Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, March 20, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated March 20, 1857 Page 2
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THE BEDFIiP GAZETTE." 1 ncdfm t!, MEAfU I* £<), I SZ7. j G. W. Bowman, Editor anu Proprietor, j "The Union of lake- the I n jivot lands, The Union of Mates none can sever; The Union of hearts, am! the I i ion of ham!-, Ar.d the flag of our Union lower!'* C'cmetvatic State GOVERNOR; CsSess. \l m* F 0 iPac sit***. SUPUFMK JUDGE : IHO .P. • 5 j LB* LEAVES*. CA N A LOOM J! ISS! ON ER : Bio no. Phr.i'od strscklnad. . . i 55*s*rs. Le:** *V IBairsh. "if?** We invite especial attention to the Card en j Messrs. LIAS 'V M.snsn, which wilt he found in th" proper column, and take pleasure in recommending them, to. all who may need the.r services, as gentle men of the highest integrity, and possessing qttalifi- | cations of a superior order lor the transaction ot hu- j -fines-connected with'the profession in which they aie engaged. The Firm of 1.1 is fc HARSH being worth from one hundred and fitly to two hundred thousand dollars, dealers in real estate. Ac. w.ll it-el perfectly secure in placing their business in the hands ol the gentle- ■ men alluded to. We truly rejoice to hear of the almost unparalleled success which has attended the efforts of our friend T.i*,vs since he has taken up hts residence in lowa, for he is certainly one of the m>■ -1 worthy, reliable, and enterprising men within the range of our acquain tance. Prior To ins admiv-ion to the Car ol Bedford county he passed a*scriitiri:7-ng examination, highly creditable to his capacity, exhibiting all the quaiiti cations necessary to make a safe and prudent coun sellor. Should Mr. L. consent, we hall expect to see hienoccupy some high political trust ere long. Ecdrow! Eorciijrh. . cm- 7 " The following Ticket was selected by the De mocracy ol the Borough o; Bedloid, at their meeting on la-t Monday evening, to i • . T-d for at the elec tion which takes place on Friday the 20th in t. —it is composed of our best citizens, and will, we trust, receive the vote not only oi every Democrat in the Borough, but of many who have not hitherto voted with us. Without wishing to ret;: ct harshly upon any body, duty requires H- to say that the affairs or tht? Borough, under our present rulers, is in a mo t deplorable condition. Although thousands o! dollars have been collected off the tax-payefs of this Boro' within a few year- past, the public have not been permitted to knowwhat has become of the money. No statement whatever lia- been pul ii-! Ed since the heavy expenditures commenced. Look, too, at the condition of things as they really exist. One-licet cut down like a canal, without any apparent object in view, and another filled up with the loose clay ta ken therefrom, to the great annoyance of all in the neighborhood. This "improvement v has made a safi wreck of Mr. Vondersmith's parting fence, and will cause Mr. Brown to erect steps to get up into his )ard. Both properties have sustained large damage, whilst no one has been benefitted. The whole thing is a burlesque and nuisance, and this is the most fa vorable construction that can attach to the enter prize—and there is no telling how much more this folly will cost unless the citizens change ther bo rough officers. The taxes have been so enormous lately, that owners of property have found .t indis pensably necessary to increase the rent, -o all classes are interested ir.a "change." After all the money expended for water, our hydrants were dry during the entire winter, whilst the re-eivoir had an abundant supply for the whole town, going to waste. This was another oi the fruits of the beautiful im provement alluded to. ThisTick'-t is pb- jged To re form. Vote for it and protect your own interests: Chief Burge-s.—William I'. Schell. As-istant Burg ■-—George Rcimund. Councilrnen. tt. K. Shannon, Samuel Brown (■'! years) Hugh Moore (2 years) John H. Rush (1 year. High Constable—Wm. T. t hapmau. Judge oi F'ertion—Josirh 1). Shuck. Inspector of Dee*ion—John C>' School Director —John P. Reed, Thomas R. (••••- iv Jr. Constable—Hiratn I.e- tz. Assessor—Joshua Mow-v. Supervisors—Nicholas Lyons, O 11. Shannon. .•\u.!itor—S. H. Tate, Wm. M. Ha'!, G. H. Spa;.;'. Town Clerk—David R. :U7*our opponents in Bedford Borough, in select- T.g their ticket lor next Friday, having en a cuniiiiiates, Me- rs. K: a., l'iu. X an ! Rt* G-1.L1., tin? three gentlemen who Jed off against Fillmore i.i fa vor of Fremont, the .A?: will now .illy develop-' itself 1 as to who were and who were not honest in declaring that, under .no circumstance-, would they ever be in- j d iced to iut' for a "Republican.<; t/. r; it.— , Tne three persons nan. <1 have, p-.-iUnjs, been the ruosi radical i icui. ..t ruen in Pennsylvania—and through their was Uilimore ear i iticed in tin county, it i.- not tob - supposed that either ol these c-iniiirtates care Jtbou! the offices for which they are runnu.g, but -irr.plv desire, in their election, to prove to the world that all the opponents of Jlernoc iacy in Bedford stand upon an ! adopt the Fremont ' platform! Bo* Doctor and Col. \V t. C. Rr.v : have dis- j pos*(! o t' • "O! : i;t Sideling 1: !i to Dr. S. I). S'-OTT, for the sum of nine thousand dollars.