Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, December 25, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated December 25, 1857 Page 3
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C*zelte. I AT HOrtE AND ABROAD. annual visit of pood old I la Claus #'fiave been made t t!- firesides of our*aders before this number of our diaper will rt-4 them. May 'fiat vi>,t find them all if> s,,nn . v side ol ,in * ii,Vj a " c ' ,nr '- v j j O Hy old brinp every one of the.n Ja<rood Cbrkfiias dinner and an appetite to erjov it 'o all our friends we heartily wish i'i mery florist mas. L.*et..y*Co//f ? e.—The College buildings, ibtaritf and apparatus of this Institution were iestroyfd by fire, some days ago. The loss is stimatfd at from $125,000 to slno,ooo. If here was an insurance on the property of •;.)0,00. We understand that the College is o bee-built and re-lurnished on a larger and a rooretdbmsive scale. This is the institution of | w hii llie celebrated Alex. Campbell is the ; |ft Pr dint. V ; Supreme Court. —Do not be startled, ■ reader, if you be an Abolitionist! V\ edo B, intend saving anything about the Dred Bott case, but merely to infirm you that Hon. ■ athan Clifford, of Maine, has been nominated By the President as Associate Justice ofthe Su fiireme Court, to supply the vacancy on the' ■Bench occasioned bv Judge Curtis' resigna- I n I Largest Hos. —We are inform* rl that Mr. ■Alonzo Rohbins fattened the largest porker of 'ur B:> r -hjfbr 'b- killing season, his L_ .-Kship v.,phi;,g 4-10 pounds! Quite a lit- i P'g that we should say. Those who are! ry/ng to bet it, had better give it up, we think. )' ou e friends, and rntke them op qni v bans, sausages and mince-pies,or else Jl tiiern dots that execrable song savs : ■ha "hs p 2, l rtle pig. JF Toot, hog. or die!" J F<i we are <rfr a ' d it would require too much j ecu to beat Bobbins, this lime. pernor of JCtbrnska. —o*l. Richardson, of - is, Itas been appointed Governor ot Ne- ; is appointment has been confirmed by i •nate. ntormtic Meeting in -Mem \ork —An ; gathering of Democratic citizens took ace in New York city on Thursday evening last week. The policy ofthe Administration vas sustained by: the meeting in strong and eiphatic resolutions. f W Oregon. —The t latest advices from Oregon I *ate that the election held in that territory ipsulted in the adoption of the Constitution as submitted, the rejection of slavery, and the ex clusion of free negroes from 'he State. Peace- j t'ullvand quietly [Oregon knocks for admission j into the Union, as a Free State, although the Abolitonists raised the crv, a few months ago that the Democratic party would trv to make it a Slave State. Soon Minnesota and Nebraska will also be admitted as Free State-, \erily, Slavery is making astounding "aggressions on free territory," under Democratic administra- j tions ! Whv, it almost makes "one's hair stand , on end" to think of it! Death of Col. H i/nkuop. VV e chronicle with sorrow the untimely death of Col. f . M. IV y\- koop, late U. S. Marshal for the Ei-tern I);-- I trict of Pennsylvania, which took place mar Tamaqua, on the 13th of the present month.— He was out hunting with a servant, wh.-n a gun in the bands of the latter wa< accideutal- Iv discharged, the contents taking effect in < 01. W.'s leg, and causing his death in bait an hour! Col. Wvnkoop served with distinction in the Mexican War. # Congress. — Nothing of importance has been . transacted in the Lower House within the last . vepje. There was a spirited debate on the Lecompton Constitution" between NT". Cx, f Ohio, and .Mr. Hughes, ol Indiana, the til er taking a position against tie* Constitution, d tile latter urging very sen-i >ly, that there is no necessity, as yet, for discus-ion .of that cunient as it iiad not b**n presented to Con- . *>s. The House went into Committee of the hole, on the Treasury Note Bill, on Saturday , hut the Committe nw after several speec'u ad been made. We notice with phason- Pennsylvania is honored wifli the Chair oj the Committee of Ways and Pleang, in eison of Hon. J. Glanct A cor nilent of the Gettysburg Compiler , -ays our member, Hon. V", u.