Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, December 21, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated December 21, 1855 Page 2
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THE BEDFORD GAZETTE. Bedford, Bee. '2l, 1 G. W. Bowman, Editor and Proprietor- Bemocratic County leeling! The Democracy of Bedford County will meet, in Mass meeting, at the Court House in Bedford on MONDAY EVENING of the approaching Court to choose conferees to meet those of Fulton and Somerset to select a Senatorial delegate to the next State Convention and to make other ar rangements for a full and thorough organization of the Democratic Party of Bedford County.— It is hoped that every Democrat who can make it convenient to attend will <1 > so. Several speeches will be made on the occasion. JOHN P. HEED, Chairman County Committee. CC7* Absence fwm home, lor several days, has pre vented us from giving any attention to our editorial columns. GG?"Congress has not yet organized. The best part of a month has now been spent by that Know Noth ing body in trying to elect a Speaker, but without ef fect! Whilst these beautiful are acting out this farce, they are reckle>sly squandering about fifty thousand dollars per day of the People's money, according to the calculation of an intelligent gentle man we met in Harrisburg a few days since—lor, by the failure of the House to organize, the business of Ihe Senate, together with all the other Departments of the Government, have been brought to a dead stand 1 And three are the " Americans" that desire to rule "America !" rry We invite attention to ttie advertisement of Tiros. R. GF.TTVS, Jr., by which it will be seen that he has fitted op a room in the "Exchange Building," and is prepared to take pictures of the finest style.— Mr. Gettys' pictures ate good and handsome, and are said to "snatch a grace beyond the reach of art." i<r*SJT|#oaching; call and have your likeness taken, and present it to your friend. Exchange Hotel, liollitlaysbnrg, Pa. 017" Holiidaysburg has long been in want of a good Hotel, and the "Exchange" can now bp styled such, without any violation of the truth. It is kept by J. WINUATK, Esq., and is conducted in a manner that cannot fail to give entire satisfaction. The table is as good as any reasonable person could desire—the servants are attentive—and the beds and chambers are clean and comfortable. Whilst Mr. WIXOATK possesses all the qualifications of a good Landlord within himself, his assistant, WM. F. BAIICOCK, Esq. i- certainly one of the most accommodating and gen tiemeoly men we have ever met as the manager of a Hotel. The "Exchange" has recently undergone a thorough repair, being newly papered and painted— and we take pleasure in recommending it as a Hotel every way worthy the patronage of the travelling public. Another of the clever gentlemen to be found about the "Exchange" is A. HKAKMITT, Esq., agent for the Hack running between that place and Bedford, who does all in his pown to render comfortable those who travel the road, which, like most of country roads, is very rough at this season of the year. This, however, is no fault of the Proprietors of the Line. Robbery of the Arsenal. [{./""JAMES A. DRANE, Superintendent of the State Arsenal at Harrisburg, has been arrested and is now in the Dauphin County Jail on a charge of abstracting and fraudulently disposing of certain arms belonging to the Commonwealth. A. Cont'dv, a member elect to the Legislature from Philadelphia, and at present conductor on the Pennsylvania Rail Road, is also strongly implicated in this dirty transaction, and has been bound over to answer at the approaching Criminal Court in Harrisburg, which takes place in January, when all the facts connected with the case will be fully developed. The arms have been recovered and will be returned to the Arsenal. An example will be set in this case, which, we think, will he instrumental in putting a check to Commonwealth stealing, which lias been carrietl to an alarming extent during the past fifteen or twenty years, a fact generally admitted, whilst the ofleiiders have escaped punishment. No class of men should be so severely dealt with as those who violate the sacred trust reposed in them of administer ing the aflairs of government, whether in high V more obscure places. Gen. f ass autl the Presidency* We