Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, July 17, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated July 17, 1857 Page 3
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J{ Test ojW'egro Rights* —The Stark coun -4.. Democrat relates the particulars of an inci dent which recently occurred in Canton, Ohio, illustrating the present position ol the Black Republican leaders and the quandary it) which thev a re involved. It being Court week, the public house there was unusually crowded, and tiie hosts while attending to their numerous friends at the lirst dinner tahle, observed a Col ored individual about the hue of his satanic maj esty, safely located among his Republican breth ren, and evidently preparing to do justice to the ample repast before him. Mr. Ellison, the land lord, politely requested his Black Republican fiiendto wait and eat at the second table. But the stomach and disposition of Sambo (who, by the way, was genteel enough to all appearance) declined to yield to the request, thinking he was safe among his Republican friends. Mr. Ellison, however, was disposed to get rid of the t <culled gentleman," ami took hold of his collar to help him out. Sambo resisted. Employees oflhe house lent a hand and he was ejected al ter quite a struggle, nolens• volens. The re marks made by the darkie after (tie ejectment was served upon him, were quite interesting.— He said that if this was Republicanism, to drive a man from a dinner table provided fur the pu!>- j IC , he wanted no more of it. He reminded his Republican friend, Ellison, that he electioneer ed with him last toll at his coal pits to use his influence for Fremont. FIXEIIAL OF \Y. L. MARCY. Ai.bany, Julv Bth. —The city is croweed.— iA-Presidents Van Buren and Pierce, ex-Gov ernors Seymour, Hunt and Fisher, have arrived, jo attend the funeral of VV. L. Marcv. All the buildings along the line of march of the fil arial have been hung with drapery. [SECOND DISPATCH.] During the morning a great number of peo ple visited the Capitol to take a farewell look at the remains of Mr. Marcy, and expressed as tonishment at the request of,his relatives that the coffin should not he opened. The stores on Broadway and State stteets were draped in mourning for three miles. Owing to large ar rivals of visitors from other cities, the funeral cer,monies were not commenced till three o'- clock. The ceremonies commenced at the Capitol, amid the tolling of bells and the firing of minute guns. The venerable Dr. Nolt open ed by an eloquent prayer; the Rev. Dr. Spragne read portions of Scripture, and the Rev. Dr. Hague delivered a beautiful discourse. The ex ercises ci sed i\ itlr a prayer and benediction from the Rev. Dr. \\ elch. Gen. Wool officiated as Grand Marshall of the dav. Ex-President Van Buren, Governor King and Ex-Governors Hunt, Fish, Seward and Buck, and the Hon. Nathaniel P. Banks, and other distinguished persons were present. Tim funeral cortege was the largest ever seen in Albanv. The day was fine and everything passed oil well. Tr*A pile of gold and silver coin, worth a bnut $5,000 was ploughed up in a field in Cur rituck Co., N. C. a few days since.— Exchange. FOR TIIE BEDFORD SPRWCS! THE undersigned respectfully informs th traveling public that he has established between Enrobe, on the Pennsylvania Railroad, and the town of Bedlord, a daily (Sundays excepted) line of MAIL COACHES. Passengers leaving Pittsburg at fit, o'clock A. M., will arrive at Bedford same night; leav ir.g the' Washington Hotel, Bedford, at fij o'- clock A. M., will arrive at Pittsburg same night. A Hack will akays lie at the station at La trobe, on th-■ arrival of the Mail train, from j Pitt ■ org, to convey j assengers ami baggage t" j the Hotel. Fare through from Pittsburg to Bedford, in cluding Railroad Fare, $l. This line is on the eld PA. I'l itVI'IKi:, leading from Pitt.-hurg, by way' of Chambers burg,to Philadelphia, passing through YotioJ(M town, Ligoriier, Stoystown and Schellsburg, j ami connecting w it!i the Mail Line to Chant-j bershtirg. This line is certainly the cheapest and best route to Bedford, and therefore the most advan tageous to persons visiting that place. JOSEPH A. CARMAN, July 17, 1857—3 m. * Proprietor. OFFICE C. V. M. P. Company, / July Bth, 1857. j \OTKIi IS hereby given that an assessment of 5 per cent, has this day been levied on the Premium notes of this Company, in force on the 2Sth day i,| February, A. I). 