-on Ruii.i.v is I c/7ia/i of the Committee of Expenditures e I Cur Department. lie is also a member e Committee on Patent*. In the Senate, lire en made a strong and argumentative li in support ofthe Administration on the j is question. The appointment of G.-n. j er, as Secretary of.Kansas was confirmed vote of 29 to 19. This is considered as a j ote of the Senate, on the Kansas policy of j V immi-tration. The S> nate passed the try Note Bill on Saturday evening. It ies for an issue of twenty millions of dol n sums of not less tfiau ticaring an ■st of six per cent, or less, in the discretion Secretary of the Treasury. The opera ofthe act is limited to the Ist of January, il Estate for Sale. — We call the attention ■ readers to the advertisement of Mahala inter, offering at public sale the valuable es'at-, late the property ot James VYemmer . Also to[ that of Mrs. Sarah Grove, e will be good opportunities offered at both sales for profitable investment. I '^s, —to Hon. Wilson Rcilly, and D. J. ,e ° Philadelphia, for early capites dent's Message. yt )f assortment of Hair, Tootli and jjpeg just received and for sale at Common School*. no. e. TEACHERS' CERTIFICATES. County Superintendents are furnished with two kinds of certificates. Teachers Count i f and Teachers provisional. The first kind is intended to stand good in the county from year ;to year without t-egi|iiiiatinn. The new edi tion, issued in October fa-i, is intended to su persede the old one which has b-en nulled, and cannot hold good any longer. Applicants for this certificate are required not merely, to ;be thorough in qualifications, but to be well skilled in the art of teaching, also. This is the vital point. Young teachers, therefore, cannot ob tain it till they have proved their ability to teach. This kind is very scarce in the countv. Most of those issued heretofore, have been substituted by the provisional on<. And those still hold ing the old professional ones, cannot he employ i ed upon its license. The second kind has the teacher's qualifica tions marked upon the face of it bv numbers.— No. 1. signifies, Very G >oil: 2. Good: 3. Mnl- I tiling: 4*. Poor: ami f). Wry Poor. When a teacher is very good in a particular branch, tie receives No. I, when h- j a little h-.-s than very good, he receives No. 2. Nos. 3. 4-. and |5. are considered tatiier deficient. The num ! l>ers are given according to the judgment of the I Superintendent. Errors, of course, are pos>i ! hie; but when they so occur, they geO' rally I lean to the side ofthe Teacher: but should any I one think thai lite error is against him. a sec ond hearing will be granted, upon application with a proper explanation. But not withstand- : ing this, it has been discovered that two teach er-, atier having been favored bv tiie Superin tendent, secretly erased the numbers thev r— I ceived, and put down such as suited their convenience better. Whilst this is to be re gretted, vet it is some sat.-Letion toknow. that in j the large and important class of society formed by t tie teachers m !hi- county. r>n!v two of tin stamp have been discovered. The i 'rtificate j are always given on clean paper, and when they are blurred about the place of the num i hers, the directors always think tint something is wrong. No. I. may be given in one or two branches, and \>.2,3,0r 4, in the next. It is not a good sign it the certificate he not pre sented in applying for a school. The directors . generally understand this, and do riot article with teachers till thev are well satisfied, i A ve.