Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, October 30, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated October 30, 1857 Page 4
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Agricultural Department. ft AN AGRICILTtRAL OUR. IJY WILLIAM C. BftVA\T. Far back in ages l'he plow with wreaths wa- crowned, The bands of Kings and Sages Entwined the ciuiple-s round, Till trier: of spoil Disdained the toil Ey which the world was nourished, And blood and pillage were tbe soil In which the.r laurels flourished. Now tbe world her fault despairs— * The gmlt that -tain- her story, And weeps her crime? amid the cares That formed her earlic-t glory. The thronp shall crumble, The diadem shall wane, The tribes of eartii shall humble ! he pride of those who reign; And w ,ir shall lay 1 Ji - pornp away ; 1 he lame ibat heroes cherish, I he glory earned in deadly fray, Shall lade, decay and perish. But Honor waits o'er all the earth, Th rough endless generations— The arts that call the harvest forth, Alul feed the expectant nations. The Apple—Apples for rooking. The two apples generally regarded best for stewing, are the Fall Pippin fur autumn, and the Rhude Island Greening for winter. There are two others better—namely. Com-tock's Gar den Apple for autumn slewing, and the Es .pus Spitzenburgh for winter. The former, without sugar, was found quite equal to the Fall Pippin, with a moderate sweetening. It is worthless as an eating apple,being always hard. (It was described a h-w years ago in the Cultivator.) — rhe Spitzenbtirg is urn-quailed lor richness and high fidior. The Red Astrachan is an admira ble early summer stewing apple, but i . quires much sugar: the Keswick Codiin is the be.-t im mediately following it. For baking, the Sweet Bough is best for summer, Pound Sweet I r au tumn and earlv winter, theTallman Sweeting lor winter, 'he latter standing uu.: vailed an,; r - all baking apples: for its honied sweetness. Keeping Potatoe- in VYlnter. —Potatoes spoil in winter, if buried, from three causes.— First and greatest, want of ventilation. Sec ondly, and nearly allied, dampness. Thirdly, and more rare, freezing. Farmers find most of their potatoes spoiled at the top of the heap; where they suppose they became frozen: hut this is not the usual cause: the damp, foul, steamy air ascended there, and conid not es cape, and this spoiled them. A hole made in the top, with a crowbar, and closed with a wisp of straw, would have allowed egrt ss to the con fined air, and saved the p .-fatoe . ihe best way to secure potatoes out-doors, is to make large heaps, say 50 or 60 bushels : see that they are dry and clean, by digging be fore wet weather comes on; cover them ail over with one foot of packed straw, and three inches of earth. The straw will prevent damp ness, and the few inches of earth will favor ventilation. A firm t who raises many pota toes, and practices this mode, does not iuse a peck, on the average, in 50 bushels. Valve ok Straw t.v Manures.— lt is found by careful chemical examination, that different kinds of straw possess quite different values, to work up into manure. This relative value is very nearly determined by the quantity of ni trogen they contain. Parley straw is the poor est of all: oat and rye straws ar-about one third better; wheat is nearly doable in value to barley : buckwheat is rather better than wheat; meadow hay or corn-s'alks are far ahead of any of these, being five tin, ■ as rich in nitrogen as barley straw; an,i red clover hay and pea-straw are each eight times a ; ri' has ha, ley. Wheth er these substances are mixed directiv with ma nure, or eaten first by animals,thev produce their relative effect. Carrot* in Succession.