Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, November 16, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated November 16, 1855 Page 3
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* GREAT ARRIVAL! FILL Mil WINTER MODS!! EXCHANGE BUILDING STORE!!! The subscribers respectfully inform their frieods, customers, and public generally, that U hive received the large..! and best S&rfFALL ami VVI ViTK OOOUS lh,v have vet offered to purchasers! Our stocß in nart as follows : ; I p| ue . Rlack, Brown, and Invis Green I rench ruths-- French and American Cassimms—all ~ ' hr ._ Kv . Jeans, all wool Tweeds, Keysers,' Flannels, Coating, Beaver Cloth, Blankest, ~ (P Velvets, Beaverteens. Sack Flannels, Colored Carpet Chain, Spun Cotton, Bagging, Prilling, Ribbons, Laces, Gloves, Hoiscry, ,YC., &c --10-, pieces Plain and Figured Delain,—all prices T 0 1 U Fall Calicoes from 5 cts to I2i 4l Heavy aod Medium Bro. mu-lins .4 Superior bleached shirting muslins 'jj Thibet Cloths and Alpaccas, all colors tt Cassinetts. all color- and prices o- o All wool Itemp K.ig and List Carpets j s ' 44 Floor O l Cloths—l| a nd 81 wide j 44 Cotton Flannels—all colors and prices. .Men anti Boys' Wool Hats, Fur and Beaver j sUiieh Hats, Men And Boy's .Morocco Lined ; ' \ a vv Caps—also Plush and Cloth do. Boots '•wi Sho.-s'for M"* n a "d B"Vs. Bootees, double | P j Morocu,/ and kid Shoes for Ladies—alsoi *1 i/reat taii'dy of Bootees and shoes lor Misses! r:d children ! Groceries, Hardware, Queens- Ur? Brooms—Tubs, Buckets, &c. Fish Oil, j S-ierm and Lard Oil: Bar Iron, Nail, Rod, &c. 'Our assortment includes every article usually f.otind in stores, and to prove we are selling i .1 Cheaper thanihe Cheapest ," all we ask is a u q . No trouble to show Goods ! It will ; , 4 you nothing to come and look at the Bar - j .viins we will offer. Country Produce of every description will be received for Goods at Cash prices. A. B. CRAMER & Co., Exchange Building. \ Oct. 12, 1855. . Shoe More. \. B. Cramer St Co have just received a very large stock of Boots and Shoes suitable for j tail and Winter—part styles as follows: f .Mens' Superior Waxed Jloubled Sole Boots- Metis' " City made Calf do Mens' " Heavy Kip-Lined do Youth's " Waxed Doubled Sole do Youth's" Kip " u do Boys' " Kip " " do Boys' " Call " " do VYomens' " Doubled Sob* Kip Bootees Womeris' " " fine Calf and Seal do Womens' " fine Goal Morocco do Women's " Parodi Bootees—very handsome, i Girls Morocco, Kip and Calfskin Bootees j f Children Shoes of every style and Price, j I Doubled snip Gaiters—Gum Shoes ike., in j fact Boots and Shoes to suit every purchaser.— Jf'vou 'A ant a pair of Boots or Shoes please give t;s a call and you shall be suited in price anil quality. Cf"Exchange Store is the place to buv Boots ~ arid Shoes! Oct. 12, 1555. Notice: The partnership heretofore existing between! the undeisigned, under the name and firm of! Rupp & Oster, is tins day dissolved by mutual consent. G. W. Rupp is authorized to settle ; the business of th?^ate firm, and to collect all : debts due thereto. ; G. W. RUPP, G. R. OSTER. ' Tiie undersigned begs leave to inform his; (jter.ds and the public, that the business will i in future be continued at the old stand where ! he is now receiving and opening a general and r well selected assortment of tall and winter j; goods, which he is determined to sell cheap (or cash or approved produce. An earlv call is solicited, r G. W. RUPP. ■ Bedford, Sept. 28, 1855. COLONADE STORE. Jacob Reed f WOULD RESPECTFULLY inform the citizens ft Betllord and vicinity, that he has just opened his new and splendid stoek of goods. Hi the well known COLONADE STORE, in Bedford Boinugh. He in vites all to call and examine his fresh and cheap *tock of woods, consisting of every variety —and particu larly of FALL Si. WINTER GOODS, MI.K GOODS, CLOTHS, and CASIMERS, HATS, and CAPS. A largp assortment of Boots and Shoes, Hardware and Queeiisware —Umbrellas arid Fanrv i.otini Ladies D:es> Goods, and a large assortment * of WINTER SHAWLS I iie Ladies are particularly invited to examine his -lock ot Dry Goods, Shoes, ftc. (iroceries and all "ther articles Usually kept in a first class Dry Goods Store. I he subscriber has purchased his goods with great rare, and w ill dispose of them at the lowest rash puces. Havitis determined to do a