Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, August 31, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated August 31, 1860 Page 3
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I IST OF CAUSES ®— l Put down for trial at ; September Term, (3 1. day) 1860. Samuel M >S'"> Ex oit vs John A'sip p e fp r J. Little VS Jacob St rock Jacob Fathner's use vs John A Istj> JRichard McEnesp vs Same James Patt ti vs David Ston-r et at Thomas J. Horton A. W. Ev:rns James Patton vs Jacob Longenecker John Howistein vi Adam Boric Catherine Over vs John Ciaar's °x'ors i Edward Byrne vs Abraham Riffle j Salomon Laos vs D. S. Berkstresser l\ D. Beegle vs Anthony Bowser George Albrights use vs J. P. Kreighbauni 11. ]}. Brac!-'\ et ai vs IVm, S. Fluke et ai Wheat G. (Lover vs Ja Pa ton Jr-ro!) Keeley vs David Patterson j. C. MtLanahan end others use vs A. J Snively Elizabeth Kaney \> B. VV. Garretson j n i'iiler vi A.J. Pennell ta! i' :u ( i.rvcnmb , Daniel Stineaian ]j. Grrrelson •t a I vs T. VV. Horton ■t a! ' 'j. 'r v ; A. R. Online j en's Ji :-t \ Reiy.iart et ai vs Wm. H. Irvin et al . IIG-el vs A. VV. Evans el al Joi-.n J . ;'.\s heirs \ James Entrikeu et a! T .* "■ i rtl'tee ,s.c. vs The Settle s hat J Gonden \ ; John Cessna el a! j !v. ! niot. ry's Office, { S. H. TAT", J . AuioD 3VO. : t Piot. |s S r< )F GRAND JURORS Teun, 1-s, 3.j dav, IbfiO. John McVicher, Foreman, John H Bvrton, Jha .."r <-r, ,--i-i;.:, >rknc , Jr., Wir.mi J oor, J se Dt Til, .Tac (•. Dt? ly, IV m. El-; der, L i:jair.i:t Fmk, Martin Hoover, ii n.;. li tin, B iar. I'legg, V, n. Kej-ser, 'vui As Ly on?, J ~ JO.n i>. Miller, J Lut M tzger, George Mori::;' • : ,1 : •Jectck iuilicr, Js •< pii S. smith, Dar.h'l J. Miller, Jacob Pee, I 5 -!er 11. Siuriebaker, Absalom Sparks, llvt.rv 'ertz. Gftrge B. Air.ich, V •*••.<:! .■ Akers, D-aei Bennett, Samuel il ■ tinner ol P., James Ce;s- : Mi Es-: . Pete! Del I more, rihn Hershbergc | Oliver Horton Gewalt H■< - über ;er KcuMri ( . Hakes, J Ickcs, Peter 1 nler, Auain J: ... J.J.-: IFT KOOIIB, John LJW:\ , Samuel tin M >'. vi Abraham Morgei!, ,f..-ejl. M.■>.!;•. .' hu \ic(."*arv, L"Wrs Putt. James Patton, Ju siih Ritchey, Nathan R ibitno, Jacob Roads, Henri H-inim!, Thotrti/ 1' Studebaker, George S *i . Sf'ioii.ii'i St- ei. Win Sj i lie, Daniel Sams, NT - ! H \Vsight, Samuel Werkiog, Mint. C. Wisee'rt, Vt r, Michael VViynnd. Nd I'H.'iv Ail persons interest ed are hereby notified, that the nao -d liccountants have tilei! iir-ir acc iints in the B •- yister's . tli. e, ol Bedford Countv ; and th> same uiil tie presented to tiie Orphatit* Couit in and lor raid county, on Tnesdav ttie 4th day of September, next, at the Court House, in Bed lord, lot tord;. inat ion : 1. The account <>l John 1) Perdew, adm'r., of the Estate ol Alary Pecdew, late of Sonthan.p tOil t p., dee'd. '2. The account ol Daniel Di- ill, Gusidian ol Juliana Hi'hgas, and ol the minor cliilJren of Andrew Tinner, la'" ol Harrison tp.,dec'd. J. The account of Abraham Blackburn and Joseph Griffith. Kx'rs of the iast will Rc., ol James Aloorft, late of St. Cl sir towns:.i-de ceased. 4-. The firs' ace tint of David J.. Rep'ogl.*, and >in L R* |r ; '<•, f\ < utc: f ' I?-' will &c M or K ' it;'n JT-i ■ j,I , Ij'.-.* o. l- - W•■ i"- riy tp., de< 1. . , i -di •••.. . i . ' A. Bu:us 1 xeci r J t h-t will ol ' i, • ,v., - c., i i Dan; Buz/1" r, L'e -S \ !'. .V ; elice t j . del . j: -OA | ■. If. PA IE, ■ V A L. GODi) 01. I), ii - e TI.ISEU A REPAIRER of Shams, ' :-Y Vo: .V ti.iv maiie ?rran>!e;vienf< • to Visit till- , iai-e r< i'lYiiv at Stated periods. The •itxt vi it.wiil be i <- 1 <ob> i. Yeaiiy < o.tra<:!' II r.i r * i*. • ■ • . fir-- ••. •• pi. I .-,s = pel -oris tor vv'.oin he !• *i- •-J : Ho. • I"u .. Ben. S. I Ko-seJl. Jot :i .Muv. *-r, ■} T. '). V.. ', B-q., Ur. W. 11. Watson, Rev. tf. Banes, M-s. Treyiet. JijOe 2S,'CO. I ■ - - Letter of administra- f ' . . 1 <■ • . ' avi i: ; Iwen prantt 1 to ttie subscriber,; res .'i g in t ii.' tovvi.siiin, notice is therefore,: e pu to al! persons indebted to fai l estate, lo '• mcke payment immediately and lo those Rav- ( ' r 'L* ' . u.:, iO p. es'tiil t!i 111 J jililU tth i>t bet lierneid. I q JOSEPH McDANIEL, Aug. lO.'GO. Adm'r. j y \ l NO i ICE. in tee mutter of the cc- i rci ; of ,i r n. Mower, one o: the edtr.'r-. dt lonh ' "' of the estate of Charles McDowell, • 11 police .v hereby given that the undersigned, ep- }, pcu.ted to c.sjr: ute Hie balance remainiiig on j . '• -cc rt. Hill attend for that purpose, ut his | . <■: ice in t'tcford, on Tuesday the 21st ituy of Aug-! ~ nut. n .-n and where all persons interested lr.ay . '' *■ tei lt ; p tUev see proper. : 0 J. M. RPSSELL, a Aug. 3d. ISC-O. Auditor. I JIE IN TIME !" j r< WJI.t.OL'GHBV'S CRI.r.BRATF.D I r: 'p-'-- e 'ii greater detnand than ever, this' , and ... u.,0 war * Drills must order now o se- , ri; *- it machines. (Jail soon at Hartley's and cxaniuie j c ' ' l '"4t heck-r. ' [aug. 10.] ! I -r.