Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, February 29, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated February 29, 1856 Page 2
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THE BEDFORD CIZETTE. lSctllbrri, i'cJ. 28, 1 sSO. G, W. Bowman, Editor and Proprietor- FOR PRESIDENT, 80S. JAMES 'iIITIM. Conjrrgationa! Mecliujr. A meeting of the Presbvterran Congregation will be held ra the Ciuicch on tsaturilay the Bth of March. at 11 ovicide, A. M. A nil! meeting is <le sired. as the PFVVS will he disposed of on that day, Bud other business of importance transacted. By order of the Trustee.-. Let'cr of I{< v. Johi! ChamfHrs. Pnit.A., dan. 20. IS-IC. Jl/V IX nr y.itjtU:—l see iiotn the papers that the I) lTS have pa-sed to second reading a bill to jepeal the rtLiquor I.aiv. and it is exp 'rt e. vtor the bill will pass the house of Kepresciitu -1 ives. ' X. , Jet roe propo-e to yon and through you to our party, that they forthwith pas* a bill requiring the Commissioner- of each County to have erected, .and jvrt-rcc at ail the cross-roads, a trough with hoi;'a diifeu or more mugs chain, d fast ; ami 1 those troughs well a rf cos rant I y snpjdied with rum and lager, that tbe thirsty whiskey diinking diuiVieriits may have their tit-i. .The county need not be at tin' expense or fencing in the troughs, tor there is uAI a hog in tin old Keystone so'far lost to re-pect iof ins iionorahlP Af. >hiv, •>to put his snout within more than smell ing di-tauee of the vie drug. L rio"< s'-em to•;>. though the Democrats were . resoi> cw iuat trii tl i- t rile or intemperance thaU be eu.jtiird npoir thi- land perpetually. It is To me most ga'clifg i)o;i ti ortifyinfr that tlie political party which .'-I oiris f-r th-* triit pttrt'- r> : * the con'ritrj',-sfconlil so Went iff itself with kt s. ({.sr.- and Rtns e My dear s.r, 2 trios t dt- piy regret t .at yon, a- a iWTints, and B good citizen, should lend your influence to this vile ttpjjiu. it mp tiers not. i.t ruy ju.igruiHit, bow much u the rum selb r.,' mo., y may pass from tiu'ir pock et to tVole of the Democratic ifieuibet.-. Now, al low me to as!; you, as an honest, clever fellow, have TI'H ever known nun ' r ood results to the iudividira!, Ihe famtlv. or the community, front inrn-dnnking . (;ive ine one example n which rum- drinking has re formed //e man.' For thirty year- 1 have been ask ''irig for this example, but thi- far in Vain. Will you do me the favor to ask the Democratic members for one example. 1 ask it Iron- lire Daw on: AT re mem bers ot the legislature because it is evident to all wlib will see. that they arc the friends of turn, and that rum is 'tjkrir friend. Surely they can say some thing good of their old fri.'tul. 1 presume Huglry will have high Mats performed t'or all the precious wniskey-souls in the Legislature. J trust in God loaf tlwre is humanity enough in the Senate to stay the burning wrongs of lite ilou-e. fours truly, JOHN CUAMKKUS. **"**GT7 = * Above will be found a letter purporting to been written nv the Rev. Juux GHAMIIKBS, which we publish as one of the i.e/raoniui-in! productiorisol the age, and to prove that tlieman who gets drum; on fmmtiei'm is a more rlepiorable object than the man who gets drunk on Parker w hisk<:y 1 More iulemper dh\ Language than that employed by Mr. CHA.U HERS, in this epistle; could not emanate from the most confirm ed lirntikurd in the State ; and its etfect upor. the pub tic tnind will do more injury to the ctMfle ol temper ance limn Mr. C. can do good should permitted to live to lecture ami write on this the next Any yars. Because this Bevert/nJjfcgeutleman cannot carry his extreme measurers on rw subject of temperance, lie rmmcW.. that the Legislature pass ,r lull' i eyairhig tfie Commissioners to erect trough' at all the cross-rouVls in the State, and.#// them with .i ln.tlry for the use o: Democrats, iviiom he denomi nates as below the hoi' specie-! Disgraceful senti ' meat to emanate froth any ww, hut much more so to come from a Minister of the Gospel. Thp hn-iii that the Democratic liiertiber- of ihe Legislature Were bribed by the •■rnni eelle r.v," iu paseiug the bill for th" rcpe 1 of the •-.Tug-Law," is tire strongest po-sible evidence that Mr. C- was intoxi rt d, (by imbibing heavy draughts of fjiiatici-nn.) when he penned the pngri!: thouybt. The lowest grade of drunkards want no better law, for their benefit , than •HP jf'G Law, which seems to have so strong a place in the affections of Mr. (.'.