ca-h arid produce bui-nt'ss, he will he able to sell at the shortest pro fit-. He asks his friends and the public to give him ,if a]l w hen his good- will he shown with pleasure, ' : or no sale. CCr" You may look for Bargains at KKI.D'S Colonade tStore. Oct. 5, 1855. $IO Kcwai'iH ; >\as stob'n on the night of the 24th inst., a : l,;; L brown*, star in tlw forehead, 16 i mU high, with very heavy tail and mane, nd little gaiided on the neck. Supposed to be about II years old. The above reward will Ire t-'iv-n for the horse and thief, or ten dollars for file horse. JOHN HARSHBERGER, i near St. Cluirsviile. Sept. 28, 1855. H. NICODEMUS, Saircncr anb 3usticc cf tl)c Peace, ' BEDFORD, PA. Has removed his office to Juliana street, nearly opposite the Drug and Book store of Dr. • G Reamer, where he will faithfully attend II ad business connected with the duties of his office. He will continue to rppair clocks and watch ") as usual, and respectfully invites those in of his services in this line to give him a call. * April 13, 1855. I LEATHER. V on l- RITZ > HENDRY & CO. _a. \( )r (h 1 HIRD street, Philadelphia, orocco Manufacturers, Couriers and lmpor 1' ! ' BENCH Calf-Skins, and dealers in Red and Oak Sole Leather and Kipp. March 9,1855 — ly. [Letter from lion. John Mitt or Bolts, of Virginia.] RICHMOND JULY 9th, 3805. Messrs. IVm. S. lirer* t\- Co., Gent*.—Consiera tinns of dutv to the affiicllgj alone prompt me to send yrw thi voluntary ti'.stirßinal to the great value of •'Carter's fpiois/t MixtuW," lor that fllmo-t incura ble disease, fteru/irl r. Without being disposed or deeming it necessary to go into tiie particulars o.' the case, I can say that the a-tonishuiit results that trace been produced by the use of that medicine on a member of my own family, and under my own observation and superintendence, alter the skill of the best physicians had been ex hausted and the usual remedies had failed, fully jus tify me in recommending its use to alt who may be suffering from that dreadful malady. 1 do not mean to say that it is adapted to all con stitutions, or that it will afiord the -ume relief in all cases; lor, of course. I can know-nothing about that but from what 1 have seen of The effects, f would not hesitate to use it, in any and every case of Scro fula, with persons for whom 1 telt a:i interest, or over whom L could exercise any intiuence or con trol. Respectfully yours. J NO. M. BOTTS. COURT PROCLAMATION. To the Coroner, the Justices of the Pence, ■ antl Constables in the different Townships in the County of Bedford, Greeting. KNOW YE that in pursuance of a precept to me directed, under the hand and seat of the Hon. FRANCIS M. Kill HELL, President of the several Courts of Common Pleas in the Sixteenth District, consisting of the counties of Franklin, Bedford and Somerset, and by virtue of his office of the Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail delivery for the trial of capi tal and other offenders therein and in the Gene ral Court of Qujn ter Sessions of the Peace; and Jonx G. Hautlkv and Jos. 11. Nolle, Esqs. Judges of the same C.iurl, in the same County of Bedford, You and each of you are hereby re quired to be and appear in your proper persons with your Records, Recognizances, Examina tions, and other remembrances before the Judges aforesaid, at Bedford, at .a Court of Over and i Terminer and General Jail Delivery and Gene ral Quarter Sessions of the Peace therein to be ! holden for the county of Bedford, aforesaid, on the 3d Monday of Nov., (being the 19th day,) at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day, there and then to do those things to which your several offices appertain. GIVEN undef. my hand at Bedford, on the | 26tb day ol October, in the year of our Lord | 1855. Oct. 26, 1855. HI GH MOORE, Sheriff. Take .\oiicc! X LL persons indebted to the subscribers, eith- \ er by note, book account, or otherwise, are re- j quested to make early payment. lndulgence ; cannot be given beyond the first of September | next. All who neglect this notice, will pay costs as a consequence. THOSUH. MURRAY & BRO. Bloody-Run, June 29, 1855. NEW CLOTHING STORE. ' haac Would -respectfully announce to his old friends, and the public at large, that he has o pened an entirely new CLOTHING STORE in tiie Borough of Bedford, in the room recently in tf>" occupancy of Solomon Filler, where he has just received a very superior assortment of ready-made Clothing for Men and Boys, to which he invites attention, satisfied that he can please all who give him a cull, both as to price and quality. He will also keep an assortment of Dry Goods and Groceries. He invites pur chasers to examine his stock. Bedford, April (i, 1855. FOR SALE.