Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, August 21, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated August 21, 1857 Page 3
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The Bedfortl Gazette. LOCAL AND PERSONAL. On Saturday Last, the good people of the rural districts, the sturdy farmers of Bedford county, came into town in large numbers for the purpose of enjoying themselves after the hard 'obor of the harvest season. Our town wascon iderablv enlivened by their visit, the rattle and rrgor of their carriages and wagons, remind us forcibly of the "noise and confusion" of r crowded city thoroughfare. The rosy-cheek j ] aS £ies of the country also graced the occasion <vith their presence, and gave life and beauty to the scene. __lt does one's heart good to see the honest, bird-working husbandman, with his plain exte •irr, with the stamp of his heart upon his very -arments, with no guile on his lip, no falsehood i his smile, after having for weeks looked dai ly and hour I v upon the bandy-legged, puffVd-up aristocrats of dandyism. When we see the healthv, heaity, happy yeomanry of the coun t-v and contrast their mode of living with that l the pent-up city, we cannot resist the excla mation: — How ble-t the Farmer's simple life, How pure the joy it yields, far from the towtt.'s tempestuous strife, Free mid the scented fields!" loons the distinguished arrivals at the Bed t ;d Springs, during the last week, we notice Unos Kendall, Gen. Jackson's renowned Post Master General. We hopp the old veteran may ; be rejuvenated during his slay, and that his life which has been devoted to the best interests of his country, may be prolonged for years to j come. V. P' Cropper, Esq., of the Philadelphia; Pennsylvania!!, paid our town a visit during : the earl v part of the present we-'k. Mr. Crop- P-r is a good fellow, a "gentleman and a schol ar." Judging from his weight and height, as well as the proverbial proportions of his senior, Col. Rice, there must be editors of "considera '|e parts" about the Ptnnsylvuniun office.— : IVe commend Mr. Propper to our brethren ofthe < press, who may fall in with him, as a gentle nan with whom they will find pleasure in asso ciating. We observe bv the Ebehshurg Sentinel, that ' '!;•* very Rev. Father Hayden of this place, will deliver a lecture, at Jefferson, on the occasion I' i he Fair at that place. The Sentinel savs i :!,at Father Havden has long enjoyed the repu. j tation ofbeing one of the most eloquent men in Western Pennsylvania. THE BLU'K REPUBLICAN Conferees for ' •bis Senatorial district, met at the Washington , I Hotel in this place, on Tuesday last, and after J ishort and unparlainentarv session, a ballot hav- j i ng been taken in which the Bedford Conferees vjte.l and the rest didn't, adjourned until Wed- I n"slay, when Win. 11. Koontz, of Somerset, was ' i -flared the nominee. J. Sevveli Stewart, of \ Huntingdon, was presented to the Conference, I 'v the delegates from that county, and his de ; vat evidently did not contribute much to their j ; ! will towards his successful opponent. UP call the attention nf our readers to the rlisernent of Nicholas Lyons, Esq., offering eJ ' r - lie a large body of valuable real estate, in I ■ * v: township. Let those who wish to in -3 money to advantage attend this sale. ] F„ Sl!\\\o\, Esq., offers for rale divers | • • and tracts nf land. Dealers in Real Es i ; should give him a call. See advertisement. DIED, south Woodberr; Township on .Monday the 1 Ith F " N. BPRGER, Ksq.. in the t!3d year of his Ihe decea-ed had resided in this Township ! e ■ years and was much re-pected tor iii< integrity j 'v! !i,e,s of his heart and his true christian de- BEDFORD CLASSICAL SCHOOL, AND li niLE *l,lßl VtllY. \ Wait ant) icmalc Departments Distinct. ?! " E °. W. AT GiliNßAUnil, A. M., Principal. : J ".GEO. Vt. AI;OINIIAI"I;II, Preceptress. f OUNELIA A. F.VAKTS, Music, French, Draw- H J. &c. fej '• Ft i v SPOTTSWOOD, Oil, Painting and Shell j '"SI MARV Mti.ES SMITH, Assistant. - d. duties of this Institution will be resumed on ] , 'Yt Aug. 31st Owirg to the limited accom nr-of the Seminary Building, the number of II . 'b* limited. It is important therefore, • nr!:cations for admission be made at an early |jj ? ' who enter before the expiration of half "attcr, will he charged for the whole quarter; I V? wh " '"'M alter the expiration of half the quar- S , for half the quarter. No deduc- S Xa '' e lor absence except in cases of protracted I ? ' c hoo| Students are prepared for the higher I t any College, or to enter at once upon the P " -'dies ot life. Whilst special care is taken ln 0,1 r pupils habits of order, strict pun rival - H \ - their Physical, Moral and So- R ."' "cation is not neglected. |i ! j ■ -■' "j 0 *"' r,, ment of the echool is designed to be i ?''' j" 'he aim of the Principal and his asso i; ' pxr it e in their pupils a love of right doing ; jj .. ? A 'aken within them some proper consciotis- I e ibgnity of humanity. Parents may rest | 'at anv gro-j delinquency on the part of i '• .ifen will he reported to them immediately, a •■-"efn-tances require it, or the diseiplne of id to aecotiipiish the desired reforrna | . ''Ms