Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, July 20, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated July 20, 1860 Page 3
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Samuel fc'anii Esq. A good and useful man has &one over tHe ~k valley. We trust he lias arrived at the courts o! the upper sanctuary. No obiMiary, nlted with exaggeiated virtues, is our purpose.. bllt £ oprominent a citizen should not pass away without a notice of the event. When the sub let of this notice was born, fifty-five years ago Ilt >ar the foot of the Allegheny, schools were •arce, and opportunities for education limited. He acquired enough, however, to enable him jtter years, with an extraordinary fund of tnrnon sens*, and great industry,',to cope suc essful'y ' t,is business with professional men, ,„j indeed with all others. His integrity was above suspicion , hence the unbounded conti bnce reposed in liirn by Ins neighbors, and all vbo knew huu. His business in a legal way, u . #i .0 extensive, tor a number of years, that be became a safe counsellor. He was also a laith f,| trustee. Once Sheriff of the county, and > jelo g Administrator, Executor, Trustee, Guar dian, xc., tor a great number of people, the Enteral this, who knew tiim well, and was arnizant of a great man) of his fiduciary af l-irs, can say with truth that very few ever lamed, and none could justly complain, of the management of his trusts. After a life of urea, industry, he accumulated a good estate He has well provided for his family. May they He came <o settle his last account. Hie Roister was the Angel of Death, and took the account to the upper court. To say that that ( count contained no irregularities, would he a hvl upon the dead. Where is the account to vhich exceptions could not be taken? The Auditor, with the tear o! mercy and forgiveness ins expunged the errors ; the account has pas sed on to the Great Judge—the decree is made: "To err is human, to torgive, divine,"—the Saviour has passed it, and the accouut is ac i.ep!ej. A FRIEND. TO THE MEMORY OF GR.WRMA, , VIED IN BEDFOIID, ON THE \>h tnst. BY MARY FYA.V L'<wi it be true, another's gone By death's unruly hand ? Ah yes it is, aod well we know She's in a better land. Though her career was long on egrtb, The time to us was short ; For them we love and owe so much, We never want to part. No more we'll see her calm, sweet face, Until that day shall come, When all will rise in garments white, As when laid in the tomb. But with what patience did she wait Her spirit to take flight, And see her God, the loved of all. Push back the portal gate. And what a lesson 'tis to see Tbe christian so resigned i'o the will of him who suffered death TPor her and ail mankind. -h suffered not, till death drew neat The time was short and blessed ; Her iaeulties she still retained Tilt her spirit was at rest. Dirt oh 1 one consolation's left Examples rich to follow, Which you, dear Grandma, did possess Whilst in this world of sorrow. And when she woke, irom slumbers mild That seemed by angels given, She only asKed the time to come That she might enter heaven. 1 he parting, oh how sad and brief , She hoped to meet us soon, Where sorrow pain and all would cease In glory past the tomb. How tew are they who do not tear The awlui call of death ; But she was one who was sincere To her last, dying breath. BLDFOBD, JILV IStii. —a—■<———a—'' ■ ■ *—■* -d i e if On the Uth insl, Harry, infant son of John order, aged 2 months and 22 days. LOST! tin 1 hursday evening last, was lost out ot the v„ch between Bedford Springs and Bedford town, sdk umbrella marked "G. Purviance." A rewaTd lour dollars will be given to any person leaving e same with the uudersigned. B. W. GARRETSON. Bedford, Tuly, 2l)th. !%rcmc&~- - " The Pamphlet Laws for IS6O have e ii received, and are now ready for distribution.— .1 ces of the Peace and others entitled to them, i call at the Prothonotary% office, and procure a copy. S. H. TATE. July 20th-,. 1 SCO* Prot -4 SELECT SCHOOL For teaching the pri mary and higher English branches, will be opened ty 'tie subscriber in the newly furnished and beau tiful looms ol the Union School-House, on Monday, tec loh day ol August next. No more pupils will t.- taken than can receive every attention. 1 i.RMS—from $2 to $5 per quarter, according tianches pursued. The patronage of the citi zen- of Bedford and the surrounding country, is re \r. Tilly solicited. Applications should be made rr. mediately. J. W. DICKERSON. •e 22d, 1869. ■yORMAL SCHOOL The Bedford county Normal • ' V 'H open in the new School building, in the Bedford, Tuesday, Aug. 14th, at 9 o'clock, —All the teachers of the county (who are ending School elsewhere) are most urgently ' to attend ; and especially should all young teachers avail themselves of this ' !umf y of receiving instruction.