— ln s -me parts of Massachusetts, four or five successive crops of carrots are taken from the same land, without a diminished product. The editor of the New England Farmer savs he has raised four succes sive crops with a gradual increase. All crops must exhaust land more or less, unless a part or all is left on the land: but in tiiis instance, it appears that the annual manuring imparted more fertility than the crop took away. J\lancbe Enriched ly Grain. — Nearly ev ery farmer is aware that the fi>od controls the quality of manure, and that, for instance, dung from horses fed high on oats is quite a different thing from the droppings of grass-fed horses. Some kinds of gram contain more nitrogen than others, and of course impart more fertilizing power to the manure. Barley is the poorest, Indian corn a little better, and oats better than either bv about '2O per cent., the three not be ing very unlike. Molasses from Apples- —J. Macoinber, of I armington, X. \ ~ manufactures molasses from sweet apples, incomparably better than bv boil ing down "sweet cider" m commonly practised, by first steaming the apples soft, then pressing out the juice and boiling down. The juice thus yields a liberal quantity, but the precise amount he has omitted to determine. Rslif.vjng Choked Cattle. —lt is said that pouring into toe throat a pint, more or le.-s, of sweet oil, (or lamp oil,) will so lubricate the obstruction, that rubbing the throat briskly out side with the hand will so in lemove it hiding it up and down, according to its position. In any case, the oi! is a i fril auxiliary to other irmans. Sr:' T"i:i:> : . —An eminent end skil ful manager of sheep tys .: at lie seldom fails to cure sheep nf tins decease in a few minutes, bv placing • a sprwmfnl of tar in the month, and holding ' diet t> I! ihe tar melts and runs down. Lard an . < :i- r oil | . fouce a slower and less ceitain . fi ■-: Fter.utN- R PKif: Seed to Cattle. —lt is asserted by :. >d bin that pumpkin fee 8 have a cet t• i: i - specific effect Oil cows, < aus ing them to dry '■} their milk : and tint when the seeds are taken out before L-edirg, it will be found they yield a larger quantity. An Irishman tells ul a fight in which there was but one whole nose left in the crowd, "and that belonged to the tay-kettle." WM. SHAFFER, ierchaut Tailor, Continues to carry on the above business, iri all its branches, at his old stand in Julianna st. nod is prepared to accommodate all who may favor him with their custom, on reasonable terms. He constantly keeps on hand a iarge assortment of readv-made Clothing of a good and substantial quality. And, having in store a choice selection of Cloths, Cassimeres, Vest ings, Drillings, &.c. &c. he invites all in want of Clothing to give him a call, as he feels con fident lie can please all who do so. Bedford, July 3, 1857. GIFTS! SIFTS!! GFTSTMF A PRIZE TO EV2RY PURCHASER, Jit the Quaker City Publishing House of DtJANE RI'LISON, PHILADELPHA. I?V Buying a book for SI, or more, you are at once presented with a prize, worth from 25 cents tosloo. consisting of Fine Gold Jewelry, Watches, &c. All orders by mail will be promptly filled, and the prize or prizes will accompany the books. Our list con tains all of the most popular books of ttie day, and i will be sold at the usual retail prices, many of them I tor less. Persons wishing any particular book can ! order at once, and it will be forvvarded'with a gilt. A catalogue giving full irilormation" with a list of books and gifts, will be sent post paid, by addressing. DUAXF RULISON, No. 33 South Third St., Philadelphia. C~F"Agents Wanted. October 2, 1857. 1M \ k B XO HO I'M EM OF JOHN T. HOGG. BEDFORD, BEDFORD CO, J - SOMERSET, SOMERSET (2* MOFXTPL F. AS A NT, WF.STMORE'D" \ § CONNKLLSVILLE, FAYETTE CO. I gL UMONTOVVX, " ( < BROWNSVILLE, ( 5. NEW BRIGHTON, BEAVER CO. ) ? Deposits received, Discounts made, Drafts bought, sold and collected. Bank note- and Specie bought and sold. Stock-, notes, and other securities, bought and sold on Commission. Correspondence and col lections solicited. Aug. 21, 1557. Fen* Sale. ONE Farm of 21-'! acres in Friend's Cove, about four miles Irom the Bedford Springs. The land is lime stone, and is one of the surest Farms for a winter crop, in the Cove. The improvements are cornmo tliou- and convenient. There is ari abundance of excellent fruit upon the premises. About 125 acres cleared, and the balance well timbered. Terms easy or hard to suit purchasers. ALSO 80 acres or thereabouts of timber land: a part of tin* Yickroy Estate, called '-Sugar Bottom" in St. Clair township. The land, as well as the 'Timber is not surpassed bv any in the County, aod lays in sight of a Saw- Xlill. There ii one 6<*td of this tract cleared, and containing a fine lot o? fruit. Terms as above. ALSO 800 acres of land in lowa. ALSO 120 acres in 31orri.