are authorized (says the Washington Union,) by General CASS to say that in the caucus of demo cratic senators on Wednesday last he declared that tie was 110 candidate for the presidency, and that he was unwilling for his name to be presented as such at the National Convention. Whilst General Cass thus positively writhdraws his name from the presi dential canvass, be has abated none of his zeal in be half of democratic principles, and none of his patrio tic devotion to the cause of the constitution and the Union. Since writting the above, we received the Peun sylvanian of yesterday morning, which contains the subjoined letter: DETROIT, Nov. 2'i, 15.75. GENTLEMEN : I have received your letter asking me if I arn a candidate for the office of President of tlre t inted States, and expressing the gratification it would give you to support me lor that high station. Whiie thanking you lor this manifestation of your kindness and confidence,of which 1 shall always pre serve a grateful recollection, I reply that 1 am not a candidate for the presidency, nor do 1 desire that my name should be presented iri connection with it to the consideration of the democratic party of the U riion. 1 am, gantlenieu, with great regard, truly yours, LEWIS CASS. Andrew J. Websters, Esq. and others. Si SHAYS IN EXULAND. —The committee on the National Sunday League are circulating petitions lor the opening of Museums, Picture galleries, botanical gardens, the Crystal Palace, und other public buildings throughout the United Kuidom, on Sunday afternoons. THE MARKETS. Puri.ADELPHIA, Dec. 17.—Sales of I,GOO hbls. superfine at $8,50. There is a limited demand for home use at $8,50 a $8,75 per bbl, for common to good brands, and $8,57ia59,50 lor extra and better brands. Rye J lour is with out inquiry. Corn meal is dull at per bbl. The demand for wheat is very limited, and prices are lower. Smalt sales of red at 185 a 195 c., and white at 200 a 205 c. Rye is lower. Sales ol 4,000 bu. Retina, at 123 c. Corn is in good demand. Sales of 10,000 bu. at 80 a 85c. per bu. lor new yellow, as in dryness, and some mixed at 85c. Oats are dull. Sales of 2,000 bu. at 40 a 12c. per bu. for fair to prime. FURTHER FROM CALIFORNIA. Jlrrivnl of the Prometheus at .X'eic Orleans. NORTHERN LIGHT .ilt .Yew York. ! ______ NEW ORLFANS, Dec. 10. The steamship Prometheus, from San J nan, arrived on Saturday, with California dates to the 20th ult. She lelt San Juan on the 2d instant, with the passengers brought down by the uncle sam. Her passengers consequently made the I trip in about 17 days. The transit over the Isthmus was effected in 28 hours. The Uncle Sam left San Francisco with 250 passenger s and §350,000 in Gold, i |Her news is anticipated by the Northern Light, at New York, yesterday, which will be 1 found below.| : New YOUK, Dec. 11. The steam ship Northern Light, from San Juan, arrived at her wharf at I o'clock this af ternoon, bringnig dates from California to the 20th ult. Gen. Win. H. Richardson, United States Marshal for the Nortben district of California, was assassinated at San Francisco on the night of tlie 17th of November, by an Italian gambler named Cossa. Isaac B. Wall, Collector of the Port at Mon terey, has been murdered near San Luis Chispo, together with a companion named Thomas Williamson. The murder of Gen. Richardson had caused intense excitement at San Francisco, and stren uous efforts were being made by certain parties to get the assassin out of the hands ot the au thorities for the punpose of lynching him, but these attempts had been frustrated by the thin ness of the Sheriff. Mr. Williamson who was killed in company with collector Wall, was th" assessor of Monte rey county. The murderers ol the latter gentle man were supposed to be a party of Mexicans and a trader named Corcia. Pursuit was made by a party of Americans under the Sheriff of the countv, the murderers were overtaken atSalina, when a fight ensued, during which two of the Sheriff's party were killed. Capt. Archibald Mcßea, of the Ravetiue Cut ter McLean, had committed suicide during a temporary (it of insanity. Tlit? Indian difficulties in the north continues. A battle had been fought on Bouge River, be tween 300 Indians and 4-00 Regulars under Capt. Smith ol Fort Lane. The light lasted 9 hours, when the troops were obliged to re treat, with