--and lie. and his es co-workers, in ItsjVJig to fasten such a law lip i ouithe people, exhibit itlef&trnnpcst po- hie deter- Biinatior "to euiau! the evils ol intemperance per petually upon this land." Mr. C. st" it is "evident J to til fl at tii* ]>movrit:v member- mi'the Legtste tnre ;u the friends i. tuts, r.:.d tiiaj -rum is tlie.r , friend." .Now, this remark was as ssiralted for as is imj rcore h v and gentlemanly fW* <>i nun nebcr assembled: at Harrishurg than those eorepo-iifg the Democratic portion of the Legislature • —ate', in repeating the Jug Law. they have done iiottiins; tiMue than to ohi-v the v.-u eo: the people, empbat rally expressed at the ha 1 tot-box. To have ' done le--. vnold have been a clear violation of a plain sltif v ! entrusted to their hand-. fine of the nicane-' feature-of the jmlirieol tem nerance men of the present day, con-isis in the iact ' that the;, feel like ' out" every botlv who wili not bow before their opinioti-. To be allowed a i'nll expression of their own v ; ew-, no matter how ridicnlous and absurd, do-* not satisfy then:—aril, if' they ranr.M Joree the people to Irtiv netiiine /'.n than a quart, tiiey wouiu erect troughs at a!! the cro-- roads in m -r to trvfi men and childrenj too, to lic conie drcsk '•-. Tn :h'- learlu! extent doe- /ir- - tc'nit lead men., otherwise good citizens. All The Temjletanhe laws That have been ps--fil. tvave prove ! a butivbn *. They have never tiwii iu struiifvtifal in r> idfming n single man, and never wiii. \ - long its 1 wttisfeh't h i.t /.•>'■/, tho-.e that want it will have it. de.-yl'e nil tki-'Vews tirit can be paved to •• rl their appetite. In fact, these lav. oiily -crVe hs a and create a greater th\rxt h.Vtlic filthy drug. ' And raising the price ti the article, dop- r.o good. It tidy still further m- th" w:;e am! c*..iluren < .'the besot red ine bi iate—because, It. cases like this, f it'fakes the last b,a; of bread, the last stick of wood, or tlse Just pound of siig'-'. the'■ ■•' I 'ru. i irn-'t erne. As prayer uttere i ■ ml -vwffr/v, by tie how ' elctgv a; ' rhri t ■ men of" the Jam', wouM do more to re HIS : '.I s -, t!ia:l C!I the ISC that ail LCR islative boriie* rail pie-s whilst t lie'world -tandv. Tbe'h cA** i-:i the temper-nee question have made a r.hol tiie si. jeet. in which they cla alt Democrats as the friendso. rum—and all the rne m />.* of the Deniocratic Party a- the friends of tem perance! This i- neither lair, honest, ior decent, for all know the declaration to be grossly false. One party much addicted to drinking u> the other— but it is very certain that -auivol the most notorious lovers ot' "Rum," are found among the warmest ad vocates of political temperance for }.■• eiti.a' pit << <. Only a few days ago, a man who was mainly instru mental in iastemitg upon the ]>eople riio K- N. Jug Law was engaged in the enterprize of tempting men in the country to drink liquor lrorn the Jims he ear end hi his an jet bag. Sburne en such doublc diiiillcd hypocrisy. Ministers attend to ir.e dutw- which prop r|y belong to their calling, they never fail to ac n„ire confidence and respect—but, whenever they u , rn politicians, and bitterly denounce people, instead o: aJiectiona'fl)' admoaishing them, they are like nox foHs weeds among beautiful flowers. In tintabov.e letter, Air. tuijuu rs most cordially , HrtUf the eou'. jnpt ol every Democrat in Fenn-yl van j a and, if be is not gratified in his request, it v. 11 be owing to the good sense ot the people, and i not to any wisdom to be found in the letter recorded | Without a K%ntt! fafHou* opposed to the Democratic Party are now without a name; and, the only way they designate themselves when calling a caucus, a State, County or Township Convention, is as the euemies "ofjhe nationd administration ! We were attracted with the call lor a caucus of the K. N members of the Legislature of our own State, which read a- above. Heretofore the Stale Administration I has been considered of some account—but the Know ' Nothings seem to have no faith in the strength of the llxecytive power at Harrishnrg. ft was this dirty ' mixing up of factions, that disgraced our State and notion by the scenes enacted in ttie Harrishnrg Leg islature last winter, and at Washington this winter. • | Will hone-l men of the country continue to act with ' soch a compound o"' Mongrels? So rjvenoos are they for spoils, when suc cessful, flint thev permit the hest offices in their . "in to oo into the hamis of Democrats rather r> - I than Ift cither wing of their own discordant ) ' , materlil, {jet into power. The election of f. S. • Senator from Pent sylvania, Seargeant-at-arms and 'i D.ipocratic Printer to 'lie lower House : oi Congress will satisfy anv candid man of the • irutb of this assertion. Who, then, crfti have ' any fiiitli in their promises ? /T'The black spirits {Jlbolifionixtx) have , , been holding a convention in Pittsimrsr, and the • gnu/ fyh iis (Know-vYothinsrs) in Philadelphia, ( durinsr the last week, both of which have been • Hie flieiitre of disorder and contentim such as I v, is to haw been expected sue!: assembla ge ■" • - :j "Th" Democratic State Cimvention meets , in flarris'nirg on next Tuesday, and being com • ( posed ut'snme uf the very best men in IheCom _! mmiwealth, we have no doidit they will <Jit>- - i cliarge the high trust committed to their hands ! I i in a manner that will meet the approbation of - : a large majority of the people at the polls on the . . second Tuesday of October next. W.M, M. - I H.xr.n, Esq., is the Senatorial, and tlco. H. • ( Sp.wo, Esq. the Representative delegate Lorn i Bedford County. SJ* A serious accident occurred on the .i Pt tinsvlvania Railroad, at Huntingdon, on the % 'J Ist inst., hy which one man lost his fife, and II i . i several others were bally injured. An engine , , ! run into the western mail train, while it was ! I i ! standing still, owing to a coupling holding the j - cars having broken, and the engine close behind, 1 could not he checked soon enough to escape the sad calamity. SC. "The Liquor Law which passed the Sen ! j ate a lew days since, has been referred to a • i select committee in the House, the report of which will he seen in a feu days. s I t . From the Providence (ti. I.) Pq-t. IS THE KVOW-XOTHHG PARTY \.\ AMERICAN' PARTY! We answer, confidently am! emphatically. ,A" < tie say that, in all its features and all its purposes, ' it is the very opposite of what it claims to be. Let - us see if we speak more or less than the simple . truth. . 1 In the first place, look at its eeerrey. Is there nnv • thmg American in that.' Is it American to belong ■ to u society lite very name and the very existence • j of which you are bound by an oath to keep a pro , t found secret ? Is it American to nominate men for i high office-, and keep their nomination a secret until ! it is revealed through the ballot-box' Is it Amen- , 1 j can to shrink from an open discussion ol" the chums I | and qualifications of candidate* lor high offices .' Is it American to sneak in the Council chamber for the ' transaction of political business through trap-doors -and back-entries, with one eye over ytuu shoulder, j " like a dog with a stolen breakfast, to guard against j - detection t Can there be anything peculiarly Amer t • icuu in ail association whose utaiii' features are re- 1 ipmbl'ed by nothing that h;l- existed in A 1 1 fforri" tie landing of the Pilgrims down to the day j 1 ! toat We numbered twenty-five niiiiitens of souls ? I- any very American in a society of Jesuits / p 1- tiiere anyttiing American in a star-cbambefcourt? : is there anything American in an Italian or Spanish . inqni-ition? if not, ttieri is there nothing American ; ill know-nottlingisra, ihus tar considered. j i Look at its atifits. From the uiomen r of t-ii ng . j them the victim ceases to Lie a freeman. He i. ; -worn to look upon his hfoi'tier who was born upon another soil, or whose religions faith differs from ; hi- own, a- nu oittca t. !!•> becomes a bigot—bitter, i inlol!ft, riTt!er)t;ug. II - is-worn also to vote j _ j iur his party'- candidates, be they who and what . they may. .No matter if the gr.-ate-t knave, the fno.-t baie-facell villain, or The meanest scoundrel that ever walked The earth, is piaced m nomination, '! he Mtf.t vote ior him. 'Fhere is no esrap- 1 . lie lias , • I'MIM that he will do it. Ho cannot listen to argu • rqent, ,or he i- no longer free to act according to the dictates 0 reason aiiid conscience. His only an-wer •Toth ■ patriot's appeal nm-t be. V,'e have a law, aiij by That law i must vote or my party> < undi - ; dittc. iio mnttei who he is or what h" is , saint or - , devit. *t i- all the same.-" 1- theie onvt iing Amer ican :n thi- I And }et this is one of the features o; know-not h,ngi-m. I. ol; at its pnrjtoms. If proposes to annihilate po -- lit rat equ iity—to rob labor of its dignity and its r means el -lei-.uice, by robbing it of its -trength r.t the . i,p Sl-. It v.old make chatrie- or mere machines oi it Ous.