1857. Except notes expiring between Jan. 3d 1857, and the said - s 'h of Feb., and not renewed, on which 3 per rent, is assessed, also on Premium notes of anginal applications, taken between said dates, •I per cent, is assessed. The members of this Fompany residing in Bedford County, or hav ing property insured therein, are hereby re spectfully required to pay their respective pro rata as set fiith in duplicate (errors excepted) to the Hon. James M. Hussell, duly appointed f"' i ctor Tor said Company within 30 days from this date. Bv order of the Board. JOHN T. GREEN, Sec'y. The usual abatement of 5 per cent, will be made for prompt payment. July 17, 1857—3t. MUG STORE FOR SALE. Any pe-son desirous of purchasing a WPII esta blished sud profitable Drug Store ran hear of a tir-t rate opening by addressing the editor of this paper. July 17, 1817. The Ollice of the Bedford Gazette, with Presses, Types, good will, &e. &c. Is ottered tor Sale. NOTICE is hereby given, that application w 'di be made to the Governor of Pennsylvania, Lr pardon of Daniel Gordon, convicted at May Session of Bedford County, 1857, of Assault and Battery. Bedford, July 10, 1857.* \otice. All persons indebted to the Estate of WM. ' • HORN, late of St. Clair toweship, Bedford county, deceased, are requested to make imme diate payment, and those having claims against aid Estate will present them properly authenti cated tor settlement. ANDREW HORN, July 10, 1857.* Adm'r. TIMEI.Y ADVICE. —To those who are subject to Coughs amt Colds, and those various i'ulmonary dis eases incident to our climate at this season of the year, we would advise the trial 01 a bottle of Dk Ks:y srk's I'ectou.ii. Syrup, by this time well known to our community, and a medicine that stands higher tor its curative pioperties than any other medicine with which we are acquainted. If is a matter of wonder to us that any person will allow a Cough or Cold to fasten on the lungs when *o pleasant a reme dy is at hand. (TP* To he had at the Stote of Mr. Samuel Brown in Bedford—and at Mr. Colvin's Store in Schellsburg. DAL LEY'S MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR. The great and principle characteristics of DAL LEY'S .MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR consist: Ist. Of its never-failing and unique property, as soon as applied to any external injury, to CHECK INFLAMMATION instantly, and rapidly to reduce it. This feature constitutes its great power to alle viate the pain of burns and scalds, and of other pain ful diseases, in so incredibly short a space of time, and as will appear from the few testimonials hereunto annexed. Every intelligent mind is fully aware thai, in all cases of external injury, the pain is produced by inflammation oflhe injured parts; and. theretore, it you remove the cause, the effect must cease. 2d. fts purificative properties neutralize the poison I j that may lurk in the system, ami wilt, when applied ; ; to the sores, draw rapidly all impure rnattpr to the j surface, and eject it—hence the great duchaige it j produces from sores occasioned by burn—and when I applied to old and inveterate sores, Salt Rheum, or ; other cutaneous diseases. Eacti box of GRxriNE dallry's i-aiv i xtractor has ! | upon it a Steel Plate Engraved Label with the sig- j ! nature of C. V.CLICKEXER & Co.,proprietors, arid I HENRY DALLEY, manufacturer. Price 2-5 cents i ' per box. | CCF'AII orders should he orldre-seil to C. V. Click- ' | ener it Co., si Barley street New York. May S, 185"—2 m. A I)YE FOR THE HAIR.