Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, November 2, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated November 2, 1855 Page 2
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THE BEDFORD GAZETTE. Bedford, \ov. *2, I 85. T. G. W. Bowman, Editor and Proprietor. CC"For Editoma/ see fir.-t page. CL7"Throtigh the mercy and goodness of Got>, and the instmmentality of one of the best and most expe rienced Physicians in the State, the Editor of the "Gazette" has been restored to perfect health, for which he feels truly grateful. After asevereill ness of two months, four weeks of which we were led upon Itcf tea , and such dainties, we know how to appreciate health. For the many kindnesses shown us during our sickness by Ihe citizens of the place (male and female) we shall ever hold them in grate ful remembrance, and hope they may never be pros trated as we were. The Adjutant General Case. Soon after Gov. POLLOCK look his Guberna torial seat, lie attempted to nullify the laws of Pennsylvania, hy appointing one of his Know- Nothing friends to the office of Adjutant Gener al of the State, then held by Gen. BOWMAN, and whose term of service had not expired. This infraction of the laws was met by Gen. BOW MAN in a becoming spirit, and resisted. Jt was precisely what we had a light to expect from a gentleman of the General's intelligence and pa triotism. The matter was carried to the Su preme Court, and decided recently by that tri bunal at Sttnbury. The attempt to displace Gen BOWMAN, without cause, and substitute in his stead Air. Power., has met with a merited I rebuke from the Supreme Court. There are three points in the t'ase decided by the Court, to wit : Ist. That the commission bestowed by Gov. POLLOCK on General POWER, is illegal and void. 2d. That General BOWMAN is the legally commissioned Adjutant General of the State, lor three years from the date of his appointment by Gov. BIOLER, and his commission does not terminate until October, 1856. 3d. That although Gen. BOWMAN is in law the Adjutant General of the State, and entitled to the office, vet the Court refuse to grant a mandamus on the State Treasurer to compel the payment of his salary, because he has not, as yet, complied with the precedent condition of the Militia Law. requiring certain official bonds first to be entered up by him. t General BOWMAN has made one of the most efficient Adjutant Generals of the State we have overbad. He has been uniformly courteous to all in his official relations, showing special fa vors to none, save whose merit alone demanded a recognition of his claims, a fact which will be generally conceded l>v the military without dis tinction. He was Adjutant General during the administration of Governor SIUNK, and it is well remembered to this day with what energy and patriotism he organised two regiments and a detachment of volunteers in Pennsylvania, for the Mexican war. In the absence of appropri ations, Governor SHUNK and himself threw their own private notes in b3nk to raise the requisite funds for the transportation of these troops from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh. When we regard these striking incidents in connection with his character and history, the decision of the Su preme Court in his favor is most welcome.— General BOWMAN will hold the office under his present commission until October, 1856. Pennsylxmnian. saying that 1 have net. as yet. filed the Bond requir ed by law—yet I am pleased that he has so stated it in order to enable me to make a statement on this particular point that will be ftilhjniulcrstoorl. When Gen. KKF.NAN was appointed to a Foreign Mission by the President, he was ordered to repair to his post lorthwith. Indeed, his time to prrpare was so limi ted that he could barely take the Books and papers of the office lo Harri-burg. on his way, and made a lim ited. but satisfactory Report, on his arrival at New Vork, jnst before his departure. In the confusion of affairs, the office being thus suddenly thrown on the hand- ot the Executive, he commissioned me to fill it, and requested me to come on to the seat of Go vernment, and Take immediate'possession, which I did. The Governor, in his ha-te, having sent the Commission to me under his own envelope, instead of that of the Secretary's office, as is usual, and no blank liuttd accompanying it, the con-equence was that I neglected, for a limited period, to hunt up a form and write one. 1 did so. however, not a great while after I was appointed, and 1 procured the names of Hon. WM. T. DACOHEETY and Hon. Wit. P. Sell ELI., as security, and Hon. .JOB MANN as witness. Being seldom at HarrUburg. 