Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, March 27, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated March 27, 1857 Page 1
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BY GEO. W. BOWJffAV. NEW SERIES. STATEMENT \\i) Report of WM. F. MOOKHEAD, Stew ard of the Poor and House of Employ merit „f Bed hi d County, from the Ist day of Jan uary 1556, to the Ist day of January 1857. ' DR. To balance on last settlement S (iS Cash of E Manner for corn 90 J I. Le.-sie, corn N.c. +lB il .Xicodeiiiiis, old accounts 38 55 George Gray, calf 2 75 I .1 Claar, hor.e feed I (SO CM Fyan, flour 7 50 1 Shuck ami Jordan, hominy •")() ; Tl> Gettys, com and tallow 0 21 ; .lohit (.'rouse, flour 3 Oil i>reii man, oats 3 ; j 11: ram Lent/., hay 2 el) . Rev A E Gibson, ilruir 0 -30 J John 1' Arnold, wheat <> 2.3 ! John Hafer, hutfimy 37i j John P Arnohljtrorn id 8 H 'l'ate, F.sdpflour (i 0" Robt Kurtz, '>-p 5 no ! J (' Riser, (Tdur 0 WM Geo C Leader, account John lletel art, corn _ Vi A Price, cum s 9 Mrs Beegle. acconnt •"> I i • P Sar-out. hi.' l 'K A heat I '' 9 Mrs Buzzard, wheat 3 °9 Ghat!' - .Mervcine, account John Shoenberger, gteen corn 1 -'* Francis Jordan, Esq., do Raviri Maun, do AO: Kins, Esq .vegetables t l i ; D Prenniiig, corn -'0 ])r F(' R iuiu-r, vegetables 1 ' Sand Pefihaugh, sheep •'< f!(i 1 J 11 Hush, on note 7 * • Shuck, tomatoes • -- J Ci -l a. Esq., vegetables Win U Shuck, tomatoes ! -•' F K Jordan, Esq., buttey 1 ' -f Wm Boohef, bay I ' ' A Middieton. hay and tallow 2 -■> A Bobbins, hay ' I ' J Bote iter, wheat •' ' S Pauley, wheat - '• J H Itnsh, wheat (t j Hugh Moore, onions - ' - HI I Way, for checks I*3" ' !l Wtu 0--na. tor pig ' tieO VY idle, flour '•' K. Trout, horse U3 "" Wrn Wei-el. Hour Geo Blymirp, flour " John Boor, vegetables - ' Mar:ln Boor, shoat •> Win Bowles, pa-tnre ;, o 11 Rfntner, pa-tnre ' A Rohbins, flour Saml Earn, corn - Dr 15 F Harry, hotter ■'< Rev AE ( Jib-on. butter - • From Directors for A Matler S !97 73 cn. Paid S Delibangb on account S Vottd- rs.nith, 'pork - L*_ 2?" Si ; dry persons, marketing ft B Wiseoarver, brick ' j U :n it .) C K.ser, fiat for pauper FD Beegle, goods t I ' Sam! A mtck. brooms T W Horfon.isso i>2 warrant Rev .1 T Phelp- for tnuslin •' 1° (lit' door pauper M Diefcl. straw ' • ■; r.'t s onttry persons, appies * iift: Borfz, apple* J il Lu'ht r, thread _ I" Trout, turkeys : "jF ( has Colfelt, rnra &C ' : ~s Mock, sleii 1! Dcfibaii'ih, on account 'I Balser Dull, pruning trees - Jacob Mock, vinegar and potatoes • ~l> Boil-rand basket 1 ; j ! M Ga'laher, making fence W fleltzel, alter; g pig* and lambs 1 A Rt bbifi-, bringing pauper ~ ' x Fpidel, for work II JCitrfz. for t'eef ' W Cook, for beef 1 ! ' Toy lor driving cattle j Co' man. shearing sheep J , 50 ( :ito.pv sweep \ h ( rane, neurts M m Ttowt, potatoes ■ , Joseph Hunt, potatoe- Sunilry persons for cteaning race ■' - ' i\: ■ ill bringing pauper from Hopewell \ Jacob Mock for potatoes • 1 fl 'a Christian Stoner tor fruit hnntlry person- for mowing '* ; L Russeß, E-q., on judgment Expenses to and from Stonerstown ' • W Herring, filing saw ; Mr- Saupp P O Stamps 1 Kelly and Dngdale tor vinegar *JJ Poor woman per order on Diiectors ' ' Wm Criechbaunt, repairing pump 1 Ahram Hermon, tinware - . teofray for beef Auml Way for apples ' M Gallaher, surniry work ' ' I M Diehl, for straw " I) Brown for sheep ;■ John (Ar st, potato' 8 . ' IVtr. Hartley, see' wheat > - John Amos fo' <<traw * ' 1> Harshben-' ,r . -I 0 Simon C * ,k !or Wl John ">' !or applebutter 10 \ i.-otane lor applehutter *H Shuck for hor-e ' P Hitchey for fruit *' ( | ! H;ser & White, groceries ' Martin Boor for straw Expenses to Cnmb Valley 8 J. v !a!ler, mill cogs ( In Treasury I S.iml Davi-. bringing pauper Alx Delibaugh, groceries ~ Mrs Claar, on account „erinff 2 00 S Amick and A TVfibatigh. tui 7".