Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, September 18, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated September 18, 1857 Page 3
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The Bedford Gazette. LOCAL, AND PERSONAL. DEMOCRATIC MEETLVG AT HOPE WELL. —A larje and enthusiastic meeting of the Democrats of Hopewell and vicinity, was held at that place on Thursday, the I Oth inst.— ]t was organized by the apjKiiniiueiit of En -VIKD PEARSON, E-q., President —Richard Lang- Jon, Thomas VV. Horton, John Nelson, Jacob Tiuckand Jacob Diehl, Esqrs., \ ice Presidents, and H- Mosen and Ja.>. Horton, Esqrs-, Secreta ries, all of whom took their seats. The meeting was then addressed in an able manner by Hon. Win. P. Schell, General. Bow man, and Major S. H. 'late One of the many gratifying incidents that took place at this meeting was the noble con duct of RICHAKD LANGDOX, Esq.. an Old Lute Win 7 , who came forward and acted as a Vice President. It is worthy of note that .Mr. Langdon was named as an officer of the Wilinot meeting, on Tuesday night, of Court week, but did nut serve. His manly and straight forward course will meet with the approbation of every honest man in the county. Alter the speeches were over, the meeting adjourned, every Democrat present feeling con firmed in his political faith, and refreshed in las veneration for the principles of his party. DEMOCRATIC RALLY AT WOOD LLERRY.—OU Saturday last, a Democratic meeting was held in the town of VVoodberry, at which upwards of one hundred citizens ol that place and the adjacent country, were MI attendance. The meeting was called to order bv Major Patton, of Pattonsville, on whose mo tion, Dr.. SAM CEL. SMITH, was appointed Presi dent,"-UewsK Poller, John IVisegarver, David Diliz David Blown and Patrick Burns, Esqrs , Vice Presidents—and Zaehariah Wolfe and David Walking, Esqrs., Secretaries. G. H. Spang, E-cj-, was then called out, and addressed the meeting in a logical, eloquent and forcible speech, earning conv icti m home to the minds of all who heard him. Mr. Spang was Pillowed by B. f\ Meyers, who addressed the meeting in ; both the English and German languages. The j crowd present were f'uli of enthusiasm, inter rupting the speakers, with fieqnent bursts oi applause. The meeting closed with three hearty cheers for the State and County Tickets. "THE LOST DAI CUTER A. VI) OTH ER TRUE STORIES OE THE HEART," is the title of a new posthumous work ot the .hte lamented and distinguished authoress, CAROLINE LEE HENTZ. It will be published by T. B. PETERSON, NO. 808, Chesnut street, Philadelphia, complete in one large duodecimo volume, neatly bound in cloth, for *25 per copy, or in tu o voluines, paper cover, fur $ 1.00. The book will be ready for sale on tile 26th inst. The sun- publisher has also in press, Mi:. HALE'S RECEIPTS FOR THE MILLION, being a complete. Family Guide mid household directo ry containing 800 pages of receipts, &.c., bound in cloth. Price, s>l 2b per copv. HE HERE SHOW. V* a few davs ago, a drawing of the plan of the new building about to tie erect -d immediately njjvisite the Gazette oiSce, iiv Col. E. L. Anderson. Tim plan is a very tastetul one, and is drawn in beautiful s'yie. Dr. Hickok is the aitist. The erection of the building in question, will be a great im prwvir:- nt to the locality in whicfi it is to be situated, and for which the enterprise of Col. Anderson, certainly deserves much praise. MAJ. 7 ALL IF EURO, unitary store-keeper at Ljrt Leavenworth, K. I ~ returned to his old h rne in tins iown, a few days ago. We are S:,rr y ' > learn that the Major i* in feeble health, anJ t it was owing to this cause that he left Ike Territory. He brings us Kansas papers of a ste date, for which he will please accept our ■•'inks. Lverythmg was quiet in the Territo ry u hen he took bis departure. H'E ATT EX I) ED a mas meeting of the j d-un icnts ot Cumberland Valley, in the town b-ntrevi|(e, in t|| a i township, on Tuesday o'• Ibef" was a large attendance, and every - passed oil finely. We will give the par ol- next week, as they are crowded out of ' u number. 1 ADDRESS will be delivered at the !ec •'reruomoithe Presbyterian Church, by Dr. Kox, to the ITaciiers attending the Teachers "'!> m 'he evening of the 24-th inst. at 7 o'- I Ok. Ihf public are respectfully invited to jit ' AMI) SPIRITED meeting of | '''jchanan Club was held at the usual pltffe I ' on Saturday evening last. Speeches 'Lade by messrs. Schell and Bowman. \ < ( >R.