Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, September 25, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated September 25, 1857 Page 3
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The ISetlford Gazette. ARE YOl ASSESSED?— Let every Dem ocratic voter who cannot answer this question in {be affirmative see that he wilt he able to <lo before it will be too late. Look to it, ami see that your name, am! that of your neighbor is en ro'le'l among the list of voter-. L)o not suffer it to be said by vour fellow Demociat, thai through your n e!i"eiire you were deprived of one of the most glo ria*-privileges—that of the right of -utfrage. See • 9 it then. Don't depend upon others having it done, hut "u yourselves to the assessor and see that your names are properly entered. The law requires that vou should be assessed at lea-t ten days before the election, which takes place on the 13th day of Octo ber next. A PROTRACTED MEETIXG is nenv in progress in the M. E. Church of this place, and will continue every evening up to next Saturday, when Ouarterly meeting will commence. The P. E., Rev. Mr. Gurett, is expected to be present at the services on Sabbath morning. The Sacrament of the Lord's Siipoer will be administered on Ihe afternoon of that <lav. Mr. SeoT-rswoon, tiie I'astor in charge here, -a gentleman of great determination and ability, and labor-with unceasing diligence in his sacred calling. LAST WEEK, John 0. Kimmel, Jl'm. A. OA" and O. H. Oaithrr, Esqs. of Somerset, were admitted to the practice of the law iri the several Courts of that county. It was our privilege to be pres entat the examination, and judging from the manner in which the many "TIVISTEItS" put to them, were unravelled, we have no he-itancy in saying that they are amply qualified for their dignified profession. THE STEAMER, CEXTRAL AMERI CA, w ith upwards ol six hundred p i— eng..; * on hoard, f Hindered at s-a, oil Cap* HattTas, on the 1-th inst. I'pwartsof four hundred hu man beings are supposed to have found a grave in the ocean depth*, hy this terrible disaster.— The women and children on board of the wreck ed vessel, we believe, were all saved. About two million of dollars in specie went down.— The Central America was the first Steamship in the California line, that has thus lar been lost. WE PUBLISH, on the outside, the list of premiums' to he awarded at the cumins Fair of the fled lord County Agricultural Society. It will be seen (hat the Farming, Horticultural, Stock-raising and Mechanical interests, are all fairly considered in the offering of these premi ums. XOTICES of the meeting at Flack's in E. providence Tp., and of that at Stonerstown, (which was very large) will appear next week. A DEMOCRATIC FRIEXD, who has been louring it in Londonderry township, has entertained us with a description of the beauti ful farm owned by C. Devore Esq., of that township. He says lie saw the most luxuriant corn-crops growing upon it that he ever beheld. A fine brick farm-house, about which every thing is a mode! of neatness and taste, is the dwelling of Mr. Dev >re. The scenery circum jacent is exceedingly fine, and the most wildly picturesque views can be obtained from various points on 1 fie farm. Thermite of the Pittsburg and Cinitellsvijfe Riilroad skirts this locality, which fact will in time greatly enhance the value of lands located there. f./i.\. P. ICKEII, the Democratic caudi oute !ir Governor addressed the Democracy of Westmoreland (.' untv, at Gn-ensburg, on yes terday, the *2suh. XATIOXAL DEMOCRAT is the title of anew paper published in the town of Johnstown, Cambria County, by A. J. Hite. We have re ceived Die first number, and judging fiom tfie style and manner in which it i< gotten up, we have no hesitancy in saying that it will he a vamabie auviliury t;> the Democracy of that county, the execution of tfie paper is good, se lections fine, and the original matter of the first order. A ( EPA AIX FACE TIOUS acquaintance i of ours, was a few days ago, ''poking his fun" at the very high and steep hills which give such an air of sublimity to some parts of our county and said that he had seen cultivated fields so precipitous tfiat h,. | laf j jj,, ofl hack to see to their top! Whereupon he was taken down by another '-sharp cu-tom-r," in this style: I was once ata place (said Mr. , u here Die fields were so sleep that tile people looked up (heir chimneys to see whether the cows were coming home!! We left, wonder-i 1 ig what bum in uatuie will "come to" after a w bile. 