Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, October 30, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated October 30, 1857 Page 3
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The Bedford Gazette. LOCAL AND PERSONAL. FAIR of lhe Bedford County Agr.cultural Society, held in this place on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday °f last week, was largely attended by , op i e from every part of the county. On Tburs ,'jav our streets were thronged t\ilb crowds of spec tators ami exhibitors. The display of machinery was very good. Among •be many useful articles on exhibition in this depart c|lt we noticed aCorn and Cob Mill, presented by our tiiends Blymire and Hartley. The live stock was of superior breeds, and a nutn iJfr of fine horses were shown off by their o'n ers, The fruits, vegetables, &c., we have never seen c -passed anywhere. This department was also tol erably full- Quite an array of fancy articles, forming a very elegant and tasteful display, was arranged in the brand Jury Room in the Court House. Next week we will publish the list of premiums awarded at this Fair, in which will be given the names of the persons to whom those premiums were adjudged. IYE PAID a visit, the other day, to Stuglr's ATu - ...j, which has been holding forth iri our town du ring the last week, and which con-i-ts (as we an nounced a short time ago) ot minerals, fo-sils, Indi en relics, beasts of prey, birds, reptiles, insects, &c., collected in this county. Among other curiosities to be seen at this Museum, is a small smooth stone on which is carved an image of the human face. This Mr. Slag'.e pronounces an "Indian Idol, or god."— '.Vearenot well enough "booked" oti Indian mythol ogy, to give an opinion on the subject, hut errtcx, antiquai .ans have often told us more incredible things than this. Mr. S. tells us that the stone wa •r.uad about two miles from the limits of our bor ough. WE WERE SHOIVX, a few days ajjo, a specimen of some very fine molasses made out of the Chin-'se sugar cane, by Mr. Samuel Car ney of this county. e are informed that Mr. Carney made 6 gallons and d quarts of this ma- Usses out of 3*2 stalks of cane! If this new vegetable continues to grow in favor with the agriculturists of our country, as it has during the last year, :t w ill at no distant day, become one of the staples of the fanner. .IV ATHLETIC FRIEXD of ours once had a "rough and tumble" fight with a large tame black b-ar. Bruit), having been confined in a small enclosure, for a long period of time, bad become stiff and awkward, and therefore, cameout ol the fray, rather "the worse for the wear." Our friend being asked why he did not finish the bear, when he had rendered him hors tie combat , replied, that he would have done so, but, out of considerations lur his own family, the bear having been raised with them, he concluded lie would not kill him. A man of "phine pheeiinks," wasn't he ? THE AMERICAN' mare, Prioress, beaten about two months ago for the Goodwood Cup, won the Crsari witch Cup, in the late race at New market, England. The American horse, Lecompte, is dead. THEGREAI MOXEY PAXIC is seizing hold of the commercial affairs of the Biitish nation. The "crisis," has become a regular epi demic. THE "AMERICAX AGRICULTURIST for November, is on our table. It is filled to the brim with interesting articles on every variety of Agricultural subjects. It contains thirty large three column pages and is gotten up io good style. Orange J mid, New York City, is the publisher. Price §I,OO in advance. MR. CRjiWFORD, the American sculptor, died in London, on Saturday, Oct. lOtti THE PHILADELPHIA 'PRESS' says that OeurgeJ. Henkels, of that city, will distribute totiie fioor five hundred loaves of bread every Wednesday and Saturday during the coming winter. George Ims a good heart in his bosom. L'"t him be remembered. ft E THIS WEEK add another new feature to our paper, that of the publication of the Bedford Markets which will be continued ivg ■darly hereafter. The Philadelphia markets u in aim be found in this issue. MRS. DIE RUSH, the well-known friend and beiielactrt-ss of the gifted poor, died a few days ago at Saratoga, N. x. She was immense ly wealthy and devoted much of her money to 't ie relief and encouragement ot destitute artists ''■ l authors, whose blessings will follow her to her grave. DIE IS I < .ILIA AT, CIAJB did not meet Saturday evening last, on account of the 1 - of meeting not having lieen cleaned up, A .or at tiie late Fair having used it as a uepositnry for some of their a,-tides. G next Saturday evening the Club will • A large attendance is expected,. READ THE ADVERT IS EM EXT of^lr* c ■> h-~d. !f is goods we can recommend-us °f the best quality. Henry Shaw, a Wealthy gentleman of St. ua> declared his intention to lent a va- | , i t an., g with wood for {lie benefit of j poor of St. Louis (luring the coining winter, i J:! 