\F.R HOVSE fronting on Pitt J fi' (j J.,1; 77 j una streets, and owned by Mr. David | iis about being fitted up for a Fancy ■ -We. ER( iEAXT MAJOR PECKER, r r .S. A., .'' '"• s ' a ying m our town. The Sergeant is iown in this community,, and is highly - " • >y all who are acquainted with him. ® ///■/. A.S' are due to Hon. J. GI.ANCV | • "r a copy ot the "Address and Corres -1-" f the Democratic State Committe." , AR REI)P 0R S P R/ V NS COMPAXY, -| ar ' "uisnally successful season, closed their Monday last. -' IKS - CLXXIXGHAM BULLDELL lias fj leased on bail. ! H. GRISW'UEI) , the Author and "fpder is dead. .I 3* N V K> ' OUXX, M. C. from Indiana, J ' °- brilliant talents, died last week. LIST OF LETTERS. F) EMAIMNG in the post office at Bedford, Pa.. Aug., 26th, 1867. Persons calling for letters iu this list, will please say they are ad ver sed. Arnold Elizabeth, Adam- Jacob, Baker John esq:, Boe|s John, Bay James C. E-q., Blodg-t Jnlin A. tbddle Margent Mi*-, Brnwnhee M. Mi--, Cro-broy >t . Conelly I-nar, K-q. Ca*v Samuel, Clark John, Davis Mary Miss, Dale William E-q, Diveiv Snsan iia. Mrs Ely Jacob Esq.. Elynu Michael, Flonk Sani ie I, Griffith'Snmuel, Griffith W. Gibbins W, P, Glad den Jacob, Hilabrant Shadrick, HnberGuttlieb, Ham ilton John. Har-hbarger 8. E. Hall Jacob, Esq, Kla>s \ alentine Len-hrcvin Matbias, Lone Joseph C. Lou ther A. J. 2 Lotigernecker K, Lowrey J G Esq. Liif lerty John, Lewis Jane N Mrs, Lawrence Dillany, Londei baugh John, Leynsrn A D, Means Margaret, Miller Joseph Mahomett Jeremiah, Mill Fchan, Mil ler Jiisrar, Poorhangh P. Pullon W. J. Ki-lirig 1,-wis. Schluchre John G, Stouffer Davis, Summer* John. Shonefeter Josiab, Jr. Sirpes Juliann, Tuke-brey Hocerf J, Tyson John W, Wnrk Mary E, Wurmen Ruth, Woodruff Caleb L. Esq: JOHN A MOWRY, P M, Sep. 4, 'O7 NEBRASKA TAKEN! 60,000 RUSSIANS SL AU GET ZRED!! TIN" AND COPPERSMITH BUSINESS!!! THE subscriber having commenced the above busine-s in Pattonsville. Bedford county, would res pectively inform the public, that lie i- prepared to furnish TIN COPPER AND SHEET IRON WARE. on mot Pipe at 1 cents per pound: and spouting at !l rent* CASH per foot, Ibis being cheaper than can be had at any other establishment in the place or neighborhood. Having a thorough knowledge of the business, and determined lo spare no pains to please all who may give him a call, he hopes to receive a liberal share of a generous public. Aug. 14, '37. CHARLES T. BLAKE. BEDFORD CLASSICAL SCHOOL. AND E'ffvlfiALSO KEJHXAKIT. fllalc anb innate Departments Distinct. Rev. GKO. W. Acr.' IIIMI-V cu 11, A. M-, Prinriiiol. Mrs. Geo. \\ . ACOIMIVCOII, Prtct/itrei nr. Miss COKNELIA A. F.VAKTS, Music, French, Draw ing, &c. Mis. Let:* SconswooD, Oil, Painting and Shei! Work. Miss MARY HIT.KN SMITH. Assistant. THE duties of this institution will be re-urned on Monday. Aug. 31st Owing to the limited accom modation* of tfcf Seminary Building, the number of pupils will be limited. It is important thereloie, Ibat application* for admi*.-ion be made at an early day. t hose who enter before the i xpiration of half the quarter, will be charged lor the whole quarter; those who enter alter the expiration of half the quar ter, will be charged fur half the quarter. No deduc tion made for ab-ence except in rases of ■protrartnl Ilness. In Ihi* school Student* are prepared for the higher c!a->e. of unv College, or lo enter at once upon 'he active duties of life. Whilst special caie i taken to fornr in our pupils habit* of <>r,trr, strict piturtu.i/- 1/1/ and their Physical, Moral and So cial Education is not neglected. The government of the school is designed to be parental. If i- the aim ot the Principal and hi* asso ciates Jo exrite in their pupils a love of rif/ht tioiutr ; \ and to awaken within them some proper conscious nes* of the dignity ot humanity. Parents may rest assnred that any pro-it delinquency on the part of their childien will he reported to them immediately, should cirrurti-tances require it, or the diseiplne of the school fail to accomplish the desired reforma tion. TERMS per quarter of II weeks, including Board. Tuition, F"inihed Room. Washing, Light and Fuel, § 10,00 —one-hatf in advance. EXTRA CHARGES. Mll-ie, 00 i F-e of rnstiument, 3 00 ! French, it <HI ; Drawing and Painting in Water Color.-, each, 3 00 Oriental Painting, 3 00 j Grecian J'airititig, 5 00 (>.! Painting. 10 00 i Ornamental Needle Work, -"> On | Shell Wot k. 5 On j TERMS FOR DAT SCHOLARS. Elementary English, -ft 00 : Higher, „ 4 oo : Cla-sic*. 0 23 1 Bedford, August 14, 15.77. EXTEXSIVi; SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE. ON the head wafers of Dunning's Creek, in Bedford ! County, Pa. The undersigned will otter ar Public ! Sale, on T I I-.SD A \ the 20th Oct. next, being tiie : first Tuesday alter the election, on the premises, in St. ('Uir Town-hip, several adjoining and cuuligiou.- tract* of land, containing in all S7! Acres, now di vided into 3 tracts, 1 thereof containing 13' i acre* each, and the other bong the Saw - mli tract, con taining 230 acre*. These tracts w til he sold a tto'V | are, or subdivided to -tiii purchasers. The Saw-Mill tract contain* a FIRST CLASS SAW MILL, with a never failing head of Water, and i* in the riud-t of aTi M B ERR T.