-.c kSTER" WHEAT FOR SEED. —| ti A nail quantity ol the clebraled a: vasu-f wheat, clean and puie, raised from j '1 ""ec ■ ■:o j.rfrom t|,<> Eist last fall, can be hail 1 r; • iliing early at i h Aug iB6O. HARTLEY'S, o: B E A T B A K G A I N S.— i tl To make room : s< y Leads, during this month, we will sell every -1 1* ion of Simmer Goods at cost lor Cash. Su- I . P- • .J. h reoch ar.d English Lawns at half price, and • ■ -nj other goods suitable for summer use.—Call . ~s f e A. B. CRAMER fy Co. [jly 13tb, 'CO.] I ' • A. L. DYFIBACGH. R LA f|NO POWDER AM) BAFITT FUSES, 1 SHERIFF'S SALE. By Virtue of sundry writs oi Fi. Fa.. Vend. Exponas., and Levari Facias, o me directed, there j will be sold at the Court House, in the Boimigh of ; Bedford, on Saturday, the fust day of September, A. 1). lSliO, at 10 o'clock, A. Al., the billowing Real Estate, to wit . One tot ot grmindin Hie Town of Rainsburg. fron ting on main street, about s) feet, and e.tiending back about 1.0 feet lost: aliej', with a log dwelling house, and log -table then on elected, adjoining lots of Ernanm l Dieh! and Hen-y Smith, suuale j,i ('ole rain tp,, Bedford county, ami ' iken in execution as the property ol Joshua I- .Her, Def'i. —ALSO— All the Defendant Henry S. King's interest in the ; following real estate, viz ; All the one undivided third part-of seven tracts of lar. I, warranted in the names of William Lane, William Forrester, George ' Hirish, Francis Johnston, A.'ex. Johnston, David Montgomery HO-! James Hunter, containing 2U':O : acres, mnre or b'-s. situate on Yellow Creek, in Hopewell tp., Sedfor i co. - ALSO— One tri-1 of land warranted a the name of Swipe. King Ac (. -J-, contain, g ~ . \ acres, more or Jess, Mtiute in said ip., a.l co., and kno wi, as the Red lord l ing tract, ai d ' .in in execution as the pro perty ot Henry S. King IVOt. —i LSO— One 1 met o. land, COO acies, more rir le-s, i-.ticnt lOOacres cleared and under fence, svitt, a iog bouse, two tenant houses, log barn and log able thereon, adjoining 1 .amis of G,-<u I Ritchey, Jo-epb Negtv. Solomon Sy cum and others, j situate in East Providence tp., Bed fir J •. and t. - kej: m i xe( .lion as tiie piopt-ity r.i V. illiaui I r r art. DcLndai.t. —ALSO— One tract of land containing CG acres, nio- or ]s>, id. TO acres clet led and r.i.der fence, '••■" hi. :ng cv clliiig hous . 'g iaru and other out 'adding. 1. i-rron t-rec'.i ! ; t;so a:- apple orchard the eon , ad '■ 1i..: ici.d-i :;c.-i.y G. ihli, F.-i :c| holder and <■'• , - i-i Mc.i ve tp., Be. .'on! Co., i.i.d la ke:. .it t-:: ct.t r..: r. t : - o . p-rtr of Job t) V j On- tract, or parcel of land, containing '-2 acres mo: or li -' , i. ui.y all c.eared ai d under, with a Slur e ( -.veiling hmte, o:.e rougli ra-t t.-i-a t ho .sc. Utr-c- stable, School hon-e and a frame i . .-. raw-mill iherer.n c r l 'ted, a hoiniiii lands of( : -ot .' d -r, Jnlm liai'-ti". a Henry Weitza- d oti.ri-. -it '* '' -i Harrisoo tp-, Bedford co , and taken in .-x - j cotton as theproP® r *y of Daniel Tiostle. —ALSO— • C r lot of groin ■'! in the town oi riesrville , iror.- j tmg 60 feet on main street and extending back a • t out ITteet to an alley, \v:'b a i.arne dwellii"! hous-* and log- siubie ibeieou r-iected, adj-:;.g i > •- P- A. Coop.-r oi the \V. ;,.od an alley in (*. !. ;Ete 'i tp., Bedford co.. and Juhen • i ,i.- :ne properly oi Ja i.cS 'l illiu: D. - fcndaiit. • -AL O An be R-t- n dart's inlciejt hi all ihiieto cor 'i guous an.l adjoining Ir.v t.-, p.ece and parts ot trac'r of land, warranted in t i e name of thou as J. llorton by vairant dated 2d Apiil. ' situate on ihe waters of S .Mile Rim, in Bioadtop tp., liedion' county, liourided bye .ch other and by lards of the Huntingdon and i : oau'i. p Mountain railroad and ' oat Company, lands feuneilyof Asa Duval!, lands of Cm i ing! ~in A Co., and others, one ol aid pieces n:u g 17'- .(- r soi n.'. dd !-i. he - :.<i allow a rice, \i . ma! the o' he- oi said pieces containing t'J a • res A '.i-u In s and allowance, . iid taken in execution i- v.. • i(ire-riy ol I ;e> l ien Wilson, w '-th notice to to Jtobl. }".ei-i ei. ul. terre tenant. One tract of 'and containing 2T>3 arjes, more or less, a bail' i'T acr s cleared and in. U-r fence, with a log dv-i j'liiig iirt-, and small stable theici < - rect' il, adjoining ol A'tlliann Bndliar, Josef W. Tate, Esq., and otiiers situate i:> Hopewell tp., Bedford county, and lal-. n in execution a- the piop eity of George Pwaitz. —ALSO— One tract of land cor t.ining t-IO acres, moi" or : less, about 90 acres cleared and fence, with an old log stable thereon, adjoining lands oi H n. "1". Daugherty, George Wolf, fieorge Wisegarver, Ilemy Bridentliail and otfiers. sifnaie in t-t. (.'lair ip.. Bedford co., an t. fen in •: ::.'..cti as the prop-rt- ci William "• r.i • 1 A!i f vighf, ti:.