Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, August 29, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated August 29, 1856 Page 3
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TheC* a zJ t t*e • Ueriis in Colerain. The Democratic Meeting at Barmiotlar's School House in Colerain Township, on the l'Jlh iiiß> ( , nlo [ii.tration highly creditable to the Detnociacy J oW-libjß Hhigsol that neighborhood and vicint ,v ' t hat uncompromising Democrat, Col. HILL, ol" i'Vuxly Run, brought up a laigedeles;tion from that i ith niarlia! music and banners, which added J-oitly to the interest o! the occasion. 'J'he meeting eloquentiy addressed by Messrs. Bp..\g and "hen the assemblage adjourned with bcar •\ cheers tor Buchanan, the Mate and eounty ticket, democracy and the Union. We regret that we did , teceive a list of the olticers. Present to JVlfMßacfittnan. —Two very large IVles, a present from the Democracy of San Irancisco to Mr. BCCBANAS, airived hereon Wednesday ! a -1, by Adams' Express, and at i.acted a great deal of attention. They are line -uecitneris at that noble bird, and will, no doubt, hi"hlv piized by that distinguished recipi ent. — Lancaster Intelligencer. BALTIMOUK, Aug. 26. The flour tnatket is firm, with sales of Ohio, Howard stre. t and City Mills at $6.50. Wheat |as advanced 7 cts.t sab sol white at 150a 160 c.: iruod prime and choice rerlare sold at 140a145c. i rn is firm : >ale.s <d w bite at 57a5bc., and yellow at sba6,oc. $2O Reward! y reward ol $2O will be paid lor such information a s w;i! lead to the conviction of the K. X. Abolition rjet't or thieves, who, on last Sabbath morning, be :<e dav. stoie Irom.lhe Democratic Poles in St. < lairsviile tlie beautiful FLAG placed there by tbe j:i .is of the honest freemen ol St. Clair and the ad „i,iiiig Townships. The people will thus see that we have thieving ' much nearer home than Kuutctx. V. D. BEEGLK. St. Clairsville, Aug. 22, 18-iC. BEDFORD COUNTY INSTITUTE. There will be a Teachers' Institute held in Beil . r.i. commencing on .Monday the* first day of Septem tu>r, amt rontinue four days. AH teacher-, sclioul di rectors. ami others, who take an interest in the nn uven.t nt ol our common schools, are earnestly iu litcil i" be present arid participate. Arrangements have been made to make the lec m:e- and exercises, interest'Oji and profitable to all —and more especially to Teachers. A number 01 able lecturers from abroad are expec •P,i a;-,, the Superintendents ol the iieigboniig cuiin ;;cs. Lectures wilt be delivered on the various branches of Education and tlie best methods of teach athem. The whole theory, and piactice of teach ing, will be fully and ably treated. Teachers will lave an opportunity to take an active pait in the ex ticises ii tiiey wish. Even should tbey prefer to be - ;.-iit vi-itors, they cannot fail to be vastly benefit ' ■•<!. arid Ail I v convinced that their time is well spent. Females will be boarded by the cilizei s tree of all charee. and males will be charged hall price at the hotel-. |r [. to be hoped, and expected, that all the teach ol the county Will he piesent. and by their rouu ■!. advice, and assistance, aid in advancing the •41 A cause of Education, in elevating the Teacher's ■ --.011. in promoting his u-efiiloess at large, and /hiking the Common schools of our county, second to 1 nit'm the state. Come one, come all—a hearty welcome awaits you. Most ol Ihe be-t Teachers in the county have si->- 1 i/ed ineir intention to be present and participate. T. R. GETTY Si, C'oi'trty Snp*t, An. LI, (Sod. COURT PROCLAMATION. To the Coroner, fhe Justice* of the Pence, ■ ! Constables in the different Townships ,u the County of Bedford, Greeting. KNOW YE that in pursuance of a pntcept to r.e cit'-cled, under the hand and seal of" the lion. FRANCIS M. Rl.ll>l ELL, President ! ! everal Courts of Common Pleas in the 8 ;;••• nth District, consisting of the counties of I\nUin, Bedford and Somerset, and by virtue <1 his office of the Court of Oyer and Terminer 1 General Jail delivery for the trial of capi tal and other offenders therein and in the Gene ra! ( itrt of Quarter Sessions of the Peace: and -h :i\ (1. Haktlf.v and Jo-u B. NOBLE, Esqs. - -of the same Court, in the same County <d Bedford, You and each of you are hereby re < : to he and appear in your proper persons ' ,:h your Records, Recognizances, Examina tions, and other remembrances before the Judges ivsiid. at Bedford, at a Court of Oyer and I'-ririiaer andGenoral Jail Delivery and Gene ra! Quarter Sessions of the Peace then in to he "i on tor the county of Bedford, aforesaid, at " Ist Mondav of Sept. (being the Ist '"V,; at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day, " rr- and then to do those things to which your :ev. -;•! offices appertain. GIVEN under my hand at Bedford, 011 the 15th day of Sept., in the year of our Lord J 856. HUGH MOORE, Sheriff. JILSSOLI 110\. The partnership heretofore existing between •'Ni .