— Perfection is not at tained by indolence and ease: there is uocros-lot to i universal favor. The world will not be blown like ; chaff into a channel indicated bv imitators. Witness the fast anchored fame of BACHELOR'S HAIR DYE, ' won by watching when others slept, sustained by j its intrinsic worth and truthliiine-s to nature. War . ;arited not to disappoint the hopes of tho-e who use | it. Made and sold, or applied at the wig factory | | 233 Broadway, Yew York. See that each box has Wit. A. P. are he i.o ir on, no others are genuine. Sold | by Dr. Reamer. June 12—lni. | 30,000 lbs. of Wool Wanted AT THE Glao B E FACTO 11 V , Near Mentzer's Mill, Middle Woodberry Tp., j Bedford Co., Pa. JOHN KEAGY, the proprietor of the above , Establishment, begs respectfully to inform his numerous customers and the public generally, that he will continue to manufacture all kinds of WOOLLEN GOODS. He has on hand any quantity of Premium Patent Coverlets, Blank els, Cassimeres, Cloths, Tweeds, Sat I i nets, Flan nels, both barred and plain, VVoollen Carpets, Rag Carpets, and Stocking Yarn, of all kinds. As he has made another very important addi tion to his already extensive arid improved ma chinery, unequalled in this or any of the adji ; cent Counties, he flatters himself that he is now j i:i a position to manufacture and finish goods, in j a style superior to any in this line, in this sec- j Hon of the State. [CF* X. LL—The highest price will be paid j for Wool, in Goods or Cash. AI. Woodberry tp., May 22, 18")7—St. MORE NEW GOODS. A. B. CRAMER X. CO. have just opened j another supply of SUMMER GOODS, render ing their assortment very complete. Beautiful j new-stvle Calicoes, Barage Robes, handsome White Crape and Stella Shawls, Brilliants, Kc. —Superior French Cassimeres arid striped Sat teens for Mens' Wear, also a full supply of Car petings, Groceries, Mackerel, Herring, Kc. Produce wanted, and good pri- ' ces will be given. Call and see our Stock and learn the prices. A. B. CRAMER &. CO. ; June 2G, 1807. ISHERMJJTS V.II.LEY J.VI) BNO.IN * TOP RML RO. ID COMPJIXY. PROPOSALS FOR LETTING. Notice is hereby given that Proposals will he j received for putting under contract f\\ UN [ \ 1 MILES at the eastern end, commeccing at its j {junction with the Northern, Central and Penn sylvania rail-roads, at the mouth of Fishing j Creek and running west; also TW ELY E miles at the western end, running east from Sideling ! Hill Gap. The western portion of said road " will be let on the first Tuesday of September next at the house of WILSON L. KLfNE. Burnt Cabins; and the eastern portion at the j house of 11. 11. ETTER, Warm Springs, Perry County, on the following FRIDAY. Propo sals for the gradation and Masonry of which j I will be received on and after the loth day of August, at the office of the Company, BU RNT CABINS, for the western end, and at the olfice ; of the Company, WARM SPRINGS, for the j eastern portion. Plans and specifications will j i tie ready for examination on the loth of A-ugust. i General information concerning the works may j he ob'ained by calling on P. P. DICKINSON, at engineer's office, N. E. Railway, Ilanisburg, Pa. A. P. WILSON. President. P. P. DICKINSON, Chi*. Eng. Sherman Valley and Broad Tup 11. R. Co. Warm Springs Office, July } 3, 1857—tAug. In. j WM. SHAFFER, Merchant Tiulor, Continues to carry on the above business, in all its branches, at his old stand in Johanna t. and is prepared fo accorr.nipdate all who may favor him with their cusfdVn, on reasonable terms. He constantly keeps on hand a large assortment of ready-made Clothing of a good and substantial quality. And, having in store a choice selection of Cloths, Cassimeres, Vest ings, Drillings, &.c. &c. he invites all in want of Clothing to give him a call, as he feels con fident he can please all who do so. Bedford, July 3, 1857. FLY NETTS, for horses, for sale at CRAMER & GO'S. If you want a superior article of Boots, Shoes, Gaiters, of- Slippers, call at the Cheap Shoe and General Variety Store of Adam Ferguson in Ju iianna Street, where a large assortment of use ful and fane* Goods are always to be found. Bedford, July 10, 1857. STR AY II EI FEU. Came to the premises of the subscriber, living in Union Township, sometime last fall, a dark red Heifer, between 2 and 3 years old; right ear off"; no other marks. The owner is desired to come forward, prove property, pay charges, and take her away. CASELTON AKK. July 3, 1857,* GREAT ARRIVAL! . of GOODS The undersigned has just returned from the Eastern cities with a large stock of Spring Goods; and is now exhibiting at CHEAP SIDE a general assortment of new style of Spring Goods, comprising, in part. Ladies' Dress (ioods, Ducal Crocovella C'halli, fancy and plain Do Laine, Brilliants. Lawns, Calicoes, &r. &r. lor