the loss of IS killed and 25 wound ed. Gen. Wool had proceeded to the scene of trouble. Tho dates from Salt Lake are to the 11th of October. Difficulties had occurred between the Mormons and the Eutaw Indians. Several Mormons have been murdered. The banking house of Sanders Brennan,at San Francisco, had failed. T heir liabilities are 80,000 —their assets nothing. Some rain had lallen, and there was much snow in the mountains, but the winter rains had not set in. The minners are awaiting the rainy season, and not much gold is coming in. The steamer John L. Stephens arrived upon the 14-th, and the Sierra Nevaoa on the Kith, all well. RECEPTION or THE KINO OF SA-KDINIA IN PARIS. —The Paris correspondent of the London Times, under date of November 23, writes: The great event of this day is the arrival of the King of Sardinia in Paris. From 11 o'clock this morning* a.considerable portion of the pop ulation of Paris tiiruriged toward the terminus of the Lvotis railroad to receive, and welcome with their acclamations, Victor Emmanuel.— Though the MonHeur had announced that the royal COr/ege would pass aiong the quavs and the Rue de Rivoii, a great many houses on the Boulevards, the clubs and theatres, were from an earlv hour decorated with flags, displaying the nalional colors of France, England, Sardi nia, and Turkey. The Cirque An poison, in particular, was re marked for the elegance of its decorations.— The Rue de Rivoli, the jtlacz of the Hotel de Viile, and the quays—in fact, the entire line a long which the King was to pass—were similar ly adorned, as also the faqnade of the station and the large court-yard. On the pi net itself de tachments of lout chasseurs and of the line kept tlie ground, and the guards of honor within the court were selected from the grenadiers and vol tigeurs of the Imperial Guard. A canopy of crimson velvet, fringed with gold, hung over the door of the waiting-room, which had been transformed into a splendid saloon, hung with red velvet, fastened up with gold. Clusters of tiags belonging to the allied na tions, with the name of V ictor Emmanuel, and the shields with his roval arms, completed the ornament. A rich carpet extended from the doar to the path-way, on which the King was to step from the carriage, and galleries to the right and left had been prepared lor those who were specially invited. A detachment of the Cent-Gardes and Guides were drawn upon both sides of the entrance to the waiting-room, and seven of the imperial carriages awaited his Maj esty and suite. At !'2J o'clock Prince Napoleon left the Pa lais Royal in a stale carriage, preceded by two outriders wearing the imperial livery. Marshal Magnan, Col. Fleury, the Prefects of the Seine and Police, and a great number of public func tionaries, civil and military, awaited Prince Napoleon at the railroad station. The members of the council of administration, the station mas ters, and all the employes, were drawn up with in. .At 1 o'clock, precisely, the arrival of the royal train was announced, and in five minutes after the locomotive, decked out with the Sar dinian colors, stopper! ; the drums beat to arms, and the full hand of the Guides, who were sta tioned at the entrance of the reception room, struck up the .1 lurch o'e Snvtiic. The King, who wore the uniform of a colonel of Hussars, descended from the carriage, and was received first by Prince Napoleon, whose hand he shook warmly, and replied to the words of welcome ol tlie Prince. The loyal cortege entered the waiting room ; the whole of the persons who filled it rose, and received his Majesty with acclamations of "Vive le Roi"Vive It Prince JS'apolron which were taken up and repeated by the crowd which thronged the court of the station arid the ap proaches to it. The carriages soon drove up in order at the entrance, and the King and his attendants en tered them. Prince Napoleon and his Majesty entered the same carriage, which was preceded by four outriders wearing the imperial livery, and the whole of the cortege began to move in the following order : A squadron ol Guides, with the hand : three court carriages, preceded each bv thr-e outriders ; the royal carriage, pie ceded by outriders, and followed by a squadron of Cent-Gardes. Colonel Fleury rode at the right, and Col. New at the left, and a squadron of the Cuirassiers of the Imperial