Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, August 3, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated August 3, 1855 Page 1
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BY EO. \\. BOWSAY NEW SERIES. Sclc£t• P o c t r n. Seasonable I'oetry. G7"The following oxquisite lines, by Montgomery, which we take frotn an old English magazine, may not he inapplicable at this moment, when a whole people are called upon to discard and persecute the stranger and the oppressed : The Stranger and his Friend. '•Ve have done it unto me."—MAIT. xxv., 40. A l'ooe. wayfaring man of grief Hath often crossed me on my way, ho sued so htinildy for relief That 1 could never answer "May;" I had not power to ask his name, Whither he went or whence he came, Yet theie was something in i eye That won my love, ! know not why. Once, when my scanty meal was spread He entered not a word he spake ; Just peiishing for want of bread, 1 gave hiu. all; he bles.-ed it, brake, Am! ate, but gave me part again ; Mine wa- an Angel's portion then, For, while 1 fed with eager haste, The crust was manna to my taste. 1 - pied him, where a fountain htir-t Clear Iroin the rock ; tii- strength was gone; The heedless water mocked his thirst ; He heard it, saw it hurrying on. 1 lalito rai>e the sufferer up; Thrice from the stream he drained my cup, Ihpt, ai d returned it i umiing o'er ; I drank, and never thirsted more. 'Twas night ; the floods were out; it Idew A winter hurricane aloof; I heard Ins voice abroad, ami flew 1 o hut him welcome to mv roof; • I warmed, 1 clothed, I cheered my gue.-t, l.Tiul inm on my couch to rest : I'li-ii made the hearth iriy bed, ami seemed In Eden's garden while I dreamed. Strip!, wounded, beaten nigh to death, I found him by the highway side; I roused his pul-e, brought hack his breath, derived his spirit, and supplied Wine, oil, refreshment ; he wa~ healed: I bad myself a wound concealed, lint fioiii that hour forgot the -mart. And Peace bound up my broken heart. In prison I saw him next, condemned Jo meet a traitor's doom at morn; The tide of lying tongues 1 stemmed, i iioi.o*- ' F •— i . .r. .—. - ..-a Mv friend-hip's utmost z-a! to try, lie a-ked if I tor him would die '/ The flesh was weak, my blood ran chill, but the free spirit cried, "I will." Then in a moment 'n my view The Stianger darted from disguise, The token in his hands 1 knew . My Saviour stood betore mine eyes; He spake ; and my poor name lie named ; '•Of Me thou hast not been ashamed ; These deeds shall thy memorial be; Fear not thou didst them tuito Me." THE BEDFORIfiIzETfE. Reel lord, Ait£. <*3, 1 Hear au Old Line Whig Paper. Tumbling tii Piccfs. Tlie Know-Nothing Pattv, says the North j American, is in a curiously split up condition, tu consequence of the proceedings of the last National Convention. The Louisiana branch ! ot the older has disavowed all connection with th-- National Council and repudiated the Cath- ! olic plank of its platform. The State Councils ot Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, R. Island, Pennsylvania and Illinois, have rejected the na tional platform, and most ot thein have made creeds of their own, differing .ssenlitdlv lrom the general one, not onlv in reference to slavery birt to other questions. In New England and the West the seceders have liberalized their principles so as to include many classes of na turalized citizens. In some cases also the o|>- position to Catholics has been softened down to an opposition against ail ecclesiastical despotism. In \ennont the organization lias been thrown open, assumed the name of the American party, anil declared against the extension of slavery. — There are scarcely two of these northern plat forms alike. In New Jirsey no Slate action has yet been had, but ail the councils ol Tren '■n and Newark have rejected the National creed, and declared in favor of the restoration of 'he .Missouri compromise. In Pennsylvania, a portion ol the Councils, attached to the national platform, have bolted since the action at R> ad " and organized a new State body, which, by 1 •' way, has a majority in the Executive Coun cil of the partv in Philadelphia. Two of the "'tellers were from Montgomery county, andol these one has since been repudiated by the ' uuricil here represented, that of the upper ard of Norristown, which, as the Herald tells "S has approved ot the State action, and de nounced the national platform. What is the '"tact condition of things in Philadelphia it is difficult to tell. K. X. WITHDRAWALS IX ALABAMA! In the town of Centre Star, Lauderdale