Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, September 12, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated September 12, 1856 Page 3
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PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE FARM ! The undersigned administrators oi the estate . John Laffcrty, deceased, by virtue of an or , . 0 . the Orphan's Court of Bedford County, ° i rxpose to public sale on the premises, on SATURDAY the llth day of October next, , hat Farm late the property of said deceased, 3t :, iale in Juniata township, containing 235 a s \ and SS perches of patented land, about 75 cleared and under cultivation, having m.reon erected a Log House and Log Barn ; al " 3 n orchard thereon, and a spring of excellent . vr at the door; adjoining lands of Nicholas William Frazier, Isaac Cochenour's " and others. There is an abundance of •p.'..-and Spruce Timber on the premises, and a '.'.am of water running through the same, up- Vhich are built Saw Mills above and below this ' an( '- . . . r^TERMS— One third of the purchase ■Vy to remain in the hands of the purchaser ,1-ed on the land during the lifetime ot the ,w. the interest thereof to be paid her annu ,ii v and at her death the principal to the heirs ;i deceased; one third thereof to he paid iash at the confirmation of the sale, and the ' j, iu ,. in two equal annual payments thereal i yment to be secured by judgment bonds . , •>. Further terms made known on day •'.lie, when due attendance will lie given.— Purchasers are referred to John I'. Reed, in bird, or the subscribers, for further descrip • -n or information concerning the premises. JOSJAH MILLER. JOHN LAFFERTY, C • t. 12, ISSG. Administrators. NOTICE. \\\ i ersons interested are hereby notified that <!,. {lti/.eiisof Rainsburg, in the County of Bed have made application to the Court of Uiiirter Sessions for said County, for a charter t'lac :por3tiou, winch said application has > read and filed amongst the records of said < t, aiid w ill be held over for final consideia tintil November Sessions 1856, when ob clioi:> (if any) will be heard am! a final dec:ee . ude in the premises. Bii the Court. JOHN P. REED, Ally. for Applicants. 3M. 12, 1856. REMOVED. The undersigned take this method ot inform j. -: eir former patrons, and the public in gen that they have removed their entire Stock ~l'sf xids from the-West end of Bedford to the i ; made Store, lately occupied by Capt Jacob iKr-ni, where thev will lie pleased to see their . . ni-turners, and all who will favor them with u call. All kind of produce taken in exchange fur cr .at cash prices. They hope by fair dealing and evincing a . >ire i > please, to continue to receive a liberal dure of the public patronage. J. ,N. J. M. SHOEMAKER. July 25, 1556. IAM ABLE .MILL PROPERTY & FARM *ALE. T; - subscriber offers for sale his Mill Proper ty, situate in Licking Creek Township, Fulton < ■i!v,ofie half-mile nortii ot the I'urnpike li i<l and six miles west of McConnelsburg.— Thf Mill is nearly new, is large, and w ell tin— has overshot w heels, four run of stones, d •ui which are Burrs, metal gearing, and ! ;;rfvsarv machinery for custom or Mer it aM Murk, and is capable ot doing a large bu- !.>• Mansion or Mill tract contains 214 acres I allowance, patented land, 150 of which are .re,!, principally good bottom land, suitable ' He ado wor plough land. The improve '-a <• a g oil Dwelling house, large Barn, .'•!■: r's house, Stables, .Vc., all built within a ..v vars and in good repair. Ai>i one tract of timber land, adjoining the 2 -v.-, containing 283 acres an<l allowance, a c : .'.-Table part of which might be cleared, one ! a nd ofg'ioil quality. Alei a small piece of land adjoining the first . led t.act, containing six acres, purchas er! *i v\ atrr right. As the subscriber resides over thirty miles ' o:r (lie above property, lie will sell it low and '•asv terms: a con>i(l>*iable portion of the pur i mm ev ran remain on inteirst, if desired, ta number ol years. P -v'ssion will be given Ist April next. 1 r lurther particulars address the subscriber, Jh to: -viile P. (_>. Bedford County, Pa. JOS. 11. NOBLE. July 25, 1856. P. H. sbim' 11.IfII!Mi SHOP. THE under "ned respectfully announces to • Fawners of Bedford and adjoining counties, ; u.e public in general, that he has now on i? tos Shop iij Bedford, a large assortment 1 T.i-hing Machines, which