Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, December 14, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated December 14, 1860 Page 3
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the fjrm of a specific duty. Such an arrange mint could not injure the consumer, it lie auld pa v 3 greati r amount of duty one \ ear [;. is would be counterbalanced hv a lesser a-' pount the next, and in the end the aggregate would be tbe same. T should do great injustice to the Attorney were I to omit the mention of his .•jncuished services in the measures adopted i prosecuted by him for the defence of the government against numerous and unfounded r to land in California, purporting to have te e,i made by the Mexican government previ -,jS to the treaty of cession. The suc t,<isful opposition to these claims has saved t - p ;e United States public property worth ' -,nv millions of dollars, and to individuals ' aiding title under them to at least an equal amount. p has been represent, d to me, from sources which T deem reliable, that the inhabitants in several portions o! Kansas have been reduced vjrly toa state of starvation, on account of die almost total failure of their crops, whilst he harvests in every other poition of the coun irv have been abundant. The prospect before t'Vm lor the approaching winter is well calcula ted to enlist the sympathies of every heart.— The destitution appears to be so general that it cannot be relieved by private contributions, a ithev are in such indigent circumstances as V 5 be unable to pnichase the necessaiis of life r .t'.i-T.selves. I refer the subject to Congress. If any ronstrtutional meastir* c.,, .tbir r**it, t fi i l.'e cev isra i MII.j it-• • ~,j ,. Q I radially commend to your iavora u if i| ie interests of the people of this District, fhev a r e eminently entitled to v.ur considera • n, especially since, unlike the people of the <'ates, they can appeal to no Government ex p,tUoltU Union. HE . BUC|IASA ,_ WasntNoto.N CITY, 3d December, iB6O. BKHBIiH) (rAZKi'TK. S'a.— PRMHY" :: S?UC. 14, 1860. I, ?. J>K-"Hrs. '•M'Uor au.l rror-rifior ■ great length of ihe President's Message o . of the saace which we would have •>; i to occupy with comments upan it. Tt . :!v a patriotic, conservative and slates rpi .■ document, challenging the approba li— end respect of moderate and sensible men of 'part; ?. We commend it to the careful pe i a! of our readers. 'F7~On Monday morning last, handbills were stuck up around town notifying "tir ciiiz-ns that a "Union" meeting, irrespective of patty, would be held at the Court House on the following evening. These bills were net printed at this office, and to our certain knowledge, but two or fhree Democrats knew anything f the propo sed meeting prior to the posting of the bills.— Being thus iuvted, however, we, in company with a iarge number ot our Democratic Iriends attended and took part in the meeting. Reso lutions were passed (see another column) which we heartily endorse, milt! wbicß, we make no doubt, r> fleet the sentiments of three fourths of the people of this county. These resolution? were adopted by the vote of s! the Demociats present and such 1 Republicans" as R I). Bar dic, F s q-, ino. R. Jordan (not Francis) and fjch conservatives as Col. Fh L. Anderson, Dr. J. Compiler, H*. Lyon, Esq., 'Am. Hartley, F.'a., and otheis. Mr. Barclay, especially, is entitled to the thanks ol the fiienrts of the L nion, for the manly stand lie took on this occa sun. On the whole the meeting was at! ci led r.:cce?f Wno ARE bccrtssioMSTS !At tiie T ■ r,;3n meeting on Monday evening, a res lution recognizing the right ot propeity in dav.