Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, August 3, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated August 3, 1855 Page 2
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THE BEDFORD (MZETTE. Uctlioni, Ais". S, 1533. G. W. Bowman, Editor and Proprietor. RON. JANES < A WHEEL. Postmaster General Campbell was on a visit to Philadelphia last week, and received a cor dial and enthusiastic welcome. On Friday he rode down to the Navy Yard, where he was re ceived with a salute of seventeen guns, as a mark oY respect for the high official position he holds in the Government. The Judge arrived at the Bedford Springs on last Tuesday even ing, much to the gratification ol his numerous Irtends. A more honest, efficient, and courte ous officer never held position at \V ashington. His management of the intricate and complicat ed affairs of the Post Office Department will favorably compare with that of any other man ever appointed to the responsible trust. In fact it is generally conceded that he has been the most laborious officer ever placed at the head of that Department. Amidst all his duties, howe ver, he never fails lo treat those who call upon him with the greatest respect ami attention, a trait to be found in the character of the fewest number of our public men. THE ANTI-LICENSE LiOOtB LAW As passed by a K. A". Legisl.ntHre And aprroved S>y GOV. POL!,Of ft! Immediately after the pa-sage of the anti-License JPG Law, we published in the Gazette both the Bill and the VOTE by which it was passed—and, as the tmrc-ts close at hand for the measure to go into oper ation, we have deemed it proper to re-publish the Re cord in order that the people may be enabled to pas llport its provisions, tinderstanduigly, at the approach ing election. It will be seen that the Bill passed the Senate by only ME vote, FR. JORDAN, I.sq. ol Bedford, voting for it, notwithstanding the people of the District he professed to represent, decided a gainsl ANY Piohibitory Law by a majority oi near ly two thousand votes'.! It he had voted against the Dill, as he had bent instructed to do, it could not have passed, and the people would have been spared the humiliation of beholding an act of Assembly in the Old Keystone State which is a silly and contemptible mass of confused ideas, meaning anything and noth ing. ju-t as vou please. The Record shows that Mr. Jordan lipid the power of its passage through the Sen ate in his own hands, and, without venturing to ut ter n woul in exposition of its gross deformity, he quietly treated with contempt the instruction* of his constituents, and took upon himself the authority to rerr,,e their judgment, deliberately expressed at the Polls—an outrage upon papular sentiment such as the Press is Seldom called upon to record.—Now, if any thing could he meaner than the Jug Law itself, it is the conduct of this "honorable" Senator in trying to attach the odium of the measure to every other than the propei source! The people of this District and of the Slate having decided against a Prohibitory, liquor Law, the Legislature had no right to entertain the question in any other way than to submit it a gain to a popular vote. None but fanatics of the worst class will dare to enact laws which the people have rejected in a legal form. Now turn to the other side of the record, and you have the ear thai approval of Gov. "POLLOCK, to this Bill of Abominations, lie barLibe power, under the Constitution, with a single da„h of the pe:r._to have rendered void this extraordinary enactment of an ig noraut and corrupt Legislature, but be, too, tiam pled beneath his feet the voice of the people without even giving them a word of explanation ! Hence the proof is clear, beyond successful contradiction, tiiat a Know Nothing House —a Know Nothing beuate — and a know Nothing Governor—were the sole in struments in passing a jaw, which, in effect, is de signed to curtail the revenue of the State about two hundred tbou-and dollars aunuallt —i eimer almost valueless all llotel and Tavern property—and in crease drunkenness to an extent heretofore unknown ill this commonwealth. It has been lett for Kuov\ Nothiugism to treat the people as though they were slaves; and if they are still willing to bow their necks to receive the yoke, we have qt,hing to say. We ask them, however, to preserve the Pill and the vote, and keep them conspicuously before the voters, who are competent to be Their own judges. fty"We take the liberty o!" making the following ex tract front K letter recently received from an old and valued friend, which says a great deal in a lew j words : BALTIMORE, Jnly SI, 1853. j FRIEND BOWMAN The idea that in Tiio nineteenth 1 century, politicians should be called upon to aid one j party of professing Christians, in putting down an-| other, is, I was about to say, evidence that the world is retrograding—and that what vvecatl the dark "g< A , , were the ogos of light, to which we are now return- I uig!! 1 will not say, because I do not believe, that this I ouler called Kuow-Nothiiigs, had its origin in the Christian Church. There is a.class of men spread all over this country, who being neither hot nor co d, as politicians, have been spewed out of the mouths of both the Democratic and whig parties, as un worthy of confidence. 