Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, September 28, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated September 28, 1860 Page 2
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bedfohp n \ v, :n"\ -BKOFOBO, P.- FRtDiV, SKP- f MM*. B, F- Kcysrs, Editor aud sropricvor. FOR PRESIDENT, HON. STEPHEN L DWfillS, OF ILLINOIS. FOR VICE-PRESIDEW, DON. BERSfIIEL V. JOHNSON. OF GEORGIA. j \ FOR GOVERNOR GEN. HERB? R FOS!* H. OF WESTMORELAND COI N ! - FOR CONGRESS, Hon- WIIX*-*® l F - SCHEIE . OF BEDFORD. ■ FOLL STATE SENATOR, Hon. .IOHV SCOTT OF HUNTINGDON CO. FOR ASSEMBLY, DANIEL B. TROUTMAN, OF LONDONDERRY. DKWOi RATIU COUN TY TICKET. I f T'ROTHONOTARV, MAJ. SAMUiL H TATE, BEDFORD BOROUGH. . I SHERIFF, JOHN J. CESSNA, BEDFORD BOR. COMMISSIONER, RICHARD M'MULL IN NAPIER. rOOR DIRECTOR, JOHN S. BRUMBAUGH. ~ S. WOODBERRY. AUDITOR, GEORGE BAIJGHMAN. W. PROVIDENCE, CORONER, JACOB WALTER) ST. CLAIR. To the Independent totrfi of Bedford and , Somerset counties : At Che solicitation of a number of my f riends, I hereby announce myself as an INDEPEN DENT candidate for a seat in'the next Legisla ture. JOHN McVICKER. John McVicker, Esq By a card over the signature of the above- i named gentleman to be found in this issue, it will be seen that at the solicitation of his friends, h-offers himseil as an Independent Candidate: for the Legislature. The Democrats -of Somutf sef coun'v having made no "nomination, wW; shall give Mr. McVicker out keartv and zeaU j © ous suppajjivjinci rail upon the Democracy of the District to rally atound hun as they did '■i-nivnd DAe\in IIAY three 31 h;ir .■ -b-n that gentleman was triumphantly elected. Mr. McVicker is an Qlu Line Whig, conservative in his views, and it elected will make an ex cellent member. He is well known in the District, having been Sheriff of Bedford county, and has many warm friends who wili yield > him a cordial support. Friends, mil ii|> your sleeves for TrotrtTrran and .McVicker, and suc cess is CPI tain i theTroteht. Mr. Schell is charged with entering his pro test in the Senate .Tnnrnal, against a '•ries of resolutions relative "to the organization ol Con gress." This is true. But the paper which makes the chaige unfairly refuses to give his reason for s > doing. Mr. Schell voted against these resolutions, because they were of a partizan character and were not written in becoming language . be cause they approved of the course ol those members of Congress who persisted in vo'jn< lor John Sherman, tor Speaker, when it wa. well known tha' h" v-Aed against n motion t postpone indefinitely the low tariffM,! of ISn?. thereby indirectly voting for it: '.-cause the > resolutions affirm the doctrine of congressional j intervention m regard ! > the Territories, and because they charge the Democratic Party with uttering threats of disunion. Now, we submit the question t > the rand judgment of every unbiased mind, t, nv could any Democrat, how could any Senat v f. ; , such resolutions i They were uncalled fori, they were in bad taste, and were calculated to stir up an angry and excited feeling among ' the members of -the Legislature of Pennsylvania and thus interfere with their legitimate busi ness. Any man who introduces such political fire-brands info the councils of th- S ate, Jacßs either patriotism or sound judgment, if is the duty of every good citizen to frown down all such ill-advici interference jv Stale Legisla ture with the affairs of Pong!-.-*.. tVe cam mend the course of Mi. SchHi in :| -s matter, to • the approval <H every righ-U i; ,vk.;ng man, j whether he lie Democrat or Renuiilican. Active and Anxious The little, small potato leaders o? the ficans (not People's party) in Bedford b > rongh aie very active and anxious fur the suc cess of Lincoln. Why ' Because some f-ur! or five ol them want to be Post Master, and i Jordan and his brother-in-law expect the bar gain and sale made by then, at their lat conn ty Convention, to be carried out. Min'lir, was nominated to put Gump out ol Aschom's wav Aschom to put Minnich and Kupp out of Cock Robin's way. No wonder they are active and i aonous. THE TARIFF. The Republican pnj rs allege that Mr. Schell ' opt>osd