-timers, under ithe name of Weisel & ' 1.. :u the Carriage,meiLing and Blacksmithing ■ •iinss, whs day dnsolved by mutual con f|t. All business of tl>e late Finn will be at t-inl-d to by Michael 8. John G. Weisel, who ' i collect th-- outstanding notes and accounts •"id pay the debts. W.VI. WEISEL. MICHAEL WEISEL. JOHN WEISEL. May 27, 1856. fit* undersigned Ravethis day formed a part n<-rhip in the Carriage-ma king, and Black v -thing business, under the name and fiiinof M tisin. St Co. We WW endeavour by prompt t/H-s, attention, and (Ire character of our work, ? merit and obtain -a fair share of custom.— Ir stand is tbe one heretofore occupied by '•ei-t-i 8 Foster, immediately East of town. MICHAEL WEISEL, JOHN WEISEL. Jane 6, ISs6—3m. ■lt best cf llectiou of Glees ever Published. TIP-TOP GLEE AND CHORUS BOOK. •ihtvnnd choice collection of Copyrights T * c *r bfore harmonized, and many of the G-mg of M.tderu German and Italian Comf 10- • v ' rs , arranged in a familiar style, and adapted 1 • the use of Glee Clubs, Singing Class-s, and family Circle, by C. JAUVJS and J. A. GETZK. 1 his work contains a great number of new - favorite songs, harmonized in a style adapt ' ; t(l general purposes, while many of the gems ' -Meml,.|s.<hon, Aht. Ivuchen, and other cele " a Gd composers, are presented in an original ■ rna - The great variety of musical composi- I'nshere introduced, eminently adapts it to •be taste and capacity of the Singing School, the ' iub and the Family Circle. ■T" Price one dollar. • 'st published by Lee & AValker, No. 188 "^'Utstreet, and J. B. Lippincot 8.C0., No. - Noith Fourth street, Philadelphia. T Sample copies w ill be sent by mail, free ' h° s tage, on receipt of $l. •'Uy 16, ISSG--4m. SHERIFF'S SALES. By vii tu* of sundry writs of Fi. Fa. tome directed, there will be sold at the Court House in the Borough of Bedford, on Monday the Ist day of September, 1556, at 1 o'clock, P. M. the following described Real Estate, to wit : One tract of unimproved Mountain Land containing 400 acres more or less adjoining lands of Campbell Hendnckson William Gillin and others situate in Curnbei land Valley town ship-Bedford County and taken in execution as the property of William Hemming. In the hands of administrator all the right title and interest of Robert Stewart dee'd in and to a tract of land containing 400 acres more or less on the top of Martin Hill and being un improved situate and lying partly in Culerain and partly in Southampton townsiiips Bedford County adjoining lands of John Cessna Esq in right of Alary Wilaiul on the noith laud., in right of Sebastian Kegg on the south lands in right of Jacob Whetstone oo the east lands in right of Jacob Wiland on the west and taken in execution as the property of Robert Stewart dee'd. All the right title and interest of defendant Joins Herr supposed to be the undivided half of a tract of land containing 21 acres and 16 perches more or less adjoining lands of Michael Moses Rebecca Sleek John Wolf and others sit uate in St Clair township Bedford County and taken in execution as the property of John Herr. Also one tract of land containing 105 acres more or less about 75 acres cleared and under fence with a two story log house and kitchen attached and double log' Barn thereon erected also an apple orchard thereon adjoining lands of James Allison Esq Jesse Blackburn and others situate in Napier township Bedford County and taken in execution as the pioperty of Nathan Garretnon. Also one tract of land containing 110 acres more or less about 50 acres cleared and under lence with a story and half log bouse ami double log Barn thereon erected adjoining lands ol John Sills Johnathan Miller Augustus Greena walt and others situate in Napier township Bed ford County and taken in execution as tbe pro perty of Maria Taylor. Also one lot of ground in the Town oif Woou herry fronting 60 feet on the Pattonsville and Woodberiy turnpike road and extending back about 200 f.