Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, April 18, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated April 18, 1856 Page 3
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The Bedford Gazette. TtTe two branches of our I Lave been presented by the Clerks ol I^i! ,ur korlie-.. each with a beautiful and ap vfre'?' testimonial of esteem, and memorial of r :r? fl f' i,,ive honors, in the shape ot a Gavel— .* presiding officer s auThoiit}. Tut* t e( l bv Col. Wm. Jack to the courteous fit P :fifn t Speaker of the House, is made of solid ; li V mounted with silver. and contains, nd around the bead, the following mscrip c.-mui-so* L. VV bight, Speaker Hoi sr ok : vTivr.s or Penna. S f s S ,ox A. I). IS-50." - rf ' E> . rf edingly tasteful and ornamental piece ol and a gift of which the worthy re ,"i:rra' 'j- vrell be proud. f.r ?r,: ; ar testimonial from Col. Thomas A. "tithe able Speaker of the Senate, is in T t r. anier style, hut not less neat and well i.andle is dark rosewood, highly polish- Ib e head solid ivory, upon one side of which -■ 2 .y. lowing inscription i "Box. William M. • of the Senate of Pknnsylvajiia, ; 1 ,i-c, " Upon the opposite side is the Penn- • A- 9* engraved in handsome style. prizes his gift highly, and will douht ,'rp ,t during life, as a nleas ing memento ol j I career. — Harritburg Patriot and Un- Great Fire ia Philadelphia. ,Lriu a, April U—About midnight a fire f " in the upper part of the Artisan build f#fl " <llC kol Che-nut and Fourth streets, which re total destruction of the building. It hollow square, five stories high. Every ua " occupied by workshops. The machinery j driven by an eighty-boise engine in the base- S Lithographer, occupied one fioor; loss j insured for $30,000; he had forty steam! " and an immense stock of stone, including j , „f Perry's Japan expedition for th* gov "plates worth SO,OOO, all complete; were . io to be fnt on. Occupants—Watts. Silversmith, !osss3,ooo; ,'rt Gasfcill, bookbinder, loss very heavy. " u -d emons & Bro., jew elers, loss $'20,000 ;m --: C. fi c. P. Warner, gold watch '' Skis, toss $15,000,? iftsuied forss,ooo. t-p --'".„ld chafe- maker,ios- heavy. George Hep . r. |os heavy . Samuel Eakins, Electro partly insured." Williams, paper stainer ; j hVun spectacle maker-, Menheir & Thompson.! stair lod manufacturer; Mo&Cro- Burk, cloth and satinet printer; 1 'v3o."f"; ill MI red for SIO,OOO. J. H. ( ramp, - ,V ra '"her.lo $$.000; insured for $2,000. burned so rapidly that scarcely anything -nVnrtl, except from the lower floors. 'J he rear " "p Lhii'ted States Hotel adjoined the building, and .. C-truction seemed inevitable. The hoarders fled, i - -ie t'snia-e from :h fire was slight. It was / with water. Robb. Pile is M'liroy,printers, *erea!.-o occupants of the building. • ,va-o-.vr,ed bv Mulings Cowperthwaite. valued S'"0.000. and covered by insurance. Cowper ;i,u,te X Co.. booksellers, ha.! $12,000 in stock r the var 'us printing ami biruling establish ~-.rr.T-T; most IV covered by insiuanre. .™rugate ioss supposed to be $200,000. Flakes r " j." ited rhe toot of the old Masonic Hall, on tiitree! above Spruce, and was damaged. Prop ter recently sold and was unoccupied. 1 - Total loss by the late fire reaches ST'iO.OOO. may vet be still further increa-ed si.">,ooo. if ,;pelplates for liie portrait gallery of distiiiguish \ntencans, belonging to Kice fx Htirtt, in the • hi".-at h I lie preniiTAs are destroyed. Ore of Brring's sal- 4 , containing $ 10,000 worth ol jewel i-. ivas taken tn>n the ruins this afternoon ; ihecon toi'- were uninjured— Ptttxlnrg Daily Union. \\oTtiEn Kxow-NoTHi.xn \V itiiorawal. W- rive place, with pleasure, tr> the follow ing -t'erfmni Mr. J.T. Halleck, of this city. W t iri*ratu!ate him upon his escape from the dark less and bondug- of know-nothinyism : Washixotov, April 9, 185 G. To the E lit or of the Union : Dr.Ar.Sti:: 1 wish to inform the public and r :;v the world that I have withdraw n from i know-ill things, ami shall henceforth act v h ihed-mocratic party. I w-as in bv-gone jv> i member of the whig party ; but w hen ■ • party was disbanded I left, and joined the - v■ i A.nei is an