Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, July 3, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated July 3, 1857 Page 3
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YHent is Democracy i DEMOCRAT \ represents the great principles of progress. ]t is onward and out ward in ' ls movements. It Las a heart for ac tion and motives for a world. It constitutes the principle oi diffusion and is to v what the centrifugal force'is to n revolving orb of a universe. What motion is to them, Dettiocrar v j s to principle. It is tile st til of action. Jt conforms to the providence of God. It has confidence in man and an abiding reliance in his big!' destiny. It seeks the largest liberty, the greatest good and the surest happiness. It aims to build up the great interests of the many, , , the least detriment of the fow. It remem bers the past, without neglecting the present. ]t establishes the present, without fearing to provide for the future. It cares for the weak, while it permits no injustice to the strong. It conquers the oppressor, and prepares the subject of tvranny for freedom. It omits the bigot's heart to meekness, and reconciles his mind to knowledge. It dispels the cfottd Of ignorance and superstition, ami the people for in struction and seif-respect. It adds wisdom to .egi-lati "i, and improved judgment to govern ment. It la vol s euterpi ise that yields to many, arai an industry that is permanent. Jt is the j n e. f humanity—the conservator of nations. Jt r.MLs ONLY when rr cease-; TO isr. Till':: TO jTSCLI". Extract from a letter by the Rev. Mr. Churchill ot jfc.ston, who is now travelling lor his health in the East. ~[t gives one an ever present idea of the expan sive enfei|fi>e of count lymen, to find thf-ir torn mo 'ties ot commerce oontmualiy in tus path wher ever he noes. 1 have not visited any considerable city of Turkey, where 1 did not find the medicines el'my country represented by AVKU'S CHKISKV I'm - •i L.. In Smyrna, Aleppo. Jaffa, Jeru-alem arid Conslanlmople, we -ee in each, on the door post of .m:,. i.ii/.aiir. the peculiarly looking iron card, of Dr. Ail i. saving in a ianguaee which not one in a thou send of the passers bv ran read, Chkriry !'< c . J. 'nr Cough*, Culls, ami CoUMMfitimt, sold In It (1,, a shelf behind The cro**-fegged mirssulman are -he f ttl-s. with their JCnglisb. Spanish, French irnl German laces tun ed towards the crowd, and on enquiring vvt * are told lhat foreigners are not the on !v purshasers, but the true believers themselves via iv e tl.eir t ri -1 in late to try I his product of Arrier .can skill, where they find there is no other cuie lor them. I was told yesterday that the Cherry Pectoral jaa been pre-ented to the Sultan, an.) i- now in con -•a.'it u-e in his harem, ami in the hospitals ol ttie Empire. June I .', IS "7—lm. Pl'tHl'V VO R Bl.OOO—lt"afflicted with Scrof ,i. < iiiomc I'ihe: :i at ism. Dyspepsia, or any disease arising fiom an unhealthy oi impure condition of the 1 nl, i Hurley's Sa:;ap.irilia. For sale by every drim"4ist. SHERAU.VS VJLLF.Y JJXD BROJ2D TOP R. JfL 110. ID COMP.7.VY. PIIOPOS ALS FOR LETTING. \ ilire : s hereby given that Proposals w ill he receiwil foi pulling under contract TWENTY MlLK's,it the •.i<;.■ r: end, commeccirig at its junction u ith tlte Northern, Central and P.-nn svlva.ita rail-t' i Is, at the mouth of Fishing (V- and running west; also TWELVE miles a' • e w >tern <n i, runti trig east ti uiu Sideling I!:: (lap. Tl.e West.; it portion of said 1'..; v. i. •• let ->n the li;st Tuesday of September \t a" th- j linos • of WILSON L. KLI XE, F.urat Cabins: and the eastern pott ion at t'e I -lijeof 11. II EL t Ell, Warm Springs, Perry < atv, mi the fojl>\vit;g FRIDAY. P. Ip >- in f th" g illation am! iWusoorv of which will be received :fi ami alter the I.>;h day of Aiigibl, at the ollice of tiie C tnpany, BURNT CVIUNS, t the western end, and at the oiiice C panv, WARM SPRINGS, for the Kid rn 1 :'ion. Plans and specifications will e r i v i r examination or the I nth ol August. C m! in format i:i rono-ming the works may i ' nti !hv calling on P. P. DICIvI NbO.N, ■( • .uieer's ollke, .N. E. Railwav, Han isbui g, Pa. A. P. WILSON. President. P. P. DICKINSON, Chf. Eng. Sherman Valley and Broad Top R. R. Co. VY arii; S: -Jugs Cilice, July ) 3, 1857—tAog. 15. ' \ •GTfCH. In the matter of Thomas Vickroy's Estate, the undersigned appointed auditor hv tin- Or phan's Court of tlie county of Bedford to exam ine and adjudicate the claims against said IF tate, report a distribution of the name, and to as certain and adjust the amount of recognizances f > be given bv those t ,f the heirs taking the real ft' te at the valuation, will attend to the duties efs.ii'i ajip- intm-'rit at his • tiice its the Borough ' Bedford on Tuesday the 2St:i dav of July, itsh at 10 o'clock, A. M. when and where all j-'.