the tariff resolutions in the Senate la-t : winter. This charge is wWluHy and truacruis- ; ly The Sacts are these : During tim session rf IS- r, B a coiriUiittee ©f'thc ! House ne-n oi peansy Ivania, stopped at Hn-ris-j tir'. on their way to Washington,, and urged file idature to adopt a series ol resolutions,: IT, I, r- F protecting the great Industrial inter- , ' ,-N rt the' State. They we're written, and in troduced into the Mouse by Mr. Lawrence, . f Washington county, a leading .Republican re.em- 1 ;#>r of the House. The resolutions passed both j □ranches unanimously with the exception of two ; vol • s in the House, who avowed themselves fa voi !e to the principle cut,tamed in 'he tesb- • lot ion, hut were oppov.-d to the doctrine oi u'.- str uc I ion. ( .- tin 30th ol Morch, 12 O'CI-KU at night, after the resafut'uns were { ermtlted to sleep for six weeks, in the hands ■ chairman of ihe committee (Mr. Penny, a Republican) they were called up by Col. McClure. Ii was tfien iliat Mr. Schell offered as a sub stitute the resolutions which were adopted u aanimoutlv the year before,and which had beer, ioted lor by every Republican member ol the "Senate, in IS;>9. r Mr. Schell offered his amendment because jthe resolutions pending rfleected M-VI ,ely on the " President ot the Uni.ed States, and were pure ly of of a iart;zan character, and contained the Yellowing false charge, viz : "Experience proves that no protection can he expected from the National Demociacy, who have modified or repealed the only measure which afforded relief since 18+2." Did not Hannibal Hamlin vote for the repeal of the tsr iflfol 184-2 ? Did not David Wilmot do the same thrng ? Did not John Sherman vote a gainst the motion to postpone indefinitely the j low tarilFbill of 1857 ? Did not W. fl. Sew ard vote tor the tariff bill ol 1857 ? Dio not a Republican House and a Republican Speaker pass the same 1 IVhere, then, is the truth of the charge contained in these resolutions ? Again : resolutions adopted by the Legisla ture of a State, to have any influence at all up on Congress, ought to be conched in decent lan guage. and be clear of ai any partizan feelings I ' or expressions. These republican tariff resolu .ions were not designed to influence Congress in favor ola modification of the present tariff", Dut were in tended to exasparate the inembeis |ot the Legislature, lor they could not preserve their own self respect and vote for them, and. therefore, would be compelled to vole against i them. To avoid this state of affairs, Mr. Scheil of fered his amendment as an olive-branch-—as the common basis—on which Democrats and Re | publicans stood one year before—and yet, will i the country believe i'., every Republican (even ( ihose who voted tor them one year before) vote,! - against them ! Mr. Scheli voted for the first two resolutions in the series. j:n<.ert la.t winter, bv the Legis lature—as they related to the tai iff atone, and A ere unexceptionable in language, but when the oiher resolutions were before ihe Senate, .Mr. in his place, a id declared that he had done ins whole duty to his country, when be offered his amendmen' and {voted lor the two lesolutioris as above stated ; but that he could not preserve his spit-respect and vote in favor of the c!it j r resolutions, whicfn wer- fi!-e, .slanderous and of a partizan character. He al so declined to vc-t" on the fijiai passage ot the resolutions, (as did most of the D> aiocratic Sen s'or-j far the same reasons. Mr. Scheit always has been, and r< now, in favor of a tariff which will ampiy protect ail the great industrial interests of the Slate. He is -n favorof chsnging Ihe duties to syertfir, in place of ad valorem, wherever it can hr : d-ine. M McFlier.ron was compelled in candor 1c ! adroit in hi speech deli ven d at Bi v Run, tHot .Mr. Schell was as good a tariff man ah* • WUF. T!ie Pay ofWiiJiessoß • %> Some cowardly skulker, very likely liltie Da . vy 1 iroself, uruler the signature of Las' Provi . inquires why Mr. Schel] ki'h-d thr bill to increase tliV pay f witnesses to $ 1 per dan . and mileave. We wiil answer him. A nwnber of the House Iron, JWTetsoii co., pr -• u ; nurnerr-es