-et to lands of George R. Bai iulollar with a two storv roughcast Tavern House Store room ami frame stable thereon erected arid as No 5 in general plan of said Tow n adjoining lot of Dr. Samuel Smith on the north and lot of Samuel J Castner on the south situate in Middle Wood berry township Bedford county and taken in yxecution as the property of Jacob Schne hly. Also one lot of ground containing about one acre more or less with a two story log house and log stable thereon erected adjoining lands of Henry Kanfrinaii John Bowser and others situ ate in St Clair township Bedford county and ta ken in execution as the property of Conrad Ap pleman. Also all ot Defendants interest in and ton tract of land containing 90 acres more or lens about +5 acies cleared and under tence with 2 two story log houses spring houses and 2 double 1 >g harns tliereon erected also two apple 01- chards thereon adjoining lands ot Edward Ward now John Keefle's heirs on the east Jacob Sleek now George Ekes on the west arid Peter Long in right of William Swagar on The' south and now in possession of Andrew Adams Mary Bow en and George lekes and taken in execution as the property of Ann Anderson David Hobo 8. Wife Jane Anderson now Jane Morelnad delis situate 111 St Clair township Bedford county. Also all of defendant Samuel Sloans right title arid interest in and to a tract of land con taining 75 acres more or less about 40 acres cleared and under fence with an old Cabin house thereon erected adjoining lands of Rachel and Margaret Dotton Win T Daughnty Ed ward B Trout and others situate in St Clair town.-hip Bedford county and taken in execution as tlie property of Samuel Sloan. Also all the right title and interest of Joseph H Harhaugh in the following property to v\ il one tract of land containing 100 acres more or less about 60 acres of which is cleared and un der f-nce with 2 one and a halt story log houses fog barn log stable and other out buildings thereon erected also an apple orchard thereon adjoining lands of Thomas Allison George C D.avi- William Barefoot and others situate in St Clair tow nship Bedford county and taken in execution as the property ot Joseph Ft. Har haugh. ' HUGH MCORE, Aug. 8, 1856. S/n-riJJ'. BEDFORD COtMY, SS. At an Orphans Court held at Bedford, iri and for the County of Bedford, on the sth day of Mav, A. D. 1856, before the judges of tin said Court— On Motion of O. E. Shannon, Esq. the Couit grant a rule upon the heirs and legal represen tatives of Abraham Sparks, late ol W'< st Pioii deiice Township, deceased, to wit: Sarah Sparks, a sister, residing in Bedford County, Hannah, a sister intermarried with Solomon Hollar, residing in Bed lord County, Joseph .Sparks, a brother, residing in Bureau C ountv, Illinois: Jonas Sparks, a brother, r> siding in Rock Island Co., Illinois : Maty,a Sister, the widow of flaltzer Morgart, deceased, residing in Bedford County, Deliiah, a sister, intermarried with Criah Hughes, re>iding in Bedford County, Rachel, a sister, intermarried with Moses Ken riard residing in Athens County, Ohio: Solo mon, a brother residing in Bedford County, and the issue of John, a deceased brother, to u it : Sarah Sparks, residing in Rock Island County, Illinois and Rachel Sparks, Uriah H. Sparks, Delilah Sparks, William Sparks, Jonas Sparks, and John Sparks, all residing in Bedford Coun ty, and all being minors, all ol whom, except Sarah, have fur their Guardian William Stales, to he and appear at an Orphans Court to he held at Bedford in and for the County ol Bedford, on the first Monday first day of Sept. A. D. 1856, to accept or refuse to lake the real estate ol said deceased, undisposed of, at the valuation, u Inch has been valued and appraised in pursuance of a wi it of partition or valuation issued out of our said Court, and to the Sheriff of Said County, directed, or show cause why the same should not he sold. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set mv hand and the Seal of Said Court at Bedford this 13th day of Mav. A. D. IKSG. D. WASH ABA UGH, Clerk. Attest—Hugh Moore, Sheriff. August 8, 1856. MORE SHOES AND GAITERS. Just Received at Shoemaker's Colonade Store, Ladies, Misses, Children* and Gents shoes. A nd also Ladies and Gents Gaiters. August S, 185 G. BEDFORD COUNTY, SS. At an Orphans Court held at Bedford in and i">r the County of Bedford on the 9th day of May A. D. IS.