-s >ns interest; (I < an attend. J NO. P. REED, July 3, 1857. Auditor. iiCTiGE OF INQUISITION. Whereas James VY. miner, late of Mm roe ' itisliip, Bedford c unty, decrased, died seiz ed oi the follow ing Real Estate, viz: One I'ract of Land, being the Mansion place, containing four hundred acres more or Us-, wit!, the ap| urteria: situate in said Town • iP of Monroe, ailji.ining lands of Andrew I • •> at Michael H vm ron the <a t, hinds of Kit iin Grub!) on the north, hinds <<! George A ''rimer, Sol. Vv • it.tre r's hens and J hti Mar tin on the wvst, and lands <>f l)anl. Wemn -r srS( l Wm. Stuckey on the South, having aw;- Mahala VVemmer, and issue three chil dren, to vvif; Abraham VVemmer, residing in Hocking Co. ' ■ • Mi*, s VVemmer, and Phebe, interrnarri k: with VYm. Mickson, residing in Bediurd count v, Notice is therefore hereby given that in pur f'Jance of a writ of Partition or valuation to me directed, I w-iil proceed to hold an inquisition l,: valuation on the premises on Monday the ~'th day of July inst., when and where all inle rested may attend if tirnvsee proper. HUGH MOORE, Sheriff. July 3, 1557. WM, SHAFFER, lles'chasit Tailor, Fontinuea to carry on the above business, in -L its -ranches, at tiis old stand in Juliaima st. ■md is prepared to accommodate all who may " IV; ' r liim with their custom, on reasonabß "Tins. Ifo constantly keeps on hariu a larg*- ■ JSV rtmetit of ready-made Clothing of a gooc and substantial qualify. And, having in store a choice selection of Cloths, C'assimeres, Vest- Drillings, \c. k.c. he invites all in war.l "G.l rthing to give him a call, as he feels con h '-tit he can please all who do so. Bd(ord, July 3, 1857. ' -'-A N'ETTS, for horses, for sale at CRAMER h CO'S. THE PREVAILING COUGHS AND COLDS— -1 lie speediest, most popular, and only generally ad mitted ji.-itivi! cure for Coughs. Colds, Influenza, dif ficulty ul . reathingjhoarsene.-,-, sorenessof the chest, tickling in tile throat, ice., IN Clickener's Sugar-coat ed \ egetabh- 1 mgative 1 ills. They a fiord almost immediate i e'ie.': and the most eminent ol the faculty recommend them exclusively in these <tisease>. To enhance theti value, being coated with sugar, they i.ave no ta-te whatever o, medicine. -o that a child an take them us easily a> peppermint duip--; and then again they produce riot the slightest sensation of gripe or nausea. In short they are so much superior to any other known medicine thai a single trial will make any person a patron of them for hie : and soas -ured is the proprietor of this, and so confident in their never-failing virtues that he will immediately return the money paid for them ir: all cases where they do not give the most unlimited satisfaction. June i 5, 1857.—tw. TIMELY AD\ ICE.—To those who ate subject to Coughs and Colds, and those various Pulmonary dis eases incident to our climate at thi< season oi The y car, we would advise the trial of u bottle of Die KI.Y sint's Pe( IOKAJ. Svnr v, by tins time well known to iiir corunmiiily, and a medicine that stands higher lor its curative properties than any other medicine with which we are acquainted. It is a matter of wonder to us that any person will allow a Cough or old to iasten on the liiugs w hen so pleasant a ii-me ly iN at hand. -V'"* lo be Intel at the Stole ul Mr. Samuel I) ru iv n in Bed turd—and at Mr. Colviu's Store in Schellsburg. DALLEVS MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR. The great and principle characteristics Bf DAL LEY'S MAGICAL LAIN EXTRACTOR consist: Ist. Of its never-tailing and unique property, as mon as applied to any external injury, to CHECK. INFLAMMATION instantly, and rapidly to reduce t. ] his feature constitutes ils great power to alie nate the pain of burns and scalds and of other pain ful di seas. in so ji credibly short a space of time, Hid as will appear from the |Vw testimonials hereunto Hinexed. Every intelligent riiind is fully aware that, n ali cu-es of external injury, the pain is produced ay inflammation of the injured parts; and, Uiereloie, I you remove the cause, the effect must cease. 