( HON. ii nun passed for I lie quality of timber. One other ol Ihe tracts contains i a N eII viable -, t e lor a TAN \ A RD. with all the ad vantage- of WATER, and along -ide ol Chestnut : Ri.lge, where Hie re-oiirces for BARK are inexhausti ble at S2 30 per Cord. 300 acres of ihe land is bottom land, mostly car- j err-d by large Sugar Trees. 300 acres are cleared j and in a good state of cultivation, and the balance ! well timbered. There are FOUR 7) \VP. I/TfXCr HOUSJZS upon the premises, and FOUR BARNS, with other out- 1 building*. The FRUIT is choice and in, upon j some of these tracts. This property Res 12 miles North of Bedford, and i in a country noted for its good road-, leading North, | South, Ha-t and West, to Bedford, Hollidaysburg. 1 Johnstown and other points, on the Penna. Central I Rait Road. Fanner*. Lumber men, Tanner* and Speculator* should examine The premise*, as the undersigned is j determined to sell, on account of being too largely j engaged in other business, to give these field.- ol en- j t-rprise. the proper rare and attention. TERMS:—One third in hand on the Ist of April, : 11*38, w ben pos-essioii will he given, and the bnl- j lance in tvio equal annual payments, without inter- j est. The title is warranted good. CC s **Draft- will be had on day of sale, or can be j * p eii with the undersigned in Bedford at any tunc, showing the shape and locality ol the land*. NICHOLAS LYONS. Aug. 21, 1837. WM. SHAFFER, Mcft't'iumf Tsiiioa*, Continues to carry on the above business, in all its branches, at his old stand in Jnlinnna *t. and is prepared to accommodate all who may favor liirn with their custom, on reasonable terms. He constantly keeps on lianti a large assortment of readv-made Clothing: of a good and substantial quality. And, having in store a choice selection of Cloths, Cassimeres, Test ings. Drillings, &.c. &. c . he invites all in want of Clothing to give him a call, as he fee Is con fident he can please a!! who do so. Bedford, July 3, IS. 3 !7. Notice* The subscriber being much annoyed and damaged by fi.-hers and hunters, running over his property is determined to pot a stop to the same ; he therefore j hereby cautions at) such persons, that if found tres passing upon his farms, by either fishing or hunting, he will bring suit immediately against them, i Aug. 28, 1537. HENRY HORN. - - —T— ."' mu Trr^ T ' MW, : Jsg: - PROCLAMATION OF Gei^E 4 8 Election. j "IV" HGUEAS iu and by an Act of General | Y Y Assembly -d (he Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, entitled -An Act to regulate the Gen eial Elections within this Commonwealth, 99 it is en joined upon me to give public notice of said Elec tions, and to enumerate in said notice what Officers are ro be elected, 1, HUGH MOORE, Sheriff ol the County of Bedford, do hereby make known and "ive this public nonce to the Electors of the County of ! Bedford, that a Election w ill he held in said : County, on the second Tuesday (13th; of October | 1S 17, at ihe several election districts, viz: I lie Electors c| lite Borough of Bedford antl township of Bedford, to meet at the Court House ; HI said borough, 7he Electors ol Broad top township to meet i at Hte School House in the town of Hopewell. Ihe Electors ol C 'letain township to meet at Hie house of Benjamin Keovr, jn Raiiisbuig in said township. The Electors of Cumberland Valley t.iw ns to meet at the new School House erected on the land owned by John \\ hip s heirs in said town ship. Ihe Electors of Harrison township to meet at school house number 5, near thedwelliii" house of H'-nrv Keyset- in said township. the Electors o| Juniata township to meet at Kevser's school house in said township. The Electors of Hopewell township !o meet'' at (he School House near the house of John i).i*her in said township. The Electors of Londar.derry township to meet at the house now occupied hv VVrn. H. Hill as a shop, in Bridgeport, in said township. i'lie Electors of Dm township of Liberty to meet at 'lie School house in Stonerstovvn in said township. i he Electors ol .Monroe tow nship to meet at file house of James Carm-1 in Ciearville, iu said township. I he Electors id Sctiellsburg borough to ineH at the buck School house in said borough. The Elector* ot Napi>-r township to meet at the house hiiilt lor a school house in the laor- OUjjh ol Schellsliurg. flie Electors ot East Pro* idence tow nship to meet at the house ot John Nvcum jr., inn keeper in said township. i lie Electors of Snake Spring township, to meet at the school house, near liie Methodist church on laud of George Hardy. 