>6, before the Judges of the said Court— On Motion of John Cessna Esq. the Court grant a rule upon the heirs and legal represen tatives of Nathan Tred well, late of Harrison Township (now Juniatta) deceased, to wit : John T red well, and Tredwell, both resi ding in Bedford County, Harriet Tredwell, who sold her interest to James S. Hinehmnn and Elizabeth B. M' tzger, residing in Bedford Coun ty, Miller Tredwell, residing in Somerset Coun ty, Mary, intermarried with A Ivy Boylan, re siding in Bedford County, all of whom, except James S. Hicichman and Elizabeth B. Metzger alienees of Harriet Tredwell, have sold their interest in the real estate of said decedent to John Tredwell aforesaid, and Mulford Tredwell, who died leaving issue six children, to wit: — Nathan, Sophia, intermarried with F. B. Hill, John, Andrew, Mary and Phoebe, all residing so far as can be ascertained outside of the limits of Bedford County —to be and apptar at an Orphans Court to be held at Bedford, in and for the County of Bedford, on the first Monday, first day of September next, to accept or refuse to take the Real Estate of said deceased, at the valuation, which has been valued and appraised in pursuance of a writ of partition or valuation, issued out of our said Court, and to the Sheriff of said County directed, or show cause why the same should not lie sold. In testimony whereof] have hereunto set my hand and seal of said Court at Bedford the 9lii day of May A. D. 1856. D. WASHABAUGII. Clerk. Attest—HT'GH MOORE, SAeritf'. Aug. S, 1856. BEDFORD COUNTY, SS- At an Orphans' Court held at Bedford in and for the County of Bedford, on the sth day of May, A. D. 1856, before the Judges of the said Court— On motion of O. E. SHANNON Esq ,the Court grant a rule on llm lieirs and legal representa tives of John Blair, late of Cumberland Valley Township, deceased, to wit :—William Blair, Archibald Blair, and John Blair, all residing in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, Elijah P. Blair residing in Lee county low a, Charity intermar ried with Nathan Burtz residing in Bedford County Penna., James Blair residing in Bedford county Penna., and Mary intermarried with Nathan Perdew residing in Lee County lowa, "to be and appear at the Orphan's Court held at Bedford in and for the County of Bedford on the first Monday first day of September, A. i). 185ti, to accept or refuse to take the real es tate of said deceased, at the valuation, which has been valued and appraiser! in pursuance of a writ of partition or valuation issued out of our said Court arid to the Sheriff of said county di rected or show cause why the same should not be sold. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal ofsairl court at Bedford the 14th day of May, A. 1). 1856. D. WASH ABA UGH, Citric. Attest—HUGH MOORE, Sherif. Aug. S, 1856. Notice. Notice i hereby given that Letters ot'Ad ministrati >ll have been granted to the subscriber upon the Estate of Conrad (lever, late ol Juni ata Township, in the County of Bedford, de ceased. All persons having claims against the Estate are requested to present them properly authenticated tor settlement, and those indebted, to make payment immediately. HENRY (. GEYER, Administrator. Juniata Tp. Aug. 1, ISSO. MILLER WANTED. VVE wish to employ a competent Miller : a man without a lamilv who understands conduct ing the business ot a Merchant Mill in all its parts will receive good wages and constant em ployment. Satisfactory reference* required as to sobriety, honesty, B.e. Address FOLCK 5t SMITH, Cumberland, Mil. R EFERENTES.—Hon. S. L. Russell, and A. 15. Cramer, Bedford, Pa. Pleasant Mills, Aug. lr, 1856. TO TEE FARMERS. £ \ \ Vg_. r---f.s^ Skr 4T r - Tin' undersigned informs the farmers of' Be dford and adjoining counties, that lie has made arrangements by which he can furnish, to those desiring, the latest improved and best JIGRI CI:LIURJIIJ IMPLEMEN TS of the day, efohiacing Scott s "Little Giant' Corn and Cob Giinder, guaianteed to grind from S to 15 bush els of leed per hour Wl'll one hoiSe—Potts' Corn Stalk Cutter and Crasher, warranted to cut Irom 1-U to 1(10 bushels of leed per hour— Hav and Straw Cutters, in variety Wheal Drills arid Corn Shellers, which are unsurpassed for cheapness and quality—Cultivators, Horse Ho. s, Cider-mills, &c. iStc. In short, every utensil used in or about a farm. Wishing to avoir! all imposition, each machine sold by him will he warranted to work as represented, or no suit; and, as these machines are procured in most cases directly from the Patentees and Man ufacturers, the purchaser will be