Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, July 10, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated July 10, 1857 Page 3
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| N |)jnEST!ON AM* I.OSS GT AlTl TITE. — It is the , liest loilv in tliP world,- for people lo be evereom ning of Indigestion and 10--. of Appetite, when , remedy is so easy of attainment. Every mail m#s fraught with testimonials of the extraordina- Viticacy of CLICKENEX'S Scows COATEII VKUKTA • pruGATiVE Pius, in tlie various diseases which ,-nate in a disordered state of the bowels. Ma- Miin-ters of the Gspel, Professors air it Students pur Universities, Artisans, and nnmerou - othei s . lead sedentary lives, have experienced their 'r.eticivl effects, and are constantly volunteering i .. :r testimony in its fat or. In fact, the number of i commendatory letters has accumulated so rapidly I ~te. that, if it was necessary to answer them all, j Clickener would be compelled to employ a spe-: amanuensis for that purpose. They all, hovvev- j concur in one opinion, to wit: That the CheLcner | , the most agreyahle remedy they have, ever tried, J ilir only one a atiing many whirh thry can w*e with ; r until of relief and without any aggravating j ,', |nptoms. At this sea-on of the year, especially, j , . highly important to keep the bowels in a healthy j :ii;on. in order to avoid, or ameliorate, at least, 1 1 numerous ailments which are induced by sudden : ees tn the weather. Jufv 3, IS--.7-2W. CAMP MEETING. rc'Ttif fnmp Meeting of Bedford Circuit of the j ... (•(. icf w,l be held on Solomon Sparks' land j r tin- • ri t'iom Blooilv Uun, conunericing on I „ jo! Ango-t. The Brethrenof Bedford sta-: , n are cord.aiiv invited to tent with u. JAMES A. COLEMAN, VVM. H. STEVENS, • ,„e IS-'T. Pastors. I .73 A £5 gl 5 E ID : On the T-'d nit., by las. Ce-sna, Esq., of Cumber-| Valley. Mr. J. A Weshbrook, formerly of Hun- I Co. Pa., to Miss Susan Cesser, late of Cum- I irilaiul, M •• the sth at the Lutheran Parsonage, by ' • ~li v.F. Benedict, .Mr. Wesley Ecker and -Mis- ' cca Amos. : - .... . . . ©lipgi# •" "pit " ■# . A A - X' —.l pf. < y* >' * DIED, his dene®, near Pleasantville, Bedford conn- | tv on 'he th of June u!t.. VV'iu.lAM E. HORN, son A. drew ami Elizabeth Horn. i> e ->ceased was a worthy and exemplary young an. and was esteemed and beloved by all w ho knew j him. He leaves numerous relatives and acquaintan ce.-, to mourn his ! -ss. ••A holy culm was on his brow, At ' peaceful was his breath, At o'er his pallid feature- stole The trace of coming death." r,r- T T A Tt TT T"7 _ ll gj Ait il i>. IX. £j I kJ . P tir-i, Julv I-—Flour—The market con firm- - tirm, but there is less ucti* it v io the n.ur •t witm :i *|.iv or two past. The sales since , Fri amount to ahout 3752 ! his. 'i he quota.: tions'are as follows: From first hands: Super ;i:,t- 8 i (J2: extra s:> '< .)uG SO, anil extra :.n . !v, $7. 1 tout store: So pel tine §0 8i j ex- . |7a7 12, and extra family $7 25u7 30. (i , —The :• c- i: : have not been very large i the vv< i and prices are less firm. Oats : Iling from first hand at 48a.')0, and . r- at :>2as6c. per bushel. Corn is sell- ; : S 'cetßs iVoni first hand-*, Rye, on rival, c u mands hi) cents cash. Sales of red , i. fiiM have been made at $1,30 per bushel. I'.d'in -re, July I—Flour $7,1 Sa / wheat 1,7 *1,33: live 95., $ 1,0G; Corn S-JaS7: Cats i . . : hia, July 7—There is very Tilth* s> i ii:g to--litv (Mover seed is scarce, ;•> I: tn. cih.'tf) j $7 per Gflbs. No ■g in Timothy or Flaxseed. !' .!• mark t is very dull and prices •*. There is no shipping inquiry, and : : rands are offered at 7,12ja7,2r w itli- I bt:ver:--. The sales lor hotne use ate •i h $7,20 up t $:),20, as in quality.— Til doing in Rv** Flour and Corn Meal, "• e r utsnue our t .tni*r qu -tations. U at i.- dull, and prices have fallen off 2a3 • .!-■; • r bushel, and titer - i- v.-rv httie demand ••tv:; at this redacti >. Sales of 1000 bushels v lcania at $ I .So.i 1 ,S7 fi>r red, at $1,90 '' - . five is ihil! at sl,lO. Corn is not ira- r. II M.-r-ask SS cents for yellow '■.