includes his lour I'REMH M MACHINE. It will he • red that tins Machine took the I- IRST d.MH Mat our founty Fair last fall. It is -uctril with tumbling Shaft an<! Strap com ae- > f.xsr horse tumbling Shaft Ma- N of the very best kind—also two and three tumbling Shaft power—arid our old and ■u-lu, wri four horse Strap Machine, which, 'length and durability, cannot be surpassed • fere. Farmers will please notice that we 'W prepared to furnish Machines on the !,notable and accommodating terms, and " very lowest prices possible. Horses, ' '"'b Lumber, and ail kinds of trade will be ■•'■a in payment (or Machines. All kinds of - r of .Machines of different kinds and all firming utensils done on the most reason ' terms,of the very best materials, and at the rtest notice. All r Machines warranted one year 1 /"T-rly used. Please come this way lor a an: cheap Machine. PETER H. SHIRES, " 1; > -•>, 1856—3 m. Machines!. J l Ml attend punctually and carafnlir to a'l oprratwwa ir- t ; ! ' * ' I tn.r>d, from fllns to an e all re +-.t. I -"£•** m-deraut, and all operation* warranto 1. I j|, IS" Tnm IN VARIABLY CASH. I f." on f:,-■ Pitt tprel, Pa. VV^ itr* -T. received an( j f or j. a a prime lot of Gro- S consisting in part of Sugar. Coffee, Tea, " r ', Indigo, Starch, Tobacco, Syrups,and Mo- s > xv t:ich will be sold low bv J. & J. M. SHOEMAKER. 'ty 25, 1356. GENERAL ELECTION PROCLAM A T I 0 N. WfIEKEAS in and by an act of General As sembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, entitled "An Act to regulate the General Elec tions within this Commonwealth," it is enjoined i/pon me to give public notice ofsuch Elections, and to enumerate in said notice what Officers are to be elected, I HUGH MOORE Sheriff"of the County of Bedford, do hereby make known and give this public notice to the Electors ol the County of Bedford, that a Geneial Election will be held in said County, on the second Tues day of October next, at the several election Dis tricts, viz i. The Electors of the Borough of Bedford and Township of Bedford to meet at theCourt House in said Borough. The Electors of Broadtop Township to meet at the house of Win. Griffith in said Town ship. The Electors ofCoierain Township to meet at the house of Ruben Smith in Rainsburg in said Township. The Electors nfCumberland Valley Township to meet at the New School House erected on the land owned bv John Whip's heirs HI said Township. The Electors of Harrison Township to meet at School House number 5, mar the dwelling house of Henry K. vser in said Tow nship. The Electors of Juniata township to meet at the house now occupied by William Iveyser in said Township. The Electors of Hopewell Township to meet at the School House near the house of John Dasher in said Tow nship. The Electors of Londonderry Township to meet at the house now occupied by Win. H. Hiilas a shop, in Bridgeport, in said Town ship. The Electors of the Township of Liberty to meet at the School House in Stonerstown in said Township. The Electors of Monroe Township to meet at the house of David O'Neal in Clearville, in said Township. The Electors ol Napier Tow nship and Schells burg Borough to meet at the house built for a School House in the Borough of Schellsburg. The Electors of East Providence Township to meet at the house of John Nycum Jr. inkeep er in said Township. The Electors of West Providence Township to meet at the new Log School House at Bloody Run in said Township. The Electors of St. Clair Township to meet at Hie store near the dwelling house ot Gideon Trout in said Township. The Electors of Union Township to Meet at the Mouse of Michael YVyant in said Town ship. The Electors of South Woodberry Township to meet at the house of Chandler Payne near Noble's mill in said Township. The Electors of Southampton Township to meet at the house ot William Adams in said Tow riship. The Electors of the Township of Middle Wood berry to meet at the house of Henry T hike in the village of Woodbet ry : at which time and place the qualified Electors will elect by bal lot— ONE PERSON for Canal Commissioner of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. ONE PERSON for the Office of Surveyor Gen eral. ONE PERSON for the Office of Auditor Gen eral. ONE PERSON in connection with the Coun ties of Fulton, Franklin, Adams and Juniata, comp-si&g the 17th Congressional District, to (ili tlm Office of Representative (Cr said Dis trict in