Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, December 28, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated December 28, 1855 Page 4
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VALUABLE PROPERTY FOR SALE. The subscriber will sell, at private -ale, his valua ble Property, situate in Union Township, Bedford County, Pa., oti which he al present resides, contain ing 50 acres of patented land, 30 of which are cleared and under post and rail fence, the balance Well tim bered with good <-aw timber. This property is on The waters of Bobbs* Creek, t miles north ol Adol phus Ake's Mill, on The public road leading (torn Bedtord to Johnstown or Jefferson, within 1- miles of Jefferson, and lfi miles of Hollidaysburg. Ihe im provements are a Stone Grist Mill, with two run oi Stones, one pair first rate French Burrs, with good merchant and country Bolts, and a complete Smut .Machine. The Machinery is all good and substan tial, and is partly new. The water power is sutli cieut during the entire year, and the custom is good and plenty of it. There is a!-o a new Saw Mill on the premises, which will cut trom I.iOO to 2000 leel of Lumber a day inch measure, which is ready sale at the Mill. One of the Dwelling Houses is a three story frame, suitable lor a public House or Store House, ami is well finished. 'I here are three other dwellings, two Iraioe and one log house, al-o a frame stable anil Wagon Shed, and other necessary build ing.-. Also, will be sold, another Tract of Land contain ing 300 acre-, about 75 acres ol whii h are cleared. Of which Ml are good meadow with lai limes for mak ing 20 or 30 more. The balance well timbered and well watered by the Bobbs ( reek running through it. There is on the premises an excellent site cal culated for either Grist Mill or Saw Mill, with head and fall of *22 feet. There is a variety of choice fruit trees on the farm. The building-are one good Log House and Stable and other outbuildings. Also, will lie sold. (GO acres of good timber land, convenient to the Saw Mill, on which aie the very best of saw logs. The above land i- all patented, and a clear and indisputaiile title will be made to the purchaser or purchasers. Those wishing to purchase good pro perty. will learn the conditions, (which will he mod erate.) by calling with the subscriber, residing on the first named property. CASF.LTOX AKF.. July 21, IX3I. TOOTH ACHE.—Persons art not general- Jv aware that Dr. Keyscr's Tooth Ache i-me. <iy, prepared by him at IFO Wood Street. I'itt.s hftrw, Pa. and lor sale at Rnpp K Ulster's in this place will stop immediately* an aching tooth. Whoever tries it will be convinced. Dec. S, IN.)!-. DOCTOR YOIJHSELF '■ every one /ns own Physicinn. 3 The 50th F.dition, with one 9] hundred engiaviiigs. showing 7/ Diseases and Malformation- ol f tin* hitman system in every form ii Treatise on the Disea-es of Females, being of the highest importance to married people, or those contempla ting man iage. By WM. YOUNG, M. D. no father be ashamed to present a copy oi the vF.SCCLAI'IUS to his child; it may -are him Mom an early grave. Let no young man or woman enter into the secret obligations of married life without reading the I'OCKT T AX'I LAl'll >. Let no one suffering from a hacknied Cough, I'am in the Side, •re-tless nights, nervous feelings, and the whole train of Dyspeptic sensations, end given up by their physi cian, be another moment without consulting the ATSCL'LAPIUS. llave the married, or tho-e about lobe married any impediment, read this truly useful hook, as it ha-been the means of saving thousand of unfortunate creatures trom the very jaws o! death. CT7"-Anv per.on sending TYVF.NTI -Ff\ K GI-.N IS j enclosed in a letter, will receive one copy ol this wotk by mail, or five copies will be sent tor One Dollar. Address, (post paid.) T>r. V. M. A OI X(l, No. ISS Spruce St., Philadelphia. June 1, 18.15. ly. Cooking Moves, On hand and just receiving a lot of new pa- j terns ol' Cooking Stoves, for wood and coal, at BLYMIRFS. In addition to his former stock, the subscri ber has received a splendid assortment of Brass, Bell Mettle, Iron and English Kettles, which will please all in want of the article, —also a variety of other articles useful for house keep ers. He has also on hand a lot of pump chains and fixtures, all of which will be sold low for cash, 01 on a short credit. GEORGE Rl YMIRE. May 19, 1554. "Fellow C.'i listen*!" -a* Do von want to leave your measure. f>r a J} FASHIONABLE SUIT OF CLOTHES, warranted to give satisfaction in STYLE, QUALI TY, FIT and MAKE ? Do you want to see a large, and splendid Slock of Cloths, Cassimeres, Yestiugs, and other seasonable goods fur. MK.Y'S M . 