-v good plan of grading the certificates | has been adopted bv most of the board in the j county. The best, receives tiie highest w ages, j | The difference should be made so gr**at that rv- : j cry teacher, holding a provisional certificate, 1 would set about to improve himself. In some | j districts No. 3. cannot tie employed: in others it ; is employed from necessity. No. 1. and 5.' should never he employed at all. It is confidently expected that the different • Boards of Directors in the county, will excuse the Teachers who attend tlm Countv Institute. SUPERINTENDENT. PULMONARY DISEASES. There is a remedy prepared bv Dr. Geo. H. Keyser, i | of 14li Wood Street, Pittsburgh, Pa. that has won great renown in the way of curing the various incipient ; disea-es of the Lnngs and Pulmonary apparatus. Dr. Keyser'g Pectoral Syrup is rui quark nostrum, i but lias won and kept ihe confidence of men of the hizue-t standing. fir. Keyser prepares and mix*-- ali tiie ingredients of the Pectoral Syrup with his own hands, an' -ays that he wi!J*rpntiime to do so. j Il you ish a good medicine for a Co'uh or Cold you can buy it at the Agencies. For ale bySarr uel Brown, Bedford, and by f n!- vin & llobiiisou, Schelfiburg. Bedford Markets. rollitKOTF.ri BY J. iV ,!. SI. StIOEXtAKKK. Flour, $ 1 AO Butler, 10 rts. Wheat, per bu. o*l l-U-s, per doz. Idf *' , Rye, ** 0(1 cts. Buckwheat, per bu. 40 •• Lard " 10 " j Barley, r* Onions, per liu- 3;.[ " I Outs, *• go '• Corn, in *• Potatoes, " 37.j li A R 15 B IC it: On Thursday the 17th at the Lutheran Parsonage by the Rev. F. Benedict, .Mr. Ada i Imler and Mi-s Mary Fetter iot 1* of Bedford 1 ownship. On tim 1 fit h irist., by Wm. C. U isegarver, F,-q., Mr. I - c Rerkheinier t Mi-- F.<— Ann, 1 daughter <"'! S i,iitie! M. Sieek, all <>l St. ( iair!p., | in tins county. • DIED: On Saturday, the lOtii in-t., Mr. Joseph Hunt of ; Cumberland Valley, aged fifty fonr years and eight : months. The deceased was a member of the Presbyterian Church, ami highly esteemed *>y nil who knew him. i His! Ast illne-s wa- brief his di-' a-e, typhoid fever. ! A large rocrour-e ol people to.lowed hi- remains to their last r-sting place. Be ' e al.o reaily, for in such an hour as ye think not he Son of Man rum efh. Com. i\' civ 7l bvcvt i 9 cin cnt s . APPEALS. Notice is hereby given to the taxable inhabitants of Bediord County that an appe. l will he held Iry the Commissioners, a! the Commissioners otlice in the Borough ot Bedford on the days -pec.tied, to ; wit : For 'he Townslops ot Hopewell, St. * iiiir. I nion. : Middle and South Woodhery, on Monday the llth ' day of January next. For the Towi -hips of Broa<!top, Liberty, Monroe. ' F.a-tand West Provjileru e, and Siiitke.-jiriug.on "i oes dav the PJih *lay of Januai y next. For the Townships ol ( oleraio, t uu'beriaii'! * .nley, ; Ilari-on, Londonilery, and Southampl'm, on \\ *'<iiies • dav the 13th <!ay ot January ii"*h For theTownsiupsot Beitlorti, Juniatta, Napiei. and the Borough of Bedford aWScheilsbnig, on Thursday the 14th dav of January next. When and where alt persons or corporator- melius j them-elves aggrieved at the enumeration and valua tion of their taxable property and effects, por-uai.t ! to the Several arts of assembly, are requested to j attend and -late then grievances (or reifies- accord .mg u. Law. , UM. WIIETSTONE, H. Nicodemus, clerk, \ If- '■ NNLU, Commissioners otfice, ( f.v ANii. December23th IW, \ Commis-ioners* filffif li MpiS sbP! "HE submrii