'id. Its piinticative properties neutralize the poison hat may lurk in the system, am! will, when applied 0 the sores, draw rapidly all impure matter to the surface, aiul eject it hence the great discharge it troduces from sores occasioned by burns—and when ipphed to old at,d inveterate sore.-, Salt Rheum, or • 'her cutaneous disea-es. Each box of. • m ixF rnvt.i.nv's r.ux KXT:: ACTOR has ipou it a St.-el Plate Engraved Label with the sig tiure o; (.'. \ . CLICKENEK N: Co.,proprietors, and IENRY DALLEV, tiiuiiuiacturer. Price 27 cents >er box. should be addressed to C. V. Click ■nei v I Barley street New York. May 8, 18 7—2 m. A IA E 1 OR THE HAlß.—Perfection is not nt ainod by ii ihdenre and ease: there i- no cro'-lof to miversal tVvnr. The world will not be blown I ke •hall into a channel indicated bv imitators. Witness he fast anchored fame of BACHELOR'S 11 AIR DYE, won by watching when others slept, sustained by its intrinsic worth and truthiiiir e-s to nature. War ranted riot to dl-iippoir T the hopes of tbo-e who use t. Made and so: 1, or applied at the wig factory ') Broadway, lew York. See that each box has G .... A. RATI UKI.OU on, no others are genuine. Sol ! >y Dr. Reamer. , June 12—1 m. 3CJCO llis. of Wool Wan'o;l AT THE GLO II E TACT 0R V , "A.- 'il ntzi's Mill, Middle Woodberrv 'i j - Bedford Co., Pa. J ' US KEAG Y, the proprietor of the above Establishment, b<-gs respectfully to inform. Lis iiim- c i isF mors and tiie pi.blic General!v, hat lie will continue to manufacture all kinds if VVOCLLF.N GOODS. fie La> >n Land any • [uan'ity t Premium Par • t C-.vrl.-js, I' i -,,,- ts, Cas-i metes, Cloths, j'tve. Jn, SatlinMs. Fiau- Loth barred an ! plain, Woollen Carpels, Ra-i C-irpefs, and Stocking \ on, if a!l km s. Ash-- has made another verv important a :i --1 'ii to hi- already extensive arid improved u him rv, unt'C|itati<*<] in this -r any of the adi x ;ent Counties', he Hatters himself that lie is now it a positi m to manufacture and finish <j mrls, in i style superior to any in this line, in this si-c --ion of the St itte. :r r- \. I?.—The highest price will lie paid f>r Wool, in (I .els or ''ash. M. Wu ,0-eriy tp., May 22, IS57—St. ATTENTION KXFLEmEH!! You are hereby ordered to parade at vour usual place of training, on Saturday the -lth day o. July : ext, at 8 o'clock, A. M.. in summer uniform, with twelve round- of blank cartridge. A full turn-out i :!e-ired. By order of the Captain. VVM. RITCIIEY, June 20, 1877. O. S. FOURTH Or" JULY. In accordance w th 1;b!ishf! ru-tom, the coni ng anniversary of our Independence vviil be celebra ted by the Bedford Riflemen and Bloody Run Blues II the grove belonging to Mr. Samuel lh-fibaugh near Bedfoid. An oiatiori will be delivered by John 11. E-ii'-r, Esq. and the Declaration of Independence will be read. The dinner will be served by Mrs. Cook n; The Washington Hotel. The citizens of Bedford and vicinity, anil visitors to tlx Springs, are cordially invited to be present and participate with us on thp occasion. Tickets for the dinner may be obtained at the Wa-hington Hotel, or iioox the Committee of Ar rangements. \V. P. MOWER, T. H. LYONS. J. W. LINDKRMAN, LEVI SMITII, Tune 2'!, 18.77—2t. Commitrce. * NOTICE. Notice is hereby given that an-application will he made to the next Legislature of the Slate of Pena si Ivama ior the .pas-age of an act of Assembly autho rizing the incorporation of a Bank offasae with ee neral banking and discounting privileges, under the general banking laws of this Slate, to be located at the Borough of Bedford in the county of Bedford, and called "The Bedford County Bank," with a capital ol two hundred and fifty thousand, dollars, and with the privilege of iucrea-nig the -ame to the sum of four hundred thousand dollars. K. L. ANDERSON. WM T. DAEGHERTY, WM. P. SCHELL, A. KING, NICHOLAS LYONS, SAM EEL L. RI T BSELL. Bedford, Pennsylvania, June 2G, 1877 t.l 1 MORE TSV/ GCCDS. A. I). CRAMER ii CO. have just opened another supply of SUMMER GOODS, render ing th--ir assortment very compute. Beautiful new-sly if Calicoes, Parage Robes, handsome White Crape ami Stella Shaw-is, Brilliants, &c. —Superior French Cassisneres and striped S,it teeus lor Mens' Wear; also