—A handsome, well made Bug gy, with falling top, will be sold very low lor Cash ot approved paper. A. B. Cramer fk Co. I£M PIECES WALL PAPER, From 12i Cents to §1 2") per piece, just receiv ed and lor at the variety Store of JAMES K. HALLAM. Bedford, April 27, 1855. SEW JfORE And New Cooels. GREAT BARGAINS, \NL> NO MISTAKE ! ELI FISHER Would respectfully avail himself of this me thod of informing tiie citizens of Bedford and vicinity that he has opened an entirely New Dry Goods, Grocery, and Fancy Store, in the Borough of Bedford, in the room for merly occupied by Dr. Hotius, and second door west of Dr. Harry's Drug and Book Store, where he has just received from the cities of New York and Philadelphia one of the most elegant assortments ol Goods e ver brought to Bedford, which, having been pur chased for cash, under the most favorable cir cumstances, he (eels warranted in saving that be can sell them at prices so low as to astonish the purchaser, and all in want of good Goods, at the shortest possible profit, are invited to give him a call. His stock embraces every variety of Ladies Dress Goods, such as Silks:, Satins, Delaines, Bombazines, Spring Shawls, novelties in Lawns, British Prints, Plaid Ginghams, 1 ndersleeves, from 12i cents up, Hosiery in every variety, Shoes, Boots and Slippers, for Ladies and Children in fact almost every aiticle adapted to a Ladies' wardrobe, which it would require too much space to enumerate in detail. His stock of FLATS and BONNETS lor Ladies, Misses, and Children, is large, rich and CHEAP. His Groceries, Teas, Spices, Syrup, ike. &c. are all of the very"best quality. will consider it no trouble to shew his Goods, and he hopes the LADIES especial ly will call and examine his assortment wheth er they purchase or not. Always remember, however, that ELI FISHER'S is the place for BARGAINS! ! ! April 6, 1855. St. Nicholas Motel, €uml)c rI an i) , ill t) . The Proprietor respectfully begs leave to in form tin* travelling public that this house has re cently been thoroughly re-fitted and completely renovated, and is now. ready to receive guests. It is the earnest desire and intention ot the Proprietor to give perfect satisfaction to those who tavor him with their patronage. A libe | ral share is confidently expected. SAMUEL LUMAN, Proprietor. Successor to H. R. Dow & (Jo. ; Uumbcrland, Aug. 10, 1855. VALUABLE ."TlilS Property tor Sale! The subscriber, about to remove to California, offers at Private saie, his valuable Mill Proper ty, situate about 3 miles East of Bedford, on the Juniatta River, in Colerain the lower end uf Friend's Cove. I he Mill is lour stories high, frame, with three run of stones, two pair of which are Burrs, hav ing ail the machinery necessary to manufacture : merchant and country work in the best manner. It has one of the best water powers in the Uni ted States, which may be known from the (act l that during the last dry season it had abundance ot water, when nearly every other mill in the i neighborhood was stopped. I here a:e between 10 and 11 acres of land adjoining, six acres under post fence, about 4 of I which is meadow, on which is erected a good j two story big house, weather-boarded and plas- I tered, good water at the door, with all neces sary out buildings—also a fine orchard of choice j fruit, peaches and apples. j Being determined to sell purchasers w ill do 1 | well to examine this property soon. ! iCPTERMS will he made to suit the pur chaser, by giving approved Bonds. HIRAM F. ROHM. June 1, 1855. MACHNIE SHOP ! Two and Four Horse Thrashing Machines ! constantly on hand, and made of the very best j material. They ar>* greatly improved above j j any other of the kind to the advantage of th** i farmer. For sale at the MACHINE SHOP ot WILLIAM RITCHEV, ' j a short distance east of Bt ice's Hotel, Bed ford, Ptnna. Also, Pierpoint's Patent Strawshaker, which ; has not been surpassed any where, and are so ■ constructed that they operate smoothly and take but little power to drive them. They can be attached to any kind ot machine straps or tumbling shalt power. \x_f Farmers would do well to call and see i for themselves be lore purchasing elsewhere. Farming utensils of all kinds made to order. All warranted to give satisfaction. Repairing done at the shortest notice and . ! most reasonable terms. WILLIAM RJTCHEY, JMachinist. July 13, 1855.