-ind- ~f white laborers, ar.d open th door to -T'.t greater encroachments upon the poor man's rights. Is there anything American in this I r Look again. It would erect rom-./ittuities of fer ei.hi is upon our own soil, by drivng every man o: ; foreign birth beyond the boundaries of American so ciety, whether social or political. It would teach - a large class oi men, w,Th families growing r.p a : ' room! them in onr very midst, to bote, with u bitter i • and everlasting hatred, the in-titutlOfis ol our coun try, and !if iiren who sustaia them. It would shut 1 : out the children of foreign-born parents from all ! Amervanizing influences, and leave them to grow up • amongst o with Those prejudices Common to the land of the r lathers. Is this a:i object worthy of Americans I Lpok uncc more. It would offer a premium for ' religious hypucrVy, by excluding from office arid from s 1 'he ballot-box every man who open I v embraces the _ 1 Catholic faith. Thp American doctrine has been, 1 that every person should be allowed to worship God according to the- dictates of ids conscience. It would i trample this doctrine in the dustj by providing pen - id ties, in the form of prescriptive di.-abilaties, for j all who worship God in any other than tire I'iotestant ! form. s ! But enough. There can b but one answer to the - ; question we have asked. Tins know-nothing party . | is aiiti-American in its organization and internal fea tures —anti-American in its purposes—anti-Ameri can ir, its sov! and iu its substance. With its mask ~ off, it i- a bald traitor—a heartless, reckless eiterny fi ol American, institutions. Let tine Americans fL**- s | from ,t as ;hey would flee from the pestilence that _ j waste!h at noonday—avoid it as they would the poi sonous v : per—and crush it as true patriotism Would fcj crush undisguised treason. - - - - - -: lla. BUCHA.\A.\ ANU LOUD CLAUUXDON. — y j Th- report that words had recently been 1 exc hanged between these two gentlemen is not -! credited, l ite journal upon whose authority i it is reported is the London Morning Adverti ser, a paper which is said to be the receiver of -1 all the filthy whisfrs and absurd fictions fluat ti insr about the put lie,,- 0 f the Hritish m-lropo i! Hs. A CAPITAL HIT! The man who. ill a land and an age ti/.e tins, is honestly declaiming against the Temporal influence of the poor Pope ; and earnestly warning his country men ogitin.-r the political arts of the poor Catholics; ought to have lived at least in the last century, and followed the Spanish Cavalier in his crusade against wiinu-mills. Nor have we any more to feat — Front Fie influx of fotfign elements into our body pohtir, in the rhrtforlnr and habits of the mingled races of the, old tmrhl. Though foreign emigration were increased a hundred fold, it would no more alarm thoughttu! j man, for the safetv of our free institutions, than do ; ! the thousand rivers, that pour their varied elements ' into the sea, alarm a philosopher for the jmritv otthe ' mighty and ocean. The nation is al- ■ ! reatlv, in all its grand elements of character, perma- j nentlv Anglo-American; and a wise man would just ; as sincerely fear to dine on a salmon, lest he, bim- 1 self, short Id become a great fish ; or to break his fast j i on u bird, lest he should sprout with leathers and ; wings, as to have a tear lest this American nation- ) : ality be essentially or injuriously modi fled by any i : foreign elements that may flow into it.— Rev. Charles 1 11 Oils wot th • For the Gazette. All Mature Hopes for Sjirinsr. Who does not hope for Spring /—Who so stolid, as ! I not to long for the reviving green of opening sum- j i mer /—Who so stoical as to look on, unmoved, at this 1 | etfort of nature to throw ofi her wiuter garb I Summer lias ber charms, and Autumn's frqlts fill men with gladness, but the brightening sun of spring, ' as it shines upon the snow-clad hills, seems to send ; a thrill of pleasure through creation, and till us with t I another life. j Who has not watched with happiness nnmingled I this resurrection from the sleep of nature ? How joy ' ou-ly the birds wing their way (jack to well remem ! bered nests, and sing a welcome to their playmates i again. j Even plants anticipate tlie coming of its cheering ' J smile, ihe fragile seed which withered up, and • died, in autumn's heat, bursts its shrivelled skin.tfS'l i waits restlessly till spring allow, it to show torth its i hidden beauties, and sweeten the miirinuringbieezes j i with its flagrante. j bee, too. tho.