Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, February 13, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated February 13, 1857 Page 1
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liv CfiSO. w. NEW SERIES. 5 c S c ft jJ O ttrg. ST.lit OF Tin: EVENING. I'!:? following beautiful effusion by J-'lonis R. : i ptoii, is copied irom tle "Mu.-ical I]o<jtiet ami mtule Choir:" Star of the evening, Glory on high, (pieen of The beautiful. Gem of the ?ky: r.ittl"il of the traveller, Lori2;n2 for i e-t, Fverrnore peacefully. Glow in the west. F.yes th?t are watching, G:rtteupnn; lives that are lovingly Watching for rue. Joy o! the wanderer, Kvermore shine; Smilingly 1 gaze on thee, Smile thou on mine. Da v~Sfar of Gladness, When o'er the sicies, Tempests arid darkness sweep, I)o thou arise ' And when faith falleth us. Light of the tilest. Sl'.ne on otir wanderings, us to rest. SONG FOR A FARMER'S BOY. t). a farmer's hoy is a joyful lad. So healthy, bright and Iree; hi Ids country home he is ever glad, O. that is 1 he home for rr e. With a hoop and a bawe to his lively team. With the lark abroad is he, W th his bread and tnilk nmobbed ol cream; O, that is the home for me. In the morning bright he drives away, tile morning sun we see. The lowing herd to the silver stream, And the pastures green ami Iree. In the summer time To the harvest field, With the cooling drink we see Both the farmer hoy ami the farmer girl; (.), that l- the home lor tne. When the autumn winds are sweeping wild, lie is gathering nuts, you see, For a winter store he'll lay them by. For his sister, himself, and me. To the orchard then he hies away. For he knows each favorite tree, And he saves the iriut for a coming friend; O.fhat is the home for me. When the w inter conies with the driving blast. Then the farmer's boy's in glee. For he loves the srir.w that is lulling fa-t, ,\s it's drifting o'er the lee. And he says to himself, to-morrow morn With rny sled and skates I'll he. While my cattle are munching their hay and corn; O, that is the home lor rne. RIB OR Rt ST. r.V KBENCZKR FLt.IOT. Idler, why lie down to die? Better rub than rust. Hark I the lark sings in the sky "D.e when die thou must 1 l>av is waking, leaves are shaking, Better rub than rust." In the grave there'.- sleep enough— Better rob than rust. Death perhaps is hunger proof, Die when die thou mu-t; Men are mowing, breezes blowing, Better rub than ru-t. lie who will not work shall want; Naught lor naught >s just Won't do, mu-t do, when he can't, Better rub than rust. Bees are flying, sln'h is dying, Better rub than rust. Terrible Accident on the Kric Railroad. (Ini- ,M<:n Ki!le.;l r.n<l ihniij Injured. The following particulars of the serious accident to the Cincinnati express train on th-- New- York ami Krie Railroad, on the 16th inst., were furnished by one of tire injured pas sengers : The train consisted of one baggage and two passenger cars, containing not far from fifty per ms, and at the time the accident occurred was going at a moderate speed. Our informant was in the forward passenger car, and says lie was first conscious of receiving a violent shock, and immediately felt himself precipitated towards one end of the car with most of the passengers, and the wreck of the seats and the stove piled up together. It seems the locomotive and tender parted from the rest of the train and were thrown off on the side from the river, while the cars went down the bank, which is about fifteen feet above the water. The river was frozen along the shore, anil one end of the first pass-mger car plunged through the ice, smashing the front and letting water into the car to the depth of two or three feet. Fortunately the fire in the stove was at once extinguished by the water. As soon as the passengers recovered conscious ness they set to work to break their way out through the