— : nis is one o. the finest properties between ( harn l• - burg and Pittsburg. As a Hotel, the house has a j reputation, far and near, u - one cf the test in I* :<n- 1 svlv.i.iia. Hr. ■; will close the house as a Hotel. ' ..MI make such improvements as will give the place j the appearance of an elegant private country resi dence—and he, a - well as his wife, pm-scss the tasti ly do t'nis ill the rno>t apjnoved style. Col. Reamer, at pre-ent a member o. the Legisla ture, intends to remove to Marti! -burg, \ a. on the st of April to take charge of ihe extensive rail-road ' Hotel ar that place and, whilst we deeply regret to 1 'n-o so good a citizen and indefatigable it Democrat. *.ve have no doubt the change will result greatly to hi- pecuniary benefit. No man is better calculated I to keep a Hotel Thau Col. K .arier, and all who have i ever partook oi the well-cooked, vveii-seasoned, ami sumptuous meals served up i.t Sideling Hill, will bear testimony to the taut that Mis. Reamer has no superior as a Landlady. That prosperity may attend i them in their new home is the sincere w i.-h of the crt izens ol Bedford and Fill ton counties. (i LOG fi A Fii ID A L EA I i iis IT 10.\ .Mr. .-/Mrit's Class in ( ' oirmphy will iv<* a ! Public Exhibition, (illustrative oi tin* mode of I teaching that science from Majis,) on S-ifurday evening next, 21st ins!., at ii y o'- ; . lock, U which the public are respectfully in- : \ it ed. N. H. Teachers, Directors, Editors, and all j r.thers interested i.i E'h.v at i i>, ire csperiaHv ! invite.! to be-present. ' si phew, jrwii:. Z'7" A writer in the Pittsburg Union earnestly ur-j ges the nomination of Hon. MOI HWFU.I. IJEIT-IIBN. ol I that citv. as a Ml, table perron to (ill the vacancy on 1 the Supreme Bench occasioned hy ttie resignation ol Judge BI.ACII. '.bulge Hm-ni I:V is a good man in eve ry respect, and, it nominated, will adorn the high, iiu-r. As Pittsburg has already a member on the Supreme Bench, we presume it will not he likely j ■ that another can be nominated from the -ame place. Should the nomination be giv 11 to the Fust, lion. ! WM. STROV., ot Berks, wilt undoubtedly be the man—if, however, it should be conceded to the We.-t, : the signs would indicate that Ju Ige Tu >.\iso\, ol L rie, will he the nominei—ai •! the probability is that | his nomination would give more cooF x<ih*faction. than that of any other man named. Judge T. stands ' at the head of his profession, and has hail many years on the Bench as Judge ol the l.rie D.s --i ' | t r ict. Gov. Geary Rrsignrd! BTr- VVe regret to learn, by a Telegraphic des patch, tlia' Gov. Geary bus resigned the olnce ol Governor of Kansas, a post he has held for some months with distinguished cie.lit. In act his ad j n?:nitrtive qualitie- an i firmness ot purpose were i such a- to command universal admiration and re spect. The resignation is to take effect to-day.— ( The Governor is at present in Vda-hington cityr-- 11,- reasoi s for taking this course have not yet been made public, but doubtless will in a few days. VVe hope he may he induced to reconsider the act, an I accept of an appointment Irom the present a.lmims- j fration, for we know oi no one so well adapted to ihe post. liieiidsof .Major L. TAMATKR- 1 :;u here arid el-ewhere will be pleased to learn that he has been appointed to a Military Stor. ke. per-hip bv his Jixcelb-ricv. J VMI - i'rcn,-.? O, and confirmed by the Senate. The Major is eminently worthy of such a trust, ami will discharge the duties Thereof creditably to himself, and with advantage to the . public service. Whilst ue regret to lose him, we ; cannot but rejoice that the President has thus fully gratified the wishes cf the honorable "old Soldier." Oy The Democratic citizens of this Borough will decide, hy ballot, on next Saturday, who is to be the Postmaster i:i Bedford. The person who ha- a ma jority of the votes polled. To he unanimously rec ommended fur appointment. L* a2{*£*-* 2 Ol iff H "ai*. rt"7* (?:i last Thurs lay morning the remains of Dr. E. S. Kani w- re co to it Ist rest . g place hy the citizens of Philadelphia. The dern- 1 c-nstration w..s one of the largest and most imp.o ing ever witnessed in that citv. All ag">. classes, and sexes, are represented as having taken a deep inter est .n 'lie solemn cereinouie-. Dr. vane was or •• of thp distinguished men of the age, and his early ' death wrll cause general regret throughout the civili zed world. Ail who have or may read the simple : and unpretending narrative of his last expedition in search ola lost party of British Navigators, cannot fail to perceive that he was the leading and sustain ing -ol that marvellous euterpr;/.e>, and bore ill his bo-om a great, r.obl". and generous Imast. We pubi s;,, on the first page, the Sermon deliver ed on the occasion hy Rev. W. Smni.i.s, of the 2nd Presbyterian Church of Ph i idetpli'.ii, w'n.cli will be read vv.tii deep interest by all into whose hands it may fall. It is a beautiful and impres-.'ye produc-' tion. The following remarks in reference to the ceremo- : nics of the day are copied from the Philadelphia li vening Journal oi the 12th inst: This dawned bright and beautiful—the sun shining with more Than a wintry splendor, al though the slight carpet of snov.* in the streets re minded in i.iax the bleak season had not yet gone.