1 lie Elector* of West Providence township, to meet at the new leg school house at Bloodv Run in said township. hue Elei tors ol St. Clair township to meet at the store near the dwelling house .of Gideon Trout in *aid township. The Electors of Union township to meet at the house of Michael W vanl m said township. The Electors of South .Womlberiv township to meet at tlie house of Samuel Osier mar No ble's mill iu said township. The Electors ol Southampton town-hip to meet at the house of \V su. .Adams in said Imvn eiiip. The Electors of Hie township of Middle Wood berry to riu el at the house of Henry Fluke m the village of Woodberry: at which time- and places the qualified Electors w ill elect by ballot: ONE PERSON for Governor ot the Common weal Hi. ONE PERSON fur Canal Commissioner of the Commonwealth. TWO PERSONS lor Jiuljes of the Supreme Court of Hie Common wealth. ONE PERSON in c-unjunction with the conn- .it Siiie'"*-*t an.l Ifi.iitMigifun, to fll! the office ol Senator, to repiesent the counties ot Bedford, Somerset and Huntingdon in the L - gislamre <d the Common wealth. TWO PERSONS, in conjunction with the coun ty ol Si'inerset, to fid the office of Members lit the House oi Repn setlfajives, to represent the counties ot Beiilurd ;;:.d Somerset m the House ot R. present at iv. . ONE PEE>O s for Hie office of Prothonoiarv and Cie: k t" 1 lie Orphans' Court lor the coun- Iy ot Bedford. ONE PERSON fji the office of Si '.'tiff of said ; count v. ONE PERSON for the office of Treasurer for ; said County. ONE PERSON lor lite office of Commissioner! tor said county. ONE PERSON lor ihe office of pour di rector. ONE PERSON for the office of Auditor for said county. 'The election 'a be opened between the hours of 7 and 8 o'clock in Hie Internum, by public prorlnnia- • lion, and To keep open rill 7 o'clock in Ihe evening, j when the poll* -hail he closed. XOTICE IS HEREBY GIUEX: That every person, excepting Ju-ticv* oi the peace, who sh HI bold any office or appointment of profit ; or trust under the I n:tcil Stale*, or ot this State, or anv citV or corpoiated ili-triet, whether a coiriioi-- : -.oned officer or otherwise, a .*ol<ordinate officer, agent ' who is or shall be eiriployeil under the legislature, | executive or Judiciary department ol this State, j or o! any city, or of any incorporated dis- j trier, anil also, that every member ol Congress ! and of the State Legislature, ami of Ihe -elect or, common council of any city, or Conimi-sioners of j any incor|airated ili-triet is by law incapable of hoi- ! ding or exercising ot the tun the office or appoint ment of Judge, insp-'i'tor or ei-ik ot' any election ol j this Commonwealth, and thai no w-pector, judge or ; othei officer ot such election shall be eligible to he then voted (or. And the said act of assembly, entitled -'an act re lating to elections of thi* Commonwealth," pa-s --ed July 3d, ISi'J, further piovides a* follows, to wit: •'That tire in-peotor- and judges, shall meet at the . respective place* appointed for holding the election in the ili-tnct at which they respectively belong,be fore 8 o'clock in the morning of the 2ii Tuesday ol October, and each said inspector shall appoint one clerk, who shall be a qualified voter ol such district. ••In ca-c the person who shall have received the second highest number of votes for inspector, shall not attend on the day of any election, then the per- ! son who -hall have received the second h.ghest num ber of votes for Judge at the next preceding election, shall act as inspector in his place. And in case the person who has received the highest number of voles for inspector shall not attend, HIP person elected Judge shall appoint an m-pector in ins place, and in ca-e the person elected judge shall not attend then the inspector who received the high est number of votes shall appoint a judge, in hi* place; arid if any vacancy shall continue iu th-- boan. lor the space of one hour after the time fixed bv law for the opening of the election, the qualified voters for the township, ward or district for which such ol ficers shall have been elected, present at the election, shall elect one of their number to fill such a vaean ry. It shall he duty of the several asscs'ors respec tively to attend at the place of holding every gener al, special, or township election during tin w io e time such election is kept open, for the ptirpo-r ot giving information to the inspector*, ar.d j n - p , when called on, in relation to the right o. <.ny per son assessed by them to vote at such election, und oo such other matter- in relation to the assessment o voters, as the said inspectors or either ot tern . ia from time to time require. "No person shall he permitted to vote at any elec tion as afore.aid, than a white Ireeman of the age ot twenty one or more, who shall have reside in us State at least one year, and in the election district where he offer* to vote ten days immediately Bi ding -uch election, and within two years paid a - tate or county tax which shall have been assesse a _ least ten day* before the election. Bu. a ci the Lnitetl States w ho has previously been a qualified voter ol ttus State and removed therefrom and re turned, and who shall have resided in the election district and paid taxes, aforesaid, shall he entitled to vote alter re.-idmj; in this Slate six month*: Pro vided, I'hat the white freemen, citizens of the Pol led States between the ages of twenty-one and twenty-two years, who have resided m the election

