Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, October 3, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated October 3, 1856 Page 3
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Henry Hay tin Disunion. flenry Clay had freely, on n any occasions, de nounced the schemes of Abolitionism ami of a Sec tional party. He said in 1839 "Abolitionism should nolonger be regarded as an imaginary danger. The Abolitionists, !■: me sup iiosr" succeed in their present aim of uniting the in habitants of the free States as one man against the inhabitants of the slave states. Union on one side will beget union on ihe other, ami this process of reciprocal consolidation will be attended with all the violent prejudices, embittered passions, ami im placable animosities which ever degiaded or deform ed human nature. Virtual dissolution of the Union \vii! have taken place, whilst the forms of its exist voce remain. "One -ection will stand in menacing and hostile ar ray against the other. The collision of Opinion will soon be followed by the clash of arms. 1 will not attempt to describe seines which now happily lie concealed iiom our view. Abolitionists themselves would shrink back in dismay and horror at the con templation of desolated fields, conflagrated cities, murdered inhabitant-, and the overthrow of the fair e..t fabric of human government that ever ro-e to an imate the hopesoi civilized man." WHITE LABORERS LOOK HERE I jy?"HENUY ('LAY in a letter to Mr. Coiton, rta tni Sept. 1813, ttin- warns the white Laboring man ol the danger.- of A bolitionism: Mr. C. said: "lint the great aim and object of your tract should be to aroii-e the LABORING CLASHES in the Free Mate* against Abolition. Depict the consequences •to them ol immediate abolition. The slave- being iree would be dispersed throughout the Union; they ■would enter into competition with the tree laborer, w itb the American, the Irish, the German; reduce his wages; tie confounded with him; and affect his moral and social standing. And as the ultras go lor both Abolition and Amalgamation, show that their object is to unite in marriage the laboring white man and the laboring black woman, and to reduce the laboring mart to the d>-pised and degraded condition o. the Black man. 11LNUY ( LAV ." The Philadelphia News, a FiLMORR paper, of ficpt. 10, publishes 'be Letter from which the above startling extiaet is taken, and -a; s:—At this mo ment, when some of our best citizens who have beer, Whig-, aie denounced because they w ill not join the Black Republican ranks, this letter from Henry Clay is most apposite. It po tils out briefly and clearly the tv. ifful tendencies of Black Republicanism, its cm e •y, 't- ingratitude, its lal-ehood. its hostility to t|,J Constitution, its hostility to LABOR. And what would be the feelings of Henry Clay, it he w.-ie now living, and =aw Black Republicanism ma king an open i--ue against the Union? Indeed he pio • heme- the present feat fill state of things when he cull- upon Mr. Coiton to show the agitation in ttie tiee State- ' first de-troy all harmony, and finally lead to dissolution!" NOW LOOK LIMN i'iilS PIC TIRE ! IQ-UCA R. GILDINGS, wTo i- tlie acknowledg ed head of the FREMONT party, say-: ••1 look forward to the day when there shall he a • erviie insurrection in the South; when the BLACK iP.;u. arit i .! with BRITISH bayonet-, ai d led on by BRITISH officers, shall a--e,t his Freedom, and w.ige-a war of extermination agam-t hi- master; when the torch of the INCENDIARY shall light up the towns of the South, and blot out the la-t ve-tige o! Slavery; and though 1 may not mock at their ca lamity, nor. laugh when ttiejr fear cometh, yet will 1 had it its the dawn of a political rriilletimm." r; -u:n Buflingame. now travelling the country makii g Freemont speeches, -ay-; --'J"lie times demand that we must have an ar.ti s!.iv--rv Cou-tstntton, an Anti-Slavery ll.ble, an Ariti-Slavery GOD " S-.-ward, Wade, Bank-. Spalding, V.'eLb, Greely, Garri-on, Sumner, F.ia-tu- Hopkins, Addison, foster, Beecher, K-inond, Brewster. Emerson. iio-s, Garri -;)!i, Wilson, Horace Mann, Philips, and all the other prominenr Fremont leader- employ similar language to the above, which we omit tor want of room. ihe ll.irii-bu!g Telegraph, the oigati ot Gov. Pol luck, (editetl by Col. M'cLURK,) oi Sept. 11, con tains the following savage senliment in a letter from Wooster, dat-d August 99, giving an account of a Fremont meeting held in that place; "Two CAMPAIGN companies of ferocious looking fellows, -Tyllllu themselves "Buck Hunters" an t "Kicky Mountain Rangers," paraded the ground. The latter (these two companies) were dressed in hunting -hiits. alter the lash inn ol pioneers, carried Kit' s, mid hud .Murderous looking A. \ VGA'S it: their Bells." The same paper, same date, says editorially: • •The South would not and I)ARF. NO 1 dissolve the Union it the North in its majesty should elect I'i A d. Do /ghs y; ..