Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, September 18, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated September 18, 1857 Page 2
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THE BEDFORD GAZETTE. Bedford. Sept. IS, 1537. R F. Aleyers & G. W. Benford, Editors. Dcmotvatic State Koaiinations. GOVERNOR: Gen. Win. F. Packer, Of Lycoming County. CANAL COMMISSIONER: Hon. Aimi'od Strickland, Of Chester County. SUPREME JUDGE: Hon. Win- Strong', Of Berks County. Hon. Jamrtt Thompson, Of Erie County. SENATOR, William P. Schell, of Bedford. COI \T\ TICKKT. ASSEMBLY, JAMES BURNS, Jn., of Bedford. DAVID HAY, of Somerset. Prothonotarv—SAML. H. TATE, Bedford. Sheriff-—\VM. S. FLUKE, M. Wood berry. ; Treasurer—SAML. DAVIS, Bedford. Commissioner—C. EVANS, E. Providence. Director—GEO. SMO USE, VV. Providence, j Auditor—JOHN W. CRISM A N, St. Clair, j TOWNSHIP MEETING*. At n meeting of the BUCHANAN CLUB of Bcd toni Borooah on Saturday evening, 12th inst., it was 1 unanimously "Resolved, That it is deemed expedi • fient to hold Democratic Township Meetings, in all the Townships of Bedford County, prior to the 2d Tuesday of October. In accordance with this resolu tion, the Comity Committee announces the following appointments and trust to the Township Committee, to make all the necessary arrangements to get a full turn out of the people: Bloody Run. Friday evening, September !S Black's, E. Prov. Tp. Saturday, Sept. 12 Schellsburg, Saturday, Septeincer 19 Stonerstown, Tuesday, September 22 I'attonsviHe, Wednesday, September 22 Louisville, John Wiand's. Thursday. Sept. 24 l.'learviile, Friday, September 2."> Cbaneysville, Saturday, September 20 St. Clairsville, Saturday, September 26 Kainsburg, Tuesday, September 29 Boena Vista, Tuesday, September 29 Flitchville, Wednesday, September -10 Bowser's School-House, Tuesday ev., October, 1 Pleasantville near Big Spring, Friday, Oct. 2 Robinsonvilie, Saturday, Oct. ■'! Cavendar's Store, Saturday evening, October Able speakers will be present lo address the above meetings, all of which will commence at 1 o'clock, P. M., except those at Bloody Run, Bowser's School Flouse, and Cavendar's Store, which will commence at early candle-light. Other meetings will be held to occupy the whole time, notice of which will be giv en hereafter. WM. P. SCHELL, Chairman County Committee. WHAT DOES IT HEW ! During the last Presidential campaign, VYw. H. KOONTZ, and FRANCIS JORDAN, were em ployed in making Fillmore speeches at various points in this countv, and were then recognised as the stump orators, par excellence, of the "American" party in this region. At the same time, ALEXANDER KING, S. L. RUSSELL, and JOHN H. FILLER, were the Fremont speakers, and the champions of what they called "Re publicanism," being also the hitter enemies of "Americanism." Now we see all these men, Koontz, Jordan, King, Russell and Filler, an nounced in conjunction with each other to ad dress the Wilmot meetings that are to lie held throughout the county. We are naturally led to inquire what this means. The mystery is easily solved. Koontz and Jordan, who were so loud in their declarations of fidelity to "A mericanism," flattering themselves that, as thev were successful in gulling the "American" par ty of this county into voting the Fremont Elec toral Ticket , last Fall, they will he able again to delude them into supporting the enemy of Fillmore, have gone, over to the Fremont speakers, King, Russell, and Filler, to assist I hem in building up the Abolition party —the party against which Mr. Fillmore again and again warned his fellow citizens. That is what it means and nothing else. IJOli DAVIS. The above named gentleman, ttip Democratic nominee for Treasurer of Bedford county, has been visiting different parts of the county, and we are glad to hear, has made a very favorable impression wherever he has gone. The Major is a man with whom one needs only become thoroughly acquainted to like ami respect him. He is emphatically one of the people ■ a man who hides under a careles-, exterior, a warm and honest heart. His past life has built up such a character tor him as will pass through the slanderous