Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, 6 Temmuz 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated 6 Temmuz 1860 Page 4
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HARVEST! HARVEST!! MANNY St W oou's Great Combined Reaper and Mower with r wi^Sy out the self-raking attachment. WOOD'S MEADOW QUEEN MOWER, Only S9O, warranted to cut lodged clover and all other kinds ot grass. Sold only upon the principle of "no good, no keep." No money asked till the machine is tried and gives satisfaction according to representation. , All wanting the above must order early, or 1 will not be able to get them in time. — Call and see. WM. HARTLEY. Ag't for ali kinds ot May 15,'60. Farm Machinery. C~~ ACTION.— Hunters and fishers, will lake care not to trespass on the lands of the subscri bers, after this' dAte, otherwise they will he tle,\ with According to law. DAVID BOYERS, SAM'L. HULLINGER, ABRAHAMS. BROWN, DAVID S. BROWN, JACOB KIFER, ABRAHAM NEWCOMER, SAMUEL BASSLER, JACOB LONGENECKER, JACOB A. N'.CO DEM US, DAVID L. HARTMAN, MICHAEL L. KEAGGY, PAUL RHOADS, JOHN BRUMBAUGH, D. S. BRIDENTHAL. June 22, lboU. A SELECT SCHOOL For teaching the pri- J inary and higher F.ngiisb branches, will be opened j by the subscriber in the newly furnished and beau tiful rooms of the Union School-House, on Monday, the 9th day of July next. No more pupils will be taken than can receive every attention. TERMS—From $2 to $5 per quarter, according to branches pursued. The patronage of the citi zens of Bedford and the surrounding country, is re spectfully solicited. Applications should be made immediately. J. W. DICKERSON. June 22J, lStiO. ,\" 0 T I C E.~ I w Whereas a certain Mar- ] gery Mengesof Napier tp., Bedford county, claims to be my wedded wife, I hereby notify the public ; that such is not the fact; that she never stood m any such relation to me, nor does she now; and I cau tion all persons against harboring her, or dealing with her on my account, as 1 am determined not to iray any debts of her contracting. G. W. SIGLF.R. Bedford Tp., June 22d. OF INQUISITION, LW WHEREAS, William Nycum, late of Monroe tp, Bedford co., died, seized of the following described Real Estate, to wit ; One tract of land containing two hundred and tnirty nine acres, more or less, adjoining lands of Barnard Clabaugh, William Cornell, John Fletch er and Leonard Nycum's heirs, situate rn said town ship, Leaving issue the following heirs and legal rep resentatives, to wit ; Leonard Nycum, John Nyc um, the petitioner, residing in Bedford county, Bar nard Nycum, and Upton Nycum, residing in Alle gheny co., Md., Wilson Nycum and Andrew Nycum residing in Bedford co., NOTICE is, therefore, hereby given, that in pur suance of a writ of Partition or Valuation, to rue directed, I will proceed to hold an inquisition or Valuation, on said premises, on Tuesday, the 31st day of July, 1860, when and where ail paities in terested may attend if they see propei. Sheriff's Office, Bed- I WM. S. FLOKF, ford, June 15th; 1860. £ Sheriff. m r OTICE OF INQUISITION. WHEREAS, WIL- ! ham Kerr, late ol Harrison tp., Bedford co., died \ i seized of the following described Real Estate, to j wit ; One tract of land containing three hundred j and twelve acres, more or less, adjoining lands of j Peter VVertz, Valentine V. Wertz,'Widow Suters and j others, about one ha If cleared and under fence, with j double log barn and other buildings thereon erected j situate in said tp.. Leaving a widow, Mary Kerr, and eleven heirs, I to wit . John Kerr, Catharine," wife of Lew- j is Kellerman, dead, leaving her husband and three j children, to wit; James Kellerman and Wm. Kel- \ lerman of Bedford co., John Kellerman of Ohio, 1 Elizabeth, wile of Jonathan Cessna, of Ohio, who j conveyed her share to Mary the Widow, William j JacKson Kerr, Joseph Heuiy Kerr, Amanda, wife of j John Riley, Snmuel Kerr, George Kerr of Bedford j co., and Margaret wife of Peter Funk, residence! not known, NOTICE is, therefore, hereby given, that in pur suance of a writ of Partition or Valuation to me di rected, I will proceed to hold an Inquisition or Val uation, on said premises, on Tuesday 24th day of July, 1860, when and where all parties interested, may attend if they see proper. Sheriff's Office, Bed- WM. S. FLUKE, ford, June Bth, 1860. J Sheriff. JGEDFORD MACHINE SHOP! THE subscriber would most rgfepectfully an nounce to the farming community, and public in general, th.t he still continues to manufacture at his shop, in Bediord, Pa., the following farming u- j tensils or the very best material, and