the Congress of tlm United States. TWO PERSONS in connection with the comi ties of Fulton and Cambria to fill the Office of members of the House of Representatives of Pennsylvania. ONE PERSON for the Office of Associate Judge for t tie Count v of Bedford. ONE PERSON for the Office of District Attor ney Or said County. ONE PERSON for the Office of County Sur veyor. ONE PERSON for the Office of Coroner. ON E PERSON for the Office of Commissioner of slid County lor one year, and ONE PER SON for the same Office for three years. ONE PERSON for the Office of Poor Direc tor. TWO PERSONS for the Office of Auditor fir said County, one to serve two years and one to -iTi'e three years. The election to be opened between the hours of 7 arid S o'clock in the forenoon, bv a public procf atrial ion, and to keep open until seven o - cl >ck in the evening when tile polls shall be closed. SCOT ICE IS HERE BY CII'E.V. That every person, excepting Justices of the Peace, ho shall hold any office or appointment of profit or trust under the L nited Slates, or of this State, or any city or corporated district, whether a commissioned officer or otherwise, a subordinate officer, agent, who is or shall be employed under the legislative, oxeculive or Judiciary department ol this State, or ol any city, or of any incorporated district, and also, that every member of Congress and of the State Legislature, and of the select or common council of any city or Commissioners ol any incorpora ted district is by '.aw incapable of holding or exercising at the time the office or appointment of Judge, inspector or clerk of any election of this Commonwealth,and that no inspector, judge or other officer of such election shall be elegihle to be then voted tor. And thesaiJ act of assembly, en'itled "an act relating to elections of this Commonwealth," passed July 3, 1849, further provides as follows, to wit: "That the inspectors and judges, shall meet at the respective places appointed lor holding the election Jr. the district at which they re spectively belong, before o'clock in the morning of the 2d Tuesday of October,and each said inspector shall appoint one clerk, who shall he a qualified voter of such district. "In case the person who shall have received the second highest number votes lor inspector, shall not attend on the day of anv election, then the person who shall have received the second highest number of votes for Judge at the next preceding election, shall act as inspector in his place. And in case the person who has receiv ed the highest number of votes for inspector shall not attend, the person elected Judge shall appoint an inspector in his place, and in case the person elected judge shall not attend then the inspector who received the highest number of votes shall appoint a judge, in his [dace ; and if any vacancy shall continue in the board for the spSce of one fiour after the time fixed by law for the opening of the election, the quali fied voters for the township, ward or district for which such officers shall have been elected, present at the election, shall elect one of their tiumbd} to till such a vacancy. "It shall be ihe duly of the several assessors respectively to attend at the place of holding every general, special, or township election tin ting the whole time said election is kept open, for the purpose of giving information to the in spectors, and judge, when called on, in relation to ttie right of any person assessed by them to vote at such election, and on such other matters in relation to the assessment of voters, as the said inspectors or either of them shall fiom time to time require. "No person shall be permittee! to vote, at any election as aforesaid, than a white freeman of the age of twenty one or more, who shall have resided in this State at least one year, and in the election distinct where he offers to vote ten days immediate I)* preceding such election, and within two years paid a State or county tax which shall have been assessed at least ten days before the election. But a citizen of the 1 ui ted States who lias previously been a qualified voter of this State and removed therefrom and returned, and who shall have resided in the election district and paid taxes, aforesaid, shall be entitled to vote alter residing in this State six months: Provided, That the while freemen, citizens of the United States between the ages of twenty-one and