-on county, Minnesota Territory. ALSO A lot of Real Estate in Nebraska Territory. A good opportunity is presented for making in vestments. O. E. SHANNON. Bedford, Sept. 11, 15,77. _ WA*MSA ti TO X 53 OT VA*. MRS. COOK would announce to her friends, and Use public, that the Washington Hotel is ; now fitted up in superior order for the accom- j modation of guests, and she hopes to continue j to receive a liberal share of custom. Persons j visiting the Mineral Springs will find in the j Washington Hotel a comfortable summer re treat—and no pains will be spared to piease all who patronize the house. •IF" A young gentleman of high qualification and courteous deportment has charge of the es tablishment. /" The best-of Stabling is attached to this , Hotel. lE.'"Terms as moderate as any other house in tile place. =•-"""Daily Maii Stages from Alaqnippa and Cumberland—alst tri-vveeklv Lines from llol lidaysburg and Pittsburg stop at this Hotel. Bedford, April '25, 1856. School Koiice. The Public School* of tbe Borough of Bedford will be opened ori Monday the 2d day of November next. '■ There will be wanted two Male and three Female Teachers, ai-o a Male or Female to take charge of the Negro School Applicants must be examined ar.d procure proper certificates from the Conn '7 Pi'jicriiiten'leiil at the tune advertised, 2 lib October, none others need apply—The Board will expect io contract with teachers on the 25th Octo ber. By order of the Board, JNO. P. REED, Secr'y. Sept. IS, ISS7. Administrator's Notice. LETTERS Testamentary having been granted to the subscriber, upon the Estate of Jacob Rilfie, late of Juniata Township, in the County of Bedford, de ceased. Notice is hereby given To all persons hav ing claims against said Estate to present them proper ly authenticated for settlement, and ai! persons in debted to the same, are requested to make immedi ate payment. The subscriber will meet all persons interested, lor the above purposes, at the iate resi dence of decedent, from the 22d to the 26th of Sep tember instant. JOHN C. RIFFLE, Admr. Sept. 15, 1557. EXECUTORS' i.OTICE. NOTICE is hereby given that Letters Testamenta ry have been granted to the subscribers, by the \ Register of Bedford County, on the Will of Charles 5 Weight, late of West Providence township, deceased. All persons indebted to said Estate are hereby re quired to make payment, and those having claims j thereon, will present them duly authenticated for settlement. JEREMIAH WEIGHT, SIMON EARN. Executors, i Oct, 9, 1857, * i 500 LOCAL AND TRAVELLING I AGENTS WANTED. Business paying from SSO to $l5O per month. No humbug or chance business. ! Permanent employment given arid no capital requir ed. For further particulars enclose postage stamps and address, A. SIMPSON, Exeter, N. H. 1 Aug. 7, 's7—3m. IT7-NO HUMBUG —H. IE HUTZ'S Celebrated 1 etter Wash is the only safe and sure remedy ever | discovered for curing the Tetter, Ringworm, and ail eruptions of the skin, it is so infallible a remedy, ; that a perfect cure in all cases of Tetter is guaran tied, it attentively applied. In ordinary cases one bottle will be sufficient to perfect a cure. In bad ca ses, with a Tetter of long standing, more will be re quired. Price 25 cents per bottle. For Sale at Dr.' Keamc-r's Drug Store, Bedford, Pa. May 22, 1857—1y. Mm m sm A FARM, containing '2OO acres, moreor less, in Franklin County, Pa., is offered for sale. Particulars can be had by inquiring of the sub scriber in Bedford. VALE\TI\E STECKMAN. HOOPS— Brass & Whalebone. Skirt Hoops Jus Received at Shoemaker's Colonade Store. Aug. 21, 1857. Just received at SHOEMAKER'S Colonade Store, a large supply of Groceries. Bedford Hotel. And General Stage Office. The subscriber respectfully begs leave to an -1 noiince to his old friends and the public gener ally, that he has - leased the Bedford Hotel, at present in the occupancy of Col. Adam Barn" hart, and w ill take possession on the Ist day of April next. It is not his design to make many professions as to what he will rlo, but he pledges Iris word that his most energetic efforts will be employed to render