petitions asking fr:r ruvh a change for that county. In compliance with "he request of the petitioners, a bill was intro duced to carry out thei, pravers. When 'he bill was called! up, sever a I mem t hers from other counties, moved lo have tiieir respective counties inserted in the hilt. Mr. Williams bring suddenly seized with the mag riific-'nt idea ol doing something, without a sin gle petition being sent to hun from Bedford and Mim- I rset counties, praying tor -ucri a change, moved to insert nt !ne bill counties of Bed bird and Somerset. The mil was brought to Ihe | -•-•(, ate. At leas' six or eight counties were m i eluded in the h;ll. and vet no' a single Senator 1 representing those counties, would call up the ! hilt. IV"h v ' Because tliev. had never lecejved , a letter or pefit-on from any <d iheir constitu i ents asking such change. What rigt t Ind Mr. Williams or Mr. Schell jto introduce and pass such a bill unasked by the people?. It the people who have lo pav ! these th > people who receive them, were desrfoiis of having the witness fees raised : from fSi cents to $1 per day, whv did they not write or petition to Mr. Schell. He is not tlie man to disregard their wishes on anv stib jject. I Mr. Schell declined lo have anything to do with the bill/because be had no word from his r t'-.e sot-feet. lie never rerfoved a letter, or a petition, <u the subject hum any ' body j tjihei: in or out oi ins district, instead !51 being <"Nrtisrpd, Mi. Scheli deserves praise. ! for iiis course, in refusing to act in the mutter : without anj? intern .ittort ou -the suhjpet. . AVrfAitfON_A(ULV! I WHAT HIS OWN PARTY SAY OF ULU ! j IHEISIU PiAVOR OF THE HEP&AL 0? THE TOWAGE TAT ! i Last \v"'.-k we gav the opinions whicli some | ' ot Col. Wharton's own paily friends entertain ; in regard to that geoflemau, as expressed in the Huntingdon Defender, a Republican paper. 1 We now present a f. w more ol the same sort ' \ copied from tht journal. Just >u regard !<, ■ tile 'ionage Tax : In thus (onaerti ::i we quote a sentence or i two from the afH hv'it of A. VV. Evans, which appeared in the -JourHal ot October 9, 1857, i beaung upon this : oru • "He said that Mr. Anderson wanted some Legislative business attended.tu, and that he '! (Whattun) had promised Mr. Anderson to do this business up to bis vi .•?, lie said iie slbt ' ded"to the THREE MILL TAX particularly ; . !':■■{ it should be removedfrom the Pennsytf nt'i lie -Doul ( ontp-'inif, nnil i'/ il • i.t ;>h -- gd himself to .Mr. jln tier sort, TO \Oi Id. i; : elected l\ FAVOR OF REMOVING THE, i TAX." Next the Defender gives a quotation Irons l ■ j ilie Huntiagdon Journal edited by Air. Whiia-j leer, wi.o opposed Whartoo, when lie was a j ■ candidate for the Legislature in ISA?, hut rinw j supports him and lands him to the skies. Again, Whittaker in speaking in the Journal ol the Kith of September, 15.)7, of those who ! oppose Wharton's election, wiites the follow ing : "Do you ask who ? Lend us your attention a moment and we wili tell you. ' : A majority of the decent and respectable ■ members of society oppose his election. >. K. * * ij* * * . All who are opposed to the removal ot the three "mill" tax oppose his e ection. All who are opposed to thes3,ooo,ooo plun j dering scheme oppose his election. In tact everybody who is not connected with some monopoly, some "axe grinding" scheme, ' some straightout, Locofoco clap-trap, or who is not blind to his best interest and the interests ! of soemty, oppose his election. j The following is the Defender's opinion in 1 i regard to the number ol Opposition vote.— 1 Wharton will lose in Huntingdon county . Wharton anil Fridley. 5 In Is">2 Wharton had the nomination of the > Whig party tor Assembly. The Democrats . had no ticket in the field. Andy Fridley was t run by the Whigs who were dissatisfied with • the nomination of Wharton, and received •ib'l vote*—and in Walker township he received a " majority of 35 votes over Wharton ' If the • Democrats had entered into the /use, Andv . j would have h°aten his contemporary. , In TSS7 Wharton was again a candidate, and those of his party who could not go for him. and would "scratch" a ticket rather than vote ' against conscience, cast their suffrages f r Lvi I Evans .Esq., who recc ved 665 votes. :Tie.:ly . 