Guard closed tlie procession. Though rain was failling, the crowd was con- ; siderable along the line through which the King passed, and received the royal visiter with warm acclamations. The cortege soon alter entered the Palace do Carousal by the passage of the Pavilion de Rohan, and entered the Court of the Tuilerms by the triumphal arch. The drums were beating to arms, the troops present ted arms, and the acclamations became louder and louder as the King approached the Palace. The apartments of the Pavilion Marsan ai -0 those occupied bv the King during his stay at the Toil erics : and the aides-de-camp, orderly officers, and physicians occupy the next apart ments. SMOKING MEAT. A writer in the Reading Journal on this sub ject, says : "Smoking meat is rather ridiculed by some of our eastern Yankees, but if the thing is well done, we shall be encouraged, and continue to do so notwithstanding. "By some of our farmers it is often conducted with carelessness, selecting for that purpose a lot of old, half decayed stumps, wet and worm eaten in the bargain. The idea of smoking with wormy wood is not only unpleasant, but un wholesome, for by the burning of animal sub stance, empty retimatic oil is eliminated. "If the srnokt* is made of wet and half rotten wood, the wood is sour, the smoke bitter, and mostly steam. I have often heard people ask why it was that their meat drips so while smo king. The reason is plain. I'se proper mate rials (or making the tire, and there will be but little steam, and consequently little water to saturate the meat. "For this purpose select dry materials, and such as have not vet undergone any fermenta tion or decomposition, and the smoke thereof will he flavored after the peculiar woody fibre burned. Corn cobs produce, accordingto some, a "sweet smoke," containing little water, nmj will he found to answer the purpose admirably. "The method which, upon trial, I found to answer best, was to engage some sawdust with a sawyer, of live hickory, and this, before using, dry in the oven. "First kindle a fire with corn cobs, (but not so large as ordinarily) cover with dried sawdust, and lastly, throw upon this a few branches of Juniper. This contains an essential volatile oil. which will be found to mix with the smoke of the cob and hickory, and imparts a very palata ble and pleasant aroma to the meat. It beats gin. Elections in Massachusetts. De feat of Know-JS'oihinnism. BOSTON, Dec. 9. Our Municipal election to day resulted in the triumph of the Citizens" tick et for Mayor, with a laige majority of the Al dermen and Common Council. The vote for Mayor stands Alexander H. Bice, (Citizens'can didate), 7,38b; Dr. N. B. Shuttled, (American), 5,456. This evening the triumph of the Citizens' ticket is signalized by a procession, 'music,ban ners, ike. LOWELL, Dec. 10. —Dr Elisha Huntington, the Citizens' candidate tor Mayor, is elected by 800 plurality. The entire Citizens' ticket for Aldermen, Councilmeii and School Commission ers, is elected. WORCESTER, Dec. 10. —The Citizens' ticket for Mayor and Aldermen is elected bv 170 plu rality. Hon. Isaac Davis the Mayor elect. .NKWRVRYPORT, Dec. 10. —The Anti-Ameri cans have elected Gushing for Mayor by about 85 plurality, together with four of the six Al dermen and two-thirds of the Common Council. About 1,000 vutes were polled. BOSTON, Dec. 11.—The election in Roxburv for Mayor, yesterday, resulted in the election of John S. Sleeper, the candidate of the Liberal At Charlestown, Timothy Sawyer, the Cit izens' candidate for Mayor, was elected. FATAL RAILROAD ACCIDENT. —As the express train from Harrisburg to this city upon the Northern Central Railway was on its down ward trip on Saturday morning last, it ran over and caused the instantaneous death of an aged lady nnn,eu Rebecca Foreman, a resident of this city. The particulars of this deplorable affair were detailed to us as follows :—As tire train was running a short curve in the neighborhood of Freeland, some thirty-three miles from this city, the engineer discovered the lady about one hundred yards ahead, walking on the track, when lie immediately whistled down the breaks upon the train and reversed his engine, but all to no purpose as she was caught up by the cow catcher and so mangled a* to cause immediate death. The body was taken in charge by the officers of the train and conveyed to Parkton station, to which place C. C. Adreon, Esq., the superintendent of the road, repaired as soon as the affair was known here, with a view to hav ing an inquest field over the remains and taking charge of the same.