Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, October 2, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated October 2, 1857 Page 3
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Tbe Bedford Gazette. LOCAL AND PERSONAL. PR. UiCKOK delivered an address before the teachers attending the Teachers' School, in the lecture room of the Presbyterian Church, on the evening of the 24th ult. The Doctor's effort is well spoken of by all who had the pleasure of hearing him. The County superintendent, Mr. Heckerman, also delivered an excellent address 0 n theocrasion. THE GALL*INT DEMOCRATS of East Providence Township, held a meeting at the house ot D. A. T. Black, Esq., in that town ship, on Saturday, the J Bth of September. The list of the officers of this meeting has been mis laid. We remember only that YVM. GRAY, Esq., was President, YVm. Richey, John Barton and Joseph Chamberlain, Esqs., Vice Presidents, and Wot. Morgart and John C. Black, Esqs. Secretaries. Addresses were made by G. H. Spang, £ s q- and Major Tate. The meeting was large and full of enthusiasm. OJYE HUNDRED of the invincible De mocracy of Juniata Township, met in the town ol Buena Vista, on Tuesday last. The meeting was oranired by the appointment of NICHOLAS KEGO, E*p, President. Jacob Dull, Jacob Adams, Daniel Deal, Joho Corlev, Michael Hdlegis, L- N. Evan, Heaiy Otto, Henry Horn and P. F. Lehhian, E<qs., acted as Vice Presi dents, and Henry Guyer, John Gillespie, Fred erick Hitlegas and Francis McGirr as Secreta ries. Speeches were made by B. F. Meyers, Gen. Bowman and Major Tate. The meeting adjourned with three loud and hearty cheers for the Democratic State and County Tickets.— Juniata will be right side up with care, on the Second Tuesday of October. Slick a pin there ! Ao interesting reminiscence (to us, at least,) of this meeting, is the recollection of the elegant supper served uj) by Jtuige Snively ol Schelis burg, loceitain parties, on their return from Buena Vista. Commend us to the table of the Judge, for good eating. MEE T ISC Of THE BUCHANAN CLUB— The largest merlin? of this association that has yet been held during the present campaign, assembled in the Court House, on Saturday eve ning last. The meeting was called to order by HON. JOB MANN, President of the Club, and was ably and effectively addressed by Gen. Bowman, O. E. Shannon and G. H. Spang, Esqs. The speakers were frequently interrupted : with loud and continued applause. The speech of Mr. Shannon, was an able j and searching exposition of'Che frauds practised I by the Abolitionists of tnistounty, last Fall, in obtaining the Fillmore vote for their own can- 1 didate, Fremont. He showed from thp files of j the Abolition organ in this place, that whilst it ! pretended to be supporting Fillmore, it was publishing articles deeply tinged with the doc trines of the Fremont party, and that with Fill- i more's name at the mast-head, it was secretly ! and indirectly laboring for the success of his Abolition opponent. He referred to the fact that thu same Abolition organ had made a very ; IjV'Cm afair notice of OW. FV>ftt/s speech tine ( last Fall, and of the Fremont meeting before i which it was delivered, and that it published 1 calls for Fremont and Dayton meetings, all of which, said the speaker, were proofs incontro- ; vertibl* that those who managed its editorial de partment, although insisting that they were friends of Fillmore, were Fremont men in dis- ! guise. He then adverted to the ciiarge of bri bery preferred against certain of the Fillmore j press, by Air. Swoope, the Chairman of the A- ' mericssi State Committee. The people of Bed- | lord county, said he, were warned during the: last campaign, against the corruption and ve rality of the Opposition leaders. The proofs j are now before us, that that warning was not j given wrthout suthcient cause. One of the j principal newspapers belonging to the Opposi- J tion press of the state, publishes a communica tion from the Chairman of the American State i Committee in which the statement is made and | sustained by affidavit, Gov. Ford left the sum oj s.ioo in this county as a bribe for the so-called Fillmore paper! The wriggling and twisting of that paper, under the charge, said Ur. Shannon, serves but to convince the people that there is "more truth than poetry" in the allegations of Mr Swoope. Mi. S. might well have added, in the language of the gifted Loaiva y: "'•The man who takes a bribe would strip the dead, vJr.tahthe orphan of his crust of bread; tkvlest to justice, equity and right, this man would steal the aged widow's mite; He is prepared for every kind of fraud his country, or betray his God, 'Pillage the palace of the King of Kings, Ant!