Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, July 13, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated July 13, 1860 Page 3
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ia.ui dissatisfaction, waken our strength or d vde our forces. WV have a Common enemy j (...fore us : let us have no treason ill our camp, h land 'together as one man for thv success < 1 o - ucke". md our party- A! ' )Ve :til ' ! '' l us not for a moment encourage those who in any e nt look to a dissolution "I the I. nion, as a remedy tor their fancied ills. Rev are lest s cession from I he organization ot v-nii j-ar'y.may land < u in the ranks ut an army, :1 not en listed, lit lca-t commanded by officers engagei ; in cm s'ar.t efforts to accomplish a secession from : the Union itf it. . JOHN CE^NA. firoror.D, July iOiii, IS£>o. Kor TIIC imcroiiu CAZCTTC. Sabbath School Celebration. Pursuant to previous arrangements on , *vVen -sdav morning, the 4-th instant, 3 31 -* number of teachers and pupils of the b tnuri , sabbath School, convened at school ;i pis- .so. V in N-pier township; when, alter singing a hvum selected for the occasion, ami prayer by j U-v Mr. Gales, they were formed in proces- T.r *r. ceded bv music, banners and wreaths, j a i' narctied to the .fcai n of Mr. P-ter V, me ' i. .. ,van had mat morning fitted up seats f r .;,.ac:,m:r..U':,-nol the assembly . ... ... 0 the weather preventing our t r n< ;- 0 - I!MSr ..„ a. r. iw j-, •. ... v tie re previous arratig niettff nao ! r-n-mat> AVheO the ass-.n ly w-re seced an J Declaration of Independence lead by Johnt W., B ,W< ti , i address was delivered bv the Kev. . :; Gates. The Assemblage thi a pat trow ot a : r-mrductu rep."it a untitoiiy provided i-v the goad n?:fo-s-of the n-Mp'. 'i > L Ae _ '.'"'l r.ada short Hinoaberrv, c; Scheflsbirrg. arrived, t..e mm i. ; the ... .u.Hig .•• eating lis >. r a'.t-. n daa lie.i '.be v.yatber becoming favorable, we were ag.ti i forme . i j-r .c: -i.m and marc' ed lo the g; W..r--t. juvenile Sc.,T was S ing hrs-v. f.i' young i <*•-, ai l H-v. Mr. Hanna berrv dt-iiv-red kit adtiw%s W the sc.noiars. He was follow*i bv James L Norv>n, who deliver ed a verv anim.i'-.< a : ::'e?s o : the ii ' a..- independence u v enj .yed by our people. 1a? j,wCess.uii cguiO tor;; d,and marc-ued to a enititul gre.-n, near Mr. G'negardner'b sa mil., accompanied by the ;..0..v, ' - • • it was matched a wind end drawn tj in a c .-mpact bo-iy, an-. toree hearty cheers given. The as sembly was then u.sni.sied, auct a-,, r-o to their homes highly' gratified wi'a t.,e per for ma: ces ot li e day. Much pt-ise is due to Hie"liberality of th oili~-03 .;. nizhu.g pro-'nious s> l- , lik j .• •i > Mr. tVi ;..grd-ter u.l . hers, ' r thepreparation! of tie ni irn ng to promote the comfort an-j iuppitiess e.l 'lie • htidren of te.e neighborhood. Upwards cl'two hundred per sons partook ol the l>oau-.c...s ref-ast and there was tru< h left. Our Saoba'h School is indeed a "Umon Sen ion." lis first .netting was on the firs', day ot .-\piil last, ai; .t now nun.bera 52 male,and 5-1 r emale pupils, making a total of 10G pupils. These are divided ir.'o IS classes. The aver age attendance, • ac.i Sa..ha!h, has been 83 pu pils. rhe only disadvantage under which we labor, is the want of rourn, our school house be tfi? too mait for the a? comir.ooation ni ihe mul iuude who meet there eve.y Sabbath. fbere Cas been contributed up to the present i'.me, by subscription, and collections SJL2j of which atirii there has been expended lor books, ticket: , $20.4*2 i, leaving a balance in the hands of the Tr a,tjrep of S2j Cents. May trie school j'ooll flivj p-n*ji>r. H. W. J. ruft Till. UKDFORU f. SZF.TTE. Ilia Fourth, in Cumberland Valley. T. •• glorious Fnutlh was celebrated by the fulJie;s and ciliwns of Cumberland Valley, at en're. die in approp: tate and enthusiastic style .r eetw£ wis organized by tiieappointment Oi 11. J. LRU NEK, ESQ., as President, John May, Nicholas Wertz, George Sliger, Robert L .it, Vni. F. Cessna and Capt. Jas. Hanev, Vice Presidents, aud D. It. Anderson and J,:u. onions, Secretaries. The Declaration of Independence was read by Dr. H. Hudson, and eitu iient and appropriate addresses Were deliv ered 1 , Col. J. -V. late and Mr. John Paimei. •x r.u,nber o! trigs were then sung by Maj. A. J Sar.sotn, an J Col. Tate, among winch was the *c u 1-st ir ring "Star Spangled Banner," and *;ce-pliti;'g song about the kui>spiitter, showing how Lincoln mauled I and how Dot:?la* will maul Lincoln this Jali. Tisetr-'i - .tz then closed with three cheers tor DOU GLAS and JOHNSON", three for HENRY D. CR, and three more for our Democratic •County Ticket. NON-INTERVENTION. [That's what we would cail a good celebra tion. Cumberland Valley is always right.