Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, December 26, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated December 26, 1856 Page 3
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No Paper next Week. -•---> fhere will be no paper issued from this PfiTcei>f*t week, in accordance with a custom t ,-mer years which should not be lost sight °i The deficiency, however, will he made up to subscribers. "'J*Adam? &Co. have established their Ex on the H. &. B. T. R. R. and appointed ! \V. ASHCOM, Esq., agent at Hopewell. TUE VVONDEP. OK THE NINETEENTH CB.VTCRY— E\'S SAHSAKARIM-A. —This medicine may be ,; at # ny season ot' the year—sprnij:, summer, !i ' i, Gentle, though potent in its action, it so • 'ies the blood and juices that rutaneous affer ;.„ch • spots, blotches, piiT!|les, fee., are rap rured ; and so adapted to ail constitutions, that >' V deservedly esteemed t>y the'many thousands that ' ■ '.aken it, the mo-t general family medicine j-f.owro. —Linisvilfe Tunes. ititlAMC FOB if H 1 ~ £ ~ c * r. ~ *< >i *" 2 J- $ i" - ? ? S. E << jtNTARV, 1 2 3 J ' 4 .1 C 7 8 9 10 11 12 33 14 15 10 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 I. crßlli#W 1 2 :1 15 6 7 T 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 1, 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 21 25 26 27 28 JJtinV 12 3 15 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 50 31 \PPJL, 10 3 4 5 5 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 - 19 20 21 22 S3 21 25 • *26 27 28. 29 30 HAT, " V - " 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 IS 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 20 27 28 29 30 31 u-\F, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 S 9 10 11 12 13 It 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 2-5 26 27 28 29 30 JULY, 1 2. 3 4 5 0 7 8 9 10 11 13 H 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 21 25 26 27 28 29 30 AUGUST, 1 2 3 4 5.6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 11 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 21 25 26 27 28 29 .30 31 SEPTEMBER, I 2 3 4 5 6 13 14 15 16 ! 7 IS 19 20 21 22 23 21 25 26 27 28 29 30 OCTOBER, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 li) 11 12 15 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23. 21 25 26 27 28 29 20 31 NOVEMBER, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 -11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 92 23 24 25 28 27 28 *9 38 DECEMBER, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 It 15 10 17 IS 19 20 21 o*. 23"~stg4 25 26 , 27 28 29 30 Tt BEDFORD COUNTY, SS: At an Orphan's Court fold at Bedford, in ai. hr the Connie of Jirti, on the IBth 4 .November, A. D. 1856, befiWH-the Judgvsi '.•:* v said Court a- •'ioriofO. E. Shannon, Esq., the Court r u a rule upon he hen s and legal represen ; if Michael Boor, late of Cumberland ■ v township, deceased, to wit: W, ii-mi Poor, .Hi" of said heirs residing in | \ -:-. v countv Ohio, the i--ue <| J Jin Boor, • 1: I nab, Mai v Jane, mtermar uith Abraham, Elizabeth Ann, ah and Job, all residing in C 1 av countv, Jn . i. Saniu- I Boor, residing in Bedford count v, a Jonathan Boor, residing in Bedford county, rntl appear a! an Orphans' Couit to f.-e held s' .iLrd in arid for the countv <">( Bedford, on - cond Monday, ninth day of February, A. !). IS;)?, to accept or refuse to take the Real f 'av of saisi deceased, at the valuation, which •'n "ii valued and appraised in pursuance of ' of partition or valuation issued out of our " c s.'urt and to the Sheriff of said countv di ' >d, or show cause why the same should not s ,i.i In t-stimony whereof I have hereunto set • nib and tile S--al of said Court at Bedford ■ 2fth day of November. A. D. ishfj. D. WASH ABA UGH, Clerk. fi ; GH MOORE, Sb'lT. 'Uc. 2b, 1856. PCBUC SALE OF Talnabla P.sal Estate & Persona! PROPERTY. n* undefsigned, surviving Executor of the Wib &. Testament of John Wilson, late of ; "f Township, Bedford county, deceased, ■ v, il, at ptrfdic outcrv, up-m the premises, THURSDAY the 2<Jth day of January, 'Sail the following described real estate, to Wit: 1 had of land situate in Napier township, Z lands of Qeoige Mullin, Gabriel Hull, ;; .Vlowry, William Crissman, Amariuh a, and others, containing 230 acres and 4 < ce. more or less, aboul 70 acres cleared - : u- fer fence,the balance well covered with ■'i .', U bite Oak, and other valuable timber. la y"!;'i i s favorably situated in a pleasant -' •'rhnod, and the whole is well adajrfed - brming or grazing purposes. The improve cm:<ist in part of a comfortable ".""