1 laid the Bond in rny desk among the military papers, where it remained for a considerable length of time forgotten. As soon as the omission was brought to my notice, 1 at once stated that my Bond had been filled, and uus ready to be filed at any time. As a suit was pending b<*- fore the Supreme Court, I paid no further attention To the Bond until that body met in Bedford in August last, when our counsel handed it to the Chief Justice, and it was subsequently sent to Harrisburg, where it is now filed, covering the entire period of our Commis sion. At best this Bond is merely nominal, in fact, but, of course, it is not so in /ate. It merely demands security in SI,OOO, whilst the property iu the Arsenals sometimes amounts to $.10,000. I have never had a red copper in my possession -nice tny appointment belonging to the Common wealth. Whenever old arms and stores have been sold, 1 have uniformly directed the Brigade Inspectors in make sale, in their respective Brigades, (Bonded officers,) and account for the same in their settlement with the Auditor General and State Treasurer, j G. W. B. The Argument. CyWhen the Decision of the Supreme Court was published in the Gazette it should have been stated by whom the cause was argued—and, as it was not, we do sooow. Attorney General FRANKLIN appeared for the Governor, and Hon. Jonv CESSNA for the Adju tant General'—and to say that the latter argued the cause with a degree of force, point, and eloquence that would have done honor to any Lawyer in the Commonwealth, is to do him but simple justice. I Clerk ot tiie Senate. IT?" Col. Tiros. .A MAOIMBE, of Johnstown, will He warmly supported for next Clerk of the Senate and we hope he may be elected. He only served one session, and was much liked, we believe, by all the members of that body. He is a splendid Clerk, and a courteous gentleman, and we do hope he may be e lected. The proscription of last year displaced him— now let the liberal principles of Democracy restore him. Clerk of the House. G~7" A number of papers in Pennsylvania have brought forward the name of Col. WM. JACK, as next, Clerk of the House of Representatives of Pennsyl vania, and we most cordially and cheerfully "second the motion;" feeling assured that he will be nomina ted by the united rote of the Democratic caucus.— That body never had so efficient and accomplished a Clerk as Col. JACK. We have no doubt of his elec tion. APPOINTMENTS NR THE CANAL COMMISSIONERS. ' VVe understand that the Board of Canal Corn- ; missioners will hold a session on Wednesday, I the 7th of November next, for the purpose of i making appointments of officers on the several I it IP's of Oanal and Railroad. I Hertford fount). j looking at the result of the vote in Bedford j County, as officially published week before last, it will be seen that the Democratic Ticket was only ; beaten about one hundred votes, all the idle boasting loftbeK. NTs to the contrary notwithstanding—and this, too, in the lace of the fact that all the Democra tic politicians in Bedford lemained entirely inactive. Not a single speech was made in the county, we are told, and, we believe, not a single township canvass ed fuily by any body. Whilst our opponents were secretly associated in their little midnight Lodges, alnio-t every night, in every Township in the coun ty, our friends that can work cffcctivr/ly, if they will, seemed to fold their hands with perfect indifference, leaving ail to chance ' —and yet we were beaten but a lew votes, which could have been changed by a fair and energetic canvass of almost any three townships in the county J Many hone-t Democrats were led to believe from the idle boasting of onr opponents that we would be beaten by trom 1000 to 1,500 votes in the county, and about 50,000 votes in the State. These boastings kept hundreds of Democrats from the Polls, who would have gone cheerfully had they received encouragement from the proper sources. We speak thus plainly because it is a deep slnr, upon Bedford County to he thus beaten with the power in our own hands, a fact admitted by almost every man you now talk to—even conscientious men of the opposition j admit that we might have succeeded without trouble. ; The Country Democracy, under the circumstances, done nobly, for which they deserve the greatest praise. We hope such gross inactivity will not soon ! again prevail in our ranks. Stale Treasurer. dF'Our valued friend, HENRY S. 51 ACIRAW, Esq. of Lancaster, formerly of Pittsburg, is warmly urged as the next Democratic candidate for State Treasurer. He is a Lawyer of eminent ability—one of the purest Democrats in the State—and his election would rellect credit alike upon himself and our glorious old Com monwealth. We want such men as Magraw at the head of our finances. He has no superior in the State for this trust. Broad-Top Railroad. Cyit affords us pleasure to notice that this road, which has been piosecuted with such vigor amidst so many obstacles, will be formally opened from the Borough ol Huntingdon to Stonerstown, in this coun ty. A large concourse of the friends of this improve ment will be in attendance on the occasion. 