■■ re are n-> l.uvers at this rate. Oats sells ly at f>saf)G cents pr bushel. • Jttfact from a letter bv the Rev. Mr. Chun-hill of v\i.o ;s i ovv travel!ir g for his health ill the -It u vc? one an ever present idea ol the expan • -!. lei pt ioi I:s court iymen, to liir! their com • i'comitieice continually in his path wher er • | nave not visited any considerable • . Turkey, where 1 did not find the medicines ycu try represented by AVEI-.'S CHKKKY PEC i. Smyrna, Aleppo, Jafid, Jeru-alem and -Tantinopie. we st-e in each, on the door post of ' ba/ ,-ir. the peculiarly looking iron card, ol Or. . saving in a language which not one in a th< 11- !of the passers bv can read, *Ay* r, Cherry Pre- C t%h*, Colds and Consumption, sold- hire. - -if hrbtt.d the cros—legged mussulman are rn •. ; >tt;es, vi fh their English, Spanish, French ■ • f> eir: ,m faces turned Towards the crowd, and on g we aie told that foreigners are not the ou j-ur-i users, but the true believers themselves : v their tru-t in fate to try this product ol Amer ;;r sk !, where they find there is no other cure lor them. I was told yesterday that the Cherry Pectoral been pre-ented to the Sultan, and i- now in con a'.t use in l,:s harem, and in the hospitals ol the ■ -rpiie. June I . JS.V7—im. I'ERIFV YOUR BLOOD If aiilicted w itb Scrof a - Cbim ic Eheimiatisin, Hyspe(*sia, or any disease •u.g trom an unhealthy or impure condition of the ■ use Hurley's Sarsaparilla. For sale by every •"Xtensive druggist. A CARD. JOHN MOWER, Esq., Attorney at Law, - kindly conseutfil to become my Purser, in v ' si-nce on duty at Fort Leavenworth —to ' cere drafts in liquidation ol debts due some <*ov kind friends in Bedford. A few months 6ml ir." free of debt, and in possession ol e means in money than when first becoming a citizen of this Borough. 1 leave for a time * ci t\- oi some excellent friends, and for iV"all from my heart, who found it to their in r d to oppress me with executions for the celits ol others. LAW. TALIAFERRO. Bedford, July 10, lSf>7—3t.* Notice. All persons indebted to the Estate of VVM. F HORN, late of St. Clair toweship, Bedford ' -mty, deceased, are requested to make payment, and tliose having claims against 1 ' listate will present thetn propel ly authenti cated lor settlement. ANDREW HORN, July 10, 1857. Adtri'r. TIMLI.V Al>\ It'll. To tliii-c who are subject to Coughs and Colds, timl those various Pulmonary dis eases incident to our climate at this season of the year, we would advise the trial ola bottle of l>r. Ki.v- SKu's PECTOKAI. Svurf, by this time well known to our community, unit a medic,in? that stands highei for its curative properties than any other medicine with which we are acquainted. It is a matter of wonder to us that any person will allow a Cough or Cold to fasten on the lung- when so pleasant a reme dy is at bund. ON?" To ue had at the Stoie ol Mr. Samuel. | Brawn in Bedford—and at iMr. Colvin's Store ' in Schelfisbnrg. DALLEY'S MACtCAL PAIN I'.XT'KACTtIH. The great and principle characteristic- oi DAL LEY'S MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR consist: Ist. Of its never-failing and unique property, as soon as applied to any external injury, to (.'HECK i INFLAMMATION instantly, and rapidly to reduce j it. This feature constitutes its great power to alle | viate the pain of burns and scalds, and oi' other pain ; fa! diseases, in so incredibly short a space oi time, j and as will appear from the few testimonials hereunto annexed. Every intelligent mind is lolly aware that, in all ca-es of external injury, the pain is produced by inflammation of the injured parts; and, therefore, j il you remove,!he cause, the effect must cease. ■-'d. Its purifirative properties neutralize tbe poison • thai may link in the system, and will, when applied to the sores, draw rapidly all impure matter to the ; surface, and ojectit—hence the great discharge it j produces from sores occasioned by burns—and when j applied to old and inveterate sores, Salt Rheum, or i other cutaneous diseases. Each box ol' OEM" INK PAU.Kv's !