\ 'A ( i It 0! !. ) 1 resident.'' And it.e,e are the men and these the princi ple. which I r. Joidan K Co. aie so iiiixiou- to form a union with tor the sake ol' the spoils. Honest lil mote men of Bedford county, what say you to such a union—and more e-p riaily a- Mr. Filmore has as sured •. uu that the election "1 Fiemont would result m a Dissolution oj tat t iiion! B'uriiY loiir MSToccE The YVcudcr <1 the Ninrfct nsli (rntiny. Important and of great Consideration lo the Suffering. T. A. HURLEY'S SAKSAPARILLA. OF alt the remedies that lune been discovered dn t g tti" pieFPTit age for the "thousand ills thai hesh is i.eir to" tione equal itiis wondeiliil preparation. — 1 1 v three years have eloped since the discoverer (u ho -pent a decade in study ing, experimentalizing, a;,. 1 peifecliiig it) first mtloiluced it tothe public,and it i*aiteai!y recognized, by the most eminent physi cian* in all parts of the country to be the most sur prising and effective remedy tor certain diseases ol which they have knowledge. Aii olh-r compounds or syrups of the root, have hitherto failed to command the sanction ot the lac nby. because, on being tested, they have been found to contain noxious ingredients which neutialize the genii efleets of the Sai-uparilia, and often times in iare the iiealth o!" the patient, it is not so with HuiTey's preparation. lies is the pure and genuine extiact ol the root, and will on trial, lie found to effect a certain am! p-tfect core of the following complaints and disea ses : Affections ol'the Bone-, Habitual Costiveuess, Debility, liuligesfon, Diseases of the Kidney*, Liver Coplairite Bi-pepsia, File*. Erysipelas, Fulrironarv Diseases, euittle Ii regularities, Scrofula or King's L-ril, f - : ula; Syphilis, And a:! Sktn diseases. i f - de* curing the above, it is also known to be a "•'fat a:. ! powerful tonic, purifying the blood and in vigorating the system. in shoit, it is. without exception, in the cases nien -1 ;*:.d its general effect on the system, the n'i-i . (hi'ai ious as it is the rno-t desirable remedy o; the age. it -s already extensively u-ed througb tuit 'he country anil is fast obtaining an European tepu'ation. The instances of cores it has effected are daily coming to the proprietors knowledge, and '•" ha* t.o hesitation in recommending it to one and ail who de -ire to procure relief from suffering. One '"'tie being fried, it* effects will be too apparant to ad 'nit of further doubt. Recollect Hurley's Sarsaparilla is the oxt.v CIEX ' 'it AUTICI.k in the market. Dree SI per bottle, or six for Sti. * l'h's inedecine can be procured at all exten sive Drug houses. J "ly t, 18.";6 ly*. Great Cure of Files. CAMDEN, N. J., March 12th, 185.. Bear Sir—lt i* with much pleasure that I take this ®riwrttiiiiTy 0 | informing you of the grpat benefit I '•up derived from the use of a few bottles of"Hoof "itsdrrman Hitler*." For a number of year* I have been *ore|y and severely afflicted with a pain /i )'' e s '°" sch, attended by severe attacks of the r*,for which 1 tried a great many remedies, but Without affording me any relief. Being advised to .he (term,, a liitters. I did *o, using in connexion, ~r the J'i/es, your Spikenard Ointment, and 1 now "■ uriri you that they have entirely cured me and re stored uie to health, arid 1 would advise.all the afflic to u-e your valuable medicine*, tee. Respectfully yours, MARGARET REPSIIER, _ No. -15 Plum street, Camden, N. J r - '• M. .'arkson,Philadelphia. - N t advertisement. GENERAL ELECTION PROCLAMATION. WHEREAS in and bv an act of General As sembly of the (.'inuriori w t altli of Pennsylvania, entitled •■An Act to teoulale the (ieti- ! ul Elec tions within (Lis Commonwealth," it is enjoined upon me to {rive public notice of such Elections, and to (-numerate in said notice w hat Officers are to be elected, I HUGH MGGKE Sherili'of the County of Bedford, do hereby make known and give this public notice to the Elecluis of the County of Bedford, that a General Election will be held in said County, on the second Tues day of October next, at the several election Dis tricts, viz : The Electors of the Borough of Bedford and Township of Bedford to meet at the Court House in said Borough. The Electors of Broadtop Township to meet at the house of Win. Griffith in said Town ship. The Electors of Colerain Township to meet at the house of lluben Smith in iCnnsburg in said Township. The Electors ofCnmberland Valley Township to meet at the New School House erected on the land owned bv John Whip's heirs in said Township. The Electors ol Harrison Tow nship to meet at School House number n, near the duelling house ol Henry Kys-r in said Township. The Elertois of Juniata tow n.-diip to meet at Keyset's' School house in said Township. 