Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, September 5, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated September 5, 1856 Page 1
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15 V CEO. W. HOW MAY. NEW SERIES. j t . \. Oaths as ad ministered in Ikdfoi'd County. £7*tVe publish below the Know Nothing initial ceremonies as they actually took place in the several Lodges of BEDFORD COUNTY. The in formation comes through a source which leaves no room lor doubt on the subject. Belore an applicant could enter the lodge to be initiated, he was requir ed to take an obligation of SECRECY, and to make satisfactory answers to the eight questions here with appended: 1 Are you 21 years of age? : I)o you believe in the existence of a Supreme Being, the Creator and preserver of the Universe; ; nd that ati obligation at This time taken will be binding upon you through life * ; Were you born within the limits or under the irisdiction of the United States of America? 1 In tel gious belief are you a Roman Catholic? ."/ Have you or have you not been reared under Protestant influence? g Are or were either of your parents Roman Ca tholics in religious belief ? 7 If married, is your wile a Roman Catholic? S Are you willing to use your influence and rote for native born American citizens for all offices ot honor or trust in the gift of the People to Hie vx s,,.n of ALL FOREIGNERS and Aliens, and of JiOMAN CATHOLIC'S irj particular, arid without regard lo party predilections? Having thus answered the above questions, the pew-bom "American" was introduced to the Ele phant. and took the following oaths : FIRST i)EGREE—OBLIGATION. You and each of you, of your own free will and rrci i I. in the pie-ence of Almighty God anil these Witflcs-es. your right hand resting on this Holy lh and Cross and your left hand raised towards 11 t-iiien. in loken of your sincerity, do solemly pio n. -e m;ii swear that you will not make known to ~ v pei-on or persons any of the signs, secret-, mys teries or objects of this orgar.ization, unless it be to rrose. whom alter due examination, or law ful infor li.i'ea, you -1; all find to be members of this organi .i'aiii in good standing: That you will not cut, i.e. print, paint, stamp, stain, or in any way, di :ectly or indirectly, expose any of the secrets or ob s ol this older, nor suffer it to be done by other-, i your [Kiwer to prevent it unless it be for official M-ui fiou. That -o long as you are connected with ".-organization, if net regularly dismissed from it, ten will, in all things, political or filial, so tar as • order .- concerned, comply with the will of the n'tgw hen expressed in a lawful manner, though : may conflict With vour personal preferences, so '•lga> i' does not conflict with the Grand, State, or >iboriiin =<te* Constitution, the Constitution of the t'niteil States of America, or that of the State in vriirh you reside, and That you will not, under any irumstances whatever, knowingly recommend an i ■ wor:hy person for initiation, nor suffer it fo lie •Jo: oif in your power to prevent it. You further more promi-e and declare that you will not vote, nor give your influence for any man for any office. in the gif nl the Prop.'r unle-s he be an American horn citi zen ill lavor of Amertrans horn ruling America , nor if b- a Roman Catholic, and that you will riot muter .v i,' tvi.itanrrx, expose the ,ionic of any member 'hi-order, nor reveal the existence oi Mich an or g: zatinn. To all the foregoing yo.i bind your • Ives, under no penalty than that of being ex ;• -i inirn the order, and of having your name po-t --• a• ;i circulated throughout the ditTerent Council,- ol "• I mted States a- a yurjnrrr, and as a tra.tor to I and your country ; us a being unfit to be employ ■ . ei.tro-ted, countenanced, .or supported iu any bu : transaction; a- a person totally unworthy the .'■•leuce of all good men, and as one at whom the ger ol scorn should ever be pointed. So help you tiod. SECOND DEGREE.—OBLIGATION". ' in ami each of you, of your own free will and n ri!. in the pre-ence of Almighty Go<l and these h,triasse.