■ A I N KX IBiITOK has . ; upon it a Steel I'late Engraved Label with the sig nature of C. V. CLICKENER Co.,proprietors, and ! HENRY DALLEY, manulacturtr. Fiice 2-5 cents | per box. j [L^ - Ail orders should be addrp-sed to C. V. Click- I ener & Co., SI Barley street New York. May S, 18,">7—2m'. A DYE FOR THE HAIR. l'eilectiori i- not at ] tained bv indolence ariu ease: tbeie is >:<> cros-lot to uriiversm favor. Tlip world will not be blown like ! | chaff into a channel indicated bv imitators. Witness j the fast anchored fame of BACHELOR'S HAIR DYE, , won by watching when others slept, sustained by i its intrinsic worth and truthfulness to riatnie. VVav j ranted not to disappoint the hopes of tho-e who Us,- ■ it. Made and sold, or applied at the wig factory i -'.*l3 Broadway, Yew York, bee that each box has VV.M. A. B.vrciiKi.oit on, no others are genuine. Sold ! Iby l>r. Reamer. June 12—Im. j 31>,( GO lbs. of Wool Wiinleil AT THE (i i, oii c FACTo if v, Near Mentzer's Mill, Middle VVoodberry Tp., Bedford Co., Pa. JOHN KEAGY, the proprietor of the above Establishment, begs respectfully to inform his numerous customers and the public generally, , ; that he will continue to manufacture all kinds i of WOOLLEN HOODS. He has 0:1 hand any quantity of Premium Patent Coverlets, Blank et.?, Cassirneres,Cloths, Tweeds, Sattinels, Flan nels, both barred and plain, Woollen Carpets, liaz Carpets, and Stocking Yarn, of all kinds. As he has made another verv important addi tion to his already extensive and improved lira- ; chinery, unequalled in this or any of the anj i- . | cent Counties, be flatters himself that lie is now in a position to manufacture and finish goods, in a style superior to any in this line, in this sec tion of the Stale. C? " N. 13.—The highest price will be paid for Wool, in Goods or Cash. M. Wood berry tp., May 22, 1857—St. MORE NEW GOODS. A. B. CRAMER N- CO. have just opened another supply oi Si MMLR C( : ODS, render-j i;ig lie ir as> Ttment very couqil-te. Beautiful new-siyle Calicoes, Parage K >bes, baniC >me . Wliite Crape and Stella -Shawls, Brilliants, ;s.c. —Superior French Cassiineres and striped Sat- ; teen? for Mens' Wear: a!s > a full supply ol Ear- . petingjt, Groceries, Mackerel, Herring,&c. U'j s "Country Produce wanted, and go i pri c>s w .1] be given. Call and s • our Stuck and learn the j i ices. A. 13. CRAMER &. CO. June 2G, 1857. SIIERMJ.V'S V.ALLEY -LVD BROAD TOP RAIL ROAD COMPAXY. PROPOSALS FOR LETTING. Notice is hereby giver, that Proposals will be received for putting under contract i W E.N 1 \ MILES at the eastern end, rommeccing at its; junction with the Northern, Cetitial and Penn sylvania rail-roads, at the mouth of I ishing Creek and running west: also I G EL\ E miles at the western end, running east from Sideling Hill Gap. The western portion qd said road w ill he let on the first I iiesoay ot Septon,!.. r next at the house of WILSON L. KLINE, Burnt Cabins: and the eastern portion at the house of 11. H. UTTER, W arm Springs, Perry countv, on the following FRIDAY. Propo sals for the gradation and .Masonry of which will fie received on and after the loth day ot August, at the oliice ol the Company, i• i R '* i CABINS, for the western end, and at the oliice of the Company, WARM SPRINGS, for the eastern portion. Plaits and specifications will he ready for examination on the loth of August. General information concerning the works may be obtained by calling on P. P. DICKINSON, at engineer's office, N. L. Railway, Hairisburg, Pa. A. P. WILSON. President. P. P. DICKINSON, Chi. Eng. Sherman \ alley and Bread I op li. R. ( o. Warm Springs Office-, July j 3, 1857—1 Aug. 15. j NOTICE. In the matter of Thomas Vichrey's Estate, the undersigned appointed auditor by the Or phan's Court of the county of Bedl >rd to exam ine and adjudicate the claims against said Es tate, report a distribution of the same, and to as certain and adjust the amount of recognizances | to !