. Philips, bill of beet, do 11 20 Geo. Widle for weaving blauket : ing and Linsey, 9 ID !J- \Y. Tumbiinson,biil ofbeef, '54 17 97 S. Whetstone, bili of Long straw, 7 20 ! Geo. Widle, bill of weaving, 'f>o BSO I Henty Reegie, bill of pork, '54 925 Fred'k. Mench, bill ol Beef. '" I 928 Do do '52 S 25 Do do '53 s 50 Do do pork do 270 Do do 1 load of pine, 150 A. R. Crane, bill of Beef, '53 16 17 T. Murray & Bro's. bill of lumber, '54 6 00 i John Miller, bill for sboeinaking, do 15 23 ! Cornelius Whetstone, bill of Pork, do 13 70 Adam Rarnhart, bill of Beef, do 12 GJ* i'A H. late, services as attorney, '53 ](> 91

I Robert Ivan, lull of goods " do 31 79 Mrs. C'.'irr, supporting pauper do 2Od William Chenoweth lor smut machine, 30 17 ! John Curley, one year's salary, '54 20 00 James M. Gibson, distributing i Duplicates, do 500 Jacob Brumbaugh, bringing pauper to poor house, 2 00 Samite! Dubbs, collector of I nion 1553, his exonna tions and Commissions, 13 5Gi David Evans, collector of Londonderry ! 853, bis ex onerations arid commissions, 7 78 A brant Snowdon, collector of Cumberland Valley 1553, his exonerations and com missions, 1G GG Jacob Kifer, collector M. Woodb,v. 1853, bis ex onerations and commis sions, 32 22 ' Isaac Kurfman, collector of Broudtop 1853, his exon erations and commissions, 5 94 Jacob Workinger, collector, S uth Woodberv 1853, bis exonerations and commissions, 17 29 J. S. Ritchey, collector. West Providence 1853, his ex inerations and commissions, 19 48 Elias Gump, collector of Coleraio for 1853, Is is exonerations and commissions, 13 77 Elizabeth Puderbaugh on Judgment, 499 90 O. E. Shannon, bill ol expenses out door pauper '53, 7 50 David Gordon bringing pauper to Poor House '.>3, f 07 A. R. Crane, lor Pork '53, 7 44 Dr. Scott, drugs arid saiarv, 8T 44 Samuel Imlep. potatoes. '54, 5 00 Do Do. beef arid pork, 7 07 John Lingenfelter part on check No. 82. 1554, ' 40 09 John Lingenfelter, check 118, '53, 10 00 i Catharine Smith supporting out-door pauper '54, 0 00 John 11. Rush, Ins salary for '54, 70 00 Discount on money, 2 50 Interest on checks, 73 59 Auditors for auditing accounts fir 54, 15 00 3149 57 ! We the undersigned, auditors ofl'nilord co. 1 do hereby certify that we have examined the account of John if. Rush, Treasurer of the P ior and House of Employment of the county of Bedford, and find the same correct. Witness our hands and seals t! is 3d day of January, 1855. John H. Barton, John Alstadt, Daniel Barley, Auditors. Attest—James M. Gibson, Clerk. Amount due !>v Collectors lor 1853. H. Moore, Bedford Borough, 108 93 Moses W isegarver, Bed. tp. 98 3 J -ss.. Dicken, Southampton, 22 08 Jos. Barkman, Monroe, 30 45 Henry Wilt, E. Prow 13 82 J< hn King, Hopewell, 99 37 James Clarke, Liberty, 9 82 Nathan Wright, St. Clair, -—B7 99 Andrew Horn, Napier, 90 1 1 George Frelegh, Harrison, 71 OS Tax due f.oin Collectors for 1854. Samuel Shuck, Bedford Borough, 77 51 Charles Stockey, Bed.4p. ]53 94 David Ford, Brnadtop, I*2 16 Emanuel J. Diehl, Colerain, 134 23 A. Snowderi, C. Valley, 150 88 James Fini, Hopewell, 49 28 Jacob Dcrore, Harrison, 78 2S : Jitin L. Hill, Juniata, 131,13 I David Cipher, Liberty, 54'' 75 ! John Lowery, L'indonrierrv, GO 16 ] Wm. O'Neal, Monroe, * 102 42 ! Win. Hull, Napier, 135 87 David Eshelman, E. Prow 47 47 Solomon Williams, west Prov. 47 00 Frederick'Barkirimet, St. Clair, 270 02 ! Jacob Corl, F'nion, 78 01 Wrn. limes, Southampton, 29 82 i Jaco!) Nicodemns, middle Wood. 451 99 J. S. Brumbaugh, south do. 56 70 , 2761 13 ; ?