—lt is, also, '6" y important that all tuch be present at theo- P*R'ng ofthe school. th teacher, on becoming a member of the i 'i,'® 1 charged fifty cents to defray inci al— Tuition gratis. , „ GEO. SIGAFOOS, -•'A 20, '6O. County Sup't. B - Trof. Cowley, cflron City College, will 'rstrustion to all who may desire if, in Penn . .. p an | Opramenial Drawing. v N APERIENT AND STOMACHIC PRKPARA , \ tion of IKON purified of Oxygen and Carbon, by combu-tion in Hydrogen. Sanctioned by the highest medical authorities, both in Europe and the United States, and prescribed in their practice. The experience ol thousands daily proves that no preparation of Iron can be compared with it. Impu rities of the blood, depression of vital energy, pale and otherwise sickly complexions indicate its ne cessity in almost every conceivable case, fnnox iou> in all maladies n which it has been tried, it has proved absolutely curative in each ol the following complaints, viz : hi Debility, Nervons Affection*, Emaciation, Dt/*- ptpsia, Constipation, Dmrrhccj, Dysentery, Incipient Consumption, Scrofulous Tuberculosis, Sail Rheum, Alts in lis: /it tun, White-:. Chlorosis, Lin r Ctnplaint, Chroni, fliuiiarhes, Rheumatism, Intern ttcut I'ev r, Pimples OH tl.e Pace, ij-c. In cases ol Oencrvl Debility, whether the result of acute disease or ol the continued diminution of netvous and muscular energy Irom chronic com plaints, one trial ot this restoialive has proved suc cessful to an extent which no description nor writ ten attestation would render credible. Invalids so long bed-ridden as to have become forgotten in then own neighboihoods, have suddenly re-appeared in the busy world as if just returned lYoiu pott ac ted travel in a distant land. Some veryjsig nal instances of this Kind are attested of female sufferers, emaciated victims of apparent marasmus, sanguineous exhaustion, critical changes, and that complication of nervous and dyspeptic aversion to air and exercise for which the physician has no name. In Nervous Affections of all kinds, and for reasons familiar to medical men, the operation ofthi. prepa ration of 11 on must necessarily he salutary, for, un like the old oxides, it is vigorously touic, without being exciting and over-heating : and gently regu larly aperietn, even in the most obstinate cases of cosiivtness, without ever being a gastric purgative, or inflicting a disagreeable sensation. It is this latter property, among others, which makes it so leinarnabiy effectual and permanent a remedy for Piles, upon which it also appears to ex ert a distinct and specific action, by dispersing the local tendency which forms thero. In Dysjiepsia, innumerable Jus are its causes, a single box of these Chalybeate Pills has often suffi ced for the most habitual cases. In unchecked Diarrhira, even when advanced to Dystentery, confirmed, emaciating and apparently malignant, the ettects have been equall decisive aud astonishing. In the local pains, loss of flesh and strength, de bilitating cough, and remittent hectic, which gene rally indicate Incipient Consumption, this remedy has allayed the alarm of friends and physicians, in several very gratifying and interesting instances. In Scroftilotts Tuberculosis, this medicated iron has had far more the good effect of the most cau tiously balanced preparations of iodine, without any of their well-known liabilities. The attention of females cannot be too confident ly invited to this reniedy and restorative, in the ca ses peculiarly affecting them. In Rheumatism, both chronic and inflammatory, in the latter, however, more decidedly, it has been invariably well reported, both as alleviating pain and reducing the swellings and stiffness of the joints and muscles. In Intermittent Fevers it must necessarily be a great remedy and energetic restorative.Jand its pro gress in tbe new settlements of the West, will pro bably be one of high renown and usefulness. No remedy has ever been discovered, in the whole history ot medicine, which exerts such prompt hap py and fully restorative effects. Good appetite, complete digestion, rapid acquisition of strength, with an unusual disposition for active and cheerful exercise, immediately follow its use. Put up in neat flat metal boxes containing .10 pills price 50 cents per box ; for sale by druggists and dealers. Wil Ibe sent free to any address, on re ceipt of the price. Ail letters, orders, etc., should be addressed to R. B Locke & Co., General Agents, 20 CEDAR