comfortable all who give him a call. The House will be handsomely fitted up, and none but careful and attentive servants will be engaged. Persons visiting the Bedford Springs, as well as those attending Court, and the travelling community general ly, are respectfully invited to give him a call and judge for themselves. taken by the week, month, or year, on favorable terms. and comfortable stabling is at tached to this Hotel, which will always he at tended by a careful hostler. Also, a safe and convenient carriage house. TFV/// the STAGES stop at this Hotel. JOHN HA FEB. March 16, 1855. W. HOEKKENS, UPHOLSTERER, Would announce to the citizens of Bedford and v icinity, that lie is prepared to do ail work in his line, in (he best style, and on reasonable terms. MATRASSES, with or without Springs, made in a superior manner, equal to the best made in the city, and to this branch of his busi ness he u'oold invite especial attention. He may he found at the shop of Mr. John Border, near the residence of Maj. Washabaugh. Bedford, Nov. 14, 1856. V. K. WV.NDEBI.ICH. B. F. .NEAD WundcrJicHi & Neail, J armarium! £cm mission fllcrcljaitts, siort/i Second Street, opposite tie Cumberland Valley Rail Road Depot, CHAMBERS BURG. C!?* They are at all times prepared to carry all kinds of Produce to, and Merchandise, tkc., from Philadelphia and Baltimore, at the shortest notice. They will also purchase Flour, Brain, <sc., at market price, COAL, LUMBER, SALT, FISH, GUANO, and PLASTER on hand and tor sale low. June ]O, 1553. Gift and Retail Hook Store! NOW OPENED TWO DOORS WEST OF THE WASHINGTON HOTEL BEDFORD, PA. NEW AND VALHASL" BOOKS TO BE DIS POSED (>F LUMKDIATELY! Our plan is to Insure a Rapid Sale. 4 LL Books will be sold as low as the usual \ retail prices—many of them for less. A sUPERB GIFT will be delivered with each book, without additional expense to the buyer. Our list of books comprises the Works of the best American ' and European authors, bound in various styles, in Morocco, best Turkish, Antique, Gilt-edged. Muslin, Paper, &cc. Ac. We keep on hand, also. STATION ARY , including Gold Pens and Pencils, Sliver ditto, I letter paper, fools-cap and writing paper of ali kind-, ; anvelopes, inks of the best quality, Ac. CIGARS of the choicest brands will also be found"' ; at our store, which will be sold cheaper than the ; ! cheapest. McCAESI.IN A SHOEMAKER j Bedford, Sep. j, . -- , - j^olsce® THE subscribers would inform ail persons in terested in their books or papers, that said books A.C., will be in the hands of J. H. Schelf lor thirty days, after which they will be left in the hands of an officer iui collection. M. SCHELL &. SON". THE subscribers have on hand an excellent lot ,of White Pine and Spruce Boards, also a lot of White Pine Shingles, which they will seil low. Sept. 11, 1857. NEBRASKA TAKEN: 50,000 RUSSIANS SLAUGHTERED!! TIN AND COPPERSMITH BUSINESS!!! THE .subscriberhaving commenced the above business in Pattor.sville, Bedford county, would res pectively iriiorm the public, that he i- prepared to j furnish TIN COPPER AND SHEET IRON WARE, on the mo-t accomniodaiirig terms—ALSO, Stove Pipe at I'Ji cents per pound; arid spouting at 11 rents CASH per loot, tins being cheaper than can be baJ at any other establishment in the place or neighborhood. Having a thorough knowledge of the business, and j determined lo spare no pains to please aii who may give hi in a call, he hopes to receive a liberal share of a generous public. Aug. 14, '57. CHARLES T. BLAKE. WM. FOSTER, TV ITU BJLDWLW J.LYD E RMA.Y <$- CO. j Importers and Dealers in Hosiery, Gloves, j Trimmings, Combs, Brushes, Fancy Goods,! Looking ( 1 lasses, Ac. No 84 North Third St., 1 Philadelphia. All orders solicited and prompt ly attended to. Sept. 5, 1856. TO BUILDERS. The subscriber is fully prepared to furnish any quantity or quality ot Building Lumber and Plastering Laths. Orders directed to St. Clairsvilie, Bedford Countv, will be promptly -.attended to, bv giving a reasonable notice. F. D. BEEGLE. the 31 exgll house. Valentine Steckman, Proprietor. 3 - Boarders taken by the day, week, month j or year, on moderate terms. May 9, 1856. ; - for tae Hair, Jockey Club and new mown \ Hay Pomatums, Phalori's Invigorator, Sic. &c. i can ali be had at Dr. Harry's. Ronseli s unrivalled Shaving Cream at Har- I As the season for chapped hands and faces it is coming on, we advise our friends to go to Lr. Harry s cheap Drug Store and purchase a box of Bazin's Amandine, for the prevention ; and cure of chapped hands. Only 374 cents per box. Ji 'ST RECEIVED—Boston Tea and Pic bic Crackers, Swiss Cheese, Sardines in Oil, London Pickles, Mackenaw Trout, &c..

