Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, May 25, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated May 25, 1855 Page 3
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Notice to Retailers. t\ PURSUANCE of an Act of Assembly approved the Bth day of May, 1854 s requiring the Treasurer of each county to publish in the months of April and May of each year a list of a i| retailers of Foreign and Domestic (roods, Wares and Merchandise, notice is hereby given , Retailers in Classes, as directed by law, that the Taxes must be paid to the County Treasur er, on or before the first day of August next. Class. License. a B Cramer & Co. 12 sl2 50 s,„ & U-pluri, l 10 00 !o So Peter Radebaugh 14 7 00 Samuel Shuck & Co. 7 00 Dugdale & Kelly, " 10 00 Hubert Fyan, " ' OiJ Mrs. Potts, " I °0 Isaac Lipple, " J C. Lover, " 7 0,) Win. Scliaffer " J 00 Sinnabnrn &. Co. 44 ' 00 James K. Kalian), " 7 00 £|i Fisher, 41 ' 00 John Arnold, 44 ? 00 Anrfiis Saupp 14 7 00 [)r Reamer, 44 10 :>0 Dr. Harry, 44 10 50 Eating Houses. John G. Minnich, 8 5 00 John J. Luther, 8 5 00 A. Defibangh, 8 5 00 Jacob Bollinger, 8 5 00 West Providence. Wm. States & Co. 14 10 50 W. Mcllheny & Co. 44 7 00 Jacob Barndollar &. Co. 13 10 00 James Barndollar, 13 10 00 Thomas Ritchey, 14 7 00 Monroe. J. Hnrton, 44 7 00 ]). Fletcher, 44 7 00 j Michael Miller, 14 10 00 Southampton. M. Cabner, 44 10 50 Wm. Lashlev, 44 10 50 M. Walters, 44 7 00 Colerain. J. M. Van Horn, 44 7 00 A. James, 44 7 00 Corle & Co. 44 10 00 Broad Top. Joseph Fisher, 44 7 00 Evans & Brother, 44 7 00 pluck & Hetrick, 44 7 00 Liberfv. Daniel Berks! cesser, 44 7 00 j Thomas Evans, 44 7 00 Thomas McGillan, 10 00 Patton & (Ussier, 13 10 00: Joseph Crisnian, 14 7 00 j Jacob Snider 44 7 00 j James Dunn, 44 7 00 John Cyphers, 44 7 00 Wm. Fisher, 44 7 00 Schellsbnrg Borough. J. S. Schell, " 7 00 A. B. Bunn, 44 7 00 j Statler fx. Son, 44 7 00 i Snively&Co. 44 7 00 MilUr fx. Conlev, 44 7 00 Widow Schell & Son, 44 7 00 Colviu & Robinson, 44 7 00 Juniata. Turner &. Ixegg, 44 *7 00 Win. Keyser, 44 7 00 Win. Plait fx. Brother, 44 7 00 Joseph Condon, 4 * 10 50 F. Hildebrant, 44 7 00 ■ Londonderry. Thomas J. Porter, 44 7 00' James Mattinglv, 44 7 00 ! East Providence. John \vcum, 44 7 00 j Henry Reiniund, 44 7 00 D. A". T. Black, 44 7 00 Harrison. T. B. Wertz, 44 7 00 j Jacob G. Devore, Jr. 44 10 00 John Fichner, 44 7 001 -Mr. Hickson, 44 7 (JO: Hopewell. John Dasher, 44 10 50 John King N. Brother, 44 7 00 | Middle Wood berry. Jacob Brennaman, 13 10 00 G. R. Barndollar, 13 10 00 J. W. Duncan, 13 10 00 Putt & Brother, 14 10 50 P. Kagy, Eating House, 8 5 00 South YVoodberrv. James Piper, 14 7 00 S. R. Oster, 44 7 00 D. B. Buck, 44 7 00 (h-orge Kautfman, 44 7 00 Bedford Township. Edward HofTman, 44 7 00 St. Clair. P. D. Bepgle, 44 10 50 G. B. Amick &. Brother, 44 7 00 Jamb H. Wright, 44 7 00 J. B. Smith. 44 7 00 I YV m. Wench, 44 10 501 G. D. Trout, 44 7 00 | Cumberland Valley. Jacob Anderson, 44 7 00 John May, 44 7 00 JOHN TAYLOR, Treasurer. Treasurers Office, May 15, 1855. J. White, REAL ESTATE BROKER, f >ffice .A'o. 25, Arcade, West J]venue, I'lllL- JIDELPHIJI. limber and Coal Lands, Farms and City pro perty, bought, sold and exchanged." Money procured on Bond and Mortgage, PERSONAL PROPERTY and MERCHANDISE. Apply to or ■address as above. May 18, 1855.—3 m. KIACiVS F(U \IHtl ! The subscribers respectfully beg leave to in ' Tin the people ol Middle Woodberry Town snip, and the country at large, that they are now prepared, at their establishment,one mile south oodberry, oodberry, Bedford County, to furnish fbur :,,rse 1 hreshing Machines, Pierponts' Patent Shaker, Cider Mills, Ploughs of every descrije- Keagy's Cooking Stoves, twoditierent pat brns, and two different patterns of Coal Stoves— lough Castings, Wagon Boxes of all sizes, and n ner Bells of three different sizes—also, J dl ( astings of every variety. We are also prepared to fit up Machinery m the best and 1 l ' u rab4e style, and will give prompt atten tion to all orders in this line. 