gent semens' and boys' wear Cassimeres, Cassinets, Canton Cloth, Shepperd Check, Cot tonades, &c. Boots, Shoes, Hats, Bonnets, Woollen and Rag Carpets, Floor Oil Cloth, Syrup molasses, white and brown Sugars, green and black Teas, Groceries of all kinds,Queensware, Tubs, Buckets, Brooms, &.c., Hardware, Shovels, forks, Hoes, Knives and Forks, Spoons, &c. and all articles usually kept in stores. • All kinds of country produce taken in ex change. The undersigned will sell cheap for cash or produce, and hopes by fair dealing to receive tiis usual share of custom. G. YV. RUPP. April 10, ISNT. iio liicrcujmcn anb Snpcrintciibcnt's of Sabbat!) Sdjools. \\ e keep on hand the publications of the Am. S. S. Union. American Bible Society, American i ract Society, Presbyterian Board ol Publica tion, Methodist Book Rooms, Massachusetts St S. Union, Lotheian Board of Publication, Epis* copal S.N. Union, and a great variety of stand ard Religious Publications suitable lor Sabbath Schools. SHRVOCK & SMITH, Chambersburg. March (>, 18")7. Kiiryoclc & Smith, Booksellers and Stationers:, and dealers in Music and Musical Instruments, (Tiamlieisbiirg. Our Slock consists ol Books, Stationery, Mu sic, Musical Instruments, Wall Paper, Blinds, French, German, and American Lithographs, and Steri Engravings, gtlt Mouldings for Frames, etc. wholesale and r tai!. Dr. B. F. Harry is our agent tor Bedford, an'd all or ders given, hint will be promptly attended to.. March (>. CHAIRS AM) CARINET FIIIMTiRE. ** The subscriber has removed to the shop on West Pitt Street, recently occupied by William Ritchey as a Machine Shop, where he contin ues to make to order and keep 011 hand a gene ral assortment of chairs and cabinet furniture; consisting in part of Spring Seat Parlor (.'hairs, French Rocking Chairs, Cane seat and Wind sor, Sofas, Lounges, Ottomans, What-Nots, Music Stands, Fancy Parlor Tables, Breakfast, Dinner, and Extension Tables, Bedsteads, Bu reaus, Wardrobes, iSc. Suits of cottage-furni ture at very moderate prices, so that it is with? in the reach of all to have nice, good, and fashionable furniture. The Ladies are particu larly invited to call and examine fir themselves, as it will be my desire to please all tastes. X. B. Coffins will he made on the shortest notice tor anv who will favor him with a call. ISAAC MEXCEL, Jr. ' May 29, 1557. FMETTE SPIIIM This highly agreeable and attractive Moun tain resort, has been leased by the subscriber. New buildings f>r improvements, for recreation, amusement, and bathing, in process of erection during the past, will be ready fir tiie accommo dation of visitors the present season. The pu rifying healing properties of the watersof these springs have been fully tested by chemical ana lyse-. and the experience of individuals proves their efficiency. THEY jYEI'ER FJIIL TO CURH Scrofula and other diseases of the IJo d, by freely drinking the water, &. erupti ms by bath ing and external applications of tie* deposite of the stream. These waters are chalybeate of i ron, with portions of magnesia and salts. In addition to lire elevated, healthful and pleasant mountain location of these Springs, they are in the midst of classic ground—wild, romantic and picturesqe scenery—caverns, cataracts and cascades. Within a circuit of four or five miles are For: r NECESSITY, \V:i<i!iiniifotiN Tii'tit Untile s"te3<l, Washington's Spring <m<l .Mttiu'ows, which he owned to the day of his death—Dunbar's Camp—Braddock and Jumojinville's giaves— Delancy's Cave—Ohio Pyle and Cucumber Falls and the Cascades of Meadow Run—easy of access on horseback or in vehicles, to be had at the Spiings. The streams and woods abound iti trout and game, affording a rich field lor the deciples of Wnlton "n/ .Yimro'l. Situate within five minutes walk oi the Na tional Road, with regular daily lines of stages passing Eijst and West, connecting with Pitts rtnirg Steamboats at Brownsville, and with the cars of Pittsburg and Connellsville Railroad at Connellsville, render these Springs convenient of access in a short day ride ftom Cumberland and Pittsburg. The advantages of our location—our moder ate charges, earnest desite and the exertions we will use to give entire satisfaction, and to make our guests comfortable, we