shattered front of the car. A lad who was fastened under the fragments of the seats was completely drenched with water, and came near freezing to death before he was ex tricated. Nearly all the passengers in the for ward car were more or less bruis <l, though no limbs are believed to be broken. The rear car remained resting npon the ice, while its occupants were found to have sufrered more or less from contusions. The baggage car was completely demolished, and one man in it, a passenger killed, whose name our informant was unable to learn. Deceased was a sailor, and was coming; on to Cincinnati. Mis parents tire s iid to reside in Boston. There wete three or four others in the baggage car, all ui whom had a very narrow escape from death, and were quite seriimslv injured. The wounded were conveyed to the nearest dwelling house—about a quarter of a mile dis tant— and medical assistance, procured as soon as possible. Our informant received a severe cut over the right eye about three inches i:i length, which he thinks was caused by his head coming in violent contact with some portion of the car. Inconsequence of the rails being dis placed, ami not in a passable condition fir trains, the passengers arriving in the n true , east,- nnd west, together with their baggage, were transferred and the respective trains return ed. E HAVE NO .TEOTtfiCR. "Mayn't I stay, ma'am? I'll do anything you give rne; cut wood, go for water, and do all vour errands." f The troubled eyes of the speaker w ere filled with tears. Tt was a lad that stood at the out er door, pleading with a kindly-looking w oman, who still seemed to doubt the reality ol his good intent ions. The cottage stood by its-If on a bit.,k moor, or what in Scotland would have been called such. The time was near the latter end of S ■; t •mb'T, and a fierce wind rattled the boughs of the only two naked trees near the house,and Bid with a shivering sound into the narrow d or-wav, as if seeking for warmth at the blaz ing tire within. Now and then a snow-flake touched w iih he soft ciTilt the cheek of the listener, or whitened with the angry redness of the j r lm\ s I:t— -numbed hands. The woman w as evidently loath to grant the hoy's reqm and the p. ruii lu?k Matnped upon his features, would have s; *g,■•■!"! to any mind an idea of deptav itv* far ii*\ond hi years. But Imr woman's heart could tu-t insist the -orrow in those large, but hv h\ no tne.ins. barn!-one , giav eyes. "Come in, at any rate, til! the good man comes Lou. •. There, sit flown by the lire; you look ; ensiling with cold:" and she drew a rude chair up to the warmest corner; then, suspiciously glancing at the child from the i- mt-rs of l:er eyes, she c mtinued s' tting the table for supper. Presently came the tramp ol heavy shoes, the door was swung open with a quick jerk, and the "good man" presented huitsi 11, wearied wit it labor. A look ol intelligence between his wit" and kin self; he, too, scanned tie boy's face with an expression not evincing sa!isfac 1 ion; hut never theless bade him come to the and then en joyed the Ze>t with which he dispatched his supper. Dav after day pa->•••!, and vet re i v begged Jo he kept "only til! 10-moriowso I!;" g • d people, after due consideration, concluded that so long us he w as so do-. ;'ie, ami worked so heart ily, thev would retain him. One dav, in the middle of winter, a pedlar, long act list; tried to the trade at t he c >ilage, made .his appearance, nr. i disposed <.l his goods readi ly, as if he had beer. vai!d i >r. "You have a Nov out there, splitting wood, J see,"' he sa id, pointing to the yard. "Yes : do you know him ?" "] have seen him," replied the pedlar, eva- SlVely. '"•And where? Who is he? What is lie 7' ''A jail-bird : 'and the pedlar swung his pack over hi; shoulders "Titat hoy, young as lie looks. 