— ' —MARRIED— On the 2Sth uit., at the P as'.or's residence, in Sch I'cburg, by the Rev. Joseph Hannaberry, Mr. Michael Miller, of St. Clair tn., to M:& Margaret Winegardner, cf Napier On the*3th irtst., by 'he Rev. Sam'l.JYingling, Mr. IViiiiam Fickes, to Miss E'izabiC'aar, both of Union tp. f iHI iivw ■, ■ ~ —P I E !>- -On the night of fhe4fb, af'era short illness departed this life, .Mrs. .Mary Bvi ne, sister of L. Harrra.i, Sen., one c.t our much esteemed •d>rmr citizens, and mother of Mrs. Rob'tJFyan, ot this place. Ihe dectaseti was born at the Seveo Churchfr, in Wicklow county, Ireland, and came .here about the year IBJ7. t*::e had pass?d through the frightful scenes of what ii called the " Rebellion oi 98," in Ire land, when that down trodden country struck for freedom, but, alas fataly ana fruitlessly. >te saw her brave brothers—Lawrence and J >hn Harman—exiled to America, because t.ey fought and suffered in thp cause of Ire ' and she came after them, to this coun ty, to enjoy that libetty which was not to be •'<* m her native land. She felt for Ireland's u tongs and she abhorred Ireland's oppressors *ftf oppression everywhere. It was a singular "j*C)dence thai she should die, on the evening -four glorious 4tb of July, 'vhen we celebrate * lf emancipation from British Bondage and v '!?n Rteaiutionnri/ heroes desire to die. But though we admire her patriotic heart, her love for oppressed Ireland, her firm ■jit. and Halted pi sty are still more to be a mured. For more than a quarter of a centu- D.sne .shone as a light in the House of God. as invariably pious and charitable.— wnever she wa3 able to do anything for her -*l2. bar*, she was particularly prompt to rea-vr tt ny friendshrp. The poor, sbe rel-eved, aczorJif:: to her means—the sick-bed site con.:'. ;ted. Whenever there was good dome, in the 'hurch, she was there first and last in acC'im; E'liv.o any and every work. rf - i ; communicant, at the Catho lic Ciiurtn, every month and otial! the solemn Festivals. She was most attentive at Church. So w. a'fi- r nowever i.iclemen', could keen her from church on -Sundav s and Festivals. She used to say, that no one, yet, was injured by assiduity at the Divine Worship, on Sabbath, and all ether appointed days." She died as she Bad lived, a true Christian. The very large assemblage of <r."ief stricken friends and acquaintances, at the funeral, testified how much she beloved and revered by this community. Her fidelity to her God, and to her church, obtained a blessing for her rarely experienced. She died in peace, and in a good age, aimo-t realizing the scriptural term of man's days—''three scor" and ten.' Being foi'iij'til in every duty, civil, n oral and reli gi :us 5 s e has been ietnovni t as a ripe sheaf t r the barn ol the Lord, fit to be translated h •.tr t'-s to heaven, from the vvilder u-softbe world to Para li >, from tins valley ot tears to her true country. Faithful he,sell, :.he has been rrivileged to merit the promise made to the faithiul Abra';a:n, 4 v7-*u' ."iot; s'lo'f rro lo lu'l f'llhtjrs in pertce, und be buried in n tcood old , r c."— (Jene&ij 15/'/cA., 15 v. R. J. P. is the great physician.—This is now admitted by the medical profession, as a fundamental principle of healing science. It is wisely provided by the human economy, ffia' whenever anything is wrong in the physical system, the nato; ; . rceaefllK body are brought to be*r to expei tiie disease. Ihe great aun, therefore, is to s'rengthen the natural powers. This has been kept m view bv the skillful rom rsof l)R. J. HOSTETTEfi'S Bln ER^, vtjicb operate to give fres fi vitality Joail 'he i organs - J tile b 'JV. file elieCt ol this meii.Line >•. ;n the stomach, th-liver and the kidneys, ; ar.- cro npt and Toe patient who is ' wise enough t. quit drugging, and try the L'rr fr s, s feels ai if h • h'. 1 (alien a OeV bvue lot ■ . as h- continues the use of the arti— i cle. he is overjoyed to find the streams of heallh j coursing through his frame. L-t all tr \u 1 whose cheek the bloom has departed, give D. <4 J. rlnstet!-?r* Celebrated B.tteis a tr;ui. „M by dit;.