'jiXliMUMir 1 "Buchanan Club" will meet at (he Court H nn Saturday evening. Addresses will he nu 'on t m occasion. Turn out! turn out' ' THE XAPIER DEMOCRATIC, CLUB, wul iin-H at Schellsliurg on Saturday evening, October dd, at 7 o'clock. Several s; e J k> rs 110,11 a distance are expected to address th club. Gov. Causey, of Delaware, lias- offered a re paid ul five hundred dollars fur Ihe apprehen sion nf Silas Hon!tins, who is charged with ue murder of a man named Robert Morris : t Johnstown, in that State, on the 21st day o! August. Several riots have taken place in Baltimore "tiling the prist few -lavs, between rival gangs of ■ >v. her, a number of whoin have been seriously wounded. A private letter to the St. Louis Republican Oi I neslay, states that a fire occurred at Keokuk <-: i Die eveningof the 1 Ith inst., by which prop erty amounting tc over § 100,000 was consumed. Messrs. Marcourt ik Page whole-ale grocers lost 915,000, and were insured fur $12,000. I lie Moax Tribe of Red Men, of Trenton, in o'lid visiting Lancaster, Pa., on the 21st of Oc tober, in lull regalia, to participate in a grand ' "ebration to be given on that day. Tribes Rom (liferent parts ofthe United States are ex- P cted to be present a;u! join iri tire celebration Communication. TO DR. WM. A. SMITH: Sin.:—At a meet- I ing held in Ebensburg, on the loth inst., of which you were Pre.sid--nt, the following reso lution is reported as has ing been passed unami mously : Resolved , That we emphatically denounce the meddlesome spirit evinced by George \V. Bow man in interfering svith the Democratic nomina tions ot this county. His course we cannot but re gard as unkind and ungenerous, and lie should be made to understand that the Democracy of Cambria can attend to their own interests without tus dicta tion. Now, sir, 1 deny the truth of the charge pre ferred iti the above resolution, it is false in ev ery particular—destitute of even the shadow of foundation. I have not, at any time, either di rectly or indirectly, "meddled" or "interfered" with the "Demociatic nominations of Cambria," and it was unjust, as well as "unkind and un generous" in you, sir, as an old friend, to suffer this slander to pass without the production of evidence to sustain it. You, at least, should have raised your voice against it. 1 do aot think I am asking too much in calling upon you, as a gentleman, for the proof to support the a boie allegation—and 1 expect you to produce it, or acknowledge Hie glaring injustice done nie ata meeting over which you presided. As the editor of a Democratic newspaper, living in the District of which Cambria was a part, I denouuce.Kl. NELSON SMITH as having betrayed bis party in the most shameful and reckless mamtei, by refusing to vole lor the '•regular nominee" of the Democratic party tor Senator of the United States, thus indirectly aiding lu electa Black Republican Know Nuth uig to that important hodv, for a period of six years, against the express wishes of his constitu ents! in pursuing this course, I did not stand alone. I'iie Democracy ul Bedford County in Alass ( -ounty Meeting us well as tie* Democra cy ol Fuitun denounced hun as a Traitor, un worthy I lie future respect and confidence of the party. Was this interfering with the "Demo cratic nominations ut Cambria?" G. Nelson Smith did not deny that Col. Fotr- NEY had been "regularly" nominated, ami the only reason lie pretended to give tor Ins apostocy, was, that Mr. BUCHANAN, the President elect, had expressed a preference for him, thus deny ing to the great iavorile til the American peo ple a ngiit guaranteed to even the humblest cit. izen ir> the laud—that of an honest expression ol opinion. Smith s denunciations of Mr. Bu chanan's letter were of the most low and scur rilous character imputing to that great and good man any thing but a pure inolivs. After this insult to Air. Buchanan, arid be trayal of a high trust, which had been branded, in proper terms, by the entire Democratic press of the Stale, (if we except the mongrel ami prostitutec sheets of Westmoreland and Cam bria,) the wire-wotkers of Cambria county forced G. Nelson Smith upon the people for a third term, in violation of former usages, thus demanding that the honest Democrats, who spurned his course, should be compelled to en dorse his treason, no matter how revolting the pill ! ID giving utterance to the sentiments ofthe Democracy of Bedford and Fulton, we express ed surprise at such a result—denominated it an insult to all conscientious Democrats—am! said that the defeat ol G. Nelson Smith would be lar more crecitahie to the true Democracy of Ctunbfiu than his election—and upon this point we have not changed our opinion. Was llns "interfering with the Democratic nominations of Cambria ? " What Democrat does not blush fur his native Slate, when he remembers that in a Legislative body having a legitimate majority of Represent latives chosen bv (lie National Democracy, Si mon Cameron w as eL cted to misrepresent this glorious old Commonwealth tor a period of six years, through the treachery of Smith and a few otherdisoiganizers of the same stripe? G. Nelson Smith trampled beneath his (Vet the established usages ol tin* Demociatic par ly, in refusing to vole lor the "regular nomi nee" for Senator of the U. States, and now the Democrats of' Cambria are told that ail their in terests are embodied in returning turn to Dm Legislature! Those who refuse to vote for liiin are styled "dis,organizers." The election or the defeat of Mr. Smith, can neither benefit or injure me, personally—and J would not recall a word I have written concer ning him were 1 ceitain he would receive every ! vote i.i CamSiia county. Whilst the meeting at which Dr. Smith ! acted as President, denounced jm* lor defending i the old laud-marks of ihe Denvwratic pariy, it eulogized the man who refused io vote for one j of the brightest intellects and most faithful ad vocates of our great faith, who was placed in nomination bv the usage that lias ever charac terized our political action. 