Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, August 21, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated August 21, 1857 Page 2
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THE BEDFORD GAZETTE. Bedford, Aug. £l, 1897. R F. Meyers &G. W. Benfoii, JEdilors. : Democratic State dominations. GOVERNOR: Ciesi. Win. F. Faeker, Ol' Lycoming County. CANAL COMMISSIONER: Hon. ill rod rick land. Of Chester County. SUPREME JUDGE: Hon. Win strong, Of Berks County. Hon. .fame* Thompson. Of F.rie County. tot ATY TICKET. Prothonotarv —SAML. H. TATE, Bedford. Sheriff— Wk S. FLUKE, M. Woodbeiry. Treasurer—SAML. DA\IS, Bedford. Commissioner —C. EVANS. E. Providence. Director—GEO. SMOCBL, W . Providence. Auditor —JOHN W. CRISMAN, St. ( lair. DEMOCRATIC MEETING. The Democrats from all j arts ol the count y are requested to meet at the Court House in Bedford, on Monday evening the 31st inst., (Court Week). Several gentlemen fiom abroad are expected to address the meeting. W.M. P. SCHELL, Chairman. TOOSIIIP MEETINGS. At a meeting of the BUCHANAN CLUB ot Bed ford Borough oh Saturday evening, J2th inst., it was unanimously "Resolved, That it is deemed expedi dient to hold Democratic Township Meetings, in a! the Townships of Bedford County, prior to the-d Tuesday of October. 1" accordance with this resolu tion, the County Committee announces the following appointments and trust to the Township Committees to make all the necessary arrangements to get a mil turn out of the people: Hopewell, Thursday, September Woodberry, Saturday, September 1- Cumberland Valley, Tuesday, September lo Palo Alto, Wednesday, September !'_> George Elder's, Harrison Tp., Thurs. Sept. 1/ Bloodv Run, Fridav evening, September Black's, E. Prov. Tp. Saturday, Sept. Schellsburg, Saturday, Septemcer Stonerstown, Tuesday, September Pattousville, Wednesday, September 2.J Louisville, John Wiand's. Thursday, Sept. 21 Clearviile, Friday, September Chaneysville, Saturday, September St. Clairsvil'e, Saturday, September Rainsburg, Tuesday, September Buena Vfsta, Tuesday, September Flitchville, Wednesday, September Bowser's School-House, Tuesday ev.. October, 1 Jos. W. Sleek's, near Big Spring, Friday, Oct. Robinsonville, Saturday, Oct. Felton's Mill, Saturday evening, October Able speakers will be present to address the abovr meetings, all of which will commence at 1 o'clock I'. M., except those at Bloody Run, Bowser's Schoo House, and Felton's Mill, which will .-ommencea early candle-light, ©ther meetings will be held tc occupy the whole time, notice of which will be giv en hereafter.. WM. P. SCHELL, Chairman County Committee The Proposed Re-Nomiuatiou of Mr. Bu chanan. ft has been intimated in certain quarters tha Mr. Buchanan will be a candidate for re-elec tioo to the Presidency, in 1860. There is nt foundation whatever for any such supposition We speak positively and with a perfect know! nation. Returning: to the Fold. VV e are informed that many Democrats ol Bedford County, who Lad gone into Know- Nothingism, have, since last fall, left its gloomy Council Rooms, and returned to the fold of De mocracy, and that every day brings additional instances of this re-assembling under their for mer banner, of those who had gone astray. It gives lis great pleasure to record this cheering fact. It argues well for the political honesty of the citizens of Bedford county. It shows that, although deluded for a short lime, by the sophistry of unpincipled demagogues, as soon as they discovered that they had left the right path, they desired to retrace their steps, and (eared not to do so. As men of principle they could not do otherwise, for Know-Nothingism is "—a monster of such frightful mien, As to be hated needs but to be seen." THE UIZLEUIRST MEETING, Held in the Court House on the evening of the 13th inst., was presided over by MICHAEL LUTZ, Esq. Sand. S. Blackburn, Andrew H. Wise, John M'Cleary; arid Asa Stuckey, acted as Vice Presidents, and John Blackburn and Sam!. Shoemaker, as Secretaries. Wm. Lyon, Lsq., and Sam 1. \ ondeismith acted as Commit tee to introduce the speakers. Addresses were made by Dr. Compber, Mr. Hazleburst, and Mr. Svvoope. RALLi DEMOCRATS I It wiil be seen by reference to the bead of our paper, that a Mass Meeting of the Democ racy of Bedford county will be held in the Court House, on Monday evening, Aug. 31, (Court Week.) Let every Democrat who feels an in