Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, August 31, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated August 31, 1860 Page 4
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|JEDFOBD MACHINE SHOP: THE subscriber would mo-t respectfully a; - flounce to the farming community, ami public 1:1 general, tht he 'till continues to manuiacTure at hi- shop, in Bed lord, Pa., the tallowing farming u tensils of the very best mate; >al, and*in the mo-: viz: FOUR AND SIX HORSE T: U CLING SHAI . POWER MACHINES, with lare open cvliuders, six slaves, and spik s ecrevredln, and improved Straw shakers attached. Their superiors :or strength and,i are not niece in this or any other County in the State. Four Horse Tumbling Shalt and Strap l ower Machine, with cylinder open or shut, as nmv ■ - sired, tor convenience, ease t draft, a: '• P*"-< : woikin, this machine has no superior any v- -re. THREE HORSE MACHINES, of f -n- • | Two at'ul three Horse Tumbling shat • "<■' 1 ■- chines, a very convenient and exce .ent nucha. (or small farmers, with or without •*■•. wngle and double shovel Ploughs, Rar-. Cutting Boxes, Harrows a.a U beelbarro v.. ma le j to order- , , . , , All the above articles constantly on nam., ar..l sold on reasonable terms. Repairing of all kinds of Machines, whether made here or elsewhere, done on the shortest notice. Castings for ali my machines, tneat the ; oun drv of Shires & Jordan, ir Bedford, and will com pare with any mute in the >:ate lor sti-iigl an * durability. Blacksmithing done to or All my work warranted to give sat;'lectio • From a past experierce of over twenty veers . j tho Machine business, I feel com,dent tea* i ! give entire satisfaction to all vvho mav iavor :: with a call. Call and examine my wcr/ before you purchase elsewhere, as I am determined to ; a.-c all. , , ~ Horse-, grain ot El kinns, lumber - ire: , \ • ■ be taieo iu exchange .or work. ~rrs JoiteS, l&CO.-Cm. i-i.c-.i; BEDFOR.O COUJfI F, t- A. an Orphans' Court ! held at Bedford, in and for the comity o! h <:jord. on the Soth day of April, - . D. I*6o, betore t! ' Judges of said court • _ ( On root'.on ot O. !-.• 'Mr.nnnn. 1 grant a rule on the heirs an : ivga repre- • 1 ; " s of Jacob Isneli, fate of East I'rov: •■•nee tp.. to wit : Maria, intermarried with donaf an >t ler, residing ta fctoiy coui.ry, lowa, J.. U t j residing its Carroll count;., Hi., Gt re- , - j din? tf.'Pepn'a, Caroline, intermarried With 3 woo j H. EarndoiUr, now decease.!, res ■•v. i in R • Pa.. Christopher ; -11. re- • 'ana in Bedford county. • Caroline ami Catharine M.msp-aker, ct.udren m j v C's'harine Mawspaaker, dee'd ,of whom O. R.Shar - ; noti is 2'iardian.' and David MatispeiA !'._ anot'.-r v % heir ci said Catharine, who ■- a miner and baa ne guardian, residing in Carvoii ccuut > • i.iitio.a, a. \Vm* Sue!' residing in Bedford county, i ■ ••• W.Ti. fifaell bo'dsl|jf purchase, the interest <.•? all | . said heirr, except Statler, Caroline Batnd '• larand David M iiifpe ; iker] to be :.n .;pp r- nr Orphans' Court to be held at Bedford, i. and or said county ol Bcdtord. cr th* 3 • .-.or ..... day of September, A. D., 1860,t0 accept or refuse • to take the real estate <f said - a- ' •• val uation which has been vaiu?d and app aise in pur suance of a writ of par' "ion nr ■ on. .ssu of said court,a-. i ta "> b • iifT" -.*.: " ' <> ted, or shew cause why the same t. • r.ot i sold. in tes ,: m->.;y whereof 1 have hrreunto: set tr.v i enu a 1 f i sea! ct sai i coint, ... Led- . lord, the 7lfc day of May, A- ■ ' - -• i attest : „.„,T n WH. S. Fluke, ... i.--= . Sheriff. Cicra. June 22, ISCO. BEDFORD CGU~\ TY, w. At an Orphans' Cot *t beld at F/'dford, in and for the Ccv ty of I'"'!for . on the 2Cth day of April, A. D. 13 0, bekre the Judges of the said court, Or. motion of U. H. Spang, Esq., the Court grant 1 a rule on the heirs and legal rcprcs- r. .Fives o: L - Ty Wolford. late of Londonderry township. 1 ' to wit. Jacob Wolford, •• ho bs conveyed hi-; share to Leonard Bi:t >t, tie. :ge \Vo'.!-rd, re,! 1 ;. ■„ in Bedtord county, .Michael Wolford, re-id'rg n; Fayette county, Pa.. Joseph Woi: • ' r; . i' F-irr.erscT co.,Pa., Hannah, i: 'ri n I am Shroyer. residing :ri Ah- thetiv - ry rr with Solomon Sm n '■ county, Catharine interna vied •*. it . John h'ok- -, res iling in Cedar county, towa, Barh-.ra, who wa jntermarried wit a John Devore, in Ohio, since dead, leav.n" issue two children, to wit. Hannah a: ii Henrv?residing in Ohio, arid Adam Woliord who is dead, leaving issue three children, ie-oiiug in Ohio, to wit, Josiah, Elizabeth and Simon lioilorii, to t>e and appear at an Orphans' Court, to b-held at B<n ford. i a 1 for said countv of Bedford, on the iir-t Monday, third day of September, A. lb, 1809, to accept or reiuse to take the real esra'c ut said iie seu.sed, or show cause w i.y the same should not be oold. , v/jj-j-J- In testimony whereof 1 nave hereon..