>edi oa* & Aea & e sai y! A XT) FEMALE SEMINARY. W. W. CiiIUBELLj Principal. ' This Institution, hitherto under the care of Rev. j John I.yon, will henceforth be conducted by the pi e -eut Principal. The past history of the Academy will, \v.' tru-T. be a sufficient guaranty of its future j efficiency. The branches tatighfwill he the same a> heretofore. To jr \s i cttixcu-i.K s u ill be ron.-id- | ered the most important pursuit of the pupils; and while it will tie the comoanl business of the Instrur-; lor to impart knowledge, it will also be his aim to lead his pupils to make a practical application of j their acquisitions. To load the mind with innumer able formulas, without causing it to use them, would be like plat-inn a bow in a child's hand, without j teaching him how to bend it. In fine, it -halt be on i ; object, as it has ever been, to lead the pupil to j Ttnv;. We look forward confidently to the patronage of j this community, which has thus i;.r been so gener ous! v extended, and .by an undiminished assiduity, we hope to merit your support. Terms per quarter, as usual, to wit: Classics, $6 25 Hiuriii't Encush, 5 00 Mioule " 4 50 EI.E.M ENTARY " 4 00 The Session opened on Monday, 12th inst. Feb. 10, 1855. ST. CHARLES HOTEL, WOOD STREET, FITTS3URGH, PA., IIHYSON & SKIRLS. Sept. 1, 1854. BOOTS AND SHOES. Mens, Boys, and Chi Id mis, Boots* and Shoes— Womensand Misses morocco, Seal and Calfskin Bootees and walking Shoes—received and for sale by A. U. CRAME.II N. Co. Statement and report of J. W. LINGENFEL TER, Steward of the Poor and House of Em ployment of Bedford county front the Ist day of January, 1854, till the Ist day of Januu ary, 1855. Cash from Wrji Hartley Esq. for onions 37 H J Henderson for Flour (J 00 20 barrels of flour sold in Cumberland 13.") 00 I*2 do sold in the mill 72 00 2 barrels sold in Cumberland 13 50 Cash of Lcany 3 00 Do of John Rei"hard for rye 1 00 l)o of David Thomson 1 50 Do of Joseph Claar 2 2-7 Do Elizabeth Foster, wheat at sundry times 20 57 Do Hugh Moore for rye 3 7.5 Do.Wm Whetstone for rye 2 23 Do Simon Diekerhoti for rye 1 S7J ; Do Wm F.oocher for rye 1 50 Do Rev Phelps for rye 2 23 Do Solomon Reimund for Rye, 2 25 Do Capl Hat rner for rye 1 50 Do Jacob Line for rye 1 50 Do George Leader for wheat 3 73 Do Nicholas Lvons for rye 4 75 l)o James Mc.Mullin for flour 1 75 Do David Dreuuifig for corn 1 ) I Do Lcany lour pins 5 25 Do Lcany on account of Piaster grinding (5 00 Do John Cessna and otte rs for vegetables 537 Mrs Foster, Mrs Miller and others tor butter 2 45 By amount expended lor use of Poor and House of Employment f'oni Ist January, 1854, till Ist January, 1555. Balance on lust settlement 5 Ss Paid Leany lor pork 10 75 Samuel Vondersmitb for pork 52 50 Do do rye 5 93 Do do butter 2 00 Do Mencb 02J Bacon,&c 3 00* Fisher carriage on floor to Cumberland 2 lots 13 25 Andy Amick sett ol mall riot's 50 Marketing, ba-kets and timothy seed 0 06-1 Wood ladders 8 00 j ! Chijir- and apple butter 5 S7 I Win Mil'burn plough point 