'be public are respectfully invited to give us - fail, as we feel satisfied that both our work and l <rms will please all who do so. J. M. SNOW DEN, .. _ WM, JC BLAKE, c '' *'i 1854. Proprietors. Notice to Collectors. COLLECTORS ol Taxes in possession of the | Duplicates of the Poor and House of Employ ment are notified that, unless they make imme diate payment, suits will be instituted against I hem without respect to persons. This notice is in earnest, and all who neglect it, will subject themselves to COSTS. By order of the Direc tors. JOHN H. RUSH, Treasurer. May 18, 1855. JOSEPH W. TATE, ATTORNEY AT LAW, REAL ESTATE BROKER, BOUNTY LAND, AND CLAIM AC FAT, Has for sale FOUR FARMS and 10,000 acres |of unimproved Land. DjT" Liberal advances made. Land Warrants bought and sold. in Juliannastreet. Bedford, May 11, 1855—6 m. ASSESSMENT. Notice is hereby given that an assessment of FOl R PER CENT, has heeti laid on the pre mium notes of the Cumberland Valley Mutual Piotection Company, which were in force on the J fit I) day of March la>t. The members of said Company are hereby required to pay then pro rata to the authoiized Collectors or Treasur er of the Company within thirty days, in accor dance with the By-Laws and Charter of said Company. By order of the Board. " JOHN T. GREEN, S.-cr'y- May 11, 1855. NOTlCE:—Notice is hereby given that Let ters of administration have been granted to the subscriber on the Estate ol Jacob Dichl, late of East Providence township, Bedloid county, de ceased—all persons having claims will present thein properly authenticated lor settlement,and those indebted will make immediate payment. SAMUEL H. TATE, Administrator. May 1 1, 1855. NOTICE : —The undersigned expecting to be absent in the West for some length of time, would say that his business will be left in the hands of Jacob S. Schell, where all interested will call and attend to their own and mv inter est. JOHN H. SCHELL. Scheliskurg, Mav 11, 1855. Ileiift'y Biing> [Of the late Ftrm of King cV .Moor/tend,) (L~cinmisstcn JHerdjaiit, DEALER IN PIG METAL, BLOOMS, Western Produce, Nr. Nr. Nr. No. 76, Water Street, below Market, Pittsburg Pa. The undersigned will continue the Commit- ! sion Business at the above place; and having j provided himself with suitable conveniences fin j the storage cf Pig Metal, Blooms, Produce, N.c. is now prepared to receive consignments. Bv long experience in the business, and by constant attention, he hopes to merit a generous j share of trade, which he respectfully solicits. HENRY S. KING. April 27, 1855. NOTICE. All persons indebted to the estate of Solomon | Rice, late of Southampton Township, Bedford j county, deceased, are requested to make imme diate payment, and those having claims against said estate will present them properly authenti cated for settlement. P. DON A HOE. Apiii 6, 1855. Adm'r. JOB MANN. G. H. SPANG.' LAW PARTNERSHIP. THE undersigned have associated themselves in the j Prai-Tu-e of the Law, am! will attend promptly to al! j business entrusted to their care in Bedtord and ad- ; joining counties. K7" Office on .fnlianria Street, three doors south of ! "Mengel House," op|>osite the residence ol Maj. Tate. | JOB MANN. June 2, 1831. G. H. SPANG. FOR RENT, And possession given on the Ist of June, a j TAN YARD in the Borough of Bedford, with all the fixtures complete, and a Dwelling adja cent thereto. Apply to either of the under-! signed. Wm. Hartley, Job Mann, John H. Rush, March 30, 1855. For the Heirs. I). K. WrXDKßt.irif. B. K. NKAD• Wuiidcclich & ftead, forroarbing Sc Commission illmliants, North Second Street 9 oj/j>o*/te the. V timber la ltd Valley ■*- Rail Road Deputy CHAMBERSBURG. Dje" They are at all times prepared to carry all kinds of Produce to, and Meichandise, &e., Iroin Philadelphia and Baltimore, at the shortest notice. 