> a>L. S..Z set nv hand and seal of said < ouii. at Bedford, the 7th day of May, A. D. lb 0. attest ; Ww.S. be. SAM L. 11. 1 A 5 • Sheriff. Clerk. SPRING FASHIONS— MRS. S. F.. POTTS has returned from the cities, having completed hpr spring purchases, and is now prepared fo oUV-r great inducements in the way ol RICH FA.V'V GOODS. Her stock consisls of some rare styles and ia'e,t novelties of the season. SiD and lace mantillas are composed ol the new- est styles ot the season. Crape <ie paris, duster*, rich siU-s, handsome or dtcan, lawn robes. Flounced summer siias, dres- goods ola 1 STELLA SHAWLS. Blac/' and colored center printed bordered Stella, brorha bordered stelis. printed ralimeie ..haw's, chil dren's capts, comprising the lar gest assortment of shawls, straw goods, large slocif ot new styles of bonnets, straw and sil-f, Fnglish straw bonnets, braid bcnr.ets, pa "el la bonnets, fai i y straws,six hundred piece? of mA n.'.ioi s at 25 cer.ts per yard, pure' .-od ut ar tlon and ran t" sold cheap, b•■ net inches bonnet sili. mitts, X'iu govt-*, hosiery, fans, scan and perfumery, iaooy -j"' l 's ' all descriptions, dress trimmings. Hats .v d hats trimmed ar.d m trimmed. She will be still adding to her large s 'ot/.- every vrtei during the summer, rew de* cable and fashionable goods. Mourning Jre-s goods an>l dusters to suit. lJ U[ie S, OO.j Ci ASH WANTED^ ' My Booksaf ren 'v • r settlement opto Ist of July. My customer- • ean.-s ly re ijuested to make irntrw"ate settlement ".'her by Cash or note. Those who hive net settled arm - ding to my terms, will nut U>.. t. hard ot rn. U through their failure to con ply with my terms, their accounts should he found m the 1 :n>i> of an oiiicer for collection. Inly at),'"GO. WM- HARTLEY, fedTOEE FOR SALE ! The under*.gned i desi rous of disposing of bis stock > f ready made cloth ing and dry goods, which he offer* to retail buyers at first cost. All persons indebted to him, are re quested to come forwairi and make settlement with in thirtv days f.otn this date, bvrati o- note. July 20,'J0.-fits. ' L- A At' I 1 PI'KL. SALE OR TRA. One n w 2 korse Wag ori for sale, or trade for a good ! rse. J. M. SHOEMAKER & Co. July 20tb, ISOO. MA CCA ROM, CHEE3E, CRACKERS, CRTS tniized Fruit and Gum Candies for sale hv July2o. A. L. DfefIBAUGH. LOTOF MK MAPLE SUGAR, TOR SALE by j#ly2o,'6o. A. L. PKFIBALGH. CHAKPIOW BELT AWARDED TO .!• HEED & CO EOR HELLTXG THE CHEAPEST A N1) HE - T GOODS ' 'i e uii.V;-igcl would inform their frierius ar.d ro-'oiTiers. that they have just received from the j Eastern cities, a large a ,.,| well selected stock j of SP.'iL'- G JA D SUMMER GOODS, j ,-r "nev are determined to sell at the lowest . 'Hivrtig'" prices. AH kinds of summer wear. I urn t; e !i..e*t to ti.e commonest, ladies' dr--s goous of j t •• rescript ion, fancy goods, and everything nsu- j . ;ej-t jr. rv goods stores (ami, perhaps, ,-ome-: . ...;0 ) gioceries, queeiisware. kc , Kr.. can • .it :.;eir -toie in evetv variety and ! c-so:' ent. 1 HEIR SHOE DEPART'! ENT - w !l -'ipnlied with the be-t -fork that can he oh- ' • .it ed. lor style as well as durability, they can- j not he snrpas-ed in this Erie. TERMS : Cheap for cash, or approved country, pro luce, or ix months rredit "n p uictiial deajer> i Gie us a call, and you -ball he waited upon with id ostre. „ J. REED A CO. &Z & E. 'Vw" 1 Aci V I'' .*£# i'l Puie Pearl Snow White Lend. On- ' iv $2.50 per keg of 25 lbs. PAINT AND OIL; PAINT AND OIL . VARNISH. YAiEMSH. OHIO FIRE PROOF PAIN"", j Oiun KIKE PROOF PAIN F PA i NT. ALL COLORS. PA'."' . . ALL (. OL' A-.S. P P FAKES.' FRESHEN 1 AT HARTLEY'S. AT ii * RILEY'S. Hardware of ail k ds. AH ar' c! ' V ,;i i '.'d '".i iepiesented. 1' ~ir f rufi's ask ed. but w.'i i •* ' ■ undersold bv any our. 1 i.K.' ' . S AGHI.KD I PON. CASH ' BUYERS • y \ y s.; F.WuEED. Trv Kf.r'lev before von send off for your Lard rate, lion. Sails or Paints. (April G, 1560.) IMftN L. SHAFER, ADAM FERGI SON pt'Eßf M! BRWB6S SOHKTfIIKSKEV! . iT.RGT>ON fk SUAf'KR, at the former st ■ of r'-rgnso:: >i Man-peaker, are tow r-*a y to wart on dd customers as well a> new. They expect to sell i-ry ov. ; >r cash ;u,d pror.itor to 11, use who Wiii .ot up every six months. Their DRY GOODS. GROCERIES. H.w R DWARF, QI" EE NSW A RE, And all of'er goofs nsii i..; t in stores, have •en careful!': ct- a:.-! 1 ..