coun ■>' Alabama, there is, or rather there was, a know-nothing lodge which numbered about one hundred and twenty-five members. A very forge majority of the lodge soon became thor ''Uglily disgusted with know-nothingism* its lea ders, doctrines, and practices, which disgust resulted in their quietly withdrawing from the order. Ih e North Alabamian, a leading know nothing organ, accounts for this wholesale stam pede alter this fashion : 'lhe anti-American papers hereabouts are I making a great 'miration' over the know-noth ing explosion, of Centre Star council, in Lau derdale county, Alabama. The facts of t h e case are simply these, as we are informed : The council numbered about 125 members, among whom were a number of hard cases, which the more respectable portion of the council wished to get rid of, and as the easiest way to accom plish that, without wounding their feelings and . creating excitement, they concluded to disband, which they did." The withdrawing members, numbering eigh ty persons, with the view nt letting the public know who the "hard cases" w-re whom the minority succeeded in getting rid of, have pub lished a card, in which their reasons are given in detail tor their withdrawal from the lodge. The "hard cases" prove to he some of the most respectable citizens in northern Alabama, as the ; following list of their names satisfactorily de j monstrates : IX F. Harrison, Jamps IT. Stewart, Dennis Holden, Aaron (.'row, James A. McMahan, John Gracev, R. T. Lanier, (I. VV". South, ('has. \V. Thompson, J. O. IJesf,^ ('. C. Brewer, D. Stewart, jr., A. A. Simmons, G. VV. Hill, ■ John Cox, C. 13. Jones, j L. M. McMahan, James Chesser, 1 Josephus Jackson, John H. Truesdel, ' James Wilson, S. J. VVingoe, Alex. Mackey, Archibald Hill, W. E. Lanier, Wm. H. Hill, Levi West, J. D. Ham, ; Thomas Conch, Wm. Tomlinson, W. L. Meier, Jas. S. Smot hernia n, Lake I'. Harrison, Wm. M. Trousdale, James M. Harrison, S. E. Cross, j A. J. McLaren, J. I). Ives, Wm. A. King, J?. A. Allen,' J). M. King: Wm. French, James Douglass, John Kenney, I Levi Jones. J. VV. Brooks, Robert S. Miller, Geo. McLaren. J. P. Miller, John C. Phillips, Lemuel A. Ez.el, John McGee, P. M. Alexander, James McGee, S. J. Mobfoy, Alfred G. Hill, j Win. Hunt, Henry McDaniel, |G. VV. Thigpen, C. ('. Holden, , R. (.'. McLaren, Zachariah Brewer, i Reiij. Joiner, John Brewer, S. H. Richardson. G. B. Smotherman, Wilson Phillips, A.(/. Ives, j Daniel Richardson, James Kyle, ; C. ('. Smotherman, Tilmon England, .S. J. VV. Ives, John Harrison, James J. Hindman, Alsv Richardson, Joseph V. Douglass, Wm. 15. Toys, 1). Joiner. '-fointon A ! - We suspect tliat before the election takes place in Alabama a very large addition w ill be ( made to the above list of "hard cases." In Choctaw county, Mississippi, Mr. 11. C. 1 Avant has set a noble example. He was indu ced to join the order and they tendered him the ■ nomination for the otlice ot sheriff. But dis— : covering the character of the organization, he abandoned it and declined to run for the lucra tive office for which he was nominated. In the Mississippian we find the following card, signed by foi tv-one voters ol Yazoo county, sewn of j whom are whigx : i To THE Prune.—Being convinced from our connexion with what is commonly called the j know-nothing partv, that we have been deluded as to its aimsaod purposes, we therefore publish to the world, and particularly to the so-called know-nothing party, that we are no longer . members of that organization. As to the secrets and obligations connected with the order, we shall hold them inviolate, and in dissolving our : connexion with it, we do so with a conscien tious belief that the operations of the order are i dangerous to the practical workings of this re j publican government —dangerous to the liber- Mies of the people—and that they trammel the free exercise of the elective franchise. James Anderson, E. H. Biown, Robert Eisher, I). VV. McNeal, John VV. Penny, J. VV. Bell, I Kinchen Exuni, George VV. Penny, J'. R. Griffin, Martin Stnhhlefield, R. H. Griffin, Win. BlalocJqr B. B. Griffin. J. VV. Blalock, , J. M. Griffin, Zed Pepper, sr., Willis F. Hal!, A. G. Pepper, j Win. T. Martin, P. ('. Chamblev, Win. M. Williams, N. Wallace, i Thus. Smith. L. Roberts, F. B. Roberts, L. T. Price, j James Gordon, VV. H. Capshaw, , F. M. Beall, T. W. Alsyp. Z. Pepper, jr., J. M. Miller, Elias Fisher, E. A. Moore, VV. Wadlington, J. S. Roberts, • j S. F. Gardner, Elijah Rusell, I B. A. King, Nixon Russell. Wm. Russell, STILL ANOTHER. ,! The following notice