11l I','. 3)D you want to see a jine assortment of COATS, PANTS and VESTS, gotten up in a style not in ferior to the best ordered work ' Do you want Under Garments of the "right stripe," or Fin- Nisiiixo ARTICLES that "ainH he bent," or ROY'S C LOT ass*, c* for your Sons ? In short, if you want nil or any of these things so essential to the adornment and comfort ot the "outer man," call on STEPHEN'S, Merchant Tailor, McKatg's Row, Baltimore Street (next door to Campbell's Drug Store,) Cumberland, Md. ITF" If you want an OUTFIT of CHEAP READY-MADE CLOTHING, 1 would advise you to call at the RAILROAD CLOTHING STORE, near the Depot. May 19, 1854 ly. FASHIONABLE TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. The subscriber would announce to his old friends and customers, and the public in gener al, that he has permanently located himself in Juliana Street, next door to Dr. REAMER'S Drug Book Store, where he is prepared to execute ail orders in his line in a superior manner, on reasonable terms. From long experience in the business,- he feels confident lie can render satis faction to ail who honor him with a call. He constantly keeps on hand readv-made clothing,- of every description, for Men and Bovs—afso, a superior assortment of CLOTHS, CASSIMERES, CASSINETTS, SILK, SA TIN, and other VESTINGS,and Summer Wear, which he will sell as low as they can be bought elsewhere, and make them up to the taste of the purchaser. He also keeps a general assortment of Cravats, Stocks, Collars, Suspenders, Handkerchiefs, \c. He hopes to merit and receive a libera! share of public patronage. W.M. SCIIA ITER. June 9, 1854. TO THE MILLINERY TRADE. JOHN STONE & SONS, Import-en and Dealer* In FREXCH MILLLVERY GOODS, Xo. 45 South. Second Street, PHI LAD 11 LP 111 A, Are now prepared to offer their customers and the trade an unusually large and well selected assortment ot RIBBONS, SATINS, Y KLYKTS, FEATHERS, FLOWERS, LACKS, and every other article apper tainins to the Millinery trade. Otir stock being ot ourown direct importation, offers great advanfagesboth in style*andpriceu. Oct. 13, I*s4 ly. CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. s r|§y &\ j^Tr% The Great Purifier of the Blooci! NOT A PARTICLE OF MERCURY LX IT. Let the Afflicted Read and Ponder ' An Infallible Remedy for Sciof'ula, King's Evil, Rheumatism, Obstinate Cutaneous Eruptions, Pimples or Postoles on the Face, Blotches, Boils, Ague and Fever, Chronic Sore Eves, Rins Worm or Tetter, Scald Head, Enlarge ment and Pain of the Bones and Joints, Stub born Cleers, Syphilitic Disorders, Lumbago, Spinal Complaints, and all Diseases arising from an Injudicious I "se of Mercury, Impru dence in Life, or Impurity of the Blood. This great alterative medicine and Pu rifier of the Blood is now used by thousands ot grateful patients from ail parts, of the 1 nited States, who testify daily to the remarkable cures performed bv the greatest of all medicines, "CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE." Neu ralgia, Rheumatism, Scrofula, Eruptions on tin* Skin, Liver Disease, Fevers. I leers. Old Sores, Affect ions of the Kidneys, Diseases of the Throat, Female Complaints, Pains and Aching <>i the Bones and Joints, are speedily put to flight by using this great and inestimable remedy. For all Diseases of the Blood, nothing has yet been found to compare with it. It cleanses the system of all impurities, acts gently and effi cientlv on the Liver and Kidneys, strengthens the Digestion, gives tone to the Stomach, makes the skin clear and healthy, and restores the Constitution, enfeebled bv disease or broken down bv the excesses of youth, to its pristine vigor and strength. For the Ladies, it is incomparably better than all tlie cosmetics ever used. A few doses ol CARTER'S SPANISH MINTI RF. will remove all sallowness of complexion, bring the roses mant ling to the cheek, give elasticity to the step, and improve