-e broken rocks which seem as it cracked and shivered with the piercing blasts ol j winter—their coats of ice and snow give way be- ; i neath the reviving warmth of summer's herald am! i ! display the moss and lichen homes of tubes of bap- . I py insects. May we not apply this theme, even to the changes j | contingent on human progress 7 Who has not sighed j i for a return of the spring ot file; when with rompush ; .! jov we sported on the lawn, wbn present happiness : hid with its enticing view.future sorrows, and eve ry hour seemed a spring of pleasure ! And evert old i and hoary age, whose steps linger on the outskirts of the world whose, days aie numbered, and at whoso life springs death's shaft is. pointed—e'en the four score wanderer hopes for spring, in a higher and a happier existence. O Spiing! first of seasons ! in thy light and smile t all nature seems happy. Thy corning strews the dark earth with dowers,and displays delicacies whi#b j stern winter chides train existence; and which the j heated summi.r smothers with her luxuriance! All ; bail thy advent as a season ol joy Al! nature longs ; for thy appearance! All natuie hopes for Spring. Kx TIB. From the Louisville Courier, Feb. 12. Important Decision. A case has just been decided by our new Su- j potior Couitui considerable interest to mer chants. It was that of Meyer KStuckvn ol .New ! York vs. John Tyler, auctioneer, of Boston.— i Win. Whiting and Edward (J. Parker lor the i | piai otitis; R. Choate, Win. Dehon, and S.J. Thorn as lor the defendant, ll grew out of the j Peverelly arson case in New York. Jt seems , that Pcvere!ly received goods on storage as his . J n ° r \ general business. Sundry hogsheads ol sugar j were thus received from the plaintiffs. The marks on them he erased, and then shipped them to Tyler, to be sold in the name of one R. Say re. On this consignment, T\ K-r, the auc tioneer, advanced, as is usual, about one third the value to the conciguor. The plaintiffs, at- j j ter the discovery ol Pevereilv's attempted burn ping'of his store by the New York police, search j ed for their merchandise, and found it in Tyler's warehouse in Boston—he refusing it up, save on payment of his entir# advances and j payments tvaJe in uerl'ect good faith. Upon t [argument, the Oriel Justice of the Superior; j Court reserved the case fur the consideration of i the Associate Judges of that Court, and they j . ' • . .V. . " ' I to-day entered judgment fur the plaintiffs for : the fol! amount claimed, with, costs, the defen dant tints losing his entire advances. It is un ' derstood (lie judgment went upon the ground , j that Pyvereily, by erasing the marks, termina- , led his '•lawful possession," so as to be unable . i thereafter to give a second consignee a lien for any advances. I St. Lawrence Hotel. —We understand that there is an impression in the interior of the State, tliat this well regulated establishment w as burnt out on the occasion ol the recent tire.— Such is rmt the fact. The damage sustained i was trifling. The fire occurred in one of the rooms in the rear of the hotel, used by some of the employees, and was put out in live iriin ; ittes' time. Visiters can r-st assured that the ! convenience and comfort that has always char- ; 1 arterized the St. Lawrence, is still its chief f. a j tnre, and that its worthy proprietor, Mr. Cami— j r;:ll, is never more at liorre- than when en- ' gaged in ministering to the pleasure of his guest?.— pen n sylran inn. VHiYiTIERS' ANSDIIA'ITOY. We are recpiest.'d to state that a second meet- • ing < I Teachers, Directors, and the friends of j Education, will be held in Bedford, on Tuesday . t!ie 20th day of .March next, for tlie purpose oft organizing a County Teachers' Association.— ' Hun. If. ('. Hickok, Deputy slat- Stipeiinten cent of Harrislmrg,' and others, are expected to j deliver address* 4 on the occasion. Baltimore, Feb. 23.—The Flour market ; tp-day is duller. Howard street offered at AT j 2.3 without buyers : small sales of City Al ills j at §7. Grain is unchanged, with a good fie- i j inund l.r yv I! >w corn. ;T8 A U VZ 0 K V*: . j On Sunday the 21th inst., by S. Whip, E-q., Mr. I j \Vai,xbr Oi.ivbk, to Mis. Mary Ov.uns, iioth ol | Cumberland Valley township. j On The 27th o Jan. at the residence oi Mr. Saml. : M'Fadtlen, by the Rev. .1. ITeller, Mr. Hknuy Reich- I aiiii, to MLs F.. r, lioth of Martinshurg. On Sabbath morning, Jan. 27th, at Pleasantville, by J. [I. Wright. F.sij., .Mr. Frank Hammer, of ( ambr.a County, to Miss £t.iz.\ Macoai, of the same place. On Tuesday evening, Teh. 12th, at Pleasantville, by J. H. Wright. Esq., .Mr. Jos ken M. Taylor, of Union Township, to Miss Axuelixk Mock, ol the same place.