hope will not fail to render the Fnyelte Springs one of the most popular and agreeable summer resorts in the country. The present lessee has been employed at the Springs during several seasons in the ca pacity of Superintendent, and he flatters him self that his experience in this and other public houses will not fail in being useful to himself, and in contributing to the comfort and pleasure of his patrons. Persons wishing to engage rooms, or to make further yiquiry will please address ttie proprie tor at Fayette Springs P. 0. or at Lniontowu, Fayette County, Penn'a. W. F. BABCOCK. June 19, 1857—6t CAMP MEETING. Camp Meeting of Bedford Circuit ot trie

M. E. Church will be held on Solomon Sparks' land about three miles from Bloody lion, commencing on the g Ist of August. The Brethren of Bedford sta tion are cordially invited to tent with us.^ JAMES A. COLEMAN, WM. H. STEVENS, June -Jfi, 18.17. Pastors. CARPETING ! CARPETING !! —Will be found at REED'S STORE from 50 cts. to J,.0, of the best make and material. NEW XPRIM; 4 SUMMER ROODS. Ihe undersigned having just returned from the Eastern Cities, are now recieving a large and splendid assortment of Spring and Summer Goods, consisting, in part, ol Ladies Dress Goods, black and fancy Silks, plain and figured Detains, Poplins, Challies, Lawns, Brilliants, White Goods* Hosiery, Handkerchiefs, Collars, .See. ix.c. Sheeting, Crash, Muslins, Flannels, Tickings, fancy and # union Casimeres, Cloths, anil a general assoftmjjnt, of Mens and Boys Summer Ware m? a*ll inscriptions, single and double CARPET Chain, all colors. Boots, Shoes acid Hats in Great A ari<*ty, Hardware, Queensw are, Brooms and Buckets, Groceries, j Syrup, Molasses, white and brown Sugar, green and black Teas, Fish, Tobacco, Indigo, Spices, Dye stuff's. See. &c. all of which will be sold cheap, as they are determined' not to be under- ; sold by any one. Thankful for past favois, they i hope toVceive a general share of the public j patronage. J. &. J. M. SHOEMAKER. April 17, 1857. [Gr* Wanted, 3000 lbs. Bacon, at Shoemaker's j Colmiade Store, for which the highest Market j price will be paid. NOTICE. AI persons interested, will please take no- ; sice that I have left my Books, notes, ice., in ; the hands of John Alsip, E*q., where those in- j indebted are requested to call an make payment j without delay, and save costs. MOSES SITNE. April 24 ; IS")7. 3lrs. E. Potts Is just receiving and opening an elegant as sortment of Spring; and Summer Hoods, embra cing nil the latest styles and patterns of Ladies Dress Goods, to which she invites their especial attention. Also a superior assortment of Trim med and untiirnmed Bonnets, Gaiters. Bootees, Slippers, l'aiasols, Skiits, Hosiery, Collars, Capes, Kc. fee. Bedford, April'if, 1837. Shoe. Glassware, and Variety STORE. • ADAM FERGUSON Has just received an opened and elegant assort ment of goods in his line, to which he invites the attention oftfie public, satisfied that he can please all tastes. Bedford, Apt il 24. NEW STORE A \ l) ,\E\l ROODS!! THE subscriber would announce to his old fiierids, as well as to the public at large, that he j has opened an ENTIRELY NEW STORE in j the- Borough of Bedford, immediately opposite i the Washington Hotel, where he has just re- j ceived 11 Stuck of SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS of a superior quality, embracing al- ' most every article in the DRY GOODS and j GROCERY LINE, to which he invites the es- ; pecia! attention of the people, who may find it : to their interest to give bim a call before pur- ; chasing elsewhere. His Goods will be exhibit- j e<i with pleasure, whether purchased or not. SAMUEL BROWN. Bedford, May 23, ISoG. RREIT EXCITEMENT! The Kit 'ant Assortment of SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS Just received ami opened at REED'S CHEAP STORE IN BEDFORD having created quite an excitement in our usually ! quiet town, the subscriber feels confident that he j can exhibit such a stock of Goods as will meet the ' geneial wants of both town and country, at fair pri- j ces. As it will cost nothing to examine his Stock j he invites all in want of either substantial or Dress j Goods to give him a .'