— ; There was enough to keep alive m our memory the Arctic hero's field of achievement. At an early hour the streets ft*-re filled vc :h pen- j pie, and the city presented the aspect of an n ni-uul occasion. Before nine o'clock th" v ■i: :y of Inde pendence Hall presented a dense mas-citizen.-,and tit- re was a continual accumulation unt.l about teft o'clock, the croft ; was almost impenetrable. Th—e in charge ot the t>;> !v .'••sigu-d to admit a iiti r.l r of per-onsto sap the coffin in the course ot the morn ing, hut the rti-li ft a- so great that thi- arrangement was utterly impossible. Thiougho .t the city llag- were Irung with crape, ii"il .fiong the wharves : :.c V----I- gen .-ally i. i their eo is at ha! -ma-t, iit fcoiutr ot ttie • i'n-trims | dead. \ aruuis pu'.-iic iiirluding t; e i. j tres, had their colors drape ! and at ha! -m. i he I route ran through street- aim —t entirely ore; po d by ir,? dwellings i . r mo-t -table e:*,/ei . an ! j throi gbottt th symbols of sorrow were conspicuous- ' | At ;;r: ci-eiy ten o'clock the I'htla 'eijffia Com mi t ; tlian oi Ih- C'o* tn 11 - <>; ' rriii-gem-nt . Hon. Jo seph U. Chandler. Cpr. Parrv, in a •- at speech, j transferred t!i< be ly from the G'l&r i of Honor io the i',.re of our cit zi-ns. Ti - odore C-ivJer, q., . ei iv? I the reri ains iri a L-r.efi hut appmpi ale spPPcl;. A tnagn fieent wn—t! oi -oriic: -, to'. ep' i ced upon t• ■ rufia, and rUc g i,.*. . w. ted by Henry (1. Leisenring, lis;;., on behalf of a nam- [ her of. ia i.e. li.l received, on hedial ' of th" Commit- j j e by the lion. J. R. Chai.UUi*. 1 ..e vvi.aih was ! then pineed upon tin-coffin. THE FORMATION OF THE LINE. The ,:i litary formed upon Walnut street, under the •• -is r. Gen. Gad'-valader. The S ai d Division, consi-t ug of the clergy, p ill bcarei*. officers of the government, and the various civic societies, permed in the room of the Court of C tmuron l'icas and Indep-tirlence Hall. The Third.Division avemWtd in the Select and Common. Council Chambers! ih" Fourth Division assembled n tie rooms of ihe 1) strict Court and t'ue Court of tguaiter Sc.— Tii; F Ft h Division, consisting of th" Fir* Depart-' ; men; and various - *cret Associations, formed in iroi.t ! of Fidppemleiice Hall, an I on Sixth street, south of Che-nut, right oil Ciie. l.tir. j The Sixth Division, con-i-ting of citizens, assent- : bled at the ' . S. ii.-tr . t Room. COMIIAEf.S OF TUK ARCTIC lIKRO. r ■*-. lowing the fir'.g 'i t!.<? Advanci', came thos" • men of p-rii aid !.*:rd•'p. who v. -re with Dr. Kane ; . inro" „ • ill the tr ,-G of that vvnnderous voyage—iron -lonter in .fame than he, vet owing their lives and their arm.i g us to energetic devotion, . endurance and s. if-sact f:ce. r i ney t,umbered i-igi.;. ■ The whole loirnb- q who rc'trnii d with Dr. Kane was j thirteen. Win. Morton, The faithful and indomita ble. v as conspicuous, and l)r. Hayes, Geo. tStcpiien- • s.n, Amos I'on.-ail. 1-a.ic Wood, Wm. Go lirey, Au gust So:.tag, and llecry Brooks, made up the part*. j of survivors of one ol'lho-r? expeditions, the memory |of which hail live to the "last syllable o. recorded ; I time." „ - i' 1 nil o enthusiasm and : ambers met in th" Conn. :v Hal!, March loth, pursuant to adjournment.—:i I'he Go umittee appointed for that purpose repmte.i ; ! ior piej-uiam-nt ofin cr- of th" Club, a.s follows : I'rosi.lent, lion. Jon MAIN; \ ice Presidents I -*saiu I Bdiniiart, Job M. Shoemaker, .Maj. Law. 'J'al- I .ai'erro and Henry IF- mund ; Recording Secretary. John i'. lieed: Corre-poading Secretary, <i. H. Spang, F-q. Qu t.' a iiumher ot per-ons here enrolled their i.amcs to i e Const,tut*on. The Clfib th.-ii proceed ed to nominate B Botough Ticket, with great good iti.-iiiig and uua'iiuj.ty. i ae ( nib was then addre-sed l.y John Cessna, Esq., Gen. , and Maj. S. 11. Tate. It was resolved that Tti-* proceedings of the meet ing and the Ticket oruiecl, he published in the Ga zette, and that the C iuh lie r.-so! veil, into a commit tee of tt. • whole to see to ti.e election o. the Ticket lormed. On motion aiijouri.t.! to meet on Saturday even. u-*, . March —!-t. JOB MANN, rres l." j 1 •■* P. RI ?, Sec'v. "Arc rdiug •<> promise u*• ;n! !•■[) I "low < | liio oldest Mortgage on record, in this State. It s ' i> a curious document, and will !..? read with 'general interest. It S<-ars date the 10th day of; j She 10th month. 1 GST);, THIS JNUKXTTRI., MADE this tenth day of THE lentil me., December, 1685, m the first year of j i the King's reign, between Joseph Browne of liie towne and count i-* of Philadelphia, fur him- ; self in name am! behalf o£ and as partner with 1 • < (.nest, of tlie said towne and rountie,! hrickniaker, of the otu* par!, and Patrick K >'<- inson, counlie clark of phiiadelpt :a, of Iheoth- S i er part, witnesseth. tfiat the said Joseph Browne, 1 | for himself in name and behalf and as partner | aforesaid, it> consideration and f-i- securitie arm ! pavne-n' of the sum old uii'li.' pounds, due and j j owing by him, the said Joseph Broyyjie, />r J ; himself in name and behalf and as partner afore- ! | said, unto the sab' Patrick Robinson, hath bai ; trained, sold, v- red and mortgaged, and by "these presents doth bargain, sell, deliver and mortgage to the sai l Patrick Robinson, his in-irs and assigns forever. ONE DR. .no MAN, named , .lack, fermeriie U light I v him from the said Patrick Robinson, as hv i.iil of sale of t!ie seventh dav . , ti." tent!) ir.o., instant, recorded lin the office of Rolls and Public liegist--r at : Philii lelprdi.