secure in the right of using. Prices will be as moderate, and, in some in stances, less than the same machines can be procured singly from the Manufacturer. As the demand is very great for the two first named machines, orders should be given soon hv those wishing to purchase. WILLIAM HARTLEY. June 20, 1850—dm. NEW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. THE undersigned have just opened their usu al supply of *rßCl\<- A Si nMERGOODS, and will take pleasure ia showing them, to all who may favor us with a call. Great bargains will be offered for Cash, and all kinds of Coun try produce—or to punctual customers, a credit of six months will he given. A. R. CRAMER & CO. Bedford, May 2, 1856. MORE NEW GOOBB AT THE COLONAOE STORE. 1 he undersigned are just receiving ami open ing at colonade store a fresh supply of New Goods, consisting in part of Fiench Needle worked Collars, Black Silk and Felol Mitts, Assorted Colored Kid Gloves, Bonnet and Mantua Ribbon,

Black Silk Cravats, Fancy Casitners, Mireno Casitners, Black Gro Dp Rhine Silks, Belts Assorted Colors, Hosiery of all kinds, Also a prime lot of Groceries, consisting in part ol Sugar, Coffee, Tea, Syrups, Molasses, Rice, Indigo, Tobacco, iNr. J. & J. M. SHOEMAKER. August S, 185 G. MORE NEW GOODS. THE undersigned has just returned home from the Eastern Cities with a large stock of Summei Goods, and is now exhibiting AT CHEAP SIDE a general assortment of new style of Summer Goods, comprising a great variety of LADIES' DRESS GOODS, which consists in part of black and fancy Silks, Challi, Lawns, DeLaines, Ma donna Cloths, Alpacas, Dehege, Mantillas, ix.c., Nc. Also a great variety of black and fancy Cloths arid Cassimeres. Linen and Cottonade for Gen tie men and Boys' wear. BOOTS & SHOES, HATS & BONNETS. Groceries Sugars, Syrups, Molasses, Shad, Herring and Mackerel, Bacon, Queensware, Haidware, Brooms, Buckets, Churns, &.c. The above stock consists ot every article usu ally kept in store—all of which w ill be soid CHEAP FOR CASH, or approvt d produce. Thankful for p3st favors, he hopes by fair dealing and a desire to please, to continue to merit and receive a liberal share of the public patronage. June i 3, ISSG. G. W. RITP. DMHREOTIPES AND AMBROTYPBS, READER have you ever beard of GET TVS' inimitable Daguerreotypes ? It outgo at once to his Saloon and see for yourself; and if you want a likeness of yourself or friends, sis true as Nature and Art combined can make it, that is the place to get it. if you want a picture put up in the most approved style and of the best materials—or, in short, if you want the worth ol your money in a splendid Daguerreo type or Aiiibrotype, go to GETTYS, as he is the only Artist in Bedford County w ho tan take the new style of Dagoerreotypes and A w.lrrotv pes. He spares no pains to give full satisfaction, and permits no picture to go out until lie is con fident that it will do so. Having just returned fiom the East, he is in possession ot all the late improvements in the Art, arid can assure his patrons that he can furnish them with a style of pictures not taken by any other person in the County. Rooms at the "Exchange Budding," or Odd Fellows Hall, immediately above the store of Mr. A. B. Cramer. T. R. GETTYS, JR. June 6, 1856. LIST OF CALSES Put down lor Trial at Sept. Term, (Ist day) IS.3G. (ieo Mullen vs .1 Patterson eta I J S Morrison'- admr's vs Cryslier K Thomas Saml S Sfuckey vs Henry Keyset G VV Fie art vs Griffith K Thomas M M'Ktdowney vs Saml Williams et al J Pat ton eta I \s K Lockart C Colfelt vs Saml Aiiiicli •trio Brideham vs same A J Dunlap et al vs Asa Duval Saml l)avi- vs John James D Patterson use v- S Vondersnuth .la- Reynold- vs S M Barclay's admr's Philip Weisei s adm'r vs E 1. Anderson K-q liohman K Cristv vs II & B Rail Road Co Wood & Devereux vs John Figail M Barthelow vs Jacob Hippie II F Rohm v- Kdward B Trout Isaac hippie vs F Hohman Fit ward 15 Trout vs Saml Taylor Henry Johnson vs Joseph Leusure Jacob Stockenius vs Dan! B Troulman K-q Joshua Filler v- Sam! Williams John Dasher vs James Kntriken Joseph llarbaush vsJohn Harbjngh et al William Smith vs Charles Siruth Isaac Hull's admr's v> John llull James Moure head et al vs f hri-topher Nangle D. WASH ABA UGH, lirgister. Aug. 8, ISSC. Kpsfisier's Notice* All persons interested, either as heir*, creditors or otherwise are hereby notified lhat the following named persons have tiled their accounts in the Reg ister's office and ihey will be presented