Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, June 6, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated June 6, 1856 Page 3
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NOTICE OF I.\<IHSITIO\. Whereas, Jacob Albright, late of Loodonder- XoW'iship, Bedford County, deceased, died f " eii of'he following real estate, to wit : tract of land containing fifty acres, more ,us adjoining lands of Christian Albright, t ,es Mitti n g' v Thomas J. Porter, and Philip "j 1 r e Leaving the following named hens j legal representatives to wit : 3!l Jacob vv 'k° ** nOW antj vvf >ose interest - 3 jd estate has been sold by his Administra .n "tj John Stutz, residing on the premises, in i f jnderrv township, Bedford county, Lvriia 'vr'tiarried with said John Stutz, residing in j Township, and Eve, petitioner, residing in Northampton Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvaiua. Notice is thefefore, hereby given, that in , urs uance of a writ of Partition, or Valuation to !• (jirrbted, I will proceed to hold an Inquisi ,'! on or Valuation cn the premises on Wednesday, .'J-'nd dav of July next, when and where all interested mav attend if they see proper. ,fi HUGH MOORE, Sheriff. sheriff's Office, Bedford, ) June (i, ISnl>. J DISSOLUTION. The partnership heretofore existing between the Subscribers, under the name of Weiael I in the Carriage making and Blacksmilhiug , .Jrjess, vvas this day dissolved by mutual cou rt All business of the late Firm will be at- Vl! dl to by Michael &. John G. Weisel, who vv ,II collect the outstanding notes and accounts ,nj nav the debts. 1 * WM. WFJSEL, MICHAEL WEISEL, JOHN WEISEL. May '27, 1356. The undersigned have this day formed a part nership in the Carriage-making, and Rfack- Smithing business, under the name and firm of Wnsa '&■ Co. We will endeavour by prompt ly, attention, and the character of our work, M merit and obtain a fair share of custom.— im; stand is the one heretofore occupied by i UVm'l \ Foster, immediately East of town. MICHAEL WEISEL, JOHN WEISEL. June 6, 1856—3 m. DKiIERREOTJPES AND AMBROTYPES, READER have you ever heard of GETTYS' laifiilable Daguerreotypes ? If not go at once to his Saloon and nee tor yourself; and if you want a likeness of yourself or friends, as true j a< Nature and Art combined can make it, that | uthe place to get it. If you want a picture put up in the most approved style and of the materials—or, in short, if vou want the worth of vmir money in a splendtd Daguerreo tvpe or Arnbrotype, go to GETTYS, a> he is the only Artist in Bedford County who ran take the new style of Daguerreotypes and Arbrotypes. He spans no pains to give full satisfaction,' a~ jv-mits no picture to go out until lie is con tent that it will do so. Having just returned , horn the East, Iw is in possession of all the late improvements in the Art, and can assure his patrons that he can furnish them with a style of pictures no! iakeu by any other person in the County. R msat the "Exchange Building," or Odd f us Hall, immediately above the store of Mr. A. R. Cramer. T. R. GETTYS, JR. June 6, 1356. Aftention! Democratic Delegate Election. The County Committee, in pursuance of; th-irduty, to see that the lately adopted regu- j iaiiiris are observed and carried out, have met r... selected the following named gentlemen as cj':mittees for their respective Townships, who > earnestly requested to meet and consult each ' ihfr.aiiii determine upon the place lur holding j ■'r election : then to post written notices set-, hng out the time and place, and upon the dav : appointed to repair to the place and hold the election, making return as prescribed by the ; mh •___ Bedford Boro.—J. P. Reed, G. H. Spang, J. F"sna. Bedford t p.—Saml. Defibaugh, Jno. Brown,! Michael flalderbaum. Broadtop.— Eph. Foster, Tlios. W. Horton, Edward Pierson. i olerain.—Solomon Beegle, Wm. Cessna, ShafW.. huirib. \ aiiey. Benj. F. Bruner, James ( -"na. Saml. Whip. Hrriso'i.—George Elder, George W. Pow * • Wm. Cook. Hope well.