ers having formed a partnership un ; iler 1 'ie style pf "Dork \ AkJho.ii" for the purpose ol* coining*! >u tit-nerai FOUN DRY AND MACHINE j bu iness in the establishment recently erected by ; Uilltard Dock, in Hopewell, Bedford county, are nmv j prepared to execute orders l<ir CAS'fJiM'S . MACItISEHY ot every description. They will ' build to order steam-engines, coal and drift-ears, : horse powers, and threshing machines—also, cast- I irig of every knot foi furnaces, forges, sarv. gri-t and ' rolling mills, ploughs, water-pipe, columns, house ! fronts, bracket-, itc., tie. They are also, now making a fine assortment ol j STOVES of varmus kinds of Ihe latest patterns and i most approve*! htyies, incliulitig several *; COOK. STOVES of the best make, heating stoves j for churches, offices, bnr-roonis, No. A full assortment of Stoves will be kept constant ! |y on band, and said at wholesale and retail, at pri j e'es to suit the tunes, and quality, warranted equai ito the best ea-tern make. Machinery of all kinds I rqwired pwapll; • ' October 30, 1857. K. W. ASHCOM. IHT.IJC SALC Ot Valuable Real Estate, late the Property of JAMES WEMMER, DECD. BV virt, e of a:i order of the Orphans' Court of Bedford county, the undersigned will oiler at public sale on the premises, in Monroe town ship, on Saturday /./< I6M day of January, ISSS', all t lie real estate of said deceased, being 441 ACRES AND 64 PERCHES, adjoining lands of Andrew Irons, Michael Her ner, Nathan Giubb and others. T::rms: —One third to remain in the hands of ; the purchaser, the interest thereon to he paid : annually to the widow ; nrie third to he paid at confirmation .of sale at February Term. IfifiS, and the balance one third in two equal annual payments. M AHA LA WEMMER, Dec. IS, IST)7. Administratrix. A PRIME !ot of Groceries, just received at Shoemaker's Colonade Store. [dec.4,'->7.] DRI'-LIANT PROSPECTUS'. FOURTH YEAR OF i'HH j COSMOPOLITAN ART ASSOCIATION. THE FA.MOt'S 1) CFSELDORF GALLER 1" OF PAIXTIXGS.' Purchased at a cost of $180,000! AMI POWER'S V. l.Ri.Vi RENOWNED STATCE OF THE GREEK SLAVE! Re- purchased |"or wx ihonsuii i da!lar v, with several hundred other works of Arr, iti Paintings, Sculpture Bronzes. coiripitze tlie Premiums io be awarded to the subscribers of the Cosmofiotit<> Art Assor"r /inri. who subscribe before the 28ni of January, 1858, at which time the awards will lake place. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. F.verv subscriber of/Are/ dotlm* i - entitled To a i copv Ot ttie largf arc! splendid S'ee! Engraving, enti. tied '-M iMH.-r Drsi isv," aiso to •' copv o! the Cos- Mofw/itatr At .Juttrur.l one year, also it Certificate iii the award of Premiums, al-o a tree admission to the Ditsseldoi f and Cosmopolitan Galleries. Thus iti • eeri that for evert three dollars, fh" subscriber not only receives it SPLENDID THREE DOLLAR F.N GRAYING ! tint, also, the b- autitui Pli O DOLLAR ART JOCKXAI., OXI' YEA / '. Each subscrihei ; is aiso presented with a Certificate in the AwanU o Premiums, by which aval lable work ot Art, in Pain ting ~r Sculpture, may lie ..-ceivvd in addition, Thin giving to every subscriber an equivalent to the val ue of Jiff do!'■( r.v, and a certificate gratis. Any one of the leading S-'i Magazines is furnished , instead ot Engraving and Art Journal, it desire.;. No pel-on is restricted to a single share. I host Taking five memberships, remitting Sid, are ent.tler to an extra Engraving, and six tickets. Full particulars ot the Association are given tr the Art Journal, which contains over sixty splendit Engravings, price fifty rents per number. Specimei copies will be sen! to all persons who desire to -ub scribe, on receipt of five po-tage siamps, (15 rents ; Address C. L. DERBY. Actuary <.A. A. dec! 1,'57. 