f>arlv. Satisfied tfiat they STr*thf constitution of our coun •rv, I hive taken this mariner to notify them ! liercafier I intend to redeem myself and i T'.rt the laws of our country as they are. J NO. T. HALLECK. IjifilicttioiiN lor License. Nic- j. af-r-hv given that the named f'Tfuni have filed their petition lor License in the [ of the Clerk O! the Court oi Qurrter Sessions ■ . . ior the county of Bedford, in pursuance ot Art of Assembly pa-seri 31-t March. lssli, enti ' -'An A'-r to regulate the sale of Intoxicating Brinks, which will he presented for bearing ut .May v -- or. IS-'ifi, to wit : .Mart Ann Cook, Bed!ord Borough, Tavern. >i cn';ne Steckman '• 1 L Aiiiler-on " Township : c.h.;on Hater " " .Icon Tmkl " '• So A Gump. Bloody Run " Fpfcra.m McDariiel '• " . iCrouse " " Rernsr! O'Neill Cbeneyville - hat -IL Defihaogb West Providence '• D A T Black ProViileni-e '• Johr. Mcllwair e Crossings " .'aaies Fichelherger Hopewell " ,ii Broaiistone Stonersrown '' t'corge Geltiaogh Hopewell 'sr Schneheiy Woodberry t rmmas C lleighard Union " Prtcr Am ; ck St. Clairsville " <-jrge M Colvin, SchelLburg " •'-•fin M Hob,sou " v " •raies Carnell Clearville '- ' alentine V Wertz Harrison Township " J-otthan Peigbner " " • seph Poller, Buena Vista " ''ti Snider Pattonsvilfe " . T.tlnp M Her Cumberland Valley " '"crge Stuckey Napier " li-rben Smith Colerain *• G Minnich Bedford Botough, F.ating House • ohn Foster Hopewell '■ I). WASHABAUGH, Clerk. Apr! 18, 1856. CCURT PROCLAMATION. i'jtht Coroner, the. Justices of the Peace, Constables in the different Townships in the County of Bedford, Greeting;. KNOW YE that in pursuance of a precr-pt to - ' directed, under the hand and seal ot the FRIM'IS M. KIM 31 ELL, President the several Courts of Common Pleas in the nth District, consisting of the counties oi ra-ikiin, Bedford and Somerset, and by virtue ' l hi? office of the Court of Oyer and Terminer ':! General Jaii delivery for the trial of capi lal and other offenders therein and in the Gene ''3 ' Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace: and • ! 'x G. Hartley and Jo-. B. Noble, Esqs. - decs of the same Court, in the same County Bedford, You and each of vou are hereby re qutred to be and appear in your proper persons i! h your Records, Recognizances, Examina -1 'on*, and other remembrances belore the J udgef ■Mfortsaiu, at Bedford, at a Court of Oyer and 1 Emitter and General Jaii Delivery and Gene. : i: Quarter Sessions of the Pi-ace therein to bt • ' n lor the county of Bedford, aforesaid, ' the Ist Monday of May (being the stfi a . v -! at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day. ' Te and then to do those things to which youi sev " ra I offices appertain. <j '\L\ under my hand at Bedford, on the day of April, in the year of our Lore fooj. HUGH MOORE. Sheriff. A?ril IS, IS.xC. .4 LiNt of Retailers of Mf-rchandize of the County of Bedford for the vear A. D. 1856. Bedford Borough. Class. Tax. A. B. Cramer & Co. 12 12 00 A. J. Saiisoin, 14- 7 00 Nicholas Lyons, 13 10 00 G. \V. Hupp, 13 10 00 Sam'l Shuck Co. 14- 7 00 Kelly fx. Dugdale, 14- 7 00 Robert Fyan, 14- 7 00 John Arnold, H. FY. 14- 7 00 Sonnaborn &. Co. 14- 7 00 Agnes Saupp, 14- 7 00 Dr. B. F. Harry, I t 7 00 Wiiliam Schafer, 14- 7 00 i Dr. F. C. Reamer, 14- 7 00 Collin Lover, 14- 7 0U j _ Sarah Potts, 14- 7 00 Isaac Lvpple, 14- 7 00 Job Shoemaker, 14- 7 00 Eiting Houses. John G. Minnick, 8 •> 00 John J. Luther, 8 :> 00 A. L. Defibaugh, 8 f> 00 Jacob Bollinger, S 5 00 West Providence Township. William States N. Co. 34- 7 00 McEihaney, 14- 7 00 ! Jacob BarndolSar ix. Co. 13 10 00 James M. Barndollar, 13 10 00 Thomas Ritchev, 14- < 00 j Monroe Township. J. Horton, I t 7 00 Duiiel Fletcher, 14- 7 00 Michael Miller, 1-t 7 00 ! Southampton Township. John Cavender, 14 7 00 Wm. Lash ley, 14 7 00 j Lash ley Walters, 14 700 i Kitk be Ffetclier, 14 7 00 Colerain Township. James Si Beegle, 14 i 00 j Dtehl Ai Cot ie, 14 7 00 ! Btoadtnp Township. Earnest K. Brother 14 7 00 Fluck &. Echelbarger, 14 < 00 j Liberty Township. Da\id Berkstresser, 14 7 00 Lewis Putt 14 t 00 ! Jacob Stivder, 14 > 00 John Cyphers, 14 t 00 William Fisher, 14 O0 John Shaler, Ealing, S