—Michael Fluke, Solomon Steel, i Gelbach. Juniata.— Wm. Keiser, L. N. Fyan, Jaines burns, Jr. Liberty.— Jos. Crisman, Isaac Kensinger, ! Rboads. Londonderry.— Wm. Lowry, Jamec C. De i'r". Josiah Miller. Murray- Daniel Fletcher, • Barkman. .>*r.—George Gump, John L. Statler, G. ■ Bouser. Efov. East.—David A. T. Black, John ll.' ■ ■ on , ( adwallader Evans. rov . West—Wm. States, Tlios. Woodcock, d chael Murray. j Nlwllsburg Bo r —J. 11. Schell, Saml. W. J 'W, John Kemerv. Southampton.— Arch. Perdew, Win. Adams, i Donahue. 1 f air— Fred. I). Beegle, John Aldstadt, H. Bowser. j \t —Johu Conrad, Saml. Burket, Moses i DanL B. Bulger. W 'dberry South—Jos. B. Noble, Jacob S. James Patton. a;- ° ni,n 'tte> e urge this duty upon the above .■■ yet. calling u|mn their patriotism, and r' ro uble. It is understood that each Lave the power to fill vacancies, or! if'jr, 1 '! !"" P' aCH of any improper nomination, <be c' tavp Leen made. Remember that n June is the time. Have the ; H-in'h C ' aIS t0 tUrn °"t. I" caSt " °f default you toU i' W> , no in the Convention ,f n °f Jone, and it is very p Qaffi a * there be not one delegate missing. Poacn ' 1 V m '^' 3 ma,ter will show to our op 'irn r. n r e '* >rrT, ination to go ahead. Then roou t Democrats. Vfu w JNO. P. REF.D, Chairman. " M - M HALL, Sec'y. I | "The mind's the standard of the man So poets do suppose, But the standard of the Cknti.uJuvk Is lu-at, well-fitting CLOTJttIS.' 1 j Then wend your way loKast Pitt street, [Here he Poet "stuck,"] and stepp.i into C. LOiEK'S Fashionable Emporium, and obtained a smt of elegant clothes, at a low figure. NOTICE TO RETAILERS. In pursuance of an act of Assembly approved the Bth day of May 1854, requiring the Trea surer of each County to publish in the month of April and May, of each year, a list of all Re tailers of Foreign and Domestic Goods, Wares and Merchandize, notice is hereby given to re tailers in classes, as directed by law, that the ; Taxes must be paid to the County Treasuier on or before the fiist day of August next. Bedford Borough. Class. Tax. A B Cramer & Co. 12 12 00 A J Sansom, 14 7 00 Nicholas Lyons, 14 7 00 I G W Rupp, 13 10 00 Jacob Reed, 13 10 00 i Samuel Shuck &. Co. 14 7 00 Kelly & Dugdale, 14 7 U0 Robert Fyan, lk 7 00 John Arnold, [Hardware] II 700 ' Sonnaborn & Co. 14 7 00 j Agnes Saupp, 1 I 7 00 I Dr B F Harry, 14 7 00 William Schaffer, 14 7 00 1 Dr F C Reamer, 14 7 00 Colin Loyer, 14 7 00 Sarah Potts, 11 7 00 1 Isaac Lippef, 1 J, 7 00 j Job Shoemaker Co. 11 700 John G Minnicli [eating house] 8 f> 00 John L Luther, do 9 5 00 A L Defibaugh, do 8 5 0U Jacob Bollinger, do S 5 00 I Vest Providence Township. William States &. Co. 14 7 00 McElhany 14 7 00 Jacob Barndollar £. Co. 13 10 00 James M Barndollar, 13 10 00 Thomas Ritchey, 14 7 00 .Monroe Township, J Horton, 14 7 00 ! D Fletcher, 14 7 00 Michael Miller, 14 7 00 Soul h<t mpi on I'own ship. John Cabner, 14 7 00 VVII liam Lash ley, 14 700 Lash ley 8. Walters, 14 7 00 Kirk &. Fletcher, 14 7 00 Coterain Township. James Beegje, 14 7 -00 Diehl Curl, 14 7 00 Jirondtop Township. Lemuel Evans, 14 7 00 Fluck x. Echelbarger, 14 7 .00 Liberty Township. David Benkslresser, 11 7 00 Lewis Putt, 14 7 00 Sacob Snyder, 14 7 00 John Cyphers, 14 7 00 William F'isher, 14 7 00 John Shaffer, [eating liouspj S "i 00 SchelUburg Borough. John S Schell, 14 7 00 A B Bunn, 14 -d 700 Statler & Son, 14 7 00 A J Snively, 14 7 00 Miller it ConL v, 14 7 00 Widow Schell it Son, Ik 7 00 j Oolvin & Robeson, 14 7 0O Juniata Township. —. Turner 8. K'egg, 14 7 00 William Keiser, 14 7 00 William Piatt Brother, 14 700 Joseph Condon, 14 7 00 K. Hddeibrand, 14 7 00 Londonderry Township. Thomas J. Porter, 14 7 00 Jacob G IJevofe, J?, 14 7 00 Harris an Township. V B Wert?., 14 7 00 John Smith, 14 7 00 Jonathan Feichner, 14 7 00 East Providence Township. John Nyrum, 14 7 00 D A T Black, 14 7 00 Hopewell Township. John Dasher, 14 7 00 John King ii. Brother, 14 7 00; .Middle Hood berry Township. .: : Jacob Brenneman, 13 10 Of) G R Barndollar, 13 It) 00 J W Duncan, 13 lti 00 Putt Jk. Brother, 14 7 00 James L Price, 14 7 00 Simon Beard, 14 7 00 James S Tussey [eating house] 8 f 00 Bedford Township. Jacob Barnhart, 14 7 00 South Woodberry Township, James Piper Jr. 14 7 00 S R Oster, 14 7 00 D F Buck, 14 700 George Kauflman, 14. 