a full supply of Car pet nigs, Groceries, Mackerel, Herring, &.c. IV - Country Produce wanted, and good pri ces w ill be given. Call and see our Stock and learn the prices. A. B. CRAMER &. CO. June 2(J, 1857. GIFT BOOK STORE. ♦ uT"HAN7"Ay &. CO. would announce to the citizens of Bediord and vicinity that thev have opened a BOOK STORE in'lhe room of Mr. David Mann, where they have everv vari ety of new and valuable Books, which will he sold as low as tin- usual retail price—many of them for Uss, A superb GIFT will be deliver ed with each Book, without additional expense to the buyer. See BLUE FLAG. J_ Callsaon. June 26.' •' - -"•-Trra* "jt.cjaum^KjarJDrrarrr.Tt?^!.;T2 KUAT ARKIVAIJ! of liyring (.OOBS rho und- rsi-m-d has just returned from Iho Eastern cities with a large stock of Sprint Goods: and is now exhibiting at CHS A? SIDE a general assortment of new style of Spring Goods, comprising, in pnrt. Ladies'"Dress Goods', Ducal Ciocovella Challi, fancy and plain De Lainp, Brilliants. Lawns, Calicoes, Xc. &c. l or gentlemens' and boys' wear Cassirrieres, Cassinets, Canton Cloth, Shepperd Check, Cot tonades, Xc. Loots, Shoes, Hats, Bonnets, Woollen and Rig Carpets, floor Oil Cloth, Syrup molasses, white and brown Sugars, green and black Teas, Groceries of all kinds, Queensware, Tubs, Buckets, Brooms, Xc., Hardware, Shovels, Forks, Hoes, Knives and Forks, Spoons, Xc. and all articles usually k**pt in stores. AH kinds of country produce taken in ex change. The undersigned will s#l cheap for cash or produce, and hopes by fair dealing to receive his usual share of custom. G. W. HUPP. April JO, 1807. £o Clcrgijmm anb £mj;eriii:cnljcnfs of Sabbat!) Sdjocls. We keep on hand the publications of the Am. 8. S. I nioii, American Bible Society, American i tact Society, i're >oyterian Board of Publica tion, IMethoriist Book Rooms, Massachusetts S. 8. Union, Lutheian Board of Publication, Epis copal S. S. Union, and a great variety of stand ard Religious Publications suitable lor Sabbath Schools. SHRYOCK & SMITH, C'mmbersburg. March G, 1857. .Vihsycck & Kii(2i, Btttiksellcrs and Stationers, and dealers in Music and Musical fcstruaieflts, Cjfcfflßfaersburg. Our Stock consists of Books, Stationery, Mu ;ic, Musical Instruments, Wail Pap-r, Blinds, 1 rench, German, and American Lithographs, md Steel Engravings, gilt Mouldings for Fiames, etc. etc., wholesale and retail. Dr. B. F. Harry is our agent tor Bedford, and all oi lers given him will be promptly attended to. March (i. CHAIRS AND CABINET IT UN IT IRE. The subscriber has removed to ihe shop on We#! Pitt Street, recently occupied bv William Ritchey as a Machine Shop, vv here' he mutin ies to make to order and keep oti hand a gene al assortment of cliairs and cabinet furniture: consisting in part of Spring Seat Parlor Chairs, French Rocking ( hairs, Cane seat and Wind sor, Sof-is, L uiige.v. Ottomans, What- x .' is, Mnsjr Stam's. Fancy Parlor Tables, Breakfast, Dims r, a ! Ext-ision Ta'-les, I'edstßu ■••aus, Ward to' •s, Xc. Suits of cottage-iurm ure at very moderate prices, .so that it is with in the frtlCh of all to have nice, good, and 'ashinnnble furniture. The Ladies are particu larly inv:t"d to*calf and examine fur them selves, is it will he mv desire to please all tastes. A. B. (Mtfins will be on the shortest notice tor anv who w ill favor him with a call. ISAAC MEN GEL, Jr. May -29, 18")7. FAVETTE SPRINGS. This highly agreia le and attractive Monn ain resort, las been based hv the subscriber. \ew buildings fir imp-i ovements, for recreation, irr.usement, and, in pr cess of ciicn luring the past will be r-ady T-r tiie accommo lalion of visitors the present season. The pu ift ing healing prnj erties < f the waters < f these ipringshave been fully tested by chemical ana y >is, am) the cxpe; i-nee ol individuals proves heir edit ieiicy. THEV A'KI'ER FAIL TO CURE Scrofula and other diseases of the hlo-al, by 1 reefy drinking th> water, X erupti ms by bath ng and external applications of the deposile of he sir' am. Tin se waters are cbalv Vate of i n, with pultons of magnesia and sails. In lddition to the elevated, healthful ami pleasant mountain Incuti a of these Springs, they ar" iri th- midst of classic ground—wild, romantic ind picturesqe scenery—caverns, cataracts and cascad* s. Within a circuit of four or live miles ire FORT Nl:< i>*rrv, s'ls**! ElnSlfc L'irJd, Wnsftinglun's Soring on i .Mcmlovs, which he owned to the da-- of his d-ath Dunbar's Lamp—Braddock and Jurnonnville's graves — Delancv's Cave—Ohio Pyle and Cucumber Falls an# tf:■ Cascades of Meadow Run—easy >f access on horseback or in vehicles, to be had it the Spiing-. The streams and woods abound in trout and game, affording a rich field for the ieciples of Waff on <>' .'