'J'hey will also purchase Flour, Grain, A.c., 'at mai ket price. COAL, LL'MBKR, SALT, FI>H, GUANO, and PLASTF.R on hand and tor sale low. June 10, 18r>3. ST. CHARLES HOTEL, WOOD STREET. PITTSBURGH, PA., BR\S(E\ Isi SJIIRLS. Sept. 1, 1854.. St. Horder, Clock & Watch Maker AM) DEALER IN JEWELRY', Would respectfully announce to the citizens of Bedford, ami the public in general, that lie has opened a Jewelry Store in the building re cently occupied by H. Aicodemus, Esq. nearly opposite the Bedford Hotel, where be will be pleased to see all in want of articles in his line. He has on tiand, and will constantly keep, an elegant assortment of JEWELRY, and will re pair Clocks and Watches in the bert style. He hopes to receive a liberal share ol patronage, as he leels satisfied he can render salislaction to all who entrust him with their work. His terms will be moderate. He has on hand Gold and Siiver WATCHES, Silver Spoons, Thimbles, Butter Knives, Gold and Silver Pens and Pencils, &x. Rx. N. B. He still continues the Gunsmithing business, at his old stand, in the East end ol town, w here he has a good and competent work man constantly employed. i). B. April 21, 1855. Fish! Twenty-five Barrels fine fat Mackeral, just received and for sale for Cash or produce only by A. B. CRAMER fc CO. Exchange Building. IIT-As a SPRING and SUMMER MEDICINE, Carter'* Spanish Mixture stands pre-eminent above all othet. Its singularly efficacious action on the blood ; its strengthening and vivifying qualities ; its tonic action on the Liver ; its tendency to drive all humors to the surface; thereby cleansing the system according to Nature's own prescription ; its harmless, and at the same time extraordinary good effects, and the number of cures testified to by many of the most respectable citizens of Richmond, Va., and elsewhere, must be conclusive evidence that there is no humbug about it. The trial of a single bottle will satisfy the most skeptical of its benefits. *,"See advertisement in another column. WEAK, nervous, depressed in spirits, and a prey to innumerable menial as well as physical evils, the victim to dyspepsia is indeed an object of commiser ation. Vet it is absurd for him to despair. We care not how low, weak, nervous and irritable he may be, the cordial properties of Hooffland's German Bitters, prepared by Dr. C. M. Jackson, Philadelphia, are stronger than the many headed monster which is preying upon his body and his mind ; and if he chooses to try them, we wilt insure a speedy cure. See ad vert Dement. .Cocuut.vs IN CHI item.—The Greensburg intelli gencer of May 2ti, 1833. pays the following compli ment to Dr. keyser's Pectoral Cough Syrup, a new remedy that is greatly in vogue now lor the cure of Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, and incipient Pulmonary diseases : 1' /ft til tjte Grertixbttrg 1 iitellifjrncery IWay 2t5, 1833. THE WEATHER, for a week past, lias been quite cool, and, to us, very unpleasant. Besides being cool, and unpleasant in that way, it is exceedingly changeable. On Wednesday, itie 18th, the ther mometer stood between 80 and 1)0 in the shade, most ol the day. The next day, overcoats and tires were necessary to comfort ; and on Friday morning, there was quite a hard frost in tins vicinity, though noth ing was seriously injured thereby. As a consequence ol" tliese sudden changes, many people are afflicted with bad colds and coughs. We observed a lady in church the oilier evening, so much annoyed with a hard cough, that we really felt alarmed lor her safe ty ; so tr.uch'so, that it was with some effort that we could reliant from "talking' out in meeting," and recommending her forthwith to procure a bottle of Keyser's Pectoral Syrup, to give her immediate re bet. For sale by Hupp it Oster of this place, and Colvin & Robeson SchelLburg. Jseso K Msalßam Would announce to his friends and the pub lic that he has purchased the entire Store 0/the late James M. Gibson, and intends to continue business at the old stand. He has on hand an assortment of Drv Goods, Groceries, Teas, Su gars, Jewe|ry, &c. &C. together with Conlec tionaris of every description. In a short time lie will replenish his stock, so as to make it an inducement to purchasers to give him a call.