Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, August 3, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated August 3, 1860 Page 3
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•<j candidal*. The said convention to meet In or before the 28th of August next, or as ,jrty practicable, lor the purpose ot p:spa ring*® Democratic electoral ticket pledged t . support, maintain and abide by the action o! ihe Democratic convention and the resnl-.r candidates ut the party, DOCGI.AS, JOHNSON ami fosTEft. , | Resolved, That it is hereby declared to - the will and wish ol the Convention, as representing the Democratic trasses ol t.ieStu.i, that an Electoral ticket be presented to them wholly pledged to vote for DOUGLAS and JOU*- and no other candidates, and that in the event ol any obstacle arising to prevent the assembling of the Convention as aforesaid,gthen and in tnat case only the Democratic S ate . Committee, organized as here,n suggested, shall have, possess and exerctse the powei and authority to form an Electoral ticket. Resolved, That the President nt thu Con tention shall appoint a Committee ol correspon dence ami v igi lance promptly to address tlie Democracy ol Pennsylvania and to correspond with the general organizations u. the sever , I counties and to distribute correct inlormat.on and "uard the vital interests ol the part). Resolved, That the Convention respfiHul.y at A earnestly ask apron pt and ttl -ganizatim. forthwith to be made in every county and township tn the Commonwealth ; t0 that the electoral ticket may he panted io everv Democratic voter Pennsylvania. , 3 nd also to insure the success ol the D-mxrat ,c Stale ami National candidates in Uct./.er | anu v-,. sillier next. Resolcea, t t l(f Democratic Padv of Pennsylvania is not )n be held responsible lit tfieopini jws or views ol thr>-.* who were once in its regular organic j but who have either editors or appointee* unite:! with seevde.-s from the Dernoctatic parly, a„a ij'iog li r. public positions to destroy its union tjanno ny, and to defeat its regularly nominated L dales. Resolved, That no nuurpapers, other than ilhose which openly support DOCGLAS, JOHNSON and FOSTER, >ha!l be considered us speasxing authoritatively for the Democratic party. —HARRIED— On the 29th inst., at the St. tlairville Parsonage, by Row N. E. Gilds, Mr. Gv<>. \V. Dibert to Miss Susannah Cobbler, both of Bed ford Township. Orr the 2otli olt., by the R v. S. Yinolmo, Mr. Geo. E. fturbanlr, of Duncanxt'tii", Blair co., to Miss Lizzie E. Mivsling ot St. C!ai s- VIM". WHE KIEF'S SALE. ' By Virtue of sundry writs ol Ft. Fa.. Vend. Exponas., and Levari Facias, to in • directed, there •wit! be aold at the Cour: House. the Bor : i o HedforJ, on Satnrdav, tile fi-st flay of Sept ■> v A. I>. 1800, et 10 o'clock, A. U., the id I jw-ng K< ! F.state, to Wit . One Tract of land, containing 2C9 acres, me re ri les*, about 100 acres cleared ami under fe ■, - . ,:t a log dwelling bouse, two tenant bouses, log barn and log stable tberei n, adjoining lands of Gecrg • Jlitchey, Joseph Negly, bo'iomon Xyoiim a; I others, situate in East Providence tp., Bedford Co., and ir.- ken in execution as the property of William Figart, Itefentkust. —ALSO— AH DeFts. right title and interest in and to one lot of ground in St. Clairsviil •, 50 feet on >ldin Street, and extending back, about 200 ieet to an alley, with a two story plank house, aud frame stable thereon erected ; adjoining lot of fJcorge Hi"s!ing on the South ahd F. D. Beegle oil the North, situate in St. Clair tp., Bedford co.. and taken in execution as the property u: Isaac Over. —ALSO— One tract of land containing 96 acres, more or less, about 70 acres cleared and under fence, with a log dwelling house, log bain and other out buildings thereon erected ; aiso an apple orchard the eon, ad joining lands of Henry Grubb, Daniel Snider anil others, situate in .Monroe tp., Bedfor.i Co., n:id ta ken in execution as tue prop-rty oi Job O'Xeai. —ALSO— One tract, or parcel of land, containing 22 acre ciorecr less, .nearly all cleared and under fence, with a Ira me dwelling house, one rough rjl tenant house, frame stable, School hou-e and a lr.ime ol •> saw-mil I thereon erected, adjoining lands of 'ev-ige Alder, John llardmani Henry tt'nig and o;iiers, it uate in Harrison tp-. Bedford co , and t iken iri ee eulion as lhe property of D aiel Tioslle. —A LSO— One lot of ground in the town ot Cleaiville, frog ling 60 feet on main street and extending back a bout 173 feet to an alley, with a frame dwelling bouse and log stable thereon erected, adjoi: g lot of fid rton A. C'ooper on the West, and an al.'ey on til east, situa'e in Monloe tp., Bedford co.. and ; iken in execution a the property of James Rollins, De fendant. ALSO— AH the Defendant's interest in a'l thereto conti ti <ous and adjoining tracts, pieces and parts of tracts of land, warranted in the name of Thomas J. IJor'on by wa'.rant dated 2d April, ISO 3, siturte on the waters