048 Broadway, New-York. Country Physicians can have their order: I filled at Cttv prices at Dr. Harry's. I Bedford, Dec. f, 1856. LADIES' DRESS GOODS. —A (treat vari etv of Silks, Chain's, Lamet tines, 4Xc., to suit al tastes, at REED'S CHEAP STORE. 4c Co. have established their Ex ptess on the H. 4c B. T. R. R. and appointer C. W. ASHCOM, Esq., agent at Hopewell. A large assortment of Glass Preserve Jars, jus received, at SHOEMAKER'S Colonade Store. Aug. If. 1557. ROOTS Sr SHOES. —The subscribers ha v. hist opened a large supply of Boots add Shoes suitable for Fall and VY inter. A. R. CRAMER &' Co. _ i HOOPS —P>ra-s Ik Whalebone. Si rt Hoops Ju Received at Shoemaker's Colonade Store. Aug. 21, 1557. Vi 55 3* 1 3"5 Sj ill 2£3 ! " T/if ]i tit t sit Lion hiitlhn " irtllt the lirit?uf Tigt LATEST ARRIVAL AT J. REED new good NOTWITHSTANDING th" pectirua bariasMfient, and the tmiiersal complaints turn the suiiscrib r take- piea-ure in am to Itie people oi iledlord and vicinity thi* ju-l returned iron: the eastern cities wit handsome and cheap stock ot FALL AND VY IN i'ER GOG anion" eh Ic ti may be iound i. r.t t I >, cGm mures. satinets, 'is, jeans. VESTENGS. ~1 Jtc., &c.y&r. A N->. an d -gant asfe, L ADlEs' DRESS GOODS, ciu-Mstinc ifOF.S, MOE'sLIN de LA IN IS. FRENCH other VAI.ENT IAS, ice., and a great ur GOODS fill ladles' „! ,1 c'.ildrens Wea -ALSO- 2EXS- C ROC ERIES, HARDWARE HARE, A/., A.'/*., (l f ALSO—An exce'lionl as-< j ROOTS .LVD S/KL ha nge for All Kinds ot .l.iin( -ti<- p o.tiice feciv goo.E. 1 .♦ i '.s oi a!I 1 enasyIM-* ot ot.i led ill pill, us vifii as the notes ol RF.F.D. Oct. SO, C-T. j SAJIXSi MAT CJTTSS3 f &W / , j. PeJ , the tics' REMEMP-Eif that lllyu ii" N Urn I" ,C 1 ' M■,chines ot fit dHcrjpfioiil. i/ Cutler-' pie of Hedfo'il County. ' x . and wtier i <Y FStOfr* ue v. arm *,„y be re tn-iy ci ii.illit.g th-- , his a,;. 1 adjoin""! O. Dt> arc solicit <7 | coiriti' J . / j Sept. 18,-1557. / _

1) SSOttliit'U >!/■" ''' Hen , J e x\sl. nil mv -> Till-paitie'i'stnp h-re'.iv „anie am ry S. Kma and Jane* B business at i nrui ot MaJar.i. Kl ig ' m lowiislitp, A" 1101 mon's Iron VVorks t f , ro)ls?Ilt . county, is dissolved k J^'SWY K. ivlN l '- ! , , c - ' /tAMES MAliAiiA. Nov. 2, 184/. i / f JLctoring iron at 1.e0.0.. The busing of naif' j Illt de, signer. Iron Works, ail! 1, f^^ o( his late pa.mer •A lio br,s P„rqras.-.t il. t , v and erfect. i James Madfy, mr t/ 1 • J King (o. belonging trfttie late?'""' JiKNUV S. KING. ' Nov. UO. L 57. / / neb^ ska •■^ E un ; 7RED n ! 50,000 iuSCf- 21 " SLiYGu-hiJ.L, -- i TIN tiXi)/ ) l , i , l'" RsM ITUl TU BUSlNfcS f^ ! ' : busf'eG in pi"-- il!e, Pe<ltord coiint) i a u • pecttvcly j„J..the public, that bet ! '"TIN C./KU AND SHEET UI 2. N \LSO, R S OV oii the m,/ accommodinuig term^ ti .^ t u x ' Pipe at lSlpetits per pom".: and -p ( . an be hod a 1 ' .-a,, per lilt, this being cfjeupe r {uM ahborho.e. ' ; otherAstablishtnent in the pUc tKl , in es, am Have 1 a thorough knowDdg a)) who ,na; ' o apa'e no pams to 1- t shari give hiiF a call, he ,pea to re.W< |ol a gem rous public. eHARU :s T. BLAKE- I 1 ; Hav I'iHualt"> kii > 1 lial ° , can all be had at Dr. Cteatr. at Har S Rotisell's unrivalled bha ug ! ry's. rslic Miction. Broad Ton Coal AT THE COOK COLLIEKiJ Va t ,h-ir storo i AT HOPEWELL, ({fV, WEST' PROVIDENCE i•> KNOWN AS THE COKE BA*, 4iW „/ THE undersigned would hereby noiify '.fitock consists ' V,-st that he is engaged in the coal k mining b IV> eds, Janes, Satin and • • the Broad Top coal mines, one half mile . r ,,,<ral assortment ol Woolen an. town of Hopewell. In order to insure • - . a aI1( j White t lail he will sell it at the mines at -!