district ten days as aforesaid shall be entitled to vole, although they shall not have paid tax. No person shall be permitted to vote who.-e name is not conluined in the list of taxable inhabitants | furnished by the Commissioners, unless: First, he produce a receipt ol payment, within two years of State or County tax as-e.-sed agreeably to the Con stitution, and give satisfactory evidence on his own , oath or affirmation ol another that he has paid such a tax, or in a failure to produce a receipt shall make oath to the payment thereof, or Second, il lie claim a right to vote by being an elector between the age of twenty-one and twenty-two years -hall depo-e on oath or affirmation, that he has resided in the State at least one year next before his application, and make such proof of residence in the district as is re quired by this act, and that he does verily believe, from the account given him that he is ol The age ; aforesaid, and give such other evidence as i< requir | ed by this act whereupon the name of the person so admitted to vote shall he inserted in the alphabetical list by the inspector, and a note made opposite there to by writing i tie word -tax,' if be shall be admitted to vote by reason of having paid tax, or the word 'age' if be shall be admitted to vote by reason o( age, anil iri either case the reason of such a vote shall ! he called tint to the clerks, who shall make the like note in the lists ol voter, kept by them. In all cases where the name of the person claim ing io vote i- not found on the li-t furnished by the commissioners, antl as-essors, or his right to vote whether lourid thereon or out, is objected to by any qualified citizen, it shall be the duty of the insjiec | tors to examine such person on oath as to his qualifi cations, and if lie claims to have resided within the | Mate lor one year or more, his oath shall he sutfi j cient proof thereof, but lie shall make prool by at : least one competent witness, who shall tie a quali fied e>etor that lie has resided within the district for | more than ten days immediately preceding said elec i tion and shall also tiimseif swear that his bona fide residence, m pursuance of his lawful calling, is with i in the district, and that fie did not remove in the ; district for the purpose of voting therein. •'Every person qualified as aforesaid, and who shall make due proof if required, of fiis residence i and pay merit of taxes, as aforesaid, shall be admitted to vote in the tow nship, ward or district in which he : shall reside. ll any person shall pi event or attempt to prevent any olficer of an elation under tliis act from holding ! such election, or use or threaten any violenre to any such officer, and shall interrupt or improperly inter ; tele with him m the execution of Ins rlnty, shall block or attempt to block up the window or avenue to .my window where the same rtiay be holder), or shall riotously disturb the peace of such election, or j shall use or practice any intiinidaiion, threats, force or violence, with the design to influence undu'v or overawe any elector, 01 prevent him from voting, or to restrain the freedom of choice, such person on | conviction shall be fined in any sum not exceeding five hundred dollars and fo lie imprisoned for any time not less than one 1101 more than Twelve months, and if :t shall be shown to the Court where the trial of such offence shall he had, that the pt-ison so ol tiiiriing was not a resident of tne city, ward, district 01 township where the said offence was committed, and not entitled to vote therein, then, on conviction, he shall he sentenced to pay a fine of not less one hunuied nor more than one thousand dollars, and Ibe imprisoned not less than six mouths nor more than two years, i It any person or persons shall make any bet or ; wager upon the re-ult of auv election with the CoHiinonwealth, or shall oiler to make any such bet !or wagei cithei by veibal proclamation thereof, or by any written or printed advertisement, challenge i or invite any person or persons to make such bet or wager, upon conviction thereof he or they -hull for feit and pay three tirnws the amount so bet or offered ! to be bet. NOW THEREFORE, be it known, by an Act of I the Legislature o! this Commonwealth, entitled •'A# Act Prescribing the Time arid Manner of Sub ! mining to the People, lor their ratification and re ' ject'in, the propo-ed Amendments to the Constltu ; tioi,' approved May twelfth. Anno Domino one j thousand eight bundled and fifty-seven, it is provi dei! as SjHo,v *. to writ -. STCIION !. That, for the purpose of ascertaining the -ense of the citizens of this Common wealth in I regard to tt.e adopt ion or rejection of said amend ments. or either of them, the Governor of this Cm monw alth shall issue a writ of election, directed to the Sheriff of each and every