Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, January 29, 1858, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated January 29, 1858 Page 3
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TSie Bedford Gazette. AT HOME AND ASPtOAD. "Whither are we drifting —This is a ques tion that is often asked t.he "dear people" by anxious politicians, but w< p. .pound r, now . to the "Clerk of the Weather" whose record of the last two months shows so many might and sunshiny pages. We want to know whether we are "drifting" into the Southern latitudes, or • whether the discussion of Kansas aihurs has only temporarily frightened "grim-visaged Winter" from our shores. Has the "King of Frost" got the "panics" and have the snow banks "suspended," too, like the other hanks? Has old Boreas gone into liquidation, that we have so much rain and no snow, or has the growling of the "Wall Street bears disturbed the equanimity of the Pole Star and thus brought us into a warmer climate 1 ■ We want to know. To be serious, the state of the weather during the last two months has been astonishingly mild and pleasant. We hear of the farmers in various parts of the State being engaged in ploughing for their Spring Crops. In Somerset County, where live the "Frosty sons of Thunder," who but rare ly thaw cut of their snow-banks before May, we hear that maple sugar is being made and that some of the farmers talk about sow ing oats in a few days ! In "little Fulton" where dwe! | the "Thundering Sons of Frost" we .saw plough ing done last week. In shirt the weather, so far, has been so extianrdiiiarily summ-risb that we begin to despair of having any winter. We put our trust, however, in "Ground-hog-day." If that cannot turn the in favor Y Old Icicles, then—"lh-re is no use talking." : Printers' JYetef Letter.' —Chichester k Co., Philadelphia, have commenced the pn licalion of a periodical under 'tie above title, "the prin cipal object of which is to pr< > :>t to printers and publi f heis valuable information, relative to the 'Art preservative of ail arts,'' together with all new inventions in the printing art. at as ear ly a dale as they can be obtained." The *' News Letter" is a beautifully printed sheet k contains much ?' it is of interest to ifie craft. It is pub lished monthly t the rate of N 1.00 per annum. Encoumrring to printers. — The "News Let ter" has , t jittje article under the foregoing head in'wli'u h it is stated for the cotnfoit of the poor sons of Faustus, that "Lord Stanhope was a prin ter; Franklin was a printer; Heranger, the great French poet, was a printer: Thiers, the renown ed French historian, was a printer." And to make the ragged typo feel particularly good, the little article winds up as fallows : " If a brilliant star Were stricken from the dome of night, A printer's pre-s if planted there, Would hit the vacua no to a hair. And a"e, perhaps, a better light," Now, this may be supposed to be vei v "en couraging to printers," but we know that it is not half so much sons plenty of new advance paying subscribers. If "outsiders" doubt this, let them "jump into" the publisher's harness and be convinced. lie invite the attention of our readers to Gettys' A mbrotype Gallery where now are be ing taken the most beautiful, life-like pictures we have ever seen. Mr. G. is an Artist of the first class, and as he is permanently located here, deserv s the patronage of all. Rooms in the Exchange Building nearly opposite the Post Office. Public Docunu J Js, <S c.— Hon. Wm. P. Schell, J.S. Africa and Theo. Snyder, K-qs., of the State Senate Ab - rs. Hay and Castn-r, of the House, and 1). J. Chapman, Esq., of Philadelphia, will accept our thanks far their kind attention in sending us many and vaiu i *!<• documents. We a-cknoufledge the receipt of a copv of the "Congressional Directory for the first sess on of the Thirty Fifth Congress." from our attentive representative at Washington, Mr. Reillv, who will please accept our thanks for the same. 3T7" We ought to make a very liberal allow ance in discussing the political issues of the day, for the fact that for more than thirty-five years we have had a speci sof political North an; j a political South. The habit of a great public is not unlike that of an individual. Th v have a way of coloring subjects very similar . away of imbibing ppjudic-s and prejudging cas-s almost the same. Let us apply these suggestions to the Kansas controversy. There is in realitv in that controversy, as it now stands, not one element of the old slavery quarrel. It has dwindled down into a dispute about the construction of laws—whether the act of 185-1- conferred suffi cient authority upon the'people to authorize them to frame a State government ? whether j delegates elected by the people for specific pur- j poses are to be presumed to express the will of the latter ' Some few men, who never forget and never learu anything, still talk about the slave oligarchy in connexion with Kansas affairs as old soldiers fight their battles over and over again ; but in honest truth there is nothing of the slavery question left. There is not a conn- ! ty court in all this Union which is not railed upon to decide questions, from month to month, of more practical importance than that which is involved in the turrit rial issue now before the country.