Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, December 21, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated December 21, 1855 Page 3
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SELLING OFF AT COST. g. E. POTTS It respectful announce to the of !1 and y icinity > that she has just opened | and elegant assortment of all the new a :ar - e !• "ladies i>re*s Woods, , 1S compelled to ren.ove i.e.- store, she ,C Mined, rather than n.ove her goods, to MM. cost. Among a large and splendid as- t ol'sootls, may be found the following Jftlclt ' S p-csses and Mantillas, super black and Fancy Silks, Super late style ot ladies cloaks, \rine lot of "satin and velvet bonnets, Cloaks, Mantles, and Talmers, purs of all description, and all prices, .Morenoes Irom -5 cts up Shawls, brochea, woolen, and blank, French Chintzes and Ginghams, plain and emlTd Swiss Muslins, Fringes, Gimps, and Lac- >, Pulton*, lh aids and- Lords, A rich assortment ot .Ribbons, Collars, Sleeves, and Chemizetts, Kdgings and Insertings, v lull supply of Mourning Goods, liest Kid Gloves ot all colors, Handsome tot of ladiee shoes. Good Muslins lor 6 i cts. rue special attention of the Ladies is solicit .!! ,j ie very large assortment just received, ""i"-ifl'ered at "low prices for quality. Bediofd, Oct ~6, ISSo. - hI ;MCOLILS GENUINE PREPARATIONS. Helnilwlii's Highly Concentrated iLoaipotnicJ iituii Attract of Xhtehn, j f ,r Diseases of Ike Bladder and Kidneys, Sc- Diseases, Strictures, Weaknesses, and 1,11 diseases of the Sexual Organs vhdJier in Male or Female, whatever cause they may have originated and. Muter of how long .standing. 1 "T i.-u have contracted the terrible disease which. - ll'once seated in the system, will surely so down d.' "ore generation to another, undermining rhe S ' ; .titßtionand sapping the very vital tluids ot lite, ; V nott.ust yoursejt in the hands o! Quacks, who T,.' u p every day in a city like this, and till the with falsehoods too well calculated to wive the young'and ?ho-e not acquainted with - i tricks-* You cannot be too careful in the se en ot a remedv in these cases. |-ji,; l l.L'll) EXTRACT BI'UHU has pro- " V,l hv eminent Physicians Tills GREATEST _ \IKD~y ETEII A'-VOH'.V. It is a medicine lerfecilv pleasant in it> !a-te and very innocent in its ! , d vet -o thorough that it annihilates every Article ol the lank and poisonous virus ot this dread- ■ -rase; and, unlike other remedies, it does not iin-'uptbe disea-e in the blood. i-(iNSTITITiONAL DEBILITY , brought on by -elf-abese, a roost terrible disease, which has brought ! ; ,i -aniN - I the liurriaii race to untimely graves, r-s bia-ting the brilliant tiopes of parents, and g in the bud the glorious ambition ot many a nohi- \nuth, can he cured by this infallible remedy, i And as a medicine which must tieuelit everybody, Horn the Simply delicate to the confined and despair nr.did, no equal ts to he found, acting both us a cure and preventative. HLLMEOLD'S HIGHLY CONCENTRATED COMPOUND Ft.l IP EXTRACT SAUAPAItII.I.A, fr-rpurifying the Blood, removing all diseases aris i. ; Irom excess of Mercury, exposure and tmprti ,ce in life, chronic constitutional disease, arising Irom an impure state of the Blood, and the only re liable and effectual known remedy for the cure of scrofula. Nilt Rheum, Scald Head, Ulcerations of the Throat and Legs, Pains ami Bwellings of the 80ne... Tetter, Pimples on the Face, and all Valy Eruptions of the tskin. This article is now prescribed by some of the mnt i! . ineiiished Physicians in the country, and has pro ve! more efficient in prartire than any preparation of: "•arsapanlta yet offered to the public. Several cases ; .