.ill before ' JACOB RF.ED. j .May 1, 18.77. RLDLOIU} SPKIALS. This property has, during the 1a -1 year, passed in- i to the hands of a company, who. in addition to the ! lonrier buildings, have erecied a handsome and com- , modioli* Hotel building, and two -pacious bath-hous- j •*, and have ornamented and improved the grounds, i The hotel buildings will be opened fpr the reception of visitors on the 10th of June inst, and kept open J until the !sl of October. Passengers from Baltimore j or Philadelphia reach the Springs in one day via : Pennsylvania raii-road, the completion of the Broad- j top Kail Road leaving but twenty miles of staging i over a line road. Mr. tt'illanl, formerly of Wash- j ington city, arid recently of the Burnet House, Cin- j ciniisiti, will superintend the Hotel. To invalids, j generally, the Bedford waters, in connection with j Hit* mountain air, are perhaps more highly beneficial j than any other in the Union. P. GOSSLER, President Bedford Springs Company, j J line 12, 1817. Notice To the Citizens of Bedford County. All Land Warrants to be executed by me, j must be placed in my hands to be regularly fi led in the office. i will execute all warrants and orders of re- j surveys with promptness. Also, will attend to job-work on call. I will be in Bedford the first ! week of every month, or oftener if required.— j Address, Stonerstown, Bedford County. SAML. KETTERMAN. Jutr 12, 1837. NOTICE OF INQUISITION. Whereas Jatnes Wemmer, late of Monroe j Township, Bedford county, deceased, died seiz- j ed of the following Real Estate, viz: One Tract of Land, being the Mansion place, j containing four hundred acres more or less, j with the appurtenances, situate in said Town- i | ship of Monroe, adjoining lands of Andrew I-j runs and Michael Owner on the east, lands of Nathan Grnbb on the north, lands of George 1 Wemmer, Sol. Wemmer's heirs and John Mar- j tin on the west, and lands of Danl. Wemmer j and Win. Stuckey on the South, Raving a wi dow, Mahala Wemmer, and issue three chil dren, to wit: Abraham Wemmer, residing in Hocking Co. Ohio, Moses VVemmer, and Ptiebe, intermarri ed with Wm. Hickson, residing in Bedford j countv, Notice is therefore hereby given that in pur- . suance of a writ of Partition or valuation to me j directed, I will proceed to hold an inquisition or valuation on the premises on Monday the 27th dav of July inst., when and where all inte rested may attend ifthevsee proper. HUGH MOORE, Sheriff. July 3, 1837. Fish, Fish! NEW MACKEREL just received. Mi AD and HERRING expected daily, and I" sale for cash or Country Produce onlv. A. B. CRAMER &. CO. May 1, 15.37. keTgy's foundry. The subscribers beg leave to announce to the citizens of Bedford County that they continue j to carry on the above establishment in Middle j Woodberry, in all its various branches, and are j prepared to fill all orders in their line on the i shortest notice and most reasonable terms. They will sell castings by the ton, or give them to ■ : sell on commission at fair rates. Persons desi ring castings either on commission or otherwise, l will address the subscribers at Woodberry, Bed ford county. We make the Loop and self-sharpening Plough, and warrant them. They can also be j had on commission. ABRAHAM KEAGY & CO. Ma v 13, 1837 1 m.' LOOK OUT. The V endue Notes given at the sale of Sa j mnel Zimmers, deceased, are now due, and all j who neglect to pay them on or before the 20th ! July r.exl, or any other debts due said Estate, | will have to pay Costs, without respect to per ! sons. JOHN S. RITCHEY, DANIEL DIBERT, j June 19. 1837. Ex'ors. NOTICE. The umlers ignei! desires to inform the teachers of i the Common Schools of Bedford County, and those who desire to prepare themselves to teach in the County, that he wilt open a School in Bedford, on i the Normal principle, for their instruction, free. of i charge for tuition, 't he School will continue open > three months from the Ist of July, it is expected that those who design to teach during the nxt win- : ter, will endeavor to attend. From the first Monday j in Sept., to the close of the School, will be regarded as the time for a general meeting of all the teachers 1 in the County, tor the purpose of exercising in those j branches taught in the Common Schools. This will ' j al-o afford a favorable