DIED, I In Philadelphia, 18th instant,CATHARINE ASHMEAD, daughter of Samuel L. and Mary F. Kreutzburg, aged 3 years and 6 months. LOOK OUT FOR BARGAINS! As the subscriber intends to remove his stock of goods in the Spring, to the room recently oc cupi"d by Peter Radehaugh, lie will sell his present well selected stock, at unusually low prices, in older to save trouble of moving. So that all in the want of Bargains, will find them by calling at the Colonade Store. All kinds of produce taken in exchange fir goods. JACOB REED. Feb. 29, 1836. RECEIPTS AND EXPENDITURES OF BEDFORD COUNTY roil 1803. JOHN TAYLOR. Treasurer of Bedford Coun ty, in account with said County, from Ist day of January, 1853, to 7th day ol January, 1856. TREASURER 1)R. ; To Cash received from Col lectors, it! infrn , 6955 10 I Balance due County on last report, 165 67 i Taxes received on unseated lands, 12 4-2 | Credit on Militia Fines for stationery, 500 1 Balance due Treasurer, J 190 87 8629 06 CONTRA CP. j By ami. paid on checks, drawn by Commissioners, vt infrn, 6608 31 j" amount paid constables at tending Jurors, 91 00 •' amount paid constable Black burn, omitted, 1 4-0 " amount paid Jurors, 14 )0 09 i j" uncurrent money destroyed, 30 00 j" Treasurer's salary, 185 00 " Premiums on scalps, 313 25i 8629 06 i Statement showing cash received from each Col lector, at supra. • Robert F.hler, M. Wood, '55 447 00 i William Wysong, Union, " 202 00 Peter Kwait, Schellsburg. " 8.7 00 Arnold Lashley, Southampton '• 170 00 | John Ablstadt, St. Clair, " 110 00 j Israel Morris, W. Providence '• 28.'! Ill) | J. B. Martin, E. Providence, 201 87 j John Whets-tone, Napier, " it t.7 00 j William Cornell, Monroe, " O'J 00 j J. C. I)evore, Londonderry, " 101 00 ! J. Rerk'-tresser, Liberty, " 115 00 i John ileily, Juniata, " 100 00 I J. B. Ilnrdrrnn, Harrison, •• 00 00 i G. Lon, Hopew ell, 100 00 ! Levi llardinger, C, Valley, 00 00 Nicholas Koontz, Colerain, 3.21' 00 Thomas W. Ilorton, Broad I op, 00 00 J. H. Schnebly, Bedford 4.70 02 P. H. Shires, Bedlord B. .7SO 00 j J. Workinger, S. Wood, 18.71. 28; i 00 j J. Nicodemus, " 2-70 00 j J. Corle, t nion. 113 81 : William lianis, South. ii7 27 j Solomon Williams. W. Prov. .70 00 i I). Fshleman, F.. l'rov. 9'!. 37 William Hull, Napier 197-83 J. Lovvrey, Londonderry .'!! 30 J. I). Hill, Juniata 25 00 J. Devore, Harrison 5-7 00 J. Fink, llopewell 13.7 71 E. lleihl, Colerain 191 00 ; fl. Ford, Broadtop 97 ' C. Stnckey, Bedford S3 03 I S. S. Shuck. Bedford R. 143 30 I I). Cypher, Liberty IS lit i F- Berkhimer, St. Clair 9.7 00 | VV m. O'Neal, iHonroe 104 00 ' N. 11. Wright, St. Clair 1853. 10 Jesse Dicken. Southampton " 2-7 <lO ! H. Wilt, E. Providence L'f.Gl • I). Evans, LondonileAy 1( 02 George Froelig, Harrison 2f< 00 John King, Hopewell ' 150 00 Ellas Gump, Colerain 40 00 M. Wisegarver, Bedford 98 .70 Hugh Moore, B. 290 42 S. S. Stuckev, Napier 1852. s7 C'j John Cook, Londonderry " 5.7 00 Thomas Young, Hopewell 50 00 Samuel Cam, Bedlord B. 125 00 i Solomon Reirnund, Bedlord B. ISSI- 8 .39 i FreiJ'k Smith, I.ondonderry "70 31 31 Henry Fluck, M. Wood. '49 285 00 Samuel I'lark, St. C'uir '4S 40 00 09,75 20 STATEMENT OT CIICfK?. Bridges, 94-5 :i0 Assessors, 636 S6< Reviews of Roads, Ac. 224- 30 Wood, 50 t.t Interest on borrowed money, 256 16 Treasurer of Bedford County Agti cu I turn I Society, 200 00 1 1 Borrowed money re-paid to Job Mann, exor. of A. Kerns, 536 83 s Elections, 45(5 98 1 Constables, 233 91 i Inquest, 12 98 Hugh Moore", Sheriff, costs and tir taking prisoners to the Penitentiary, 551 ;>4< D. Washabaugh, Proihonotary, costs and lees, 116 19 D. Over, printing, 117 00 (J. \\ . Bowman, do 105 7.) T. A. Boyd, Comth' ntty. 18 00 j John Conard Commissioner, 5 2 00 Fed'k Turner, do 50 00 ' D. C. Long, do 58 50 : William Whetstone, do la 0') A. 8. Russell, Clerk do 200 05 j Costs in Gommonwealth cases 142 38 \ Auditors and clerk, last year 70 00 James McMullin Court crier 107 50 • Repairs to County Buildings 1-82 6(i John Taylor costs on unseated lands 23 6'2.j . .Moneys over paid and refunded 104- 91 I Levi Agnew, attending Court House 791 ' Distributing duplicates 20 00 Books, Stationery, 57 37 j John Mower, alt v. to Comr's 50 00 j Law Taliaferro, late Treasurer 200 00 i F. Jordan, late ( om'lth attv. '25 00 j Auditors arid clerk, this year 70 00 j Miscellaneous checks 552 71 6608 31 ! ■ Statement of money due. to Red ford County, "i'l/t day January , 1856. FROM COLLECTORS, AS FOLLOWS : David .Miller, S. Wood. 15.7.7. 60(7 GO Robert Elder, M. Wood " 448 18 Joint Wyson, Union 107 43 Peter F.walt, Schellsburg 9 03 i John Aldstadt St. Clair 131 02 1-rae! Morris, W. Prov. 187 00 John Whet-tone, Napier 117 22 William Carnel, Monroe 231 0!) James C. Devore, Londonderry 54 40 | Samuel Berkstre--er, Liberty 98 39 i John Reily, Juniata 160 0(1 J. B. Hardntnn, Harrison 94 43 George Iong, 105 7G Levi Hanlinger, Cumd. Val. 205 10 Nicholas Koontz, Colerain 08 94 j Thomas W. Horton, Broadtop 71 30 j J. H. Schneblv, Bedford T. 208 48 Peter H. Shires, do B. 172 92 Jacob VVorkinger, S. Wood. 1854. 51 89 j Jacob Nicodemus, M. Wood. " 138 08 Solomon Williams. VV. Prov. 11 70 I John 11. Htll, Londonderry. 188 05 Abrnm Snowden, Cumb. Valley 349 72 Saml S. Shuck, Bedford B. 53 33 Elias Gump, Colerain "2 79 M. Wisegarver, Bedford 1853. 