— Washington Union. NOTICE. —The following notice of Dr. Key sets Pectoral Syrup, is from the Evening Chron icle, published in Pittsburgh, Pa. If you have a Cough, go to Samuel Brown, Bedford, and at Ooh'in &. Robison, Schellsburg, and buy t bottle. From the Evening Chronicle. RM.IES. S PECTORAL, a friend observes, is the next thing to health itself. We mav tiere ob— serve, as we mention no that this friend was out on election night. and anxious to hear theseivs from Maine, tarried long on the corners. The news came, but not until he had absorbed sufficient damp to give him the chills. Another friend invited him to take a glass of Scotch ale, which was put up in very black bottles. Our friend's thirst was hnsre, and was only quench ed after a number of empty bottles stood before him : a cold in the head wss the consequence, which consequence was in*eis hours by using Keyset's Pectoral. Wait for ike Wagon. —The wagon is still in town, and great is the excitement in connec tion therewith. Likenesses are being taken therein at uoprecedentri! low rates. ]\~ow is the tine lor those who wish their features im- Terishah! v iran<!erre<l !•> have it done. The i>rices rang- Irotn twent\-five cents upwards. Who would begrudge twenty-five cents for a ; likeness whtch will be as lasting as the hills? | For the benefit of our country friends we would state that this glorious opportunitv^wiil be ex l tended to them tor some two or three weeks.— Come along. Gov. EisStr's Great Speech. A Washington correspondent of the York Gazette, in his letter of the 21st ult., thus refers to the great speech of Gov. Bigler in answer to the ''Little Giant," upon the Kansas policy of the Administration: The great event of the dav was the delivery, this morning, of the great speech of Senator Bigler, upon the Kansas policy of the Adminis tration. Long before the hour of twelve, the tloor of the Senate, and the galleries, and every available stand-point were densclv crowded. The ladies' galleries were thronged with th fairest of the beautiful women, from far and near, of whom Washington is so justly proud— while the floor of the Senate was tilled with distinguished men from all parts of our great country. Among the latter J observed the imposing form of Attorney Genera! Black. Gen. G. VV. Bowman, of Bedford, the newly appointed Su perintendent of Public Printing, wasaiso pres ent, receiving the congratulations of tiis fiiend-, and Hon. W. H. Wide, of Pa., with a lvt of others. At one o'clock, the Hon. Win. Big ler took the floor. Gov. Bigler never looked better. Time lias but iighiiv touched his locks his face is rounded and full, and his firm and resolute manner, his dignity ol carriage, and im posing mien, give a majesty to his .retenc . His style is quiet, forcible, arid very impressive, and at times, when he yields to the force of his emotions, rising to thrilling hursts of impassion ed oratory. His able exposition, and lofty vindication, of the Kansas policy of the Admin istration, was listened to with quiet and earn est attention for nearly two hours. His telling points weie loudly applauded, and a murmur of approbation ran through the Senate. IVsuisvl vanians-, here, have cause, to-day, to feel proud of William Bigler, Tin: TEIBC.M: AS D THE HARPERS.—A very curious piece of literary maneuvering is just now being enacted in this city. Some time since th" Messrs. Harper purchased ol .Mr. Tbackeiav, for •32000, the advance sheets of his new novel, "The Virginians," to be published in their ma gazine. ihe Tribune, without leave or licens •, stole it, upon which the Harjieis retorted, when the Tribune slated tha' ihnj also had an origin al copy of the story. The Harpers, Ivmwer, doubted it, 3nd laid a trap to catch the immacu late organ of all the isms. They altered a lew unimportant words- in the next portion of it published, and waited to see whether the Tri bune would follow their copy or the original one which they pretended to have. They did not wait in vain, for the next day alter the at pearance of the story in the magazine, it appear ed in ihe 7 ribune verbuiimet lilir<Uim! Mere was a decided proof of the Tribune's dishonesty. Hut this is not ail : this morning the Tribune an nounces the publication of the portion appearing in the February number of Harper, and accuses that periodical of "mutilating" the „torv, "a fact,"continues the Tribune, "its publishers have boldfV avowed." This is about the c ol est piece of impudence we ttave ever met with. After stealing the story, and getting caught in the act, it brazenly turns around and charges the Harpers with "mutilating" the story, thus intimating to its readers thev can only get "The Virginians" in a correct farm in the columns of the Tribune'. This will do. It beats Uriah Heep all over.