—3 m. PIBLiC SALE OF VALUABLE HEAL ESTATE ! There will be sob! at public Vendue, on the pre ; mises, on THURSDAY, the 2!) th dny of November ! next, the Mansion Property of John Keefle, deceased, ! situate in Bedford Township Bedford County, about | one nnle North of the Pittsburg turnpike, and about | four miles from Bedford, adjoining lands of Samuel i Hammond's heirs, George Marm and others; contain ing 301 acres and 71 perches of patented land and al j lowance. The land i- of the best quality and in a good state of cultivation, a large part cleared, and I the remainder well timbered. The improvements are a good two story brick hou-e, a double barn and all other nece-sary out buildings. Also a good apple orchard and other fruit ! trees. Attendance will be given and terms of sale made known on day of sale by : SAMUEL BROWN. | tSurvii'inz Exrrntor of the fast trill, i\-c, of John Knffr, ilrceaseit. Oct. 26, 1855. NOTICE. An application will be made to the Cover-! nor of this Commonwealth for the pardon ot ! C asklton Brook Pierce, who was convicted of Larceny at November Sessions, 1854. Oct. 26, 1855. | MORE NEW GOODS Just received at j Reed's Colonade Store, consisting of Cassi-. meres, Satinetts, Jeans, Wool-plaids, Mouslin de laines, Cobwrgs, Prints, ike., ike. HATS AND CAPS.— New style Hungarian : Hats, Drab and Pearl, Men and Bovs Blue ' Navy Caps just received by express at Reed's j Colonade Store. Oct. 26, 1855. STIUY STEER- Came to the premises of the subscriber living in Colerain Township, about the first of Sept. last, a dark Steer, w tili the left ear | urtlv off, ! with slit in it supjiosed to be a dog bite, hind : legs parti? white, supposed to he about 3 years' ' old, no other mark. The owner will come, pay I charges, and take him awav. SAMUEL DEAL. | Oct. 26, 1855. 1L GSoi'tkT, (loi Si & Watch linker AM) DEALER IN JEWELRY, Would respectfully announce to the citizens I of Bedford, and the public in general, that he | has opened a Jewelry Store in the building re ! cently occupied by H. Nicodemus, Esq. nearly ■ | opposite tiie Bedford Hotel, where he will he ' ; pleased to see all in want of articles in his line. He has on hand, and will constantly keep, an • elegant assortment of JEWELRY', and will re -1 pair Clocks and Watches in the bert style. He | hopes to receive a liberal share of patronage, as he feels satisfied he can render satisfaction to all who entrust him with their work. His terms j will be moderate. He has on hand Gold and Silver Watches, 1 Silver Spoons, Thimbles, Butter Knives, Gold 1 | arid Silver Pens and Pencils, kvc. ike. >! N. B. He still continues the Gunsmithing ! business, at his oid stand, in the East end ot j town, w here lie lias a good and competent work -1 ' man constantly employed. D. B. j j April 27, 1855. FRANKLIN FEMALE INSTITUTE FOR YOUNG LADIES, AT MERCERS BURG, PEXXA. The Winter Session of this Institute com mences on the first of October next. Terms :—For Board, Tuition, Room rent and ' Washing, per quarter of twelve weeks, §l2 50. MARSHALL COLLEGIATE INSTITUTE FOR YOl SO MUX AND HOYS. The Winter Session of this Institute commences on the tirst of October next. Terms: For Board, Tuition, Room rent anil Washing, per quarter of twelve weeks, §42 00. liy For further information address REV. J. R. KGOKEN, Mercersburg. Sept. 7, 1855. Important Notice. All persons having unsettled accounts with the late firm of Rupp &. Oster, are respectfully and most earnestly requested to call and settle ' up without delay. Oct. 26, 1855. SELLING OFF AT COST. Mrs. S. E. POTTS Would respectfully announce to the Ladies of Bedford and vicinity, that she has just owned a large and elegant assortment of all the new styles of Ladies Dress (>ootix, and as she is compefled to remove her store, she is determined, rather than move her goods, to sell off at cost. Among a large and splendid as sortment of goods, may be found the following