*, your left hand resting on your right "east. a j<l your right band extended to Hie J-'lnir of "ir ( .unity , do solemnly and sincerely swear that vii will iiOt, under any circumstances, disclose in _v manner, nor suffer it to be done by others if in ; " .r power fo prevent it, the name, -igns, pass 'wnU. or other -eerets ol this degree—that you will in. t! ugs conform to all the rule, and regulations iti -order and to the Constitution and By-laws ol or any other council to which you may be at 'set.erf, ,o long as they do not conflict with the Con on o! the 1 . States, nor that of the State in which yon reside—that you w ill, under all circumstances, i. in your power so to do, attend to all regular signs - mmense, that may be thrown or >ei t you by - brother of this or any other degree of this order; '■! you will support iti ail political matters for all : 'ic.i! office-, 2.1 d. (-econd degree) members of ■ - order, provided it may be necessary for the A - ' • • interest ; that if it may be done legally, : Will, vvhpn elected to ami office, remove ALL BRKIGXERS, Aliens or ROMAN' CATHOLICS treat office; and that vou will in no care appoint • ('- to office. All this you promise and dei laie on ■ l; r honor as Americans To sustain and abide by, •' ".out any he-itation or mental reservation w Lat bo help you God and keep you steadfast. A.i 1 Mr. JORDAN deny that he took both the degrees ? If not, we would ask him, how he ■-conci'ie- his oath to support the Constitution of our fry, (as a Representative in the Legislature of • a?e,) with tiie-e humiliating obligations resting i'vi linn, requiring him to disfranchise every maw 'no vva, born in a foreign country, or who belongs To - Catholic Church ? Our glorious Constitution '—••No religion- test shall ever be required a- a ■iiiiication to any office or public tru-t under the ! "c States," and yet these K. X. obligations as v e the very reverse, repudiating this beautiful tre K, o ,i r Constitution, cemented by the blood of Revolution. "f would ask him another question. How does fenntde his desired fusion with Mr. FREMONT "••a the above obligations, now that it is proved " dr. Fremont is a Catholic. Is there not a de -tceoi recklessne-s in this whole busine-.s revolting ° every sense of propriety and lair dealing i We 1,1 pon ail candid men to pause, consider, and then ,SAf r at the ballot box. In order to sustain this ■""station, we call attention to the following atti- C ' e " : ' ori i the Daily News, aK. N. Fillmore paper 1 hiladelphia, and heretofore one of the leading or -"csofti.e Whig Party in Pennsylvania; I torn the Philadelphia News, Aug. 30. important TESTWHIAf. J r or in* Fremont to be Roman Catholic ! • 11,1 i-lowing Letter from the Hun. Nathan Sar t, we|| known as Oliver Old School to our rea p '• *6 fiiid in the Boston Ledger ol the 17th. Col. „ S ' w ' ,os e te.-timoiiy is fiere given, is a close j"." 1 "' 'fiend 01, and an old companion in-aims ■• rremont. We can hardly conceive how any preci-e point of Fremont's Romanism. We ' without further comment:— . WASHINGTON, Aug. 2, IS.'G. .; I"f'■'>/. JSj.— Dear Sir: 1 have your rote of m M -bdy, inquiring where Col. William Rus '< sotiri, resides or may be addressed, and I asking me what he has said, or will say, in reference to Col. Fremont's religious opinions ? Col. Ru -sell's residence i- at Ilarrisonville, Ca-s _ Co., Mo.; but lam informed that he is at present in Baltimore on a visit. e Col. Ru-sell is a man who trill gav what he hot • said: and he has said to me that Col. Fremont was a o Catholic when he was in California. 1 spent an e j vening with Cut. R. at Brown's Hotel two or three weeks ago, and knowing that he had been much with Col. F. in California, and or. very intimate terms e with him, I asked him it he knew anything ot Col. - Fremont's religious views at that time ? He replied that he did; that he was with him a great deal, and in tact might -ay that he had slept under the same blanket with him for eight months. 