Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, 24 Ağustos 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated 24 Ağustos 1855 Page 3
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D I ED , . Tl< Borough on the 17th ihst., EMMA, youngest , le r of Dr. B. F. and Su-an Harry, aged 17 a!oi"il' si " l l 17,,a >'- ..Death spreads his withering, wintry arms, And beauiy smiles no more; >(,! where are now those rising charms, Winch pleased our eyes before ? That once loved form, now cold and dead, } ,uh mournful thought employs : \\> weep, our earthly comforts fled, Vnt! withered are our joys." • siifiiiTFS SA lks I ' PV virtue of Sundry Writs ol Fi Fa to rne direct ■... r e will be sold at the Court House in the Bo f iof Bedford on MONDAY the .'ld day ol Septem j , js.Vi at 2o'clock P M the following Real E-tate itne'met of land containing 110 acres more or less •. 70 acre* cleared and under fence with a two . v !'" house one cabin hou-e arid double log barn " ~-ci elected also an apple ore!.aid thereon adjoin ' lands of Jacob Snider Benjamin Yorter and others; " ue in South Woodbury, township Bedford county 'taken ui execution a- fhe property of Adam Fink. \[ <0 one tract of land containing about 150 acres ncreor less about 10(1 acres cleared and under fence •v 'Si a story and a tin Iff log house and double log Barn Hereon erected adjoining-lands of Benjamin I.ybar - lii-ne- Logne and other-; -ituale in I.omlonderry (">un'ii'P Bedford County and taken in execution as ''w property of John Wolford. ■j -.1) one tract of Land containing 100 acres more or "less about 50 acres cleared and under fence with a r'aiun house anil log stable with threshing floor at • Veil thereon erected also an apple orchard thereon 'idling lamls of Jacob Fletcher Philip Steckman ! others; situate in Monroe township Bedford Co taken in execution as the property ol Elijah Hanks. 1.1.-0 one lot of ground fronting 03 feet on the public road and extending hack i 5 feet with a two ~,,r v log house with Kitchen attached cooper shop i.ij frame stable thereon erected adjoining lot of.lohn V. .Mrkinney John Eberly and others; stitnate in v, u :h Woodbury Township Bedford County and taken ir, execution as the property of Jacob Stoler. \I.SO one lot of ground in Pattonsvilie fronting on Main street 50 feet and extending back 175 feet to la- (is of' David Stoner with a two story stone House ami frame stable thereon erected adjoining Land.- of l-aviil Stoler James Patton Esq and others; situate in Pattonsvilie South Woobery Township Bedford Coun ty anil taken m execution as the property of Darnel karn-. \LS() one trgct of Land containing about JSO acres „ P f |e-s about 75 acres cleared and under fence iv-'h a cabin house and two log stables thereon erect ' also an apple orchard thereon adjoining lands of f' a? r.-rrili David Fletci,er and ofher-; situate in • ice township Bedford County and tak-n in exe c-r i a- lire Pioperty of Thomas Kin>*r. III'GII MOORF., Sheriff. A i .. 10 1855. (T uml}c vI an i), 1H ft . T!;H Pro? rit ior rnsp* *c Hullv to in ! rtn the | ut.tic ' hat- this has re (-, ntiv been thoroughly re-fitted and completely renewaled, and is now ready to receive gut-sis. It is the earnest desire and intention of the Proprietor to give perfect satisfaction to those who favor him with their patronage. A libe ral share is confidently expected. SAMT EL LI"MA X, Proprietor. Successor to H. It. How 6. Go. Cumberland, Aug. 10, 18;t5. PUBLIC SALE OF REAL ESTATE. The subscriber, executor of the Will of Jacob (Verking, deceased, will -ell, at public sale, on the -renu-e-, on Friday the 31st day of August inst. the following valuable Renl Estate, io wit: One Tract of Patented Land, situate in South (Voodberry Township, Bedford County, containing JO acres and allowance, nearly al! cleared anil under fence, and an adjoining tract of Mountain Land, con taining <55 acres and allowance, about 14 acre- ol which are cleared—the ha lin nee good timber land.