per Tartar of 11 weeks, including Board, | urnisbej Room, Washing, Light and Fuel, r -'. —one-halt in advance. || extra CHARGES. M "lei. I I'-e er 510 00 y r instrument, 200 'W n ' , . •" 00 e-i,-,. s * n ° fainting in Water Colors, Painting, \ ™ '' a ""ing, 5 00 Painting, ]0 00 s . nar n' n Ut Needle Work, 5 00 orfcr - ' 5 00 PERMS For DAY SCHOLARS. "be\. ntary En S i,sh r 1 00 en. • • 4 no ; taiST* c 35 rd > August 1 1, 1857. SHERIFF'S SALE. RV virtue sundry writs of fi. fa. to me direr.t --i ed, there wiH be sold at the Court House, in the bor | ough of Bedford, on Monday tbe 31st day of August, | 1557, at 1 o'clock, P. M. ( the following Real Estate, ; to wit: All defendant, John Beaver's right, title and inter j est, in and to a tract of land, containing 50 acres more or less; about 25 acres cleared and under good lence, with a two story log bouse, log shop and dou ble log barn thereon erected—adjoining lands of | Charles Colvin, Peter Mowry and others; situate in Napier township, Bedford County, and taken in exe . cution as the property of John Beaver.—One lot of ground fronting about 1*23 feet i on the Bedford and Chambersburg turnpike road and extending back about 150 feet to land of Darnel L. j Defibaugh, with a two story frame house, log shop, and log stable thereon erected—adjoining lot of John Smouse on the east, and land of Daniel L Defibaugh on the west; situate in West Providence township, Bedford county, and taken in execution as the prop erty of George W. Atliey.—One tract of land containing ISO acres more or less, 00 acres cleared and under good fence with a two slorv log house, tenant house arid log barn thereon erected—Also an apple orchard thereon —adjoining lands of David Moser, Martin Smith and others; situate in Londerry township, Bedford county and taken in execution as the property of Solomon Smith.—All defendants, Henry K. Strong's interest, in and to, a certain two story frame house in the town of Hopewell being thirty feet square with back building JO by 15 feet attached—also, a frame sta ble in said town, being 30 by 29 feet thereon erect ed, and the lots or pieces of ground and curtilage ap pertaining to -aid frame bouse and stable, -ituate in Broad Top township, Bedford county anil taken in ex ecution a- the property of Henry K. Strong.—All defendant, Peter Barmond's right, title, interest and claim, of, in, and to one tract of unim proved ridge land, containing 11 acres more or le-s; situate in Bedford township, Bedford countv—adjoin ing lands of B. VV. Garretson, James Kea, John Watson and others, and taken in execution as the property ol Peter Barrnond. ALSO—One tract of land containing about 250 a cres more or less; about 70 cres cleared, and under good fence, with a cabin house and two log stable= thereon erected—also, an apple orchard tuereon adjoining lands of Elias Perrin, David Fletcher and others; -ituate in Southampton township, Bedlord county, and taken in execution as the properly of Thomas Kinser. ALSO—One tract of land containing fifty acres more or less; about 2 acres cleared anil under fence, j with a cabin house ami log stable thereon erected • adjoining lands ot John Imler, Joseph Gurgart and others; situate in Union township, Bedford county, ' and taken in execution a- the property ol Henry Caro ALSO—all defendant, James Collins right, title and interest, in and to a lot of ground, in the Borough of Bedford, fronting 60 lent on the North side of Pitt street, and extending back about 200 'feet, and num bered ;n general plan of said Town as No. 1 SS, and having thereon erected a two story log home, with Irame back building attached, and three small shop thereon erected, adjoining lot now owned by John Alsip, Esq.. on the ea-t, and lot occupied by George Funk's heirs on the west, and taken in execution as the property of James Collins. SheiifTs oifice, Bedford, ( HUGH MOORE, August 7, 1857. \ Sheriff. RegiMvr's .\olicc. ALL persons uiteiester) are hereby notified that the following named accountants, "have filed their accounts in the Register's oifice of Bedford roiinty. and that they will be presented to the Or phans' Court of said county, on Friday, the 4th day of September next, for allowance and comfirriiation: The account of Win. VVertz, Esq., adm'r of the estate of Jennings Oldham, Lte of StCiair tp., dec. The account of Henry P. Diehl, adrn'r of the e-- tate o| Daniel Diehl late of Juniata township, dec. The account of John Ake, Esq., acting ex'r of the las! will &c., of John Smith late of Union tp., dec. The account of John Eberly, adm r of the estate of John Stoner, late of South VVoodberry tp., dec. The account of Hiram Davis adm'r of the estate of Christian Mock, late of StCiair township, dec'd. The partial account of Charles Hoyman, one of the adm'rs of the estate of Samuel Iloyman, late of Lon donderry township, deceased. The acconnt of Joseph Imler, adm'r of the estate ot Peter lekes, late of Union township, decease,!. The account of O. E. Shannon, adm'r of the es tate of David Reily late of Bedford Borough dec'd. The account of John Kinton, adm'r of Elizabeth Linton, late of Bedford Borough, deceased. The account of S. H.Tate, Esq., adm'r ,/* Aon/t mm, &c., the estate of Michael Schrmer, late of Middle VVoodberry township, dec'd. The account of Philip Hollar, one of the ex'rs of the last Will and Testament Acc., of Solomon Hollar, late of West Providence town-hip. dec'd. The aecountof Levi il. Diehl, al.