1 then asked ? him what Col. F. was? He replied, a Catholic. I t asked him if he was sure of this ? "Perfectly," - be said; and then added, li C'ot, Rretnont won't deny that he was a Cuthohc 1 every hody there so understood ' tt, and he made no secret of it A' Further conversation occurred between us on the subject, but this i- the sum and sub-tanee of it. I a-ked him if I might refer to this conversation and use his name? He replied, "certainly; you are at liberty to do so." But he again said. --COL. FRE MONT WILL NOT DENY THAT HE WAS A CATHOLIC." Col. Ru-sell, you may not be aware, was Col. 5 Fremont's principal witness on his trial before the . C onrt Marshal. Should Col. Fremont deny over bis own s'gnature that he was a Catholic when in Cali fornia. I presume Col. Russell will then speak for himself. Col. R. is an obi. ardent, personal friend of Henrv Clay, with whose family his own is connected, his - daughter having married Mr. Clay's grandson. J am, ver) truly, Your obedient servant, N. SARGENT. From the Daily News Aug. 23. FREMONT'S CATHOLICISM has now been so tightly . fastened upon him by the most indisputable testimo . nv, that we can scarcely find one of his friends po ( -"S-ing the boldness and effrontery to deny it. At fir.t, fits friends were vociferous and indignant; but ( now they are meek and humble, anil hope to see the subject ignored or forgotten. It only goes to show ! how debased politics can make some men, who will j stoop to deny a self-evident fact, in the face of proof '■'-trong as holy writ." C7"NO HUMBUG.— H. IE HUTZ'S CKLEBRA m> Fetter Wash, is the only safe and sure remedy ever discovered for curing the Tetter, Ringworm, and all eruptions of the Skin. It is-o infallable a, remedy, that a perfect cure in all cases of Tetter is guaranteed, it attentively applied. Inordinary cases onp bottle will be sufftcent to perfect a cure. In bad cases, with a Tetter of long standing, more will be required. Price 2-> cents per bottle. For -ale at Dr. B. F. Reamer's Bedford. April 27, 1876-ly. MANNY'S COMBINED REAPER AND MOWER. WITH "WOODS' IMPROVEMENT." Farmers of Bedford and Blair Counties are inform- i ed that this justly celebrated machine can be had by application to W. W. JACKSON, A. DE ARM IT. Agents for Blair arid Bedford Counties. July 1, lS3ti. CHEAP CLOTUING. S. IIERSHMAN X. CO., won id respectfully infirm the citizens of -He'df>rd Comity, that j they have opened a Clothing store in lloltidays btirg No. o, Loyd's Row. July 4-, ESf>G. B'eiril'y Your fiSSooti. The Wonder of the Muctceutli (ftitnry. Important and of "rent Consideration to the j Suffering. T. A. HURLEY'S SARSAPARILLA. OF ail the remedies that have been discovered du ring the.pre-ent age for the "thousand ill- that flesh ; is finr to" none equal this wonderful preparation. — I Only three years have elap-ed -nice the discoverer j (who spent a decade in studying, experimentalizing. : and perfecting it) first introduced it to the public, and it is already recognized, by the most eminent phvsi cians in all parts of the country to be the rno-t stir- ; pri-ing and effective remedy for certain diseases oi i which they have knowledge. All other compounds or syrups of the root, have hitherto failed to command the sanction ot the fac ulty, because, on being tested, they have Leer* found to contain noxious ingredients which neutralize the i good effects of the Sar-apanlla, and often tinie s in jure the health of the patient, it is not so with lluiley's preparation. This is the pure and genuine extract of the roof. I and will on trial, lie found to effect a certain and • perfect cure of the following complaints ami disea- j ses : Affections ol the Cone.-, Habitual Co-tiveness, ! Debility, Iridigeston, Diseases of the Kidney-, Liver (,'opluints Di-pepsia, Piles, Erysipelas, Pulmonary Disease,, Female irregularities, Scrofula or King's Evil, ' , Fistula ; Syphilis, And all Skin diseases. Besides curing the above, it i- also known to he a • great and powerful tonic, purifying the blood and in- j vigorating the system. lu short, it is. without exception, in the cases men- ' tioried, ami its general effect on the system, the j ri o-t efficacious as it is the most desirable remedy j of the age. It is already extensively u-et! through out the country arid i- fast obtaining an European reputation. The instances ol cure- it has effected j aredaily coming to the proprietors knowledge, and ( he ha- no hesitation in recommending it to one and all who de-ire to procure relief from suffering. Due bottle being tried, it- tiled- vvill be too uppararit to admit of further doubt. Recollect Hurley's Sarsaparilia is the OM.Y UKN t INK AKTTCT.E in t lie market. Price .St per bottle, or -ix for $-7. metiecine can be procured at all exten- ! sive Drug houses. July •!, lS3'i—ly*. For Sale. The subscriber offers fir sale, low, a line ton- j eil \ ienna Rosewood Piano Forte. SA.M'L. BROWN, j June 20, 1856. Gaiters and Shoes. The subscriber would announce to the public that lie has just received, and will Constantly :, keep, an assortment of Gentlemen's C'ilv made Gaiters arid Shoes, also Misses and children Shoes, which he will sell as lov,- as thev ran be I i bought any where else, and will sew all rips gratis. As be has but a small profit on these i Shoes, all sales must be cash. • i He continues to carry on the Boot and Shoe- j making Business in all its branches at his old stand, and is prepared to accommodate, in the ; best manner, all who favor him with a call, i Thankful lor past favors, he hopes to merit and receive a continuance of the same. . U'M. C'LAAR. Bedford, July IS, lSf>6. . GENERAL ELECTION VROCLAM A T I 0 N. iV HLREAS in and l*y an act of General As sembly of tlie Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,; entitled "An Act to regulate the General Elec- j lions within this Commonwealth," it is enjoined ! upon me to give public notice of such Elections,; and to enumerate in said notice what Ollicers j are to be elected, I HI GH MCCRE Sheriff of j the County of Bedford, do hereby make known i and give this public notice to the Electors of the County of Bedford, that a General Election vvill be held in said Countv, on thesecond Tues j day of October next, at the several election Dis tricts, viz : I he Electors of the Borough of Bedford arid j I ownship of Bedford to meet at the Court House in said Borough. I'lte Electors of Broad! >p Township to meet at the house of Mm. Griffith in said 'Town ship. j 'i'lte Electors of Oolerain Township to meet at the house of Ruben Smith in Raiusbnrg in said Town-hip. The Electors ol'Comberland Valley Township ! to meet at the \ew Scii > d II mse erected on the land owned by John Whip's heirs in said Township. ; The Electors of Harrison Township to meet ; at School House number"), near the dwelling • house of Henrv K-'V-t-r in said Township. Ihe Electors of Juniata toe nship to meet at the house now occupied hy William Kevser in said Township. I he Electors of Hopewell Township to meet at the School House near the house of John Dasher in said Tow nship. The Electors of L< indonderrv Township to meet at the house now occupied bv Wtn. 11. Hill as a shop, in Bridgeport, in said Towri !- h, T- I lie Electors of the Township of Liberty to meet at the School House in Stoncrstown in said Township. The Electors of Monroe Township to meet at 'he house of Davill O'Neal in in said Township. - j The Electors of Napier Tow nship and Schelb bnrg Borough to meet at the- house built far a School House in the Borough of Schellsburg. The Electors of East Providence Township to meet at the house of John N v cum Jr. in keep er in said Town-hip. The Electors of West Providence Township to meet at tile new Log School House at Bloody Run in said Township. * The Electors of St. Clair Township to meet at the store near the dwelling house of Gideon Trout in said Township. Th- Electors of--Union Township to Meet at the House of Michael Wyant in said Town ship. l ite Electors of South Woodhrrv Township to meet at the house of ( handler Payne neat Noble's mill in said Township. The Electors of Southampton Township- to meet at the house of William Adams iu said Township. The Electors of the Township of Middle Woodherry to meet at the house of IFnr.v Fluke in-the village of VYoodhei rv : at which time and place the qualified Electors w ill eieel by bal lot— ONE PERSON for ("anal Commissioner oi the Common wealth of Pennsylvania. ONE PERSON tor tin- Office ot Surveyoi Gen eral. ONE PERSON for the Oflice of Auditor Gen eral. ONE PERSON in connection with the Coun ties of Fulton, Franklin, Adams and Juniata, composing the i7th Congressional District, to fill the Ollice of Representative fir said Dts trict in the Congress of the United States. TWO PERSONS in connection with the coun ties ol Fulton and Cambria to fill the Oflice ; uf members of the House ol Representatives of Pennsylvania. ONE PERSON for the Office of Associate Judge for the County of Bedford. ONE PERSON for the Ollice of District Attor ney f>r said County. ONE PERSON fr the Office of County Sur veyor. ONE PERSON for the Office of Coroner. ONE PERSON for the Office of'Commi.-sioner of said County for one year, and ONE PER SON for tin* same Ollice for three years. ONE PERSON Or the Office of Poor Direc tor. TWO PERSONS for the Office of Auditor for said County, one to serve two years and one to serve three years. The election fo he opened between the hours of 7 and S o'clock in the forenoon, hy a public ; proclamation, and to keep open until seven o'- j clock in the evening when the polls shall he closed. JWTICE JS HEREBY GIVE.Y:. j; That every person, excepting Justices of tin-