'l'he Shaup's Hun branch is now ready for the sup erstructure, and the road from Stonerstown to Hope well is nearly all graded. During the winter the rails will be laid to Hopewell. It is a source of gratification to the projectors ofthis enterprise that they have advanced so far with it; and it ought to be regarded by this whole community as a subjet of the deepest concern to them. It is the only improvement that points to this region, and eve ry advance it makes is just so much gained towards the completion of a rail road to Bedford. The pro-pect of the early completion of the coal region on Broail Top, has given rGe to several new Towns in that quarter. Coalmout and Hopewell have already started into being. Another town call ed Broad-Top City, has been laid out at the intersec tion of the main road or. the mountain, through which the rail road is to pass. A large Hotel has been com menced, and the building is rapidly progressing. By an advertisement in this day's paper, it will be seen that lots will he sold at public auction on Wedneseay the Bth inst. Slamnipriug: and SinUerinsf Cured. JOSES is now in Bedford stopping at the "Mengle House," and says he has in his possession "over 100,000 references from persons in different parts of the Country," to prove that he can effectu ally cure stammering and stuttering. In the towns of Wa-'hington,L ruontovvn, Connelsville and Greens- burg, Pa., he has radically cured 130 persons in two months." Persons thus afflicted should not fail to avail themselves of his >ervices. He informs us that he has effectually cured .Mr. JOHN WEST, of Holli daysburg, well known in Bedford, which is a close reference. He will remain ir. Bedford until the 10!h of November. Mr. Clay's Successor in Uic Sena e. Senator Dixon, of Kentucky, formerly a Clay Whig, but who, during the recent election in that State, addressed several Know-Nothing as semblages, announces in a recent letter his de termination hereafter to act with the Democrat ic party of the Union. Mr. Dixon is the suc cessor of Henry Clay in the United States Sen ate, and is a gentleman of great weight of char acter and influence : HENDERSON, Sept. 21, 1855 GENTLEMEN : lam in the* receipt of your fa vor of tlie 15th inst., requesting trie to he pres ent and address a mass meeting of the Democ racy, to be held at Paducah on the 27th inst. You are right in supposing that it is my inten tion toco-operate in future with the Democrat ic party. The Whig party, wit!) which I have so long acted, has no longer a political existence, f have no party now but mv country. To this T shall not cease to be faithful. The American party, divided as it is into two great sectional parties, the one northern and the other southern, can only injure where it would serve the coun try : for, instead of strengthening the national men of all parties, it can only divide them in all the ejections, when union and concert of ac tion are necessary to the very salvation of the country. As far as I can judge, the Democrat ic party, although weakened in the free States, is still national, and still co-operates with the southern Democracy in opposition to the Aboli tionists and Free SoiUrs of the north, who, to destroy the institution of slavery, would rend the Union asunder, and bury beneath the ruins of the Constitution the liberties of the country. I regret, gentlemen, that circumstances over which I have no control will prevent my being with vou on the occasion alluded to. J am, very truly, your obedient servant, ARCH. DIXON L. C. TRIMBLE, R. J. J. Twyiivx, and others Lnncasterian has been purchased by Capt. SANDERSON, of the Intelligencer, and the papers thus united will hereafter be published by that gentleman under the title of the Intelli gencer and Lnncasterian. We are particularly pleased to see this union of the Democratic pa pers in Lancaster county, as it will undoubtedly tend to strengthen the party. Capt. SANDERSON is a man of the most undoubted political integ rity—with great editorial experience and abili ty, and will publish an excellent paper. spicy cotemporary the Hollidaysbtirg Standard ably advocates the election of Ma J. 1 HOS. A. MAODIHB to the clerkship of the Sen ate. It claims his election on the ground that he was a faithful officer three years ago—and was defeated two yars ago h.v the opposition forcing an eh-ction in the absence of Senator Buckalew. Correspondence of the Pittsburgh Union. j - AM) ARMY SEWS. } '■& . . . : ! Gen. fbrrtty's I )<sht with the Indians—LittU Thunder and Spotted Tail—lletting of Gen, llnrney and tnltie Thunder TUt* Scare" rfmong the Indians—The Troops now in their Country. LARAMIE BRIDGE, N. T. ) September 7th, 18-55. j Mr,. KEIINAN : —I have just received the fol lowing intelligence from Gen. Harney's camp— "We bad a brush yesterday with Little Thun der's band of Brulees, and killed him and some 50 or GO besides. The Indians lost everything. We had four men killed and four wounded.