's H a noble example. -~ lc * was made on Thursday night of the ! of a quarter t) f an inch in the suburbs I B -ston. Wiu sis in i • at the Court House, on Saturday : •"•'g next. A full attendance is requested. j AGRICULTURAL MEETING. Society V 1 ,'" B ° f !w * Bedford County Agricultural ) rexoluh'o ° Ctobef ' 6th ' ,nst -. Hie following He . ""animousjy adopted : Society n ' 'he Fledlord County Agricultural j *edoe ß( <- J" f ' he C ° Urt Hou,ie in Bedford, on j the n-w of K '°' next rt wek, at which time i 'heTra s , ° f the Societ y will be installed, and ' *" mome, \T,i* Sha " ,nal£€il full report of i heir bands belonging t„ the Society. JOHN J. CESSNA, Sec'y. f! A fit EC 1 i: I>: On the 22d. inst, by the Rev. D. Williams, Miss j Mary Sill, of this county, to Dr. H. M. Duff, of I Morrow County, Ohio. i [The types made us say Huff, in place of Duff, last week. We beg pardon of the happy couple lor ' tbe misnomer.j i On f he Mh in-'., at the residence of Col. F. D. j Heegle, bv Rev. N. E. Gilds, Dr. Samuel G. Statler ; to Miss Emma Jane Beegle. both of St. Clair town i ship. On the 25th inst., at the Parsonage, in St. Clairs ville, by Rev. N. R. Gilds, Mr. Emanuel Moorehead to Miss Rebecca Berkbimer, both of St. Clair town ship. _ On Tbur-day evening the 22d inst., by John Smith, Esq., at the house of her lather, .Miss Rebecca, daughter ot Je>se Blackburn, to Mr. David L. Suters, all of Napier town.-bip. DIED: !' .;< j'?-..;.i RiJ In this place, Sept. 30th, Mrs. Catharine Lynch, a ged 37 years. The deceased was born in York,fa. Sbe was a member of the M. E. Church upward(r*"sf 17 years. Alter a lingering illness, death came and found her ready tor her solemn change. Perfectly rational, and conscious that her end was nigh, her dying utterance was one of holy triumph. "If this ibe death; 1 have the victory over sin." She then exhorted her husband to meet her in Heaven. So passed away the wife and mother. On earth her loss is keenly telt and mourned; but in heaven there is giadness over another spirit safe at home. (York Papers please copy.) W. L. S. Eeciford Markets. CORK ECTED WEEKLY BY J. & J. NL. SHOEMAKER. Elonr, $5 00 Butter, E> cts. Wheat, per bu. 100 s , per doz. 10 " Rye, " 50 cts. llaui peril). 18 " Buckwheat, per bu.4o " Lard " 10 " Barley, " 621. " Onions, per bu. 37' " Oats, " 35 " Corn, " 10 • Potatoes, " oTj Philrdelphia Markets. [From the Philadelphia Press.] OCTOBER 24th—Evening—Breadstuff's generally continue inactive, and without much alteration to note in either the price or demand of any of the lead ing articles. Flour is not wanted for export, ship pers are out of the market, and common superfine usually taken for Europe, can be had at $5.25 per. bbl; some holders now a-k more, and vvehear of nosh ing doing beyond the local trade sales, at prices ran ging from $5.25 up to $7.25 per bbl. from common mixed supra to extra and fancy family brands, the latter for premium (lour. Corn meal and rve tlour are very quiet; the former is dull at $3.02 J for conn try new, although a small sale is reported at "about that figure; the latter is scarce at 4.25, most hold ers demanding more. Wheat is inquired for by tlie miller*, and prices are tending upwards on prime lots, which are mostly in request, about 1,800 bus. good Southern red biought 124 to 125 c, 3,000 bus. white do. 132 c, to arrive, and SOO bus choice Virgin ia 140 c. afloat. Corn is without much demand, and veiy dull at previous quotations; about 1,500 bushels good old Southern yellow only having found buyers at 75c, including some ot interior quality at 70 to 71c, arid new at (51 to 62c. Oats are selling rather more readily at quotations, the supply having lessen ed, and about .3,000 bus have beenjtaken at 35 to 31c afloat. Rye is in steady request at 73 to 75c for Delaware and Pennsylvania, and not much offering. Barley malt—about 3,000 bus. new sold at 110 to 115, and 700 bus old do at l;3sccash. Bark is sel ling at S3O for first quality Quercitron as it arrives. Cotton is without any material change, hut the transactions are on a restricted scale. Groceries and provisions exhibit nothing new, arid the sales of all kinds are unimportant. Whiskey isselting, as want ed by Ihe trade, at 20c for drudge, 21c for hhds, and 21J to 22 j for bbls. BEDFORD <Ol MY ERECT! Noiv that tlie Democracy have triumphed in Bedford County, by the election of the whole. Democratic Ticket, I wish to say to the old pa trons of Ihe "Bedford Gazelle, " that my Books rn'isl he closeJ. And, as I d > ml wish to place them in the hands of a Justice for collec tion, all interested w ill please give this notice attention. I will press no one for payment all I ask is settlement. The 'Fair* and the ap proaching November Court, will afford uli an opportunity to settle, and 1 confidently expect they will do so. I will be found at the oihee of John I'. Heed, Esq. until Court week—at which time i will be found at the office of Henry Nicodemus, Esq. GEO. W. BOWMAN. Oct. 16', IS.W—3t. c in 3. i> t> eii ts e lit cuts. IN FORMATION W A NTED. A