terest in the welfare of his party turn out to this meeting. Let the friends of Gen. Packer, from all partsoftbe county, attend and assist in opening the coming grand political ball. We publish also to-day the announcement of med io be held in every township in the county. The Democracy of Bedford are r.cady for the contest and will go into it bravely and manful, ly. James B. Sansoai, Esq. We notice by our exchanges, that this gentle man has been nominated by the Democrats of Fulton County, asa candidate for the Legislature Mr. Sansom has done good service in the Demo cratic ranks and this mark of favor towards him by his party in Fulton is a well merited compliment. We doubt not that he will be el ected by a handsome majority. MISSOIRI ELECTION. We have p.. , the vote is so close which state that onire the official returns to'Ur that it will re sult. Should Stewart be elected th'fe'ne the re wiii have achieved a glorious victory, tmG having been a majority 0f'21.000, to overcome. H.IZLEHIRST AM) SWOOPE. On the evening of the 13th, according to pre vious announcement, the "Americans ' ol Bed ford countv held a meeting at the Court House, for the purpose of hearing their "chosen champ ion," Mr. Hazlehurst, expound the doctrines of their party. We were somewhat surprised at the large number of persons in attendance, as we had always heard horn the Black Republi can faction of the opposition, that Hazlehurst men were rather scarce in Bedford county. — The meeting was organized by the appointment of a President, four Vice Presidents, and two Secretaries, all of whom came forward and tool; their seats. We are informed that they are re spectable and worthy citizens. Dn. CoinriiEß then addressed the meeting and said some very bitter things against the opponents of "Ameri canism." He slapped right and left—made a vigorous pass at the Democracy and run his sat irical harrow over the "I nion Ticket hoick Republicans without regaid to individuals. He said that some of the leading men of the Fill more partv, went through the county last Fall, and sold Fillmore and the "Americans" /tA"e sheep in the shambles, and that they did all this whilst they were pretending to be the support ers of Fillmore and the advocates oi American ism. We understand that some of the gentle men alluded to by the Dr., in this particular, were in the meeting and were sitting immedi ately before him when he made the charge ; yet they dared not say a word in reply. The Dr. having spoken until Mr.. HAZLEHURST was ush ered into the room, gave way to that gentleman, who was introduced to the audience hv W in. Lvon, Esq. Mr. Hazlehurst proceeded to de liver a discourse, the points in which (if they can he called points j were mainly directed a gaiust Foreigners arid Catholics, and the pith and marrow of which, was a defence of the ex clusive doctrines of "Americanism," as repre. sented by the Hon. Laac Hazlehurst. As we expected it would he, his whole speech was merely a re-hash of what we have heard (rom every "American" stump-speaker we have ever listened to—a simple re-iteration ot what Lewis C. Levin has said a hundred times—with this exception in favor of Mr. Ilazlehurst, that ht was a iitile more modest in his assertions, a iitllt milder in his allusions 3nd a little more carefui in his assumptions,than the majority of "Amer ican" orators. But the burden of his song wa; the same old "cuckoo note" that has been re peated in our ears so Ion; and with such dis gusting frequency—" beware of the Foreigner beware of the Catholic !" It was said of Mr Calhoun that he could dignify any cause.— We doubt whether lie could have dignified : cause with such a watchword. We know tha Mr. Hazlehurst cannot. After the "chosen champion" had conclude! his address, Wm. Lyon, Esq., arose and sail that he did not wish to detain the audience by making a speech, himself, but merely desiret - . f .J.