n 00 Sctmllsburg Borough. John S. Schell, 14 7 00 A. B. Bonn, 14 7 00 Stat for & Son, 14 7 00 A. J. Snively, 14- 7 00 „ Milfor & Cotilv, 14 7 00 Widow Schell ix. Son, 14 > 00 Colvin K Robinson, 14 7 00 Juniata Towhship. Turner K. Kegg, 14 7 00 William K-iser, 14 ' 00 William Piatt N. Brothel, 14 Joseph Gondon, 14 ' 00 F. Hilderbrant, 14 7 00 Londonerry Township. Thomas J. Porter, 14 7 00 Jacob G. Devore, Jr. 14 <OO Harrison Township. V. B. Wertz, 14 7 00 East Providence Township. John Nvcum, 14 / 00 D. A. T. Black, 14 7 00 Hopewell Township. John Dasher, 14 / 00 John King Brother, 14 700 Middle Woodberry Township. Jacob Breiinenian, 13 10 00 fi. R. Barndollar, 13 10 00 J. W.Duncan, 13 10 00 Pint K. Brother, 14 7 00 J antes L. Prince, 14 7 00 James S. Bushey, Eating, 8 500 Bedford Township. Jacob Barnbard, 14 <OO South Woodberry Township. James Piper, Jr. 14 i 00 ! S. R. Oster, 14 700 I). F. Buck, 14 7 00 G-'orge KauffVan. 14 i 0() William S. Flurk. 14 7 00 St. Clair Township. F. D. Beegle, 14 7 00 G. B. AmichSt Brother, 14 7 00 John H. Wright be Co. 14 700 T. B. Smith, 14 < I 'o G. 1). Trout, 14 7 00 John B'-egle, 14 • 00 Hmsling be Brideham, 14 7 00 Cumberland Valley Township. Jacob Atiderson, 14 < 00 John May, 14 t 00 An appeal will by held at the Commissioners office in Bedford on Saturday the 10th day of i Mav, 1856. ; LEVI AGNFVV, Appraiser of Mercantile Tax for the year 1856. April 18, 1856. WW FIRM AND M LOOIiS. The subscribers having entered into partner j ship in the mercantile Business, would an- I nontice to their friends and the public in ge n <- j ral that thev have just returned from the East ' arid-are now opening ami exhimting in the i store room formerly occupied by Elias Al. F ish i er, a large and splendid assortment ot SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS, t consisting in part of DRESS GOODS of the very iat *st style, Brilliants, Lawns, Aipacca, 1 plain anil figured D--laines, all colors, black and e i fancy Silks, Muslin from a hp up, bleached and r unbleached; Prints from a tip up, Shallies, summer Shawls and Mantillas, Cloths, black - j and fancy Ca>:sunere<, 1 weeds, Jeans and Sat d j liuelts: a large as^irtmerit of mens and boys ;. summer wear from 12 cents up; a great variety y i of Marseilles Vestings, all colors; cotton Chain, - : Hosiery* in great variety, N. W. Collars from 3 s : cents up; silk and linen Handkerchiefs; also a - j large assortment of mens and boys summer s Hats, Boots and Shoes in great variety, K.c. kc. d j Also a large assortment of the best GROCE - RIEB, such as super Golden Syrup, N. 0. and e | sugar-house Molasses, Rio Coffee, N. O. Clan l, fied, Geannlated, and steam Sugars, Teas, Spi ll I ces, Chocolate, Essence Coffee, Tobacco, &c. r , : Also, a large assortment of Queensware and r ! Glassware, all of which will be sold cheap for j cash or approved Produce. We respectfiilly e j invite all in search of bargains to give us a call, d Our goods will be shewn with pleasure wheth ler purchased or not. J. IN J. M. SHOEMAKER. ! Bedford, April 18, 1856. NEW GOODS. THE undersigned begs leave to inform his friends and the public, that he has just returned from the eastern cities and is now exhibiting AT CHEAP SIDE □ general assortment of new style Spring and Summer Goods, comprising a great variety of Ladies' Dress Goods, among which will be found Challi's, Lawns, De Lames, Alpacas,; Madonna Cloths, &c. &x., and a great variety of Black and Fancy Cassimeres, Linens and Cot tonade lor Gentlemen and Boys wear. BOOTS & SHOES, HATS K. BONNETS, Groceries, Queensware, Hardware, Brooms, Buckets, Tubs, Churns, &c., &c. The above stock consists of every article usu- , ally kept in store—all of which will he sold' CHEAP FOR CASH, or approved produce. Thankful for past favors, he hopes by fair dealing and a desire to please, to continue to j merit and receive a Jibeta! share of the public patronage. 