opportunity for teachers to ob j tain permaneni -certificates, provided they stand an i approved examination at the close of the term. 11. HECKF.RMAN, County Superintendent. | June 10, 1807. NOTICE. Notice is hereby given that an application will he • made to the next Legislature of the State of Fenn- : sylvania for the passage of an act of Assembly autho- : rizing the incorporation of a Bank of Issue with ge neral banking and discounting privileges, under the ■ general banking laws of this State, to he located at the Borough of Bedford in the county of Bedford, and I called "The Bedford County Bank," with a capital of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and with the privilege of increasing the same to the sum ol i iour hundred thousand doKars. E. L. ANDERSON. WM. T. DAUGHERTY, WM. F. SCHELL, A. KING, NICHOLAS LYONS, SA.MKEL L. RUSSELL. | Bedford, Pennsylvania, June 26, 18.17.— tJl I WM. HENRY I.F.AS. SAMfEI. HARSH. LEAS & HARSH, j BANKERS AND LAND AGENTS, DES MOINES, lOWA. We buy and sell Eastern Exchange and Land War ■ rants—select and enter lands with cash and warrants | —pay taxes—invest money—make collections arid I attend to all legal business generally. ALSO, I LEAS ik HARSH, j BANKERS X LAND AGENTS, LEAVENWORTH CITY, KANSAS. | One of the Partners has located in Leavenworth 1 City and will transact all business connected with ! the Banking and Real Estate Business. For a few j months yet, correspondents will address us at Ues j Moines. REFERENCES, i IV. S. Gilman. 90 Beaver st. New York, j Philadelphia. —Seiger, Lamb & Co. North | 3d Street: James, Kent K. Sautee, do.; Lefever & Serrili, do. ; Drexill & Co. Bankers, do. Washington City, D. C. — Hon. R. J. At kinson, 3d Auditor, Treasury Department; ' Chubb K. Bros. Bankers. Carlisle, Pa. —Edward Shower, Hon. J. H. Graham. Huntingdon, Pa. —Wm. B. Leas, David j Blair, Esqrs. Bedford: —Hon. Job Mann, Gen. Bowman. Schellsburg. —Duncan McYicker, Esq. March 20," 1857—1y. MILL PROPERTY FOR SALE. THE subscriber offers for sale his valuable Mill Property, situate in Colerain Township, Bedford County, in complete running order, having two pairs of Burrs, and all necessary fix tures of the most approved kind. In connec tion with the Mill there are two dwelling hou ses, with a Barn and ail necessary outbuildings, j The purchaser can have any amount of land ad j joining he may desire, under two hundred a cres—some cleared and under fence, with first rate meadow. There is also a new Saw Mill on the premi ses, in the very best timber region in Bedford j County. This property ir very desirable, and purcha sers would do well to examine it before purcha -1 sing elsewhere. Apply either to JOHN CESSNA in Bedford, or to the subscriber. WM. CESSNA. March 20, 1837. EVERIIART, ASFICOM, & CO- Forwarding and Commission Merchants, HOPEWELL, P. J. The subscribers doing business under the Firm of EVERHART, Ashcom, &. Co., are now prepat j ed to Store arid Ship Flour, Grain, and all kinds ; of Merchandize upon reasonable terms. They also keep on hand Piaster, Fish, Salt, Rock Powder, Kc., to which they invite the attention of Merchants in the country and Far ■ tners. The highest cash prices paid for Flour and Grain that the Eastern Market will afford. JOHN C. Lverhart, GEO. R. Barxdollak, C. VV. ASHCOM, Joun F. Low ay. Dec. 26, 1836 ly. GETTYS' PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLERY! Exchange Building, Bedford, Pa., Where Ambrotypes, Daguerreotypes, See., I &.C., ol every description, are executed iri the latest styles and improvements of the Art. A full assortment of plain and fancy cases, and gold and plated Lockets, at vervlow prices. The public are respectfully invited to call and examine his specimens. T. R. GETTYS, Jr. Combined HF.IPER IMI MOWER. Patented by J. H. MANNY, Sept. 22,1851, April 12, 1852, June 21, 1853, March 2y, 1854., Oct. 15. 1854, and by WALTER A. WOOD, 24th day of June and Ist day ol July, 1856. The bet combined MACHINE ever invented. From the success of last year's operations t take pleasure in announcing this Machine tothe Farmers fbi the next Harvest, and feel assured it will fully meet their highest expectations.