articles : Dresses and Mantillas, Super black and fancy Silks, Super late style of ladiej cloaks, A tine lot of satin and velvet bonnets, Cloaks, Mantles, anil Tolmers, Furs of all description, and all prices, Morenoes from 25 cts up Shawls, brochea, woolen, and blank, French Chintzes and Ginghams, Plain and emb'd Swiss Muslins, Fringes, Gimps, and Laces, Buttons, Braids and Cords, A rich assortment of Ribbons, Collars, Sleeves, and Chemizetts, Edgings and Insertings, A full supply of Mourning Goods, Best Kid Gloves of all colors, Handsome lot of ladiee shoes. Good Muslins for 6J cts. I he special attention of the Ladies is solicit ed to the very large assortment just received, j and offered at low prices for quality. Bedford, Oct 26, 1555. COLLECTORS FOR 1855 Will hear in mind that no exonerations will he allowed bv the Commissioners lor Militia Tax after the Ist Monday of December next. You wil Ihe prepared to make your escapes at .Novem ber Court. A. S. RI.'SSELL, Clerk to Com'is. Sept. 14. 1855. — --- Notice to Collectors, COLLECTORS of Taxes in possession of the j Duplicates of the Poor and House of Employ ment are ratified that, unless they make imme diate payment, suits will he instituted against them without respect to persons. Ibis notice is in earnest, and all who neglect it, will subject ' themselves to COSTS. Bv order of the Direc tors. JOHN H. RUSH, May 18, 1555. Treasurer. NOTICE TO COLLECTORS. The State Treasurer having made a peremp tory call on the Treasurer of this County, fur all State taxes up to and including those of '55, Collectors are, therefore, hereby required to j collect and pav over, without delay, the amount of State taxes yet due on their respective dupli cates. By order of the Commissioner?. JOHN MOWER, June 1, 1855. Attorney. Notice. All persons indebted to me, either by note j or Book account, are hereby notified that their 1 notes and accounts are left in the hands of 1 Henry, Esq., of the Borough of Bed lord, tor collection, where suit will be commen ced against ail who do not comply with this notice and make payment immediately. j! w. lingenfelter. Sept. 7. 1555. A CARD. MRS. MARY COOK (widow of Domiq^k Cook) would announce to visitors to the Springs, and the public generally, that, having secured the services of a gentleman eminently qualified to manage her affairs, the Washington Hotel is now readv to afford the best of accommodations. The house has been newly papered, painted and furnished, and she IVeis satisfied that all who patronize the "Washington" will be pleased.— She hopes to be liberally encouraged. Bedford, June 29, 1855. LUMBER! The subscribers have on hand and will constantly keep, (at the old stand of Lewis X. Fyan, in Juniatta township.) a lull supply of Lap and Joint Shingles, and Bonids of every diseription, which they will dis pose of on reasonable term-. PLATT K BROTHER. Sept. 7, IS r,r,. BEDFORD COI XTY, SS: At an Orphans' Court held at Bedford in and for the said County of Bedford on the 3d day of September A 1) 1855 Before the Judges of said Court On motion ofO. E. Shannon the Court grant a Rule upon the loirs and legal Representatives of James Barefoot late ol St Clair township de ceased to wit Rebecca intermarried with John Moore residing in Bedford County Elizabeth intermarried with Solomon Hammers residing in Somerset County Sarah intermarried with Frederick Reininger residing in Somerset Coun ty William Barefoot residing in Bedford Coun ty Isabella intermarried with James Taylor re siding in Bedford County James Barefoot resid- I ingin Bedford County Mary intermarried with Alexander Stanton residing in Somerset County Margaret intermarried with John P Bowers residing in Bedford County Samuel Barefoot re- I siding in Bedford County Job Barefoot residing | in Blair County Charlotte Barefoot residing in ! Bedford County and George Barefoot residing ! in Bedford County to be and appear at an Or i phans' Court to be held at Bedford in and for j said County on the 3d Monday llltli day of No vember next to accept or refuse to take the Real ! Estate of said James Barefoot deceased at the | Valuation which lias been valued and appraised | in pursuance of a writ of Partition or Valuation ! issued out of the Orphans' Court of Bedford j County and to the Sheriff of said County for i that purpose directed or show cause why the 1 same should not be sold by older of the said j Court. IN TESTIMONY Whereof I have here i unto set my hand and the sea! of said Court at Bedford the 10th dav of September A D 1555. D. WASHABAUGH, Clerk. | Attest: —Hugh Moore. Sheriff. Oct. 26, 1855. - - .J ■ Notice for Teachers. The Board of Directors of Common Schools, of Monroe Township, Bedford County, Pa., wishes to employ from ten to twelve School teachers, at a salary ot from 16 to 20 dol lars per month, according to their qualifica tions. Persons wishing to be employed, and having a certificate from the county Superin tendent, are rtquetsed to call forthwith at SAMUEL SNIVELY'S, Clearville. Oct. 26, 1855.