■•mg House, convenient to a good Spring • it"r, a Double Log Barn, out-buildings, ■ *C. The undersigned will sell, at the '"tie and place, the Personal property of l -consisting in part of Stock, to .' T)ne Cow, 1 Heifi'er, 1 Lot of Sheep, 1 ,j| " ■?*, also Hay by the lon, and Grain, i. Rve, Oats, Corn and by r '-Lei; besides Household and Kitchen ; "Ure, and other articles too numerous to • "''"in. ( I® commence at 10" o'clock, A. M. of ; when due attendance will be given - " c.r.s made known hv AM ART AH WILSON, Sn viving Executor of the lost „ W'li&c of John Wilson, dec'd. D - 25, 1856. Shcej Glasswarej and Variety STORE, ADAM FEItG US 0 N Has just opened, next door lo Mtnriick's,on •Itiliina street, a i;n assortrnent ol Shoes and Boots, of every kind, xi/.e and description.— \lso an eNtetisitie assortment ol Gi issware, in c iuding fake stands, preserve dishes, cake baskets, hall lamps, tumblers, large beer glasses, window glass, card receivers, terra cotta, &c. Also silver cake baskets, and a variety of other articles in that line. He has also on hand the best kind ot Tobacco and Cigars, cheese and crackers, carpet ba<;s, Misses satchels, Gentle men's canes, shotguns, Gentlemen's and Ladies' gloves, of all kinds. Hoisery of ail descrip tions, and a variety of other articles, not neces saiv to mention. Having Ixruirht his shoes and glassware, in larger quantities, than is osuel fur country mer chants, he can sell at reduced prices. Dec. 36, 1 Sn(s. NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS. Some of the taxpayers of Colerain township wish to give public notice that the office of County Super intendent of Common Schools, will expire next April, ami they think that office useless, grievous, am! btir dewsoine to the taxpayers of said county, we there fore request a!! persons in this county, that think the office useless, to be engaged iu gelling lip petitions, praying the Legislature to exonerate us from thai Useless office. John Botiser, Jonathan flouser. William Stißer, Ja cob Beard, John li. Devore, .Michael 1/iehl. L-v; AVnetstorie, Samuel M. Overocker, lVnri.,S. ileegle. Wm. England, Joseph Beegle, llnuni Sl.tler, John li. Shafer, John Shater, Adam Shafer. Aaron Whet stone, Frederick 1 rieud, Isaac L'ichl, Joshua lire lit, Valentine Erect. Dec. 26, 1856. FtRLIC SAL?: OF FIFTEEN DI'NDEED ACRES OF VALUABLE LAND IN SOMERSET COUNTY. Tiie undersigned,surviving executor ot John KeeHe, late of Bedfui'd ofl.-r, mi the j remises, df the hoo*e now occupi ed I• v Mr. Jf.te.b Knigb r, on 'i UESfiAN , the "27th day of JAM"A RY, IS">7, r.!l (he f.dlow ing NINE TRAC TS or farms of LAND, be longing to the estate ot said deceased* atid de scrilled as follows, viz: * NO. i. A Tract of Land situate in Alleghe ny Township, adjoining lands ol Brown, other lands ol J lit) Keeffe, and lantl of said Keefle it: right of Jacob iFmre and Peter Le mon, containing 12-t acres and allowance. NO. 2. A Tract of Land adjoining the a - f;c ve, and other land fit'said Keeiie, -and land of Famuej Joi.ion, being Tract in right of i'eter Lemon, containing 22A acres and allowance. NO. R. A Tract of Land adj dning Lands of Adam Brown, Jait.<s Wills, Dane I Berkley, Paul Zanizitiger and others, containing 21+ a cres und allowance. NO. +. A Tract of Land adjoining other lands of Kee.Te in bis own and in right of Jno. Hoover, Ann Bo'd, John W.-rr, in right of Paul Zantziriger, containing SO acres and al lowarice, being Tract in right of Jacob Boor. NO. 5. A Tract of Lam! adjoining the a hove, and land of Thomas jlow n, John Han, James Philson, J .hn Ware and others, contain ing 271 i acies and allowance. NO. 6. A Tract of Land adjoining lands of Adam Brown, James Wells, and other Lands of John Keefle, eonuiniag I7u acres and al fov. mice. NO. 7. A Tract of Land adjoining Lands ot SamiiJi Jordon, Nathan Hamnion, Mang's ! h> iand other land of Kreti'e, in right of IV- 1 ter Lemon, containing 3SJ acres, ami ailovv ance, more or b ss. NO. S. A Tract of Land adjoining other lands of Kee/fe, being part of John H'-riyin right of Paul Zantzinger, containing ."