661, Dvaus 665. Don't tins look as if 665, or more, -rd Wharton's own partv, were determin ed to cut him at a!! times ' Is it n u sate to say that over 600 Republicans will vote nta'.nsl ' him this year ? We thai! see. j Dentccr&ts of Cotei:;'n! In the iust issue of Joi&r. s Inqttirer, i> :-;i ' ; article signed "Resident," which buie- aril idicules you, alleging that t'oleram is O. K tor the i '•Republicans." Fhe--- are enough Democratic "lb dderts" in fr •; -u iki Coleraio, 'o rebuke this in-u!t, by ;U ~ig lat least 40 n&ajo: ity lor the mocr.-.tic t .. t. j This you can easily do by bringing out \<n,r ' full vote. Sl.all it KMt be done < Our friend who wrote the account Cf ■ " foster poh-railing at Rtihsburg, need no! j trouble hiirs-if with c.r.Tutjng tho l-tt i <1 ; "Ref ident." - its uiihorahip is too v. A, . known to I-ave it any chance oi bein<r be! e | - Another Stable Burned. 0 ! Oil Sunday .Morning last, between file houis i t of two and three o'clock, t lie stable of Dr. C e | " • Anderson, immediately below town, tva discovered to be on (ire. The Hamet couid •' , he arrested, and it soon burned to the groan I. 1, j Dr. Anderson's House was aiso on fire, bat bif ; ing to the timMv exerti insol those present, wis I- j - I i saved. Our V'ouiig inend, Lewis S.ujpf, de -1 ; serves great praise for the energy and Hani ■ ? bis efibrtß (o save the d wellirw ot Fr. A->r-i 7 i ; son. i • j The TJncampEifnt. a ; By an advertisement publi-.hi ;! -to:- , 1 ; for s >me weeks past, it will be -. \->i t, at a - Military Encampment is to b- held rt! is p.ace. : commencing an Monday, October 15.h, at;.. - ! continuing six days. The encampment will be j r Known as "(.'amj; Taylor," in honor of the ga!- • Innt Oplain Taylor, who l-d the ' rave v. lun -j teers < f Bedford county in the .Mexican war, i - j and gave his iiie as a sacrifice in the service c: i i his cpuiUry. We believe sme forty corrmn- ; nies have been invited to attend. The Mditn rv of Bedford county are a gallant st t of fel j lows and we hope they may have a good; - time. John Brown's Fikes A Democratic friend in Cumbeiland Valley ; _! suggests that the torches ol the "Belsmckles" or "Wide Awakes," are tin lamps fixed on the . I j handle's of John Brown's pikes. Daggers may take the place of lamps after a while. f j ICPWe are pained to record the death of , j Mr. James PaTTeson, son of David Patterson, i J Esq., of Bedford tp. Mr. Patterson was a young ' ; man of estimable qualities and his early loss is l t deeply deplored by all who knew him. His j ■ foneial which took place on Sunday last, was the largest ever witnessed in Bedford, embra ) cing some 70 carraiges, besides many a-foot and j s' on horse-bark. ' LETTER FROM A REPIBUCAV 1 R*b,.i>YMPATHIF.S WITH JOHN BKUW'.N ! ' A Kiclf Rare ;:jh! ILicy Docnmrnt! The following ietter written by a New J *4" Republican to a fiiend tn this place, has bjen handed us I>r publication. Should any j phson I'oubt the authenticity ol the .etter, the ! etitor of this piaper holds himself ready at any tine to prove that it was written by the ufofe l slid Republic m ami wdl exhibit it to any one , ij-sicag to see it- It i published as a key to ;S.e true feelings ot the Republicans m regaiil to ' i;i.t John Brown rebellion. Qeakectown, X. J., I)-c. 19th, 1 Soft. Dear Sir : )'wrsof recent date, is on hand. j.!low me to compliment \ ou on your brevity ; j fievtly, you know, is said to be the s'lttl of wit. j- • -v, it this is ru, you must L ■ verv w ilty, in , feed, lot vou wrote- a reflaarkablv short and p!Hy letter, but, 1.-aic, 1 wiil look over it, lor I up nose i im in fault, or at least vou ! in. ?. f atn extremely glad tiiat •ro>j did wiitv, pr i had grown negligent and needed jinking pn ; tor reason I shall {dead in extenuation of by long .silence, is, that my whole time out ol t'-e school room lias been employed ire reading the acc unts in ih; 1 various papers ol t he "1 lar