the general health in a remarka ble degree, beyond all the medicines ever heard of. The large number of cerlifuates which we have received from persons Iroin all parts oi the United States, is (lie best evidence that there is no Humbug about it. The press, hotel keepers, magistrates, physicians, and public men, well known to the community, all add theii testimo ny to the wonderful effects of this GREAI BLOOD PURIFIER. Call on the A CENT and get a Circular and Almanac, and read the wonderful cures this truly greatest of all medicines has performed. None genuine unless signed U ILLIAM 8. BEERS, K Co., Proprietors, No. 304 Broad way. New York. Sold hv Dr. F. C. REXMEE, Bedford: J. M. BAB X POLL AR , Bloody Run : A. B. BINN, Scio-llsburg, and by Dealers in Medicines ev ervwliere. Oct. 20, 1854. ly. SAVES! COMS'I.AINT, JHsfiepMa, Chronic or JK'ervotts Debility, Disease of the Kidneys, ttml all Diseases arising from a Disordered Liver or Stomach. Sueh a-= Oont ipation. inward Piles. Fullness of Blood to the He: it, Acidity oflhe Stomach, Nausea, Heart burn, Disgust lor Food, Fullness or Weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructations, Sinking or Fluttering at the Pit of the Stomach. Swimming ol the Head. Hur ried and Difficult Breathing, Fluttering at the Heart, Choking or Suffocating Sensations when in n lying posture. Dimness of Vision, lints or Webs beiore the sight. Fever and Dull Paiu in the Head, Deficiency of Perspiration, Yellowness of the Skin and F.yes, Pain in the Side, Back, Limbs, Jtc., Sudden Flu-hes ol Heat, Burning in the Flesh, Constant Imaginings of Evil, and Great Depression of Spirits, CAN IIE EFFECTUALLY CURED RY DR. H GOTLAND'S CELEBRATED GERMAN BITTERS, Prrjn'rr/i bif I)R. C. M. JACKSON, \o . 120 Arch Street, Pht/adrljrftin. Their power over the above diseases is not ex celled, if equalled, by any other preparation iu the United States, as (he cures attest, in many cases after skilful physicians had failed. These Bitters are worthy the attention of in valids. Possessing great virtues in the rectifi cation of diseases of the Liver and lesser glands, exercising the most seatching powers in weak ness and affections ot tfie digestive organs, they are, withal, safe, certain and pleasant. RE SID .LVI) BE CO.VCJ.VCED. J. D. SPRING, Laceyville, Pa., April 6. 1854, says : "I can get you some good certificates for your German Bitters in this vicinity if von wish them. A lady purchasing some of it this week, says that it is by far the best medicine she ever knew, having done her and her daugh lliucl) good, vvc." 8. B. LAWSOX, Benfard's Store, Somerset Co., Pa., August 15, 1853, says; "lam much at tached to your German Bitters, having used two bottles of it, which I procured from S. Kurtz, your agent at Somerset, and found great relief from in disease of the Liver. 1 find it has great effect upon my lungs, strengthening and invig orating them, which, as I am a public speaker, is a great help to me." DR. GILES., Newton Hamilton, Pa., May, 185], said: J have used myself half a dozen bottles of your German Bitters lor Liver com plaint arid diseases of a nervous character, re sulting from the abuse of mercury. I was poi soned arid afflicted with spasms from the use of this latter article. The German Bitters is the first article from which 1 obtained any relief. I have also given the article to many dyspeje ; tics, with the most salutary result. 1 think as many more bottles w ill cure me." J. C. YOUNG, Esq., of Dauphin, Pa., writes i May 5, 185) : "I was afflicted with General j Debility, intestinal weakness and Costiveness, i fur which fused many different remedies with | out relief. lat last used your Hoefland's Ger man Bitters. 1 took a few bottles according to directions, and was completely cured. I have not been so healthy tor ten years as I have been since I took your Bitters, which is about one year ago.'' The Bitters are ENTIRELY VEGETABLE, al ways strengthening the system and never pros trating it. Sold by dealers in medicine and storekeepers everywhere. And bv Dr. F. C. Reamer, Bedford, Pa. ' Oct. 20, ly. XVtt Bins?; A Book Stove. Wt wish it distinctly understood by this communi ty and country, 1 hat we pay particular attention to ; ij (P > flcrji'>n of our Dross and Medicines, (inrchasiitg none hot the cry hrst and /wrest art tries. We have (or =ale cheaf all the approved popular patent rnedi cities, Af/rr's Cherry I'ertoral, Jayne's Medicine•, Pain Kilier, and all the Sarsaparillas. Also Cubitus Extracts for the Handkerchief, fancy soaps, colognes, pommades, ox tnarrow, Dtr, We also keep constant ly on hand a general assortment of School Miseel luueoiis Poole, Blank Books, ( apand Post I uper, &c., toe. lii fact, if you want anything in the Drug, Medicine. Book. Sbap or Brush line, call at the New Drii" and Book Store am! you .