Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, October 12, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated October 12, 1860 Page 4
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IftRCMX/IMATIOft OP ■ ralrlccloii.-Wlu'i eaM, iu and by an Act ol General Assembly oi the ('umtcou wealth of Pennsylvania, entitled An Act to i>-g- ' rrlate the Genera! Election* Within this Common- ( wealth," it is enjoined upon me To give public no tice of said Elections, ami to enumerate i n said no tice what officers are to he el cted. I WM- S. FLUKE, Sheriff ol the County of Beiuord, <lo here- t by make known and give this public notice io the Electors of the County of Bedford, that a General Election will be held in -aid County, on the second > day alter the first Monday, being the k otb day ol November, 1860, at the several election distr.ets, " a vie : The elertotsof the Borough of Bedford and town- , chip of Bedford, to meet a! the Coo t House in said a Btrough. ! o The electors ot Bioad Top township t j meet at ~ the School House in the town ol Hop-well. i j< The electors of to meet at the q house of Joshua Killer, in Rainsburg, in said town ship. si The electors of Cumberland Valley township to , meet at the new School House erected or, the land owned by John Whip's heirs in said township. The lectors of Harrison township to meet at j school bouse number 5, near the dwelling house of | Henry Keyser in said township. j 0 The electors of Juniata township to meet at Key- i ~ ser's School House in t aid township. s | The electors of Hopewell township to meet at the School House near the house ot John Hasher in said township. t. The electors ol Londonderry township to meet at the house now occupied by Wm. H. Hill, as a shop, u in Bridgeport, in said townshtp. , (; The electors of the township of Liberty to meet j oj at the School House lit Stonerstown in said town ship. oi The electors of Monroe to'-vnship to meet at the house lately occupied by James Carnell in Clear- jf, ville, in said township. ; lt The electois of Schellsburg bo* on eh to meet at the brick School House in said borough. The electors of Napier townshtp to meet at the ■ brick School House in the boiough ol Sohells burg. . The electors of East Providence township to meet at the house lately occupied by John Nycum jr., m j (i said township. The electors of Snake Spring township to meet at : the School House near the Methodist church on the land of John G. Hartley. The electors of VVest Providence townsf.ipto meet at the log School House at Bloody Run 111 said town- j _ sh 'P* - 'J'he electors of St. Clair township to meet at the j J store near the dwelling house of Gideon Trout in said township. . : C The electors of Union township to meet at the ' c scnool house near Mowry s Mill, in said township, j w The electors of South Wood berry township to ; s meet at the house of Samuel Oster near Noble's mill i u in said township. j< The electors of Southampton township to meet at j i: the house of Wai. Adams in said township. t The electors of the township ot Middle Woodber- j a ry to meet at the house of Heniy El line in the vil- ! o lage of Wood berry ; at which time, and the places j 1 designated, the quaiitied electors will elect by bal lot twenty seven electois for the State ol Penn sylvania, to cast the vote of said State, for President : and Vice President ol the United States. The election to be opened between the hours of 7 , and S o'clock ill the forenoon, by public proclama tion, an.l to keep open u!l*7 o'clock in the evening, when the polls shall be closed. { Police i Blcrehv <ivci, a That every peison excepting Justices of the peace, b who shall hold any office or appointment ot protitor o trust under the United Stites, oi of this SUte, or ! any city or corporated t!istrict, whether a comrnis- j sioned officer or otherwise, a subordinate officer, a gent who is or shall be employed under the legisla- a tore, executive or Judiciary department of this S ate a or of any city, or of any incorporated district, and j also, that every member of Congress and of the State : £ Legislature, and of the selector common council ot i any city, or Commissioners of any incorporated dis- ® trict, is by law incapable of holding or exeicising at the time, the oliice or appointment nf Judge, in- 8 spector or clerk of any election ot this Common- j ' wealth, and that no inspector, judge or other officer j ' ol such election shall be eligible to be then voted M lor. j r And the said act of assembly entitled "an act re- r latmg to elections of this* Commonwealth," passed 1 f July 3d, ISI9, further provides as follows, to 1 s wit : " I hat the inspectors and judges shall meet at the : respective places appointed tor holding the election in the district at which they respectively belong, be- I • fore 8 o'oclock in the morning of the 2d Tuesday of j : October, and each saui inspector shall appoint one j 1 clerk, 'vno shall be a qualified voter of such dis- , ' tuct. ••in case the person who shall have received the j j second highest number of votes for inspector, shall i f not attend on the day ot any election, then the per- i son who shall have received the second highest j ■ number of votes for Judge at the next preceding e- j < lection, shall act act as inspector in his place. And j < in case the person who lias received the highest 1 number ot votes lor inspector shall not attend, the ! person elected judge shall appoint an inspector