> acres and ! 37 perches and allowance. NO. 9. A Tract of Land adjoining th • tract j las', aliove mentioned, containing 21 acres and j i IU perches and allowance. A large poition of the above land is cleared j and in a good state of cultivation, and tin* re- j mainder is well covered with valuable white j Pine, Spruce, and other kinds of limber. The w hole is well supplied with streams of j running wafer, and '.s favorably adapted fur j farming or grazing purposes. It is also favorably situated, being on the ; Glade Turnpike, leading from Bedford to So merset, arid is within a few miles of the C'on neiisville rail-road. The improvements consist in part of a good j two story tavern house, a double log i are, wa- I gem shed, corn crib, and the usual out-build- ; ings, ivC. There is also a good Saw-mill erected upon '.me of the Tracts, with plenty of water, and convenient to prime timber. Persons desirous of purchasing would do well to examine these several properties before the t irne of .-ale. The whole will be offered together, or in j parts, to suit purchasers. Sale to commence at 10 o'clock, A. M., i wli n due attendance will he given and terms made known by SAMUEL BROWN", Surviving Executor of the last Will, d-c. of John Keefle, deceased, i Bedford, Dec. If), 1856. C7"--<irni>ret Democrat will p|pa c e publish till nale and send bill to Kxecuior Inr payment. D AG UE'JES Si EOT Y I*s? jI.YD .IMBKOTYPE LIKE.VESSKS. The subscriber begs leave to announce to the citizens of Cumberland \ alley and the sur rounding country that he has opened a room in Centrevilie where he will take Daguerreotype Likenesses iu Lockets, Bieast Pins, Bracelets, icc. &c.. Also in fancy and common case?, a variety of which he has just received, ranging in price from $1 up. Pictures taken in all kinds of weather, at moderate prices. He hopes lobe liberally patronized, satisfied that lie can please all who honor him with a call. DANIEL R. ANDERSON. Dec. 5, T856. STRAY STEER. Came to the premises of the subscriber living in West Providence township, about the l?t Dec. inst., a stray steer, about 3 years old —no maiks. White stripe on the hack. The own er is desired to come forward, prove property, pay charges, and take him awav. CEO. BRANTNER. Dec. 26, 1856 * >ib AYER'S V/' w.A PILLS. TOR ALL THE PTJKPO3ES OF A FAMILY PHYSIC. THUHR has lone existed a public demaud for an effec tive puiiic.nve pill which could he relied on as sure and peril .. tii ..ifci iu its operation. This has iieeu prepared to 'iicet th t tletnnii'l, and an extensive trial of its virtue* has conciusiv. iv shown with vviuit success it accomplishes t.ic purpi so designed. It is easy to nnke a physical //ill, hut not easy to make the best of all pills one which should hiiv.t mine o:' the oieeetions, (mtr-all the advan tap s. < f every other. This has been attempted here, and with what success we would respect fully submit to i.e pmi.l i division, it has been unfortunate for tiie path lit hitherto that almo-i cvi ri ptirgative medicine is .11 tin.unions il muling to the ou.Wtls. The is not. M iiir of then, prodneu so niiu-h grilling twin and rcvul -'•in :u t. a S'.stcm as to niorc th .n coll!)tcriiaLoiie the ."•'•1 to i.e derived from then. These ;*?/ produce no .rriupioti >r pain, unless it arise from a prevh.tislv -'\ist i.'ijr ohstruetion or deraiigcment iu the bowel-;, being purely v octal.ic. ,10 harm can ailso from their use in Miv ijimntity ; hut it is better th I my medirifte should ce taken judiciously. Minute directkias for tlieir use in the .- "vi r.I (iisca-u. v to which, they are applicable are c:veil on tl.e 1.-o\ A nam'* the compi iin's which have i, en speedily cured by thetn, v.e may mention Liver ' oiiiiuii m. ot its vai ions fornis of Jattmliee, Indigestion, l."e_i or. and Loss of Appetite, I.istlesSues.:. Irritability, l; . HIS Headache, bilious IVYIT, IT v<r and Ague, ban in the Sine andi-onia; for, in truth, all these are hot il l- v.m ■: . i.ciwe of di- cased action in the liver. As an a peri: n. fay n'fit.i , rompt and sure relief in Costrve ■ i'.h -. tTjiu-., Diseutevy, llumnrs, Scrofnia and N aw . Colas with soctTicss of the hotly. Ulcers and im pii..'l> the h'.o.