-gists atld dea ers genera ly, eve ! ry v.her.. .. an' vr'isernent in another column. / REAT BABGAIN S— 'Ta To ma'v ro m fur rai. Goods, daring this month, we will sell every ,v StMotoer Goede at co-.t IwCesp, Sn i.tnor i rench an-! E.igli*fi L;> w i a. uafi price, an xa: v other goo a suitable to- -e. —Call ' a ...j v.. A. B. CRAMER .j- Co. [;..!y 13-b, 'CC.j BEDFORD CO'YXTY, s. t At an Oiphanv Court hold nt Bedfo d, in and forth- county ol B2ci:cr'l, on the 30 h Jay of April, A. D. IbCO, hetore the Ju-iges of eaid court ; On motion ol O. E. Shannon, Esq., th court grant a rule on the heirs and legal representatives oi Jacob Sneli, late of East Providence tp., dec'.!., to wit : Maria, interma.ried with Jonathan vtat ler, residing l.i Story coenty, lowa, Jacob Siiel., residing in Carroll county, II!., George Sr.eU. resi ' liiog in Penn'a, Caroline, intermarried with Jacob li. Barn, now deceased, residing in Blau co., Pa , C ristopber Snell, residing in Bedlor.l county, Caroline and Catharine Manspeaker, children ol • "-iiharine Man speaker, .lee'd , of whom O. E. Shan non is guardian, and David Manspeaker, another heir of Said Catharine, who is a minor and has no guardian, residing in Carroll county, Illinois, and U'ru Snell residing in Bedford rounty, Pa., [said Wan. 5-netl tola by purchase, the inieiMtt oi a!i said heirs, except Haria Statler, Caroline Bamdol ;r and David Manspeaker] to be and appear at an Orphans' Court To be held at Bedford, in and for , !.;* county ol" Bedford, on the first Monday, Hntd (I IV of • lumber, A. D., ISSO, to accept or re I'm* j to t-..-' u-s real estate w'ssiiJ deceased, at the vdi ua'ioi which has been valued ami app ai-e>! in pur suance of a writ of partition or valuation, issued out of -a: court, and to the sheriff of sanl county direc ted, or show cau-e why the tame should not be sold. . , j * j+j tn wh*r*ot I nav* nto ■yL.S.j" set ICV haod and seal of said court, at Bed fold, the 7th day of May, A. D 1 SCO. ATTEST : VVM.S. FLUKE, SAM'L. H. TATE, Sheriff. Clrtli. June 22, 1860. BEDFORD COUA TV, n- At an Orphans' Court held at Bedford, in and for the County of Bedford, on the 20th day of April, A. D. ISOO, before the Judges of the s; 1 court, 1 On motion of G. H. Spars;, Esq., the Court grant a inle on the heirs and legal representatives of H?n ry Wol'.ord. late of Londonderry township, rlec'd., to wit Jacob Woliord, who has conveyed his -bare to Leonard Bitrer, George Wolford, re-iding >n Bedford county, Michael Uon'ord, residing in Fayette countv, Pa., Joseph Woiio;d residing ;n .-omerset co., Pa., Hannah, intermarried with Ad am Shrove ', residing in Allegheny co., Md.. Mary Wolford, residing in Bedford county, Susanna, inter married with Solomon Smith, residing in Bedford county, Catharine lnter'tiairied with John Stokes, I resitlin ' in Cedar county. lowa, Barbara, who was intermarried with John Devore, in Ohio, ince dead, leaving issue two children, to wit, Hannah and Henry?residing in Ohio, and Adam Woliord who is dead, leaving is-ue Three children, residing in Ohio, to wit, Josiah, Elizabeth and Simon Wolford, to be and appear at an Orphans Court, to be held at bed ford, '.n and TOT said county oh Bedtofd, on tne first Monday, third day of September, A. D, lfcOO, to accept or re fuse to take liie re L esrate ot said de seased, or show cause v. by the same should not be "jjj j-j- In testimony whereof 1 have hereunto jT 5../ set my hand and seal of said Court, at Bedfoid, the 7th day of May, A. D. 1860. ATTE \VJS.S. Flues, SAM L H.TATE, Sheriff. Clerk. BEDFORD COUNTY, ss. s rjjj- '1 he Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to jL. S.j- Sarah Grove, Executrix of lb? last will V" and testament of Simon Grove, late of Bed ford county, deceasad : On petition of James M'diin, Guatdiaoo! the mi nor children of Jeremiah Grove, dee'd., and on mo tion of A. King, Esq., we command you that laying aside all business and excuses w hat so ever you be and appear in your proper person, be fore the Judges of the Orphans' Court of Bedford county, at a court to be holder, at Bedford on the first Monday third day of Septnr.bei next and show cause why you should not give security as execu tryc and why you should not settle an ac.ount of your administration on the Witness the HON*. F. M. Ki.M.MLLL, ESQ. President of our said court, at Bedford, this 30th day of Apiil, A. D. 1860. '"WE. S. FLUES, SAM'L. H. TATE, Sheriff. Clerk June 22d, ISSO. fE OF NICHOLAS KEGG, DEC'D. -h Letters of Administration having been granted to the undersigned, by the Register of Bed ford County, upon the Estate of Nicholas Kegg Esq. late of Juniata Township dee'd, all persons indebted to said Estate are here notified that they will be required to make immediate payment and those having claims against the Estate will present them properly authenticated for settlement. P 1 7 WM. GILLESPIE. Juniata Tp. t June 22d, '6O, OTICE: e-* Ail persons are hereby notified that 1 liave .ihis (fay purchased all the right and inteiet ot" s.:r:u."l Walker, in and to two acres ot" tlals, one acre ot Corn, .and ground prepared tor Bucawheat. now giowing upon tuy tarrn in Juniata tj., bedtord co. All persoi.s are, therefore, hereby tore warned rot to purchase, or nreddle with the same, as they are now in my possession, and I will use all means against any person or persons that will inter lete in the premises aforesaid. June, 2ti.'iso. PETf.R HILEEGAS, Ben. 4 L'DlIUirS .NOTICE. - 1 'The undersigned appointed by the Orphans' Court of Bedford county, to make distribution of the balance in the hands ot 11. J. Brut er, Esq., aunrr. of the Estate of Campbell Hendrickson, dee'd., will sit for that purpose, at his office in Bedford, on Monday, the dth day of July, next, when and where those interested may attend, if they think proper. JNO. MOWER, June 29,'C0. Auditor AUDITOR'S NOTICE.