— We have some fifty women and children priso ners." Although the above came without date, I learned from the Express man sent from Gener al Harney's command to Fort Laramie, that the fight took place on the 3d inst., on the the north side ol the Platte, near Ash Hollow. From another account I learn that five men were killed and six wounded on om side—viz : killed, three dragoons and two artillery men : wounded, all of the same corps. Although we have been told that the Infantry brought on the engagement, we have not heard ol any of said corps being either killed or wounded. I pre sume in a few days we shall know all the par ticulars as those engaged in the "brush" will be at Larimie for provisions. Sept. Bth. —This morning a soldier from the hay party on Raw Hide, reports that on his way trom his camp to Fort Laramie he was chased by four Indians. Yesterday or the day befora, in the same direction, a friendly Indian reports that he was chased by the same number. One of the four flashed his gun at the friendly Indian who let fly four arrows : and whilst thus engaged, he saw the ottier three approaching him, whereupon he thinking four too many for him to cope with, or believing that prudence was the bitter part of valor, put whip to his and left. JTie hay party lias this day been sent for, and will be brought into the fort to-morrow.— The mill party will he strengthened in order to guard against accident and to carry on the building operations at (he post. This morning two Indians were discovered near the Fort, on the opposite side of the Lara mie, but when the sentinel called for the corpo ral of the guard to report their appearance, thev put out on their ponies. It is riot known who they were or what was their object in approach ing so near the fort. Mr. Horde,™, an Indian trader, has just gone to the Fort with ail his plunder, stock, &c., and from hi.-n I learned that little Thunder, although knocked off his horse by a hall which struck his butcher knife, and Spotted Tail who had two horses shot under him, were not killed. Spot ted Tail I have been told, is one of the si* Indians who killed the mail partv in November last. ' | Although Little Thunder's hand has been in 'j suiting persons with trains, and telling them j that they were waiting for soldiers to kill them, | as they came up the road; when the troops ac ! tually made their appearance, said chief went to Gen Harney and told him he did not wish to | fight. The General replied, "your tale and the ; actions of the warriors in your village do not j correspond for they are al! mounted, and have j bows, arrows, guns and shields, and are drawn jup in battle array. Although you are a chief, ; you are at liberty—go and tell your people that I came here to tight, and as they have beeti waiting lor me, and appear prepared for my re ception, tell them 1 shall attack them. It is reported that the tight was a running one, and the Indians, I am told, say that "when the mu sic commenced (which I presume was the signal to forward or charge) the soldiers all run and came alter us as fast as they could." It is also said that the Indians stated that the Big Chief of the whites did not fool them : but told them to get ready lor a fight ; and they aKo say that tin whites must have taken pity upon them by not killing all which it was in their power to do.— The Indians appear to think that there was an efibrt made on the part of the whites to wet be tween (he Indian warriors and the women and children, for the purpose ol fighting the rrwn 1 and letting the women and children escape, or | capturing them alive : but the bucks interming i led with their families, and the report says j many more combatants were killed bv the hor j ses while in the act of charging, j From Horse Creek, 37 miles east to Lnra : mie's Peak, about 42 miles west of Laramie, | and on the south side ofthe Platte, the country j is filled with Indians, who profess to he friend ly,and anxious to keep out of harm's way.— 1 here is certainly "a big scare" among the In dians in my neighborhood ; but what is going . on among the hostile Sioux, between the Platte and the Missouri; I cannot tell. Rumor states that some are fir peace, while others are for war. T presume that Gen. Hitchcock has taken the field from Fort Pierre. If so, the Indians j will soon believe that the whites really intend i lighting. Capt. Lowell's command of one hun i <! i rp£ i men is somewhere between Laramie and Fort Pierre—hence you percieve that in al! ! probability there are three commands in the I hostile country, viz: Gen. Hitchcock's, Capt.! j Love IPs and that with Gnn. Harney. When Gen. Harney shall reach Fort Laramie, no doubt '• he will take a porifon of the troops stationed at ! said