75* Steel and if on for same 25 Mola-ses and beets 4 50 j Fat hog from Drover 5 25 1 Harkleroad lor potatoes 1 20 j Hay, apple-butter, Nc 13 00 I Fat sheep of Drover 2 50 j Sundry goods us of Poor bouse 4 68 ; Solomon Sutter for dressing or hteeling 3 axes 2 50 i Turnips 1 S7i j Mill rope in Cumberland and carriage 7 S7j j Apple butter and Molasses 4 50 j Nej-on Davis shearing sheep 75 ; i>o altering lambs 30 | Drover for fat hog 6 50 j j E Morris bill biacksmithing 50 j j Paeon 3 00 j Two lame sheep and bacon SS3 ! Veal and marketing 4 75 i Creeu and dried apples and lime 5 75 ! Mutton 3 00 ; Richey for beef 1 92 Lot of bacon and marketing 5 50 Apples, 2 Flitches and potatoes 0 75 Drover for sheep 3 f>o Apple butter and quarter of beef 4 50 Washing horses (swelled sheath 1 50 Apple butter and bacon 7 23 Making 1000 rails 10 00 j Cider, apples and altering hogs 4 9f j Wm Herring for tiling sawv 25 Mrs. Waiter for apple butter 3 00 ; Samuel Smith for long straw 3 50 | 5 gallons of molasses 3 TH James Briggs for making six hundred rails 6 00 I Do making 00 panneL post fence 15 00 i Deducted o!f check 1! 3S | Statemeeut of Poor House Mill from the Ist of January, 1854, til! the Ist of Jan. 1555. j i'o amount of toil grain brought in by the mill as per monthly return. ~ -i ~ n t 3 7- e - Jan." 1554, grain on hand, 11 4 February 7 returned 144 00 6 6 March 7 101 10 5J 3 ! April 4 95 30 Oi 1 May 2 .'IS 40 S~ June 0 ag ;;i; 13 July 4 33 10 8 August 1 34 i iO 5 j September 5 47 36 October 3 34 . 33 November 7 45 26 4J 3 December 3 50 14 !2 0 ' January 2, 1555, 52 S 10 2 732 205 77 25 Amount of grain i:i the Poor house and sold to sun di v persons lor cash and on accounts and for work done in repairs at mill-and house, i Csed 111 the Poor House 3C3 00 20 16 : Horse feed 40 Feed for beef cattle 25 5 : For hogs 60 42 , Sold Solomon Filler on account 3 j Samuel Defibangh on account 7 3 George W Bowman 1 I G W Blymire G i Weisel anil Foster 13i 2 jln Cumberland 22 barrels cash 110 i Samuel St ivcrs 5 George Lysinger ISI 10'. 0 3 ' John Foster S 3 1 j Writ Crisman work at mill 10 0 0 0 Widow Claar keeping pauper 21 0 0 0 Michael Baunon on account 6 0 0 0 Mrs Smith keeping outdoor paup. 4 0 0 0 ! James M Gibson oil account 9 3 0 0 David Stivers barrels 5 0 0 0! Sold in mill 12 barrels,cash 60 0 0 0 i ! Nicholas Boor 7 0 0 0 I Joshua Mower, work at mill Acc 55 5 1 0 | John James per Jacob Barnhart 13 0 0 0 i John Snid.-r 5 0 0 0 I Samuel Carney cash 5 15 0 (I | Jonathan Pieh! unsettled G 15 0 0 ! Mis-Eliza Fo>ter cash 13 0 10 ; John Rerehart. <-a-h in part 0 2 0 0 i Samuel Vondersmith unsettled 0 9 0 0 j Hugh Moore cash 0 5 0 0 i David Thomson Wm Whetstone per brother cash 0 3 0 0 I Simon Diekethoof cash 0 2^oo Wm Boocher cash 0 2 0 0 | Capt Harmer 0 2 0 0 I Rev Phelps 0 3 0 0 Solomon Reimund 0 3 0 0 j Nicholas Lyons 0 5 0 0 IA" R Craine unsettled 0 5 0 0 ; Job Mann 0 10 0 IJ j Jacob Line cash 0 2 0 0 Joseph Claar 0 2 0 0 Jonathan Potts on account 0 5 0 0 Adam Little 0 3 0 0 David Drenningcash 0 0 l£ 0 j A King Esq unsettled 0 0 0 2 713 257 74| 22| | Balance in mill 19 8 2.