Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, November 7, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated November 7, 1856 Page 3
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fl*" A SKIP, The following details of a horrible case of pi r3CV and burning of a ship at Macoa, have been received at Liverpool:— The Dutch ship Banca, Capt. Hey mans, TOO ions burthen, with bet ween 300 and 400 emi r>ts, (coolies) for Havana, put back to Macoa, about a month since, (the dispatch is dated Hong Kong, August 10) with her water casks leaking and cargo shifted, having encountered very boisterous weather, and on reaching the f( l^ r roads brought up to an anchor. There remained repairing, the officers exercising iirict vigilance in preventing the coolies going 3shore, fir fear tliey should make their escape. j.\ r three weeks, however discontent may have -ailed, no fears of an outbreak would seem 'a have been entertained, until a Chinese doc •or warned the Captain that mischief was,hrew i iir. In preparing for such a contingency as •* raising of the coolies, the small arms were j,laced on the poop, and two guns were loaded with grape ami pointed forward. Almut nine o'clock on Ihe night of the Bth, the disturbance commenced, and the crew took jvOe on tiie poop. The captain first fired a shot or two overhead, but as that had no effect and the coolies advanced towards them, yelling frightfully, armed with belaying pins, bricks t ; ,rn Irom the cooking places, &t., the captain .-ave order to his m"n to fire, and immediately a voile v was poured into the infuriated mass fr in the two guns and also from the small arms. This had the effect of checking and putting down the riot, and the coolies were driven he pa but they sought revenge by setting fire to the ship, and in a few minutes the captain was appalled by seeing flames issuing tip from the fore hatch. A (rightful scene of carnage lol lawed, the coolies rushed upon the deck, atid no doubt murdered all the officers of the ship.— None of them, nor the captain, w ere afterwards s-en. The ship was soon in a blaze, fore and afi. In about an hour the mainmast fell with a ciash, then the fore and miz.n, and about mid night the magazine blew up with a tremendous explosion. The ship was instantly hurled to fragments, and a vast number of poor creatures, who, clinging on the chains, perished with-her. 01 the number who were on board, including crew and passengers, about 500, only 150 es caped with their lives: the remainder were eiiher burnt in the ship or drowned. The af fair has produced a great sensation at Hong Kong. Correspond?nee Oi tu£ St. Louis Republican. I\TEHi:ST!\G FROM MM MEXICO. InDEPKXDF.NCE, Oct. 23, LSf)(j. The Santa Fe mail reached here to-day. By it we have httle news of importance. Business of every kind is reported to he dull, and trade, unless the mines yield more readily than usual, rrtheffol'i hunting expeditions turn out more favorably, must continue to offer little induce ments to adventurers. The quartz crushing jppaialus', introduced into the Territory recent 'v, have not vet fulfilled the sanguine expecta tions of the proprietors, and unless their erec 'nn is completed soon, manv will begin to lose tadh in Hie firmness of the companies. It is certainly true that the refuse material at the "placers," if properly used, will yield very abundantly of the precious metal, and we m;I! await with anxiety to hear of the results of ;> different enterprising companies who have - : r'-ady their apparatus iri the territory. The In ian relation with the department has riot much changed since 1 last wrote you. The majority of the tribes are comparatively quiet, yd, true to their natures, they cannot let an l portunit v escape for committing theft. Those ri'jvt noted for this are the Mescaleres, and it is sail their depr-dations arise from the fact that the Senate failed to ratify the treaty made with them, The Kowahs tried (heir hands recently in the same war, and were proceeding still further to deeds uf daring in the Nvbajo country, but were turned back. in military matters (ien. Garland and Major Brooks were about leaving fur the States. Col. Bonneville, in the absence of the General, will oiirnriarid the department, arid has removed the Regimental head-quarters to Santa Fe. The Rifles, who are to replace the Dragoons, are on ' .em nay up the valley ol the Del Norte : their Head-quarters will he at Fort Union. In local matter.