to theOi phaiis' Court of Bedford County on Friday the .">t!i day of September next for continuation, at which time and place they may attend il they think pro per : The account of Amos Wertz adm'r. of Mary Stat ler late of Juniata Township dec'd. The account ot Jos ft Noble Esq F.xe'r of the last Will Src of .lamb Woi king late ot South Woodbeiry township dec'd. The account of O K Shannon Esq Guardian of the minor children of Solomon Rice late oi Southampton township dec'd. The account of Jesse Blackburn F.xe'r of the last Will & c ot Levi Lamburn late of St Clair township dec'd. The account of Frederick Smith Guardian of John Feight minor sou of John 1* eight late ot C oleratn township dec'd. The account of John Burger adm'r ot Susan Burger late of South Wood berry township deed. The account of John Mower Esq Guardian of Vic toria L. Tate one of the minor children of Win Tate dec'd. The account of David Shafer one of the F.xec's of the la-t Will itc of Henry Shater late of Coterain town-hip dec'd. The account of John Ces>r:a Esq one of the F.xec's of the last Will &c of Baltzer Morgart late of West Providence township dec'd. The account of Samuel Blackburn adm'r of Daniel W Blackburn late ot St Clair Township dec'd. The account of Adam Stayer adm rot Mary Stayer late of South Woodberry township dec'd. The account of Henry P Dielil and Wm England admr's of 1.-aac Bir.garnan late ol'Colerain township dec'd. The account of Geo II Spang Esq adm rot Ellas S Hook late ot Cumberland Valley township dec'd. The account of Samuel Cam Esq adm rot Mary Sarnmell late of St Clair township dee iL The account of Francis Donahoe adm'r of James Donahue late of Southampton township dec d. The account ol Jacob Carper arid David Stonerook admr's of Jacob Smith late of Middle Woodberry township dec'd. The account of JacobS Brumbaugh adm'r of Jacob Biildle late of South Woodberry township dec'd. The accountot John S HoEinger one of the execu tors of Christian Mock late of St. Clair township dec'd. D W ASH A B ATTGH, "RrgitHr. Aug. S, 1936. 07-NO HUMBUG,—U. H. IiI.TZ CF.LKBUA TKD Tetter W*b, is the only sale and sure remedy ever discovered tor curing the Tetter, Ringworm, and all eruptions oi the Skin. It is-o infatluble a remedy, that a perfect etire in all rases of Tetter is guaranteed, if attentively applied. In ordinary cases one bottle will be sufficent to perfect a cure, in bad cases, with a Tetter of long standing, more Will be required. Price 25 cents per bottle, For sale at Dr. B. F. Reamers Bedford. April 23, 18."G-Iy. MANNY'S COMBINED REAPER AND MOWER. WITH "WOODS' IMPROVEMENT." Farmers of Bedlord and P.lair Counties are inform ed that this justly celebrated machine can be had by application to W. VV. JACKSON, A. DK AKMII. Agents for Blair and Bedford Counties. July I, 185(5. CHEAP CLOTHING. S. HERSHMAN & CO., would respectfully inform the citizens of Bedford County, that they have opened a Clothing More in Hollidays bui g—No.s, Boyd's Row. July i, 1856. Petrify \ oiss* Blocs!. The Wonder ol' Ihe Mnetemlh (rotary. Important and of great Consideration to the Suffering. T. A. HURL FY'S SA USA PARI LI. A. OF all the remedies that have been discovered du ring the present age tor the "thousand ills that is heir to" none equal this wonderful preparation.— (inly three years have elapsed since the discoverer fwho spent a decade in studying, experimentalizing, and perfecting it) first introduced it to the public, and it is already recognized, by the most eminent phvsi- Ciahs in all parts ot the country to be the most sur prising and effective remedy for certain diseases of which they have knowledge. All other compounds or synips of the root, have hitherto failed To command the sanction ot the fac ulty, because, on being tested, they have been found to contain noxious ingredients which neutralize the good effects of the Sarsapanlla, and of ten times in jure ttie health of the patient. It is not so with Hurley's preparation. This is the pure and genuine extiact of the root, and will on trial, be found to effect a certain and perfect cure of the following complaints and disea ses : A (lections of the Bones, Habitual CtJ*tiveness, Debility, lndigeston, Disease- of the Kidneys, Liver Coplainls Pispepsia, Piles, Erysipelas, Pulmonary Diseases, Female Irregularities, Bcrofnla or King's Evif, Fistula: Syphilis, And all Skin diseases. Besides curing the above, it is also known to bp a great and powerful tonic, purifying the blood