-s, wat passed, whereupon Messrs. A. KING, S. L. RUS sfll, JOHN H. FIL'.F.R, Fv - JOUUAN, D 'lvca and (wo cr three other ♦•Rept.olicans ?cedt J from the meeting. I -j- V. ashabaugf, H-j left his chair as one of the \ic ' Presidents, tir rii he remained in the ronm. A beauti ful set of "Cr.ion" Tt"i ,to be ~ufe 1 Who an lre s?ccrsior.isis now ? /"The resolution recognizing '.h j light o \ — rtv ia slaves, passed ai the Umna meet z on Monday night, wa re-contidered anc ion the table, by the same rt.en who hai v>". J lor it, for the reason that many of Iherr cur. id#red that the last esolution r potted by 'ht committee, permitting ingress and egress, and from the state, to the slave-holder wit!' In? prepi rty, involves the same right arm c vers ti.e wholegronnf. "Republicans," r-ot satisfied wi'b the manner in which the pro j,lt >f Bedford, settled ■'.e Union question, ca!' i a Bovrnns' ♦*Re publican Union M-'eting,' 5 on Tuesday night ust, in which they might have things their e .vn way. Their consciences (such of them as t-ave) a:e plaguing them, b:.t the Union senti m.prt of Monday night did not ease them •roth. U"Tiie ambitious gentlemen who desire lo dv * thpir vanity ventilated In our columns by 1 •" publication of the proceeding? of the BOL ' i.RS' "Republican Union Meeting," are in- TT d thai we do not aspire to be considered /an ol the "Republican" party, and there ' ■ • respectfully decline th.eir request. — •' Uicll ventilate their proceedings, however, ' r hearts' content, in our next issue. Jordan remarked at the "t nion' 1 ''■vetirg on Tuesday night, that he Dad never ' r u a n "Abolitionist." He must shave him tt d without a looking-glass. Bowman and Alex. Croft shot a on Cove Mountain, near VVoadberry, on 'he sth iast., that weighed 280 pounds. M. Shoemaker & Co., are in receipt a frridi lot o! new goods, Call and e. HT""A MODERN ORTHEUS.—J. H. Filler pipes—(his tune was a favorite with Procrustes) -—and such staunch trees oI "Republicanism" as A. King, Fr. Jordan ami S. 1,. Russell im mediately tail r > dancing after this most seduc tive piper. Fiile/o duce, Ethiop viaiit. UNION MEETING. Pursuant to previous notice, a large meeting ill the Iriends of the Union, ii respective of parte, assembled at the (Joint House, in this place, and organized bv the appointment of the fallowing officers : PRESIDENT, DR. W. H. WATSON. \ ice-I'resid*nts, Col. E. L. Anderson, Maj. D. VY ashabatigh, Jno. H. Rush. Secretaries, R. |). Barclay, Jno. \V. Beeler, B. F. Meyers, David Over. Committee on Resolutions, Win. M. Hal!, King, O. E Shannon, C. N. Hickolc, S. L. Russell, >. H. i'ate, (r. H. Spang, J. P. Reed, John Taylor, (eo. W". Hupp, R. D. Barclav, Rev. J. Lyon, Ltwr**nce Jamison. During the absence ui lie Committee, speech es were made by J >s. \V. Tate, W. Lyon, Dr. Compiler, D. Over, Y\ P. Sthell, Rev. J. Lyon and others. The Committee, through their Chairman, Mr. Hall, then reported the follow ing resolution* which were a lopted . RrsolnJi, That \v cheerfully and cordially in tile Cutis!lurce o( that clause requires pers< us iwld to srtvice or fa:>Or nY'Avsi" State escaping into another, to be delivered itj on clai.n of the party to whom such service is due ; and any law ol this Commonwealth which interferes with or in any degree obstructs this provision of the Constitution, should at once'be repealed ; ami that we hereby recommend the imo fi liate r a p—al ol the act of ISJ7 telative to fugitive slaves and re-enacted in the latter pall ol sect ion 9.~> ol law {passed March iSti), by the Lgis : atue ol Penn'a., at the coming se;>- uon. Resolved, That the introduction of negroes and mu'attoes limn the slave States, has here to , ire provd to he a serious evil to this com munity, tmd that we are opposed to the increase of our colored population hy that means, and will favor the enactment ol any law tli3t will effectually prevf nt >uc!i increase. Resolved, That the people of Pennsylvania are sir.ceiely attached to the Constilution arid tiie Union, and have at ail times manifested their fidelity to the same, and that now when it is proposed to destroy toe ore anil dissever the other, they are more willing than ever to stand by both. Resolved, That it is a great mistake to sup pose thai the people of this State design to in terfere in the slightest degree with the Consti tutional rights of the citizens of any of our fts ter States, whether slaveholiiing or free. Resolved, That we favor the enactment of such a law as would permit ingress and egress to the master with his slave into and Irom this Stale, provided, howevei, the time to remain with his slavp be confined to a limited tine to be determined by the Legislature of this .Com vvealth. On rn< ti .n of John R. Jordan it was Resolved, I hat these proceedings be publish in the county papeu. 