-strip the gilding from an angel's wings." After the speakers had concluded, the meet tag-adjourned amid deafening cheers, and loud eamacstrations of joy. II \ R K I ED: Gn Sunday the 20th of Sep., ultimo, by P. F. Leb ntarffkq., Mr. Franklin Lowry to Miss Phoebe Ellen, <!ai(rt,ner of ,\f r . Abraham W. Shroyer all of London derry Tow oship. Oil the gothidr., near Pleasantville, by the Rev. V E. Gild*. Mr. Tobias Feather, to Miss Catharine Aiiion, both of Bedford Co. DIED: hi Bedford on the 14th of August, of Consumption, MARY, daughter of B. VV. and Sarah Garretsoo, a -ged 15 year., 4 months and 16 days. ibe subject of the present notice, was from her tntancy the child of suffering; but in all her afflic tions she seemed to exemplify the words of Holy writ, "Tribulation workelh patience." Her last ill ness which was protracted and painful, was endur e<l with unmurmuring resignation, and the change death wrought upon her was doubtless infinite gain to her. To her mourning friends she seems to say, "Shed not a tear o'er your friend's early bier, When lam gone." * , * ■"Come at the close qf the bright summer day; Corneas the sun sbeda his last ling'nng ray— Come and rejoice that 1 thus pass'd away, W her. 1 am gone." •100 LOCAL AND TRAVELLING AGENTS WANTED. Business paying from $5O to $l5O per month. No humbug or chance business Permasießt employment given and no capital requir ed- For further particulars enclose poatage stamps and address, A- SIMPSON, Exeter, N. H. Aug. 7, 's7_:im. Just received at SHOEMAKER'S Colonade Store a 'arge supply 0 f Groceries. Nt TU &to U'.C Tt i 8 eM t N t & irmvanted. at this oil ice, several loads of good fife-wood. Ten Dollars Reward. LOST on the Sth of Sepember last, one WALLET POCKET HOOK, containing a check on the Trea sury of Bedford County, and also prornissoiy notes and other papers. The above reward will be paid to any person returning the same to roe with its con tents. B. W. GAKRETSON. Oct. 2, 57. Executor's Notice. LETTERS Testamentary having been granted to the undersigned, upon the estate of Nicholas Keller, late of Bedford Borough, deceased—therefore, all per sons knowing themselves indebted to said estate will please call and settle the game, and those having claims against said estate will present tbem proper ly authenticated. JOHN H. KELLER. Oct. 2, 1857.-Ct. GIFTS! GIFTS!! GIFTS !!I A PRIZE TO EVERY PURCHASER, At the Quaker City Publishing House of DUANE RULISON, PHILADELPHA. BY Buying a book tor $l, or more, you are at once presented with a prize, worth from 20 cents toSiIOU, consisting of Fine Gold Jewelry, Watches, &c. All orders by mail will be piomptly tilled, and the prize or prizes will accompany the books. Our list con tains all of tbe most popular books of tbe day, and will be sold at ihe usual retail prices, many of them for less. Persons wishing any particular book curt order at once, and it will be forwarded'witb a gilt. A catalogue giving lull informaffon'with a list of books and gilts, will be sent post paid, by addres-ing. DL'ANK RULIsON, No. 33 South Third St., Philadelphia. OyAgents Wanted. October "J, 1807. 500 AGENTS WANTED. A HOMESTEAD FOJi $10! THIRD DIVISION. $310,000 worth of Farms anil Building Lots, IN THE GOLD REGION OF CCLPEPKR COUNTY VIRGIN IA, to be divided amongst 10,200 subscribers, on tbe 7th of December 1857. Subscriptions only ten dol lars down ; or $l5 one half down the rest on delivery of the DEED. Every subscriber will get a Building Lot or a Farm, ranging in value fromsio t0525,000. These Farms and Lots are sold so cheap to induce setllements, a sufficient number being reserved, the increase in the value of which will compensate lor the apparent low price now a-ked. Upwards of 1350 lots K several farms are already sold & a company of settlers called "THE RAPPAHANNOCK. PIONEER ASSO CIATION," is now forming and will soon commence a settlement. Ample security will be given for the faithful performance of contracts and promises. Nearly 45,000 acres of land in different parts of Virginia now at command & will be sold to settlers on the most advantageous terms. Unquestionable titles will in all cases be given. Farmers, Mechan ics and Manufacturers are wanted; and 500 AGENTS to obtain subscribers, to whom the most libera! in ducements will be given. Some Agents write that they are making $2OO per month. Advertising will be done for everv Agent where po-sible. For full particulars, Subscriptions, Agencies, Sic., Apply to E. BAI'DF.R, Port Royal, Caroline. Co., Va. or to D. R. Anderson, Agent, Cumberland valley P. 0., Bedford Co. Pa. Notice of Inquisition. WHEREAS Campbell Hendrickson, late of Cumberland Valley township. Bedford county, died seized of the follow ing Real Estate, viz : The mansion place, containing 260 acres and al lowance, surveyed 17th November 1766 for James Dunlap, on order No. 65f dated Ist August 1766 another thereof, containing 134 acres 15 perches and allowance, surveyed 23d May 1789, on warrant <la- I Oai 14 -V pS 11 1 "7C7 anzstiicr t kA r aof |/*II OA II bo VlaJ* Tract, adjoining the Dunlap Tract, and containing about 90 acres—another tract warranted in the name of Rebecca Cessna, containing about 350 acres, be ing mountain land. Said decedent died leaving a widow, Susan Hen drickson, and issue six children, viz: Mary Ann. in termarried with Elsy McElish, residing in Allegany county, Maryland, Elizabeth intermarried with Thos. Donehoe, Hannah, intermarried with Lorenzo Cessna, Jonathan, Amy, intermarried with George Nave, and Susan Hendrickson, residing ,in Bedford county. NOTICE is therefore given, that in pursuance of a writ of partition or valuation to me