-n 'r, of the Es tate of Joseph Armstrong, late of Hopewell township deceased. D. WASHABAUGH. Register. Register's Office, Aug. 7. 77. List of Causes Put Down For Trial at August Term, {3lst day) 1557. Wm. Beitzeli et, ai. vs. Fred'k Smith, H. Chauey vs. W. P. Sche!!, et a). J. H. Barndollar vs. B. M earis, et a!. Jane Moorehead et al vs. Christopher Mangle, Miller Erruiger & Brenig vs. E. A. Fockler Frances 11. Hoyman vs. Wm. Porter, John W. Duncan et al vs. John Hoffman, Pt al. David Whetstone vs. John Bowser, et al. Wm. Whetstone et al Vs. Martin M. Corle et al. David W. Patterson vs. S. M. Barclay's adm'r. Dan'l. Berkhimer et al vs. 11. Yont, et al. John Clapper et ai vs. David Stoler, et al. Catharine Weisel et al. vs. Aaron Grove, et al. Wm. Beitzeli et al vs. Fred'k. Smith, John Defibatigh vs. H. R. Strong, et al. Reily B. Davis v.. J. 11. Ilarbaiigh, et al. John Cessna use vs. Fred'k. Smith, Johnson Ilafer et ai vs. M. Wisegarver, et al. Francis Sleek et al vs. S. W. Horfun, et al. Wm. Derernore vs. AiehM. Blair, G. R. Holsinger, et al. vs. Ed. Pearson, et al. Samuel Smith vs. John May, et al. Sam'l. S. Stuckey vs. Henry Key-er, Win. Ki'v-er vs. John Weyand, Proth'y. Oliiee J D. WASHABATGH. Aug. 3, 1857. f Proth'y. NOTICE. Notice is hereby given that an application will he made to the next Legislature of the Slate of Penn sylvania for the passage of an act of Assembly autho rizing Ihe incorporation of a Bank of Issue with ge neial banking and discounting privileges, under the general banking laws of this State, to he located at the Borough of Bedford in the eounty of Bedford, and called "The Bedford County Bank," with a capital of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and with the privilege of increasing the same to the sum of four hundred thousand dollars. E. L. ANDERSON. WM T. DAUGHERTV, WM. P. SCHELL, A. KING, NICHOLAS LYONS, SAMUEL L. RUSSELL. Bedford, Pennsylvania, June 2'i, 1857. tJ 1 NEBRASKA TAKEN! 50,000 RUSSIANS SLAUGHTERED!! TIN AND COPPERSMITH BUSINESS!!! THE subscriber having commenced the above business in Pattonsvilie, Bediord county, would res pectively inform the public, that he is prepared to furnish TIN COPPER AND SHEET IRON WARE, on the most uceommodaiiiig terms—ALSO, Stove Pipe at l'Jj cents per pound; and spouting at 11 cents c.vsii per foot, this being cheaper than can be had at any other establishment in the place or neighborhood. Having a thorough knowledge of the business, and determined to spare no pains to please all who may give him a call, he hopes to receive a liberal siiare of a generous public. Aug. 11, '57. CHARLES T. BLAKE. DRUG STORE FOR SALE* Any person desirous of purchasing a well esta blished and profitable Drug Store can hear of a first rate ope lung by addressing the editor of this paper. July 17, 1857. Just received at SHOEMAKER'S Colonade Store a large supply of Groceries. Aug. 11, 1857. JOSEPH W. TATE, ATTORNEY AT LAW, AND UOC BUOtteU, HAS for Sale 10 Farms, and 12.000 acres of Coal and unimproved land, in Bedford and Fulton coun ties. Also l.ots in the town of Hamilton, [.and >old in quantities to suit purchasers. Propo-als for timber are invited from Lumbermen. Terms easv. Aug. 7, 1857.—6 m. 500 U)CAL AND ruAVKl.l.lN(i AGENTS WANTED. Business paying from SSO to j $l5O per month. No humbug or chance business Permanent employment given and no capital requir j ed. For further particulars enclose postage s'amp* and address, A. SIMPSON, Exeter, N. H. j Aug. 7, '57-3 m. RESOLUTION I PROPOSING AMENDMENTS TO THE CONSTITUTION OF THE COMMONWEALTH. Keto/vetl by the Senate auit lIdUM ojllrprescntatives of the Commonweall/i of Pennsylvania, in General Ax- I seuih/y met : ] hat the following amendments, are proposed to the Constitution ot the Commonwealth, • HI accordance with the provisions of the tenth article thereof. FIRST AMENDMENT. I here shall he an additional article to said Con -titution to he designated as article eleven as fol low-: ALL I K'L.E XI. OF PUBLIC DEBTS. Section 1. Ihe State may contract debts, to supply casual d'-fit its or failures in revenues, or to meet ex penses riot otherwise provided for; but the aggre gate amounts ot such debts direct and contingent, whether contracted by virtue of one or more acts of the Genera! Assembly, or at different periods oltiine, -hull never exceed seven hundred and fifty-thousand dollais, and the money arising from the ci eat ion of such debts, shall he applied to the purpose lor which it was obtained, or to lepuy the debts so contracted, and to no other purpose whatever. Section 2. In addition to the above limited power j the Slate may contract debts to repel invasion, sup pre-s insurrection, defend ttie State in war, or to re di-em tiie present outstanding indebtedness of tbe State; hut the money arising from the contracting of such debts, shall be applied to the purpose for which it was rai-ed, or to repay such debts, and to no other purpose whatever. Section 