— r ti <*-• r* accordingly, took the floor, and swung the meat axe of his eloquence (and he is really, rather el oquent) about the heads of his hearers and ovei the shoulders of his political opponents, in a manner extremely edifying to observe. He "banged away furiously at the Democratic par ty for a short time, and then "charged home" the ranks of Black Republicanism. He-said, among otimr caustic things, that the Black Republicans were eager in every county and district where they could maite anything out ot a combination with the "Americans," to form "Union Tick, ets;" but that where they (the Black Republi cans) had strength enough in their own ranks, to elect their candidates, they spurned all alliance with the American's. Said he, "I often meet with men who say they would go for Mr. Ha. zlehursf, were it not that in order to elect their County Ticket they must vote for Wilmot, so that the Republicans will not desert them." Combinations of this kind he denounced as ex amples of the most infamous scoundrelism ever heard of in politics. But the most interesting part of Mr. Swoope's performance, was a beau tiful little episode in relation to the management oflast Fall's campaign by the Black Republi cans in Pennsylvania. It will be remembered that many "American" journals had Mr. Fill more's name at their mast-head early in the campaign, and afterwards removed it and sub stituted in its place that of Mr. Fremont. I\lr. Swoope cleared up most summarily the mystery which ha* hitherto enveloped the modus op eiandi by which this change was effected. He said Mr. Bennett, of the N. Y. Herald , had charged Thomas 11. Ford, of Ohio, (the same who disgusted the people 0 f Bedford last Fall with his obscene stories) with having misap plied, or embezzled, the funds placed in his lands by a certain Black Republican Commit ee, for the purpose of buying up the "Ameri cans of I ennsvlvania to support j\lr. Fremont, ind that Ford, in order to exculpate himself, had written out a list of disbursements, which he gave to a correspondent of the .A*. Y. Her ild. He (Mr. Swoope) had fallen in company with this correspondent in the city of Yew York, some time ago, and was by him made ac quainted with these facts and obtained from him the "list of disbursements" made out by Tom Ford. He then procured the affidavits of good and respectable men in the State of Ohio to the fact I hat the said '•fist" was written oat in Ford's own hand-writing. Mr. Swoope assu red the audience that he would publish the "list," and expose to the world the names of the men who were base enough to sell f or gold the can didates whom they professed to honor, cheri.,h and support. He mentioned that the Clearfield Raftsman's Journal and the Cambria Tribune | H&V. on the "Jht," and that Joseph Clyde, of Resident of the American State Council, received SIOOO to go about from coun- i cil to council, to secure the "Americans ' to j the interest of Fremont and Dayton! Oh the' purity ol'Black Republicanism—oh! the prin- 1 ciple, the virtue,the integrity of its leaders' We understand that some of the Black Re publicans in this neighborhood are very indig nant at Mr. Swoope for making these revela- j tions, and call him a "black-guard, '"a man of, no character," Ike., &c. We know nothing of the man personally, hut would merely ask the j question whether it is to he supposed that the Hon. Isaac Hazlehurst, who is admitted on all 1 sides to be a respectable man, would be caught j travelling all over the State of Pennsylvania j with "a black-guard?" is it to be supposed that Win, Lvon, Esq., or Dr. Compiler, or Mr. Von dersmith, would have introduced "a black guard" to a meeting composed of the intelligent citizens of Bedford county? Are not these gen tlemen, Messrs. Hazlehurst, Lvon, Compiler and Vondersmith, the endorsers of Mr. Swoope, and if so, is it not making an insinuation against their character, to say that Mr. Swoope is "a black-guard?" Pause and ponder, ye rash, and would-be chivalrous knights of Black Repub licanism! Pause and meditate on the mutabili ty of Negro Sectionalism, or you may yet see your faction the weaker element of the Oppo sition to Democracy in Bedford county. The Insincerity of Black Republicanism. ft is a grave charge to prefer against a man, to say that he is not sincere in his professions of faith, be it with reference to politics, morals, or religion. But when his hypocrisy is so palpa ble that it taints with its presence every act that he performs, when his insincerity is so ap parent, that it heralds him with its Black flag wherever he goes, it becomes file privilege, nav, the duty, of men who profess to care for the good ofthe faith which hedissimulates, and by so doing injures and destroys, to hold him up to the eves of mankind in his proper light, so that his wickedness may be seen and those whom he endeavored to deceive may be put on their guard against