of a withdrawal from ; the "order" we find in the Memphis Appeal : RALEICII, (Tenn.,) July 3, I Sob. MESSRS. EDITORS: I take this opportunity of informing the public that I have withdrawn . | from the laniernile3 i other-wise know-nothings. t 1 have always been a true democrat, and will heartily co-operate with that party, and sustain ' i its present ticket throughout. The know-nothing party lias for its leaders ■ j consummate demagogues, office-seekers, broken - down in the old part it's, seeking to revive their t political fortunes. Its true principles—very different front its assumed principles—l believe to be devoid of " patriotism. You can give this a place in the - columns of the Appeal. Yours, &.C., el M.GILBHF. HATHAWAY. And Still They Louie! : Ihe papers from the interior ot' Mississippi are teeming with notices of withdrawal from r know-nothing lodges. The following cards aj>— ' pear in the Central Journal: I | VV e hereby dissever our connexion wiHm the know-nothing trick. 11. H. HA WES, 'l'. NORWOOD. Tin- following gentlemen, citizens of Attala, in a long and well-written caul, announce their withdrawal through the columns of Roy's Soulh ' era Sun : A.M. Atkison, I). L. Smvtlie, 1 11. I'. Donald, J. Riley, ' Billups Burt, Robert Sanders. .1. McCullum, I We take this method of informing all whom •.t may concern of our withdrawal fioin the or i dei of know-nothings. We were deceived in joining the-orcter ; we believe it to be anti-dem ocratic. and destructive to the true interests of lour country. In doing so, vie act as our judg ment dictates: and being accountable for our actions, we hold that we have a right to act lor ourselves. ANDREW P.HARRIS,* J. N. WILLIAMS, J. B. DC MAS DAVIS WALLACE, I. HA REV, A. 13. WILLIAMS. GHEEMIOROI on, June 23, 1553. My name appears to-riav as the candidate of know-nothing party for coroner of this county. I am no candidate for that office, and never authorized my name to he used in that connex ion, and hereby signify my u ithdrawal from j that order, and full concurrence in the senti j meats of others whose cauls appear to-day. D. T. MORGAN. Know-Nothing withdrawals in Mississippi. To use (he language of the Memphis Appeal, "know-iiothingism seems to he breaking flat down in Mississippi," and this announcement, I will do no discredit to the intelligence, virtue, and patriotism of that great State. The follow ing letter speaks for itself: Si'Ki.vo HILL, (Miss.,) July 5, lSb.b. To the President and Council at Spring Hill, j .Mississippi : "We are at fault, and can't follow." • W hen we joined this council, we joined in j good laith, and have acted accordingly since our membership, but, becoming sat is tied that triVftU'VVlleoita"—ami 'thai, too, without fSie assistance of secret political associations-—we therefore, as members of your council, do liere hv most respectfully wit hdrow from this order, ( that we may exercise our elective franchise constitutionally , and according to the dictates ! of our own conscience and judgment, untram melled bv the dictates ofanv man or set of men. " BEN J. MY RICK, Jr. THOMAS C WHITLOCK. i The Mississippian of the 3d instant publishes a number of withdrawals from Ihe oath-hound know-nothings in the counties of Yazoo, Choc taw, and Attala. The People's Press (published in De Solo county, Mississippi) savs that "on the 2Sth ultimo a large number of democrats who had attached themselves to the know-nothing order assembled at the Hernando Hotel to deliberate i upon the most efficacious plan ol declaring thei.- independence from the yoke of political bond age they had, in an unsuspecting moment, fas- ' j fened upon llieir democratic principles." W• ' I understand (says the Press) that their council i was characterized with rnanv resolves, and a! | united save one in absolving themselves forevei from tlie shrine of intolerance. When this , news reached the main body of the democratic aimv, a company was detached to receive them with the democratic flag flying, the presenta tion of arms, and the tile and drum playing j "Hail Columbia." From tlie V enango Spectator. I Renunciation. i The writer ofthe following renunciation need j ' no commendation Irotn ns. In this place, wlier he has resided from boyhood, he is known as young man of industry, and probity, and hov I ever customary it may be for Know Nofliinj j, jto assail those who pursue a similar course, p t , one dare openly say aught against the puiityf ) motives nor the truthfulness of what lie a user, . We ask the intelligent, independent freemen 1 | the county to examine Mr. Kinnear'scommun ; 1 cation, and then tell us whether or not Knov } ! Nothingism is what it professes. 