directed, I will proceed to hold an inquisition or valuation on the premises, on Monday the 2Ctli day ol October, 1857; when and where all interested uiay attend if they see proper. HUGH MOORE, Sheriff's Office, Bedford, [ Sheriff. October 2, 1857. Y Notice of Inquisition. WHEREAS Peter Shimer, late of Union Township, Bedtord Coun ty, deceased, died seized of the following Real Es tate, Y'iz- One Tract of land being the Mansion Place, situate in Union township, Bedfoid County, containing a bout one hundred and seventeen acres, adjoining oth er lands of Ihe widow- and heirs ol said intestate on the east, land of Isaac Pressell on the north and north east, and lands of Dr. Peter Shoenberger's heirs ! and others, on ihe south and south east. Leaving a widow, Rebecca Shimer, and issue ten children, viz: Isaac Shinier, residing in Bedford county, Martha, intermarried with Henry Dell, re-i -ding in Blair county Pennsylvania, Rachel, intermar ried with Emanuel Keller, residing in the same coun ty, David Shnmer, residing in Wayne county, Ohio, Elizabeth Fickes, (widow) Frederick Stumer, Mar garet, intermarried with Weimert Reuunger, Hannah Intermarried with John Weyant, residing in Bedford co.mtv, Peter Shimer, and Su'an intermarried with John Fickes, all residing in Bedlord county. Notice is therefore hereby given, that in pursuance of a writ of Partition or Valuation to me directed, 1 will proceed to hold an Inquisition or Valuation, on the premises, on Saturday, the 24th day ot October; next, when and where all interested may attend if they see proper. HUGH MOORE, Sheriff's Office Bedford, I Sheriff. October 2. 1857. £ NOTICE. AS the undersigned intends leaving the country for some time, he would therefore take this method of informing all persons indebted to him by note or oth erwise, that he ha- placed the same in the hands of Jonathan Fichtner and V. B. Wertz, of Harrison tp., for collection, who are duly authorized to settle and collect the same. FRKD'K HILDEBRANDT. Sep. 25, '57. 3f Auditor's Notice, THE undersigned, appointed by the Conrt of Com mon Pleas, in ami for the county of Bedl'oid, to report distribution among creditors, of the money in the hands of Joseph B. Noble, Rq., Sequestrator of the Palton-ville and Woodberry Turnpike Road Compa ny, will attend to the duties of his appointment, on Wednesday, the 14ihday of October, next, at 10 o clock of said day, at his office in the Borough of Bed ford, when and where all persons interested can at tend with due proofs of their respeettve claims Claimants should be fully prepared in this particular. JNO. P. REED, Auditor. Sept. 25, 1857. Teachers Wanted. THERE are nine School Teachers wanted to take charge Public Scltools ol Colerain township, Bedford county, The Schools will be opened on the Ist day of November nejtt.- Applicants before applying, must be examined and procuie proper certificates from the county Superintendent. None other need apply, Bv order oi the Board. JOS. J. SHOEMAK.EU, Sec'y. Sep. 25, '57. Bedford Hotel, And General Stage Office. The subscriber respectfully begs leave to an nounce to his old friends and the public ovner ally, that he has leased the Bedford Hotel, at present in the occupancy of Col. Adam Ba'rn hart, and will take possession on the lstdav of April next. It is not his design to make many professions as to what he will do, but he pledges his word that his most energetic efforts evil Tbe employed to render comfortable ail who give him a call. The House will be handsomely fitted up, and none but careful and attentive servants will be engaged. Persons visiting the Bedford Springs, as well as those attending Court, and the travelling community general ly, are respectfully invited to give him a call and judge for themselves. [GP*Boarders taken by the Week, month, or year, on favorable terms. ftjT*Ample and comfortable stabling is at tached to this Hotel, which will always he at tended by a careful hostler. Also, a "safe and convenient carriage house. (ErV//f the STAGES stop at this Hotel. JOHN HAFER. March 16, 1855. BEDFORD T OLM Y, W AT an Orphans' Court held at Bedford, in and lot th- County of Bedford, on Ihe Ist day of September, A. D. 1857, before the Judges of the said Coml: On motion ol O. K. Shannon, Esq., the Court grant a rule upon the heirs anil legal representatives ot George B. Kay, late of Hopewell township, deceased, to wit : Rebecca Philips, wife of Rev. Samuel Phil ips. residing in Franklin county, Isaac F. residing in Blair county. Ezra P., Raehae), I.avinia, Mary Catharine, Elizabeth Jane, Henry Harrisoi , Eliza Irvine arid Thomas J. Kay. residing in Bedford roun- ; Tv; to be and appear at an Orphans' Court to be hoi- i (led at Bedloi(I in and lor .aid county, on Ihe .'ld ! Monday, sixteenth day of November next, to accept 1 or refuse to lake the real estate of George B. Kay. : deceased, at Ihe valuation which has been valued j and appraised in pursuance ola writ of partition or , valuation issued out of the Orphans' Court of Bed- ' ford County, and to the Sheriff of .aid county direc- j ted; or show cause why the same should nor be sold. ] By order of the said Court IN testimony whereof, 1 have hereunto I set my hand ind seal of the said court at Bedford, the 4tb day of September, i A! I). 