- : :. ierest in ar. I to one • * o-T I ! ; . ■ : 1f..( .: g :-* ( r - . .-- i*. >.t i acn-s clear* ' o.i under fence b i iog Fm.vid Bramtutugri, 'lit ai: i vers-.' an-1 *'fors, ' i . ; , Del'i. Oi < t: "! of IHI !, c-'-Mii.t'ig . ..'re? t- ,:(• or , ' I gbt■,! .II -.|W .j; ' • ofl e I jo g others, nil nine in Jt.t :a ! c 'j. m,, ) d ■ ■ ' . 1 ■' ALSO— Oi f irert of lar.d r !*• '■■!■■ r-re, i: ore or I. ss, about SO acres ci* and and m 2 -r lenee, wish a iog dwelling bouse arri < cable log s* ' tlier-a. . . i.i.d i. hi . : ' x u! .i- .. - J.i (j -11 of Solon; ■: L C-■ :< t ( ; i . i., j.: .! h' .' < crag i.,. , e i ■ i*-ss, about five acres cleared.and under feflc, ad- 1 to. I.i .. ' ■ g- ol Gideon i . i 'out, Andreu Mm ... '1 in* mas S. 11 ' .g• i .u.d o"ti-, • mate in a-!. ; i tj... 1.1 li.;d < ('.. !.i li lak l II 111 execution OS the property i.l i on is C'. Mod , Deft. One t ire? cf Irr.d cor 131 acre*, more cr | i obi .1 1 ICb ( ii-a r c. ai.-it nr cr fence, w '. a i rgc two stoiv log dweliir.G !IT.-C AND ilouh!-- log tnirn theiecr: elected ndjoinii.g I rnJs of John. Uobisoa Fob n ('.'-nil r arid c, !,r*>, sitnafe in S- u'tiaiij'o; tp., Bedford co., awl iak*-:, in execution a* the p op- j city . V. liiiam am; George May, >-i ~ DII ll ilants. ShfiifT's OfCre, !!ed- ( WM. S. FLL'ivfa. j 0:2, August 3d, 1860, f Phcn'f. POURT PROCLAMATION. To lk n Ccronrr, ila- Justices of tin Pear?, | and Cbnstahles in the dijfeent Townships | in the County of Bedford, Gr '.ding. KNOW YE that in pursuance ,i ajuecppt to i mo director], under the hand and s*. al of'iiioi Uon. FRAKCIB M* KIMBELL, President < t vi nil Courts ol'Common Pleas iu th" Sixteenth i District, consisting cl the counti -ol Franklin, j Bedford, Somerset and Fulton, and hy virtue i )f hi? office of the Court of Oyer and Terniincr j ind General Jail delivery for the trial ol capi- I al and other offenders therein and in Ihe Gene- j •al Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace:! tnd A. J.SMVIXY <N. joiev TAVLOR, Esqs., ludirc ol the same Court, m th" same County >1 Bedford, You and each of you are hereby re. jin mi to b* and appear in your proper persons n ith your Records, Recognizances, Exair ..ia ;i()its. and otle r remembrances Irelore the J jjges rioresai.i, at Bedford, at a Court of Oy?r and I'erminer and General Jail Delivery an i Gene •al Quarter Sessions of tiie Peace thei-m to be lolden for the county of Bedford, aforesaid, in the Ist Monday of Sept. (being the 3d lav.jat 10 o'clock in the forenoon of" that day here and then to do those things to which youi several offices appertain. GIVEN under my hand at Bedford, on the 10l li nay ol August, -n he year oi our Lord l -.'J'). WILLIAM S. FLUKE, Sheriff. KEYSTONE CIDER MILL. This ceivbraieil machine, : great!)' improved, is now offered to the farmers of I Bedford Co. at manufacturer's pr'ce. It has taken I over 108 Premiums. Cell at Hart'ey's nnt see it. j [aug. 10, 1860. ' PHIL'A. ADVERTISEMENTS. GREAT IMPROVEMENT f IN PIANOS. , Y '■ ' . . V ' , J' ; w _ : J . ' ... • 7uL''V--yL'' . \ \ f # '|ft (JF.ORIiE VOGT takes the opportunity of inform- . j ing his friends and the public generally, that he , has removed his Piano Warerooms from No. C3B i ' Arch Street, to No 510 Ar.'h S'reef, where he will 1 i Ueep constantly on band a large assortment of hi- : ! .? iy patented PIANOS, which'have-been pronoun ' red I)j- the be-t judges as frr superior to all other i'.anos in tht* sweetness ami purity of ti.eij torn.* 1 and cor.'lruction. hereioicre Manufactured in the j UniledStates and England. ! May is'GO.-G nio. ' 14T1RANV1 I,LE STOKES' ; CH GJI*T CLOTHING EMPORIUM, ONE PRICE AND NOABATEMEN T. NO. COT CHF.ST.NI T STRFLT. , GRANVILLE STOKES would return thanks to P." public hir iheir appreciation of bis eilorts to j , please, and their liberal patronage. In order to keep up this kindly fin-ling, he has ymidml tot! - solicitations of many of hi- friends •I in iguiat'.-.l an. -. system, of (tilts with each Garment sold. To i.i- choice selection olJltie Fab- ; l'.cs, and made-up Clothing, he invites the scrutiny al '. :,** jiubiic, as well as to bis new mode ol doing bm E.irh article is warranted to be, in Fab- ] | re, latyl.* n I Make, equal to any gotten up in the i l-.ty, a: T on* ice, (lower than the lowest,) marked Each ;■i <•!-• - mi. or measured for, is accompa i. ■: by ii ( ft, varying in value from SI to SI .•. N. i>".—Nora; but the mn-t skillful De igners, : ■ Cutt--i- ri: ! Workmen employed ; and sate "-linn .'. i -ion. ! abric, Price and Gift, guaranteed nt (jk AN \ ! LLE SI OK iIS' ONF FR! F. GIFT CLOTHING EMfORIC.M, ■ : NO. 6 7 CHESTNUT STRELIN May I'-.'t .-ti irs. | J P. PER RY , _ : a 8 . w. CORNER Fob'ttTß AMD rut sr.. : t'HIL Ari.l.l'lll A, " .' ; : u-' r's .'CCOr NP BOOKS of the b.