of S.x f!lie Run, in Broadtop rp., Bedfoid county, bounded by each other and by lanes of ib .Huntingdon and Broad top iiouritain railroad and •Coal Company, lands formerly of Asa Duval,, lands ol.Cur.Pingham If Co., and otheis, one of-aid pieces containing ITS acres and 96 perches and allowance, Sir., end the other of said pieces containing 69 a <■ -us 16 perches and allowance, and taken in execution as the property ol Ftenhen Wilson, with notice to to Jacob if. Pieisset.ei. trre tena ALSO— One tract of lar.i containiitg 2.79 'rj's, more or ten, about 23 acres cleared and under fence, ivi h a log dwelling house, ar,o small stable thereon e reeted, a.'joinn g lands of fl illiaai Brolliar, Joseph W. Tate, Ec., and otheis situate in Horie' -ell tp., Bedford county, and taken in execui.- - ia the prop erty of George Swat!*. —AISU One tract of iar.d containing 1-U) acres, more or less, at out £0 acres clearej and under •crce, with an old log stable theieor, a- joining la' Is of V. rn. T. rsugherty. George YVoit, George \V'iegrver, Heniy Fr:dothail and others, s tuaie in St. Clair tp.,Bedford co., and taken tn exeeu-ion ts the property of Wiliratn M. Earnest, Deft. —ALsO— All Deft's. right, titie crd interest in and to one tract of lend, containing 6o acres, more or less, a hoot 16 acres cleared ard under fence, with a iog owellirg house thereon erected, adjoining lands o: David Brumbaugh. Abraham Eversote a.:.i others, situate in houth Woodberry tp., Bedtord county, and taken j-i exvutinn s the p r oner:y of Adam Fmx, Drfl ALSO— One tract of land, containing 168 acres more dr less, about 90 acres cleared arid under, with a two story log dwelling house, tenant house, double log barn and 6dw mil! thereon erected, adjoining lands of .Michael Hughes, Mathew O'Brien and others, situate in Juniata lp., Bedford co., and taken to execution as the property of Margaret Kif •s, Deft. -ALSO— Ore iot of gronndjin tne town of PleasantviiJe, fronting about 80 feet on the Johnstown Road, a od •xtending back about 200 feet to land of Jacob H. bright, with a two sto-y frame house thereon c rected, acjoinlrg lot of Andrew Horn on the e*T, *d public road on the West, situate in St. Clair f<t-> Bedfoid county, and taken in execution s tue property of Ravid Sleek, Del't. -ALSO— 'Joe irict of lar.d containing 158 acres, more or 'ess, about go acres cleared and under fence, with a dwelling bouse and dooble log stable thereon e "cted, atijoining lands of Michael Stroop, John Seles and others, situate in Juniata tp., Bedfoid co., and taken in execution as the property of Soloeron ' Leydrg. ' J AJ-bO-- Oae tract ol' land containing fitly acse* more or less, about five acre* cleared, and under fence, ad joining lands of Gideon D. Trout, Andrew Mock, Thomas S. llo'sirigef and ot' ei , situate in St. Clair lp., Brd.'.nd ro., and taken i-a execution as ibe pmiierty ol Ti.ouu, O. Moc- , Dept. —A LSD- One tract of land containing 131 acre-, more or >3l, tbaul I'd cleared aid tiiuh-r letica, with tt large two story log dwelling house am! double log li.iru thereon erected adjoiningisrid* uf John Robison John Cave rider ana oi hers, >iliiale in Southampton Tp., Bed fold co., and taken in execution as the pop erry of William and Gvorge May,. Sen., Defeu "'sheiiiT's Office, Bed- ( VVM. S. KLUKE, fold, August 3d, 1800. ) SUeii'L 4 1 Drink's NOTICE. In the matter of the ac-; , count of S. L. Russell, Esq., Ex'r. of the last will i and testament of Mary Ann .lavidsou. dee'd. Notice is hTeby given that, the undersigied ap pointed to distribute tbe balance remaining on saul account, will artenl for that office, I in Bedford, on Menday the 20th day ot August inst. • at 10 o'clock A. ft. of uul day, when and where a'! persons interested may attend if they think proper. .I.VO. MOWFR, Aug. 3,'6u. Auditor. iriHToii'N NOTICE. lr. the triatter of the ac count of Jno Mower, one of The adrn'rs. Ue bom' j HOU of the estate of Charles .McDowell, Notice > hereby given that the undersigned, ap- I pointed to distribute the balance remaining on saiJ account, will attend for that purpose, .it his office in Bedford, on Tuesday 'he 21st day of Aug. i inst, when and where b!1 persons inlereiled may i attend if they see proper. J. M. RUSSELL, j Aug. 3d. 1360. Auditor. 4 EDITOR'S NO TICE. In the matter af the ac -1 count oi S. L. Russell, Esq., adnvr. d lotus nun | of the I.slate of .Margaret Davidson, dc'd. Notice is hereby gtvrn that the undersigned ap j pointed to distribute the balance on <i id account, will attend for that purpose at his office in Redfoid, on Monday, the 20th day ox' August inst., at 10 o'- < cio.jj when ami where all persons interested ' ,*cay aiiujid of tbev think proper. JNO. MOWER, Aog. 3d, lbdO. Auditor. 4 oSITOR'S NOT ICE. The undersigned appointed Auditor to d'stribute balance in hands of Levi Har iiinger, Kx'or. of lb- last will q-c., of Catherine Har dinger tieo'd. will attend to the duties of his ap pointment on Thursday the 23d day of August next, j at which time a!! interested can attend. Id. T>. BARCLAY, Aug. 3,' JO. Auditor. I NAPE RI F.N r AND STOMACHIC PREPARA -1 i t 1 'of IKON .