'I hese are the lathers o! 1 nis new ISM. They are like the troubled sea, constantly throwing up mod and filth. They re-ort to any means, however despicable, to attain their ends, in the North and West they ride the negro question, connected with know nothingism. In the Kast and some of the middle states they connect as far as they can, the question of Temperance with their new farce. North and West o* Mason's and l'ix-or. s line, the principle incentive offered to induce men to join the Lodges I- the hue and cry against Catholici ty. South of that line the Catholic is invited to join them. S>o that you .-e they are all things to all men. Fanning the flame ofpiejudice where prejudice ex ists. Raising discord wherever they find suitable material—giving credence to falsehood, misrepresen tation and fraud, in order to deceive and decoy. In this wav the uninformed are entrapped, and induced to Mtvr/r they will obey the orders of their mas ter.- in Council, and vote for only such men as they shall name through the vote of the Councils, wheth er they agree polttirally with such nominee or not! By this means they expect to rule rough-shod over the liberties of the People, into power and place. Viewing the matter in this light, as to its origin and objects, I feel bound, as a Protestant Christian and t Democrat, to oppose its progress. It is a dis grace to the name of America, and a counterfeit upon the true sentiments of her enlightened people. \VB shing you every success in your efforts in the cause of Religious and political Liberty, 1 remain your friend, 1). Bf.OCfl F.R. ST3*"VVe invite es[ecial attention to the valuable Real Estate advertised for sale in the Oazette of to day by JOHN 11. BKKO.S, Esq., ot Harrisburg. Ihe lauds are certainly among the most valuable in Bed ford County, and the location id beautiful and healthy. Persons desirous of purchasing Real Kstnte could not do better tlian to turn their attention to this otier. JJST The reader is also directed to the advertise ment of Judge Noat.K, who offers for sale a very val uable hum in Woodbury township. 1,01. I'OLLOCR lI.M. ESPfThe Chambersburg Whig "supposes'' Gover ner Pollock to be a member of the Know-Nothing Party, but denies that he is "intolerant, illiberal, or proscriptive, either in polities or religion/' That Gov. pollock is not a man of this disposition, natu rally, we have always believed, and said so both be fore and after his election—but having assumed the dreadful obligations of the Order, he is as much ac countable lor the propagation of tiie '•revolting fea tures"'of Know-Notbingism as any nan connected with the Chambersburg or any other Lodge—and the only po-sible way to relieve himself from the deep odium which bangs to his skirts is to follow tlie ex ample set by Mr. BAIRD, by publicly denying his connection with this pestilential combination against the Constitution and t'ne best interests oi civilized life. Let him adopt the language of the 117 tig, and boldly proclaim to the world that no good citizen ought lo act with a party where "Jtce black-guard* respectable me t , and lie will receive credit for sincerity when he is an nounced as being ho-tile to intolerance and proscrip tion! Know Nothingism in Franklin county is no more revolting than Know-Xothingism in any other part of the State, and the man who, as Governor of this great Commonwealth, quietly acquiesces in their mill-night conspiracies, by declii: ing lo aid in expo sing them, is justly more censurable than those who hob! no official relation to the people. Does Mr. Pol lock endorse the policy of the Whip in its manly op position to this dark lantern oligarchy ? It he does and will make the tact appear, we will cordially join that Journal in tendering him the highest encomiums due to true Patriotism, But so long as Gov. Pollock maintains bis membership in the Order, the I'm innt of Pennsylvania will bold him accountable tor aid ing and abetting in upholding all the iniquity charg ed upon the Know-Nothings of Chambersburg. 31r. BAIRD, who was liieir candidate for justice of the Supreme Court has published a letter declaring that "he never has been, and never rau be, a Know-No thing," notwithstanding he was solemnly declared such, by the Kxecuttve Committee, betore the elec tion ! Then, it Gov. Pollock does not favor its enor mities, why does he not speak out like a man ? Why does he not lend the influence his position gives him to strike do ten a monster be helped to create, and which seeks to subvert everything t+irrt is dear to freemen ? Can the Whig give any good reason why the Governor, member of the Order,) should no re pudiate its gross violations of ail that pertains to de cency and right, if he does not sanction them? Is not this due to the Constitution, to his oath of offer, aricJ to llit? people whose interests he is sworn to pro tect ? We have no desire to do injustice to Governor Pollock, and in asking these questions, we trust the Whig will not consider us "censorious," but give the public what information he can touching the points alluded to. We say, in the sincerity of our heart, that if any prominent Democrat would refuse to give Li* opinion on this exciting question, we would hold him just as guilty as if he had subscribed to their oaths and cordially sanctioned all their acts—and, if a Democratic State Convention, or the Ihmocrahr Press , would evert lend