A. B. CRAMER fx. CO. DRUG STORE FUR SALE- Any person desirous ot purchasing a well esta blished and profitable D rus Store can hear of a first rate opening by addressing the editor of this paper. July 17, 1857. * ' ■ A large assortment of Hair, Tooth and Clothes Brushes just received and for sale at : Dr. Harry's. CHAIRS AM) CABINET IT UN JIT RE. The subscriber has removed to the shop on West Pitt Street, recently occupied by William i Ritchey as a Machine Shop, where he corttin- ties to make to order and keep on hand a g.-rie ral assortment ot chairs and cabinet furniture; consisting in part of Spring Sea! Parlor Chairs, Fr°tich Rocking Chairs-, Cane seat and Wind sor, Sofas, Lounges, Ottomans. What-Nots, j Music Stands, Fancy Parlor Tables, Breakfast, • Dinner, and Extension Tables, Bedsteads, Bu reaus, Wardmbes, &c. Suits of cottage-furni ture at very moderate prices, so that it is with j in the reach ot all to have nice, good, and-j ; fashionable furniture. The Ladies are particu | latlv invited to call anii examine fir themselves. | as if will he my desire to please alt tastes. X. B. Coffins will he made on the shortest j notice for any who will favor him with a call. I ISAAC M EXCEL, Jr. May 29, 1857. ! : _ NEW FIRM AT HOPEWELL. . Ihe subscribers, trading and doing busing under the Firm of ßarnuollar, Lowry & Co., ; would respectfully inform their friends and the public generally, that they have opened at tiie 1 above place, arid are daily receiving, a large ■ stock ot Merchandize, consisting in part of Mus lins, 1 ickings, Osenbergs, Drills, Cassimeres, Sattinetts, C loths, 1-lannels, Delanes, French Merinos, Silks, Calicos, Hats & Caps, llard , ware, Queens ware, Boots &. Shoes, and Crocer j ies of all descriptions. Also a large assortment of readv-inarie Cloth ; ing, all of which will be sold upon as short pro i tits as can he had in the country. ; Geo. R. Barxdollar, John F. Lowry. i John C. Everhakt. C. W. Ashcom. i I Dec. 2d. 1856 —ly. S). Oorder, 9 Ciod'rk & Watch AND DEALER IN JEWELRY, Would respectfully announce to the citizens of Bedford, and the public in general, that he i has opened a Jewelry Store in the building re cently occupied by H. Nicodemus, Esq. nearly opposite the Bedford Hotei, where he will be pleased to see all in w ant of articles in his line. He has on hand, and will constantly keep, an elegant assortment of JEWELRY, and will re pair (. locks and Watches in the bert style. He hopes to receive a libera! share of patronage, as ' he feels satisfied he can render satisfaction to.all who entrust him with their work. His terms will be moderate. He has on hand Gold and Silver Watches, j Silver Spoons, Thimbles, Butter Knives, Gold ! and Silver Pens and Pencils, etc. xx. April 27, 1855. Spec* acles I i he subscriber has just received a splendid j variety ol (.old, Silver Mounted, and Steel Spectacles, with the fire-st Scotch Pebbles, su- : perior in clearness, and designed to suit persons of all ages—warranted never to FAIL—to which he invites the attention of all who are in n<-ed of the article. He has also just received an elegant assortment of JEWELRY—aiI of' which he will sell on reasonable terms. DANIEL BORDER. Bedford, May 22, 1857. vlo Clergymen anl) SnpenntcuLient'o ot Sabbatl) Schools. We keep on hand the publications of the Am. j S. S. Lnion, American Bible Society, American j Tract Society, Presbyterian Board of Publica tion, Methodist Book Rooms, Massachusetts S. S. Union, Lutheran Board of Publication, Epis copal S. S. Union, and a great variety of stand ard Religious Publications suitable 1 r Sabbath Schools. SHRYOCK & SMITH, Chambersburg. ' March G, 1557. NOTICE. Notice is hereby given that an application will he made to trie next Legislature ot' the State of Perm- j svlvania for the passage of an act ol Assembly autho- i rizing ihe incorporation of a Lank of Issue with ee neral banking and discounting privilege*, under the general banking laws of this Liate, to lie located at ' the Borough of Bedford in the county of Bedford, and called "The Bedford County Bank," with a capital ot two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, anil with the privilege of increasing the same to the sum of [ four hundred thousand dollars. E. L. ANDERSON, \VM. T. DAL'GHL.RTY, VVM. P. SCHELL, A. KING, NICHOLAS LYONS, SAMUEL L. RUSSELL. Bedford, Pennsylvania, June 'JG, 1857.