in \ his place, and in case the person elected judge shall not attend, then the inspector who received the j highest number of votes shall appoint a judge in his i place ; and il any vacancy shall continue in the board for the space of one hour after the time fixed i by law lot" the opening of the election the qualified • voters for the township, ward or dislrict lor which such officers shall have been elected, present at the j ••lection, shall elect one of their riumbe' to fill such a vacancy. It shall be the duty of the several assessors re- ! spec lively to attend at the place of holding every general, special, or township" election during the 1 whole tune such election :s kept open, for the pur- j pose of giving information to the inspectors, anil I judge, when called on, in relation to the light of ' any person assessed by them to vote at such elec- j t ion, and on such other matters in relation to the; assessment of voters, as the said inspectors or either ol them 'hall liom time to time require. "No person shall be permitted to vote at any e i lection as aforesaid, than a white freeman of the age \ ot twenty one or mere, who shall have resided in ! ilns state at lea.-t one year, and in the election dis- i trict where lie offers to vote ten days, immediately j preceding such election, and within two years paid ■ a State or county tax which shall have been as,es- i seil at least ten days before the election. But a ! citizen ot the United States who has previously ! tieen a qualified voter of this State and removed I 'herefrom and returned, and who shall have resided j in the the election district and paid taxes, aforesaid, ; shall he entitled to vote alter residing in this State ! six months. P rovided, That the white iteemen, ' citizens of the Uuiled States, between the ages of twentv-one and twenty-two years, who have resided in ttie election distnvt ten days as aforesaid shal be entitled to vote, although they shall not havi pa id (ax. "No per-on shall be permitted to vote whose name is not contained in the list of taxable inhabitants, j furnished by the Commissioners, . unless: First, he ] produce a receipt of payment, within two years of ; State or County 'ax assessed agreeably to the Con I stitution. and give satisfactory evidence on his own i oath or affirmation of another that he has paid such a tax, or In a failure to produces receipt shall make oath to the pay input thereof, or second, il he claim i u right to vote by bring an elector between the age i ot twenty-one and twenty-two years shall depose ■ on oath or affirmation, that he has resided in the ! State at least one year next before his application, ' and make such proof < t'residence in the district as J is required by this act. and that he does verily be lieve. from the account given him that he i of the j age aforesaid, and give such other evidence as is re- ; quired by this act, whereupon the name -t the per- I son so admitted to vote shall be insetted in the a |. I phabetical list by the inspector, and a note made op- j posite thereto by wilting the word "tax," it he shall j lie admitted to vote bv reason of having paid tax, or the word "age" if he shall be admitted t r vote hy reason ot age, and in cither ca-e Hie re .son of such a vote shall be called out to the cieik?, who shall make a like note in the lists of voters kept by them "In all cases where the name of the person claim ing to vote is not found on the list furnished bv the commissioners, and assessors, or his right to vote whether found thereon or not, is objected to by any qualified citizen, it shall be the duty of the inspec tor to examine such persons on o<tb as tohis qual ,tic lion. and it he claims to have resided within ' the State for one year or more, his oath shal! be sof- | tickcrit proot thereof, but he sn ill make proof by it 1 icas! ope competent witr.e-s, who shall be a qnali- ' tied elect u ft, A In !ns icsi.le.i within the district !.-.r mnie thai! tetid ys immediately preceding said • electin: , and shall also himself swear ih-it his bona ii.le icsnf. i re in pinstiaiuv ol bis lawful c illing, is i within the district, and that he did not remove in the district for the ptupose of voting therein. "Every person qui lifted as a oresaid, and who] st .il make due pnmf it i~qu;red, of his lesidence j and piyment of taxes, as aforesaid, shall be admitted I to vote m the township, ward or district in which he f !i ill reside. "If any peison shall prevent orattempt to prevent : ■t:y officer oi an election under this act, Irom hold- S ing such e'ection, or use or threaten any violence to j any such officer, and shall inteirupt or improperly interfere with him in the execution of his duty,! sii.i.; block or attempt to block up the window orav- ; run* to uy wii low whete the sune may be hmdeu :>r sha ! riotous.y <l,stuib the peace of such election, >r sn ill use or practice eny intimidation, threats, toieeor violence, with the design to influence undu ly or overawe ny elector, or prevent him liom vo ting, or to restrain the freedom ol choice, such pei ,an on conviction shi.l he fined in any sum i.ot ex ceeding five hundred doilirs and be imprisoned for ny tune not .ess than nor more th in twelve months ind it shall be shown in the (,'ourt where the trial ol 'iich offence thill be b id, that the person so ofteu fing w is not u resident ot" the city, waid, district, sr township where said offence was committed, and not entitled to vote therein, then, on conviction, he .hoI be sentenced to piy a line ot not less than one 'nimi:ed nor more lb u one thousand dollars, and be imprisoned not :e-> thin six months nor mote than two years. * "If any pei-on or persons sh ill rn ike any bet or wager upon the result of any election within the omrnonwe ■ I'.h, or rlnli offer to make any such bet ; it wager either by verbil proclamation thereof, or '.