— The Improvements on HIP 'l'ract first mentioned are a large, well-finished Frame flou-e, two stories high, with a back building for dining room, kitchen, ice.; another liame building, the lower part used for a spring house and wash hon sp . the upper part for a Cabinet maker shop: an excellent Rank Rani- re cently built, with a traon -h*M! attached, ami a -rook* house and other out building?. l'he buddings, fences, JVT., are in good repair. There is also a large i rchanl of choice fiuit trees on the premises, and a great variety ot plum, cherry, pear and other trees in ' e yard ami arotind the buildings, ami asthp proper ty n near the mountain on the east side, there is gen erally an abundance of fruit every year and ot the best quality—this, together with the handsome sit uation, jtoqd spring water, and other advantage*, makes this propertv a very desirable one, worthy ot the attention of any person wishing to purchase land. 07"As thp subscriber is !-o authorized to seli at private sale, any person de-itous ot purchasing in that way, will plea-e call otidhitn at any time pievi- OIIS to the day of sale. Trims: —One third in hand fust ot April next, uiieu possession will he given—balance iy three equal annual payments, without interest, secured in (lie ti-ual manner. JOS. B. NOBLE, Tljc< alar. Angmt 3, NCTICE : Adam Kershtier vs. i In the Court of Com- Kesiah Kirs liner. mon Pleas in and lor the lo Ki-siah Kershner \ County of Bedford, Sep- Hie defendant above / ten.hei Term, 1855, No. named. J 92 Sue Libel lor Divorce. \ irture of an Order of the said Court 1 hereby notify you that you are requested to ap pear before the same, on AIOND.W , the third day ol September, A. D. 1855, at Bedford, to answer to the complaint of Plaintiff preferred in fbisMiit. HUGH MOORE, High Sheriff of Bed J ord County. August 3, 1855. LOOK CUT! Persons indebted to tin* undersigned or. book occ. >!int,or for Borough and School 'faxes, for the y.ars 1852 and 1853, are invited to call at his office and settle their accounts (by due hill or otherwise.) AH whose accounts retrain unset tled, on my books, by the first day of September " e *t, tr.av he waited upon by Constable Agnetv or Mower. 11." NICODEMUS. Aug. 17,1555.* NOTICE. The Commissioners named in the Act of As '■ rnbiy, entitled "An act to incorporate a com pany to make a Plank Road from Hopewell to I'loody Run, in Bedford County," will meet at 'be house of John A. Gump, in Bloody Run, un the 1 lth day of Sept. n-xt, and at the house James Echleberger, in Hopewell, on the 12th day of Sept. for fhe purpose of opening Imoks and receiving subscriptions preparatory to an ' r of said Company. John King, Tims. \V. Morton, John Dasher, ■*o. \\ isliart, David Brallier, M. M. Peebles, m. Hartley, J. M. Barndollar, B. R. Aschom, 'bos. H. Murray, Alex. King, W. P. Schell. Au 17, is'f.f,. LIST OF CAUSES Put ddwn for Trial as September Term (3d day) IS").',. John G Graham vs. Simon Cook V\ in S Flock & wife Christian Snider of al James li Smith Thomas Dngdaie's ailmr George Troolman Hubert Adams et al Win Delany Jacob Teeter et al Jesse Sleek Christian Nuwgle Commonwealth Abe! Find lay eta I Nathan Dicken use Jesse Dickeu el al Same Same Same Jonathan 11. Die ken et al Same Same Christian Stouffer Thomas Nevit Pattonsviiie &. Woodbury TR C vs. James Patton Same John & Thomas King Henry M Brant & wife David Patter-on Same Win Crismau otlmr A R Galhiaith Wm Galbraith K.xor A \V Schroyer John Reiser I'.aitzer Sheely Allegheny M Ac I" Seminary Joseph S Morrison admr John Folck Jr James Patton el al Ezekial Lockard Daniel Baker John W. Duncan et al Mary A Huird et al Joseph W '1 ate et al Jacob Stuiby A J Crismau et al A W Shroyer John Nloyer Same Adam II Huffman Cath Sands ti-e Moses VVisegarver James Blake John King et al Joseph Y\ l ate Ksq Joseph O Nea't William Sleek .lohu Todd George Troutman Leonaid Bitner D. WASHABAL'CJH, Prothy. August 10,18.55. SAVE MO.XEY".—To make room for fail stock from this date wo will sell every descrip toin of Summer Goods at very reduced prices.— Call and save money ! A. 15. Cramer X. Co. FEY NETTS.—FIy Netts for horses—sin gle or in pairs for sale bv A. B. Cramer & Co. Tlii'csi&ißis? iTtstcMaie foil SJ!J:. The suhfci iiher tins on hand, and for sale, a ftisl iate Threshing Machine (three horse pow er) which he will dispose of on reasonable terms. It is entirely new. JACOB HEED. Bedford, July 27, 18").",. 