--i qual ' ! - :.;.d .vierei .U 'S Cat) have Th'-il Rooks i ).. • . und in any - \ '•*. CC-" ire mi urn awarded by THe 'ranlrlin Institute. < P. P'TRRY, 'v ( S. \y, ("orr-f-r Fourth and Hare t reels, Ph;T adeij.hia. -u; (. :'*. every article in t-e BOOK or'• i ATIONLRV line, at low prices. Hav- ; ;'ig superior facilities as a man ...ictun r, h>- is enabled to supply good- very Jovv. and ri .ike very fair profit. Orders iy mail promptly attended to. / "OLLFOT TOGF.I HFK Y Ail vein '-Old Books" ami Magazines ; r r .lfe them to PERRY'S Bonk liiriicri --, Fourth and Race, where you can have thein bound gond und handsomely •: e N*vv pi ice. May 18,'C*0.-G ms 1 < in FRANK. JAC KSON, JBJf* PRINTER AND STATIONER, 4.T' CHEST AUT STREET, PHILADELPHIA. May yr. ,MMER TRADE! NOTICE HUNN. RAIGUEL L CO., . ij. la. or til limit Sir fit, iMPOUTERS AND JOBBLRs op V'.N( Y DRY GOODS, ; invite lap si! rtio.-) ifPnrchnser* to their extensive , '•' '!: oi '• inoy i'rv Gor.s, Fiika, lambroiderres, ' (' . 'l*s. Casierts .Ac, . GENTLF.: • EN'S FU.'cNNUiNG STORE. ' i -,r*— I HOI f.Di Miißl' MAN- :r i" FACTOR' . | i . .fi. 1 • ; C'/JL'S'/'.W 7 S//""7, | u * ! *". Ii •■ p: -:'"t' • Washiiigtor House, 1 1 Stiirt- and Drawers made irorn measurement j ' ' a few (iays notice and in all cases Warranted to 1 i'. • mi. a t.r rnea-nrem-at urn.-!, ,i on up- c :•:*• t 1 ; ri • . LIRIA L IN DSC EM EN IS - WHOLE SAKE BUYERS. .May JB/60.-1 yr, j ( *1 IETI! AT. MARTIN*. f*. H. 7TAMKICK, J. A. L. McKHEL, . j i rSBOLK, s. U. JMAUTI\. |,v A. HA KER, !" - 0 WITH " MARTIN'y, PEDDLE, HAMKICK & CO. ; IMPORTERS OF— HOSIERY, GLOVES ANDNO I IONS, | 1( .\ ') 3!, Aos/h rlh St., Phi In. t M'/ IS.'i', 1 ar. ~ Tj-f BANCROFT & Co.. - *' * V k V.'ttOLESALE DEALEKS IN FRENCH, GERMAN AND ENGLISH U FANCY GOODS, IN .Vu. Market Sheet, PhiUuhlphrx. May 18.-'C('.-1 yr. ! f, ? > EDTOSD POUN33R Y. | 1 > 1 li THE su! -iiiber= having purchased the Bedford j c foundry ol Meen. V- ashabaugh and Bannon, would jo must respectloily announce to the citizens of Bed- j ford ami adjoining counties that they are prepared to ri male and furnish all kinds of CASTINGS tor I r GRIST AND SAW-MILLS, THRESHING MA- F CHINE:.. PLOUGHS, APPLE MILLS, COOK- j " ING, TEN PLATE, AND COAL STOVES, SLED AND j R Sioigi. sides, wash ketties, of diflerer.t sf'/es, wagon j ' boxes ei all -i/. -, farmr rs' bells, (i superior arti- j j cle), cvpr doors, and every thing usually made in a intry i ouridry . CT" P I■ O V G II S —WOODCOCK, SEYI.ER, j " am! HILL-SIDE PLOEGHS.—AIsu, anew PLCG (i FLOLJGH, to which v.e call the especial attention j of oui farmers—a superior article to the old Plug jj' Plough, with two kinds of points, shares and land- j sides to suit all ploughs in general use in this coun- ; t - .. Turning and fitting of iron patterns made to j | order, and all kinds of repairing done at the short- : ( est notice ami at low prices. All our own work j o made of the very best material, and warranted to j give satisfaction. i Kiirincis ;tmi others would do well to is call and examine our work before purchasing else- j w here, as we are determined to meet the enier- ; i r gencies of the times, vve will it Sett ,oxo for C CIS It, or country prod lire. : a ' Pig and bar iron, horses and lumber, talten in ex- \ 111 change for work. feb 25,'C0-ly SHIRES St JORDAN. 21 _ 1 i S? X ECU TOR'S NOTICE.— I b; -J Wherpas Jell ere testa- , 1 inentary on ihe E<late ol Nalltan Hammond, jp< late of Si. Clair Township, Bedlord county, cc dec'H., have been granted to the subscribers, w notice is therefore hereby given to all person e> indebted to said estatp to make payment im- ~, mediately, and these having claims will make j d known the ame without rlelav to ce AMY DERIUN, EsQ. t residing in St. Clair Tp. J NO. MOWER, Ex'or. Aug. CL'PO. residing in Be<lf->rd. PHIL'A. ADVERTISEMENTS. I E. GO t LJ>, ® • .No. 6 3'2 Cheat nut St., cor. of Sevnth, PHILADELPHIA. PIANOS AND MELODEONS. KAVHN, IIACON Ht Cio's., H AI.IET, PA VIS & CO'S., ' St."NX'S t$- CLARK""*, ANl> A. li. GAI.F. & Co's. (P>— ■' rr ' y-ff? . * * v ;"> Z \sH\ u W-W Pa? £ ' l '3l *1 jgL£ss Sßf " | .MASON 7 & HAMLIN'S, AND-PRINCE &CO'S. J MELODEONS & HARMONIUMS. rtano? ami Melodeons to Rent. Second-ham. Pianos. : . May !V ; O.-1 yr. ugX.HE WORLD'S "GREAT EXHIBITION ' PRIZE MED \L, awarded toC. MEYER |r.r his two PIANOS, London, October 10, 1801. / ... /'• -• •■if* f- v 7 h".'< A;i,y _ Jjt. f t 'tat"rvxteiv4T- ! ?TJr""* S M? J aL_. C. NIEVF.It respectfully informs his Jriends .and 1 he public generally, that l.e has constantly on hand PIANOS, equal to those lor which he received the i • Prize Medal in I.ondon, in 1851. i All orders promptly attended to, Jar.d great care taken in tin' selection and packing the He has received, during the last litteen years, j mere Af.