* v- !. f), } • !.- !, c.'.-v. all; dav < ; I fie said tenth n mav app-ar :to iiave and to 1 hold the said man, named *lacfc, to the • said Patrick Robinson, his heirs and assigns ; firever. PiortiW alwavs nevertheless, and on ' , - t; is express prow ion and condition, tnat :l the said Joseph Browne, for himself ami as partner , u ill) the said George CP: I, !ii< heirs, e\. u iors, or adminhstra! rs,doe well and truly pay ' ; to toe said Patrick Robinson, HIS heirs, PS.-CII | tors, administrators or assign*. the sum of twen- ! ' tie pounds, ami that in goo i s nmd well burned : merchantable brick, such as the said IV. trick Robinson shall lvke of, after they come to his! or their eat", ami after he or they have pick! ! and chose the same and r. fleeted the unmer chantable, att the house of the said Patrick R Vinson, in Philadelphia, or at anie otltei : place within the said towne, to he delivered at! the rate of sixteen shillings per thousand, a niountirig in the whole to twehtie five thousand of brick, and that att or hefor the first day of the third mo.. Mav, IfiMi: and a!- the like sum of twentie pounds and that in rr.ercharta ble come, beef, po;ke, and goods, being such Rig; goods, as the said I'ati :-?k Ri.-hin , son shall have noc:**ion for and to his content, att I;:s lious in Philadelphia, att the prices then ! ; their current, and that at or before t!;e first kiv . •of the third trio., .MiV, Id's?, without bo.;, rosin ■ or t'nith r delay, that then and t. on thence firth, this present Indenture of s.d • an i mortgage shall he ntteriie extinct, and that tie-n : also ;t shall and may fie lawful for the said .!< ~ seph Brown , l> heir's and assigns, the s i j negro to have again, retain and r po >■ ss, as in ; their former estate, any thing herein to t!:-• . contrsrie thereof in anie wise, notwitshanding t ; and he the said Joseph Browne ior him:- If, heirs, executors, administrators and a signs, am! in behalf of and as pa - tner ot the said George Guest, doth covenant, ■run' and agree to an ! with the said Patrick K •! inm n, ids heirs, ex j editors-,' adiuiniv'rators and :. -Mgns, in manner j follow ing to \\ if. that tb" sai I J<>*--ph J'n woe. : shall and will pay or cause be paid, to !ii said i Patrick Robinson, Ins heirs and assigns, the | said sum of iiburtie pound?. in manner inthere ; cited specie and att the recited times particular lie above written, without fraud or further de , lav, and,that bee t -r himself in name' and be ; half, and as partner * foresaid, hath p over to s !i the ,<)id teg!-', md that hie v. ij I warrant : and forever d- ;n ! the siid ncg, . t - tin- s.ld Patrick Robin ni, his le i..- a-ut s;<- nis. . o,,nsf ali persons w! a'soever, and if def ;u!t < f i av ri i- rlot the s.i: I -'nn of nrti- p uc.d .inti . - tier in th" re< i'. d s|e cie< and att the r< cio-.i times [ail ticulariie . ,ve written. >•• k I vntnui to be 1.-. i • , that tl 'ii auri in ti at case, k- ,• ti;-- said Patrick Rob in son, ilis heirs and a-.,ig:is • shall and lawfully mav fewer tiiereafter well ! and in pracv have, ho.d and enj >v the sad ne gro man, AND the profit M him RECEIVE to their J own use wiil ut anie i inuer rd" m.^eriup!ion-: iron Sum tii >.i! i . ••; k i-r . -,vi. ti,n l-uuself; !:is iu'irs. r>r a :g::s, ind in i : > ul-I a is parfii-r a! re.- :i i;as a -,> in. c.:- -jj of payment HC.I. , ae rii-v ■ rs mar.iter atioye nieiitioned, or tliat the said i'atnH: Robins m, tiie MU ; negro agams! Sue said J.-;s--:-;i R.-ovi n . ! rK) ! being tt.iJe to p.v .ir him, that titer, and in that case iiee t'..- iik Joseph firowrje, i.r liim s-if ami in manner and R half an-' as ; artn • aejies,. ~ bus liciis, exei u' Ts and a ~-i tor-, doe covenai.', grant and aid.age himself to pay to Use said Patrick R )in- ui, and ins tile SUtA ('I eigiitefl! slliiiuigs per u mlh, l.r trie labour and work of the said negro, arid 'ha; in anient' tie species above mentioned and att the an ! att the rates particularlie- a : -,v.. : evjrre.ii. he the -,ii! Joseph Brow in-, and bis iieiis, finding the s.ii ; negro sufficient i. it rink, lodging atifl a[parreil : and in case tin •au ' negru sluub-i iu-ipiien to live nr nil) tvav het r.'e the payne't.f id ti.e >ll .IS of money a JVe Ult'ti'l Hit- , that then tie SJI ' J as fill Browtu . . >r himself in nam- a:id befall' a . i as part nw aforesaid an ; his in-irs, doe c-.v-naiil and gra:■" ; that heeshtili dye ami rum-ay av to lii--m an ; their heirs, who, are hereby bound to pay- lor !iim to t!ie .-.-aid Pifrick*Robins >u and his i;>a notwit! binding. „*<*• i!i wjtn- s v t::t* j 14rt: niyfi tione I j.uve l;er- u,".! . inter; aa -.geakli-- -t-t tin ir hi.i a- and tea lis, tnottfh and year first 1 drove written, Uu* wwiis, m- firneawav, in the places interlined before sealing ami deli verm.— fhe mark of B I, Jjseph R.-o'vne s .k-j with i-.s k-ak lam! del: reteil in prrSenc.- of J r.r ,; ■ n *'■ • •- M PLOW::,:. R -ceded i'Jth 1 !)| U Mo., ICR;"). LR-rti ti of Ma;y Tn-asarfp. 1 lie re-election of !I. S, MAC J.UV, }■" ;;i., State i r-.-a - irer, on VV> dm. sda v last, was a wcll cartu-d mark of pun fid nee. Without any dis | parageir.ent to his predec-ss. rs, vve mav remark, . ' !1 " •■■ire ! T the jres-;t w-utuv inctirn . befit, that the office has never been* in ahlt-f hands, or its dutie, more faithfully attended p.. : I he appr hen-nous , ntertoined hy many Demo