11. D BARCLAY, ) J. \V. Bcr.LF.H, • VV. H. WATSON, B F. Mevens, ) President. Sec'ys.. 'LTA O K.O TUAT F.VEItY FARMER, MECHANIC, AND BUSI NESS M-N WANTS: JUST PUBLISHED. IIIE TGWNSIiiP & LOCAL LAWS OF tid: STATE OF PEHHSYLVANIA. COMTILED FROM TliS ALTS i)F ASSEMBLY BY WILLIAM T. HAINES, ESQ., .IND PUBLISHED BY ET> Vi'ARIS /'. JAMES, of n'est Chester, P.*. This work contains over 400 panes of closely printed matter, and will be sold by subscription. .It teaches the duties of Justices of the Peace, with forms lor tt.e nausaction of their business. It teache ß the duties ol Constables with all the necessary forms appertaining to the office. It emit <in. the duties of the Supervisors of eve rv Couuty and Township in the Stat'. It conta-us the mode of procedure for the laying out and opening Of public sr..l private roads, ol va citing and ; I termg roaiß, the building of bridges, &c It contains ltie Common School Law, with expla nation?, decisions and directions, together with forms for Deeds, Bonds, Contracts, Certificates, Stc., &c. This department of the work was compiled at Har risburg by Mr. Samuel P. Bates, Deputy Superin tend "n't, nd ii aioe.e woitb the price ol the volume ro any one interested in Common Schools. It i ontains the duties of Township Auditors. It contains the laws relative to Dogs and Sheep. It contains 'he duties of Assessors. It contains the laws in relation toS'rays, Mules an ! Swine. It contains the law s relative to Fencps and Fence V lewtr* it contains the laws relative to Game Hunting, Trout t.rl Do-r It contains itic F.lfctien Laws, with *lt -.w • cessaty Forms. It contains the Naturalization, Laws with all the necessirv Forms Inr Appt cation. It contains a 'arge number ot Lga! forms, w! icl are user! in llie every day transaction of business such a- Acknowledgments, Affidavits, Articles o Agreements and Contracts, Partnership, \pprenii. ce?, Assignments, Attestations, Bills of Exchange End' Promissory Note-. Bills of Sale, Bonds, Checks Covenants, Deposition, Due Bills and Pro luce Notes, Landlord and Tenant, Leases, Letters of Attor ney. Marriage, Mortgages, Receipts and lielea e . The work'is hound in Law sheep, and will be sold to sub scrihers at $1.25 per copy, payable on deliv ery of the work, 't he work has passed the revision of many uf the nest Lawyers of the State and has rec e ived their unqualified approb ition as a rliab!e hand book of reference upon ail subject* upon which it treat-. The whole is arranged in such a 'mann er as to ptesent a plain, concise and explicit state ment of the duties of a!: Township Officers, as may be readily understood by ;ny one. Bedford County will be thoroughly canvassed fcr the work sit I tue support of the citizens t- rcspcctlu iy solicited. Hi.NRY C. REAMER is Genera! Agent for Bed ford County. P- S- Good canvassers are wanted in all parts of this Couuty for the above work, to whom a jibe, mi compensation will be given. Applications which must be made at an early sate, addressed to Mr. Reamer, will receive prompt attention. Dec. Hth-1 ts. Ijt LECTION".— id The annual meeting of the Stockholders of the Huntingdon and Broad Top Mountain Rail Road and Coal Company, will be held at the office of the company, on Tuesday, the Bth day of January, ISO!, at It o'clock. A. M., when an election will be held for a President and twelve directors to serve for the en uing year. Philad'a. 258 Foutb Third t., I J. P. AERTSEN, Dec, 14th, iB6O. \ Secretary. OF INQUISITION.— I U WUCBEAI, Hannah Horton, 'ate ol Monroe Township, de cea ! sad, died, seized and possessed of a certain house : and lot of ground, Urmtein Clearville, Monr oe I ownship, aforesaid adjoining or of Isaac Grove on the North, Nicholas Border on the South, Main street on tire East, and an alley on the West. lieinu so thereof seized, died intestate, and without issue that the next ot kin of said llanuah Horton are brothers, and the issue of deceased brothers to wit: David Evans, John who is dead, leaving is sue three children viz: Lewis Harvey and Eliza, intermarried with Reuben O'Neal. William, who is dead, leaving issue eight children, viz : Henry deceased, leaving two children viz : names and