*, the work on the State House is progressing rapidly, and before cold weather s-ts in the work will have teached the second s'lrv. Nothing has, as yet, been done on the penitentiary—a building, judging from the ne tes.jt|eg of the coilll'.rv, which needed election previous to any other. The summer and lall rams have keen very abundant* and many hou ses haw suffered in consequence. On the first Monday in September the elec "i : s were held, and the Democrats have a tr.a- I'ty in both houses. The mail party had a ! "■ trip out and in, barring one or two raois. In the outwaid hound train Mr. P irti.ofT, a passenger, accidentally shot himself ii 'he iianci. Quite a number of Ohevenes and r I(ictians were seen on the route, but offer ril i) violence. From u Cope of Good Hope pap*r. Frightful Death by a Lion. Mooi Doitr, June 23. On Friday morning, the 1 3th of June, sever al wagons, forming part of the second division oflhe command, left Mooi River Dorp for the at Marico. They rode the first evening "Gar as Riet Spruit, a noted place for lions.— •dr. I'liillip Van C'oller and his brother, wishing G proceed, inspanned their wagons about niid '"glit, alitiough they wi re strongly advised by '"'•I con patuons not to ride before morning.— 'bey bad sea reel y ridden an hour when the tAi-n were suddenly frightened. Phillip Van Culler jumped off his wagon and endeavored to turn them, hut not succeeding in duuigso, sprang upon the wagon trap, from u hichhe must have been immediately dragged '■>' a large |jc,i, with such force as to "break one Gtlie traprims. He was heafd to cry out 'wice for help, but in the confusion of the mo "lent was not missed, his brother Adolphe be<- I'gUisy at tlie time on horseback, endeavoring i stop the oxen, which were going at a fearful ■ate through the field. With much difficulty "succeeded in doing so, and then returned to wk for his missing brother, whose body he Gund about daybreak,and the lion crouching "'"Ut twelve yards from it. VVitli a feeling ol ' Operation he leveled his gun and tired at the ""iinal. The aim was good, and, as the ball I right through its head, it fell down on ""spot. Oncoming nearer to his brother's ; y the poor man vvus sadly shocked at its mti i'lated condition, the lion having carried it a ' distance, and then devoured the greater I ' 'ion. fhe remains were hastily conveyed G town, and upwards of eighty persons attended the funeral. Poor Phillip Van Coller leaves a widow and sevetal children to deplore their loss, and his ire-daneholy end. # P. S.— We have since learned, that, previous to the oxen becoming lightened, the lion first attacked, without any provocation, Adolplie Van Coller and tliree other men who Were ri ding on horseback some distance in front of the wagon. Having unfortunately no guns with them, they jumped off their horses, and stood between them and the lion. The lion, hoteev er-, appeared more anxious to attack thetn than their horses ; on which they shouted and threw their hats at hiin, and afterwards fired the grass, when he left them and went to the wagon.— The surrounding country being all occupied, the lions appear to have concentrated them selves at this spot, where they are extremely bold. N3 A E§ • U G K HI: At the house of Mr. Benjamin Voluntine in Londorulvfrty tp, on the lltii of October, by I). B. Trontmnn, E<q., Mr. Benjamin Devore to M iss Deli la. Voluntihe-, both of" Londonderry Township. At the German Reformed Parsonage in Friends Cove, on the 30th ult., by (lie Rev. C. F. Hoti'ineier, Mr. A. J. DaVts l< Miss Mary Pennel, both ol the Cove. The Opinion of the Medical Profession. A learned writer savs: "Sarsaparilla, or the extract thereof, maintains the secretions, espe cially those of the kin and kidneys, increases nutrition, and allays morbid irritability of the nervous and circulating systems. Hence an ad mirable remedy for debility during, or after, a mercurial course, and for the multifarious varie ty of systems that arise when the health is bro ken down, as well by the disease as by its rem edy. fCr* HURLEY'S CONCENTRATED FLU ID EXTRACT IS THE BEST PREPARA TION MANUFACTURED IN THIS COUN TRY. Kew Fall and Winter GOODS AT THE COLONADE STORE. The subscribers have just returned trom the East and are now receiving a large and splen did assortment of Fall and Winter Goods which they will be happy to slew to all their friends and customers who will favor litem with a call. Their assortment has been selected with great care and embraces almost every article adapted to tlie present and approaching season. Ladies Dress Goods in great variety. .1. &. J. rM" SHOEMAKER. NOTICE. Letters ol administration on the estate of Mrs. Susannah Dunkle, late of West Provi dence township, deceased, having