Jin the most workmanlike manner, viz: FOUR AND SIX HORSE TUMBLING SHAFT POWER MACHINES, with large open cylinders, six staves, and spikes screwed in, and improved Straw Shakers attached. Their superiors for strength and speed are not made in this or any other County in the State. Four Horse Tumbling Shaft and Strap Power Machine, with cylinder open or shut, as may be de sired, tor convenience, ease of draft, and perfect working, this machine ha-* no superior any where. THREE HORSE MACHINES, of the same kind- Two and three Horse Tumbling Shaft Power Ma chines, a very convenient and excellent machine lor small farmers, with or without shasers, single and double shovel Ploughs, Horse Rakes, Lever Cutting Boxes, Hairows and Wheelbarrows, made to crJer. All the above articles constantly on hand, and sold on reasonable terms. ■ Repairing of ail kinds of Machines, whether made here or elsewhere, done on the shortest notice. Castings for all my machines, made at the Foun dry of Shires is, Jordan, it: Bedford, and will com pare with any made in the State for strength and durability. Blacksmithing done to order. Ail my work wairanted to give satisfaction. From a past experience of over twenty years in the Machine business, 1 feel confident that I can give entire satisfaction to all who may tavor me with a call. Call and examine my wort before you purchase elsewhere, as I am determined to please all. Horses, gram of all kmas, lumber and iron, will be tat en in exchange for work. PETER H. SHIRKS, June 8, ISGO.-6m. Machinist, j £3 AVE COSTS: - All persons still indebted to the firm of OSTER, MANSPEAK.F.R CARN, bv Account or Note, are respectfully.yet most earnest ly asteo to make immediate payment, and thus save cost. The Boots, Notes and effects of the firm are in the hands ot'Oster ,V Curn. Alter the Ist day of August, 1860, cost wiil be added, without further notice, except by special agreement. June 8, 1560.-2 m. BOARDING HOUSE FOR VISITORS TO UEDFORD STRINGS AND OTHERS. The subscribe!, formerly of the FrauKlin Hotel, Cbambersburg, Pa., has leased the well Known Boarding House in Bedford, formerly kept by Mrs. Filler. This Hous is situated in the most pleas ant part of the town, on the road leading to the Springs. The rooms are large and airy, and great care will be tasen to render all he guests comfor table and happv. Fresh Minera Water constantly an hand. Terms moderate. Jaioe 15.'60. U. JOSEPH ALSIP. I r f 1 HE CHAMPION BELT -* AWARDED TO J REED & CO FOR SELLING THE CHEAPEST /l.\ 1) EES T GOODS ' The undersigned would inform their friends and ! customers, that tbev have just received from the Ka>tern cities, a large and well selected stock SPRING JN D SUNLUER GOODS, which they are determined to sell at the lowest livingprices. All kinds of summer wear, from the finest to the commonest, ladies' dress goods ol every description, fancy goods, and everything usu ally kept in dry goods stores (and, perhaps, some thing besides) groceries, rjueensware, Sic , &c., can now be found at their store ill every variety and assortment. THEIR SHOE DEPARTMENT is well supplied best stock that can be ob tained. For style as well as durability, they can not be surpassed in this line. TERMS : Cheap for cash, or approved country produce, or six months credit to punctual dealers Give us a call, and you shall be waited upon with ' pleasure. J. REED Sr CO. May 4th,"60. $2.50.: Pute Pearl Snow White Lead. On ly $2.50 per keg of 25 lbs. PAINT AND OIL PAINT AND OIL VARNISH. VARNISH. OHIO FIRE PROOF PAINT. OHIO FIRE PROOF PAINT. PAINT. ALL COLORS. PAINT, ALL COLORS. BRUSHES, BRUSHES, AT HARTLEY'S. AT HARTLEY'S. Hardware of all kinds. All articles Warranted as represented. Fair profits ask ed. but will not be undersold bv any one. TERATS, AS AGREED UPON. CASH BUYERS ALWAYS FAVORED. Try Hattley beiore you send oil for your Hard wane, Iron, Nails or Paints. (April 6, IbCO.) SI.MON L. SHAFER. ADAM FERGUSONS' I^ VERY D\Y BIIiNGS SOMETHING NEW! ANOTHER NEW FIRM ! ' FERGUSON & SHAFER, at the former stand of Ferguson ist Man.