STREET, N. Y . . "NATURE is the great physician. —Tilts is now admitted by the medical profession, as a fundamental principle of healing science. It is wisely provided by the humgu economy, that whenever anything is wrong in the physical system, the natutal forces of the body are brought to bear to expel the disease. The great aim, therefore, is to strengthen the natural powers. This lias been kept in view by the skillful com pounders ol DK. J. HOSTETTEK SBI I TERS, which operate to give fresh vitality to all the organs ol the body. The effect of this medicine upon the stomach, the liver and the kidneys, are prompt anil decisive. The patient who is wise enough to quit drugging, and try the BIT TEUS, soon 'eels as if he had taken a new lease ot life, and as he continues the use of the arti cle, he is overjoyed to find the streams of health coursing through his frame. Lei all from whose cheek the bloom has departed, give Dr. ,I. ffostetter's Celebrated Bitteis a trial. Solii by druggists and dealers generally, eve rywhere. advertisement in another column. F LASH WANTED! My Books are ready for settlement up to Ist of July. My customers are earnestly re quested to make immediate settlement either by Cash or note. Those who have not settled accor ding to jny terms, will not think hard ot me, il through Ilieir failure to comply with my terms, their accounts Miouhl lie found in the hands of an officer for collection. luly 20,'C0. WM. HARTLEY. A D.VIIMSTRATOR'S NOTICE. Letters of Administration, cum annexo, have been granted to the undersigned on the Estate of Samuel Cam, late of Bedford Loroogb, dee'd. Persons having claims a gainst the est ate, will present them • and those who are indebted are requested to mane immediate pay ment. O. E. SHANNON, July 20, 1860, ' Administrator. FOR SALE! The undersigned is desi rous of disposing of bis stock ..f ready made cloth in and dry goods, which he offers to retail buyers at first cost. All persons indebted to him, are re quested to come forward and make settlement with in thirty days f;om this date, by cash or note. July 20,'60.-'"tts- ISAAC LIPPEL IJIOR SALE CR TRADE.— One new 2 horse tVa on far sale, or trade for a good horse. J. M. SHOEMAKER & Co. July 20th, 1860. ri reT T ba'lg A i n s—" wJC To makp room for Fall Goods, during this month, we will sell every description of Summer Goods at cost lor Casn. Su perior French and English Lawns at half price, and many other goods suitable for summer use—Call and see A. B. CRAMER 4- Co. [july I3th, 'CO.] PRUNES FROM 12£ TO 28 CENTS A POUND, for sale by july2o,'6o. A. L. DEFIBAUGH. LASTING POWDER AND SAFETY FUSES, for sale at july2o,'Bo. A. L. X)EFIBAUGH'S. MACC A RON ITCHEESE, CRACKERS, CRYS talized Fruit and Gom Candies for sale bv jnly'2o. A. L. DEFIBAUGH. "A - LOT OF PPRE MAPLE SUGAR7F6R SALE /V by iulv2o,'fio. A. L. DEFIBAUGH j \ OTICE! , ™ All persons are hereby notilii iha 1 have this day purchased all the right aud inteiest of Samuel Walker, in and to two acres of Oats, one j acre of Corn, rand ground prepared for Biicxwheat, I now growing upon my farm in Juniata tp., Bedford ! co. All persons are, therefore, hereby forewarned I not to purchase, or meddle with the sair.e, as they ; are now in my possession, aild 1 will use all legal • means against any person or persons that will inter fere in the piemises aforesaid. I June, 29.'60. PETER HI I. LEO AS, Sen. NOTICE ** The undersigned appointed by the Orphans' Court of Bedford county, to make distribution of the balance in the hands ol H. J. Bruner, Esq., adm'r. of the Estate of Campbell Hendrickson, dee'd., will sit for that purpose, at his office ia Bedford, on Monday, the 9th day of July, next, when and where those interested may attend, if they think proper. JNO. MOWER, June 29,'C0. Auditor A UJDITOR'S NOTICE. The undersigned appointed auditor to distribute the funds in the hands of Sher iff Kiufce, arising from the sale oi tin; leal estate ol Oeorge Kiiriberly, would give notice to all parties interested in said distribution, that he will attend to the duties ol said appointment, at his office in Bedford borough,ou Saturday the !4th July next, at I o'clock, P. M. O. H. GAIT.HER, June 29, ISCO. Anditoi. BEDFORD C(ir.