— Baltimore Sun. Dec. 10th. Br. I:A OSTITI S. —Speaking of the prevailing high prices of breadstuff* and the immense sup plies lor exportation which the country is capa ble of affording, (he Buffalo Courier remarks : There is hardly any limit to our surplus of wheat and cm n, and if the demand abroad should carry 100,000,090 bushels, which is almost four times as much as we have ever expoited in one year, there would still he an abundant supply for home consumption. Strange as it may seem, that with a large surplus on hand, fully equal to supply the demand from abroad, prices should rule so higli: it is, nevertheless, in obedience to a law of trade, which makes a sudden impulse push the market values beyond a due limit, as well as to another law of trade which makes a derangement in the ordinary channels of sup ply, produce, for a time, all the consequences of an actual scarcity. TH AT ELOPEMENT CASE. — We staled on Wed nesday (savs the Troy Traveller) that a woman recently arrived at Chirago, from Kansas, with the dead body of her husband, which she was taking East lor burial, and that on the route she fell in with a young man, arid on arriving at

Chicago they went off' together, leaving the dead body of the husband in the depot. But it seems that the latter part of the statement was erroneous, for the woman forwarded the dead body on,and it arrived in this citv on Saturday, and she arrived with Iwr new husband on Mon day, and the funeral of the deceased husband was held at Waterford on Tuesday last. PUBLIC SALE OF Valuable Real Estate llnf In Broad-Top Township! By virtue of an Order of the Orphans' Court qf Bedford County, the undersigned will offer at public sale, on the premises, on MONDAY, the 14th day ofJanuary, 1856, the following described real estate, to wit: The one undivided half of a small tract of land all unimproved—adjoining lands of James Fi gard, Joseph Richeson, Jacob Stine, now Schell and Daugherty and others, containing about 14 acres. ALSO—a small tract of land containing 8 acres and 122 perches improved and adjoining iands of Amos Figard, VVilliam T. Daugher ty, John Griffith in right of James Figard, Jeremiah Williams and Jacob Moyers. Also the. MANSION PLACE of Jameg Fi gard, deceased, containing about 333 acres, partly cleared and under fence, with a Frame House, Log Barn and other out-buildings there on, adjoining lands of John Griffith, Joseph Richeson, James Figard and others, subject to a right tc tiie coal and minerals, conveyed bv James Figard, deceased, to lion. William T. Daughertv. [LPTERMS:—One-third on the 11th of February, 1856, and balance in two equal anna! payments, without interest, to be secured by ! judgment bonds. JOSEPH FISHER, (iuardian of John Figard, \ Dec. 21, 1855. I . .... . : . PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE In Broad-Top Township! Bv viitueofan Order of the Orphans' Court ft Bedford County, the undersigned will offer at public sale, on the premises, on .Monday the 13th day of January, 1856, the following des <ribed two tracts of COAL LAND, the one con tuning 200 acres, and adjoining lands of John Griffith, Edward Shreves and others, part ot •vhich is cleared and under fence. The other contains 51 acres and 90 perches, purveyed on a warrant to Hon. William T. Oaugherty, dated April 10, 1852. This tract idjoins the above, John Griffith, Edward Shreves Itul others. iCj^TERMS—One-third to be paid on the 11th of February, 1856, and habitue in two equal anual payments, without interest, to be it-cured by judgment bonds. GEO. W. FIG A RD, Acting Executor of the Inst Will, <!yc., of James FigttrJ, deceased. Dec. 21, 1855. ! . NOTICE. The Orphans' Court in for the County of ; Bedford having appointed the undersigned to .distribute the balance ot the funds remaining in ] the hands of Josiah Richey, administrator of the estate of Henry Milter, deceased, will attend to the duties of his appointment at bis office, in the Borough of Bedford, on FRIDAY the 4th day of January, A. D. 1856, when and where all parties can attend rf they see proper. J .NO. P. REED, Auditor. Dec. 21, 