-dals th . i any <r ii-r maker, irom the Frank lin fn>tiiiite—al-o, First Premiums in .Boston, New York and lei'lirnoie. % Warerooms. No. 7751 ARCH S'reet, below Eighth, South -i le. PHILADELPHIA Mey 1 ?, lh( ■. lyr. "ft P. HUB E R, * : - rcctx.'n TO J. 50RVEK.) WHOLESALE DEALER IN— TOBACCO. SNUFF AND CIGARS, . o S Aoiih fifth St., abet' P. .)hrki f, Phil" a. Also. Manufacturer and Importer of FOIL [<:>" AND DOMESTIC SEGARS. May is, 1? ■:>.-! yr. . _ i IIAIUIF.I,, JAMES Jt. WHITBY, ( s i-tri-.:. ;.!ooKf, criWAim a aim us, j WIU.t.A" . SKIL'.MAS. lIFSRV i'. ATKINSON.' RT AfUUEL, MOORE & CO., LATE, RAIGCEL AND CO.. JMPOR i ERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN ! DRYGO O D S, .\os. 220 &. 2_"2 Vori/i l'hir ! St., above Race. H'eit si<lr t PHILADELPHIA. j JOHN O. J'.VIS, ISAAC WRI.SII, 11. G. STEIII.ING, j \\ \. c. :;s\ r, u. A. SMITH, i. WELSH, "nai:la - Sam rr, SAvri i. WHITE, J. TOMLINSOX. AMES, KENT, SA.NTEE it CO., DtPOß'n-cs AND J users OP i) R Y G ODDS, C 39 it 241 NORTH THIRD STREET. APOVE RACE, PHILADELPHIA. I J ' N APERIJ NT AND STOMACHIC PREPARA- ! i a tion of IRON purified o( Oxygen and Carbon, I by conibu-tion in Hydrogen. Sanctioned by •r- f ..sliest medical authorise , both in Eur - ; and the j "ited States, arid prescribed ill their p t;ce. j i be i - :p"rieri -e of thousands daily ;,r res that no i prey ration ot Iron can t ennvarrd wi • j?. hnpti- j ll'ies -! tire blood, depres-.o- 1 of Vila' . gy, pile and otherwise sickly complexions indicate it- n-. j eessjty in almost e\erv conceivable ■ ftinirx- ! ions i.i all maladies in ivhifh it i a- been tried, ir i,a proyed absolutely curative in each of "lie toilowjf).' complaints. vi 2 : hi Dr' ihiy, Iferwifs AJf> rtionx, Eoiaetuftou. T)us- i )Ofi. I Inoxtip.ilioii, Piirr/ut ■ ,/' :nrH>eri , ,n j Const; Motion, SrroJ/ifotts Tn Vri Patl Hitfum, '■ jl ■ttli oil. Whifr'/tloroais, h>t:rr Cmp/aint. ' < liionie thntiacio A, Kbri •I 'tisiH , hilt im-ttrrH Freer, ■ Fit 'p f es utt the Fare, Fr. i lu ca>es o! General Uvhihty, whether the result j of acute disease or o! th • continued diminution of} tie; von j an i muscular" energv* tronri chronic com-t plaints, one trial of this restorative has proved sue- j tntfel to tin cxteof which no d scription nor writ-1 '. ii at test ;• t ion r.oul.t c!'"'.bi '. Invalids so} long lietl-iid len as to have become forgotten m their i own i.i ighbci l.oods. K., v, - iddeniy re-appeare.l in i the busy world as n ju-t returned ft on p or,-a."- | ted traiel hi a distaa' land. Some rial instance- of this hind are attested of tenrale I sufferers, emaciated victims of apparvi:" rnarasmus, j a. gun eons exhaustion, ciitica! changes, an 1 th.; complication ol nervous and dyspeptic uversion to : air and tr.ercise lor which the pu' siciatt has no j ran;. In Nrrroti* A(ferticm of all bind-. at„| for reasons ! familiar to medical men. the op rati :i o. thi< prepa- ; ratinn of lion must necessarily be salutary, for, un like th" old oxides, Ir is vigorously tonic, without being exciting en I over-heating : u. i gently regu- | larly apeiieni, even in the m- -t dbs'ii ate rase? ol j co-livi'ließs, without ever liein,; .• ga-tiic purgative, or inlii ting a disagreeable sei ?arion. It i? this latter p-top.Tty, amoug others, which i makes it so remarkably "rtectual and permanent h j remedy lor I'ihs, cpon which it al-o appears to e\- f eit a distinct and sp cific action, by dispersing the ; local te1..1 i } which forms theni. In Ihjsjiepsia. iniitimeiatle as are its causes, a s.ngle box of these t'halyoeate Pills has often sulii. ; red for the most habitual cases. In unchecked Ptarrher-i, even wrier edvanced to [lvstente y, coi.lirined, emaciating and apparently • i .tiigi- in f . the eliects have been cpialldecisive ano , s'o;:i In the local pains, loss of flesh and strength, de- militating cough, and remittent hectic, which gene-| ra'ly indicate Incipient Consumption , thi? remedy j lis? allayed the alarm of friends and physicians, n- | several very gratifying and inteii stiiig instance... ' In Pn ■</ ti/o s In he rrnto 4 /.*, this njedicated i r or. i has iiad ler more the good cff *ct of the uio-t ran- ; lioiisly balanced preparations of iodine, without any , jf their well-known liabilities. The attention of females cannot b? too confident- j v invited to this remedy and restorative, in the co les peru'iarly affecting them. In 11/trtimatism, both an I inflammatory, n the latter, however, more decidedly, it has been nvariably well repoited, both us alleviating pain mil reducing the swellings and stiffness of the joints intl muscles. In Intermittent I'rvers it most necessarily be a :r"al remedy and energetic restorative,*and it? pro [ii'.s in the new settlements of the West, wili pro nibly he on- of bigh renown and useTulne-s. No remedy has ever been discovered, in the whole ;i-tory ol medicine, which exert? such prompt hup- ! ly and fully restorative efierts. Good appetite, | omplete digestion, rapid acquisition of strength,} vith an untiiual dispo.irion lor