3. Except the debts above specified, in section one and two of this article, no debt what ever shall be created by or on behalf of the State. Section I. To provide for the payment of tbe pres ent debt, and any additional debt contracted as afore said, the Legislature shall, at its first session, after •be adoption of this amendment, create a sinking fund, winch shall be sufficient to [my the accruing inferesr ot such debt, ami annually to reduce the principal thereof by a sum not less than Iwo hundred and fifty thou-and dollar- ; which sinking fund shall consist ot the net annual income of the public works, from time to time owned by the Stale, or the pro ceeds ol Hie sale of the same, or any part thereof, arid ol the income and proceeds of sale of stock own ed by the State, together with other funds, or resour ces, that may be designated by law. The said sink ing lurid may he increased, front time to time, by assigning to it any part of tbe taxes,-or other reve- j nues ot the Stale, not required for the ordinary and ; current expenses of government, and unless in case ' of war, invasion or insurrection, no part of the said sinking fund shall be used or applied otherwise than in the extinguishment of the public debt, until the amount ol such debt is reduced below the sum of live millions of dollars. Section 5. The credit of the Commonwealth shall ; not. in any manner or event, be pledged, or loaned to, any individual, company, corporation, or associa tion; nor shall the Commonwealth hereafter become j a joint owner, or stockholder, m any company, asso ciation or corporation. Sec. 6. The Commonwealth shall not assume the debt, or any part thereof, ol" any county, city, bor ough, or town-hip; or of any corporation, or associ- j tion ; unless such debt -hall have been contracted to j enable the Stale to repel invasion, suppress domestic insurrection, defend itself in time ot war, or toas-j sist the Stale in the discharge of any portion of its present indebtedness. Section 7. The Legislature shall not authorize any COUJify, city, m ilie or|ui a?e<l dls tricT, by virtue ola vote ot'its citizens, or o! her wise, to become a stockholder in any company, association, or corporation ; or to obtain money for or loan lis credit to, any corporation, association, institution or party. SECOND AMENDMENT. Tnere shall beat) additional article to said Con stitution, to be ilesignateted as Article XII, as fol- ARTICLE XIT. OF NEW CO UN FIF.S. No county shall be divided by a line cutting off over one-tenth of its popnlut ion, (either lo forma new county or otherwise,) without the express assent of such county, by a vote of the electors thereof; nor shall any new comity be established, containing less than lour hundred -quare mile-. TU 11: !> AMENDMENT. Fiom section two of the first article of the Consti tution, strike out the word-, "of the City of PhiJa dtlphia, ami of each county re x/iecti rely from sec. tion live, same article, strike out the word-, '•</' Philat/.r!phia ami of tin: several to noli ex ;" from sec tion seven, same aitiele, strike out the words, ''nei ther tin C'ty of Phi/ailelphia nor any," and iri-ert in lien thereof the words, ♦•// no;" and strike out '•srrhoii lour mm- article," and in lie - ! tfiereol insert the following: "Section I. In th" vear on* thousand eight hund red and sixty lour, .imi in every seventh year tbere altPi, representatives to the number ol one hundred, shall be apportioned and distributed equally ttnough ont th" State, by districts, in proportion to the num ber ol taxable inhabitants in the several parts there, of; except that any county containing at least three thousand five hundred taxable?, may be allowed a seperate representation; but no more than three counties shall he joined, and no county shall be divi ded, in the formation of a district. Any city con taining a sufficient number of taxables to entitle it to at least two representatives, >bull have a seper ate representation a-signed it, and -ball be divided into convenient districts of contiguous territory, of equal taxable population as near as may lie, each ol which districts shall elect one representative."' At the end of section seven, same article, insert these words, "the city of Philadelphia shall he divided into stag!e senatorial districts, of rout i goons territory as nearly equal. ni taxable population us possible. ; but no ward shall he divided in the fur mat ton till noli The Legi-latnre,at it- first session, after the adop tion of this amendment, shall divide the city ot Philadelphia into senatorial and representative dis tricts in the manner above provided ; such dis tricts to remain unchanged until the apportionment in the year one thousand eight hundred and sixiy fottr. FOURTH AMKXDMKXT. There shall be an additional section to the first ar ticle of said Constitution, which shall he numbered and read a follows: Sectioned. The Legislature shall have the power to alter, revoke or annul, any chatter ol incorporation hereafter conferred by, or under, any special or gen eral law, whenever in their opinion it may be injuri ous to the eftixens of the Commonwealth; in such manner, however, that no injustice shall he done to the