their rouutevaaee to build up a secret oath-bound political association, we would denounce them as fully and as emphatically as we have denounced the present organization, regardlessoj trhont it slisjileased. Hence, we cannot but admire the bold and manly course now pursued by the edi- tor of the Whig K7"Tbe EXPOS! J RES of Know-Nothing ism, which we publish on the first page, will he read with thril- ; ling interest. These exposures, it will be remem bered, come from men who joined the Order in good i faith, and were driven from it by the dreadful out- j rages perpetrated in the Lodges to which they be longed. All true Democrats, who have been decoy ed into the organization, will follow the natriqiir ex- j WHO joined throng. l corrupt motives will stick and become th e ftg en<l of j the old federal party. The press of the nation is dai ly and weekly tilled with Know Nothing renuncia tions. LHler of Rev. John A. Collins. |"r The eloquent and masterly letter written by Rev. JOHN A. COLLINS, and re-pttldi *hcd in the Bed ford Gazette a lew weeks since, is going the rounds of the press thoughout the length and breadth ol the . land, with commentaries ol the highest character. A letter from ati eminent minister ol the Baptist Church, well known in Bedtord County, is before us, from which we make free to lay before our readers the . following extract : I'LLLLI VU; MILLS, BtaHbrd Co., \ a., | July --'.j, 1 ado. S i 1 PKAR Sir.: —In pa-sing through Pennsylvania a tew weeks since, on a tour of preaching, 1 saw* several * No's °f your paper, the Brdfnrd Gazette, with which j : ! was well pi eased, and have concluded to propose an exchange with you. If agreeable to you, send the : Gazette directed to "Zion's Advocate." I brought home with me a copy of your paper con- ; [ raining the letter of Rev. JOHN A. COLI.IN-S with; i which 1 was so much gratified that I have had it i published anil ciiculaleii ticely in the Old Dominion, j j Mr. C. is not of my denomination, but 1 receive rai in no matter from whence it comes. Respectfully Yours, JOHN CLARK, j To Gen. Bowman. kecohi). j C_7*AVE are indebted to MI:. SAMT;EL BROWN for : the following statement : GKV. BOWMAN S— AS the ia-t two seasons have j been very dry, there might prosstbly lie some curi osity among some of your iinrneious subscribers and 1 readers, to have the opportunity of comparing the amount of rain that fell here, during the three months of .May, June, and July, 1853 and 1851, with the same months of the present summer, which have just ! past ; to know the quantity and TtTllerence ol rain j which fell during tlnv-e several period-. Below the quantity is given in inches and decimals of an inch. May. 1853, 0,92.5 .tune, " 0.328 July, 1,7-15 2,998 Amount that fell during the I months oi May, June, and July, 18-, J. May, 1854, 1,25 "—June, " e 1,182 July, " 1,725 3,157 Amount that fell during the months of May, Junr, and July, 1851. May, 18.75, 1,933 June, " I,' July " 4,080, 13.019 ' Amount that fell during the months ol May, June, and July, 1557. The warmest day, during the 3 months ol May, June, and July, 18,33, was Ihe 2'Jth June—l her. 01. The warmest days, liming the three months of 1 May, Junp, and July, 1851, were the 20th and 2!.-t ■ of July— Tber. TOO. The wiiinre-i day, during the three months ol ' ! May, June ami July, ISGS, was the 20th ol July— Ther. 93. K/ A correspondent of the Lancaster Inlel ligencer says:—"The candidate for (iovernoron t the Know Nothing Ticket of Louisiana is a ROMAN CATHOLIC, and boasts of it at that." (C- The Rev. Mr. FOLTON will preach in tlir Lutheran (Torch on next Sabbath evening. Wholesale Exposure. Gy Tin? Cbamlwfrsburg Repository ami Whig of ■ last Week contains a /iomr exposure of thedoings of j fciiou-N'othiugism, truly revolting, ami calotlafeif to j sicken nml disgust the reader with the gross wicked- | lies* which has taker) possess ion of a portun of the; people. The writer of this exposure is a niember of ! the order, and says lie is fully prepared to substan- , tiute the charges he prefers. In alluding 10-this ex- ' ! posure, the Whig says : ! "It is true, ns stated in the communication, that i Mr. Kwtixsox was authorized by ihe Kditor of this j j paper to pre.-ent bis name as a member of tlie Coun- ! ol.andvve never did anything in better faith. We bad | up to that period acted in consultation with the len ding members of that party, and sought to lilvnnce its interests, because we believed that it woujd prove j a powerful ally in our warfare upon the Deupcrary. ; Its alleged intolerance, in either politics or liligion, was uniformly and repeatedly denied, and ve had every reason to believe thai we could act vith it , consistently as a U'big. and that it would eventually become a part of the Whig party. We learned a lesson, however, when our narne got behind the scenes; and when we found a hanlliit of; irresponsible creatures contiolling the whole action i of the Order, and wielding it as a mere instrument to j minister to the wants of starving nPwspnpeis and ' broken-down politicians, we did not hesitate U> de nounce the system, and the record we give iff Moth- j er column fully vindicates us in the course we! pave taken. We could have been connected with thp Know- Nothing party both before and after the action of this Council; we have been waited upon repeatedly since, i both at home and ami abroad, and inaportbiied to be come a member of the Order ; but we can act with no party where live blackguards can overrule as many hundred respectable men. and where the names of men without political or moral lilemish, can be dragged belore the inquisition, without their knowl edge, for the avowed purpo-e of impairing their poli tical standing. That this was done here in this Council, in the case of ISAAC 11. MCCACI.KV, L 15,,., c-.