— JV. Y. Dmj Book. WILD CAT CUKCENCY AT THE WEST. —The folio wins from the Chicago Tribune oi January l9tb, is a sample of the complaints which till the Western papers : "Minnesota is the paradise of the feline tribe. As in Michigan in earlier days, they flourish with a vigor of growth, and length of claw, and sharpness of voice, that are nowhere eiseattain ed. 'J'tie latest litter, as noticed in the .St. Paul papers, consists of two kittens, one called tin- Central Bank, Gray, and the other vcleped the Charcoai Bank ot .Nowhere. The swindliru •■missions of both are endorsed by parties in St. Paul, and both are doubtless worthless. The peculiarity of tire notes of the Charcoal Bank is that they promise redemption, if presented to 'he ntterer, at his office, 'on the- first day of July'—not a day later or earlier. Who doubts that St. Paul and Minnesota are hard up, when such stuff can be used as a substitute for monev ? "lowa is but little better off than her north ern neighbor. We publish to day a letter from Davenport, in which the effect of .Nebraska money—they have no other in that region—is graphically described ; and we have, in the Galena .Idvertiser specimens of the prevailing currency at Dubuque, which we copy, for the delectation of those who never passed through a shinplaster era. Two specimens will suffi ciently jjdescrib- t lh e lot." WHY WE HAVE NO THUNDER IN THE WINTER. Prof. Espy, in his .Meteorological Report, thus explains why we have no thunder in the winter: If it be asked why we have no thunder in the winter, though the tops of the storm clouds rise even in this season to a region where the air is at least considerably charged with electri city, perhaps the answer may be found in this— | that the storm clouds in the winter are of great j extent, and of course the tension of the electri city, being extended over a very large surface, is very feeble : and the subsiance of the cloud being itself framed out of vapor much less dense than that ofsummer clouds, this tension may not be able to strike from one particle of the cloud to the next adjacent one : no general discharge can take place. Besides, even in the winter, during a very warm spell of ,weather with a high dew point for the season, we some times have a violent thunderstorm from a cloud of very limited horizontal extent, as the thun der clouds always are in the summer. Such a cloud is in reality an insulated pillar of hot ais, mingled with condensed vapor, having just given out into the air itself its latent caloric, causing the air at the top of this cloud, in many cases, to he 60 degrees warmer at its lop fhati the air on the outside at the same level. PICKPOCKET-! AT HARRISJIURG. —During the inauguration of Co v. Packer on Tuesday, Mr. Calhoun, of the H jse, had his pocket picked of some $225. Mr. Drake, reporter, also had his pocket picked of a large [>orte-ir.onnaie and some $lO. Col. G. T. Hummel lost a pocket book containing SSO and some valuable papers. FOREIGN NEWS. The steamship Europa, from Liverpool l9lh nst., arrived at New York, brings one week's later intelligence. The Europa art ivej nut tin the flight of the 3d i::>t., and the screw steamship Anglo-Saxon, from Portland, reach, d Liverpool at 3 o'clock, A..!., on the 7th. fhe Mirth Slar also arri ved at midnight on the Sth. The U. S. frigate Powhatan was at Madeira on the 30th of December. INDIA. The semi-monthly mail tram India arrived at Suez, on the Ist of January, with <Ut<-s from Calcutta and Bombay. General Havelock tiiej ott th • CNIU of No vember, from dysentery brought<m i>y exposure and anxiety. On the 27th of November an enpagement took place near Cawnpore, between tr.-neral Windham's division an i tlieGwalior rrntioeers, in which the British troops retre.-iteC, with the total loss of the tints of ?hr*e regiirwuts, three thousand in number, \hii'h were burnt by liie enemy. The Sixty: >u.t ii regiti >nt is reported to have been nearly out op in th-* etv-oun ; -*i. The Gwalior muti;, • air more than SOOO men, completely . ; :a. a 'C equipped. Sir Colin Campbell, In tring <il tius disaster, quilted Lucknow for Cawnpoe. Or the 7tii of December he came up writ lite Gwalior mutineers ami totaliv del „;.o then,, capturing sixteen guns, twentv-ix . urn ig-... ,m immense quantity of ammunition, re>. Sic... atnl the whole of their baggage. T'-e British I >s tn the action was insignificant, onl v one - die a- being killed. All the women and .lii lren, sick, -N.C-, front Lucknow, had arri' d it >ftv at A.