52. Uordtr, (Hock & Wsaieis. AM) DEALER IN JEWELRY, Would respectfully announce to the citizens of Bedford, ami the public in general, that he has opened a Jewelry future in the building re cently occupied by 11. Nicode.ntus, Esq. nearly opposite the Bedford Hotel, where he will he pleased to see all ill want of articles m his line. He has on hand, and will constantly keep, an elegant assortment of JEWELRY, and will re pair (Jocks and Watches in Hie bert style. He hopes to receive a liiiera! share of patronage, as he lv Is satisfied he can i< nrier satisfaction to s*■ who entrust him with their work. His terms will be moderate. He has on hand Gold and Silver W .Tour-, Silver Spoons, 1 linnbbjtutter Knives, Gobi and Silver Pens and Pencils, Sx. Sx. N. 11. lie -till continues the Gnnsmithing bu-io' ss, at his old stand, in the East end ot town, w here he has a good and competent work man constantly employed. D. B. April 27, isrs. Heni'y &* Siisag;* (Of the late Finn of King $" Moor head.) <£ cmnussien Jllcrdjant, DEALER IN PIG METAL, BLOOMS, Western Produce, &e. &c. vNe. No. 76, Water Street, below Market, Pittsburg, Pa. The undersigned will continue the Commi— sion Business at the above place; and having provided himself with suitable conveniences lor the storage c( Pig Metal, Blooms, Produce, ix. is now prepared to receive consignments. Uv long experience in tlie business, and by constant attention, he hopes to merit a generous share ol trade, u inch lie respectfully solicits. HENRY S. RING. April 27, 1555. FOR RENT, And possession given on the Ist of June, a TAN YARD in the Borough of Bedford, with all the fixtures complete, and a Dwelling adja cent thereto. Apply to either of the under signed. Wm. Hartley, Job Mann, John H. Rush, March 30, 183b. For the Heirs. A CARD. MRS. MARY GG(;lv (widow of Dorninick Gook) would announce to v isitors to the Springs, and the public generally, that, having secured the services oi a gentleman eminently qualified to manage her affairs, the U ashington Hotel is now readv to a (ford the best of accommodations. The house has been newly papered, painted and furnished, and she feels .satisfied that ail who patronize the "Washington" will be pleased.— She hopes to be liberally encouraged. Bedford, June 2'J, 1835. Notice to Collectors. COLLECTORS ol Taxes in possession of the Duplicates ol the Poor and House of Employ ment are notified that, unless they make imme diate payment, suits will be instituted against them without respect to persons. This notice is in earnest, and all who neglect it, will subject themselves to COSTS. Bv order of the Direc tors. JOHN H. RUSH, May IS, 1855. Treasurer. SCHOOL -NOTICE. MISS It. S. PKQCTKI! will resume tlje duties of her school in the Lecture Room of the Presbyterian Church, on Monday the 20th day of Aoaii-t inst. and respectfully solicits a share of the public patro nage Aug. 3. •¥• WElite, REAL ESTATE BROKER, Office .\ o. 25, Jircndc, West .i venue, PIIIL HDEIPUM. Timber and Coal Lands, Farms and City pro perty, bought, sold and exchanged. , Money procured on Bond and Mortgage, PinjsoNAf. iMioPEUTY and Murxii.vNpisi:. Apply to or address as above. May IS, 1835,—3 in. JOSEPH W. TATE, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Rl-EJF ESTjITE BROKER, BOUNTY LAND, AND CLAIM AGENT, Has for sale FOUR FARMS and 10,000 acres of unimproved Land. Liberal advances made. Land Warrants bought and so!<|, [f ,- "Otiice in Juliannastreet. Bedford, May 11. 1N55 dm. VALUABLE 3*il2 Property I'or Sale! The subscriber, alxiut to remove to California, offers at Private sale, his valuable Mill Proper ty, situate about 3 miles East of Bedford, on the Juniatta River, in Colerain township, at the lower end of Friend's Cove. The Mill is lour stories high, frame, with three run of stones, two pair ot which are Burrs, hav ing; all the machinery necessary to manufacture merchant and country work in manner. It has one of the best water powers in the Uni ted States, which may be known from the tact that during the last dry season it had abundance !of water, when nearly every other mill itt the neighborhood was stopped. Thereafe between 10 and 11 acres of land adjoining, six acres under pout fence, about 4 of which is meadow, on which is erected a good two story log house, weather-boarded and plas tered, good water at the door, with all neces sary out buildings—also a tine orchard of choice fruit, peaches and apples. Being determined to sell purchasers will do well to examine this property soon. V /"TERMS w ill he made to suit the pur chaser, by giving.approved Bonds. ""HIRAM F. ROHM. June 1, 18.75. H KMB<JLD'S GF.NIJIXK 1 TIKI'AIIATIONS. lieir.iiw Ill's Jiiglii} Concern ruled Ccnipomift Altuft <i:rtraci cf Suciiu, For JJiseases of the Bladder and Kidneys, Se* \ crei Diseases, Strictures, Weaknesses, and all iH.