1 ivv in com t myself, and heard his sen tence—' IVn months." lie's a hard one; you'd do wei! to look carefully alter i en. O 1 there was something so horrible in the word -jail," the poor woman trembled as sis-- hi id auav her purchases: n,r con hi she tie •a sv till she called the bov in, and assured him that she knew that dark part of li s history. Ashamed, distressed, the boy hung down his lmad ; his cheeks seen ■ d bursting witH the hot blood; his lips qui vered, and anguish was pain ted as vividly'upon his forehead, a< if the words were blinded into the flesh. "Well," !m muttered, his whole frame relax in*, as if a burden of guilt or joy had suddenly rolled may a- Well g.j to ruin at orie l : there's no ii>- iri my Irving to do better; eve rt hotly hates and despises me; nobody cans a | hunt me: f may as well goto ruin at onc.'t."' '•Tell lie said the unman, who shod oil far enough for flight, if that sh mid lie necessa ry, "how came you to go to that dreadful place ? Where was your mother—where "0 !" exclaimed the boy, with a hurst of grief that was terrible to behold, "01 1 hair, t riu mother! O! J hain't had no mother ever since ; 1 was a baby. If I'd only had a mother," be continued, his anguish growing more vehement, and the tears gushed out f rom his si range- J . ik ing gmv eyes, "I Wouldn't ha' b* en bound out, i and kicked, and cuffed, and laid on to with whips. I wouldn't ha' been saucy, and got knocked down, and run away, and then stole ; because I was hungry. O! 1 hain't got no mo ther ; 1 hain't got no mother : 1 haven't had no mother since I was a baby." The strength was ail gone from the poor hoy, and lie sank on ids knees, sobbing great choking sobs, and root ing the hot tears away utih his I pom- knuckles. And did that woman stand there unmoved ?—Did she coldly bid him pack up, and be off—the jail-bird ! No, no : she had been a mother, and though all her children slept und-r th<- sod in the church-yard, she was a mother still. She went up to that pi hoy, not to hasten hirn awav, bu'to lav her fingers kindly, softly on his head : to tell him to look no, and from henceforth find in her a mother. V> >, she even put Iter arms about the rock of that forsaken and deserted child : sire poured from a mother's heart sweet, womanly words; words of counsel and tenderness. (), how sweet was lou sleep that r.ight: how soft her pillow"! She had linked a poor suffei- FRIDAY MORNING, BEDFORD, PA. FEB. 13. 1857. ing heart to hers, bv the most silken, the stron- 1 gi'st bands of love ; sjie had plucked s one thorns from the path of a little, sinning, but striving mortal. Did the boy leave her ? Never! lie is with her still, a vigorous, manly, promising youth. The unfavorable ca.t of his countenance has given place to an open, pleasing expression, with depth enough to make it an interesting study. His foster-fa ther is dead : his good foster-mother, aged and sickly ; but she knows no want. The once poor outcast is her only dependence, and nobly does he repay th** trust. From the Carlisle Democrat. Jucl&zncnf! Whenever I enter a court of human judica ture, J cannot but be impressed vvitli solemnity bv the objects which arrest my attention, and the de-qi and touching emotions they awake in itiv mind. !am shimiing in a place vem ra !e as the abode of justice, a place where many an unhappy !• liow-rre.ifiire has listened to the sentence that has doomed him to perpetual ' exile, from nil that his heart hold : dear—his country, his kindred and his home ; or else, to render satisfaction to the laws which he has violated h\ an untimely and ignominious death. Yonder sir-the jit !ge, w hose appearance, whose character, whose oliit e. a!! conspire to (ill me with veneration and awe. On either hand are the officers of ju.