7 00 William S Fluck, 14 7 00 St. Clair Township. F D Beegle, Ik 7 00 G BAmich & Brother, 14 7 00 John H Wright Co. 14 700 T B Smith, 14 7 00 G D Trout, 14 7 00 j John Beegle, 14 7 00 Hirjesling 8. Brideham, 14 7 00 ' Simon Hershman, 14 7 00 Cumberland Valley Township. Jacob Anderson, 14 7 00 . John May, 14 7 00 D. OVER, Treasurer. ! iMay 23, 18.70—4t. juts* En CwOODZEIT, MILLINER, BEDFORD PA. IS prepared to furnish Ladies and Misses with : every variety of SPRING AND SUMMER BONNETS, on the most favorable terms. She | has just received from the City a large and ele gant assortment of Bonnets, Flats, &.C., which ; she is prepared to trim so as to suit the taste of the purchaser. She kems constantly on hand j Bonnet Silks, Ribbons, Flounce*, Laces, and all j other trimmings, to which she respectfully in- ( vifes the attention of the Ladies of Bedford ! and vicinity. She also keeps Bonnets ready ' trimmed. From long experience in the btisi- | ness, she feels satisfied that she can please all : who favor her with their custom, both as to i style and price. Thankful for the flattering encouragement heretofore received, she asks a continuance of the patronage of the public. Bedford, May 23, 18^6—ly. 11SH.—20 barrels large fat mackerel, and 1 Tierce New Salmon, for sale bv A. B. CRAxMF.R & CO. MATS.—Mens* Panama", Leghorn, and Braid Hats ; also boy* ami childrens hats, for sale by x CRAMER & CO. Every variety of Summer Goods suitable lbr , Coats and Pantaloons, for sale bv , CRAMER & CO. 1 i Centlemens" Gaiters and Shoes—Mens' and I Boys Shoes and Boots; also Ladies, Misses, and ■ | Childrens do., for sale by 'j ' CRAMER &. CO. FOR SALE CHEAP.—Country Produce of j any kind will be received in exchange for a new family Carriage, a new falling top Buggy, and 2 two-horse wagons—work warranted—a libe ral credit givt*n. CRAMER & CO. I i i I ; CARPETING.—AII Wool, Rag, Cotton and i Hemp Carpeting. I Floor Oil Cloths, White ant^ Check Malting I just received by * , A. B. CRAMER CO. \ ! Bedford, May 23, lSnti. I NEW STORE ; NE \V GOODS!! li THE subscriber would announce to his old l liiends, a< Well as to the public at larne, that he > has opened an ENTIRELY NEW STORE, in! I the Borough of Bedford, immediately opposite l the Washington Hotel, where he has just re i reiv-d a stuck of SPRING AND SUMMER l GOODS of a superior qualify, embracing al- most every article in the DRY GOODS and i GROCER\ LINE, to which be invites the es i pecial attention of the people, who may find it ' to their interest to give turn a call before pur ( chasing elsewhere. His Goods w ill he exhibit ( eil with pleasure, whether purchased or not. SAMUEL BROWN. i ! Bedford, May 23, CLOTHING STORE. THE subscriber has removed his Clothing 1 Store to the room next door to the office of Dr. V\ atson, where he has on hand, and will con stantly keep, a general assortment of Clothing tor Men and Boys, which he will sell on the most reasonable terms, and to which he respect fully invites the attention of purchasers. ISAAC LIPPEL. Bedford, May 23, 18fG. CLOTHING 9TORE. S. SONABORN would announce to his old friends and the public generally, I fiat he has jut received anothei large supply of Spring , and Summer Clothing for Men and Boys, which he is determined to .