\'i?/no,l. Situate wit bin five minutes walk of the Na tional Road, with regular daily lines ol stages passing East ami West, connecting with Pitts burg Steamboats at Brownsville, and with the cars of Pittsburg and Connellsville Railroad at Connellsville, render these Springs convenient nf access in a short day fide from Cumberland and Pittsburg. The advantages of our location—our moder ate charge?, earnest desire and the exertions we will use to give entire satisfaction, and to make guests comfortable, we hope will not fail to rentier the Fnyrlft' Springs one of the most popular and agreeable summer resorts in the country. The present lessee has been employed at the Springs during several seasons in the ca pacity of Superintendent, and he flatters him self that Iris experience in this and other public

houses will not fail in being useful to himself, and in contributing to the comfort and pleasure of his patrons. Persons wishing to engage rooms, or to make further inquiry w ill please address the proprie tor at Fayette Springs P. O. or at I niontown, Favette Conntv, Penn'a. W. F. BABCOCK. June 19, 1857—Gt (MI'TIOV All persons are cautioned against fishing, hunting, or otherwise trespassing upon my Farm in Middle Wood berry lownsnip, *=> 1 w ill prosecute all who do so without respect to persons. W. J. GALBRAITH. June 26, 1857.* CARPETING ! CARPETING !! Will be found at REED'S STORE from 50 cts. to l,no, of the be it make and material. i\Ew mm & goods. I fie undersigned lia.s iiii just returned from the Eastern Cities, art* now rec evmg :i latge and splendid assortment of Spring and Summer Goods, consisting, in part, ol Ladies Dress (roods, black and lancy Silks, plain and figured Deiains, Poplins, Challies, Lawns, Brilliants, White Goods, Hosiery, IJ and kerchiefs, Collars, Xc. Xc. Sheeting, Crash, Muslins, Flannels, I ickings, fancy and union Casimeres, Cloths, and a general assortment of Mens and Boys Summer Ware ol all descriptions, single and double CAR PET Chain, all colors. Boots, Shoes and Hats in Great Variety, Hardware, Qtieensware, Brooms and Buckets, Groceries, Syrup, M ilasses, v\ bile and brown Sugar, green and black Gas, Pish, Tobacco, Indigo, Spices, Dye stud's, Xc. Xc. all of which will be sold cheap, as they art* determined riot to be under sold by anyone. Thankful for past favois, they hope to receive a general share ol the public patronage. J. & J. M. SHOEMAKER. April 17, 1557. ' W anted, 5000 lbs. Bacon, at Shoemaker's Colnnade Store, for whicii tlit* highest Market ju ice w ill be paid. BEDFOllJ) HIGH SCHOOL. THE duties ol tiie School will be resumed in Tm-sdav, April 14th, in the LARGE THREE STORY BUILDING situated on the rroiner of Alain and streets. Male ami F'-male departments distinct. The services of i thoroughly educated voting Lady of Vermont, rave been secured as teacher <>f Music, Xc., vc. The services of other competent teachers i|so have been secured as assistants. TERMS per Quarter of 1 1 weeks, inclu ling Board, Tuition, Furnished Room, Wash ing, Light, and Fuel, $3 S >.(JO. EXTRA CHARGES. MUSIC, SIO.OO USE OF INSTRUMENT, 2.00 TRENCH, 5.00 DRAW] (I, AND PAINTING IN WATER COLORS, each 5.00 ORXA MEN'TA L NEEDLE WORK, 5.00 OIL PAINTING, 10 00 SHELL WORK. 5 00 TERMS FOR DAY SCHOLARS. Ist Grade 4.00 -ml do 5.00 hi do fi.25 REV. G. W. AUGTIIXBA UGH, April 3, 1857. Princijiot. aotici:. AI persons interested, will pleas** take no ace that I have left my Book-, notes, Xc.. in he hands of Jon n*, Esip, where tliuse in ndebted are rei] nested to call an make payment A'ithout delay, and save costs. iMGSES STINE. A pi il 24, 1357. Ifcs fd fog Jl U S3* • ~J U. ]- just receiving nr. I opening an elegant as sortment of Sprint* and Summer Goods, embra cing all the lalrt s'vies and patterns of Ladies Dress Goods, to which she invites their especial itt.