Peace, who shall hold any office or appointment j of profit or trust under tlie United Slates, or of this State, or any citv or corporated district, whether a commissioned officer or otherwise, ; i a subordinate officer, agent, who is or shall he employed under tlie legislative, oxecutive or i Judiciary department of this Slate, or of any city, or of any incorporated district, and also, that every member of Congress and of the State < Legislature, and of the select or common council < of any city or Commissioners of any incorpora- I ted district is by law incapable ot holding or < exercising at the time the office or appointment ; < of Judge, inspector or cl<-rk of any election of i this Common wealth,and that no inspector, judge - or other officer of such election shall beelegible t to he then voted for. ' ; '• And thesaid act of assembly, entitled "an act - relating to elections of this Commonwealth," j i passed July 3, 1343, further provides as follows, t to w it : I "That the inspectors and judges, shall meet a! the respective places appointed for holding < the election ir. the district at which they re- I spectively belong, before eight o'clock in the ; Freedom of Thought and Gpiniou. FRIDAY MORNING, BEDFORD, PA. SEP']'. 5, 1856. morning of the 2d Tuesday of October,and each said inspector shall appoint one clerk, who shall be a qualified voter of such district. "In case the person who shall have received j the second highest number votes for inspector, ■ shall not attend on the day of any election, then 1 the person who shall have received the second highest number of votes for Judge at the next preceding election, shall act as inspector in his piace. And in case the person who has receiv ed the highest number of votes for inspector Shall not attend, the person elected Judge shall appoint an inspector in his place, and in case the person elected judge shall not attend then the inspector who received the highest number ot votes shall appoint a judge, in his place : and ■'f any vacancy shall continue in the board for the space of one hour after the time fixed by jaw for the Opening of the election, the quali fied voters for the township, wind or district for which such officers shall have been elected, present at the election, shall elect one of their number to fill such a vacancy. "It shall he the duty of the several assessors respectively to attend a the place of holding every general, special, or township election du ring the whole time said election is kept open, for tlie purpose of'giving information to the in •ctors, and judge, when called on,,in relation to the riiilit of any person assessed by them to vote at such election, and on such other matters in relation to (lie assessment of voters, as the said inspectors or either of them shall horn time to time require. * ",\ i person shall be permitted to vote, at any • lection as a/on said, than a white freeman of tlie age r,.( twenty one or more, uho shall have I' d if. this Suite a! least one year, and in the election distinct where he offers to vote .ten days immediately preceding such election, and within two years paid a State or county tax , which shall have been assessed at least ten days | before the election. Hut a citizen of the Uni ted States who has previously been a qualified voter of this State and removed therefrom and returned, arid who shall have resided in the election district and paid taxes, aforesaid, shall He entitled to vote alter residing in this State six months: Provided, That the white freemen, citizen* of the United Slates between the ages ol twenty-one and twentv-two years, who have resided in the elect; >n district ten days a>- afore said shall he enlitUdto vote, although thev shall not ! ave paid tax. No person shall b * admitted to vote whose i.alne is not contained in the list of taxable in habitants furnished by the Commissioners, nn !'