young njau named Nathaniel Hart Evans, former ly a resilient ot Fulton County, near AlcConnelis burg, was found missing on the 17th December last and ha- not lieen beard of since. To any person giving information of him the most sincere thanks will be returned. Direct to Ray's Ilill Post Office, Bedford County, Pa. EVAN EVANS. Oct. .30, '57. Wa a* Isi sn&i all Thr Britinh h> on battling tut tit ih, J> LATEST ARRIVAL AT J. REED'S! ,NE\V GOODS!! NOTWITHSTANDING lb e pectin in I V em barrassment, and the universal complaints <>.' "hard times," the subscriber takes plea-ure in announcing to the people of Bedford and vicinity that he has jusl returned liorn the eastern cities with a laige, handsome and cheap stock of FALL AND WINTER GOODS, among which mav be found CLOTHS, C A SSI MERES, SATINETS, TWEEDS, JEANS, NESTINGS, ME.B LEYS, .3iC.IVc. Also, an elegant assortment <>f LADIES' DRESS GOODS, consisting of SILKS, MOUSLIX de LAINES, FRENCH MERINOES, VALENCIAS, AC., arid a great variety of OTHER GOODS tor ladies' and children*' wear. ALSO— GROCERIES, HARDWARE, QUEEXS IVA REE, Sc., <S'c. ALSO—An excellent assortment ot BOOTS AXD SHOES. All kinds of domestic produce taken in exchange for good-. The notes of ali Pennsylvania Banks receiv ed at par, as w ell as trie notes of good Banks of oth er Stales. JACOB REED. Oct. .30, '57. WHITE PINE LUMBER FOR SALE. THE subscriber has a large lot of Shingles and dry Boards, for Sale at the following prices. Lap Shin gles ?5,(Ki per thousand, Joint Shingles 4,00 do.— Boards 1,00 per hundred. VVett Find, 17 miles West of Bedford, on the Glade Road. LOIIS N. FY AN. Sept. 18, 1857. FOIDRI UD Willi mm'. 101 NDKY AND MACHINE •EV"' lie establishment recently erected by ! Milliard Dock, in Hopewell, Bedford county, are now ° rder V' or CASTINGS AND ! -IJ 01 vver y Rescript ion. Thev will ' build to order steam-engines, coal and drift-cars ! ■orse powers and threshing machines—also cast-! IUU oi evety kind for furnaces, forges, saw, a r ,st and i £'„? attUvr-"-, sSoxffl'oVts r "*"•* A lull assortment of Stove, will be kept contant ly on hand, and sold at wholesale and re.ail, at pri ces to suit the times, and quality, warranted equal to the best eastern make. Machinery oi all kinds repaired promptly. Patterns made to order. n , k , r- MILLIARD DOCK. .u, is.),. j,- W. ASHCO.M. |£SOLUT, °N 0? PARTNERSHIP. THE partnership heretofore existing and trading under the firm of Barndollar, Lowrv ft Co and Everhai t, Ashcom .V Co., has this day been solved by mutual ooriseht. The books fkc.. are in the hands o Barmloller & Everhart. who are author ized to settle all accounts ot the old firm. D. K. BARNDOLLAR, j ■I. R. LOWRY. v. VV. ASHCOM. Hopewell, Sep. 1. '.07. J. C. EVERHART. THE subscribers take this method of informing the public that they will continue the business of mer-] chundising at the old stand, and hope by striet suiyii- 1 tion to business to receive a libeiui share of public fiat roriitij*. ; We bve remodeled the Hopewell Mill, and are ! now ready to grind all kind, of grain. We will at ' ail time- purchase .til kinds of grain for which the I highest price will be paid. K ~ BARNDOLLAR FX EVERHART. . Hopewell, Oct. 30, 1857. • Sheriff's Sale. BY virtue ol sundry writs of Fieri Facias' to roe directed, there will be sold at the Court House, in the Borough of Bedford, on Monday, the 16th day of November is.',7, at 1 o'clock, P.M., toe follow ing described Real Fistate, to wit: One tract ot land contaiuUig 160 acfes, more or !es-, about -'■) acres cleared and under lence—adjoin ing lamisof George May, George Troutman ami oth ers; situale and iy:ng partly in Londonderry arid partly HI Juniata township-, Bedford county, and ta ken in execution a- the property of .losiah Keller man. ALSO—One tract of land containing 150 acres, moie or ies-, about 70 acres cleared and under fence, with a two story trame house, wagon shed, and dou ble log bam thereon erected—adjoining lands of John Laff'erty, William Nycum and other.-: situale iri Ju niaia town-hip, Bedford county, and taken in execu tion a- the property of Moses LaflVrty. ALSO—One tract of land containing 320 acres, j more or less, about 30 acre- cleared and under lence, I with a two story trame house, tenant house, new ; saw-rr.ilt and double log barn thereon erected—ad- i joining lands oi James McDaniel. Gassend Hand add others; situate in Monroe township, Bedford county, j and taken in execution as the property of Hctiry Ar nold and Joseph Reed. ALSO—AII defendant, Peter Barmoml's right, ti- I tie, interest and claim, in and to one tract of unim proved ridge land, containing 44 acres, more or less adjoining lands ot B. W. Garretson, James Rea, Watson's heirs and others; situate in Bedford town ship, Bedford county, and taken in execution as the property of Peter Barmoud. Also—One tract of land containing It acres, more or less, all cleared and under f-nce, with a two sto ry stone house, tenant house, small store room, log wagon maker shop and double log bain thereon erec- j t e d— apple oichard thereon—adjoining lands ol John Tredwell, John Kerr and others; situate in Juniata township, Bedford county, and taken in ex ecution as the property of Jo-eph Gondoti. ALSO—AII detendant. George W. Hollar's, right, title, intere-t and claim, in and to a tiact of land, containing 350 acres more or less, about 125 acres j cleared and under good fence, with a two story log! house with kitchen attached, and double log barn theieon erected—also, an apple orchard thereon—ad-: joining lands of Joseph Gondon, John Kerr and oth- I ers; situate in Juniata township, Bedford county, and ' taken in execution as the property of George W. Flo!