been granted to the subscriber residing in said Township—ail persons indebted to said estate, are hereby noti fied to make immediate payment, and those having claims against said estate, will present them properly authenticated lor settlement. JACOB DUNKLE, Admr. Oct. 24, 1556-* BEDFORD Bp SCHOOL. The undersigned would respectfully announce to the public that be will open ;u Bedford, on the tirst Monday of November next, a High School, in which all the branches ola liberal education, English arid Classical, will be taught. It is designed to esiublish in Bedford a PFR.MANKN I Institution ola high or der, male and female. The male and female depart ment will be distinct, so soon as the necessary ar rangements can be elFected. In this School Students will be prepared lor the higher classes of any Col lege, or to enter at once upon the active duties of life. s Special care will be taken to form in our pupils habits ol order, shirt ptt/n tiar/ity, and t hoi ouph u r •>.*. We consider these as valuable elementary charac ters, ai d indispensable to sound learning. The Physical, Moral, ami Social induration oi th* Pupils will receive attention which their impor tance demands. There will be llirec grarli *. lo the first belong the rtmiitim! Kiilisli Hrnurh* *, such as Reading. Or thography, Writing, Arithmetic, Geography, Eng lish Grammer, 6LC. The trcrwd includes the preceding, together with the highrr hranr/ir* ot an English Education, Higher Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Intellectual and Moral Philosophy, Rhetoric, Logic, Got any, An cient Geogrephy, &c. The third einhiaces all the foregoing, together with the Latin and Greek languages. The Modern Languages, Music, Drawing, Paint ing. and Ornamentai Needle VVoik, will he extia studies, and lor each there will he extra charges, EXPENSES. Tuition for the first giade per (juarter, SI o<> • ' second " 5 00 " third " 0 25 The charges for the extra studies will be publish ed at an early day. The opportunity is now offered to the citizens of Bedford and vicinity of having established in their midsi a jirrmrHrHt school ola high order. ] In' Pll terpiize, on the broad and comprehensive basis here indicated, will he attended necessarily with much labor and expense. It i- hoped, therejore, that all those who leel interested in the education of the young, will come up liberally td the support ot this School. Rev. GEO. W. AUGHINBAUGH, A. M. Oct. 21, ISSC. LIST OF CAUSES Put down for Trial at November T. (17th day) 1856. William Beitzell et al vs Frederick Smith et al Charles Col felt vs Samuel A rule k John Brideham Vs Same 1-aac Giove v, Adam Rinard Sainuel Davis vsjohn James D Patterson vs Samuel VoudersmiTh J M Reynolds vs S M Barclay's adm'r Philip VVeisePs adm'r vs L L Anderson Esq S M Barclay's adm'r vs George C Davis et Hi Jacob Storckniins vs D B Tioiitman Joshua Filler vs Samuel Williams Jacob Adams et al vs Josiah Kellerman Charle- Smith vs Urn Smith Philip S. Croft vs Daniel Baker Joseph Harbaugh vs John Harbaugh et a! Win Smith vs Charles Smith Guar Hull's adm'rs vs John Hull et al Jane Moretiead et al vs Christian Naugle Nicholas Lyons vs Samuel Dads Rebecca Brant's use vs Valenline Wertz Same vs D Patterson George U. Holsinger etal vs F.dWard Pearson et al Solomon peight vs John Bowser J Keith et al vs S Brumbaugh et al John Ces-na Esq vs John G Clark et al James Clark vs John Burns James Entnken vs Christian Broadstone et al John Jackson vs John G. Hartley Samuel Blackburn's udm vs Samuel Blackburn's Guardian Jos Gregory's adm vs Wm Stuckey. 1). WASHABAPGH, Prothonotary. Oct. 24, 1856. ATTENTION RIFLEMEN. Yon are ordered to parade t your usual place of training on Saturday the 15th inst., in Win ter Uniform, with Plume, at 10 o'clock. By order ol the Captain. WM. RITCHY, 0. S. Nov. 7, 185 C. NEW FILL FOODS. The subscribers have just received a large supply of New Fall and Winter Goods, embra cing all the vari-ties usually found in Store. We are offering GREATER BARGAINS than ever. And we respectfully invite our friends and customers to call and examine our stock. A. B. CRAMER & CO. Oct. It, 1856. STRAY COWS. Came to the premises of the subscriber, liv ing in Bedford township, about Iwo weeks since, two CoNvs, both Black, one has a piece sawed off tiie horns—the other a Few white spots on the side. Both strippers. The owner is desired Irt come forward, prove property, pay charges, and take them awav. WIDOW HAMMOND. Oct. 17, 1856. TEACHERS WANTED, The School Boaid of Bedford Township, wishes to employ II Teachers. The Schools to open about the Ist Nov. Wages