County of this Com- UIOIIW alth, commanding them to give notice in the usual inanner. in not I 1—• than two newspapers in each County, (provided that so many are published | theiei.) that an election will be iie|d in each of the to vusliips wauls and districts therein, oti the second Tuesday of October, in the yeai of our Lord one ; lhoiisa id eight hundred and fifty-seven, for the pur , pose of deciding upon the adoption or rejection of the ' said amendments, or any of I hem; which said elec tion shall be held at the place-, anil opened and closed ! at the line at and within Which the General Klec j t ion of this Commonwealth are held, opened and : 1 closed ; anil it shall lie the duty of the Judges, Inspec tors ami Clerk- of each of said townships, wants and j districts, to receive at the -aid election, tickets,: either si ritlen or pi inted, or partly written and part- ! : l\ printed, from citizens duly qualified to vote for ! Membeisol the General Assembly, ai d to deposit ; them in a box or boxes to be I'm that purpose ptovi ded by the proper officers; which tickets shall tie re- ■ speetively labelled on the outside.-'First Amend-' i inent," '-Second Amendment," "Third Amend ment, " and "Fourth Amendment,'' and those who j i are fii oiah.le to sal.l Amendments or any of them, 1 may express then desite bv voting each as many ' ! seperate wutten or printed; or partly wiiiten or : printeil ballots or tickets, containing on ihe inside! i thereof tlie words "For the Amendments," and those j who are opposed to such amendments, or any of j then:, may express then opposition by voting each a- mai.v seperate wiitten or printed ballot- or tick j ets, containing on the inside thereof the Words, ! --Against the Amendments." Si . iion -• 1 hat the election on the said proposed ! Amendments, shall, iti all respects, fie conducted as j the General Elections of this Commonwealth are I now conducted; and it -hail be the duty of the re ! turn judges ol tt:e respective Counties and districts I thereof, first having carefully a-certained tlie num ber of voles given lor or against each of said amend j iru-uts in the manner aforesaid, to make out dupli cate returns thereof, expressed in words at length, iand not in figures, only on" of which leturns so made -hall be lodged in the Plothonotary's Office of the Court of Common Fleas of the proper County, j and the other sealed arid directed to the Secretary of j I lie Commonwealth, and by one of said Judges de - pu-ited foithwith in the most convenient I'ost Office. And the Judges of the respective di-tricts afore said, are required to meet at Bedford, on the Friday j next following the holding of said election, then and theie to perform those things required of them bv ! law. | Given under my hand, at my office in Bedford, fhis i lltli day of Sept., iii the year ol our Lord one thou sand eight hundred and tifty-seven, and the 82d of Independence of the Tinted States. HUGH MOORE, Sfimff. i Sept. 11, 18-37. ll.4XKl.Vii IIOCMKK OF JOHN T. HOGG. BEDFORD, BEDFORD CO, 1 _ SOMERSET. SOMERSET • K § MOUNI PLEASANT, WF.STMORE'D " CONNELLSVILLE, FAYETTE CO. ( '< i UNION TOWN, •• j" 2 BROWNSVILLE, " t = ; NEW BRIGHTON, BEAVER CO. \ ? Deposits received, Discount! made, Drafts bought, ! -old and collected. Bank notes ami Specie bought 1 and sold. Stocks, notes, and other securities, bought and sold on Commission. Correspondence and col lections solicited. Aug. 21, 1837. Cv"NO HUMB(JG. H. H. HUTZ'S Celebrated Tetter Wash is the only ,-afe and sure remedy ever discovered for curing the Tetter, Ringworm, and all eruptions of the skin. It is so infallible a remedy, that a perfect cure in all cases of Tetter is guaran tied, if attentively applied, in ordinary cases one bottle will be sufficient to perfect a cure, in bud ca ses, with a Tetter of long standing, more will be re quired. Price 2o cents per bottle. For Sale at Dr. Reamer's Drug Store, Bedford, Pa. .May 22, 1857—1y. CHAIRS AND CABINET FURNITURE. The subscriber has removed to the shop on West Pitt Street, recently occupied by William Ritchey as a Machine Shop, where lie conttn i u-'s to make to order and keep on hand a gene ral assortment ( chairs ami cabinet furniture; consisting in part of Spring Seat Parlor Chans, Fr-nich Rocking Chairs, Cane suit and Wind sor, Solas, Lounges, Ottomans, Wbat-Nuts, Music Stands, Fancy Parlor Tables, Breakfast, Dinner, and Extension Tables, Bedsteads, Bu reaus, Wardrobes, ike. Suits of cottage-furni ture at very moderate prices, so that it is with in the reach of all to have nice, good, and fashionable furniture. The Ladies are particu larly invited to call and examine for themselves, as it will be my desire to please all tastes, ,\. B. Coffins will be made on the shortest notice for anv who will favor him with a call. ISAAC MENGEL, Jr. May 29, 1857. PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE. THE undersigned will offer at Public Sale, on the premises, at the residence of George B. Wisegarver in St. Clair township, on WEDNESDAY, the 16th of September next, the real estate upon which said George resides, consisting of the "Bixler property" and .">() acres adjoining, lately bought of Joint VV. Crissioan —in ail containing 171 acres and allowance, of Patented land, .50 of which is good Bottom land, and all in a high -tate of cultivation about 100 acre- cleared and under good fence. The improvements are a Log House, Double Log Barn and other out-buildings.