corporators. IN SENATE, March 27, 18.77. Resolved, That this resolution pass. On the first amendment, yeas 24, nays 7; on the second amend ment, yeas 23, nays 8; on the third amendment, yeas 24, nays 1; on the lonrth amendment, yeas 23, nays 1. fKxtrart from the Journal.] GEO. W. HAM MERELY, Clerk. Ix THE HOUSE OI REPRESENTATIVES, April 29, 1837. Resolved, That this resolution pass. On the first amendment, yeas 76, nay- 12; on the second amend ment, yea- .37, utys 34; on the third amendment, yeas 72. nays 23 ; on the fourth amendment, yeas 63, nays 7. I Extract from the Journal.] JACOB ZF.IGLF.R, Clerk. Filed in Secretary's office, .May 2, ItSl' A. G. CURVIN, fteeretory of the. Commonwealth. SECRETARY'S OFFICE, HARISBCRG, June 22, 185'. Pennsylvania ts : 1 do certify that the above and foregoing is a true and correct copy of the original "Resolution propo sing amendments to the Constitution ol the com

monwealth," with the vote in each branch, ol the Legislature upon the final pasage thereof, as appears Irom the originals on file in this office. In testimony whereof, 1 have hereunto set my [L. S- ] hand and caused to be affixed the seal of the Secretary's Office, the day and year above writ tan. A. G. CURTIN, Secretary of the Commonwealth. IN SENATE, March 27, 18.37. The resolution proposing amendments to the Con sfitutioii of the Commonwealth being under consid eration, On the question, Will the Senate agree to the first amendment? Ihe yeas and nays were taken agreeably to the provisions of the Constitution, and were as follows, viz: YEAS —Messrs. Brewer, Browne, Coffey, Ely, Ev ans, Fetter, Fleniken, Frazer, Ingram, Jordan Kil linger, Knox, Laubach, Lewi, .Myer, Scofield, Sel lers, Shnrnan, Steele,Straub, Welsh, Wilkius, Wright arid Taygart, Speaker—'it. NAVS— Messrs. Crabbe, Creswell, Finney, Gregg, Harris, Penrose and Souther—7. So the question was determined in the affirma tive. On the question, Will the Senate agree to the second amendment? The yeas and nays were taken agreeably to the provisions of the Constitution, and were as follows, viz: \ EAS —Messrs. Brewer, Browne, Creswell, Ely, Evans, Fetter, Finney, Fleniken, Ingham, Jordan, Knox, Laubach, Lewis, Myer. Sellers, Shnrnan, Sou ther, Steele, Straub, Welsh, Wilkins Wright and Tag gart, Speaker, — 23. NAVS —messrs. Cofley, Crabb, Frazer, Gregg, Har ris, Kiliiuger, Penrose and Schofield—S. So the question was determined in the affirma tive. On the question. Will the Senate agree to the third amendment ? The yeas and nays were taken agreeably to the provisions of the Constitution, and were as follow - ;, viz : VEAS —Messrs. Brewer, Browne, Crabbe, Cress well. K|y, Evans, Flenniken, Frazer, Ingram, Jor dan, Kiliiuger. Knox, Laubach, Lewis, Myer, Sco field, Sellers, Shuman, Steel, Straub, Welsh, Wilkins and Wright—24. NAVS— Messrs. Coffey, Gregg, Harris and Pen rose— i. So the question was determined in the affirma tive. On the question, Will the Senate agree to the fourth amendment? "Phe yeas and nays were taken agreeably to the provisions of the Constitution, and were as follows, i viz: YEAS —Messrs. Brewer, Browne, Coffey, Creswell, Fly, Evans, Fleniken, Frazer Ingram, Kiliiuger, Knox, Laubach, Lewis, Myer, Scofield, Sellers. Shu man, Souther, Steele, Straub, Welsh, Wilkins, and W right—23. ,\ \ys—Messrs. Crabb, Finney, Jordan and Pen rose— I. So the question was determined in the affirma tive. IN THE HOUSE OK REPRESENTATIVES, ; The resolution piopo-ing amendments to the Con stitution of the Commonwealth being under consider- I ation, Oil the question, Will the House agree to the first amendment.' The yeas and nays were taken agreeably to the j provisions of the Constitution, and were a* follows, viz: V HAS —Messrs. Anderson, Arthur. Backhouse, Ball, Beck, Bishop, Bower, Brown, Galboun, Campbell, j Chase, Cleaver, Crawford, Dickey, Ent, F.yster, Fausold, Fo-ter, Gibhoney, Gildea. Hamel, Harper, Hems, Hiestand, Hill, Hillega-. Hoffman, (B>-rks,) 1 lmbrie, innes, Jacobs, Jenkins, Johns. Johnson, Kauffman, M'C'almont, M'llvain, Moorhead, Mumma, Kerr, Knight, Lei-enring, Longaker, Lovett. Maiiear, \laugle, Mussleman, Nichols, Nicholson, Nunema cher, Pear-on, Peters, Petriken, Pownall, Purcell, Ramsey, (Philadelphia,) Ramsey (York,) Reamer, Reed, Roberts, Rupp. Shaw, Sloan, Smith. (Cambria) Smith, (Centre.) Stevenson, Tolan, Vail. Vanvoorhis, Vickrr-, Voeghtly, Walter, VVesthrook, Wharton, Williston, Witherow, Wright Zimmerman and Getz, •S jf aire —7 8. NAYS —Messrs. Backus. Bensor., Dock, Hamilton, Hancock. Hine, Hoffman, (Lebanon,) Lebo, Struthers, Thorn, Wimrr anil vir lot rope— in. So the question was determined in the affirma tive. On the question. Will the House agree to the second amendment? The yeas and nays were taken agreebly to the provisoes of the Constitution, and were as follows, viz: YEAS —Messrs. Ander-on, Backhouse, Bail, Beck. Bower. Calhoun, Campell, Cartv. Ent, Fausold. Fos ter, Gildea, Hamel, Harper, Hein*, Heistand, Hille gas. Hodman, (Berks,) Housekeeper, Imbue, Innes, Jenkins, Johns, John-on, Kauffman, Knight, Leisen ring, Longaker, Lovett. Manaer. Maugle, M'llvain, Moorhead, Mussleman, Nichols, Nicholson, Nunema