— He has on hand a good suppiv of FLOUR, and will make every edbrt to accommodate the peo ple in this line of his business, either wholesale or -retail. He will also keep Bacon, Fish, Salt, Molasses, Hoots, Shoes, Hats, Brooms, Brushes, Patent medicines, Drugs, Dve-stufis, and everv article usually kept in a retail store. HANGING and UPHOLSTER ING will be attended to as usual with prompt ness and despatch— and lie would take this oc casion to say that he has now on hand, and will furnish to ojder, on the most favorable terms, every description of WALL PAPER and BOR DERING. Bv unremitting attention to business, and a disposition to please, he hopes to merit and re ceive liberal encouragement. Bedford, April fi, 1855. 8.100 PIECES WALL PAPER, From 12 L cents to $1 25 per piece, just receiv ed and for at the variety Store of JAMES K. HALLAM. Bedford, April 27, 1855. Private Sale! One four-horse Broad-wheel wagon and wa gon bed, three two-horse ploy double trees and single tiees, one large work horse good plow leader, cheap:one two-horse market w agon with springs and covered bed, one Hvdrolic. Ram to force water from creeks and springson hills, one four-horse power and thieshing machine and shaker, one Iron seed-roiler,and seed-drill, all will be sold low bv CHARLES COLFELT. May 4-, 1855. NOTICE. ALL persons indebted to the estate of John Blair, Sr., late of Cumberland \ alley Township, Bedford County,deceased, are requested to make immediate payment —and those having claims against said estate will present them properly authenticated for settlement. JOHN BLAIR, Admin is/rat or. May 1, 1855-* MERCERSBURG Stone arid Earthenware, to he had at WM. Sc J. C. RISER'S, Bedford, Pa. May 4, 1855.* NEW CLOTHING STORE. Bsnai* Would respectfully* announce to his old friends, and the public at large, that he lias o peried an entirely new CLOTHING STORE in the Borough of Bedford, in the room recently in the occupancy of Solomon Filler, where he has just received a very superior assortment of ready-made Clothing fir Men ami Boys, to which lie invites attention, satisfied that he can phase all who give him a call, both as to price and quality. He will also keep an assortment of Dry Goods and Groceries. He unites pur chasers to examine his stock. Bedford, April (i, 1855. WATCHES, JEWELRY, SILVERWARE AND FANCY GOODS. A Choice Assortment of the Finest Quality, For Sale at the Lowest Cash. Prices, lit WM. B . EL TO jVHE AD'S, A'o. ]St South Second Street, between Vine and U nion, West Side, PHILADELPHIA. The assortment embraces a iMrge and Select Storl of pine. Watches, Jewelry, Silver Ware, A/hula Ware, Idated with fine Silver, in Spoon*, Port*, Ladles, iVr. —Jet Goodx, Pons and Paney Artirlet of a superior quality, deserving the examination of those yy ho de sire to procure the bent good* at the Lowest Cash Prices. Having a practical knowledge of the business, and all axailable facilities for Importing and .Manufactur ing, the subscriber confidently invites purchasers, believing that he can supply them on terms as favor able as any other establishment in either of the At lantic Cil ies. dF" All kinds of Diamond and Pearl Jewelry and Silver Ware manufactured to order, wit bin a reason able time. Watches, Jewelry and Silver Ware faithfully repaired. WM. B. F.LTON'HF.AD, No. 181 South Second Street, a few doors above the Second Street .Market, West Side. BIT" In ttie South Window of the Store may be seen the famous BIRD CF.OCK, which commands the ad miration of the scientific and curious. Oct. 13, 1851. ly.

News for the IVople! NEW GOODS AT CHEAP CORNER, NO. I. /• ellow-L itiztns : We take this opportunity j of returning you our most sincere thanks for the liberal patronage you have so kindly bestowed on us. VVe would also inform you that we have just returned from the Eastern Cities, with a large and well selected assortment of Goods, | such as Cloths, Cassirneres, and Satinets ; Peter Shams, for over coats, Jeans, Ladies' fine dress goodß, such as Silks, Alpacas, Coburg Cloths, j Bombazines, Merinoes, and a large assortment of Bay State Shawls, Hosiery, for Ladies, Com forts, Crapes, Collars, isx., Stc.