-iice, whose part it is, with iron gmsp to seize and retain their victim, deal alike t i hi-: lu-eftts and bo- j rum;;;* bis el - treaties and Ins tears. I now suiter my eves to wander through the court, aiiif Tit serve the nu merous >p-('Tors. lure.i i;i!her, some h\ ct;ri i -J v, an ! otiiers motives of a u me j ;uu-i -ii;i character. Most ~.■** deeply.-attentive to the s h T.-.n proceeding*—few s- eio unconcerned : ami as the witness.-.; on either snip give u> their evident-, and th • a v rates prt-dnco tlu ir guiiients ami pour fiiuth their eloc. ;c, 1 catch the genera! etithusiasui that i% kindled • in the, and . deeply interested t-io. How intense, ami even agonizing. •• ti at interest, if the !if.* of the prisoner is a! stake! ! i.-npeceptib!v identify mvs it w ill: him, and i::v r; 1 buni n becomes rosy ju rinir/mg the horrors-of bis situation. Me nay i--e guilty : !ii> crime may he heinous ; it nay have Uhi connected with circumstances ol deep aggiava tion ; he may not he a criminal to whom the ruler's clemency should he extended : but he is a man, and no consideration can destroy the f 'e!ings of humanity the sight of u fel low-creature, at such an awful crisis most in spire. j mark with eagerness every passage in the charge delivered by tie* judge to the jury, as it seems to hear upon n.s doom. vVi.i!. those are <ieiihlkit iftyt on w'lns" ver dict his fate now depends, ev.ry moment is hue an hour of insufferable suspense, and ir.y h'-'al't sickens it the V' Yet!;.:' : renounces lliin guii'v. Ti:" shrieks 1 fiat he utt* rs enter into u;v sou I ; ami, long afu-r 1 1.-ive 1".'! the court. Hie countenance of the criminal is he!ore my eyes, and the solemn Sentence of the judge jg soundi: gin n.y < ars. I think of the infamy connected with a mined character: the misery entailed upon the wretched partner of hi* bo som and his babes; "he fettered limV, the con- il< inro if o-li, the hist ag- nizing interview with a wife, a mother, a MSI<T, a cbiid, the last tites of religion, the awful prep aration, the tn'.ing of the beil, the apparatus of death : and 1 shudder at ! i*e conviction that, tut 1 r the roltair.i.og grace o|'(h;d, -til tlv.-s- dreadful in ages ri.v t tilv imagination night have ! -en read :>•<! in the clo.ung sc-ie o; mv earthly exist nee. But we rls.* to a far higher and more dr-adful tribunal : a tribunal at which not only v-m ami i, but all the world fntwt stand, not as idle spec tat is, to listen to !lie doom of others, but deep ly interested in its great transactions am. irre vocable decrees ; a tribunal at which not the actions nv-rely, !nt the th eights of men are judged ; a tri' una! on which not a teliow-n or ta! like ourselves, but the seaicher of hearts presides : a tribunal from whose judicial pro (VX tliere is UO e.-CCpe, !l whose' pr iC-edillgs tliere is no partiality, to whose scrutiny th-re s no deception, fr >m position there is n< appeal, arn' in w| • d--tinn s ire involved, no; the interi sts >d'time, or tue life of the body, hut the unchanging umdt-i :;'ie condition oi <u immortal existence 1 Our Redeemer sp- nor ol a dav and an in.ur in which all that are in their graves shall bear His voice, and >:i;i!! come forth, some to the resurrection of life and some to the resurrection of ilanmation. C ; n that nay and that hour yout attention should be deeply fixed. The humiliating lesson of your own pol lution and dej raviiy : the assurance of pardon, and peace, and eternal lil , through ti •- p- rh'tt obedience of the sun of (jo : tin? al solute ne cessity of the renewing influence oi the holv spirit to make you lit for heaven may hav- but little in them to inter->t you ; but the Strang scenes and awful trans...ctiuns of judgment will give a fearful interest to ti em all. Though \ou may neglect and despise ti:cm now, they w ill then rise again to the contemplation ft your mind. The reflection that th-judge, the pomp and sph-m orol his: coming, arc bursting rapidly upon vour sight, is the very Saviour whom you rejected and despised, veil! be lik ,J an arrow dipped in the deadliest poison ; that shall rankle forever in your veins; and noth ing, in all the terrible appearance of nature a rouud vou, will appear hall so dreadful as y ur own infatuation and guilt in mglecting this great salvation ! < rim. €n- Case in iVev. York. Another case of crim. con. occurred at the Astor house on Friday evening, January d hh, as f dlows: A Philadelphia Merchant of con