-peaker, are now ready to wait on old customeis as well as new. They expect to sell 1 very low for cash and produce, ov to tbosewho will foot up every six months. Their DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, HARDWARE, QUEENSWARE, And all other goods usually kept in stores, have been carefully selected, and bought at prices ena bling them to sell at reduced rates. Their SHOE DEPARTMENT, contains every variety of shoes and boots for men, women and children. They invite a fair share of the public patronage from their friends and the public, and particularly solicit the trade of their couutry friends, expecting to deal fairly with thern and all others at ONE PRICE for every body. [April "27,'60.] A lARD TO THE LADIES. " Y OSTER &.CARN, CHEAP-SIDE, Have just received a large and very superior as sortment of D. R. King tr Co'# city made, ladies' misses' and children's fine French lasting Congress Gaiters, English Kid, Tampico, ATorocco and Goat lace boots, buskins, slippers and ties, with and with out heels. Ladies will find it to their interest to call aud examine our stock before purchasing, ilfay 18, 1860.-2 mo. IfEKGEL HOUSE, xfi JULIANA S iRfcET, BEDFORD. PA. THR subscriber, having renovated and refurnished this old established House, is now prepared to re ceive guests. He invites his friends and the travel ing public to give him a call. Having new furni ture, new beds, and everything necessary to render hearty cheer to those in want of a temporary borne, be flatters himself that those who stay with htm, will find themselves at the right place. He is fully prepared to receive visitors to the Springs, and all having business with the courts or otherwise. Ample stabling and carriage house is attached to the Hotel. Boarders will be received on favorable terms. ISAAC MENGEL,JR. Bedford, April 20, 1960. 1 G, K. OSTER. SAMUEL CASH Osti:El & CAKX. Cheap-side, Bedford, Pa. WE have the pleasure to announce to our friends, and customers, that we are now receiving an im mense stock of New and Cheap SPRING AM) SIMMER GUODS, comprising medium styles, gay and plain DRESS GOODS, in part, silk foulards, poil de chevres, mo hair plaids, ristoria cloth, poplins, lustres, baliiants cballie de lains, pongees, chintzes, lawns, lavellas, de lams at 10, 12, 15, 18 and 25 cts, piles of Mus lins by the pieca and yard at 5, 6, 3, 9, 10, 11 and 12 cts, pantaloon stutfs in great variety at 10, 12, 15. 18, and 25 cts, cloths, cassimeres and tweeds, cassinetts and jeans all colors, silk, satin and mar seitles vestmgs, cottonades, linen ducks and drillings gents' new styles, shirts, collars, stocks, neckties, hosiery, gloves, handkercinels, Jtc.. Marseilles and linen shirt fronts, fine shirt fronts at 12i warran- ted not ail linen. jTI HATS AND CAPS, jj& For the million , from 10 cents up, bonnets, bloomers and shakers, ribbons, ruches | and flowers, very cheap, ROOTS AND SHOES. i Cheap as the cheapest. Glass, china anil queens i ware. i Fresh supply of GROCERIES, superior green and ' black teas, prime Rio, La Guayra and Ceara colfee. 1 Nice brown sugar at 8, 9 and 10 cts, baking molas ' ses at 10 and 12 cts. per quart, best golden syrup at 18 and 20 cts per quart. Baker's cocoa, com starch, extracts and spices of all kinds. We invite every person to call and see. No trouble to show goods. TFPMB $ Prompt settlement by cash, produce ' ') or note every January. April 27. 1860. 4 DAII.NISTRATOR'S NOTICE. * " Letters ol Administration upon the Estate of Jacob Hinish, late of East Providence tp., dee'd., having been gianted to the undersigned by the Register of Bed lord county, all persons knowing themselves in debted to said estate are requested to make imme diate payment, and those having claims are hereby request to present them, properly authenticated for settlement, without delay. HENRY HINISH, I , DAVID FORD, \ Adrn rs " | June 1, 1860.-6t. ; MROTICE— * All personsNnterested, are here by notified that, the freeholders of Bloody Run, have made application, to the court of Quarter Ses sions for Bedford county, for a charter of incorpora tion. Said application has been read and filed, a mongst the records of said court, and will be held over for adjudication until August term 1860, when objections will be beard, and a final decree made in the premises. JOSEPH W. TATE, June 1, 1860.-6t. Att'y for Applicants. I)e<lfoi<l Ifoli'S. > AN 1) GENERAL STAGE OFFICE, Tilt subscriber respectfully begs leave to an nounce to bis old friends and the public geiv ally, that he has leased the Bedford Hotel, fit present in the occupancy of Col. Adam Cart hart, and will take possession on the Ist day at April next. It is not bis des gn to make A>aqy professions as to what he will do, but he pledgps his word that his most energetic efforts will |e employed to render comfortable all who giie him a call. The House will be handsomely fitted up, and none but careful and attentive servants will be engaged. Persons visiting tfce Bedford Springs, as well as those attending Court, and the travelling community general ly, are respectfully invited to give him a call and