—tjl CORN SHELLERS, FODDER (riTEKS. and d'os'ii Jail!*. [Gr* We but ask the Farmers to give these j Machines a trial: and, if they are not good, and I do not work as represented, they may be return- i ed, and the money will lie promptly refunded. \ Give them a trial—it will cost nothing—arid, j by having them von will save money. BLYMIRE & HARTLEY, j' Bedford, December 19, 1856. EVERIIART, ASHCOM, & CO- Forwarding and Commission jj HOPEWELL, P.L The subscribers doing business under the Firm ! of Evkriiart, Asocom, &. Co., are now prepar- j 1 ed to Store and Ship Flour, Grain, and all kinds | ' of Merchandize upon reasonable terms. They aiso keep on band Piaster, Fish, Salt, ■ Rock Powder, &c., to which they invite the j attention of Merchants in the country and Far- j mers. The highest cash prices paid for Flour and j Grain that the Eastern Market will afford. John C. Eyuriiart, Giro. R. Barndollar, C. W. A-h om, JO un F. Lowry. Dec. 26, 1856—1y. Sbryock A NmtSh, Booksellers and Stationers, anddealeis in Music , i 1 and Musical Instruments Cliambersfmrg. Our Stock consists of Books, Stationery, Mu- i ( sic, Musical Instruments, Wall Paper, Blinds, 1 French, German, and American Lithographs, j and Steel Engravings, gilt Mouldings fori Frames, etc. etc., wholesale and retail. Dr. B. i F. Harrv is our agent lor Bedford, and all or ders given him will be promptly attended to. j , March 6. i Ten Dollars Reward. LOST on tb Bth of Sepetr.ber last, one WALLET ; POCKET LOOK, containing a check on the Trea- ' sury of Bedford County, and also promo-ory notes , and other papers. The above reward will be paid to anv person returning the same to me with its con tents. 11. W. GARRETSON. Oct. 2, r.7. 500 AGENTS WANTED. A HOMESTEAD FOR $10! THIRD DIVISION. $310,000 worth of Farms anil Bui/ding Jjots , Is Til K Go 1-0 iUuwON' OK Cci.t'KPKß CotNTlf VIKUIN IA. to In- divided amongst 10,200 subscribers, on the 7th of December IS-77. Subscriptions only ten dol lars down : or SLS one half down the iest on delivery of the Dkfd. Every subscriber will <ret a Building Lot or a Farm, ranging in value frotnsio t0535,(100. These Farms and Lots are sold s ) cheap to induce settlements, a sufficient number being reserved, the increase in the value of which will compensate for the apparent low price now asked. Upwards of 1350 lots & several farms ar already sold Sc a company of settlers called "TUB RAI'I'AH ANSOCK PIONKKK ASSO CIATION," is now forming and will soon commence a settlement. Ample security w ill he given lor the faithful performance of contracts and -promises. Nearly-15,(MM acres of land in different parts of Virgniiii now at command & will be sold to settlers on the most advantageous terms. UtujuesTiunable titles will in all cases be giver:. Fat mere, Mechan ics and Manufacturers are wanted ; anil 500 AI.KXTS to obtain subscribers, to whom the most liberal in ducements will be given. Some Agents write that they are making S2OO per month. Advertising will be done for everv Agent where possible. For lull particulars, Subscriptions, Agencies, tec.. Apply to L. BAUD Ell, Port Royal, Caroline Co., V//.. or to I>. 11. Anderson, Agent, Cumberland valley I'. ()., Bedford Co. "a. WM. Ii KMR It Lns. sA Ml 111. HARSH. LEAS St HARSH. BANKERS AND LAND AGENTS, DF.S MOINES, IOWA. We buy and sell Eastern Exchange and Land War lants—select and enter lands with cash and warrants pay toxe invest money—make collections and attend to all legal business generally. ALSO, LEAS & HARSH, BANKERS & LAND AGENTS, LEAVEN WORTH CITY, KANSAS. One of th" Partners has located in Leavenworth City and wil transact all business connected with the Banking and Real Estate Business. For a few months yet, cot respondents will address us at Des Moines. REFERENCES. VV. S. Gilman. ill) Beaver st. New York. Philadelphia. —Seiger, Lam!) & Co. North 3d Siie.