■> .fnh; nift-ing>r lor dried lr* r j Vaac Lippel, vest lor r. '' , r n haoiine- ' ,al . t , •M-cs,.. haul - ror.c - T-h ■ j's Rtt,:ner ) "i (i.o Rns-eF <Jeo Ru-Ml for toll 25 ASSte er for coal 25 00 S5Ol II 107 75 Balance due Steward •'! 3S ATKMEXT oflhe f'oor House Mill from the Ist tiay of Jan. 18:56, to the Ist day of Jan uary 1557. amount of toll p 2 grain brought in by ~ 3 % P- ~± the mill as per S. " < 5 monthly return. * ~ I' 'bruarv, i March; +'2 9 9 S ! April 68 12 1+ + 4 May, 63 3 k 19' +i 4 June, 38 31 8 5 July, 32 17 5 2 j August, 3+5 10 6 i September, 2.) 17 3 October, 32 ilO I November, 26 6 2 12 December, 26 9 3 T 6 January, 21 65 + 6 307 161* 75 37.i 15 ' H Might Of W ReiMig, 50 | Raised on the farm, IS 31 Whole atntfnnf, +9si 161 \75 685 15 By amount of Grain u-eil in the Poor Hon >• ant! sold to suruirv persons for cash, and on occourit, and for work (tone in repairs to.M+l, House, fcr. Wheat Rye Corn Buekwt Mix { Amt of grain used in Poor House 5 12 •"> 1 25 Horse feed 1" ; Hogs entile 21 I < j Sold suu per-ons fat (~5 ."2 55 J " in mill in flour 5a ;n-_| Iv.i tit; 5-5 17 ' Amt rem in mili .'i| ' .'i 11 H> List of paupers admitted, d -charged, li;.'.', csr. t!tir ing each month, utul the number remaining at the end of each month; al-o the average number Slip p.- 1 ted ill the House diiri: g the year, togetii -r w Oh the number ot out-door pauper- snjipoited and bu ried by the Institution from the i-t day ct Jan. D>.3ii,to the -t day ol Jan. 1-57. 5 = 7 7" c 77 1 ,7 Remaining in lite House Jan. 1 '52 15 January 1 2 February s *1 2- l> March " : '■ 26 i April .*{ •-21 10 10 ; MTiy S ■! i 2f 10 June 5 L't 21 I. 'July 3 0 1 2" 11-l 1 - A tiglts* 1 1 20 1 < S pteu.ber 2 i 1 21 IB October 5 1 21 D'. November ! i 1 ' > December 'J 1 1 21 lf- Making an average of 10 p.-r month, ol whom ■> are colored. There are u!o swl o arc blind, 12 iti -arte ami 7—wh-i are confuted to bed. There were al-o 1 out door paupers who are not included ill the above. Funeral and other expense* were al-o paid for 5 dec.* .'d patipet- in the County Who we re unable to be brought to the Poor House.— I I*. Us were paid lor boarding and medical attendance for pauper- who were sick :u dit'erent parts ol Gie Cottftfy—ibb wa.yiai'itig per-pits were prov .i. d v. ith . board, lodging Ac. o! whom So were from CTermany, ■i from In land, 5 I'rom France. I from Ib n'mark, i from Sweden, 1 trOrri Italy, i from Pbland, 1 from Scotland, I from i .ngUind atuf 5U Arter.cai.s. Statement of tlie produce of the Farm ami Garden 1 from the 1-f of January lssh, to the Ist oi January IN bushels of wheat; 15 bti-heU mils; 220 btt-hel corn; 31 bushels buck wheat; 188 bushels potatoer; 10 bushels on ous, If do small ottiorts; It do 7do turnips; 10 do parsnip-; do 'ofruitoes; :i do beans; 1(1 tons hay; 11 loads loooei; 2i ,: (i h' ;t !- cab bage; 3 barrels krout; d il" vinegar; 1 do cucumber •' pickles, it-' pounds wool; •'•-'Ail pom pork. 1- do I beef; 1 Ft do Veal; VII do mutton; 4 16 do lard; 255 do tallow; 41'6 do butter; 42 gallons applebutter: calf hides; 8 bc-ei hides. Live Stock on Farm. 2 horses, 8 cows, 51 sheep, 3 brood sows, 16 | -hoats. Feed lor Stock, li. tons of hay : 1 load o! (odder, 25 bu-hels corn, ; : bu-bels oi i.ats. " 1 Articles manufactured in the House by Matron. 5 1 shirts. 19 sheets, s -uck-. v 9 chemise, pa'r -eel;-. 2 pair stockings, 2 - pair- men-' paw-, id children!-' dresses, I feather t el;, ! flannel skirt-. *. round jackets, : vest-, 1. caLco dre-,cs (in wo men, 11 linsev do, 10-dres-es tor ebibin-n, J-ap -it-. r+ght caps. 12 pair piilnw slips, 10 barrels so;" sot:p. 87 pound- hard soap, 8 pairs men-' drawers, I comforts, 10 quilted skirts, 2 hood-, 4 shrouds. Amount of produce sold to sundry per-on- tor cash j and on account. 550 pound- beef, 155 tallow, 1 53 butter. H66 pounds hay, 9 -heads o( cabbage, 7.7 pounds lard, 9 j sheep, 2 calves. Amount of checks issued prior to 185-3 and remaining unpaid trorn the Ist January, 1855, $5640 on Amount i-sued up to Jan. 1854, (510 Amount is-ued from tic' Ist Jan. 1804 to January 1857 -• < ! s , . Slll ( '* 58 Am't due from collectors Am't due on judgments D-'-'J *o Am't paid on check- lor "55 5. ! '8 Am't paid on checks for !