-! secondary Syphilis, Mercurial and Scrofulous ; <!,-rases have entirely recovered iri the incurable wa.m our Public Institutions which had for many vf..|s re-isted every mode ot treatment that coobl be i- i-ed. These cases furnish striking examples ol tli salutary etf'ect- of this medicine in arresting some nt the most inveterate diseases, otter the glands were (I'-'roved and the bones already affected. NilllCL.—-Letters from responsible Physicians a,.J I'rofessors of seveial Medical Colleges, and certi-j i ite of cures from patients will be found accoru- j paiiving both Preparations. Prices—Fluid Extract of Buchu, -SI per bottle. ) <■ " Scrsapari!la : " " nr •; bottles for .'s.'i. equal in strength to one gallon >yrup in harsaparilla. Prepared and Sold by H. T. liEI.MROL'L Cr3, C'C stunt S/frS, lira u ike in >'■> dfo" t'liru i:mj'jlTA. 17* To be bad of Cr. F. C. Reamer, Bedford, Pa. July in, IS-3-). ly. LIT 11),\ iLiIOT i: L. CORNER BALTIMORE 4* MECHANIC r'TS. ! CUMBERLAND, MD. JflH\ 38. KEI)1)I:R, Proprietor. This Hotel, recent!v kept by Sam'l Luman, i> undergoing thorough repair and is a very lino, ; Hre, airy 1 uilding, situated in the most central tuiil business part of Cumberland. THE ROOMS ar>- larg", and well furnished with all the' necessary fixtures anu appliances | to render guests comfortable. ft will be the earnest desire of the Proprie tors to render, in all respects, entire satislac ' >n. and lie flatters himself that his efforts will will IIC crowned with success. Th •reis attached to said hotel an excellent, >'-v-!e capable of accommodating BO head ot horses. Drovers will find it to their advantage to sive him a call. A careful hostler in attendance at all times. "A porter in attendance at the cars, £kc. /"Rates of boarding "25 cts. per meal.— Larders taken hv the week, mouth or year, The Wonder of the Age!— Dr. TO BIAS' VENETIAN LINIMENT is warrant ed to cure Cholera, Colic, Sea Sickness, Chron lc Rheumatism, Tooth ache. Head ache, and Tuns of all kinds or no pa v. Great cure of Rheumatism, ("apt. COMSTOCK, of the steamer biltic (Collins line,) was cured of a severe nt tock of Chronic Rheumatism in a few days by fir. Tobias' celebrated Venitian Liniment. Case : ( holera. Mr. J YVright of the Firm of J- right So Co. of No. 116 Chartree St. New. 'Means, was immediately cured of an attack of Cholera by Tobias' I Xniment. Vomiting nmj d'C. Mrs. Joseph McCabbe No. 16 Essex St. w York, was cured of an attack of Colic and omitir.g by Dr. Tobias' Venetian Liniment.— 'fpot 60 Gourtland St. New York. Sold hv VI the Druggists. Agent—ROBERT CYAN, •'"'lord; A. Bonn, Schellsburg - John Nvcum Son, Rays 11.11; V. Wyant, Toll Honse east ■ Bloody-Run, J. Barudollar <N. Son, Bloody K ' ln - Nov. ?, 1855.—1y. WANTED at Reed's Colonade Store.— -"-at, Rye, Oats, Corn, and Buckwheat—also • i; l other approved produce, iu exchange for S°°ds at rash prices. A STATEMENT, showing the aggregate amount of Assessment and Valuation of the several Boroughs and Townships of "Bedford County, together with the amount of Tuxes assessed thereon, agreeably to the provisions of the 11th Section of the Act of Assembly, passed the'JTth day ol July, A. D., 184-2. 01 c y a tx •=! 5 H C < ~ > % '£ 2 C 2 = 5 - Sis S ? - 5; a. i 5i I SI | p f 4 | 1 I" 5 I So 4 I Special State Tax. f S-t" 1 c. S i ®"fr < f I e a I 2 S s I r * ~ * " £. f Z v> Z JE. & =• '£ 3 w g ?