1555. NOTICE. j The undersigned appointed by the Orphans' I Court of Bedford County, to distribute the mu- I nevs remaining in the hands ot Hon. Jos. B. t Noble,one the Executors of the last Will ike., of William Galbraith, deceased, will attend to the duties of his appointment on MONDAY, the 7th day of January 7 , A. D. 1856, at his office, in the Borough of Bedford, when and where all parties interested can attend it they see proper. J NO. P. REED, Auditor. Dec. 21, 1855. Notice. The partnership heretofore existing and tra ding under the firm ot CONRAD is. CHRISTY, on I section No. 32 on the Huntingdon and Broad top Raii Road, was dissolved on the 16th day : of June last, 1855. JAMS CONRAD, JOSIAH CHRISTY. Dec. 21, 1855 * 'j i\ews ft'oi* the I'eopSe! LATE ARRIVAL OF NEW So CHEAP Goods at REED'S Colonntle Store ! The subscriber has just returned from the eastern cities, and is receiving and opening a ' large assortment of splendid goods, selected with ' care and suitable to the season, consisting of LADIES DIIESS GOODS ,j of the newest styles. Silks, Merinoes, Cash , | mere, Parisian Twill, Alpaccas, De iains De Braize and wool plaids, lnsertmgs, French . i worked collars and under sleeves. Silk and Gum j Belts—Cloths ot all shades. Cassiiners, plain . | and fancy satinetts. Jeans, Tweeds, Overcoats, ■ ! Buffalo overshoes tor Ladies and Gents. Gum shoes and sandals. A large assortment of boois, Hardware and Qtieensware. GROCERIES, ■ I Comprising Rio, Java, Laguira Coffee. Sugars ! ot alt descriptions. Syrups and Molasses. Rice, f Tobacco, Spurm Oil, ike., ike. ! Bring on your cash and produce to Reed's • Store where you will find all you want at the ■ lowest cask prices. JACOB REED. , Dec. 14-, 1855. Improved Daguerreotypes! i All who wish to have a good likenes ofthemselves , or of their friends, can now be accommodated at the "Kxchange Building," immediately above the Store 1 ! of A. R. Cramer, where DAGFF.RRKf) TYPF.S ol • I all sizes are done up in the most beautiful style by THOMAS R. GETTYS, JR. Taken singly or in groupes. Persons taken after decease. I.adies anil Gentlemen are respectfully invited to ' call and examine the specimens. I Young Lady, bring in that venerable father and i that watchful mother, and secure a likeness to-day for to-morrow it may be too late. Mother, bring in ' those little ones with curling locks and sparkling ' eys: they will make pretty pictures, and then should t death remove thein, you can exclaim— "Gone to their rest yet we would not recall them Back to this world of sorrow and pain; Gone to their rest where no ill can befall them, | Yet we have their likeness both perfect and plain." Gold Lockets single and Double. Also fancy cases : constantly on hand. Instructions given in the art, and apparatus furnish- I ed on reasonable terms. Dec. 21, P>->5. DIE O , At Kays Hill. Bedford County, Pa., on Sunday : morning the 10th inst., Si sis F.lizabktu Tate, eldest daughter of John and Mary Black, aged o years ' and 11 months. "No more 1 clasp thpe in my arms, Or nurse thy Idtie head ; No more I watch thy gentle slepp, For thou, my babe art dead. "No more I look for thee on earth, A world of grief anil phin ; But yet 1 know, my darling babe, 1 shall see thee again." STRAY HOGS. Came to the premises ot the subscriber, living in Southampton township, Bedford County, on the 2lst day of November last, five HOGS, one j having a crop out of each ear, and the rest no j perceptible marks. Two are black and sandy 1 mixed. The owner is desired to come forward, j prove property, pay charges, and take them j away. JOS. BARNES. Dec. I t, 1855.* .. • ijk PUBLIC SALE OF Valuable Real Estate, hi South Woodbury Township, Beit ford Co. J By Virtue ol an Order of the Orphan's Court of Bedford County, the subscriber will sell, for the payment of debts, by public vendue, on the premises, on FRIDAY the 1 Ith day of Janua ry, 1856, the valuable MANSION FARM of Jacob Diddle, deceased; containing, as is sup posed, 115l l 5 acres and allowance, (the exact quantity will he determined by a survey, he- j fore the dav of sale) situate in South Woodbury Township, Bedford Count v, adjoining lands of Isaac Ebersole, David Brumbaugh, and others. From 120 to 130 acres is cb-aied and under fence, with a good two story house, a log barn and two apple orchards thereon. The grain in the