| centslic gootis, * and delivered at Hopewell, at 6 cents ijjtngbains, __ .... „ Persons wishing coal will find it to tie 1 ApjlS DR'tSS uOOUu - to give him a call, as the coal is of th var i r i v consisting Rv P art °f P' a,n ' u and the terms ppri bushel less than it - 'v_ r : nrt^s all W 00l Delaines, lor elsewhere. The subscriber can :d|'d Oec ' 1 •' . . p ffUre d Swiss found at his office at Hopewell, by pjjfcccas, Silks, dotted [ • < - 1. j n4rejß of purchasing. „ Cambric Jackonets, Silk Eats r, , Dec IS, ; 57-3m. RICH ART# " . c „ s oi excellent Calico, hed jiuteijrh y = a r , upg Mpn an d wa granay WftfS}i2>liir Silk and I uttoii • FatiCV STRAY HOuf; Wool ani , Cotton hose, plain and I CAME trespassing on the pre"" 4 scriber residing in Harrison ti county, sometime last June, supposed to be about nine mj marks. The owner is reqiie^ ward, prove property pay cli, away, or else they will bc| law directs. M Dec. IS, IBf>7. 3-t. SNSmJc od* Wil£s t BEDFORD COL\\TY*, u ,he At :ue Judg at Bedford, in and for the L6tb day of November, A^werand es of the same Court, , "s~ The id county, S. L. Russell, ndmiiiis'rth that hmuiito of VVmjf made sab* deceased, was read an Tar as they pursuance of an order from was ap ofali 'he real estate ja .d dee'd, so then knew, and the m Me lately been plied to the paymeii.vried a body ! far as they were reajn; y township, itiloiDieil ihat the si w Roaenbarry, mi improved w ood-jpfor (tu-rcabouts, Erankl in count v. i . riot le--- than and others; cm.; deceased, vet re that debis to a i JQ',; to make u de ,*jOu agaiue; : jß y 53,500 ;I pos>i inair. unpaid, ai. jptpranklin enmity, cree an:horizini,. Russell, Esq., the hie, from Ihe -.j,. an( l a li parties in- Whereupon, oi ( . 0 „ r next Orphans Court grant a J* on the "2d Monday, Mb tere-ied, to now cause il a "> Court, to be ! made by the Couit Hav of i petitioners* have why a 1 fc*ve hrrttun. pursuant to (d ~n j of said Court at day oi November. A. 1). WASHAbAI Ih lvi-7. Dec. j V , , )riSITIO.\. WITH WHEREAS, Jacob U'JK ship Bed lord county, died se iz . described real estate v.zt A ,a;<! of asrd of seveial tracts ol patented e,! 01 I township, containing about lou lar,d ; adjoining lands of Frederick H illi hum) .• v ,„ , Nicholas Hudle and u.n 'C"a S n>.,c mansion house arm stables, large stone tlouring mi ' * 1 ers * >'"idovv, Catharine Riffle, and issue six utand-cbild, to wit: John ( • Him . one granu Marv, intermarried Indiana county Pa., r *eeny. t "|> av id, residing m EtS O " #ling in Ellen, intermarri "Ti3'..' ™" arhtion or'valna'.on ,0 hold an ~2d day of January, < it they see P ro P er^ lLl JA M s . FEE RE. , / ' Sheriff. f. Office, Bedlord. ( Dec. lb, Di*' 7 - [yurici: i.v ÜBBL FOR DIVORCE ■ „ 11... 1 V he: lln the Commr-o 1 ..a,, .Dzabeth B- rs' • ■ > .■ Uedford < ounty, icxt friend Jo-eph Diegor. , -gj_ Xov. T. 1 Kr >~■ llenrv M- Kei! "'.- , ! Divorce, returnable Abas Mil,pirn aon Lib. I r 1 A||( , , )OVV WV.rl?>- m, inuT.o'n of John P. Reed, O wit. Nov. in.II, k ..tire of the above r to take depositions. J.„ t v,e Court. , n pursuance of t he ahvvem-Dr I, l,v fi.Mfy and reqm.e Hem> Ji- >a :.. c „ ult , named reßptiOdenf. to -M'P'• a ,r-aid com nfl the 9th day ot February x- vuv^ y SUen(r . . the above Commission. 1 w.U proceed P,\ virtue ot the ulirv ~ , t ed case on Mon ro take depositions, ... 'be uhove^ , he day the tth v bo.ouD. o: Scbells oltice of John smith, Esq., I " JoHN s . S (UELL, burst. Cnmmiasionfr* L)fc. IS, 18-3 G. Valuable Form For a r t.s Tin-subscriber wu! •'*•' 1 '• s "'' ' tit il.iv of December, that %alu -1 huisuay,t!.r • > . resides, I vim: ,)l,e •- 1 " farm on on Che>lm.l mile nortb-w. - - v rjRED AND : :.i ciEsi, r ol V--.U cxcc'i'le'nt'orclhiDl o. choice oU\l :,v; ' ms maiie known (Ml (lay "I I" 1 "- S AUAH GROVE. Schellsburi, Dec. 11, ISo7. Ssroad Top Ymn. tTio Uidcllts\tifg Oollury. all v Other persons ... He, vin fin d , T to thEir or | tsnntb, -t Dec. TV, 1557.