active and cheerful 1 xercise, immediately follow its use. Put up in neat flat metal boxes containing .TO pills ■rice 50 rents p?r box ; for sale by druggists and eaters. Will be sent free to any address, on re eipt of the price. All letters, orders, etc., should be addressed 0 R. B Locke & fo., (itiieral lirenfs, 90 CEDA R STREET. N Y. > July ?oth, 'fiO. rij PHIL'A. ADVERTISEMENTS, 1.. LADbMI.S. A. 1. ri-.w W 'ATCHES AND JEWELRY. LEWIS LA DO-VIL.S.N I f. -Vo. S.U2 CHESTUT STREET PHIL*A (X-IKST DOOK ABOVE KIUHTH STFESI,) Would most respectfully ask the atlerifion of Citf /ens and Strangers lo their Large, Cheap, and w. ;> selected Stock o r GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES, ' JEWELRY, SILVER AND PLATED WARE, CONSISTING IN FART OF Gold Hunting Lever Watches, full jeweled, i 18 carat case, $lO Go Gold Lever Watches, open lace, (u!l jewel'd j 18 carat case, 30 00 j Gobi Lepine - atches, open lace, full jei\ - ellet., 18 carat case, 29 00 ; Silver Lever Watches, Hunting ca;e, full j jewelled, 18 00 i Siivej Lever watches, open lace, Jul! jewel ! Ed, " 14 00 : Silver Lepine Watches, Hunting case, 1 r no | Silver Lepine Watches, open face, _ 9 00 I Gold Guard Chains, 12 00 j Gold Vest and Fob Chains, 10 O'l Gold Pen Holder with Pen and Pencil, 4 00 j Gold Pencils, 1 50 J Gold Pens with Silver Holder?, lou S I ver Table Spoons, pel sei, Silver Tea Spoons, r> 00 ' Gold Thimbles. 3 00 With ; large assortment of Stive., Table an I Tea Forks . I).---rt, Mm laid and Salt Spoons i Pie, j ''uke, and Ice Cream knive? ; Sugar Spoons; Pre ' sc v" >| "Oiis ; Pickle Kniv"? and Fork", ere. l constantly on hand, a magnificent a?- sortment n ' Jewelry, consisting in part of Bracelets, j breastpins, Eat R>ngs, ringer Kings, Miniature cases lor I. 2, 4, and 0 Pkanesse, ; Gold Cros?e>, Chi;- j ilren's armlets, and every thing in Hie Jewelry line, | ::f the lat. st arm most approved patterns. ; Gold and silver t himhies : Wedding Kings at all prices. Ladies' Chatelaines, Gold Watch keys and Seals ; Studs and Sleeve Buttons; Opera Glass-?. AI ways on hand, a splendid assortment of Diamond j Jewelry. Also. Diamonds mounted in the most beautiful manner, equal to any work in the United | 8lte?, at mod-rate prices. >i!ve, - :.iied Tea Set-, Silver plated Knives and Forks—beautiful good?, and look equal to Silver. ! CALIFORNIA GOLD BOUGHT OR .MADE UP TO ORDER. f "All descriptions of Hair Jewelry, such as Breastpin*, Ear Kings, Bracelets, Cham?. Charms, made to order in the most b'-autifu! style. Old * niche? and Jewehy taken in exchange We can send by maii, with perfect safety, Watch • es or Jewelry to any part of the United Slates. All i orders must be accompanied with the Cash. No goods sent unless the money is first received. Call i or address LEW IA LA DOM US & CO., 802 Chestnut Street, Phil'a- Mav 18,'C0.—6 rr.s. . * POKING GLASSES, - H - i ENGRAVINGS. FICTURE FRAMES, OIL PAINTINGS, The most extensive and i !e rant assortment at the very lowest rates.—Glasses in store of every de scr.ption. .Mahogany framed Glasses, lor countrv sales. Print and Po:tra;i frames, Window Cornice?, (■tit .Mouldings, etc. j.-tirra*'.? lor furnishing Glasses to fi'l every space, by mail on application. Erig'avrngs for (■i..cian and Antique Paintings.— Catalogues gratis. J AS. S. EARLE & SON, 8I(j Chestnut St., Phil'a. !,hy I8,"G0.-1 yr. koSTETTER'S™ ~ Ir is a fact thai, at r. rne period, every mem ber of the human l.atnily is subject to disease or di tin iriiKC of I lie iuxiiiy functions; but, with ihe aid of a good tonic and Hie exercise cf 1 '- tin common s. use, .hey may be able so to regulate the sy. tcni as to secure perman-mf health. In order lo accomplish this desired oVjc the true course to pursue is certainly that which will produce a natural slate of ' th;;. r.t the ! i?I h.otoiiJ of vital strength and life. For th.', purpose, Dr. Hostetter lias in oducid to till - couiiiry ar i eparation bearing his name, which is not r. new medicine, but one i;iat Iras been i i ••! fir year?, giving satisfac tion to all who have used it. The Bitters operate powerfully upon the stomach, bowels, ' and iiver, resterii g licit to a healthy and vigorous action, and thus, by the simple ]>ro <• --S of strcngihening nature, enable the sys leni to triumph • ver disease. For the curt Dyspej.sia, Indigestion, Nau scu. Flatulency . Loss of A ppeti.e, or any Bilious , t omp! lints, ui i.-i: -: a morbid inaction •if the Stomach er I v.' l -, iiroducing Cramps, Dysentery, Colic. Choh-r.i Morbus, He., tlicso j Bitters have no equal. 1'; trrhcea, dy "uuy or lux. so generallycon "iraet' il by new satth • . and eajised principally by the change of water and diet, r iil be speedily regulated by a brief use of this preparation. j Dyspepsia, a <lis < i?e wi.ieit i? probably more prevalent, in ad ir? vav.vus lorms, than any 1 the rnse of which may always 1 be atn ibured t- derangements of tlie digestive org irrs. < n l>e cured without fail by using S STOMACH BITTERS, as per ditvs lioiis on the bo:; ir. Fortius disease every p.'