ir's a very insmi ection,"lo which is ir while .jen, headed by one John Brown, and six mg 4*:s v.nipped the whole state of Virginia i' Ihe Old Dominion,," the "//Ac of States," vl:ere l • "Ji' -'' iAtni'tts live. The F. F. V.. jj n know. Glory be to Gpd.tiret there ever vetl a J no. Brown J poM-->-d with muscle and if/n to nuir.h into the very Sanctum Sanctorum j that infernal hot-bed of AJ ican slavery. A j did I say ? nay, a hero ! yea, more than j ijan, tor w ho beside Old Brown has ever dared tf ireard tiie i .on in his (in? j repeat it. 1 fe derate it, ttuink God, lor his infinite goodness h teservinj; to the i'.iih ceiiimy such a martyr t the causei-l Fivenom as Jno. Brown! Osa viatuiiiis* Brown, oi all the Brown's the verv bpwnt-Rt : oi all heroe the Hero . ofall great . nun, hie great est 'ol all good men the best ; j eqniparatively, positively, and superlatively! ■ Vive ia Joiin Brown! your name shall live i gi ,-n and honored throughout all coining time! Flier- generations, yea millions yet unborn, w!l rise up and cail thee blessed ! the down tndden. the oppressed, 111- poor arid despised, every where otiner the wide spreading canopy ofn-aven, from the busy marks of opulenc- and 1 waltli in our Atlantic cities, Irom the humble C3in of the sturdy pioneer ol the back-woods, j Iran '.hose whose aspirations lor freedom ascend tuheaven and to an avenging God, from th shve-pews of New Orleans, from the dark and patilenlial holds ot vessels engaged in the Slave tnde, under the sanction of this present, cor rmt, despicable, unprecedented, devilish, derr o({-atic administration !! ! Shall I say more < Ys! here goesr Old Brown is a good text, a ! gbrious Hero, and a beautilul theme. I wih Load 'he eloquence of a Demosthenes, or Ci vjio, the logic of a Webster the melting mo- ' vr.g soul-ttiiring notes rd a C ay, then I would gr down to Virginia myself, personally, indi vidually, and then I would make the autli >ri tip of that slavery Cursed old hag tremble, vu jiv tt says, from "turi-t to foundation." Old Bdwii will live, v i say, live ! when such '.hogs as Jeems and Guv. ,iV i e are consigned to oblviun. I teil you -uch a man as Jno. Brown wil never nVver ! as long as the Ninth, thegiorious, that breeds such men as Br wri exits, just so long Gsawa'oniie Brown wiil he a iuuS'-iold word ? A sU,ndurj work is Biown iiio.i -ssuiedly ! Perhaps, you mav think me . eulbcsiaH c : per 1 ; • s v< •> ay ail me a little, ! .jest a lit*l ir sane, nit 1 assure you i am just as sane as Jr.- Brown was whn u- took the whole • i.i'e of Yigtuia wit i lour white tnen and five gers!—l'nar.b (•-.! :• >r Old Brown ! Don't exhibit this uocum-nt south i i.iifoa's tad Dixon A line, c r they might nlntdar it ra- ; •i. r inct ndary : Jinn <1 n't know any better, down ihat 4'iv. you know lam well. I have ! a goo i schotl, 55 air to!d average r<! "it 30. V p nl -.fiivreaii well—l. • •vni ni y urs .ire hi a. : ; iy and hjir: v, avd t l * i you a: - i -• n ,l; ■% p with fihl Jno. Brown. Vf ite W ■ j >nl i wil! nuje cor ; Iter my v.vcdv m-ttt to wii't- K ;t . ••.: •' maH-i-. Ever ■ a.m .ch iiiend. ('. i:;AiocPiAT;c:.nn;is:. . i;.'sr. clues v ii.Li'. GI.D hf. Cfi.Xlif I\ TfSB, i-iriLD! Pur-usnt fo v— y i'.rg - and ei 'hcaiastic n;'tii .; c-f'the Deni -crat< • > St. CLir , townsitip, v. a' held ia the town of St. C o - . !e, cn Sal.i t!i 2-d inst. About tw • hundred jiersons wore grrsent, '.vithouf any I a<-- stance iron any".V. .'.sleeps" from Bed- So-p. The !-e|t f-!in; t revailvd every f * | thing p; s-d r-:T in fine- style. A 'uitilui hickiry pole, 95 feet in t.'itd, -as raised,art! j a flag inscribed. "Young D rrrocracy" fmfbrh d . from its !• i •y top. Speccf- >s w-rv ma i- by j J n Palrm-r, Hon. Job'; C. sin an I O H. r. ,v j. • ' !:jv. • rrr r :A'vi:\--n :u"trri :• i liijee-rs < f !I - meeting : President,.*.!OUT T. BOWSER : VIC- I N IDENTS, J R ' U VV j ba or , C .f. .1 Ml A!- oil, F. C. Mock, Jacob, John G J ihn Honestioe. Josepii Corby, Fred. !? am haugh. Daniel Wigv, Aa r uh Grove, 'f. i.aui - I man, P. t*r CJavcor.'j, t.-crge !> . y i ■' cref Vrfe's.'eeo. \V. Heirisfing, P. f r IM-b, j Sanriuel Ickes, £rd Gemg - B,ada.y. ! TP"MAIL -CONTRACTORS ! Rurv. mbei • that Edward M'-Phej-soo peisisted in volii.-g for JOHN SHERMAN, the (.