-t; James, JC tit & Sunlee, do.; Lefever St Serrill, do. ; Drexill It Co. Bankers, do. II ashiagton City, J). ('. — Hon. R. J. At kinson, 3d Auditor, Treasuty Department: Chub!) St Bros. Bankers. CarlisliPa. —Edward Shower, Hon. J. 11. Graham. 1 lunfia rdon, Pa. — Win. B. Leas, David Blair, IN. {is. Bedford. — Hon. .Fob Mann, Gen. Bowman. Sr.'nd/sbarg-. Do man McV icker, Esq. March.2o, I Sf7 —ly. FOB THE life SPRIIS! SHE undersigned rtfspectfuliv informs the traveling public that he has established between Latrob',oo (lie Pennsylvania Railroad, and ihe tow n of Bedford, a daily (Sundays excepted) line ei MAIL COACHES. Passengers leaving Pittsburg at GL o'clock A. M., will arrive at Bedford same night; leav ing the Washington Hotel, Bedford, at (ii o'- clock A. A!., will arrive at Pittsburg same night. A Hack will always be at Ihe station at La ir "be, on the arrival of the .Mail train (torn Pittsburg, to convey passengers and baggage to tile Hotel. Fare through from Pittsburg to Bedford, in cluding Railroad Fare, This line is on tile old PA. Ti'RPlK£s leading from Pittsburg, byway of Chnmbers burg, to Philadelphia, passing through Youngs town, Ligonier, Stovstown and Schelisburg, and connecting with the .Mail Line to Cham ber sburg. This line is certainly the cheapest and best route to Bedford, and therefore the most advan tageous to persons visiting that place. JOSEPH A. G A R.MAX, July 17, IS">7—3m. * Proprietor. a >- • v* V, „ A'-rr&f , I V.'v f r 'if "c.rt f'f. (f -4 ";X ' "'}• THE undersigned having entered into part nership, respectfully announce to the public generally, that they are now prepared to fur nish anything in their line at exceedingly low' rates. We ate now opening an el-gant Stock nf Hardware, Cutlery, House Furnishing Goods, Tin Japanned, Brass, French, and Brittania Ware, Willow, Cedar, and Pine Ware, Nails, Glass, Brushes. Putty, Nc., &c. A large stock jf TIN-WARE constantly on hand, of our own manufacture. Spouting and other work done, to order, as usual. STOVES of every descrip tion for wood or coal, of which we are just re ceiving some beautiful new patterns. Also Farm Implements in great variety, warranted as rep resented, the best and latest Inventions of the lay. And, as we are every week receiving goods from Philadelphia, Baltimore, or Pitts surg, we will always endeavor to keep a full supply of everything in our line, or at least furnish any article required at a short no ice. We are also prepared to furnish all kinds of Lead Pipe, Water and Pump Fixtures, at low ates. We cordially invite all to give us a call, lnd especially the Ladies, as we have nearly •verything to make house keeping easy from a Needle to a Cooking Stove. GEO. BLYMIRE, WM. HARTLEY. Oct. 3, 1856-1 y. Blymire & Hartley W'OLLD announce to the public that they lave just received and opened the most exten ive assortment of Hardware and House fur iishing articles ever brought to Bedford, to .vhich they invite the attention of purchasers. Their stock is comprised of so gn at a variety, hat it is impossible to think of enumerating the irtirfos in a newspaper advertisement. L-1 ail vho want a good article, at a small profit, call in us and they can be gratified. March 20, 1857. Notice To the Citizens of Bedford Count p. All Land Warrants to be executed by me, ntist he placed in my hands to he regularly fi ed in the office. I will execute all warrants and orders of re urveys with promptness. Also, will attend to ob-vvork on call. I will be in Bedford the first veek of every month, or oftener if required.— \ddress, Stonerstown, Bedford County. SAML. LETTER MAN. June 12, 1557. FiSfK? I , \s iff tUD.i pmtftaftlhr and cwfe'Jy t o nil . ! I I 1 ?! J", • .TT ' ' lUi **"L Ac., and 1 I i 'C" 1 ' ' ■'■**<•" l, tn-.u 'IG. t.. nn ,Mir, „t ' 1 I j Cfa. **• uwUrMr, a4 aftakOma mm-M. 1' tsr Xrm IX VAKIAJiCY C'A SH. I'Jsf. ' I Eli: I*::! wt, !! i'..r , Pi. ,( : fiH. F. tREIMER *|> ESPE( f PI LLY bggs leave to tender hb t V Professional Services to the Citizens ,-! Bedford and vicinitv. Office in Julianna Street, at the Drue i and Book Store. Feb. 17, 1854.. " ,Isr !