* r# u* P Z 5 ZZ DISTRICTS. v i S = r 5 4 • f Bedford BBioo ion -h $155,100 §5,150 $5,930 S-923 $35,110 $2,950 $3,770 $7,500 $2,300 $1,033 SOSO $281,918 SOOS 75 $035 75 O.IL-es over S2OO 2 prr cent Bedford TOM ii -BIN, $189,803 $ 11,101 0,015 13.222 4,791 7,515 1,590 1,887 "235,81)9 101 12 12 " n every dollar thereo , Broadton, 160,375 128,595 2,025 1,800 2,970 1.030 15.030 200 130 1,186 22 3..0.928 1032 78 19. i- /8 I resident Judge excepted. Cumberland VkiGy 192,100 2,973 4,300 200 13.080 4,615 2,510 700 1,350 222,058 060 1. Goo 1< I lea sure carnnjes, tra- es Colerain, ' 111,721 1,507 1,455 270 11,910 3,000 11,210 880 00 ,172,073 510 2t CA6 ".t and arcupation- and public Harrison 103 613 408 9,450 2,111 620 010 495 177.8!? 531 .il •> > 3 el backs, one ppre r cent, on e\e -11 ope well' Zfll 2,900 3,300 1,531 550 130 80 05,373 190,1 ,9011 ry dollar thereof. Juniata ' 51,237 85 1,005 10 0,219 3,021 800 " 01,107 196 19 19u 13 (.old lever or other gold Liberty, 37 818 5,093 4,199 511 3,115 1,192 1 000 193 1,000 50 55.011 100 1-3 105 J. 3 watrhe, of equal value one T I y i ,rann i w-,-r inn V "in 1 000 51,757 101 27 101 27 dollars each. Other gold Monro" ' V ' 1'S M> S COO 173 IMAW :3 3.3 33 n„0 ,ilv„ v. ",. ' 179' 527 *l2 935 4 550 1,150 3,942 If) 105,211 015 01 015 01 seventy. ffve centi each.— Aapier, ' , r(iS HI, n.30 80,011 259 93 259 93 All other watches of the .SSS 1551 .0,381 3 is? - > 2?--; " r,v "" K ITST"- ,SSS ...... ... 555. .J55 i.m ~.5 . •--'• Schellsbnrgh Boroogh, 4,505 255 18,713 785 2,320 128 400 892 (.0 J | ' Union Township. 83,07 1 0,773 5,015 3,219 1,195 .>o.i ""' > o-i - nil •-)-; Bui r 8 ••in "8 Wood berry, Middle 210,092 17,091 17,061 005 10,032 3,033 7,307 96.) 4,012 -80 t , m rtn 'm Woodberry, South 197.893 4,809 0,230 135 0,120 2,418 10,0,32 1,140 1,103 . -1 10 TOTALS $2,323,287 203,108 237,009 9.922 153,001 50,931 115,655 4,050 17,101 22,900 2,500 2,932 G->0 3,14, ,7,3 9,4 13 31 9,11-, 31 1 no r rim rv that 11. above is a correct statement ot the aggregate amount of the Asse-ment and Valuation of the several objects and things made taxable bv the Law, of this Commonwealth, fot County and State purpose*, according to the returns of the-ever.. I Bon "gl. am! Township Assessments and published by anthority of an Act of the General Assembly, entitled "An Act to provide tor the ordinary expenses of the Government, M &c., passed the 27tli day ol July, 1812. And that th- ( ommissioners have appointed 1 l.ursday the -Oth day ot 1 ec-embet. • Iqt < ' leimuig .ie ,et any o the Valuations of the Assessors have been below a just rate, according to the moaning, and intention of said Act. By older ol the Comnitssioneis, s n | j , f C! .,p. Commissioners' Office, December 1, 1855. .htonishing effects of one Lottie, In "it vnted case of Dyspepsia. PHILADELPHIA , March 20, 18;5. ]-),, ar Sir—During the last five years I have been aiflicted with Dyspepsia, in its most aggra vated form, and have used, without receiving i any benefit therefrom, every remedy recommen i ded for that disease. In lact, I was afflicted so badlv that nn many occasions T was in great 1 thinner of dying from suffocation , in consp -1 quence iif the rise of matter in my throat, and : all my efforts or relief were in vain, i was at ' last induced, through the recommendation of ! several of mv friends, to try "Hoofland's Ger : man Hitters," and I assure you the amount of ! relief I have received, from the use of only one i boljle, is astonishing, and compels me to say i that I would not be without the Hitters for any • money, as I am now, through their use, enjoy ■ ing better health than I have known for many ; years. Very respectfully yours, ELIZABETH GAI L No. 12 Carter's Alley. To Dr. C. M. Jackson. Se advertisement. Palpitation of the Heart , Nervous Dis easeis, Liver Complaint, Neuralgia, Dyspepsia, Cost veness and Piles, are all relieved and cur ; ed in an incredible short space of time, by Car ! ter's Spanish Mixture, the great tonic and puri j tier of the blood. It contains not a particle of Mercury, Opium, or any noxious drug; is per fectly harmless, and has cured more than five | hundred cases of disease. We can only refer the reader to certificates, | a few of which maybe found in another column, I and all of which are detailed in full around the j bottle. It is the greatest of all Spring and Full , Medicines, and possesses an influence over the . j blood truly remarkable. | See advertisement. CROMER'S Thrashing Machines lor either 2, .'l, or 4- horses for sale very low at REED'S Cheap Store. Nov. 26. 