-d :in short, any and every case where a pari;; rjve s requin >l. li ey nave also puxluced some siincularlv successful rui" . in !Uo inn ilisiu Goui. Dr< |~y, Co-iv<!, lirisijHl..s, bal'-iiatiou of the Heart, fains in" the i>. ck. Kroma. h, and Side. 1 hey should he freely taken in the sprine of the y ,tr, to purify the blood and prepare the system for the change of seasons. All occasional dose stimulate* the stoma h and bowels into healthy action, and restores the appetite and vigor. '1 hey purify the blood, and, bv their stimulant action on tiie circulatory s-%st 11, ren'i •vvte the strenirUi of the laidy, and restore the •vested or diseased energies of the whole organism. Hem ean oc casional d e is iJv.intageous. even tlmugjr 110 serious derangem. I.i exists j hat unnecessary dosing should never ho i-nrricd too far, as e- erv purgative medicine reduce: the strength, when taken to exeu .s. The thou sand eases in wlm-h a jiliysic is rcipiired eanyiot he enii mcruted hero, but tlu i su<-g' .-f themselves to the reason of every body: and this pid i- ftitiutl to ai.swev a better pi rp so tioiii I.nv th,ng win i: has hitherto been avi to maiikied \\ here their virtues arc • neo knew*a, the public will no long; iloif ? what remedy to cmplov when ie need ot a cathartic medicine, being sugar wrapped tiler are pi- to t ike, and being pnrelv harin f r on f ejr m 1 nam ijiiantitv ' I*or lioiiute dueclioii-psto wrsj per 011 the box. i : 611 pa it no :;t" JAMES ('. AVER, Fnietit-iiS Uislylicnl €l:cinisl, I.OAVELL, MASS. Price 25 Cents per lex. Tive Eoxss for sl. A Y Kll' S T"r T8 77 "T TT "78 f* rr" ■*, T\ F V i £lI) 1 uRAI, F'*4>r (Uc luphl Uurc of 'OU< KS. (Ol.ns. fIOI!.'SL\KSS, BiiON < inns. HHoori\G-i©r<ai, i ROOP, ASTiIHi, AND (o\Sl AIS'TIOX. Ttits retr. 'dy has won f..r it-elf such "cfr.rietv from its cures of every variety of pulttiom.ry diseas,-, that it is et.t.K iv tut in ,ry t>i re: cunt the evid.':ic< of its ir tii" ■ in any i omiiiiiuity where ii has been cmploverl. So wnlo is f!i" iieb! of .!- us; fithm s, and s< numerous the ei, .of ;r s cur .•.a. at aim ist CVITV section of the egun tiyah- in ' on- pic ; "ly ku iwn, win hive hpyn M -lorcc irnia alatmitig and even desnernte diseases of tiie lung- by its use. When oner tried, its superiority over ri' .v other uudieiuc •i' it- l iud i- too atip .reiit tl> c- apt oh-c. vatioii. and where its virtues arc known, the public no longer hesitate wlint i.utidote to empley for the d;-!re--ing ami d.ii gcrims atici'tiem of the pnlmonarv <r --.■ - which are iic . • nt to onr ' iitnute. And not only iu formidahlp att:: k-: upon the- lungs, but for the milder varieties of ('III.I ('H ULLS, HoASi.SI NF.RK, *e., and for CunJitiMN, it i- the pic-santcst and safest medicine that obtained. A- it has long hern in tise thronghruit tb's sc tion. w.. m ed not do more than assure the people its lity is kept up to the best that it ever has been, and ii. :t th. genuine article is sold by Dr. F. C. Runner, and Dr. B. F. Harry, Bedford, Pa. Dec. -dli, 1 S:")6. ! tCLI( nils: or DROAD-TOP COAL AND [RON-ORE LANDS. IMB subscriu it! 11, without Mitvc, at Ilopewell, Bedford Count v, Pa., on VVednes (iav December 3lst, ISSU, at I o'clock, P. M, all 1 li>s" two adjoining tracts of Coal and Iron- Ore lands, known as the Isaac Grove tiact. wn ta 1 nin-r six hundred and sixty-eight acres, situ ate in Broad Top township, Bedford county, and immediately on the hue of the Sandy Bon Branch of the Huntingdon and Broad Top Rail Road, bounded on tire North-east by tire Hopeweji Coal Bank tract, (now owned by James B. Lane.) <.n which is opened the Chiv irieton nine-Lot vein of semi-anthracite coal, which underlies the whole of these 6GN acres, together v\ 11h several other veins, and also a large vein of iron-ore of a good quality. From its locality, and the quantity and quality of its coal arid iron-ore, this is perhaps the most valu able large tract of mineral lands on Broad Top. T.-rrns made known on day of sale. An in disputable title u ill he given. I'. S.—The above will he sold together, or in 100 acre tracts to suit purchasers. JAMES J. .M-EL HANKY, JOHN DOUGHERTY. Nov. 5, 1856. JU'iPS# HAS just returned from the City with an as sortment of fashionable WINTER GOODS, such as Velvet and Satin Bonnets, Ribbons, Plumes and French Flowers, Cloaks and Tal malis. Furs of all kinds. An elegant assort ment of DRESS C.OOODS, French Merinoes, Coburg Cloth, English Merino, Plaid Cashmere, French Merino Robes, Chintz R dies, Chiidrens'Hats and Bonnets, Coals and Talmahs, French Worked Collars, Kid Gloves and Hosiery,