-! lar. ALSO All the Hopewell and Bloody Run Plank j Road Company's right, title, mtere-t and claim, in and to a lot of ground fronting about 1.1)0 feet on the I Hopewell and Bloody Run Plank Road, and extend-' ing hack about 200 feet, containing ih all about ore half acre, with a new two story plank" bouse there on erected—adjoining lands on the F!a-t, West and North of the Hopewell Iron and Coal Coriipair.; sit uate in lljpev.ell township, Bedford county, and ta ken in execution a- the property of the Hopewell K Bloody Run F'lank Road Company. ALSO—One lot of ground in the town of Stoners town, lionting 'ill feet on main street and extending hack about 225 leet to an alley, with n large two -torv frame tavern house, with back building at tached, frame shop and large frame stable thereon erected—adjoining lot of defendant Tricker on the north and an alley on the south—also, one vacant lot i ot ground in the town of Stonerstown, fronting about! 55 !<:et on main street and extending back about 22.5 j teet to an alley—adjoining an alley on the north, and i lot of John McCaffrey on the south—also, one lot of | ground in the town of Stonerstown, fronting 60 feet j on main street, and extending back about 225 feet j to an alley, with a story and a half log house there- \ on erected—adjoining lots of Hoover'- heirs on the j north and lot ol def't Tricker, on the south, and all { situate in Liberty township, Bedford county, and ta- : ken in execution a- the property of George 'Tricker. j ALSO—AII defendant, Daniel Metzgar's right, title, interest and claim, in arid loa tract of land con taining about 112 acres, more or less, about 36 acres cleared and under fence, with a two story log house and log barn thereon erected—Adjoining lands ol ! John .Met/gar, William Showman and wile, and oth- j ers; situate in Harii-ou town-hip, Bedford county, i and taken in execution as the property of Daniel | Metzgar. AL.Bo—All defendant, John Kreis' rigiit, title, in terest and claim, in and to a tract of land contain ing .30 acres, more or less, about 20 acres cleared and under good fence, with a story and a halt log i bouse, log stable and saw-mill thereon erected—ad-I joining lands of Andrew Sparr, John Seilar, Maihewi Kniltenoiir arid others ; situate in Juniata township,! Bedford county, and taken sn execution as the prop- I ertv of John Kreis. ALSO—One lot of ground in the town of Stoners- : town, fronting 55 feet on main street and extending j buck22o teet to an alley, with a two story trame j store house thereon erected—adjoining other lots ot j defendant Crisman, on the north, and street running i from Juniata river to the town oi Saxtor. on the j south; situate in Lihertv township, Bedford county, and taken in execution a- the property ol Joseph Crisman. ALSO—AII defendant, Jo-eph Barn's interest, in i arid to a tract of land containing 2 )0 acres, more oi j less, about 25acres cleared and under fence, with | two small log houses and log -table thereon erected | adjoining lands of Isaac Hunter, Andrew Collins, j Abraham Kichey and others; situate in Southampton ; township, Bedford county, and taken in execution as j the properly of Joseph Barns. ALSO—One tract of land containing 432 acres,: more or less, about IHucre* cleared and under lence, j with a two-tory log bouse thereon erected—adjoin ing lands of Samuel Weekly, John Zook, ( hristian i Long and others; situate in Broad Top township, ; Bedford county, and taken in execution as the prop- j ertyof William <() \|| defendant's interest, mand to a lot ; of'ground near Fa.bner's mill, fronting about 250 j feel on the public road, and extending back about . 150 feet, with a two story Methodist Episcopal j Church thereon erected-adjoming lands on the north and west of John W.Scott, and lot of Jacob Farhner on the south; situate in Bedtord township, Bedlord I county, and taken in execution as the property of John Smith, John Sanson., Samuel Smith, David Points and Samuel Beeler, m.stee, of the Methodist Epl.cop.l Chu,ch, 1 MOORK : Sheriff. Sheriff'- Office, Bedlord, ( October 30, 1557. ( NEW FANCY STORE. MRS. H. D. PEUGH N CO., respectfully invite the attention of the Ladies of Bedford and vicinity to their new and handsome stock of goods just opened in •'Mann's Building" Julianna st. opimsite Dr. Ream ers Drug Store. 1 hje goods have been selected with the greatest care, god are of the latest style and best quality. 1 heir stock consists in part of Moire Antique Silks. All Wool de laines. Blk. G/o de Rhine. do do printed. !• rench Merinoes, plain and printed Blk. Elastic Belts. Moss head Fringes. Chenille Trimmings. Bugle I 'aces. Chenille Scarfs. Ladiei Kid Gloves. Chenille head dresses. Ladiev Gauntlets. Fancy French Corsets. Gents Blk. Kid Gloves, Velveteen, Ike. Ike. Perfumery, Extracts, Jewelry, kc | LADIES'and CHILDREN'S' BONNETS in great va , liety. A general assortment of Ladies and Misses SHOES, GAITERS, OVERSHOES, IkC. SHAWLS of every quality and desciiption. H. D. PEUGH. ETTIE A. FISH BURN, Oct. 23, i 5.",7,