*e given bv those of the heirs taking the real estate at the valuation, will attend to the duties j of said appointment at his office in the Borough of Bedford on Tuesday the 28th day of July, inst. at 10 o'clock, A. M. when and where all persons interested can attend. J NO. P. REED, July 3, 1857. Auditor. V7M. SHAFFER, Jlercimiat Tailor, Continues to carry on the above business, in all its branches, at his old stand in Julianria si. and is prepared to accommodate all who may favor him with their custom, on reasonable terms. He constantly keeps on banc! a large assortment of readv-made Clothing of a good and substantial quality. And, having in store a choice selection of Cloths, Cas-iineres, Test ings, Drillings, fx.c. fx.c. he invites all in want ol Clothing to give him a call, as he feels con fident lie can please nil who do so. Bedford, July 3, 1857. FLY NETTS, for horses, for sale at CRAMER fx: GO'S. (aKHAT AKStIVABi! The undersigned has just returned from the ' Eastern cities with a large stock of Spting i Goods, and is now i xhibiting at CHEAP SIDE a general assortment of new style of Spring Goods, comprising, in part. Ladies' Dress Goods, Ducal Crocovella Chalii, fancy and plain De Laine, Brilliants. Lawns, Calicoes, N.r. fxr. | For gentlemens' and hoys' wear Cassirneres, Cassinets, Canton Cloth, Shepperd Check, C.;t tonades, fxc. Boots, Shoes, Hats, Bonnets, Woollen and I Rag Carpets, Floor Oil Cloth, Syrup molasses, white and brown Sugars, green and black l eas, Groceries of all kinds, Queensware, Tubs, I Buckets, Brooms, fxc., Hardware, Shovels, Forks, I locs, Knives and Forks, Spoons, fxc. j and all articles usually kept j tl stores. All kinds ol country produce taken in ex change. Lhe undersigned xvill sell cheap ixr cash or | produce, and hopes by fair dealing to receive his usual share of custoin. G. W. RCPP. ; April 10, 1857. Clcrßßincn a:0 lEapriin-cn-jmii c( Sabbati) GiijccLS. v\ e keep on hand the publications oi tin Am. I S. S. I ni'in, Ann .• ican Bible Society, Anvni in I Tract Soci'-'v, Pr-s vt-iian B->;:rd "f' Pn::l:c;;- ; tion, M-thodist Book Rooms, Massachusetts S. , S. I nion, Lutiteiait Boar;, of Puslicut: U, F ! copal S. S. Union, and a great vari• !v > ! s'an l ard Religious Publications suitable KrSab.ath j Sclionis. SIiRYOCK ft SMITH, C.'.II.'ITHRRSLUR g. | March C, 3857. f-hryavl X. b'riiil!;. i Btickselieis aci SibThnm-.S, anddoaJciG in!.>!c and dliisical Irs:rumcnts, ('jiamiff.-: Our Stock consists of Books, Stationery, Mu sic,-Musical lnsti mneiits, Wall Pap-:, Blinds, j French, German, and Am. ncan Lntiog:api.s, j and Steel Engravings, gilt Mouldings 1u- I Frames, etc. etc., vvhob *ale and t < tui 1. Dr. 13. F. Harry is : t:r agent for Bedford, and all <u pdt rs given him will be promptly alien led to. | Marcli t>. CHAIRS AM) CABINET ITRX ST- RE. The subscriber has removed t-* the shop on West Pitt Street, r*c-t!tly occupied !;\ iVil..a:.. Ritchey as a Machine Shop, wli*re lie col im ties to make t * order and keep :<i hand a gem - ral assortment of chairs arid ca! im t ferr itin ' : | consisting in part of Spring Seat Parlor Chairs, : French Rocking Chairs, Cane >- at ;-nd Wit. ;- sor, Solas-, L'.iu.ges. On mat s, Wi a!-'% i Music Stands, Fancy Parlor Tu .|es, Breakfa-t, : Dintmr, and Extension Tables, Bedsteads, Bn , reaus, W'ardiobes, Mc. Suits of cottagi-rdrtn ; tore at verv moderate prices, so that i! is with jin the reach of all t • have nice, g >d, :; , ! fashi mable furniture. The L.- lies ai.- particti ! larly invited to call and examine fir timuo' Iv. s, las it will be mv desire t;> please all ta->t>s. N. B. Collins will be made on the s!. rt. st notice lor anv who u ill iiv tr hit . it!i a call. ISAAC ME.'.GEL, Jr. May 29, 3857. r! \ R, "L W Y ? "mi "f This highly agr- .-a' |e a . I .tit irtive M nn tain rcsoit, has 1 i-i-n h . I iv the -u! ■ '.u , .>•:■. ; New htiildiiigs ,b: lir.p: 'e :,i ' rr < ... 1 amusement, am! bat be in pi c> -• i ei • eti -n ! during the pa>t will be read-, fir tbe ace on.;:. *- dation of visitors the pr<-s* nt s a.- m. J lie pu rify ing healing prop.-rti s of waters I th ' springs have been fully test. G by < ! • .nica! ana . Ivsis, and lie- exp, II uce ol inilivuiu..'? ; ; .ves their e|!i lefiC V. THEY. X;:VJ:R FAIL TO A RI: Scrofula and other i.seas* n t.f the 11* ', v free I v drinking tie- wal* r, fx. erupt i-e > by ; a - u i ing and externa! ..pplicatiotis ol !.'••• t positi d the str.arn. These waters are chalybeate of i ron, with p rtior.? of n.agnes:?. and s.nts. in addition to t'ae elevated, healthful am. p|. as.iat j mouritain location ol these Sprii g-, they are in th- itiidst of classic gi"tmd wild, r. :t ai.tic and picturesqe <cenery caverns, cataracts and cascades-. Within a circuit of ! ;urt: five mm.. are Four Nt.c i --.rv, lYa-dtintvlcstN H'lfwl Baßio II IT :Pi in ERF on "s J fill A AND .I; I'/'A ', wliicil he owned to the cia. of lo? death Dun' ar's ■ Camp—Braddock ntid Jimmonvil!