* HEM HOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATIONS. I Ilelnibold's Highly Concentrated (fompounb i"liub (L'rtroit of Lhicliu, For Diseases of the Bladder and Kidneys, Se cret Diseases, Strictures, Weaknesses, and all diseases of the. S'Xitnl Organs whether in Male or Female, from whatever cause they may have originated ami no matter of bow long standing. If you have contracted the terrible disease which, ! when once seated in the system, will surely go down i from one generation to another, undermining the ; constitution and sapping the very vital fluids ol life, : do not 11 ust yourself in the hands of' Quacks, who! start up every day in a city like this, and fill the j papers with glaring falsehoods too well calculated to i deceive the young and those not acquainted with j their tricks. Vou cannot be too careful in the se- j lection of a remedy in these ca-es. THE FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU has been pro-1 nounced by eminent Physicians THE GREATEST I REMEDY EVER KNOWN. It is a medicine j perfeclly plea-ant in its ta-te and very innocent in its action,and yet .-o thorough that it annihilates every I particle ol the rank and poisonous virus ol Ibis dread- j I 1 disease ; and, unlike other remedies, it does not; dry up the disea-e in the blood. CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY, brought on by self-abuse, a mo.-t terrible disea-e, which has brought 1 thousands o f the human race to untimely graves,! thus bla-tina the brilliant hopes of parents, and i blighting in the bud the glorious ambition of inanv a noble youth, can be cured by this infallible remedy. And as a medicine which must benefit everybody, liom the simply delicate to the confined and despair ing invalid, no equal is to be found, acting both as a cure and preventative. HELM GOLD'S HIGHLY CONCENTRATED COM COUNT! 1-f.1.i1) EXTRACT SAlls Al' A K 11.t.A , For purifying the Blond, removing all di-eases aris ing from excess of Mercury, exposure and impru dence in life, chronic constitutional disease, arising from an impure state of the Blood, and the only re liable and effectual known remedy for the cure of i Scrofula, Gait Rheum, Scald Head, Ulcerations of | Ihe Throat and Legs, Pains anil Swellings of the Bones, 'Tetter, Pimples on the Face, and all ! Scaly Eruptions of ihe Skin. This article is now prescribed by some of the most distinguished Physicians in the country, and has pro- j ved more efficient in practice thanany preparation of Sarsaparilla yet offered to the public. Several cases of secondary "Syphilis, Mercurial and Scrofulous diseases have entirely recovered in the incurable wards ot our Public Institutions which had for many years resisted every mode of treatment that could be j devt.-ed. These cases furnish striking examples of \ the salutary effect- of this medicine in avrestingsome j of the most inveterate diseases, after the glands were ' destroyed and the hones already affected. NOTICE.— Letters Irom responsible Physicians 1 and Professors of several Medical Colleges, and certi- ! licates of cures from patients will be found accom- ! panyiug both Preparations. Prices—Fluid Extract of Buchu, §1 per bottle, i " " Sarsaparilla' " " or 0 bottles for $.7, equal iu strength to one gallon , Syrup of Sarsaparilla. Prepared and Sold by H. T. HELM BOLD, Chemist 2fi3, Chestnut iitreet, near tar Gerard House, I'll I LA ED LP IIIA. KF""To be ha ! of Dr. F. C. Reamer, Bedford, Pa. j July 20, 1535.