- art f'tr/Ztf prry trrtl to . We give the names oi the persons who were conspicuous ill the effort ami who. supposing themselves sheltered by the oath bound secrecy of the members, earnestly urged the presentation of his name in order to reject him, and injure hint, as well as Cov. I'OU.OLK, in the Cosssil abroad. We were not surprised after the insight we got in to the system in December last. that the Council here should even gn so far as to dictate to it. mem bers what papers they should withdraw their sub scrijitions from, and what ones they should support.— Such a resolution was adopted in flu- Council, as our corre.-poiideut states, and copies of it were ordered !o Ire sent to the different Councils of the county. All thi the rejection of the Kditor of this paper in violation of all rules, alter having been thrice elect ed— the presentation and rejection of Mr. McCu i.KV'S name without his authority or knowledge, and the pa-sage ol the resolution requesting the members to withdraw their support f rom Ibis paper,—was done in camphance with the earnest begging of the little organ's friends to keep it fiom starving! It did not pretend to claim a living support on iis own merits; but it coaxed and bullied the Council- to take if tin der their e-pecial protection, tintd hundreds of intel ligent, high-minded members were driven !roni the party in di-gust. This series of outrages upon decency and justice perpetrated by Sri- uis.wun. K\ STICK, STUKAI.Y C'I.AKK fx Co., has left the Council in this place but a nomi nal existence. We shall bring forward any necessa ry number of men of undoubted veracity, to attest the correctness of the charges preferred again-t it under the lead of the few demagogues who control it; and if there are any reputable men still half-clinging to the tottering structure, they will he compelled by the force of popular opinion to seek safety by an ear ly withdrawal. Already a number have done so; and others mean tfo absent thems-lveg former with out a formal sepai at ion. A card signed lw eight or ten was sent into (lie Council last week, and the de cision of the very grave body, with about twelve men in attendance, was that those persons should not he permitted to withdraw unless tiiey should come and do so in person. Stuff)bangh, Kyster h: Strealy decreed it,and tbe "Yankee office-hunter" doubtless concurred ! —We submit the facts presented in this paper to the candid, dispassionate retieetion of every honora ble and just man, and we shall abide by the popular verdict as to the correctness of our course. We could long since have exposed 'be disreputable the LEADVJ> ALti* W&itirtttU frnVen fo "In-tray its s erefs. to divert public attention from its falsehoods and petty trickery ou other i-sues. It has now' rais ed The curtain, and we rejoice that we have an atffple opportunity of vindicating outsell, and ol exposing the unparalleled political villainy that has marked the Council of Chambersburg. It is but just to say that but few of the many who once belonged to this Council, can ill any degree he held responsible for these actions, as the better por tion of its members were soon driven fiom active participation in its proceedings by the tricksters uho Mill adhere to it, and who proscribe all who refus to -auction continued secret action. The names d" those u ho are responsible for these actio!.-, bowevel, can be forthcoming if neces-ary ! THE ELECTION OF GENERAL JO. LANE. As is usual with the opposition, now congreg.i <! under the narne oi know-uothings, great hopes wire enferta.iied and many predictions made that the in- j doubtable General Lane, of Oregon, would be deflat ed in his canvass for re-election to Congress; buMhe, result has been Ins complete and commanding tie umph. The Democracy have been victorious through- : out the Territory, and the majority of (Jen. Lane k about I.sUU. The Democrats me: all the great i sues boldly. They flung their bannerto tlie bri>- inscribed with hostility totlie whole creed of knoV iiotiiingism, approved the jeatles? administration if Franklin Pierce, and endorsed tlie Nebraska bill aid; the Baltimore platform. The enemy, led on by Mi jor (James, (who can now boa-t of having Ueefitwi-e captured— bv the Mexicans, and once by me of the conquerors of the Mexicans.) made a mist desperate struggle against Genera! Lane. They spent thousands of dollars, their orators patrolled the Territory, and with the circus shows and oilier frolics, ami the repetition of the most outrageous slanders against the old hero, they managed to cui iesee ev.ery /.;, faction, and discontent against liin. His unflinching courage and undying persevereiice were, however, too much for them. He did ashe did at llueiia Vista, when he vvas in the van of din ger, and may claim to have achieved a victory oily next to that ol Virginia herself. Well may our cor respondent. writing fiom Oregon, say: "There is no more a living or competent organization in oppo sition to the true democracy ol the country." What a hope-cheering prospect is this! The de mocracy of the f lilted States speaking the sunt truths, united upon the same platform, as weß.inJhe tar-off forests of Oregon as on the coast - of Maim ' as well in Texas as in California, as well in the Ujo-t as in the Fast. And what a contrast it is to the rt>n- Hicting and di-tracTed councils of the many-Heated opposition, which trembles daily for fear of fal|hg to pieces Irom its own corrupt divisions.