1835. Stray Heifers*. Came to the premises of the subscriber living in Colrsun Township, sometime in November last two young Heifers, one a dark brown, the other is a black with a lew white spots and white hind leg, with a small slit in the left ear. No other marks. The owner is desired to come forward, prove property, pay charges, and take them away. ADAM COONTZ. Dec. 7, IMS. * AGENTS ! AGENTS ! AGENTS! Persons accustomed to procure subscribers tor Books, Magazines, N.C., or get up clubs for are requested to send us their names and address, and we will forward them, free of charge, a specimen number of a publica tion for which they will find ready sale ; and we will allow them a commission of 50 per cent for their services. J. BRADFOI) & BROTHER, No. 3 Court land St., New Voile. Dec. 7. 1855. LAW NOTICE. W. J. BAER, Attorney at Law: WILL practice regularly in the Courts of Bedford County hereafter. He may, during Court Weeks, be consulted at his room at the Washington Hotel. Nov. 23, 1855. NEW GOODS! The subscriber has just received and opened an elegant assortment of New Fall and Winter Goods, which he flatters himself he can sell a little lower than evet before offered in Bedford. Thankful for past favors, he respectfully invites the public to call and see him before purchas ing elsewhere. ELI AS FISHER. Nov. 16, 1855. DR. IVEVSER'S PECTORAL AGAIN.— -We would j impress upon sur readers the necessity of at tending to the first onset of a cough or old.—- These seemingly trilling maladies are oh -n the fore-runners of more fatal and insurable diseas es. Dr. Keysers' Pectoral will clock them in their infancy, and oftentimes when dangerous symptoms have set in. It is fur safe at Rupp &. Osters' Bedford, and at Colviu fx. ! Robisons' SchelUburg. VALUABLE Ulill Properly lor Sale I The subscriber, about to remove to California, offers at Private sale, his valuable Mill Proper- i t y , situate about 3 miles East of Bedford, on tbe I Juniatla River, in Colerain township, at the; lower end of Friend's Cove. The Mill is lour stories high, frame, with three ; run of stones, two pair of which are Burrs, hav ing all the machinery necessary to manufacture merchant and countiy work in the best manner. ! It has one of the best water powers in the Uni ted States, which may be know n from the fact ' that during the last drv season it had abundance I of water, when nearly every other mill in the neighborhood was stopped. There ate between 10 and 11 acres of land adjoining, six acres under post fence, about 4- of which is meadow, on which is erected a good two story log house, weather-boarded and plas tered,good water at the door, with all neces-! sary out buildings—also a fine orchard of choice - fruit, peaches and apples. Being determined lo se|! purchasers will do j well to examine this property soon. ; will be made to suit the pnr : chaser, by giving approved Bonds. HIRAM F. ROHM. i June ], 1833. ! MORE NEW GOODS Just received at j Reed's Colonade Store, consisting of Cassi- j ! m-*res, Satinetts, Jeans, Wool-plaids, Mouslio I de laines, Coburgs, Prints, &.C., fvc. HATS AIM) CAPS.— New style Hungarian ! Hats, Drab and Pearl, Men and Boys Blue j Navy Cans just receiveJ by express at Reed's ; Colonade Store. Oct. 26, 1833. 