-ntion. Also a superior assortment of Tritn ned liid unti iihined Bonnets, Gaiters, Bootet s, slippers, Pat use Is, Skirts, H*. >iery, Collars, 'apes, Xc. Xc. Bedford, April 24, 1857. Slice, Glassware, and Variety STORS. Ai) A M FE H (a: S0 S Has just received an opened and elegant assort nent of gods in his line, to which, he invites lie attention ofthe public, satisfied that die can please all tastes. Bedford, April 24. NEW STORE A X 1) SEW GOODS!! THE subscriber would announce to his old iierids, as well as to the public at large, that he tas opened an ENTIRELY NEW STORE in he Borough t f Bedford, immediately opposite in* Washington Hotel, v. here he has just re vived a stock ot SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS of a superior quality, embracing al r. ' ev* rv article in tin- DRY GOODS and GROCERY LINE, to which he invites the es pecial attention of the people, who may find it ;o tin ir interest to give t un a call beiore pur chasing elsewhere. His Goods w ill be exhibit id with pleasure, whether purchased or not. SAMUEL BROWN. Bedford, May 23. lSsli. GREW Eit'ITEMEXf! The Elegant Assortment of SPEIIWG- AND SuKSIER G-CODS Just received and opened at HEED'S CHEAP STGRE IN BEDFORD having created quite an excitement in our usually quiet town, the subscriber feels conf.deiit that lie can exhibit such a -lock of Good- as will meet the general wants of both town and country, at fair pri ces. As it will cost nothing to examine his Stock he invites all in want of either substantial or !)re-s Goods to give him a call before purcha-ingel-eu here. JACOB REED. May 1, Is"i 7. ZZi: IS £'O Si Vi SS"' il E i* U S. This property lias, during the last year, passed in to the hands of a company, who, in addition to the former buildings, have erected a handsome and com modious Hotel building, and two spacious bath-hous es, and have ornamented and unproved the grounds. The hotel buildings will be opened lor the reception of visitor , on the Jilth of June inst, and kept open until Hie 1-t of October. Passengers from Baltimore or Ph.ladelphia reach the Springs in one day via Pennsylvania rail-road, the completion of the Broad top Rail Bead leaving but twenty miles of staging over a tine road. Mr. VVillard, formerly of Wash ington city, anil recently of the Burnet House, Cin cinnati, will superintend The Hotel. To invalid-, generally, the Bedford waters, in connection with the mountain air, are perhaps more highly beneficial than any other in the L inon. P. GOSSLE.Iv, President Bedford Spring, Company. June 10, lfc"7. Notice To the Citizens of Bet/ford County. All Land Warrants to be executed by me, must b>* placed in my hands to be regularly fi led in the office. I will execute all warrants and orders of re survey.- with promptness. Also, will attend to job-work on cull. I vvtli be in Bedford the ft est week of every month, or ofti-ner if required.— Addre.-s, Stonerstown, Bedford County. SAML. KETTERMAN. June 12, ISST. Fi* h, § 'is h : NE\Y MACKEREL just received. ,\ I not) HERRI\(! expected daily, and I'.i -n!< lor cash or ( •nntrv P: 'uce onlv. A. P. CRAMER Sc < o. May 1, 1 857. Iv EA G Y* S F0 L N DRY. The subscribers leg leave to announce to tin citizens of Hertford County that they contintn !o carry on the above establishment in Middi. W'uui!berry, in all its various branclies, and an prepared to till ail orders in their line on tlx shortest notice and most reasonable terms. The\ w ill sell castings by tin- ton, or give them t' -■'•II on commission at (air rates. Persons dese ring castings either on commissi m or otherwise w ill address tin* subscribers at Woodberrv, Red- Ibid county. We make the Loop and self-sharpening Plough, and warrant them. They can also bt mid on commission. ABRAHAM KEAGY A. CO. Mav lb, 1857 1 in.' BEDFORf)!M!\ERAL SEEING (tiMPANY, Notice is hereby given to the stockholders oi' sail F.wnpany, that the annual election for I're- dent ai.< Directors of said Company will he held at the H.