Administrator's Aoliee. NOTICE is hereby given that letters of Adminis tration, have been issued by the Register of Bedford County, to the undersigned, residing in Bedford, on | the estate of Amos Raley, late of Londonderry town- I ship dec'd. All persons having claims against said | Estate, are requested to make known the same to the administrator without delay. WM. M. IIALL. Oct. 23, ISs7—t. REGISTERS NOTICE ALL persons interested are hereby notified, that the 'following named persons have filed their accounts in the Register's Office, of Bedford County, and that they will b& presented to the Orphans' Court of said Gtiunty, on Friday the 20th day ol Nov. next, for Coutii mution, where they may attend if they think proper. 'The account of Thomas J. I'orter, admr. ofWm. N. Porter, late of Londonderry township dec'd. The account of Daniel B. Troutman, Esq., admr. ol Jacob Albright, late of Londonderry township, dee'd. The account of Simon Brumbaugh, adm'r. of the •■state ol David Barley, late of South Woodherry township, dec'd. The account of John Mower, Esq., admr. de bonis aon ot Dr. F. B. Barclay, late of Bedford Borough, dec'd. The account of Samuel Cam, Esq., Guardian of Susanna Burkef, one of the minor children of Abra ham Burkel, late ol Union Towmhip, dec'd. Register's Office, ( 1). VVASHABAUGH, Oct. 23, 1857, Register of C.'HiM's I'U i" down for Trial at the Nov. Term, 16th day, 1857. George W. Anderson, vs. David Over, William V\ hetstone, et al Martiu Corle et al. David Patterson, vs. S. M. Barclay's admrs. John Dettbaugh, '< H. K. Strong, et al. John Cessna's use, " Frederick Smith. John VVeyand, •• Wm. Keyser. Jacob I*etter, • Win. Delaney. Same, • Same Louis A. Turner, •• Wm. Keyser. Turner ik Kegg, • Joseph Sholby et al. Samuel S. Stuckey, " Henry Keyser. John Skelly, •• George Stuckey et al. Peter Staly, ♦ Baltzer Dull. Burgess Ik Council * S. M. Barclay's heirs. Proth ys. Office, ( D. VVASHABAUGH, Oct, 23, 1857. } Protk'y. COURT PROCLAMATION. To the Coroner, the Justices of the Peace, and Constables in the (liferent Townships in the County of Bedford, Greeting. KNOW YE that in pursuance of a precept to me directed, under the hand and seal of the Hon. FRANCIS M. kIMILLL, President of the several Courts of Common Pleas in the Sixteenth District, consisting oi the counties oi Franklin, Bedford anil Somerset, and by virtue ot his office of the Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail delivery for the trial oi capi tal and other offenders therein and in the Gene ral Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace: and JOHN G. HARTLEY and A. J. SNIVEL v, Esqs. Judges of the same Court, in the same County oi Bedford, You and each of you are hereby re quired to be and appear in your proper persons with your Records, Recognizances, Examina tions, and other remembrances before the Judges aforesaid, at Bedford, at a Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail Delivery and Gene ral Quarter Sessions of the Peace therein to be holden tor the county of Bedford, aforesaid, on the 3d .Monday of November,(being the 16th day,) at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day, there and then to do those things to which your several offices appertain. GIVEN under my hand at Bedford, on the I+th day of August , in the year of our Lord 15.'7. HUGH MOORE, Sheriff. Oct. 23, 1857. STR-.Y CATTLE. Came trespassing oil the premises of the subscriber in Bedford Township, on or about the lir-t of Sep tember last, four head of cattle—one of them being two years old and the other three being yeailuigs. The two year old is a heifer of a brown color with white spots. One of the yearhugs is a red beifer, with the right ear cropped. The owner is lequested to come forward prove property, pay charges and take them away, or they will be di-posed of as the law directs. > DEW ALT HARSH BA RGEII. Oct, 16th. 8.:*4 of Ijt JltTs REMAINING in the Post Office at Bedford Pa., Oct. 16, 1857. Biown Asa, Black David, Brough I'eier, Burns E noch, Bonnaphan A, Beer Robert, Capt Brunhamous, Boyle Patrick, Baicker David, Burger John, Cun ninghamH K, Clark C John, Child* Philip, Carter Isabella Mrs, Currell Elizabeth Miss, Conner O Heicnles, Clipped E Ellen Miss,Clark O C,Cleving