for Male, from $lB to S"J"2 per month, according to qual ification. Female, from sl6 to $lB per mouth. Certi'icites ol qualification required. JOHN BROWN, P res'l. Oct. 17, 1856. M w# THE undersigned having entered into part nership, respectfully announce to the public generally, that they are now prepared to fur nish anything in their line at exceedingly low rates. We ai" now opening an elegant Stock ot Hardware, Cutlery, House Furnishing Goods, Tin Japanned, Brass, French, and Biiltania Ware, Willow , Cedar, and Pine Ware, Nails, Glass, Brushes, Putty, \<\, &-e. A large stock of TIN-WARE constantly on hand, of our own manufacture. Spouting and other work done to order, as usual. STOVES ofeverv descrip tion for wood or coal, of which we nre just re ceiving some beautilut new patterns. Also Farm Implements in great vaiiety, warranted as rep resented, the best and latest Inventions of the day. And, as we are every week receiving goods from Philadelphia, Baltimore, or PiOs burg, we will always endeavor to keep a full supply of everything in our line, or at least furnish any article required at a short no tice. w e are also prepared to furnish all kinds of Lead Pipe, Water and Pump Fixtures, at low rates. We cordially invite all to give us a call, and especially 111-- Latins, as we have nearly everything to make house keeping easy from a Needle to a Cooking Stove. GEO. PLY MI RE, WM. HARTLEY. Oct. 3, 185G-1 y. \oSice I Huntingdon and B road-Ttip R. li. Company, Itr connection vv,ih ttie Pennsylvania Rail Road Company, aie now Shipping, without delay, between HOPEWELL In Philadelphia or Baltimore, (via Huntingdon) all articles ol freight at the following rates —viz : Ist Class Goods—Dry Goods, Boots fv Shoes. Hats and .Meehandize generally, at 62 $ cts. per IDO 111-. 2d Class (food—Agricultural Implement - and Pro ductions, Gla-s it liueensvvare, Groceries, ivc., .10 cts per 100 lbs. .'M Class Good— Bacon, Hides, Lard, Guana, Grind stones. &c.,at 43 cts. per 100 !bs. Itti Class Goods—lron, Fish, Salt, Nails, itc., at 38 cts. per too lbs. Flour in Car Loads at 73 cts. per Barrel. The above rates wilt he the w ho,e ciiaige on goods delivered in Hopewell from either Philadelphia or Baltimore until further notice. JAMF.S BOON, Sup t. ~ Huntingdon, Sept. 20, 15.16. THE MEN GEL HOUSE. Valentine Steckman, Proprietor. OCT*Boarders taken by the day, week, mouth or year, on moderate terms. May 9, 1356. MRS. STOWL'3 NEW WORK, A Tale of th* Great Dismal Swamp. K'jaiil to "I ncle 'loin's Cabin Just leceived al J)r. Harry's Cheap Book Store. VaEnnhle Tannery lor Sale. The subscriber offers lor sale kis valuable Tanner v, situate in Napier Township, Bedford County, l'a., within five miles north ol Schel.'s hurg, in the finest hark region in the State.— The tract contains 6 acres, with a two story Dwelling house thereon erected, first rate saw Mill, Tan If use 65 by 22 feet* 2 roonis—fin ishing shop, and beam shop. There are 16 lay away vats, 4 laches, 2 limes, 2 baits, I pool.— There are ail the necessary out Luildihgson the property. Possession given on the Ist April next. For further puiticulars address the sub scriber at Scliellsburg, or Col. Joseph VV. Tate, agent. Bedford, Pa. Any quantity of Bat k can he had at from $1 75 to Si per cord, cash. ABRAHAM DENMSON. Aug. 29, 1856—-6 m. COURT PROCLAMATION. To the Coroner, the Justices of the tual Constables in the different Townships in the County of lied ford, Creeling. KNOW YE that in pursuance of a precept, to me directed, uhder the hand and seal of the Hon. FRANCIS M. K! M M ELL, President of the several Courts of Common Pleas in the Sixteenth District, consisting ol the counties of Franklin, Bedford and Somerset, and by virtue ol his office of the Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail delivery for the trial of capi tal and other offenders therein and in the Gene ral Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace; and JOHN G. HARTFEY and Jos. B. Nor.NI:, Esqa. Judgesofthe same Court, in the same County ol Bedford, You and each of you are hereby re quired to be and appear in your proper persons with your Records, Recognizances, Examina tions, and other remembrances before the Judges aforesaid, at Bedford, at a Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail Delivery and Gene ral Quarter Sessions of tlie Peace therein to he holden for the county of Bedford, aforesaid, on the 3d Monday of Nov. (being the 17th day,} at 10 o'clock in the forenoon ol that day, there and then to do those things to which your several offices appertain. GIVEN under my hand at Bedford, on the 31st day of Oct., in the year ol our Lord 1856. HUGH MOORE, Sheriff. fOR IVLVTER. — Ladipsand Misses Wool en I almas—second supply just received and lor sale by A. ]). CRAMER &r Co. LADIES' Black Bugle Collars— a beautiful assortment for sale at the store of