102 25 Hugh Moore, do '• 19 19 John Ash. Southampton 1852. 35 t.7 Thomas Young. Hopewell <• 38 94 Samuel Cant, Bedford B. 37 91 Arnold La-tiley, Southampton 1855. 45 72 Bi-nj. H. Walker, St. Clair 1851. 53 07 ; Solomon Filler, Bedford B. 18-50. 252 OS , J Samuel Clark, St. Clair 1818. 100 00 • , William McAtt-p, Southam. 1817. 15080 Also from A. J. Sniveiy, hite Sheriff, money collected and not paid over 4*7 00 . StOnerstOwu Bridge Bond *,'oo 1)0 5963 no NOTE—On some of Ihe foregoing intere.-t is dire, and from some, commissions and exonerations aie to be deducted. Statement of mon'tj owed It// lint font County. L January ~ilh 1 856. To John Sill, '2ODO 00 " William Hartley 1110 20 11 A. Kerns' Exors, 30 ) 00 " Wm. M. Hall's adinr. 430 00 " James Rea 000 00 4000 20 \OT+: —Some interest is due on each of Ihe above. The undersigned, Auditors of Bedford Coun ty do rejMu t : That they met, at Ihe Commission ei'sOliice, in Bedford Borough, on Monday, Ihe 7th day of January, ult., and did audit the ac count, of John Taylor, Treasurer of said Coun ty, from tlie I-t oi January, 1855, to the 7th | day of January, 10 50, as contained in th- fore going siatement. Also that they examined the , lor-'going accounts, of money due to and owed by the county, and the same is correct. Witness our hands this the Bth day of Jan uary, 1856. JOHN* ALSTADT. • DANIEL BARLEY, GEO. W. SMITH. Auditors. Attest : W;n. M. Hall, Clerk. Report of the County Auditors to the Auditor General, January 7, 1856. JOHN TAYLOR, Treasurer of Bedford Coun ty, iii account with the Coinmoiiiweaitli of i Pennsylvania : TAX ON ar.AL AND PKIISON AL ESTATE. Treasurer Dr. To Bal. due C-frnth. last year, 7(10 52 1 aggn tute amount outstand ing at last sett h'ineiit 5172 34 • ! aggregate amount assessed fir the year 1855 6318 58 " Amt. re'c'il on Unseated lands 9 75 ! 12401 19 I Contra Cr. ! Bv amount paid state Treasurer pro ut receij t< dated Eeh. 9th July 9th Augst. 21sf. S- pt. 26th, and Decem ber sth. 3801 15 | Bv Commissions allowed collect ors on $6518 58 a 5 per centum 325 92 " Exonerations allowed collectors for 1855, and previous years L' 4 85 " Treasurers commissions on $4905 41 at 1 per centum 46 05 " Amount uncollected fur 1855 and previous vars 6641 19 < " Balance due Comlth. 1458 73 ! i 12401 19 j Tavern Licenses. Dr. i To Bal. due Coinltli. last year 34 00 j " amt. of for 1855 355 00 419 00 | | ('R. i ] Bv amount paid Slate Treas-urer, I pro ut recpts dated Sep 261! i 240 03 I " exoneration tor seven, handed , . over to District Attorney 70 00 ( " costs on one sued fir, and not | ; collected, defi being insolvent 1 60 I " Mefzlei's license exonerated 10 00 j nett ami. recM $305 a 5 per ct. 15 25 | " Bal. due Comth. 82 l: 419 00 Retailer's Licenses. DR. To Balance due last year 127 33 j" Amount ol fur 15.)5 9.) 4 37 7SI 70 i CR. ■ j Bv amt. paid State Treasurer pro ut t receipts dated, Augt 21, Sept. 26, ami December sth 600 00 J " ami. paid Printers 50 00 1 " exoneiations 54 00 i " commissions at 5 per ct on S6OO 27 30 01 " Balance due Comiuunweuith 47 69 781 70 ,I Hankers and Pedlars DR. To amount of for 1855 8 00 < " Bal. due Treasurer SO s so |; 1 v . (K - . By Balance due last year SO '■ amt. paid State Tieas'r. , pro ut recpt dated dated September 26, 7 60 1 " cumin's at 5 per ct 40 2 s so ; Ealing Houses. DR. To Balance du" last year 34 OS " Amt. of licenses lor 1855 25 00 59 08 j By amount paid State Trea'r CR. pro ut recpt dated Sept. 26tb 15 00 I ! " commissions on $25 at sor ct. t 25 i Balance due Comth. 42 83 ' I 59 OS j • Militia Fines. DR. ' !To Bal. due Comlth. last year 99 58 i aggregate amount outstand- ■ ; ing Ibr 1855, and previous years 2378 98i j I " aggret. amt. assessed for 1855 1242 50 I , 3721 06f By amt. paid State Treasr. CR. ! i pro ut recpts dated *26 th 253 00 j J " amt. uncollected for 1555 and previous years 2213 06i i " 5 per cent commissions al lowed collectors on $909 45 45 I " exonerations allowed col lectors for 1555 and for previous years 499 00 i " amounts paid sundry persons pro ut statement infra 352 28 i " Treasurer's commissions on $863 97 at 1 per cent. 8 64 ! Balance due Commonwealth 319 63 t ! 