$♦ l<\ Sla§*rv It tenders his professional ser vice. to the citizens of Bmtiford and vicinity. Ofhc'e and r-si(iene*fen Pitt-Street, in'fho building formerly occujpfed by Dr. John Hofi." ' June U4-, 1853. LAW FAKTXERSiUP. A . JOB MANN. G. H. SPA^Q The undersigned t.Ave associate !hemseiy,,, in W Practice of Hie Law, arid will attend promptly to -It I busme-s entrusted to their care in Bedford '• * ! joining: cotmtu's. * I "Hanna Street, three doors south of i "Mengel House, ' opposite the rewdence ot Maj. Tate JOB MAN.V June 2, 1854. , G. it. SPANG. WM. P. SCHELL, ATTORNEY AT LAY/, \\T ILL attend faithfully to ail legal brines * v entrusted to his care in the Count Uof Bedford and Fulton. J Bedford, Nov. 1, IS4-7. •foEsii P. Ree??, Attorney at Law, Bedford, Pennsylvania, Ih pccffulli/ tenders his services to the Public second door North of the Mendel House. c ' Bedford, Feb. 20, 1852. Cessna. §& | J AVE firmed a Partnership in the Practice X a of the Law. -jjr" Oiiice nearly opposite th. (iazilte Ofiice, whi re one or the other may at a!! times be (bund. Bedford, Oct. 26, 184-9. LAW NOTICE. W. J. BAE3, Attorney at law: IV ILL practice r. -idsyfy in the" Courts of Bedford County her/after.* He may. durin<r Court Weeks, be consulted at his room at the Washington Hotel. Nov. 23, 1555. JOSEPH W. TATE, ATTORXEY AT LAW, AND HOC oo<re BHOK(en, HAS for Sale 10 Farms, and 12,1)00 acres of Coal and unimproved land, in Bedford and Fulton conn, ties. Also Lots in the town of Hamilton. Land sold in quantities to suit purchasers. Proposal, for timber are invited from Lumbermen. Terms ea-v. Aug, 7.1857.—0 m. GETT VS' PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLER\! Exchange Building, Bedford, Pa., Where Ambratvpes, Daguerreot vnes, Nc. &.C., of every description, are executed in the latest styles and imjirovements of the Art. A full assortment of plain and fancy cases, and gold and plated Lockets, at vervlow prices, and The public are respet;:fu|ly invited to call, examine his specimens. T. Tv. GETTVS, Jr. XsXl3j£S SiSiid DR. F. C. REAMER MBf f . ? Having purchased the and Book Store of Dr. S. D. Scott. u ill constantly keep on hand at his establishment in Julianr.a Street, a Complete assortment of Drugs, Medicines, Dye Stuffs, Paints, Oil*. Window Glass, Varnish-s, Brushes of all kin Patent Medicines, Lamps, Perfitmerv, Fancy Soaps, btc. &.c. together with an extensivec !- lection of School and Miscellaneous Books, Blank Books, Common and Fancy Stationery, fkc. which he offers at greatly reduced prices for cash. Bedford, Feb. 17, 1554. WALT. AND BLIND PAPER. Dr. B. F. HARRY is our agent lor this ne cessary article. By cailingnt his store our pa trons will see samples of our paper*. We have made our Spring selection v\ ith much care, and think we cannot fail to please. SRRYOCk" & SMITH, Chamber sburg. March 6. RON.—Blacksmith's and others are inform ed we have just received a large supply ol Re fined Iron warranted best quaiitv. A. B. CRAM BR & CO. BOOTS &' SHOES. —The subscribers have mst opened a large supply of Boots add Shoes, suitable for Fall and Winter. A. B. CR. IMER &' Co. For pimples ami wrinkles and freckles and tan, Nothing has e'er he-en discovered by man, Like that wonderful product of tropical bowers, The popular "Balm of a Thousand Flowers." to be had at Dr. Harry's Hrng & Book Store. March C, 1 557. TO BE IUD AT DR. HARRY'S. Essence of Jamaica Ginger, should have a place in every family, for sale at Dr. Harry' 3. Country Physicians can have their orders filled at City prices at Dr. Harry's. t Bedford, Dec. 5, 1856. "LADIES- i)KI>S GOODS.—A Great vari ety of Silk.;, Chalies, Lainerlines, tr., to suit all tastes, at REED'S CHEAP STORE. SUMMER WEAR. —l5O prices of Sum mer wear, comprising Lmsies, Cotton and Woolen, at REED'S SI OLE- May 15, 1857. iV ' /v ' ' WANTED, at SHOEMAKER'S C >ion ade Store, 5,000 pounds of WOOL, lor which the highest price will be paid. June 5, -'7. press on the 11. N. B. 1. R. R- and appointed C. W. Aphcom, Esq., agent at Hopewell. Buzin's N. Lubio's Extract for the Handker chief, Cologne Water, &c. for sale at Dr. Har ry's Drug Store.