-i 4 lord Springs on the fir-t Monday—sixth day—of Jul) riext. S. L. RUSSELL, June liith, 1857. Secretary, LOOK OUT. The Vendue Notes given at tlie sale of Sa muel /'imrriers. deceased, are now due, and al! who neglect to pay th'm on or before the 2 RI July next, or any other debts due said Estate, will have to pay Costs, without respect to per sons. JOHN S. HITCHEY, DANIEL DIRERT, June 19, 1857. Es'ors. NOTICE. The on.lersigned de-ires to inform the teachers o fhe Common School- of Bedford County, an ! those who desire to prepare themselves to teach in the Jounty, that he will open a School :n Bedford, ot; he Normal principle, for their instruction, free oj 'nrge for tuition. The School will centime open hree months from the 1-t oi July. ]t is expected hat those v. ho design * 0 tearh during the nevt v. in fer. will endeavor to attend. From the frt ".lor day n Sept., to the close of t!ie School, will be regard-d i- the time lor a g' rural meeting o; ail tin? teacher n the County, lor the purpos- of exercising in those tranches taught in the Common Schools. This will il-o afford u ■ avoraldeopportunity for teachers Ir. ob ain permaneni certificates, provided they stand an jpprovtd examination at the close of the term. It. HF.CKF.RMAN, County Superintendent. June 10, 1657. FBE*; EXMUiITIOX* - COME (hYE! COME JILL!! Then* will bean exhibition of the mowing part oi Manny's Celebrated Rut fir and Mctctr, it Hedfoid ,la., June 25th, (Thursday) at 10 lock. \. M.. All persons desiring to st cure a ■i.i p! te and efficient machine for this harvest, )r in xt, are respectfully invited to attend. BLYMIRE Us HARTLEY, Agents. June 19, 1557. .v .;. HENIiY It.. VS. S.l.lirEL HARSH. LEAS £t HARSH. BANKERS AND LAND AGENTS, DHS MOINES, IOWA. We buy and sell Eastern Exchange and Land War ant-—-elect and enter lauds with cash and warrants pay taxe.—invest money—in.-.'..- collections and ittend to all legal business generally. ALSO, I.E. AS fx HARSH, BANKERS & LAND AGENTS, LEAVENWORTH CITY, KANSAS. One of th" Partners ha- located in Leavenworth "ity a Jul will transact a'l bn-iness connected with he Bankirg am! Real Estate Business. For a few r.onths yet, correspondents will utiuress us at I'es Mottles. REFERENCES. UN 8. Gilrnan. 90 Beaver st. New York. Philadelphia. —Seiger, Lamb A Co. North Jd Street; James, K -nt N Saut-'e, do.; Lefever x SerriP, do. ; Drexill A Co. Bankers, do. Washington City, D. C. — Hon. R. J. At linson, 3d Auditor, Treasury Department; Nhu'.s A Bros. Bankers. Carlisle , I'a. —Edward Shower, Hon. J. 11. Graham. Huntingdon, Pa. —Win. B. Leas, David Blair, Esqrs. Bed'ord. — Hon. Job Mann, G-n. Bowman. tichellaburg. — Duncan Me Ytcker, Esq. March 2i), 1857—! v. MILL PROPERTY FOR SALE. THE subscriber others for sale his valuable Mill Property, situate in Coierain Township, Bedford County, in complete running order, having two pairs of Burrs, and all necessary fix lures of the most approved kind. In cunn-c --lioii with the Mill there are two dwelling hou ses, with a Barn and ail necessary outbuildings. J lie purchaser can have any amount of land ad joining he may desire, under two hundred a - res—some cleared and under fence, with first rate meadow. There is also a new Saw Mill on the premi ses, in the very best timber legion in -Bedford County. This property is very desirable, and purcha sers would do well to examine it before purcha sing elsewhere. Apply either to Joii.x Cessxa in Bedford,or to the subscriber. VY.M. CESSNA, March 20, 1857. EYERHART, ASIICOM, <1 CO- Forwarding and Commission Merchants, HOPEWELL, p.i. The subscribers doing business under the Firm of Everuart, Asiicom, A. Co., are now prepar ed to Store and Ship Flour, Grain, and ail kinds of Merchandize upon reasonable terms. They also keep on hand Plaster, Fish, Salt, Rock Powder, Ac., to which they invite the attention of Merchants in the country and Far mers. flie highest cash prices paid for Flour and Grain that the Eastern Market will afford. John C. Eyluiuut, Geo. R. Barnuollai:, C. VV . Ashco.h, Jot \ F. Lowky. Dec. 26, 1856—1 v. GET TVS 1 PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLERY ! Exchange Building, Bedford, Pa., Where Amhrotypes, Daguerreotypes, Ac., Ac., of every description, are executed in the latest styles and improvements ol the Art. A lull assortment ol plain and fancy cases, and gold and plated Lockets, at very low prices. I he public are it specttully inviteo to call and °xarriiiie his : pecimenu. T. R. GETIYS, Jr. Cost>isi<Ml 1 E l PER 1A It MOWER. i<Tr~gp-v--—JVT 1... ~.,..~tr.-, r,.. , pHfll A - Ms i '- ■ ' • I Patented lv J. M. MA ANY, Sept. 22,185], April 12, 185*2, June 21. 1853, March 2f] 1854, Oct. 15. 1854. and by WALTER A. WOOD, 24-th day of June and Ist day f >t July. 185(i. The best combined MACHINE ever invented. Froiri the turcess of last year's operations 1 take pleasure m announcing this Machine totln* Farmers lor the nest Harvest, and feel assured it .will fully meet their highest expectations.