'J lie Electors ol Hopewell Township to meet at the School House near the house of John Dasher in said Tow nship. '1 he Electors of Londondeny Township to me tat the house now occnpi-d by WIII. 11. 21ill as a shop, in Bridgeport, in said I'own ship. The Electors of the Township of Liberty to meet at the School House in Stonerstown in said Township. The Electors of Monroe Township to meet at the house of James Camel in Clearville, in said Township. The Electors of Napier Tow nship and Schells biire; Borough to meet at the house built lira School H mse in the Borough of Schellsburjj. The Electors of East Providence Township to meet at the house ot John N\cum Jr. inkeep ■ r in said Township. The Electors o! West Providence Tow nship to meet at the new Log School House at Bloody Ron in said Township. The Electors of St. Clair Township E at |L*M4OIV near the dwelling of Gideon 'front in said Township. The Electors of f nion Township to Meet at tin Utilise of Michael W'yant in saui i'own nip. The Electors of Sooth Wondberry Township to meet at the house of Dani. Etirket near Noble's mill in S3id Township. The Electors of Southampton Township to meet at the house of William Adams in said Township. The Electors of the Township of Middle Wooiherrv to meet at the house of Henry f 1 uk•- in the vi!la*e of VVoodhet rv . at which time and place the qualified Electors will elect by bal lot— ONE PERSON lor Canal Commissioner of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. ON E PERSO \ for the Office of Surveyor Gen eral. ONE PERSON for the Office of Auditor Gen eral. ONE PERSON in connection with the Coun ties of Fulton, Franklin, Adau s and Juniata, composing the l7lh Congressional District, t. fii! til" Office of Representative lor said Des trict in the Congress of the [ nited States. TWO PERSONS in connection with the coun ties of Fulton and Cambria to fill the Office of members of the House ot Representatives of Pennsylvania. ONE PERSO \ for the Office of Associate Judge for the Countv of Redtord. ONfTPERSuN for the Office of Distiicl Atlor nev f>r said County. ONE PERSON fir the Office of County Sur veyor. ONE PERSON fir tin- Office of C iron-r. ONE PERSON Ibr th Office of Commissioner ofsaid County lor one year, ami ON SO PER SON Or the same Office f>r three years. ONE PERSON Or the Office of Poor Direc tor. TWO PERSONS for the Office of Auditor f,r said County. one to serve two years and one to serve three years. The el eytion to he opened between the hours of 7 and 8 o'clock in the forenoon, by a public proclamation, and to keep open until seveno clock in the evening when the polls shall he closed. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEX: That every person, excepting Justices oi the Peace, who shall hold any office or appointment of profit or trust under the I nited States, or of this State, or any city or corporated district, whether a commissioned officer or otherwise, a subordinate officer, agent, who is or shall he employed under t!;e legislative, oxerutive or Judiciary depart merit of this State, or of any city, or of any incorporated district, and also, that every member of Congress and of the State Legislature, and of the select or common council of any city or Commissioner? of any incorpora ted district is by law incapable of holding or exercising at the time the office or appointment of Judge, inspector or chrk of any election of this Commonwealth,and that no inspector, judge or other officer of such election shall beelegible to lie then \ or I'd fir. And thesaiJ act of assembly, en'it led "an act relatingM> elections of this Commonwealth,' (Kissed July 3, 18-19, further provides as follows, to wit : "That the inspectors and judges, shall meet a! the respective places appointed tor holding the election ir. the district at which they re spectively belong, before eight o'clock in the tnornmg of the "d Tuesday ") Cctob-r,and each said inspector shall appoint one clerk, who shall lie a qualified voter of such district. "In case the person who shall have received the second highest number votes for inspector, shall not attend on the day of any election, then the person who shall have received the second highest number of coles f"<>r Judge at the next preceding electi n, shall act as inspector in his place. And in case the person who has receiv ed the highest number of votes for inspector shall not attend, the person elected Judge shall appoint an inspector in his place, and in case the person elected judge shall not att-nd then the inspector who received the highest number of votes shall appoint a judge, in his place • and if any vacancy shall continue in the board for the space of one hour after the time fixed by law for the opening of the election, the quali fied voters for ifie township, ward or district for which such officers shall have been elected, present at the election, shall elect one of their number to till such a vacancy. "It shall be the duty of the several assessors respectively to