— \\'a*hing ton Union. (T/'The Kentucky Yeoman thus not ices jjht'i manlv, patriotic stand taken by lion. Jamet B.j Clav in the present political crisis: * ' "Mr. Clnv has declared himself, we urtier stan.l, in favor of the democratic ticket in the present conllict, and while it rejoices the kftovv nothing heart of Hon. Garrett Davis to its ut most core—to use his own phases—to hear jthaj Andrew Jackson Donelson, nephew of old Vlrj Jackson, has sworn allegiance to Sam, and piadtj a Hindoo speech, we of lite democratic patty can point with a nobler pride to the lofty i siou assumed hyson and heir of old Hal. Dlneß son has not a drop of old Hickory's blood in hi. veins, but the son of Henry Clay is 'bone o his bone and flesh of his flesh'of that old states' man. Young Clay acquired his political opin

ions Irom a noble and pure whig source—iron the <ireat fountain of whig principles. lie im bibed them with his mother's milk. He ha treasured op, and now stands gallantly in (ie fence of, his father's precepts, fs there a mat who blames the soil lot venerating the tuemor; of his father—of such a lather 1" t | We find tli" following announcements of applicn ! tioits that will be made to the next Legislature for an ; increase of the banking capital of this {state : APPLICATIONS IT.OM i'iiilatii'i.eifia rnv. American Hank, S i,000.000 • Rank ef Commerce, 25<i,uo Rank of the Metropolis, 000.000 j Bank of Manyunk, 500.000 Rank of Mutiial Redemption, s(r 1,000 Coal and Iron Bank. 1,000,000 Exchange Bank Pbiladcphia, .500,000 •Farmers and .Mechanics, 750,000 Franklin Bank, 250,000 Frankford Bank, 5'00,000 ' .Metropolitan Bank, * 1,000,000 i Merchants Bank, 500,000 f Mercantile Rank, 1,000,000 • Moyameiising Bank, 250,000 Leather .Manufacturer's Bank, .500.000 Philadelphia Deposit and Discount Hank, 500,000 Philadelphia Insurance Deposit Bank, 500,000 Republican Bank, 8,000,000 Spring Garden Bank, 150,000 The State Bank, 500.000 Do ion Rank. 500,000 West Philadelphia Bank, 250,000 ; Total proposed increase in Phiia., $25,000,000 APPLICATIONS I'KO.W TliK STATU A I' LAUI.K. Allegheny City Bank, $500,000 j Bank of Crawford County, Meadville, 150,000 Bank of Mount Pleasant, Mount Pleasant, 200.000 frumi of Tioga County, Wellshora', 100.000 Bank of Fayette County, Uuiontown, 250,000 Beaver County. Deposit Bunk, Beaver, 100,000 Rank of Pliajuixville, Pho-iu.\vil|e, .'iOO.Ooo i Bank of I'oltstown, Pott.-town, 200,000 ■ Rloorrisburg Rank, Blooni'-biirs. 200.000 Rank of B<uver County, Falls of Reaver, 150,000 jCannon-burg Bank. Cannon-burg, 150,000 i Central Bunk, llolliday-herrg, 200,000 ' Central Bank, llarrishurg, 100,000 I Cu'lnmdale Rank, Carhondale, 205,000 •Columbia Bank. Columbia, 250,000 | Clarion Savings Rank. Clarion, 100.000 i 'Carlisle Bank, Carli-le, Coneriiaugti Rank, Johnstown, 200.00(1 Citizens' Deposit Rank, Pitti-buig, 500.000 . Commercial Bank, Pittsburg, ,500,000 Commonwealth Saving Bank, Hurriaburg, .50,000 j Dollar Saving Rank, llarrishurg, . 50,000 1 Donegal Bank, .Marietta, 200,000 'Dauphin Deposit Bank, llarrishurg, 150.0nu Downington Bank,-ffnwnington, 200,000 •Fanners' and Drovers' Rk., Waynesbmg, 100,000 Farmers' and Traders' Rank, Lewitowii, 150,000 Glade Bank, Somerset, 200,000 •Hanover Savings Bank, Hanover, 50,000 •llarrishurg Bank, llarrishurg, (10.000 Iron City Bank, Pittsburg, 500.000 Kittanning Bank, Kittanning, 100,000 Lackawanna Rank, Scran ton, 500,000 Luzerne County Rank, Wilke>barre, 500.000 "Lewisburg Bank. Lewisburg, 100,000 Lebanon \ alley Rank. Lebanon, 100,000 Merchant's Rank, l'ottsville, 500,000 Miiuotigahela Savings Rank, Brownsville, 200,000 Mechanics' and Farmers' Rank, Strushurg, 200,000 Montour Rank, Danville, 200,000 Mechamrsburg Deposit Bk., Mechanic-b'g, 100,000 Mercer County Rank, Sharon. gnO.OOL '.Mechanics' Bank, llarrishurg, 100,00(1 i 'Miners* Rank, Pottaville, 500.00(1 Mechanics' Bank, Pottsville, 200.00(1 Millers' and Farmers' Bank, Lancaster, 200.00! Munulaet'rs' and Mechanic's Ilk.. Heading, 500.0 Northern Rank Penna.. Coudersport, 100,00; North Western Rank, Lrie, 200,000 Pittston Bank, Pittston, 100,001 People's Bank. F.rie, 500,001 Savings Ilk.. Beaver co. N. Brighton, (no sum i ammi] Shamokin Btnk, Shamokin, 500,00( State Capital Bank, Ham-burg. 500,001 Sbenango Valley Rank, VVe-t Greenville, 2oo,00( Swatara Savings Bank, TlonaliLon, 100,00f Stroudshiirg Bank, Strmulshurg, 200.001 Sehnsgrove Rank. Selinsgiove, 200.01 M Tioga County Bank, Tioga, 200,001 Tioga Valley Bank, Mansfield, too.ool Tradesman's Rank, Pittsburg, 500,00t Tioga County Bank, WelLboro', 150.00t ; t'riion Bank, Heading 000.