- ahabad- The official rejKi:t ■>; I -f.-n. - iti. jcknow is published, ami shows tin- p-ivations endured bv the hen- •• gar* !>••:., and particularly by the ladies, Were rfui. Troops ships con"in j• > arrive rapidly at Calcutta, and, am'•;••: ■ I:>• ■ *, tie* vlehrated American built clip: l •; ha I arrived out in a passage of s ", : <• >\ ; from i!i- l)..wn>. Exchange at Cai< utta qttoted at 2s. 2 id. AUSTRIA. Field Marshal Rad' iskv is dead. The event took place on the bib of January, .1. immediate cause being paralvei* of the iuogs, alter an illness of a week. The Ma: dial was in lis ninety second year. TURK F.V. Redshid Pacha, Grand \ izier. •- dead, after an illness ofonK three davs. His disease was apoplexy. FRANCE. Mdlle Rachaef, the great tragedienne. Hi..', on the 3d of January, ;:t her ♦•state i • Cannes. Her last professional p<-timnatv s were thus - which took place m th.. United Stales. A great increase of confidence in coinm -rcial circles in Paris is reported. The Empress Cn-iim was indisposed. The funds c! s,>d on the street 70-10. The ministerial organ intimated that the Government i> n >t likelv to stop the "free labor'' movement. St-Kern in New Mfit.r.ixs.—The hanks of the citv of New Orleans now bold in round figure* ten millions ol c<)iu against tir'e millions sixlv days ago. The declared statement two yeats' since showed a large amount, l.nt the Pirnyt/u<■ does not think the actual quantity of sj.-cie w as so great as now. V§ \ U f 3-f 3?: On the 2I sf inst., bv Rev. F. Benedict, Mr. James Hell/el ;u;d .Miss Elizabeth Ca le, both of Bedford Township. Bedford Markets. CORRECTED M EEKLY" BY J. J, y, . SHOE MAKER. Flour, sir!o Butter, 1 cG. Wheat, pei bu. 83 Eggs, per doz. 1 t " Hyp. " 50 cts.- Buekwheat, per tuj. -10 • Lard " 10 <. Barley, .1!) " Onions, per Isu. 37,', ' ■ Oats. . <jr, i. Corn, •• 10 Potatoes, • 37^ PHILADELPHIA MARKETS. J A. \ i" any 23—Evening.—The buGnevJ in Rreadstiji.'s i.- uhouf an v mati rial < hauge to day, the demand fr nil kinds I eng >llil very small, and prices about . tatiunarv. The only sale of Floor reported is 500 hid* itnev extra family at V <:, S7i J>T bid . common extras and superfine are bm inqntif I I ir, and small sales at S-kß7ias."' lor tti" Jem r, and f>r tile latter. Sales to the hone' (ran ■ are inakia ,r in a small way, as wanted, within the ranee of the above quotations, according to brand and quality. Rye Flour i- low er, an ! oiiered at $3.2">, wish nt much s iiingx ( orn aTm, is not inquired for, and dull at $3 p.rbbl. Wheats are Us p.enty anu ::i good deniand at i.miner ijtiol iliorm say 114al 1 ;>c lor g<> id reds, and ] 25a] 30c lor white, with small sales; a small sale of poor white was m ~Je at 1 I Sc. Co; nis in stead y de mand, and I), ~10, - .Hi; j;.xx h.tuid'hoy ers at 60c, in store, and tide, alien;t, mostly at the former price. Oats continue dull at Sic. Rye is wanted at 70c, with small leceipts, ari l sales at t!i::: Sjuttl Oark is scarce, arm a sale ot 600 hhds Ist quality was made >t SiOS per ton. Ihe market for Cotton is very quiet, and the stock extremely Jig!,:: prices, if anything, favor the wo er. Croc ins are held with more firmness, with a fair demand fir Sugar to note at former quotations. Provisions are quiet and prices about the same, with a very small busi ness doing. In Seeds no change, and all the Cloverseed offering finds quick sale at s:").l'2ia tjio.c.'r per litis. Whiskey sells moderately at 20c for drudge,2oa2olc"for hhds, and 20iu2lc for hbls. A CARD. I intend In retire from ibe practice of the Law at Bedford, alter February Court. Messrs. | Bi:NFor,D CK. MKV.:;;S, who have associated with i themselv. s Mu. BAKU, of Somerset, will take j charge o! my unfinished professional business, land no dount will attend to it in a wav eiitire lly satisfactory to mv clients. All mv business papers will lie ielt in their hands. I desiie ail persons indebted to me to call and pay. or at least, settle—and as 1 am jjoine to the Y\ est, will purchase a lew Land War rants, and al.o undertake the locution ol Land \V arrants on fair terms, VVM. M. MALL. JAN. *2F>, 1858. w. j.tuKr.. <;. v. urwotii). r>. F. MEVKUS. BAER, BEN FORD &, MEYERS; 1 ATTOpiES AT LAW, BEDFORD, PENN'A. WILL punctually attend to ait business entrusted to their care. C7"Mr. Jiaer will he in regular attend-- ance at Court. Office on Juliana street, same as lor- j aierjy occupied by Win. At. Hall, Ksq. [jan CS,'5S.] 1 List of Jurors. —The following is tb- list of Grand Jurors drawn for the next regular term of Court, which begins on Monday, February Bth, 130 s : Bedford Borough—William Bowles. Bedtord Township—John Sanson:. Broad Top Tp—Asa Davalt, David Flticfc. Cumberland Valley Tp—Henry Miller. Fast Providence Tp—David C Foor. Jeniatta