siderable w.-alth, and good standing in society, had, with his wife, been stopping at the above hotel e>r some little time past-. On Tridav af ternoon the merchant found it necessary to go to Philadelphia, and accordingly crossed the ri ver for that purpose. On arriving at Jersey ci- Freedcm of Thought and Opinion. i ty, lie waited several hours Ibr the departure of! the train, hut at about " p. m. finding that there 1 was not much chance ol his getting oft that I night, he returned to the Astor House with the intention of starting afresh in the morning. In the parlor ofthe 11ot e*J the gentleman met with several acquaintance?, who kept in corner- ! sat ion until near midnight. On going to his room he found the door locked, and after ! kit eking s tne little time was obliged to force the door to gain admission. Entering the room !-. * discovered there n ,t only his wife, but -a gen tleman with whom he had been on the closest term-- of intimacy. A seei;e ensued. The violator ofthe marri age ntes; ofthe Philadelphia gentleman was un ceretr niuuslv pitched, down stairs, and after-i wards taken to the s-comJ ward police station, ivi ;e, h -a ever, the captain of the police refu sed to hold th • culprit, on the ground that he could not take cognizance of the affair. The Phi'adt iohian was obliged, t!ier< fire, to let tin* guilty j arty escape, hot managed, however, liter he had left I lie station, to p.ound him a!- .most to a j"Ily, and furthermore to promise 1 bim wI at he had received was only aj small portion of what lie intended to give liirn. Tin* gt:i!ty wife was found at about day light flie next morning lying in a half frozen condition in one of the upper looms ofthe ho tel. Th" p.e-.t day the gentleman paid his bill, ; and left the hotel on shot, and the wife, some fifteen minutes nfler, took her departure in a ; (Carriage. What has become of the t arti -s in terest. ! in this said affair is at present unknown —but it is the impressi in of t! •* familiar with I the story, that sev.-r'al exciting law-suits will j •grow out of the matter before i; i dropp-d. . < .... ■; ' -f c ■ hp c -trjk ,F-- , . .'* f *> • •' -*r.' ' - • * : F-' THE undersigned having entered into part nership. respect ft.' i y annmißce to the public gener . iy, that thev are now prepared to fur- , uish anvihi.og in their line at exceedingly low • •a!*s. Weare now opening an !-gant Stock ' >1 Hardware, c utl 'iy, i! uise Furnishing Goorls, fin J.vnnn-J, lhass, French, and B.i'tanin Ware, \V'il. v, (!edar, 3hcl Pine Ware, Nail-. Glass, Brush ;. Butty, See., Jcc. A large stock 1 ol TIN-WARE constantly on hand, of our own ! manufacture. Spouting and other woik done |o order, as usual, STOVES of every d "scrip- I t; ti for w mil or rnal, of which we are just re i iving -on-.e beautiful new patterns. Als Farm tuplec. * r:t s in great variety, warranted as rep- j i". tiled, the 'est ami ' taTest Inventions ofthe dav. And, as we are every week receiving, jgo;;.:from P!ii'a;le!phi;.i, Baltimore, or Pitts burg, we will :11 wa\ - endeavor to keep a full sunplv of every thing in our line, or at is! ; tuniish any article nquired at a short no tice. Weare also prepared to forntsh aIL km-'s ;•!'•'d Pipe. Watei a:uT"Piiir.p Fixtures, at low j ra'es-. We cordially invite all to give us a call. :;::d especially tin- j.. 's, as we have nearly evervtliing to n-ake house keeping .