\ r\, t. Atari Orphans' Court held at Bedford, in and for the county ol Bedftu 'l, on the 30th dav of Apul, ISGU, before the Judges of the said court, On motion ol O. E. Shannon, Es<]., the court grant a rule on the heirs and legal representatives |of Jacob Keagy, late of Middle Woodberry town, -hip, deceased, to wit, Michael, Catharine, David, Ann, intermarried with Win. El ler. Peter, and Ja- I cob, a minor, who has lor his guardian David | Schnebly, all re-iding in Bedford County, except ; David who resides in Blair county ;to be and ap pear at an Orphan's Court to be held at Bedford, in and lor the county ol Beufonl, on the first Monday, third day of September, A. I). ISGO, to accept or re- I fuse to take the Real Estate of said deceased, at the j valuation which has been valued and appraised in | pursuance ola writ of Partition or Valuation, issued i out of said court, anil to the Sherifi'of said county j directed, or show cause why thr same should not be : sold. jrjfj In testimony whereof I have hereunto jL. S. j- set my hand and seal of said county, at JJ-JJJ Bedlord. the 7th day of May, A. I). 18(30. ATTEST t WM. S. FLT-kk, SAM E. H.TATE, Sheriff. Clerk. June 22, ISCO. PHILADELPHIA ADVERTISEMENTS. 4 GREAT IMI'ROV E.MENT IN PIANOS. GEORGE VOGT takes the opportunity of inform ing his friends and the public generally, that he has removed his Piano Warerooms from No. CSS Arch Street, to No. 516 Arch Street, where he will keep constantly on hand a large assortment of his lately patented PIANOS, whirh'have* been pronoun ced b}* the best judges as far superior to all other Pianos in the sweetness and purity of their tone am! construction, heretotore manufactured in the United States and England. May 15,'60.~C mo. RAN VILLE STOKES' * GIFT CLOTHING EMPORIUM, ONE PRICE AND NO ABATEMENT. N0.C07 CHESTNUT STREET. GRANVILLE STOKES would return thanks to the public lor their appreciation of his efforts to please, and their liberal patronage. In order to keep up this kindly feeling, he has yielded to the solicitations oi many of his friends and inaugurated a new system, ol Gifts with each Garment sold. To his choice selection of fine Fab rics, and made-up Clothing, he invites the scrutiny of the public, as well as to his new mode of doing business. Each article is warranted to be, in F.tb llC, Style and Make, equal to any gotten up in the City, and one price, (lower than the lowest,) marked on the Ticket. Each article sold, or measured for, is accompa nied by a Gift, varying in value from $ I to SIOO. N. 15.—None but the most skillful Designers, i Cutters ami Workmen employed; and satisfaction in Fit, Fashion. Fabric, Price and Gift, guaranteed at GRAN VILLE STOKES' ONE PKI JE GIFT CLOTHING EMPORIUM, NO. GO7 CHESTNUT STREET. May IS/GO.-O ms. I 1 V. PER RV , * S. W. CORNER FOURTH AND RACE ST., PHILADELPHIA, Manufactures ACCOUNT BOOKS of the best qual ity. Bankers and Merchants can have their Books tilled and bound in any s yle. H7"Preinium awarded by the Franklin Institute. t 1 P. PERRY, \ , S. W. Corner. Fourth and Race streets. Phil adelphia. supplies every article in the BOOK or S i ATJONERY line, at low prices. Hav ing superior facilities as a manufacturer, he is enabled to supply goods very low, and make very fair profit. Orders by mail promptly attended to. < 'OLLKCT TOGETHER V. All your "Old Rooks" and Magazines ; take them to PERRY'S Book Binderies, Fourth and Race, where you can have them hound good and handsomely at a low price. May 15,'60.-0 ms. || FRANK. JACKSON, PRINTER AND STATIONER, 439 CHEST A UT STREET, PHILADELPHIA. May 18,'66.-1 jr. MERTRA DEN O H CE. BUNN, RAIGUEL & CO., No. 137 North Third Street, IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS OF FANCY DRY GOODS, Invite the attention of Purchasers to their extensive Stock of fancy Dry Goods, Silks, Embroideries, Cloths, Cassimeres >Vc. May 18,'C0.- CHESTER & CO. GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING STORE, AND PATENT SHOULDER SEAM SHIRT MAN UFACTORY, No. 706 CHESTNUT Street, Above Seventh, opposite the Washington House, Fine Shirts and Drawers made from measurement a* a few days notice and in all cases Warranted to fit. Formula for measurement furnished on ap plication bv mail. LIBERAL INDUCEMENTS TO WHOLE SALE BUYERS. May 18,'60.-1 yr. H BANCROFT St CO., • IMPORTERS &. WHOLESALE DEALERS IN FRENCH, GERMAN AND ENGLISH FANCY GOODS, No. 330 Market Street, Philadelphia. May 18,'60.-1 yr. ; PHILADELPHIA ADVERTISEMENTS. J I.ADOMES. RI I.ON A * - A TCH ES A N D JEWEL R V. ' * LEWIS LA DOM US FT CO Ao. 80-2 CHEST fJT STREET PHIL'A. TNNSR DOOR ABOVE EIGHTH STREET.) Would roost respectfully ask the attention of Citi zens and Strangers to their Latge, Cheap, anil well selected Stock oi GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES, JEWELRY, SILVER AND PLATED WAKE, CONSISTING IX TART OF Gold Hunting Lever Watches, full jevreled, 18 carat case, $-10 00 Gold Lever Watches, open lace, Dili jewel'd I 18 carat case, 30 q 0 Gold Lepine Watches, open face, full ;ew ellea, IS carat case, ' $O QQ Stiver Lever Watches, Hunting case, full jewelled, IS 00 Silver Le,ver watches, open lace, full jewel ed, 11 00 Silver I.epine Watches, Hunting rase, 11 0" Silver L.epine Watches, open face, y on Gold Guard Chains, 12 00 Gold Vest and Fob Chains, 10 00 Gold I'en Holder with Pen and Pencil, 1 00 Gold Pencils, 1 50 Gold Pens with Silver Holders, . 