his cunning and deception. Now, as the Black Republican party pretends to be intensely exorcised concerning the future wel fare of the Territory ot Kansas, as it is plain to our mind that its anxiety on that subject is feigned and not real, and as we believe it to be our province as journalists to expose this Black Republican dissimulation, we here make the as sertion, emphatically and earnestly, that it in the desire of the lenders of the Black Republican party, notwithstanding their professions to the contrary, that Kansas shall become a Slave Stale. In proof of this assertion we make these points: 1. That, although Governor Walker gave the Black Republicans of Kansas, (as well as every bonajide resident of the IVrrilory) a fair opportunity to express their sentiments on the question whether a "free,' or "slave,' Consti tution shall be adopted by casting their votes for to Ibe '\uvstlluti'aua• - LV'r' Wji/J'- t" i/l the cause, they pretend to have espoused, by suffering the pro-slavery men to have every thing as they pleased in the election ofthe said delegates to the Constitutional Convention— -1 his fact alone should be sufficient evidence to the minds of intelligent men, that the Black Re publican party is insincere in its outcry about making Kansas a free State. Were this not the case, is It to supposed that they would have al lowed the pro-slavery men of Kansas to form the Constitution under which if regularly (ra ined and in accordance with the Constitution of thj United Stales, that Territory must and will be admitted into the Union? Is it to be suppo sed, |J they were sincere, that they could have stood by and looked calmly on, without raising a single opposing arm, whilst Kansas, accoiding to their own theory, was gliding rapidly on ward to the fate which they so greatly af fect to deprecate and abhor? It is absurd—pre posterously absurd—to think of such a thing. ft L a well-known fact that the "Free- State men are vastly in the majority in Kansas —that if they had voted at the election held for the selection of delegates to the Constitutional Convention, they could have secured to them selves the control of that Convention, and could have had whatever kind of a Constitution they desired. Their numerical strength, had they brought it to bear as tbey could have done, would have crushed forever every hope ol those desi rous ol having Constitution permitting slavery. But they waived their right and priveiege to do so—they did not lift a hand to show "that they really cared lor the freedom they make such a noise about—thus, showing still more plainly, by their inertness when their numbers were overwhelming, that they are insincere and hypocritical in their pretensions. •J. Governor Walker lias promised—and he has always been known to perform what he piomises that the Constitution fiamed by the Convention chosen by the freemen of Kansas to prepare that instrument, shall be submitted to the people of the Territory for their ratification or disapproval. Now, what could be fairer to all parties than this? In this way every citizen of the Territory would haw the opportunity of in. dicating his views and sentiments, and the wish es ofthe entire body of voters could be ascer tained. In this way the institutions of (he em bryo State could be peacefully and happily set tled, and in fact, in this way they must finally be settled. Gov. Walker's proposition is groun ded on the firm basis of Popular Sovereignty, than which the people of Kansas as well as those of other IVrritories, can never know, nor will they ever desire, other rules of political ac tion. et the Black Republicans Judas Lscar i'ds who are betraying their cause for the sake I.J making political capital,still persist in cfiog ing to Hear f opt ka Constitution, adopted by a meagre minority of the citizens of Kansas, still instigate riots and plot treason, still shriek for "freedom" and negroes, still refuse quiet obedi ence to the territorial and federal authorities still complain of partiality, on the part of the Administration toward the South, still insist that the Democratic party is trying to make Kansas a slave State, and still protest against the wise and pacific course of Gov, Walker.—• If such is sincerity, then are there no hypo crites! Coimsiiui nation. For tire Bedford Gazette. Messrs. MEYERS &• BENEOUD. Gentlemen: —With your permission, I desire to make a few remarks in reference to certain charges recently preferred against the late editor ot the "Guzelte" by G. Nla Lb O.N SMITH, through the columns ola paper under his own control. Mr. Smith, it will be remem bered, was twice elected to the Legislature by the Democracy ot Bedford, Fulton, and Cam bria. During the first session, his conduct was unexceptionable, although marked by no parti cular ability, and he was re-nominated and e lected. At the second session, the all-absorb ing question was (lie election ot i . S. Senator.