-ell on the most reasonable terms. Thankful for past favors, he hopes to merit and receive a liberal share of the patron age of a generous public. Bedford, May 23, IS7G. PIBLIC SALE. WILL be sold at public outcry on the 21st day of June next in StqnerstowQ, by the School Directors of Liberty Township, a House and Lot of Ground, being 77 feet in front and 220 feet deep, whereon is erected a storv and a half log house, formerly a sch'wil house, adjoining a lot of George Tricker, inn-keeper, and others. There is also a never (ailing spring on the premises. It is considered the best lot in Town. Terms of sale, one half in hand and. the other half on the Ist of October ti'*xt, to he secured by judgement bond. Given under our hands the 12th day of May, A. D. TBf>G. By Board of School Directors of Liberty tp. May 23, I Sob, SPECIAL NOTICE. All persons indeh'ed to the firm of Rupp N. Oxter are respectfully and earnestly requested to make immediate payment. The books are in thehandsofG. IV. Rupp, for collection, and must positively be closed. Our friends who are in arrears will please consult their interest by attending to this notice at once and riot put us under the unpleasant necessity of making them pay costs. Bedford, May I<>, 18.*>(i —2m. PATENT WASHING MACHINE. The undersigned would respectfully inform the citizens of Bedford County, that they have purchased the patent for the above Machine, from the patentee, (C. Hollinsworth, State of Indiana.) and are now prepared to manufacture, and keep constantly on hand, the Flnatin? Ball or Knuckle Washing Machine, at St. Clairs ; ville. This Machine works well, and a eirl of four teen years,can perform tli largest Washing in ! a very short time, and the amount of clothes and soaps saved in a year, will pay for the Ma- | chine. Everybody should haw one of these Machines. Some of the citizens of St. f'lairsville have tried it, and can testify to what we have said ; concerning it. D. C. WETSELL, i). R. KOONS. June f>, 1836. WM. SHAFFER, MERCHANT TAILOR. WOULD announce to his former patrons, . and the public generally, that he has just receir ved, from Philadelphia, a large and well selec- j ' ted assortment of the most choice Cloths, Cassi-. meres and Vestings—also summer wear of ev ery description, to which he invites the atten tion of purchasers. His cloths, &.c., were se lected with great care, and he can recommend them 3s being equal, at least, to any to be found in the place. He also keeps Ready-made clp : thing of every description, at very low prices— and is prepared to cut and make garments on I the shortest notice and most reasonable terms. He respectfully invites the public to give him a j call Bedford. May 23, 1856. Public Sale of Bounty Land Warrant. ; BY virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court iof Bedford County, there will be sold by pub ; lie vendue, at the house of Henry Fluck in j Woodberry, on Friday the 4th of July next, a ; Bounty Land Warrant for 120 acres. No. 37, j 228, granted to Abel Griffith on the 11th day jof Dec., 1855. Terms Cash, or confirmation of| Sale by JOHN B. LONGNECKER, AHm'r of Abel Griffith, dee'd. i June 6, 1956. Rulex adopted by the Democratic Party of Bedford ( aunty for its Government hereaf ter, at the Mien Meeting held in March, ISSG. 1. The Democrat* ot each Tfownhip shall annual ly, upon written notice given, on the 3<t Saturday of June, proceed to elect two delegates to represent the township ih county Convention; also a committee of

vigilance forsuch township of three persons to serve until others are elected, whose duty it shall be to hold all election* and perform such other duties as pertain to the office. Returns of elections to be made j to the county committee. H. The Delegates so elected shall meet in the j Court-House in Bedford on Tuesday following the 3d Saturday of June of each year, and put in nomina tion a county ticket. They shall also elect Repre sentative and Senatorial conferee* to meet similar conlerees iiom the ptoper Districts; also seven per sons to compose a county committee for the ensuing year. To make RF.POUT of their nominations and ; elections to the county committee in office forthwith. 