- s giaves Delancy's Cave—( .bio Pv !-• and ( uriiu:' t ; Falls and the Cascades ol .Meadow Run easy of access on liorsef ack or in v. hich-s, ' > b- ha ! at the Sptings. Tim streams ami vv- >dsu ! -.I in trout and game, a'lordiijg a ricli field tor tin tleciplea of Walton AND Xiitirud. Situate within five minutes walk < I !hc : tional Road, with regulnr daily lines of stages passing East and VY *st, cnnmciing with Pitts ' hur- r Steamboats at Brownsville, and with lie cars of Pitts-burg and Uonnellsville Railroad at 5 Connellsville, render these Springs convenient jof access in 3 short day rile liorn Cumberland and Pittsburg. The advantages of our location—our moder ate charges, earnest desire and the exertions we : will use to give entire satisfaction, ant! to mane | our guests comfortable, we hope wid no: nm

i to render the /"*.-/■//.' Springs one of the most I popular and agreeaid-- summer resorts in tif j j country. ihe present lessee fias been empl yed - at the Springs during several seasons in the ca parity of Superintendent, and he hatters him self thai his experience in this and other public houses will not fail in being useful t > liitns' i, and m contributing to the comfort am; p:- ust.;v of his patrons. Persons wishing to engage rooms, or to man | further inquiry will please address the pmprie i tor at Favette Spiings P. O. or at I niontown, Fayette Countv, Penn a. YV. F. BABCOCK. June 19, 1857—Ct CAFTIOi*. All persons are cautioned against fishing, I hunting, or ollterwise trespassing npoii >v I Farm In Middle YVoodberry Township, as ; w ill prosecute all who do so without respt nt > persons. , 1 IV. J. GALBKAITH. June 2(3, 1.857.' (3ARPETING! CARPETING I! —Will be : found at REED'S STOKE front 59 cts. (<■ l, "h ! of the best make anJ material. \m SPRISC i si mm i.m 1 Ihe undersigned having just returned from ' the I Eastern f ities, are now retrieving a laig" ami splendid assortment of Spring md Summer Goods, consisting, i:i part, of Ltdi-, Dress Goods, black and fancy Silks, plain and figure.l Detains, Poplius, Challies,,,. Brilliants, White Good., Hosiery, Handkerchiefs, Collars, ,Nc. ibc. Sheeting, Crash, Muslins, Flannels, lickings, fancy and union Casino-res, Cloths,; and a general assortment of I\lins and Roys Summer Ware of all discriptions, single and ; double CARPER Chain, all colors. Boots, : Shoes and Hats in Gn at Variety. Hardware, •'Jueettsware, Brooms and Bui k< is, Groceries, | Syrup, Molasses, !.11• ■ and brown Sugar, green i and black Teas, Fish, Tobacco, Indigo, Spices, : Dye slims. &.C. fCo. all of which \v ill he sold cheap, as they are <! t• n;;ri. d not l-> he under sold by any out . Thankful for past la vols, they hope I i>ct ive ag- neral share of the public patronage. j. & J. :.r. SHCFMAKFR. April 17, 1-77. •" W :ofed, .MHiO li s. Bacon, at Shoemaker's Colonnd" Store, for which the higb-sl Market price Will be paid. .7 /1 IV ij. persons inter--ted, will please take no- j -ic- tlnii ! Civ-- i. it ir,y Books, notes, Ac., in the h.iivii A bill', F-p, win-re those iu r ind- bt-'d Id* feijlleste-! to <:!.' -til ll.n !.-• j iiytfietit without delay, and,save C ;sls, Mcsics stive. April A! L iS.>". Aft. kVio i . 'as t.- < I A I • ins* rec- iving and opening an elegant as ■ if I it;- ' t i nrl 5.11,•!!.■:r (embra cing ;:1J tin* i itcsf si-, e.s ami patterns of Ladies Dress Goods', lo which ?h invite: ih-ir c-p- cial i atfei li n. Also n superior ass irtment of Trim- j d:- -i an;: un'rii:. wed Bonne;s, Gaiters. !> ; t.-- slippers, Pat asms, Skirts, Hosiery, Collars, i Caje-s, Ac. 6-c. lb i >r-l, April '2l, 1 So 7. Slice, LIr.EE are, and Variety r- r, y_* i . - j '' n II/ 1 I'Cft V i< .-. . i 1J .U O C i'a-; .si rec-ivvdan op- net! and elegant ass :t- • men? ~•g-.. !s 111 ; line, towkici) lie ;.1 V1! "S ; tb- attention m l!ie public, satisfied that he can j pe a-m all tastes. Bed! >rd, Apni "J 1. i IV lo v7 STO R 3 . V 3 \* (\ Ar, o f ? l\ ii s, s- V \j Li lj > < Tin: so! scri - r wouul announce t- los obi f'l i-'ti !>, as Well as t I the pu die ill 1:1. ft", that lie ; mis opened ait F\ 1 IKf.iA S ( -:. in the 1., rough 'i ;b ItAnJ, immediately opposite I the Washing!