2?. Bortici', Clci'k & \Yatc:h Ulaker AM) DEALER IX JEWELRY, ! Would respectfully announce to the citizens lof Bedford, ami the public in general, that he ! has opened a Jewelry Store in the building re cently occupied bv H. Nicodemus, Esq. nearly ! opposite the Bedford Hotel, where he will be : pleased to see ail in want of articles in his line, j He has on hand, and will constantly keep, an elegant assortment of JEW ELK) , and will re ( pair Clocks and Watches in the berf style. lie j : hopes to receive a liberal share of patronage, as i ■ he feels satisfied he can render satisfaction to all ! who entrust him with their work. His terms ! will be moderate. He has on hand Gold and Silver WATCHES, i Silver Spoons, Thimbles, Butter Knives, Gold and Silver Pens and Pencils, fxr. Nc. X. B, He still continues the Gunsmithing j business, at his old stand, in the East end of ! town, where lie has a good and competent work- j mn constantly employed. D. B. April 27, 1855. FR AX KLIN FEMA LE INSTITUTE FOR YOUNG LADIES, AT MKRCFRSBCRC, PFX.Y.!. THE Winter Srssion of this Institute com i mences on the first of October next. TERMS ;—For Board, Tuition, Room rent arid Washing, r quarter of twelve weeks, 012 30. .MARSHALL ("OLLKGIATK INSTITUTE IT>B VO' > ft MEN AND ROVS. j Tim \Vinter Session of this Institute commences IOH the first of October next. Terms: For Board,

Tuition, Room rent and Washing, per quarter ot twelve weeks, SF2 .',O. For further informal inn address REV. J. R. KOCKEN, Mercersburg. Sept. 7, lSja. \('H Liill'. 7 "The subscrtlier has put on a line of two Itorse stage reaches between Sfonersfown and Bedford, to connect with the Central Rail Road, via Broad Top. This line will leave Stoners- J town on Monday and Friday of each week, and return from Bedford on Wednesday and Satur ! day. This is a pleasant route, arid I hope to be able to render such accommodations as will make it an inducement for travellers to patro nize the line. Fate onlv $1 73. PETER ELLISON. Nov. 23, 1853. Tlie University's FAMILY REMEDIES, ; Issued under the seal, Sanction and Authori ty of the University of Free Medicine and pop ular knowledge, Chartered by the State ol Pe;m svlvania, April 20th. 1833, with a Capital of -> r 100,000, mainly for the purpose of arresting , ! the evils of Spurious and Worthless Nostrums : * also, for supplying the community with Relia • ' ble remedies wheiever a Competent Physician | i cannot or will nut be employed. i his Institu tion, (located in Philadelphia No. 68 Arch Street, where applications for new Agencies will be received,) has purchased from Dr. John R. Rowand, his Celebrated Rowarrd's Ton re Mixture, Known for upward of twenty-five years as the oulv sure and safe cure for I EVER and AGUE, &.C... and his inestimable Remedy r . for Bowel Complaints, Rowand's Compound j Syrup of Blackberry Root, which highly im ' i proved and Popular remedies, together with I The University's Remedy for Complaints of the " Lungs; The University's Remedy for Dis r i pepsia or Indigestion ; Tlie University's Rem edy for Costive Bowels; Also the I niversitv s t Almanac mav lie had at the Branch Dispensa ' i rv " For sal- at the Store of Dr. Blair, in Ctim j bei land Valley, j Nov. 23. 1855. f! >EW RINIK ! : Ttie "Prison of Weitervreden''and a glance at the East Indian Archipelago. By Waller Gibson, Illustrated from original sketches—l 2 mo. cloth Price 1 50—Published by J. C. Riker, 129, Fulton St., N. Y. and for sale by SHRYOCK & SMITH, I Chamber slurp, Pa. r [UrNS. &' S. will forward the above twy -1 where in the. State Jree oj postage. Nov. 10, 1855—3 m. - NEW BUGGY FDR SALE. new Buggy for sale for cash or ap proved produce. Inquire at Reed s cheap Col onade Store. [Letter front lion. join Minor Bolt*, of Virginia,J I RICHMOND JCLT 9tb, 15".3. Merer*. li nt. V. liefr* {y Co., Gentt.