fort, and start two more expeditions to- j wards Powder River and the Running Water, in pursuit of the Minnie-congus, L'nc pa-pas, ! Hrtilees, Blackfeet, &c., who are represented as | anxious for a light with the troops. Notwitslanding the Sioux expedition was one 1 of the objects tor which four additional regiments I of regular troops were required up to this time, ' alter hostilities have actually commenced, we ! cannot learn that more than company ol said re gimenls has been permitted to take the field : against the Sioux. I say permitted because that i single company, Capt. Heth's is in this country 1 at his solicitation. This isolated company of the tour regiments has been dubbed the Zouaves 1 of the F. S. Army. RANGER. TEIE CHOLERA IN THE CRIMEA. —A corre- ' spondent of the New York Courier and Enqui rer writing from Paris under date of August I 14, says : ] rarely pretend to priority of information, but believe I am now about to communicate to yon an important and deplorable fact which will hardly become known to French or Eng lish newspapers in time to anticipate rne hi the communication of it to you by this mail. A telegraphic despatch from before Sebaslopnl, dated 14th inst., was received by the French government yesterday—(that is in less that 24 hours after it was writtenV— announcing a (ear ful augmentation of the ravages of the cholera.

I am not insensible to the advantages gained by otir fleets in the (hilt of Finland, hut this renewal in the Crimea of the terrific scourge which has, Irorn time to time, devastated the whole world, goes lar to render the heart in accessible to pleasurable feeling. The Courier says that the sources of infor mation of its correspondent are unsurpassed. | FIENDISH TREATMENT OF A CHILD. —The most : outrageous and terrible abuse of a child that we remember to have ever read or heard of, it be | comes our duty to record as having jecently ' transpired in this place, it appears that Delan ! cey McConnei, a plough-maker, is now living | with his second wife, and that the child refer ! red to—a girl about nine years old—is his own i child by his first wife. His present wife—to | use her own words, as told to us bv those who j heard her make the statement—"never could j bear the child;" and this dislike, it appears, has grown into the most hitter and fiendish hatred, ! manifesting itself in the most awful cruelties | towards the child, having recently kekt her j confined nearly all the time either in the garret I or the cellar, not only beating her most unmer : cifully with stove wood, the shovel, tongs, or ; whatever came handiest, but actually almost j starving her to death, besides keeping her in such a filthy condition that she was perfectly loatheaome and sickening to behold. Sunday before last, it appears that the child had got so | bad that the woman (is she worthy of the name?) became alarmed and requested her hus band to go for the doctor ; but for some reasol) (from shame, we suppose,) he refused, and she went to some acquaintances, who lived a dis tance off, to request some one there to go. They went themselves to see the child, and were so thunderstruck that thev immediately called in other witnesses, and on Monday morn ing the woman was arrested and lined §lo. On Tuesday morning the child was removed and placed under the care of Mr. Fred. Bida man and his lady, who deserve great credit for their kindness and attention toward her. At the time ol her removal she was the most dis gusting sight we ever beheld, being a perfect mass of petrifying sores and filth ; but hopes are now entertained that she will recover. To give our readers an idea of her starving condi tion, we will relate one little incident. Jt was stated in her hearing that her step-mother said, "she was a nasty, thieving little thing," having even stole all her soap-grease, while shut up in the cellar. She replied, "I didn't steal all tna s soap-grease, for some of it was so wormy that I couldn't eat it." Hundreds have edi ted her since her removal, arid all will hear testimony that our description gives no adequate idea of tile reality of the case. Subsequent to her removal, the rase being found so very flagrant, the woman was re-ar rested, and alter examination was bound over in SSOO to appear at the Circuit Court.