- n 11 X , where he has just re- 1 . GOODS of a .-'M nor •; ■ -•uhracm-g a - j n st ev.-rv articie in tl..- Dli? COC'D.-. ami! Glim..;'/ Ll -F, to which he invites tie 1 -s --pa; i! ~tti ali .;) ; ! :ir-- p- . ie, wi jUs a V fitiil it to til- ir It terest to give bun a Call before pur- ; . ed with pleasure, whether purchased or not. i SAMUEL 1;UC; V x. lb ;i,y. iv '23, I'.ib. •' •• -:jr : 'rev'Ho - - - : i li '■ I| I .... % < Li. . v. i t>..ii-ftl 1 • KK-ijai ! As ailment oi p - rf! ft "fi) ' ft (}•*'£. i LL - i .... a i Uu" o- iiiUrV.'ej created fpnte an excitemeni in i-ur e-uaiiv quiet town, tti-- subscriber confident that he ran exhibit such a stock e: <i -i- as w .It meet th.e j Cel.era! \. .i-.T- ni i.utti t .v:. 1 country, at fair pr.- i c.-s. As it will cost not . • : to examine his sstovk j :-• -evitf- a.l -i want cither subs?initial or Dre-s , t> i.mi u i a!! 1 c ioi ; t urcba- gei.-ev* iiere. ' ' JACOB lIEED. Tins property f;a>, tfnr.;; 11-e la-l year, pa--ed in- ! !i> Tit- , n - ... a cotr pat v. who. in a-i.f.ti- .1 to tb* : |< oner f.-i : ft. , -ive cr cte-1 a f;aiutsofiie and com- j II • i:rx : 801 l . t ... 11. two [>.!<■ Tas bath-ilOU: - ■ - .a- i. 1 v- e M .in !i*> .. • 1-i itrpiovc-.f tie- grounds, j •J he 'lbl i : :.e> V. iff be Ofei.- d h-r tl.'-' reception ! 0. vis:: : c.rt the ! .iir of une in-t, and kept open 1 nut i tl.- Ist o, O-.'tei i-r. I'a--eiigi-r- nam Baltimore ! or ! iiiladeiphia reach the Springs in one -fay v a i'eii!.-'., to.u raif-rcu Ia" con |'■ tiuii -i. the '' 1 < top 51a;! Re,i f leaving twenty mfi- s of stagii g j over a tine loa i. ir. VVifiasd, formei ty of Wa-h- ; ington city, ami rececily o; the Hornet lb-use, ('m ciimati. v-'.i! -ri|> •li t the llott-l. 'o uivxfids. -j-i.eiailv. 11.-' li-'-aoi 1 v. i* a-, i! Cora ectain with tlo' 1. oiiiit-i iiuir, in" p-rhaps more hlgfiiy beneficial tlia.-i any olhei in th- I ruon. P. t.'OSSLEK. , i't• > i.-nf i'-'-bor i Springs Company. I ilia- If. !"- . / o-tfirc Id the (' Hi zen* aj II' 1 ' on I County. All Land Wart ants lo h execut- d t-y me, must 1 placed mmv bands to lie regularly fi led in the office. 1 will execute all warrants and orders of re sum v- v ith promptness. Also, w ill attend to : ei-work on rail, j will be in Bedford the first 'week of ev ry month, or oftn r ;i refj-iired.— Address, Slum rstown, Bedford Gountv. SAML. KEIfFKMA \. June !'J. 1857. i .'J 1 IC_ 0. l.aQj!v; ; iUi'i. Whereas Ja;ru Wt-mmer, late of Monroe i.-w nsiiip, Bedford county, dec- a.-- it, viivu seiz ed of tlie foil iwing li ai i'.state, viz: On" Tract of Land, being the .Mansion place, eontamiug four hundred acres more or l-s-, with the appurtenances, situate in .-aid ! own si. ipof ;Monroe, adjoining lands of Andrew I rotis and Micha-1 llevio ron tlit* east, lands ul Nathan Grubb on the iorth, lands of George j \\ i inner, Sol. \> - ii-mi rs li -11 - anil Ji •! n i\ft-1- tin on the west, ami lands of Dan!. and Wm. Sluckey on the Suutit, having a wi doiv, Maluila Weinmer, and issue three chil dren, to v\ it: Abraham, residing in Hocking Co. ' Ohio, Moss, am! Bio-he, iutedmai li-' ed with Wm. Hickson, residing in Bedford | county, .otice is therefore hereby given tiiat in pur suance of a writ of Partition or valuation to me directed, L will proceed to hold an inquisition or valuation on the premises on Monday the :27th (fhv of July ind., when and where all ink- - rested inav attend il th"V see proper. HiJGH M< ■< 'KF, Sheiiff. July A, 1 SAT. !•' kk, P ir. C! ; .NEW MACKEREL just received. -i.AO 'and fiCSRINt' expected daily, ami i b tor Ciisli or ( oiintrv luce on!v. A. i'. CfiAMLF N. -S. May 1, 15.77. JvL'Ag V'S F0 1 A { J 11Y. The subscribers h>g leave to announce to th" citizens of rd County that th-y cunt I;in. - to can v on the at- ve estaldishm-'j.t in .Mi-Idle Wood berry, in all its v arious hranc-h-s, au-i sir ' prej .red to fill all orders in their line on th - j shortest notice and most reasonable terms. Tl- y ■ will sell castings by the ton, r give th- n. t - i sell on commission at fa.r rati s. IVi tis .;es | ring castings ■ ither out -ninusse-n or otherwise, : will address the subscribers at IVo'idberrv, Ke.j fo:d county. We n:tike the 1, p and i.irig Bl -ugh, and warrant tlo-m. i h--y i o •> >be I. e.l on commission. ABRAHAM k'F WY K < O. Ma\ 1.7, ! S.