}• "y written or printed advertisement, challenge ir invite i-jy person or person- to nuke such bet oi wager, upon ronvictio t thereof, he or they shall for ■*it and piv th ee lima.- the amount they bet or of lered to bet. And the Judges of the respective districts afore- j 'aid. are required to meet at Bedford, on Frid>y. j next to lowing the ho'diwg of said election, then ' d there to perfoim those thing., required of them ' by law. Given unlet mi/ Land, at my office in tied font, this i •lis! day ol Aligns!, m Ike. year of our Lurd, one Ikons m i eijuthnnilred and sixty, and the. eighty fifilt of the I tide pen den re of the Untied Stater. WAI. S. FLUKE, xherijj'. August 3let, 1860. i7 On A3,SO , ORTR A 1) E, A first-rate farm of limestone land, in Morrison's L'ove, containing about L>l acres, 100 of which ate ! cleared and balance well timbered. The (arm is well wate, ( ed. 1 tie improvements are a good two story Frame House, Log House, Barn, he. There is a goo! oi chard upon the premise's. The larrn ad join, Blootnfiebl Furnace, LPS half a mile from the Hollidaysburg '1 urnpike, and four miles from Mar tinsburg. There is a ready market at the door for alt kinds of produce, and the land is in a high state of cultivation. For particulars inquire ot Dav.d Daniel, in possession, or George ("ieugh,at Spang's —AL(>— A Giist-mill p operty in Hainan's Bottom, now owned oy Lewis N. Fyan. The mill i-a large fram with two overshot whelts and font run of stone ; in good order, and in a good settlement, with a suf ficient supply of water. The farm contains nearly 400 aores ; about lOOaliuvial soil, and cleared ; and the balance well timbered. The improvements are a large buck house, tenant hou-e. miller's hou-e, 1 barn, distillery, The farm can lie divided with- i out disadvantage. Teims reasonable. ALSO- A tract of land in St. Clair !p., containing 93 j acres, or thereabouts, about .75 acres cleared, with a two story log dwelling house, tenant-house ami ; two log stables thereon erected; al>o. an apple or i-hard thereon, adjoining lands of Wm. Keele, Jacob j Senile; and others ; formerly the property of George } Kimberlin —ALSO— a Farm of 166 acres, about 100 cleared, with Double Log House, New Bank Barn, and t-.vogood orchards thereon, lying on the Juniata River, two miles (rom Stonerstown, and half a mile from the iail road. This farm is comjKiseti of a good quality ol river bottom land, 30 or 40 acres of which can be put into good meadow. The whole is now in a goo- 1 state of cultivation. —ALSO— A farm of > IS acres of limestone land in Liberty Township near Ffonprstown, known as the "John Stolei property," adjoining lands of 'Squire Kensin ger, Stoler and others. The improvements are a Log ' ouse, Log Barn fee. There i* goo! water on the premises, also an orchard of good fruit. —ALSO— A new two-story Rough-cast House and two lots oi ground in Broadtop city. ALS— O-160 acres of the best quality of land in Harrisoe county, lowa, near the Missouri, and close to t 1 oouniv seat. ALSO— A Lot of ground in Omaha city, Nebraska. ALS— O-100 acres of land, in Southampton Township, Bed ford county, lately owned by Win. Lashltv. TERMS to suit buyers. O. E. SH ANNON, Jan 27, 1860 Bedford, I'a OUBLICSALE OP REAL ESTATE IN NAPIER TOWNSHIP. Jsy virtue of an order of the Orphans* Court of B-dlorcl county, th" undersigned, acting Executor of Phomas McCreary, lite ol Napier 1 jvvnshin, d- e'd, vvi'l expose to public sale upon the premises, the real estate of said dee'd, on Thursday - tlm, ISt h dav ol October next. Said state consists of four tracts, viz : The Mart sion tract, containing 4D9 acres, ?- bou' 12;) actes cleared and tind-r fence, with j two lo£ houses and fog barn thereon erected;' also an apple orchard thereon, situate on the: i head waters of Dunning*? creek, and having a I good spring of water on the premises, adjoining ' ; lands (Do. N. Ellis, Emanuel Weaver, Jos. j Biack, Win. Wuil and others. ALSO, One othr tract, containing one hundred and t : liltv four acres, about 50 acres cleared ; the ! ; improvements are a log house zn-l log barn, : and a small j oung orchard, adjoining the above on Dunning's creek -.this tract, a- well as the above, contains good meadow land. A LSO, . One other tract containing 115 acres, ad i joining the above, and having thereon erected ; a log house and log bat n. This 1 ract contains 1 .1 good apple ore hard ; also a spring of water , near the house, and good meadow land. ALSO, One other tract adjoining the above, and, containing about f>3 acres, about TO ol which I are cleared. I lie improvements are a log ; house, I- ig barn, apple orchard, See. Sale to commence at 10 o'clock, A. Rl. TERMS made known on dav ot sale. HENRY TAYLOR, acting Ex'or of THOMAS McCREAhY, deed, j Sep. 21, 1860, ♦ Eg L. G0J)B OL D , TUNER & REPAIRER ot Pianng, Meloileons fkc.. has made arrangements to visit this place regularly at stated periods. The next visit will he in October. Yearly contracts made. Price for tuning $2.00. First class pianos tor sale. Ordets to he left at the "Gazette" office. H. L. G. has pel mission to refer to the following per-ons for whom he has tuned : Hon. A. King, Hon. S. L. Russell, John Mower, Esq., O. E. Shannon, Esq., Dr. W. H. Watson, Rev. 8. Barnes. Mrs. Freytet. June 29,'60. MACCARONi, CHEESE, CRACKERS, CRTS tali/.ed 1 ruit and Gum Dandies lor sale bv ' ju'y'2o. A. L. DF.FIBAUGH. !)EDF OR D FOUNDRY 3 _ THE subscribers bavins purchased the Bedford : Foundry of Messrs. Washabaugb and Bannon, would : most respectfully announce to the citizens of Bed-' lord and adjoining counties that they are prepared to > make and furnish all kinds of CASTINGS for GRIST AND SAW-MILLS, THRESHING MA ! CHINES, PLOUGHS, APPLE MILLS, COOK ING, TEN PLATE. AND COAL STOVES, SLED AND Sleigh roles, wash kettles, of different sizes, wao : boxes oi all sizes, farmers' bells, (a superior arlL ele), oven doors, and every thing usually made in a j country Foundry. !' LOU <; H V —WOODCOCK, SEYLER, I and HILL-SIDE PLOUGHS.— Also, a new PLUG i PLOUGH, to which we call the especial attention I ol our farmers—a superior article to the old j Plough, with two kinds ot points, shares and land-, sides to suit ail ploughs tn general use in this coun ty. Turning and fitting ci iron patterns matte to 1 order, ami all kinds of repairing done at the short-j est notice and at low prices. All our own work; made ol the very best material, and warranted to give satisfaction. Fttrmers and others would do well to call and examine our work before purchasing else- ! where, as we are determined to meet the emer- j genctes of the times, we will Sell *ow for C\JSH, or country produce. Pie and bar iron, horses and lumber, taken in ex- j change for work. feb 25,'60-iy SHIRES & JORDA N. J EOSTETTER'S STOMACH BITTERS. IT is a fact that, at some period, every mem ber of the human family is subject to disease or disturbance of the bodily functions; but, with the ai! of a good tonic and the exercise of plain common sense, they may be able so to regulate thtf system as to secure permanent hcititii. In order to accomplish this desired object, the true course to pursue is certainly that which will produce a natural state of things at the least hazard of vital strength and life. For this purpose, Dr. Hostetter has in troduced to this country a preparation bearing his name, which is not a new medicine, but one that litis been tried for years, giving satisfac tion to all who have used it. The Bitters operate powerfully upon the stomach, bowels, and liver, restoring them to a healthy and vigorous action, and thus, by the simple pro cess of strengthening nature, enable the sys tem to triumph over disease. For the cure of Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Nau sea. Flatulency, Loss of Appetite, or any Bilious Complaints, arising from a morbid inaction of the Stomach or Bowels, producing Cramps, Dysentery, Colic, Cholera .Morbus, i.e., these Bitters have no equal. Diarrhoea, dysentery or flnx, FO generally con tracted hy new settlers, and caused principally by the change of water and diet, will lie speedily regulated by a brief use of this preparation. Dyspepsia, a disease which is probably more prevalent, in all its various forms, than any other, and the cause of which may always be attributed to derangements of the digestive organs, can be cured without fail by using HOSTETTER S STOMACH BITTERS, as per directions on the bottle. For this disease every jihy sieian will recommend Bitters of some kind; then why not use an article known to be infal lible ? All nations have their Bitters, as a pre ventive of disease and strcngthener of the sys tem in general: and among them all there is not to be found a more healthy people than the Germans, front whom this preparation ema nated, based UJHJII scientific experiments which have tended to prove the value of this great preparation in the scale of medical science. FEVER AND AGUE. —This trying and provok ing disease, which fixes its relentless grasp i :i the body of loau. reducing liini to a mere sha dow in a short time, and rendering hint phy sically and mentally useless, can lie driven trom the body by the use of HOSTETTER'S RENOWNED BITTERS. Further, none of the above-stated diseases can be contracted, even in exposed situations, if tlie Bitters arc used as per directions. And as they neither create nausea nor offend the palate, and render un necessary any change of diet or interruption of ordinary pursuits, but promote sound sleep and healthy digestion, the complaint is re moved as speedily as is consistent with the pro duction of a thorough and permanent cure. F-r Persons in Advanced Years, who aro suffering from an enfeebled constitution and infirm body, these Bitters arc invaluable as a restorative of strength and vigor, and need only be tried to be appreciated. And to a mother wliilc nursing these Bitters are indis pensable, especially where the mother's nour ishment is inadequate to the demands of the child, consequently her strength must yield, and here it is where a good tonic, such as llostet ter's Stomach Bitters, is needed to impart temporary strength and vigor to the system. Ladies should by all means try this remedy for all cases of debility, and, before so doing, should ask their physician, who, if lie is acquainted with the virtue oi the Bitters, will recommend their use in all cases of weakness. CAUTION.