-i f'. a' r ices <• a blir ■ :fc .m to sell ii' reduced rale;. T:. A ;r biHOE FFPARTMj'AT, contains eve v variety o: shoe - and boots for men, women and ch;idr< n. They'e a fair share o! tie public patron a.- f ' fr'-i. !• .■ 'lie pufci • 'i . |. .' i- uiai de? : fairly with th'flj and all o'hers at ONE I .i.l .1 f r ever- I ,'y. [/., .i! ,'f -j G K OSTER. SAMI EL CARS. cV I'AIZS. '■ ,iC.S ,£* O, iiC(. r. 'til O - . f? • IV;1 h.", the j r.Aiirr to an' Siii • !i>'e r frier *s. arid customers, that we are now ren ivii • an Hu meri? slock < New f.r !C e. p Si"KM: AND SI AiMKi? GiHiDS, fOfrpristng medium s gay and ple.ti LRF.SS t.O 1)S, in part, silk '■ ul.ini-, po.! d>* chevres. n.t - ii.i r ,-i f- -K,:!:, ;.i ; t-i>, lu-tl-v, I. c! ,'! ■d' au s. pn;,ge.-. ch ; i>:e-, lawn?, l ivepus, . by ibe pu-c# and yard at 5, C, S. 9, Iff, 11 and 10 rantaloon stuff- in gr-at variety at 10, 12. 18, and 25 ets, cloths, cassimeres and tweeds, r.i - i net"? eu I jec sal i color?. ?;' . . rat i ; in a : - sjc vetiiigs, co'T ■ n.i■■■. linn !u*ks a- d drilling gents' new* styles, shii*?, ct.:; ns, stocks, neck tie. hosu'ry, g'vives, handkerchiefs, Ike.. mar?eille- and l imn shirt front?, fir.® shirt fronts at 12?. warran ted not --il lines. ~1 HATS AND CAPS, V . - 6:--:;^ p )r (be miiiion , from 10 i. j., Lo'inets, bloomers ami -hal, .-rs, i ihboits, ruch; ? and flowers, very cheap. VA • V ROOTS AND SHOES. C" ias " cheapest. Glass, china and queen ware. Fiesh supply of GROCf nir>. superior green am l> act. teas, prime Rio, La Guavra and t>ara coffe- Nice brown sugar at b. ! and 10 cts, baking mo! is ,>s at 10 and 12 cts. |i- r quart, best golden syrup a Is ami 20 cts pel qua't. Baker's cocoa, corn starch 1 extracts and spices of all kinds. V.'e invite every per.on tocail an.! -ee. No troubh to ?how goods. \ Prompt settlement by cash, product 1 '' ' ' ' , or rote every January. A pri! 27. f >'io. wEL HOUbE, x '- 5 - JULIANA STREET, BEDFORD, PA. ! THE. subscriber. having renovated and refurnished ! this old esiubltsned House, is now prepared tc ie-J ;ci ice giies ><. fie invites bis friend- ai .1 the travel :: x public to give him a rail. Having new furni ture. iew beds, and everything necissary to render hearty cneer to those in v\,n,t of a temporary home. ' Jh flatters himself that tho-e stay with him. : will limf inemselves at the right place. He i* Sully prepaiei! to receive visitors to the i Spring*, andaii having business with the courts or j oiber wise. V. pie -tabling nml cariiage Louse is attached to t the Hotel. Hoarders wlil be received on favorable term-. ISAAC AIFNGEL, JR. i fledford. April 20, I SCO. A; i idii.CN TflK iinil* r. .gneti have j ist received their usual ! su, p V of SPRING & srMMF.n GOODS, . and f reep"j!( .v ie alt :r. search of real '••arga to call an- m nine our stock and prics. A! -o: to-....try produce wiil be received for glil 1'.... . : .<• .- I'. '■ -S :—Six n-o 'lis credit. Prompt suU'.e i'-ju red by cash or rote every January. • This system has givei ,vjr customers ev.-ry sat isfaction ; and sus'a ri-d by their find and contin-j ued p a/e, we si.,.' 1 ailnr- to I'm- rule strictly. May IS. A. B. CRAMER &. CO. BEDFORD COUNTY, 7i. jsjjj 1 the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to j S.j Sarah Grove, Executrix oi the !a-t will j ; .vj-V end testamei " of Siition Grove, late of Iletl ford county,dereasad : On p"tttion of James Muilin, Guardian ol the ni . nor chf ireo of Jeremiah Grove, tiee'd.. and on mo ! tion of A. King. Esq., we command you that laving aside all bu.-iness and excuses what so ■ ever \o.i Land appear i: your proper person, 1- - .; tore the Judges oi the Orphans' boart jut Bedford iC" iin'y, at a court to he holden at i">- iforf o:i the f:r*t Monday third day of Septcnr.b *' i. u st arid show j cause why you should not give security as execu | tnx and why you should nut settle an amount of j administration on the e-late of said dee'd. "j Witness the HON. F. M. KIMMELL, ESQ. President of our said court, Bedford, this 3utb j day of Apiil, A. 1). 1800. • I attest ; W*. S. FLUKE, FAM'L. H. TATF, She; iff. June V2d, ISfiO. Hotel- _ ' > AND GEN ERA I STAGE OFFICE I The subscriber respectfully begs leave '.o an- j Tvonnce to bis old friends and the public oene ally, that he has leased the Bedford Hotel, at uresent in the occupancy <>} ' "1. Adam Barn- j hart, and will take possession on the Is*, day o; Apiil next. It is not his des ;n to make many ; professions as to what he will do, but he pledges ! his word that his most energetic eilorts wilt be employed 'o render com for: * e all who give i hin a call. The House wii'i be handsomely j lilted up, and none but careful and attentive i servants will be engaged. Persons visiting the Bedford Springs, as well as those attending Court, and "he travelling community general ly, are respectfully invited to give hnn a call and jud-Te for themselves. Boarders taken by the week, month, or vear. on favorable terms. and comfortable stabling is at tached tG D is Hotel, which will always he at tended iva < ireful hostler. Also, a sale and i convenient carriage house. r- (he ST. IGES stop at this Hoie.l. JOHN HAFER. March 16, 1 Sos. In BO R D E R . h CLOCK & WATCH MAKER, 'MI lIKAi.EIt IN JEWELRY, Wen!