— It is easily manured, cuts clean and easy, is of light draft, and readily changed from a Reap>v to a Mower, and vice versa, requiring not more than a minute to make the change. The al terations from last year are as follows, viz : All the Journals will be Case-hardened, the SHOES, GUARDS AND GEARING, will be built of the best Salisbury Iron, and wrought iron substituted for cast in several pla ces. The Machine is made to mow lodged c!r>- ver without obstruction, bv simply removing lour bolts and leaving off a part of the frame work. With these alterations and improve-, ments the machine wi;i be stronger than here tofore, when it was the only reliable COMBINED REAPER AND MOWER made. The Machine iswairanted capable of cutting from ten to fifteen acres of grass or giam pi r day, in a workman-like manner. N. B. Paities manufacturing Reaping or Mowing Machines, using WOOD'S PAT ENTS, are cautioned against their further tise, and are hereby notified that payment will h<- exacted to the full extent for the use heretofore made of them. For further particulars the Farmers 3re re spectfully invited to call upon lilvttlirc A Blartley, A gents for Bedford County, Pa., who will furnish Pamphlets containing Certifi cates, &c. For Sale by BLYMIRE A HARTLEY, Bed ford, Pa. E. K. PARSONS, Harrifburg, General Agent for Eastern Pennsylvania. .May 15, 1857. Bedford, May Btb, 1857. Messrs. Blymire & Hartley : Gentlemen :—I purchased one of Manny's Reaping and Mowing Ma chines last year. Its reputation beingthe high est, and having seen it cut giain to my entire satisfaction, I bought it after grain harvest. My hay was cut with it ; and, from its admirable a daptation to the purposes intended—having fully equalled the representation—l am pleased to recommend it to the farmers of Bedford County as an excellent Mower and Reaper, believing it fully worth the price asked as a Mower alone. JOHN WATSON. NOTICEs Letters testamentary having been granted to the subscribers, upon the last will &c. of Sam uel Zimmers, deceased, by the Register of Bed ford County, all persons indebted to said Testa tor are requested to come Forward at once and make payment, and those having claims against the Estate, are desired to present the sameprop eriv authenticated fir settlement. J NO. S. RITCHEV, DANIEL DIBERT, Exo'rs. Bedford township, Bedford Co. May 15, 1857. Jos. W. Tale, ATTORNEY AT LAW, REAL ESTATE BROKER, Has for sale 10 Farms, 2 Tanneries, Coal Land, 12,000 acres of unimproved land in Bed lord and Fulton Counties. Lots of ground m the towns of St. Joseph and Hamilton, on the Plank Road near Johns Bianch, are offered at reduced prices. Sold in quantities to suit pur chasers. Terms—easy. May 15, 1857. NOTICE. Letters of administration on the Estate of Jas. Werrimer, late of Monroe township, deceased, having been granted to the undersigned, all those indebted to said Estate are requested to make payment immediately, and those hav ing claims against said Estate will present them pmperiy authenticated for settlement. MAHALA WEMMER, May 15, 1857. Adm'r. LADIES' DRESS GOODS.—A Great vari ety of Silks, Chalms, Lamertines,.Htc., to suit all i tastes, at REED'S CHEAP STORE. WANTED AT REED'S STORE—S,OOO lbs. Wool, Bacon, Butler. SUMMER WEAR.—ISO pieces of Sum j mer wear, comprising Linsies, Cotton and Woolen, at REED'S STORE. May 15, 1857. IT^"WANTED, at SHOEMAKER'S Colon ade Store, 5,000 pounds of WOOL, for which the highest price will be paid. June 5, '57. i &.Co. have established their Ex piers on the H. & B. T. R. R. and appointed . C. W. ASHCOM, Esq., agent at Hopewell. K7~ NO HUMBUG.— H. H. UITZ'S Celebrated Tetter Wash is the only safe and sure remedy ever j discovered for curing the Tetter, Ringworm, and ail eruptions of the skin, it is so infallible a remedy, • that a perfect cure in all cases of Tetter is gnaran j tied, if attentively applied. In ordinary cases one bottle will be sufficient to perfect a cure. In bad ca ses, with a Tetter of long standing, more will be re quired. Price 25 cents per bottle. For Sale at Dr. Reamer's Drug Store, Bedford, Pa. i May 22, 1857—1y. Best Quality Juniata Hammered Iron, ; Ofall sizes, constantly on hand at Blymire and Hartley's, at Forge prices, for rash or its equiv ! .dent. Orders for extra sizes promptly attended j to. Also Rolled Iron, Nail Rods, Strap Iron, t and Steel.