•"•—J of Oxvren an! Carbon, by coaibxti'jn in Hyge:-. Sanctioned by rbe ' highest medical authorities, both in Europe and the 1 United States, and prescribed in tb-ir p ac'ice. ' 'i'r.e exper nce ot thousands daily proves that no . prep ration oi Iron can be compared With it. Jmpn j rities of the blood, depression of vital energy, pale i and otherwise sickly complexions indicate D* ne t I cessity in almost every conceivable < ase. Innox ious iri all maladies in which it has bpen tried, it ha-, proved absolutely curative in each of the following complain:s, viz: I In be (nitty. Set von* Affcriion*, Emaciation, Dys i pep 'i, Cousltpotion, I) tar, ht£t,, Incipient I C : .r.r, ntabs. FJt Rheum. j Alismenstruatton, Whites. Chlorosis, Liver Cwptmnc, ' f /ironic ilradtirhes, K'i'umatism, Intel mit',eo,t Fever, ! I'tmpie.s OH the Face, In ca-os oi General Dr'ility, whether the result of acute disease or of th'* continued diminution of nervous and muscular energy from c.hionic com plaints, one trial of this restoiative nas pioved JC cessfui to an extent which ro description nor writ ten attestation wouiil render credible. Invalids so iot ■; bed-ridden as to nave become forgotten in their own ncighbr ihoods, have suddenly r-'-ipprared in the busy world as if ju:-t i-turiied from p-ot ac ted travel rn a distant iand. Some very sig ial instances r . this hind are attested of teruaie j siitrerers, emaciated victims of apparent marasmus, sanguineous exhaustion, or itieai changes, an I that j complication ot nervous and dyspeptic aversion to oi aiid lor which the physician has no name. In ]X'ervom Affection- of all kinds, for reasons familiar to medical men, the operation of this prepa ration of 11mii Hinst necessarily be salutary, for, un : like the old oxides, it i vigorously tonic, without being exciting and over-heating ; and gently regu i larly aoeriei.i, even in tne rrost obs'ir.ate cases of j robtiveness, without eve;- being e. gastric purgative, or inflicting a disagreeable sensation. It is this latter property, aniobg others, which I mane* it so remarkably eflectual and permanent a S remedy lor Fibs, upon which it also appears to ex ert a distinct and specific action, by dispersing the ' local tendency which forms them. In, innumerable Ja.s are its causes, a sir 21 e box of these Chalybeate Pi its has otten sufli l eel for the most habitual cases, I In unchecked Diarr/ttra, even when advanced to i Dysteoteiy, confirmed, emaciating and apparently malignant, the effects have been equal! decisive and ■ astonishing. In the local paint, loss of flesh and streng'h, de ; bt'itaiing cough, and remittent hec'ic, which gene : rally indicate Incipient Consumption, this remedy has aiiayed the alarm ot friends and pitysicians, in- I several very gratifying and interesting instances. In Scrofulous Lit'.e rcuhsit. this medicated iroo I has had iar more tne good effect if the must cau- I tioosly balanced preparations ot icdine, without any I of their well-known liabilities, i The attention of females cannot be too confident i lv invited to this remedy and restorative, in the ca i ses peeu'iapy affecting tiled). In Rheumatism, both cbron.c and inflammatory, in the latter, however, more decidedly, it i as been ! invariably well reported, both as alleviating pain and reducing the swelling, and stiff) ess of the join's and muscles. In iMfrmittunt Fevers t necessarily he a gt ct remedy and euergetie its pro gress in the new settlements of the West, wi i pro bably be one of high renown ami usefulness. No remedy has ever been discovered, in the whole history ol medicine, which exerts such prompt nap py an.! fuily restorative effects. Good appetite, complete digestion, rapid acquisition of strength, with an unusual disposition for attive and cheerful exercise, immediately follow its use. Put up in neat flat metal boxes containing SO pills price 50 cents per box ; for e >.e by druggists and dealers. Will be sent free to any address, on re ceipt of the price. Ail letters, orders, etc., should be addressed to R. B Locke & f 0., General Agents, 20 CEDAR STREET, N. Y. July 20th, '6O. g-i REATBARGAINS— To matte room for Fall Goods, during this month, we will Fell every description ofSummer Goods at cost lor Ca-n. Su perior French and English Lawn- at half price, and many other goods suitable for summer use.