1 00 Silver Table .Spoons, per set, Silver Tea Spoons, 0 00 Gold Thimbles. 3 00 With a large assortment of Silver, Table and Tea Forks; Dessert, illustard and Salt Spoons ; Pie, Lake, and Ice Cream kinve- ; Sugar Spoons ; Pre serve Spoons 5 Pickle Knives and Forks, etc. fry Also, constantly on baud, a magnificent as sortment of Jewelry, consisting in part of Bracelets, Breastpins, Ear Rings, Finger Kings, Miniature cases .'or 1,2, !, ami G likenesses*; Gold Crosses, Chil dren's armlets, and every thing in the Jewelry line, of the latest and most approved pattern-. ' Gold and silvei 'thimbles : Wedding Kings at alt prices. Ladies' Chatelaines, Gold Watch keys and •seals ; Studs and Sleeve Buttons; Opera Glasses. Always on hand, a splendid assortment of Diamond Jewelry. Also, Diamonds mounted in the most beautiful manner, equal to any work in the United States, at ; nod-Mate prices. Silver j, 1 a Ted Tea Sets, Silver plated Knives and Forks—beautiful goods, and look equal to Silver. CALIFORNIA GOLD BOUGHT OR MADE UP TO ORDER. CCZ'AII iiewriprions of Hair Jewelry, such as Breastpins, Ear Hi rigs, Bracelets, Chains, Charms, made to order in the most beautiful style. Old Y'atcbes and Jewelry taken in exchange. We can send by ma il, with per'ect safety, Watch es or Jewelry to any port of the United States. All orders must be accompanied with the Cash. No goods sent unless the jr. mey is fiiat received. Caii or address LEWIS LA DOM US ft CO., 802 Coestuut Street, Phil'a- May 13,'60.-G ins. I" OOKING GLASSES, - J ENGRAVING'S. PICTURE FRAMES, OIL F > AT,\TJNGS> The most extensive and elegant aGso.'tment at the very lowest rates.—Glasses in store of every de scription. .Mahogany framed Glasses, lor country sales. Print and Portrait frames, Window Cornices, Gilt Mouldings, etc. Estimates for furnishing Glasses to fill every space, by mail on application. Engravings for Grecian and Antique Paintings.— Catalogues gratis. JAS. S. EARLE&SON, 816 Chestnut St., Phil'a. May 18,'60.-1 yr. I E. GO U L D, • JVo. 632 Chestnut St., cor. of Seventh, PHILADELPHIA. PI A NOS A N I) MELODEON'S. HAVEN, BACON ft CO'S., HAT.I.ET, DA VIS & CO's., Nl'NN's 4' CLAHK'S, AND A. H. UAI.K St co's. Zommm i sfr' Wilt * MASON & HAMLIN'S, AND PRINCE A CO'S. MELODEONS ft HARMONIUMS. Pianos and Melodeons to Rent. Second-bam. Piano 3. May iS,'CO.-l yr. WILLIAM RAIGL'EL, JAMES M. WHITBY, S AS! L EI. MOORE, EDWARD A ADA MS, WILLIAM 8. SKILLMAN, HENRY F. ATKINSON. AIU I'LL, MOORE A CO., LATE, r.AIGIIEL AND CO., IMPORTERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN DRY GOODS, ,\os. 220 ft 222 .X'mik Third St., above Race, West side, PHILADELPHIA. May 15,'00.-l yr. JOHN O. JAAIfcS, ISAAC WELSH, H. G. STERLING, WM. C. KENT, G. A. SMITH, H. D. WELSH, CHARLES SANTKE, SAM I EL WHITE, J. TOMLINSON. "JAMES, KENT, SANTEE ft CO., '* IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS QF DRY GOODS, 239 ft 211 NORTH THIRD STREET, ABOVE RACE, PHILADELPHIA. May IS,'GO.-1 yr. PP. HUIiG R, • ftI'CCESSOR TO .1. SORVER,) —\V HOLES ALE DEALER IX— TOBACCO. SNUFF AND CIGARS, jVo 8 ,\orth Fifth St., above Market, PhiTa. Also. Manufacturer and Importer of FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC SEGARS. May 18, 1860.-1 yr. MARTHA T. MARTIN, C. H. HAMItICK, I. A. L. MOKRBL, GEO. R. PEDDLE, S. It. MARTIN. A. HA KE R , • WITH MARTINS, PEDDLE, HAM RICK ft CO. —IMPORTERS OF— HOSIERY, GLOVES AND NOTIONS, JVO. 30, JVorth FourlhSt., PhiTa. May 15.'60.-1 yr. NNHE WORLD'S GREAT EXHIBITION ■ PRIZE MEDAL, awarded toC. MEYER for his two PIANOS, London, October 15, 1851. C. MEYER respectfully informs his frieods and the public generally, that he has constantly on hand PIANOS, equal to those lor which he received the Prize Medal in London, in IS.II. All orders promptly attended to, fand ' great care taken in the selection and packing the same. He has received, during the last fifteen years, more .Medals than any other.maker, from the Frank lin Institute—also, First Premiums in Boston, New York and Baltimoie. Warerooms, No. 772 ARCH S't-eet, below Eighth, South side, PHILADELPHIA May 18, 1860.