—C<WMera ttons of duty to the afflicted alone prompt ro>- to send yon thi ~ voluntary testimonial to the threat value of "Carter'* Spuiiis/t Mixture," for that almost incura ble disease, Scrofula. Without bring disposed or deeming it necessary to zo into the particulars of the case, I can say-that the astonishing results that have been prodne'ed by the use of that medicine on a member of my own family, and pnder my own observation and superintendence, alter the skill of the best physicians had been ex hausted and the usual remedies- had failed, fully jus tify me in recommending its use to all who may be suffering from that dreadful malady. 1 do not mean to say that it is adapted to all con stitutions, or that it will afford the same relief in all cases ; for, of course, I can know-nothing about that but from what 1 have seen of the effects, I would not hesitate to use it, in any and every case of Scro fula, with persons for whom 1 telt an interest, or over whom I could exercise any influence or con trol. Respectfully vour*. J NO. M. BOTTS. NEW CLOTHING STORE. Isaac liipiicl Would respectfully announce to his old friends, and the public at large, that he has o pened an entirely new CLOTHING STORE in the Borough of Bedford, in the room recently in the occupancy of Solomon Filler, where he has just received a very superior assortment of readv-made Clothing for Men and Boys, to which he invites attention,satisfied that he can please all who give him a call, both as to price and quality. He will also keep an assortment of DrvGoods and Groceries. He invites pur chasers to examine his stock. Bedford, April (1, 1855. FOR SALE. A handsome, well made Bug gy, with falling top, vyiil be sola very low fur Cash ur approved paper. A. 13. Cramer ix. Co. 1500 PIECES WALL PAPER, From 12k cents to $1 "2") per piece, just receiv ed ami lor at the variety Store of JAMES K. HALLAM. Bedford, April 27, 18.33. 1W STORE A sad Acw <*oo<s*. GREAT BARGAINS, AND AO MISTAKE! ELI FISHER Would respectfully avail himself of this me thod of informing the citizens oi Bedford and vicinity that lie has opened an entirely New Dry (>oo'ls, Grocery, and Fancy Store, in the Borough of Bedford, in the room for merly occupied by Dr. Hofius, and second door west of Dr. Harry's Drug and Book Store, where he has just received from the cities of New York and Philadelphia oil" of the most elegant assortments of Goods e ver brought to Bedford, which, having been pur chased tor cash, under the most favorable cir cumstances, he feels warranted in saying that he can sell them at prices so low as to ustonisk the purchaser, and all in want of good Goods, at the shortest possible profit, are invited to give him a call, liis stock embraces everv variety of Ladies Bress G-oods, such as Silks, Satins, Delaines, Spring Shawls, novelties in Lawns, British Prints, Plaid Ginghams, I ndersleeves, from 12 f cents up, Hosiery in every variety. Shoes, Boots and Slippers, for Ladies and Children ir. fact almost every aiticie adapted to a Ladies' wardrobe, which it would require too much space to enumerate in detail. His stock of FLA TS and BONNETS for Ladies, Misses,and Children, is large, rich and CHEAP. His.Groceries, Teas, Spices, Syrup, fee. Le. are ail of the very best quality. [T T*He will consider it no trouble to shew his Goods, and he hopes the LADIES especial ly will call and examine bis assortment wheth er they purchase or not. Always remember, however, that ELI FISHER'S is the place for BARGAINS! ' ! April 6, 1855. Nicholas Hotel, vf it mt)cr lan it, iU