—1y. NATIONAL HOTEL. CORNER BALTIMORE A MECHANIC STS. j CUMBERLAND, MD. .SOiSjfc M. KELLER, Proprietor. This Hotel, recently kept by Sam'! Lnman, is undergoing thorough repair and is a very fine, large, airv building, situated in the most central and business part of Cumberland. THE ROOMS are targe, and well fnrnished | with ail the necessary fixtures and appliances to render guests comfortable. It will be the earnest desire of the Proprie- : tors to render, in all respects, entire satisfac- j tion, and he flatters himself that bis efforts will j w ill be crowned with success. There is attached to said hotel an excellent, > stable capable of accommodating GO head of' horses. Drovers w ill find it to their advantage j to give him a call. A careful hostler in attendance at ail times. tCP'A porter in attendance at the cars, Kc. sif 'Rates of boarding 25 cts. per meal.— Boarders taken bv the week, mouth or year. Sept. 21, 1855. ~ " '" I Stray Heifer. Came to the premises of the subscriber living in St. Clair township, on the Ist of September last, a white and red spotted heifer, croppoff the left ear: no other mark: supposed a year and six months old. The owner is requested to come forward, prove property, and take her a way. VYM. SLEEK. Oct. 2G, 1855. BEDFORD COl NTY, SS: At an Orphans' Court held at Bedford in and for the County of Bedford on the 3d day of September A D 1855 Before the Judges of said Court On motion of 0. E. SHANNON the Court grant a rule upon the heirs and legal represen- ; tatives of Otho Wilson late of Southampton i Township deceased to wit Stephen residing in Bedford County Penna Alfred residing in A lie- j geny county Maryland Hugh residing in Bed- ' lord county Penna Susannah Rice wife of Solo- ; mon Rice deceased who is now dead leaving j issue seven children viz David residing in A lie- | ghenv county Maryland Alfred Jane Charlotte j Jonathan Francis and Eimira of whom O. E. i Shannon is Guardian Jackson residing in Alle- > gheny County Maryland Martha intermarried j wtiii Hiram Wollord residing in Allegany County Maryland Jonathan residing in Alle-j ghenv County Maryland Sarah intermarried ! with Henry Mills residing in Aileganv county j Maryland Otho residing in lowa and Jarniina j Wilson lesiding in Bedford county Penna to be ; and appear at an Orphans' Court to held at j Bedford in and for said County on the third ! Monday 19th of November next to accept or r.e- j fuse to take the Real Estate ol said Otho Wil- I son deceased at the Valuation which has been | valued and appraised in pursuance of a writ of: Partition or Valuation issued out of the Orphans' Court of Bedford County and to the Sheriff of said County for that purpose directed or show cause why the same should not be sold by or der of the said Court. IN TESTIMONY whereof I have here unto set my hand and the Seal of said Court at Bedfo d the 10th dav of September A D 1855. D. WASHABAUGH, Clerk. Attest: Hugh Moore, Sheriff, j Oct. 26, 1855. NOTICE. Ali persons indebted to the Estate of Andris l Saupp, late of the Borough of Bedford, deceased, will please make immediate payment —and those having claims against said Estate will ! present them properly authenticated for settie- I ment. AG MS SAUPP, Fxecutiix. j Oct. 26, 1855. NEW Bl'tiGY FOR SALE* O A new Buggy for sale for cash or ap- I i ed produce. Inquire at Reed's cheap Col 'H.dde Store. Bedford Academy ANI> FEMALE SEMINARY. W. W. CAMPBELL, Principal. Til* Ist Session of the Oth school year of this tn ; stitution will open on .Monday morning the 3d day ol | September. The past history of the Academy , will, we tru-t, he a sufficient guaranty of its luture efficiency. The branches taught will be the same as I heretofore. To MASTKK PRINCIPLES will be consid ! ered the most important pursuit of the pupils; and while it will be the constant business of the Instruc tor to impart knowledge, it will also be bis aim to lead his pupils to make a practical application of theiracquisitions. To load the mind with inmimer abiejormnlas. without causing it to use them, would he fike placing a bow in a child's hand, without teaching him how to bend it. In fine, it shall be our | object, as it has ever been, to lead the pupil to j THINK. X. B. Instruction in Book Keeping in all its bran ; che-. both Single and Double Entry will be given by the Principal. The Class in this study will be so ar ! ranged that any young men desiring to pursue this important branch in order to prepare themselves for clerkships ran rrrilr in it alone. This recitation will receive attention out of the regular school hour.