—Mens/ Wo mens,' Boys' and Children*' Shoes and Boots, and a general assortment of Groceries. Crush ed and pulverized Sugars, best Bio Coffee, Teas of all kinds, N. O. Molasses, Golden Syrup, Mackerel, Salt bv the sack, Baker's Chocolate, Broma Cocoa, and a general assortment of Goods usually kept in a country Store. All kinds of Produce taken in exchange lor goods at market prices. SANSOM GEPHAKT. Oct. 13, 1854. Reeve 5.. Knight, (Sllcreator to Hartley if Knight,) REDDI XG A:YD CARPET WAREHOUSE, A'o. 148 South Second SI reel, Five door* above Sprite* Street, PHILADELPHIA, Where he keeps constantly 011 hand a full assortment ol every article in his line of business. FEATHERS, FEATfIER-BEDS. Patent Spring Mattresses, Curled Hair, .Moss, Corn Husk and Straw Mattiesses. Velvet Tapestry, Tapestry, BruvseG, Three-Ply. Ingrain, Venetian, List, Rag and Hemp Carpetings,Oil Cloths, Canton Mattings, Cocoa arid Spanish Mattings, Floor and Stair Druggets, Hearth Rugs, Door Mats, Table and Piano Covers, to which lie invites the attention of purchasers. Oct. 13, 1851.— 1y. NEW STORE A ltd New Goods. GREAT BARGAINS, AND NO MISTAKE! ELI FISHER Would respectfully avail himself" of this me thod of informing the citizens of Bedford and vicinity that he has opened an entirely New Dry Goods, Grocery, and Fancy Store, in the Borough of Bedford, in the room for merly occupied by Dr. Hotius, and second door west of Dr. Harry's Drug and Book Store, where he has just received front the cities of New York and Philadelphia one of the most elegant assortments ot (foods e ver brought to Bedford, which, having been put chased for cash, tinder the most favorable cit curnstances, I.e leels warranted in saving that lie can sell them at prices so low as to astonish the purchaser, and all in want of good Goods, at the shortest possible piofit, are invited to give him a call. His stock embraces every variety of Ladies Dress Goods, such as Silks, Satins, Delaines, Bombazines, Spring Shawls, novelties in Lawns, British Prints, Plaid Ginghams, LTidersleeves, front 124 cents up, Hosiery in everv variety, Shoes, Boots and Slippers, for Ladies and Children it. fact almost every article adapted t a Ladies' wardrobe, which it would requite too much space to enumerate in detail. His stock of FLATS and BONNETS lor Ladies, Misses, and Children, is large, rich and CHEAP. His Groceries, Teas, Spices, Syrup, &c. £cc. are all of the very best quality. £g"~"He will consider it no trouble to shew bis Goods, and he hopes the LADIES especial ly will call and examine his assortment wheth er they purchase or not. Always remember, however, that ELI FISHEIFS is the placp fot BARGAINS!!! April li, 1855. CARPETINCS—Ingrain, Wool, Fig, Rag and Listing Carpets, and Mattings lor sale by KITP & OSIER. BOOTS AND SHOES.-Mens', Woniens', Boys', Misses'and Children*' Boots and Shoes, Gaiters and Ties—in great variety lor sale at CHEAP SIDE. BONNETS. Belgrade, French lace, Hun garian, Albini, Mannilla, White, Tiipler and Rutland braid Bonnets—for sale cheap, at RUPP & OSTER'S. FLATS & BLOOMERS—Misses' Ruthland Flats and Bloomers, trimed and untrimed, lot sale at CHEAP SIDE. GROCERIES.—Good Rio Coffee at 124 cts. prime do 1 5 cents. Golden Sytup and prime N . O. Molasses lor sale by RUPP *• OSTER. SUGARS.—Granulated and Crushed Sugars. While clarified do lOcls. Nice New Orleans at 7 and 8 cts. lor sale by RUPP N- OSIER. April 13, 1855. FIRST ARRIVAL OF New Spring and Summer Goods. The undersigned, thankful to their friends and patrons lor the kind anil very liberal patron age extended to them heretofore, would respect fully solicit a continuation of the same, and al so inform them that they are now receiving from the eastern cities, and opening at CHEAP SIDE! A lar> T e and handsome assortment of new style n SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS, Comprising a great variety of Ladies' DRESS GOODS, Of the latest and most fashionable styles, to gether with every other article adapted to the every dav wants of the people, all of which they are prepared to sell CHEAP FOR CASH and approved produce, orupon a short credit to good and punctual customers. OUR MOTTO, "Short profits, many sales and quick returns," will still continue the ruling feature. Come, then, and see Ihe bargains, and buy on ly when satisfied that it's your interest to do so. We will take