•*• 10 $0659 01 $94.79 Oi Making the Tni'ebtedne-s oftheln j s'Gution up to the Ist Jan. 1857 $l5lO 51 We, the uiider-tigned. Directors of the poor and House of Employment of Bedfo'd Cuanty. do certify, ttiat we have examined the annexed account. State ment and report of W.F. Monrhead, Steward of-aid - Door and House of Employment, from the 1s J u nary ! 1856 until the Ist of January l:-5 7, and find the same to tie correct. Witness our hands and seufs thi- Ist day of Janua ry. i 857. G. D. TROI'T, (7. D. SHUCK, GEORGE ELDER. .4/terr, J){l riot -• T. R. GETTYS, .HI., Clerk, March 27, 18.77. RECEIPTS 1\1) E\PE.Si)HIRES OF THE POOR AND HOUSE OF EM PLOYMENT OF BEDFORD COUNTY. GEORGE W. BIA MIRE, in Account with the Poor and House of Employment of Bedford County, for the year ending Jan. 1, 1857. DR. To ca-h from Henry Wilt, collector East Providence tp, for 1853 3 87 S Shuck, col. Bedford B. 18.75. in full 2 79 A Snowden, Cumh. Valley, 1851 60 37, 1' II Shires, Bedford Bor. 187.", jog gj : J H Scbnably, Bedford fp 149 90 FRIDAY MORNING, BEDFORD, PA. MARCH 27,1857. T II Horton, Bromltop tp 10 .53 Nicholas Koonts, Colerain 03 55 Levi Hardinger,Cumb. \. S3 00 Geo Long, Hope well 59 671 ! .! B Hartlman, llatrison 02 22 John Riley, Juniata 30 03 i Sam! E rU-tresser, Liberty 71 70 Jus C Devore, Londonderry 57 7 1 ; Win Carneil, Monroe 90 85 j John Whetstone, Napier 1,31 11 1 G P Martin, E Prov. 77 02 : Israel Morris, W Prov. 2 03 ; John Alstadr, St Clair 131 42 j Arnold I.ashley, Southampton II 86 I'eter f'.walt, Scbell-hiirg Bor I*3 87 John Wysong. Un on 54 72 Robt Elder, Mid Wondberry 21.3 91 Danl Miller, S Woodberry 112 39 I'. W Garret.on, Bedford Bor 95 00 Jacob (Fiddle, Bedford tp 185f. 06 36 T W lb.rion, firoadtpp 13 57 EBas Gump, ('(detain 113 00 II B Wettz. Harrison 33 00 Wm (.ille-pie, Juniata 7 i 00 ; D Cyphers, Liberty 35 00 j Jacob Evans, Londonderry 100 00 1 Jeremiah Akers, Monroe 90 00 Ifenry Flgtilf,Napier 120 09 | San 1 Wink, 1. l'rov. 73 00 John Sparks, W Prov. 50 00 •Ltcf.b Andrews, St Clair 92 32 It Tewell, Sunthampton 50 00 Henry Home, Sehrll-buig Bor 30 00 Michael Wert/., F ri on 162 37 S Baird, Mid Woodberry I 10 (Ml John i. llill. Juniata 185! 3.3 00 Jacob I arndollar 100 00 John I.uiy. 528 00 John Mower 150 00 Wrn F Monrhead 7t 43 Lemuel Evans 2 00 Wm Dihert, Judgment 9 S7i Jonathan Do Id, .In 'ginent 22 122 Error in Checks, 91 06 Balance due'L'rea-urer 69 02 8 156! 77 CR. S Defibangh, bill of beef 1853 787 i S Deiihangb, d > ISSI 29 83 S Dchh.ingh, do (Jo 27 47 ■. 11 g A Jordan. Miltepberger case 9 30 !• Nicoderous, I—tiittg order- 11 8(> W Whetstone, citier and apples 1855 .1 33 A lekes, apple-butter and apple- 12 02J Fisher it Alsip. molasses 22 00 A £ Crane, sundries 24 31 John Watson, witness ■"> 00 John Beeier. salt •> 80 l)t W 11 Watson, at. out door pauper 21 87| Geo'Blymire, 1 in-wate Ac. 15 W (iephnrt, note given by Treasurer 17 38 .lu- M Gibson, hull year's -alaiy 0 06 8 11 l ate, balance of salary *2 5 1 A B Cramer & Co., goods 55 56 Thos Oliver,,pork I I 8-) J W Crismail, beef 11 IS.j W 1 Chapmun, i-suing order- ■> 25 John Stonernok, for cnlftu 12 v 11 Tate, aiim'f of J M Gibson ■ ' "I A R Crane, pork 5 59 Wrn Philips, -end wheat " ' 50 John Littie, bringing pauper ■'> 4! Label: lohri-0."., sup out door pan 29 K:ippAe< tfPMTWots S" W::i Bile her. sup out door pa up 2 I! ' Mrs Bucher, burying out door pattp 6 00 Nicholas Lyons, goods 13 Peter Radehatigli, good- 45 24 Sanrl Barnbart, clover-eed 15 60 John Bridahatri, brick 2 2-3 Mr- StuckeV, beef Jd 56 Wm Gephart, applehutter * no Peter Radi bang h. good- . 52 61 John Moorbead, cattle 28 (10 Danl Sims, cider and apples 5 25 -union Cook, beef 1 19 J M Gibson, goods 121 81 Sanson' St Gephart, goods 7 !