attend at the place of holding every general, special, or tow nship eh then du ring the whole tin.e said election is kpt open, f'-r the purpose of giving information to the in spectors, and judge, when called on, in relation to tbe right of any person assessed by them to vote at such election, and on such other matters in relation to the assessment of voters, as the said inspectors or either of them shall (mm time to time require. "No person shall be permitted to vote, at any election as aforesaid, than a while freeman of the age nt twenty one or more, who shall have resided in this State at least one uar, and in tlie election distinct where lie oilers to vote ten days immediately preceding such election, and within two years paid A State or county tax which shall have been assessed at h ast ten flays before the election, But a citizen of the I ni ted States who has previously been a qualified voter of this State and removed therefrom and leturned, and who shall have lesidni in the election district and paid taxes, aforesaid, shall he entitled to vote after residing in this Slate six months: Provided, That the white freemen, citizens of the United States between the ages of twenty-one and twenty-two yeais, w i.o have resided in the election district ten days as afore said shall he entitled to vole, although they shall not have paid tax. No person -hall be admitted to vote whose name is not contained in the list ot taxable in habitants furnished by the Commissi' ners, un less : Firs, he produce a receipt of payment, within two years of state or county tax OSSCSSHJL agreeably to the constitution, and give torv evidence on los own oath or a ion of another that he has paid such a t.ix, or in a fail ure to produce a r.- nipt shall make niilh to the payment thereof, or Second, il he claim a light to vole bv being an elector between the age c>! twenty-one ami twenty-two jeats shall deposit on oath or aihrn.atii u, that he has resided in the State at least one year m-xt before Ins appli cation, and make such pnxdol t'-sidence in the district as is lequired hv this act, and that he does verily believe, from (lie account given him that lie is of the age aforesaid, and give such other evidence as is required by this act, w hereupon the name ofibe person so admitted to vole shall be inserter] in the alphabetical list by the inspector, and a note made opp site thereto by writing tlie word'tax,'if he shall be admit ted t vote by reason of having paid tax, or the word 'age' 1! be shall he admitted to vole by reason of age, and in either case the reason of such a vote shall he called out to the clerks, who shall make tlie like note in the lists of vo ters kept bv them. In all cases where the name of the person claiming to vote is not found on the list fur nished bv the commissioners, and assessors, or his right to vote whether found theit-on or not, is objected to hv any qualified citizen, it shall h 3 til,- c!ut vof the inspectors to examine such person on oath as to his qualifications, and if he claims to have resided within tlie State fur one year or more, his oath shall he s.tillici-nt proof thereof, but he shall make proof by at hast one competent vv itness, who shall be a qualified elector that he lias resided within the district l>r more than ten days immediately preceding said election and shall also himself swear that his bona fide resi ience, in pursuance of his lawful calling, is within the district, ant! that he did not remove in tlie district lor the purpose of vo ting t her, in. "Every person qualified as aforesaid., and w ho . shall make due proof li required, of his i-si denre and payment of* taxes, as aforesaid, shyti he admitted to vote in the township, ward of district in which be shall reside. if any person shall prevent or attempt In pre vent an v nliict-r oi'an electiun under this act limn holding such election, or use or threaten any violence to anv such officer, and shall in terrupt or improperly interfere with hiin in th* • xecntion ol Ins duty, s' all block or attempt to block up the window or avenue to anv window where the same nay he holden, or shall riot ously disturb the peace of such elect ion, or shni I use or practice any intimidation, threats, lorce or \ ioietice, with the d< sign to inlluence undu ly or overawe anv elector, or prevent him front voting, or to restrain the freedom of choice, simb person on conviction shall he fined in anv sum not exceeding five hundred dollars and to be imprisoned for anv time not less than one <ir more than twelve months, and i! it shall he shown to the Court where the tnal ol such of ferice shall he had, that the person so offending was not a resident of the city, ward, district or township u here the said offence was committed, and not entitled to vol'** therein, then, on con viction, he shall tie sentenced to pay a tine of not less than one hundred nor more than one