— It is t-asiiy managed, cuts clean and easy, is of light drat!, and readi.'v changed from a Reaper to a Mower, and vice versa, requiring not more than a minute to make the change. The al terations from last war are as follows, viz : All the Journals will be Case-hardened, the SHOES. (H AIIDS AND GEARJNG, will he built oi the le st Salisbury Iron, and wrought iron substituted tor cast in several pla ces. The Machine is made to mow lodged clo ver without obstruction. iy simply removing four bolts and leaving oif a part of the frame work. With these alterations and improve ments the machine will he stronger than he re told re, u hen it was the only reliable COMBINED REAPER AND MOWER made. The Machine is warranted capable of cutting from (• ri to fifteen acres of grass or gtaiti per day, in a workman-like manner. N. B. Parties manufacturing Reaping or .M wing Marl ines, using WOOD'S PAT HS. IN are ( uti ::ed against their further use, and are hereby w-'itb-d that payment will b>* exacted to the full extent for the use heretofore ri" at i.-u For further particulars the Farmers are re spectfully incited to call upon Biviilil'f 51aHley; Agents i >r Bedford County, Pa., who will fnrn.-h Pamphlet? containing Certifi cate*. iv(-. For Bale by BLYMIRE .v HARTLEY, Bed ford, Fa. E. Iv. PA RSONS, Harrisbttrg, General Agent lor Eastern Pennsylvania. May 15, 1857. Bedford, May Bth, 1557. Messrs. Blymire cc Hartley : Gentlemen :—I purchased one of Manny's Reaping and Mowing Ma chines last year. Its reputation beingthe high est, and having seen it cut g:ain to my entire satisfaction, I f ght it after grain harvest. Mv hay was cut with it : and, from its admirable a daptatiun to the purposes intended—having fully equalled the representation-—I am pleased to recommend it to the farmers of Bedford County as an excellent Mower and Reaper, heii-ving it fully worth the price .asked as a Mower alone. JOHN WATSON. NOTICE. Letters testamentary having been granted to t',** subscribers, upon the last will £xc. of Sam m I Zimnrwrs, deceased, by the Register of Bed ford County, all persons indebted to said Testa tor are ipquesteri to coine forward at once and make payment, and those having claims against the Estate, are desired to present the satneprop eriv authenticated for settlement. J NO. S. RITCHEY, DANIEL DJBERT. Exo'rs. Bedford township, Bedford Co. May 15, 1857. •¥os. W- Tate, ATTORNEY AT LAW, REAL ESTATE BROKER, Has fir sale 10 Farms, 2 Tanneries, Coal Land, 12,0 )0 acr-> of ui in pi ned | an d in Bed ford and pulton C 'unties. L'-ts of ground in the towns "f St. J and Hamilton, on tie* Plank R"a-i n* ar Johns Branch, are offered at reduced prices. Sold iu quantities to suit pur chase rs. Terms—easy. May 15, 1857. NOTICE. Letters of administration on the .Estate of Jas, Weimner, late ot M mine township, deceased, Having iieeu granted t > the undersigned, all those indebted to Estate are requested to make payment immediately, and those hav ing claims against said Estate u ill present them pioptrlv authenticated for settlement. • ' MA 11A LA WEMMER, May 15, 1857. Adin'r. LA DIES' DRESS GOODS. —A Great vari ety of Silks, Chalies, Lamertines, .Vc., to suit all tastes, at REED'S CHEAP STORE. WANTED AT REED'S STORE—S,OOO Ihs. Wool, Bncon, Butter. SI MMER WEAR.—ISO pieces of Sum mer wear, comprising Linsies, Cotton and Woolen, at REED'S STORE. May 15, 1857. WANTED, at SHOEMAKER'S Colon ade Store, 5,000 pounds of WOOL, tor which the highest [ rice will be paid. June 5, '57. (C?* Ada m.* cc Co. have established their Ex piess on the 11. & 11. T, R. R. and appointed C. W. Ashuum, Esq., agent at Hopewell. CA-XO Itf.Vti'.PG —H. 11. HFTZ'S Celebrated Tetter \V ah is the only safe and sure remedy ever discovered or curing tbeTetter, Ringworm, and all eruptiens oi the skin. It is so infallible a remedy, t'nat a perfect cure in a!! cases of Tetter is guaran tied, if attentively applied. In ordinary cases one bo;tie \\ ill be sufficient to per.ect a cure. In bad ca ses. with a Tetter of long standing, more will be re quired. puce gft cent*, per bottle. For Sale at Pr. Reamer's Drug Store, Bedford, Pa. May '-"2, 1857 ly. B<st Quality Juniata Hun dred Iron, Olhill sizes, constantly on hand at Blymire and Hartley's, at Forge prices, for cash or its equiv alent. Orders for extia sizes promptly attended to. Also Rolled Iron, Nait Rods, strap Iron, and Steel.