(KM ((Washington Siving Rank. Washington, 100.UOI Yoiighiogheny Bank, Mclveesport, 250,00t •York County Rank, York, l 50,00( SI 1.550.ti0l -f~ 2:i.umi mil Proposed increase in Pennsylvania, $57,550,0ut In this crisis, the only hope the country La is in. (he election of a Democratic Legislator! whose integrity is above suspicion. The peo ple can expect nothing fiotn (inv. Pollock h save them from BANK DESPOTISM I The fme Policy for I rise Whigs following article from the Mary land Republican, a staunch constitution-loving VVhi<r journal, is well worthy the attention o the old line YV higsof JJedford count v : "It would he lolly in the extreme for tin shattered remnant of the whig party t<> attempt an independent organization, tor a large majori ty ol its meniliers i ave gone over to the know nothings ; hut such is not the case with the dem ocrats. They are formidable in numbers, am: tirmlv resolved to inlet pose their whole .strength tor the protection ol the (' institution against tin assaults ol its know-colhiinz invaders. Can tlie conservative whig.® of Maryland, step upon the i bmad platform of the (' institution, and stand, side by side, \\ i(!i tln ir democratic brethren | battling with the common enemy ol both, and in defence of the rights of conscience, and ol civil and religious liberty If they can, then can the union he practically consummated.— The democrats will extend to them the right ■ hand of fellowship anil welcome them as con , federates against a common foe. What are the .obstacles to such a union ! Thcv are only such as high-toned, patriotic men, determined to be guided in the bestowal pi their suU'rag*s by an intelligent regard lor • the public Weal, should spurn. All former - iliflereiices between the two parties Have been * let at rest by the jnJeir.ent of the country in V'halt ol Democratic measures, and there ro i.ains no obstacle to a union of the ti lends of j he Constitution which is assailed in its most , jjilal parts by a dangerous cabal against which -• he democratic organization a thirds the only i (ope at a successful resistance. It seems to jis that the question, with conservative, con , ititulion-loviiiff whigs, is narrowed down to . his, whether their repugnance to the name ot leinocracy is greater than their devotion to the constitution. It were an insult to the 'lnore intelligent part of them, at least, to sup .jiose that their prejudices would overcome their judgment." ■ ffEFoTiUTTi: ~ ; fOt'STY IHUIOTIYG. CC7" The Democracy of BEDFORD County will hold a Lioiitl Jleefhi:? hi the Court-Hnuse in the Borough of Bedford on iMONDAY EVENING of the approaching County Court for the purpose of nominating a Ticket to be jupported at the npxt election, and to adopt such Measures as may he deemed neces-ary to secure its •riumphant success at the Polls. As there will he no 'imalgatnarimi in the formation of this Ticket—no Mowing of the knee to any principle not recognized |ii the creed of JEFFERSON, JACKSON, POLK and lll'.KC E, it is earnestly hoped that every man who till adheres to these glorious old land-marks will be Resent to give lorce and countenance to the pro lfedings. All who stand oppose*? to Know Notlung .iti—who repudiate the abominable acts of the late pgislatnre—and who desire, honestly, the triumph ' DEMOCRATIC PRIXCIPLEsS-are cordially in- Attto attend. A titirnher of able speaker.- will be 'esent to address the meeting. II oit * Charles S. H on-head. The dilemma in which a gentleman is apt to involve himself by lending his name and giving his energies to a proscriplive party is aptly anil amusingly illustrated in the following sketch from the last Lexington (Kentucky) Statesman. We have had great respect for Mr. M.'s person al character, but this curious retrospect almost awakens our commiseration. It will not be forgotten that he is now the candidate for gov ernor of Kentucky of the spurious American party : "A CHANGE or TACTICS. —TO the know nothing ritual, as it appeared in their own or gans, an.! as it was republished the other (lav in this paper, our readers will remember that hav ing a Catholic wife disqualified a man from becoming a member of the secret order. Hut it will be seen that, in the secret circular of the Frankfort know-nothing executive committee, which we published in our Tuesday's paper, it is provided as follows: " f>. Having a Catholic wife does not NOW disquslify any such person from becoming a member of the order.' •'Some have supposed Ihnf this new piece ol tactics originated in a desire to get more vjtei> into the order: hut, while we do not deny that such a motive may have had its influence, w> can well conceive that the immediate cause o; this interpolation into the know-nothing creed had its origin in the peculiar antecedents of Mr Charles S. Morehead, the Hindoo candidate lot governor. ".Mr. M >rehead has been the husband of twc wives, hotli of who n fie married in this city both of whom were daughters of the same pa rents: and those parents were Catholics in reli gion, and reared their children in that faith. "The parents of Mr. ?.i irefnad's two wivet were not only Catholics in religion, but, what is still more astonishing when relied that the excellent Mr. Morehea l is the know-noth ing candidate for governor, lln'V were Irisl | people—very respectable, to |>e sure, and none the worse for that, in democratic estimation | hut still they were Irish, ami attested the coun try of their origin by the 'rich Irish brogue.'