According to the usages which have invariably governed the democratic party, Col. JUfl.\ W. FORNEY—Ior many years at the bead ot the editorial profession—a Democrat ol unswer ving integrity, and possessing the highest capa city to adorn the trust—was almost unanimous ly nominated, ami every man elected as a De mocrat was bound, by every principle ut honor, to vote lor him. Yet, strange to say, Mr. S. not only violated his sacred trust in voting a gainst the regular nominee of his party, but de nounced him in violent terms. As one of the immediate constituents of Smith, we took ex ception to his course, as it was our plain duty as well as our pleasure. Smith being the own er of one of the democratic papers in Cambria county, and backed in his apostacy by the oth er, popular sentiment was sacrificed, and lie Ibrced upon the party for a third term, as it to compel the PEOPLE to endorse Lis disorganiz ing conduct ! But tie and his co-workers have already discovered their mistake—the best o! Democrats in every portion of the count}' re pudiate his extraordinary nomination —and we most heartily congratulate them ii: declining to be made a party to the great fraud which elect ed Simon Cameron to the Senate, against the expressed will of the freemen ol the Common wealth. When we asserted that the "defeat" of Mr. Smith would rellect far more credit up on the DEMOCRACY of Cambria than lus "election," we weighed well the lorce of the remark, and the more we think upon the subject, the more (irmly we adhere to the opinion. The BO no policy is always the TRUE policy—and the public servant who betrays his trust as Smith did, should be made to feel the lash of popular indignation, as a warning to others similarly disposed. We pass Mr. Smith's two columns of low billingsgate, and, without stopping to consider tus "chances" we would rejoice to have an op portunity to vote against him in justice to our glorious principles, which he so recklessly trampled beneath his feet. Those Democrats who would maintain their reputation as such, will Icel constrained either to nut vote at all, or deposit their ballots for some other man than C. Nelson Smith! We do. nut wish U) be nn- FEXD the position originally taken by the Bed ford Gazette on the subject. Mr. Smith, however, makes specific charges against us in the following paragraph : "Mr. Bowman, in the most villainous terms, "attacked the character of Mr. SEA RIGHT, the "regularly nominated candidate for Canal Com "mtssioner iri 1552, and not only struck his "name from the ticket at the head of his paper, "but also, in the most WA N TON and coward ly manner ASSAILED his private character "when he was ly ing on a sick bed, and "pursued him with the savag.-ness of a TIGER "att-r he was in his grave." Now, this is either true or false. If true, it should consign us to the contempt of all decent men. If false, the siander should be iudeliihly branded upon the forehead of its author. On the subject alluded to we wrote and published live articles in ah, which, it published togeth er, would occupy about 3i or 4 columns of the "Echo. We assert that there-publication of our articles touching Mr. Searight will PROVE every allegation in the above paragraph MA LE I.OUSLY b ALSE, except that we struck his name from lire ticket, and in this we were endorsed by the Ebemburg Sentinel in unqua lified terms, whose editor declared that oui po sition "would be sustained by ail high-minded, "honorable men," and that it "would" be well it "every journalist would follow the example set "them by the Gazette." We will furnish our files to Mr. Smith, and thus test the "manhood" of which lie boasts so largely ! Will the man who would "rather be right than President" shrink from meeting a proposition so fair? His readers will see ! It seems that the Democrats of Cambria who object to taking so obnoxious a pill as Mr. Smith, are