twenty-two years, who have resided in the election district ten days as afore said shall be entitled to vote, although they shall riot have paid tax. No person shall be admitted to vote whose name is not contained in the list of taxable in habitants furnished by the Commissioners, un less : First, he produce a receipt of payment, within two years of state or county tax assessed agreeably to the constitution, and give satisfac tory evidence on hisowo oath or affirmation of another that lie has paid such a tax, or in a fail ure to produce a receipt shall make oath to the payment thereof, or Second, if he claim a right to vote bv being an elector between the age of twenty-one and twenty-two years shall deposit on oath or affirmation, that he has resided in the State at least one year next before his appli cation, and make such proof ot residence in the district as is required hv this act, and that he does verily believe, from the account given him that lie is of the age aforesaid, and give such other evidence as is required by this act, whereupon the name of t tic person so admitted to vote shall he inserted in the alphabetical list by the inspector, and a note made opposite thereto by writing the word 'tax,' il he shall be admit ted to vote hv reason of having paid tax, or the word 'age' il lie shall lie admitted to vote by reason of age, and in either case the reason of such a vote shall be called out to the clerks, who shall make the like note in the lists of vo ters kept by them. In all cases where the name of the person claiming to vote is not found oil the list fur nished by the commissioners, and assessors, or his right to vote whether found thereon or not, is objected to hv any qualified citizen, it shall Ije the duty of the inspectors to examine such person on oath as to his qualifications, and if lie claims to have resided within the State tor one year or more, his oath shall be sufficient proof thereof, but he shall make proof by at least one competent witness, who shall be a qualified elector that be lias resided within the district (or more than ten days immediately preceding said election and shall also himself swear that his bona fide residence, in pursuance of liis law ful calling, is within the distiict, and tha.t tie did not remove in the district lor the purpose of vo ting therein. "Every person qualified as aforesaid, and who shall make duo proof if required, of his resi dence and payment of taxes, as aior*-said,.xhali„ he admitted to vote in the township, ward of distiict in which he shall reside. It any person shall prevent or attempt to pre vent any officer of an election under this act from holding such election, or use or threaten any violence to anv such officer, and shall in terrupt or improperly interfere with him in the execution of his duty, shall block or attempt to block up the window or avenue to any window w here the same may be hoiden, or shall riot ously disturb the peace ofsuch election,or shall use or practice any intim.idalioji, threats, force or violence, with the design to influence undif- Iv i>r overawe anv elector, or prevent him from, voting, or to restrain the freedom of choice, such person on conviction shall be fined in any sum not exceeding five hundred dollars and to be imprisoned for any time not less than one or more than twelve months, and it it shall be shown to the Court where the trial ot such of tence shall he had, that the person so offending was not a resident ot the city, ward, district or township where the said offence was committed, ami not entitled to vote therein, then, on con viction, he shall he sentenced to pay a fine of not less than one hundred nor more than one thousand dollars, and he imprisoned not less than six months nor more than two years. If any person or persons shall make any bet or wager upon the result of any election with the Commonwealth, or shall offer to make any such bet or wager either by verbal proclama tion thereof, or by any written or prin'ed ad vertisement, challenge or invite any person or persons to make such bet or wager, upon con viction thereof he or they shall forfeit and pay three times the amount so bet or offered to be bet. And the Judges of the respective districts a foresaid, aie requited to meet at Bedford, on the Friday next following the holding of said Elec tion, then and there to perform those tilings re quired of them by law. Given under