-l vr. HOSTF.TTER'S STOIWASH BITTERS* IT is a fact that, at so-nc period, every mem her of lite human family is rn 1 ijc-c-t to disease or disturbance of the bo-lily functious; but. with the aid of a good lonic and the exercise of plain common sense, they may be able so to regulate the system as to secure perman-itt health. In order to accomplish this desireu object, tlie true course to pursue is certainly that, which will produce a natural state of things at the least hazard of vitai strength auJ life. For this purpose. Dr. Hosteller has in troduced to this country a preparation bearing iiis name, which is not a new medicine, but one that lias been tried for years, giving satisfac tion to all who have used it. The Bitters operate powerfully- upon the stomach, bowels, and liver, restoring tlier.t to a healthy and vigorous action, and thus, by the simple pro cess of strengthening nature, enable the sys tem to triumph over disease. • For the cure of Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Nau sea, Flatulency, Loss of Appetite, or any Bilious Complaints, arising from a morbid inaction of the Stomach or Bowels, producing Cramps, Dysentery, Colic, Cholera .Morbus, ccc., liicoO Bitters have no equal. Diarrhoea, dysentery or flux, so generally con tracted by new settlers, and caused principally by the change of water and diet, will l>e speedily regulated by a brief use of this preparation. Dyspepsia, a disease which is probably more prevalent, in all its various forms, than any other, and the cause of which may always be attributed to derangements of the digestive organs, can l>e cured without fail by using HOSTKTTER'S STOMACH BITTERS, as per directions on the bottle. For this disease every physician will recommend Bitters of some kind; then why not use aft article known to be infal lible ? AH nations have their Bitters, as a pre ventive of disease and streugthener of the sys tem in general; and among them all there is not to be found a more healthy people than the Germans, from whom this preparation ema nated, based upon scientific experiments which have tended to prove the value of this great preparation in the scale of medical science. FEVER AXD Aorr..—This trying and provok ing disease, which fixes its relentless grasp on the body of man. reducing liim to a mere sha dow- in a short time, and rendering him phy sically and mentally useless, can be driven from the body by the use of IIOSTETTER'S RENOWNED BITTERS. Further, noneot'tlie above-stated diseases can be contracted, even in exposed situations, if the Bitters arc used as per directions. And as they neither create nausea nor offend the palate, and render un necessary any change of diet or interruption of ordinary pursuits, but promote sound sleep and healthy digestion, the complaint is re moved as speedily as is consistent with the pro duction of a thorough and permanent cure. For Persons in Advanced Years, who aro suffering from an enfeebled constitution and infirm body, these Bitters are invaluable as a restorative of strength and vigor, and need only be tried to be appreciated. And to a mother while nursing these Bitters are indis pensable, especially where lite mother's nour ishment is inadequate to the demands of the child, consequently her strength must yield, and here it is where a pood tonic, such as Hosteller's Stomach Bitters, is needed to impart temporary strength ami vigor to the system. Ladies shouhj by all means try this remedy for all cases of debility, and, before so doing, should ask their physician, who, if he is acquainted with the virtue of the Bitters, will recommend their use in all cases of weakness. CAUTION.—Wo caution the public against using any of the many imitations r counterfeits, but ask for lI<Ji>TI:TTER's CELEBRATED STOMACH BITTERS, and see that each bottlo has the words " Dr. J. Haste-tier's Stomach Bitters" blown on the side of tho bottle, and stamped on tho metallic cap co voting the cork, and observe that our autograph signature is on tho laliel. Prepared and sold by HOST UTTER & SMITH. Pittsburgh, Pa., and sold by all druggists, grocers, and dealers generally throughout the United States, Canada, South America, A£td Germany. Agents for Bedford County : B. F. H :rry, F. C Harrier, Bedford ; John K. Low rv, Hope we! I jE. B. Kmsy, Bloody linn ; John Nycnm, Fairview. Oe . 11, 1859. CJP&ING FASHIONS.— ~ M RS. S. E. TOTTS has returned from the cities, having completed erar spring purchases, anil is rin\v prepared to offer ex lit inducements in the way of RICH FANCY MOODS. Her stock consists of some rare styles and latest novelties of the season. SiU-and lace mantillas are compo-sed of the new est styles ot the season. Crape de paris, dusters, rich sills, handsome or digan, lawn robes. Flounced summer sills, dress goods of all /Ends. STELLA. SHAWLS. Blac/- and colored center printed bordered stella, brocha bordered Stella, printed cashmere ..hawls, chil dren's capes, comprising the lar gest assortment of shawls, straw goods, large stoc/- ot new stvles of bonnets, straw and sil/-, English, straw bonnets, braid bonnets, pamella bonnets, fancy straws, six hundred pieces of rich ribbons at 25 cents per yard, purchased at auc tion and can be sold cheap, bonnet ruches bonnet si!