•.-? : First, he produce a receipt of payment, within two years of state or county tax assessed agreeably to the constitution, and give satisfac tory evidence on his own oath or affirmation of another Jfi,at he has paid such a tax, or in a fail ure to produce a receipt shall make oath to the f avwseutJher' of, or Second, if fo* claim a rigid to vote hv being an elector between tlie age of (weritv-one ami tweutv-'wo years shall deposit on oath or affirmation, that he has resided in the State at Uust one year next before nis appli cation, and make such proof of residence in the district as is required by this act, and that he does verily ! elieve, from the account given him that fie is of the age aforesaid, and give such other evidence as is required by this act, u hereupon the name of the person so admitted to vote shall be inserted in the alphabetical list by the inspector, and a note mad'* opposite thereto hv wrilir.or the word 'tax,' i! he shall be admit ted to vote by reason of having paid tax, or the word 'age" if lie shall be admitted to vote by reason of age, and in either case the reason of such a vote shall lie called out to the clerks, who shall make the like note in the lists of vo ters kept by them. Jn ail cases where the name of the person claiming to vole is not found on the list fur nished hv the commissioners, and assessors, or his right to vote whether found thereon or not, is objected to by anv qualified citizen, it shall b-* th<* duty of the inspectors to examine such person on <>ath as to his qualifications, and if lie claims to have resided within the Slate for one year or more,, his oath shall he sufficient proof thereof, but lie shall mt:ke proof by at least one competent witness, vho shall be a qualified elector that be has resided within the district for more than ten days immediately preceding said election and shall also himself swear that his bona fide residence, in pursuance of his lawful calling, is within thendistiict, and that he did not remove in the district for the purpose of vo ting therein. "Kverv person qualified as aforesaid, and who shall make due proul if required, of his resi dence and payment of taxes, as aforesaid, shall he admitted to vote in tlie township, ward of district in which lie shall reside. If any person shall prevent or attempt to pre vent anv officer of an election under this act IVotn holding such election, or use or threaten anv \ iolence to any such officer*, and shall in terrupt or improperly interfere with him in the execution of his duty, shall block or attempt to block up t!>e window or avenue io any window where the same may he holden, or shall riot ously disturb the peace of such election, or shall use <,r practice anv intimidation, threats, force or violence, with the design to influence undu ly or overawe anv elector, or prevent him from voting, or to restrain the freedom of choice, such person on conviction shall be firwd in anv sum not exceeding five hundred dollars ar.d to be imprisoned for any time not less than one or more than twelve months, and if it shall be shown to the Court where the trial of such of fenc.e shall fie had, fl at the person so offending was not a resident of the city, ward, district or township where the said offence was committed, and not entitled to vot** therein, then, on con viction, fie shall be sentenced to pay a fine ol not legs than one hundred nor more than one thousand dollars, anil be imprisoned not less than six months nor more than two years. If any person or persons shall make any bet or wager upon the result of any election with the Common wealth, or shall offer to make any such bet or wag<*r either by verbal proclama 'i J tion thereof, or by any written or printed ad -0 vertisement, challenge or invite any person or persons to make such bet or wager, upon con -1 viction thereof he or they sdiall forteit and pay , three times the amount so bet or offered to he i bet. 1 And the Judges of the respective districts a t foresaid, are required to meet at Bedford, on the s Friday next following the holding of said Kfec - tion, then and there to perform those things re r quired of them by law. 1 Given under my hand, at my office in Bedford, this 291h day of August, in the year of our r Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty r six, and the 81st of Independence of the I United States. r HUGH .MOORE, Sheriff. Aug. 29, 1856. THE ME:\GEE liOl'SE. , Valentine Stockman. Proprietor. ' f Boarders taken by the day, week, month or year, on moderate terms, r May 9, 1856. BEMOYEHft. The undersigned, thankful (as advertisement- say) fur past lavor- at the Colonade store, in Bedford, would respectfully announce to hi- patrons and 1 friends generally, that he has removed his er,lire > stock or" goods to his new* brick store room lately oc ; copied by Peter Radebaugh, opposite the Bedford , Hotel. His supply oi goods t- fresh, new and fash ionable. Hi, new room has been neatly and ele gantly fitted up and remodeled. All kinds ol produce are taken in exchange ior goods. i* lie hopes to be continued in the favor of his pnt j ro:i> and the public. JACOB RKI-i). July !, ISSO. Notice. All persons indebted to the estate of John , W.Allen, late of Napier Township, Bedford i ' County, deceased, w ill make immediate pay ment, and those having claims against 'said •$- j fate, will present them properly authenticated for settlement. MARGARET ALLEN, Adm'x. July IS, 1856. NOTICE. LETTERS of administration have been gran fed to the subscriber, residing in Juniata Town shin, on the Estate of Charles Zumbrun, late of said Township, deceased. All persons indebted to said Estate are requested to make immediate payment, and those having claims against it are desired to present them properly authenticathd j for Settlement. GIDEON HITECHEW. Aug. 15, 1856.* NOTICE. Letters of Administration, de bonis non, on the estate of David Starrer, late of South Wood- j • berry Township, deceased, have been granted to : the subscriber, residing in said Township. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make payment, and those having claims will present tliein properly authenticated lor settle-, rnent. JOS. B. NOBLE. I Adair de lonia non. j July IS, 1856. j S2O Reward! A reward of' !?*2f) will be pziil for such information as w.ll lead lo tlie conviction ot tlie K. N. Abolition j thief or thieves, who, on last Sabbath morning, be fre day, stole from tlie Democratic Poles iti St. ClairsviHe the beautiful FLAG placed there by the hands of T?ie honest freemen of St. Clair and the ad- j joining Township-. The people will thus see that we have thieving "ruffians" much nearer home than A" .*>/.</.*.*. V. IK BURGLE. St. ClairsviHe, Aug. -2. IS-W. COURT PROCLAMATION. To the Coroner, the, J until *.>• of the Peace, and Constables in the dijferent Townships in the County of Bedford, Greeting. KNOW YE that in pursuance of a precept to me directed, under the hand and seal of the Hon. FJiAXUS ffl. KIJtJIELL, President of the several Courts of Common Pleas in the Sixteenth District, consisting ol the counties of , Franklin, Bedford and Somerset, and by virtue of his office of the Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail delivery for the trial of capi tal and other offenders therein and in the Gene ral Court of Quarter Sessions of tlie Peace; and Joirx G. Haktley and Jos. B. Nonr.i:, Esqs. Judges of the same Court, in the same County of Bedford, You and each of you are hereby re quired to be and appear in your proper persons with your Records, Recognizances, Examina tions, and other remembrances before the Judges aforesaid, at Bedford, at a Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail Delivery and Gene ral Quarter Sessions of the Peace therein t*> be holden for the county of Bedford, aforesaid, on the Ist Monday of Sept. (liping the Ist day,) at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day, tin-re and then to do those, things to which your i several offices appertain. GIVEN under my hand at Bedford, on the ' 15th day of Sept., in the year of our Lord 1856. IIUGH MOORE, Sheriff. Notice. t Notice i= hereby given that Letters of Ad ministration have been granted to the subscriber ' upon the Estate of Conrad Geyer, iafe of Jnni- i ata Township, in the County of Bedfoid, de- 1 ceased. All persons having claims against tlie Estate are requested to present them properly ! authenticated fir settlement, and those indebted, ; to make payment immediately. HENRY G. GEYER, j. Administrator, j Juniata Tp. Aug. 1, 1856.