-. Instruction in this branch will be extra and so charg ed. We look forward confidently to the patronage of this community, which has thus far been so gener ously extended, and by an undiminished assiduity, we hope to merit your support. Terms per quarter, as usual, to wit : CLASSIC*, $() 25 I 1 iiiUErt EXCLISM, f 00 MIDDLE " 4- 50 ELEJIEXTAUY " 4 00 ROOK KEEI-INO, (Extra) 5 00 Feb. 16, 1853. REGISTER'S NOTICE. ALL [arsons interested either as heirs credi tor* or otherwise are hereby notified that the follow ing named persons have filed their ac counts in tiie Registers Office and that they will be presented to the Orphans' Court of Bed | ford County on Friday the 23d day ot ber next, for confirmation at which time and place they may attend if they think proper. The account of William Wov administrator | of the Estate of Philip Swartz late of East Pro vidence township deceased. The account of John Mower and Samuel L. Russell Esqs administrators de bonis non with the Will annexed of William Lane late of Hope well Township deceased. The account of Frederick Turner Executor of last will Stc of Andrew Turner late of Har tison township deceased. The account of Thomas Blackburn adminis trator of John N Hammer late of St. Clair township deceased. The account of Philip Weaverling one of the executors of the last Will &c of Peter Weaver ling late of East Piovidence township deceased. The account of Josiah Ritchey administra tor of Henry Miller late of Bedford township deceased. The account of Johb Cessna and Alexander King Esqs Trustees for the sale of the Real es tate of Meshack Edwards late ol Broadtop township. D. WASHABAUGH, Register. Oct. 26, 1555. FOR RENT, And possession given on the Ist of June, a TAN YARD in the Borough of Bedford, with I all the fixtures complete, and a Dwelling adja ' cent thereto. Apply to either of the under | signed. VVm. Hartley, Job Mann, John H. Rush, March 30, 1555. For the Heirs. The Wonder of the Age!— Dr. TO BIAS' VENETIAN LINIMENT is warrant ed to cure Cholera, Colic, Sea Sickness, Chron ic Rheumatism, Tooth ache, Head ache, and Pains of all kinds or no pay. Great cure of Rheumatism, ("apt. COMSTOCK, ol the steamer Baltic (Collins line.) was cured of a severe at tack of Chronic Rheumatism in a few days by Dr. Tobias' celebrated Venitmn Liniment. Case !of Cholera. Mr. J Wright of the Firm of J. Wright is. Co. of No. 116 Chartree St. New ■ Orleans, was immediately cured of an attack of ' Cholera by Tobias' Liniment. Vomiting and ! Colic. Mrs. Joseph McCabbe No. 16 Essex St. New York, was cured of an attack of Colic and Vomiting by Dr. Tobias' Venetian Liniment.— Depot 60 Gourtland St. New York. Sold bv | all the Druggists. Agent—ROBERT FYAN, Bedford; A. Bunn, Schellsburg: John Nycunn : X. Son, Rays Hill: V. Wyant, Toll House east !of Bloody-Run, J. Barndollar & Son, Bloody I Run. Nov. 7, 1855. ly. WANTED at Reed's Colonade Store.— Wheat, Rye, Oats, Corn, and Buckwheat—also : all other approved produce, in exchange for : goods at cash prices. List of Causes ; Put down for Trial at November Term (19tb day) 1533. Jos S Morrison admr vs. John Folck ! Cath Sands use Moses Wisegarver i David C M'Cormick Abraham .Moses I J F Cox admr Daniel Logan i Aaron Donnelson John Griffith j Geo. Troutmaii Kobert Adams et at ; Peter Brant S M Barclays admr I Same Same j Jesse O'Xpal Stephen Riddinger : Pattousville K Woodberry TR C James Patton Same Thos King et at ; John Herr for use .1 W Beeler Henry Beegle Geovge Beegle ! John Cessna Peter Arnold i A R Galbraith Win. Galbraith exer. Samuel Corle John Alstudt "Garnishee" George Marker Eli Croft et at John Bridges Samuel Drenning H V Bramwell A B Maddan M A Baud et at S H Tate Esq F.lias llite Abraham Snowden Mary Davis J 11 HarbaugU Levi Flock Conrad Jinler Same Same < " Charles Hoy man D B Troutman Abraham Lehman S M Barclay's admr. J M Reynolds Same Samuel Barnhart Walter Shriver et at Samuel Drenning Win Deremore et al John Linday Duncan McVicker et al C Stoutfer's assignees A R Galbraith George Oats Isaac Hill Luke Feeny James Dunn I J H Adams Jared Hanks j Mary A Dobson Moses Wisegarver & Wife , Jacob Studebaker A W Shroyer et al J S Morrison admr Edward B Trout Levi Agoew for use Joseph Sellers 1) B Stewart Sill 6c McGregor John Drenning John Bridges D. WASHABAUGH, Prothonoiary. Oct. 2G, 1635.