er Geo, Cloresiuh Baichoel Miss, Donnett G A Hon, Dickson Henry. Duch Charles, Darling Catharine Miss, Dotiafd Eliza M iss, Deportist VV Jesse, Devore Sarah Mrs, Devore K Jacob, Dettbaugh Sophia Miss, Dollard Margaret Miss, Diehl Geo, Edmards K Mary- Miss 2, Fresby Norman 2, Fisher Naom Miss, Douglas Joseph H. Geary John \V Hon, Gill John, Garubante Geo, Gahir De Devrel, Ganden Joseph, Hammer Julia A Miss, Henderson M A Mr. Hartzell Henry, Houston Robert, tlollinan Edward, Hazlett William, Huhbaid VV VV, Hyatt Thomas, Helsel Sarah Mrs, Jones Asbery, Jobe VV F, Ishna J, Ken nel! X. I.ydev, Keim A S, Kline Genos, Kluris G-orge, Kasper Samuel, Lavy John, Law-head John, I.owery Samuel, Leber Eruauuel, Lyhert John, Locus VV V, May Geoige, Mans Margret Miss, Mason Samuel M, McGraw 11 S, Miller John VV, Miller YViiliarn, Mann Henry Jr, Mackall James. McCutchew George, Mink Jacob A, McCann Thomas, Miller Elizabeth Miss, Moaris Jane Miss, Knox John C Hon, Nisbit John R, Norris Isaac M, Jones Henry VV, Ondry Kate Miss, Ohaver Eliza V Miss, Pool Frederick S, Phelps P ! Dr, Price Mary VV 2. Prisby Norman H>q, Price Frances, Plummer M S Esq, Pfister A rnauda C Quriggle VV 1, Riseling Vanery, Reilly James, Rohm M H, Retter George. Reynolds John J, Kilter John, Rapp A Esq, Reuxnau John, Schiest John G, Summers John, Smith Nellie M, Steel Ema Miss, Sinilh George of Alex, Spurns M S, Shamer Joseph P, Stine Moses, Stenson Elizabeth Mrs. Skirving John, Thompson Edgar J, Thomas Beni"- siman, Turney Adam P 2, Thomas Valentine Mrs, Thomas Ann Maty, Tulsy Jas Col 2, Tod David lion, Welch A Esq, Wallace Edwin, Wells Alfred!] Esq 2, Warden 11 B, Watson Louise Miss, Welch Anitnles Esq, YVresiier H VV Esq, YVeyd Jphn, Youn® Richard Esq. J. A. MO WRY, P. M. Oct. 16, 1857. White Teeth and a Perfumed Breath can be acquir ed by using the Bairn of a Thousand Flowers to be had at Dr. Harry's Drug & Book Store. SAUSAGE MEAT CUTTERS, CORN SHELLERS, &C„ REMEMBER that Blymire &c Hartley keep the beat Machines of all descriptions, ever offered to tt.e peo pie of Bedford County. Their Pa usage Meut Cutlers iV Corn Shel/rrn are warranted, especially, and when not fully equalling the representation may be re turned. Orders are solicited from this and adjoining counties. Sept. 18, 18.77. Executors' Notice, LETTERS Testamentary having been granted to the undersigned, upon the Estate of Dan'!. YVisgarver, dec'd. late of Bedford township—notice is hereby given to all persons indebted to said estate to call and settle the same, and those having claims will present them properly authenticated for settlement. YVM. C. VVISKGARVEK, A. J. WISGARVER, Sept. IS, 1557. Executors. NOTICE. \LL persons interested are hereby notified that the citizens of St. Claitsville, in the county of Bedford, made application to the Court of Quarter sessions of said county for a Charier of Incorporation, which said applica tion having been read and filed among the rec or of said court, will be held over for fi nal consideration until November Sessions, 1857 when objections (if any) will be heard and a final decree made in the premises. By the Court. MANN ,N SPANG, Sep I], '57. Ally's for applicants. Turnpike Election. An election will be held at the house of William Pearson in Woodherry, on Monday the 2nd day of Nov.. next, lor the purpose of electing one President, five Managers and one Treasurer of the Pattonsville and Woodherry Turnpike Koad Company, for the en suing year. G. R. BARN DOLLAR, President. Oct 10th. TEACHERS WANTED. The Board of I) irectors, of Bedford Township School District, wish to employ Eleven Teachers, competent to take charge of the Common Schools of said district. JOHN BROWN, Secretary. Oct., 10th. Teachers Wanted. THERE are nine School Teachers wanted to lake charge of the Public Schools of Colernin township, Bedford county. The Schools will be opened on the Ist day of November next.*- Applicanls before applying, must be examined and procute proper certificates (rum the county Superintendent. None other need apply. Bv order oi the Board. JOS. J'. SHOEMAKER, Sec'v. Sep. 25, '57. CAUTION. fhe undersigned cautions the public against being imposed upon by certain persons who are traveling thi> county pretending to sell goods on his license. Let the people ask them to show their license before they purchase of them. ABRAHAM OI'PENHEIMER. Oct. 23, '57. Executor's Notice. LETTERS Testamentary having been granted to the undersigned, upon the estate of Nicholas Keller, late of Bedford Borough, deceased—therefore, all per sons knowing themselves indebted to said estate will piease call and settle the same, and those having claims against said estate will present them proper-*- ly authenticated. JOHN H. RUSH, Ex'r. Oci. 2, 1857.