—Can tou (III) Register. LOTTERY CIRCULARS AMI THE POST-OEKICE. —ln view ol the frequent attempts of the Kee pers of lottery offices to induce post masters to become their agents, the Department has cau tioned them that for any such acceptance they are liable to a penalty of SSO. The order of the Department is, that "all such lottery schemes, circulars, or tickets, addressed either to a postmaster or assistant postmaster, must hereafter he excluded from the mail, togeth er with all other transient matter of this kind addressed simply to an office, and not to an individual." i' >1 A 8* R 8 i: I> : In this Borough on hist Wetinesdav morning, wrsk, j by Rev. .louv Lvox, Miss Lons.v THOMSON lo Maj. (j'KO. W. lii rr, (Merchant,) both of this place. The pat ties imrnetllately left on a Bridal tour, and expect to be absent several weeks. The party, on | the occasion, was large arid agreeable, and, we are | told, the arrangements and entertainment was truly magnificent. Our illness prevented us from being present, much to our disappointment, for we heartily desiied to he at LOI ISA'S wedding. May peace, happiness, and prosperity attend them through life, j and may the evening of their lives be bright and uti j clouded. In Schellsbnrg on the 2lst nit., by John Smith Esq. Mr. HOOVER Sr. of Napier Township to Mrs. ; MARGARET WIEST of YVe-t Providence Township. Ori the evening of the 25th nlt.,bv the ltev. Phelps, Mr. YAIMIE.IL BHKNGLE, to Miss HENRIETTA MKI;- ; WINE, all of this Borough. ( On the 11th in<t.,hv S. Whip Ksq., Mr. HIRAM j RICE of Cumberland Valley Township, to Miss CAR- J OI.INE RICF. of Alleghany county, Md. On the morning ol the Otli inst., at the Residence j of the Brides Father, by Rev. Silas Johnson, Mr. Jos. ! YV. STITKEV of this place to Miss Avis M. Bis VAST j daughter of Mr. Jacob Bryant of Crawford Co. O. ! GREAT SALE OF LOTS AT BROADfOP CITY! i The Broad Top Improvement Company will spll at : public auction, in the new Town of Broad Top City, on Wednesday, Nov. Sth a large number of Building Lots according to the same on the plan of that Town. | The Town is located at the head of Shoup's Run, jon Broad Top Mountain at the entersertion of the i Roads running to Huntingdon, Well's Valley, and 1 Hopewell. Kxtensive arrangements have already i been made for the improvement of this Town, and j a Hotel I f by G4 feet i- now in the course of con-true , tion. Terms on which the Lots will he offered will I be made known on the day of <ale. HKNRY 1). MOORE, President of the Company at Philadelphia. Nov 2. 1855.* Stray Sheep. Came to the premises of the subscriber liv ing in Bedford Township, sometime in June j ! last, 3 stray sheep, two of which are black : ! Hams, piece out of both ears, and a slit in the 1 j left, tfie other is a white ewe with a black lamb ; i supposed to be five or (> years old. No other mark. The owner is desired to come forward, prove property, and take them awav. JOHN* REIGHARD. .\ov. 2, 185."). Stray Heifer. Came to the premises of the subscriber living ; in St. Clair township, on the Ist of September last, a white and red spotted heifer, croppoff'the left ear; no other mark; supposed a year and six months old. The owner is requested to ! come forward, prove property, and lake her a-! way. " VVM. SLEEK. Oct. 2(>, 1855. STRAY STEER. C ame totlie premises of the subscriber living in Bedford Township, sometime in September last, a red rnuly Steer, with fork out of left ear. no other mark; supposed lo be three years old. The owner is desired to come forward, prove; property, pay charges, and take him awav. ISAAC D. EARNEST. Oct. 12, 1855. SHERIFFS SALE. By \ irtue of Sundry writs of' Fi Fa to me directed there will be gold at the Co art House in the Borough of Bedford on .Monday the 19th day of .November 1855 at 2 o'clock P. M. the following Reai Estate Viz: One tiact of land situate in Londonderry Township Bedford Count v containing 377 acres more or less adjoining lands of Jacob IVoilord James Logue and David Moser having thereon erected a Saw Mill a Story and a half Log House Log Stable and Spring House and also having thereon a young apple orchard and having abou*. 2o acres cleared and under fence as the property of Joseph Wolfoid. A Iso one of her tract of land containing 280 acres more or less about 100 acres cleared and under fence with a story and half log house and double log Barri thereon erected also an apple orchard thereon adjoining Lands of Samuel M. Barclay's heirs and others : situate in London- derry township Bedford County as the proper ty of Andrew Ball. A Iso one other tract of land containing 35 acres more or less about 20 of which are clear ed and under fence with a storv and a half log house and logslable with threshing floor attach ed thereon eyacted adjoining lands of John Cook Jonathan Hvde and others; situate in Harrison township Bedford County as the property of Henry Umbaugh. Also all defendant Henrv Umhaugii his in terest in and to a tract of land containing 10-J. acres more or less about 30 acres cleared and under fence with a two storv log house and double log barn thereon erected adjoining lands ol Joseph Fisher Richard Knoafi and others sit uate in Juniata Township Bedford County as the property of H-nry I mbaugh. Also ail tlie defendant Joseph his in terest in and to a tract of land containing 100 acreg more or less ail cleared and under fence with a two story iog house and kitchen attach ed Cabin house and