3. Ihe county committee so elected shall organ ize by choosing a President, Secretary and Treasur er, and shall keep a regular record of their proceed ings. It shall be their duty to call and notify meet i ings; to correspond arid exercise advisory powers ; and a general supervision over the organization of the I party; keep a record of the returns made by the county convention; to publish these rules in suitable j form 'o the Township committees, and sep that said committee* act and notify ami hold their elections. | -i. There shall he two mass meetings held annual , ly, one upon the Monday of August Court, and the o ther on Monday of the February court. The meet ing in Augu-t to ratify the work of the county Con vention. and fill any vacancies that may occur in the county Ticket, as may be neces-nry, and the meet ! ing in February shall, by a committee appointed by 1 them, select all delegates or conferees then necessa ry to be appointed. CAUTION! All persons are cautioned against trespassing on try farm—either bv fishing, hunting, or oth erwise, a< I am determined to enforce the law against ail persons so offending without respect to persons. WM. CHENOWETH. Bedford Township, April 25, 1556. n HOTEL. ; MRS. COOK would announce to her friends, . and lhe public, that the Washington Motel is now lilted up in superior order for the accom modation of guests, and she hopes to continue to receive u libera! share of custom. Persons visiting the Mineral Springs will find in the Washington Hotel a comfortable summer re treat—and no pain? will be spared to please all who patronize the house. OTP"A young gentleman of high qualification and courteous deportment lias charge of the es tablishment. [CP"The best ol Stabiing is attached to this Hotel. dIP'T. rms as moderate as any other house in the place. Bedford, April 25, 1850. NEW HOODS. THE undersigned begs leave o inform his ■ friends and the public, that he has just returned I'rom the eastern cities and is now exhibiting AT CHEAP SIDE a general assortment of new style Spring and ! Summer Goods, comprising a great variety ol Ladies' Dress Goods, among which will be found Challi's, Lawns, De Laines, Alpacas, Madonna Cloths, See. See., and a great variety of Rlack and Fancy Cassimeres, Linens and Cot tonade for Gentlemen and Boys wear. BOOTS SHOES, HATS &. BOXX F.TS, Groceries Queensware, Hatdware, Brooms, Buckets, Tubs, Churns, bcc., See. The above stock consists of every article nsti- i allv kept in store—all of which will be sold ! CHEAP FOR CASH, or approved produce. Thankful for past favors, lie hopes by fair dealing arid a desire to please, to continue to' merit and receive a libeial share of the public patronage. April H, 1850. G. W. RLTP. NEW STORE. And \ew Good*. Mrs. AGNTS SAUPP would announce to' her friends and the public that she has opened ! a Dry Goods Store in the room occupied as the Post office, where she has just received and j opened a handsome assortment of new style Spring and Summer goods, embracing in part,! Black and Fancy Silk*, French and Flounced Lawns, of all prices, Shallies and Braze De tains, Curtain Diapery, of all prices. Wool De Lains. of all Colors, Cambrick and Swiss musr lins, Buttons, Braids, Cords, Edgings, and In sert ings, Ladies and Misses Shoes, together with a little of almost everything to be found in Dry Goods Stores. She has also on hand, a large gnd well se lected assortment of HARDWARE, which will be sold low, in order to close out this branch |of business. She hopes to receive a liberal share of the patronage of a generous public. Purchasers will please call and examine for themselves. April I 1, ISf)G. LATEST NEWS! PEACE DECLARED AM) NO MISTAKE!!! Great Arrival CM foreign anb Domestic ocoiJs! At The Colonade Store, Bedford, Pa. All ve in want of SPRING GOODS, call and see as choice an assortment, and as Cheap as ever brought to Bedford. I pride myself in showing and selling Goods to Visitors, ('all and see my Cloths Borazes Glassware Cashmere? Harage Delaines (Queensware Cashmeres Fancy Silks Hardware Jeans Black Silks Groceries Sal t inel t p Vesting* Snuff" Tweeds Marseille* Tobacco ,Sy Camhlets Brilliants General j Checks Hosiery