11, 1 Son. G. W. RUPP. NSW STORS, NEW FIRM, AND NEW GOODS. iiEimiM; & WOULD respectfully inform their friends and j the public in general, that they are now recei ving all the latest styles of Ladies' and Gentle mens' DRESS GOODS, among which will be ; found black and fancy Silks, Cashmeres, Alpa- ' cas, Mousiin de Laities, fancy prints from a tip! up : Muslin, bleached #nd unbleached fiom a ftp up, all widths—Super Cloths, and black and , fancy Cassimeres, Tweeds, Cassiuelts, Jeans, Testings, Bonnets, Hats and Caps, Boots and Shoes in great variety and style—also Grocer ies, Queensware, Hardware, Brooms, Buckets, Tools, &.c.—also, Tobacco, Drugs, Oils, Paints, and Varnish, together with every variety ol ar ticles usually found in stores. And. as our: Goods are ail new, and have been selected with great care in the eastern cities, we hope by strict attention to business and a desire to please to merit and receive u liberal share ol the ; public patronage —arui, to prove that we are ; selling- cheaper than the cheapest, all we ask is a call. We consider it no trouble to show Goods, and, as it will cost vou nothing to make an ex amination, von will stand in your own light it I you do not call and examine our stock. Cur ; motto, "Down with high prices, quick saies, and short profits," will, we hope, meet with general favor. Country produce received lor; Goods, and the highest prices allowed. St. Clairsville, April 11, 1856—31. NEW STORE. And \nv Good*. Mrs. AGNIS SAUPP would announce to j her friends and the public that she has opened ; a Dry (foods Store in the room occupied as the I Post office, where she has just received and 1 opened a handsome assortment of new style Spring and Summer goods, embracing in part, Black and Fancy Silks, French and Flounced Lawns, of all prices, Shallies and Braze De- j lains, Curtain Diaperv, of all prices. Wool De Lains, of all Colors, Cambrick and Swiss mus lins, Buttons, Braids, Cords, Edgings, and In sertings. Ladies and Misses Shoes, together with a little of almost everything to be found in Dry Goods Stores. She has also on hand, a large and well se lected assortment of HARDWARE, which will be sold low, in order to close out thi- branch . of business. She h<>ps to receive a liberal share of the patronage of a generous public. Purchasers will please call and examine for themselves. April 11, 1856. SHERIFFS SALES. By Virtue of sundry writs of Fi. Fas. to me directed, there will be sold at tie* Court House in the Borough of Bedford, on Saturday, the .'id day of Mav, IS.>6, at II o'clock, A. M. the following described Real Esta!--, In wit ; One Tract of Land containing 5 acres, more or less, all chared and under f.-nce, adjoining lands of Dr Peter Shoenberger, h-irs of Da* id Daniels, and others, situate in Middle Wood berry Township, Bedford County, and taken in Execution as the property of Polard McCor inick. Also one Tract of Land containing 35 acres, more or It ss, about 20 of winch is chared and under fence, with a story and hall log house and log stable with threshing floor attached there, ii erected, adjoining lands of John Cook, Jonathan Hvd*. and others, situate in Harrison Township, Bedford County, and taken in Exe ! cution as the Property of Henry L nihatigh. I Also all of Defendant's Interest in and to a tract of Land containing 104- acres, nt<>re or fos*. about 3d acres cleared and under fence, with a two slot v log house and double log Barn thereon erected, adjoining lands of Joseph Fisher, Richard KnoufF, and others, situate in Juniatta Township, Bedford County, and taken in Execution as the Property ot Henry Um ; baugh. Also all Defendant's Isaac Reigharri's his In j terest in and to a tract of Land containing 2d acres, more or less, about 20 acies cleared and under fenc, with a two story frame house with kitchen attached and log Stable thereon erected, adjoining Lands ot Jacob l etter, John S Ritch ey and others, situate in Bedford lownship Bedford County and taken in Execution as the Property of Isaac Reighai d. Also all Defendant's ln'erest in and to a piece 'of Land containing 7 acres, more or less, all i cleared and under fence, with a tw'o story log house and 1 >g stable thereon erected, adjoining Lands ol Jacob .Acker, Samuel Berkhimer, and others, Situate in St Clair Township, Bedford County, and taken in Execution at the Proper ty of Jeremiah Elsrode and Samuel Elsrode. Also one Tract of Land containing 4-4-0 