1857. An est; D. WASHABAL'GH. I HUGH MOORE, Sb'ff. - Clerk. BEDFORD COCm, ss- AT an Orphans' Court j held at Bedford, in and for the County of Bed ford, on the 31st day of August, A. D. 1857; i before the Judges ol (he said Court: ON motion of Francis Jordan, Esq., the Court grant a rule upon the heirs and legal representatives of James VVemmer, late of Monroe township, deceased, to wit: Abraham YVemmer, residing in Hocking: county, Ohio. Moses Wemrner and Pha-be, intennar- I ried with William Hixon, residing in Bedford county, to be and appear at an Orphans' Court to he holden at Bedford in and for said County, on Ihe third Mon day, sixteenth day of November next, 'o accept or refuse to take the Real Estate of said deceased, at the valuation, which has been valued and appraised, in pursuance of a writ of Partition or Valuation, Issued out ol the Orphans' Court of Bedford County, and to the Sheriff ol said Countv directed, or show cause why the same should not be sold Bv order of said Court. tin testimony whereof, I have hete- Ee unto set my hand and seal of tile said Court of Bedford, this 40) day ?* of September, A. D. 1857. Attest. L>. WASHABAL'GH Cl'k- HUGH MOORE, Sh'tf. , Sent. -5, 1857, FOB SALE— At the Bwtfurd I Springs, a quantiv of CEMENT in barrels. Sep. 18, '57.-0. testate OF James Y\ alter, deceased. lETTERS testamentary having been granf j ed to the undersigned, upon the eslate ol decedent, late of Southampton township- notice is hereby given to all person indebted to said estate to call and -etlle the same, and Those having claims will present tbem properly authenticated. DAVID WALTER, Ex'r. Sep. -t, 57.-6t. For Sale. ONE Farm of 213 acres in Friend's Cove, about four miles from tire Bedford Springs. The land is lime stone, and is one of the -urest Farms for a winter crop, in the Cove. The improvements are commo dious and convenient. There is an abundance of excellent fruit upon the premises. About 125 acres cleared, and the balance well timbered. I erms easy or hard to suit purchasers. ALSO 80 acres or thereabouts of timber land: a part of the Vickroy Estate, called "Sugar Bottom" in St. Clair township. The land, as well as the Timber is not surpassed by any in the County, and lays in sight nl a Saw- Mill. There is one field ol this tract cleared, and containing a fine lot ot Irnit. lerms as above. ALSO 800 acres of land in lowa. ALSO 120 acres in Morrison county. Minnesota Territory. ALSO A lot of Real Estate in Nebraska Territory. A good opportunity is presented for making in vestments. O. E. SHANNON. Bedford, Sept. 11, 185". Public Sale OF REAL ESTATE. BV virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court, of Bedford County, the subscriber will sell, at Public- Sale, at the late residence of Elia- Ritz, Esq., in Clearviße, on Saturday the 2-Uh day of October, 1857, all the Real Etate of said deceased, to wit • One lot of ground fronting *lO feet on Maine street, and extending back about 173 leef, with a new two slory Frame House and Log Stable thereon erected, adjoining an alley on the Last, a lot of Luyy Gtllam on the west, in the town of Clearvillej Monroe township, Bedford county. Pa. ALSO one other lot of ground in said township, containing 4j acres, more or !*'* a " cleared and upder fence, adjoining lands ol Philip Grubb, Joseph fktrkman and others. Sale to commence at oneo' clock. P. M. JAMES CARNF.LL, Adin'r. of the Estate ot F.lias Ritz, dec'd. Sept. 18, 1825. NEBRASKA TAKEN! 50,000 RUSSIANS SLAUGHTERED!! TIN AND COPPERSMITH BUSINESS!!! TUV subscriber having commenced the above buain " in Patronsville, Bedford coonty, would res pectively inform the public, that he is prepared to ""™ COPPER AND SHEET IRONI on the most accommodaiing ",s-ALH)> WOV® Pipe at 121 cents per pound: and spouting at 1 1 cents CASH per foot, this being cheaper than can be had at anv other establishment in the place or neighborhood. n.o.h i-we b .rscJ determined to spare no pains to pleas give him a call, he hopes to receive a liberal .hare 01 iuT'Tr- bliC * CHARLES T. BLAKE. A l.rre .Mortment of Glass Preserve Jars, jost received, at SHOEMAKER'S Store. Aug. 14. 1857. PROCLAMATION OK General Election. "HEREAS in and by an Ad of General TT Assembly of the Commonwealth ol Pennsylvania, entitled "An Act to regulate the Gen eral Elections within this Commonwealth," it is en joined upon me to give public notice of said EIPC [ tions, and to ennmerate in said notice what Officers are to be elected, I, HUGH MOORE, Sheriff of the : County of Bedford, oo hereby mBke known and give this public notice to the Electors of the County of Bedford, that a General Election will be held in said County,on the second Tuesday (13th) of October 1857, at the several election districts, viz: The Electors of the Borough of Bedford and township of Bedford, to meet at the Court House in said borough.