-6t. Mrs. *. i:. Potts HAS just returned from the Cities with a Rich as sortnient ol fall and Winter goods, such as elegant Rich Si I k, all Wool Plaids, Merino Delaines, Velan cies, Thibet Cloths, Calicoes, Cloaks, MANTLES, FURS, 5 elvet and Satin Bonnets, French Flowers. Plumes, Rihbends, Rushes, a great variety of Ladies and Childretis Boots, Shoes and Gaiters,'with a variety of Fancv Goods. Oct. 16, 1857. GREAT EXCITEMENT AT SHOEMAKERS COLONADE STORE. THE undersigned having just returned from the eas tern cities, are now opening a splendid assortment of Fall and Winter goods, consisting in part ofLadies Dress goods. Black and Fancy Silks, Merinoes, De laines, Cashmeres, Alpaccas, Shawls, Calicoes, H'ooilen Hoods & Talmas for Ladies and children, Red and \\ liite Flannels, Hosery, Ike. Gentlemen and Boys wear Cloths, Bl'k. and Fancy Casimeres, Jeans, Tweeds, Safiuetts, Mti-lins, Ac., BOOTS &, SHOES, Gents and Boys Boots and Shoes, Ladies and Misses Shoes and Gaiters of all sizes and descriptions. A general assortment of Gents Ik Boys Hats and Caps. Flour Oil Cloths, Syrup, White & Brown Sugar, Green and Black Tea. Groceries of all kinds, Buckets, Tubs, Baskets, Queensware, Hardware, and all articles usually kept in country Stores. Thankful for past favors they hope that by fair deal ings, and a desire to piease, to receive a liberal share of public patronage. All kinds of Produce taken in exchange for Goods. J. & J. M. SHOEMAKER. Oct. 16, 1557. NEW FALL GOODS. The subscribers have just received a large assort ment of Fall and Winter goods, all of which will he ottered at prices to suit the times. We respectfully invite Cash and prompt six month buyers, to call and examine our stock —assuring them, we shall otter inducements greater than heretofore. Country Produce of all kinds received for Goods. A. B. CRAMER Co. Oct. 16 1857. Notice of Inquisition. WHEREAS Peter Shimer, late of Union Township, Bedford Coun ty, deceased, died seized of the following Real Es tate, Viz- One Tract of land being the Mansion Place, situate in Union township, Bedford County, containing a bout one hundred and seventeen acres, adjoining oth ei* lands ot the widow and heirs of said intestate on the ea.t, land of Isaac Pressell on the north and north east, and lands of Dr. Peter Shoenbeiger's heirs and others, on the south and south east. Leaving a widow, Rebecca Shimer, and issue ten children, viz: Isaac Shimer, residing in Bedford county, Martha, intermarried with Henry Dell, resi ding in Blair county Pennsylvania, Rachel, interrnar tied with Emanuel Keller, residing in the same coun ty, David Shimer, residing in Wayne county, Ohio, Elizabeth Fickes, (widow) Frederick Shimer, Mar garet, intermarried with Weinoert Reminger, Hannah Intermarried with John Weyant, residing in Bedford county, Peter Shimer, and Susan intermarried with Jolm hickes, all residing in Bedlord county. Notice is therefore hereby given, that in pursuance ola writ of Partition or Valuation to me directed, I will proceed to hold an Inquisition or Valuation, on the premises, on Saturday, the 24th day of October; next, when and where all interested may attend if they see proper. c , . <r , „, r „ , HUGH MOORE, Sheriff s Office Bedford, t Sheriff. October 2. 1857. I A large assortment of Glass Preserve Jars, just received, at SHOEM AKER'S Colonade Store. Aug. 14. 1857. Baziti s fancy Toilet Soaps, Shaving Creams, N.C. just received and fox sale at Dr. Harry's Drug Store. 20 Sacks of G. A. Salt, for sale at SHOEMAKER'c Colonade Store. Aug.ll, 1557. BLVMIRE AND HARTLEY. I'he undersigned respectfully invite attention to tl.eir new and elegant stork of Builders and Ale ' I anirs Hardware and Labor saving Machinery, and House furnishing goods. Their slock is largely se lected with great care, and embraces every thing usually kept in similar establishment!. Their stock i* composed in part of the following, viz : Cutlery of all descriptions. Carpenter's tools. ( abinet maker's tools and findings, Wooden and willow ware, Ropes of several sizes, Chains in assortment, Shovels, scoops, forks and spades, Files and Rasps in Variety, Locks of all descriptions, And Builders Hardware in general, Farmers, Hand and Sleigh Bells, Skates for all the boys, Iron and Steel of ail Sizes, Brass, Copper and iron wire, Churns in Variety, Coffee and Spice 54i115, ( Warranted y Fox, Rat, aud Mirt traps, Spade, Shovel, lork and axe handles, Brushes in Variety, Nail*, Class and Putty, Pallets and oilsy Fluid, Pine oil and Turpentine, Sausage Meat cutters, uusuipassed. Sausage Stutters, Apple Parers, Double and Single Bit axes, Knife cleaners, an excellent article, Britannia ware, ( opper, brass, porcetained arid tin lined Kettles, Patent and common Sad Irons, Shoemakers tools rod findings, Screen wire, Chain Pnmp>, Farmers Bag*, Corn Shellers, Corn Fodder Cutters and crushers, Corn miffs, Class and common Lanterns, Oil for Harnes, and Machinerv, And 1000 other articles large and small, suited to the wants and fancies ot all clashes. In connection with the loregojng, Blinyireaud Hartley have their: Depai indent, in which they ir.anofactore under the immediate supervision of Mr. Blymire, their excell ent assortment of tin ware. We