judge for themselves. taken by the week, month, or year, on favorable terms. [Cr'Ample and comfortable stabling is at tached to this Hotel, which will always be at tended by a careful hostler. Also, a safe and convenient carriage house. ICT*Jill the S'UKJFS stop at this Hotel. JOHN" HAFER. March 11>, 1853. S BORDER, BJF * CLOCK & WATCH MAKER, AM) DEALER IN JEWELRY, Would respectfully announce to the citizens of Bedford, and the public in general, that he has opened a Jewelry Store in the building re cently occupied by H. Nicodemus, Esq. nearly opposite the Bedford Hotel, where he will be pleased to see all in want ol articles in his line He has on hand, and will constautly keep, an elegant assortment of JEWELRY, and will re pair Clocks and Watches in the bert style. He hopes (0 receive a iiberal share ol patronage, as he feels satisfied he can render satisfaction to all who entrust him with their work. His terms will he moderate. He has on hand Gold and Silver WATCHES, Silver Spoons, Thimbles, Butter Knives, Gold and Silver Pens and Pencils, .Sic. N.c. April *27, 1S3 = CHEAPEST!BEST!! LARGEST!! ! *33.00 Pays for Tuition in Single and Double Entry Book Keeping, Commercial Arithmetic and Lectures. BOARD 8 WEEKS S2O, STATJONARY ENTIRE EXPENSES $62. Usual time from 6to 10 weeks. Every Student, upon graduating, is guaranteed cornjietent to man age the books of any business, and qualified to earn a salary of from 8500 to 81000 Students enter at any time—No Vacation—Re view at pleasure. First Premiums for Best Business Writing tor 1856, received at Pittsburg, Philadelphia and Ohio State Fairs. Alsrr, at the principal Fairs of the Union tor the past four years. EHr"Ministers' Sons received at half price. For Circulars, Specimens and Embellished Views of the College, inclose five letter stamps to F. W. JENKINS, Pittsburg, Pa. Jan 13, IS6O. .\EWS! T THE TRAIN' HAS ARRIVED ! J. M. SHOEMAKER & CO., have received a very LARGE, WELL -SELECTED AND CHEAP stuck of SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS, which they are determined to sell cheap ; consist ng, in part, of Black and Fancy Silks, Bombazines, Delaines, Shawls, Calicoes, Flannels, Ginghams, Muslins, White Goods, Nc. ALSO, Men's Wear of all descriptions, such as Cloths, Cassimeres, Satin wetts, Teeds, Jeans, Cord Drillings, Clothing, fkc. HfJ BOOTS, SHOES, HATS St CAPS. jJK? --- A very large assortment of La ides' and Gents' Boots and Shoes, all prices, sizes and qualities j and Hats and Caps to suit all. .' ALSO, A large assortment of Queensware, and Cardware, Single and Double Carpet chain, Fleece Hotton, Carpets, &c. GROCERIES' This department is supplied with the very choi cest articles that can be nad in the market, and as cheap as can be had anywhere , consisting in part, of prime Rio Coffee, Sugar, all kinds and prices, Syrup and Molasses, Black and Green Teas, Spices, Rice, Tobacco, Segars, Corn-starch, Dye-stuffs, Cocoa, Starch. Cheese, Ginger, Candles, Mustard, Paints and Oils, Turpentine, Fish, BC.,KC. Thank ful for past favors they hope to receive a liberal share ol public patronage. To Cash Buyers and to persons ot undoubted standing, who are willing to settle once a year. Great Bargain* will be given. Call and see. J. M. SHOEMAKER & Co. March 30, IS6O. CLASSICAL INSTITUTE REV. JOHN LYON, ) N T. LYTTLETON LYON, A. M., J F.INCIR ALS. THE Summer session of this Justitution will open on Friday, the Ith day of May 1860. ft is the design of the Principals, to make this Academy, in all respects, a first class Institution, for the thorough instruction of youth of both sexes, and to prepare them for any profession or position in life. The high moral and scientific tone of the school is well known to this community, and a strict disci pline will be enforced. A few boys, (the number is limited to ten,) will be received into the family of the Principals, as boarders. The beauty of the scenery and the salubrity of the climate render Bedford a most desirable loca tion tor such a school. Persons from abroad, visiting at the Springs,-can be near their children during the summSr. It is desirable'that pupils should enter at the com mencement of the session, and no pupil will be re ceived for less than one quarter. 