The Electors of Broad top township to meet at the School House in the town of Hopewell. The Electois of Colerain township to meet at the house of Benjamin Kegg, in Rainsburg in said township. The Electors of Cumberland Valley township to meet at the new School House erected on the land owned by John Whip's heirs in.said town ship. The Electors of Harrison township to meet at school house number 5, near the dwelling house of Henry Keyser in said township. Tlie Electors of Juniata lownship to meet at Keyset's school house jn said township. The Electors of Hopewell township to meet at the School House near the house ol John Dasher in said township. The Elect ois of- Londanderry township to meet al the house now occupied by VVm. H. Hill as a shop, in Bridgeport, in said township. The Electors of the township of Liberty to meet at the School house in Slonerstown in said township. The Electors of Monroe township to meet at the house of James Camel in Clearville, in said township. The Electors of Schellsburg borough lo meet at the brick School honse in said borough. The Electors of Napier township to meet at the house built lor a school house in the bor ough of Schellsburg. The Electors of East Providence township to meet a! the house of John Nycum jr., inn keeper in said township. The Electors of Snake Spring township, to meet at the school house, near the Methodist church on land of John Hartly. The Electors of West Providence township, to meet at the new log school house at Bloody liun in said township. The Electors of St. Clair township to meet at the store near the dwelling house of Gideon Trout in said township. The Electors of Union township to meet at the house of Michael VVyant in said township. The Electors of South Woodherry township lo meet at the house of Samuel Oster near No ble's mill in said township. The Electors of Southamplon township to meet at the house of VVm. Adams in said town ehip. The Electors of !he township of Middle Wood jerry 'o nit-el at the house of Henry Fluke in the village of Wood berry: at which times and places Hie qualified Electors will elect bv ballot: ONE PERSON for Governor of the Common wealth. ONE PERSON for Canal Commissioner of the Commonwealth. TWO PERSONS for Judges of the Supreme! Court of the Commonwealth. ONE PERSON in conjunction with the coun lies of "Somerset and finrrttllgdon, to flft Itie j office of Senator, to represent the counties of j Bedford, Somerset and Huntingdon in the Le- 1 gislature of the Commonwealth. TWO PERSONS, in conjunction with the conn- ! tv of Somerset, to fill the othce of Members | of the House of Representatives, to represent * the counties of Bedford and Somerset in the j House of Representatives. ONE PERSON for the office of Prothonotary i and Clerk to the Orphans* Court lor the coun- j tv of Bedford. ONE PERSON for the office of Sheriff of said county. ONE PERSON for the office of Treasurer for said county. ONE PERSON for the office of Commissioner! for said county. ONE PERSON for the office of poor house di rector. ONE PERSON for the office of Auditor for said county. The election to be opened between the hours of 7 j and 8 o'clock in the forenoon, by public proclama- j tion, and to keep open till 7 o'clock in the evening, j when the polls shall be closed. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That every person, excepting Justices of the peace, ! who shall hold any otfire or appointment of profit | or trust under the United Stales, or of this State, or anv city or corporated district, whether a cotnmis- j sioned officer or otherwise, a subordinate officer, agent I who is or sfiall be employed under the legislature,' executive or Judiciary department of this State, j jor of any city, or of any incorporated dis- ! trict, and also, that every member of Congress and of the State Legislature, and of the select or? common council of any city, or Comnii-sioners of j any incorporated di-triet is by law incapable ot hoi- j ding or exercising a' the tune the office or appoint- j merit of Judge, inspector or clerk ot any election of this Commonwealth, and that no inspector, judge or i other officer of such election shall be eligible to be ' then voted for. And the said act of assembly, entitled "an act re- ] lating to elections of This Commonwealth," pass ed July 3d, 181'J, further provides as follows, to wit: •'That the in-pectors and judges, shall meet at the respective places appointed for holding the election in the district at which they respectively belong, be fore 8 o'clock in the morning of the '2d Tuesday of October, and each said inspector shall, appoint one clerk, who shall be a qualified vcter of such district. •'lri case the person who shall have received the second highest number of votes for inspector, shall not attend on the day of any election, then the per son who shall have received the second highest num ber of votes for Judge at the next preceding election, shall act as inspector in his place. And in case the person who has received the highest number of votes for inspector shall not attend, the person elected Judge shall appoint an inspector in his plane, and in case the peion elected judge shall not attend then the inspector!w ho received the high est number of votes shall appoint a judge, in his place; and if any vacancy sha\l continue in the board lor the space of one hour afte? the time fixed by law ! for the opening of the election, the qualified