— Ttie uiidersigneil nppoiiiied auditor to di-tribu'e the funds in the hands of hoer tti'Fluke, arising trom the saie ot the real estate of George K.nitiei'y, would give notice to all jiarties interested i-j -aid <iisfnb"tiuri, that he will attend to the duties ol said appointment, at his office in Bedford borough,on Saturday the 1-1 rU July next, at 1 o'clock. P. M. O. H. GAITHER, June'J'J, ISCtj. Auditot. RMUJeOJiD C('U*.\ IY, ■ Atari Orphans' Court held at Bedford, in and tor the county ot Bed lord, on the 30th day of Aplil, 1860, before the Juices of the said court. On motion of O. E. Shannon, Esq., the court giant e rule on the hews . ud lie ; repiespntative> oi J . :b Keagy, late ol Mid.iie VVoodbeiry town, -i . 'eceased, to wit, Michael, Catharine, David, AMI, ii.'.erma; • led v.ilh Win. filter. Peter, and Ja cob. a minor, who has for his guardian David Schnebly, all residing in Bedimd County, excrpt David wh > reside., in B:a.r county : lo be and ap pear ai an O it's C'.'irt to be held at Bedford, in and for the county of Bedford, on the first Monday, third day ol" September, A. D. 18 d. to accept or re fuse to take t' a Real Est at - of said deceased, at the valuation which has u.-en valued and appiaised in pursuance ot a writ of Partition or Valuator; , issued out of said court, and to the Sheriff ol" said ill c-ctcd, or ho,v cause w iiy tin same should not be sold. a'.VZd' In testimony whereof i have hereunto yL. S.r set my hand and seal of said county, at yyy./y Bedford, the ?:r. day of May, A. i). lvib. AX: E<T T v. S. Fi.rxi., bA.M'L. H. TATE, . Siiei-.if. Clerk. June 22, lStiO. PHIUDKLPIiiA ADVERTISEMENTS. A GREAT IMPROVEMENf IS PJNXOS. J ' • '■ - s- ... ,::- vi ""y> A • vr f " - %$P j) it?'- of - . sLst" GEORGE VOGT takes tire opportun <y of inform ing his friends and the public generally, that he has removed his Piano Ware rooms from No. bcS Arch Sweet, to No 516 Ar.-h Street, where he will keep constantly on liac.d a Urge assortment of his lateiy pi'ntp 1 PIANOS, which'have* been pronoun ce . bi the best judges as far super -r to all other Pianos in the sweetness and purr • of their tone and construction, heretofore in the United States ai ! Engla'J. May 18,'60.-6 mo. 4 RA N VILLE STOK < GIFT CLOTHING EMPORIUM, ONE PRICE AND NO AHATEiviENT. vn .m- CHESTNUT STREET, GRANVILLE STOKES would r?turn thanks to the public for lh?ir appreciation of hi> eliorls to . please, and 'heirliber&i patronage. In order to keep up this kindly feeling, he ha yielded to the solicitation.- ot many of hi- men Is and inaugurated a new system, ol Gifts witti each Garment >o!it. To his choice selection oi tine fab- j rics,. : made-up be invites the scrutiny 1 oftiie public, as well as to bis new mode of doing j business. Each nrlicle is wairanfeil lo be, in rab- I ric, M\!e and Make, equal to any goiter, up in the City, and one price, (lower theu ins lowest.) marked on it.? Ticker. Each article sold, or measured fcr, is accompa nied hv a Gift, varying in value froiv>sl to St . i. \. B.— None out the most skillful ltasiyners, Cutters ami Workmen employed: and -at.-: . . .it in Fit, Fashion. Fabric, Price and Gift, guarantee tat , GRANViLLE STOKES' ONE PRIJE GIFT CLOTHING EMPORSGM, NO. 607 CHESTNUT STREET. May 18,'60,-C iris. ri F. P E iiKY, ' • s. w.; fourth *vn rait -t„ j PHJL XDELI'Ht A, Manufactures ACCOLNT BOOKS ol t'ue best quel- , ity. Bankers and Merchants can have their Books i tiled and bound in any s yle. awarded by the Franklin Institute. / t P. PERRY, j V , ?. W. Corner. Fourth and Race streets. Pi ; ade'ohia. supplies every article in the BOOK ' or *-'1 ATIO.Vi'RY line, at low prices. Ilav- ' ing superior facilities as a manufacturer, tie | is enabled lo supply goods very iow, and ; make very fair profit. Orders by ir.ail | promptly attended to. f OLLF.CT TOGF.TH F.K V) All your "Old Books" and Magazines : t'.ke : them to PERRY'S Book Binderies, Fou th : and Race, where you can have them bound | good nri 1 handsomely t alow price. Mav 18,'6d.