Furnishing I Tickings- Ladies' Kids and allothrj Drills and Gent's do er articles Bagging. Ecnb. Table covers kept in a Ducks' Linen do Store for f'alipoes Shoes and Boots public ac- L3Jvi}s for Ladies &. Gents connnoda- Coynfer- Roys & Girls lion, panesgnd Hats and Muslins Bonnets. The subscriber wjll be happy to meet his friends, and is satisfied he will be able to please, j JACOB REED. April 25, 1856. FISHING TACKLE AND GUNS. THE subscribers call attention to their stock i of Fish Hooks and Tackle of every description, j Cane Reeds, Sea Grass, Trout Flies, Lines, &,c., Also, Fine English and German Guns, Revnl- ; ving Pistols, Percussion Caps and Sporting Ap paratus generally. For sale at lowest CASH PRICES, Whole-, sale and Retail. JOHN M. HEVBERGER Sl BRO No. -1-7 North Second St. Philadelphia.! May 16,1856 —3m. Important Advtcc. —To have's teazing sough ur j . (old, with a perjwtual dripping lrora the no.** and , soreness of the breast and lungs is truly arrufying, and such of our readers who may be afflicted ii. That way, we would say go to Kupp's store and buy it bot tle of Dr. Key aero Perioral Syrup, and yo;i will be relieved of a great deal oi Miflering, and probably sa ved from some rcote formidable lung disease. HO! YE SONS OF ART'.H Excelsior Dagiierreau Gallery! JOHN PALMER, Actut, would respectfully in form the citizens of Scbellsburg, that he will re-' ' main in that place a short time for the purpose of li king DAGUERREOTYPE LIKENESSES. Photo-. , j graphic pictures of every description exeeuted-in a neat, beautiful and permanent manner. Likenesses SINGLY OR IN GROUPS! Portraits of sick, or de ceased persons, taken on the shortest notice. Da guerreotypes, paintings, engraving*. Acr., accutately copied when desired. Pictures will be put up iu beautiful cases, medal ions or lockets, to suit the tastes of customers—also handsomely set in rings or breastpins. He defies competition to surpass his pic- j tores either in correctness, or in depth of tone and ' finish. HIS STUDY IS TO PLEASE. No picture i will be required to be taken unless it gives FL'LI. , AND ENTIRE SATISFACTION. Ladies and gentlemen, young and old. invited to his gallery to examine specimens- all will be welcome visitors whether wanting pictureC or rurt. Come one, come all I May 10, ISYO. THE LADIES' COMPANION. ~ 7 Magazine, devoted to the Improvement of the Home Circle. A new series of tin* Companion begin* with the number lor March, 1856, The work is publish'-d monthly. In addition to a great va riety of articles on different subjects, calculated to amuse and instruct the members of the fami ly circle, each number will contain l an Elegant Colored Flower Plate. printed in colors, and al : together superior to any engravings of the kind ever published in any similar work in this coun try. These flower [dates alone will be worth the whole cost of the Magazine. Each number will also contain one full page Engraving, illustrating one ol the sketches con tained in the same. Besides these, a gieat num ber of Engravings representing new patterns of Embroidery, Crochet-Work, the Fashions, ect., cel., will bp given in the course ol the vear, and occasionally a page of music. The Com panion is published at oniy one dollar a vear, if paid in advance. Agents wanted in all parts ofthe Union, to whom good inducements will be offered. Letters, enclosing money lor the work, at our risk, if carefully directed to JOEL \V. HUBBARD, 156 Washington Street, Boston, MASS. May lfi, 1826. Si I'LUIOR TEAS. ; In the Original Hail Chests, in boxes of 0 s l and 12 pounds, and in metallic packages, of i, i, I 2 and 4- pounds, Ibr sale by Jenkins ft Co., (oiiginal inventors of the Metallic tea pack.i Wholesale dealers in Teas only, X. W. cor. of Market &, Ninth Sts., Philadelphia. ILfTeas in Metallic Packs put up in halt chests, containing a variety of both Black and Green, to suit hovers. Printed List ol Prices, Terms, X-C,, furnished by mail to all who order them. All Teas warranted to please, or no sale. One and the same price and terms to all, and ; one only. Half Chests of Black contain about 35 |>oi;nds, and of Green, about 50 pounds each. May 16, 1856—3t. j - - - - - - j ! The best collection of Glees ever Published. TIP-TOP GLEE AMI CHURL'S BOOK. . 