Tp—John L Hill, Ab'm S Ritchey. Liberty Tp—Henry Kensinger. Londondeiry Tp—Jacob Evans, John Evans. Middle Woodberry Tp—John Keagy,John Stone rook. Monroe Tp—Levi Evans. Napier Tp—George Stuckey, Martin Blackburn, jr. Snake Spring Tp—Henrv Hershberger, George StifHcr. St. Clair Tp—John Feighter, Jacob H. Wright, F.sq. Southampton Tp—Hugh Wilson, Thomas Leasure. South Woodberry Tp—William P. Scott. Union Tp—Adam Ickes. The list of Petit Jurors draw n lor February Term is as follows : Bedford Borough—John Alsip. Bedford Township—John W Scbnebly, Zachariah Ivoontz, William Sellers. Colerain—Emanuel Sbafer, Reuben Smitb, Abra ham McClelland, Perry Morgan. Cumberland Valley-Frederick Siiger, John Houck. East Providence—John H Barton, William Ritch ey ,ol Michael, Gideon B Martin, Solomon Nycutn, Henry Hand, David Eshelman. Harrison—Alexander Shoemaker, James Morti more. Hopewell—Nathan (lorton, Alexander FlicbeJbej <rer.

J.ibeity—John Long. Middle Woodberry—George Potter. Monroe—Daniel Diehl, John Penned, William- O'Neal. Napier—Peter Mowry, Jr, George S Mullin, Wil liam Colviu, James Allison. South Woodberry—David Sollenberger, David F- St. Clair—Jacob Andrews, Thomas .McCrearv. Union—John Conrad, Esq., John James, Adolphus Ake. H est Providence—Philip Morgret, Adam Weaver ling. JVOTKR. Ulb, following peisons Lave filed petitions ior Li cense in the <■.• ik's office of Bedford County, to be presented to the Court ot Quarter Sessions on Friday tbe'lgth day of February, next. 1' tederich Berkhimer, St Clair Township, tavern isaar Hay, u Liberty " " P .l:p G. Morgert, W. Providence tp. " Joseph Fi-her, " •' •• " Philip Steckni.w, " .. Levi H. Delhi, Hop°well " .■ouath iu Hoiiou, Bedford Borough " . tin .i 1I- i, '• " Fa! ing I]ou:P. SA ML. H. TATE. Cleik'.- office. Jan. 2d. IS-38. LIST OF LETT tins, •• . MAINING in the Post Office at Beiliord, Per:. r i"a., >r !h- quarter ending, Deceiribei list, I*">7. UF'Persorts calling for letters iu this list will ple.t-e sy ti-ey ate advertised. AUen James, 2 Hoffman Piisan, Mrs ArnoidHl Harlett William Brown Joseph Johnson William Blodget John A iviumpp Charles Barrnond Pete! Paul Joseph S i : I'iionias A PophourMliernian f ook Mary Reed Jnnrs t 'es-or John Reily Jane Miss Frightlio. Henry S liohnsoii Samuel Freeman J hn StmMfer Christian I tJingrick Fe'ix "Alexander Siie,'' I Stioen ak.-r Henrv J or Abratn Suter Rachel ;*1 Sch lighter Jno C JOHN ,\. MOWiiV. Jan 1-q IV,B P M | Dissohititm oi" sNii-tnet-ship. Till, j tieretofore existing between Hen iy F. King and James Madara, under the name and tirm ol Madam, King & Co., doing business at Le miii" Iron Works, in Hopewell township, Bedford • .mi v. is diskulved by* mutual consent. i i ENRY s. KING, Nov. *g, 1S G7. JAM EB MA DA RA. The bus ntoiffufact tiring ,ron at Lemon's Iron Works, vviti lie continued by the undersigned, wbohas purchased all the interest oi' tiis late partner, James Mndary, i" ttie Books property and effects btlosgiflg to the late Urea of Marfan, King \Co. N0v.20.1837: HENRY S. KING. AGENTS ATTENTION: • i Do you wish to find good employment, and make j money with little or no investment, and without in i terferirig w;tn your regular business?!]!!' you do, read ■ this advertisement.| C. E. 'IV "> &jC'o„ of 33- Broome Street, New York, are manufacturing massive gold Pencils forS-5 each, (which are cheap at that price,) and they throw ui a gift or prize with each Pencil, worth from $2 up to $5, $lO. . $ -0, s.'7, s•' , S3O, $7,7, SIOO, sfoO, and $7 d. Dont't cry out. "Humbug ! Lotte ry!" It's no such thing. The I'encils are sold at their cu>n value, and all the profits over the first cost are thrown into the gilts, which actually! cost the porch ;-er nothing. The prizes are distributed on a s!uiji|e plan of drawing, which would take too much room to explain, but which has never failed to give complete YVe haveMrawn andtjsent to purcha-ers 183 gold watches of various prices 71 purses of gold dollars,* gfisjaold SSO gold chains, and a corresponding number_of other prizes, within two months. THERE AK E 2YO BLAXKS, but eveiy pmchaser draws a prize worth s*2 certain, and it stands thousands of chances to be a higher fig ure. YVe want a good agent in every neighborhood throughout me country, to solicit purchasers, and any ugenf. to he successful, must have a pencil and a prize to exhibit. YYV puy'agents $i cash lor each ' pur. !.as! he olilaiiis. and the first person iu any i neighbor! rod who applies for a pet:.*; I and gift, will J receive the agency '.or that locality. Should an a i gent obtain a valuable prize to exhibit with his peu- I <-i(. he would have little difficulty in obtaining scores ! purchasers, and making it a paying business. ! a NEiv idea: read-: read::: YVe ask no body to send their money till they | know what prize the/ draw. Any person wishing to ; try their luck,call first semi us their name and ad | dress, and we will make their drawing and inform ! rliem by return mail what prize they drew, when i rhey can send on and take the Pencil and prize, or not, whichever they choose. VY'e give tiiis privilege oiuy once to a purchaser. Alter tiie first drawing, .