thousand dollars, and he imprisoned not less than six months nor more than two years. II anv person or persons shall make any bet or wager upon the* result of anv election with the Commonwealth, or shall offer to make any such bet or wager either by verbal proclama tion thereof, or hv any written or printed ad vertisement, challenge or invite any person or persons to make such bet or wager, upon con viction thereof he or they shall forfeit and pay three times the amount so bet or offered to be bet. And the Judges of the respective districts a foresaid, are requiied to meet at Bedford, on the Friday next following the holding of said Elec tion, then anil there to perform those things re quired of them by law. (Jiven under mv hand, at mv office in If-df >rd, this 29th dav of August, in the year of oui Lord one thousand eight hundred and filly six, and Ihe SJst of Independence of the United States. HUGH MOORE, Sheriff. Aug. 29, 1856. MORE NEW GOODS. Just received, at Reed's New Store, a fresh supply of late Stvle and Fancy Goods, embrac ing a large lot of Ladies' Dress Goods,

French Needle Worked Collars, Fancy Silks, (iros de Rhine's, Rlk. Silk Fringes. Dotted Swiss, Striped do. Plaid Xaunsnok, Bonnet Ribbons, Mantua do. Blk. Silk Cravats, Bvron Collars, Merino Cassimere, Gents half-Hose, Mix-d and Bro'n. Aiso a prime lot of Family Groceries, con si.sting of Sugar, Coffee, Tea, Rice, Corn Starch, Syrup, Molasses, &c. ike. ' July 18, IS3C. A VALUABLE FAEM FOR SALE. The subscriber will sell, at public sale, on the "Ist day of November next, thot valuable Farm on which he now resides, three miles north of lb dlorri, containing ICQ cores u ore or less, 4 or h acres of which are in timber, and the balance chared. The improvements are a good two story Mouse, a sir all barn, a new horse sta ble, May Shed also hew, hog-stable with corn crib attached, stone spring-house with graine l ieson upper story. All of the aforesaid build ings are in goorl repair. A never failing Pump mar the Door. A never failing Spring of wa ter within a few rods of the house. A Small Orchard of fine grafted Fruit. The Femes are in good repair, j art being post and rail fence— 'JO acres of Timber land will be sold with tlie a bove property if desired. It lies about 11 miles distant from the farm. I bis property is consid- red one of the best in Bedford County, the lain! being Limestone, a par! the best of River Button., it Ires on Dun niugs Creek in the neighbor hood of Churches, Schools, and Mills. Any person wishing to purchase w ill call 011 the subscriber residing on the premises who will slow the property with pleasure. Title good—Terms made known on day of sule. SAMUEL ZiMMERS. Sept. 2(i, 1856. Pofeiiitt Saßc. On SATURDAY, the 11th day of Oct. 1850, the nndeisigred will offer at public Sale, at .f/OU.YT ROSS. all their Stork and Farming Implements, to wit : 4 M-a I Horses, Sor 10 .Hi ad Cattle, flogs and Sheep, also one New- Ton Horse Wagon, 1 one Horse Wagon, Ploughs, Harrows, Wind Mill. Oenis and Har ries:.. together with a lot ofTfav, Straw, Corn- Fodder, and a lot of grain consisting of Wheat, Rye. Cats and Corn. Also one Buggy. 1 EftMS:—ti months credit on all sum- above So. Sale to commence at 10 O'clock, A. M. A DAM FERGUSON, O. E. SHANNON. On the same day, and at the same time, will he otlered fur sa!>', the Farm know ri as..l/oU.\'/ ROSS , cuiitHiiiing SO acres, or thereabouts, clearer!, together with 100 aensof Timber land. This Property is in sight of the Town of; Bedford, and has thereon erected a large Two- Story Fiame House, Bank Barn, Tenant House,; Spring House, and other nut-buildings. There are also upon it two Young Orchards of 200 : apple trees', and oO peach trees, two never fail- ; mg Springs and a Pump before the dooi.— i Terms made known on day of sale. O. E. SHANNON. Sept. 19, 1856. e*6;blz<; sale OF VALUABLE LEAL ESTATE. Bv . irtue of an order of* the Orphan's Court of Bedford County, the undersigned will expose , to sale, a! public outcry, on the premises, in St. Clair township, on TH I RSDAY, 16th Octo-j her. 1856, all tlm Real Estate of Chiistiana An tler- m, late of said township, dee'd, consisting j td a tract of land containing 93 acres or there-! abouts, adjoining lands of Jno. Keeffe's heirs,; .1 is. Futguson, Peter Long arc.' Jno. Cessna, i Esq.