— Their name was J,'aw. On- nf Mr. More head's marriages took place dming the pa-lora administration of Father linden, n fnithlul Cath olic priest, who had charge of the Catholic Hock in this citv in those davs. Father linden wa also a native of the Emerald Isle, and his acceiu j was also eniiched bv the 'brogue :' ami he wa: (lie priest who officiated on (he occasion of oru ; of Mr. Moreliead's mairiages : but that was he fire the excellent Mr. Morehead got scared a' ; th-' Pop**, or thought of becoming the know ; nothing caiutTdate for governor. In those day? the excellent Mr. M trehea.i thought tiie Irish and the Catholics very clever people -. but, then, says' the adage,'wise men change their opinion: fools never.'" Tin: MISFORTUNE OF A SI-KCIT-ATOR. — Set! j T. Huril of the Hrownsville Clipper, tells tin : following: Not a thousand miles fsom this p.lace there re sides a man who, during the time of great scar city Ift winter, was the possessor of severa hundred barrels of flour. This be declared hi would not sell under £ I ."> per barrel, and though he had an opportunity of disposing oi it several tiim-s, at from >sl i fo §l2, h" yei field on to it, doubtless hoping that the crop? j this season would fail, and he would profit theiehv. The prospect of a beautiful harvest bcrami ; visions fe||-low-r and lower, when lie hecauu alarmed lest Ilour should come f<> s | or -ISb, and he shipped it to Pittsburg, where he sold it foi about §!) pur barrel. li •r- tin ned, supposing In- had made the hesl of a had bargain, but ere long he i.-reived a i n tt.-r from the person to whom h-- had sold the nonr, requesting him to come down immediate | Iv. He accordingly set out for Pittsburg, and |on arriving there he found all his floor ha I turned sour, and he was compelled to return the money and fake baek the flour, which he j afterwards sold to a starch maker for $-2 and per ! arrel. and again returned to bis home "a wiser if not a better man." - The Flour speculators in New York, ire severely caught, iii consequence of the ranid decline in prices, in view of tile promised abun dance of the coming hat vests, both here and in Europe. It is stated that some parties who purchased on time, in May, when prices were ' as high as §l2 and §l3 per bbl. are turning ; over their contracts now, and paving a differ ence of from §2 to §3,io per barrel. Some sales were made on Saturday, of good brands, at §7. Speculators in Philadelphia also sutler pretty severely in tile* same way. It is even said that many sales of Floor here have been made within the last few davs, at a greatly j reduced figure than what appears in the pub lished report of the market, hut kept secret with I a view not to affect the general market. Cer m<ia I o ten Tel egretp h. From the Chaaibersburg Whig. TUB NATIONAL Organ, the organ of the Know-Nothings, takes the Pennsylvania State Council to task for insubordination, and declares that "(lie members of the American Order have incurred a solemn obligation to abide by its decrees." The following is its language : THE PENNSYLVANIA SCHISM. —It has usually been considered that a party which accepts a representation in a common convention, is bound by the act ol that body. It in moreover known lluil I he. members of the . Imericnn order hnrv ' tneured n solemn obligation to abide by ifs dc- ' crees. In violation, as we conceive, of both j these principles, a large section of the American i order in Pennsylvania has separated itself, and ! whilst it lias adopted the greater part of the National Platform, it has repudiated that clause which proposed the settlement of the most dan gerous d u est ion that has ever presented itself to j the American people. "The Pittsburg I uion." The Pittsburg daily Union—published by Thomas - ,T. Keenan & Co—is one of the best papers in the i State—decidedly the best one in Pittsburg. In fact j it is now the only reliable democratic paper in I that city. Our readers ivilf notice that nearly all j our telegraphic reports arc from the "Pittsburg Dai- ! Iv Union." The T'niun is Democratic to the core, and free from all suspicions of being under Know- Nothing controf. Any prr-on desiring an excellent daily paper could not do better than send for the Union. Pi lev s<3 per annum.— I Yuyntsbnrg Messen ger. SCHOOL NOTICE. MISS R. S. PROCTER will resume the duties of her school in the Lecture Room of the Presbyterian Church, on Monday the 20th day of Aiigu-t in>t. and respectfully -olicits a share of the public patro nage Aug. 3. VALUABLE REAL ESTATE I OK SAM:. Sitnafe in Cumberland Valley Township I it'll lord County, Penna., about nine miles ol til" Hetllori! Mineral Springs, on tin- iniM ! road leading to Cumberland— 1 Will be offered at public sale, at the (' OIJIt House, in the town of Bedford, on Tuesday til. 4-tti J.iv of Septembe'r next, at one o'clock }> &!., all that valuable tract or tracts of land situate u> above described, and containing • per connected survey, H26 acres and ciies : a large portion of which is the best qual ity of land for agricultural (Kirpose*. The larui or farms are also very desirable f, any p. t*ou who may wish to devote a portion of time f'6The raising of stock, having thereon two or three streams ol never failing spring x,v ter running through the whole length of tl e tract; and a large quantity of meadow land The farms are also very well