assaults of his political enemies, unspotted and unscathed. The fierceness and insidiousness with which they are secretly working against hiir., shows plainly enough that they believe him invincible in a (air and open tight. When they find that the Democratic party id Bedford county, is determined to hurl back the insult offered it by asking some of its members to vote (or that representative of Know Nothing Abolitionism. Mr. George Oster, and when they see, as they will see, that party present an front, in suppport of Maj. Davis, then will their despair be black indeed, for every hope of success that ever cheered (heir sorrowing hearts, will have taken its flight. ilsfLet it be remembered that every man on the opposition County Ticket, is a supporter of David Wilmot, the man, who, the Whigs said in IS4-G, would "stink (oiever in the nostrils of every tiue-hearted Pennsyl vanian." This cannot be denied. Will any of the opposition candidates dare to say that he will not vote for David Wilmot for Governor, and that he is a supporter of Isaac Hazlehurst ? We challenge them to do so. The candidate for Poor House Director, Thomas Imler, said a short time ago, that he was in favor of Mr. Hazlehurst, but on being interrogated on the subject by the aboli tionists, remarked that he was "only in fun when he said so." The truth is, neither he, nor any of the men on his ticket, dare define their positions, as to whether they are tor Wil mot, or Hazlehurst. DEMOCRATIC PROPHECIES FULFILLED THE "AMERICAN" PARTY DRAGGED INTO ABOLITIONISM AND ITS LEADERS THE SUPPORTERS OF THE ABOLITION CANDIDATE FOR GOVERNOR! ! Last Fall the charge was made that the Fill- ! more party of Bedford county, would be dis posed of by its venal leaders, for the benefit of Fremont and Abolitionism. For doing this,' Democrats were pronounced liac. and scoun drels, and the vials of Abolition wrath were ; poured out upon their heads in unceasing i streams. Nevertheless, the result at the No- ' vember election, proved the charge to have been I well-founded, and verified the prophecy to the very letter. Notwithstanding the repeated as surances given bv the Fillmore leaders, both j from the stump and through their newspaper oigan, that they would remain steadfast in their support of the "American" candidate, Election day found them voting and working for the "Union Electoral Ticket," planned by Fre mont wire-workers, and gotten up for thespeci-J al benefit of the Abolitionists and their candi date. The speakers of the Fillmore party, ; made it a point particularly to deny that they i were in league with the Fremont faction.— They were unsparing in their denunciations of those who charged them with being in favor pf > the election of that candidate. They insisted ! that they were Fillmore men and nothing else, j But, mark the end! Two of Ihose speakers,: Francis Jordan and VVrn. H. Koontz, after having endorsed the Str-iie'/it Fillmore Ticket, after having made the loudest professions of at- j tachment to the interests of Mr. Fillmore, when j the election came on, turned around and became ; the uncompromising advocates of the " Union Electoral Ticket ," composed of Fremont eject ors, with Fillmore's name at the head, as a "blind!" Another of th- Fillmore speakers, and one who took a very active part in the last campaign, Dr. Compiler, now says that the Fill more party was sold out last Fall to the Fre monters—"sold," to use the strong language employed by the Doctor, " like sheep in the shambles!" Here, then, is the proof, drawn not only from their conduct in turning from the Straight Fillmore Ticket, (which they kept standing at the mast-head of their organ until within a short time of the election, and which they had approved time and again,) to the sup ; port ot the Fremont Ticket, but directly given in the declarations of one of their own leading j men, establishing clearly and incontrovertiblv : the truth of the charge made by the Democrats that the Fillmore men of Bedford county would ! be humbugged into voting for John C. Fremont. If evidence were wanting that this infamous trickery was accomplished, it would only be i necessary to advert to the fact