ground i< reserved; posses- I sion to be given the first of April next. (Cir* TERMS :—Enough in cash at the Con-, j firmation of sale (1 1 th February 1856) to pay the debts (between two and three thousand dol lars) one-third of balance to remain in Ihe hands ■if purchaser for the Widow, the remainder in ; tw o equal annua! payments, without interest. JACOB S. BRUMBAUGH, .Jdministrutor of the Estate of Jacob hiddle deceased. Dec. 11, 1855. NOTICE. The partnership heretofore existing between the undersigned, under the name and firm <>i Web-el N Foster, in the Coach and Wagon ■ Manufactory, is this dav disolved by mutual consent. I lie business of the late firm will lie i settled up by Win. Weisel, who is authorized to j collect all accounts <Nc. and pay the debts of the 1 firm. WM. WEfSEL, JOHN FOSTER, Dec. 11, 1855. FINAL NOTICE. All persons knowing themselves indebted to the late firm of Saxsom & Mili.kk, either by, note or Book account, will do well to have , them settled by the first of January, 1855. al ter that time they will he place in the hands of a proper officer tor collection. A. J. SANSOM. Surviving Partner. Dec. 7, 1855. 3t. A SECOND SUPPLY OF FALL AND WINTER GOODS. The undersigned begs leave to inform his friends and the public that he has just received from th<* eastern tides, and is now exhibiting AT (HEAP SIDE, a general assortment of new style fall and Winter Goods, comprising a great variety of LADIES' DRESS GOODS, lof the latest styles : such in part as Black and ; Fancy Silks, Merinoes, Cashmers, Cohurg arui j Thibet Cloths, Alpaccas, Mousselin Delaines,; j Mousseline De lieges, Fancy Prints, lrom a tip I j up, Muslin, bleached and unbleached, from a tip j | up, all widths, Thibet and Bay State Shawls, Blue, Black, Brown and Olive French Cloths, j , Sup'r Black and Fancy Cassimeres, Tweeds, j Cassinetts, Jeans, Nestings, Merino Shirts and ; Drawers, Hats ar.d Caps, Boots and Shoes in i great variety, &.C., Nc. (* kuckbsekk. ; Sup'r Golden Syrup and N. O. Molasses, best Rio and Java Coffee, N. O. clarified, crushed, i j and granulated Sugars, Spices, Teas, Chocolate, j Extract ol Colile, Rice, Tobacco, Drugs and j Oils, together with every other article adapted j to the w ants of the people, all which he is de- j termined to sell CHEAP FOR CASH, or ap j proved produce. j He respectfully invites all in search of bar- 1 ! gains to give him a call before purchasing.— ! Thankful for past favors he hopes by fair tieal ; ing, and a desire to please, to continue to mer- ' ; it and receive a liberal share of the public pa- ' jtronage. GEO. W. REPP. Dec. 7, 1855. BOOK BINDING STORE. Tlip subscriber would respectfully inform the Public that he still continues to carry on the 80011 BINDING^ in No. Bof the Franklin Buildings Chambers-j burg; where all binding entrusted to his care j will be punctually attended to, and bound with j neatness and care. He still continues to keep on hand a good as sortment of Religious, Historical Miscellane nous Blank and School Books, Stationery &.C., which lie will sell on moderate terms. THOS. W. WRIGHT. Dec. 7, 1855. j LEATHER. FRITZ, HENDRY & CO. No. 29, North THIRD street, Philadelphia. I Morocco Manufacturers. Couriers and Jmpor -1 ters of FRENCH Calf-Skins, and dealers in Red I and Oak Sole Leather and Kipp, j March 9, 1855 ly. CORN and BUCKWHEAT MEAT i sal ;; !, y G. w. RRci'p r Dec. 7, lßo>. II you want cheap Goods call at Cb sides. a?> A new Buggy for sale by G. W Rrpn D.-c. 7, 1855. • "u. IM SSL6K WALK OF VALUABLE TOWN PROPERTY! By viittip of an Order of the Orphans' Corfu' of Bedford County, the undersigned willolTemt public vendue or outcry, on the premises L the Borough of Bedford, on SATURDAY, 'thy 29th day of December inst., the following <fo s _- cribed Real Estate, to wit : All that House and Lot of ground situate ori IV est Pitt street, in the Borough of Bedford numbered 33 in the general plan of said Bor ough, amrhounded as follows, viz: On the F -as ( by a twenty feet alley, on the West bv Lot No 3i, on the North by Pitt Street aforesaid, and | oil the South by a twenty feet allev, extending ; sixty feet front on Main Street and running I South two hundred and forty feet to the South ern boundary aforesaid, late the property of : Thomas Kkkffk, deceased—arid now in the oc | cupancy of Maj. S.Davis, ami Win. Kisnn ; This