—Wc. caution the public against using any of tbe many imitations or counterfeits, but ask fur HOSTI-.TTER'S CELEBRATED STOMACH BITTERS, and see that each bottle has the wools "Dr. J. liostetter's Stomach Bitters" blown on the side of Use bottle, and stamped on the metallic cap covering the cork, and observe that our autograph signature is on the label. XI- Prepared and sold by HOSTETTER & SMITH, Pittsburgh, Pa-, and soid by all druggists, grocers, and dealers generally throughout the United Sta.' *, Canada, South America, and Germany. I'orSale by H. C .Reamar, and other druggists throughout tiie count v. " Q-KPHANS' COURT SALE. By virtue ol an order of the Orphans' Court ol Bedford county, the undersigned will sell at public sale, on ilie premises, on Thursday, the 25th dav of October, inst., a tract of land containing 80 1 acres- more or less, about 20 acres under cultiva- j tiun, and some 30 acres more suitable for mead | <>\v. having thereon erected a two story log ; house and a log barn, also a young apple or chard thereon, and a sugar camp ; good run j ning water at the door, adjoining lands of Ellis j Kodgers, Stephen Wonders, Jona'hen Bomgard ner and others, situate in Napier Township, I Bedford County, being late Ihe residence of ] George N. Davis deceased. The sale will be gin at 10 o'clock A. M. when terms of sale will be made known. Personsdesiring to pur j chas?, will find this a very desirable property ' and are invited to attend. GEORGE N. ELLIS, Adrn'r of Geo. N. Davis, dee'd. i Sep. 21,1860. PUBLIC SALE OF REAL ES TATF..— 1 n pursuance of an order ot the Or phans' Cnuit of Bedford County. Here will be ex j posed to Public Sale on the premises, on Saturday, i the Gthday of Oc.ober next—the bllowingßeal Es | tate, to wit : One lot of ground situate in thr town of Buena i Vista, Bedford co., with a two stiry frame house, ; plastered, and stable thereon—adjoining property of ! John G.irver and Charles Hillegas, tate the proper- I ty of Nicholas Kegg. Esq., dee'd, j TERMS : Fifty dollars in handon confirmation ot j Sale, and the remainder the Ist ofApnl uext. after i confirmation. WM. GILLESPIE, Sept. 7, 1860. Adm'r. j>f N. Kegg, dee'd. j \ LOT OF PURE MAPLE SUGAR, FOR SALE I A by Jul) 20,'60. A. X; DF.FIBAUGH. I><<lfor<i ilofci. > AM) GENERAL STGE OFFICE. Ihe subscriber respeclfully begs leave tn an j bounce to his old friends and the public gener j allv, that he has leased the Bedford Hotel, nt j present in the occupancy of Col. Adam Barn i hart, and will take possession on Ihe Ist day of ; April next. It is not his des gn to make .nanv | professions as to what he will do, but he pledges | his word that his most energetic elibrts wilt he j employed to render comfortable all who {jive j him a call. 'I he House will he handsomely | fitted up, and none but careful and attentive j servants will be engaged. Persons visiting the j Bedford Springs, as well as those attending j ( ourt, and the travelling community generai- I ty, are respectfully invited to give him a call , and judge for themselves. j Kir'Boarders taken hy the week, month, or j year, on favorable terms. OT/"Ample and comfortable stabling is at tached to tfiis Hotel, which will always lie at i tended by a careful hostler. Also, a safe and | convenient carriage house. ; 1 y"Jlll ike STAGES stop at this Hotel. JOHN HAFER. j Match lb', 1855. ! F6 BORDER, CLOCK & WATCH MAKER, Ai\l) HEALER IN JEWELRY, Would respectfully announce to the citizens of Bedford, and the public in general, that he has opened a Jewelry Store in the building re t ct fitly occupied by H. Nicodemns, Esq. nearly opposite the Bedford Hotel, where he will be j pleased to see all in want of articles in his line I He has on hand, and will ronstautly keep, an elegant assortment of JEWELRY, and will re pair Clocks and Watches in the bert style. He hopes to receive a liberal share of patronage, as lie feels satisfied he can render satisfaction to all who entrust him with their work. His terms will be moderate. He has on hand Gold and Silver WATCHES, I Silver Spoons, Thimbles, Butter Knives, Gold ,j and Silver Pens and Pencils. -Nr. \x. J April 27, 185* 1 V ' J CHEAPEST!2EST! ! LARGEST!! ! $35.00 ; Fays- lor Tuition in Single and Double Entry Book Keeping, Commercial Arithmetic anil Lecttnes. | BOARD 8 WEEKS S2O, STA TJONAR 1" 87. ENTIRE EXPENSES SO2. Usual time fiorn oto 10 weeks. Every Student, , upon graduating, is guaranteed competent to man age tbe books ol any business, and qualified to earn • a salary ol from 8500 to 81000 Students enter at any time—No Vacation—He view at pleasure. Firs! Premiums Cor Best Business Writing for 15.70, received at Pittsburg, Philadelphia antTobioj . State Fairs. Also, at the principal Fairs of Ihe Union for Ibe past four years. KF*.M jnisters' Sons received at half price. For Circulars, Specimens and Embellished Views oftfee College, inclose five letter stamps to F. VV. JENKINS, Pittsburg, I'a. Jan 13, 1860. • | J JEDFORD CLASSICAL INSTITCTR ; REV. JOHN LYON, / T. LYTTLETON LYON, A. M., J BRINI IPALS. j THE Summer session of this institution will open cr Friday, the 4th day of May 1800. It is the design of the Principals, to make this j i Academy, in all respects, a first class Institution, ; j for the thorough instruction of youth of both sexes, ' j and to prepare them for any profession or position' ; in life. The high mora! and scientific tone of the school i is well known to this community, and a strict disci-1 pHne will be enforced. A few boys, (the number is limited to ten.) will j be received into the family ol the Principals, as ' boarders. . Tbe beauty of tbe scenery and the salubrity ol ; tbe climate render Bedford a most desirable loca- I tion for such a school. Persons from abroad, visiting at the Springs, can i i be near their children during the summer, j It is desirable that pupils should enter at the com- j j mencementof the session, and no pupil will be re- ! ! ceived for less than one quarter. t S2OO per year, including boarding, ' j TERMS. washing, fuel, light, and Tuition in all j f the branches. Terms for day scholars : Per Quarter.