chei, Pearson, Peter-, Petriken, Pownall, Pureed, Ramsey, (Philadelphia,) Ramsey, (York.) Reamer, Roberts, Hupp, Shaw. Sloan, Tolan, Vail, Voeghtly, Walter, Westbrook, What ton, Zimmerman, and Get/., Spr '/ '■ r —s ". NAYS —Messrs. Arthur, Augustine, Backus, Ben son, Bishop, Brown, Chase, Cleaver, Crawford, Hy<- ter, Gibboney, Hamilton, Hancock, Hill, Hine, Hoff man. (Lebanon,) Jacobs, Kerr, Lebo, M Calmont, Mumma, Reed, Smith, (Cambria.) Smith, (Centre.) Steven-iri, Struthers, Thorn. Vanvoorhis, Vickers, Wagoiisrller, Warner, Wintrode, Witherow and Wright—34. So the question was determined in the affirma tive- On the question, Will tie House agree to the third amendment? The y?as and nays were taken agreeably to the provisions of the Conttitution, and were as follows, viz: YEAS —Messrs. Anderson, Backhouse. Ball, Beck, Benson, Bower, Brown, Calhoun, Campbell, Chase, Cleaver, Crawford, Dickey. Ent, Eyster, Fausold, Foster. Gibbouey, Hamel, Harper, Hems, Heistand, Hid, Hillegas; Hoffman, (Berks,) Hoffman, (Lebanon) Housekeeper, lmbrie, Innes, Jacobs, Johns, Johnson, Kauffman, Kerr. Lebo, Longaker, Lovett, Manear, Maugle, M'Calmont, Moorhead, Mumma, Mussle man, Nichols, Nicholson, Nuiiemacher, Pearson, Pe ters, Petriken, Pownall, Pureed, Ranri-ey, (York,) Reamer, Reed, Rupp, Shaw, Sloan, Smith, (Cambria) Smith. (Centre.) Stevenson. Tolan, Vail, Vanvoor his, Vickers. Voeghley, Wngonseller, Westbrook, Williston, Witheiow, Wright Zimmerman and Gelz, H fake r —73. NAYS —Messrs. Arthur, Augustine, Backus, Bish op, Carty Dock, Gildea, Hamilton, Hancock, lline, Jenkins, Knight. Leisenring, M'llvain, Ramsey, (Philadelphia,) Roberts Struthers, Thorn, Walter, Warner, Wharton and Wintrode—'33. So the question was determined in the affirma tive. On the question, Will the House agree to the fonrtb amendment? The yeas and nays were taken agreeably to the provisions of the Constitution, and were as follows, viz: YEAS —Messrs. Anderson. Arthur. Backhouse, Backus, Ball, Beck, Benson, Bishop, Bower, Brown, Calhoun, Campbell, Carty, Chase Cleaver, Crawford, Dickey, Ent, Eyster, Fausold, Foster, Gibhoney, Gildea, Hamel, Harper, Hems, Hiestand, Hill Hil lega-, Hoffman, (Berks, ) Hoffman, (Lebanon,) Housekeeper, lmbrie, limes, Jacobs, Jenkins, Johns, Johnson, Kauffman, Kerr, Lebo; Leisenring, Longak er, Lovett, Manear, Mangle, M'Calmont, M'llvain, Mumma, Mussleman, Nichols. Nicholson, Nuriema cher, Pear-on, Peters, Pelrtken, Pownall, Pureed,, (Philadelphia,) Ramsey, (York,) Reamer, Reed. Roberts, Rupp, Stevenson, Tolan, Vail, Van voorhis, Vickers, Voeghley, Wagonseller, Walter, Warner, Westbrook, Wharton, Williston, Witherow, Zmmerrran and Getz. Speaker —S3. NAY- Me-srs. Dock, Hamilton, Hancock, Struth ers, Thorn, Wintrode and Wright— 7. So the question was determined in the affirmative. SECRETARY'S OFFICE, HARDISBCIIO, June 22, 1857. Pennsylvania as: 1 do certify tnat the above and foregoing is a true and correct copy of the "Yeas" and "Nays" taken on the resolution proposing amendments to the Con stitution of the Commonwealth, as the same appears on the Journal of the two Houses of the General Assembly of this Commonwealth for the Session of 1857. [L. S. ] Witness my hand and the seal of said of lice, this twenty.second day of June, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-seven. A. G. CURT IN, Aug. 1 Secretary of the Comvionu-alth. a ALLEGHENY; MALE AND FEMALE MINARY. W. M. BRIM, A. B. Principal. Miss F. V. MANN, Preceptress- M. J. Johnson, M. A. Williams, Assistants. This Institution is located in the borough of Rains burg, Bedford county, Pennsylvania, noted for its healthfulness and beauty of surrounding scenery. It is 10 miles from Bedford, and S liom the celebrated Bedford Springs. The building is large and commodious, capable of 1 accommodating 200 students. It is the purpose of all concerned !o spare no pains in making this Insti tution the efficient instrument of securing to all in attendance a thorough education, and also to throw around them the benign inlluence of morality and re ligion. TERMS AND VACATIONS. The academic year consists of two sessions of 22 weeks; each session is divided into two terms of 11 : weeks, but without an intervening vacation. The I Summer session will commence on the 4th day of I August next. The winter Session will commence jon the second Thursday of January, IS.3S. Winter | vacation 2 weeks; Summer vacation 6 weeks. EXPENSES PFR TERM OF 11 WEEKS. Common English $3 00 ; To which will he added for each additional Higher Branch St) Greek ar:d Latin, each, 1 .70 German, French, and Spanish, each, 2 00 Incidentals, ,70 ORNAMENTAL. Drawing 2 .70 Colored Crayon anil Water Colors, each, 300 Painting in Oil, .'i 00 Hair and Wax Flowers, each, 3 00 Pellis Work, 3 00 Embroidery, 1 .">0 Vocal Music, 2 lessons per week, 1 00 Music, with use of Piano, 10 (Hi BOARD. The price of Board will be SI .30 per week; and 2 . cents will be charged lor fuel and rooms furnish ed. GENERAL EXERCISES. Weekly exercises in compo;ition and declama tion by the gentlemen, and composition and declama tion by the ladies, will be required throughout the entire course. During the term commencing in August, there will be a rlasss organized lor the special