-asy from a .see He to a Hooking Stove. GEO. BEY MIRE, WAI. HARTLEY. ( i t. 3, ISuG-lv. MOttE SLY G JOIIS AT .SHOEMAKER'S; COLONADE STOftfi. '] he subscribers having just returned front the east are iu:w* rec< i\ jug a gemma! av >rtmer.t ••I* Ladies Dn s Go<d>, which consist in part <i Gobwrgs, '! hibets, Delainea, A lptccAs, jVJerioos, bun k am! farcy Silks, &£.&€ Also C"l> <t Cattimrn , Saltiimtts, Jeans, &c. Groceries, Qimensw are, Hardware, Buckets, | BIOMM, Looking Glasses, &c. < f i**ir stock con v.ts of i'vi i v article iisi r it v kept in store, which they will plea-ed 1 ■ .-hew to al! who ua v fa vor them with a call; and w i!! be sold cheap. Thank fa I for past favors, they hope bv fair r!en!ing and a desire t> please to continue to re is-ive a liberal s! are of patronage. All kinds of Pr luce ttfkeu in exchange for goods. BOOT .LVD SHOE STORE. A large assortment ol Boots and Shoes just received ami lor sale at Shoemaker's Colonade Store. Dec. Id, 18->f>. COURT FRCCLAWIATION. Talk' ('i>>oner, the .fustic:-* of the Pence, an..' ('oß*tah!es <7 the (liferent 'Townships in the (Jaunty of Greeting. KNOW" YE that, in pursuance of a precept to tno directed, under the hand and seal ol the lien. FRASUS 'I. hi 51SELL, president of the several Coorfs of Common Pleas in the Sixteenth District, consisting of the counties of Franklin, JVdf. rd and S niters •, and by virtue of his office ofthe (.'curt of Oyer and Terminer arc.l General Jail delivery for the trial ol capi tal and other otl'enders therein and in the Gene ral Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace: and JOHN G. HARTLEY and A. J. SMVEI.Y, E> ;S. Judges of the same Court, in the same County of Bedford, You and each of you are hereby re quired to he and appear in your proper persons with Viiur Records, Recognizances, Examina tions, and otin r remembrances before the Judges aforesaid, at Bedford, at a Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Jut! Delivery and Gene ra! Quarter Sessions of the Peace therein to be holden for the aunty of Bedford, aforesaid, on the 2d Alondsv of F<!>. (being the 9th day.) at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day, there and then to do those things to which your several offices app rtain. GIYEN under mv hand at Bedford, on the 1 23d dav of Jan., in the year of our Lord isf)7. ItVGH MOORE, Sheriff. NEW FALL an! WINTER GOODS | AT CHEAP SIDE STORE! The undersigned has just returned from the eastern cities with a large stock of I ALL C-; IyJATTER GOODS. A general assortment of LADIES' Dress i GOODS, which consists, in part, m Black and Fancy Silke, Dduines, Madonna Ciolh, Co berg,..Merino, £cc. Sec. Also, a great variety of Cloths, Cassimeres, Ca-sim-tts, Jeans. Ac. Ac- Boots, Shoes, Hats and Caps—Groceries, Queenswnre. Hardware, Brooms, Buckt ts, Look ing Cla.-.-us, iStc. Ac. The above Stock consists of every article usn i ally !;■•[>) in Store, alt of which will be sold Chrai, for Vus.'i or approved produce. Thankful !'<;• past favors, lie hopes, by fair j dealing arid a d sire to pleas-*, to continue to merit and receive a libeial si are of t.';e public | atronage. G. W. REPP. Oct. 3, Whereas mv daughter Julian has lei't her father's hon-e vvithr.ut any ;ti - r cans- or provocation arat vvheieas she I- at libeit-y aml affectionately invited to return horn*—therefore a!! persons are cautioned a ; sa r- t trusting or harboring her on my account, a- 1 will pay no debts q* her contracting in anv form. ( HAS. MKRV.TXE. Jan. 0, IS-37. LIST GF CAU2F3 Put ti iwn fur Tiiai at February T* rm, 1 ! (9th day.) Jo!;n King vs J.'e'fjrd James. H"zekiih Cheney vs VVm. P. Schel! ef al. j J;in;es M. Reynsdds vs. S. M. Barclay's ad'r. J hn May vs John Sheaf. Jacob S ; opckenius vs Daniel B. Troutman. J ishua Fill*-; vs S.imuel Williams. Cru;ge \V. Anderson vs David Over. Peter VYertz vs Mary Kerr el al. Wm. Patterson's heirs vs David Patterson. lumber A. .Moore vs Espy L. Anderson. .! bn Bowser vs Samuel Whetstone et al. John W. Duncan and wife vs D. Diltz et a!. David Win tstone vs John Bowser et al. J s.Greg irv's a;!mr. vs \\ m. btuckey. Catharine Coleman's heirs vs. D. Shroyer. A. W. Stoimr is. Patrick Burns. James L asure vs. Ahvy Roylan. Dan). Beikhim'• ret al. is Henry lent et al. F Its, Ptisay fc Co. vs. Locke K. Snider. 