i rats tnat trie same faith! -ssness . to duty and principle wi-icli was e:-;hi ited by snr.f •" rs f the legislature in the election of United States Seitator, would be shown again in the elecli ui of State'i r. a-urer. liappily proved to ie luilouridf !, ati<! Col. :UAW- received eve ry Democratic vet - whicii was cas!, Mi. J; N . KINS, who did II t vote, having paired off* with - • Ir. NICH'-I - |he } ami s --..f r.ins, a : th.ey v -ted, will found in our regular Legislative proceedings. < <d. MAC RAW received sixty- j eijht vn es, am! JACOB DO :c, the opp isitiun i cnmlulafe, fifty-sever:. This sfiov. s an rd of eight men.hers, seven of whom w re i-.pposi lion. These gentlcnu-n are s<-vervfv handled hy the and S'OIR.- other j ,pns of the simp politics, although, we canned see how their presence could have changed the-result.— All they could have dom* hv recording their votes for Mr. DOCK would have been to reduce Col. M.u.i: A wM majority. Tile truth is, many of Ihe Opposition calculated on 'fleetnig th.-ii candidate through treachery in tie- Democratic ranks, arid being disc;-- .1 in their antici) .- tions', ende.iv tr to mi:en thrir ci agrin l-v a us ing the sf.s- r.t me;b--is of tln-ir own j- r!v.— We advise th'-m to keep cool. ( d. AI.U.UAW is a most xc-dh-nt of liver and v II take care of the pu:iic funds.— B.rrhhurg i uion. TcrriSjle Haiiroa rkcitit'tsh tZiOi-JMY PERSONS KILLED. A LARGE XI'MBER !> A\(fEROCJBLY WO!' X f)l :0. TOKONTO, March 1-X. — i I.e (.rf-ai M'esl.-rr. It.i:lr< -nJ I Trail which hot y.-strr<ly :i!f. niiinn tor ! Hamilton, ran off the bri .!-.• above .Hamilton, prerip : it.itmg .the engine, hav-vine car, and - two par-enccr : cars into t!ie water. The locomotive and l-.._-ga-ge i car passed over tlie bridge in sai'etv, l.nt the two r- ar ; cars, cootairiieg about one ht.udrctl nod Tw.-i.Ty pa - ; sengers, fell through. Between .i,\ty and eighty ; per sons are snpposr-d to have he. e hilh-d o:. the ! Among tie- kill.-it Samuel 7. :nm-i mm. Raker, j and a contractor, Street .Mi!Roriaii , ~nt N a gar a !• nil--, Togel i ■ r with a slider, nr..! a f i.'i.ei- . ; Tkiifliiis C. Maciin IS reported killed. .Mat y of j T H- bo : s have not \ <-• TWO t. J'JE:-I 1 }>-• ..-- r, j and the NAMES of but few have been as.--rta',ED.- i The PASSENGERS who escaped, d. ath are all MORE or I je-S mangled; N•.> -1 of tbcni ARE jr-iored bevei -! : •-- ! covei v. Doctors are lenvkig 'l'or.E.'o a--D I! IN.illoii yet. There were -evcr'A! '... .-rival on hoard. The fridge wa partially broken down, a-:-f the ' car-, oi..- oti fop of the other, fV-tt a di-fance ot forty feet, T!.p excitement cause.! t.v this terrible catas trophe sb v t: I precedent. Parliament ad onmed the moment ,t heard o: the , ncoi.i-iit. NOTHING that I.A- t. • - •OFOR" oerurrvd in , 'his v I", P;Y HAS created such nrni'oiuid gr ef. "i L.E disaster . ccurred to the local account O-LAI-on IRANI t.oiinti to Hamilton, and it contain-d •:ORTR 7■"> TO 100 passengers. Only if. were taken from THE wreck; joi the-e five have since died. The engineer and kre man were pitched head-long into the canal. Tti" baggage car and t-AO passenger CAR; went thro' the bridge a complete wreck. A large run her • L-I ME I • to- 'iv I .A-- ex": •:" :I. A T: 4 from t!I- wreck. 1" ry dead hodi-- -. i in ting met . I won TI AND ehiJdren, are la: ' out on the f, .... ,ih OUT! ;n the vinily, many O; -a! ! -ave 1 -en •lentilied. Nineteen other bodies | > in one of the i Companv". build. rigs, only E oi U HH-h HAVE l lent: lied. I ~e pussp: _>ei- ail nge.l f> Tore- To and Ha Lll'Ton and other TOWNS, inclu' MANY pro • tnii cut AND it iiuent a! c-tizei: . i'ro;n tiie Per.:. -ylv.IU an. TSs? !;Jec>'i-k?sa 2* Sf-.c M :,j;re:?te 'Joa 'i- The Black IVpunlican.; are in a gn et tribu lation over the decisisui I tr.e i-upr.-trif Court in ft! — Dred Sv-dt cas -. I; is an \! ,a v:i ■;!••; of all their I apes, Jt rw.-; ; a-.- :y ev.-; v . iof th.or platform, arui crushes l .to n-.^oe.-. ; tlio vviiivß-tiief ry upon which-; their party is 1 founded. 'J lie derision of the Suprenv Court is . nearly u: am;:, us—seven <ut oi J;, ia. coiiciirrijiw in its ojiuicii. (Jreat >.!:"=•' i oven laid upon the dissent of Jukg-- ;'.i*L,iu, andseveri of the .'uaoe-, we are I ■!.!. are ti.taiiy tni*!ed by preconceived notions ; r iu ■i rests, while his decision is imfiinched hv sucii considerations. We have great r- spect hu' JirMe Ai Lean, personallv, and b>r his hig.h alii attainments and honesty ; hut there is no • •tiler man upon that LH-nch vvk .se Ujion such a rp-lestiou WOI:'J he M E hkeiv t>> !>•- a J -srtius and BIASED one. Ju MCL< : : iias i>r v. ARS pi. ; !). •■•: Nir H :.T. \ I tinned in c .nnectio'n with HIJH -T!ic:,l ; :><i:: -ns. T.ian a.L .1 E other JU • <. _ R - to r. 11-- .I< '.• RL for v- ars if SR.RT O-;TE „cle lor the AI - M- U;v sen::O;ent U; the country. ■- KIJI-r AGO THAN LAST June, he was a candiuat" T •: THE BiacU LIE has long >een r.> re or bus con;,-- t-D with K'ics, JI.-O „K!C to a ttun HGI. it -r I-XH-nt t'.an any OTHER man in a similar poT.TI >n. AS A PJ itician, WE eimv-E he i.RTS NOT itnli tfv giv •en extra-judici ii ipini-ns itT. -n tk-- verv (ptes * I N.s D ;.•(! in the MR,-.! Scott . II- : I. the: :' re, ti .