1 feel very sorry lo see Dr. Smith engaged in the business of bol stering up so reckless a renegade—and trust he will be able to give some substantial rea-uu lor his conduct. Respectfully, &.C., GEO. W* BOWMAN". Y. B.—The Xationttl Democrat , wiJI con fer a favor bv inserting in iis columns the above Communication. G. W. B. Schocl Notice. The Pat,tie Sr/tnots ol the Borough ol Beiti'oril w iii be opened on Monday the 2d day ot .November next. There will be wanted two Male and three Female Teachers, al-o a Male or Female to take charge oi' the Negro School Applicants must he examined and procure proper certificates Troiri the i h/ Superintendent at the time advertised, 2lth October, none others need apply—The Board will expect to contract with teachers on the 25th Octo ber. By order ol Die Board, JNO. I". REED, Secr'y. Sept. IS, ISS7. WHITE PINE LUMBER FOR SALE. THE subscriber has a large lot of Shingles anil dry Boards, for Sale at the following prices. Lap Shin gles So,oo per thousand, Joint Shingles 1,00 do.— Board* per hundred, i West End, 17 miles West of Bedford, on the Glade : Road. LOUIS N. FY AX. Sept. IS, JSS7. Administrator's Notice. J LEI TJ-.RS Testamentary having been granted to the subscriber, upon the Estate of Jacob Riltle, late of Juniata Township, in the County of Bedford, de ceased. Notice is hereby given to all persons hav i ing claims against said E-tute To present them proper ly autheiiticated for setlleinent, arid all persons in debted to the same, are requested to make immedi ate payment. The subscriber will meet all persons interested, lor tt;e above purposes, at the late re-i -dence of decedent, from tbe 22d to the 20th of Sep tember instant. JOHN ( . RIFFLE, Admr. Sept. 1% 1857. Bazin's fancy Toilet Soaps, Shaving Creams, Yc. just received and for sale at Dr. Harry's j cheap Drug Store. I'UBLIC SALE OF Valuable Heal Estate. s ) V virtue ol an order of the Orphans' Court j "1 Bedford county the undersigned will ; oiler at public sale on the premises in South j ampton township, on Saturday the 3d day of October next, the following desciibed real es tate, viz: One tract of land on "Ragged Mountain" con taining 57!j ACRES, adjoining lands of Thom as Lawhead, Mary Ann Buxton, Edward Norlh cralt, and the undersigned. —ALSO— | One HOUSE AND LOT OF GROUND in j Chaneysville, the house being a story and a hall 11 aine house, with store room adjoining ALSO, a frame stable thereon erected, togeth er with other out buildings, i lerms—CASH—at confirmation of sale at ■ November Court. DAVID WALTER, i.X r of Samuel Walter, deceased. Sep. 11, 57. Notice. IHE subscribers would inform all persons in terested in theu books or papers, thai said books will be in the hands' ul J. H. Schell for thirty days, alter which they will be lelt in the j bunus ol an uliicer lot collection. M. SCHELL eN SON. j 1 HE subscribers have on hand an excellent lot of White Pi lie and Spruce Boards, also a lot of w Lite Pi lie Shingles, winch they will sell low. Sept. 11, lis.')/. SAUSAGE MEAT CJTTtRS. CORN SMELLERS. &C., REMEMBER thai Wyn ne ,v Hartley keep the h-st j Machines n| all descriptions, ever o tie red to the peo j pie of Bedford County. Their Saitsagr Meat Cutlers A* Cor/' Si '/i .'-V/.v are warranted, especially, and w hen not fully equalling the representation rnny be re turned. Orders are solicited I'roin this and adjoining counties, j Sept. IS. is.', 7. Executors' Notice, I LETTERS Testamentary having been granted toth" undersigned, upon the Estate oi Dan'l. Wisgarver, dee'd. laie ol Bedford town- up—notice is hereby i given to ail persons indebted In said estate to call ! and seitb' Ihe same, and those having claims will i present them properly authenticated for settlement. WM. ('. WISEGARYEK, A..!. WISGARVER, Sept. IS, JSS7. Executors. P J/O'll SALE AT THE MACHINE SHOP in Bedford, ONE DRILL (Moore's Patent) warranted a superior ; article. Price moderate. PETER H. SHIRES. Sep. n, '57. 3t.* NOTICE. VLL persons interested are hereby notified that the citizens of Si. Claitsville, in the county of Bedford, made application to the Court of Quarter sessions of said county for a ! Charter of Incorporation, which said applica- I tion having been read and filed among the rec ords of said court, will be held over for fi nal consideration until November Sessions, 1557 when objections (if any) will he heard and a final decree made in Die premises. Bv the Court. MA \ N N SPA \G, S-p 11, '57. Ally's for applicants. SIRLI4 SALII, Of \ ei'V ;!;!