*/.//he accommodated. B. F. HARRY. .Tan. 13, 18-"t. THE subscriber having; removed to (he Men gle HOUSE, in the Borough of Bedford, re cently in the occupancy of Mr. Isaac Mengle, respectfully announces to his old friends, and the public generally, that he is fully prepared to accommodate alfwho honor him with a call, and hopes to merit and receive a liberal share of custom. He will make it his study to render comfortable all who stop with him—and he in vites Travellers, Movers, Drovers, and persons attending Court to give him a trial. His slabling is of the best quality, and com petent to accommodate a large number of horses, and it will always be attended by an obliging and attentive hostler. Boarders will be taken bv the day, week, month, or year, on reasonable terms. Determined to spare neither pains nor ex pense to make his house what it. should he, he confidently relies upon the public for a gener ous support. JAMES S. BECK WITH. March Jl, 1854. MMAUWH FOIUBRY! The subscribers respectfully beg leave to in form the people of Middle Wood berry Town ship, ami the country at large, that they are now prepared, at their establishment, one mile south of Wood berry, Bedford County, to furnish four horse Thresiling Machines, Pierponts Patent Shaker, Cider Mills, Ploughs of every descrip tion, Keagy's Cooking Stoves, twodiflerent pat terns, and two different pattei nsof Coal Stoves— Plough Castings, Wagon Boxes of all sizes, and cast Dinner Bells of three different sizes—also, Mill Castings of every variety. We are also prepared to tit up Machinery in the best and most durable style, and will give prompt atten tion to all orders in this line. The public ate respectfully invited to give us a call, as we feel satisfied that both our work and terms will please all who do so. J. M. SMHVDEN, WM. B. BLAKE, Oct. 27, 1854. Proprietors. LUMBER ! LUMBER ! ! The subscriber has on hand a large assortment of I,UMBER of the best quality, among which is 100,000 Shingles, of different kinds; ..>,OOO feet of superior Boards, and a splendid lot of Locust Posts. Builders, and others in want of Lumber, will find it to their advantage to ex amine lus tan/e assortment. F. D. BEEGLE. Jan. 14, ISo 3. GUN SMITHING. DANIEL B. BORDER respectfully informs the citizens of Bedford and vicinity that be has removed his shop to tile house in the east end of Bedford, one door west of the residence of Major Washabangh, where lie is prepared to manufacture Double and Single barrel Rifles and Double, anil Single barrel Shoi duns of the best quality. repairing of guns, locks, &c., done with neatness and despatch. May 20, 1854. Life lit *u ranee. Key Sfonr .Mutual Life Insurance Com puny of 1 larrisburg, Pa., has a Cuarantte Capital of $75,000. Pipsjilent, Hon. CITHER REII.EV, M. 1). Pam phlets, Circulars and all necessary information ran lie obtained by calling at the office of the subscriber, authorized agent lor Bedford County. C. N. HICKOK, Agent. SAVVKI. D. SCOTT, M. I). Medical Examiner. October 10, 18.11. GLOBE HOTEL, West PHt Street, llettford, Pennsylvania. i VALENTINE STECKMAX, Proprietor. April 7, 1854. 1 y.* TIN COPPER WARE. THE subscriber is prepared to furnish, whole sale and retail, Tin and Copper Ware in great varietv, on the most reasonable terms. GEO. BLYMIRE. A MIRACLE OF SCIENCE! Dr. ('. L. KKI.MXO, of Mechaiiicshurgh, Cumber land Co. Pa. announces to those afflicted with Tu mors, Wens, Cancers, Polypus, l.apus. Moles or Marks, Scrofula or King's 12v11; and all diseases tha have been usually treated with Caustic or Knife, he can remove them without cutting, burning or pain : neither Chloroform or Kther is administered to the patient. It is no mutter on what part of the body I they are he can remove them with perfect safety. and in a remarkably short time. No Mineral or , Vegetable poison, is applied; and no money required until a cure is perfected. Piolapsis Uteri, Female complaints. Chronic Ven ereal and all other di-eases treated with positive MlC cess. Full particulars can be obtained by addressing in either F.nglish or German post paid. Patients can be accommodated with Board on reasonable terms, Mechanicsbuxg is one ol the prettiest and healthiy i towns in this or any other State. . It i- S mi!