benefit of those designing to engage in teaching Common Schools. The last days of each session will be devoted to examinations; and at the close of the year there will be an annual examination and exhibition. '\ he Lyceum is a literary society sustained by the young gentlemen; the Ladies' Associat.ou is a simi lar one sustained by the young ladies. It is highly important that all who intend to at tend the school should be present at the commence ment ol the terms, as all regular classes are then lormed. Students will be received, however, at any time, and admitted to such classes as they may be found qualified to enter. But all will be charged tu ition from the commencement to the close of the term, except those who enter for only half a term; and no deduction will he made lor ab-ence, except in case ot sickness. No one will be admitted as a Student who does not sustain a good moral character. REFERENCES IN PENNA. Mr. John Hafer, Bedford; Rev. J. A. Coleman, Mr. Jacob Barridollar, Bloody Run; Captain Mann, Licking Crept; Messrs. George R Barndollar, Wood berry; C W Ashcorn, Hopewell; G W Williams, Schellsburg; John May, Centreviile. REFERENCES IN MD. Hon. John Nefi', Frostburg; Mr John Folck, Cum berland; Rev P I" McCltire, Flintstone; Mr John Wilson, Old Town; John Hughes, M I); Rev Wm l.arnshaw, Hancock; Mr Jo-eph Maun, Clear Spring; Rev II N Sipes, Washington city. N B Persons coming from Cumberland fake the ' Bedford stage and stop at Centreviile, from whence ' they will be conveyed to Rainsburg. T. T. McCLURE, President. J. FILLER, Secretary. July 31, 18-37 It Va a liable Heal AMD PERSONAL PROPERTY FOR SALE. The subscriber, declining business, will sell, at Public Sale, on the premises, all his real and ! personal estate, on TUESDAY, the 6th day of October Orxt; situate on the Juniata, Harmau's H ittorn, Juniata Township, Bedford Co., Pa.— Ihe real estate consists ol in and about 400 a cres of Patented Land lying on both sides of the Juniata River, comprising fine meadow and rolling lands, about 300 acres cleared and un der cultivation. The improvements are a first I rate Stone Flouring Mill 45 feet square, 3 sto ries, running four stones, two French Hurts and doing an excellent business. This Mill is sub stantially built, well cemented and in good con dition. Also an excellent Saw Mill in opera tion, besides other water power sufficient tor a superior Mill. Stone Mansion House, Farm Tenant House, Farm House, Barns and Stables. Land extends about 1J miles along the Juniata and is well watered with springs and wells, hav ing also a fair supply of Fruit Trees. This prop erty might be divided so as to make three con venient farms, with necessary improvements : is well situated in regard to markets, being with in 28 miles of Cumberland, and 14 of Bedford, about 11 miles from the Glade Turnpike, and situated on the great il l)rover Rom/." From the droves quite an income has been and may be derived. Upon the whole this is a very val uable and desirable property upon which an en ergetic. man can do a great business. The subscriber will also sell all his personal property, consisting ol 8 Horses, including sev eral very valuable young Horses, Cows and young cattle, Sheep and Hogs—6 horse, four horse, and 2 horse wagons—7 Ploughs, Harrows, Horse Gears, and a large lot of farming utensils: Also House furniture and Ivitchen utensils. A quantity of Grain, Wheat, Rye, Oats, Corn, &c. The subscriber, residing on the premises, will he pleased to meet persons desiring to purchase at any time up to the day of sale,and will take pleasure in showing the premises, and will re ceive private offers of purchase, and in case of a suitable nffer will conclude a contract of sale. [UP" TERMS—S.3OOO in hand, as mav suit purchasers, and the balance will be made paya ble on the most accommodating terms, so much so that an enterprising man may be able to make them off the premises. Terms will be fully mailt l known by calling on the subscriber. The subscriber refeis lo Gen. Bowman and John J . Reed, Esq., of Bedford, from whom full particulars will be had. JACOB RIFFLE. Juniata Tp., July 31, 1857. tTI? HUMBUG.—H. H. HUTZ'S Celebrated letter \ash i the only safe and sure remedy ever discovered for curing the Tetter, Ringworm, and all eruptions of the skin. It is so infallible a remedy, that a periect cure in all cases of Tetter is guaran tied if attentively applied. Ju ordinary casys one bottle Will be sufficient to perfect a cure. In bad ca ses, with a letter of long standing, more will be re quire.,. Price 23 cents per bottle. For Sale at I)r. Reamer s Drug Store, Bedford, Pu. May 22, 1857— 1y. CAMP MEETING. c ? mp u l t eUnz ° r Be(il ' or,, Circuil 01 " the ' ' Church will be held on Solomon Sparks' land about three miles from Bloody Run, commencing on the .Ist ot August, The Brethren of Bedford sta tion are cordially invited to tent with us JAMES A. COLp.MAN, WM. H. STEVENS, 8 2G ' ,857 ' Pastors.: CARPETING! CARPETING !! —Will b* found at REED'S STORE from 50 els. to 1,50, of the beat make and material. i To tr I r COURT PROCLAMATION. and Consfdlfiijh* J indices of the Peace, in the County of fflfS erent Townships KNOW YE that in pureuan<*£^ ,n #" ime directed, under the hand and\2C? !C '* pt to Hon. KUANfIS M. ot the several Courts of Common rleas in tne Sixteenth District, consisting of the counties of Franklin, Bedford and Somerset, and by virtue of his office of the Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail delivery for the trial of capi tal and other offenders therein and in the Gene ral Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace; and JOHN G. HARTLEY and A. J. SNIVEL Y, Esqs. Judges of the same Court, in the same County of Bedford, You and each of you are hereby re quired to be and appear in your proper persons with your Records, Recognizances, Examina tions, and other remembrances before the Judges aforesaid, at Bedford, at a Court of Oyer and i Terminer and General Jail Delivery and Gene ral Quarter Sessions of the Peace therein to be holden lor the county of Bedford, aforesaid, 011 the last Monday of August, (being the 31st day,) at 10 o'clock in the forenoon ot that day, there and then to do those things to which your several offices appertain. GIVEN under my hand at Bedford, on th 14th day of August , in the year of our Lord 1857. HUGH MOORE, Sheriff. j Aug. 14, 1857. BANK NOTICE. Notice is hereby given that the books fir the | subscription to tlie capital stock of the Central Bank ol Penn'a, to he located at Hollidaysburg, Blair county Pa., will be opened at the follow j ing places, to wit:— At Ayers Hotel in Williamsburg, on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 1 Ith and 12th days of Au- I trust next. At the Martinsburg Hotel in the Borough of Martinsburg, on Friday and Satur day, the 14th and 15th days of August next. ! At the Bedford Hotel in the Borough of Bed ' ford, on Monday and Tuesday the 17th and,l3th ' days of August next. At the Logan House, in tlie Borough of Altoona, on Thursday, the 20th ; day of August next. At the National Hotel in I Tyrone city, on Saturday, the 22(1 day of Au | grist next, when all who desire to take stock in ! said Bank will have an opportunity tu do so: i The Books will be kept open six hours during ! each day, and all persons offering to subscribe ! shall first pay the attending Commissioners the i sum of five dollars on each share so subscribed, T. C. MACDOWELL, C. L. LLOYD, S. W. RHODES, Committee on part of Commissioners July 31, 1857. WM. SHAFFER, merchant Tailor, Continues to carry on the above business, in all its branches, at his old stand in Julianna st. and is prepared to accommodate all who may favor him with their custom, on reasonable terms. He constantly keeps nn hand a large assortment of ready-made Clothing of a good and substantial quality. And, having in store a choice selection of Cloths, Cassitneres, Vest ing®. Drillings, &.c. &c. he invites all in want of Clothing to give him a call, as he feels con fident he can please all who do so. Bedford, July 3, 1857. GREAT ARRIVAL.! of Spring' GOODS Tlie undersigned has just returned from the Eastern cities with a large stock of Spring Goods; and is now exhibiting at CHEAP SIDE a general assortment of new style of Spring Goods, comprising, in part. Ladies' Dress Goods, Ducal Crocoveila Challi, fancy and plain De Laine, Brilliants, Lawns, Calicoes, &.c. See. For gentlemens' and boys' wear Cassimeres, Cassinpts, Canton Cloth, Shepperd Check, Cot tonades, &c. Boots, Shoes, Hats, Bonnets, Woollen and Rag Carpets, Floor Oil Cloth, Syrup molasses, white and brown Sugars, green and black Teas, Groceries of all kinds, Queensware, Tubs, Buckets, Brooms, &c., Hardware, Shovels, Forks, Hoes, Knives and Forks, Spoons, &c. and all articles usually kept in stores. All kinds of country produce taken in ex change. The undersigned will sell cheap for cash or produce, and hopps by fair dealing to receive his usual shareofcustom, G. W. HUPP. April 10, 1857. MORE NEW GOODS. A. B. CRAMER & CO. havp just opened another supply of SUMMER GOODS, render ing their assortment very complete. Beautiful new-style Calicoes, Barage Robes, handsome White Crape and Stella Shawls, Brilliants, 6cc. —Superior French Cassimeres and striped Sat teens for Mens' Wear: also a full supply of Car peting®, Groceries, Mackerel, Herring, &c. [GP'Country Produce wanted, and good pri ces will be given. Call and see our Stock and learn the prices. A. B. CRAMER is. CO. June 26, 1857. £o Clergymen tutb Snperintenbenfs ot Sabbatl) Schools. We keep on hand the publications of the Am. S. S. Union, American Bible Society, American Tract Society, Presbyterian Board of Publica tion, Methodist Book Rooms, Massachusetts S. S. Union, Lutheian Board of Publication, Epis copal S. S. Union, and a great variety of stand ard Religious Publications suitable lor Sabbath Schools. SHRYOCK & SMITH, Chambersburg. March 6, 1857. Fish, Fish! NEW MACKEREL just received. SHAD and HERRING expected daily, and ftr sale for cash or Country Produce on Iv. A. B. CRAMER £ CO. May 1, 1857. If you want a superior article of Boots, Shoes, Gaiters, or Slippers, call at the Cheap Shoe and General Variety Store of Adam Ferguson in Ju lianna Street, where a large assortment ol use ful and fancy Goods are always to be found. Bedford, July 10, 1857. FLY NETTS, for horses, for sale at CRAMER & CO'S.