-very purchaser will be required to send in advance, through the authorized agent. We will send with .•ach drawing the number taken out, with full des cription of the plan of drawing. Address C. K. TODD icCO., jari 15,'38. 332 Broome Street New York. i SAUSAGE MEAT.CUTTERS, CORN SMELLERS &C., ! REMEMBER that Blymire Ac Hartley keep the best Machines of all descriptions, ever offered to the peo ple ol Bedford County. Their .S'.nniyg-e Meat Cutters A- Com S/u/Urs are warranted, especially, and when not fully equalling the representation may be re turned. Orders are solicited from this and adjoining counties. Sept. IS, 1557. PRIG STORE FOR SALE Any person desirous of purchasing a well esta blished ami profitable Drug Store can hear ot a first rare opening by addressing the editor of this paper. July 17, 1857. TOOTHACHE. — Those who want a speedy cure for this disease will find it in DR. KCVSER'S TOOTHACHE Remedy. Sold for 25 cents at Sam uel Brown's Store Bedford, 5c Colvin 5c Robin son's Schellsburg. will. FOSTER, WITH BALDWIX,; LLVDERMJfJY <Y CO. Importers and Dealers in Hosiery, Gloves, Trimmings, Combs, Brushes, Fancy Goods, j Looking Glasses, vNc. No Si North Third St., Philadelphia. All orders solicited and proivq t- i !y attended to. Sept. 5, 1556. Broad Toj; Coal! AT THE COOK COLLIEKY :! AT HOPEWELL, KNOWN AS THE COKE BANK:' i HE undersigned would hereby notify the jnblie i that he is engaged in the coal It mining business, at . the Broad lop coal tnine, one hall mile from the i town ol Hoj>ewell. In order to insure speedy sale jhe will sell it at the mines at cen G< P e '' bushel, [ and delivered at Hopewell, at 6 cents per bushel . Persons wishing coal will find it to their advantage | to give him a call, as the coal is of the firstfquali'y and the terms per.bushel less than it can be obtained ior elsewhere. The subscriber can at all times be found at his office at Hopewell, by persons desirous of purchasing. Dec IS, 'o7-3rf). RICHARD LANGDON. Estate oi* Wiliiam Lane, clcc'd. BEDFORD COUJVTY, SS. At an Orphans' Court held at Bedford, in and for tho county of Bedford, on the IGth day ol November, A. D. !S<37, before the Judg es ol the same Court, fhe petition of John Mower and S. L. Russell, administrators dt boni*\non, rum tes i tinrnto annex'j of VV'm. Lane, late oi said county, deceased, was read and filed, setting forth that ui | pursuance of an order of this Court, they made sale oi all the real estate of said dee'd, far as They i then knew, and the monev ar:-ing therefrom was ap l plied to the payment of the debts of said dee'd, so j iar as they were reached, that they have lately been I informed that the said Win Lane, owned a body of | unimproved wood-land in Letterkenny town hip, [ Franklin coui.ry , adjoining land. © Isaac Rosenberry, : and others; con taming 2000 acres, or 1 hereabouts, , That debts to a considerable amount, not less than 87,-jOO against the estate of said deceased, yet re main unpaid, arid praying the Court to make a de cree authorizing them To raise, say $3,.100 if possi ble, from the said real estate in Franklin county.— Whereupon, on motion of S. L. Russell, Esq.,' the Court grant a rule upon the beii s arid all parties in terested, to be and appear at our next Orphans' ; Court, to be holden at Bedford, on the 2d Motel.:v, Kh day of February next, and show cause if anv they i have why a decree should not be made by the C'ouit pursuant to the prayer of the petitioners. In testimoi y whereof, 1 have hereun il to set rny hant; and seal of sai.i t'mirt at StimUaamrx Bedford, the 10th day ol November. A. D. 1817. I). WASH ABA UGH, Dec. IS, 1857- Clerk. .VOTICE OF LrqUISJTIOJY. WHEREAS, J.iroS Riffle, iate of Juii.atla township, Bed lord county, died -eiz ed ol the following described real estate, viz: A tract of land, composed of several tracts of patented land, situate in said township, containing about four hundred acres, about three hundred acres cleared and under cultivation, adjoining lar.iisof Frederick Hilfi gas, Leonard P.ittner, Esq.. Nicholas ISodle and oth ers, having thereon a stone mansion house, farm house, barn and stable-, large stone flouring mill and saw-mill. Leaving a wi low, Catharine Riffle, and is-ne six children and one grand child, to wit: John C. Riffle, residing in Cumbeiiaiid, Md., Mary, intermarried with John Sweeny, residing iri Indiana county, Pa., Thomas, residing in lowa, David, residing in Ligo nier. Westmoreland coiui'v. Pa., Ellen, internum- , ed wilh Thomas McCulJifl", residing in Somerset co., j I'a., Catharine, (a