—Call and see A. B. CRAMER >V Co. [July 13tb, '6o.] pRUNES FROM 13J TO 28 CENTS A POUND, _£ fo> sale by jniy2o,'Co. A. L. DEFIBAUGH. BL AST i NGPOWDER AND SAFETY FUSES, for sale at jjr2o,'69 A. L. DEFIBAUGH'S. BEDFORD COU.VI'Y, At <*ii Orphans' Court held at Bedlor.l, in and toi the county ot Bedford, on the 3uth dv ol 1860, before the Judges of the * iid com I, On motion ot (). K. Shannon, Esq., the court gtnot a rule on the bei and legal representatives of Jacob Kcagy. late ot Middle Woodherry town ship, deceased, to wit. Michael, Catharine, David, A; n, intermarried with Wm. El ler. I'eter, and Ja cob, v. minor, who has lor his guardian David Schnebly, all residing in Bedford County, except David who resides in Blair county ;to be arid ap pear at an Orphan's C.'oiut to beheld at Bedford, m and for the county of Bedford, on the first Monday, third day of September, A. D. 1800, to accept or re fuse to take the Real Estate of said deceased, at the valuation which has been valued and appraised in pursuance of a writ of Partition or Valuation, issued out of said court, and to the Sheriff of said county directed, or show cau-e why thf same should not he sold. j.rjjj- In testimony whereof ! have hereunto </L. S.j set my hand Hnd seal of said county, at jjjjj Bedlord, the 7th day of May, A. 1). 1800. ATTEST ; WM. S. FLCKK, SAM'L. H. TATE, Sheriff. Clerk. June 22, 1860. tD MINIS rRA TO R'S NOT ICE LeJleis of Administration, ann trstumrulo uimezu, have been granted to the undersigned on the Estate of Samuel Cam, late of Bedford borough, dee'd. Persons having claims a gutnst the estate, will present them • and those who are indebted are requeued to maive immediate pay ment. O. E. SHANNON. July 20, 1860. Administrator. FOR SzlLli) : *■ - Tl)* undersigned is tlesi i runs of (ii'poh ttg of Lis stock of ready made cloth ing and ilry good", which he oilers to retail buyers at first coat. All persons indebted to him, arc re quested to come forvvaidand make settlement with in thiitv uav- f.oiu this date, by cash or note, i July jj,'.JU.-6ts. ISAAC LIPPKL. SALE OR TRADE.— . One new 'J horse oo fer sale, or trade for a good horse. J. M. SHOEMAKER fc Co. July 20th, 1860. | lASH WANTED ! ; My Hooks are ready for settlement opto Ist of July. My customer" are earnes'ly re quested to make immediate settlement either by i Cash ot note. Those who have not settled accor j ding to my terms, will not think hard ot me. ii ! through their failure to comply with my terms, tneir : accounts should be found in the hands of an officer ' for collection. July 20,'60. WM. HARTLEY. | PHIL \ DELPHI \ ADVDiUTSKMh'NTS. a GREAT IMPROVEMENT j IN PIANOS. ! >% & •• FX"-.;. V" Xvr > Cr - > Syr (r- —- ■—\Lgfe • GEORGE VOG F lalces tie opportnnity of in In m -1 inir h.s friends end the public generally, that in; ; ha.- removed his Prano Ware room a trom No. h-S Arch S'reet. to No 51 fi Arch St ret t, where he w. \ keep constantly on hand a ]ei>:e assortruenr of 1; i lately patented PIANOS, wbich'have-been proiioun -1 ced Lm- the be-t judges as far suprior to ell other Pianos in the sweetness and purify cf their tone : and heretotore /nanufactureJ m the L'nitedStates and Cnglaml. May 18/00.-0 mo, €1 R A N Vf LI E STOKES 7 " * CI FT CLOTH i>G EM PORIUAL ONE PRICE AND NO ABATEMENT. NO. 307 t HhSfNtJT c-ni-a^ ! GRANVILLE STOKES would return thanks to I the public lor their appreciation of iiG ellorfs to please, ar.d their libera! patronage. In order to keep up this kindly feeling, n p has j yielded to the solicitations of many of las . fiends j and inaugurated a new system, ot Gifts with *ach Garment ?oll. To his choice selection of fine F;. b ; rics, and made-up Clothing, he invites the scrutiny I of the public, as well aa to his new mo le of doing : business. Each article is warranted to be, m Fab | ric, Style ami Make, equal to any gutt -n up in the i City, and one price, (lower than the lowest,) marked ! on the Ticket. Each ar'icle sold, oi measured for. is accompa nied bv a Gift, varyscg in value from $1 'o Sinn. N. B —None but the most skillful Designers, (Cutter* and Workmen employed; and satisi set ,on : in Fit, FaDiion . Fabric, P- ice and Gift, guaranteed a" GRANVILLE SPOKES' ONE PHI ;F. GIFT CLOTHING EMPOIIiL*.VI, NO. CO" CHESTNUT STREET. I May IS,'GO -ij ms. P. PERRY, * S. W. i;OR.\KK FOURTH AND UAC, sT., PHIL .DELPIIi \. Manufactures ACCOUNT BOOKS of best RJ.; I - \ ity. Bankers and Merchants can have their Books i tilled and bound :n uuy s y|e. | H7"Preuuuin awarded by the Franklin Institute. f\ P. PERRY, ;V. , S. VV. Corner. Fourth and Race streets. Phil adelphia. supplies every article in tuc TOOK or S'l .VnONEKY line, at low prices. Hav ing superior facilities as a manufacturer, he is enabled to supply goods very low, an.l make very fair profit. Orders by mail promptly attended to. j pOLLF.CT TOGETHER j All your '-Old Books" and Magazines ; t'.ke theiri to PERRY'S Book Birdenes, Fou t'n and Race, where von can have them bound good „nd handsomely t a low price. ! Mav I>,'Go.—o ms. I WB FRANK. JACKSON, PRINTER AND STATIONER, 439 CHESTJ\ I T STREET, PHILADELPHIA. May IS,'C6.-1 jr. Jj3TTMMER TRA DE NOTICE. BUNN. RAIGUEL & CO., .YD. 137 A'orth Third Sfrnf, IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS OF FANCY DRY GOODS, Invite the attention of Purchasers to tiu-ir extensive Stock of fancy Dry Goods, Silks, Embroideries, Cloths, Cn-si meres fyc. 51 ay lf>,'6o— CO. GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING STORE. PATENT SHOULDER SEAM SHIRT MAN UFACTORY. .Yo. 706 CUFSTJWT Street, Above Seventh, opposite the Washington House, Fine Shirts and Drawers made from measurement a' a few days notice and in all cases Warranted to lit. Formula for mea-urement furnished on ap plication bv rrail. LIBERAL INDUCEMENTS TO WHOLE SALE BUYERS. May 15, : 60.