>le Heal Estate. • 4 LL that property in Somerset county, known in part as the Imholf property, and now belonging to the estate of John Keefie, ; deceased, and wfiicii was advertised bv the sub scriber in the Bedford and one of the Somersi t papers of last December ami January, and not sold—will again he offered for sale on IVednefiday, the Ith day of next October, altogether or in parts as may best suit the sev j era I interests of ihe heirs. Conditions of sale made known at the time, and at the house on said propeity, now occupi i ed by Jacob Ringler, !>v SAMUEL BROWN, Surviving Executor of the last will and testament of John Keeff'e, dec. Sep. 11, '57. CA*Somerset Demociat, copy ami charge j "Gaz.-tle."' dt) <i!ciOTini tint) lDM}:cnn'cni)cut's ot Liabbat!) Gc!)ools. We keep on fianc the publications of the Am. S. S. Union. American Bible Society, American j Tract Society, Presbyterian Board ol Publica : lion. .Methodist 800 - Rooms, Massachusetts S. S. Union, Lotlieian Jfoari!of Publication, Epis -1 copal S. S. Union, ami a great vaiiefy "f stand ; ard Religious Publications suitable for Sabbath ' Schools. SHRYOCK fk SMITH, Chttmbcrsburg. ; March fi, 1857. JOSEPH W. TATE, ATTStIt\EY AT LAW, AND HOC IUiOKO:U, HAS lor Side 10 Farms, ami 12,000 acres of Coal-1 ■ ami unimproved laiul, ill Bedford and I'iiltori vonn, | tie>. Also 1 .ot■* in The town of Hamilton. Land j >ohl in quantities to suit purchasers. Proposals lor , \ timber are ievitrd from Lumbermen. leiuis ea>y. : Aug, 7. IS37— Cm. SpeptapJcs I 'i'fie subscriber has just received a splendid j variety ol Gold, Silver Mounted, ami Steel i I Spectacles, with Hie fitmst Scotch Pebbles, su perior in clearness, and designed to suit persons of all ages warranted never to FAIL—to which he"invites the attention of all who are in need of the article. He has also just received! an elegant assortment of JEWELL! ml ol j I whiclUie will sell on reasonable terms. DANIEL BORDER, j Bedford, May 22, 1857. DRUG STORE FOR SALE i Any person desirous of purchasing a well esta- - 1 Id,shed and profitable Drug Store can bear ola lir,t i rate -opening by addressing the editor ol ibis paper. ' J 111 V 17, JSS7. \otice. The subscriber being much annoyed and damaged , I by fi-hers and hunters, rtinriing over his property is j determined to put a slop to tbe same ;he re '® re I hereby cautions all such persons, that if ! - I passing u|K>n his farms, by either fishing or huntiii,, , XuJ immed " ltely aS HENRY "ll'oßX. NEBRASKA TAKEN: 50,000 RUSSIANS SLAUGHTERED!! TIN ANL) COPPERSMITH BUSINESS!!! Til 10 subscriber having commenced the above business in INittonsville, Bedford county, would res pectively inlorm the public, that he I- prepared to furnish TIN COPPER AND SHEET IRON WARE, on the most accommodating terms—ALSO, Stove 1 Pipe at 124 cents per pound: and spouting at 11 cents ■ CASH per loot, this being cheaper than can he had at any other establishment in the place or neighborhood. Having a thorough knowledge of the business, and determined to spare no pains to please all who may give him a call, he hopes to receive a liberal share of a generous public. | Aug. 1-1, '57. CHARLES T. BLAKE. Gift and Retail Hook Store! NOW OPENED TWO DOORS WEST OF THE WASHINGTON HOTEL BEDFORD, PA. NEW AND VALUABLE BOOKS TO BE DIS POSED OF IMMEDIATELY! Our plan is to insure a Rapid Sale. 4 LL Books will be sold as low as the usual j_ \ retail prices—many of them for less. A St PERB GlF']' will be delivered with each book, without additional expense to the buyer. Our list ol books comprises the works of the best American arid European authors, bound in various styles, in Morocco, best Tniivish, Antique, Gilt-edged. Muslin. Paper, kc. \c. We keep on hand, also, STATION ARY, includim: G#ld Pens and Pencils, Silver ditto, letter paper, fools-cap and writing paper of all kinds, envelopes, ii,L- of the be.-t quality, Nc. CIGARS of the choice.t brand, will also be found at our store, which will be sold cheaper than the cheapest. MrCAUSLIN & SHOEMAKER- Bedford, Sep. I, 57. BOOK BINDING STOKE. The subscriber would respectfully inform the Public that lie still continues to carry on the BOOK BIDDING, in No. Bof the Franklin Buildings Chambers burg; where all binding entrusted to ft is care will be punctually attended to, and bound with