/-, mitts, /id gloves, hosiery, fans, soap and perfumery, fancy goods of all descriptions, dress trimmings, flats and hats trimmed and un trimmed. She will be still adding to her large stoc/- every wee/- during the summer, new desirable and lashionable goods. Mourning dress goods and dusters to suit. [june S,'Go.j FOUNDRY. THE subscribers having purchased the Bedford Foundry of Messrs. Washabaugh and Bannon, would most respectfully announce to the citizens of Bed ford and adjoining counties that they arp prepared to make and furnish all kinds of CASTINGS for GUI ST AND SAW-MILLS, THRESHING MA CHINES, PLOUGHS, APPLE MILLS, COOK ING, TEN PLATE, AND COAL STOVES, SLED AND Sleigh soles, wash kettles, of different sizes, wagon boxes of all sizes, farmers' bells, (a superior arti ele), oven doors, and every thing usually made in a country Foundry. CT7- PLOU GH > WOODCOCK, SEYLER, and HILL-SIDE PLOUGHS.—AIso, a new PLUG PLOUGH, to which we call the especial attention of our farmers—a superior article to the old Pbtg Plough, with two kinds of points, shares and land sides to suit all ploughs in general u,e in this coun ty. Turning and fitting ot iron patterns made to order, and all kinds of repairing done at the short est notice and at low prices. All our own work made of the very best material, and warranted to give satisfaction. Farmers and others would do well to call and examine our work before purchasing else where, as we are determined to meet the emer gencies of the times, we will Sell >OU) for CJISH, or country produce. Pig and bar iron, horses and lumber, taken in ex change for work, feb 25,'60-ly , SHIRES & JORDAN. UL.GODBOLD, • TUNER & REPAIRER of Pianos, Melodeons Arc., has made arrangements to visit this place regularly at stated periods. The next visit will be in October. Yearly contracts made. Price for tuning $2.00. First class pianos for sale. Ordeis to be left at the "Gazette" office. H. L. G. has permission to refer to the following persons tor whom he has toned t Hon. A. King, Hon. 8. L. Russell, John Mower, Esq., 0. E. Shannon, Esq., Dr. W. H. Watson, Re,v. S. Barnes, Mrs. Ereytet. Jane 29,'f10. MARK THESK FACTS! TMF TESTIMONY OF THE WHOLE WGRLD I lollowi/is <Wntme^ Bad Lea;s, Bail Breasts, Sores and Ulcers. All description of sores are remediable bv th prof>er and diligent use of this inestimable prepara tion. To attempt to cure bad legs by piaterino the edges of the wound together is a lolly ; for should the skin unite, a boggy diseased condition remains underneath to break out with tenfold fury in a few •lay-*. Ihe only rational arid successful treatment as indicated by nature, is to reduce the inflamma tion in and about the wound, and to soothe the neighboring parts by rubbing in plenty of the Oint merit, as salt is forced into meat. Dipt her ia, Ulcerated Sore Throat, and Scarlet and other Fevers. Any of the above diseases Jmay bcjcure lfbv well rubbing the Ointment three times a day into tbc chest, tbroat and neck of the patient; it will soon penetrate, and give immediate relief. Medicine ta ken by the mouth must operate upon the whole system ere its influence can be felt in any focal part whereas the Ointment will do its work at once Whoever tries the ungeunt in the above manner,' fa the diseases named, or any similar disorders aSec ting the chest and throat, will find themselves re lieved as by a charm. Piles, Fistulas, Strictures. The above class of complaints will be removed by nightly fomenting the parts with warm water, and then most efiectually rubbing in the Gintment. Persons suffering from these direful complaints lose not a moment in arresting their progress. It should be understood that it is not sufficient mere ly to smear the Ointment on the affected parts, but it must be well rubbed in for some considerable time two or three times a day, that it may be ta kin in.o the system, whence it will remove any hidden sore or wound as effectually as though pal pable to the eye. 1 here again bread and water poultices, aftei the rubbing in ot the Ointment, will do great service. This is the only sure treatment lor females, cases of cancer in the stomach, or where there may be a general bearing down. Inuiscrelions of \outh :—Sorts u/id Ijlcers• Blotches, as also swelling*, can, witu certain-- be radically cured if the Ointment be used