my hand, at my office in Bedford, this 29th day of August, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and liliy- MX, and the Slst ol Independence ol the 1" nited States. HUGH MOORE, Sheriff. Aug. 29, 1836. THE MEN GEL HOI'SE. Valentine Steckman, Proprietor. HOT' Boarders taken by the day, week, month or year, on moderate terms. May 9, 1556. NOTICE. LETTERS of administration have been gran ted to the subscriber, residing in Juniata I own ship, on the Estate of Charles Zumbrun, fate ol said Township, deceased. All persons indebted to said Estate are requested to make immediate payment, and those having claims against it are desired to present them properly authenticathd for srttleinent. GIDEON 111 TEC HEW. Aug. 15, 1856.' MORE SHOES AND GAITERS. Just Received at Shoemaker's Colonade

Store, Ladies, Misses, Children*and Genfs shoes. And also Ladies and Gents Gaiters. August 8, 1556. Purify V our lllood. The Homier (if the Nineteenth Century. Important and oj great Consideration to the Suffering. T. A. HURLEY'S SARSAPAPiiCLA. Ol- all the remedies that have been discovered du ring the present age for the "thousand rtls that flesh is heir to" none equal this wonderful pie|iaration.— Only three years have elapsed since the discoverer (who spent a decade in studying, experimentalizing, and perfecting it) first introduced it to the public, anil it is already recognized, by the mosteminent physi cians in all parts of the country to be the most sur prising and effective remedy for certain Ureases of which they have knowledge. All other compounds or syrups of the root, have hitherto failed to command the sanction of the fac ulfy. because, on being tested, they have been found to contain noxious ingredients which neutralize the j good effects of the Sarsaparilla, and often times in jure the health of the patient. It is not so with Hurley's preparation. This is the pure and genuine extract of the root, and will on trial, be found to effect a certain and peft'ect cute of the following complaints and disea ses : Affections of the Bone-, Habitual Costiveness, Debility, indigeston, Diseases of the Kidneys, Liver Copiaints Dljpepsia, Piles, Erysipelas, Pulmonary Disease., Felnaie Irregularities, Scrofula or King's Evil, Fistula; Syphilis, And all Skin diseases. Besides curing the above, it is also known to be a great and powerful tonic, purifying the blood and in vigorating the system. In shott, it is, without exception, in the cases tnen ; tinned, and its general effect on the system, the most eflicacious as it is the most desirable remedy of the age. It is already extensively u-ed througb | out the country and is fast obtaining an European recitation. The instances of cures it has effected are daily coming to the proprietors knowledge, and hefiuis no hesitation in recommending it to one and all who de,ire to procure relief from suffering. One bottle being tried, it- effects will be too apparant to admit of further doubt. Recollect Hurley's Sarsaparilla is tlie oxi.y ct:x -uilk aktici.k in the market. Price §1 per bottle, or six for §5. byThis metlecine can be procured at all exten sive Drug houses, i July 4, 1850— ly*. DISSOLUTION. The partnership heretofore existing between the Siib.sci ibers, under the name ol Weisei C 4., in the Carriage making and Blacksmithiog business, was this day dissolved by mutual con sent. All business of the late Firm will be at tended to by Michael X. John G. YVeisel, who will collect the outstanding notes and accounts and pay the debts. YVM. WETSEL, MICHAEL WEISEL, JOHN WEISEL. May 27, 1856. The undersigned have this day formed a part nership in the Carriage-making, and Black- Smithing business, under the name and firm ol Mf kisip 6c Co. We will endeavour by prompt ness, attention, and tiie character of our work, to merit and obtain a fair share of custom.— Our stand is the one heretofore occupied by YVeisel & Foster, immediately East of town. MICHAEL WEISEL, JOHN WEISEL. ! June (!. 1856—3 m. TO THE FARMERS. ~ %: j. The undersigned informs the farmers of Bed ford and adjoin ingctfunfies, That he has made arrangeiiients bv whicL he can turnish,to those desiring, the latest improved and best .20/?