—1 yr. m Bancroft nTco., ~ IMPORTERS &. WHOLESALE DEALERS IN FRENCH, GERMAN AND ENGLISH FANCY GOODS, jVo. 330 Market Philadelphia. May 18,'G©.-1 yi. PHILADELPHIA ADVERTISEMENTS. J.. LA DOM I'S. X. 1:1 1.0.N FCTT ' ATCH IN A N D J KWELRY. * - LEWIS LA DOME'S&. CO. -\u. M' 2 CIJESTUT STREET PHIL'A. (Sinsr LOOK ABOVE EUiUTH STItEET,) W old ri ost respectfully ask the attention of Citi zens am! Miangers to their Barge, Cheap, aud well selected Stock of GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES, JEWELRY. SILVF.R AND PLATED WAKE, CONSISTING IX P.VUT Of Gold Hunting Lever Watches, full jeweled, 18 carat case, 00 Gold Lever IVatcbes, open lace, lull jewel'd 18 carat case, qy op ,t.c! 1 Lepine Watches, open lace, full jew elisc, 18 carat case, 22 00 Stlvei Lever Watches, Hunting case, fuil jewelled, jg Q0 Silver Lever watches, opeii lace, full jewel ed ' ... u 00 S.ive Lepine Watches, Hunting case, H qo fiilvei Lepinp. Watches, open face, 0 00 Gold Juarii Chains, 10 00 Gold 1 est anil Fob Chains, 10 on (l*dd Pen Holder with I'en and Pencil, -t 00 Go'd Pencils, I Coid Fens with Silver Holder", 1 Oil silver Fable Spoons, per set, Siive: Tea Spoons, 0 oo Go'd I himbies. ;< (jp . Will a large assortment of Silver, Table and Tea Forks; Dessert, Mustard and Salt Spoons ; Pie, Cake,arid Ice L ream knives ; Sugar Spoons ; Pre serve Spoons ; Pickle Knives and Fork", etc. u-/?Aiso, constantly on band, a magnificent a*- "orirmit of Jewelry, consisting in part of Bra-el-ls, Breastpins, Ifiar Kings, ringer Kings. Miniature cases i lor I J, 1, ami (j likenesses ; Gold Crosses, C'hii ! dren s armlets, and eyerv thing in the Jewelry line, | of th- iattst and most approved patterns. God and silver I himbies : Wedding Rings at ail pricei. Ladies' Chatelaines, Gold Watch keys and seals; Studs and Sleeve Buttons; Opera Glasses. Always on hand, a splendid assortment of Diamond lewdrv. Ai-o, Diamonds rt.ounted in the most | beau!)lul manner, equal to any work in the United biatv, at mod late prices. Silver [dated lea Sets, Silver plated Knives end j lorkv—beau'ilol goods, and look equal to Silver. CAB FORMA GOLD BOUGH F OK MADE UP TO ORDER. CL?*Alf descriptions of Hair Jewelry, such as Breakpins, Ear Kings, Bracelet", Chains. Charms, made to order in the most beautiful style. Old " a)re> and Jewelry taken in exchange. We ran sen ) by mail, with perfect s„iety, Watch e" or Jewel y to any part of the United States. At! ! orders must be accompanied with the Cash. No i goods sent unless the money is first received. Call or aduvsg LEWIS LA DOM US fc CO., 802 Chestnut Street, Phil's : May 18,'60.—6 ins. fOOKIXG GLASSES. J engravings. PICTURE FRAMES, OIL PAINTINGS, The most extensive and elegant assortment at tti very lowest ra:<s. — Glasses in store of every de ■ scrip'.ion. Jl/dhogan v framed G'a-ses, tor country i sales. Print and Po; trar frames, Window Cornices, Gilt il/ould nys. etc. E-ditnates for furnishing Glasses to 11', every -pace, by mail on application. Engraving* for Grecian and Anti Paintings. — Catalogues gri JiS. EARLE &. SON, tiiti Cheatcut St.. Pllil'a. f May IS,'GO.-1 yr. 1" E. C O U L D, j* * * „\'o. ii3d Chestnut St., cor. of Scvnih, PIIILMDELPHLI. IT A NOS A N D MELODEONS. | saves, bacon & co's., ballet.r>*vts St co's., I nlnvs Sr Clark's, and a. it. }-co's. "* 3ij r 3 /x V- . ' * l# • j, •; y - I S? V. -•;/ ) jtf %; J ! N :;v -y'i 9 ' "'J -vrf 7-1 ' l A-*— *" ' " ' M ASON & HAMLIN'S, AND PRINCE & CO'S. MELODEONS HARMONIUMS, Pianos and Melofeons to R -nt. rU coed-ham. Pianos. May JS/GO.-1 yr. WILLtAJf KAi'tt'Kl., JAMES M, V.'HITItV, SAMUcj, xoose, ri.wAiruA mum, WILLIAM 41. KILUIU, HF.VKY *TI|WO*. AIGUEL, MOORE N CO., unit ItAI'M'EL AND c„ IMPORTERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS i.V DRVGO O D S, ,Y os. '220 k 222 JVortk J'fiir l Si., above Race, \ West aide, P UILjIDELPUU. May yr. JOHN O. JAMtR, ISAAC WKI.SH, If. K. STERLING, j WW, C. uur, r.. A. S.MITH, H. n. WELSH, i ti.'.rct-Es san rer., ramcel white, j. ro. mason. . FAMES, KENT, SANTEE G CO , IMPORTERS AN n JOBBERS OF i) R Y G O O L> S , 2b'y&t2Jl NORTH THIRD STREET, ABOVE RACE, PHILADELPHIA. : May l*,'bo.-l yr, | I'. H C II E U, ♦*' * ,- rct-K-sOR TO J. SOB VCR.) WHOLESALE DEALER IN— TOBACCO. SNUFF AND CIGARS, A'o K or/A Fifth St., above .Market, PhiVa. j Also. Manufacturer and Importer of FOREIGN" AN I) DOMF.STIC SEGARS. May 18, 1800.-1 yr. .V.l IIT'.IA T. MAKTIN, C. 11. U A Ull tCX, J.A. I . MUKKKI., I GEO. R. PEDDLE, S. 8.. MAUTIN- A. MAKER, " • WITH MARTINS, PEDDLE, HAMRICK St. CO. , —IMPORTERS OF— HOSIERY, GLOVES AND NOTIONS, .Yo. 30, A'orih Fourth St., PhiTu. May 1*.'60.