^ 732 265 77 25 A List showing thp number of Paupers admit ted, discharged, died, .Nr. during each month, and the number remaining at the end of each month, and the average number supported in the House durin<r the year, also the number of out-door paupers supported and buried by the institution from the Ist of January, 1854, until the Ist of January, 1855. . > 3 s c o, y. ? 5 a. 5" L jr -- = a" " §• I" ? i U4 C_ 3 § ® i §•§■§• ** § s zr a In bouse Jan. 1,'54, 88 15 ■1 January, 11 8 1 10 39 15 •February, 1 5 0 0 0 35 15 ! Mirch, 7 1 0 0 0 40 16 ' April, • 5 4 0 0 1 40 16 May, 7 9 0 1 2 31 20 June, 5 6 0 0 0 92 18 July, 2 2 0 l 0 33 17 August. <) 5 Q O 0 35 17 Seplemberj 8 3 1 1 0 34 21 October, 8 4 2 0 0 32 25 November, 3 8 0 0 0 30 22 December, 11 17 0 0 0 29 17 January!. 1855, 77 72 4 6 3 410 219 making the average nurr.bpr of paupers in the house for the year 52 5-12, of whom lour are colored, 2 males and 2 FEMALES. Five outdoor paupers, making the avet age 57 5-12. ALSO funeral ami other expenses and medical bills U ere paid for 9 paupers who died in the coun ty during the year and amid not he removal to tin- poor house; also the hills were paid lor board, attendance, and medical attendance for 13 paupers who lav sick at different times in DIFFERENT parts OF the county fluting the year; also 327 way- taring persons WERE supported during the year with lodging, food, medicine, &C. There was remaining in the house Ist Ja nuary, 1855,29 male and 17 female paupers. Total 46. Statement of the product of the Farm and Gar den for year ending January 1, 1855. 177 bushels ear? of corn; 8.7 bush Oats; 20 tons hay; •7 loads corn fodder; 182-3 pounds pork; 1102 pounds of I heel; 32 2 pounds of vea!; 3 beef hides; .7 calf-skins; : 122 pounds lard; 8" pounds of tallow; 320 pounds of • butter; 40 bushels ot apples; 2 barrels of cuter; 1 bar- I rel of vinegar: 5 barrel, soft soap; 05 pounds hard soap. GARDEN—37 bush potatoes; 8 bush toma toes; 0 bush beans; 3 hush onions; hush small o | mous; 5 bush beet-; I bush cabbage turnip?; If btish i peas; SOU heads cabbage; 8-3 iloz cucumbers; 2i bils sour crout; 1 barrel cucumber pickle-; * barrel niel lon pickles. Live stock on hand on the Ist January, 1855. 3 head work horses; 5 milch cows; 1 Durham bull; •10 Lead sheep and lambs; 1 brood sow; 12 shoals. Feed for Live Stock. 12 tons hay; 4 tons of straw; 2 loads of corn fodder. Vegetables, Provisions, Nc. 1 < bush potatoes; 3 do beets; 1 do cabbage turnips; tdo large onions; do -mall onion-: 100 heads cab bage; :! barrels -our crout: 1 barrel cucumber pic kles; ; do tnellons; 2133 [>ounds pork: 1483 pounds of li-et; 205 pounds ol lard; 101) pounds tallow; 1 barrel vinegar; 2 barrels solt soap; 50 pounds hard soap. Articles manufactured by the Matron in the Poor and House of Employment from the Ist ! January, 1854 tili the Ist January, 1555: 37 pair mens' pant-; 47 mens' shirts; 2-3 men-' roundabouts; 18 mens' vests; 3!) worriers' dresses; 21 ■to p-ttiroats: 31 do chemise; 27 do aprons; 14 <kt nightcaps; 1-7 childreus* dres-es; 8 chemies; 0 petti coat-; .3 aprons; G night cap-; 4-7 pair sock?; 39 pair of stockings; 13 blankets; ;ft sheets; 1-5 comforts; 2 quilts; 12 pair pillow slips; 8 do do ticks; 9 bolster tick-; 7 chaff ticks; 1 1 towels; 0 shrouds; 50 yards of '■ blanketing: 29 yards lin-ey: 27 hickory brooms, j The indebtedness of the Poor and House of Employ ment on the Ist day of January 