neatness and care. He still continues to k-ep on hand a good as sortment of RfTLiGtocs, Histouical Misceiiane nons Blank and School Books, Stationery ike., which he will sell on moderate terms. THOS. W, WRIGHT. Dec. 7, 1855. FOR THE BEDFORD SPRIMiS! THE undersigned respectfullv informs the traveling public that he has established between Latrobe, on the Pennsylvania Railroad, and the town of Bedford, a daily (Sundays excepted) line of .MAIL COACHES. Passengers leaving Pittsburg at til. o'clock A. .M., will arrive at Bedford same night; leav ing the Washington Hotel, Bedford, at GJ, o'- clock A. M., will arrive at Pittsburg same night. A Hack will always lie at the station at La trobe, on the arrival of the Mail train liom Pittsburg, to convey passengers and baggage to the Hotel. Fare through from Pittsburg to Bedford, in cluding Railroad Fare, sf. This line is on the old VA. TiRPIKK, leading from Pittsburg, by wav of Chambers burg, to Philadelphia, passing through Youngs town, I.igonier, Stoysiown and Schellsburg, and connecting with the Mail Line to Cham ber sburg. This line is certainly the cheapest and best route to Bedford, and tlierefoie the most advan tageous to persons visiting thai place. JOSEPH A. CARMAN, Julv 17, 1857—3 m. Proprietor. EXTENSIVE SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE. ON the bead waters of Diinning's Creek, in Bedford County, Pa. The undersigned will idler at Public Sale, ou J f ESDA4 the -Oth Oet. next, being the tn.-t Tuesday after the election, on the premises, in , St. Clair Township, several adjoining and eontigious tracts of land, containing in iilj s" I Acres, now di-! vided into 5 tracts, 1 thereof containing 150 acres each, and the other being the Saw-mill tract, con- i famine'.'so acies. These tracts will be sold as they j are, or subdivided 'o suit purchasers. The S.iw-Mill tract contains a FIRST CLASS SAW MILL, with a never failing head of Water, and is in the midst of aTIMBLR REGION, unsuipassed for the quality of timber, due oth*i of the tracts contains an enviable site for a TAX YAIID, with all the ad vantage.. of V 4 ATF.R, and alone side of Chestnut Ridge, where ihe resources for BARK are inexhausti ble at S2 50 per Cord. •'too acres of the land is bottom land, mostly cov ered by large Sugar Trees. 300 acres are cleared and in a good state ol cultivation, and the balance well timbered. 'There are I'OUll P W'J'. Pl.l S(r HOUSED upon the premises, and FOUR BARNS, with other out buildings. The FRUIT is choice and in abundance, upon some of these tracts. This property lies 12 miles North of Bedford, and ; in a country noted for its good roads, leading North, South, East and West, to Bedlord, Ilollnlayshurg, John-town and other points, on the Pcuna. Central Rail Road. Farmers, Lumber men. Tanners and Speculators should examine the premise-, as the undersigned is determined to sell, on account ol being too largely engaged in other business, to give these fields ol en terpnsc. the proper care and attention. TERMS:—One third in hand on the Ist of April, lS5s, when possession will be given, and the bal lance in two equal annual payments, without inter est. The title is warranted good. C7"Dralts will be had on day of sale, or can be seen vvitli tbe undersigned in Bedford at any time, showing the shape anil locality ol the lands. NICHOLAS LYONS. Aug. 21, 1557. WASHi.VGT\ KOTKL. MRS. COOK would announce to her frieuds, and the public, that the Washington Hotel is now filled up in superior order for the accom modation of guests, and she hopes to continue to receive a liberal share of custom. Persons visiting the Mineral Springs will find in the Washington Hotel a comfortable summer re treat—and no pains will be spared to please all who patronize the house. young gentleman of high qualification and courteous deportment has charge of the es tablishment. [fyThe best of Stabling is attached to this Hotel. ttjr'Terms as moderate as any other house in the place. 'CP"Daily Mail Stages from Aiaquippa and Cumberland also tri-weekly Lines from Hol iirfavsbuig and Pittsburg stop at this Hotel. Bedlord, April -5, ISSG. HOOPS—Brass & Whalebone. Skirt Hoops Jus Received at Shoemaker's Colouade Store. Aug. 21, 1557. 20 Sacks of G. A. Salt, for sateat SHOF.MAKKR'S Colouade Store. Aug. 14, 1557. PROCLAMATION OF liencral Election* "HERLAS in and by an Act of Geiient) f V Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, entitled "AII Actio regulate the Gen eral Elections within this Commonwealth," it isen | joined upon me to give public notice of said Ktec \ tions, and to ennrnerate in said notice what Officers are to be elected, I, HUGH MOORE, Sheriff of the County of Bedford, do hereby make known and give j this public notice to the Electors oi the County of Bedford, that a General Election will be held in said' County,on the second Tuesday (13tbj of October 1557, at the several election districts, viz: The Electors of the Borough of Bedford arid township of Bedford, to meet at the Court House j in said borough. The Electors of Broadtop township to meet at the School House in the town of Hopewell. The Eleclots of Coleiain township to meet j at the house of Benjamin Kegg, in Rainsbmg in said township. The Electors of Cumberland Valley township to meet at the new School House erected ou the land owned by John Whip's heirs in said tow n ship. The Electors of Harrison township to meet at school house number 5, near