res idence unknown, George Washington, William residing in lowa , Wilson residing in Fulton coun ty, Penn'a., Jane intermarried with James Barton of Fulton county, Penn'a., Harrison, residence not known. Mary Ann intermarried with Alpha Conner, residing in Morrow county, Ohio, and Mar garet Elizabeth, re-id ing in Maryland, Evan Ev ans, Cadwalder Evans, Philip Evans, now dead, leaving three children, v iz : Mary Jane, intermar ried with John Adams, Ttiomas Jetlerson, Ann Elizabeth, the'iast two minors under fourteen years and a widow, Rebecca Evans. NOTICE is therefore hereby given that in pur suance of a writ ol partition or valuation to rn- di rected I will proceed to ho'd an In quisition or val uation on the premises, on Monday, the 7th day of January, IS6I, when and where all interested may attend if they see proper. Sheriff's office, Bedford, ( JOHN J. CESSNA, Dec. 14th, ISGO. j Sheriff. WOriCE OF INQUISITION WHEREAS, R rbert Bennett, late of Southimpton Township, deceased, ilied seized ol the following Real K-tite, to wit : One tract of land, situate in (.Southampton Township, Bedford county, containing one hundred .nd twenty live acres and allowance, more or less, adjottiMw: r-- v-A-r i , ~ , - --" . acres cleared and under cut tvat ion, bavin" on errcted, astory and ah .If house and a kitchen adjoining, log barn and spring house, leav ing issue three children, viz : Uenrv, James and t'lan-sa, the fatter, a minor, and who has for her guardian Archibald Perdew, Esq. Notice is, therefore, hereby Liven that in pursu ance of a writ of Partition or Valuation, to me di rected, 1 will proceed to hold an Inquisition or Val uation, on the premises, on Wednesday, the 9th day ol January, 1801, when and where all parties inter ested may attend if they see proper Sheriff's oilier, Bedford, ( JOHN J. CESSNA, Dec. 14tb, 18G0, \ Sherd*. OUBLIC SALE *- OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE. BY virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court ot Bedford County, the undersigned, Administrators of the estate of Jacob Htnish, late of East Provi dence Township, deed., will expose to sale by public vendue on the premises, on 1 UESDAY THE Bth DAY OF JANUARY, at 1 o'clock P. M.., fhe following described valua ble Real Estate, to wit : A tract or land situate in Ray's Cove, in said Township of East Providence, adjoining lands ot Adam Huiishon the North, acoh Richey on the East, Wrn. Gracey on the South, and John Grove and Samuel Grove on the West, (pail of a tract of land formerly belonging to Philip Fisher's heirs) containing 200 acres and 15 perches more or less, about 11 acre- of which are cleared and under fence and with a story and a half log dwelling house thereon erected. TERMS : One half the purchase money in hand at the confirmation of the sale, and jrhe balance in one year with interest, to be secured by Judgment Bonds, or Bonds and Mortgage. HENRY HI MA 11, DAVID FORD, Dec. 14, ISGJ. Administrators. ORPHANS' COURT S \LE— OF -A LUA BLE CO ALLA ND. The undersigned Trustee, appointed by the Or phans' Court of Bedford county, to sell the real es tate of William Anderson, late of .Broad Top Town ship, deceased, by virtue of an order of said'court, will expose to public sale on The premises, on Tuesday the 29th day of January, next, theone undivided third part of a tract ot land sitmted in Broad Top Township aforesaid, containing 2 HI acres 102 perches, composed of parts of three warrants in the names ofGabriel Chaney, Jere.Tiiah Duval I* is Mary Foster ; adjoining lauds of Richard L. Foster, Septimus Foster and others ; This is considered oneofthe BES T CO.VL TRACTS on the Mount .in, the expo-ore being exceedingly Irvorab! e for work ing. TERMS CASH. Sale will be opened at one o'clock ot said day. Dec. 14 1860. JOHN P. REED, Trustee. TKTOTICE.— All tnDw<s!< j d will please bear inthejmind onrjhooks used during tbe p csen: year, will Da iea ty for settlement by cash. P. oduce, or N'-te. JANUARY, Ist 1801. To those of our customers, who have promptly settled with, and paid lis, we return our thanks.