minor) daughter ol Catharine, tie- : ceased, who was .literirnrried uiin ivichard Bums, I lesiJit.g in lowa, am! Margaret, intermarried with j Alfre l Miller, res-id: g in Cumberland Md. NOTICE i theielore given, that irt pursuance of a writ of partition or valuation tome directed, I will proceed to ho!.! an inquisition or valuation on the said premies on Fiiday, the 22d day of January, ISSS, when and where all The parties interested may attend if thev see proper. WILLIAM 8. FLUKE, Sheriff's Office, Bedford, ( Sheriff. Dec. IS, ISf'T. j mm .ttIUME SliOI'! THE subscnbers having lormed a partnership un der the Style o: "Dock \ Aihcom" for the purpose of conducting a general FOUNDRY AND MACHINE business in the e-tablisbmcnt recently erected fry ffiiliard Dock, in Hopewell, Bedford county, are now prepared to execute orders lor CASTiiVd.V A.V 1> MACHTAtJEU 1" of every description. Tbey will build to order steam-engines, coal and dnlt-cars, horse powers, and threshing machines—aiso, cast ing of eveiv kmd for furnaces, forges, saw, grist and rolling mills, ploughs, water-pipe, columns, house fronts, brackets, Kc., &c. They are also, now making a fine assortment of STOVES of various kinds of the latest patterns and most approved styles, including several sizes of COOK. STOVES of the bst make, heating stoves lor churches, . liic. <, bar-rooms, \c. A lull as,or!uieiiT of Stoves will be kept constant ly mi band, -old at wholesale and retail, at pri ces to suit the times, and quality, warranted equal to the best eastern make. Machinery ot all kinds repaired promptly. Patterns made to order. GILL I ART) POCK. October 30, 1557. E. YV. ASHCOM. LAST NOTICE ! THE .subscribers now havp their hooks posted for settlement, and call upon nil persons doing business with them, to come forward and set tie up their accounts immediately. They hope this notice will not he passed unheeded, as this has been tip- first time lor years of business that a similar call has been made. One ot the firm being now engaged in other business, the busi ness of tiie firm imperatively demands settle ment. All kinds of Hides will betaken in pay ment ol accounts due. TAYLOR 5s MOYVRY. Jan. J, JSSK. x!!rs. SO. HAS ;ust retimed from the Cities with a Rich as sortment ©f F.!t and Winter goods, such a - elegant Rich Niti.-. al: Wool Plaids, Merino Delaines, Y'elan cies, Thibet t ;.>'hs. Calicoes, Cloaks, MANTLES. FURS, Velvet ma! Satin Bonnets. Flench Flowers, Plumes, Kibbeiids. Rushes, a great variety of Ladies and Children® Boots,Sboes and Gaiters, with a variety of Fancy Goods. Wa a* ¥n lad lull . The British l s * an ioUling with (he Bengal Tiger! ' ! LATEST ARRIVAL AT J* REED'S! NEW GOODS!!! NOTWITHSTANDING the pecuniary em barrassment, and the universal complaints o; -'hard times," the subscriber takes pleasure in announcing to the peoplp of Bedford and vicinity that he has fust returned from the eastern cities with a large, handsome and cheap stock of FALL AND WINTER GOODS, among which may be found CLOTHS, CASSIMERES, SATINETS, TWEEDS, JEANS, VESTINGS, MUSLINS, &c., &c., &c. Also, an elegant assortment of I LADIES' DRF.SS GOODS, consisting of SILKS, I MOUSLIN de LAINES, FRENCH MERTNOES, VALENCIAS, AC., ami a great variety of oihi-i GOODS for ladies' and children*" wear. —ALSO— GROCERIES, HARDWARE, QCEEAS IVA RE, cVr., eye. ALSO—An excellent a>:so:Orient of BOOTS A.YD SHOES. Ail kinds of domestic produce laken in exchange for goods. The notes of all Pennsylvania Banks receiv ed at par, as well as the notes of good Banks of oth er Slates. JACOB REED. Oct. SO, '57. BOOTS vY SHOES The Mifiwi* have >ust opened a large supply ol B.xds add Shoes, suitably for Fa!' am! IV ate;-. .?. ii. CRAOIE R cS' Co, i !%EW 'Pasiey Store. >i!.S. H. D. Phi (.H & CO., respectfully invite the attention o. ihe Ladies of Bedford and vicinity to ! he r new and handsome stock of goods just opened m -'Mann s Building*' Julianna st. opposite Dr. Reaoi ; er s Drug Store. 1 hese goods have been selected with the greatest I re ' ar "' a ' e latest style and best quality. | their stock consists in part of I M"ire Antique Silks. All Wool de laines. btk. (.rode Rhine. do dot printed. French Merinoes, plain and printed Blk. Klastic Belts Moss head Fringes. Chenille Trimmings. Bugle Laces. Chenille Scarfs. Ladies Kid Gloves. Chenille head dresses. Ladies Gauntlets. Fancy French Corset*. Gents' Blk. Kid Gloves, Velveteen, &c. &c. Perfumery, Extracts, Jewelry, &c. j LADIES'and CHILD&KXS' BONNETS in great va ! iiety. A general as.