. .eian will rrqo; men 1 Bittcrsof some kind; then why ti:>* n?c an artiol known to be infr.l iil'.v '! All nations have their Bitters,as a pre \ "iiive • f di- ise and strengthener of the sys fer.i in y'lii-i Y ; and among them all there is not 'to be ioun.l a tneie healthy people than the German?. !. out whom this preparation ema il;.!. 1. il td upon si.i< uiile exjieriments which have ten-' -I lo prove the value <T ibis great prepai-atiisn ii. the scale ot meiiical science. i ■ vt:r. .'.so An' b.—This trying and provok ing ■!. which fixes its relentless grasp on | the body of man, reducing him lo a mere sha- j ibw in a short time, and rendering him phy sically and menially useless, evn be driven from tii? holy by the use oi IIOSTLTTER'S I RENOWNED BITTER.-?. Further, none of tho above-staled diseases ean be eonrrrfcted, even i ia exposed situations, if (he Bitter- ai-c used as per directions. And as they neither create nausea nor offend the palate, and render r.n- i necessary any change of diet or interruption j "f ordinary pursuits, but promote round sleep r.ud healthy digestion, the complaint is re- ! moved as speedily as i.? consistent with the pro- duetion of a thorough and permanent cure. Far Persons in AiL/nii I lY.r-.t, who are ; tuffering from an enfeebled constitution rtid infirm body, tlies - Bitters are invaluable asr. iesto::.:ive of strength and vigor, and nc.d only be tried to be appreciated. And tj a mother while nursing these Bit lei." arc i* ,dis- i pensttble, especially where the mother's nour ishment i.? inadequate to the demand/ 0 f the child, consequently her strength mir.-t yield and here it is where n good tonic., such ns lloatetter's .Stomach Bitter.?, is r.eed e l to impart temporary strength and vigor tr, ih c system. Ladies should by all mean? try this remedy for all eases cf debility, and, 'before so doing, should ask their physician, vho, if he is acquainted with (he virtue m tho Bitters, will recommend ihcir use in a)', cases of weakness. C ATI ION. —He caution the j üblic against using any of the many imitati'ms or counterfeits, hut nsk ■ for llostettek's Celj.bratfd Stoiiaci!, and see that each bottle lias the words '"Dr. J. i Hostetter'* Etomacli Bitters" blown cn tho side of the bottle, and stamped on the metallic cap J covering the cor'.;, and observe that cur autograph signature is on the label. JOS' Prepared and sold by HOSTETTER & SMITH. Pittsburgh, Pa., and cold by all druggists, grccers, and dealers generally throughout tho United States, Canada, South America, and Germany. For s*l* by H. I • Rc.isrer Bedford. nd o rh* r i 0?gi?t? throughnut r c e ceurtrA - MARK THESE FACTS! ■ THE TESTIMONY OF THE WHOLE WGRLD i • I follower's Ointment. v AW Lfifs, Bad Breasts, Sores and Ulcers. Ail description of sores are remediable bv lb, proper and diligent us- of this inestimable prepara ' on. To attempt to cure bad legs by plastering. , tbe edges nt lb- is (.unit together is a tolly j tor should. , the skin unit-, a bog:;v diseased conditio:, icmain* iwdt rueatit to break out with tenioid Jury in a tew* days. Ihe only rational and successiul tieatment, as indicated bv nature, is to reduce tbe inflamma tion in and about the wound, and to soothe the neighbor::.g part, by ■ nbbiug in plenty ol the Oint ment, as salt is forced into meat. bijjttlcria, Ulcerated Sore Throat, and Scarlet and other Fevers. Any of the above diseases |rr.ay be cure 'Jby well rubbing tbe Ointment three times a day into tbe che.t, throat and neck ol the patient ; it will soou penetrate, and give immediate relict. Medicine ta ken by the mouth must operate upon the whole system ere its influence can be felt in any local parf whereas the Ointment will do its work at once. j Whoever tries the ungeunt in the above manner, to _ j tile diseases named, or any similar Jisorderj aflec ting the che.t and throat, will find themselves re ' lieved as by a charm. Files, Fistulas, Strictures. The above class of complaints will be removed by n gbtly fomenting tbe parta with warm water, .nil t hen most effectually rubbing in the Ointment. Persons- suffering liotn tbe-e direful complaints lose not a moment in arresting their progress. It should be understood that it is not sufficient mere ly to smear the Ointment on the affected parts, but l it must be well rubbed iu tor some considerable time two or three tunes a day, that it may be ta ken into the system, whence it will remove any hidden sore or wound as effectually as though pal pable to Ihe eye. 1 here again bread and water poultices, aftei the rubbing in of the Ointment, will da great service. This is The only sure treatment lor females, case* of cancer in the stomach, or where there