acres, j more or less, about 90 acres cleared and under fence, with a two stoiy log house, one cabin j house, double log Barn, Blacksmith shop, and Saw Mill thereon erected, also an apple orchard i thereon, adjoining Lands of Leonard May, John L Hill, and others, Situate in Juuiatfa Fow n . ship, Bedford County, and taken in Execution j as the Properly of George Troutman. ; Also one tract of land containing 140 acres, ! more or less, about 100 acres cleared and un der fence, with a Two Story l rame house, ! Tenant house, log stable, and double log barn ! thereon erected, also 2 apple Orchards thereon, adjoining lands ol Hartel s heirs, Dr. Peter Sho enberger's heirs and others, ituate in Middle VVoodberry Township, Bedford County, and ta ken in execution as the property of David : Daniels. HF'GH MOORE, ShcrtfT. April 11, 1556. REGISTER'S NOTICE. All person* interested, either as heirs,creditors or otherwise, are hereby notified that the following

nameil persons have filed their accounts in the Reg ister's Office, and that they will be presented to the Orphan s Court ot Bedford County on Friday the 9th day ot May next, for Confirmation, at which time and place they may attend if they thir.k proper. I he account of O E Shannon Esq Guardian of John Blankley's minor children. '1 he account ol John Cessna Esq Guardian of Dan'l VV Blachburn now dee'd. 1 he account oi Jesse Blackburn, Guardian of Jesse Rowser now dee'd. The acconnt ot' Jos McDaniel adtrv'c of Daniel Man-peaker iate of East Providence township dee'd. The account ofSam'l L Uu-sell Esq Esec'rofthe last Will Arc of Solomon Filler lateol Bedford Borough der'd. The account of Geo W Williams adm'r of Andrew- Miller dee'd who was adm'r ot Jacob Miller late of Harrison township dee'd. The account of George W Williams adm'r of An drew Miller who was guardian of Ann Stndehaker. The account of John Montgomery adm'r ol Jona than Bailey late ol Bethel township dee'd. The second account of Job Mann Esq adm'r of Jo seph S Morrison late of the city of ST Louis dee'd. The account of John Mower and D B Wisegarver Esq's Exec'r-ol the la*t Will Ike of John Wisegarrer late of St. Clair township dec*iL The account of Hiram Lentz one of the adm'rs of Henry Duffy late ol the Borough of Bedford dee'd. The account of Conrad Hardinger Guardian of George Houck's minor children. The final account of Geo W Williams Exec'r of the last Will Sic of John Williams late ot Napier township dee'd, The account of Geo W Figard acting Exec'rof The !a-r Will &c of James Figard iate of BroaJtop town ship dee'd. The account of John Dickey adm'r of Sam'! L Tobias late of Middle Wood berry town-hip dee'd. The account of Wm II Boor adm'r of Nicholas Boor late ol "Cumberland Valley township dec'ii. The account of Joseph Dull Esq adm'r ot' Joseph N'edro late of Janiaia township dee'd. The accent of Jacob Koons adm'r of David ROODS iate of Napier township dee'd. The account of John M Smith adnrr of Sam'i Har baugh la;e of St ( iair township dee'd. The account of Jam"? Taylor adm'r of Mrs Mar garet Taylor late of Napier township dee'd. The account of John Mower Esq one of the Exec'rs of the last Will inc ol Matthew Wall late of Bedford Borough dee'd. The account o! Simon Nycnm adm'r nt Dr David M Hudson late c. East Providence township dee'd. The account ol Benjamin Mills exec'r of the last Will fco. ol George Mills late of Monroe township dee'd. The acrourl of Benjamin Mills Exec'r of the last Will &e ol John M ills late ot Monroe townshipdee'd. The account of Patrick Donahoe, adm'r of the Estate of Salomon Rice, late of Southampton Town ship, dee'd. D. WASH ABA r'GH, Register. In the Court of Common Pleas for the County of Bedford—in th matter of The Estate ol James K. Dallam.— Whereas O. E. Shannon of the Estate of Jame> K. Hallam. did. on The 7th day of April IS'id file in The office oi Prothonotary of the Court of Common Pleas of Bedford County, his ac count of said Estate. Notice is hereby given To the creditors of said J. K. ILdlamand all other- interest ed in said Estate, that the Hon. Judges of our said Court ha\e appo nted Friday the 9th day of May liexT for the hearing of the same, and for showing cause why the said account ought not b allowed, and in default thereof, said account will be confirm ed. Witness the Hon. F.M. Kimmeli, President of our said Court at Bedford, the 6th of April, IS.3G. D. WA6HABAUGH, Proth'y. In the Court oi Common Pleas for the County of Bedford—in the matter of th* Estate of Samuel Beegle.