*.-, from Harrisbiirg on the C. V. R. R. and accessible tiom all parts of tli" Union. The Dr. will vi-il cases in any part of the State when desired. Kind reader if you know of any afflicted fel loio-creature, delay not, to tell them of this treatment. March 2, ISll.—Grr..* COACH AND WAGON FACTORY. The undersigned having entered into part nership in the above business, would anuounce to the citizens of Bedford County that they are | now prepared, at their Shop at the East End of this Borough, to furnish CARRIAGES and BUG GIES, of every style and price : also, COACHES,

WAGONS, and PLOUGHS. BLACKSMITH work of every description executed to order, on the shortest notice, at their shop adjoining the Coach Factory. Determined to keep none but the best of workmen iir tlieit employ, and to sell as cheap . as any other establishment in the State, they hope to receive liberal encouragement. IFF" Country Produce of all kinds taken in ' exchange for work and the highest prices al lowed. We respectfully invite the public to ; give us a call. WM. WETSEL, JOHN FOSTER. ' Bedford, Feb. It, 1854. Drugs DR. F. C. REAMER fcft Having purchased the Drtn> LH7..W ..$/ and Book Store of Dr. S. D. Scott, will j constantly keep on hand at his establishment in Julianna Street, a complete assortment of 1 Drugs, Medicines, Dye Stuff's, Paints, Oils, Window Glass, Varnishes, Brushes of all kinds, j Patent Medicines, Lamps, Perfumery, Fancy Soaps, ike. £x.c. together with an extensive col lection of School and Miscellaneous Books, I Blank Books, Common and Fancv Stationery, Ac. which he offers at greatly reduced prices j lor cash. Bedford, Feb. 17, 1854. Dvm B. F. I issi's*v RKsrtcfTFUi.LV tenders his professional ser vices to the citizens of Bedford and vicinity. Office and residence on Pitt-Street, in the building formerly occupied by Dr. John Hofius. June 24, 1853. WM. P. SCHELL. ATTORNEY AT LAW, XY7ILL attend faithfully to all legal business T T entrusted to his care in the Counties of Bedford and Fulton. Bedford, Nov. 1, 1547. C. N. KICKOK, Dentist. rNFFTCE on Pitt-street, nearly opposite the 7 Bedford Hotel, Bedford, Pa. Teeth plug ged, Regulated, ike. and artificial teeth inserted from one to an entire set. Charges moderate, and all operations warranted. 'Perms.—C. tSJJ. Bedford, May 3, 1850. - - - - IL, ! Bedi'os'd HotH* And General Stage Office. The subscriber respectfully begs leave to an nounce to his old friends and the public gener- i ailv, that he has leased the Bedford Hotel, at present in the occupancy of Col. Adam Barn hart, and will take possession on the Ist day of April next. It is not iiis design to make many I professions as 1o what he will do, but be pledges his word that his most energetic efforts will be employed to render comfortable all who give him a call. The House will be handsomely fitted up, arid none but careful and attentive ; servants will be engaged. Persons visiting the Bedford Springs, as well as those attending i Court, and the travelling community general- j Iy, are respectfully invited to give him a call | and judge for themselves. U^-Hoarders taken by the week, month, or year, on favorable terms. TF'Ample and comfortable stabling is at tached to this Hotel, which will always be at tended hv a careful hostler. Also, a safe and convenient carriage house. 