pleasure in showing our goods, whether vou u isii to purchase or not. fcr-All kinds of produce taken in exchange for goods. RUPP & CSTER. April 6, 1855. NOTICE! The subscriber is anxious to close his old Books up to April 1, 1855, and hopes all in terested will give immediate attention to this notice. In cases where it is not convenient to make immediate payment, notes will be taken on reasonable time. GEO. BLYMIRE. April 13, 1855. NEW (ifIODS. The undersigned respectfully announces that they have just opened a large and well assorted supply of SPRING AND SIMMER GOODS! In an advertisement we cannot give an idea of how cheap we are selling—nor do we desire to attract customers by publishing prices of lend ing articles. We embrace this opportunity of thanking all who have so liberally patronized us during the past five years—and, while soliciting their con tinued favors, assure them a call will convince we are selling (rood Goods as low—if not lower —than can be purchased elsewhere in Bedford. A. B. CRAMER & CO. Exchange Building. ! April 27, 1855. PUBLIC SUE OF VALUABLE Coal and Timber Lands and Hotel Proper!}. THE subscriber will otter at Public Sale, at the Sr. Nicholas Hotel, in Cumberland, ON FKIDAV THE 15T11 DAY OF JUNE, 1855, the following valuable property in Allegheny Coun ty : That valuable Trart of COAL LAND, known as 'MAIDEN'S DELIGHT,' containing 119J ACRES, more or less, situate mj .Moore's Run, near Ihe Ceorge's Creek Rail Road, and within three miles of its junction with the Bal timore and Ohio Rail Road. It is entirely under laid with the "BIG V E IX" of COAL, (ilteen feet in thickness. Its soil is good lor agricultural purposes and is now covered with a line growth ol Oak and other valuable Timber. This piece of property is admirably adapted tor the basis of a Coal Company, equal, it not superior, to any in the State, and can be put in operation at a small expense. ONE OTHER TRACT OF LAND CONTAIXIMG 100 ACHES, .MO UK ott LESS, KNOWN AS THE "JSILfIjEK" or "COMBS" Farm, on Jackson's Run, near the George's Creek Rail Road, iinclei I aid with the "/I / G V E I JY' of COAL, which is en>y of access. The soil is of good quality, and is now under cultivation. It is well supplied with buildings and all other improvements nece—ary for (arming purposes. One other Tract f Land tailed " G L O SS V , " Containing 100 acres, situate on the Baltimore ar.d Ohio Rail Road, at F. vert's Tunnel, underlaid with I'HREE VEPSS oI'COAL, 'i feet, 5 feet, and 4 feet in thickness, accessible at the very edge ul Ihe Rail Road ; it also contains a vein ol valuable IKON ORE, $ leet in thickness, now open. ONE OTHER TRACT OF LAND,CALLED "Perry's First," containing 169 ACRES, more or less, covered with a tine growth ol White Pine and other Timber, from which Lumber of excellent quality can be manufac tured. The soil is well adpated for pasturage or tarrriing purposes. The situation is only a shoit dis tance south west o" Frost burg. ALSO—THE Saint \ukofias Hotel, on the corner of Baltimore and George Street, Cum berland, nearly opposite the proposed depot of the Pittsburg and Connellsville Rail anil the new depot of the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road. It is new, and built in the most -übstautial manner, replete with every convenience. It contains ample accom modation- for'-'DO persons. All the apartments aie large and commodious, well lighted and ventilated. ON THE PROPERTY IS A LARGE BRICK CARRIAGE HOtSE AND STABLE, WITH SLEEPL\G HPHRTMEATS TOR SERTHAIS . VTTJJCUED. This Hotel is considered equal to any in Ihe State. The Furniture is of the most costly kind, all new, ami can be purchased with the property if desired. :—Easy, and will be made known on the day of sale. wishing to secure valuable property are lespectlully invited to give any or all oi the a bove property an early examination. H?" Should any information be required please ad dress the undersigned at Potomac Furnace, Loudon Co. Ya. JOHN W. GEARY. April 20, 1866. 