-3m .Votice to Collectors. ; A i,i, 0....... n.. i 11... . 1.',.. .; .ii" !rf": I <• c< "" , im! "" : o.u.i. as pos.,l"® Sj 'oflh, rommissloi.'rs. H. MCODEMLS, Clerk. i Commissioners' OlSce, ♦ | December 11, lar. > attentions Kellemeis ' , . „ rrtplPl i to appeal at your n-ual placi YOU are hereby 0 ' , h d of January i:rWr^r^BKT,o. B ' Bv order ot the Captain. Dec. 11. IW-• WINTER SHAWLS, , ww Sots!& V,, Mi-" M~ Syrups, '1 •* • LU ';"" ' 1 LPt.Jtv, oi.f M Dru'TS, Paw's, Dy".M'Js, ...•••, ( -o brfl|( HARDWARE, such 1 ; d "'t;dM . ™ - maKrts 1.. ••"• - y . L j, nsW aKE, Cro,:U.-iy ( _ r ((| ] tib-s u„d Mcirt p"'. '"1"! '"' a '- f2 T' v s, .;r-vt: , ; . .• .... a r U ! wf!i selected. ' ;ir —^■ ' V" will aK > oilri on lb ' t'-av a - Th , s „cn:, ■ >--"^ l """ ST P RE prop-*rl\. * •'•• a . - .14. y. ei .onj. i„<l WAKE HCI >U being oS h , w -i jn•! f I* ii >'Ol I" lltt The fbove is tt" best alanJ 1 ) - >. •< • n r ,|\F with 2UUU St a- BKICK w EL H N fir... M. anfi Olh'r .>•>! ~„ f ,, t lot of fruit trees. In* n J lot tini*- of m Hi- "•> 01 A, ~.., |, act . an!l.ol>-co,, -'""'S £ WM. STATUS, S- CO. for sale; OR S&S<\—9o Ai res of Land, called' Sugar BoUooi,' . M. Clair township. ■I. sis.ris sr.s '.tot" S " > f"> '•>■ ' to "" - ciiparity of Peter Mornmsstar. lf,o acres of land in Wlla. County, low. 220 acre, of land in *^*° ~,ery C ° Unty ' l ° W "' 220 acres of laud in Uamson County, lowa. 120 acres in Mornson~County, Minnesota. , „f block ill "'-fij f S '""" ka All nearVhe Rail Road- and presenting good oppor tur.itie- for ii-v--tmeut,. §h A j{>ON. Bedford, Nov. l.t, I s -''- ORPHANS' COI R! SALE t* i> p* i v< r Y V iK. K \? A I ' i- V 11 " • 1 r of the Orphans' Court oi by virtue o. an „ . !U ,Uat public ven- Bedford county, l ne-uoc ,n Bedi.i I town •' ,• • r ;, Ml | Michael 110 - Iv.lfi-cHml.r. 0 .cb- '' „ „ dnbautn— about ■"-> acres u. hav '''-; I >v^VM r AHALF lOG HOCSF.. A 1-00 £aun "'m^A\V A M!U- Tbc. . k-ofi on - i.erii oi > .vhrs it the coiilirma- T..r-;K- AKtV timi id sate on - Aoril 1 and the week—tbe balance, one N . , r I rest in two equal annual payment, .he.eau o' interest. j(UjN R F1 RNK y, A'lm'r of Andtew C ain.oec. Nov 00. oi ORPHANS' COERI' >AI.E OJf JiE.IL ESTATE. B Y vutue O, an *£££SlSTa?^ 1 I ,„„ town-nip, m *'d o:s the premises. > ~m h er next, u„. * "" clear- t; ri.vrn_ \mos Ralev, deceas ed! b Thprop"rty'is'oil 1 i's Creek, near the route ot '.;^; K^" n^A<HU^m a '. l of sale on Monday of l ehmary Court. HALL, Adm'rof Amos Haley, dec. "Vov.'JO. •">•• ■2 -M, i# 3N. i^otfs H AS just Z\ x u - ~ - Prei ch Flowers. Plumes. V.;,-.,-IS.l ..■. , V „ I „ IV ~f ot Fancv Goods. Oct. 'lb, ISO"- S.isJ o£" Battler*. 5 EM AIN ING in the P-t otVuv at lledfml, W Pa Nov :F)th, IN)?. Persons calling vcrtised. x _ h Mai:a. Mrs. Allen .tarn-. Esq., Bradley .lames. Mr. Burns F.noen, .lr. Cour -ault Louts. !>'. (hairier Joseph, I s l-. {;ioff Abraham , Mr. Fisher Mary, F.. Miss ~ Ju! ia. A. M Henderson Henry, M _ y> T . M.-a Hicks, Lsq., H ale Jacob, Halt Joseph, Esq-, Arnold, Esq., Kneger Elizabeth, - ' s Fdder, A- Mock W . A. stcck John, M. McGlouahelen Charle., Slm|pr je[ry> Swerganel A. Sho-irder John, A. Sullivan Mortz, Waller, George, Tiphaily Robert, Webb Jason E. } A MO WKY, V- M- Dec- I, 185" _ _ IESW FALL GCODS. Tne subscribers have just b ,r b will be me,lt of 1 all -and V\ " lter e # , We respectfully otfeiei! at prices to suit ti. buyers, to call invite Cash and , ha „ oobfi.. Country Produce of all kjnfl. craME r & Co. On ics- I. ori'fiH fc CO.. respectfully invite the MK>. 