timbered, and tin clear land at this time in a good state ofcultiv >- tion, and among the most productive lands the county. The said tracts of iands are a piortion of real estate of the Hon. JOHN TOD, deceased and the title to the same is undisputed. Anv person who may desire to example the j ;ro A erty can do so bv calling upon Mr. Baltzer Fletcher, who rdsides on the lower farm ; and lor any further information as to the land tin. tit I-, iVc.. reference is made to Hon. J(/|; MANX, of the town ol Bedford, or to the un dersigned at Harrisburg, Pa. ! /"'CONDITIONS OF SALE:—The pur chase money will be divided into Our equal payments, viz : One fourth to be paid in C;H|, oil or before the Ist day of April next, at which time a deed of conveyance will be made t 0 the purchaser or purchasers, and possession given —the balance of the purchase money to Ire di vided into three annual payments, without in terest, to be secured by bonds and mortgage on the property. A small portion ol the first pay ment—sav fiom three to live hundred dollars— will be required to be paid in cash at the time of executing the contract of sale—the balance of said pay ment at the time specified for delu ding the deed and giving possession. Further time on (he back payments can !y had if desired by the purchaser or purchasers, provided lie or they will agree to pay interest on the money alter the time specified. JOHN H. BUIGGS. August 3, lSfr.o. HE'DFOIII) COl NTY, SS. At an Orphan's Court held at Bed ford in and fir file County of Bedford, on lh,> fifth day of May, IS.")"), before the Judgesof'the said Court— On motion of O. E. SHAN NON, Esq., tin- Court grant a rule on the heirs and legal repre sentatives of Abraham Sparks, late of West Providence township, deceased, to wit : Sarah Sparks, a sister residing in Bedford Coun ty, Pa., Hannah, a sister intermarried with S Jomon Hallar, residing in Bedford Cotmtv, Pa., Joseph Sparks, a brother residing in Bureau County, Illinois : James Sparks, a brother re siding in Rock-Island County, Illinois : .Mm. a sister and the widow of Baltzer Morgert,de ceased, r-'siding in Bedford County, Pa.: !>• li lali, a sist"r intermarried with ITiah Hughe?, residing in Bedford County, Pa.: Rachel, am - t--r intermarried with Moses Kennnrd, r>-nltog io Athens County, Ohio; Solomon a brother, re siding in Bedford County, and the issue of John, a d-'Ceasi-d brother, to wit : Sarah Spark-, r si ling m Rock-Island County, Illinois, and Ra < ijef.Suarks. T'fiah H. Sparks, D<-li!ah Spark-, IV illi I'm Sparks, Junes Sparks and John Spark, ail residing in Bedlord County, and all being minors all of whom (except Sarah.} have i t heir guardian William States, to be and ari ar at an Orphans' Court to be held at Bedford, in and lor the Count y of Bedford, on the first M tt dav, third dav of September, A. B. 1835, to accept or refuse to take the real Estate of -ad deceased at the valuation which lias been valued and appraised in pursuance of a Writ of Parti tion or Valuation, issued out of our said Ciiirt, and to the Sheriff of said County directed, er show-TOnse why the same should not In-said. IN TESTIMONY whereof. I hare here unto set my iinnd and the Sal of said Court, at Bedford, tlie 9th dav of MA Y, A. 1). IS.)*>. I). WASHAHATCH, Cleik. Attest : —Hugh Moore, Sheriff. August 3, 185:). BEDFORD CO IN TV, SS. At an Orphans' Conrt held at IK ford in and tor the County, on the -f-th day -t :M.iv, A. I). 15.).), before the Judges of the sub Court— On motion of D. H. HOFJTS, Esq., the Court giant a rule on the heirs and legal representa tives ofSnnon Claar, late of Cnion township, ' deceased, to wit : Frederick Claar, Catharine, intermarried with Henrv C. Feather, who xe of age: Jacob and Maria Claar, minors above the age of fourteen years, and Samuel, Aaron, IF* becca and Susan minors under the age ol Fur teen years, to be and appear at an Orphan- Oorut to lie held at Bedford, in and lor the County of Bedford, on the first MONDAY, ll"' third <iav of September, A. D. IS5.">, to accept or refuse to take the real estate of said drceaed at the valuation which has been valued and ap praised in pursuance of a writ of partition ol, valnatiou. issued out of said Court, and to th'' Shei iff of said County directed, or show mbm u hv the same should not be sold. IN TESTIMONY whereof, T have here unto set mv hand and the Seal of said Court, a! Bedford, the 9th day of MAY, A. D. TSAA. D. WASH A BATCH, Clerk. Attest:—Hugh Moore, Shlf. August 3, IS.)."). NOTICE : Sarah liams bv her i In lire Court of Cow next friend David - mon Pleas in and Ivr Howsare, vs. Richard \ the County of Bedford- Tiams. To Richard 1 September IVrvn. IS.)-\ Earns the defendant ( No. 91 Sue Libel for above named. \ Divorce. BY virtue n| an order of the said Court I her>" by notify you that von are requested to appear before the same,on MONDAY", the third day of September, A. D. IS")"),at Bedford, to a; " wer to the complaint of Plaintiff preferred in tie* suit. RTT.'H MOORE Hi,irk Sheriff of Bedford County- August 3, IS;")."). STAYED AWAY From the Washington Hotel, in Bedford, on last nesdary week, two Cows, one red and the other •* —the ted one had on a hell—the black on" ru* uhite head. Any person who can give ' ,! ' orl ''' ~j concerning them will be suitably compel'* 4 "'' receive the thanks ot MRS. MARY CtX'k- Aug.