it. The Proprietor respectfully begs leave to in form the travelling public that this house has re cent I v I wen thoroughly refitted and completely renovated, and is now ready to receive guests. It is the earnest desire and intention of the Proprietor to give perfect satisfaction to those who favor him with their patronage. A libe ral share is confidently expected. SA A1 GEL LU AIA N, Proprietor. Successor to H. R. Dow K. Coi Cumberland, Aug. 10, ISA"). A CARD. MRS. MARY COOK (widow of Dominick Cook) would announce to visitors to the Springs, and the public generally, that, having secured the services of a gentleman eminently qualified to manage her affairs, the Washington Hotel is now ready to afford the best of accommodat ions. The house has been newly papered, painted and furnished, and site feels satisfied that all who patronize the "Washington'' will be pleased.— She hopes to be liberally encouraged. Bedford, June ~0, IS""). NEW CABINET MAKING SHOP. The subscriber Would beg leave to announce to his friends and the public, that he has com menced the CABINET MAKING BUSINESS in his new Shop nearly opposite the Store of William States N. Co., where he is prej>ared to accommodate the public with Bureaus, Tables, Stands, Secretaries, Chairs, Cubboards, Bed steads at every price and style. His furni ture made of the best material, and Irom his long experience at the buisness, lie feels no hesitencv in warranting his Ware to be strong and durable, Vend no pains shall be spared to fin ish it in the latest style, lie hopes by strict attention to his business, and a desire to please, to merit a liberal share of public patronage. IUT COEEINS made on short notice and Liberal Terms, and his Hearse will be ready to convey them when desirable. AIORTZ RLOHRE. Bloody Run, Nov. If), 1855. FOR RENT, And possession given on the Ist of June, a TAN YARD in the Borough pf Bedford, with all the fixtures complete, and a Dwelling adja cent thereto. Apply to either of the under signed. Wm. Hartley, Job Mann, John H. Rush, March 30, |SSS. For the Heirs. cnfi.iT JißtuVJlsT PILL IMI WINTER KflOilSl! iIXCHANOE BUILDING STORE!!! The Ftthsci i! t-rs respectfully inform their friends, customer*, and public generally, that Hu*y hav-- received the largest and best assort ment of FALL and WINTER GOODS they have yet offered to purchasers ! Our stock ire part as follows : Blue, Black, Brown, and Invis Green French Cloths—French and American Cassinters—all Color*—Ky. Jeans, all wore! Tweeds. Keysets, Flanuels, Coating, Beaver Cloth, Blankest, Cords, Velvets, Beaverteens. Sack Fiannels, Colored Carpet Chain, Spun Cotton, Bagging, Drillings, Ribbons, Laces, Gloves, Hoiaery, kc., &c. 12." piece s Plain and FigOred Detain, c-all prices ■I 10 " Kfill Calicoes from •" cts to 12J 2.10 " Heavy and Medirnn Bro. trui-lin* 81 •' Superior bleached shn'iug muslins 00 Thibet Cloths and Alpaccas, ait color* 71 " Ca-sinetts. all colors and price* 2.1 " All wool Hemp llag atul List Carpet* 11 " Floor Oil Cloths—-1 J .1J and Si wide 21 " Cotton Flannels—all colors and prices. Men and Boys' Wool Hats, Fur and J'eavr Slough Hats, Men and Boy's Morocco Lined .Navy Caps—also Plush and Cloth do. Boots and Sho~s for Men and Boys. Bootee?, double soled Moroco, and kid Shpes for Ladies—also a great variety of Bootees and shoes, lor Mi**els and children ! Groceries, Hardware, Queense ware, Brooms—Tubs, Buckets. &c, Fish Gil, Sperm and Lard Oil: Bar Iron, Nat!, Rod, &.