—Whereas O. E. Shannon,.committee ol the E-tate afore-aid. did, on the tll't day ot February IS.7C. file in the office ot the Prothonotary ot the ConrT of Common Pleas for Bedford County, hi = account a- committee of the E-taTe of Samn-i B-egle. Notice is hereby given to the creditors of saiil Samuel Beegle and all others interested in said Estate, that the Hon. Judges of our said Court have appointed Friday the 9th day ot May next for the hearing of the same, and for showing rau-e why fh" a id account ought not to be allowed; and in default thereof the same will be confirmed. Witnes- the Hon. F. M. Kimnipll. President of our said Court at Bedford, the StH of April, A. D. 18-3 G. D. WASHABAT'GH, Proth'y. April 11, ISSm Lit*! ol" Cause* PET down for trial at May Term, (,Ith day,) 16.79. Sarah Enm.ui vs. Zacheus Lurnau George Mullen J. Patter-on. et al Chailes Stuckey George Ickes. et al Sam). S. Stuckey Henry Kvsr G. W. Figard John Griffith et al Jacob Snider David Kuril Commonwealth for use Robert C. Morris Daniel Baker Philip S. Croft D. Pattersons ti-e Saml. \omiersmith Abm. Lehman S. M. Barclay's adm'r Henry Sill Saml. Griffith Adam Forney et al Job S. Akers Levi Hardinger Wm. Blair et ai Ho'uman tc Cristy Hunt & Broadtop R. R. Co. Sarah Bixler et al D. B. Wi-pgarver et al Adam llershner George Blaeuburn Allan) Forney Jo Is S. Akers John Crisman Christian Ling jC. Mouther"- as-ignee Jas. S. Beckwith Hiram F. Rohm Edward B. I tout | Edward B. Trout Saml. Taylor Michael Sammels Saml.C am Philip Harkelrode Elias Hite Jos. W olford )V in. Blair et ai Danl. Smilh ! E. B. Metygar's use John 1 reilwell Saml. Miller Paul WerU Thomas Miller Same John Herr O.E. Shannon Same John S. Hettrick C. Stouffvr's assignee John Cessna D. WASHABAUGH, Proth'y. April 11, 1S 'O. NOTICE. Tim undersigned appointed to report facts, in the matter of the distribution of the funds iti the hands of A. King and John Cessna, Esq's. : Tiustees of Mr-shack Edwajds, deceased, will attend to his duties, at his office in the Borough iof Bedford on Wednesday the 30th day oi April ail parties interested can there and then attend. J NO. P. REED, Auditor. April IS. ]S.iG. Bedford Hall Association. An election will he held at the Hall of "The Bedford Hall association of the Borough and County of Bedf >rd," on Monday the sth day I of Mav next, between the hours of 1 and 5 o'- i clock P. elect five Trustee? to manage and conduct the aiTairsand business of said as sociation, for the ensuing year, agreeably to the charter of said association. By order of the Board of Trustees. April 11, 1556. Dr. A. P. Fields Offers his professional services, in all the j branches of Medicine, Surgery, obstetrics, and all other branches connected with the profes sion, to the citizens of Pattonsvill, Woodberry. Hopewell, and the surrounding community j and hopes, by strict attention, and former suc cess in practice, to give satisfaction to ail whe favor him with a call. He will always bt found at his office, one tourth ot a mile north o | Pattonsville, unless professionally engaged, j Pattonsville, April 11,1856.* Treasurer's Sale of Unseated Lands. AGREEABLY to the provisionsof ari Act of Assembly, directing the mode of selling unsea ted lands for taxes and other purposes, passed the 15th March, 1815, and thesupjdements thereto, passed the 13th of March, 1817, and the '2sth day of March, 1836, and the 9th day ol March, 184-6, the Tteasurerof the County of Bedford, hereby gives notice to all person? concerned, that unless the County, State, School and Road taxes, due on the following tracts of unseated lands, situate in Bedford County, are paid before the day of sale, the whole, or such parts of each tract as will pay the taxes and costs charge able thereon, will be 6old at the Court House, in the Borough of Bedford, on the SECOND j MONDAY 9th DAY OF JUNE NEXT, for the arrearages of Taxes due and the costs ac -1 crued thereon, and said sale will be continued from day to day, until all are disposed of. DAVID OVER, Treasurer. Treasurer's Office, j ( Bedford, March 28, 1856. j Bedford Township. Acres and Warrantees Arnouct of j Perches. or owners. Taxes. 