that the two prin cipal Fillmore speakers that last Fall canvass- I ed this county, are now warmly supporting for Governor, the right hand man of John C. Fremont, in Pennsylvania, and who was also : one (if the men that signed and published the I call for the Convention which met at Philadel phia, and nominated Fremont in opposition to Fillmore, DAVID VVII. MOT, the Bradford Aboli jtiotlist. These Fillmore speakers, Messrs. Koontz and Jordan, are now, where the Democrats predicted last Fall, they would be, in the ranks |of Abolitionism. The Fillmore candidate, Mr. Hazlehurst, has no charms for them. They are ! for VVilmot, the pimp of Horace Greeley, who ! denounced Fillmore as a traitor to his country ! They are for the doctrines of which Fremont was the representative in the iast campaign, and which Fillmore declared to be fraught with : danger to the best interests of the nation Should not men, therefore, who respect them selves, turn away from them in disgust, and •give a deaf ear to their reckless asseverations ? Should they not be met when they come with promises like those made by them last fall, and which they did not fulfil, with that contempt which their shameless conduct so richly merits? Citizens of Bedford county, be warned against their political quackery ! Measure these men hy the standard of their past deeds, ami teach them that they cannot foist their sophisms upon you with impunity. organ of the Plug Uglies in our neighbor county of Somerset, is very cross on account o( the opposition made by us to its can didate for Senator because of his Abolitionism, ft says that we oppose Koontz on the ground of his being an Abolitionist, whilst in Somerset county his opponents urge as an objection to his claims, his connection with the order of Know Nothings. We would ask the Somerset Plug, how can we helpdoing this, when Koontz isone thing hete and another there—vvhetl he pretends to he an "American" with "Americans" and an Abolitionist with Abolitionists? It isour priv ilege to shoot at the General on either horse, whether be bestrides the coat-black, negro-skin ned, wind-broken, spavin-heeled charger of Abolitionism, or whether he ambles along on the snotting, stamping, prancing Rosinante of Know Notbingism: and the sai l General's past political lile, is a perfect magazine of powder and shot from which we cati draw ammunition far the broad-sides which, if he does not ride his two homes very straight, will he poured into him. IBOMTIOSfSTS, FACE THE WISH ! lire Washington bnion , says an opportunity is now afforded the Abolition philanthropists to reduce their theories to practice. A Mr. Jenk ins. through oneof theSelma (Alabama) papers, proposes to sell 733 Slaves at an average o! s'oo each to the compensatory emancipationists who recently held a national convention at Cleveland, Ohio. They are to remove them in twenty days, beyond the limits of the Slave States, and provide for ail their wants twelve months afterwards. \ow then, let us see wheth er these pretended friends of the black man will f.icc the music. AMBITS, TO THE RESfIE! Election day is fast approaching. A few more weeks will bring us upon its threshold. Are you 'prepared, fellow Democrats, for the contest ■ Have you girded on your armor for the fight, and brightened up your arms for the battle ? If not, see that you do so.—- See that you are ready to meet your foe. See that every soldier in the cause uf Democracy, docs bis duty.— Make new conscripts on your rolls. Make old ones fresh in their ardor. Let no energy of mind, or body. Gag in the vindication of our glorious princi ples. Let no man depend on bis neigh bor lor that which he should do him self. Hemember the old patriotic aph orism— "'Eternal \ igilance i- tbe price of Liberty." Ucntember that a tri umphant victory awaits us —but nnlv if we all do our duty. Therefore, rally to \our Township meetings! Work for the doctrines and candidates of your party ! And above all, >ve that every man of \ on turn-out tu the polls on the Second Tuesday of October. WHAT 18 THE HKYSRY ? The Abolitionists head their call for Town, ship Meetings, "Political Meetings," not daring to call them H i/mot .Meetings . What is the ; reason of this? Are they afraid there will be too many Hazfehurst men present at those meet ings to justify them in calling them Wilmot meetings, or are they in the market again to lie sold as the Fillmore men were last Fall, like sheep in the shambles? THE BRIBERY OF FILLMORE EDITORS BY GOV. FORD. The Daily -Yews, the organ of the Ameri can party in Pennsylvania, is verv severe upon the editors who last Fall changed from Fillmore to Fremont. It keeps the gentlemen who were bought by the Fremont agent, Gov. Ford, and , others who were bribed in a different way and Ibv different Fremont puisers, continually in "hot water." It taunts them with bitterest sarcasms,and when they pick up courage enough to reply, it laughs at them "consumedly." W'e f . . copy the following interesting morceau from its | columns, which, we have no doubt, will oper ate to the extreme delectation of our readeis: ANOTHER MAN ON THE ANXIOUS BENCH.— The editor of the Lewi-tow 11 Gazette, w ho lu.-t year started out for Fillmore, then for Fremont and finally for fusion, is anxious to know wheth , er his paper is on the Ford list now in the pos session of Mr. Swoope, He makes ail softs of 1 protestations of his innocence, and after going on ! to say what hard names he will tail any one j who accuses him of having been bribed, winds iup as follows;—" Let the list !>e published, and the parties made known, so that justice rnav be done to at]: am! we pledge ourselves, so far as the Gazette is concerned, if it will appear that Gov. Ford has set 11- down among the number, we will spend something U) know what he Las done with the money." '-\s Mr. Swoope has ; this job on hand, and is abundantly able tu satis -1 fy the public, we can only a-sure tl(e Gazette j man that his curiosity will he satisfied indue I time, and that he will probably have a chance to "spend something" to find out w hat Ford did with the money. There i>- rare sport ahead. I The publication of the Ford list we apprehend, j will >lir up a pretty kettle of fish. When rogues ! are once brought at loggerheads, then hones! i men will get their dues. H. f. STEWART, O\K OF THE I ABOLITION CANDIDATES, FOR AS SEMBLY, FOR THIS DISTRICT. WHAT HE IS THOUGHT OF AT HOME. The Somerset Democrat , of the 9th inst. in : an editorial on the reckless stories and fahricn tions which were set afloat by the opposition in that county, during the last campaign, holds the ! following language in reference to 11. C. Stew art, the Abolition-fxnow-Notliing candidate for ' Assembly from Somerset county, whose pro pensities for falsification are the "common talk" ; of all his neighbors: Another story, which did our cause some'in ; jury, was that charging that the democratic pole i at Meyer's Mill was sprinkled by members of ; our party- alter its'erection, with "holy water!" This barefaced lie, this mean, dirty, unmanly , and "niggerly" charge, claims parentage of that ; beautiful j ink of political rascality, H. C Stewart ! the Plug Ugly nominee for the Legislature. ! He was the only member of that party in the j county degraded enough, so steeped in falsehood I and iniquity as to imagine it and give it the ! start, and others, better,,l f or honesty and j truth, gave it that impetus which his r.'pnta j tion would have prevented him from doin-r. |j there is any one bail trait in a man's character I which w-e abhor more than another, it is his greedy appetite for falsehood, which makes him not only its retailer, hut likewise the concoctor Jof the lowest and most malicious fabrications. : This is one of S;-nvart's frailties, perhaps his greatest, and we, therefore, consider him a d an gerous personage and utteily unworthy of anv honest man's support. Were he a member uf the Anti-Know Nothing party, (which God he thanked he is not,) with ail his present stains upon his character, he never could receive our support for the most trifling position. We ! loathe, abhor and despise a liar, and, there fore, such is our state of mind towards Henry C. i Stewart. The DfmofratU- Nomination for Senator. It will be seen by reference to the proceedings ol the Democratic Senatorial Conference, held !at Bedford on the 3lst lilt., published m our i paper of to-day, that WILLIAM J\ SCHELL, i Esq.,of Bedford county, has received ttie nom i ination of tliat body for Senator. ' We feel strong in the beliel, that no better selection could have been made. Mr. Schell is a first iate man, possessed of fine talents, a fluent and logical debater, and decidedly popular with the people. In his Case, strange as it may seem in these degenerate times, the office is seeking the man, as he had no ambition or desire fi>r official honors or emoluments. Unlike his office-seek ing opponent, General Koontz, he made no effort |to obtain a nomination, and was unaware of it until it was publicly announced. It was a free will offering of his democratic fellow-citizens, and we have assurances that he will accept the nomination so spontaneously tendered, and de vote himself thoroughly to the work before him. We are told -hat the announcement of his nom ination at the Democratic meeting in Bedford on the same evening, was received with thunders of applause and every demonstration of joy. He is a favorite son of the people of that county and they will roll up for him a heavy majority in October. The Opposition will find in the democratic nominee a man not easily defeated, and one much the superior in every respect of

their own candidate.— Somerset Democrat. X ctu 3i>ur rll scm cnt s. Public Sale OF REAL ESTATE. |BY virtue of an order of the Orphan's Court, of Bedford County, ttie subscriber will sell, at Public Sale, at the late residence of Elias Ritz, Esq., in Clearville, on Saturday the 24th day of October, 1857, all tbe Real Estate of said deceased, to wit • One tot of ground fronting HO feet 011 Maine street, and extending back about 173 feet, with a new two slory Frame House anil Log Stable thereon erected, adjoining an alley on the East, a lot of Lucy Gillarn on the west, in the town of Clearville, Monroe township, Bedford county. Fa. ALSO one other lot of ground in said township, ! containing acres, more or less, all cleared anil I tinder fence, adjoining lands oi Fhilip Grnbb, Joseph BarUhimer and others. Sale to commence at oneo' clock. P. M. JAMES CARNELL, Ailm'r. of the Estate of Elias Ritz, dec'd. Sept. IS, 1825. School Notice. 1 he Public Sc/tool v of the Borough of Bedford wilj be opened on Monday the 2d day of November next. r l here will be wanted two Male and three Female feathers, al-o a Male or Female to take charge of the Negro School—Applicants must be examined and procure proper certificates from the Coun ty Superintendent at the lime advertised, 21th October, none others need apply—The Board will expect to contract with teachers on the 25th Octo ber. By order of the Board, J NO. P. REED, Seer y. Sept. is, ]Ss7. WHITE PINE LUMBER FOR SALE. THE subscriber has a large lot of Shingles and die Boards, for Sale at the follow ing price-. Lap Shin gles $5.00 per thousand, Joint Shingles 1,00 do Boards l,()o per hundred. West End, 17 mile- West of Bedford, on the Glade Road. LOUIS N. FY AN. Sept. 13, 1857. Administrator's Notice. LETTERS Testamentary having been granted to the subscriber, upon the Estate of Jacob Riffle, late of Juniata Township, in the County 01 Bedford, de ceased. Notice is hereby given to all persons hav ing claims against said Estate to present them proper ly authenticated for settlement, and all persons in debted to the -ame, are requested to make immedi ate payment. The subscriber will meet all person interested, tor the above purposes, at the late re-j --deare of decedent, from the 22d to the 26th of Sep tenber instant. JOHN C. RIFFLE, Admr. Sept. is, 1857. SAUSAGE MEAT CUTTERS, CORN SHELLERS, BcC., REMEMBER that Blymire & Hartley keep the best HJfc chines of all descriptions, ever offered to the peo pk" of Bedford Count v. Their Saum/gr ]\frat Carter* Corn SAtilers are warranted, especially, and when not fully equalling the representation may be re ■ turned. Order- are solicited from ibis and adjoining rount ies. Sept. 13, 1357. Executors' Notice, LETTERS Testamentary having been granted tothe ludersigneil, upon the Estate of Daii'l. VVisgarver, lee'd. late of Bedford township—notice is hereby ■ ven to all persons indebted to said estate to call tnd settle the same, and those having claims will present them properly authenticated for .