•■ Rnpp A O-fer, goods 07 1 Peter Ewalt, exoueiation t 77 Robt Fyan, good- 1 09 .1 Ces-na, check pre v. granted 1850 106 00 John Whet-tone, exoneration 1 1 33 Geo Stiickev, coal 9 9 Sam! Clark. 2 cattle 26 00 John May. apples and applehutter 7 0 * G W Bowri an, piintitig 71 Jonathan Hej-el, keeping paup V 00 Wm Parejoot, 3 rattle - 2 G-i .Torni Ces-na. part on check 1' " 1:1 Michael Banuau, casting 26 John B.ttu ger, apples 8 I! Broad, repatun-g mill >1 * -.;:. - f.; r A Gephart, balance acc't 1! 1 1-t.iel Morri-a error in duplicate •> ,I '> D Evans, sup out door paupers • l v 08 .1 1) Dixely, issuing order- and bringing paupers •' B R A-chont, applehutter sir <1 pork •• 13r UT' Miller, tried, attendance 300 John Bowser, -ix barrels flour Robt i'van, in lull check No I'll ; l ~-6 Geo Blytnire, -loves and tinware -'9 • - r i Robt Fvan, good- ;, i S D Broad, work done at mill 30 00 J M Vanhorn. issn'rig warrants i 50 Mieha-1 Hoblerhaum, ton p!a ter Ja- Ling. 1 brood sow and pigs 19 17 J.ts K H; Ham, goods 1° Jacob Reed, goods 50 '- ' Jos Spnngter, 1 hominy mill s 00 Saml iliittomfield, potatoes 3 00 Andrew Home, pork S Bhtiefe A Co., goods and leather Robt Kurtz, straw I 00 Henry Naug'.e, bringing paup 4 1:0 Wrn M ilburn, cabinet work 11 ''7 llet rv lekes, 1 cow and call G 0 John I'essna, cluck picv. granted 101 00 Jcs-c Willis, piotk 03 7 1 W F Moorbead, for farm band 80 .76J Jesse Yarnell, mutton 7 78 Fred Oak-, bringing paup 5 62* Robt Kurtz, beef 7 99 Saml Shuck, exoneration 8 51 Sam! Brown, int. on checks 7 1 16 Fred Oak-, bringing paupers i 00 Spidel A Pert in, repairing spindle 2 00 Michael Wertz, exonerations W C'reichbaum, bal on settlement 8- Wm F Moorbead, quarter's salary 76 1> I A SJeek, coal ' 00 John Corley, half year's salary 10 00 Fred Oaks, bringing pauper I 62,* Henry Wilt, exoneiations > 't

John Ces-na, check prev. granted 10 00 John Al-ip, -mut machine 76 69 O Billiard, seal for poor I ouse W F Moorehead. quarter's salary '4 00 C M Cain, apples and applehutter Wm R tchey, applehutter 1 Thos R Getty-, salary as clerk •] 25 John Shartz'T, 50 bit corn John Honestine, applehutter Jacob Bartldollar. good 8. Johnson, keeping out-door pail 1) Evans, sup out-door pan 1' ' 0 John Shafer. corn, [ ' Eve Stuckey, 25 bu corn Ei o0 T R Gettys, quarter's salary '• '-'6 Joshua Mower, bal on sett lenient James O'Neal, bringing pan - F D Beegle, goods ' Jesse Dicker, out-door pan Jacob Reed, goods Freedom of Thought and Opinion. A ilichey. applebut. and potatoes $2l S6 Joiin R. s-ler, bringing pauper 3 50 J I' Dearman, removing pauper 0 SO Jofin Corley, services. 10 00:. t((\ Househofder, rem. pauper 4 07 .bun 11 Rush, error in set. 8 20 GJleon D Trout, goods 5 75: J<j n Wysong, exoneration .i 00 Gij'eon 1) Trout, services 20 00 A(drew Statier, coal 10 9s* Jape* Devore, exoneration 5 13 8 £ V. hitli -ld, bringing jiauper I 2 ; 7 J TR Gettys mak dup and sal'y, 31 25 Geon D Trout goods, * 80 82 (jijeon B Martin exoneration, 5 70 l(o i Morris exoneration, 8 85 Apobi Lashley. exoneration 40 Joja R-'ily, exoneration i 62 a SaSiucl Berkstre-ser, exoneration 11 53 T,;v, Ces-na. check prev granted 392 51 J.}*! f.nng. bringing pauper, 26 25 Jan Gates, bringing pauper I 67.' Lijcuel Evans, bringing pauper 6 91 S j Barker, bringing pauper, 6 s7f, T4 Way,applebutter I 7-7 A|ted Craine, medicine 17 00 MiWeisel, coopering 5 57 S C.i-fncr, ut on panjiers .14 50 Ditver, printing 24 00 N,Lyons, goods ' 37 49 .'(in Long, bringing pauper 4 00 !-;-e Dirken, keeping out-door |iau 21 00 Rjib'-ri Keller, 5 50 Jen Feei-tcr. pork 01 05 '.\|S f'iitck, carding wool in '54 1 73 Jufl May, apples and applebutter 9 25 A'parks, |>otatoes 6 .36 .Un Si huahley, exoneration 1 1 7$ >.!-.or.utz. exoneration 5 00 VjF Vfoorhead, one heifer 14 00 ASpark e. potatoes 3 01 4?> Gettv* quarter salary i; 25 fU coifemu-. i-suiug orders 8 50 Jflo .lerbaum, funeral e.xjien.