--.cfoisef ■ f the Hel per Book, whose election to the Sjieakersinp was impossible, that he refused to vote tor Mr. Smith, a Whig member from North Carolina, when that gentleman had a sufficient number of votes lacking but one, to elect him, and that he thus assisted in keeping Congress Iroin bemg I organized and in preventing you Irom receiving j your pay. (Or" REM EMBER that whilst DAVID WILMOT and HANNIBAL HAMLIN were voting againsis the Tariff, and whilst AN DREW G. CUR7IN was doing nothing lor it, | HENRY D. FOSTER labored and strove lor j its passage. - Fair comes off on the 2d, 3d, and 4-th days of next month. We hope our friends i will turn out and make an exhibition worthy of ■ Bedford county. W . * • •: k *!*• : d ' REMEMBER thai' HENRY" IX KOS ' TER will b- eleet-d Governor ot P-nri-v!v i nia, if th- Demorrat ic voters all turn out to the ••lection. VIE o PER that" ilniuiihal llainlin voted agaiost the Morrill Taiili' Biil, whe'h d came befo-e (lie Senate. i j- . . ... _ r r'l he nomination of DAN.EL B. i KOI IT MAN, E-'j., as one of the D-iriorratic tam'i .al. s i.,i the L.-gi-' ituie Imm this unlrtcl, is w.-ll rec-ived >y the i).- oaciscy ol the coun ty. Mr. Troutmnn is a worth) man. L-t u rally to his support. * REMEMBER that's. S. WHARTON, the Kef uldican canduiu'e lor S-nator, "Charged wiiii being in favor ol the repeat ot the" Ton- i nage i'ax : and IF. MEM PER that JOHN i'" IT, the Dem ocratic candidate, is opjiosed U its ejmal. t •"•REMEMBER that S. S. •.VHARTON'S! own party chug- him with having ; dd nw gen. con I 'A, lite Rejiublic.iit c.iudi'iafe jor Senator m 1357. j oi EMBED .that Edward ,McP!)-i> >n iirli.'tl in his speech n> Bloody Run, tl •: VV. P. Sohel! is as good a Tariff mart a- himself. "REME.Mi) .M \V Jim i'. S.-|ie'i has . done more lor the fi" pi-' ol Bedford crtunti, than any man who lis ever been it, the Se-rtate uf P-- ns-, Irania. fCe 'BEH'ARij tl r -omavks ! i'lie f);rprfi tir.n are desperate an i unwropnl on*. B-'vi-re! of eievnth hour stories and "la t card ." ■'J RALLY' RALLY' : ALLY, Demo-j era's for Foster, Srh-!l and vi ory ! '(Junr.e \ from your farms and your work-Fur < ! .Com. J vvi'li the rieterminati. n tn c mquer, and day is ours! i ' ! {Coirespointpiice of the Bedford t< neite.j Sr. Cuaii<-viL..;; Sen'. 24th I-jfiJ. Mtt. Eoi ri u : Thinking ytuir readers might be edified by ail acco'imt oi the Rr-prmlicau ••pow-vyotv," beid here ou iast Saturday mgiitj , ' I ask the indulgence of rm.-ni enough in"an ac- I count rd the '"great demons!raUon." ll com menced with raising a large pine pde. which, 1 with the assistance of about one half of the Re publican population oi Bedford, and some of j Peter A nicks "fifteen year-nid," was put up, in ex-icily ope 1 hour and a hail, it is, perhaps, something over a hundred feet in height : and bears head a fiag r , with the names ol Lincoln N. ?*-m':n almost as indistinct as they will be after the election. Alter several cheer* by the "Wide Awakes," who are trained for I such occasion ; they tell into line, lit their! lamps, and n ade a "grand display,* 1 tiy march ing up and down the street, — some ot them : steady ing themselves by the assistance of their, lamp poles. After murh nois" and confusion, they orga- : nize.i in frof <>l AmiclFs store: ami were address- 1 td by Dt. \Vintrude ol Huntingdon county, in jl a speech one hour and a hall in length. He succeeded in convincing • verv hody that the Republicans weir about as good Abolitionists as can be found any where. He talk-<i long, loud . Iv, and eloquently, (:') agauiit liie Sin''., arid hi favor ol the freedom ol the negro; aod de nounced ail who do not think r>s be d r>. Rut 11. • if. fiorti&ri of his -p ecu bad the besft-t-- t- ct on tin' people here : fr irn liie tact that rio-t of them have /,-// 'he -• I"-c t ol his t inll pracliv nies, when £.•■ practised mdicni.e i c I hi* place .sums' v'3> ;ig.. \d; ,• •>' • ' opinion ol the > ].) o! *■' : here arid lie \v 1 ;! ii • ; with .1 • '• ex. " n oil fits ia 'e, ••VV : I tariff mm. I ! ive i,n doubt • at ! -fas tar as ' e practice r.\ medicine is Coi CTSud." Ife S.i' ! s'UT-e' o ; i, r , L .t I'd, V, ij-i n i vwar'l? t lie ' c;'.•••• ot hi. rh : i t a< e.