0 .'lll the St.ICES stop at this Hotel. JOHN HAFER. March 16, 1855. £133. WJi. SSlfiU'lfl Having permanently located in Pattonsville, Bedford County, respectfully tenders his servi ces to the public in the lirteol his profession. Pattonsville, March 3, ISs3—ly. NOTICE! The subscriber is anxious 1o (lose his old Books up to April 1, 1855, ami hopes ail in terested will give immediate attention to this notice. In cases where it is not convenient to make immediate payment, notes will he taken on reasonable time. GEO. BLYMIRE. April 13, 18:u>. P. A. HEALEY & BEG., W la © S > r Ist AND DEALERS IN PAINTS, GILS, GLASS, VARNISHES, DYE- Sfnil's Spices, Fa!en! Medicines, vNc., £itmbc i' lan t), ill ti. Qf7 Or tiers from Phyxirians an I Mwrhatitx filled with pure uud uuadt/lte.ratrd arttc/ts, at Bn fit mart peter*. .I one 9, 18. r 4 —ly. FORWARDING AND COMMISSION WAREHOUSE (liamlieisburg, Pennsylvania. THE subscribers are prepared at all times to carry Produce ol evei y description and Merchandize to and from Philadelphia and Baltimore, on the most rea sonable terms. The bishe.-t price paid at all times | for all kinds ol country Produce, i t77 = "Receiviig Depots, Bl /PA K( Q. T,.i Market street. Philadelphia.—JOHN BIOHAN, Baltimore, No. 1.11 il street. C. W. EYSTF.R & CO. F'eb. 0, U-.ll—Cm.* j Two and Four Jiorse Thrashing;, made of the very best material, and in the best workman-like manner, constantly on hand and for sale at the Machine Shop of PETER H. SHIRES, Bedford, Fa. His Machines are greatly improved to the ad vantage of the FARMKI:. Also horse Rakes for raking hav and gleaning grain fields—Cutting Boxes. Cultivators, Single and Double Shovel ! Ploughs—all of which will he sold on the most i reasonable terms and warranted to give satisfac tion. iff" FARMERS and others will do well to five us a call before purchasing elsewhere Reparing of all kinds of Machines ami Fann ing utensils done at the shortest notice and most reasonable terms. PETER H. SHIRES, .Machinist. ' j June 29, 1855.—km. j A Fa ait 12 y Cnr ra ge: FOR S.'ILE OR TIUDE. The owner having no use for it, will sell, on fair terms, an excellent Family Carriage, new- j ly fitted up, intended tor either one or two horses, and having all the necessary fixtures.— j An excellent sett of new Brass mounted bar- ! ness tr.av he had with the carriage, if desired, j It will be sold on time, for cash, or exchanged - lor grain. Enquire at the office of the Bedford ' Gazette. July 27, 1855. j John I\ lleed, Attorney at Law, Bedford, Pennsylvania, 1 Respectfully tenders hii services to the. Public. fCP*Otiice second door North ol the Mengel j House. Bedford, Feb. 20, 1852. JOHN R. EDIE, Attorney at Law, j WILL hereafter regularly attend the sittings of the courts of this county. During the terms ! of Court he may be consulted professionally at' the Hotel ol Maj. Davis. ' Bedford, F'h, It, .1854, Cessna &■ Shannon* HAVE formed a Partnership in the Practice of the Law. OjP Office nearly eppnsije the Post Office, where one or the other may at all times be found. Bedford, Oct. 26, 1849. HUM MEL'S ESSENCE OF COFFEE. LY ERY ON E who lias used Hummel's Es sence of Coffee, knows that one package will go as far as 4 pounds of the best Java Coffee, arid coffee made by this Essence will preserve perfectly the real taste of Java coffee, but will have a more delicate and finer flavor, a finer color, and will certainly be much wholesomer for every person than pure Java Coffee. 03^For sale at Dr. B. F. HARRY'S new Drug and Book Store. Oct. 7, 1853. OLD PEWTER -V COPPER WANTED. Tim: highest price, in cash or trade, allowed for old Pewter and Copper. CEO. BLYiMIRE. Sept. 9, 1853. CAUTION. AH persons are cautioned against trespassing upon the Poor House Farm, either hy hunting, fishing, or otherwise, as the law will be rigidly enforced against all who do so. without-respect to persons. And notice is hereby given that no cows will hereafter be taken to pasture. By order of the Directors. WM. F. MOREHEAD, June 22. Steward. NOTICE. The Partnership heretofore existing between Thomas and John King, is this day dissolved bv mutual consent. All persons having unsettled accounts with them, nie requested to attend to their liquidation without delay. THOMAS KING, June 1, 1554. JOHN KING. Having this day associated Henry S. King,of the City of Pittsburg, with us in the business of manufacturing Iron, the business will be con ducted undet the name and firm of John King Co. THOMAS KING, June 9, 1854. JOHN' KING. STGVSS ! ON hand, and for sale, a superior lot of Cooking, Ten Plate, Parlor, and Church Stoves. GEO. BLYMIRE. IYsm. llet2&T Leas, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Fori Desmoids, lowa, W„.i. give special attention to locating lands —investing money—paying taxes—making col lections, Nc., ice. i Refers to Gen. Bowman and Hon. Job .Mann. Sept. 8, 1854. TO BUILDERS. The subscriber is fully prepared to furnish any quantity or quality of Building Lumber and Plastering Laths. Ciders directed to St. Chin-vole. Bedford County, will be promptly attended to, by giving a reasonable notice. F. D. BEEGLE. Nov. 24, 1854. M. !'