-teus- s of the. Sexual Organs, whether in . M-it.c or Female, Iram whatever cause they may have originated ami j no matter of how long -landing. If yon have contracted the Terrible disease which, j when once seated in the system, will surely go down j Ironi one g'-rieiation to another, undermining the j constitution and -apptng the very vital fluids of life, j do not ti u.-t your-eil in the hand- of Quacks, who; -rait up everv day in a city like this, and lilt the 1 papers with glaring falsehoods too well calculated to deceive the young and tho-e not acquainted with : tneir tricks. Von cannot be too careful HI the e- j lection of a remedy in the.-e ease-. THE FLOJI) EXTRACT lU'CHr has been pro- 1 nounced bv eminent Phv-icians Tills QUJsA TIiST JUIMUJJY JiVJitl -KSOIVN. It is a medicine | perfectly plea-ant in its ta-te ami very innocent in if# . action.and yet so thorough that it annihilates every particle of the rank and poisonous virus of this dread ful disease ; and, unlike other remedies, it does not : diy lip the disea-e in the blood. CON'STiTT "I TONAL DEBILITY, brought on by self-aliuse, a most Terrible di?ea-e, which has brought thousands o{ the human race to untimely graves, ; thus bin-ting the brilliant hopes of parents, and i blighting in the bud the glorious ambition ofiriairy u noble youth, can he cured by this infallible remeny. And as a medicine which must benefit everybody, fiom the -imply del cate to the confined and de-pair ing invalid, no equal is to be found, acting both u- a cure and preventative. lIELMBOLD'S HIGHLY CONCF.NTKATF.D 1 Oil I'O I' NI) FI.IUO KXritACT S.IKS A PAKIr..A, For purifying fhe Blood, removing all diseases ari--- | ing from excess of Mercury, exposure and impru- | il. nce m lit.*, chronic constitutional disease, arising from an impure -t.t'e of the Blood, and the only re liable and effectual known remedy for the cure ol Bctofula, Salt Rheum, Scald Head. I Icerations ol flic Throat and Legs, Pains and Swellings of the Bones, Tetter, Pimples on the Face, and al! Scaly Eruptions of the Skin. This article is now prescribed by some of the most distinguished Physicians 111 The country, ami has pro ved more eflici-nr in practice than any propitiation ot Sarsapariita yet offered to The public. >everat cases of secondary Syphilis, .Mercurial and Scrpl-ilous diseases have entirely recovered in the incurable wards ot our Public Institutions which had tor many j years resisted every mode ot treatment that could be I devised. These cases furnish striking examples of, i the salutary eti'ects of this medicine in arrest ing some oi the most inveterate diseases, after the glands were destroyed and the bones already affected. NO TICK.— Letters from responsible Physicians and Professors of several Medical College-, and certi ficates of cures from patients will be found accom panying both Preparation.-. Prices—Fluid Extract of Rochn, ?! per bottle. " " Sarsaparilla' " " or G bottles for equal in strength to one gallon Syrup of Sarsaparilla. Prepared and Sold by 11. T. HF.LMBOLVL C'" mist 203, Ohrxtunt Street, Hear the irirant House, PITILAEDLPHIA. C7"To be had of Or. F. C. Reamer, Bedford, Pa. July 20, IS-j.').— ly. .NOTICE. All persons indebted to the estate of Mary Satmni i, late of St. Clair township, Red turd county, deceased, are requested to make imme diate payment : and those having claims against said eslate will present them properly authen ticated lor settlement. SAMUEL EARN, Adm'r. j Jn 1 v 20, 1 835." DRESS GOODS.—Such as Fawns, Bareges. Silks, Barege Delaines, Chid/ics, .Mousseline De Bege, .llt/sseli ne De Faints, together with a great variety ot other DRESS GOODS, just received and lor sale by REPP & OSIER. FAMILY GROCERIES. —Java and Rio Coffee, Granulated, crushed,clarified ami N. (). Sugars; best golden Svrup and \. (. Mola-ses, 'just received and lor sale at HUPP cc OSTER'S. NOTICE TO COLLECTORS. The State Treasurer having made a peremp tory call on the Treasurer of this County, lor all State faxes up to and including those ol '33, Collectors are, therefore, hereby required to collect and pay over, -without dtla;/, tin- amount of State taxes yet due on their respective dupli cates. JJy order of the Commissioner?. JOHN MOWER, June 1, 1833, Attorney. MACHINE SHOP! Two and Four Horse Thrashing .Machines constantly on hand, and made of the very best I material. They are greatly improved above j any other of the kind to the advantage of the ! farmer. For sale at the MACHINE SHOP of WILLIAM RITCHEV, a short distance east of Brice's Hotel, Bed ford, Pen no, Also, Pierpoint's Patent Strawshaker, which i has not been surpassed any where, and are so constructed that they operate smoothly and i take but little power to drive them. They can lie attached to any kind ol 'machine straps or | tumbling shaft power. | ,r=- Farmers would do well to call and see j for themselves helore purchasing elsewhere.