and in vigorating the system. In short, it is, without exception, in the cases men tioned, and its general effect on Ihe sTstero, the most efficacious as it is the most desirable remedy of the age. It is already extensively used through out the country and is fast obtaining an European reputation. The instances of cures it has effected are daily coming to the proprietors knowledge, and he ha- no hesitation in recommending it to one and all who de>iie to procure relief from suffering. One bottle being tried, it- effects will be too apparant to adroit of further doubt. Recollect Hurley's Sarsaparilla is the only ue.n- DNfe auticle in the market. Price SI per bottle, or six lor $.3. 05 ? " This medecine can be procured at all exten sive Drug houses. July I, IS.3C—I y*. For Sale. The subscriber offers for sale, low, a fine ton ed \ ienna Rosewood Biano Forte. SA.AFL. BROWN. June 20, 1850. THE MEN GEL 110LSE. Valentine Steckman, Proprietor. 05^Boarders taken by the day, week, month or year, on moderate terms. May 9, 1556. KLJIOYCI). The undersigned, thankful (as advertisements say > lor past favors at the Colonade store, in Bedlord. would respectfully announce to bis patrons and friends generally, that he has removed his entire -Tock of goods to his new brick store room lately oc cupied !>v Peter lladebatigh, opposite the Bedlord Hotel. His supply ol goods is fresh, new and fash ionable. His new room has been neatly arid ele gantly fitted np and remodeled. Al! kinds of produce are taken in exchange tor goods. He hopes to be continued in the favor ol his pat ron- and the public. JACOB UKF.D. July I, 5 8-30. Gaiters and Slices. The subscriber would announce to the public that he has just received, and will constantly keep, an assortment of Gentlemen's City made Gaiters and Shoes, also Misses and children Shoes, which he will sell us low as they can he bought any where else, and will sew all rips gratis. As he has but a small profit on these Shoes, all sales must be cash. He continues to carry on the lloot ami Shoe making Business in all its branches at his old stand, and is prepared to accommodate, in the best manner, all who favor him with a call. Thankful fur past iavors, he hopes to merit and receive a continuance of the same. YVM. CLAAR. Bedford, July IS, 1556. Notice. All persons indebted to the estate of John W. Allen, late of Napier Township, Bedford County, deceased, w ill make immediate pay ment, and those having claims against said es tate, will present them propjerlv authenticated fir settlement. MARGARET ALLEN, Adm'x. July IS. ISSG. NOTICE. LETTERS of administration have been gran ted to the subscriber, residing in Juniata Town ship, on the Estate of Charles Zumbrtin, late of said Township, deceased. AiJ persons indebted to said Estate are requested to make immediate payment, and those having claims against it are desired to present them properly authenticathd for Settlement. GIDEON HITECHEW. Aug. 15, 1856.' NOTICE. Letters of Administration, de bonis tion, on the estate of David Starter, late of South Wood berry Township, deceased, have been granted to the subscriber, residing in said Township. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make payment, and those having claims will present litem properly authenticated for settle ment. JOS. R>. NOBLE. eft//aV delonii non. July IS, 1856. I'M FOR SILL A FARM, containing 200 acres, moreor less, in Franklin County, Pa., is offered for sale. Particulars can he had by inquiring of the sub scriber in Bedford. VALENTINE STEGKMAN. May 16, 1556. REMOVED. Hie undersigned take this rr>et?ioJ s of inform ing thfir former patrons, am] ♦ h* public in • n(. that th'-v have removed their entire Stock ol goods from the West eftd of Bedford to the ('•donade Store, lately occupied bv Capt Jacob K d, where they will be pleased to See their old customers, and ail who will favor them' with a call. All kind of produce taken in exchange for t goods at cash prices. fhey hope by fair dealing and evincing a desire to please, to continue to receive a liberal shaieol the public patronage. J. .1. M^SHOEMAKER. July 23, 1 Sf>6. Just received and for sale a prime lot *t Gro ' ceries, consisting in part of Sugar, Collee/Tea, Rice, Indigo, Stare!), Tobacco, Syrups,and Mo lasses, which will be sold low bv J. & J. M. SHOEMAKER. July 23. IS3G. | VALUABLE MILL PROPERTY & FARM FOEC MALE. The subscriber oil- rs (or sale his Mill Proper ty, situate in Licking Creek Township, Pulton county, one half-mile north of the Turnpike Road and six miles west of McConnelsburg.