-) !l ' h f J rnct "' i - I 87.00, Classical do &c. j June 10,'59. JJEDFORD MACHINE SHOP ' i THE subscriber would mo-t respectfully an- ! . neunce to Ihe farming community, and public in ■ j general, th'.t he still continues to manufacture at j j his shop, in Bedford, Pa., the following farming o- I ! ten'ils of the very best mateiial, amPin the most j workmanlike manner, viz: FOUR AND SIX HORSE TUMBLING SHAFT | POWER MACHINES, with large open cylinders, six staves, and spikes i screwed in, and improved Sliaw Shakers attached!! Their superiors for strength and speed are not made ! in this or any other County in the State. Four Horse Tumbling Shaft and Strap Power j Machine, with cylinder open or shut, as may be de- | sired, tor convenience, ease of draft, and perfect i 1 working, Ibis machine has no superior any where, j P THREE HORSE MACHINES, of the same kind. J P Two and three Horse Tumbling Shaft Power Ma-j P chines, a very convenient and excellent machine for small farmers, with or without shaxers, single and double shovel Ploughs, Horse Rake*, Lever Cutting Boxes, Harrows and Wheelbarrows, made to order. All the above articles constantly on hand, ami i v sold on reasonable terms. Repairing of all kinds of Machines, whether made here or elsewhere, done on the shortest notice. * Castings for ail my machines, made at the Foun dry of Shires & Jordan, in Bedford, and will com- w paie with any made in the State for strength and n durability. Blacksnnthing done to order. All my a] j wotk warranted to give satisfaction, i From a past experience of over twenty years in U the Machine business, i feel confident that I can give entire satisfaction to all who mav fator me with a call. Call and examine my wor/- before you purchase elsewhere, as 1 am determined to nlease -, all. ' | Horses, grain of all kinns, lumber and iron, will be taJen in exchange for work. PETER H. SHIRES, t! June S, 1860—6 m. Machinist. ci it ti BEST! CHEAPEST'! COMMERCIAL h SCHOOL 1N THE LAND! !! H W. P TOTTEN, desires to inform the public that W he has just opened a commercial department in the • Allegheny Mle and Female Seminary. He would & respectfuly advise the community that Book keep- 0 ing, ornamental Penmanship, Card Wiiting and ev eiything pertaining (to a commeicial education are now taught in the fabove nampd Institution. Tui tion for single entry and farmer's set $2.50. Dou ble entry and Mechanic's set, $4.50 per quarter. with the advantage of all the lectures Enter at any time.—Diplomas awarded at the completion of T a lull course. June 1, 1860. ' Allegheny Male and Female Seminary, RAIIYKRV ItU, 8*: FACULTY. t i E. J. OSBORNK, A. 8., Principal, Prof, of La an<l Philosophy, j Wm. S. Smith. Prof, of .Mathematics. , 'as. H, Miller, Adjunct Prof, of Mathematics. Rev. B. F. Stevens, Lecturer on Moral Philosc s | phy Ac. e I Wm. A. Stefhens, Prof, of English Grammar Ac. j j Or. Hughes, Lecturer on Anatomy Ac. Mrs. f„ V. Osborne, Preceptress, Teacher of Draw ing French, Botauy Ac. B. h. Droit, Prof, of Instrumental Music. I'lice of Tuition for term of II weeks. • , Common English Branches $3 2.' | higher Branches, including common, each 80 I 1 Latin and Greek, each o up ! German and French, each ■> r,<i . j Book-keeping and Corrimereial calculations 1 .lO I ORNAMENTAL. • Drawing •> <jq j ' olored crayon, and water colors, each .'tint Oil painting t 5 OH [ j Hair and wax flowers, each 3 00 | Pell is work 3 00 | Embroidery 1 y,o ! Piano mnic, with use of instrument It) no hoard !? I per week including room rent, lucl furniture Ac. This is one of tlie best, and cheaper -1 institutions tit the country. 'J he whole expense pe: : term need not he moie than twenty-live Jul la is.— 1 Second Quarter ot summer session commence? April the nth, ISGO. leachi-rs will ne iiistructe.i jreeoi charge in the ! Normal Department. ; I'or particulars, address the Principal. K.J. OSBORNK, A. B- I Rainsburg, Bedford co. ; April 22, IS-VJ. II U C 6& AiV £> fiSOOIiiS CS. C. EtEA.TIKKI, Juliana Mrcct, Brdfonl,' Pa. ; (.7/ the Stand formerly OCCUJIU d by t)r. F. C Reamer.) W HOLESALE andre- It lal ' r i" Drugs, Vis A Medicines, Chemicals, Dye 'hiwimtvm g Sifft Stuffs, Gils, Paints, Varnish tine, Window Glass, Giessware received, a large stock of American, French and English perfumery. Also, a great variety of fi, !f . Soaps for toilet use. Tooth pastes, Halt Tonics Hair Dyes, that will color various shades, irorn a' light brown to a jet black, Tooth, Nail. Hair, Shu ving. and Clothes brushes, Comb., Pocket Knives | Pocket Books, Portmonnaies, Segar cases. Ac. —ALSO— Have and will keep constantly on hand, a supply of Coal Oil, Burning fluid and Camphitie, with a great variety of the most modern and best style ol coal oil and iluid lamps. Pure Wines and Brandies for medical use Fla voring Extracts and Bp ces of aII sort-, FmeSegars I Snults, Chewing and Smoking Tobacco. Having the agency for all the-principal patent medicines to use, will keep a full supply constantly 1 on hand. —ALSO— Dealer in Books, Ac., consisting of Geographical, Scientific, Religious, Poetical, Historical, Law] Medical, School and Miscellaneous Works, in con nection with a great variety of plain and fancy stationery Cap, Note, Post, and Wrapping Paper, Blank Books, ol every size and quality, Diaries, Deeds, Mortgages, Notes and Receipts. 