• sirongt t j ossi': , - i d!i:-|i, .'S to WII -MI jo •GIM-TI!. .K: I. . Cull Id scare iv k-u <- V [•-' C ted that i.e •A..'.lhi i'e . rant for 'ke ;M. v, i.e could ! IIE;R y toe p-.'alform U; ■: WiA . , wit! i: aV. O .!•■- FIA.i To Ik r e;->e:itips opinion Mas dci vt-R- d 'Y. CUR! r . ' O 1 US t J.-'.' I; ! R I, ,S, dotl I. U RMIL T ... wyer, !:ut who be Kvn THE atniosphere of that State, poisoned ns it is with 1 -veu'i o'ln rs, to to;in cmr-ft opinions up u si< -IA ll|-t, co. ;• >ED ; A i.IIG*T nii;N>-r of ir.. INKERS. • - Titii l V TO :iiii.:: up n anv IM— j. .' -I LIT ' ■ TIN! !' is UNWSI .-! I-.T :I G tirt to it.- : IE TOE ru'i > of I ,'ir t > . as HAS BEEN I.; ■ -i.e ti. > J. s> crdinv. TIIE Trihtiv may '•ave, an-.I fan.-ticism U.A;. e . ar! !I with us HOW J: NGS, fait AIL in vo.n. IHEIE are cer t .in PP ints which sire sett UD on.-:, ami !. vo-I ! Ihttreach , 1 THE fanatics OF the nation. The ] 0.1.-iMiiuti >n i • ti.e I'in.hinieni::! ! O trie bind,. ; and the SUTC'-NE- G >urt I .G' TB; id DF;I J t DIE H RLSIATIUN Bi.ick IL-publicanis-I •]„;. r.< for is T : v cann..t • e .acm-po into ti.-- i. a'is.ation of t.,-- co. nt.'V, — OR, :I it. -V .; ■', c.inn th|-N ---COME ;.;WS. Jt oi cou: -•to BE EXPECTED • ".AI e uisid. r.i. ' .aster vv.ii i> • ite-.f over this deci.- i t;i, to enafife the opp-ositi :> leaders to cover up their confusion, and to sni.-jd tiiem 1 rotn thermitei.;; ! ol the p ■ they 1. ive DEC-ivt.!. But .his W . ! amount to notii- ; i:-.,. Tin- Constitution must will HE pro tected T.v ti:*? A.' < •; iami wo to_Jhe : T,..,nv arms thai dare TIGHT against it. .7 Virginia I—lt is sa; 1 t'.iat the statement in reference t > a volcano having re cently .made its appearance in Peiidiet a county, \ki., on the great Backbone Mountain, is true. The Cumberland Te!< yij '/ says ; It i.s a point on the mountain directly between the heads j of the d: v 1 rk of Ch at and south branch ot Po tomac rivers, at a place known by the name of " Sinks," s-> called tj,> e the depress. 1 con l.tin of the mountain at that point. khese "Sinks," are tunnel shaped, and each one embraces a-- much as an acre of -g: und. On the first day of January the reports caused by the bunting; j s'irth of subterranean fire were heard for a dis tance of twenty or thirty miles. Vast e-damns : of flame and smoke issued from the orifices ami red ii-it st les uu-re thrown in th" air saveraT hundred fei't aMi re the mouth of* the crater. Our informant adds that the peopl • in thevicin- j it vary becoming alaruted at the pertinacity with I which tfi" flames nr.* kept tip, and the red hot masses of mi ks thrown out. A heavy . rmnbii' " I noise, like distant thunder, is continually n-i>r f'e*nititi2 thif Tigh the deep Caverns of the inotii;- fain, ivhtrli at turns set-ins It tremble from sum mit to base. A GOOD Sl'. MU. .—A merchant of Mu nich, having obtained a large fortune, ;tare each ; <".!" his three i*;;' /liters a ci r ' ie ,i m, : and mai i ied them to ihiee brother?, mus of a \ v.'i,.rthy nHHt of i ! ii.l-urg. He r v. <i j i l-.iu.- ' sell a large raprtal, and fits sons-in-law ei.plov ed all their HUrts t induce turn t give it to llirfi). At last, ! y flattery and demons!!a!ions j of atiecti n, they ent tlie old manT n.' ■ . v.— But from.}; at tine' they i;. arm to si ->w indil'.-r --•• ence (or him, ami at i ist totally negi. cted l.:m. Tlie J." :'; old man wu- verv u; - 1 f <!, ' valla 1 u:.s v.nise, very poor. One d y t.;- j your-eest liaugitter went to him. In the coins-- d'COl)i TS.':'! she suggeste.J to |;r.t that he* Riiithl obtain the er.od will of |,.-r s;si> i T hus bands, and obtain t:o:: them all that lie needed, ;by pre{emii:i2 t> b- s'i!! rich. Th-man s>-- ing the idea was a god one, r- sclvni at one- to act on it. He w-nt to a friend of hi?, at ank ; er, and o! taifo-d an advance of inone',, and the ' ti an <>! a service of plate. jeJr*. / | Ihe next d-.v !)•• in* ited i:i< ?orr I iii-!^v t to dint:- r. Ti v w.-ve astonished hi ji • i.! a sen ice j • 1 [date nrfThe t;: l >l-', an-! r.t ill more so when the ! ? i van! brone-.t th- old man a i-t: r, ami I.e e.\- 1 cl. ue d, "wii.,: i ! t an old f: i-rel !:e f-ii.'-a: rass- j ed for t nlt otisnnd tl. rinsf" and he went and „t th- s ! '-ii i'rotn !i? slrons ! ''X, sa \ ing, " !'!.• :<• ' t '.t t . II ;.!• ) V il \ -II s-e," f.:id •! am -,ti!i rich The s ms-io-i-v-v Weie ; c.onfnm.b-d, and each, with great eat rest n- :•?, | imnieki ite;-, j re-s.-vi t'• eoi 1 n a:i !I m. '1 li l e ei :rv Ci'tention, and e\- r\ - ; hiv w I .:. But the old i : .,;: 1... i .!>♦-.• . ; .- ronditi ms—that .ke should haw !.:> own anr- Ue i.t- a,-,d -tics, a carnage, e. ia c: Usio law- eagrrlv cons' iiteii. i'or some tin;" tin- old ma* i)V-d con i irlii'fly eno'ieh, and wherever he w-, Ret- u the pre-. Irautpiii to carry with hlrh hi? strong 1x x, W' i'.'h I verv t'.egv V. Av lilt! • while ami he !i! very ill. H,-. - us-iu-law |: -s- -i i to make !"•■ will, 'it !• ■ his int.-nti o was to tiivi-1- t lecieitet ■ if his stl'f'.ne: k- X - d'v be tween I:.-:;: in! r. fi i- nd, and thai th- v and lie; j executor should have a kev. About a'Urti.ioht : .:.- di d. J'v a writ:<•! ich h- I- fi h- bm ! . hie . he dir. Gee! that his box sh t u!d n.-t I • he - •:!.! 1 - iiuri.-fl with the "i.