/- CVLTt R.IL IMPLEMENTS of the day, embracing Scott's "Little Giant" Corn and Cob Grimier, guaranteed to grind from S to 15 bush els of feed per hour with one horse—Potts' Corn Stalk Cutter and Crasher, warranted to cut from 120 to IGO bushels oi teed per hour— Hav and Straw Cutters, in variety—YYheat Drills and Corn Shelters, which are unsurpassed f>r cheapness and quality—Cultivators, Horse Hoes, Cider-mills, -Nc. ,Nc. In short, every utensil used iii or about a farm. YY'ishing to -avoid all imposition, each machine sold by him will be warranted to wotk as represented, or no suit: ami, as these machines are procured in most cases directly irom the Patentees and Man : nfitclnrers, the purchaser will he secure in the right of using. Prices will be as moderate, and, in some in stances, less than the same machines can he procured singly front the Manufacturer. j As the demand is very great for the two first I named machines, orders should he given soon by those wishing to purchase. WILLIAM HARTLEY. June 20, 1856—Gm. MORE NEW GOODS. Just received, at Reed's New Store, a fresh supply of late St vie and Fancy Goods, embrac ; ing a large lot of Ladies' Dress Goods, French Needle YYorkec! Collars, Fancy Silks Gros de Rhine's, Blk.Silk Fringes. I") ilted Swiss, Striped d<>. Plaid Naunsook, Bonnet Ribbons, Mantua do. Blk. Silk ('ravats, Bvron Collars, Merino Cassimere, Gents half-Hose, Mixed and Bro'n. Aiso 3 prime lot of Family Groceries, con sisting of Sugar, Coffee, I ea, Rice, ( out Starch, | Syrtfp, Molasses, &c. Nc. July 18, 185 G. Ml IN. K. (iOOD/IHT, MILLINER, BEDFORD FA. j IS prepared to furnish Ladies "and Misses with j every variety of SPRING AND SUMMER BONNETS, on the most favorable terms. She | has just received from the City a large and ele gant assortment of Bonnets, flats, 8.C., which she is prepared to trim so as to suit the taste of ! the purchaser. She keeps constantly on hand Bonnet Silks, Ribbons, Flounces, Laces, and all other trimmings, to which she respectfully in vites the attention ot the Ladies of Bedford and vicinity. She also keeps Bonnets ready trimmed* From long experience in the busi ness, she feels satisfied that she can please all who favor her with their custom, both as to style and price. Thankful for the flattering encouragement heretofore received, she asks a continuance.of the patronage of the public. Bedford, May 23, 1536- ly. C£7"NO HUMBUG.—H. H. HFTZ'S CELEBRA TIvD Tetter Wash, is the only safe and sure remedy ever discovered lor curing the Tetter, Ringworm, and all eruptions ol the Skin, It is inlalhihl* a remedy, ttiat a perfect cure in all cosps oi l etter is guaranteed, if attentively applied, hi ordinary cases one bottle will besuffirent to pertect a cure. In bad cases, with a Tetter of long standing, more will be required. Price 25 cents per bottle, for sale at Dr. 15. F. Keatnei's Bedford. April 25, 1856-ly. S2O He ward! A reward of §2O will be paid for such information as will lead to the conviction of the K. X. Abolition thief or thieves, who, on last Sabbath morning, be fore day, stole from the Democratic Poles in St. Clairsville the beautiful t'LAG placed there by the hands of the honest freemen of St. Clair and the ad joining Townships. The people will thus see that we have thieving "ruffians" much nearer home than Kan*a. P. 1). BF.EGLK. St. Clairsville, Ang. 22, 1850. NEW SPRINCf AND SUMMER GOODS. THE undersigned have just opened their usu al supply of SPli!\( A: SOITSERCiOOD*. and will take pleasure in showing them, to ail who may favor us with a call. Great bargains will be ofTered for Cash, and ail kinds of Coun try produce—or to punctual customers, a credit of six months will be given. A. B. CRAMER & CO. Bedford, May 2, 185b*. FIRM FOS! iM. A FARM, containing 200 acres, more or less, in Franklin County, Pa., is oHered for sale: Particulars can be had by inquiring of the sub scriber in Bedford. YALENTINE STECKMA N. May IG, ) 85b. BEiHaiW The undersigned, thankful (as advertisements say) for past favors at the Colonade store, in Bedford, Mould respectfully announce to his patrons and friends generally, that he Bus removed his entire stock of goods to his new brick store room lately oc cupied bv Peter lladebangh, op|>osite the Bedford Hotel. His supply of stoods is fresh, new and fash ionable. His new room has been neatly and ele gantly fitted tip and remodeled. All kinds of produce are taken in exchange for goods. He hopes to be continued in the favor of hi pat rons and the public. JACOB RKLD. July 1, 1850. MANNY'S COMBINED REAPER AND MOWER, WITH "WOODS' IMPROVEMENT."' Farmers of Bedford and Blair Counties