—ami has thereon erected a fwo Story Log House, Log Bam,ami Log Spring House; also ari apple Orchard theron. TERMS :—(."ash at the confirmation of sale Oil the 17th Nov. O. E. SH \ NNON. A ttrnr. Up lion.s no it uitli ilie \'. ill annexed ot'Christiana Anderson, dec'd. Sept. 19, 1 fVOt). PUBLIC SALS or REAL ESTATE. By virtue of an order of the Orphans' ( ourt of liehni.! ('(.tint v, the undeisigned w:!! oiler at public sale (to the premises, in Londonderry township, on FUI I)A V", the I "7til Oct. ltSnii, all tin Real I'Ftate of Jacob Albright, late of said tow nship, dec'd, being the same which was lately appraised, under a writ ot Partition, and conta.ning oS acres, tie improvements are a Log I! use, Log Barn, Spring H >use, fee. TERM'S- One third in hand at the confir mation of sale on the 17th .Nov. lSoli, and the balance in two equal annual payments without interest. DANE. 11. TROUTMAN, Tiusjee for the sale of said Real Estate, Sept. 10, 1 55(5, NOTICE. IN THF. MAT'l'l it ot' the exceptions to the r --rotmt • .liieob S. Brumbaugh, admini-trntor ol the estate ol Jacob Bidiile, late of South VVuodberry tp. deceased., the undersigned auditor w ill si! at his of fice in Bedford Borouch on .Monday the 13th day of October next, when and whore all persons interest ed are nottied to attend JOHN MOWER, Auditor. S. pt. 11), IS.'G. NOTICE TO TRESPASSERS. All }••• i>i:is are hereby cautioned against bunting, fishing, carrying off fruit, or in any other way tiespassing on the premises ot the undersigned, in Cumberland \ alley, Bedfoid Township, as the law will be rigerily enforced against a:iv person so oti'ending. HANNAH BROWN. Sept. 19, 1856. TO "THS FARMERS. The undersigned informs the farmer? ot Bed ford and adjoining counties, thai he has made arrangements by which he can furnish, to those desiring, the latest improved and be.-t JIGRI COLTI'RJL JMPLEMEJVTS of the day, embracing Scott's "Little Giant" Corn and Cob Gtinder, guaranteed to grind from 8 to 15 bush els of feed per hour wi'.h one hoise—Potts' Corn Stalk Cutter and Crasher, warranted to cut from 120 to 1(>0 bushels of feed per hour— I lav and Straw Cutlers, in variety Wheat Drills and Corn Shellers, which are unsurpassed tor cheapness and quality—Cultivators, Horse Hoes, Cider-mills, bcc. Nc. la short, every utensil used in or abont a farm. VY isbing to avoid all imposition, each machine sold by him will be warranted to wotk as represented, or no sale; and, as these machines are procured in most cases directly from the Patentees and Man ufacturers, the purchaser will be secure in the right of using. Prices will be as moderate, and, in some in stances, less than (lie same machines can be procured singly from the Manufacturer. As the demand is very great for the two first named machines, orders should be given soon by those wishing to purchase. WILLIAM HARTLEY. June 20, ISSC-6m. WHO WANTS \ GOOD FARM ! Real Estate for Sale. ; The subscriber w 111 sell, at public safe, t: - farm on which tie ar present r-i(les. situate 'I rr" b-.Uurrh west of Sehelt-fmr j;. Bedford County. rtiiti&ining 200. acres •! patented land, about 12" aere- or wh fit are clearer! and under good fence, abnitl ?.") or 30 aries of which is first rate meadow. The buildings are a good twosto'ry Stone House, With a cellar under lhc whole building, a double Log Barn, Hay House, and all the necessary outbuildings belonging to a property oi this description. There is on the premises a large orchard ot choice fruit. There is a stream running through the whole place well calculated tor a Saw Mill, and an excellent well of good pure water at the door. Terms will be made easy to suit purcha sers. The farm is well adapted tor a Stork Farm, and much more meadow could easily be made. Any person in want of a good farm, would do well to call and examine this berore puiciiasing else where. JOHN WHETSTONE. Sept. 12, IS-'ifi. PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE FARM ! The undersigned administrators of the estate of John Lafferty, deceased, by virtue of an or der of the Orphan's Court of Bedford County, will expose to public sale on the premises* on SATURDAY tie lltli day of October next, ail that Farm late tlie property of said deceased, situate in Juniata township, containing 235 a cri s and 88 perches of patented land, about 75 acres cleared and under cultivation, having thereon erected a Log House and L g Barn: al so an orchard thereon, and a spring ©( excellent water at the door; adjoining lands of Nicholas KnouQ, William Frazier, Isaac Uochenour's heirs and others. There is an abundance of Pine and Spruce Timber on the premises, and a stream of water running through the same, up on which are built Saw Mills above aud below this land. ID^'TERMS —One third of the purchase money to remain in the hands of the purchaser secured on tlie land during the lifetime of the vvidow, the interest thereof to he paid her annu ally, and at her death the principal to the heirs of said deceased : one third thereof to be paid i:i cash at the confirmation of the sale, and tfie balance in two equal annual payments thereaf ter— payment to be secured bv judgment bonds or notes. Further terms made known on day of" sale, when due attendance will be given.