the dwelling house of Henrv Keyser in said township. The Electors of Juniata township to meet at Keyset's school house in said township. The Eleclois of Ilopewell township to meet at the School House mat the house of John ; Dasher in said township. The Electors of Londanderry township to | meet at the house now occupied by Wm. H. iiiil as a shop, in Bridgeport, in said township. The Electors of the township of Liberty to meet at the School house iu Stonerstown in said township. j The Electors of Monroe township to meet at • the house of James Carnel in C'learviile, in said I township. The Electors of Schellsburg borough to meet at the buck School house in said borough. The Electors of .Napier township to meet at the house built for a school house in the bor ough of Schellsburg. The Electors of East Piovidence township to m< et at the house of John Nycuinjr., inn keeper in said township. The Electors of Snake Spring township, to meet at the school house, near the Methodist church on land of George Hartiy. The Electors of West Providence township, to meet at the new log school house at Bloody Run in said township. The Electors of St. Clair township to meet at the store near the dwelling house of Gideon Trout in said township. The Electors of Union township to mpet at the house of Michael Wyant in said township. file Electors of South Woodherry township to meet at the house of Samuel Oster near No- I ble's mill in said township. The Electors of Southampton township to meet at the house of Wm. Adams in said towti ehip. The Electors of the township of Middle Wood herry to meet at the house of Henry Flnke in the village of Woodherry; at which times and places the qualified Electors will elect by ballot: ONE PERSON for Governor ol the Common wealth. ONE PERSON for Canal Commissioner of the Commonwealth. TWO PERSONS for Judges of the Supreme Court of the Commonwealth. ONE PERSON in conjunction with the conn- . ties of Somerset and Huntingdon, to til! the office oi Senator, to represent the counties of Bedford, Somerset and Huntingdon in the Le gislature of the Commonwealth. TWO PERSONS, in conjunction with the coun ty of Somerset, to till the office of Members j of the House of Representatives, to represent the counties of Bedford and Somerset in the House of Representatives. ONE PERSON for the otiice of Protnonotary and Clerk to the Orphans' Court for the coun- I tv of Bedford. ONE PERSON for the office of Sheriff of said county. ONE PERSON lor the office of Treasurer for j said county. ONE PERSON lor the office of Commissioner ; for said county. ONE PERSON for the office of poor housp di- | rector. ONE PERSON for the office of Auditor for j ; said county. The election to be opened between the hours of 7 I and S o'clock in the forenoon, by public proclama- ; tion, and to keep open till 7 o'clock in the evening, i when the polls-hall be closed. XOTICE IS HEREBY GIVE.Y. That every person, excepting Justices of the peace, who shut! hold any otiice or appointment of profit or trust uruier the tinted States, or of this State, or any city or corporated district, whether a commis sioned officer or otherwise, a subordinate officer, agent who is or shall be employed under the legislature, executive or Judiciary department of this State, jor of any city, or of any incorporated dis trict, and also, that every member of Congress and of the State Legislature, ami of the select or common council of any city, or Commissioners of any incorpoiated district is by law incapable of hol ding or exercising at the time the office or appoint ment of Judge, inspector or clerk of any election of this Commonwealth, and thai 110 inspector, judge or other officer of such election shall be eligible to be then voted lor. And the said art of assembly, entitled "an act re lating to elections of this Commonwealth," pass ed July .id, ISIU, further piovides as follows, to wit:— '•That the inspectors and judges, shall meet at the respective places appointed for holding the election in the district at which they respectively belong, be fore S o'clock in the morning of the v!d Tuesday of October, and each said inspector shall appoint one clerk, who shall be a qualified voter of such district. "In ca.