voters for the township, ward or district for which such of ficers .hall have been elected, present at the election, shall elect one oj their number to fill such a vacan cy. It shall be duty of the several assessors respec tively to att-'iid at the place of holding every gener al, special, or township election duiingthe whole time such election is kept open, for the purpo-e of giving information to the inspectors, and judge, when called on, in relation to the right of any per son asses-ed by them to vote at such election, and 011 such other matter-Jn relation to the assessment of voters, as the said mspectors or either of them shall from time to timp require. "No person -hall be permitted to vote at any elec tion as aforesaid, than a white treeman of the age of twenty one or more, who shall have resided in this State at least one year, and in the election district where he offer- to vote ten days immediately prece ding such election, and within two years paid a State or county tax which shall have been assessed at least ten days before the election. But a citizen of the United States who has previously been a qualified voter of this State and removed therefrom and re turned, and who shall have resided in the election district and |wid taxes, aforesaid, shall be entitled to vote after reMding tn this State si* months : Pro vided, That the white freemen, citizen" of the Uni ted States between the ages of twenty-one and twenty-two years, who have resided in the election district fen days as aforesaid shall be entitled to vote, although they shall not have paid tax. No person shall he permitted to vote whose t ame is not contained in the list of taxable inhabitants furnished by the Commissioners, unless: First, he produce a receipt of payment, within two years of State or County tax a9%esseil agreeably to the Con stitution, and give satisfactory evidence on his own oath or affirmation of another that he has paid such a tax, or in a failure to produce a receipt shall make oath to the payment thereof, or Second, 1 The claim a right to vote by being an elector between the age of twenty-one and twenty-two years shall depose on oath or affirmation, that he has resided in the State at least one year next before his application, and make such proof of residence in the district as is re qnired by 'his act, and that he does verily believe, Irom the account given him that he is of the age aforesaid, and give such other evidence as is requir ed by this act whereupon the name of the person so admitted to vote shall be inserted in the alphabetical list by the inspector, and a note made opposite there to by writing the word'tax,' if he shall be admitted to vote by reason of having paid tax, or the word 'age' if he shall be admitted to vote by reason of age, and in either case the reason of such a vote shall be called ont to the clerks, who shall make the like note in the lists of voters kept by them. In all rases where the name of the person claim ing to vote is not found on the list furnished by the commissioners, and assessors, or his right to vote whether found thereon or not, is objected to by any qualified citizen, it shall be the duty of the inspec tors to examine such person on oath as to bis qualifi cations, and if he claims to have resided within the State for one year or more, bis oath shall he suffi cient proof thereof, but he shall make proof bv at least one competent witne-s. who shall be a quali fied elector that he has resided within the district for more than ten days immediately preceding said elec tion and shall also himself swear that! his bona fide residence, in pursuance of his lawful calling, is with in the district, and that he did not remove in the district for the purpose of voting therein. "F.veiy person qualified as aforesaid, and who shall make due proof if required, of his residence and payment of taxes, as aforesaid, shall be admitted to vote in the township, ward or district in which he shall reside. If any person shall prevent or attempt to prevent any officer of an electron under this act from holding such election, or use or threaten any violence to any such officer, and shall interrupt or improperly inter lere with him in the execution of his duty, shall block or attempt to block up the window or avenue to any window where the same may be holden, or shall riotously disturb the peace of such election, or shall use or practice any intimidation, threats, force or violence, with the design to influence unduly or overawe any elector, or prevent him trom voting, or to restrain the freedom of choice, such person on conviction shall be lined in any sum not exceeding five hundred dollars and to be imprisoned for any time not less than one nor more than twelve months, and if it shall be shown to the Court where the trial of such offence shall be had, that the person so of fending was not a resident of the city, ward, district or township w here the said offence was committed, and not entitled to vote therein, then, on conviction, he shall be sentenced to pay a fine of not less than one hundred nor more than one thousand dollars, and be imprisoned not less than six months nor more than two years. if any person or persons shall make any bet or wager upon the re.