Ladies' Boots and Shoes, Heeled (Jailers, Misses and Childrens' Boots and Shoes. ANo a general assoi tine.nt of all kinds of GOODS. French and Engl'sh FANCY GOODS. Nov. G, 1856. FOR WlXTEß.— Ladiesand Misses Wool en Talmas—second supply just received and lor sale by A. B. CRJMER & Co. JOHN BORBER, GUNSMITH, Vv'ill attend to all business in his line in the best style,on short notice and reasonable terms. nLP°*Shop at the east end of Bedford. Dec. 12, 1856. ly. ValuaMe House & lot For sale IN THE BOROUGH OF BEDFORD! The subscriber will sell, at public outcry, on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 27, insf. the bouse in which he at present resides, being a large Brick Building handsomely finished, with a commodious Store Room adjoining, a first rate Stable, Yard, Garden, Carriage house, Wood Simd, bake Oven, and every other convenience. It is situate in the central part of the town, and has been recently newly painted and papered. This is one of the most desirable properties iri Bedford, and is calculated for either a private residence or public house. (LP s*Terms 5 *Terms made known on day of sale. Sale to commence at 10 o'clock, A. M. JOHN G. HARTLEY. Dec. 12, 1856. PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ES TATE IN THE BOROUGH OF BEDFORD I By virtue of an order of the Orphan's Court of Bedford county, the undersigned will oiler at public Sale, on the promises, in the Borough of Bedford, on SATURDAY, THE 17th OF JANUARY NEXT, the following described Real Estate, late the property of Mary Ann Arnold, deceased, viz: All that Lot of ground known in the general plan of said Borough .No. 57, and having there on erected a Log Dwelling House and back building: also a fiame Carpenter Shop. irr Tern:>: Cash at confirmation of sale by the Court. JOHN ARNOLD, Administrator. Dec. 12, 1856. STRAYS. CAME To tne premises of the subscriber, living in Juniata Town-hip, about the Ist of November, 1 young cattle, supposed to be :) years edd next Spring. ()e red and white spotted steer; one red brindle steor ; one black heifi'er, with a white -pot on th'> shoulder, and one ted beiti'er with the left ear rut off. The owner is requested to corne forward, prove prop erty, pay charges and take theni avvov- JOSEPH COLLEDGE. Dec. 12, lS'.O.* MURK NEW GOLDS AT SIIOEMAXER'S COLON ABE STORE. The subscribers having just returned from the east are now receiving a general assortment fit Ladies Dres Goods, which consist in pari of Cotntrgs, Thibet?, Delaines, Alpaccas, Merinos, black and fancy Silks, &c. &c. Also Cloths, Cassimeres, Satlinetts, Jeans, See. Groceries, Queerisware, Hardware, Buckets, Brooms, Looking Classes,ik.c. '1 hetr stock con sists of ewrv article usual!v kept in store, which they will be pb-a-ed to .-to w to all who u ay fa vor them with a call: and will be sold cheap. Thankful for cast favors, they hope by htir dealing and a desire to pi-ase to continue to re ceive a liberal share of patronage. All kinds of Produce taken in exchange for goods. BOOT .'LVD SHOE STORE. A large assortment of Boots and Shoes-just received and for sale at Shoemakers Colnnade Store. Dec. 12, 1856. pw FALL ami WINTER HOODS AT CEEA? SIDE STORE! The undersigned has- just returned fiom the eastern cities with a large stock of F*ILL tS* nIMF. II GOODS. A general assortment of LADIES' Dress GOODS, which consists, in part, of J! la a'; and Fancy Si/ics, Delaines, Madonna Co bersr, Merino, icc. See. Also, a great variety ol (Cloths, Cassimercs, Ca-sin< tls, Jeans, &.c. o^c. Boots, Shoes, Hats and Caps—Groceries, Qneensware, Hardware, Brooms, iJuck-ts, Look ing Glasses, &e. &.c. The above Stock consists of every article usu ally kept in Store, all of vi liicl) will be sold Cheap for Cash or approved produce. Thankful for past favors, he hopes, by lair dealing and a desire to please, to continue to merit ami receive a hoetal share ol the public patronage. G. YV. liC PP. Oct. 3, 1356. I. EST or fjKTTEKS JIF.M AINING in 'be Post Ollire at