CRAMER £• CO. Oct. 24, 1856. WHO WANTS A GOOD FARM ! Real Estate for Sale. The subscriber W ill sell, at publit sale, the farm on which he at present re-ides, situate 3 miles north west ol Schell-burg, Bedford County, toiiiaining 200 acres ol patented land, about 123 acres of which are cleaied and under good fence, about 2f> ttr 30 acres of which is first rat" meadow*. The buildings are a good two story Stone House, with a cellar under the whole building, a double Log Barn, flay House, and all the necessary outbuildings belonging to a property of this description. There is on the premises a large orchard ol choice fruit. There is a stream running through the whole place well calculated for a Saw Mill, and an excellent well of good pure water at the door. Terms w ill he made easy to suit purcha sers. The larm is well adapted for a Stock Farm, and much more meadow could easily be made. Any.person in want of a good latin, would do well to call and examine this before purcha-mg else where. JOHN WHKTSTONK. Sept. 12, I*.',ft. NEW FALL an! WINTER GOODS AT CHEAP SIDE STORE! , The undersigned has just returned from the eastern cilies with a large stock of FALL S* WLATER fIGODS. A general assortment of LADIES' Dress GOODS, which consists, in parti of Block and Fancy Si//;*, Delaines, Madonna Cloth, Co berg, Merino, .See. &c. Also, a great variety of Cloths, Cassimeres, Ca-sinetts, Jeans, &c. 6sc. Boots, Shoes, Hats and Caps—Groceries, Queensware, Hardware, Brooms, Buckets, Look ! ing Glasses, &c. &.e. The above Stock consists of every article usn : ally kept in Store, all of which will be sold j Cheap for Cnsh or approved produce. Thankful for past favors, he hopes, by fair j dealing and a desire to please, to continue to merit and receive a liberal share of the public patronage. (L W. HUPP. Oct. 3, 1 Xf>fi. REMOVED. The undersigned take this method of inform ing their former patrons, and the public in gen em!, that they have removed their entire Stock ol goods I'roiffliie West end of Bedford to the Culonside Store, lately occupied bv Capt Jacob Reed, where they will Im pleased to see their old customers, and ali who will favor them.with a call. All kind of produce taken in exchange for goods at cash prices. They hope by fair dealing and evincing a desire to please, to continue to receive a iiherai shate ol the public patronage. J. .V J. M. SHOEMAKER. July 25, 1856. \ \litem; mill property &farm HHt .SALE. The subscriber ofT-re for sale his Mill Proper ty, situate in Licking Creek Tow nship, Fulton county, one half-mile north of the Turnpike Road and six miles w> st ol McConnelshurg.— The Mill is nearly new, is large, and well fin ished, fas overshot \\ heels, four run of stones, three of u hich are Purrs, metal gearing, and all nrce-ary machinery lor custom or Mer chant work, and is capable ol doing a large bu siness. The Mansion or Mill tract contains 211 acres and allow ance, patented land, 15U of which are cleared, principally good bottom land, suitable for meadow or plough land. The improve ments are a good Dwelling house, large Barn, Miller s house, Stables, £*c., all built within a few years and in good r> pair. Also one tract of timber land, adjoining the above, containing 283 acres and allowance, a considerable part of which might be cleared, being land of good quality. Also a small piece of land adjoining the first mentioned tract, containing six acres, purchas ed for a water i ight. As the subscriber resides over thirty miles from the above property, he will sell it low arid on easy terms: a consideiahle portion oft he pur chase money can remain on inteiesl, il desired, for a number of years. Possession will be given lt April next. for further particulars addiess the subscriber. Pattonsville P. t). Bedford County, Pa. JOS. B. NOBLE; July 25, 1856. Eittfaft* of Eilcoi Bst'|s£sTt' diic'tl. BEDFORD CO I NT V SS : At an Orphans' Court held at Bedford in and for the Count v of Ifidlotd on the first day at September A. D. 185t>, before the Judges of the said Court. On motion of S. L. Russell, Esq., the Court grant a rule upon the heirs and legal represen tatives <>f Oeorge Replogle late of Middle Wood herrv township, dec'd., to wit: Polly Replo gle widow, Jacob Replogle residing in Jeffer son county, lowa, Elizabeth Replogle and Ma ry intermarried with Jacob Gruber, who