1 S2OO per year, including boarding, TERMS. < washing, fuel, light, and Tuition in all ( the branches. Terms for day scholars : P„ Quarter. | June 10,'59. BEST! CHEAPEST!! COMMERCIAL SCHOOL IN THE LAND! !! W. P. TOTTEN, desires to inform the public that be has just opened a commercial department in the Allegheny Male and Female Seminary. He would re>pectfuly advise the community that Book keep ing, ornamental Penmanship, Card Writing and ev eiything pertaining |to a commercial education are now taught in the [above named Institution. Tui tion for single entry and farmer's set $2.50. Dou ble entry and Mechanic's set, SJ.SO per quarter. with the advantage of all the lectures Enter at any time.—Diplomas awarded at the completion of a full course. June 1, 1660. UNITED STATES HOTEL, S. E.Cor. 11M4" Market Sis., PHILADELPHIA W. KANAGA, 1 D M. McVEY, J PROPRIETORS. I Feb. 3, 1860, Alle&lieiiy Male and Female Seminary, ItAUfSBIIRG, Pa. FACULTY. E. J. OSBORNE, A. 8., Principal, Prof, of gunges and Philosophy. Urn. S. Smith. Prof, of Mathematics. Jas. H. Miller, Adjunct Prof, of Mathematics. Rev. B. p. Stevens, Lecturer on Moral Philoso phy iiC. Wm. A. Stephens, Prof, of English Grammar &c. i Dr. J. Hughes, Lecturer 011 Anatomy Kc. •Mrs. E. V. Osborne, Preceptress, Teacher of Draw ing Prench, Botany fcc. B. P. Droit, Prof, of Instrumental Music, i Price of Tuition for term of 11 weeks. 1 Common English Branches 'LI Higher Branches, including common, each SO Latin and Greek, each 2 00 German and French, each 2 .10 Book-keeping and Commercial calculations 1 50 ORNAMENTAL. Drawing 2 50 Colored crayon, and water colors, each 3 00 Oil painting 5 00 ilatr and wax flowers, each 3 00 Pellis work 3 00 Embroidery 1 00 Piano music, with use Board $ 1 75 per week including room rent, fuel, furniture Sic. This is one of the best, and cheapest institutions in the country. The whole expense per term need not be more than twenty-five dollars.— Second Quarter of summer session commences April the sth, 1860. 'leachers will oe instructed free ol charge in the Normal Department. For particulars, address the Principal. E.J. OSBORNE, A. B- Rainsburg, Bedford co., April 22, 1839. OlilCS ANO HOOKS 11. C. RESJIEK, Juliana Street, Bedford, Pa. (Jit the Stand formerly occupied by Dr. F. C Reamer.) u I,—lf' HOLE SALE and re- stalls tm djjSSfjA-J-J IT t a| l dealer in Drugs, | \sK_A Medicines, Chemicals, Dye JaTl Stuffs, Oils, Paints, Varnish tine, Window Glass, Glassware received, a large stock of American, French a n j English perfumery. Also, a great variety of hue Soaps for toilet use. Tooth pastes, Hair Tonics Hair Dyes, that will color various shades, Irorn u' light brown to a jet black, Tooth, Nail, Hair, Sha ving. and Clothes brushes, Combs, Pocket Knives Pocket Books. Portmcnnaies, Segar cases, &c. —ALSO— Have and will keep constantly on hand, a supply ! of Coal Oil, Burning fluid and Campbine, with a great variety of the most modern and best style of! coal oil and fluid lamps. ▼ ure Wines and Brandies for medical use, F*la- I vormg Extracts and Spices of all sorts, Fine Scars Snuffs, Chewing and Smoking Tobacco. Having the agency for all the principal patent medicines in use, will keep a full supply constantly on baud. -ALSO— Dealer in Books, &c., consisting of Geographical, Scientific, Religious, Poetical, Historical, Law, Medical, School and Miscellaneous Works, in con nection with a great variety of plain and fancy Stationery, Cap, Note, Pot, and Wrapping Paper, Blank Books, of every size and quality, Diaries, Blank Deeds, Mortgages, Notes and Receipts. promptly filled and satisfaction guar anteed, with regard both to price and quality. Prescriptions carefully and accu rately compounded at all hours of the day or ni°ht. Dec. IC, 1859. J J" \ ION HOTEL, BEDFORD, I'A. THE subscriber respectfully informs the pub ic, that hefstil' keeps the Hotel, under the above name, in the old and well known Globe building,on West Pitt Street, formerly owned and occapied ay Mr. John Young, where he will be happy to see all friends and the travelling public generally. Persons attending Court are re=pectfu!ly invited to give him a call. He pledges himself that he will do ail in his ;>ower to render all his guests comfortable. HitT.Hp will he sui'j'ti.-i ..;*u .k. .kv.-cst. uct icacies the market will afford. The Bed Rooms will contain clean and comfortable bedding. The Bar will be supplied with choice liquors. The Stable will be attended by a careful and at tentive hostler. Boarders will be taken by the day, week, month and year. JONATHAN MORTON. June 3, 1859. WABTO]| DOUSE, ▼ ? EEDFOPD. PA. MRS. S. FILLER would respectfully announce to her friends in Bedford County, and to the public generally, that she has leased, for a term of years, the laige and convenient brick hotel, at the corner of Pitt and Juliana streets, Bedford, Pa., known as the -'WASHINGTON HOUSE," and lately kept by MRS. COOK. This house is being thoroughly re fitted and refurnished, and is now open for the re ception of guests. Visitors to the "BEDFORD SPRINGS" and persons attending Court, will find this house a pleasant and comfortable temporary home.