— Purchasers are referred to John P. Reed, in Bedford, or the subscribers, for further d-sci ijr tion or information concerning the premises. JOS!AH MILLER. JOHN LAFFERTY, Sept. 12, 1 556. .'Jdminibl rotors. REMOVED. The undersigned take this method of inform ing their former patrons, and tli- public it: gen eral, that they have removed their entire Stock oi goods from the West end of Bedford to the C donade Store, lately occnj ied by Capt Jacob R ed, where they will he pleased to see their old customers, and all who will favor them with a call. All kind of produce taken in exchange fur goods at caste pi ices. The\ hope by fair dealing and evincing a desire to please, to continue to receive a liberal share of the public patronage. J. is. J. M. SHOEMAKER. July 25, 1856. VARI ABLE AIiLL PROPERTY Cc FARM IX)IS. MALI'!. The subscriber oil* rs tor sale bis Mill Proper ty, situate in Lit king (..'reek Township, Fulton county, one half-mile north of the Turnpike Road anu six miles west of McConnelsbnig.— fhe Mill is nearly new, is lar_'e, and well fin ished, has overshot w heels, Lur run of stone?, three of which are Burrs. metal gearing, and all necessary machinery tor custom or Mer chant work, and is capable of doing a large bu siness. The Mansion or Mill tract contains 214- acres and allowance, patented land, 150 ot which are cleared, principally good bottom land, suitable for meadow or plough land. The improve ments are a good Dwelling house, large Barn, Miller's 'house, Stables, N.c., ail built within a few years and in good repair. Also one tract of timber land, adjoining the above, containing 253 acres and allowance, a considerable part of which might be cleared, being land of good quality. Also a small piece of iatid adjoining the first mentioned t act, containing >±x acres, purchas ed for a water riefit. As the subscriber resides over thirty miles from the above property, lie \\i:i sell it low and on easy terms: a consideiable poition ol the pur chase money can remain on iuteiest, if desired, tor a number of years. Possession will be given Ist April next. For further particulars address the subscriber, Pattonsville P. 0. Bedford County. Pa. JOS. B. NOLLE. July 25, 1856. l\ M. Shires' M .11 ! !i! E SHO P. THE undersigned respectfully announces fo the Farmers of Bedford and adjoining counties, and the public in general, that lie has now on hand at his Shop in Bedford, a large assortment of Thrashing Machines, which includes his four horse PREMIUM MACHINE. It will he re membered that this Machine took the FIRST PREMIUM at our County Fair last fall. It is constructed with tumbling Shaft and Strap com bined ; aiso four horse tumbling Shalt Ala chines of the very b-t kind also two and three horse tumbling Shaft power—and our old and well-known tour horse Strap Machine, which, for strength and durability, cannot be surpassed anywhere. Farmers will please notice that we are now prepared to furnish Machines on the most favorable and accommodating terms, and at the very lowest prices possible. Horses, Grain, Lumber, and all kinds of trade will be taken in payment for Machines. All kinds of repairing of Machines of different kinds and all other farming utensils done on the most reason able terms, of the very best materials, and at the shortest notice. TP* All our Machines warranted one year if properly used. Please come this way lor a good and cheap Machine. PETER H. SHIRES, Julv 25, 1556 3m. Machines!. Just received and for sale a prime lot of Gro ceries, consisting in part ol Sugar, Coflee, Tea, Rice, Indigo, Starch, Tobacco, Syrups,and Mo lasses, which will be sold low bv J. N. J. M. SHOEMAKER. July 25, 1856. THE MEN GEL HOUSE. Valentine Steckman, Proprietor. TlP"Boarders taken by the day, week, month or year, on moderate terms. May 9, 1856, m THE CITIZENS OP BEBFORB AND YICLMTY The under-igned woahi respectfully announce t ft iii- citizen* of r.fdibrd and vieirrily, that he will >p-n a High St liiuf, upon a broad, rtimprehensive ba >i-, embracing it the English andClasscal branches f'.ilueatioii. It is designed to establish a permanent institution of the firt order in both the Male and Female Departments, in which Music, Drawing, Painting, and other Ornamental branches will also be taught, 'l'he School will open about the Ist November. Coarse of .Studies, Terms, itc., will i be made known hereafter. (;. *. arGIIIXBAUOIi- Sept. 'JG, 1820. INQUISITION. To Ehvin A. Vickroy, Dr. Wm. A. Vickroy, Gpoprt' Vickroy. Geor?e Geflys, and Mat v his wile, formerly Marv Vickroy, Mosses T. Mar shall, and Matilda his wife, formerly Matilda Virkrfiy, Sami. Ha; tack and Louisa his iff, formerly Louisa Vickroy, and Charlotte Han cock, formeily Cliatjotte Sieek, deviseeg or leg atees under the will ol Thomas Yickrov, late of Hertford County, deceased You are hereby notified that by virltieofitn 2'iis Writ dp jKi.titioßf facieitda, issued out of the Court of Corriitioo Pleas of Bedford Count v, 1 will, on Thursday the 3<)'.h day of Oct. next, profeedto hold ati Inquisition upon the real es lale of said Thomas Vickroy, dee'd, situate in St. Clair Township, adjoining lands <1 Gideon Trout, and