-es 8 30 ni.Shifes, exoneration 8 50 1W (rarrefsori. bringing pan i 45 V N<-ts,in. donation 15 Of) .fdrew Statier. coal 1557 25 00 ,j& J G Wei-e|, work 11 72* fl'Jder. exoneration 13 44 O'.eoi! D Trout, good- 26 53 1 Itogej*. part of check No .",7 ,30 1 F Moot iieasl, check N'o .3 6 00 T-M Her, check No 27 20 Q0 (B C ratm-i A CO. ( HECK No 122 10 00 If Shires. commission 10 s3', .11 Sehnahley, do 3-1 59 J jcbolas Coontz, do 9 s "* i ii 'Hard-man, do 3 77 I n R ley. do 6 50 s>erksfr--er, do 5 :>3| r Devore, i'o 5 38 -hn Whet.tone, do 1 1 55 '■ (Jeori B Martin, do 5 06 !a-l Morris, do 1 1 7S ! (I'old La-iiley, —do 5 '!! Rim Ewalt, do ~' 2 38 bn Wysong, do 7 37| j ihiel Miller, do 1 1 99 1 !;•( ,vel Wertz. do 7 78 'en-orer's sa'arv, 40 00 | idifors and Clerk for .ettling 15 00 176- 77,' '•a. the ltnders giipd, Auditors o: Bedford County, JaXtii/u Jl-U- we 5 !\-je jMtfimirnfd the foregoing uc-.„ co- of George Blymire, Treasurer of the poor and lire-of Employ ment of Bedford Cou-.fy. ami find ! i: thme to b - ccrrect :••! true a above -ta*--,!. and j : 1 1 ere is a balance due said Treasurer o. sixty : uflollars and *wn rent-, ($64.02.) tim--s our hands and seal* this 7th day of Tantta- i r, I) i 5.77. DANIEL BART ! V. s.'| HENRY IL MOCK, [l. -.j Mri.. 11. G. :TV-. Clerk. . iiitnt due from Collectors of Bedford County up to 4 . iry 1. 18.77. +3 Ku.g. ilnp-well 1853 $39 37 I jodeii, (,'nn.berland V 18 1 73 - ,if L Hill, Juniat.i SI 53 j •N-ori'-mu-, 7] Wood 153 07 BFihires, Bedford B 1555 21 61T h Hardinger, C \ alley 12 63 o(ge Long Hopewell 8 19L j > Carneil Monroe 11 00 j .11 A?-t idt, S? Clair 62 87 i librt Elder, M Wood 78 21 ' A GLirre'tson, Bedford B 1854 200 00 •Ob Riddle, Bedford Tp 370 13 j' Horton. Broad Top 257 74 1 •its Gump. Colerain '6O 53 J inner, C A alley 213 97 it: Dash- r. Hopewell 152 07 ; sjh B W.-rtz, Harrison SO 77 ; II Gillespie, Juniata ■*- 95 16 j | iml Cvphers. Liberty 97 19 ' ctb Evans, Londonderry 8J 89 : Titqiah Akers, .Monroe 94 89 > 'try Egulf. Napier 111 25 j ■rue! Wink, East l'rov 68 75 j Tim Sjiarks. West Prov 204 19 ; , o!) Andrew-, St. Clair 272 81 inief Tewell. Southampton 60 23 •my Hurne, Schellsburg Roro IS 62' .tnon Band. Middle U 37t !;) hn Furry, South VY 3,71 03 .March 13, 1857 $7730 95 ;"T • rT7ptJC V7T C r " 7 r t~ "T ~j 1J ii !-• J. i— - _ J-.. A me ting ni the County Teachers'! -titut. . will be held nt Scheilshtng commenc i: ott Monday, the 13th day of April ih-.x!, n! 1., coidi'sw three days. Several interestii2; lectures on the diiierent i kinches of education will be delivered, and a triety of instructive exercises on the black iard will be exiu iited. As the main object of the meeting; is to aid j jd cncotiarire teachers in the various duties ol ' wit- vocation, the attendance, not onlv oi 1 achers, but also of School Ditectors, and the iends oi education generally, is invited, f iiiii.. i ne. Collie all. A liearty welcome a ait- von. You can he either a silent specla ir, or vou can participate in the exercise it you j t-sire. T. R. GETTYS, J. S. TrssKV, <SVc/'y. Co. Su/i'(- March 27, !s">7. I)i,oo.Mst;ui;i;, March 1 *2th. To Fetdinand E. Hayes :—I have arrested; fi'Kim Hie murderer ol Norcross-. I have him b the Columbia county jail, at Bioomsburg. AARON YVOLF. FROM KANSAS. — We were favored with a •i-it yesterday, from Hon. Thos. Cunningham, pnrierlv of H-aver, I'a., but recently of Kau as, of which Territory he is one of the Supreme Foil:t Judges. H- gives us much information d an interestiiiix character, respecting Kansas [flairs. It is his intention to return to that Tcr iforv rar'v in Apnl. Pitfxburg I nion. For the Gazette. scraoof, EXtimTro*. Held on Friday evening, March the 13th, at the Church in Stonerstowo, by .fas. F. Fay. At an early hour the pupils assembled in the School-room, opposite the Church, to await the gathering of parents and friends. Ere the light of day had entirely faded from the wes tern horizon, the church, though spacious, was crowded with anxious visitors. Old and young assembled liomail parts of the