-■•ttlement. W.M. C. WISEGARYEK, A. J. VVISGARVER. Sept. 18, 1357. Executors. FOR SALE AT THE MACHINE SHOP in Bedford, ONE | DRILL (Moore's Patent) warranted a superior j article. Price moderate. PETER H. SHIRES. Sep. 11, "57. 3t. 1 I _ , —, NOTICE. VLL persons interested are hereby notified that the citizens of St. Claiisville, in the j county of Bedford, made application to the j Court of Quarter sessions of said county for a 1 Charter of Incorporation, which said applira j tion having been read and filed among the r ,. t > j orris of said court, will be held over for fi- I rial consideration until November Sessions, ISfi? j when objections (it anv) will he heard and a I final decree made in the premises. By the Court. MANN & SPANG, Sep 11, '57. Ally's for applicants. MORE NEW GOODS. A. B. CRAMER &, CO. have just opened another supplv of SI MMER GOODS, render ing th-ir assortment very compl-te. Beautiful new-style Calicoes, Barnge Robes, handsome White Crape ami St-dla Shawls, Brilliants, Nc. —Superior French Cassimeres and striped Sat ; teens lor Mens' Wear; also a full supply of Car ! petings, Groceries, Mackerel, Herring. -Nr. !j7=r~'C(>ii!itry Produce wanted, and good pri ces will be given. Call and see our Stock and learn the pt ices. A. B. CRAMER N. CO. June 26, 1857. IM KFIt SALE, Of \ cry \ aluable ilea! Fstatc. \LL that property in Somerset county, known in part as the Imhoff property, and now belonging to the estate of John K'eeffe, deceased,and which was advertised by the sub scriber in lb-* Bedford and one ol the Somerset papers of last December and January, and not sold—will again be offered for sale on Wednesday, Jhe Ith day of next October, altogether or in parts as may best suit the sev eral interests of the heirs. Conditions of sale made known at the time, and at the house on said property, now occupi ed by Jacob Ringler, by * SAMUEL BROWN, Surviving Executor of the last will and testament of John Keeff'e, dec. Sep. ]l, '57. Qfjr*Somerset Democrat, copy and charge "Gazette." I'OR SAlvl'a —At the Bedford Springs, a quantiyof Cement in barrels. Sep. 18, '57. -tf. BUBLIC hALE U? Valuable Ileal Kstate. BY virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court of Bedford county the undersigned will offer at public sale on the premises in South ampton township, on Saturday the 3d day of October next, the following desciibed real es tate, viz: One tract of land on "Ragged Mountain" con taining 57i ACRES, adjoining lands of Thom as Lnwhead, Mary Ann Buxton, Edward North craft, and the undersigned. ALSO— One HOUSE AND LOT OF GROUND in Ghaneysville, the house being a stoiv and a half frame house, with store room adjoining— ALSO, a frame stable thereon erected, togeth er with other out buildings. Terms—CASH—at confirmation of sale at November Court. DAVID WALTER, Ex'r of Samuel Walter, deceased. Sep. 11, 57. * Notice. THE subscribers would inform all persons in terested in their bonks or papers, that .-aid bnok& ike., will he in the hands of J. H. Schell for thirty days, after which they will be left in the hands of an officer for Collection. M. SCHELL & SON. THE subscribers have on hand an excellent lot of White Pine and Spruce Boards, also a lot of White Pine Shingles, which thev will sell low. Sept. 11, 1857. For Sale. ONE Farm of 213 acres in Friend's Cove, about four mib-s from the Bedford Springs. The land is lime stone, and is one of the -nre-t Farms lor a winter crop, in the Cove. The improvements are commo dious and convenient. There is an abundance of excellent fniit upon the premises. About 125 acres cleared, and the balance well timbered. Term easy or hard to suit purchasers. A LSD SO acres or thereabouts of timher land: a part of the \ ickroy E-tate, called "Sugar Bottom" in St Clair township. The lam!, a- well a- the Timber is not surpassed bv any in the County, arid lavs in siuht of a Saw- M il. There i- one tie|d of this tract cleared, and containing a line lot of fruit. Terms as above. A LSO 800 acres of land in lowa. A LSO 120 acres in Morri-on county, Minnesota Territory. A LSO A lot ol Real Estate jn Nebraska Territory. A good opportunity is pre-cnted tor making in vestment-. 