5 I i FRANKLIN, June 25. Measrs. EDITORS :—About the tune of th f i last election, I was induced, through the pel a suasion of others, to become a member of th c order of Know Nothings. I was informed tliSf the order was a good one, and that no ptedgj'l 1 of any kind would he asked ol me, which would: in any way bind my conscience, or freedom t r act in all things as I saw proper. After m v initiation, I found that J had been grossly decei ! ved, and would have immediately left, had ig 1 j not been that myself in common with any other! ' who dared to leave were informed that w J | would he published through all the councils a! 1 ' perjurers, and men unworthy ol confidence* sn | also be opposed and persecuted in our blisinesi s | These threats account for my remaining so fonT' 1 ! in the order. They are still repeated on ail oiY r ; casions when deemed necessary, but I have | learned to despise them, even if my busine| o ® l may have to suffer. lain resolved that mj^ conscience, shall be clear. The fact > L ' mv having been a Know Nothing is a publ matter, and I ask the use of your columns Lc make equally public the fact that I have will', drawn myself from all connection with the oVi Freedom of Thought and Opinion. BEDFORD, PA. FRIDAY JtORNKG, AUG. 3, 1855. ganifflfion, and will hereafter act and vote with

i tliat party to which I have at heart been attach i P. KIJC.XEJIK. From the Washington (Pa.) Review. . And Still they Come! Bfjfow we publish the withdrawal of Elliot Patfwson Esq., from the Know Nothing lodge at Qiavsville in this county. Mr. Patterson is wejl known to ben honest, u[iright and conscientious man : and no person acquainted with the goodness of his In-art and the purity of his notions, will for one moment doubt that anything save the Jesuitical duplicity ofthe dark lantern party, could have drawn him within the influence of its midnight ploltings. The order is too base to live long. Its system atic lying may now and then entrap a good man, but it is too vile to hold him, and sooner or later, like Mr. P., he will wash his hands of it. It will be opserved that the final induce ment held out to Mr. P., was thai if he became dissatisfied, he could withdraw ; and fuither, thai a certain prominent individual among them would secede with him. Now who is this prominent K. N 1 We presume nine-tenths of our reader# will understand " who he is with out much difficulty. And ns " prominence " a rnpngst the Thugs, comes of facility in lying, we presume lie merits his standing. Read the letter: To THE DEMOCRACY OF WA-UIINGTO.X CO. I have felt it due to tlie Democracy of Washington county, with whom J have long acted, to make a brief statement ofthe decep tions, corruptions, and false representations of the K. N. [ arty, in order to get members.— Two weeks ago, I was in the town of Clays ville: I was strongly and earnestly solicited bv certain prominent men, who have heretofore bet-n called Democrats, to join the order, telling me that il theie was anything that I did not like, I could come out at any time, and one of the persons above referred to who occupies at this time, a conspicuous place in that order, promis ed to come out with me. I was also promised tlie Commissioner's office next fall: these with man)' other inducements were held out to me; I consented, and was initiated by taking the oaths, and from the moment I joined I was dis satisfied. finding that there was nothing hut cor ruption in the order, and thai I would he bound to lie, prevaricate and make ail kinds ol misre presentations, and do things udilrh I /bought in consistent with, and contrary to genuine Chris tianity, and to remain in such an order, I found J must get iiiy conscience seared as it were with a hot iron, and banish the fear ol God from my eves. J accordingly resolved to come out from among the foul party, and went to mv K. N. Nfjiend, referred to, who wrrs to withdraw with et, and wished him to come dii('w\f}i"fofKj l ftiJi c ifr refused, stating that the position lie now occu pied prevented him, whereupon, J demanded and obtained my discharge. I would just say to all 11 1-° Dre not in the order, to beware and not let the false representations and inducements held out by said party lead you astray. I now lee| that J am a freeman, breathing pure air and r-ady and willing to act in concert with mvold Democratic friends, and for the good of the De inociatic party which 1 have been taught to re vere from my youth. I feel that theXshackles are off of n:v fe.