Farming utensils ol all kinds made to order. I All warranted to give satisfaction. " f Repairing done at the shortest notice and i most reasonable terms. WILLIAM RITCHEY, .Machinist. • July 13, 1855,—3 m. JUST RECEIVED. —A few cases mens' fine Gall and Morocco Roots. A. R. Cramer & Co. ]\ T ews for the People I NEW GOODS AT CHEAP CORNER, NO. I. t etlow-GUizens : We take this opportunity of returning you our most sincere thanks lor the liberal patronage you have so kindly bestowed on us. We would also inform you that we have just returned from the Eastern Cities, with a large and well selected assortment of Goods, such a® Cloths, Cassimeres, and Satinets : l J eter Shams, for over coats, Jeans, Ladies' fine dress goods, such as Silks, Alpacas, Coburg Cloths, Bombazines, Merinoes, and a large assortment of Lay State Shawls, Hosiery, for Ladies, Com forts, Crapes, Collars, fee., fee.—Mens,' Wo : mens,' Boys' and Children*' Shoes and Boots, and a general assortment of Groceries. Crush ed and pulverized Sugars, best Rio Coffee, Teas of all kinds, N. O. Molasses, Golden Syrup, Mackerel, Salt by the sack, Baker's Chocolate, Bioma Cocoa, and a general assortment of Goods usually kept in a country Store. [lr- All kinds of Produce taken in exchange fin - goods at market prices. SANSOM & CEPHART. Oct. 13, IS.H. Rcere Knigrlit, (Successor it* Jlirth ij c\- BEDI>WG A VP CAE PET WAREHOUSE, ,\'o. 14-S South Second Street, Vri i- tiaarx nho<:e S)>rnc" Utrert, P IltPAIi ]'2L,PIIIA, W iiTe he keeps constmitly on hand a full assortment of every article in his line of business. FEATHERS, FEATHER-BEDS. Patent Spring Muttre-ses, Curlei Hair, Moss, Earn Husk and Straw Mattressea, Vetvew Tapestry, Tapestry, Brussels, Three-Ply, Ingrain, Venetian, List, Rau and Hemp Carpeting-, Oil Cloths, Canton Mattings, Cocoa and Spanish Mattings, Floor and Stair Druggets, Hearth Rngs, Door Mat-, Table and Piano Covers, to which he invite* the attention of purchasers. Oct. 10, 18 Of 3y. m STOKE And Acw Cotidsi. GREAT BARGAINS,-AND NO MISTAKE! ELI FISHER Would respectfully avail himself of this me thod of informing the citizens of Bedford and vicinity that he has opened an entirely New Dry Goods, Grocery, and Fancy Store, in the Borough of Bedford, i-n the room for merly occupied by Dr. llotigs, and second door west of Dr. Harry's Drug and Book Store, where lie has just received from the cities of New York and Philadelphia one of the most elegant assortments ol Goods e ver brought to Bedford, which, having been pur chased lor cash, under the most favorable cir cumstances, he feels warranted in saying that he can sell them at prices so love as to astonisfc the purchaser, and all in want of good Goods, at the shortest possible profit, are invited to give him a call. His stock embraces every variety of Ladies Dress Goods, such as Silks, Satins, Delaines, Bombazines, Spring Shawls, novelties in Lawns, British I'rinis, Plaid Ginghams, Vndersleeves, from 112 i cents up, Hosiery in every variety, Shoes, Boots and Slippers, for Ladies and Children in fact almost every article adapted to a Ladies' wardrobe, which it would require too much space to enumerate in detail. His stock of FLATS and BONNETS for Ladies, Misses, and Children, is large, rich and CHEAP. His Groceries, Teas, Spices, Syrup, £vC. kc. are ail ol the very best quality. will consider it no trouble to shew his Goods, and he hopes the LADfES especial ly will call and examine his assortment wheth er they purchase or not. Always remember, however, that ELI FISHER'S is the place for BARGAINS! ! ! April , 1555. E.arik** i>pe><s Woods. BSrss. S. £. POTTS Would respectfully announce to the # Laclies ot Bedford and vicinity, that she has just opened a large and elegant assortment ol'all the new styles ol Dresses and Mantillas, Super hlack and Fancy Silks, Oigamih s and Lawns, Berates and Tissues, Persian and Muslin De Laines, French Chintzes and Ginghams, Plain and emb'd Swiss Muslins, Fringes, Gim|n>, and Lac> s, Buttons, Braids and Cords, A