Bedford, Pa., Dec. 1/iih; ISSC. Persons calling tor letters in this list will please ay they are a Ivei tl-eil. Adams Robert, Anderson 8 I'. Allison James, lialler Jacob, Bingham U K Rev, Renter J, Price P.i /.abeth, Cannon 1 ll,Cor.lin SamßCarhy Sarnl, Compiler Alx, Dolt:i! Rachael, Dwianil Alathias, Dull David, Davis John. England J< Mali, Ferguson Jo-eph, l'reet Isaac, Greenfield W, Hick-on Klizabeth, Hildebrand Ka rlntel C Miss, Ickes Charles, Imler tlenry, Ivegg A J, Kegg Jo t ph. Ki Satnl. A. 11, Lemple Alx. I.inch Robt, Mnhollan Silly or Mary, 2; Mull (ieotge. Morehead John, Nycum John, J'ary W, Red path 11 11. Ripley Humphrey, Riceling John, Rutser Ann Mrs, Stirie U',2; Speck Henry. Tobias M A, Wiley George T, Wogun Mary, Williams Jane, Walters Callie, Williams John. AGNF.S SAUPP, P. M. Dec. 19, ISiIR. NEW STORE AND NEW GOODS!! THE subscriber would announce to his old friends, a- well as to the public at lay, that he has opened an ENTIRELY NEW STORE in the Borough of Bedford, immediately opposite the Washington Hotel, where he has just re ceived a stock of SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS of a superior quality, embracing al most every article in the DRY GOODS and GROCERY LINE, to which he invites the es pecial attention of the people, who may find it to tin-ir interest to give him a call before pur chasing elsewhere. His Goods will be exhibit ed with pleasure, whether purchased or not, SAMUEL BROWN. Bedford, May 23, 1556. PURCHASERS, THIS WAY! MORE GOODS.—The subscriber has re ceived and opened another elegant assortment of WINTER GOODS, embracing a splendid assortment of Ladies and Gentlemens Dress Goods, Boots, Shoes Caps, Furs, and almost e ver v other article adapted to the season, which he offers at a small profit for either cash or ap proved produce. Call at the Cheap Store and judge for yourselves. We consider it no trou bid to shew our goods whether purchased or not. JACOB REED. Dec. 5, 1856. j QJ"NO HUMBCU.—H. H. HOTZ'S CKLEBRA -1 TED Tetter Wash, is the only sate and pure remedy j ever discovered for curing the Tetter, Ringworm, ' and all eruptions of the Skin. It is so iufalleble a remedy, that a perfect cure in all capes ol Tetter is i guaranteed, if attentively applied. In ordinary cases one bottle will besuffieent to perfect a cure. !n bad cases, with a Tetter of long standing, more will be required. Price 25 cents per bottle, For sale at Dr. B. F. Reamei's Bedford. April 25. 18fi6-ly. PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE HEAL ESTATE. The undersigned will offer, at Public Sale, on the premises, in Bedford Township, on FRI DAY, 9th of January next, the following des cribed Real Estate, known as the "Daniel Heltzell Property," adjoining lands of Michael Stdller, Henry Wyant, Adam Croyle, John Earnest, Joseph Price, and others, and contain ing 10+ acres and 30 perches and allowance— about one half thereof cleared and under good fence. The land is in a high state of cultiva tion. The improvewents are a Log House, Log Barn, Gtauery and Wagon-Shed, Spring house, N.c. There is also an Orchard ofchoice fruit upon i the premises, together with a variety of other choice truit, besides the orchard. TERMS:—The grain in the ground goes | with the land. SBOO to he paid on the Ist of Nov., 1857, and the balance in three equal an nual payments,one the Ist of April, 1858, 1859, |and 18(i0, with interest on the whole from Ist April, 1857. Possession tobegiven let April, I 1857. FREDERICK BENEDICT, (). E. SHANNON. Dec. 19, 1856. THE ASSESSORS W.ll meet at the Commissioner's Office on Monday the sth day of January 1857, to re ceive their Duplicates. Instructions, Ssc. By otder of the Commissioners. A. S. RUSSELL, Clerk. Dec. 19, 1850. v£ ? , VVV V ■'/ #'"*'< "-rf *'•' ysjjT ' {&£■ - THE undersigned having entered into part nership, respectfully announce to the public generally, that they are now prepared to fur nish anvthitig in their line at exceedingly low rates. We are now opening an el-gariS Stock of Hardware, CutJefy, House Furnishing Goods, Tin Japanned, Brass, French, and Biiltania Ware, Willow, Cedar, and Pine Ware, Nails. (>!as--, Brushes, Putty, src., &.c. A large stock of TIN-WARE constantly on hand, ot our own manufacture. Spouting and other work done to. order, as