have lately leinoved to lowa, and George B. Replo gle, David Replogle a minor o| whom Charles Oellig is guardian, Hannah B. intermarried with II etiry Sin it h, Barbara intermarried with Tho mas S. Ilolsinger, Sarah intermarried with Ih nrv Eversole, Mary intermarried with Eph riarn Lorigeneck-r 1 who is in her minority and of whom the said Ephriam is guardian, and L- uli a minor of whom lion. Joseph B. Noble is guardian residing in said county of Bedford, to be and appear at an Orphans' Couit to be held at Bedford in and for said county, on the 3d Monday 17th day of November next, to ac cept or refuse to take the real estate of the said George Replogle deceased at the valuation which has been valued and appraised in pursu ance of a writ of partition or valuation issued out of the Orphans' Court of said County or show cause why the same should not be sold by order ofthe said Court. In testimony whereof f have hereunto set my hand, and alfixed the seal of said Court at Bedford tlie Ist day of September, A. D. 1856. D. U'ASHABACGH, Cleik. Attest lirCH MOORE, Sheiiff. Oct. 2J, 185(5. ASSESSORS, You will meet at the Commissioners office, on Friday the 7J h of Nov, next, to comply with the act of Assembly in relation to the Septennial Hnumera tion of the Taxable inhabitants of this County. A. S. RUSSELL, Cirri. Commissioner* Office, Oct. Lit, 1850. In the Couit of Common Pleas of Bedford Comity. In the matter ol the Estate of Jacob Longenecker, a lunatic. Whereas, Dnid E. Buck, committee of the said Jacob Lorg> t H! ■••r, has filed his account as Committee on raid Es tate, notice is lierebv given to the creditors of the said Jacob F. Longenaker, and all others iiiterextKi in said estate, that the Court have appointed Monday, the 17th day of November next, lor the hearing of the same, and lor show ing cause why the said account should not he allowed, and in default thereof the same will be confirmed- Witness the Hon. F. M. Kim meil, ['resident of our said Court at Bedford, the 20lb dav of Oct., A. 1). 1856. D. WASH ABA COH, Prothonotarv. Oct, 24, 1856. TO THE FAF3MERS. The undersigned inform- the fanners ol Bed lord and adjoining counties, he Las made arrangements bv vvhich he can furnish, to those desiring, the latest improved and beet AORI CILTIRAL !MI>LE.ME.\TS of the day, embracing Scott's ''Little Oiant" Corn and C<>b Grinder, gnaianteed to grind from <S to 15 bush els of feed per hour wi'h one horse—Potts' Corn Stalk Cutter and* Crasher, warranted to cut from 120 to 160 bushels of feet! per hour— Hay and Slraw ('utters, in variety—Wheat Drills and Corn Shellej-s, Which are unsurpassed for cheapness and quality—Cultivators, Horse Hoes, Cider-mills, \c. ike. In short, every uteris:! used in or abbot a farm. Wishing to avoid all imposition, each machine sold by hnn will be warranted to work as represented, or jlO in:le: and, as these machines are procured in most cases directly from the Patentees and Man ufacturers, t!ie purchaser will be secure in the right of using. Prices will he as moderate, and, in some in stances, Ess than the same machines can be pro'cured singly from the Manufacturer. As the demand is vci v great li>r the two first named orders shotiid tie given soon bv those wishing to purchase. WILLIAM HARTLEY. June 20, 180C—(ini. KEW GOODS. JI T ST receive !, at RI-LD'S New Store, a large aial well ussoited stock ot' FALL AND WINTER GOODS, anil is now prepared to accommodate his friends end the public generally. To attempt to entimerate the Stork in a newspaper advertisement would he folly, or even give a list of'heir prices Would be useless, lor the public would nut believe that goods were selling lor w hat we offer them at. unless they see for themselves. We do not wish to boast, but would remark that, lor variety and cheapness, his stock cannot be beat. The public are respectfully invited to call at RKKD'S Siore and satisfy themselves of the truth of this statement. Call and examine his stork. lie will not u-k you to buy unless fully sa tisfied that you can do at least as well, if not better, than any where else. Produce ol all kinds taken in exchange lbr goods. JACOB iu:F.n. Oct. 10, ! 