* MORE SHOES AND GAITERS. Just Received at Shoemaker's Colonade Store, Ladies, Misses, Children- and Gents shoes. < Arid also Ladies and Gents Gaiters. August 8, 1856. TEKSIJS S2 Pi:a TEA 35. VOL XXV. NO. 1. DISSOLUTION. i he partnership heretofore existing between tile Subscribers, under the name of Weasel it Co., in the Carriage making and Blacksmilhiug business, was this dav dissolved bv mutual con sent. All business ot the late Firm will beat tended to by Michael in. John G. Weisel, who will collect the outstanding notes and accounts and pay the debts. WM. wetsf.l; MICHAEL WEISEL, JOHN WEISEL. May 27, 1 Sob. The undersigned have this day formed a part . nership in the Can iage-inakiug, and Bluck- I Smithing business, under the name and firm ot IV A Co. We will endeavour bv pfbmpt h>NS, attenti n, and the character of our work, to merit and obtain a fair share of custom.— Our stand is I tie one heretofore occupied hv We.sel S. Foster, immediately East of town. MICHAEL WEISEL, JOHN WEISEL. June (i, 18:76—3 m. Tlie Itcst collection b!'dices e\<-r Published- TIP-TOP GLEE AND CiiOiliS BOOK. . 7 new "od chn'tc-.■ co!! dion of Copyrights ncvt f L-rjorc iinr;: 'n:iz< and vinny of the Gems of M >dern German and Italian Compo ser*. arrange.-! in a fit miliar style, ami adapted to the use of Glee Clubs, Singing Classes, and the Family Circle, by C. Jau ris and J. A. I Getze. This work contains a great number of new and favorite s mg>, hartrvmiz d in a stvb> adapt - ' ed to general purposes", while many of the gems .of Meodelsshon, Abt. kuchen, and other cele j brated composers, are presented in an original form. The great variety of musical composi ; lions h<ue introduced, eminently adapts it to the taste and capacity of the Singing School, the i Glee Club and the Family Circle. | [LV^Price one dollar. Just published by Lee & Walker. No. ISB Chesnut street, and J. B. Lippincot & Co., No. 20 North Fourth stm t, Philadelphia. ft'A""Sample cpies will be sent by mail, free i of postage, on receipt of §l. May 16, 1 SAG—lm. KILLER WANTED. WE wish to employ a competent Miller: a man without a family who understands conduct ing the business of a Merchant Mill in all its | parts will receive good wage* and constant em ployment. Satisfactory references required as i' to sobriety, honesty, <Ac. Address FOLCK & SMITH, Cumberland, Md. REFERENCES.—Hon. 5. L. Russell, and A. B. Ctamer, Bedford, Pa. Pleasant Mills, Aug. 17 1876. I * [_ •_ _____ TO TIIS FARMERS. SL-. -Ar~ % The undersigned informs the farmers of Bed ford and adjoining counties, that he lias made arrangements by which he can furnish, to those desiring, the latest improved and best AGRI- CiLTi.IUL IMPLEMEM'S of the day, embracing Scott's "Little Giant" Corn and Cob Grinder, guaranteed to grind from 8 to If) bush els of feed p>T hour with one iiorse—Potts" Corn Stalk Cutter and Cr.. -lu r, warranted to cut from 120 to 160 bushels of teed per hour— Hay and Straw ("utters. n variety—Wheat Drills arid Corn Shelters, which are unsurpassed for cheapness and quality Cultivators, iiorse Hoes, Cider-mills, ice. N.c. In short, every utensil used in or about a farm. Wishing to avoid all imposition, each machine sold by him will be warranted to work as represented, or no salt: and, as these machines- are procured in most cases directly from, the Patentees and Man ufacturers, the purchaser will be secure in the right of using. Prices will be a? moderate, and, in some in stance*, less than the sum" be procured singly from the Manufacturer. As the demand is very great for thtf two first named machines, orders should he g|#ven soon bv those wishing to purchase. WILLIAM HARTLEY. June 20, 1876—tim. BLEW SPRING AIJD SUMMER GOODS. THE undersigned have just opened their usu al supply of KI'RITCS A Sr.H.TZKR GOODS, and w ill take pleasure in showing them, to all who rrav favor us with a call. Great bargains will he offered for Cash, and all kinds of Coun try produce—or to punctual customers, a credit ' of six months will be given. A'. B. CRAMER & CO. Bedford, May 2, 1870. i'lilM m VILE. A FARM, containimj 200 acres, more <jr less, in Franklin County, Pa., is otfered lor sale, i Particulars can be had by inquiring of the sub scriber in Bedford. VA LENTINE STECKMA \. May 16, 1876. CAST IRON BOOT JACKS. ON hand, and for sal", a very superior article of Cast Iron Bo it Jacks, ( all and see them. GEO. BLYMJRE. July 11,1876.