-'j ms. FRANK. JACKSON, PRINTER AND STATIONER, 439 CHES7J\ UTSTREET, PHILADELPHIA. May !8,'05.-1 >r. fejl MMER TRADE NOTICE BUNN, RAIGUEL -St CO., JYo. 1,37 .>\'orlh Third Street, IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS OF FANCY DRY GOODS, Invite the attention of Purchasers to their extensive Slock or Fancy Dry Goods, Silks, Lmbroideiies, Cloths,Ca-simeres ij-c. May 18,'60.- j MnNCHESTEIT& CO. GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING STORE, AND PATENT SHOELDER SEAM SHIRT MAN UFACTORY, Xo. 706 CHESTNUT Street, Above Seventh, opposite the Washington House, Fine Shirts and Drawers made from measurement i a* a few days notice and in all cases Warranted to j fit. Formula for measurement tarnished on ap- | plication bv mad. LIBERAL JNDbCEMENIS . TO WHOLE SALE BUYERS. May 18,'C0.-lyr. H~ "BANCROFT NCO., • IMPORTERS &. WHOLESALE DEALERS IN FRENCH, GERMAN AND ENGLISH FANCY GOODS, Xo. 330 Market Street, Philadelphia, . May 18,'50.-1 yr. PHILADELPHIA AD\ ERTISEMEMS. LIDOXt - . S. EI L.os W ' A TCH ES AN D J E VVI: U! V * * LEWIS LA DO.MLS N CO. Ao. 802 CHESTNUT STREET PHILTi. (FIRST iiooa AuoYE riiiiirK sritEt r.y Would most respect fully ask the attention of Citi zens and Strangers to tben* Large, Cheap, auu well . selected Slock of GOLD AA D SILVER WATCHES, j JEWELRY, SILVER AND PLATED WARE, CONSISTING I.N r.VKT OF Gold Hunting Lever Watches, lull jeweled, 18 curat case, §.jo 00 ! 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OiJ Watches and Jewelry taken in exchange We can send by mail, with per.'ect safety, Watch or Jewelry to any pa 11 of toe United Slates. All orders must be accompanied w.rh the Cash. No good- sent unless the money is lirt received. Call or address LC\VI LA DOM US 8t CO., Slid Chestnut Street, Phil'*- May iS,'GO.—G rns. A OOKING GLASSES, : -MM ENGRAVINGS. PICTURE FRAMES, OIL PAINTINGS, The most extensive ami elegant assortment at ttie very lowest rates. —Glasses in store of every de scription. Mahogany framed Gla-ses, (or country sal-s. Print anil PP. tiait frames, Window Cornices, Gilt -Mouldings, etc. Kstin .ites for fnrr.ishipg Glasses to li'l every space, by! on application. Engravings for Grecian ar. j Antique Paintings.— Catalogue* gra' .. JAS. S. EARLE St SON, 815 Chestnut St., Phii'a. May 15,"60.-1 vr. ; 3 E. G O U LD, # Ao. 632 Chestnut St., cor. of Seventh, PHIL~j DELPTILI. PIANOS AND MELODEONS. RAVF.N, BACON & co's., HALLLT, DAVIS & co s., MN.N's 4" CUKS's, AND A. It. GAI.K & CO S. • ■a t 8 * "*•1 sc * - ■■ zh --r • -Y ~~ v. *. •-' ( M J W J J rfy ? <£V\ Vi \uv? *• rs '■< 7 • -•" | * MASON & HAMLIN'S, AND PRINCE &CO'S. MELODEONS & HAR MO NIUMS. Piano- and Melodeons to Rent. - vcond-hanu 1 May IS/CO.-1 >r. WILI IAM Uiara,, JAMSS 31. W IttTBT, BAMI St. MOORE, IPWARO A AD.WS, j WII.I.!AM U. SKILLMAN, UfMi." r. ATKIN.-.OX. | VET) AIGUEL, MOORE & CO., kJ A C.ATK. EAIGQgt, AND C"., IMPORTERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN D R V G O O D S, V"S & H'22 .Yorth Third St., above Rare, IVett AJr, PHILADELPHIA. i May 15,'00.-1 yr. i joIIN O. JAM SO, ISAAC WELSH, H- ® NTKRL'NG, W Al. C. KENT. G. A. SMITH, H. V. WELSH, UIAKLF.S SANTKE, SAMUEL WHITE, J. TOMLINSON. "jf AMES, KENT, SANTEE & CO., ■ IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS OF D K Y G O O DS , 239 &241 NORTH THIRD STREET, ABOVE RACE, PHILADELPHIA. ! May lS.'uO.-l yr. JJ T. 11 0 II E R, - (SUCCESSOR TO J. 50RVER,) —WHOLESALE DEALER IN— TOB A COO. SNU FF AN D CIG A RS, j .Vo 8„\ orth Fifth St., above Market, Pnil'a. Also. Manufacturer and Importer of FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC SEGARS. ! May 18, 1860.-1 yr. MARTHA T. MARTIN, r.ll.llAlHUT, J. A. InWlltt, , LEO. R. PEDDLE, S. K. MARTIN. j fol A. BAKER, ' •=- • WITH MARTENS, PEDDLE, MAMRICK K CO. IMPORTERS OF— HOSIERY, GLOVES AND NOTIONS, vVo. i,A'crt/i Fourth St., Phil'a. 1 May IS.'CO.-l yr. IrflHE WORLD'S GREAT EXHIBITION PRIZE MEDAL, awarded foC. MEYER | for his two PIA." j C. MEYER respectfully informs his fiiends and I the public generally, that he has constantly on band PIANOS, equal to those tor which he received the Prize Medal in London, in 185 i. All orders promptly attended 10, (and great care taken in the selection and packing the same. He has received, during the last fifteen years, more .Medals than any other.maker, from the Frank- Ilin Institute —also, First Premiums in Boston, New York and Baltimeie. Warerooms, No. 772 ARCH S'rcet, below Eighth, South side, PHILADELPHIA ' May 18, 1860.-lyr. HOSTETTEH'S STOMACH BITTERS. 1 r is a!*••. that, a; son •• |#rriovi, HIT} im-m bcr of the human family ;: /abject to ciifeea.