offer great induce ments to country merchants byway of a large dis count, very large stock, and excellent work, their assort ment of stock embraces probably 20 diferent patterns of Cook and Heating Stores selected from the choicest patterns of the best Foundries, in Phila delphia, Baltimore York anu Pittsburgh, we ask espe cial atention, to this part of our stock by all wantin" good warranted stoves. IVe have on band a few old fashioned stoves at reduced prices. Berlin Stoves, SIO,OO all sound. Hathaway SIO,OO tosltf,oO Thankful to all who have patronized us with job work, we would inform them that we still attend with care and despatch to out door work, spouting and sheeting done at the lowest prices according to quality of the work. We keep constantly on hand the celebrated Victoria stove Blacking, Which is cheaper and superior to any thing eLe ever used for this purpose. Russia and American stove Pipe and Fire boards constantly on hand and made to order, Whole Sale or retail. In short every thing in the tinning, stove and copper smith line. Please give us a call and examine for yourselves. Oct ICth. BLYMIRE & HARTLEY. BEDFORD COCSTF, ss. AT an Orphans' Court heli! at Bedford, in and fbt th- County of Bedford, on the Jst day ol September, A. D. 1857, before the Judges of the said Court: On motion of O. E. Shannon, Esq., the Court graut a rule upon the heirs and legal representatives of George B. Kay, late of Hopewell township, deceased, to wit : Rebecca Philips, wife of Rev. Samuel Phil ips, residing in Franklin county, Isaac F. residiag in Blair county. Ezra P., Rachael, Lavinia, Mary Catharine, Elizabeth Jane, Henry Harrison, Eli2a Irvine and Thomas J. Kay. residing in Bedford coun ty; to be and appear at an Orphans' Court to be hol ded at Bedlord in and for said county, on the 3d Monday, sixteenth day of November next, to accept or refuse to take the reai estate of George B. Kay, deceased, at the valuation—which has been valued and appraised in pursuance of a writ of partition or valuation issued out of the Orphans' Court of Bed ford County, and to the Sheriff of said county direc ted; or show cause why the same should not be sold. By order of the said Court rJ'jjjjjKJit testimony whereof, 1 have hereunto I s,,t * lan: ' an( ' sea ' ot 'be said court at Bedford, the 4th day of September, A. D. 1857. Attest; D. WASH ABA CGH, HUGH MOORE, Sh'ff. Clerk. BEDFORD (om Y ss AT an Orphans' Court held at Bedford, in and for the Countv ot Bed ford, on the 31st day of August, A. D. 1557; before the Judges of the said Court: ON motion of Francis Jordan, Esq., the Court grant a rule upon the heirs and legal representatives of James Wemmer, late of Monroe township, deceased, to wit: Abraham Wemmer, residing in Hocking county, Ohio, Mo-e Wemmer and Pha-be, intermar ried with William Hixon,residing in Bedford county, to be and appear at an Orphans' Court to be holden at Bedford in and for said County, on the third Mon day, sixteenth day ol November next, to accept or refuse to take the Real Estate of said deceased, at the valuation, which has been valrred and appraised, in pursuance of a writ of Partition or Valuation, Issued out ot the Orphans' Court of Bedford Countv, and to the Sheriff of said County directed, or show cause why the same should not be sold By order of said Court. In testimony whereof, I have here unto set my hand and seal of the saiH ( ourt of Bedford, this 4th day of September, A. D. 1857. Attest. D. WASHABAUGH Cl'k HUGH MOORE, Sh'ff. Sept. 25, 1857. Notice of Inquisition. WHEREAS Campbell Hendrickson, late of Cumberland Valley township. Bedford county,died seized ot the follow ing Real Estate, viz : l'he mansion place, containing 260 acres and al lowance, surveyed 17ih November 1760 for James Dunlup, on order No. 651 dated Ist August 17C6— another thereof, containing 131 acres 15 perches and allowance, surveyed 23d May 17SS, on warrant da ted 2d April 1787—another thereof called the May Tract, adjoining the Dunlap Tract, and containing about 9(1 acres—another tract warranted in the name of Rebecca Cessna, containing about 350 acres, be ing mountain land. Said decedent died leaving a widow, Susan Hen drickson, and t-sue six children, viz: Mary Ann, in termarried with Elsy McEtish, residing in Allegany county, Maryland, Elizabeth intei married with Thos. Donehoe, Hannah, intermarried wi:h LnrenzoCessna, Jonathan, Amy, intermarried with George Nave, and Susan Hendrickson, residing 4 in Bedford county. NOTICE is therefore given, that in pursuance of a writ of partition or valuation to me directed, 1 will proceed to hold an inquisition or valuation on the premises, on Monday the 26th day of October, 1857; when and where all interested may attend if they see proper. HUGH MOORE, Sheriff's Office, Bedford, Sheriff. October 2, 1857. } CARPETING! CARPETING!!—WiII be found at REED'S STORE from 50 ct. to 1,50, of the best make and material. Just received at SHOEMAKER'S Colonade Store, a large supply of Groceries.