—Every attention will be paid to the comfort and accommodation of guests. The table will at all times be supplied with the best the markets atloid. Charges moderate. Extensive stabling is attached to this hotel, and a careful and competent hostler will be in atten dance. Special at'ention will be paid to the accom modation of the farming community. March 30tb. 1860. .1. VI. SCOTT. (Lite of the firm of Winchester <s" Scott.) <*cntlcmcii's Furnishing Store and SHIR T M ANUFACTO RY, •Vo. SI 1 Chestnut Street, (Nearly opposite the GIRARD HOUSE,) PHILADELPHIA. J. W. SCOTT, would respectfully call the atten tion of his former friends to his new Store, and is pre pared to fill orders for SHIRTS at short notice. A perfect fit guarantied. COUNTRY TRADE snp plied with FINK SHIRTS and COLLARS. October, 8, 1859-ly. R SALE, ORE X CHANGE. Three tracts of very choice farm land, contain ing 160 acres in each tract, situate on the Illinois Centrla R. R. in Champaign co., State of Illinois, 8 miles from the city of Urbana, and 1 mile from Ren tuai Station on said road. Two of the tracts adjoin, and one of them has a never failing pond of water. The city of Urbana contains a population of 3000. Champaign is the greatest wheat growing country in the State. Address, F. C. REAMER, Bedford, Pa. Spectacles! The subscriber hasjust received a splendid variety of Gold, Silver Mounted, and Steel Spectacles, with the finest Scotch Pebbles', su perior in clearness, and designed to suit persons of all ages—warranted never to FAIL—to which he invites the attention of all who are in need ol the article. He has also just received an elegant assortment of JEWELRY—aII ot which he will sell on reasonable terms. DANIEL BORDER. Bedford, May 22, 1857. GREAT WESTERN INS. &- TRUST COMPAN Y. Capital and available assets, over $300,000 Fire, Inland and Marine Cargo risks taken on the most favorable terms. C. C. LATHROP, Pres't. JAMES WRIGHT, Sec'y. [aug. 15, '59.] JOHN P. KE£D, Agent. |/OUNDKY AND M ACHINE SHOP. THE subscrbers having formed a partnership under the style ot "Dock & Aschom" for the pnr t>ose ol conducting :t general FOUNDRY AND MACHINE business in the establishment recently erectej by Gillianl Dock, in Hopewell, BeJlord couniy.are now prepared to execute orders for CASTINGS A. YD MACHINERY" ofeverv description. They will build to order steam-engines, coal and drift-cars, horse (rowers and threshing machines—also, casting or every kind tor furnaces, forges, saw, grist and rolling mills, ploughs, water-pipe, columns, house fronts, brackets, &c., &c. I hey are also, now making a fine assortment ot St'OVES of various kinds ol the latest patterns and most approved styles, including several sizes ol COOK STOVES of the best make, heating stoves for churches, offices, bar-rooms, &c. A full assortment ol Stoves will he kept constant ly on hand, and sold at wholesale mid retail, at prices to suit the times, and quality, warranted equal to the best Eastern make. Machinery of all kinds repaired promptly. Patterns made to order. GILLIAKD DOCK, C. W. ASCHOM. Nov. 11. lSfi'J G~l ROCERY AND I CONFECTI O X A R Y. THE undersigned has just teceived and keeps constantly on hand the following articles:— Coffee, sugar, molasses, cheese, crackers, currants, prunes, ramtns, figs, almonds, filberts, cocoa nuts, ground nuts, pecans, Eng. walnuts, cream nuts, can dies in variety, oranges, lemon®, tobacco and cigars, allspice and pepper, spices of all kinds, baking so da, cream of tartar, sulphur, brimstone, canister and keg powder, shot, caps and lead, grain and grass scythes, whetting tools, wash tubs and boards, in digo, extract logwood, copperas, alum and madder, oil, polish and Mason's blacking, sweeping, dusting stove, shoe and scrubbing, brushes, clothes, hair, tooth and flesh brushes, hat and infant brushes, hair oils and perfumery, purses and port monaies, pock et and memorandum books, bonnet arid round gum combs, "ridding" and fine combs, brfcelets and beads, pens, pen-holders, penknives, scissors, knife sharpeners, umbrellas, suspenders, spool cotton and floss, clocks, small looking glasses, violins, violin strings, toy watches, watch chains, curry combs, cards, horse brushes, shoe-thread, pegs and spara bles, Johnson's Arabian Liniment, Rock and Little's White Oil, Merchant's celebrated Gargling Oil, for man or beast, and many other articles of a similar nature. The patronage of the public is respectfully solicited. A. L. DEFIBAUGH. June 17,'59.