- re-u>ect:uilv announce to tire citizen? I of Ledf' rd, arid the public in general, that he has .•! -!ic(! a J'- .'.elrv Store in the building re ; c-er-l A, c-ccopt .1 bv 11. Nicodemus, Esq. nearly [ opposite the Bedford Hotel, where he will be i based to see all iii want of articles in h:> !iu - He has on hand, ard \ constantly i p. an | elegatft a-sortrr- •: fol JU\\ i.Li) i, and wil, re ! ; air Clx... uI W: tchra i.-i t:i -■ bert style. 1*- ; For-k l ; receive a liberal share oi patronage, as . !.<> !• els satisfied he can render satisfaction t • ail •.. *;u-* i.i::-. with their %v..k. i..s terms i v 11 1 • moderate. i: •he on hand Gold A:: 1 Silver WATCHES, SI v. r 'i Lit., des, .- utter Knives, (JO! . aim Silver Lens ai d Lentil •- -Nr.. Lc. : /TJ, fit7 '/dJf CHSA?SrT f.BIS? !! LASG2ST !!! $35.00 ' Fays for Tuition tr. Kingleartd Double Entry Book Keeping, Con •: ercial Aril, -r-.-.-t .c ! Lectinfs. KOAV.I) S WEEKS $-20, STATIONARY $7. 3 TVur! time front 6to 1') weeks. Kverv * lie *j *, . J. - ! I . * ;.:.y bus;:. iS, a:. ! qualified to eun : a salary oi .ruin h 500 to T-lOCu Stnde'.ts i nter at an. • \ -call :-—Re view at pit.i aire. Firs! i , ••iiiiuius for E/-st Lnsir.e s Writing fur ' 1 , received at Pitt-burg, Philadelphia ar.d Ohio bairs. Also, at the principal Fairs of ti.e U: n for the pa' i four years. r "Mil i ters' Sons received at hail price. I- --r Circulars, Specimens m i Embellished Views oft. . jtlege, inclose fiv.- 1<: ter stamps to . | F. W. JENKINS, Pittsburg, Pc. •Lan 1". 1-. J. . i IZr.Vi# ! . i j HIE TUUStSIS !• RIVET)! \t. SHOEMAKER & CO., have received a very . LARGE, WELL 'SELECTED AND CHKAP si eel; - ol 1 : STRING AND ■- C.MI' EE G'IODS, ■ 1 which they are determined to sc!' cheap : consi-t --ng. in part, of Itlet-K and i ancy Si k*. Bombazines, Delaines, Shav. is, Ca.ieo- . 1 lain- s, Gii.ssiam', Muslins, Wiiitc Gc-r-A, L - ALSO, Men's V>.ari a!i d-wpripl.tris. juch *> I. ( asiinere , S- ■■.- i writ-, 'Feeds, J rns, Cord Drillings, CtoiTuig, fci . <rr f"g ? ( •->' fr 3 BOOTS, SHOES, HATS & CAPS. , ■ A very large assor-.-. at oi La- , cLN~ • ties' and GeutC •" •'< ana Shows, ai; piii -s, si/vs i a:. '. qualities ;ar • J iiots and Caps lo suit all. A J„>(), A aige assortment ol Queensware. am! s Cudwuro, Single and Double Carpet chain, Fleece Cotton, Carpets, v c. aiiocnnn-S! This departmei * is supplied with the very cboi * ccst artic -t that rati . : ri the ma ket, and as cheap a- can h-- had ar.vwbere . consisting in part, of prune !. n ('i (iVe. Sugar, all htr. Is and prices, l( j Syrup and Molasses Black and Green Teas, Spire-, Rice* Tobacco, Segnrs. Corn-starch, Dye-stuffs, s . 1 oroa. Starch Cheese, Gs: ger. Candles, Mustard. ,t Pain'- and Oils, lin petit ii.e, Fish. &c.. Are. Thank ful lor past lavors ttiey hope to receive a liberal share o! public patronage. ] e 'i'o Cash Buyers and to persons of undoubted standing, who are willir.g to settle nnce a year, ,p Great liargan s will be given. Call and see. J. -M. SHOEMAKER At Co. March 30, ISCO. I T>:DFORD CLASSICAL INSTITUTE I I* £V. JOHN LYON, F N , r , , s at rßisVcirAf.s. r. LYTTI-HTON LYON. A. \ ; THE Summer session of this institution will open or. Friday, the 41 b day of May iß<3o. It is the design of the Principals, to make this : Academy, in all respects, a first class Institution, I (or "he thorough ii strurtiou of youth of both sexes, 1 and to pri [are ti.' in for any profession or po-itiou ; ill life. The high mora! and scientific tone of the school | is well known to ; community, and a strict disci- I plme will be enforced. J A few loys, (the number is limited To trn,) will i be received m'o the family of the Principals, 8s ! boarders. | The beauty of t " scenery at. 1 the salubrity of j ; the climate i- •• ler Bedf rd a most desirable ioca- ■ tion for such i Persons fro II abroad, vi = itir.g at the Springs, can 1 be near their chil 'ren during li e suitim'-r. It is desirable that pupils should enter at the com- ' mencemc. tof toe session, and no pupil vvill be re ceived for le-s than one i ; utter. I S2OO per year, including boarding. TERMS. - washing, fuel, light, and Tuition in all ( the branches, 1 enris for day scholars : r> r\ - I s : f. English Branches. Per Quarter.c . _ ~, ... . . . J hw.ou, Classical do etc. June 10,'50. Llßf> r: CflE A PEST!! COMMERCIAL ! SCHOOL 1 \ THE LAND!!! ] W. P TOTTEN, desires to inform the public that 1 he has just opened a commercial department in the j Allegheny .Male and Female Seminary, lie would j respectfuiy advise the community that Book keep- I n g, ornamental Penmanship, Card Writing and ev eiything peitainii.g Jto a commercial education are