-f: or disturbance of the functions: but. with tht aid of a good 1 ■ : cr.'l 'he exertis" of plain common bcn*ii, tiny may be able -o to regulate the system a- to secure pcrman- ul health. In order to accomplish this desired object, the true course to pursue is certainly that which will produce a natural state of things nt the least hazard of vital strength and life. For this purpose, Dr. Hostelfer has in troduced te this country a preparation Ixiaring his name, which is not a new medicine, but one thai has been tried for years, giving satisfac tion to all who have used it. The Bitters operate powerfully upon the stomach, bowels, and liver, restoring them to a healthy and vigorous action, and thus, by ihe simple pro cess of strengthening nature, enable the sys tem to triumph over disease. For the euro of Dyspepsia. Indigestion, .Nau sea. Flatulency, i.oss of lppt i-te, or any Bilious Complaints, arising *frotn a morbid inaction of the Stomach or Bowels,*producing Cramps, Dysentery, Colic, Cholera Morbus, be., these Bitters have no equal. Diarrhoea, dysentery or flux, so generally con tracted by new settlers, and c:.u.-eil principally by the change of water end diet, will be speedily regulated by a brief use of this preparation. Dyspepsia, a disease which is probably more prevalent, in all its various forms, than any other, and tin; causa of which may always be attributed to derangements of the digestive organs, cau be cured without fail by using IiOSTETTER'S STOMACH BITTERS, as per directions on the bottle, l'or this disease every physician will recommend Bitters of some kind; then why not use an article known to be infal lible'.' All nations have their Bitters, as a pre ventive of disease and srrer.gtlienor of the sys tem in general; and among them ail there is not to IKS found a more healthy people than the Germans, from whom this preparation ema nated, bus -J upon scientific experiments which have tended to prove the value of this great preparation in the scale of medical science. FEVKE AS Aden..—This trying and provok ing disease, which fixes its relentless grasp on the body of man, reducing biro to a mere sha dow in a short time, and rendering him phy sically and mentally useless, can be driven from the body by tbe use of liCSTETTER'S RENOWNED BITTERS. Further, none of the above-stated diseases can be contracted, even in exposed situations, if the Bitter* are used as per directions. And as they neither create nausea nor offend the palate, and render nn nece.-.-ary any change of diet or interruption of ordinary pursuits, but promote sound sleep and healthy digestion, the complaint is re moved us speedily as Is consistent v.iththc pro duction of a thorough and permanent cure. For Pernatu in Advtwcol Years, who are ruffering from an enfeebled constitution and infirm body, these Bitters arc invaluable as a restorative of strength and vigor, and need only be tried to be appreciated. And to a 11 .other while nursing these Bitters urn indis pensable, especially where the mother's nour ishment is inadequate to the demands of the child, consequently her strength must yield, an 1 h"re it is where a good tonic, such as Host . :rer's Stomach Bitter-, is needed to impart i :rni>orary strength and vigor to the system. Bailies should by all means try this remedy for uli c.T*ea of debility, and, before so doing, should a->k their physician, who, if he is acquaint -d with the virtue of the Bitters, will recommend their use iu all cases of weakness. CA'JTIOS.—We caution the public against using cry f the many imitations or counterfeits, but ask far IIOSTUTTEU'S CELKERATEI> STOMACH BTTTEP.S, and seo that each bottle has the words '• Dr. J. Hosteller's Stomach Bitters" blown on the silo cf the bottle, and stamped on the metallic cap covering the cork, and observe that our autograph signature is on the lamT. Me- Prepered and sold by HOSTETTZE & SMITH, Pittsburgh, Pa., and sold by ail druggists, grocers, and dealers generally throughout the United States, Canada, South. America, alia Germany. Agents for Bedford County : B. F. H .rry, F. C o PTiftTT-* ; John F. Lovvrv.HopeweU ;IB B. Kmsy, Bloody Run ; Jon r. tfyi-uu], Fairs is w. Oc . 14, 1859. tfiJPRING FASHIONS.