-at. st np— [ and that each p->p"r msn in th•• town should re- j | ceive a new suit of < lotlif-s and a florin. At j :-! t! i!:iv S r -ning th strong- b ■■■. arrived. Tiie s-ifi - in-law, to thi ir hitter nr. : ti:l at: n, r on i. n ' th-v ha ! expect* •!, motiev "r sect.. .!i* > f.) a larg- amount but lead and stones. V- ,'i:i ?:•;"/' n in /1 if. Dr. Dix >n, in h - New V rk Ai i.ibly Scalp-1, st iti s that a get!- ma.-i oif tlie --highe.-t veracity'' r. ia'i :i hi '.at! •• Kfliow-i.g >::.ik' story, which b-w!- ..nvrhitie th.-.t we hai* i- :hrfeiy; G ing :tito a Very public ordinary Ibr his flic- . ti-".', I.e :•< ■ urprisej to o! serve the extra care w b which a e.-*i! i- man who took tlie s- at opp - site to id: ~ to ,'k ot" hi. hat; lie turned hi* head as up-:!' diw'n as | ossible u ith ut breaking his neck: tiu-n, placing i :? hand over c-'iv.'il i ar ioliv gi.-ui<h-.i contents, cciic- a!- <! tlv 'ayi th- • oi his hand : u the cushion !e--!i ! the hat and its contents o.T. and cofiimen- ; '• ' .;. ■ ::i r. I'-.-- altentioii ..f'u-v friend was :i >.>t :'•! v dir. ■. D.l t. wa; M' h- | at: and his sur; ;> • greatii iucr .i. ti - r* -i ier may w* i! '• . v •? ■■' s:r, I w..s in h • > to have Mi:,. : p-t. Allow u." to explain: he pvifectly hat itfl-s a only a Mim n - ack-st ake. 1 was vT! <ll o■■, ap i treftt my p< tas well as po<- ; on notk and (yrgs, and he does not seem tosu'f : r i ... . r the annoys,- re \ai i.ave vst -\- it is true. Ia n thankful to the in ( :liter - u v cure, anil to vo-.i i .r vour courte sy iu not U-aviti" vour Jiun-T disgusted, . Me,' ;;J < c::rtt'i:: s. When the Si-mite of the Untied States was .lit to ci ;■? si r-i :u. oil tin- i:, .rni,.j i f the !tu instant, a vote of thankshaving liven tvrr- I .t > u slbig t 1 Mason ffir tfrnir a '•iidv. * a-;.; c. ote.v. ns [•••. si i.iij •• fiicers, Mr. Alas, i tiie preiid. Nt arc !•: tpon , addressed •he ' ,d\ as I dl.ov.i: ST.'.A —J:: closing with v ='*U the present ■ •. i pt-rmissi :u t > expr-ss t*i ali Svti .lha's n\ sincere aci.rtovvl gvm'-fils for the cour tesy and i nd:--arnnce which have marked their int.-: ' with tie-chair, and for their general .:udu •> to its temporary occu: ant. I have certainly endeavored, by diligence and care in tlie di.-- :tc!: of tiie puldic buisness and hv mv .-trict impirtijlity. ' deserve it. 1 tender to each and all of von, Senaters, mv •-arii st wish lira happy and grateful meefieg ; v:M t.i • a ending \ou at your homes,and fur your firoSprritV and welfare in life. It rev a in* oo'v to announce that tlie Senate j stands cd; nrn.-d will otitday. Tiie u -w S -uate in session on Executive ! business, Die Hon. John C. Br*-ckinridge, Vic# j Presiii . ui taking the Chair, made the sub "SKNA'.-IUS:—In assuming the diilt-s of this' ? ! ilion I am quite conscious that I bring to their j discharge few other qualifications than a u ep j ot the importance of ibis iodv in the j scheme ot tiie government and a feeling of re spect for its members. Happily my duties are conip.uativei v few cS* simple, and I am sure they will i.e in.i le easy hv a pervading sense ot pro priety, wine!) wii: ot itsr-ii he suliici-nt on ,ali oc casions to pros-rye tiie dignity and decorum ot'tS Seriate. Tn administ.-ring the rni ; which voii have a dofit.'d I >r tlie convenience of vour proceedings i I shall often need your kind indulgence, and I anticipate with confidence your to wards th*- errors that spring from inexperience. ; ' b), rib ing the hope that our official and person- ! al intercourse v\i!i he marked by mutual confi dence and regard, I look forward wth pleasure to our association in the p, i lormance of public duties. It shall be my constant aim, gentlemen of the Senate, to exhibit at all tin; •• and to ev ry in-ni- > r ,his r ""rl , -v at 1 irrliajilv j m Inch an* dm- to the r.-pr.ssM:aiivM <;i Stat. s. ! SHOCK i XO HAII.R. Al> A,.CI:>;:NT 'TWO Mrv t ixiu.Et*—On Wfiiti- s lay *v'ti'mg, a' ,ut J.y'f ; pa-t m\ o'cic< k, a Prions accident occurred 'j i Oallitwn fh.t.uti, on It..- Centra! Railroad,),, ith- I.migrant train rt n;;i: g T!**i* .. : "" ,s standi :e a ifo*' statnm, \vfo-n a Height trei,', j ft .How; ran into ami !■n:o!i,*h. if the line! (a --; damaging s.-v- tni otit-rs. Tw •> . migrant' j • instantly, two UHT-rs had !:n ! s l.roKt n, wL.-M quite a number w ere ,>, OIV :♦•>> imnr.d. Pb\ ■i. ;;;: in.WHliatelv -•ummonmi by t.-legray-h, arjjl Wrvthing MR tl.e Olß.fort JllGF.'li.'f of <!„• woiifu!.-.' Thv Collisiort w Jrfi h~ hu< tlr. s resulted j„ . rr?.eliv.-K...f t'wo ({ i(l itistbn-i*or (owi4 liil | 1 " J '-'fcS isevidnnliy the irtuit ol 5 or. t!.E JMRT :,-t SOMELXKLV. # - i! IS a singular fact ti nt the TWO CR/H ■] Mat -< S • > from Penns\ icania, the J I/SE R * S;.R ,K' r, CB rh am! Assistant CL-rk ofth- HUU>.) : a f toe Senate, the D-nr, , C ratjc CN i -i-ite.s for Covet nor, Canal Commissioner and Judge, all p.-actiral pri.-iDis. HL.U.TH or TUB Pai-su>t:\y.—Dr. Unity. I M '■. the President's physician, who accom; ai! . ! >"<' hint t Washington, it is stated; n Dirm-d j Saturday 1 .st to his post at Philadelphia, Mr. 5, .- chanan I quite recovered. ÜBACTIO.W The Democratic gain in J. fTer -01 c .onty, N. V., since ! a - fa!:, U as ;hy the vote for supervisors. In Oneida county, Matleson's district, there was a rr.aj rity against j the Democrat* last f..ii ot -1-777. Nov." there is .1 '.cratic inm .; .t v ol "do!-. V.. IR. 1J,.-1.. 1 lie PROC'EEIIILGI of |; IF :<-< :it S!a{* ( on veiitii.n. as reported for the />- J trial and Union and Penntylxmuian, ate re -ai i - i.