may be a general bearing down. Indiscretions of Youth Sores and Ulcers. Blotches, a? also swellings, can, with certain be radically cured if the Ointment be used freelv arid the Pills b- taken night and morning as tecorn , mended in the printed instructions. When treated : in any other way they only dry up in one place to break ou' in mother ; whereas this Ointment will remove the umour from the system, ami leave the patient a vigorous and healthy being. It will re quire time tbe u,e of the Pills to ensure a la* i ting cure. Dropsical Swellings, Paralysis and Stiff Joints. Although the above complaints differ widely ir "ne.r origin and nature,yet they all require local treatment. Many of the worst cases, of such dis eases. wii! yield in comparatively short space of time, when Tl.i- Ointment is diligently rubbed into ' he parts affected, even alter every other means have tailed. In all serious maladies the Pills should be taken according to the printed directions accom panying each box. Botn the Ointments and Pills should be used in the following cases : ; Bad Legs, , "Fistulas, Bad Breasts, Gout, Burns, | Glandular Swelling*, i Bunions, j Lumbago, Bite- of Moscbetoes and ' Rheumatism, I Sand-Fiies, j Scalds, Coco-bay, Sore Nipple*, i Cbiego-foot, Sore-throats, Chilblains, Skin Disease*, Chapped Hands, Scurvy, Corns (Soft) Sore-beads 'Cancers, Tumors, j Contracted and Sfill ( Ulcers, : Joints, Wounds, Elephantiasis, Yaws. =-\otie genuine unless the words '•HOU.OWAY, NEW FORK and LONDON," are discernible as a Water-mark in every iealof tue book of directions around each pot or box : the same may be plainly seen by hoi ting leaf to the light. A handsome reward will be given to any one ren dering such in; TII at ton as may lead to the detec tion ol m y party nt parties counterfeiting the med icines or vending the same, knowing them to be ! spurious. */>.i!d at the Manufactory of Professor WAV.btt Maiden Lane. New York, and bv all respec table Druggist* and Dealers in Medicine, through* out the nv.iiZed world, in boxes at 25 cents, G2 ct- I and $ 1 each. OT.'"There is considerable saving by taking the i larger siz-s. N. It. Directions for the guidance of patients in every disorder are alfixed to each box. | Nov. IS. 1859. if G Hi SAli lb , i UK rRA DE, A first-rate farm of limestone la/id, in Morrison V Cove, containing about 151 acres, 100 of which are cleared and balance well timb-red. The farm is well watejed. The improvements are a goo,! two • story Frame House, Log House-. Bain, Nr. Tfcete i- a gool o chard upon the premises. The tarm ad joins Bloom field Furnace, Res half a mile from the HolinUysburg turnpike, and foui miles irorn May | tinsburg. I nere is area dy market at the door foe all kinds of produce, anj the land is in a higb state of cultivation, tor \>i.rticulars inquire nt Dav.d Daniel, in possession, or George I' Spang '* Mills. —AL c O— A Gi i9t-mill property in Herman's Bottom, now owned ny Lewis S. Fyan. The mill ish large-f, am* with two overs' lo t whells and four run of stone ; in good order, tin i n a good settlement, with a suf ficient suppi'j of water. The farm contains nearly ■4OO aores ; about lOOaliuvial soil, ami cleared ; and tbe balunc e well timbered. The impjrw ement- are a large b- jck house, tenant house, miller's house, barn, d' ,till ery , ,Vc. The farm can be divided with out dir .advantage. Teims reasonable. ALSO- A tract ot land in St. Clair tp,, containing 93- ■Vcre*, or thereabouts, about 55 acres cleared, with, 'a two storv log dwelling house, tenant-house and. t o log stables tbereon erected; also, an apple or i chard thereon, adjoining lands of Wm. Keefe, Jacob- Semlei aid others ; iornvefly the property of George , Rimbrritn. ALSO— a Farrrio. acres, about 100 cleared, with Double Log House, New Bank Barn, and two good orchards ■hereon, lying on the Juniata River, two miles from S'onerstown, and half a- mire from the rati xoa L This tarm i* composed of* good quality of river bottom land, lib or 40 acres of which can be ; put into good meadow. Tbe whole is- now in a good state of cultivation. —ALSO— A farm of 1 IS acres of limestone land in Liberty ! Towu-hip near Stonerstown, known as the "John j Stolei propel tv," adjoining lands of 'Squire Kensiu i ger, Siolei and others. The improvement's are a. | Log House, Log Bain &c. There is good- water ot. ; the promises,also an orchard of good fruits ! —ALSO— A new two-story Rough-cast House and two lots of 1 ground in Broa itop city. ALSO— j 100 acres of the bs' quality of hand in Harriso ' county, lowa near the Missouri, and close to- tbe countv -eat. —ALSO- A Lot of ground in Omaha city, Nebraska. —ALSO— too acres of lartd, in Southampton Township, Bed ford coiSity, lately owned by Vim. l.ashl\*. TERMS to smt b-uy-rs- O. L. SHANNON, Jan 27, tS'V.' Bedford, Pa

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