-1 yr. WORLD'S GREAT EXHIBITION PRIZE MEDAL, awarded toC. MEYER for his two PIANOS, London, October 15, 1651. C. MEYER respectfully informs his friends and the public generally, that he has constantly on hand PI ANOS, equal to those for which he received the Prize Medal in London, in 1851. AH orders promptly attended to, fand great care taken in the selection and packing the same. He has received, during the last fifteen years, more Afedals than any other.maker, from the Frank lin Institute—also, First Premiums at Roston, New York and Baltimore. Wareroom*. No. 772 ARCH-S*yfet r below Eighth, South side, PHILADELPHIA May 18, ISOO.-lyr. HOSTETTEE'S STGtfAGH BiTTEiS, h is a fact that, at some period, every me:.. ber of the human family is subject to d> M,-.- or disturbance of tin* bodily Junctions; but. with the aid of a good tonic and the exejvis of plain common sense, they i. y be able to regulate the system as f M g- .urn pernum-nt health. In order to accomplish this d. sircu object, the true course to pursue is certain!, thai which will produce a natural state of tilings at the least hnztml of vital strength and life. Eor this purpose. Dr. Hosteller iiu.:- in troduced to this country a preparation bearing his name, which is not an iw medicine, but one that has been tried for years, giving satisfac tion to all who have used it. The Bitters operate powerfully upon the stomach, bowels, and liver, restoring them to a lieal'.liy and vigorous action, end thus, by the simple pro cess of strengthening nature, enable ine sys tem to triumph over disease. For the cure of Dysj da, Indigestion, Mm sea, Flatulency, !,<>. s c ' Appetite, or ay Bilious Complaints, artsing from a laorbM inaction of the .Stomach or Bowels, ir hieing Cramps, Dysentery, Colic, ('holer- fdorbu , £-e., Bitters have no Diurriiu-a, djsent* orf!ux. so generallyeoit tracteii hy tttW settle] . nd e : • • 1 princip iy by the changed' water and diet. will be ; oeedily regulated by a brief use i.f this ju-cpcraiHui. Dyspepsia, a disease vbieh i, probably mora prevalent, in all its various formr, than any other, and the causa of v.hic'h may always be attributed to <b r 'ngemen'.s of the uig'-stivo organs, can be cured without fail by u:-ing IIOKTUTTER'S STOMACH BITTERS, as per directions on the bottle, l'or this disease every physician will recommend Bitters of some kind; then why nut use an article known to be infal lible All nations have their Bitters, as a pre ventive of disease and strengt lienor of the sys tem in general: and among tliem all there is not to ixj a move healthy people than the Germans, from whom tl. is preparation ema nated, based in >n sel dine experiment s which have tended to prove the value of this great preparation in the scale cf medical science. FKVEE WN Aui'N.—This trying anl provok ing dis use. which fixes its relentless grasp on tho body of man, reducing him t > a nitre sha dow in a short tbuc, and rendering him phy sically and mentally useless, can be driven from the body bv the use of HOSTETTER S RENOWNED BITTERS. Further, noneof tho above-stated diseases can be contracted, even in exposed situations, if the Bitters are used as per directions. And as they neither create nausea nor offend tile palate, and render un necessary any change < f diet cr interruption of ordinary pursuits, hut promote sound sleep a;id healthy digestion, tin complaint is re moved as speedily as is cons Isteni with the pro duction of a thorough and permanent euro. fur Persons in AsivanceU Veers, who ere suffering from u enfeebled constitution and infirm body, these Bitters arc invaluable as a restorative of streugth and vigor, anil need only b; tried to be appreciated. And to a mother while nursing these Bitters are indis pensable, especially where the mother's iiour islunent is inadequate to tho demands of tho child, consequently Iter strength must yield, ami here it is where a good tonic, such as Hosteller's Stomach Hitters, is needed to impart temporary strength and view to tho system. Ln.Uea should by all tmai.s try this remedy for a;i cases cf debility, and, before KO doing, sfanM uk their physician, who, if he is acqot-inted with tho vi.tue of the Bitters, will recommend their use in a.i Ca -of weakness. CAUTIOR.— V"o caution the public against using any of the zna. y imitations or counterfeits, but ask. for HosTE-rnsr-'s Cr.LEWATrD STOMACH BITTERS, and see that each bottle Las the words '* Dr. J. Hostettcr's Stomach Bitter." blown on the side of the bottle, and stamped on this metallic cap covering tho cork, anil observe that our autograph signature is on tho label. CTST Prepared and sold by HOSTETTEK & SMITH, Pittsbttrgb, Pit, and sold by all druggists, grocers, and dealers generally throughout the United States, Canada, South America, and Germany. > Agent- tor Bedford County ; B. V. H rry. P. C , Uatoer, Bedford ; John F. Lowrv,Hopewell ;E. B. , Rtrsy, Woo v Bun ; John Nycum, ;• airvrew. , Oc . 