383f Jacob Funk, Si '6 10 Alexander Boyd, 1 20! Broadtop Township. 245 Joshua Ed wards, 1 1"i 100 William Edwards, 1 1 ~ 30 John Grove, 16 365 William Gray, 1 ->2 499 Chailes Richards, 1 41 292 Peter Keagrice, 2 02 i 100 Mordeca Whe< ier, 55 9? Abraham kerns, 21 47 Wm. T. Daugherfy, 1 26 lti William Figard. 12 300 Barclay K. Foster, 60 189 Francis Moan. 2 10 325 112 William Ward, I 95 400 Jacob Myeis, 2 50 400 Robert Sharp, 2 50, 344 Benjamin Price, I 20 431 Abraham Henry, 1 20 396 129 James R.iz >n, 1 AO I 50 Wm. T. Daugherty, 28 400 James Patton, 1 20 160 Josiah Dungan, 24 ; 399 WilliHtn Bonn, 1 20 431 Montgomery Thomas, 52 372 Samuel L. Tobias, I 36 433 Margaret Montgomery, 1 56 36 James Con ley, 1 95 400 Philip Murray, 2 56 Coltrnia Towns/'iip. 422f Philip Diehl. 1 24 406 Christian Di-hl, 1 20 439 David Hessner, 1 32 424 William Scott, 1 28 1 399 John Smith, 1 20 30 Falser Dull, 36 . 600 Samuel Williams, 2 25 50 Philip Diehl, 48 100 John Hartforoad, 96 35 i John Steckman, 48 Cumberland Valley Township. 354 128 Robert Levis, 84 399 115 William Levis, 1 20 419 108 John Levis, 1 28 444 16 John Piper, 1 32 , 393 112 George Davts, 8.8 364 Steele Sample, 1 08 Harrison Township. i 362 52 William Piper, 48 1 104; Juo. Garretson ,8 And. Sheet?, 34 250 John Metngar, 2 65 400 John Metzga-, 4 34 Hopewell Township. 400 John K. ibel, •> 00 213 Joseph Lancaster, 60 95 Richard Clark, 28 7 E. Puderbaugh, {widow,) 1 48 209 ]<rael Moans, 2 59 225 Zachariah Moans, 2 S3 250 Timothy Moans, 6 25 212 Robert Shaw, 1 24 200 William Nicholas, 48 400 Henry Beck, 5 00 28 George Wishart, 40 Ixmdonderry Township. 395 Daniel Green, 1 20 442 John Sample, 1 32 457 Robert Sample, 1 36 444 Joseph Sample, 1 32 220 James Shaw, .1 24 • i 401 John King, 60 400 F. Abbott, 1 20 399 Thomas McCall. 1 80 350 Samuel M. Barclay, 1 80 400 Mulford Treadweii, 1 80 200 Samuel M. Barclay. 60 Liberty Township. 400 Edward Alberti, 1 44 43 Wm. T. Daugherty, 2 4 I 60" Abel Putt, 50 86 George Thompson, 36 479 James Laughead, 1 44 380 i Daniel Montgomery, 1 32 403 William Montgomery, S8 401 Margaret Montgomery, 8S .Monroe Township. t 164 Jacob A. Wink, 4-8 185 Sansom Wink, 48 50 James Means, 16 , 55 Daniel Means, 12 499 John Treves, 3 09 j 45 Elizabeth Swartzweld.-r, 8 if! . X'apier Township. :i 150 John O'Neal, "4 80 ; 200 Job Mann, 2 50 East Providence Township. 421 George Devveese, 1 80 40 Elisha Barton, 26 i 40 Aaron Barton, 12 j 60 Charles McLaughlin, 20 ' ! 400 George Hess, 72 | 100 Jacob Ritchey, 36 " 400 William Long, 1 99 e .400 William Gavin, 1 60 " 4311 John Crosby. 1 64 Providence Township. ' 37 Solomon Williams, 40 447 Hannah Alberti, 1 SO 202 Nicholas Hammond, 1 20 301 Lemuel Gustinp, 1 52 ! West Providence Township. 'j | 110 Ezikiel King, 24 _ i St. Clair Township. , j 4 Lots Jacob Tnk's heirs, 48 ■ 100 John Stiffier, 1 20 :- Southampton Township ° i 239 Joseph Cooper, 1 30 '*; 404 Daniel Hull', 1 2C 340 Jacob Heriitig, 1 04 100 Michael Htvener, 1 0k 401J John K-rr, 1 20 ' 2<>o James Riggs, 6'5 ' 339 Stephen Reed, 1 00 430 WiHirn Reed, 1 0* ,s8 James Reed, 1 2^ 43 i J Cornelius Cooper, 1 20 100 Geo ge F. Albeiti, 36 465 i William Bell, 1 20 136 Isaac Hunter, 2 08 Union Township. 400 John Swaggart, 90 400 Leonard Swaggart, 3 60 266 Alexander Gardner, 2 16 116 William Smith, 1 04 43 ' Samuel Burket, 52 116 John Shee, 88 100 James Johnston, 8S 50 Frederick Snyder, 2S 315 Jeremiah Jackson, 2 52 411-1 Jacob Swaggart, 2 48 440 William Pierson, 2 64 440 Ebeneaer Branham, 3 96 120 Conrad Imler, 72 . 200 Christ lev Bowser, 1 SO i 100 George Lam, 60 | 100 Jacob Burket, 1 20 ; 150 I'etef Shoenbe-iger, $H 400 John Still, -5 00 396 Adam Black, 2 28 200 Marcus Irvine, I 20 322 Michael Shimer, 4 41 4i)o Michael Shimer, •' 00 439 Gritiitb E'-am, 2 6k 403; Phillip Stine, 2 44 439 Wilson Hunt, - 64 4384 Alexander Scott, 2 60 127 Pe'.er Sboenberger, 3 16 1 124 Peter Shoenberger, 2 68 40 Peter Sboenb"rg-r, 24 South Woodberry Township. 