1). WASHABAI CM, Prol'y. January 9, 1597. VALIABLE REAL ESTATE .37' PrvIVA-TE SALE. Th" subscribers wish to dispose of, at private : sale, their property situate on the Chambers burg and Bedford turnpike road, at the eastern base of Sideling Hill, ten miles west of Mc- Connellsburg. This property is well known as "REAMER'S STAND" and is one ofthe most ! desirable in the country. The improvements are a large Stone Tavern House, with ail the necessary out-buildings—an ice-house, three Tenant lions;: s, a Blacksmith Shop, a Barn, lour ■ Stabh ' , stitlici-nt to accommodate sixty horses, a nevt r lading running pump at each end ol the 1 house, and a new bath house. The Farm contains about seven hundred acres, of which mar 300 are chared. The soi! is red j slate, and .produces excellent crops. Persons wishing to purchase - are requested to -examine the | eupei'tv, anu any infm mat ion desired as to terms, Rc., will be given hv WM. C. REAMER. Sideling Hill. F. C. REAMER. Bt • / /'o rJ. Jan. 9, 1837. : j "ff the above proper!v is not sold by the Ist April next, it will be Jur rent. VALUABLE PROPERTY AT i) 11 i i !m 1? V ! 1 r i h i 1 .1 i it A.i if i I J • THE sol seriber will sell, at private sale, tire valuable property on w liicii Ire at present re sides, situate in St. Clair township, adjoining property ol Titos. B. W isegarver, on the main r ail leading from Bedford to Holiidaysbnrg. i it consists of five.acres of land, on which is e ' reeled a handsome plank Dwelling House three stories high, with stable and all necessary out building-. including an Jce House. There is also a burnt -ware l'otterv on the premises, cal culated to make the best kind of work. Also will be sold, a tract of Land, containing about 2-S acres, one mile distant from the above prop erty, half well timbered, and the balance fen ced and in a fine state of cultivation. This ;s ■ u desirable property, and purchasers would do we!! to call ami see it. It will be sold on fa vorable terms, which will be made known at a nv time by the subscriber living on the prem ises. It is a first rate opening lor a Store and a Blacksmith Shop. M. S. SILL. Jan. 9, 1857. 'idie Bedford County Teacher's Institute will meet at Enterprise, South Woodberrrv Town ship, on Thursday, 19th of February, 1857. The Teachers ofthe County are cordially invi ted to attend—they will l>e kept five of cX , pense. ■ "Come ve friends ol progress in the Teacher". 1 j art Come ye all and each, perform his part." ' And come, too, "Ye wise who grope your dull wagon. By the dim twinkling gleam of ages gone." JAMES 8. TUSSEY, Secretary. Jan. Hi, 1857. FOR IVLXTER.— Ladies and Misses Wool i en Talmas—second supply just received and foi I sale by.7. B. CR.'IMER R Co. TERMS, 82 fi s E2t YEAR. VOL. XXV. NO. 24. PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ES TATE. Tlif* subscriber m i!! offer, at public Sale, on THURSDAY (he 19th day of February, instant, all that his valuable farm upon which he at present resides, Situate in Juniata Township, Bedford County, about 2 miles South of the Bedford ami Somerset Turnpike, and conve nient to the Cumberland Market—containing lot) acres of land, adjoining lands Val entine, Daniel Schryer, John LaffVrtv, and others—about 70 acres cleared and under culti vation. The improvements are a one and a half Story FRAME HOUSE with a good cel lar underneath, double log Barn and sheds, Wagon shed, (Urn crib, Wood-house and other necessary buildings— two never failing Springs of water convenient to the' house—also a fine orchard of Apples and Peaches. There is a stream of water running through this land and an abundance of White pine and other timber. The undersigned having determined to go west, this property will he absolutely sold, all there ! re desirous of procuring a d-sirable property at a bargain would better attend. For further particulars apply to the subscriber on the prem ises. or to J no. P. Reed, Esq. in Bedford.