14, 1659- fiPRXNG FAS IO? ® MRS. S. E. POTTS has returned from the cities, hav ; completed her spring purchases, and is ni prepared to otfer great tfiut-cetnetits in the way < f RICH FANCY GOOD*. H>- st • -:k cot:-isi-i rf some rare sty' *s and lateit novelt so! the . Sil£and lace mantillas arecomposed ot the new est style* ot the seasi. Crepe de paris, dusters, rich shi s, bendsotue or lawr. rob •••. Flounced rammer sihfr, dree* goods ol all Amis. STELLA SUA WLS. i iliac/- and colored cer'er prr." 1 borde r ed steiia, b roc ha bordered I Stella, printed cashmere Jiaw.s, chil dren's cap i, Cu.mptisuig the lar gest assortment of shawls, straw goods, la'ST' gtocf ot new styles of bonnets, SUavc and i>P, English straw bonnets. lira.J bonnets, p.imel'a bonnets, fancy St raws, si V hundred pieces of rich ribbons at "Id cents per yard, purchased at auc tion and can i>. #oM cheap, bonn-t ruches bonnet si!/-, rnitts, /id gloves, hosiery, fans, snap and perfumery, fancy goods of i all description*, dress trimmings, flats anil hats trimmed an I untrimmed. fine will be -til; adding to er large toed eve ry I wee/ during t-*-u on r, new desiraM r | and fashionable goo Is. Mooning Jre,s j goods and dusters r. suit. [jute 8/00.] iDEDFORD FOT7WDR Y. ! Jj : I THE subscribers having purchased the 3ed r ord j Foundry of Messrs. Yvasbabatigh and Bannon, would j j most respectfully announce to the citizens of Bed j lord and aiijoiitit g counties the.t thev ere prepared to ' make and furnish a'! kinds of CASTINGS for GRIST AND SAW-MILLS, THRESHING MA CHINES, PLOUGHS, APPLE MILLS, COOK. ING, TEN PLATE, AND COAL STOVES, SLKI) AND Sleigh soles, wa-b kettles, of different sizes, wagon boxes of all sizrs, farmers'bells, (a superior arii ele), oven doors, and every thing usually made in a country Foundrv. CC7-'P LOl' G H •• .—WOODCOCK, SEVLKK. and HILL-SIDE PLOUGHS—AIso, a new PLUG PLOUGH, to which we call the especial attention of our farmers—a superior article to the old Plug Plough, with two kinds of points, shares and land siues to suit all ploughs in general lis. in this coun ty. Turning and fitting of i, patterns made to order, and all kinds of repairing done at the short est notice ami at low prices. All our own work made of the very best material, and warranted to give satisfaction. Farmers and other* would do well to call and examine our work before purchasing else where, as we are determined to meet the emer gencies of the times, we wilt Sell tow for L\ISII, or country produce. Pig and bar iron, horses arid lumber, taken in ex change for rvork. , feb 25,'60-ly SHIRES & JORDAN. HL. godcold, TUNER 4t REPAIRER of Pianos, Alelodeons Hie., has made arrangements to visit this place regularly at stated periods. The next visit will be in October. Yearly contracts made. Price for tuning $2.00. First class pianos lor sale. Ordeia to be left at the "Gazette" office. H. L. G. bus permission to refer to the following persons for whom b ■ has timed i Hon. A. King, Hon. S. L. Russell, John .Mower, F.sq.,-0. E. Shannon, Esq., Dr- VV. H. Watson, Se.\ 3. Barnes, Mrs. Freytet. June 23,'00. MARK THKsi; FACTS: THE TESTIMONY OF THE V/HOLE WGRLD, i IP £ : ''-::y'"".v--;.'s i-jj:t:i?<'!!t. had Leg?, had t:.-turfs, Hons and Ulcers. AK description o! so; • • <;t remediable bv ;• prop.-r ir.d t .g~r.t i :,. inestimable prepsra tot. To attern; 'o to:a tad lees by plastering the edges of trie wound U.geti.t-r ;s a Joily ; for should ti:--siun unite, a i (i.-eased Co iditiou retrrai.iS underneath iJ iirrdii -T v. 11l tenfold fury i,i a lew day-- The only ra.U-i.. , and ucce-,,0i treatment, an indicated by nature, is to reduce : .e inflamma tion in ami about the wound, and to sootue th neighboring parts by rubbing m plenty of rlie Otnl rtient, a* si't is forced in<o meat. /. ,'rfi Iterated Sort i'.iro-l, and Scarf, f and other Fevers. Any - ;. ove drsea-c;. ,• >.l y be'cure ;?l>v well nAbing lh Ointment three t.raes a day into th en*-". tiitr il an neck <■. the patient ; ;t will soon peiie'iaie. and give immediate relief. f-ledtcine ta ,.en by the ninth tnut opera'e upon the whole >•)' eui ere its int'in nee cat: be It ti 1 any local part vi -.areas the Ointment will do its work at once. V hoever tries the tin* tint in the above manner, fo '.in; diseas"* named, or any s. nilar disorders a'lec ting ttie ch'-: and throat, will lir.-j themselves re Sieved as !>y a charm. Files, Fistulas, Strictures. The above c,*ss of co nn! .ints will be removed by . ;i.t y fomenti: g t:.e parts v.ita warm water, j . •••:: most effectually rabbin* in the Ointment. Persons suffer ng ." 