-. iy • - em J :> t • -v- ■ -M'Ml. • i !Mueß||.-g., .e • Hum wi 4 1 - • "i ir wiis >\<oz vu'r I-n!*>'• Se;vant c dd r >t f- r what it v He fin ,! v c r>ci'H'd WiHi ,\ :i. ■ ific.*nt ap io his <, 1 ratunf. to ?Tv n i'v g ■ >:i ■v •.*•*: ael was •■..'! .*•• -v '• I fiu i manny," Mr. Jordan, of ' Inty/irer. "H ■ d;.bo:;t "Free • , 'll Ire- ' 111 ' i"" - -qut nt <: !<?. But nearly vv rb!v •: > ■ a i I. •* r- ■ • crtrtclu-i 't i M • J • • ,*.• 'c't, m ■- . ; who had herd the i-ut the i) ~ tor'a'b- - ii z Z'ttnHf mttn, m-;" *i-d '• ' u - h ,-yi .i sotne!i . .• : if on t st - •je-j'.ka- ; i e Aa r n r lie ■ -! t, ; aad Mr, Fillers t I-" n 1 fit h•' returned the compliment uy cheers am! iaugn- j ter. I c *. hen the g- - ••man ■ ft>ir-|it-vl '• ■ ! si eat . :mse'lf. - n- "c n v.viy • iniuh' t ..... I • htm by th- coat'taiis for *' • ' mi 'hf >.'-n i i something." And s. er•.!••;} one oftfw ir-i tni- j ' ru'v, c d disorder I v or: -tr ri- wi r.-t, d i ■ , ■•ie. f0..-uv:ng c-;x t: v t-ird rr. ■ and i.Vm i s who stared to ,e. : j. sitivelv s-'- e; . s live vo'-i? from t'.'i. fownahip present; Yours IVuiv, i ' i ■Uf: \ j KM. a I'' : Vi; '.. I' '-S' : . 22, "6 J. M - Mi , : 1 r. snrr.-rr : cf negro 'quality irt Reptibiicau S o of N \v A'.-ik, negroes j •.*. mug §250 w-::th n p.'q.ert y t ujnved die' git of snlfra-re, whir i< nil true: hut Why ;iid vou At .1 our won id -be conservative Re-, pnulicans of Bedford county know that their acknowledged lender, Hoc ace Gbbbi.v, Erlrron 1 jor ;ik RE FIJI'-LIU A N BIBLE, has €>ne Tut ' boldly <n fuvur of taking away the property re- j ■ stiicUAns and giving f-verv negro the right to! stand upon i perfect equality with white Tm-n 1 i t t-very relation of lit -. If any ol our credo- j . ions R-puohcans doubt this, l-.-t ih- ui get the | ! .V. Y Tnbur..: dated Sej>t. J.i, and read ttie .ar- i ! tide headed "NEGRO VOTING." I'he lead-1 J ers of the Republican party cannot deny then ; waim Bttacliment to the Y. Tribune, nor; ; their adherence to the dangerous and treasona- j | hie doctrines it promulgates, when we remind j ' them of their zeal in circulating this same pa- ! j per, their efforts in trying to get it and the He!- j per Book in the hands ol every voter in this j ; county : nor can the Republican candidate for ! | Congress, Edward McPhersoa, deny his adhe-I rence to the principle ot negro equality when j : we remind turn of the fact that his time in Con- j j gress was divided between sending A". Y. Tfi- [ bunes to his constituents and voting tor an en- i ! do.rser ol the Helper Book for speakr ot the' ' House. , ' _____ S&Sk!^-,. C0,,n1 . v ' "'wmber that I. . ' tl .' , V r,V " a ">' "h0..,| Vat* * /inv- Alt AM V r / v /;/ .// nun: p.nnw n rnnti r Fihsr nrroM! .wn/.mo \ IST tor lit in:US' nuu.frro.visr AS icihr i WILFUL ntl) W 'OOUCJH, ixsjor M/ AtT I.Y nfr: rh, v DS ornwir/ru -•■ Vi> timt . n. M-puruiso. v, /, >•' ytC THIYS TJV C(A U HL>S, ILVOOnx Jn 111 ICSE o*l A'GLHOUS PidSCIPL' S ■ I POT BR. y -i* ? 2'j — lll f H i'ii residence in tlonro* Township. * ; I')'(k Philip Evann, mTdJth y-r.r ofhts at*- In t'i<* death of (his mtwl ad „. or . •thy Hi*ri, h. dear l.mify, trjs Irieftiß a' , ijiiiiiiitiiHCr.-, an; itw CuiUiiamtly u*oai}d fcavjt Misfjuhi-tl a I<-s not >-asi!y n-jiftir. fi, a ,id bv which sore a wound has he„ matG v.tncii none l but Cod can he # J. R> in-, was not a processor of religion, Jbgj jc ' ' not a member )( a <;l|urcfi, but lie was as ' p'ary in his condttc;, and asjioflod in the laijb ah, irniti-1 ire;re so Ihyn many profeseo'ra 0 f re ligion, and in the Irving hour gave wi.i . nre nj •i gorvl hor>- through gear *. Hut he sleep death ; and we mow on; as thcise wf-„, have no hope. '•■" or tf we believe that Jesus died and rase again. **vn ab'ttrem also which -ieep j f , |e S „, w tit God hrir.gj.vjlji hiuV," iv lint G >.' of hraA oe a hihrrto I, $ chi!• f,Jri;.an.! a ho-uau.t -to li widow : ao<l may iey wi'h the <; iri! Ac t with the iindersiand m tie t s nai;f'v' to sm<* "Parent, add guard ar'd goi.fe ; 1 tem arr eaah tender name in one ; Or: thee <• csst riur ev'rv care. Ant. comlbti setdc from thee alone *<>tir Fdih'*( f God, to (he we look. .ht <'ur i-ji : , our | rlion, and our friend, t■ And n tl.y convenant love and troth ( :r sc. King >i iis shall still depend. : J E H hnr •■ TowtiHiip, on the IBih insf.. Arm R.;xa-, itriiat daugfiter ol John and Mary Jane Atirmi. Le( these w.