-t, and I am determined, if spar ed to go In the election next fall, to vote the Democratic ticket, the whole ticket and nothing 1 lilt the ticket. " i ELLIOT PATTERSON. knoH-Xotliiug H ilhdraivals in Georgia. < A card appears in the Augusta Constitution alist, signed hy a number of respectable citizens ol Sparta, Georgia, in which their reasons ore given at length for their withdrawal from a know-ni>th:ng lodge. They say : '•U e deem it proper to state that on entering the order we were assured that whenever we night heroine dissatisfied with it we could withdraw in good faith, and without hindrance <r obstruction. \\ ithout this assurance men could never he induced to assume the obliga tions of the order. Tins free privilege of quit itig is universally used !>v know'-nothings as an answer to the charge that the order trammels the freedom of the elective franchise by .subject ing the individual judgment of its members to the will of the order. We, therefore, in with drawing, considered thai we were exercising a . ight which had been guaranteed to us from the beginning, and which could not justly expose lis to a charge of 'treason' or 'perjury.' It may fie true in theory that any member may quit xhen he pleases, but practically it is false when le can obtain his discharge only by passinc through the terrible ordeal of being denounced 5s a deserter, a 'traitor,'and 'perjured renegade,' Jnd as having signed 'the manifest of his own i fa my.' Such denunciations as illustrated in the news papers, and on the streets, and in the bye-ways and corners, are not so much intended to act up (l) those who have quit as they are meant to ploy upon I J ears of those who yet remain in. They are intended to throw an obstruction and hindrance and terror around the exercise of the rght to quit the right of exercising individual will and private judgment." Ihe card is signed by the following-naraed ifntSemen: Henry L. liattle, M. M. Holsev, f.JI. Mitchell, A. 15. Buckner, (■'.auk Burnet, J. W. Johnson. THE OLD WHIG (ILAHO IN KENTI-CKY RI:- •ODJATES K xow-KOTII ix OISM. —The Frank fort fcoman says that six out of the twelve Scott 'residential electors in Kentucky in 1852 refuse a go know-nothingisrn. The-following are ieir names : "Joshua F. Bell, of Boyle; Wm. Preston, of lOuisville : Lucien Anderson, of Graves : Curtis . liiirnam, of Madison : Thos. F. Marshall, of foodford : Thos. B. Stevenson, of Mason. To ■ these names might be added those of Henry G. I Bibb, acting lieutenant-governor of the State;! Albert G. Thlbot, Hon. Joseph R. Underwood, J Hon. Archibald Dixon, and a host ofthe very i flower of old whig chivalry." More Withdrawals. There appears lo be do diminution in the number of withdiawals from the Tennessee know-nothing lodges. In the last number re ceived oftfle Nashville Union we find the fol lowing card : ; j To THE runuc.—l was induced, bv false j representations of its objects, to join the know-I nothing council, as it is usually called, in the ! third district. lain a democrat, and always; have been one. J soon found that J had been thoroughly hoodwinked when I joined the order) and thai I had surrendered my right, not only to be a democrat, but to vote for anybody not dictated to me by others. 1 have been a free man all my life except while a know-nothing, and that 1 might retain that station I have de manded that my name be erased from the list of know-nothings. I feel that I owe mv old asso- j ciates in the democratic party this public state- : ment as an atonement for having for a moment, and through the deception ol others, been untrue to the democratic party, the true American i party. 'J. A. STANLEY. ; D.\VII>:OX COFNTY, July 11. THE IXTI-IICEXSB LiQOIR LAM As ;>a**€<l I>y a K. A. Legislature Aisd aprroved iv I.OV. POLLOCK! SEC. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and of Representatives ot the Commonwealth j ot Pennsylvania, in General Assembly met, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the I same, That from and after the first day of'Oc-! tuber next, it shall lie unlawful to keep or main- j tain any house, room or place where vinous, spirituous, malt or brewed liquors, or nnv ad- ( mixtures thereof, are sold or drank, except as; 1 herinafter piovided ; and all laws, or parts of laws, inconsistent with the provisions of this act, be and the same are hereby repealed. •SEC. 2. That if any person or persons in this Commonwealth shall keep for sale and sell, or , in connection with any other business or profit able einplovrnonl