001 ta*s tiirelu! complaint* lose to; a moirteiit in arresting their progress. It sriouid he usders'oo i that it is not sufficient mere, ly to smear the Ointment on the affected part-., but it must be well rubbed in for some considerable time two or three times a day, that it may be ta ken into the system, whence it will remove any hidden -01 *or wound as effectually as though pai paHa to the eye. There again bread and wrater poultices. a!!"i the rubbing 111 of the Ointment, will 00 treat service. This is rne only sure treatmenr ior females, cases of cancer in the stomach, or vvnere there may be a general bearing down. Indiscretions of Youth —Sores and Ulcers. I Blotches, a; also swotting*, cai. with certain-- be rad.caiiy cured if the O: itmeut be used freeiy and the Pills be taken nigbtard morning as tecotu | mended in the pi tided instructions. When treated m any otr- r way they only dry up in one piace to ■ ureak out in mother; whereas thi Ointment wiii remove the humour from the sys'em, and ieave tfao j patient a vigorous and halthy being. It will r i quire time with the u>e of the Pills to ensure a ias ting cure. Dropsical Swellings, Paralysis and Stiff Joints. Although the above complaint-, d-tter widely in the.r origin and nature, vet they all require iccat treatment. .Many of the worst cases, e< such di eases. will vie).l 111 comparatively short 'pace of t o , ben tf,i Ointment diligently rubbed ,nto I,* 1 ::is nfiVrte . even after every other means 1 i 1: .ii serious iii.iu !.es tn* Pills should . be laxen according to tiie printed directions accoiu- I l ,: "'j"' * " :jth P Ah the Ointment* and Pill* should he uied to the following case*: , Bad Legs, , Fistulas, I Bad Breads, Gout, j Burns, Glandular Swellings,' Bunions, Lumbago, Bites of Moschetoes and Rheumatism, Sand-Plies, Scalds, Coco-bay, Sore Nipples, Chiego-foot, Sore-throats, Chilblains, Skin Diseases, | ('happed Hands, Scurvy, Corns (Soft) Sore-heals Cancers. Tumors, Contracted and Stiff Ulcers, Joints, Wounds, Elephantiasis, Taws, j , • ' 2 \ !—None genuine utiles* the wotds "Bouowst, Rnr Vohk and Lo-do.n," are discernible as a T in every leaf ot th* book of directions around each pot or box : the same aay be plainly -.-eii by hoi ting leaf to the light. A . aa i'ome reward v. iii be given to any one rctt ■ier.*'g sue . information as rn.iv lead to the detec tion t! any party or parties counterfciting the me;!- j icines or vending the same, knowUij* the 71 to be spurious. [ at the Manufactory of Professor HOLLO WAV. ** ' Alii' ieil LdiH . .CW rule, ;int by ii'l tS3pfC table Druggist* and Dealers i:; Medicine, through, ci." t! •■ •. ' zed world, in !_• ,xs at 2dcen!s, 62 t --and 91 each. C7"T. is considerable saving by :aksn; the larger &>/.■ . 13.—Directions tor the g tidaoce of patients m every dlscr !er .ire alHve ! to each box. ! Nov. IS, 13.10 TPO S SALE, 1 OK rRA DE, A first-rate torn) c' limestone land, in Morrison's | Cove, containing about IJI acres, 10U of which ar.. denied and balance well timbered. The farm is well watejed. The improvements ara a good two ( st o iy Frame House, Log House, Barn, &c. Thete ;is a good orchard upon the premises, {'he tarm ad jjjoins Bionmtiel 1 Furnace, lies half a mile from in* : Hollidaysburg Turnpike, and foul miles from Mar- Tirisburg. '{'here is a ready market at the dco: for aii kinds of produce, and the laud is in a high g; B i* it cultivation. For particular inquire ot Da v.! Daniel, in possess: >t>, ot Cm-;- Span.- s ; Mills. ' ' * • —A !>o— A {iiist-mill p-opert, in Barman's Bottom, now owned ny Lewis .\. Fyan. The mill ua large frame i with two overshot ivhFls ami lour run of stone ; in I ffooil order, and in a good settlement, with a suf t. lent eupf.iy of v.atr. The farm contains nearly aores : abtut : i aiiuviai soil, arid cleared ; and the taLnce WL 1/ timbered. The improvements are a large brick ho>s->, tenant house, miller's house, ; ham, distillery, d-c. Ihe larm can be divided with- I out disadvantage, Tetnis reasonable. ——A L>o— A tract ot lam! ir St. Clair rp.. containing 93 I acres, or thereabouts, abnut 33 acres clared, with a two story log dwwiling bouse, tenant-house and 'too log otabies thereon erected; apple or ; chard thereon, adjoining lands of Wni. Keefe, Jacob : Semlerar.d otb-ra ; i<> ruerly the property of George Kirn her!in. —ALSO— . Farmol 16C acre.., about 100 cleared, with Double Lou House, New Baita Barn, and twogood orchards ; thereon, lying on the. Juniata River, two miles : frun Stonerstovvn, and tali a mile from the rati road. In s tartn :s comrosed pf a good quality of nver bottom land, 30 >r 4b acrei of which can b.- ' put into good c.cadow. The whole i 3 now in a good ; state of cultivation. —ALSO - I A farm of USacresof limestone tan-', ir. Liberty Township near Stonerstown, at tea '^Jobr. Stolea property," adjoining lands of 'Squire \enstn . uer, Stoler and others. The improvements are a i Log s S j.,e, Lou fl 4ra &e. Titer* t cow! water cu • the premises, also an orchard of good fruit. ALS'J | A new two-storr Rough-cast Honte and two lots . ( ground in Broadtop city. ALSO— |; SO acres of the l> st quality of land tti Harrison ; county., lowa, near the iVlisaourj, nod close to the J countv seat. ALSO ~ A Lot of ground in Omaha city, Nebraska. ALSO I IDC acres of land, in -kmt ha ITS pton Township, Bevl ' fcrd county, lately owned by Woo. Lasclty. ' TERMS to sit buy - r. I O. E. BHANN'ON, Jan 27, 1083 Bedford, Ta

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