neighborhood to witness far the first time in their hi-tory, a : "school exhibition." The pupils then marched into t'je church, where apartments were cur j tnined -fi fr their accommodation, and a stage j erected, and beautifully .decorated with wreaths and garlands. The time for opening having arrived, art able and appropriate address was given by the teacher, alter which the regular exert F- s of the evening were gone through with, consisting of 25 or 30 pieces, viz:— Speeches, Orations, amusing Dial -.gues. ivc.. du ring which time the special' rs by their eathu | siasm and smiles of approbation, evinced their I appreciation of the performances. The exhibi tion was highly praiseworthy, and r--fleets credit upon teacher and pupils. '1 he manner of de livery, the coib'ctedness and en:: - .wire with • which the various pieces were performed, would have been credible to some of cur higher institutions of learning. The scene was >n!i vened at intervals with vocal music, bv Mr. and Mrs. John, and Mr. and Mrs. Lew is, whose ser vices- were engaged for the cicias: in, ar; : wb- to singing need be heard to be admired and highly appreciated. It was a source of much : gratification to see the interest taken in educa tion by the citizens of Storeistown and vicini i ty, who say their schools are much better than formerly, and improving under the present I school system. tl. I From the New York Herald, March 1.1. LOVE AXt) Sl it IDE. The particulars of a most romantic case of su icide by poison, in consequence of disappoint ment m love, came to light yesterday afternoon, idie victim a young (1- nnan woman 22 years of ag , residing at No. 21 Rivirigton street, had j b-en deserted bv her lover, ui. se name s!.e j would not reveal, but had endeavored to b ar up ; against the misfortune with true heroi.-m. Car- I oline Jeulich—for such was the name of the un fortunate woman—was beloved bv a voting (Mr | man named Edward Sinister, who proflereci his j hand in marriage, but the recollection of her | la he lover was so firmly impressed upon her 1 mind, that although she received the attentions of Sinister, ami signified a Willingness to h- c-wr.e his bride, still in Secret she pined at the loss of the a: sent lover, and secretly contemplated seli • destriH-t ion. According to Shunter's story h.e has been in | the United States about six tn >nth<, and lad -carcely known the deceased f>r tluee weeks, being a machinist by occupation, he put sn ad , vi-rlisement in one oi the morning papers asking ; Isr a situation. The mc- a.-ui answered to and requested him to call on her. He did so, when she stated that she had been deserted by her lover, who was a machinist also, and that think ing it was him who inserted the advertisement asking for the situation, she was impelled to . answer it '-villi the vague hope of being restored Ito his amis once more. Fiom that time an in- I timacv sprang up between the pair. Sinister declares he loved her at first sight, and ever af ter up to the day of her death. Miss Jeulich pr f.-ssed ! - return his love, an-! h u i r ardent i admirer to hope tor a happv uni m. I nan an examination of the pet son of the de ceits d tiie t . iovi i tg touching • pis ale, ex plana- I tory of her conduct was found in her pocket, and was produced in evidence upon the inquest. LIXF.S return \ uv DECCASEO vxn rorxn ON net: PEhsox: lam broken hearted and lorielv. T feel my self forsaken when T find I cannot discover em* to help me. No one but myself can <:• scribe ; mv feelings, or can my pen describe my luart -1 felt mist y. I trust to find an death. I lei 1 i am i s! f never. There is oniv one to whom 1 might hope for assi-tance, but 1 bar h.e is incapable. The Lord only knows what 1 have suffered the last few weeks. The cold world may, after mv cl-ath, say 1 itter things about me, j but this Jdo not mind, 1 wish all could see . and read my heart, they might then (it d cause :1- rmv untimely late. There Is ne who once j was a true friend. 