about to put a democratic volunteeer in the field, which is causing great uneasiness. The Sentinel , of Ebensborg, fires at the thought, and pathetically avers that lie "considers it a "solemn duty to support regular nominations," and "that unless nominations when made are "supported by the party, then National, State "and county Conventions are a FARCE. If "disappointed men regard it as consistent with "their duly to kick in the traces and procure "the defeat of regular nominees, the sooner we "cease talking about democratic men and mea "sun s the better. ' The editor further says that it "the man who refuses to support a candi date of the party fairly nominated, imagines "he is a democrat, he is very much mistaken.'' VVotiid it be believed that the editor making these declarations, and pledging himself to brand as disorganized ALL who set at defiance regu lar nominations, is the friend and advocate of G. Nelson Smith, the Senatorial bolter! But the Sentinel inay say the nomination of Forney was procured by "dishonest means." If IIE possesses' the right to prefer such a charge a gainst the democratic members of the last Le gislature, surely the Freemen of Cambria have a right to repudiate Smith, who was nominated through the influence of his own paper. Do right and fear not, should be the rnotto of every true Democrat. GEO. VV. BOWMAN. Bedford, Ang. IS, 1857. —One of the notable plans of the Executive of British India, is the passage of a law by which a censorship of the I'ress is established. Brevities. ; —The Know Nothing Convention of the Sec ond Congressional District of Maryland, has i nominated Jas. B. Kisand, for re-election to ! Congress. His Democratic opponent is Ramsey ' M'Henry, Esq. i —The Canal department of the Pennsylvania, Railroad Company, has been placed under the! charge oi W. B. Foster, Jr., as General Super intendent. —lt has been discovered that linen, or cotton, dipped in a diluted solution of Ohlorid ol zinc, will not burn in a flame. Many importunate per sons have perished by their clothes taking fire, which melancholy and important fact should in duce manufacturers of linen and cotton goods to apply this discovery to their manufactures. A Convention embracing representatives of all denominations ol Protestant Christians, has been called under the auspicesof the "Evan gelical Alliance," and by invitation of the King of Prussia, vviil meet in Berlin, Prussia, in Sept. next. —AtQuindaro, Kansas, the thermometer lias stood at lOti degrees in the shade, and at Tope ka, during the session of the Convention, it was as high as 10S degrees. No wonder that the political cauldron is boiling over in that coun try. —The man who is dissatisfied with every thing and everybody, generally imagines him self au foil. His is the standard of excellence and all beside he classifies under the head of "A Bore." William Jones, charged with the murder of Samuel 11. White, will be tried, it is presumed, at the next session of the Washington county court, which commences on the fourth Monday of the present month. The Democrats Polked their opponents in '4.4., and although they were 7 nylore.d in '4-.N, they Pierced thern in 'o - 2 . Buck-ed them in oft, and intend pneking the trunks of the opposition candidates for Governor, lor a trip up Salt Riv er, on the second Tuesday of October next. Forty thousand tons of Swedish iron have been imported for the manufacture of crinolines. The metal which used to be converted into mnil-cools is now appropriated to female-coats. The Detroit Free Press says that Senator Wilson, of Massachusetts, visited Kansas for the purpose ol insisting upon the leaders of Black Republicanism there to continue a disturbance for political capital in the Slates. A "Convention of Editors" was held at Danville, Pa., on the 4-th inst. Wonder who paid the travelling expenses and hotel bills of die members? The Waynesburg Messenger says there ivas a heavier wheat harvest in Greene county he present season than ever before. The grain ivas plump and full and mostly saved in excel, ent order. finger of the Italian Opera. within a brief period of'bis death, which took dace at Paris, a fortnight 3go. Hon. Uaac Hazlehurst, the "American" andidate for Governor, delivered an address be ore the State Teachers' Convention, at Harris, mrg, on the 1 Ith inst. —We barn that Gen'!. John C. O'Neill, of .ambria county, Pa., who was recently appoin <-d Superintendent of Indian affairs in Utah, las resigned. —The Washington correspondent of Col. Forney's new pa pea, says, "there can be littte loubt that the election of a new Presidential mansion will jeceive the favorable action of the lext Congress. rhe New York Courier states that great :ompelition is going on in that city in buying ip the new crops of Southern wheat, which has "es u I ted in prices being paid higher in propor ion than present prices of flour. Father Hughes, Catholic Priest at Hart- Surd, is doing a good work among the Irish.