property is pleasantly located, the lmprove i rr : ef:tsare iri good repair—and persons desiring ; a comfortable private residence will do v>ll to | examine it! TERMS—Cash. Sale to commence at 2 o'clock, P. M. G. 11. SPANG, Administrator of the Estate of Thomas Keejfe, deceased. Dec. 7, ISSN. PLBLIC SALE OP 900 JSCRES OF L-L\ D ! By virtue of sundry orders of the Orphans' Court of Bedford County, the undersigned a ill offer at Public sale, on the premises, m Bean's Cove, Southampton township, on SATURDAY ; the 29th day of December next, the follow foe i Real Estate, to wit : The one undivided half part of 771 acres late the property of Solomon Rice, deceased, adjoining lands of Jacob Clitz, Benjamin Wig field, Daniel Folk and others. This land lb* | ten miles from Cumberland and three miles ; from the Turnpike leading thereto. 1 f>o acres are cleared—the balance weli timbered. The Improvements are Three Log Dwelling : and Double Log Barn. There is also an orchard ; and -t springs of excellent water upon the pre | rnises. This property can tie divided so as to i suit two or more purchasers. On the same day will be off-red for sale the real Estate of Otho Wiison, deceased, adjoining tl e above and containing 152 aties. about 50 cleared and under fence. The Improvements are a double log House and Barn. There are several acres ot good meadow land, ar.d that not cleaied is well timbered OCr-TERMS :—One-third on the 11th of February, lS5(i, and the balance in two equal annul payments without interest. O. E. SHANNON, Trustee, for the Sale of the Rent Es tate of Solomon Rice, deceased. HUGH WILSON, Trustee of Otho Wilson's Estate. j Dec. 7, 1855. PIBLiC SJLE OF HEAL ESTATE. The undersigned -will offer at Public Sal?on WEDNESDAY the 26th day of December next, at the late residence of Abraham Sparks, di'ceased, in West providence Township, at 10 o'clock, A. M., of said day, his four contiguous and adjoining tracts of land, situate in said town ship. and containing in all 305 acres. The number of acres in the Mansion Proper ty is 131, and the improvements area two story frame house, big barn, spring house and granary. There is also two Orchards on this tract, about 100 acres cleared and the balance well timber e<l. One other tract adioining the above and con taining 90 acres, 50 of which are cleared. One other tract containing 53 acres, •>'! | which are cleared, with a story and a-had Frame House and a small orchard thereon. The other tract contains twenty acres and is ; well timbered. fC/ = *TER\IS : One third on the Ist ofAprii, 1856, ami the balance in two equal anna! pay ments without interest. SOLOMON SPARKS, Dec. 7, 1855. PIBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE EEAL ESTATE. Bv virtue of an order of the Orphans Court of Bedford Count v, the undersigned adwiinidra | tor of the estate of Abraham Sparks, late i I West Providence township, deceased, vvn! Ix j pose to Public sale, at the MANSION PRO PERTY of said deceased, in said Township, on WEDNESDAY the 26th day of December ! next, all the real estate of said decedent not !- ken at the valuation by the heirs or sold, viz. i The Mansion Tract (>/) containing 301 acr j and allowance, and having thereon erected a large and commodious Stone lavern sla"'b 1 three Private Dwelling houses, Barns, Staines ! Wagon-Sheds and other out buildings, remf r i ing it one of the most convenient properties itu public business in the County, fhe soil is | good and well adapted to agricultural purpose-, j besides being in a high state ol cultivation -m 1 j well watered. The main body ol this laot. ■ > j upon the north side of the Juniata River, u li the Turnpike passes through by the improv j ments above mentioned. ALSO— {F.) a tract containing S3J acres ! situate in East Providence Township, a : "- 'j 1 I joining lands of Nvcum, Diehl, Black and < ers; lately purchased from Samuel I ah' S a . ministrator, known as the "Woll Pen. IfF-TERMS: One third in hand at !he con fir mat ion of sale on the 11th cJfi.V ' ' and the balance in two equal anual P a J without interest. JOHN CI>SVL Jlctin? . Id minis! rator ot Estate of . Ibraham Snnrks, dent"' •• Dec. 7. 1855. Important Notice. All persons having unsettled accounts the late tirin of Rupp &. Oster, are reap'ih• | and most earnestly requested to can an ; up without delay. 1 Oct. 26, 1855.