-7 lm. ' '2' ul i-'iv ■ i. The Vennue N-tes given li! t! ..j :t.m 1 Zimmeis. cb c- as- d, are : . an ; hi who Ut-g! Ct to pay t! -n I !. . !•• tie- ft "7 July ; e\i, or any nth.: <: 1 !- e ■- -1 , Will ha v• t'i f 'V f V. I I- spei! t-> pei- S. P1 'HAY, 0 A NIF?. i'!; , Tier uri ! .rs t*t if '< -.r -to ,i,:- ;i t -• tynci. .- i t!.e C. .nmon Sctu r.'.< ci -1 . . -. w: i) d- • it. -.rep ;re tb '■ - ; - -. : B. Cosn-ty, i;e will c-n' , li - 7..1 ll :'. ; I tl.e Norma! pr.i.e'.pl". for tie ir n.stni- at., j •••/< .---i-- far ii'iti'.a. J in- Ke or ! -.. ut . ! tin "• in- ut 1. from tb" i I < •" ■- i'Nj, - : ; ! ti.Rt the-" v.t.n <!• sign to teach ifarir, ; : i. %v -i --! t--i. w ili i .if.-iivcr to attend. 1- o • li. ' ;>!., to the I'lo-I' e.t the ~V. hi ; • re-gaoi . • as ti..- tor. -o a m ->i jin tiie County, li-r tl. • pinpo.*-- < x--i<- . g if --j j a!-.- uiloril a favor abb npportus.'ty .01 teui'hers to e. - I Tain p. rrnri.-'iii e.-itif.eaTt-, provuii : tt.ev -'and'an j i.ppo v J .Muni :-atloa at the > - •. * !fu • li. li: (ft, iKM A . < oui.'y -up i ;rfti,d- ut. ! Jill!-' !:!, IS.">7. ;■ i •'■■■ . ll . - . , , , . ... ; Not:."ft if hereby give-, mat an •>t v .. ... : nii; to the next Ei g:-i nure e! t. e .-'!<il -: i • t.n --! svivaaia for the pa of an act ■ A>--m: ; • •■ t f.o --i iz-.iitf li.-' incorpi.rat:. n . . a .. •> -u --' t the Boroojrh . i 1 'ft n'C ::i the >• >... 1y .- lft--!i - n.ty i ' ! tl." privili'Z" ci iticr.-a-.t-Z li;" same t. :-.e snu. ; ..-ur 7.M I. . ... . F. L. ANDERSON. wm. '!'. :.-tl! ;;T7, WM. f'. M'HELL, A . iV tM.- i , MCIiOLAS LTOXS, h A.Mt'F.L L. IE sMX!.. j Bedford, IVnosyi'. au:a, Ju...; ■ , ■ U. 11t,\..\ I " -.liSll. j 3ASV:-'ER3 A!. 3 Lbr!"' ".CENTS, PES MOINES, 10WA. Wo buy sn.l sell Eastern Exchange, at;.! Land W ;.r --j rart' seb'i't a; 1 "ii'o-r ho. ;s V. a 4v.-• I•- - atteiAi to all lejgiil b.sirH raiiy, ALSO, < T ir- '.art ..." .1' ' : ! City and Will trims.let oft L-u< iiess eoiiii". Ie f ■ furo.tbs yet, isires; "uiieuts v. ill adJres- us at i-' rs . ' . . Bil ':'; r- t: James, ft.' ftk ••, do. !. . v. . 'x S prill, do.: L i sill c. C .1- -ft r.>,d . • km-on, B 1 At: lit -r, Trt-.:-'; y ; irj;:: . ! Cim :2V :•;■• >s. Bankers. Carliv/e, Pu. —K-Jward ft ov r, H J. H. ' ralinm. j Huntingdon, Pu. — V.'rn. B. Leas, Dtv.d . j Sc ! id!sbunr. —Duncan ,McT r, i! .. Marcii ~ IS:>7—l y. ;; ) ft > ftTV : F THE si. sc.: : off r: . : ; ■ i ' ' 'ft > Mill Prop.'itv, Fditate in ( ho. i'.. vv u-hip.'* JJedt ni County, in c<.:nph-te u:ni tig t .--ier, having two pairs t i Burrs, and ; : Fu tures f th" u.ost ap-prov. i kmo. In c -an - ti >n with the Mill there are t > o :!•••.•-•:.5.-.g 1: t s's, wib, ;i " irn and ail m v.-.' •i i. s. The | "r-:laser can have n: v go. .ur.i : hs; '. !- j ining is- n.av d sir . und- r to • ht-mlr. civs—some cleared ami under fence, v. ;th I r;it" meadow. 'There is also a new Saw Mi 1 on the pjvmi s->. in the very l st timber i-.-i n in p. if ;ft Courity. Tin property i: verv d--s. . uiu! p-uri s-u's w-.rnld do well to examine it i- 1 re put .ba sing eis-'wheiv. pply i-ithe; t . .ft." ft . .0 ih vi l •: !, - i to the s'mscr: .March ft ), IST)7. E\ FiULART, ASKCOA.m \ | FtirwardiKg ami (Vinmissicii FrrchM! :, HOPEWELL, P. I. The subscribers doing business uuiier the ; ':; m of EvnitUAKT, Asticoy., 2-. Co., ;:r>- i.oiv -j pul ed t > Store artd Ship Flour, Grain, a:. 1 ad k.i.h.. ,of Merchandize upt-n ra otiahle t.■ i ... They ul i keep on haml Blaster, 1: .. S.! , ' Rock Powder, v\c., to which ti. v iu it.- i: . attention of Merchants in the c. • ntry .mi Far . n.-ers. The high-'st ra-h prices pa; i fir Fh-ur am! Grain that the rhistein .".lark-1 \\:!l aft-r i. ■ Jot!\ C. EvKltltAKT, G::o. R. B.\::\; :.l ..a, jG VV. Asttcon( J-H.'N I. L .wi;- . j Dec. '2G, fft .71■ —| y. GETTVS' iHOT' .GUAFilll' (EAAW.,. . En 'i tri'r UuilMirf, La/fur,!, Pa., Where Anihrotyp-'s, p. s, . ; . Fa ~of every description, are executed m tin- . latest sty le and improvements of the Art. A i lull ass -rtment of piain and t.i icv c.ims, and ■ gold ami plated L< clols,at vi i\io pnes. Ihe public are respectluliy invited local! ami examine his ocrimen . T. R. GET! V:o Jr. Hi ! 5 !