1 will not, however, meriti ui his name. H-- would be but iittic* astonished at this rash act.— Could I hut see him now, audtell hm ail, he might probably save ne>. 1 am going on a long journey, and trust T may reach heaven, where all my worldly troub les will be at an end. Good bye. Goi d bye. The Jury in this case rendered a verdict'of "Death by taking laudanum on Fiid.y, .March 13, 1857, under the excitement, as the Jury sup : pose, ol disappointment in love." if,-"" A gang of railroad robbers were lafi !y arrested, on tiie lineof the Pittsburg, Fort VVvane and Chicago road. A large number r.l the gang have, according to the Mansfield ffenittl, ■ been employees of the road. Numbers of tiie gang would be stationed all along the whole line of the road, between stations, and as tiie tram came along (lie confederate on the train would roD off a bale of muslin, cloth or such goods as could he made most available. These goods would be divided among members if desired or otherwise sent to some of their depots establish ed in the west for the disposal of their gc Is, and tiie proceeds divided among them. Nor were 1 their acts those ot robbery alone. Tin y sup ped not at murder to secure their bm ly. Lv them was Whitney mmdered at Londonvilie, and Moore almost killed at Crestline. The murderer of Whitney, it is said, is among the arrested, now in W- .-st-r, Ohio, jail. Laige numbers still unarrested, are closely watch ed by this secret police, who know them to ire long to the gang and only wait for sufficient legal evidence to justify their artest. TERitttt, PER YEA IS. VOL XXV. NO. 30. -R XRAARGN* SESTST RSR.. IJI : FJVS&YAJI GJG JK V*'*.WW.VWFCA Ilsrriiburg, .March 15, 1857. During my correspondence lor lh* "pennsyi vniun! have re: - atedlv r- to th*- great number of private bill< which are brought be fore the Legislature. Th ie Bills qooSirt prin cipally of acts of incorporation of ail kinds of companies, di\ rce ! ills, and acts relieving seme individual from doirg what common law says lie ought to dt>, or xonerating him front a pen*- altv which he has, ! v l is negect or stupidity, in curred. F;r the last ten years it has been one of the expressed priitciph > of the Democratic party to discountenance and do away with this speci--s of legislation, hut as yet have accom plished very lit* i■ ,if any thing, in this respect. True, that most odious and < irrupt system, known as "omnibus bgiFasion," has uyd out, hut still a propensity exists especially in the II use, to leg is I ;!e on evry petty thing that can he hn.rgbt within the j wer of the Assembly, and what canri'-j !.e breught there? This is cer tainly a great * * il. Local interests made to supplant general wants, a;. I members ent-r into corrupt co:r hiuatio'is to carry cut their pet ty scheme-, to the detriment of the interests ar.d honor of the Commonwealth. The remedy fir a!! this is with the people.— They should select men to represent-them who i ive principle more than pecuniary gains, and if this were done, my word for it, the character of t. e Pen: sylvar ia Legislature would soon he el - 1 FT -- that tho men now in the v "'ate Capita! are a? a l '!- and fc -nest as any that have prece-md ;i, •; j . many years hack, but tin y have not p: -p. r conception of their posi ti .'it or slut: s. Ti.ey do r.i.l consider that a na tion of *2,5110,000 people have entrusted their government in th- ir They do not think that the constitution under which they act hinds a member firm Blair county to dojustice to Phil adelphia, ar.d r.