— xM ES. S. E. POTTS has returned from the cities, having completed erar -spring purchase-. a:,d is BOW prepared to offer inducements iri the \>ay of RICH FANCY GOODS. Her stock consists of s—• rare styles and latest novelties of the season. is: a . : h luce niautiiias are coup--ed of the new est style, ol the season. Crape rte pans, dusters, rich SI'AS, handsome or rii/au, lawn robes. Flounced summer silks, dres- goods o! all kinds. STELLA SHAWLS, Black- and colored center printed bordered Stella, brocba bordered stolla, printed cashmere ..bawls, chil dren's capes, comprising the lar gest assortment of shawls, straw goods, large store ot new stv'es ol bonnets, straw and silk, English straw bonnets, braid bonnets, pamella bonnets, faftcy straws, six hundred pieces cf rich ribbons at 25 cents per yard, purchased at auc tion and can ii sold cheap, bonnet ruches bonnet silk-, mitts, /-id gloves, hosiery, fans, soap and perfumery, fancy goods of all descriptions, dress trimmings. Cats and hats trimmed and untrimmed. She will be still adding to her large Ftor<fc every week- during the summer, new desirable and fashionable goods. .Mourning dre-s goods and .lusters to suit. [june 8,*60.] | > E D FO R D P OYr JTDHY. THE subscribers having purchased the Bedford Foundry of Messrs. Washabawgh and Baiuion, would most respectfully announce to the citizens of Bed ford and adjoining counties that they are prepared to make and furnish all kinds of CASTINGS fcr GRIST AND SAW-MI L 1.5,.5, THRESHING MA CHINES, PLOUGHS, APPLE MILLS, COOK ING, TEN PLATE, AND COAL STOVES, SLED AND Sleigh soles, wash kett >s, of different sizes, wagon boxes oi' all si2es. fanners' bells, (a superior srti eie), oven doors, and every thing usually made in a country Foundry. try-PLOUGH I .—WOODCOCK. SEVLKR, and HILL-SIDE PLOUGHS.—AIso, a new PLUG PLOUGH, to which we call the especial attention of our farmers—a superior article to the old Plug Plough, with two kinds of points, snares and land sides to suit all ploughs in general Use in this coun ty. Turning and lining of iron patterns made to order, and all kind- of repairing done at the short est notice and at low prices. Ail our own work made of the very best material, and warranted to give satisfaction. Farmers and other* would do well to csil and examine our work before purchasing else where, as we are determined to meet the emer gencies of the times, we will Sell tow for CASH, or country produce. Pig and bar iron, horses and lumber, taken in ex change tor work. feb 25,'60-ly SHIRES lit JORDAN. UL. GODBOLD, • TUNER & REPAIRER of Pianos, Melodeons &c., has made arrangements to visit this place regularly at stated periods. The next visit will be in October. Yeaily contracts made. Price for tuning $2.00. First class pianos for sale. Ordeis to be left at the "Gazette'' office. H. L. G. has permission to refer to the following persons tor whom he has toned : Hon. A. King, Hon. S. L. Russell, John .Mower, Esq., O. E. Shannon, £q., Dr. W. H. Watson, Rev. 3. Barnes, Mrs. Freytef. June 20,'60. HEALTH AND ITS LLEASI KES, OR DISEASE WITH ITS AGONIES t CHOOSE BETWEEN* THEM: II(PilR Zf Nervous Disorders. What is more fearful than a breaking down of the hervnus system 1 1o be excitable or nervous in a mn!l decree j* mos* distressing, for where ren a remedy be lounu I 1 here is one :—.rink out little Wine, beer, or spirits, or far better none ; take no • coffee—weak tea being preferable ; set all the fresh aii you van; take three or four Pills every night; -:tt plenty oi solids, avoiding the uu of slop; ; s.nd il til -,e golden rules are followed, you will be hap py in mind and strong in body, and forget you have any nerves. Mothers and Daughters. li there is ot.e thing more than another for which th-.e Pills are so famous it is their purifying prop erties, especially their power of cleansing the blood from all impurities, and removing dangerous and j suspended .ecretious. Universally adopted as the ; one grand remedy for female complaints, they never fail, never we ken th system, ar.d always j bring about what is required. Sick Headaches and Want of Appe tite, these feelings which so sadden us, most frequent -1 ly arise from annoyances or trouble, trorn obstruc ted perspiration, or from eating and drinking what I is unfit tor us, thus disordering the liver and stom ach. These organs must be regulated if you wislx ' to be Weil. ! tie Puis, if taken according to the < prmfpil instructions, will quiekiy restore a healthy j action to both liver and stomrch, whence follow a-. ! a naiural consequence. a good appetite and a clear head. In the I ast and it est Iteiies scarcely any i other medicine never used for these disorders. Dsorders of the Kidney.;. In ail diseases affecting these organs, whether j they, crete too much or too little water ; or whe ther they be afflicted with stone or gravel, or with i aches ami pains settled m the loin* over the region# joi the kidneys, these Piiis should be taken accor ding to the printed directions, and the Ointment i should be we I rubbed into tbe small of the back at I bed time. T> is treatment will give almost imme diate relief when all other means have failed. For Stomachs Cut