now taught in the [abeve named Institution. Tui tion for single entry and farmer's set $2.50. Dou ble entry and Mechanic's set, $4.50 per quarter. I with the advantage of all the lectures.—Enter at any tune. —Diplomas awarded at the completion of a lull course. r June 1, 1860. I TKITED STATES HOTEL, Vd S. K.Cor. 11 th df Mirkttf Sts., PHILADELPHIA W. KANAGA, ) R M. MCVEV, J PROPRIETORS. Feb. 3, )WSO. | Allegheny Male and Female Seminary, j, Pa. FACULTY. E. J. OSBORNE. A. I'., Principal, Prol. of Lari guages and Philosophy. Wm. S. Smith. Prof, of Mathematics. Jas. 11. Miller, Adjunct Prof, of Mathematics. ! Rev. B. F. Stevens, Lecturer on Moral Philoso phy &c. i Wm. A Ster bens. Prof, of English Grammar Uc. Dr. J. Hughes, Lecturer on Anatomy Ivc. > Mrs. F,. V. 0.-.-ome, Prereptress,Teacher of Draw ing French, Botany fxc. i B. F. Droit, Prof, of Instiumenta! -Music. Ft ice of Tuition for term of II weeks. ; Common English Branches $3 2."> j Higher P>i niches, ii-cliiding common, each SO Latin and Greek, each 2 00 German and French, each 2 50 Book-keeping and Commercial calculations I 50 ORNAMENTAL. i Drawing 2 50 Colored crayon, and water colors, each .'i 00 : Oil painting ■> 00 I M.ur and wax llowers, each 3 00 j I'ellis work 3 00 i Embroidery t 50 : Piauotnus c. with use of 4 instmment 10 00 Board $ 2 75 per week including room rent, fuel, i furniture .\c. Tins is one of the best, and eh npesl j institutions in the country. The whole expense per ; term need no' he more tiian twenty-five doliais.— Second Quarter of summer session commences Apr ! the 5t.,. JSC i. Teacher- will - • instructed free of charge in the Normal Department. For particulars, address the Principal. F...L O.V OF NT. A. B- Rainsburg, Ee ilord ro., April V . l- ",d. v\. I'w l Ai-'i&K EB. €. READIER, JtULiaii Siret f, Dtdfori.', Fa. ;.v* the S!u fr.rn; or. uj i■: b$ Dr. F. C iS - ■-. ) ir HO EH SALE an! re- , ; V, tail 1. uGr Dru /■ e . / -1 Medicine®, < nettlirals. Dye .iir-i- 1 Stiilfs. Oll, Paints, Varnish -* ti: <-, Window GiaS',Gi<s ware received, a large stock of American, i tench am' i English perfumery. Al-o, a great variety of ■ ps .'or toiict use. Tooth pastes, tin r Tonics. ;il r 1•• ves, Iha t will color various -had--, fin, z Di-'it brov/t to a jet black. Toothy, L ;r. t-.-.a V! and Clothes cm-he . Com; -, Pocl <*♦ Kriive■ l ocket Books. Portmcnnaies, Segar vases, Be. A LSO— Have and will ke-p constantly on h-nd, a s;;pp'. !of Coal'lll, Burning 11ui *. and, with a great vtrinty t-i the most modem ami best St. Ie o; coal oil and tluid iainps. Pure Wines and Br., iies for medical u-e, Fla ' voris.g Extract- and Specs of ali sort-. Fine Segars. S'H-ifs, l hewing and Smoking Toha.-co. I ving the agency for all the principal patent medicines in use, wil! keep aiu,! supply constant on i. snd. —ALSO— Dealer in Books, fee., conr-isting of Geogran! cal, • 11• :i 1 Religious, Poetical, I!;'orical,, M-- c. .. School and Misceltaneoii- Vv'ork-. in <>;.- I■ tt n with o great variety o: pi.-.-ii, and ' 1.1 V ;M . •• ry Cap, Note, Po-t, and Wrapt ng I pr, i oik #. of every size ami quality, Diaries, i . I -e.., Mortgages. Notes a ' Rec ' . ' cr t"ed, with regard both to price and quality. f rhysiciaiis' Prescription.- rarefu'iy and acru i ..te.v i ompounded at a'.; hours of the dav o- i Dec. 10, 1859. i - NION HOTEL, BEDf'ORD, r.L 1 THH fi;V--ti'ier rep ctl-i'lv informs the p-,.!>- tl th- r Kti keeps the Hot- .. under >r above iam . : the oh! .nd well known Globe hu; ng. 0 n \ • -t Pitt Street, fornr.erly owned a;,.' occupied : v eir. Join Young, where he will he happy to M P ai 1 friends and the traveitang public generally. Persons attending Court are re-pecit'uily invited to g.v- him ac; . iie pledges himself that 1:e wil: do ail u. i power tu r ' tier ail ifR M- comiortal-l' . i CI ; bh- v ill he stippfie I witii the c. oic-*-" del ic;— :■ the market will aiiord. 