474 William Montgomery, 3 32 212 ii o>'it Shaw, 1 24 440 jMer SI taw, 2 64 51 lOG Martin Lay, 32 249 Martin Env, 1 20 3 i 100 John S. Hetru k. 32 If ooitin rnj 7 o ivnship. ;.496 Robert George, .) S5 +l6 John George, ;> 85 421 Alexander Boyd, 5 S: ' +ol3i Alexander Mootg >Hicry 5 85 432 Hannah M htgdn.ery, 5 85 346 William Montgomery, 5 8 ) 194 Daniel or Paul Wert/., 1 5i 100 Henry Swoop, 2 88 Middle Woodbirry Townnkip. 10 Martin Hysong, .>6 40 John Watt, " 1 80 117 Danie! Montgomery, 7 44 180 Daniel Montgomery, 2 40 400 Margaret Montgomery, 29 r>s 100 Andrew Baker, I 29 20 Andrew Busier, 84 2 Philip Croft, 42 10 Adam Sander, 63 L-9 No. 72 Jacob Struck, 63 Lot No. 74 Jacob Strock, 1 59 Notice* Tim partnership heretofore existing between the undersigned, trading under the name and firm of Sa\>o.m ,v Gei-hart, in ti:e Dry Goods business, has this dav been dissolved by mutual consent. All persons indebted to said firm are requested to have their accountss settled up bv the lstolMav. The looks and accounts will be found in the hands ot A. J. Sansom until that time. A. J. SANSOM. WM. GEPHART. April 1, 1556. The undersigned w ill continue the business in the room lately occupied by Isaac Leppel rn the corner of Juliana and Pitt Streets, opposite Dr. F. C. Reamer's Dreg and Book Store, where ' he will be happy to see all hE friends. )' ' A J. SANSOM. April 13, 1856. POSJ.IC MALI* t OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE. 1 BY virtue of an order of (he Orphans' Court • of B-dlord County, the undersigned, Adminis > istiator of the Estate of S. Hook, dec".!, 1 will seii at public vendue or outcry, upon the 1 premises, on SAT! RDAY- IHE ~Gtli DAY OF APRIL, all that tract or piece of Land situ ) ate in Cumbeiland \ alley Township, in the > countv aforesaid, late the property of E. S. ; Hook, deed, and now in the occupancy of his > i : containing ONE HUNDRED AND [. TWENTY-TWO ACRES and twenty-five p.-r --) > ches, triore or less. 11 Its property is favorably ) located, with a dwelling house and stable theft ) on erected. ) : SALE to commence at 10 o'clock A. M. ot j said dav, when due attendance will be given, i and the terms made known hv GEO." 11. SPANG, April 4, 1856. Adrn r. I ROAD LETTING. .NOTICE TO CONTIIAtTORS. i Proposals will be received by the Managers of the L Hopewell and Bloody Run i urnpike and Plank load s . Company, at the Iloue of .fohn A. Gump, in Bloody " Run, on Thursday The 2 llh day of April inst., for ' grading, stoning and bridging the first seven miles 5 ' of said Road from Hopewell in the direction of Bloody- Run. Specifications l'lans and Prcjvosas will b" . 1 exhibited at said place for three days previous to ' ! said 2 !tb of Apri'. > ' Blank printed proposals will be foun.i iri the hands i of P. Van Peva ruler". Esq., Stonerstown, Jacob H. i | Barndoliar, Bloody Run, and tbe Secretary in Bed s ■ lord. By order oi the Board. > ' JOHN MOWT.R, Secretary. I ' April. !. OiFicr. <\ Y. M. P. Co., ( l l eb. 28, 1856. \ } . NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN I That the Board of Diiectnrs of Urn above Com d patty have thia day levied an assessment ot five i per cent, on all premium notes belonging to the 1 i company and in force on the 6th day of Fehru ") arv, A. D. 1856, except on original applications 2 approved from November 20, 1855, till said 6t!i j I day of February, on which there is assessed ) three per cent., and on ail premium notes expi ) i ring between said dates (and not renewed) three 4 per cent. Ariel the members of this company are hereby required to pay their several amounts j so assessed to the Treasurer or authorized recei ver of this Board, within thirty days of the publication oi this notice. j Te9, JOHN T. GREEN, Sec'y. ~ ' March 28, 1855. u NOTICE. All persons indebted to the estate of Nicholas , j Miller, late of Cumberland Valley Township, Bedford County, deceased, are requested to make 0 immediate payment—and those having claims against said estate will present them properly 2 authenticated tor settlement. 0 JAMES CESSNA, 4 SAMUEL WHIP. 2 Administrator*. 0 March 21, 1556.*