Jos- ph W. Sieek on the South, Thus. Blackbttrn and Heirs of John McDonald On the West, Frederick Statnbaueh on the North. Wm. Griffith's iieir and others on the Last—Contain ing nine hundred and fifty acres more or less— at which time said iand will he divided il it can be done without prejudice to or spoiling the whole, otherwise it will he valued and apprais ed according to law—and when and where you may attend ii you think proper. HUGH iMGGRE, Sheriir. Sept. 2<>, IS.3G. INQUISITION. Whereas, Samuel Boor, one of the heirs am! representatives of Michael Boor, 'ate of Cumberland Valley township, deceased, died seized of the following R-al Estate, to wit A Tract of Tint! containing about four hun dred acres, situate in Cumberland Valley Tp., adjoining lands <.{ Martin Boor, Michael Boor, Win. McFe'rran and VVlliaiu Mountain?— leav ing the following heir.-, to wit: His four sons, their heirs and assigns, reserv ing to his widow Ann Doiathy, the rents, is sues and profits of the one-third of said Real es tate. William Boot,one ui Said suns, residing in Sandusky county, Ohio; the issue of John Boor, deceased, another of said sons, viz: Uriah* Mary Jane, intermarried with Abra ham, Elizabeth Ann, Elijah and Job, ail tesid ing in Clay county, Indiana: Samuel lioor, pe titioner, residing in Bedford county, and Jona than Boor residing in Bedford county. .Notice is now therefore hereby given to the above named heirs and all others interested, tl at proceedings 111 partition have been institu ted in the Orphans Court of Bedford county, and that in puisuance of a writ of partition or valuation issued out ol the Orphan's Court of Bedford countv, I will proceed to hold an Irt i quisition on said premises on Saturday the 25th dav of October next, when and where all in terested may attend if they see proper. HUGH MOORE, Sheriff. • Sept. 2d, 1556. Motive * ! Huntingdon and Broad-Ton it. R. Company, In connection with Itie Pennsylvania Rail Road Company, are now Shipping, vvulioui ilelay, between HOPEWELL Philadelphia or Ba'timoie. (via Huntingdon) all articles of Freight at the following j rates—viz : Ist Class Goods—Dry Goods, Boots 4c Shoes, Hats and Mecbuiidize generally, at C- els. per 100 lbs. -M Class Goods—Agricultural Implements and Pro ductions, Glass o. Queens ware, Groceries, inc., 50 cG per 100 lb. i .'id Class Goods—iiaron. Hides. Lard, Guana. Grind j stones, 4cc.,at 43 cts. per 100 lbs. Ith Cla-> Goods—lron, i'ish, Salt, Nails, &c., at • 38 cts. per 10u lbs. Flour in Car f.oads at 73 cts. per Barrel. The above rates wilt be the whole charge on goods delivered in Hopewell trom either Philadelphia or ! Baltimore until further notice. .1 AMES BOON, Sup":. Huntingdon, Sept. bit, iS.jG. E'IBLK SALE. The subscribers w ill sell, at auction, on the 14-th day <of October, at their residence in the Borough of Bedford, All their Household and Kitchen Furniture, consisting of Tables, Chairs, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Carpets, Queeitsware, one city made Spring Neat Sofa, one city made . Spring Seat Rocking Chair, one city made La : dies Sew ing 'Table, one Handsome Sideboard, one handsome Air Tight Parlor Stove, one hist rale Air Tight Cooking Stove, large size, one Hathaway Cooking Stove, one Bed room Stove, a Jot of Washstands and Towel holders, one city made Child's Patent Crib on rockers, one Double Barrel! Gun made by Chance R Son oi London, warranted, one first-rate Rifle made by Dan'l. Border of Bedford, twenty sacks of Ground A Hum salt, six barrels of Vinegar, be sides a quantity of other articles too numerous to mention. Also one Setter Dog for sale. Terms easy, and made known on dav of sale. KELLY R DUG DALE. Bedford, Sept. 5, 1856. V::iiEti!)[e Tannery Icr Sale. The subscriber others for sale Iris valuable Tannery, situate in Napier Township, Bedford County, Pa., within five miles north ofSchel's ' burg, m the finest Luk region in the State.— The tract contains 6 acres, with a two story Dwelling house thereon erected, first tate saw I Mill, Tan House 65 by 22 feet, 2 rooms—fin ishing shop, and beam shop. There are 16 lay away vats, T laches, 2 limes, 2 baits, 1 pool.— There are all the necessary out buildings on the property. Possession given on the Ist April next. For further particulars address the sub scriber at Schellsburg, i>r Col. Joseph 4\ . 1 ate, agent. Bedford, Pa. Any quantity of Bark can be had at from $1 7.') to I>'2 per cord, cash. ABRAHAM DEN N ISO N. Aug. 29, 1856—6 m. WE. FOSTER, WITH j JULDiVLY, LLYDE RALLY $■ CO. importers and Dealers in Hosiery, Gloves, Trimmings, Combs, Brushes, Fancy Goods, | Looking Classes, Rc. No 84- North Third St., Philadelphia. All orders solicited anil prompt ly attended to. Sept. 5, 18.>6. MORE SHOES AND GAITERS. .Just Received at Shoemaker's Colonade Store, Ladies, Misses, Children? and Cents shoes. And also Ladies and Cents Gaiter*, i August S, 1856.