-Iv. TALOODY RUN FOUNDRY I ) AND M ACHINE SHOP. fHE subscribers are now prepared at thei Foundry in Bloody Ran, to fill all orders tor Castings of every description for GRIST .4.VJ) S.m-MffJS, THRESHING MACHINES, APPLE MILLS, PLOUGHS and all things el-e iii our line chat may be needed in this or adjoining counties. We manufacture Threshing Machines of 2, -lor Horse How r, WA RRA \TED equal if not superioi to any made in the State. We keep constantly or, hand a full assortment of Wood Cock, Plug and Hillside Ploughs, WARRANTED to give satisfac tion, or no sale. Points, shares and land sides to fit all Woodcock, or Seyler ploughs in the county. Faimers' Bells, Ploughs and Castings of our make may be had at the store of Wni. Hartley, in Bedford, Sonderbaugh & Pee, East Providence Tp., John N'ycum At Son, " 1 imes being hard, we otter great inducements to Farmers and Mechanics to buy of us. All kinds ot repairing done in e neat and substan tial manner arid all work warranted. Call and ex amine our castings and work and judge tor your selves. Our agents sell at foundry prices. JOSIAH BAUGHMAN At BRO. M. r h 26, 1858. MA N HOOD. HOW LOST, HOW RESTORED. Just Published, in a sealed Envelope, On the Nature, Treatment and Radical Cure of Spermatorrhea, or Seminal Weakness, Sexual De bility, Nervousness and Involun'arv Emissions, Im no'enrv arul r-4 1 * BY Ron. J. CULVERWELL, M. D., Author of "The Green Book," Ate. The world-renowned author, in this admirable Lecture, clearly proves from his own experience that the awful consequences ot self-abuse may be effectually removed without Medicine and without dangerous Surgical operations, bougies, instruments, rings or cordials ; pointing out a mode of cure at once certain and effectual, by which every sufferer, no matter what his condition may be, may cure him self cheaply, privately and radically. This Lecture will prove a boon to thousands and thousands. Sent under seal to any address, post paid, on the receipt of two postage stamps, by addressing Dr. CH. .1. C. KLINE, M. D., 4SO first Avenue, New York Post Box 1586. Jan. 20,i560. r ri OMILLO \V NEKS • is. I). BROAD has made Scheilsburg his perma nent residence, and is prepared to do all kinds o work in the Mill Wright line, on the most appro ved ami durable plans, and reasonable terms. He has on hand the most improved Smut and Screening Machines, Mill Brushes, Anchor Bolting Cloths, both new and old, at city prices. Mill Burs can be procured t'rom him and shipped to any point. Also—Agent for McCormick's Reaper and Mower for Bedford and Blair Counties. a. I). BROAD. Scheilsburg, Bedford Co., I March -1, 1859. J American lite Jusiuame & £rust £o. CAPITAL Stock, $300,000. COMPANY'S BUILDING, WALNUT STREET, S. K. CORNER OP FOURTH, PHILADELPHIA. LIFE insurance at tne usual mutual rates, at about 20 per cent less, or at total abstinence rates, at the lowest in the world. J.C.SIMS, A. WHILLDIN, Secretary. - President. JOHN J. SCHELL, Agent, Jan. 27, 1860. Bedford, Pa. {SCYTHES! SCYTHES ! SCYTHES! GREENCASTLE GRAIN CRADLES ! The largest and best assortment of Scythes and snaths ever brought to Bedford. The celebrated imported English Gr.ffin, Waldron, Clipper, Blacksnake, Sil ver Steel, Newton Darling, and other makers. Call at Hartley's Hardware 4* Farm Implement store, and see for yourselves. BEDFORD COUNTY MAP. I Will make a directory map of Bedford County from actual surveys, if, a sutiicient number of sub scribers can be raised to justify me in the enter prise. The map will be large and well finished and will show the location of all the public roads streams, boundary lines, towns, villages, Hotels, Cburcbes, School Houses, Post Offices, stores, grist mills, saw mills ifC., Hic., and will contain the names of all thp property holders, and show the businesthat almost each one is engaged in. I will put on the same sheet maps of all the towns and large villages, aiso tables and statistics of the County and (if taken in time) the census of 18G0. Pains will betaken to make it as reliable as any Map in the State. July 1 ,'59. EDW'D. L. WALKER. 18C0.1W GOODS: IBGO. THE undersigned have just received their usual supply of SPRL\n & SUMMER GOODS, and would respectiully ir.vite all in search of real bargains to call and examine our stock and prices. All kinds of country produce will be received for goods at cash prices. 