— He goes about to the low grogeries of nights, learns the names of riotous men, and publishes them from the pulpit on Sunday, ffe hopes, in a measure, to stop the drinking and lighting. i he irreverend Mr. Kallpch has been prea ching at Niagara falls ; whereupon some one gets off'the following: No wonder we crowd there to see the grand sight, Ol the fall rushing down in its terrible mijiht ; But, on this occasion how much more appallin' To see at a glance both the fall and the fallen ! Mrs. Anderson, the mother of the "Boons Burdell Baby." together with the "little Justi tia," is now on exhibition at Barnum's Museum, in New York city. \\\ hope for N the credit of human nature, that this shameful business will not receive the countenance of the public. —Gen. Valentine Best, editor of the Dan ville Intelligencer, is a candidate for Congress in that District. Gen. Best, we believe is the oldest editor in the State, and well deserves to be elected. It is said that spider s bite? can be cured by dipping the part afiected in cold water, and renewing the application as often as the water absorbs. —ln consequence of the repeated failuies in spirit-rapping, it is stated that the members of the Massachusetts Whig Central Committee have voted not to call a seperate State Convention of the party this year. HOOPS Bra>s & Whalebone. Skirt Hoops Just Received at Shoemaker's Colonade Store Aug. 21, IS.V7. C-0 Sacks ol G. A. Salt, for sale at SHOEMAKER'S olonade Store. Aug. 11, 1857. WARR TED: On the 13th inst. by ihe Rev. H. Heckerman,Mr. HENRY ELUNGKR to Miss J. WILLIAM sboth ot Bedlord Township. X c tu s. EXTENSIVE SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE. ON the head waters of Dtinning's Creek, in Bedford County, Pa. The undersigned will otter at Public Sale, on TUESDAY the 20th Oct. next, being the first Tuesday after the election, on the *femises, in St. Clair Township, several adjoining and tofltigioua tracts of land, containing in all 871 Acres, now di vided into .7 tracts, I thereof containing 156 afrfcs each, and the other being the Saw-mill tract, con taining 250 acres. These tracts will be sold as they are, or subdivided io uit purchasers. The Saw-Mill tract contains a FIRST CLASS SAW MILL, with a never failing head of Water, and is in the mid-t of a TIMBER REGION, unsurpassed for the quality of timber, fine other of the tract-contains an enviable site for a TAX YARD, with all the ad vantage-of WATER, and along side of Chestnut Ridge, where the resources for BARK are inexhausti ble at $2 50 per Cord. 100 acres of the land is bottom land, mostly cov ered by large Sugar Trees. 300 acres are cleared and in a good state of cultivation, and the ballance uell timbered. There are FOUR DWELLING HOUSES upon the premises, and POUR BARNS, with other out buildings. The FRUIT is choice and in abundance, upon some of these tracts. This property lies 12 miles North of Bedford, and in a country rioted for its good roads, leading North, South, East and West, to Bedford, llollidaysburg, Johnstown and other points, on the Penna. Centiai Rail Road. Farmers Fumber men. Tanners and Speculators should examine the premise*, as the undersigned is determined to sell, oil account of being too largely engaged in other business, to give these fields of en terprise, the proper care and attention. TERMS:—One third in hand on tbe Ist of April, 1858, when possession will be given, and the bal lance in two equal annual payments, without inter est. The title is warranted good. CEF-Drafts w ill be had on day of sale, or can be seen with the undersigned in Bedford at any time,, showing the shape and locality of the land*. NICHOLAS LYONS. Aug. 21, 1857. For Sale. ONE Farm of 213 acres in Friend's Cove, about four miles from the Bedford Springs. The land is lime stone, and is one oi the surest I'arms lor a