usual. STOVES of every descrip tion for wood or coal, of which we are just re ceiving some beautiful new patterns. Also Farm Implements in great variety, warranted as rep resented, the best and latest Inventions of the day. And, as we are every week receiving goods from Philadelphia, Baltimore, or Pitts burg, we will always endeavor to keep a full soppiv of everything in our line, or at least furnish any article required at a short no tice. YVe are also preparer! to furnish all kinds of Lead Pipe, YV'ater and Pomp Fixtures, at low rams. We cordially invite all to give us a call, and especially the Ladies, as we have nearly everything to make house keeping easy from a Needle to a Cooking Stove. GEO. BLYMIRE, YYM. HARTLEY. Oct. 3, 1856-1 y. DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. The partnership in the Saddle and Harness business heretofore existing between Baylor and Ling, lias been dissolved this day by mutual consent. The hooks of the firm are in the hands of Simon Ling, to whom payment is immedi ately requested. A.J. BAYLOR, SIMON LING. Nov. 28, 1856. Kew Flfi'&si. SADDLES, H.IRXESS, TRUXKS, WHIPS, i s c. The undersigned would respectfully an nounce to the citizens of Bedford county that they have fomed a partnership, and are now ful ly prepared to manufacture all kinds of work in their line of business, of the best material and upon the shortest notice. nrf WHIPS, wholesale and retail. Shop a! the old stand on Pitt Street, Bedford, Pa. SIMON LING, J. A. HENDERSON. NEW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. THE undersigned have just opened their usu al supply of KPltlSti & KIJITIIIERtiOODS, and will take pleasure in showing them, to all who mav favor us with a call. Git at bargains will be offered for Cash, and all kinds of Coun try produce—or to punctual customers,a credit of six months will be given. A. B. CRAMER & CO. Bedford, May 2, 1856. Public Sale OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE. BY virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court of Bedford County, the undersigned will offer at public sale on the premises on SATURDAY 20th dav of December next, tlip following de scribed Real Estate situate in St. (.'lair Town ship, adjoining lands of Nicholas Lyons, Espy L. Anderson, Moses Dubbs and others, and hav ing thereon erected a Log and Frame House, Log Barn, and other out buildings. There are also two apple orchards upon the premises, and onespring. About fifty acres cleared and un der fence. Terms made known on day of sale. IURAM DAVIS, Adm'r with the Will annexed of Christian Mock, dee'd. November 28,1856. N©Ticr LETTERS of Administration on the Estate of Sophia Snider, and of Administration with the will annexed, of the Estate of John Snider, both late of Monroe Tow nship, dee'd, have this day been granted to the subscriber living in said Township. AII persons having claims against said Estate are requested to present them prop erly authenticated for set) lenient. JONATHAN SNIDER, Dec. 12, 185 C. Adm'r. ; t'ORN SIIELLER.S, FODDER ('UTTERS, and Corn TSi(l. rr~ Wf but ask the Farmers to give these Machines a trial; and, if they are not good, and do not wurk as ("presented, they may he refurn i ed, and the n.oney will be promptly refunded. ' Give them a trial —it will cost nothing—and, ! by having thern vou will save money. BLYMJRE & HARTLEY. Bedford, December 19, 185(j. IMII IMTIO\. Whereas Susan Dunkle, late of West Provi dence Township, Bedford county, deceased, died seized of the following Real Eatate, to wit: One lot, parcel, or pier* of land containing about four acres, adjoining lands of Henry Sni der, John Snider, and Simon Shartzer's heirs, situate in West Providence Township, Bedford county— Leav ing the following named heirs and legal representatives, to wit : Elizabeth, intermarried with Daniel Stuekev, residing in Fulton county, Illinois, John Dnr-kle, residing in Richland county, Ohio, David, who is now dead and leaving issue two children, viz : David and Susan, who are minors, residing in Lawrance county, P*nna., Mary, who was intermarried with Dunbar Sands, but who is now.dead, leaving issue six Children, who are minors, and whose names are not known, two of whom reside in Illinois, and the others in Bedford county, Jacob Dunkle, Simon