03?" Outers piomptly filled and satisfaction guar anteed, with regard both to price and quality. Cs~Physicians' Prescriptions carefully and accu rately compounded at all hours of the day or iuht Dec. 16, IM9, XJNION HOTEL, PA. THE subscriber respectfully informs the pnb ic, that he-stil' keeps the Hotel, under the above fame. in The old and well known Globe building on West Pitt Street; formerly owned and occupied' : , v Mr. John Young, where he will he happy to see afl I I lends and the travelling public generally. Peisons attending Court are respectfully invited to give hiin a call. He pledges himself mat he will do all in his power to render all his guests comfortable. I His 1 able will be supplied with the choicest tfel icacies the market will utford. I ae Bed Looms will contain clean and comfortable bedding. The Bar will he supplied with choice liquors. lae Stable will be attended by a careful and at tentive hostler. L. Boardeis will be taken by the day, week month and year. ' JONATHAN HORTOX. June 3, 18.19. \\7 ASIIBSCiTGtY ElOrftE. , BBDFOBD. PA. IK>. S ! ILLER would respect fully announce to her htends in Bedford County, and 1 0 the public generally, that she has leased, for a term of years, and convenient brick hotel, at the corner ! ot J -It and . nliana -tieets. Bedfoid, Pa., kno-.n as i :.: VV 4 PHi - N<: . ! : OX HOUSE." and lately kern by lIR . ( OOK. I his house is being thoroughly re'- ! titled and refurnished, and is now open for the re- ' ceptiop of guests. Visitors to the "BEDFORD SrKiNGS" and persons aftending Comt,vvill find j house a pleasant and comfortable temporary' home Every attention w ill be paid to the comfort ! and accommodation ol guests. The table will at all i times be supplied with the best the markets atfoid. 1 I baiges mod PI ate. Extensive stabling is attached to this hotel, and a careful and competent ho-rLr will be in atten- j dance. Special attention will be paid to the accom- j mod .it ion o! the Mrruing comitiuriity. March 3Gtb, 1860. .1. IV. B€oTT. (Late of the firm of Winchester tV Scott.) Cctitlcßi>eirs £-'iii'eii*liitig store and SHIRT MA N U FACTO RV, .Ab. 81J. Chestnut Street, (Nearly opposite the GIRARD HOUSE,) PHILADELPHIA. ! J. W. SCOTT, would respectfully call the atten- j ' 117,1 o! ' ,IS former friends to his new Store, and is pre- I pared to fill orders lor SHIRTS at short notice. \\ perfect fit guarantied. COUNTRY TRADE sun i plied with FINE SHIRTS and COLLARS. October, % 18.39 ly. Spectacles! the subscriber hasjtist received a splendid i variety ot Gold, Silver Mounted, and Steel spectacles, with the finest Scotch Pebbles, su- ; jerior in clearness, and designed lo suit persons i >I all a^es —warranted never lo FAIL to vhich he invites the attention of all who are in i leed ol the article. He has also just received inelegant assortment of JEWELRY—aII o t'j *hich he will sell on reasonable terms. DANIEL BORDER. Bedford, May 22, 1857. MEN GEL HOUSE, THP t JULIANA STREET, BEDFORD, PA. 1 Hfi subscriber, having renovated and refurnish ed ! his old established House, is now prepared to re- ■ :eive guests. He invites his friends and the travel- j mg public to give him a call. Having new furni- : lure, new beds, and everything necessary to render j hearty cheer to those in want of a temporary home 1 he flatter, himself that those who stay with him, will find themselves at the right place. He is fully prepared to receive visitors to the 1 Springs, and all having business with the courts or I [)tnerw ise. Stab, ' ns an<l carria S e bouse is attached to Boarders will be received on favorable terms •*-. a,I *, lVv^r,e <; . : p<>w " KK m ' SA: " " july2o ,'6O. a. L. DEFIBAUGH'S. j/OCNDIty AND MACHINE SHOP. THE M.hsrrber, havihg formed a order the style ol .. l)ork * Aschom" fir b '/ pose ot cnnuucting a general ' FOUNDRY AND MACHINE business in the establishment recently ereete.t i Gdl.ard Dock, in Ho,-w ell, Bedford coan , db Y , prepared to execute orders lor CAST/ \r a *?, MACIIIXEHY of everv description Vbey \\ ! build to order steam-engines, coal and d n ,fear's , horse powers and threshing machines- a |s 0 ' v of every kind for turnaces. sa w f a ' | rolling mills, plough, water-pipe] columns'' 1 fronts, bracke s, Ac., &c. oh assortment of , SIfUES of various kinds of the latest pattern. ~ rno-t approved styles, including several sizes ] t COOK STOVES of the best make, ; for chuiches, offices, bar-rootris, Ac. A full assortment of Stoves will be kept contart i ly on hand, and sold at who|esafe and ret 1 prices to suit the times, and quality, war'ta,'.. j ..quel to the best Eastern make. Machinery p. j kinds repaired piomptly. Patt-rns made to or.'e. BILLIARD DOCK c - W. ASCHOM. Nov. 11 15.3'1 f i ROGER Y AND , t Vjr CONFErT lOXA R Y. -i , 'i'HE ttnifersieneiJ ha-i just teceivei) an ,| k P e ): , " r , constantly on band the lollowin? articles ~ Coffee, sugar, molasses, cheese, crackers, currl, u" primes, raisins, figs, almonds, filberts, tWm , • ~ , ' '""M llMTsi ; ground nuts, pecans, Knj. walnuts, cream imt r ,., e j dms in variety, oranges, lemons, tobacco and c'i. ar