'f - j- .1 join will cor Miu clean and comtortable bed 'I . e I ir will be supplied with choice i: nor-, 'i'hc will he attended by a careful a-. ! et tent: v e hostler. C7"Boarders w-'l be taken by th- day, w- a. month and year. JONATHAN HOItTON. June 3, 1859. \\ fi3G' r .'L - Vf BEDFO-D. PA. MRS. S. FILLER won' ! r -pec! v r.i . ounc 'n or limi ds in Bedf-.u-.! County, and 'o • j u'.-.Lc ; g MRialit'. that -kv has l-n-ed, : 'a te'r- of . the la;ge ami convenient brick i. - ■ t-1. .] • <o:i of Ptta; I n .ana streets, B'--l d. Pa., i, - ■ (itte-i and : ciur odied, mid .s nov open t - ; - r-- - i-eptinn of giio's. VisFors ' tl ' -i ..Di Oi.D ' 1 SPRINGS" and persons attending Court, will fii ■ ■ | home.— Every attention will be paid to the comj rt ' a: d aecommodation of gue ts. The tab:.- will I t-'iies be soppi ieii with the best t. j l •t ailo ' Charge-- modela'e. • - Extensive stabling is attached to this hotel, and -a ca;efu! and competent ho-tler will he in atlcn ; dai-ce. Special attention will l-e paid to the accom j modation of the larming community. ! March 30th. 1 k'tl. J. IV. SCOTT. (Lulc of the firm of Winchester cS* Scott.) frieiiUcHieH's Furnishing Njorc a lit] SHIR T M A \ U VACT O R Y, . • /. '">l-1- f taut Slrr't) (Nwiy oppoviu? tiled hard Hot SE,) riJIU'IDELPHU. J. W. SCOTT, would respecti .' .y calf the a!ten tion of bis former friend- to his new Store, anil is ; r pared to hit orders for SHIR TS at short notice, perfect fit gi-.Ttr COUNTRY TRADE plied with FINE SHIRTS and COLLARS. October, 8, ISSU-I v. B 3 O K S A L E, O R EXCI! A N G E. Three Tract* of very c nice farm land, contain i"2 160 acres in each tract, sitinte on the iilmoi CenU'.a R. K. in Champaign co., State of lllinoi-, • miles from the c.ty of Urbana, and 1 mile Bom R . - tual Station on. said road. Two ofthe tracts adjoin an/i one of them has .i never failing pan i of v:,\u-r The city of Urhana contains a population of 3Q90 Champaign is the greate-t wheat glowing countr in the State. Address, F. C. REAMER, Bedford, Pa. The subscriber has just received a spiendi variety of Gold, Silver Mounted, and Stet Spectacles, with the finest Scotch Pebbles, su peril r in clearness, and designed to suit persor of ages—warranted never to FAIL t . which he invites the attention of at! who are i | need ol the article. He has also just receive lan elegant assortment cf JEWELRY—aII . j which he wiil sell on r/'.isona!>le terms. DAMEL BORDER. Bedford, r.i ay 2J, 1857. S / <Sat western ins. a j UT TRUST COM PA NA j Capital and available a.-sets, over S3UU,UC i Fire, Inland and Marine Cargo risks taken c I the most favorable terms. C. C. LATIIROP, Pres't. JAMES WRIGHT, Sec'y. [aug. 15.'59.1 JOHN P. PEED, Agen j OLNDRY AND MACHINE SHOP. i THE subscrbers having forme,l a partnership , under the style of "Dock & Aschotn" for the pur-, j pose of conducting a general ■ I FOUNDRY AND MACHINE I business in the establishment recently erected h\ ! Gilllard Dock, in Hopewell. Bedford count v. ar** now I prepared to exicute orders for f' AS r/.\'rS A' 1) " ! MACHINERY of everv description. The-; will ' build to order steam-engine-, coal m; I drift-far* horse powers and tlireshlt g machines—aim. c ist ng I of every k ir.d for furnaces, forges, saw, gri-t and " : rolling mil's, ploughs, water-pipe, columns, house ! fi<>: bracke , Nr.. Kc. Tf v are also, now making a fine assortment of S !O\~F.S of variou* kinds o! the latest pattern- and mo-t approved style-, including several sizes of COOK 's'LOVES of the be-t make, heating stoves ; for chutches, oflices, bar-rooms, fkc. A full assortment of Stoves wili be kept constant ly on ham!, and sold at wholesale and retail, at : pr ice- to suit the 1 mes, and quality, warranted -qua! to the best Eastern make. Machinery of all kinds repaired pro i ptly. Pa'terns mad -to o.der. Gil.LI ARD DOCK, C. W. ASCHOM. Nov. 11. 1859 /"( ROC FRY AM) jO" CONF ECTIO NAR Y. THE uniiersigneti !tas just tecetveri and keeps | cor- nntlv on liatit! the follow ing articles:—| Codec, sugar, molasses, chee-e, crackers, currants, prim> . M-isins, fig-, alftmte!--. filberts, cocoa nuts, j 'g; , 1 nut-. pecans. Eng. walnut- cream nut . can-j 1 I in variety, oranges,.t'-umn , '• haceo a I cigars, • j fills; re ccd pepper, spice- fall k • let! '.r so- I j ..a, cream of tartar, snip; nr. brimstone, cy i-ter . j and keg powder,shot, capsand lead, grain and grass j scythes, whet tit z tools, wa-h tub- and hear !