15 c(1io r<l Aca(l em y AM) FEMALE SEMINARY. W. W. CAMPBELL, Principal. This Institution, hitherto under the care of Rev. John Lyon, will hencelorth be conducted by the pre sent Principal. The past history of the Academy will, we tiust, be a sulßcieut guaranty of its Jut lire efficiency. The branches taught will be the same as heretofore. To MASTER PRINCIPLES will be consid ered the most impoitaut pursuit of the pupils; and .while it w ill be the constant business of the Instruc tor to impair knowledge, it will also he his aim to lead his pupils to make a practical application of their acquisitions., To load the mind with innumer able (ormolus, without cadsing it to use them, would be like placing a how in a child's hand, without teaching him bow to bend it. In fine, it shall be our object, as it has ever been, to lead the pupil to THINK. VVe look forward confidently to the patronage of this community, which has thus far been so gener ously extended, and by an undiminished assiduity, we hope to merit your support. Terms per quarter, as usual, to in't: CLASSICS, SFI 25 HIGHER EXGI.I>H, 5 00 MIDDLE " 4- 50 ELEMENTARY " 4 00 Music, 8 00 PIANO, 2 00 The Session opened on Monday, 12th inst. Feb. 10, 3855. H. NICODEMUS, Scrircncv anb Justice cf tl)c Peace, BEDFORD,PA. Has removed his ottice to Juliana street, nearly opposite the Drug and Book store of Dr. F. C. Reamer, where he will faithfully attend to all business connected with the duties oi his oliice. He will continue to repair clocks and watch es, as usual, and respectfully invites those in need of his services in this line to give him a call. April 13, 1855. FORWARDING AND COMMISSION WAREHOUSE Clianibf'isburg, Pennsylvania. THE subscribers are prepared at all times to cairy Produce of every description and Merchandize Tu and from Philadelphia and Baltimore, on the most rea sonable terms. The highest price paid at all times for all kinds of country Produce. Car""Receiving Depots, Bf'ZBY it CO. 36S Market street, Philadelphia.—JOHN BIGHAN, Baltimore, No. 151 H street. C. W. EYSTER 6T CO. Feb. 9, 1855—6 m.* BACON AND FISH. Just received and for sale, a lot of Hams, Should ers and Sides—also, a fresh supply of Mackanaw trout. RCPP tx OSTKR. May i, 1855. The Bedford Gazette, (holera Among kausas Emigrants. The Boston Journal of the 12th inst., con tain* the following :—Letters have been receiv ed in this city within a days, by several parties, which confirms the statement made by our correspondent, that the cholera had appear ed on some of the boats on the Missouri river. A letter from a gentleman who went out in the party of Kansas emigrants who left this city on the 10th ol April, gives rather a gloomy account. The party left St. Louis in the steamer Austra lia, which was crowded with some two hun dred and fifty United States troops, and alter proceeding some distance up the river, the boat got stuck on a sand bar, where she remained two or three days, and until the whiter left.'— Tiie weather was oppressively hot, the ther mometer ranging at about 90. There Were several rases of cholera on hoard, and four per sons bad died with it. The letter does not spe cify whether they were soldiers or < ther pas sengers. The probability ie thev were soldiers, if we can judge from the condition in Which they were placed. They Were crowded below, a most uncomfortable and unfit {dace in which to pack human beings in such a temperature, Three of the soldiers had heavy clogs fastened fo therri with chains, which they had been sen tenced to wear on account of desertion. The following letter is from the St. Louis Re publican, May 10: I have just received a Ut ter from a friend in West port, in which he states that on the evening of the 3d, the cholera, that fell destroyer,appeared in the most malig nant form, causing thirteen deaths in 24 hours. Its attacks were, in almost every case, sudden and completing its dread mission in two or three short hours. Among the victims Were I lie wife and daughter of Dr. J. O. Boggs, who were much beloved bv all who knew them.— The letter also stated that Kansas City was in as great or greater distress than Westport.