freely and the Pills be taken night and morning as tecom mended in the printed instructions. When treated in any other way they only dry up in one place to breakout in mother; whereas this Ointment will remove the humour from the system, ai.d leave the patient a vigorous and healthy' being. It will re quire time with the use ol the Pills to ensure a ias ting cure. Dropsical Swellings, Paralysis an J Stiff Joinis. Although the above complaints diiler widely in their origin and nature, yet they all require local treatment. Many of the worst cases, of such dis eases, will yield in comparatively short space of time, when this Ointment is diligently rubbed into the parts affected, even after every other means have tailed. In all serious maladies the Pills should be taken according to the printed directions accom panying each box. Both Ihe Ointments and Pills should be used in Ihe following cases : Bail Legs, Fistulas, Bad Breasts, Gout, Burns, Glandular Swellings, Bunions, Lumbago, Bites of .Moschetces and Rheumatism, Sand-Flies, Scalds. Coco-bay, i Sore Nippies, ( hiego-loot, ! Sore-throats, Chilblains, Skin Diseases, Chapped Hands, j Scurvy, Corns (Soft) j Sore-heads Cancers, j Tumors, Contracted and Stili LMcers, Joints, Wounds, Elephantiasis, l'aws. TIO\ ! Hone genuine unless the words "HOLLOWAV, NEW YORK AND LOUDON," are discernible as a IVater-mari in every leaf ot the book of directions around each pot or box ; the same may be plainly seen by holding the leaf to the light. A handsome reward will be given to any one ren dering such information as may lead to the detec tion of any party or parties counterfeiting the med icines or vtteding the same, knowing them to be spurious. '.'Sold at the Manufactory of Professor HOLLO- W-AY-, SO Maiden Lane, New York, and by all respec table Druggists arnl Dealers in Medicine, throughs out the civilized world, in boxes at 25 cents, 62*ct and $1 each. K7~There is considerable saving by taking the larger sizes. N. R.—Directions for the guidance of patients in every disorder are affixed to each box. Nov. IS, 1859. 17 O St 8 ALE, 1. OKTRADE, A first-rate farm of limestone land, in Morrison's Cove, containing about 131 acres, 100 of which are cleared and balance Weil timbered. The farm is well watejed. The improvements are a good two story Frame House, Log House, Barn, kc. There is a good orchard upon the premises. The tarm ad joins Bloomfield Furnace, lies half a mile from the Hollidaysburg Turnpike, and four miles from Mar tinsburg. There is a ready market at the door for all kinds of produce, and the land is in a high state of cultivation. For particulars inquire oF Dav.d Daniel, in possession, or George Cleugh,at Spank's Mills. —ALSO— A Giist-mil! property in Haiman's Bottom, now owned ny Lewis N. Fyan. The mill is a large frame with two overshot whells and four run of stone ; in good order, and in a good settlement, with a suf ficient supply of water. The farm contains nearly -100 aores ; about lOOaliuvial soil, and cleared ; an.: the balance well timbered. The improvements are a large brick house, tenant house, miller's house, barn, distillery, tj-c. The farm can be divided with out disadvantage. Teims reasonable. —ALSO— A tract ot land in St. Clair tp., containing 93 acres, or thereabouts, about 55 acres cleared, with a two story log dwelling house, tenant-house an., two log stables thereon erected ; also, an apple or chard thereon, adjoining lands of Wm. Keefe, Jacob V ernier and others ; formerly the property ol George Kimberlin. • -ALSO— a Farm of 166 acres, about 100 cleared, with Double Log House, New Bank Barn, and two good orchards thereon, lying on the Juniata River, two miles from Stonerstown, and half a mile from the ran road. This farm is composed of a good quality 01 river bottom land, 30 or 10 acres of which can be put into good meadow. The whole is now m a good state of cultivation. —ALSO- A farm of llSacresof limestone land in Liberty Township near Stonerstown, known 33 the "John Stolei property," adjoining lands of 'Sqnire Kensin ger, Stoler and others. The improvements are a Log House, Log Barn &c. There is good water o;. the premises, also an orchard of good fruit. —ALSO— A new two-story Roogh-cas: House and two lots o: ground in Broadtop city. - -ALSO— -160 acres of the best quality of land in Harriso; county, lowa, near tfce Missouri, and close to tb. cocntv seat. —ALSO— A Lot of ground in Omaha city, Nebraska. —ALSO— -100 acres of la'r.u. in Southampton Township, Red lord county, lately owned by Wm. Lashlev. TERMS to suit buyers. O. E. SHANNON, Jan Bf, 1860 Bedford, T9.

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