rich assortment ot Ribbons, Collars, Sleeves, an<l Chemizt-tts, Edgings and Inserting®, A full supply of Mourning Goods, Best Kid Gloves of all colors, together with an extensive and beautiful assort ment of STRAW and SILK BON \EIS, trim d and untrimmed. The special attention of the Ladies is solicit ed to the very large assortment just received, and offered at low prices for quality. Bedford, May 11- 1855. •Ssa** Si* Siatflam Would announce to his friends and the pub lic that he has purchased the entire Store ot the late dailies M. Gibson, and intends to continue business at the old stand. He has on hand an assortment of Dry Goods, Groceries,_ Teas, Se gars, Jewelry, &c. 6cc. together with Coufec lionaries of every description. In a short time lie will replenish his stock, so as to make it an inducement to purchasers to give him a call.— If.- has on hand a good supply of FLOUR, and will make every effort to accommodate the peo ple in this line of his business, either wholesale or retail. He will also keep Bacon, Fish, Salt, Molasses, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Brooms, Brushes, Patent medicines, Drugs, Dye-stuffs, and evei-v article usually kept in a retail store. Li / PAPER HANGING and UPHOLSTER ING will be attended to as usual with prompt ness and despatch—and he would take this oc casion to say that he has now on hand, and will furnish to order, on the most favorable terms, every description of WALL PAPER and BOR DERING. By unremitting attention to business, and a disposition to please, he hopes to merit and re ceive liberal encouragement. Bedford, April G, 1555. FORWARDING AND COMMISSION WAREHOUSE I Irambersburg, l'-ennsy Ivan ia. THE subscribers are prepared a* all times to carry Produce of every description and Merchandize to and ! from Philadelphia and Baltimore, on the most rea - enable terms. The highest price paid at ail times i lor all kinds of country Produce. | CGoMteceiving Depots, F>t 7.PA CO. IGIS Market j street, Philadelphia.—JOHN 810 HAN, Baltimore, • No. lot H street. c. \V. EYSTEU .Si CO. I Feb- 9- ISM flm.* Two and Four Horse Thrashing Machines, made of the verv best material, and in the best workman-like manner, consiantly on hand and for sale at the Machine Shop of PETER H- SEISES, Bedford. Pa. His Machines are greatly improved to the ad vantage of the FARMER. Also horse Rakes for raking hay and gleaning grain fields—Cutting Boxes, Cultivators, Single and Double Shovel Ploughs—all of which will be sold on the most I reasonable terms and warranted to give satisfac tion. DF" FARMERS and others will do well to give us a call before purchasing elsewhere Repariog of all kinds of Machines and Farm ing utensils done at the shortest notice and most reasonable terms. PETER H. SHIRES, .Machinist. June 29, 1555.—4-m. NOTICE TO BRIDGE BIILDERS. The of the Chambers hurg and Bedford Turnpike Company will re ceive pro[>osa!s up to the 15th day of August next fur taking down or re-building the bridge (a wood arch about 50 feet in length) over the Raystown branch of the Juniata near Bedford. For information apply by letter or petsonally to either ot the undersigned at Bedford. E. L. ANDERSON, SAMUEL DAVIS, June 29. Managers. NEW GCCDS AT DECIDED BARGAINS::: RCPP & OSTER are now receiving and o peniug their second supply of New Spring and Summer GOODS, which they have just purchased FOR CASH, in the eastern cities, at a tremendous sacrifice, and which they are now selling at astonishing ly low prices for CASH AND APPROVED PRODUCE. They are selling MOUSSELLNE DELAINES from <i| cts. up, CALICOES from 5 cts. up, good RIG COFFEE at I2i cents, and every tiling e Ise as cheap as THE CHEAPEST and CHEAPER as to quality than elsewhere this side of Philadelphia. early call is solicited. Bedford, June 22, 1855. BACON.—2OOO lbs. prime Shoulders and Hams, warranted corn-fed, (Terms, CASH) just received and (or sale at CHEAP SIDE. FISH.—2O blls. fresh Shad, Mackerel and : Herring (Terms CASH) just received and for] sale by RUPP & OSTER. GRAIN CRADLES.