0.. E. SHANNON. Bedford, Sept. 1!, 1557. ' 'tTo the old Pal!•is of llie Bed ford Gnxctle. During the long period of our connection with the 'Gaz-tte,' (25 years) we never once, either directly or -indirectly, dunned our sub scribers— never published even an anecdote touching delinquents. And "now, that we have disposed of the establishment, we feel confident that a t.f. our friends, both at home and abroao, will promptly and at once make settlement. To such at desire indulgence, anv reasonable time will be given, provided they settle prompt ly. Subscriber* or advertisers who have paid in advance, have credit on the books of our suc cessors for the amounts so paid. Of one thing we foel especially proud, arid that is that no paper in Pennsylvania can (wast of a imbUi set of patrons than the subscribe!* to the Bedford Onzette, among whom we rank many of our po lilica! opponents. GEO. W. BOWMAN. Aug. 28, 1857— 3t. iMMi M illion rUIIE Teach eis ami Directors ol the Common £ Schin Is of Bedford count v, ate heiehv noti fied that the county Siiperintemfanr will meet with them m their respective Districts, as follows: Napier, at the -hool house in behell-burg, Septem ber the 2tit h. Schetlstuirg Borough, in the evening of the 26th. Jumatta, at liifrna Vista on the 2Kth. Sr. Clair, at the eight square schoo! house on the 29th. Union, at the school house near John's Fieke's d welling (111 I he 30th. Middle Wondbeny, at Woodberry, on the Ist day of October. Smith Woodlierry, at Pattonsville on the 2d. Oct. llarr ison, at Riser's school house on the sth. Lotidotideiry. at Biidgeport on the 6th. Cumberland Valley, at the house of John May on the 7th. Southampton, at Chatievsville on the Sth. Monroe, at Clearville, on the 9th. 1 Bedford township, at the,house of John llafer on the 10th. Friend's Cove, at the brick church, on the 1-tth. East Providence, at the house of John Nycum Sr. on the 13th. \\ e-t Providence, at Bloody Run (new school house) on tlie 16th. Hopewell, at the school hou-e near Dasher's store on the 10th. Broad Top, at Hopewell, on the Jilth. Liberty, at Stonerstown on the 21st. Bedford borough, at the office of John P. Reed. Esq. 011 the evening of the 21th. Teachers and directors in particular, and the pub lic in general are respectfully requested to attend.— Business ot importance relative to the interests of the -rhools will be transacted at each place. No pri vate examinations will be granted, excepting una voidable oa-e-. HENRY HECKERMAN, Countv Superintendent. Sep. .|, tv,.-,?. (lilt titid Hettiil Hook Store! NOW OPENED TWO DOORS WEST OF THE WASHINGTON HOTEL BEDFORD, PA. NEW AND VALUABLE BOOKS TO BE DIS POSED OF IMMEDIATELY! Our plan in to Insure a Rapid Sate. \LL Books will be sold as low as the usual retail prices—many of them for less. A St PI'RR GIFT- will be delivered with each book, without additional expense to tbe buyer. Our list of books comprises the works of t'he best American and European authors, bound in various styles, in Morocco, best Turkish, Antique, Gilt-edged,' Muslin. Paper, &c. Nc. We keep on hand, also, STATION ARY, including Gold Pens and Pencils, Silver ditto, letter paper, fools-cap and writing paper ot" all kinds, envelopes, ink - of the best quality, \c. CIGARS of the ehoice-t brands will also be found at our store, which will be -old cheaper than the • in-apest. Mi-CAUSLLN (U SHOEMAKER- Bedionl, Sep. -I, 57. If you want a superior article of Boots, Shoes, Gaiters, or Slippers, call at the Cheap Shoe and General Variety Store of Adam Ferguson in Ju lianna Street, where a large assortment of use ful and fancy Goods are always to be found. Bedford, July 10, 1857. For the Gazette. Campaign Song. A in:— ('ampfown Races. The Bedford Democrats sing this song, Du da, du da, 01 Packer, Strickland, Thompson and Strong Do da, do da, da, They're botjnd to run all night, They're hound to run all day; They'll in,ike tlie Black Republicans And lv.N. a clear the way. I hey 11 sweep the Keystone race-track o'er, !)u da, du da, I'ioiti Delaware s to Trie's shore, Du da, du da, da. 1 itey're bound to run, Ac. They'll leave [sH>r Wi!mot's "woolly horse," Du da, du da, Far, tar behind them on Hie course, Du da, du da, da. i ImyVe Lotmti to run Ac. for they're the men, the people sav, l)u da, du da, Will win on n.