winter crop, in the Cove. The improvements are commo dious and convenient. There is an abundance of excellent fruit upon the premises. About 125 acres reared, and the ballance well timbered. Terms easy or hard to suit purchasers. A LSO Sl) Acre- or thereabouts of Timber land—a part of the Vicktoy estate, called "Sugar Bottom" in St. Clair township. The land, as well as the Timber is not surpassed by any in the County, and lays in sight of a Saw- Mill." There is one'field ol this tract cleared, and containing a fine lot of fruit. Terms as above. ALSO 120 acres of land in Green county, lowa. ALSO 120 acres in Morrison count v, Minnesota Territory. ALSO A lot of Real Estate in Nebraska Territory. A good opportunity is presented for hiaking in vestments. O. E. SHANNON. Bedford, Aug. 21, lv>7. J. Wiecliselfoanm, OPTICIAN AND OCULIST! FROM PHILADELPHIA, Respectfully informs the citizens of BEDFORD mil vicinity, that he has opened a ROOM at STECK MAN'S Hotel, where he otfers for sale SPECTACLES ! Of Every Variety, Size, awl Qualify. A new invention of Spectacles, for distant or close eading, with Gold, Silver, Steel, and tortoise-shell rames, and a new and improved assortment of per- J . . * rvtl mUI, wftu V . Wiw, de would particularly call the attention of the public o his Spectacles tor NEAR SIGHTED PERSONS, \nd for persons who have been operated upon for ie cataract o! the eye, and to his new kind of glass 's and Con-ervers of the sight made of the best flint tud azure glasses. Good Gia-ses may be known by heir shape, exact centre, sharp and highly polished mrface. 1 hee= qualitiesare to be found in a high de ;iee iri his glasses. iJHGHLY IMPORTANT, The Very Best Brazil Han Pebble! ! Microscopes, Spy and Quizzing Glasses of every size nd quality ; lelescopes. Magnifying and Opera jlasses, with different powers, together with every ' one,?' ° ! artlC,ei in the OPTICAL line not men '! I if A L and other Instruments and Glasses eareful- V repaired at short notice. He can always se ed Glasses to suit the vision of the person, as he lees them, upon first trial. He will remain in this, place during August Court, or September, ar.d those in want ol the above articles will p|ea-e give him a CT-Ile will if required, go to any respectable hou-e w here hi* services may be wanted. . ; lh /- V \ r l-- eSt EYK -WATER always for-saK RlAlilX; Hoist:* OF JOHN T. HOGG-. BEDFORD, BEDFORD CO 1 SOMERSET. SOMERSET ( ? MOl N ! PLEASANT, WF.STMORE'D" \ = rONXELLSVILLE, FAYETTE CO. } < I MONTOWN, „ > T BROWNSVILLE, § NEW BRIGHTON, BEAVER CO. ( P Deposits received, Discounts made, Drafts bought, 'Old and collected. Bank notes and Specie bought and sold. Stocks, notes, and other securities, bought and sold on Commission. Corre-pondence and col lections SO ic ted, Aug. 21, 1857. WINDMILLS ! WINDMILLS!! THE subscriber would respectfully inform his old customers a- well as the public generally, that he still continues the manufactory of windmills and keeps them on hand constantly. He will also do all kinds of repairing in his line of business. As his mills are well known in Bedford county, he deems it uiinecesary to say any thing about them. His shop is as formerly at the East end of Bedford, on Pitt street, near the Foundry. SIMON DICKERHOOF. Aug. 21, 1857—31. PUBLIC'S Ale or VALUABLE REAL ESTATE. THE undersigned will otter at Public Sale, on the premises, at the residence of George B. Wisegarver in St. Clair township, on WEDNESDAY, the Kith ot September next, the real estate upon which said. George resides, consisting of the "Bixler property"" and 50 acres adjoining, lately bought of John W_ Crissman—in all containing 171 acres andallowance,. ot Patented land, 50 of which is good Bottom land,, and all in a high state of cultivation—.about 100. acres cleared and under good fence. The improvements are a Log House, Double Log Barn and other out-buildings.—Terms easy to suit purchasers. JOHN CESSNA, G. B. WISEGARVER. Aug. 14, 1857. Stray Hog, C/AME trespassing on the premises of* the sub scriber, residing in StClair township, Bedford eountv sometime in April last; a large white sow, be' l * ears croppeal. The owner is requested coaie forward, prove property, pay charges and take her away; oth erwise she will he d"i>osed of as the law directs. Aug. 14, *57. SAMUEL M. SLICK. A large assortment of Glass Preserve Jars, just received, at SHOEMAKER'S Colenade Store, Aug. 11. 1857.