-ult ot any election with the Commonwealth, or shall offer to make any such bet or wager either by verbal proclamation thereof, or by any written or printed advertisement, challenge or invite any person or persons to make such bet or wager, upon conviction thereof fie or they shall for feit and pay ttiiee times the amount so bet or offered to be bet. NOW THEREFORE, be it known, by an Act of the Legislature of this Commonwealth, entitled "An Act Prescribing the Time and Manner of Sub mitting to the People, for their ratification and re jection, the proposed Amendments to the Constitu tion," approved May twelfth, Anno Domino one thousand eight hundred and fifty-seven, it is provi rf as lolU'-wrs, to uiit : SECTION 1. That, lor the purpose of ascertaining the sense of the citizens of this Commonwealth in regard to the adoption or rejection of said amend ments, or either of them, the Governor of this Com monwealth shall issue a writ ol'election, directed to the Sheriff of each and every County of this Com monwealth, commanding them to give notice in the usual manner, in not less than two newspapers in each County, (provided that so many are published therein.) that an election will be held in each of the townships wards and di>tricts therein, on the second Tuesday of October, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty-seven, for the pur pose of deciding upon the adoption or rejection of the said amendments, or any of them; which said elec tion shall be held at the places, and opened and closed at the time at and within which the General Elec tion of this Commonwealth are held, opened and clos'ed ; and it shall he the duty of the Judges, Inspec tors antPC'lerks of each of said townships, wards and districts, to receive at the said election, tickets, either written or printed, or partly written and part ly printed, from citizens duly qualified to vote for Members of the Generai Assembly, and to deposit them in a box or boxes to be for that purpose provi ded by the proper olficeis, which tickets shall be re spectively labelled on be outside, "First Amend ment," "Second Amendment," "Third Amend ment," ami "Fourth Amendment," and those who are favorable to said Amendments or any of them, may express their desire by voting each as many seperate written or printed; or [rartiy wriiten or printed ballots or tickets, containing on Ihe inside thereof the words "Forthe Amendments," and those who are opposed to such amendments, or any ot them, may express their opposition by voting each as many seperate written or primed ballots or tick ets, containing on the inside thereof the words, "Against the Amendments." SECTION 2. That the election on the said proposed Amendments, shall, in all respects, be conducted as the General Ejections of this Commonwealth are now conducted ; arid it shall be the duty of the re turn judges ot the respective Counties and districts thereof, first having careiully ascertained the num ber of voles given for or against each of said amend ments in the manner aforesaid, to make out dupli cate returns thereof, expressed in words at length, and not in figures, only one of which returns so made r-hal 1 be lodged in the Pro!honotary's Oliice of the Court of Common. Pleas ol the proper County, and the other sealed and directed to the Secretary of Ihe Common wealth, and by one of said Judges de posited forthwith in the most convenient Post Office. And the Judges of the respective districts afore said, are required to meet at Bedford, on the Friday next following the holding of said election, then and there to perform those things required of them by law. Given under my hand, at my office in Bedford, this 11th day of Sept., in the year of our Lord one thou sand eight hundred and fifty-seven, and the 82d of Independence of the United States. HUGH MOORE, Sheriff. Sept. 11, I>>37. OF JOHN T. HOGG. BEDFORD, REDFORD CO, ) - SOMERSET, . SOMERSET " \ MOUNT'PLEASANT, WESTMORE'D" \ = CONNELLSVILLE, FAYETTE CO. l " UNIONTOWN, . 4 ~ BROWNSVILLE, " ] = NEW BRIGHTON, BEAVER CO. { F Deposits received, Discounts made, Drafts bought, sold ami collected. Bank notes and Specie bought and sold. Stocks, notes, and other securities, bought and sold on Commission. Correspondence and col lections solicited. Aug. 21, 1837. HUMBUG.—H. H. HUTZ'S Celebrated letter Wash is the only safe and sure remedy ever discovered lor curing the Fetter, Ringworm, and all eruptions of the skin, it is so infallible a remedy, that a perfect cure in all cases of Tetter is guaran tied, il attentively applied. In ordtuary cases one bottle will be sufficient to perfect a cure. In bad ca ses, with a 1 etter ot long standing, more will be re quired. Price 25 cents per bottle. For Sale at Dr. j Reamer's Drug Store. Bedford, Pa. I May 22, 1857 ly. PUBLIC SALE OF Valuable ileal Estate. HY virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court of Bedford coonty the undersigned will olfor at public sale on tbe premises in South ampton township, on Saturday the 3d day of October next, the following described real es tate, viz: One tract of land on "Ragged Mountain" con taining 57i