-M election day, Du da, du da, da. '1 hey're hound to run, Ac. They 11 likewise "lay out" Hazlehurst, Du da, du da, Whojji all the Wilrnot men have cursed, Du da, du da, da. They're bound to run. Ac. And Bucher Swoujh? and all tlje "Straights," Du da, du da, V\ ill envy them their happy fates, Du da, du da, da. The v're hound to i un, Ac. For they're the men, the people sav, Du da, du da, Will win on next election day, Du da, du da, da. 1 hey're bound to run, Ax., Eleven persons, men, women and hoys were arrested in New York on Monday for passing a new counterfeit $3 on the Hudson county Bank Jersey City. — James A. Fitzsimmoxs, of Poftsvilie, was robbed of jewelry, Ac., to the amount of Si, loo, a lew days since by his son, who has been ar rested. In New York, yesterday, the notes of the Ontario County Bank, and the Bank ofOrleans, at Albion N. Y. were thrown out by the redemp tion bank—both having failed. ( 01. Samuel D. Patterson, a veteran ofthe press, has taken charge ofthe editorial depart ment of the .A orris/own Register, and this week the paper appears with a new heading, new types, and other important improvements. It is the old Register rejuvenated. Long may it wave! — Rending (iuzefte. Mr.. Hazleiicrst Will Not Decline. — The Black Republican leaders last vear persisted in their lying effort to impress the public with the belief tHat Mr. Fillmore would decline before the day of election would arrive, and some of them are even now reckless enough to represent that he actually did decline, but that his declination was suppressed. The same game of deception is now again being attempted to be practised in regard to .Mr. Hazlehurst. We barn tiiat these leaders have Iving scoundrels, who are of course, paid for their services, travelling about stating positively that Mr. Hazlehurst either had already or soon would,decline oeiug a candidate. I he whole story is a deliberate and willful false ! hood. Mr. Hazlehurst has not and will not de~ I dine. He is in the fir-!ii as the American candi date, and will remain there until the close of the election. On this point we speak positively and authoritatively.—Daily JWios. *5 A It St I E I> : Oil the 10th inst., by the Rev. C. F. lloHVneierp Mr. Jo-iah Nvcum. to .Mi-s Juliana Diebl, all of C'harlesville. Bedford county, Pa. Oil the 1h in-t.. I>y Ja-. Cessna, Esq., Mr. Jacob Wertz to Miss Catharine Smith, all of Cumberland! Valley. DIED. On the 1 kith inst., Jacob Fetter, aged 70 years 10 j months and 27 days. Attention Bed ford Kifhmt-n! - \ r 011 are ordered to meet at your usual ' lace of training on Saturday the |9th Sep tember, Apt, at 10 O'clock A. M., in Summer uni form. turn-out is desired. Isy order of the Captain. WM. RITCHKY, O. S. Sep. 4. '37-3t. Orphans" Court Salt* of Ktal Kstiite. On Saturday September, 12, 1557. In Somerset County, .Allegheny Township, LATE THE PROPERTY OF HUGH SPROAT DEC.. THERE will pn-itively he sold on the premises, on j Saturday the 12th, September, at one o'clock P. M. j the following real estate, viz: A plantation and ! tract of land, late the properly of decedent, rontain ' ing 330 acres more less; 12-*> acres cleared. The ' land is of good quality, well watered and under fence. There is al-o, a fine young orchard of app'es unit peaches on the premises. Any person wishing a good and cheap property will find it to their advan tage to attend on the day of sale. Terms Cash. MARY SPROAT, G. U'. BEN FORD. Sep. 4, '37. Ad'mri. [•.suite of; .hums Wniter, deceased. I ETTERS testamentary having been grant ed ed to the undersigned, upon the estate ot j decedent, late ol Southampton township nolice is i hereby given to all person indebted to said estate to, i call and settle the same, and those having claims will : present them properly authenticated. DAVII) .WALTER, Ex'r. Sep. 4, 37.-6t. * • 20 Sacks of G. A. Salt, for sale at SHOEMAKER'S Colonade Stoie. Aug. 11, 1537.