. ('. BllMli If } ESPECTFI LLY begs leave to tender his if AT Professional Services to the Citizens of Bedford and vicini v. Office in Julianna Street, at the Drug and Bookstore. Feb. 17, 1.854. Would announce to Ids friends and the pub lic that lie has purchased the entire Store of the late James M. Gibson, and intends to continue business at the aid stand, lie has on hand an assortment of Dry Goods, Groceries, Teas, SV gars, Jew elry, fkc. &.c. together with Conlec tionaries of every description. In a short time he will replenish his slock, so as to make it an inducement to purchasers to give him a call.— IB- has on hand a good supply of FLOFR, and will make every effort to accommodate the peo ple in this line of his business, either wholesale or retail. He will also keep Bacon, Fish, Sail, Molasses, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Brooms, Brushes,' Patent medicines, Drugs, Dye-stuff's, and everv article usually kept in a retail store. HANGING and FPHOLSTER ING will be attended to as usual with prompt ness and despatch artd he would take this oc casion to say that he has now on hand, and will furnish to order, on the most favorable terms, every description of WALL PAPER and BOR DERING. By unremitting attention to business, and a disposition to please, he hopes to merit and re ceive liberal encouragement. Bedford, April li, 1555. WATCHES, JEWELRY, SILVERWARE AND FANCY GOODS. .7 Choice . 7\s ortmvnt of Ike Finest Quality, For Sule at the Lowest Cash. Prices, at IV M. B. E LT<) A'7/ E.7J) 'S , .V a. Ist South Second Street, between Pine ami T~- n ion, II Vu Side, PHI LA DIG.PiII A. The assortment embraces a Large mi J Se/eet Stork of Vine Wfitrhfs. Jewelry, Silver 115/ re, A/hata It tire, jiloted with Jine Silver. in Spoons, Pari *, LarlL *, A-v. let Hoods, Fans mid Fancy Articles of a superior quality, deserving the examination ot those who de sire to procure the best goods at the Lowest Cash Prices. Having a practical knowledge of the business, and all available facilities lor Importing and Manufactur ing, the subscriber confidently invites purchasers, believing that he can supply them on terms as favor able as any other establishment in either of the At lantic Cities. [£7~AII kinds of Diamond and Pearl Jewelry and Silver Ware manufactured to order, within a reason able time. Bsr" Watches, Jewelry and Silver Ware faithfully repaired. W,M. It. KLTONIfEAD, No. ISI South Second Street, a few doors above the Second Street Market, YVest Side. C~T" In the South Window of the Store may be seen the famous RIUL CLOCK, which commands the ad miration of the scientific and curious. Oct. 13, IS-T t. — ly. Private Sale of Valuable Froperty. The subscriber will sell, at private sain, bis valuable property, situate in Boydstowu, about fialfa mile west ot the Borough of Bedford, on the turnpike road, consisting of two Dwelling Houses, a Black-smith and Wagon maker Shop, and all necessary outbuildings. There are two lots and a half of ground attached, on which are a number of fine fruit trees. This property is every way desirable, and purchasers would do well to examine it. JACOB SEM LEE. May 25. 1855. | Dn. KUYSRIQS Pkctorat, Sticp.—U,,.. : netie# of a preparation bearin* the alov would say to our render-, try~it. arill yot| * '''"f ** From the Pittsburg Morning Post, Sept i< Kr vsee's Pkctobal S*ri p. —We bav medicine (or a severe cold, and ran truly v'"" J ,bi never found any remedy so pleasant ai b W> i- an expectorant, yet does not sicken the J? 1 " 1 ' h and it prevents costiveness. It , s lom *rh; commended by phy-icians and others vv'ho "" if, as a speedy and effectual cure forCohU i V" ' ,W| ' Hoarseness, Whooping Cough, ( ' nomerous other complaints of the Bronchill n' 3l i and Lungs. We can sately recommend ' or;s '- rellent remedy. ' 4s ej.. HARDWIRE STORE. The subscriber having purchased the * . stock of HARDWARE of the late ThomJ, i'' Miller, in the Borough of Bedford, would "' spectfully announce to his friends and the VP ; lie geneially, that