— The Mill is nearly new, is large, and well fin ished, has overshot uht els, four run of stones, three of which are Burrs, metal gearing, and al! necessary machinery for custom or Mer chant work, and is capable ot doing a large bu siness. The Mansion or Mil! tract contains 214 bcr s and allowance, patented land, lot) of which are cleared, principally good bottom land, suitable for meadow or plough land. The improve > ments are a good Dwelling house, large Barn, Millers hottse, Stabh s, &c., all built within a few years and in good repair. Also one tract of timber land, adjoin fog the above, containing 2b3 acres and allowance, a considerable part of which might be cleared, being land of good quality. Also a small piece of land adjoining the first mentioned tiact, containing six acres, purchas ed for a ater right. As the subscriber resides over thirty miles fiotn the above property, he \\ iil sell it low and on easy terms: a considerable portion of the pur chase money can remain on interest, it desired, fur a number of years. Possession will be given Ist April next. For further particulars address the subscribe!, Pattons'viile P. Q. Bedford County, Pa. JOS. B. NOBLE. July 23, IS3G. P# If. Shires' Mini is G SHOP. THE undersigned respectfully announces to the Farmers of Bedford and adjoining counties, and the public in general, that he has now on ifond at his Shop in Bedford, a large assoitment i of Thrashing Machines, which includes his four ! horse PREMIUM MACHINE. It will be re membered that this Machine took the FIRST PREMIUM at our County Fair last fall. It is constructed with tumbling Shaft and Strapcom bined : also lour horse tumbling Shalt Ma i chines of the very best kind—also two and three horse tumbling Shaft power—and our old and well-known four hoi3e Strap Machine, which, for stiength and durability, cannot he surpassed anywhere. Farmers will please notice that we are now prepared to furnish Machines on *hp most favorable and accommodating terms, and. at the very lowest prices possible. Horses, Grain, Lumber, and all kinds of trade will be taken in payment for Machines. All kinds of repairing of Machines of different kinds and all other farming utensils done on the most reason able terms, of (lie very best materials, and at the shortest notice. \ •rj~ All our Machines warranted one year if properly used. Please come this way for a good and cheap Machine. PETER H. SHIRES, July Co. 1 Sf>6—3m. Machines). MORE NEW GOODS. Just received, at Read's New Store, a fresh supply of late Style and Fancy Goods, embrac ing a large !,t of Ladies' Dress Goods, French Needle Worked Collars, Fancy Silks, Gros de Rhine's, Bik. Silk Fringes. Dotted Sw iss 3 Striped do. Plaid Naunsook, Bonnet Ribbons, Mantua do. Bik. Silk ('ravats, Byron Collars, Merino Cassimere. Gents half-Hose, Mixed and Brd'n. Aisoa prime lot of Family Groceries, con sisting of Sugar, Coffee, Tea, Rice, Corn Starch, Syrup, M dasses, &, t . See. July 18, 1856. TO THE LADIES. THE subscriber would invite the attention of the Ladies to a new article intended to depos ite water from the wash-bowl—a convenient and handsome accompaniment to the wash stand, preferable to anything of the kind yet in use. 'GEO. ELY MIRE. July 11, 1856. MRS. E. GOODZEIT, MILLINER, BEDFORD PA. TS prepared to furnish Ladies and Misses with every variety of SPRING AND SUMMER BONNETS, on the most favorable terms. She has just received from the Citv a large and ele gant assortment of Bonnets, Flats, See., which she is prepared to trim so as to suit the taste ot the purchaser. She keeps constantly on hand Bonnet Silks, Ribbons, Flounces, Laces.and all other trimmings, to which she respectfully in vites the attention of the Ladies of Bedford and vicinity. She also keeps Bonnets ready trimmed. From lung experience in the busi ness, she fee J 8 satisfied that she can please all who favor her with their custom, both as to style and price. Thankful for the flattering encouragement heretofore received, site asks a continuance of the patronage of the public. Bedford, May 23, 1856—l v. f n y- {')?** [rC I r~' l\J I 1") ""D ' fV-0 1-7 y *V S jj: LT/LtziUVj ULi Li □ l|j ; i|! Wi!{ uttißti mvtiMllv n4 erm-'itU. te u.i ojvmUjßt tn- t| I .. .gmob T** .Lei. . d.f.goV.-d, A . •<! • J , rrt -> I* At Uvftfd. fr..T Ot.rt to *. ' j 1 C*a.*-i u/rra;i.v w.n Tetmi IN VAPJAKT.Y CA*H. j*G <•-. r.s •. r c,' ifort.r. g-\\ F-y", - --