3721 06i Statemrnt of 11,, Krd,l, I Krp,„,l ilum . Hu Aiih/nry' >J Me j, ,„r I*S5 , from each cot lector cper„t,ly, and . mild to cod, per,ou, in accordance with * oj Assembly of 30/// April, 1853 Received From— ('Juries Stnekey N. B. Wright * Jacob Corte 'J' 98 Frederick" Smith ,'' J (l " Henry Wilt William liarns \ -) I'. Cypher David Ford *5 F. Berkheimer Joseph Barkman J' i (l William Hull ;] s hs John Cr>ok "i David Kshelman William O'Neal f~ s " Jacob Devnre James Fi,:k V' George Froelig -5 Arnold Lashley f 5 "j J Lowrey I-rae| Morris William Carnelt Beni. H. Waiter 4 ) 50 SC.Vt TOTAL. To which add balance due Commonwealth ]a-t year Paid Out: State Treasurer n. ? Counly Corrir's. ami elk. slain,nery. &<-. "s- ' Lemuel Evans, Treasurer of It road top Idle Range;s, per order of ('apt. Wm. llortou. A. J. Sansom,'Treasurer of Bedford P.illes per outer of Capt. Jno. A!sip, 7 - John McCoy, Treasurer of Ciunberland \ alley Bines per order ol Captain Lewis A. May, . n ,1- .. 50 til) Lemuel j .vans, services as Bug. Ins[)ct. uj , , Gen. Bowman, printing statement ol tt,e Military Fund Qft 1). Over, printing statement for two years ]•' on Capt. William Nottingham, carnage of ~ arms for (Nimberland Valley Blues j for leturning 1!)14 men to Brigade Inspector at 2 i ts each ;>g Treasurers commissions on SBC.'J ft" at 1 per ceiit |; Balance due Commonwealth fj ., 904 55 WF., the auditors of Bedford County, Pennsylvania do certify, ' ' That, in pursuance of the acts of Assemble i n such case made and provided, we met at the Com. inissioiier's Oflue, tn Bedford Borough, on Alondji the 7th day ol January, 180 C, and ilid audit and ail just the several accounts between JOHN TAYLOR I rea-urer ot .-aid County, and the Coniinoimealth of Pennsylvania, as -et forth in the foreging statement- Witness our hands, this Bth day of January. 4* D. lb.rG. JOHN ALSTADT, 1 County DAMIi.L BAULKY, GEO. W. SMITH, \ Auditors Attest; Wm. M. Halt, Clerk. Fell. 1.5. JSSG. SAVE COSTS. JAS. K. HALLAM. The books and accounts of Jas. K. llallam have been placed in the hands of Justice N'icoih-aiiis for n !- lection. On all accounts not paid before the 15th ol March uex', suits will be brought. O. I*. SHANNON, Assignee. Feb. 22, *1856. ALLEGJIKiW PORTAGE RAIL KUAII Superintendent'-s Oliive, / Hullidaveburg, Feb. 5, 1856. j Sealed Proposals will be received at this of fice, and at the uliicpol the Canal Commission ers, Huri isbnrg, until April 1, 1856, fir the purchase of Eleven Fortv Horse Power Sla tion.try Engines, formerly used on the Inclined Planes of Ihe Allegheny Portage Rail Rou-i. And also lYotir 150,009 to 200,000 pounds I. ti Castings. The engines will he sold seperalelv or altogether. For further particulars enquire uf liiv subscriber. VY.M. S. CALOIIAN, Feb. 15. 1556. Sup't. FlllLK- SALE OF Real Estate at Bnena Vista. By virtue of an Order ot thp Orphans' Courtot Bedlord County, the undersigned, trustees ol the Methodist Episcopal Church at Buena \ isia, inth* township of Napier, and County aforesaid, "ill - . at public outcty. upon the premise-, on ' ■ the 15th day of .March next, the following descr.bel Church Building arid Lot of Ground, situate in the the Town of Bnena Vista, ill the township anil Coun ty above mentioned, viz : A Lot measuring in •' 50 feet on the main street : thence, South 4degree- Last .50 ft. to a post : thence. Son llt 46 degrees A est 50 It. to a Post; and thence It degrees l\ est . 0 li to a post in front—containing -50 square teet. act having a comfortable and commodious Church buti..- rng thereon erected. ALSO, they wit! sell all their interest in and ton certain other lot (Iving in front o! the lot anew mentioned) which "as leased at one time to di" School Directors of that District tor School [iur|is se s. TERMS :_One third in band, balance in two equal animal payments. ( Sale to enrnmenre at 10 o'c'ock, A. M. ot da. v. DANIEL IIOKN, HENRY CT Ll'. BENJAMIN HOl'sKL, B. F. HORN. ALYY BO) LAN. T.hsU"- Feb. 23, 18.56. I'IBLIC SALE OF \ ALU A RLE REAL ESTATE! The undersigned, surviving Executrix ru tate ol' Dominic Cook, late ot the Borough ui lord, deceased, will oiler at public sale, on the [ l[ ses, on MONDAY the 21tli of March, 1850, 'e u lowing described Real Estate, to wit: One tract of land containing 900 acre>, ma . less, about 125 cleared and under lence, "■ ac ' r ilf . which i- most excellent meadow land- ( l, tnents thereon erected are three dwelling ni?i are log and the other a new and com forum e I with a tine, largebann barn thereon. '■ on this place an orchard of choice lruit, cori - to the house. Water is abundant, there o , stream running through the entire place. #s Ttiis desirable farm ties in what is co K ~yn. "Harman's Bottom," situate in Allegheny 0 . Somerset County, and is ptea-antty located, miles from the tufnpiKe, with a goo*' r ' u 1 'u (W y thereto, and adjoining lands of Peter foppe t YV'olfop and others. UyTKKJW made Known on day ol a -' • ... MARY Co('^ ■ of Vnounc Cau.< Feb. 2D, 185 G. —" C'lovcrseed. , The subscriber has tor sab't ai | \. Steckman, Es<|. a lot ol lirst-rat f which tie will livs-psne to those in a '" ..UcWat.Wr DA RNHAST. Feb. 29, 1856.