-•. in- 1 ■: ;o. ey{ ract logw'ood, cooperas, r. -'I ar l it h*r, oil. polish and Mason'- hiuckii . sv; epilog, t -t "g , : stove, ;■ nd scrubbing, i.rii-hes, riot . <*, I 'i.r, ; j. too' and f• <h I'tu-he-, I•*ar ' . an' inuh '.rj oils and p-rfumery, ; ui-cs and pvt monaies, p." • j : :.i di' en.orancii'ii he .;:-, to' -et ; i:l r.e\ • gum ; co- ds. "ricldii a; ! line ( ml", i fee', ts and : sharpeners, uinbrelia*. suspender*, spoil cotton fioss, clocks, small looking gh • -• s. vu •• *, v strings, toy watches, watch cl lit -, c irry combs. ICS, V ;.. Ie ft ,Mj ch t- - ct-F i i ■"■! cii Giirglitig O.', >r i rr ; or beast, and many other articles oi a sire tr | i iture. The patronage of the pub. c is respectlully ; so.. rll *d. A. L. DEFIBAUGiI. j June ITJ y. i TJLOODY RUN FvUNDRY p- AND m achinf SHOP. rr " crs h t. -w. prepared at thet i F> i.ti'lrv in F •.'••• 1 in, to f:,l oriKis for Castings of every description fi : I GjRISTJXU SJW-Mff.LS, THRESHING j "IA CHIN AI RLE MILLS, PLOUGHS aid j al : -iiiiigs ei-u in nur line that may he needed in tais or ad;/-ii- -i g couriii- . V - manufacture Threshing Machines of 2, lor !'or-e I'/ vv r, WARRANTED equal if not superioi • , n. in tt ef' te. Wc keep constantly on ' a full : s-ortm/ ' ' of Wood Cock, Plug and Hili-u Ploughs, WARRANTED *o give satisuc . />i i o -iie. Points, share- U IKI land sides to fit ; V 'T-tcock, or S.-yler ploughs in the county. I rr.fti-' f'e' -. Ploughs-and Castings of our make r , b had at th stcre of Wi lurt'ey, in Bedford, v . ■ ghK Pee, East Providence Tp., John Nycum & Son, " " T.r: -I t ng hard, we offer great inducements to rat nifti * ar.d Mechanics to buy of us. Ail : , nt- f' repairing done in a neat and üb-tan •ia! manner and all work warranted. Call and ex. i '• <■' ' castings and work and judge (or your- Our agents sell at tonndrv pric-s. JO SI AH BAUGHM \N ft FRO. Ntrck 26, 1858. "I|"A NH O O D. HO'.V LOST, HOW RESTORED. ./■'.s7 Published. n sealed /..ivelopc. On the Nnttu. . Tieatme l! unci R. ..-.<l ' Ure /■; Sperme'orrheca, or Sen lna WVuirnes-. b*xii! D *1 . Nervoi - tie. 8 i ti.votiin'arv K-rii-uosi, Im : - ty. B- RO' . .1. CULVER WELL. M. P., - The world-re; ow ne.l author, iti this admirable Lecture, A rjj proves fro* hi- own experience tl at ti.-- awful c iju< nees . 'i-al use nmv he . ii . . :ou-t-:;-c;ca! op . bougies, instri oei/s, I it • •• .*• it /tU . by v.. ich every set! re,-, no matter w at his feii.liti i may be, i -av cure him *ejf ,• , }*".- ''ly .mi r ...u I Lecture v ' prove a b t> t> -i t!.ouar ' ? i r ! t •a ry r j; r • .••!. on the . . ' ••!' 111..M. D.. .S3 f.r-t Av. ;ie.' New Y'otkro-tB :K , . . . .. . S. i.RO.AD has made Scfcellsburg his norma ti ti li.; V, light Lee, on th- rnosi appr :- ■ ; E is or; ir-t! the rrc-t improve - , Snoit ar I re- -3 . I i.'. •: Mtll Bru-:.- Anchor Bolting • '■ . " Lot! new ami r-! l, at ci?■ prices. Mill Bars can he procured iron, hyn and ahinped to any point. d c.' D. BROAD. - Sche'lsburg, Bedford Co., i- I M.itch I. 1559. j L-mcrican l!i.c Jusm-aiuc S: Crnst CAPITAL Stock, $300,000. \ COMPANY'S! building, wajlnct street, s. k.COl:nkr or Founrir, fhilai-elpiua. I f.i; ' insurance at tne usual mutual rates, at ahou* | 2 i per cent !es, or at total abstinence rate-, at the j low—t in the world. J- C. SJMrv, A. >VHII LDIN, Sacretarv- Presid-t t. JOHN J. SCHELL, Agent, Jan. 27, ft. B- dior i, i'a. ' • , ,• 1 ft'ill make a directory map of F !for,l Cnunf horn actual surveys, if a su'dcient n-nnber of-ub cril •:.• rr be raised to v tstify me ; . the enter prise. ' map wi.l be large ar.d well finished and will j ■ how !i iucat in of all the public roads streams, i .-un lf vl in , t ;-, village-. Hotel*. Churc.cs. : ■ I ti. - Post Oflices, s'ore-, grist mills, -aw mills A-c.. ike., and v, . . contain the names of ail the • property hold r-, and show the busines that almost 1 - each one is engaged in. I will put on the saint r * sheet :i :p- i f all the towns end large villages, also tables ai d statistics ol the County and (if taken in 'y j i me) the census of 1860. Pains wiil be taken to make i' a - reliable as any Map in the Slate. July 1 ,'59. I.DW D. L. WALKER. fiJAVE COSTS: ! * All persons still int'ebtpd to id the firm of OSTF.R, MAN SPEAKER (5-CARN, by e! Account or Note, are respectfully, yet most earnest. u . n fen to ina/.e immediate payment, and thus save io .t. '1 he 800/s, Note- and effects of the firm are in the hau la ol'Ostet & Carn. ('* After tin Ist day of August, 1860, cost will be in addr l, without lutther notice, except by spsciel : agreement. ( 8, 18 . ).-2m. I U SELECT SCHOOL" i 1 For the pri ; uiary an 1 higher English branches, will be op-nerl by the subscriber in the newly furnished and beau tiful rooms of the Union School-House, on Monday. .. the 131 h day of August r.cxt. No more pupils will be t iken 11; an can receive every attention. Ot) TERMS—From $2 to $5 per quarter, according on to branches pursued. The patronage of the citi zens of Bedford and the surrounding country, is re spectfully solicited. Applications should be made i mined lately. J. W. DICKF.RSON. It. June 22/1, 1860. r;v,rp,nticT3 nr ; L_J lzzJsj ij Lr-r'u n ; j . Vfi.l •*! p.i.crnl!T ! csrl'u::-7 ,'j '■ £i J ', '• '•■' ; ' - --'J Jt-" . . 