-ortment of Ladies and Misses SHOES, GAITERS, OVERSHOES, KC. SHAWLS of every quality and desciiption. H. D. PEUGH, ETTIE A. FISHBURN, Oct. 23, 1 Sj7, BLYMIRE AND HARTLEY. Ihe undersigned respectfully invite attention to their new and elegant stork of Builders and Me chanics Hardware and Labor saving Machinery, and House lunimhing goods. Their stock is largely se lected with great care, and embraces every thing usually kept in similar establishments. Their stock is composed in part of The following, viz : Cutlery of all descriptions. Carpenter's tools. Cabinet maker's tools and findings, Wooden and willow ware, Ropes of several sizes, Chains in assortment, i Shovels, scoops, forks and spades, Files and.Rasps in Variety, Lock* of all discriptions, And Builders Hardware in general, farmers, Hand and Sleigh Bells, Skates for all the hoys, „ Iron and Steel of all Brass, Clipper and Iron wire, Churns in Variety, Coffee and Spice Mills. (Warranted) Fox. Rat. aud Mice traps, -pad?. Shovel, iork and axe handles, Brushes in Variety, Nails, Glass and Putty, Paints and oils, F luil, Pine oil and Turpentine, Sausage Meat cutters, unsurpassed, Sausage Staffers, Apple Parers, Double and Single Bit axes. Knife cleaners, ar. excellent artiele. Britannia ware. Copper, brass, porceiainet! ar.d tin lined Ketiies, Patent and common Sad Irons, Shoemakers tools ar.d finding.-, Screen wire. Chain Pumps, Farmers Bags, . Corn Sheliers, Corn Fodder Cutters and crushers, Corn mills, Glass and common Lar.tprns, Oil for Harness and Machinen\ And 1000 other articles large and small, suited 'o the wants and fancies of ail clas-es. In connection with the foregoing, B! my ire and Hartley have their. f§^gi|£^' "rfe! &A .J ' Department, in which they manufacture under the immediate supervision of Mr. Blymire, their excell ent assortment of tin ware. We offer great induce ments to country merchants way of a large dis count, very large stock, and excellent work, their assortment of stock embraces probably 20 dilerent patterns of Cook and Heating Stoves selected from the choicest patterns of the best Foundries, in Phila delpnia, Baltimore Vork ann Pittsburgh, we ask espe cial a'.ention, to this part ol our stock by all wanting good warranted stoves. We have on band a few ol<' fashioned stoves at reduced prices. Berlin Stoves. SIO,OO all sound. Hathaway §IO,OO to §l-5,00 Thankful to all who have patronized us with job work, we would inform them that we still attend with care and despatch to out door work, spouting and sheeting done at the lowest prices according to quality of the work. We keep constantly on hand the celebrated \ icloria stove Blacking, which is cheaper and superior to any thing eLe ever used for this purpose. Russia and American stove Pipe and Fire boards constantly on hand and made to order. Whole Sale or retail. In short every thing in the tinning, stove and copper smith line. Please give as a call and examine for yourselves. Oct 16th. BLY.MIKE & HARTLEY. Broai! Top Coal, brom the Kiddlesburg Collierv. THE subscribers are now engaged in shipping coal ! from the celebrated Riddlesburg Bank, by railroad | to Hopewell, at as low prices as can be furnished by I any other persons rn the country. Persons desiring a good article will find it to their advantage to call on them, or their agent, F. M. | Smith, at Hopewell. OSBOI'RXE CRESS WELL. Pec. 11, 15.57.-3 m. AVTICJ2 LY IA BEL FOR DJFQRCE. | Elizabeth B. Keiler, by her j In the Common Pleas ! next friend Joseph Uregor. 1 of Bedford County, '■*. ; No. 33, Nov. T. 1857. Henry M. Keller. j Alias subpouia on Libel lor Divorce, returnable 2d .Monday, Srh day of February, 1858. And now to w it, Nov. 10th, 1557, on motion of John P. Reed. Esq., Sheriff ordered to publish notice of the above writ and JohnS. Scbsll, Esq., appointed Cornroission j er to take depositions. By the Court. | In pursuance of the above order of Court, Ido here i by notify and require Henry M. Keller, the above I named respondent, to appear before the said Court, ; on the Sth day of February next, to answer said com plaint. WM. S. FLUKE, Sheriff, i By virtue of the above Commission, 1 will proceed to take depositions, in the above stated case on Akin day the :th day of January, 10 o'clock, A, M, at the office of John Smith, Esq., in the borough of Sehells burg. JOHN S- SCHELL, Dec. IS, 185' ; . Commissioner. FOR SALE, OR j TRADE.—'9O Acres „r u„d. I part of the Yickroy Fstatecalled 'Sugar Bottom,' in I St. Clair township. ALSO. j ihe well known Tavern Stand and Store House in : the town of Woodderry, situate on lot No. 5, on the , plan of said tow n 65 feet by" 190 feet, now in the or cupancy of Wiliiam Pierson. ALSO, K0 acres of land in Dallas County, lowa. ALSO, 320 acres of land in Montgomery County, lowa. ALSO, % ;;->0 acres of land in Harrison C ounty, lowa. LSO I°o acre in -Morrison County, Minnesota. ALSO Lor no sof block 53 in the city of Omaha, Nebraska Territory. Ml rear ihe Rail Roads and presenting good oppor tunities for investments. O. F.. SHANNON. Bedford, Nov. 13, 15.57. For the Hair, Jockey Club and new mown Hay Pomatums, Phalon's lnvigorator, See. &c. can a!! be had at Dr. Harry's.