are inform ed that tins justly celebrated machine can be had by application to YV. W. JACKSON, A. 1)E AKM IT, Agents for Blair and Bedford Counties. July 1, 1836. Gaiters and Shoes. The subscriber would announce to the public that lie lias just received, and will constantly keep, an assortment ot Gentlemen s City made Gaiters and Shoes, also Misses and children Shoes, which he will sell as low as they can be bought any where else, anil will sew ail rips gratis. As he has but a small profit on these Shoes, all sales must be cash. He continues to carry on the Boot and Shoe making Business in all its branches at his old stand, and is prepared to accommodate, in the best manner, all who favor him with a call. Thankful for past favors, he hopes to merit and receive a continuance of the same. YVM. CLAAIL Bedford, July IS, 1856. Vermin Destroyed. Warranted free from Poison. S. Levi's Gen nine, Mocsk and Roach Destroyer—to be had at Dr. B. F. Harry's New Drug Book Store. Aug. 29, 1856. ATT E X TlO X. Buyers of Clothing—step This tl'uy. The attention of the citizens of Hollidays burg and vicinity is requested to the New Store ol JYJ. SHOENTHAL 8c C 0., No. .) Lloyd's Row, next door to Brffinnold <Y Broth er's Cheap Dry Goods Store, where buyers can b<* supplied with Clothing of all kinds, and ot the very best quality. Our stock consists of the very best goods in the country, and at prices to suit everybody. The following will giw and idea of its variety. Coats, from ~ SI,OO to $25,00 Pants, 62 9,00 Vests, 50 8,00 In connection with H. its, Capiy Overalls, Drawers, YVinchester &. Scott's Shirts, in fact every article needed by Gentlemen. Also, a fine assortment of Boy's Clothing. Jf von want anything good and cheap call at the New Store of M. SHOENTHAL &CO. July T, ISSG. liiIiFERREOTVPES AND AMBROTYPES, READER have you ever heard of GETTY S' inimitable Daguerreotypes ? If not go at once to his Saloon and see lor yourself ; and if you want a'likeness ol yourself or lriendsj as true as Nature and Art combined can make it, that is the place to get it. If you want a picture put up in the most approved style and of the best materials—or, in short, if you want the worth of your money in a splendid Daguerreo type or Ambrolype, go to GETTY'S, as he is the only Artist in Bedford County who can take the new style of Daguerreotypes and Ambrotypes. He spares no pains to give full satisfaction, and permits no picture to go out until lie is con fident that it will do so. Having just returned fiom the East, he is in possession ot all the late improvements in the Art, and can assure his patrons that lie can furnish them with a style of pictures not taken by any other person in the County. Rooms at the "Exchange Building," or Odd Fellows Hall, immediately above the store ot Mr. A. B. Ciamer. T. R. GETTYS, JR. June G, 1856. ATTENTION RIFLEMEN. You are ordered to parade on your usual ground of training on the 18th day of Sept. at 10 o'clock oisaid day, in summer Uniform, with plume, A full turn out is desired. By order of the Captain. YVM. HITCH FY, (). S. Sept. 5, 1856. For Sale. The subscriber offers for sale, low, a fine ton ed Vienna Rosewood Piano Forte. S \ M L. BROWN. June 20, 1556. E*l llLid SALE). The subscribers will sell, at auction, on 1 lih day of October, at their residence in the Borough of Bdlord, All their Household and Kitchen Furoimn*, consisting of Tables, Chairs, H -dsteads, Bureaus, Cirpets, Queensware, one city made Spring Seat Sofa, one city made Spring Seat Rocking Chair, one city made La ities Sewing Table, one Handsome Sideboard, one handsome Air Tight Parlor Stove, one first rate Air Tight Cooking Stove, large size, one Hathaway Cooking Stove, one Bed room Stove, a lot of VVashstands and Towel holders, one city made Child's Patent Crib oh rockers, one Double Barreil Gun made by Chance & Son of London, warranted, one first-rate Rifle mas*e by Dan'J. Border of Bedford, twenty sacks of Ground Allum salt, six barrels of Vinegar, be sides a quantity of other articles too numerous to - mention. Also one Setter Dog for sale. Terms easy, and made known on day of sale. KELLY & DUG DALE. Bedford, Sept. 7, 18?