— A lot of Shase cele- | brated Greeucustlv Grain Cradles just received and for sale by RUPP it OSTER. Bedford, June 22, 1855. NEW CLOTHING STORE. Sr.a.MC Lippc! Would respectfully announce to bis old friends, and the public at large, that he has o pened an entirely new CLOTHING STORE in the Borough of Bediurd, in the room recently in the occupancy of Solomon Filler, where he iiasjust received a very superior assortment of] ready-made Clothing fur Men and Boys, to which he invites attention, satisfied that he can j please ail who give him a call, both as to price ] and quality. He will also keep an assortment of Dry Goods and Groceries. He invites pur chasers to examine Ins stock. Bedford, April (>, 1855. Take Aolkc! A LL persons indebted to the subscribers, eith er bv note, book accounf, or otherwise, are re quested to make early payment. —Indulgence | cannot be given beyond the hrst ol September next. All who neglect this notice, will pay costs as a consequence. THOS. H. MURRAY & BRO. Bloody-Run, June 29, 15.).). * CAL'TIOX. All persons are cautioned against trespassing upon the Poor House Farm, either by hunting, fishing, or otherwise, as the law will be rigidly enforced against all who do so. without respect to persons. And notice is hereby given that no cows will hereafter he taken to pasture. By order of the Directors. W:M. F. MOREHEAD, June 22. Steward. _ NOTICE. All persons indebted to the estate of JOHN LAF -I'ERTV, laic ol Jmiiutta Township, Bedford county, dt-ceased, will make immediate payment—and those having claims against said estate will present tbeui piopeily authenticated lor seltlement. JOHN LAFFERTY, JOSiAH MILLER, June i-l, ISA"),* Adm'rs. MAKE SETTLEMENT The subscriber would respectfully announce that he desires all persons indebted to him in any way whatever, to make settlement on or before the Ist day ol' October next. All who neglect this notice will find their accounts pla ced in the hands of a Justice fur collection, with respect to persons. A. SAUPP. June 22, 1535. lit ROODS. The undersigned respectfully announces that they have just opened a large and well assorted supply of SPUING AND SIMMER GOODS! In an advertisement we cannot give an idea of how cheap \ve are selling—nor do we desire to attract customers by publishing prices of lead ing articles. , We embrace this opportunity of thanking all who have so liberally patronized us during the past five years—and, while soliciting their con tinued favors, assure them a call will convince we are selling good Goods as low—if nut lower —than can be purchased elsewhere in Bedford, A. B. CRAMER Nc CO. Exchange Building. April 27, 1855. H. NICODEMTJS, Smrcncr (tub JJustuc cf tl)c Peace, BEDFORD, PA. Has removed his office to Juliana street, nearly oppusite the Drug and Book store of Dr. F. C. Reamer, where he will faithfully attend to all business'connected with the duties ot his office. He will continue to repair clocks and watch es, as usual, and respectfully invites those in j need of his services in this lice to give him a I call. I April 13. 1555. VALUABLE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. Situate in Cumberland Valley Township, Bedford County, Penna., about nine miles south of the Bedford Mineral Springs, on the public road leading to Cumberland— Will be offered at public sale, at the Court House, in tlie town of Bedford, on Tuesday, the 4th day of Septembe'r next, at one o'clock, P. M., all that valuable tract or tracts of land situate as above described, qnd containing, as per connected survey, 826 acres and 65 per ches : a large portion of which is the best qual ity of land lor agricultural purposes. The farm or farms are also very desirable for any person who may wish to devote a portion of time to the raising of stock, having thereon two or three streams of never failing spring wa ter running through the whole length of the tract; and a large quantity of meadow land.— The farms are also very well timbered, and the clear land at this time in a good state of cultiva tion, and among the most productive lands in the county. The said tracts of lands are a portion of the real estate of the Hon. JOH N TOD, deceased, and the title to the same is undisputed. Any person who may desire to examine the prop erty can do so by calling upon Mr. Paltzer Fletcher, who rdsides on the lower farm : and, fir any further information as to the land, the title, &.c., reference is made to Hon. JOB MAN N, of the town ot Bedford, or to the un dersigned at Harrishurg, Pa. [Cf"C OXD IT JONS OF SALE:—The pur chase money will be divided into four equal payments, viz : One fourth to Ire paid in cash oh or before the Ist day of April next, at which time a deed of conveyance will be made to the pmchaser or purchasers, and possession given —the balance of the purchase money to be di vided into