he is now prepared to ' nish almost every articlein his line 0 f onfi-V " on favorable terms. His stock being nearly*-!'' new, and selected by one well "xperiencH " the business, he is fully satisfied that purchaJ" will find it to their advantage to giv/; call. In addition to a general stock of H ..f ■ ware, he has on hand, and will constantly GROCERIES of the very best nu a |it v l(;, Y' P 'of all sizes—also, STONEWARE of a very perior quality. He has also on hand all km " : of Oils, Paints, Drugs, Brooms. r\w ■ „ • " J c *> ar *o Cedar Ware m great varMv. Having now permanently settled in bnsine-- and being determined to use every proper' ey. | ertion to please, he hopes to merit' and 'receive a liberal share of public patronage. JOHN ARNOLD Dec. 22, 1854. NEW Finn m m Mill i The subscribers having purchased the entire Stock of Goods of Geo. \V. Horn, in the t v of Schelbburg, beg leave to announce t 0 the public generally, that they have now on haig and will continue to keep, a large and well J. forted assortment of DRY GOODS, CfiOCF RIES HARDWARE, QUEENSW'AIiE, Tin ware, Oils, Drugs, Fish, Molasses, and, in fact every" article usually found in Country Store to which they invite the attention of purchas ers, satisfi-d that tbev can give satisfaction to ail who give them a call. The highest price will be paid for Hides,and for ail kinds of Grain. Lumber and Produce, of every description, will be taken in exchan - for Goods, at fiie highest prices. All kind- : Leather will be kept at the Store for sale. Give us a call. A. J. SMVELY, J. l MjuS BLRNS, Jr. Jan. 5, 1855. KEtUOVAL. Tile subscriber would respectfully announce to the public that he has removed Ins Tinning Establishment to the building recently occupi ed by Mr. Luther, as a Confectionary Store, :n the Diamond, where he is better prepared thn ever to accommodate his customers with ev-rv article in the line of his business, either whole sale or retail, and hopes they will give him a j call at his new location. GEO. BLYMIRE. Bedford, April (I, 1855. NO TICE :—The undersigned expecting to he absent in the West for some length of tmv. would say that his business will be left in the hands of Jacob S. Schell, where ail interes'-.! w ill cail and attend to their own and mv inter est. JOHN H. SCHELL Sehetlshurg, May 11, 1555. ISAAC IIUDUS, Attorney ar Law, hereafter regularly attend the sit- V v tings of the Courts of this county.- During the terms of the Court iie may he - suited professionally at the Hotel of.M-ij. Daw- Bedford, March 10, 1854. LAW PARTNERSHIP BOB MANN. G. H. SPANG. Tiie undersigned have associated ihemselvc- .nTke Practice of the Law, and will attend promptly to i.i business entrusted to tlieir care in Bedford ai-J joining >tf tie-. Zf~T Office on Julianna Sfreej. three doors scat". "Merigel Hou-e," opposite lite lesidenceol Maj. 1 ate- JOB MANX. June 2. 18-"t. <L 11. SPANG. T>. K. WrXUSßlil'Cll. B. F. XF-.ll>. Wi9S3*!!<t*lfch & Yonravkiiini %V kfoninnssicn illcuiian'J, A crlh. *S vuml opposite the CHtuherlami I * Hail Ron/l Depot, CHAMBERSBURG UJc" They are at all times prepared to carry J ■ kinds of Produce to, and Merchandise, Xc.. i "i. Philadelphia and Baltimore, at the shortest notice- L* They will also purchase Flour, l>rain, xc.. j mai ket price. COAL, LUMBER, SALT, FISH, GUANO, au>; | PLASTER on hand and lor safe low. j June io, pt©;;. Menu3°y So [Of the late Firm of Kin g d>" .Uoor'iene. €emmission fHcrcljaiL, DEALER IN PIG METAL, BLOOMS, WoFiTrn lTodtiCP, &c. Kr. Kc. No. 7d, Water Street, below .Market, Fittsbnrgj Fa- I The undersigned will continue the f l j j sion Business at the above place; provided himself with suitable convenience the storage cf Pig Metal, Blooms, Produce, ; is now prepared to receive consignment- , . By long experience in the business, a- 1 • constant attention, he hopes to merit a • share of trade, which be respectfully so '^' v henry S. kink. April 27, 1555. JOSKBIS U*. TAT ATTOIINEV AT LAW, REJL ESTATE BROKER, BOUNTY LAND, AND CLAIM AUENU : Has for sale FOFR FARMB and lof unimproved Land. iC-' Libera Jl made. Land Warrants bought and sow ! a in Julianna street. Bedford, May 11, 1855—6 m. B5i # . .fOS. KKKFF^, I N ESPECTFI LLY begs leave to J li- Professional Services to the Schellsbnrj and vicinity, r f ?^y' Street. Sept- - i