>6. MORE NEW GOODS AT THE COLONADE 3TCRE. The undersigned ore just receiving and open ing at colonade store a fresh supply of New Goods, consisting iri part of French .Needle worked Collars, Black Silk and Felet Mitts, Assorted Colored Kid Gloves, Bonnet and Mantua Ribbon, Black Silk Cravats. Fancy Casimers, Mireno Casimers, Black Gro De Rhine Silks", Belts Assorted Colors, Hosiery of all kinds, Also a prime lot of Groceries, consisting in part of Sugar, Coffee, Tea, Syrups, Molasses, Rice, Indigo, Tobacco, <Nc. 6cc. J. & J. M. SHOEMAKER. August 8", 185 G. MORE \i;\i GOODS. THE undersigned has just returned home from the Eastern Cities with a large stock of Summer Goods,-and is now exhibiting AT CHEAP SIDE a general assortment of new style of Summer Goods, comprising a great variety of LADIES' DRESS GOODS, which consists in part of black and fancy Silks, Chilli, Lawns, DeLaines, Ma donna Cloths, Alpacas, Dtbege, Mantillas, N.c.; &c. Also a great variety of black and fancy Cloths and C&ssi meres. Linen and Coltonade for Gentlemen and Boys' wear. BOOTS & SHOES."HATS & BONNETS. Groceries-, Sugars, Syrups, Molasses, Shad, Herring and Mackerel, Bacon, Queensware, Hatdware, Brooms, Buckets, Churns, &.c. The above stock consists of every article usu ally kept in store—ail of which will be sold CHEAP FOR CASH,-or approved produce. Thankful for past favors, he hopes by fair dealing and a desire to please, to continue to merit and receive a libeial share oi the public patronage. June 13,1356. G. W. RUPP: PRIVATE SALE. The subscriber will sell, at Private Sale, his Farm situate in Juninta Township, Bedford County, 1 i miles South oi the Somerset 1 urn pike road, containing 178 acres, more or less, 100' cleared and Uhder cultivation, having there on erected a double Log House and double Log Barn, a never failing Spring close to the house, and good Spring House with water through iti and good Dry house. Also about 80 Apple trees bearing, some choice fruit. Also a good Saw Mill Seat. Persons wishing to purchase are invited to come and see and judge for them selves. Terms made known to those desirous to purchase. JESSE VALENTINE. Sept. 5, 184.6.* Valuable Farm for Sale-. The subscribers will offer, at public sale, on Friday the Hist day of Oct. next, the Real Es tate of Daniel Kensinger, of North VY oodberry Township, Blair County, dec'd. situate in Mor risons Cove, in said Township, adjoining lands of Jacob Howser, Sani'i. Shriver, Adam Burger, John Smith, and a Village called Millerstown, about Hi miles South East of Martins-burg, con taining about 120 acres, limestone land, more or less, principally ail cleared and in good cul tivation lor farming, about 10 acres first rate Meadotv, well watered. The improvements are three good Dwelling Houses, one a store house, a large Barn and other out buildings, al so a first-rate orchard of choice fruit, (i or 7 Springs of lime stone water on said premises.— Also another tract Mountain Survey containing about 2:7 acres well timbered, about 2i miles from said Mansion place, will be sold the same time. Possession will lie given on the Ist April next. Terms will be made known on day of sale. ISAAC & LEWIS KENSINGER. Executors. Sept. 5, ISSG."* NOTICE— Is hereby given t hat an applica tion will be made to the Governor of the Com monwealth of Penna. on Thursday the IStli dav of October 1856, for the pardon of Robeit : C. Mori is, convicted in the Court of Quarter ! Sessions of Bedford County for the crime of Burglary and sentenced on the l"th February, 1877, for a term oi' 2 I years, of which all per sons interested will lake notice. Sept. 5, 1.876, Valuable Tannery lor Sale. The subscriber offers for sale his valuable i Tannery, situate in Napier Township, Bedford | County, Pa., within five miles north of Schells | burg, in the finest bulk region in the State.— The tract contains 6 acres, with a two story i Dwelling house thereon erected, first rate saw Mill, Tan House 67 by 22 feet, 2 rooms—fin j ishing shop, and beam shop. There are 16 lay ! away vats, 4 ljches, 2 limes, 2 baits, 1 pool.— There are all the necessary out buildings on the ! property. Possession given on the Ist April ! next. For further particulars address the sub j scriber at Schellsburg, or Col. Joseph W. Tate, ! agent Bedford, Pa. Any quantity of Baik can i be had at from §1 77 to $2 per cord, cash. ABRAHAM DEN NISO\. Aug. 20, 1.836—6 m. WM. FOSTER, WITH BJILDWL\\ LEY DERM AX S> CO. Importers and Dealers in Hosiery, Gioves, Trimmings, Combs, Brushes, Fancy Goods, Looking Glasses, &c. No 84 North ihird St., Philadelphia. All orders solicited and prompl l lv attended to. Sept. 3, 1856.