7 new and choice collection of Copyrights never before harmonised, and many of the i Gems of Modern German and Italian Compo- , | sers, arranged in a familial style, and adapted I to the use of Glee Clubs, Singing Classes, and the Family Circle, by C. Jakvis and J. A. I GETZC. This work contains a great number of new and tavorite songs, harmonized in a style adapt ed togpneral purposes, while many ofthe gems ! of Meodelwhon, Abt. Ktichen, and other cele brated composers, are presented in an original form. The great variety ol musical composi tions here Introduced, eminently adapts it to the tqste and capacity uf the Singing School, the Glee Club and the Family Circle. pne dollar. Just published by Lee &. Walker, No, ]HS Chesnut street, and J. B. IJppincot fx. Co., No. 20 North Fourth street, Philadelphia. iDr*Sample copies will be sent by mail, free of postage, on receipt of §l. May 16, ISs6—lm. THE WEST BRANCH INSURANCE CO., OF LOCK HAVE.V PA. Insures Detached Buildings, Stores, Mercban i dize, Farm Property, and other Buildings, and their contents, at moderate rates. Capital, $300,000. Charter Perpetual. i DIRECTORS. —Hon. John J. Pea roe, John B. Hall, Charles A. Mayer, Charles Crist, Peter Dickinson, Hon. G. C. Harvey, T. T. Abrams, I). J. Jaekman, W. White. Thos. Kitchen. HON. G. C. HARVEY, Pres. T. T. Abiums, Vjce Rres. TIIOS. KiTCHEX, Sec'y. REFERENCES. —SamueI 11. Lloyd. A. A. Winegardner, L. A. Mackey, A. White, James Quiggle, John VV. Mavnard, Hon. Simon Cam eron, Thos. Bowman, D. D., Wm. VaruUrbelf, Win. Fearon, Dr. J. S. Craw lord. A. Updegrafl, James Armstrong, Hon. Wm. Bigle*. A. S. RUSSELL, • f'ft for Bedford and Fulton Counties. Bedford, May 16, 1856—1y. FIRM FDR SILK A FARM, containing 200 acres, moreor les,' in Franklin County, Pa., is offered for sale. Particular? can be had by inquiring of the sub scriber iu Bedford. V A LE NT IN E STECK M A X. May 16, 1856. THE MEN GEL HOI SE. Valentine Steckmaa, Proprietor. j [Cr"Boarders taken by the day, week, month or year, on moderate terms. May 9, 1556. NEW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. THE undersigned have jus? opened their usu al supply of SPRIX Ac M ttifIERKOODS* and will take pi, asurc in showing them, to all who may lavor us with a call. Great bargains will be offered for Cash, and all kinds of Conn | try produce—or to punctual customers, a credit ' : of six months will be given. A. B. CRAMER & CO. Bedford, May 2, 1856. : GREAT ItTR!GTIOi\! f. L9IER, DfeiTliant Tailor, fakes this method of anobncirfg to the citi zens of Bedford and vicinity, and Grangers vij itthe place, that he has just received at hi* j old stand in Bedford, next door west of the Bedford Hotel, the richest assortment of Cloths, S;o., he has ever yet offered to the public, and 1 to which b" invites the attention of purchasers, satisfied that In- can accommodate, both as to price and quality, alt who faVor him with a call. H" ha., a Superior 3rticle of cloth, loH, j hoy's clothing, which he can .ejf so low as to : astonish those who examine its qualify. iCf""Garments, of every description, in his j line, made to order on the shortest notice and ; most reasonable terms. TV" He wyuld direct attention to the follow j ing list, as comprising some of the leading arti cles to be found m his establishment : Hlk. Cloths, ranging in price .from sii,f)j* tor $9,00 per yard : Blue Cloths: Olive Browns K Greens , flik. (lasinieres: " Doe-Skills : French Fancv Casimcre.s. Linen Drillings : Plain K Figured Grenadiers' Superior aiticle ot l>ik. Satin ■ Velvets: -Marseilles V eatings : Bolt Cassimeres : A fine aiticle of Shirts* latest style . Lisle thread under Shuts drawers , Cotton o K Shirt collars latest sivie ; Lawn Cravats . Bik. Silk White Linen Haod'fs ; Summer Stocks . Superior articie of French Suspenders; Blk. Kid Gloves: Fancy Colored Kid Gloves? Silk " Lisie thread " and all other articles usually kept bv Merchant Tailors and Gent's furnishing store*; Bedford, Mav lf>, 18:56. NEW !i001)N. MRS. SARAH E. PG'TTS would respect fully announce to the Ladies of Bedford that she has just received and opened, at her stole • in Bedford, the most elegant assortment of DR£SS GOODS ever brought to the place, embracing Silks, Crapes, (Tallies, Lawns, Berages, plain acd figured Suisse?. French and Domestic Ging hams, Suisse and Jaconet Edgings ahd Insert ing?, Bonn°ts, Parasol*, Shawls and Mantillas of the latest and most elegant styles. Gloves, Mitts, Hose, I ndersleevt s, Collar.-. Dress Trim mings. Handkerchiefs, ami Ladies, Misses; and Children* Gaiter*. Boots, and Shoes, in gre3t variety. In brief, her entire stock hasbepri se lected with the greatest carc, and is general e nough to please the tastes of all, whether plain or gav. Please call and judge for yourselves. May ltj, lSi)6; H.IRDNVAKE STOHL; The subscriber would announce to his old friends and the puhlic in general, that he has removed his HARDWARE STORE to the new building second door west of the Bedford Ho? t-!, where he has ju.-t received and opened an extensive .assortment of Hardware, embracing ' almost eyerv article in that line of business. His stack of SADpLEfIY is of the best quali ty, ai;d was with greai care. He would respectfully invjte all in want of articles in th> Hardware iine, to give hirn a call, satisfied that he can please Mi who do so. JOHN" ARNOLD. May 19, IS.">6. HOOk .4(1 i:\c\. The subscribers have established a Book A gency in Philadelphia-, and wilt furnish any book or publication at the retail price free of postage. Any person?, by forwarding the sub scription price of any of the $3 Magazines, such as Harpers', Godev's, Putnam's, Graham's Frank- Leslie's Fashions, Kc. will receive the maga zines for one year and a copy of a splendid lith ograph portrait of either Washington, Jackson or Clay : or, if subscribing to a $2 and a $1 Magazine, they vvill receive a copy of either ot the three portraits. If subscribing to $6 worth of Magazines, all three portraits will be sent gratis. Music furnished to those who may wish it. Envelopes of every description and size in largeor small quantities furnished, heal Press es, Diesj&c. sent to order. Every description of Engraving on Wood ex ecuted with neatness and dispatch. View* of Buildings. Newspaper Headings. Views of Ma chinery, Book illustration*. Lodge Certificates, Business Cards, Kc. All orders sent by mail promptly attended to. Persons wishing views of their buildings engraved can send a Daguer reotype or sketch of the building bv mail or ex- P r^-* Persons at a distance having saleable articles would find it to their advantage to address the subscriber?, as we would act as agents for the sale of the satne. BY RAM & PIERCE. 1)0 Svui/t Third Street Philadelphia, Pa. J. N. BTRASIT T. MAY FICHCF. May 16, 1856-—ly. Machine Cards. The subscriber is utili engaged in the manu facturing of Superior Machine Cards for Cotton and VVollen Factories. The best quality of Leather and Wire used in making the above, and after an experience of twenty-five years, is prepared to warrant them equal to any made in this country. lam also making superior Leath er Bands, ceuwnted and copper riveted, the stretch taken out by powerful machinery. ~ Elevator Strap:- tor Grist Mills also. Leather Hose of superior quality, made us MiCt **• JOHN H. HASfcELL, No. 33 South Eutaw Street, Baltimore, Mci. May !6, 18?)G-2m. JOHN L. LAIRD, WHOLESALE Dealer in TOBACCO, SNCFF? and SEGAP.S, South East Cornfr of Third and Race Streets, Philadelphia, where may be had a supplv of all the various articles appertaining to the business, of a quality equal to any man ufactured. Terms favorable as those of any Establishment in the City. May IG, IBb6—lm.