-'d- v*r't. They do not act as t: ..;h they had nut ; atrii tisra enough to em brace the whole state of Pennsylvania. Mo; many tnensl• rs seem to think that their whole duty is to got all they rati for their immediate constituents, oven if tin ir gain is the loss of eve ry ot •r p- :ti :: cf tbe Commonwealth. This is certainly an erroneous idea, and not only er roneous, but injurious and disgraceful. In the incorporation of tanks, f r instance, ! I and p-r- nal interests are alone consulted. There are points in Pennsylvania, where the business ami enterprise of the people require .ing ;i stiloti >ris. These localities are rare, while scores of iher institutions of this kind are asked for mere spechlative purposes. If a menru r representing a constituency whose in terests actually require a Lank vote against these * speculative demands, in almost every instance tiie - of the latter make it a princi ple to v- te against the former. Ihe law of act ion ■ adopt on !>y grave-ieg Ldalors, is-the.childLdi "if v u will T will: if \ n won't f won't." f cannot n w recall a single important public ill which 1 as keen finally acted upon by the present Legislature. Two months and a half of the session are g me, and tins whole tin.e has been occupied with the consideration ofthpse pet ty I.ills, excepting ontv a feu* prescribed duties which the m- m* ers were compelled to perforttri. 1 <io not sav this through any unkind feeling* but simply to call attention to the fact, with the hope that the evil will he remedied. I believe that the great majority of the members are iron 's! m-n—men who want to do right, but their i h-as of legislative duty are entirely erroneous, and to rtiiik" their good intent;, lis of any account th- y must start out upon a.different path, it v n!,! he a great advantage to our State to have tri nnial s ssion* oft! • Legislature. II fhts were done, many of these cas-. - which now come here (wring ■. h winter wool-' be taken to the ( urts where tie v Led rig. and there be disposed of. The might then become, a place of legislate . at. ' n* tajda> to make soapb- tl itrg a ,-ociati ns, and trv obscene divorce cases. {'.'ill ft',l)l BAITS. The nominations offhc Democratic State Con vention are lec-iveu with general favor over tiie whole ( >n m nwealth, i he masses of the pee;-;.' set mto have . abiding confidence that our candidal's an- _•■■■ .1 men, and will do what is rigid. -v mti-f ex per ience, ability and integrity. .Mr. Packer is a gentleman of commanding ilitirs. who is weii versed in Stat" abuirs. Few n•n in the Commonwealth will com; ire with bin; in his know ledge of the af fairs of State, and tiros • who know him best are his warmest friends o.d at::,-i: • rs. With such a man as our Man-Mid-bearer, victory is certain to perch upon our banners. '1 im candid ite for Cam! Commissioner, Hon. Ximrod Strickland, or Chester county, is tbe very man for the p Ft; n. He F honest, capa ble and worthy. We have known him since our boyhood, and hive always regarded him as one of the L< ct and most intelligent men of the State. For rtiany years he was editor of that sterling Denaocrticpaper, lite West Chester Jic j>ublir .i, ami never u < he hi;.- w ' ) deviates n from Democratic pnricipl He rs a Democrat from principle ar.d educati •, and a man of enlarged arid liberal views, tits knowi eilge of cur public iumroven ritsand the resour ces of th- State w ill en.dil" him to discharge the important duti-s of Canal Commissioner with honor lo himself and advantage l> the people. His views ir. regard to the manner in which our public works should be conducted and the resources of the Slate protected, accord with our own, and we t i -ati-P' . that ins services as & Canal Commissioner u ill ptov ■ invaluable to tire Commonwealth. Of the n< mination of '■ hoi Justice Lew-is, it is scarcely iH-c>ssarv we should speak. He is kr.own to every law yer as one ot the ablest-ju rists oi our country, and sustains a reputation for integrity and probity, that t ecFs'st scruti ny cannot impair. He is in -ed a model Judge, one w iic> is calculated to shed lustre upon the Su preme Court or' Pennsylvania. Den ocrats ! Our ticket is before us, and it is entitled to mil must strenuous exertions. It can be elected by a triumphant majority let us de termine that it shall be.— En-ion .irgus.