-rds comfo, :he parent of the de ; cea-en : "S'dfer little children to come unto me and forbid tneni not, frr ot such is the Icincr dom of Heßven." take the-'e liitle lambs, savs Chris', And fold them to mv hreinf ; Protection they shall find in m-, In rrm be ever blest." J. E. On the lltb September, IS6O, near Wood berrv, Bedford Pa., of Apoplesv, Mrs, Matilda EMer < contort <d Mr. Robert Elder, ageo f)! years. 7 months and todays. The subject of this or, lived in the rn j ovinent of divine grace/ and though she was afflicted for many lirtig years, yet she bore her afflictions with christian resignation ; and as i she lived, so she tranquilly passed away, tnu : ting only in Jesus Chjigf for her reward at the right hand of the Majesty on high. She leavps an affectionate husband, and fen children to mourn the loss of a faithful wife, and loving mot her. Funeral services by the writer, from I Tltes., 4. 13—IS inciusive. followed bv Rev. .Christian Hoffman. THOS. Hi DESHIRC. iVctiLicgale of BEAL ESTATE IS -NAPIER TOWNSHIP. By vi fue of an order of the Orpbans' Court r >{ Bedford c unty, 'be undersigned, acting Ex cetor of i'i. :as McCreary, late of Napier r Jivnship. dec'd, will expos'e sale -i i . i ti - : !--rriisi-y. tfir real said dec'd, on Thurs-.'a'v the, ! s'h dav of October nest, •••'id ' 'iil" consists of Jour tracts, viz : 1 f M uiMtm tiact, conlaitarng 409 acres, t ' - >:> I'i'es ciyaitd and tind-r fence, with • two og f oiis-s aoA.'-g earn thereon erected; aiso •; ai.ple orcftrd thereon, situate on the '. •*3.1 wat-rs of Dunning"? creek, and having a .-■ i • '■'-* f water on the pri-mis* s, adjoining ' lttri Q o EHi#, Weaver, Jos. L. M, . Vt' !; ,T.i.qfher?. \ L<Q, ■ >■' ■ > r f, ••oii'aiotng one hundred and ' ! .Gut : - s a'-- -t Q acres cleared ; (he • •'♦•: ' • oi "i - are a I>g house tad log barn, • ■it 1 .id mg •vhard, aiij >inmg the above ■ iig's tr- k : l:.!s -a n, as well as the .. > ivy, coi fi •- , n .'.i.j-y | trid. A ESQ, • • n' lining 115 <ncr°s, ad- I" 1 * ■ !'• i ' HV, g l!:ereon erected ' •'t ' Z biio. 'tuis tract contains 1 ' : . a spring of water ...... •: • . : good merdow land. ALSO, . 1 '' "t w ■ .: .mining the above, and, it uJ acres, about 41) ol which '' • "'• '" •* i'dfiroveinentf are h lbg ■-', •' r s i; '.<!•.* o;chard, -S-c. m• ' •at 10 o'clock, A. M. " I J ' t'.'u on dav iA sale. henry TAYLOR, acting Ifc'or of .lit. .. \S McCRMAkY, lec'd. . 01. iB6O, I S # • <>l i; r S.ALK. <>;•• A VALUABLE KARM. i.y v. ,'■;■.•(! a order cri the Orphans' Court nf ... 1v ( i . iersigneJ s-1! a; pu iihe ■'• "• ■' t -'tli, day of October next, on prerni-e-. ,■>'! : : Valuable Farm late the res '** • *'••••' a- L'.ngciifefter, dec'd., situated in* ! • county, cdjoiume land* r .<-4 Miller, .Vf.ihlsn Hlack • ■*••- '••.*•: Lu-i.ty, containing 2.12 aires . n.t nib w . .. ■■ i . • i land, more or less, about 1~."> >are<i ' a.ufer cultivation : about 20 acre* '•La •'•••w, and a good apple orchard thereon ; an of good water. Thaie is elected two g'• s and a Voub'e log baiu. This property i* ... 1 plea-ant nt Igiiborhood, convenient to churches, schools urd Marl>t. Sue to begin :t 10 o'clock, A. M. where terms <>fsate will be made known. FA VID LLNGF.NFLL'i'ER Sept. 2> "60. AdtrVr. 1 ATTENTION _i A IUFLEIHEN! Jl V-jFy YOI arc hereby ordered to * parade at Bedford, on 4 8AT- \ (ff ( ;j URDAY, the 13th day ofOC- )j] I ORER, next, in citizensdres* jBL at 10 o'clock, A. M., tor the of erecting tents, and making- oflwr. airangv j merits for the coming encampment. . By order of the D'aptem, Sept. 23,'tiO. G. W. STIFPLER, 0 S. ; IS'I'KNt) I ICE. Letters of Administration on the Estate ol Alexander George, late of East Providence tp.. • dec'd., having been "ranted to the subscriber fet>i ! ding in sn'.d township, ad per-ons indebted to said j estate are, therefore, notified to make payment m j mediately, and those having claim, will preent the me forthwith fe>r settlement. Simon N*rrr.\f. Srpt. 7*h IS6PV Aitm'r.