1653, was ' .47-38 .74 i During the year 18-73 there were | cheeks issued for debts contiact i e.l 1157 29 1 For debts contracted after the Ist j April 18-73 1371 00 2531 S.i During 18-71 checks were issu ed lor debts contracted prior to April 1 1853 213 2S Arid tor debts coutracted after A pril 1 1553 2132 12 2145 40 9735 83 Amt. of money paid by Treasu rer during year '53 3534 59 Amt. of money paid by Treasu rer during year '54 3130 46 Amt. of money remaining in the hands of collectors on the Ist January '55 2701 31 Amount due by individuals for grain, vegetables, &c. on the Ist January 'SO 121 48 9817 84 | balance in favor of Poor House 132 01 We the undersigned Directors of the Poor and house of Employment of Bedford county do certify that we have examined the annexed account, statement and : report of J W Lmgenfelter Steward of said Poor and House of Employment for the year ending January 1, 'OS and find them correct. Witness our hands and seals I his 2J day of January 1855. Samuel Whetstone [Seal.] John Cor ley, (Seal.) G. D. Trout, [Seal.] j Wo the undersigned Directors of the Poor and house , of Employment have not published the name- of in ) dividual? who are indebted and have unsettled ac- I counts upon the books of said Poor and House ol"Em ! ploy meat a- formerly; but those having un-ettled | account- will please call and have thetn settled im • mediately, a- it is important to have all accounts : settled be tore the term of tin' pre-eut Steward ex- I piros. Inmediate attention to this notice will save trouble and costs. John Corley [Sea!.] G. D. Trout [Seal.] March 16, 1555. STATEMENT Of 'LIE .Receipts and Expenditures of the i Chambersburg and Bedford Turnpike Company from the Ist day of January, 1854, to the Ist ! day of January, 1855. DR. To amount of tolls received at Cham bersburg, $2,494 13 Stage Tolls, 633 60 Tolls received at McConnellsburg, 328 26 " " Bedford, 2,548 08 $6,504 07 CR. By amount ol payments at Chambersburg, $1,747 01 McC'onneilsburg, 849 08 Bedford, 1,059 63 Managers' Salaries, 500 00 [ Treasurer and Secretary, 100 00 Balance in Treasury 2,248 35 $6,504 07 J. X. McLANAHAN, President. G. 11. Messersmith, Treasurer. March 16, 1855. SHERIFF'S SALE. By virtue of a writ of Fi. Fa. to me directed there will be sold at public -ale at the house of Henry Fluck in the town of Woodberry on Saturday the 31st day of March 1855 at 10 o'clock A M the follow ing ileal Estate, viz:—One Lot of ground in the town of YY'oouberry fronting 00 feet on l'attonsville and Wooodborry turnpike road and extending back about 196 feet and adjoining lots of George R Barndollar on the west and alley on the north and other-, with a two story brick bouse one two story frame house wash house and frame stable thereon erected; situate in Middle YY'oodberry township, Bedford county, and taken in execution as the property of David Edwards. 11 HUH MOORE, Sheriff. March 10, 1855. JOB MANN. G. H. SPANG. LAW PARTNERSHIP THE undersigned have associated Themselves in the Practice of the Law, and will attend promptly to all business entrusted to their care in Bedford and ad joining counties. QP* Office on Juliauna Street, three doors south of 'Alengel House,"opposite the residence of Maj. Tate. JOB MANN. June 2. 1851. G. H. SPANG.