double log barn thereon e rected also an apple orchard thereon adjoining lands of Amos Ash Archival Perdew and oth ers; situat'e in Southampton township Bedford County as the property of Joseph Leasure. Also all of defendant Sam! Slocum his right title and interest in and to a tract of land con taining 99 acres more or less about 100 acres cleared and under fence adjoining lands Ben jamin YV Garretson John Wolf Samuel Miller and others: situate in St. (.'lair Township Bed ford County as the property of Samuel Sloan. Also all defendant Josiuh Wo rt/ his Interest in and to a tract of land containing ]O4- acres more or less about 65 acres cleared and under fence with a two story lor house Tenant house and two 100 Stables thereon Erected Adjoin ing lands of Hc/ekiah Miller Thomas Cook and others; situate in Harrison Township Bedford County and taken in Execution as the pro perty of Joseph Wertz. Also all defendant's interest in and to acer " j tain saw-mill situate inHast Providence Town ship Bedford County the same being forty feet ' in length and fifteen feet in depth and the piece . or parcel of land curtilage appurtenant to said , building the said Tract containing about 100 . acres more or less with a cabin house and log stable thereon erected and about 2b acres clear ly ed more or less and under fence adjoining lands of Jaine.s Bailey and others: as the property of ; George R -iley and Jacob Reiley. HUGH MOORE, Sheriff. Ocl. 26, 1855. NOTICS. The stockholders of the Hopewell and Bloodv Run Plank Road and Turnpike road Company, | are hereby notified that an election for one President five Managers and one Treasurer, will he held at the Court House in the Borough of : Bedford, on Monday, the sth day of Novem ber next. Subscribers can vote |<>r others eith er in person or by proxy, provided the first in i stalmerit of one dollar per share shall have been paid previous to said election. David Brailler, M. M. Peoples, YVm. Hart ley, J. R. Ashcnm, Alex. King, Jotin King, I hos. W. Horton, John Dasher, George W'is hart, Thos. H. Murray, VY. P. Schell. Commisssoners. Oct. 26, 1855. J.N THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS OF BEFORD COUNTY. Whereas, George F. Riddle, Assignee of the I estate of Isreal and Simon Oppeniiimer, did on i the 3lst day of August, 1855, file in the office of the Pruthonotary of the Court of Common ' Pleas, in and for the said county, his account as Assignee of said estate. Notice is hereby given to the creditors of said Isreal and Simon Oppenhimer, and all others interested in said estate, that the Honorable Judges of said Court have appointed Friday, | 'he 23d day of November next, for the hearing I of the same, at which time and place they mav ; attend if they think proper. \V itness the Hon. F. IYI. Kimmell, President Judge of said Court on the 22<i day of October, A. I). 1855. D. WASHABAUGH, Proth'v. Oct. 26, 1855. Li3t of Causes Put down for Trial at November Term (10th day) | 18. Jos S Morrison admr vs. John Folck ( ath Saints use Moses Wisegarver David (' M'Cortnick Abraham Moses J F Cox admr Daniel Logan Aaron Donnelson John Griffilh Ceo. Trout man Robert Adams et al Peter Brant S Al Barclays adinr Same Same : Jese O'Neal Stephen Ihddinger Pationsville ik Woodberry Tlt C James Patton i Bame Thos King et al John llrrr for use .1 W {ieeler Henry Beegle George Beegle John Cessna Peter Arnold A R Galbraith Win. (lalhraith exer. Samuel Corle John Alstadt "Garnishee" George Barker Kli Croft et al John Bridges Samuel Drenning II V ltram well A B Maddan M A Baird et al S 11 Tate Esq Klias Hite Abraham Snowden Mary Davis J H Harbangti Levi Muck Conrad imler Same Same Charles lloyman D R Troutman Abraham Lehman S M Barclay's admr. 1 J A! Reynolds Same Samuel Barnbart Walter Shriver et al Samuel Drenning Wm Deremore et al John Linday Duncan McVicker et al C StoutTer's assignees A R Galbraith George Oats Isaac Hill I.oke Feeny James Dunn J H Adams Jared Hanks Alary A Dohson Moses Wisegarver & Wife Jacob Studebaker A W Shroyer et al J S Morrison admr Edward B Trout Levi Agnew for use Joseph Sellers D I! Stewart Sill Hi McGregor John Drenning John Bridges D. WASHABAUGH, ProtUojiotncy. Oct. k'C, 155.5. Notice for Teachers. The Board of Directors of Common s , i , of Monroe Township, Bedford County p' wishes to employ from ten to tu>lv. vl, *> teachers, at a salary 0 from 16 , 0 on.f ms pel month, accordin | D their ol " ]'• IWs Within- u havmg a certificate from the county S " 4 tender*, are requetsed to rail firtlnvith',?"'" 1 ' SAMUEL SXIVLLVs. Oct. 2(T, 1 S3").