Dunkle, Janp, intermarried with George B**gle, and William Dunkle, all residing in Bedford coun ty. Notice is therefore hereby given that in pur suance of a writ of partition or valuation to me directed, 1 will proceed to bold an Inquisition or Valuation on the premises, on Tuesday the 13th day of January next, when and where all interested may attend if thev see proper. HUGH MOORE. Sheriff. Dec. 19, ISnfi. IXQIISITIOX. whereas William Anderson, late of Broad Top Township, Bedford county, died seized of an interest in the follow ing Real Estate, to wit: The undivided one third part of a certain Tract of Land situ ate in Bioad-top Township, Bedford county, conta iuing two hundred and sixteen acres and one hundred and two perch es, neat measure, being composed of parts of three tracts of land, one of which was survey ed upon a warrant granted to Gabriel Chaney, dated 26th August, 1785; one other upon a warrant granted to Jeremiah Duvali, dated the 4th of August, 1755, and the other upon a warrant granted to Mary Fester, dated the 2d October, 1792 Leaving a widow Elizabeth Anderson, and issue eight children, to wit: Susan intermarried with Christian Broadstone, Wealthy intermarried with Lemuel Evans, Esq., Silas Anderson, Lenis Anderson, Amy Anderson, Matilda Anderson, a minor,all resi ding in Bedford county: Ruth, intermarried with Andrew J. Dunlap, residing in Hunting don county, Pennsylvania, and Issabella, inter married with George W. Schreeves, residing in Fulton county, Illnois. Notice is therefore hereby given that in pur suance of a writ of partition or valuation tome directed, I will proceed to hold an Inquisition' or valuation on the premises on Thursday the loth day of January rtex*t, when and where all interested may attend if thev SPP proper. HUGH MOORE. .Sheriff. December 19, 1556. PI'BLIC IlLfc The undersigned will offer at public sale, at his residence in Bedford, on SA I L RDA\, the 3d day of January, 1 Sf>7, the following Person al Property, to wit : Two Threshing Machines, one strap power, the other tumbling shaft power, with Shakers attached—both gotten op under the latest im provement. Cast Iron Lathe, calculated to turn Iron or Wood. The above articles war ranted. Also Lumber, three barrels Cider, a ('rout Cutter, one new one horse Sleigh, one set double string Bells, one sett of new Harness, one set of Blacksmith tools, one ten plate Stove, one coal Stove, one lar;e Meal Chest, together with a large number of other articles not ne cessarv to enumerate. TERMS:—AH sums above ten dollars, six months credit, all sums between five and ten dollais, three months credit ; all under five dol lars, cash. Sale to commence at 10 o'efoe?:, A. M. of said clav, when due attendance will be given by WILLIAM RITCHEY, Machtnul. Dec. 19, 1556. NOTICE. The undesigned appointed bv the Orphans' Court in and for the County of Bedford, to re port a distribution ofthe funds in the hands of Samuel H. Tate, Esq., admr. of the estate of Jacob Diehl, late of East Providence township, deceased, to and amongst creditors, will attend to the duties of said appointment, on Tuesday, the 30th day of December, 1856, at his office in ilie Borough of Bedford, when and where all persons interested can attend. J NO. P. REED, Auditor. Dec. 19, |856. NOTK K. The undersigned appointed by the Orphans' Court it) and for the County of Bedford, to ex amine and settle the exceptions filed to the con firmation ot the account of Christopher Metz, one of the administrators of the estate of \V m. Metz, deceased, and to report an acconnt togeth er with the facts, will attend to the duties of said appointment on Saturday the 3d day of January, 1857, at his office in the Borough of Bedford, when and where all persons interested can attend, if thev see proper. J NO. P. REED, Auditor. D,c. 19, 1856. NOTICE. The undersigned, appointed by the Orphan's Court of Bedford county to take evidence and report the facts in the matter of the Rule ot A dam Corle, devisee under the will of Leonard Corte, deceased, Rule at the instance of Martin Corle, will attend to the dnUes of his appoint ment on f'rida'y, the 2d day of January next, at his office in the Borough of Bedford, when and where all parties interested can attend it they see proper. JOHN P. REED, Dec. 19, 1856. Auditor.