s j allspice and pepper, spices of all kinds, ha kin. j da, cream of tartar, sulphur, brimstone, canister j and keg powder, shot, caps and lead, grain and "rags . scythes, whetting tools, wash tubs and boards'] in , digo, extract logwood, copperas, alum and myfrfer I oil, polish and Mason's blacking, sweeping, dudin. I stove, shoe and scrubbing, brushes, clothes, |, ; f | Tooth and flesh brushes, hat and infant brushes, i U i r ' oils - and perfumery, purses and port monaies, po-k. , I et and memorandum hooks, bonnet and round £ mn combs, "ridding" and fine combs, br-celets and heads, pen-?, pen-holders, penknives, scissors, kmle j sharpeners, umhrellae, suspenders, spool cotton and ' Boss, clocks, small looking glas>es, violins, violin strings, toy watc'jes, watch chains, curry combs, cards, horse brushes, shoe-thread, pegs and spara bles. johnson'- Arabian Liniment, Rock and Little'. White Oil, Merchant's celebrated Gargling Oil, for j man or beast, and many other articles of a similar nature. I lie patronage of the public is respectfully ' i sol cited. . A. L. DKFJBAUGH. June 17,'59.-Iv. T3LO ODY RUN FOUNDRY AND M ACHINR SHOP. f'lE subscribers are now prepared al thei Foundry in Bloody Run, to fill all orders for Castings of every description for GRIST .l.Vj) S.IW-MILLS, THRESfUXG MACHINES, AITLK MILLS, PLOUGHS and all things else in our line that may he needed in this or adjoining counties. We manufacture Threshing Machines of 2, tor 1 Horse i'ow r, WARRANTED equal if not supertoi ;to any made in the State. We keep constantly oq hand a full assortment of Wood Cock, Plug and I Hillside Ploughs, \\ ARRANTED -o give satipfiio. j tion. or no sale. Points, shares and land sides to fit i all Woodcock, or Seyler ploughs in the county. Farmers' Bells, Ploughs and Castings of our make i may be had at the store of Wm. Hartley, i n Bedford, Sondetfaugh A Pee, East Providence Tp., John Nyeum A Son, " 'I ime- being hard, we offer great inducements to F'armers and Mechanics to buy of us. All kind- ot repairing done in a neat and suh.tan | 'ial manner and all work warranted. Call and ex. amine our castings and work and judge tor your] selves. Our agents sell at foundry prices. JOSIAH BAUGHMAN A BRO March 26, 15.38. AT A XHO OD . J&8 HOW LOST, HOW RESTORED. Just Published, in u seated Envelope, On the Nature. Treatment and Radical Cure of • Spermatorrhea, or Semical Weakness, Sexttai l>e. lulity. Nervousness ar.d (nvoluntarv Emissions, Irn potency and Mental and Physical Incapacity. BY HOB. J. CULVEUWELL, M. D.. Autnor of "The Green Book," Ac. The world-renowned author, in this admirable Lecture, clearly proves from his own experience lhat the awful consequences ot self-abuse may be effectually removed without Medicjne and without dangerous Surgical operations, bougies, instruments, rings or cordials ; painting out a mode of cure at once certain and eflectual, by which everv sofferei. no matter what his condition may be, may cure him" self cheaply, privately and radically. This Lecture i will prove a boon to thousands and thousands. Sent under sea] to any address, post paid, on the receipt of two po-tage -tamps, by addressing |)r CI!. J.C. KLINE, M. D., 480 first Avenue,"New YoikPost Box t-386. Jan. 2,1860. 'jM O MILL O IV N E R S ! S. D. BROAD has made Schellsburg his pe-ma nent residence, and is prepared to do all kinds o work in the Mill V\ right line, on the most appro i and durable plans, and reasonable terms. ' lie has on hand the most imoroved Smut and [ Screening Machines, Mill Brushes, Anchor Bolting L iot' s, both new and old. at rity prices. Mill f>ur j ccn be procured from hirn and shipped to any point. ! 0 D- BROAD, j Bedford Co., ( I March 4, 1859. } American i'ifc i?usiiramc Sc ijlnist (80. CAPITAL Stock, $300,000. COMPANY'S BUILDING, WALNUT STREET, ; S. K. CORNER Of FODRTH, ritlLAOELrilla. ; LIFE insurance at tne usual mutual rates, at abou' -.0 per cent less, or at total abstrnence rate., at the I lowest in the world. J. C. SIMS, A, WHILLDLN, SecrPtar y- President. To- ico JOHN J- SUHELL, Agent, Jtt,, ' 2 "lSoo. Bedford, Pa. p EDFORD COUNTY MAP. : f > I W ill make a directory map of Bedford County from actual surveys, if a sufficient number of sub ! -crihers can be raised to justify me in the enter i prise. The map will be large and well finished and will • Show the location of all the public roads streams ! boundary I, „es, towns, villages, Hotels, Churches, ! School Houses, Post Offices, stores, grist nulls, saw j mills Ac Ac., and will contain the names of all th , property holders, and show the busines that almost | each one is engaged in. [ will put on the sa.u. : sheet maps ot all the towns and large villages, also taldes and statistics of the County and (if taken in ! time) the census of 1860. Pains will betaken to make it as reliable as any Map in the State. July 1,59. EDW'D. L. WALKER. DM IN ISTRATOR'S NOTICE. Letters of administra tion on the Estate ot J antes McDaniel, late o! VVegt I rovidence lovvnship, Bedford County, flee d, having been granted to the subscriber, residing in said township, notice is therefore, ?iven to all persons indebted to said estate, to make payment immediately and to those hav ing claims, to present them forthwith lor set tlement. JOSEPH Mc DANIEL, Aug. 10,'60. Adm'r. I TNITED STATES HOTEL. U S. E. Cor. 11/A# Market Sh., PHILADELPHIA. \V. KANAGA, ) _ M. McYEY, \ PROPRIETORS. Feb. 3, ISfiO.

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