* Cl ™ik REGISTER'S NOTICE. ALL persons interested either as |„.j. s or otherwise are hereby notified thatT following named persons hare filed •counts in the Registers Office and p-ai'V'" will be presented to the Orphans' Court off}!? foid County on I relay the 23d day ol \ . ber next, i'.r confirmation at which lira? place I hey may attend if thev think proper i The account of William Woy adminbw ; of the Estate of Philip Svvartz late of J.j. t p " r . vidence township deceased. The account of John Mower and Samuel I Russell Esqs administrators dc bonis non um the Will annexed of YVilliam Lane late of H well Township deceased. Jpl * fhe account ol I redeiick Turner Exee,.t„ of last will &c of Andrew Turner late ofR lison township deceased. The account of Thomas Blackburn admin-- trator ol John \ Hammer late of St C township deceased. The account of Philip WeacerJing on* oft!,. S executors of the last Will &c of Pete, Weaver ling late of East Providence township decea* j The account of Josiah Ritchey administra ) tor of Henry Miller late of Bedford township e deceased. ' The account of Johh Cessna and Alexander - King Esqs Trustees Inr thesaie of the R, a | r tale of Meshack Edwards late of Broadtcp - township. ' I ; D. WASHABAUGH, Roister Oct. 26, 1855. a t -! BEDFORD COUNTY, SS : * At an Orphans' Court held at Bedford in and lor the said County of Bedford on the 3d day of r September A D 1855 Before the Judges ol said Court t On motion ofO. E. Shannon the Court grant s a Rule upon the heirs and legal Representatives r ol James Barefoot late of St Clair Township rie . ceased to wit Rebecca intermarried with John . Moore residing in Bedford County Elizabeth i intermarried with Solomon Hammers residing i in Somerset County Sarah intermarried with . Frederick Reininger residing in Somerset COUII , tv William Barefoot residing in Bedford Coun ty Isabella intermarried with James Taylor re . siding in Bedford County James Bare lout resid ing in Bedford County Mary intermarried with . Alexander Stanton residing in Somerset County I 'Margaret intermarried with John P Bowers i residing in Bedford County Samuel Barefoot re ■ siding m Bedford County Job Barefoot residim m Blair County Charlotte Barefoot residing in Bedford County and George Barefoot residing in Bedford County to be and appear at an Or phans' Court to be held at Bedford in and lor said County on the 3d Monday 19th day ofN'o vember next to accept or refuse to take the R-a| Estate of 9aid James Barefoot deceased at the Valuation which has been valued and appraised in pursuance of a writ of Partition or Valuation . issued out of the Orphans' Court of Bedford County and to the Sheriff of said Countv for that purpose directed or show cause why the same should not be sold by order of the said Court. IX TESTIMONY Whereof I have here unto set my hand and the seal of said Court at Bed fold the 10th day of September A D 1855. D. YVASHABAUGII, Clerk. Attest :— Hugh Moore, Sheriff. Oct. 26, 1555. BEDFORD COUNTY, SS: At an Orphans' Court held at Bedf in! in and j for the County of Bedford on the 3.1 day of September A D 1855 Before the Judges of said Court Oil motion ofO. E. SHANNON the Court grant a rule upon the heirs and legal represen tatives of Otho Wilson late of Southampton Township deceased to wit Stephen residing in Bedford Countv Penna Alfred residing in Alh j geny county Mai viand Hugh residing in Bed ford county Penna Susannah Ric wifeofSilo mon Rice deceased who is now dead leaving issue seven children viz David residing in Alle gheny county Maryland Alfred Jane Charlotte Jonathan Francis and Elmira of whom 0. F,. Shannon is Guardian Jackson residing in Alle gheny Countv Maryland Martha intermarried wtih Hiram Woiford residing in AlleganV County Maryland Jonathan residing in Alle gheny Countv Maryland Sarah intermarried ; with Henry Mills residing in Allegany county Maryland Otho residing in Towa and Jamima Wilson residing in Bedford countv Penna to be j and appear at an Orphans' Court to held at Bed I >rd in and for said Countv on the third Monday 19th of November next to accept or re fuse to take the Real Estate'of said Otho Y\ il- I son deceased at the Valuation which has been ! valued and appraised in pursuance ola writ of Partition or Valuation issued outofthe Orphans Court ct Bedford County and to the Sherd!ol j said County for that purpose directed or sho w cause why the same should not be sold by or ; der of the said Court. IN TESTIMONY whereof I hare here unto set my fiand and the Seal of said Court at Bedford the 10th day of September A D 1555. D. WASHABAUGH, Clerk. Attest : —Hugh Moore, Sheriff. Oct. 26, 1855. Wanted. Right School Teachers to take charge ol t.a schools ol Bedford Township. Persons wishing'® he employed, as Teachers, will meet the Board an • County Superintendent at Hater's Hotel, on instant. By order of the Board, THOMAS HCGIHN Secretary- Oct. 13, 183",. NOTICE. All persons indebted to the Estate ofAm.' y Saupp, late of the Borough of Bedford, deca- will please make immediate payment ni those having claims against said Estate wn present them properly authenticated lor sett e irient. AGNIS SAUPP.. Execitnt' Oct. 26, 1855.