cf Order. No medicine will so effectually improve the tone 1 do the stomach as these P.lls • they remove all aci ■' tity, occasioned either by intemperance or improp ,er diet. They reach the |.ver ami reduce it t a 'a heaithy action , they are wonderfully efficacious in ( cases of spasms—in fact they never fail in curing , all disorders of the liver and Stomach. lloilowuy s Pills are the best revtdi/ known | in tilt world for the following distant . ; Ague, ( inflammation, Asthma Jaundice, Btllious Complaints, ; Liver Complaints, Blotche* on the Skin Lumbago, Bowel Complaints, Plies, Col"'# Rheumatism, Constipation o: . ••s Retention otlCnne, „ Bowels, bcroiuiu or Leg's Consumption, j Evil. Sore Throats, i-ropsy. Stone and Gravel, itysentery, Secondary Symptoms; Erysipelas, i I ic -Douloureux, v "male Irrvgu'aiities, j Tumours, " crs oi ail Ki d>, *. lc<?rs Venereal Affections, Gout, I Worms of all kinds, Dead-ache, j Weakness from what * ingestion,n I ever cause* f *CAITIO\ !--None genuine unless the words "HOLLOWAY. NEW YORK AND LOVDON," are discernible as a Water-mark in every leai'ot the bo ', of directions around each pot or hot ; the same may oe plainly seer; by holding the feat to trie light. -- ;.,.,;.iiO(Tie reward will be given to any one ren dering such information as may lead to the detec tion or any party or parties counterfeiting the med icines or vending the same, knowing them to be spurious. * # *Soid at the .Ms-iufacto-y of Professor Hot.r.o - Maiden Lane. New York*, and by ail respec taole Druggists and Dealers in Medicine, throughs oat the civilized World, in boxes at 25 cents, 62 ct ar.d $1 each. uY* inere ;s considerable saving by taking the larger sizes. N. B.—Directions for the guidance of patients in every disorder are ainxed to eacu box. Nov. 10, 1859. ■3,S O 2.i !j AIJ , JL O R TRADE, A first-rate tarm of limestone land, in Morrison"* Cove, containa g about 131 acres, 100 of which are cteaed and balance well timbered. The (arm i* well watered, iie improvements are a goo 1 two story Frame lioi-e, Log ilouse, Barn, &c. There i> a good orchard upon the p'emDes. The lana ad* joins Bioomlield Furnace, lies half a mile from the HollidjSjaburg Turnpike, and four miles l'ro-n Mar tinsbarg. There is a ready market at the door for a!! kinds of produce, and the land is in a high state of cu'tivation. For particulars inquire ot Dav.d Daniel, in possession, oi George Cieuga, at Span ' 'a Mills. —AL*O— Gust-mill p-operty in Hanran's Bottom, now ov, ned ov Lewis Ni. ryan. Lite rmii is a large frame with two overshot w hells and four run of stone ; in i good order, and in a good settlement, with a suf ! hcient supply of water. The larui contains nearly i 400 aores ; about lOdaliuvial soil, and cleared ; ana | the balance well timbered. The imurovements are | a large brick house, tenant houre, miller's houe, ! barn, distillery, 5-c. The farm can he divided with ' out disadvantage. Teiuu leasonable. —ALSO— A tract o! land in 8". Clair tp . containing 93 , acres,or thereabouts, about 53 acres cleared, with ! a two story log dwelling house, tenant-house and I two log stables thereon erected ; aio. an apple or ! chard thereon, adjoining lands of Wm. Keefe. Jacob 1 others ; formerly * tie property of George I Ktrnberiin. —ALSO— ! a Farm of I fill Herri, about 100 cleared, with Double ; Log House, New Bank Barn, and t'.vogood orchard. ! I hereon, lying on the Juniata River, two miles ! from Stoner-town, and half a mile from the rail i road. Th is tarm is composed of a good quality of i river bottom land, 30 or Id acres ol" which can be put into good meadow. Tae whole is cow in a good state of cultivation. —ALSO— A farm ol" 118 acres of limestone land in Liberty Township near Stonerstown, known as ttie "John Stolei property,"' adjoining lands df 'Squire Keusiu ger, Stoler an ! others. The improvements are a Log ouse, Log Barn See. There is good water on the premises, also an oi chard of good fruit. —ALSO— A new two-story Rough-cast HOUSP aad two lots ot ground in Broa hop citv. - ALSO— -160 acres of the b'St quality of land in Hurmqu ! county, lowa, near the Missouri, and close lo th. j countv seat. ALSO- A Lot of ground in Omaha city, Nebrast a. —ALSO— | 100 acres of land, in Southampton Township, Bed ford county, lately owned by VVai. Lashler. I TERMS to suit buyers. O. E. SHAWO.X, Jan 27, iB6O Bedford, \ ! F.N'S and Boys' wear, of all kit.da, just received VL " d for saie cheapo at Shoemakers Store. Noa ; An-' raon'a Row. [april bth, i860.] \ LL kind* of tirodnee taken in exchange for j at Shoemakor'a Stor * No 1. Andcraua'a Row. Wipril 6th, 1860.]

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