—Terms easy to suit purcha ,ei s. JOHN CESSNA. 15. WISEGARVER. ■ Aug. 14, 1857. Mrs* *&• Potts Is just receiving and opening an elegant as sortment of Spring and Summer Goods , embra- i ring all the latest styles and patterns of Ladies Dress Goods', to which she invites their especial ; attention. Also a superior assortment of Trim med and unfrimmeil Bonnets, Gaiters. Bootees, j Slippers, Paiasols, Skirts, Hosiery, Collars,! Capes, &c. See. Bedford, April 24, 1857. CREW EXCITEMESTI Ihe Elegant Assortment of SPRING- AND SUMMER GOODS Just received and opened at REED' 3 CHEAP STORE IN BEDFORD having created quite an excitement in our usually I quiet town, the subscriber feels confident that he 1 can exhibit such a stock of Goods as will m-et the general wants of both tow n and country, at fair pri- 1 ces. As it will cost nothing to examine his Stock 1 he invites all in want of either substantia! or Dress Goods to give him a call before purclia-ing el-ewliere. j JACOB REED. 1 May 1, 1*57. Ml SPRING k MINER (.GODS. Tim undersigned having just returned from the Eastern Cities, are now recieving a large and splendid assortment of Spring and Summer i G >ods, consisting, in part, of Ladies Dress Goods, black and fancy Silks, plain and figured Delains, Poplins, Challies, Lawns, Brilliants,; White Goods, Hosiery, Handkerchief's, Collars, I ; ,\.c. sxc. Sheeting, Crash, Muslins, Flannels, Tickings, fancy and union Casimeres, Cloths, , and a general assortment of Mens and Boys i Summer Ware of all dtscript ions. single and double CARPET Chain, all color-. Boots, Shoes and Hats in Great Variety. Hardware, Qneensware, Brooms and Buckets, Groceries, Svrup, Molasses, white and brown Sugar, gre n and black T> as, Fish, Tobacco, Indigo, Spices, Dy slnfis. Sec. S-c. all of which will be sold cheap, as they are determined not tn be under sold t>v any one. Thankful for past favors, they hope to receive a genera! share of the public patronage. J. Sc J. M. SHOEMAKER. April 17, 1857. Bedford Hotel!, And General Stage Office. The subscriber respectfully begs leave to an nounce to his old friends and the public gener ally, that he has leased the Bedford Hotel, at present m the occupancy of Col. Adam Barn hart. and will take possession on the Ist day of April next. If is not his design to make many piofessions as to what lie will do, but he pledges his word that his most energetic eflbrts will be employed to render comfortable all who give him a call. The House will he handsomely fitted up, and none hut careful and attentive servants will be engaged. Persons visiting tiie Bedford Springs, us well as those attending Court, and tile travelling community general ly, are respectfully invited to give him a call and judge fur themselves. iT,-'"Boarders taken by the week, month, or year, on favorable terms. 1--- Ample and comfortable stabling is at tached to this Hotel, which will always be at tended by a caieful hostler. Also, a safe and convenient carriage house. ■J5*-7 11 the STAGES stop at this Note!. JOHN HAFER. Match 1(>, 1855. \\ A*ga 1N ; TOn IB©TEL. MRS. COOK would announce to her friends, and the public, that the Washington Hotel is now fitted up in superior order tor the accom i rnoriation nt guests, and she hopes to continue to receive a liberal share of custom. Persons ; visiting the Mineral Springs will find in the Washington Hotel a comfortable summer re j treat —and no pains will be spared to please all j w ho patronize the house. C5* A young gentleman of high qualification and courteous deportment has charge of th e es i tablishment. 05* The best of Stabling is attached to this I Hotel. 05* Terms as moderate as any other house in ' the place. ■ iZ? Daily Mail Stages from Alaqtiippa and Cumberland —also tri-weekly Lines from Hol lidavsburg and Pittsbuig stop at this Hotel. Bedford, April 25, 1856. So Cicrgrnnen ant) Superintendent's ct Sabbatl) Schools. M e keep on hand the publications of the Am. S. S. Union, American Bible Socieiy, American Tract Society, Presbyterian Board' of Publira i 'J° n f Book Rooms, Massachusetts S. S. Union, Lntheian Board of Publication, Epis copal S.S. Union, and a great variety of stand ard Religious Publications suitable for Sabbath Schools. SHRYOCK &. SMITH, Chambersburg. March 6, 1857. NEW FIRM AT HOPEWELL. The subscribers, trading and doing business nml-r the Firm of BARNUOLLAR, LOWRY & Co., w< I ! respectfully inform their friends and the I-" ii<; generally, that they have opened at the al. >v.