— Terms made known on day of sale. MOSES LAFFERTY. Jan. 23, 1537. *3 Cccfs Steward ! Ran away from the subscriber living in Juni ata township, B-dford County, on the 2d inst. an indented apprentice, named John Lepol, aged 14. yars. Ail persons are cautioned gainst trusting or harboring said boy, as 1 will prosecute any who do so. The above reward will be paid for his recovery, but neither thanks nor charges paid for bringing him home. F. HILDERBRANDT. Jan. 9, 1857. Slice, Glassware, and Variety STORE. ADA 31 FERGUSON Has just opened, next door to Minnick's, on Juliana street, a large assortment of Shoes and Boots, of evi ry kind, size and description.— .Ms > an extensive assortment of Glassware, in cluding cake stands, [.'reserve dishes, cake baskets, hall lamps, tumblers, large beer glasses, window glass, card receivers, terra cotta, See. Also silver cake baskets, and a variety of other articles in that line. He has also on hand tire best kind of Tobacco and Cigars, cheese and crackers, carpet bag . Misses satchels, Gentle men's canes, shotguns, Gentlemen's and Ladies* •gives. of all kinds. HoiSery of all d esc sip- . tint:?, and a variety of other articles, not neces sas v to merit ion. Having h night his shoes and glassware, in larger quantities, than is usual for country mer chants, he can sell at reduced prices. Dec. 26, 1856. NEvV SPRING AND SUM&ER GOODS. THE undersigned have just opened their usu ' al supply of SPRUNG & SOnSERCJOOBS, and v. ill take pleasure in showing them, to all who ir.av lav rus with a call. Great bargains will he offered for Cash, and all kinds of Coun try produce—or to punctual customers, a credit of six months will be given. A. B. CRAMER & CO. Bedford, May 2, 1856. STOE'EW.JRK! CRT.AM CROCKS, MILK CROCKS ol" all sizes, r.CTTKfI DMIKS, from one to one and a hall" gal lon PITCHKRS, all oi' which are best quality, l or sale by ADAM KF.RGi SOX. Jan. 'J, 1557. NOTICE TO DELINQUENT COLLECTORS. Notice is hereby given to all delinquent col lectors in Bedford county up to the year 1855, inclusive, that if they pav up the balances stan ding m their duplicates by May Court. 1857, , they will be allowed 3 pyr cent, on the amount sn paid in, over and above the 5 per cent alrea dy allowed by law. Bv order of the Commissioners. H. MCODEMHS, Clerk. Jan. 16, 1857. Best Quality .Juniata Hammered Iron, Ofall sizes, constantly orr liand at Blymire and Hartley's, at Forge prices, for cash or its equiv alent. Orders for extra sizes promptly attended to. Also Rolled Iron, Nail Rods, St rap Iron, and Steel. | ... . . ■ LIUSIC KUSICAL Instruments. Pianos, Melodeons, Flutes, Guitars, Brass Horns, Clarionets, Drums, ect., of various man | ufacture always on hand. Bands Supplied ft City Wholesale Bates. We have at least 5000 pieces of music in our store, consisting of Variations, Polkas, Waltzes. Schettisches, Quadrilles, Marches, Quick Steps, Songs, ect., ect.. Music mailed, always at our expense, to any part of the coun try. SHRVOCK & SMITH. Chambersburg, Jan. 16, 1857. JJ.IIKB //. V.V.—The undersigned desirous of reducing their stock—in order to make room ; fir Spring supplies, will offer purchasers tin* best bargains ever seen in Bedford, (.all and vou can save money. A. B. CRAMER & CO. Jan. 16, 1857. I • • | ''.w* Adams x Co. have established their Ex • | press on the H. & B. T. R. R. and appointed j C. IV. Ashcom, Esq., agent at Hopewell.