three annual payments, without in terest, to he secured by bonds and mortgage jon the propertv. A small portion of the first pay trie nt—say from 'hree to five hundred dollars— will be required to be paid in cash at the time of executing the contract of sale—the balance of said payment at the time specified for deliv ering die deed and giving possession. Further time on the back payments can be had if desired by the purchaser or purchasers, provided he or thev will agree to pay interest on the money after the time specified. JOHN H. BRTGGS. August 3, 1855. BEDFORD COI WTY, SS. At an Orphan's Court held at Bed ford in and for the County of Bedford, on tha fifth day of May, 1855, before the Judges of the said Court— On motion of O. E. SHANNON, Esq., the Court grant a rule on the heirs and legal repre sentatives of Abraham Sparks, late of West Providence township, deceased, to wit : Sarah Sparks, a sister residing in Bedford Coun ty, Pa., Hannah, a sister intermarried with Solomon Hallar, residing in Bedford County, Pa., Joseph Sparks, a brother residing in Burean County, Illinois: James Sparks, a brother re siding in Rock-Island County, Illinois; Mary, a sister and the widow of Baiter Morgert, de ceased, residing in Bedford County, Pa.; Deli lah, a sister intermarried with t riah Hughes, residing in Bedford County, Pa.: Rachel, a sif ter intermarried with Moses Kennard, residing in Athens County, Ohio: Solomon a brother, re siding in Bedford County, and the issue of John, a deceased brother, to wit : Sarah Sparks, re siding in Rock-Island County, Illinois; and Ra chel Sparks, Uriah H. Sparks, Delilah Sparks, William Sparks, James Sparks and John Sparks all residing in Bedford County, and all being minors all of whom (except Sarah,) have for their guardian William States, to be and appear at an Orphans' Court to be held at Bedford, in and for the (,'onntv of Bedford,on the first Mon duv, third day of September, A. D. IS.>5, to accept or refuse to take the real Estate of said deceased at the valuation which has been valued and appraised in pursuance of a Writ of Parti tion or Valuation, issued out of our said Court, and to the Sheriff of said County directed, or show cause whv the same should not be sold. IN TESTIMONY whereof, I have here unto my hand and the Seal of said Court, at Bedford, the 9th day of MAY. A. I). 1835. D. WASHABAUGH, Clerk. Attest : Hugh Moore, Sheriff. August 3, 1855. HEDFURI) COl iNTY, SS. At an Orphans' Couit held at Bpil ford in and for the County, on the 4-th day of May, A. D. 1853, before the Judgesol the said Court— On motion of D. H. HOFIUS, Esq., the Court grant a rule on the heirs and legai representa tives of Simon Claar, late of Union township, deceased, to wit : Frederick Claar, Catharine, intermarried with Henry C. Feather, who an* of age; Jacob and Maria Claar, minors above the age of fourteen years, and Samuel, Aaron, Re becca and Susan minors under the age of four teen years, to be and appear at an Orphans" Court to be held at Bedford, in and lor the County of Bedford, on the first MONDAY , the third day of September, A. D. 1855, to accept or refuse to take the real estate of said deceased at the valuation which has been valued and ap=- praiied in pursuance ola writ of partition or valuation, issued out of said Court, and to the Sheriff of said County directed, or show cause why the same should not he sold. IX TESTIMONY whereof, I have here unto set mv hand and the Seal of said Court, at Bedford, the 9th day of MAY, A. D. 1855. D. WASHABAUGH, Clerk. Attest: —Hugh Moore, Sbtf. August 3, 1855. NOTICE : Sarah liams by her i In the Court of Com next friend David ' mon Pleas in and lor Howsare, vs. Richard the County of Bedford, liams. To Richard j September Term, 1833, liams the defendant No. 9i Sue Libel lor above named. ) Divorce. BY virtue of an order of tlie said Court I here by notify vou that you are requested fo appear before the "same, on" MONDAY, the third day of September, A. D. 1853, at Bedford, to ans wer to the complaint of Plaintiff preferred'in this suit. HUGH MOORE, f/i'rrA Sheriff of Bedford County, August 3, 1855. STAYED AWAY From the Washington Hotel, in Bedlord, on last Wed* nesday week, two Cow#, one red and the other black —the red one bad on a bell—the black one bas a whitehead. Any person who can give information concerning them will be suitably compensated, aiuf receive the thanks ol .MRS. MARY COOK, Aug. 1.