1 ERJIfS : —Six months credit. Piomnt settle merits required by cash or note every January. I his system has given our customers every sat-, isfaction ; and soatained by their kind and contin ued patronage; we shall adhere to this rule str t'v. ' May 18. A. F CRAMER & CO f iSBEEI J, W ". "*"•'("■-"'ML!'-L V, L| , '1 I ' '•* | J < M> T , .U.| ,TE, MDILLOPRRNJ J' T*" Tanm INVARIABLY CAU + • ' *•* p ' ••-el. * JACOC K.. °. a. W. mvrr, s . ■, M REED, REPP & SCIIELL. BANKIKS & DEALERS IN E7" CHANGE, BEDFORD, PENN'A. DRAFTS bought ami sold, collections mirk and moruy promptly remitted. Deposits solicited. REFERENCES. HON. JOE MANN, Bedford, p ( " JOHN CESSNA, U I. JOHN MOWER, " R. F OKWAKI), Somerset, BONN, RAIGUEL &. CO,, Phil J. WATT &. Co., Pittsbur J. W. CURLEY, &. Co., Cotnntonuimltl} -Jnsmamc Compatn- C.MO.M BUILDINGS, THIRD STREET HARRISBURG, PA. CHARTERED CAPITAL, $300,000. Insure buildings or other property against Joss or damage by Fire. AGAINST PERILS OF THE SEA. INLAND NAV GATIM 80 TRANSPORTATION DIRECTORS : SIMON CAMERON, GEO. M. LAIUMAN, WM. Doe JAMES FOX, GEO. BF.KGNER, BENJ. PAR, - WM. H. KEPNER, A. B. WARFOED, W. F. F. K. BOAS, J. H. BF.RRYHILL, W. F- PACKER' EN SLIFER. OFFICERS : SIMON CAMERON, President. BENJAMIN PARKE, V.ce-Pres.dent. S. S. CARRIER, Secretary. J. W. LINGF.NFF.LTF.R, Agent Bedford, Pa. Office on Juliana Street Oct. 21, 15.j9.~1y. Pennsnlnania Insurance Contpann OF PITTSBURGH, OFFICE, NO 63 FOURTH STREET. Capital And Surplus over $150,00(1.00. DIRECTORS. Jacob Painter, C. A. Colton, N\ Voeght'y R <!y Patterson, A. A. Carrier, I. G. Sproiil' Henry Sprdlil, A. J. Jones, G. VV. Smith' W. Hampton, Rob't Patrick, J. H.jHopkins" This Compaay has paid losses from the date its incorporation in 1854, up to May, 1859 to a trir.iint ot $302,835, 07, in addition to regular semi annual Dividends of from 5 to )5 per cent atford'tn evidence ot its stability and usefulness. LOSSES LIBERALLY ADJUSTED A.\D PROMPTLY PAID. A. A. CARRIER, Pres'f. I. G. SPROUL, Sec'Y J. J. Lingenfelter, Agent. Office at Bedford Pa. September 2, 1859.-lyr. rf SHANNON— HAVE formed a Partnership in the Practice of the Law. Office neatly opposite the Gazette Office, where one or the other may at all times be found. Bedford, Aug, 1, 1859. VOIIN P REED— * ATTORNEY AT LAW, BEDFORD, PA. Respectfully tenders his services to the Public r3nn;. J... ,i, v M , House. Bedford, Aug. 1, 1559. OH. GAITIIER— • ATTORNEY AT LAW, BEEFORD, PA., WILL promptly attend to all business en trusted to his care. Office on P,tl street, two doors east of the Gazette office. He will also attend to any surveying business that may be entrusted to him. [Xov. 4, '59.] I C IHCKEX— tvr, Attorney ' at Law ' p i"sburg, Pa. ' V ILL attend promptly to all busunss en trusted to his care. July 1, 1859 ly. TOnS BORDER— GUNSMITH, BEDFORD, PA. Shop at the east end of the town, one door west of the residence of Major Washabaugh. All guns of my own manufacture warranted. May 21,'58. m>ICEL KETTF.RMAtf- ICNTTT rv COL-NTY SURVEYOR. HUI LD hereby notifiy the citizens ol Bed ford county, that he has moved to the Borough of Bedford, where he may at all times be found by persons wishing to see him, unless absent upon business pertaining to his otfice April lti, 1858.-tf. MASS & SPAXG— ATTORNEYS AT LAW, BEDFORD, PA. Ih e undersigned have associated themselves in tn ,iu ' aW ' and wUI atte " promptly ' to all business entrusted to their care in Bedford and adjoining counties. Office on Julianna Street, three doors south of the "Mengel House," opposite the residence o Map Tate. JOB MANV Aug. 1, 18-59. G. H. SPANG. T W. LI\(EVFELTER— * . * A R TORNEY AT LAW, AND LAND SURVEYOR. ' IU attend witfi promptness to all business entrusted to his care. W^, L P * ACTICE IN BEDFORD AND FULTON COUNTIES. three doors North of the '•lnquirec"' Office. " * B. F. HIKRf— \ , . . RESPECTFULLY tenders his professional services to the citizens ol Bed ford and vicinity. Office and residence on Pitt Street, in the Au"fl 185? ° CCUpied by -° r - John Hofius -1 Y> F ' , . , . , . _ RESPECTFULLY begs lea\eto tender his Professional Services to the Citizens of Bedford and vicinity. pT" Julianna Street, at the Drug and Book Store. Aug. l, IBb9. I>R. J. K. EFKIiEBILE, St. Clairsville, BEDFORD CO., PA., Rcspectfu'ly fenders his services fo the ritizenj that place and vicinity. jjan 13, 1860] r no BUILDERS.— 4. The subscriber is fully preprred to furnish any -quanlity or quality •1 Bui! ling Lumber and Plastering Laths. Orders directed to St. Glairsville, Bedfe-' County, will. b< promptly attended to. By giving a reasonable notice. F V. BEfiGtE,

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