give, receiving therefor any < price, profit or advantage, by any measure what ever, and at the same time voluntarily afford a j place, or any other convenience or inducement j by which the same may be used as a beverage,! any vinous, spirituous, malt or brewed liquor,- or any admixture thereof, he, she, or they, or j shall be deemed guilt y of a misdemeanor'' and'' upon conviction shall be sentenced to pav a fine ! not exceeding fifty dollars, and undergo impris- j . onment not exceeding one month : and for a j , second or any subsequent offence shall pav a ' , fine not exceeding one hundred dollars, and j undergo imprisonment not exceeding three i , months. j SEC. 3. I hat if any two or more persons con- j J spire or act together, by which one may sell - and the other provide a place or other conveni- i enre for drinking, with intent to evade the pro- j i: visions of this act, each one so offending, upon 1 1 conviction, shall be punished as provided in the i s second section oft his act. j !1 SEC. 4. 'I hat it shall be unlawful for an v per- a son to sell or keep for sale any vinous, spiritu- 1 ous, malt or brewed liquors, oi any admixture ! 1 in cases not hereinbefore prohibited, in ; i less quantity than one quart, nor without li ;ense granted by Ihe Court ol Quarter Sessions ! if the proper county, on petition presented fori hat purpose, to he advertised according to the! irst section ot the twenty-ninth of .March, one j hotisand eight hundred and forty-one, supple-I nenlarv to the various acts relating to tavern licenses: but no such license shall be granted to. I itherthan citizens of the foiled States, of lem jerate habits ami good repute for honesty : I'rovidei.! f That no certificate shall he required )r published as mentioned in the act herein re-: erred to: Provided, That no license for the c :ale of liquors, as aforesaid, shall be granted to i ' he keeper of any hotel, inn, tavern, restaurant, •aling house, oyster house or cellar, theatre or , )ther places of entertainment, amusement or re- ] reshment: Provided further, That so much of r my act or acts of Assembly, as requires a license rom a city or county treasurer to authorize (lie .ale of spirituous, vinous or malt liquors, be and < he same are hereby repealed. ( Xi:c. b. 1 hat said court, by their rules,shall fix ) t time at which applications for said licenses ■hall he heard, at which time all persons making Ejections shall be heard. SEC. (>. I hat it shall not be lawful for the ' clerk of said court to issue anv license, as a fore- .aid, until the applicant shall have filed the bond j 1 rereinafter required, and the certificate of the j city receiver or county treasurer that the license ! * lee has been paid him. j I SEC. I. I hat the appraisers of licenses under j his act shall be appointed as provided bv exist- j " ng laws, except in the city of Philadelphia, where, on the passage of this act, and thereafter | it the beginning of every year, three reputable ' , md temperate persons shail be appointed hy the j Lourt ol Quarter Sessions, to appraise dealers in I spirituous, vinous, malt or brewed liquors afore- ■ f -aid. and of distillers and brewers, arid to do and n perform all duties now enjoined bv law, not in- \ f] consistent herewith : and said appraisers shall ; p ae citizens ol the foiled States, in no manner! \t connected with or interested in the liquor busi- ' aess, and shali he compensated as now provided ! >y law. ' | of Sec. 8. That no license shall be granted 1 in without the payment to the receiver of taxes of j he city of 1 hiladelphia, qj, to the treasurers of i he Other counties of the State, for the use of' die Commonwealth,-three firne-rffm amount now j sn ixi il by law to he paid hy venders ot spirituous, \ vinous or malt liquors, or brewers and distillers:! TERMS, S3 PER YEAR. VOL XXIII, NO. 51. ] Provided , That no license shall be granted for a ; less sum than thirty dollars. See. 9. That the bond, required to be taken of all persons who shall receive a license to sell ; spirituous, vinous, mall or brewed liquors, or any admixture thereof, shall be in one thou sand dollars, conditioned for the laithful observ ance of all the laws of this Commonwealth re flating to the business of vending such liquors, with two sufficient sureties, and warrant of at torney to confess judgment, which bond shall he approved by one of the judges of the Court jof Quarter Sessions of the peace of the proper county, and to be bled in said court: and when ever a judgement for any forfeiture or fine shall have been recovered