• II AaU \>MW. _ s''i • > at - <v ■> 70— ~ t - i- - > ;£'' * r - •'■- ~= -I_L 4 \ - >*, - r ■~zcjs' j.!•• (' .' !>y J. I'. V \V, Sept. 22. ISA I, A j <•:: 12, . >2, .. .. • 21, ... 3, March 2: , ; '"'i. V •t. I at V V'AL' FR A. W OOiD, 24th .V •-! J' He is' tin V lil'Juh', 1 • . . • I v .• , : ■ A , ,• l(iV4-|(t d. !r(' ii . '■ 11 ■■• i : i,i \ ,n .. t.-j • ;.iij :■ i !:A,f | # h"s;, j i• •;! t. • :• <i. I m<- !•'• id i'.vri) •rs lui tii.' !, :Vr I, i rl SSVJIvd rv. ili 1..: y ; *Uni: ; • sfvctatic.?:,-.- 'I 1 > -!!>.. v !, in■.■; (!v< t.-iiii ...-v, h i , i._: ! pf. a; ; o ifum a ji.ta j• • ,' i i .1 . v, - s i, i • y u;t rw! iiiOi •• than II : . So ::: ! I ■>'.:■■ i t.- ,n --i< la.. . J.. A v . i-; .... ■> KM s. \iZ .1. t!i- ,!•••:r; -■ "• :;! ■ tc-'.ar>. the <.viil • . ... . • •• : ur, A . ..; ..: .. m ; . i. •••i. . . •: ... . i. .ii i.f - cc: j . /.•.... ;..cwcr? ir.u if. . >• '■ *. i.. v t. ca; A- •>!" CUStii * !■ ■ . l ti .v, i:i a m r! .. t. auz.t r. .*. i!• • > * ti 11C ti•l •I '• i-* - at s, ; s.; r _ i ;,'S FA'i i I>, .:n- i : r.- . : st iurtlit r um-, an hfi- :;• si .t j \. ! v. iil (.■ • ' ft;.; ■ ' . r ll.t- lis-.' i,< jt l .lore : :• i :i.. !' "ti •:> arv i- - sp clfwlly invjiett to call upon • A HlifC fc J v.? '■'■' '■ " ' in* \, 1 a., v. i t v ill I ....,- . t.- cvz.lailAi.g l''-itill i" rb.tAiy : i.YMi:;:;AIIAI:: AKV, BmJ >•;. ' . V,\ .•• Nit, 'lams'.tir-j, . Ma V : ■ , i'sf'T. . : rd. ■' t*y Ah, ;s.">7. M>.. .s. Liyn.irf ~ 1 las ti \ . •: i' t,;' M •. V and Mwin j Ma < ; . s !;,{ vai . lis rt-yulaU' it i- tit*' lii. h '".t, aw. i ivi -iy ,w, a < c: . i!o ir.y • uin* ..lit:,! . . ft. . U" ; • iar l . ■■■!. Alv ;; v v.. cut v ,ii. ni its ;..-if::ia' 1•• a t :j•! ;i t:: >1! t : }'.• • .. v.- :iU"l:>>d^ ii. y • :ua!h.i ';.<? if* jirfsi'iitaticii—' airt pi-as-<l t • li t . • \ it i t i' 1 : -irtin is i.l t : !n;il itr.l V a an . t • r an.. '. •; , / 1..!.'. . ill; iiit? j i '.; t* a I.' o' .. j J ii\ VYATaOX. ! ' :; 1 ' i : yi it i:ii; : : an't ii t< t . ar- mj..i t' rv. an! at onco and >feyn: ;.t, an ; th > • ha\ inf-claiuts agaiitst 1 • I*l ■ sit• . use i;t -:r c i i r.-s. ! l t:.e siiir.e jut.'j ■- ♦•rlv-as/u.. K.i',1.1 Mr.' :ii miit. J S. KITCHIIV, . \Mi 15IHKKT. Rxtj rs, n . . srti lawuiuip, ilftilorti ( Mm : . f. 1 _.. . C> > V 0 v. ' • ATTORNL V AT l_ A W , am:.;;. :s;\jTE broker, 11 . :• s. t 1 : : n, 2 Tjnn<Ts, Coal i . jJ - • 4- liill . I i -.'.ai II) lit ti ! f<i a;:<i •' ti i gtutind i.s M . fii th i i.iiik 11 . ■ ;• ; i.n i ti.iit . ait- t red at I • ; it 'S. bit. .. 1.. '."I Mi. - S.i I'.lli- V i ■ , lhi> : . ■ U '•?: ;. • :>• Ite :"'l J.Ss. Y i :ii: r, hi't' a, A ■ tan ns' ip, dect-arcd, ! t' i-ig ! • • i I s • tit.,.: rs .ni. ii, a!! i te t ■' :.!'•• r 'it s!- : to , c . ' ! a'-- >. A. ; 1 s—, I t!., in p.-. •. 11 v au'.l.-ntii'.tt.s: ■' s-tih i-> n. ". . . !iAA V\ iIMMTIR. l\!-.v In, I-S;M. .Aduvr. ;. \ i .. .• . ... 1 a . ;"s A i.rtdl t;i:i --t . Si. •' ~!<• •' • . :'' 's. ,\C., i ' V:'t '.u last , U.A. S •: 'A' '' : TORM. .' \ \ I .. A AA ■ ' , . AA. - A-'A" !M'A' NY A'. AA'—> • ■ | ; . > i-;' A - : v. i , i . _ . i. ■■ j! I . i > ■a, at A . ' . 1 ( i'... Mi)V in, ]S.;7. \Y A . i. L), i.' A; 101. T A is. i.ii > Ctiloo u.i* Store. .'.1,0 i'.i ; ill S to \i t '.ijj, |tr v\ i it'll t.i .Ml .;t st pi'i. ' t. i . ' J it. ■. . i ti! i'* .1, .) i . A'h.iiis m !.'-A i.iive establishedlhvti la plf> Zi t; • ii. Cv A i . ... lUp|s.itltt>;d •(A A. . A in . , iA:: . a -at at M well. ) lll'Mi T(i. ii- Jl. H "J'Z'S (.T'lfbrateil T< tt-r W. :< tiia 11 !v • V stira ri'Dit'dy ever ■ ! -tin nr.! ;• rtir.: .. 1; a'iVt t e!', RiiaiwortD, aid all •tuptions a. tit- N.,.. T |, it , MI .i.Uilible a rrmti>, j that a p-ti-ct t' itt ail on.-.-.; ol 'l'. ttcf is guaian ti• ', i;' atlHiitiv-lv uypoeti. In -tdinaiy rases one b III* vrill be suificient to pettect a cure, in bad ■ Nf.s, v. lis T>• 11• r r>: lot.- st..l,din-, more v. ill be re rjtiir-.!. 1' i ret.!, p-r Ot: -. i'oi Aale at Dr. 11-iiivier's i . Stnie, Betlibnl, Pa. May -J, Is-,"- !y. j. tl(p. •. y Juiui ii'thi'siti t.U iron, tit Till si vs, crtiisdiitil lv ti.'i hand it fity ;• : " and Hat: . •.{ f-'or.'e prn*-s. Mr cash os its etjuiv jiii'llt. •>i"• St ! . !. f'Tl ••!:I it 1V lt t C tided j to. "i Is >H > 1 Ire , ' :i! ' *rap Iron, j an.! Stt i.,