< place, rwid are daily receiving, a large stuck of M"rrl>amMze, consisting in part of Mus lin*, lickings, Osenbergs, Drills, Carai meres, >attinetts, ( l.dhs, Flannels, Delanes, French Merinos, Silks, Calicos, Hats & Caps, Hard ware, Boots &. Shoes, and' Groce ries of all descriptions. Also a large assortment of ready-made Cloth ing, all of which will be sold upon as short pro tits as can be had in the country. CEO. R. BARNOOLLAR, JOHN F. LOWRY. JOHN C. LVERIIAUT. C. \V. AMII'OM. Dec. 2fi, 18b6— Iy. W. Border, Clock & Watch Maker AM) DEALER IN JEWELRY, Would respectfully announce to the citizens of Bedford, and the public, in general, that he has opened a Jewelry Store in the huilciiri" re cently occupied by H. Nicodemus,Esq. nearly opposite the Bedford Hotel, where he will be pleased to see all in want of articles in his-line. He h|g on hand, and will constantly keep, an elegant assortment of JEWELRY, and will re pair Clocks and Watches in the bert stvle. He hopes to receive a liberal share of patronage, as he ie is satisfied he can render satisfaction to all who entrust him with their work. His terms will be moderate. He has on hand Cold and Silver WATCIIO Silver Spoons, Thimbles, Butter Knives. GoTd' and Silver Pens and Pencils, <xc. &c. April 27, 1855. BOOK BINDING STORE. The subscriber would respectfully inform Hie Public that he still continues to carry on the BOOK BINDING, " in No. Sof the Franklin Buildings Ch_mbers burg; where all binding entrusted to his care will be punctually attended to, and bound with neatness and care. He still continues to keep on hand a good as sortment of RELIOIOI S, HISTORICAL MISCELLANE ous Blank and School Books, Stationery &c., which he will sell on moderate terms. THOS. W. WRIGHT. Dec. 7, IS")."). FOR THE BEDFORD! THE undersigned respectfully informs the traveling public that he has established between Latrobe, on the Pennsylvania Railroad, atui the town ol Bedford, a daily (Sundays excepted) line of MAIL COACHES. Passengers leaving Pittsburg at IE o'clock A. M., will arrive at Bedford same night: leav ing the \V a-hington Hotel, Bedford, at 61. o'- clock A. M,, will arrive at Pitfsbur-- same night. A Hack will always beat the station at La trobe, on the arrival of the Mail train from Pittsburg, to convey passengers and to the Hotel. Fare through from Pittsburg to Bedford, in cluding Railroad Fare, sk. This line i* on the old I®A. Tl K\FIKE, leading from Pittsburg, byway of Chamber*- bnrg, to Philadelphia, passing through Youngs town, Ligonier, Stovstown and Schellsbtirg, and connecting with the Mail Line to Cham bersburg. This line is certainly the cheapest and best route to Bedford, and therefore the most advan tageous to persons visitinor that place JOSEPH A- GARMAN, July 1/, ls:)i 3m.* Proprietor. WM. HENRY LEAS. SWEET. WAItSH. LEAS & HARSH, BANKERS AND LAND AGENTS, DES MOINES, IOWA. We buy and sell Eastern Excbanae and Land War rants—select and enter lands with cash and warrants pay taxes—invest money—make collections and attend to ai! legal business generally. ALSO, LEAS * HAKsH. BANKERS & LAND AGENTS, LEAVENWORTH CITY, KANSAS. One of the Partners lias located in Leavenworth ( itv and will transact all business connected with the Banking and Real Estate Business. Tor a few months yet, correspondents will address ns at De.-. Moines. REFERENCES. W. S. Gilman. BO Beaver st. New York. Philadelphia. —Seiger, Lamb & Co. North 3d Street; James, K-mt & Saute*, do.; Lefever & Serriil, do. ; Drexill & Co. Bankers, do. Washington City, D. C'.—Hon. R. J. At kinson, 3d Auditor, Treasury Department; Chubb sx. Bros. Bankers. Carlisle, Pa. —Edward Shower, Hon. J. H. Graham. Huntingdon, Pa. — Win. B. Leas, David Blair, Esqrs. Bedford.—-lion. Job Mann, Gen. Bowman. Schcl/sburg. — Duncan McVicker, Esq. March 20, IBf>7—ly. JOSEPH W. TATE, ATTORNEY AT TAW, AND IKEAC <FS£A£<E DIKDKEti, HAS for Sale 10 Farms, and 12,000 acres of Coal and unimproved land, in Bedford and Fulton coun, ties. Also Lots in the town of Hamilton. Land sold in quantities to suit purchasers. Proposals for timber are invited from Lumbermen. Terms easy. Aug, 7. ISs7—dm. Spectacles! The subscriber has just received a spiendid variety of Gold, Silver Mounted, and Steel Spectacles, with the* finest Scotch Pebbles, su perior in clearness, and designed to suit persons of ail ages—warranted never to FAIL—to which lie invites the attention of all who are in need of the article. He has also just received an elegant assortment of JEWELRY—aII of which lie will sell on reasonable terms. DANIEL BORDER. Bedford, May 22, 1557. DRUG" "STORE FOR SALE- Any person desirous of purchasing a well esta blished and profitable Drug Store can hear of a first rate opening by addressing the editor of this paper. July 17, 1857. Bazin's fancy Toilet Soaps, Shaving Creami, &c. just received ami for sale at Dr. Harry's cheap Drog Store.