11. I> U.UI i '• P d atld vicinity to iitni'.iou 01 the Lames ° , . s : ust o pened it i new and handsome stock . J Ream Budding" Dr. R"", fhe.r stock ro"^'*' 8 ,n ' art All Woo! de laines. Mohe Antique Silks. do prlnted . Bik. Gro ile Kiastic Belt*. r i*... Moss head f 1 nn 0 e?. Chenille Scarfs. ?erfttmry, Ertracts, Jewe.ry, fcc ' SHOES. CAITKHS. OViasBOES.fcC; SHAWLS.:,-, 'g! PK^'T'. Li'TiF. A. FISHBURN. Oct. 23, 1657, blymire and hartley. House turnishiii}. g embraces every thins .i" °" h ' *"• Cutlery of all descriptions. Carpenter'# tool*. Cabinet maker'- tools and findings, Wooden and willow ware, Hopes of several sizes, Chains in assortment, shovels, scoops, forks and spades. Files and Rasps in \ ariety, Locks of all inscriptions And Builders Hardware ' general. Farmers, Hand and >ieig , ' Skates for ail the hoys. Iron and Steel of all Sizes, P,rass, Copper and Iron wire, Churns in \ anet*.. . Cotfee and Spice Alilla, (Warranted) Fox Rat, aud Mice traps, Spadi, Shovel, fork and axe handle., Brushes in Variety, Class and Putty, Paints and oils, Fluid, Pine oil and Turpentine, Sausage Meat cutters, unsurpassed, Sausage Staffers, Apple Parers, Double and Single Bit axes. Knife cleaners, an excellent article, and tin lined Kettles. Patent and common Sad Irons, Shoemakeis tools findings, Screen w ire, Chain Pumps, Farmers Bags, Corn Shellers, Corn Fodder Cutters and crur,er*, Corn mills, (Bass and common Lanterns. immediate supervision - offer great induce e,lt assortment of tin ware. VV e & ments to 'ounyy merchants t count, very lac,. rrol ,ably 20 diterent assortment of - ,ock ~r alintf Stoves selected trom **** m want,n& & °We"aei an on U ST few old fashioned stoves at reduced puces. BeMil , Stove*, SIO,OO all sound. Hathaway SIO,OO toSIo.OO Thankful to all who W Th k Vr.nd deiiTch to out door work, spouting r,:,V 'sheeting done at k toT ia s,ove P Blacking, which is ihe celebrated >c r used tor cheaper and supeno to any and ;!"• rrr-JXZiri>£** —•• fire board* sbo rt every thing in the £&!S£ and copper smith line. Please give us I&s^*BAtwv Stray strea** CAME the premises o.Jt* su^ Se'of # s ; e d d ZTZ U h ' t '*. 'with the' left ear cropped and a wars and a halt oi .. fork cut out of the ■ "'r. 1 " • "X i1... i. '<*•> 1 et-• GF.ORGF. KNISELY. Dec. 11, 1557." V. JKJVW THYSELF." An Invaluable Book for '25 Cents, <Ev crv i'Timiiv si bave a C "P>' ?s • _ .ai nt mi a oul J in * f^v^r y form ot disease con- I ft * sell-anus ,or - - | familiar Style, a rK3S .Cities, ana everything that --il^^ ll 'V b p , '" , Ll: e o/r Lfr/r, i Few*. " P : of bv UUSTEIV* MED. Collfft ,author of tins work, • ICAL f.-l A '" vv ho advertise to cure the , ;U ,. ,h- map-nty o tarn r „ dua , e of one of PKeasesol which it ' r, < tatP (, It afford. r a™.a. me pleasure ,o nr artice, as a .uccesful and ° V t0 .Idpractitione'r. in whose honor and integ .■xpeit. nv . ..reatest confidence. vity 'hey may P U 'he^rea^ Fro* A. HWfW. VhtLvi.— It d.v-sme p.eas Ai . U(of cf lhe u.VrJv- Ibe pioleional . J c f Diseases ot the n/.Tr-"""'- - ■ „! hem of long standing, have Genital Organs, some c skm has been come under my 10 rlect health, in some in maniiest " ,es, °' ; >t ; rlll h a beer, considered be stai.ce. where ■ 1 uea tn.ent of sernioat yond medic e- ; at .,^ ment 0 f the functions frodu- Mcakii" ;! , n r i • T, .■ ver ,ery, 1 danot know a, YK..b "v>; his superior in \ vears. <<eem it .s.,j. 'SViiT-J?k,—. •" no more than pis indiscretion, to rec ,a. ,m 1.,, v,c,,m ,uii ..a "" n Z At ™i. ta™..l.- integrity they AtFßi® WOOIWA*D, M. O- One copy, securely States, lor free of IHutage to any paHol COSDE! C 25cen<s, " s.p. ,07 Philadelphia. A- CO.. Box. Aacnts Storr, > U,e >Mtn,t of Hats, &c.