ACRES,adjoining lands of Thom as Lawhead, Mary Ann Buxton, Edward North craft, and the ondersigned. ALSO— One HOUSE AND LOT OF GROUND in Chaneysville, tbe house being a story and a half frame house, with store room adjoining— ALSO, a frame stable thereon erected, togeth er with other out buildings. Terms—CASH—at confirmation of sale at November Court. DAVID WALTER, Ex'r of Samuel Walter, deceased. Sep. 11, 57. Notice. e J THE subscribers would inform all persons in terested in their books or papers, that said book* &.C., will be in the hands of J. H. Schell for thirty days, alter which they will be left in tbe hands ot an officer for collection. M. SCHELL & SON. THE subscribers have on hand an excellent lot ol White Pine and Spruce Boards, also a lot of White Pine Shingles, which they will sell low. Sept. 11, 1857. SAUSAGE MEAT CUTTERS, CORN SHELLERS, &C., REMEMBER tbat Blymire & Hartley keep the best Machines of all descriptions, ever offered to tbe peo ple of Bedford County. Their Samage Meat Cutter* tV Com Stutter* e re warranted, especially, and when not fully equalling the representation may be re turned. Orders are solicited from this and adjoining counties. Sept. IS, 1807. Executors' Notice, LETTERS Testamentary having been granted to the undersigned, upon the Estate of Pau'l. Wisgarver, der'd. late of Bedford township—notice is hereby given to ail persons indebted to said estate to call and settle the same, and those having claims will present them properly authenticated for settlement. W.M. C. VVISEGARVEK, A. J. WISGARVER, Sept. 18, 1857. Executors. FOR SALE AT THE MACHINE SHOP in Bedford, ONE DRILL (Moore's Patent) warranted a superior article. Price moderate. PETER H. SHIRES. Sep. 11, '57. 3t.* NOTICE. A LL persons interested are hereby notified j\ that the citizens of St. Clairsville, in the county of Bedford, made application to the Court of Quarter sessions of said county for a Charter of Incorporation, which said applica tion having been read and filed among the rec ords of said court, will be held over for fi nal consideration until November Sessions, 1857 when objections (if any) will be heard and a final decree made in the premises. By the Court. MANN & SPANG, Sep 11, '57. Atty's for applicants. School Notice. The Public Srhoot* of the Borough of Bedford will be opened on Monday the 2d day of November next. There will be wanted two Male and three Female Teachers, also a Male or Female to take charge of the Negro School—Applicants most be examined and procure proper certificates from the Coun li/ Suprrmtenr/rut at the time advertised, 21th October, none others need apply—The Board will expect to contract with teachers cm tbe 25th Octo ber. Bv order of the Board, JNO. P. REED, Secr'y. Sept. IS, 1887. WHITE PINE LUMBER FOR SALE. THE subscriber has a large lot of Shingles and dry Boards, for Sale at the following prices. Lap Shin gles $5,00 per thousand, Joint Shingles -1,00 do.— Boards 1,00 per hundred. West End, 17 miles West of Bedford, on the Glade Road. LOUIS N. FY AN. Sept. 18, 1857. PUBLIC SALE, Of Very Valuable Real Estate. VLL that property in Somerset county, known in part as the Imhoff property, and now belonging to the estate ot John Keeffe, deceased, and which was advertised by the sub scriber in the Bedford and one of the Somerset papers of last December and January, and not sold—will attain be otfered for sale on ° Wednesday, the Ith day of next October, altogether or in parts as may best suit the sev eral interests of the heirs. Conditions of sale made known at the time, and at the house on said property, now occupi ed by Jacob Ringler, bv SAMUEL BROWN, Surviving Executor of the last will and testament of John Keeffe, dec. Sep. 11, '57. " ' [£F*Somerset Democrat, copy and. charge "Gazette." 1 ' ; • f < DRUG STORE FOR SALE Any person desirous of purchasing a well esta blished and profitable Drug Store can hear of a first rate opening by addressing the editor of this paper. July 17, 1857. Notice. The subscriber being much annoyed and damaged by fishers and hunters, running over bis property is determined to put a stop to the same ; he therefore hereby cautions all such persons, that if found tres passing upon his farms, by either fishing or hunting, he will bring suit immediately against them. Aug. 28, 1857. HENRY HORN. Administrator's Notice, LETTERS Testamentary having been granted to j the subscriber, upon the Estate of Jacob Riffle, late of Juniata Township, in the County of Bedford, de ceased. Notice is hereby given to all persons hav ing claims against said Estate to present them proper ly authenticated for settlement, and all persons in debted to tbe same, are requested to make immedi ate payment. The subscriber will meet all persons i interested, lor the above purposes, at the late resi ' dence of decedent, from the 22d to the 26th of Sep tember instant. JOHN C. RIFFLE, Admr. Sept. 18, 1857. Bazin's fancy Toilet Soaps, Shaving Cream*, ; stc. just received and for sale at Dr. Harry's Drug Store. HOOFS—Brass tt Whalebone. Skirt Hoops Jus Received at Shoemaker's Colonade Store. Aug. 21,1857. 20" Sacks of G. A. Salt, for sale at SHOEM AKER'S j Colonade Store. I Aug.l4, 1857.