— The Lightened inhabitants were leaving both I . places as rapidly as possible, arid dispersing themselves in the country and different towns in the vicinity. Up to the time of closing'the letter, the evening of the 4th, there had been no abatement. £F°"HEKE is one of'the most impressive para | graphs we have lately seen : ■"Life is expenditure: we have it i but are as ; continually losing it: we have the use of it, hut | are continually wasting it. Suppose a man i confined in some fortress under the doom to stav there till death, and suppose then* is there for his u>e a dark reservoir of water, to which it is certain none can ever he added. He mavsnj ! pose the quantity is very great: he cannct ; penetrate to ascertain how much, hut it niav be | very little. He hosdi&wn from it by means of a fountain a good while alr< ad\, and draws from it every day. But how would he fie! each lime , of drawing, and each time of drinking of it 1 Not as if he had a perennial spring (o go to. Not, ' ; I have a reservoir, I mav be at ease."— No! but, I had water yesterday, I have water to to-day, but having had it, and mv having it to-day, is the vety cause that I shall not have it some day tfiat is approaching* And at this time I am compelled to this fatal expenditure." So of our mortal tiansient life. And yet men are indisposed to admit the plain truth, that life is a thing which they are in no way possessing than as necessarily consummating, and that even this imperfect sense of possession, it becomes every day a less possession." lAidies Dress (oods. Mrs. S. E. POTTS Would respectfully announce to the Ladies of Bedford and vicinity, that she has just opened a large and elegant assortment of all the new styles of Dresses and Mantillas, Super black and Fancy Silks, Oigandies and Lawns, Berages and Tissues, Persian and Muslin De Laines, French Chintzes and Ginghams, Plain and einb'd Swiss Muslins, Fringes, Gimps, and Laces, Buttons, Braids and Cords, A rich assortment of Ribbons, Collars, Sleeves, and Chemizrtts, Edgings and Insertings, A full supply of Mourning Goods, Best Kid Gloves of all colors, together with an extensive and beautiful assort ment of STRAW and SILK BONNETS, triu.'d and untrimmed. The special attention of the Ladies is solicit ed to the very large assortment just received, and offered at low prices for quality. Bedford, May 11, 185;>. The Borll is (treat Exhibition Prize Abdul Awarded toC. MEYER, For his Two Pianoes, London, Cctobei If), Til. C. MEYER, Respectfully informs hn friends and the public ge nerally that he has constantly on hand Pianoes equal to those for which he received the Prize Medal, in London, in ISSI. All orders promptly attended to, and great care taken in selecting and packing the same. He has received during the last 15 years more Me dals from Franklin Institute than any other maker; also first premium at Boston, and premium at Nets- York and Baltimore. Wareroom No. 5*2 South FOURTH street, below Chestnut street, Philadelphia. March 9, ISss—3m- A MIRACLE OF SCIENCE! Dr. C. L. KKLLINC;, of Mechaniesbtugh, Cumber land Co. Pa. announces to those afflicted with Tu mors, Wens, Cancers, Polypus, Lapus, Moles or Marks, Scrofula or King's F.vil; arid all diseases tha have been sua!ly treated with Can-tic or Knife, he can remove them without cutting, burning or pain ; neither Chloroform or Ether is administered to the patient. It is no matter on what pait of the body they are he can remove them with perfect safety, and in a remarkably short time. No Mineral or Vegetable poison, is applied; and no money required until a cure is perfected. Prolapsis Uteri, Female complaints. Chronic Ven ereal and all other diseases treateu with positive suc cess. Full particulars can be obtained by addressing in either English or German post paid. Patients can be accommodated with Board on reasonable terms. Mpehamrsburg is one ol the prettiest and healthlv towns in this or any other State. !t is 8 miles from Ilarrisburg on the C. V. R. If. and accessible from all parts of the Union. Tbe Dr. will cases in any part of the Slate when desired. Kind reader if you know of any afflicted fel low-creature, delay not, to tell than of Ibis treatment. March 2, ISss.—fiir..*