\ t >;.(!. I,e \wi re reported !.y (,np .v liierui W. p,. St|M S, Esq., late of tins county. As a ready and forcible writer Mr. >iprs h"S few superiors,and us a reporter he bids i.ur to . 'am! in t'.e front tank. IVe wish him . s- cc> <s. — i ■■..! on J)m:acrti. A /"THE Exhibition advertised by Mr. AI.LITX, to TAKE PLACE on next Suftir lay eve/iing, cannot , FOF TO |'"-ove interesting to all our citizens of BOTH SI XES, and we PRESUME tiiere will be A large number in attendance, who wdi BE att.njy REWARDED iAr the time thus SPENT. 1" H E EI AR K EZS. March 10. The Fintir masker continues ii ..olive, and ody 1,2 w bt>K. were d'spo'-ed of at S for est i a family, tier common brands are Ire. jy .>li'ere.: a t slj.- i C->, wi11,.::.: btukns btiv.-r-. Saiat] aie wiafrinr '•<■> tie- Mippty ot the rela.Ar ami i uk.-rs within the ranjje i the ne quotat or.-, live Fiour is scarce, ill.. Of - To. -I. Cor Me.i! i- „!-<) bettor. ■ and 1,489 bhlr. Pennsyfvairta nifd ait H,t3| m t> t.i U ... .it very dull. a. I prices tavor bi.i. i,. Smai! - ot !■ 1 at i!, ; -! a :51, i'j p. j bu. a-.-i u>. "ti at St,- •V a . itj. Hy - come ain slow') a. ! con,:, a..!, S'jc. Corn i- active, iO.!■::!) toe ivilnv.- -old a' 'I". tC7c. ;n -tore at a former rate. Outs are worth i'.a b.'c. p. r bu. F'.-O:.Tl March 16. Th.' Flour ruarket is dutl. Wheat dCi. ai. •") Sc. j"-; bn. Inw- r. >dh sof red at 1,.- ilidr. jwr hu. ami wi.u,' t 1 ".:<i!7 : .ie. Corn > sttady at • ".:C.!e. ■ 1 r white, an-! ''Cat; 'c. :or yellow. V.'hi-key is in rood-.TO. to RECN.-.-t at 2>'-!:f.7c. * ' f. " '' f! f 111T" FAS _: J. NU ti . .„ C 4 . A A'l X *\<yi LD aooouace fo the public that t.'iev have jUst received at:d Opetit-l! t f r. -st exten sive us- .rtii'.t'iit of Hardware am: i! .se Fnr tii-hit.g articles ever brought t.) lltiiii.rd, to wfiich th-y invite tise attention "i put chasers. 1 heir stock is comprised ol so g:- ut a larirty, tea! it is iilip, .s-ioie t. t Pin k et enil ir,.| al i: g the articles in a newspapi r advettisemeu!. Lt ah win want ago,.! article, ut a sc.ail pr-i.i. call on f> a;-i it can be grutita il. Aiarch "J J. IS."#?. SA€OJB KEED TAKES p!#asure in inf-rn ing his custoti..-rs Cflf! the pio'ihc g'.-t.eraily that he la- receivn:, within a few* dav- fist, a large uppi\ . I .NKU* HOODS, and a*chnic< selection oT'GfiQCfilt ll,w.'iicii lie oi/ers on tii•* ns -t reas->:.a.'-"' terms. I T cash or pro-iucc. C'-ii. a:J ju.igv for ' mil'selves. March rdO, IS.")?. Ltt. tin i I fjuli"}. PS. At an Orphan's Court held at iio.lford in and iiir the county oi Ceittoid on lue '.lib day ot l ehrua .ny A D IS-37 be.ore the .Pulses oi tl.e -.i d Contf— On tnution of JOHN MOVVJ.U. f.StJ. the COM* grant a rule upon t: e heirs ~nd 'enal re:ire>ei,Tati*i s of Susan Ciinkel ir.te of West Provuieme towrntiip deceaseit, to wit: Klizahetb inteiu.-arpet! with Du> rn I Murkey re-iding hi I' uiio:: count V. I. !:;:ois: Jno. Dunkel residing in ICi'dlanticounty Ohio; flu- ul who is deatl leaving :--ustwo etuidren \tiavnl ant Susan w in# are miners residing ;n Lawrence county, ' Pennsylvania; Mary who vva- intermarrieil with i .n --iar Sann but now dead, j-avmg ..-sue s.-c Jieu who are rumors ami whose i am. - are not k mi two . ** i whom reside in liiino.s and t!,e others .. l#edi>r-J county: Jacob Dun kef, Simon Punk-1. J.. -r '-'t ••;! w.rh Ceoige lWg:e aid W am ' .kl , ail lesi.i i g ill '.'hold county, toll - aci appear at an Orphan's court to be held in Bedford ,n ami for said county on the first Monday irhif.v of May next ;<> accept or reiii-e to take tl.e reai e-ra'c .a said Su -an l-'unl.deccas-'d, at the valuut oil, hic has been vaiued and appraised in pursuance of a writ ot I partition or valuation, issued out of iiie Orphan- Court oi Bedford County, a. d to ti.e Sheriff ol -a 1 eountv <ti reefed, or -how cause why the .-an;e should not be sold by order of the said court. - , In testimony whereof ! ! sve hereunto set |0 !,. j. >my ham . and atiixed tl.e -eal o: -aid court ' - ISO.. Attest— i). WASABAI GH, lICGH MOOPVC. Shcritr. CFEIK. March 20, 18fi7. i-i'diord ss. At an Orphan's Court held a* Bedford n and for the county of Bedford on the oth day oi Februa ly A D 1 Sm7 before the Judges of the -aid Court On motion ol A. KING, F.SQ. the Court grant a tide i upon the heirs and legal representatives oi Will,am Anderson late of Broad Top Township deceased, to wit: Susan intermarried with Christian Broadstonc, Wealthy intermarried with Lemuel F.var,-. Sdas An ie; -on, Lewi- .-\nder.-iui, Amy Andcr-on, Matilda Anderson, a minor, all residing in Bedmid County, l-luth intcrrnarried with Andrew J. Dun'ap o! Ilun ttn j ion County Pennsylvania, and Isabella intermar ried with Geo. W. Shreeve-o! Fulton County. Illi nois, to he and appear at an Orphans' t ouit fo he held a! Bedford in and for said County on the L-t Monday -Ith lav of May next to accept or refuse to take the Ileal Instate of said V JLam .-\n.iersoti de ccas-il at t!.e valuation vvhicli has been valued and appraised in pursuance ola writ ot partition or ' a: " nation issued out of the Orphans Court oi Bedford County ami to the Sheriff of sa d County show cause why the same should not be se'd by of the said Court. J i.. [- my'hand, and atfixed the seal ot -aid court ' at Bedford, the 16th day of Feb. A. D. ISo#. Atte-t— D. WASUABA'CGH. HUGH MOORE, Sher'tfl'. c|, £k ' March ISM.