8.30. PurifV Voir' SiiooiL Tlio Wonder of the Nineteenth Onltiry. Important and of grant Consideration to the Suffering. T. A. HURLF.Y S S A USA PARI LI. A. OF all the remedies that have been discovered du ring the present age for the '•thousand ills that tiesh is heir to" none erpia! thif. wonderful preparation. — Only three years have eiup-eil since the discoverer (who spent a decade 111 studying, experimentalizing, and perfecting it) first introduced it tothe public, and it is already recognized, by the most eminent physi cians in all parts of the country to be the most sur prising anil effective remedy for certain di-eases 01 which tliev have knowledge. All other compounds or syrups of the mot. have hitherto failed to command the sanction of the fac ulty, because, on bring toted, they have been found to contain noxious ingredient* which neutralize the good effects ol the Saisaparilla, and olten times in jure the health of the patient, it ,s not so with iluiley's preparation. This is the pure and genuine extract of the root, and will on trial, be found to effect a certain and perfect cure of the following complaints and disea- SPS : Affections of the Bones, Habitual Costiveness, Debility, Jndigestori, Diseases ofthe Kidneys, Liver Coplaints Di-pepsia, I'des, Frvsipelus, Pulmonary Disease;, Female Irregularities, Scrofula or King's Evil, Fistula; Syphilis, And all Skin disease*. Besides curing the above, if i\ also known to be a great and powerful tonic, purifying the blood and in vigorating the system. In shorl. it is, without exception, if! the cases men tioned, anil its general effect on The system, the mo-t efficacious as it is the most desirable remedy of the age. It is already extensively used through out the country and fast obtaining an European reputation. The instances of cures it has effected are daily coming 1o the propi ietors know ledge, anil he has no hesitation in recommending it to one and all who desire to procure relief from -tillering. One bottle being tried, its effects will be too apparant to admit of further doubt. Recollect Hurley's Sarsaparilla is the CNI.Y I.KN riNK .ritrici.E in the market. Price §1 per boltle, or six for !>-t. p-ge-This medecine can be procured at all exten sive Drug houses. duly I, 185G— ly*. PUBLIC SALE OF REAL ESTATE, By virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court of Bedford County, the subscriber will offer tor sale, at the house of David A. T. Black, in East Providence township.on Saturday the 15th day of Nov. 1856, at 1 o'clock, P. M. tli" following Ral Estate, late the property of Abraham Sparks, ilec'il, to wit : One tract of wood land containing 58 acres, and 100 perches, adjoining lands of Geo. W. Householder, Esq., lands surveyed in the name <d Benjamin Martin, and others, in said Town ship ol East Providence. Also, one other tract of woodland in the sortie township, containing 40 acres, and ad joining lands in the nrtine of Francis Gibhs, Robert Morris, and James Reese. TERMS;—One third in hand and balance in two equal annual payments without interest to he secured by judgment bonds, JOHN CESSNA, Aiirnn of the estate of Abra ham Sparks, dec'd. Oct. 31, 1856. TrUiNPIKE ELECTION- The Stockholders of the Pattonsville and VVoodberry Turnpike Road Company are noti fied, that an election will be held at the house of Jacob Schnehi v, in VVoodberry, on Monday, the 3d day of Nov. next, for the purpose of electing a President, Managers and Treasurer, (or the ensuing year. G. R. BARN DOLLAR, Oct. 24, 1856. Pres't, HOOTS £>' SHOES. —The subscribers have just opened a large supply of Boots add Shoes, suitable fr Fail and Winter. .1. H. CR.IMER Sr Co. SHERIFFS SALES. Ry virtue of sundry wiits of Fi. Fa. tome ('meted, tin it- will be sold, at thp Court House, iu the fini otigii. f Bedford, on Monday the 17: ! i day of Km ember, I85(i, at one o'clock, P. M. Uie fblioVi ing described Real Estate, to wit: A!! Mary Weis-'s Interest in and to a tract of iand containing SOarn-s, more or Jess, about f)0 acres cleared arid tinder fence, with a two Story Log House, Double Log fjarn, and wagon shed thereon eretted, adjoining Sands of Hetirv Kanfliiian, Aaron Crov.-, John Bradlv, and oth ers: situate in St. Clan tow nship, Bedford coun ty, as tile property of Mary Wi'isrl. Also one lot of ground in the Town of Wood berry, fronting ('ft fe. t on tie* PaMonsvilit* and Woodberry turnpike Road, and extending hack : "00 feet to land T (P orge R. Barndollar, with a Two Story Rough Cast Tavern House, Store Room and frame Stable thereon erected, and as Lot No. . in general (dan ot said Town, adjoin ing lot of Dr. SaoiU' l 11. Smith on the north, and lot of Samuel J. Cu:n*r on tiie south . situ ate in Middle IVoodberrv township, Bedford ' nunty, and taken in execution as She property i i Jacob StiniehSv. Als i OTI" tract ol land containing 382 acres, more or P ss, a'nmt 90 a-r> s chaird and under l-no, with a Two Story Leg House, Tenant, and 2 double log Barns thereon erected, also if Apple orchard.