against the principle there in, it shall be lawful for the district Attorney j of the proper county to enter judgment against the obligors in the said bond, and proceed to i collect the same of the said princi pal or sure | ties. Sr:c; 10. That every person licensed to sell spirituous, vinous or malt liquors as afor'psaid, shall frame his license under glriss, and place the same so that it may at all times be conspi cuous in his chief placeof making sales, and nb license shall authorize sales by rinv person who shall neglect this requirment, nor shall anv li cenie authorize the sale of any spirituous, vih i ous or malt liquori on Sunday. Sue. 11. That any sale ma de of any spirilb ous, vinous or malt liquor contrary to ihis act, shall be taken to be a misdemeanor, and upon conviction of the offence, in the Court ol Quar ter Sessions of the proper county, shall be pun ished in the manner prescribed by the second section of this act. See. 12: That the this act as to appraisement and license, shall not extehd to importers who shall vend or dispose of said li quors in the original cases or packages as impor ted, nor to duly commissioned auctioneers, sel ling at public vendue or outcry, nor to domes tic producers, brewers or distillers selling in quantities not less than five gallons; nor shall anything herein contained prohibit the sale by druggists ofany admixtures of intoxicating li quors as medicines. SEC. 13. That it shall be the duty of eFery constable of every town, borough, township or ward within this Commonwealth, at every term of the Court of Quater Sessions of each respec tive county, to make return on bath or affirma tion whether within his knowledge there is any" place within his btfiliwick kept and maintained in violation of this act : and it shrill he the es pecial duty of the judges of said courts to see that this return is faithfully mride • and JcL anv person shall make known to such name or names of any one who shall irrl thin <, .i-oh names of witness wiMC&n prove the fact, it shall be his duty to maTere turn thereof, on oath or affirmation, fo the court, and upon his wilful failure so to do, he -hall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon in dictment and conviction, rihall be sentenced to imprisonment in the jail of the county for a per iod not less than one nor more than three months, and pay a fine not exceeding filty dol lars. S::c. 14. 1 hat this act shall not interfere with any person holding a license heretofore grrinfed, until tlm time for which the same was granted shall have expired: nor shall any licpnse° which may be granted before the first day of July next, authoriz- the sale of said liquors or admixtures thereof, after tlie first day of October next, con trary to the provisions of this rict. HENRY K. STRONG, Speaker of the House of Representatives. WM. M. HIESTER, Speaker bf the Senate. Ari novED— The fourteenth day of A pril, Anno Domini one thousand eight hbndred and %-five. JAS. POLLOCK. Anti-License Law. The anti-license bill has passed bofh Houses if the Legislature. The following is the vote n the Senate: A EAS— Messrs. Browne, Crabb, Darsie, Flen liken, J- razier, Hamlin, Hoge, Jamison, Jordan, .■•wis, Piatt, Price,Quiggly, Taggart and VVher y—ls. NAVS— Messrs. Bucfcalew, Cresswell, Frv, Liodwin, Haldeman, Hendricks, Killinger, M'- -lintock, Meflinger, Sager, Sellers, Shuinan, Valton and Heister, Speaker. —14. The following is the vote in the House : Y HAS— Messrs. Allegood, Avery, Baker, Ball, ioal, Bowman, Caldwell, Chamberlin, Clapp, lover, Criswell, Cummings, (Philadelphia co.) lowing, Eyster, Fearon, Fletcher, Foster, Foust, ,l <v, (.winner, Harrison, Hodgson, Holcome, lubbs, Kirkpatrick, Krepps, Lane, Laporte, athrop, Leas. Lott, iM'Calmont, M'Clean, I Connel, M'Cullough, Maddock, Magill, Mor s; Morrison, Muse, P3ge, Palmer, Pennvpack •, Powell, Ross, Simpson, Smith, (Allegheny,) "ith, (Blair,) Steel, Stewart, Sturdevant, hompson, Thorn, VVaterhouse, Wood and rong, Speaker. —s6. NAY- —Messrs. Barrv, Bush, Carlisle, Christ, raig, Crawford, Daugherfy, Donaldson, Dun ing, Edinger, Tiaily, Franklin, Free, Fry, err, Gross, Linderman, Mengle, North, Oir, pese, Rittenhouse, Sallade, Sherer, Stehley, 'ickersbam, Witmer and Wright—2B. (Gr On Tuesday last a week, a small child Mr. John Kesselring, of Fort Littleton, fell to a well some 23 feet in depth, on the prop ly of Mr. Bain, and strange to tell escaped most uninjured. With the exception of a iall cut on the head the child was not hint .hough it pitched into the well head foremost. Fulton Democrat.