*. Our assortment includes every article usually lonnd in stores, and to prove we a;e selling "Cheaper than (he Cheapest" all we ask is a call. Qjf-No trouble to show Goods ! It will cost you nothing to come and look at the Bar gains we will offer. Country Produce of every description will be received for Goods at Cash prices. A. B. CRAMER & Co , Exchange Building. Oct. IJ, IS"):'). aio' S(orp. A. R. Cramer 5c Co have just received a very large stock of Boots ar;d Shoes suitable for fail and Winter—part styles as follows: Mens' Superior Waxed Doubled Sole Boots Mens' " City made Calf do Mens' " Heavy Kip-Lined do Youth's " Waxed Doubled Sole do Youth's " Kip " ,s do Roys' " Kip " " do Roys' " Calf " " do Women®' ' Doubled Sole Kip Bootees Womens' " " fine Calf and Seal do Womens' "• fine Goat Morocco do Women's " Parodi Bootees—very handsome. Girls Morocco, Kip and Calfskin Bootees Children Shoes of every style and Pricej Doubled sole Gaiters—Gum Shoes &.C., in fact Boots and Shoes to suit every purchaser.— Tf you want a pair of Boots or Shoes please give us a call and you shall be suited in price and quality. 31?* Exchange Store is the place to buy Boots and Shoes! Oct. 12, 1855. Notice: Thy partnership heretofore existing between the undersigned, under the name and firm of Rnpp Sc Oster, is this dav dissolved bv mutual consent. G. W. Rupp is authorised to settle the business of the late firm, and to collect .">!! debts due thereto, G. W. RT'Pp, G. K. OSTEIi. The undersigned begs leave to inform his friends and the public, that the business will in future be continued at the old stand where he is now receiving and opening a general and well selected assortment of fall and winter goods, which he is determined to sell cheap for cash or approved produce. An early call is solicited. G. W. BIT P. Bedford, Sept. '2B, 1855. COLGNADE STORE. Jacob Reed WOULD RESPECTFULLY inform the citizens ot Bedford and vicinity, that lie bas just opened his new and splendid stock of goods, in the Well* known t'OLONADF. STORE, in Bedford Borough. He in vites all to call and examine his Iresh and cheap stock of goods, consisting ot every variety —and particu larly of FALL 8c WINTER GOODS, SILK GOODS, CLOTHS, and CASLMERS, HATS, and CAPS. A large assortment of Boots and Shoec, Hardware and Igiieer.sware—Umbrellas and Fatjc notions. Laities Dress Goods, and a large assortment of WINTER SHAWLS The Ladies are particularly invited to examine his stock of Dry Goods; Shoes. &c. Groceries and all other articles usually kept in a first class Dry Goods Store. The subscriber ha purchased his goods with gfcat care, and wilt dispose of them at the lowest cash prices. Having determined to do a ca-h and produce buisness, he will be able id sell at the shortest pro fits. He ask* his fri ends and the public to give him a call when his goods will b shown with pleasure, sale or no sale. OCT" You may look for Bargains at HEED'S Colonade Store, Met. 5, J&jj. H. NICODEMUS, Suirciicv anil iusi'uc cf tl)c {Jrarf, BEDFORD, PA. Has removed his office to Juliana street, nearly opposite the DrUg arid Book store of Dr. ; F. C. Reamer, where he will faithfully attend to all business connected with the duties of his j office. He will continue to repair clocks and watch | es, as usual, and respectfully invites those in need of his set vices in this line to give him a , call. April 13, 1855. NOTICE. All persons indebted to the Estate of James Donahoe, late of Southampton Township, IJed j lord Couutv, tpe requested to make immediate payment—and (hose having claims against said estate will present them properly authenticated i for settlement. FRANCIS DONAHOE, Mmimstrator. Nov. 23, 1855. LUMBER! The subscribers have on hand and wilt constantly ' keep, (at the otd stand ot Lewis X. Fyan, in .lumatta j township,) a full supply of Lap and Joint Shingles, j and Boards of every (lucrrption, which they will dis- I pose of.on reasonable term*. PLATT & BROTHER. y, issa.