- then-en, adjoining lands o! \Vm. j T. Daugherty, Win. P. Scheli, and others ; sit i uate in Bioad Top Township, Bedford Countv, ; and taken in t tie ex-cut ion as the piopertv of , Gen. \\ in. H. Irw in. Also one Lot, of (jround in tiie Town of Pain : Alto, containing ; acre, more or less, fronting oti public road leaning from Seheffsburg to Cumber- I land, with one and a half story devilling house, Stole house, Ware house, Shoemaker shop. Wagon maker shop, and frame stable thereon ♦■reeled, adjoii ing lands of John Coirp, Daniel P.. i roti!, F.MJ., and others; situate in L >!;- dorideiry township, Bediord Countv, and taken in execution as the property (j. Buchan an. A1 so nil of Del nda ni s Interest, in and to a ! rat > of land containing 9iJ acre*, more or )■ s>, about •<:> acres cleared arid tinder fence, v. itn 2 two story L"g ii a.s- s, 2 spring houses, and 2 double log f urns thereon erected, also an ap ple orchard thereon, adjoining lands of Edward v\ an! in right of John KeefF's loirs, on the Last, Jacob Sieek now G.orge Ickes, on the west, and Peter L>ng in right of William Sun ear, on the south, situate in St. Clair township, Bedford county, and in the jmsNssion of Andrew Adams, Mai v Bowen arid George fckes, and taken in execution as the property of Win. An derson and Jame., J. Anderson. Also ail D> fendants Interest in ami to a tract of land, containing f o acres, more nr less, about 5 acres c|e3red and under fence, with three one and a half story log houses thereon erected, ad joining lands of Charles Sluckev, Moses Wise gar ver, and otliers, situate in Bedford township, Bedford County, and taken in execution as the property of Nelson Davis, Thomas Davis and Allen Richardson. Also all defendants, Pet r Morningstar, his interest in and to a tract of land containing 20 acres, more or less, about "2 acre? cleared and under fence, adjoining lands of George R. Barn dollar, Rndolphus Hoover, and others, situate in Middle YVootiberrv township, Bedford county, as the property of Peter M rningsfar and wife. HUGH MOORE, Sheriff. Oct. 25, IS5(>. Registers Notice. AM persons interested, either as heirs, credi tors or otherwise, are hereby notified that the following named persons have filed their ac counts In the Register's Office, and that they will be presented to the Orphan's Court of Bed ford County, on Friday, the 21st day of Nov. next, for confirmation, at which time and place they may attend if they think proper: The account of S. H. Tate. Esq.,, adtnr. of Jacob Diehl, late of East Providence township, dec'd. The account of Adam Burger, Guardian ot Susannah Skell v, daughter of Jacob Skelly, late oi Woodbert v township, dec'd. The account of Levi Evans, admr. of Marv Hoover, late of Liberty township, dec'd. The account of Christopher ALtz, one of the admr".--. of Wm. Melz, late ut Coleraiu township, dec'd. The account of Nathan Rohison, a<lmr. of Pnilip Moss, late of Southampton township, de('d. ihe account of John Miller and Abraham Miiler, exec's, of the iust VV ili, Sa\, ol Elios Miller, late of Hsrfi.-on township, dec'd. The account d" Catharine Seigler, admr\x. of John S- ig'er, late of Southampton toivtiship, dec'd. The account of Anthonv Smith, and Emanu el Shatter, aiimr's. of Jsu.ic, late ol Colerain township, dec'd. Tin* account of Archibald Pefdew, Esq., admr. or VV rn. Uu'ov, late of Southampton town ship, dec'd. The account of Alexander llolsinger. admr. of George Replogle, late ol Middle VYoodberry township, dec'd. The account of Wm. Bishop, trustee f>r sale .of Real Estate, of Win. Van Clove, late of Bel fast township, Fulton county, formerly Bedford ; County, dec'd. The account of Saml. Griffith, admr. of Val entine \angle, late <,l'St. I lair township dec'd Th" account <>f S. H Tate, Esq., admr. of the estate of James M.Gi' on, late of Bedford , Borough deceased. The account of A. J. Cline, Esq. admr. with the Will annexed of Hugh Armstrong, late of Avr tow ship, Bedford (now Fulton) county, ! det'd. 1). VVASIIABAI GH. Roister. Oct. 2+, 1856. NOTICE TO TEACHERS. Wanted in the Bedford Borough School Di-trirt t vi'o male and three femate Teachers. Teaehets ) wanting employment should make immediate appli cation to the Board, as it is contemplated opening : the srhooison the Ist ot November next. Bv order of the Board. JOHN P. KKF.J), Secretary. Oct. 10, 15.16. TEACHERS WANTED NINE Teachers wanted to take charge of the Common Schools in Colerain township. Ap ple immediately to JOSHEA SHOEMAKER, Sec't. ofthe Board. Oct. 17, 1856. Shad, Mackerel, and Herring just received | at Shoemakers Colonade Store. ! Oct. 3, ISG.