-e the person who shall have received the second highest number of votes for inspector, shall not attend 011 the day of any election, then the per son who shall have received the second highest num ber ot votes lor Judge at the next preceding election, shall act as inspector in his place. And in case the person who has received the highest number of votes lor inspector shall not attend, the person elected Judge shall appoint an inspector in his place, anil in ca>e the person elected judge shall not attend then the inspector who received the high est number of votes shall appoint a judge, ill his place; and il any vacancy shall continue iu the hoard lor the space of one hour after the time fixed by law for the opening ol the election, the qualified voters lor the township, ward or district for which such of ficers shall have been elected, present at the election, shall elect one ol their number to fill such a vacan cy. It shall be duty of the several assessors respec tive!) to attend at the place ol holding every gener al, special, or township election during the whole time such election is kept open, for the purpose of giving nilormation to the inspectors, and judge, when called on, in relation to the right of any per son assessed by them to vote at such election, and on such other matters < iri relation to the assessment of voters, as the said inspectors or either of them shall irom time to time require. "No person shall he permitted to vote at any elec tion as aloresaid, than a white freeman of the age ot twenty one or more, who shall have resided in tins S>tate at least one year, and in the election district where he offers to vote ten days immediately prece c ing such election, and within two years paid a State or county tax which shall have been assessed at 1 least ten days before the election. Hut a citizen ol' | the United States who has previously been a qualified j voter of this State and removed therefrom and re turned, and who shall have resided in the election district and paid taxes, aforesaid, shall be entitled 1 to vote after residing in this State six months : Pro vided, That the white freemea, citizens of the Uni ted States between the ages of twenty-one and twenty-two years, who have resided in the olectio* district ten days as aforesaid shall be entitled to vote, although they shall not bavepani tax. No person shall be permitted to vote whose name is not contained in the list of taxatde inhabitants tarnished by the Commissioners, unless : First, be produce a receipt ot payment, witoin two years oi State or County tax assessed agreeably to the Con .st i tut ion, and give satisfactory evidence 011 his own oath or affirmation of another that he has paid such a lax, or in a failure to produce a receipt shall make oath to the payment thereof, or Second, if he claim a right to vote by being an elector between the age ! ot twenty-one and twenty-two years shall depose on oath or affirmation, that he has resided in the State at least one year next before bis application, and make such proof of residence in the district as is re qnired by this act, and that he does verily believe, from lbe account given him that be is of the age aioresaid, and give such other evidence as is requir ed by this act whereupon the name of the person so admitted to vote shall be inserted in the alphabetical 1 list by the inspector, and a note made opposite theie i to by writing the word -tax,' if he shall be admitted to vote by reason of haviag paid tax, or the word 'age' if he shall be admitted to vote by reason of , age, and in either case the reason of such a vote shall be called out to the clerks, who shall make the like ! note in trie lists of voters kept by them. in all cases where the name ot Ihe person claim j ing to vote is not found on tbe list lurnished by the ! commissioners, and assessors, or his right to vote whether found thereon or not, is objected to by any qualified citizen, it shall be the duty of the inspec tors to examine such person on oath as to his qualifi cations, and if he claims to have resided within th<* State for one year or more, his oath shall be suffi cient proof thereof, but he shall make proof by at feast one competent witness, who shall be a quali fied elector that he has re-ided within the district tor | more than ten days immediately preceding said elec tion arnl shall also himself swear thatjhis bona fide residence, in pursuance 0! his law ful calling,is with in the district, and that he did not remove in the district for the purpose of voting therein. "Every person qualified as aforesaid, and who shall make due proof it' required, of his residence : and payment of taxes, as aforesaid, shall he admitted to vote in the township, wardol district in which he shall reside. It any person shail prevent or attempt to prevent any officer ot an election under this act from holding such election, or use or threaten any violence to any such officer, and shall interrupt or improperly inter fere with him in The execution of his duty, shall block or attempt to block up the window or avenue to any window where the same may be holden, or shall riotously disturb the peace of such election, or shall use or practice any iutimidat ion, threats, force or violence, with the design to irilluenre nadulv or overawe any elector, or prevent him from voting, or to restrain the freedom 01 choice, such person on conviction shall be fined in any sum not exceeding five hundred dollars and to be imprisoned for any time not less thaH one nor more than twelve months, and it it shall be shown to the Court where the trial ! of such offence shall be had, tbat the person so of fending was not a resident of the city, ward, district ; or township where the said offence was committed, and not entitled to vote therein, then, on convitliorr, he shall be sentenced to |y a fine of not less than one hundred nor more than one thousand dollars, and be imprisoned not less than six mouths nor more than two years. If any person or persons shall make any bet or wager upon Ibe result of any election with the Commonwealth, or shall ofier to make any such bet or wager eilhei by verbal proclamation thereof, or by any written or printed advertisement, challenge or invite any person 01 persons to make such bet or wager, upon conviction thereof he 01 they shall for feit arid pay three times the amount so bet or oifered to be bet. NOW THEREFORE, be it known, by an Act ot the Legislature of this Commonwealth, entitled "An Act Prescribing the Time and Manner of Sub mitting to the People, lor their ratification and re jection, the proposed Amendments to the Constitu tion," approved May twelfth, Anno Domino one thousand eight hundred and fifty-seven, it is provi ded as follows, to w it; Section 1. That, lor the purpose of ascertaining the sense 01 the citizens of this Commonwealth in regard to the adoption or rejection of said amend ments, or either of them, the Governor of this Com monwealth shall issue a writ of election, directed to trie Sberifi' of" each and every County of this Com monwealth. commanding them to give notice in the usual manner, in not less than two newspapers in each County, (provided that so many are published therein,) that an election will be held in each of the townships wards and districts therein, on the second Tuesday of October, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty-seven, for the pur pose of deciding upon the adoption or rejection ot the said amendments, or any of them; which said elec tion shall be beid at the places, and opened and closed at the time at and within which the General Elec tion of this Commonwealth are held, opened and closed ; ami it shall he the duty of tbe Judges, Inspec tors and Clerks of each of said townships, wards and districts, to receive at the said election, tickets, either written or printed, or partly written and part ly printed, from citizens duly qualified to vote for Members of the General Assembly, arid to deposit them in a box or boxes to be for that purpose provi ded by the proper officers; which tickets shall be re spectively labelled on the outside, "First Amend ment," "Second Amendment," "Third Amend ment," and "Fourth Amendment," and ihose who are favorable to said Amendments or any of them, may express their desire by voting each as many seperale written or printed; or partly wiiiten or printed ballots or tickets, containing 011 ihe inside thereol the words "For the Amendments," and those who are opposed to such amendments, or any ot them, may express their opposition by voting each as many seperate written or printed ballots or tick ets, containing on the inside thereof the words, "Against the Amendments." SKCTIOX 2. That the election on the said proposed Amendments, shall, 111 all respects, be conducted as the General Elections of this Commonwealth are now conducted ; and it shall be the duty ot the re turn judges ot the respective Counties and districts thereof, first having carefully ascertained the num ber of votes given lor or against each of said amend ments in the manner aforesaid, to make out dupli cate returns thereof, expressed in words at length, and not in figures, only one of which returns so made -hall be lodged 111 the Prothonotaiy's Office of the Court of Common Picas of the proper County, and the other sealed and directed to the Secretary of the Commonwealth, and by one of said Judges de posited forthwith in the most convenient Post Office. And the Judges of the respective districts afore said, are required to meet at Bedford, on the Friday next following the holding of said election, then and there to perform those things required of them by law. Given under my hand, at tny office in Bedlord, this 11th day of Sept., in the year of our Lord one thou sand eight hundred and fifty-seven, and the &id or Independence of the United States. HUGH MOORE, Shtriff. Sept. 11, 1557. ll.l\Kl.\<* lIOLSE* OF JOHN T. HOGG. BEDFORD, BEDFORD CO, J SOMERSET, SOMERSET " [ g MOUMPLEASANT, WESTMORK'D" \ = CONNELLSYILLE, FAYETTE CO. UNIONTOWN, " I 5 BROWNSVILLE, " I 2. NEW BRIGHTON, BEAVER CO. J ? Deposits received, Discounts made, Drafts bought, sold and collected. Bank notes and Specie bought and sold. Stocks, notes, and other securities, bought and sold 011 Commission. Correspondence and col lections solicited. Aug. 21, ISO". OCT NO HUMBUG.—H. H. HUTZ'S Celebrated Tetter Wash is the only safe and sure remedy ever discovered lor curing the Tetter, Ringworm, and all eruptions of the skin. It is so infallible a remedy, that a perfect cure in all cases of Tetter is guaran tied, if attentively applied. 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