1 I j V• „ > 'i > ... , . r- Terra INVARIABLY CASH. | t '/*_ ''•* lE- P titter:, li i.rl.Pj. v" * | t- ~ - e-—• aaaiMgM , , ■ ■ jacub IEKD, a.w. RUFF, j.„- bchi / REED, RIP!' iSI'BELL. BANKERS & DEALERS IK ZZ- CfiAN&E,; BEDFORD, PENN'A. DRAFFS bousrht aad sold, collections ti.aJo and mor.< v promptly remised. Deposits solicited. REFERENCES. HON. JOB Mann, Bedford, pa " JOHN CESSNA, u JOHN MOWER, " .< ft. FORWARD, Som- set, ~ BONN, RAID IT. I &. Co., Phif .< J. WATT & Co., PitUbur . J. W. CUIILEV, iit Co., (i (femmcnmmltt} insurance Ccaqp^nT UNION BUILDINGS, THIRD STR;:ET, PA. ! BARTERED CAPITAL, $300,000. Insure bui' hn<:>- or other j rojx-rfy against . \GAINSTPER LSOFTHSSSA, IMLVtD NAV QATI! & TRVI3P3RTATIOM. I Stios OAMSKOS, (SO. M. LA?: MAN, ff*. 1 Wm. fl. KcrNEit, A. B. WitFotii, W. F. Mtntsr F. K. BOAS, J. H. BLUKYHILL, W. F- T'ACSEB J £LI bairnß. OFFICERS : j SIMON CAMERON, President. BENJAMIN' PARKE, ViCF-Prwideat. S. S. CARRIER. <ecretnrv. J. W. LIMUF.XFELTF.R, Azenr. Bert ford. Fa. Office on Juliana Street Oct. 21. ISSS.-ly. pnmsnivamu jusuramc *Lomp.inn OF PITTSBURGH, OFFICE, NO 63 FOURTH STREET. Capital And Surplus over .$150,000.00. DIRECTORS. Jacob Painter, C. A. Calton, X. Vopghtlv, fl) 1y Patterson, A. A. Carrier, J. G. Sproiil, Henry Sproul, A.J. Jones, G. W. Smith W. Hampton, Rob't Patrick, J. H. H -pkinsl This Ompaay has paid from th* date of its orp'-ation in IS'-t, opto .Mac, IS3D, to a j mount of $302,835, C7, in addition to regular semi atvnual iJividerids of from sto 13 per cent atloruwig ; evidence of its stability and inrfnlann LOSSES LIRE!. ALLY ADJUSTED, AND PROMPTLY PAID. A. A. CARRIER. Presh. f. G. SPROCL, Sec'y* J. J. Lingen/eller, Agent. Office at Bedford Pa. j September 2, 1859.—1 yp. A U.-'.vi \ u. SliMM — HAVE farmed a Partnership in the Practice.A the Law. Office tier. /iy c; posit? the Gazette Office, where <_ne | or the othei may at ail times be found. B-dford, Aug. 1, lb"9. ¥BB* p. DECS ATTORNEV AT r.AW, EEDFORn, PA. Respect?ulhj lenders his s-rvices to the Public Cu''Office second door North of the Menre' ! II • L*•r Ang. I. 1859. 1 / v ii Gunicr?— ~ \_E 3 ATTORNEY* AT LAW, BEDFORD. TA-, WILL promptly attend to all business en trust.-d to bis care. Office 0 n Pitt street, two doors C3TI cf tb? Gazette office. He Will also attend to any surveying business that mav be , entrusted t • him. [Nov. -J-, '. r 9.j !. (. • l>s ii!, \ 0 e Attorney at Law, Pittsburg, ?a. V. ILL attend pr nintiy to ail busings en trusted to his care. July 1, 1559.-'y. 4 (r.i. 9 i GUN'SMITn, BEDFORD. FA. I S.'ion a' j.; cast IT. i >1 il.e town, one door west •- u. r> >;. r.ce f. ' .r \V...-ha ! a. | All.. ins ny own roaaelactare warranted. ' . . i/ili 4,a. t t .iIM i. . COLNTV SVKVETOR. | WOULD hereby notify the citizens of B'J | f 'rd county, that he has moved to the 80.-au.rh jof Bedford, where he mav at all ii xbe i found by persons wishing to see in unless j absent upon business pertaining to his office. Aj fil 1 o, iSoS.-tf. j TTASS & SPASG— ' j —' * 1 ATTORNrVS AT LAW, BEDFORJ, FA. ; Vl'e urdersigned have associated themselves ia the Practice of the Law, and will attend pronritlr j to a! i business entrusted ta their care in Bedford ' | ai d ; ; counties. 1 07* Office on Juiianna Street, three dcorr. south ) "f ' I House," or-iiostte tiv re-iiimc? o - Jlaj. Tate. " JOB MAN.V Avp- 1. l ; "f. G. H. SFvVG. f W< L. i ELTER— fV . ATT'JF.NEV AT LA W, AND tAND SERVEYTIR. I I.:// it ten ! ."'.Pt prompt nets to ull business , entrusted to his C're. . WlLL rtfCTfot in Bcbwu aim F dltos GOVma v three door# North ot me'•lntjoirer'* "! Offic -. t T ALL kL F. KURSI— | J&. s RESPECTFULLY tenders 0 his profeSHOOal services to the citizens ot Red ford and vicinity. Cilice and residence on Pitt Street, in the •••'Sing formerly occupied by Dr. John Hofius. Aug. 1, 1859. 0 _ - / RESPECTFULLY begs leave to tender his Professional Services to the Citizens of Bedford and vicinity. p ' - ' Oiiice in Juiianna Street, at the Drug 1 and Book Store. Aug. 1, IBb9. DR. J. U. BfiRKEBILC. St. Ciairsville, ffi BEDFORO CO., PA., . Kfspprtfully tenders his services to the ritirervs j that place ami vicinity. [j*B 1660] BUILDERS.— "' ! j preprred to furnish any -quantity or quality - ! of Building Lumber and Plastering Laths.— e I Orders directed to St. Ciairsville, Beflfod (County, will be promptly attende<l to. bv giving a reasonable notice. F. [D. BEEGLE-