— There are however, many of our friends, who hav ing given ns their notes for bills due long ago— must imagine we have no fuse, ior money. This ci .ss must not think hard if we compel payment as we are in want of money, and mu-r have it. A. B. CRAMER 4c Co. Dec. 11th, 1860. Ail persons knowing them selves imleb'ed to the subscriber, e th-r by iot • or book accounts, will conter a favor, by settling the same, by the tir-t of January. Ail persons having claims, will present them for settlement, as 1 wish to have all accounts closed. lam determined to have my books closed. GEO BLY.MIKE• ET""I have a large assortment ol Stoves and Tin ware that t will sell tow for cash, or on short cred it. Also a few second handed cook-stoves that Will be sold very low. G. B- Dec. 14lb, 1860. NOT ? WHY NOT ! V Save your money, By bu ving your goods of OS PER & CARX, Ghean side . You'll find it the cheapest place in town. They have just received another chcice selec tion of new and choice Winter goods. Their ftock is large, and suited to the wants oi tbe community. Ca'l and see. Dec. 14th, ISfiO. WTOTICE. - oi ,\]| persot.s ktOA'in 2 themselves in debted to the subscriber on book accounts or other wise, are earnestly requested to make settlement, on or before the Ist day of Januaiy, next, either by cash or note. All neglecting to do so will find their accounts in the hands ol an officer for settlement, without resp-ct to persons. Dec. 11th 1809.' JOHN ARNOLD. •if O TIC E.— r~ L 4 All persons knowing them selves indebted to the firm of Fergu-on and Sh fer, either by Note or Book account, are hereby notifi ed that after the 24th of December, l'-CO, the Books, Ike., will jbe placed tn the hands of a Jus tice of the Peace for collection, when suit will be brought without respect to persons. FERGUSON ft SHAFER. Dec. 14th, ISGO. rpNSEL ZEPHYR, alt colon a! Dr Harry's SHETLAND WOOL, all colors, at Dr. Harry's. KEROSENE OIL, the best article, at Dr. Harry's- MRS. HALE'S RECEIPTS for the million, at Dr. Harry's. THE SCIENCE OP EDUCATION AND ART OF TEACHING, by John Ogden A. M.. at Dr. Harry's. OSWEGO CORN STARCH, the best article, at Dr. Harry's. ESSENCE OF COFFEE, at Dr. Harry's, [dec. 14tk, ISO.] jVOTICE OF INQUISITION. WHEREAS, John Cessna, Esq., presented a petition setting forth thai he is interested in the estate of Mrs. Jae Keily, 'ate lof Bedford Borough, dec'd. that said Jane Keily died in 1815, seized and possessed of the follow in" Real tlstate, viz : The eastern half of lot No. 18tf in the general plan of Bedford, situate on Pitt St.,' and adjoining said street on the South, arid lot No. lb/, now Jonathan Horton's neirson the east, that said intestate leiC a husband Christopher Keily who died in 1860, and is>e six children or the de scendants of six, to wit : David Keily, now dead and whose interest b-'ongs to petitioner, Jane A.' Reiley ot of Bedloj- 1 , who also conveyed ;o petionev. (.I villa, the wife 01-Jacob Stump, residing in A lie gheny Couir.y, Md., said James Reily, being now dead, Elizabeth, who was the wile of John Collins the said John now residing in the Territory of Ne braska, and the said Elizabeth, having died be/ore her mother, leaving issue James Collins, now of Nebraska, and Daniel Collins, of Pittsburgh, and lluth, wile ol James Berry , now dead, said°Jam.'s now reside* in the Mate ot Indiana, that when James Collins owned the one twelfth part of said Lot, petitioner, purchased same at Sheriff', Sale that Jane A. Keily, conveyed to petilioner the one' : mirth part ol the interest ot her sistei Ruth, alter Kulh s death, that John Collins has no interest in sai . property lor the reason tli.t his vvu- li • ' pri jrto her mother, that his wiled.ed durin" the ex igence ot the estate of Christopher Keily,"as tenant >y the cnr*sy that tiie title to ; a,d half lot is now rested in the following parties, and in the follow ing proportions to wit : In James Collins, one-lor y eighth, Daniel Collins, five-lortv-ei"his, Mrs "iviila Stump. ten-ioily-eights, Mrs'. Sarah Keily en-forty gigbths, and John Cessna, twenty-two -o.ty-eighjp.s. Notice is therelore hereby given, that in purm ince o a Writ of Partition or Valuation >o me di ce", f, 1 will proceed to hold an Inquisition or V'al tanou on fhe premises, on Monday, the .ilst day of >!-cg/rAv' -Onlce. i>eu- ( ■ Jl/.r.\ J. uru', Decii7;h, ISGO. f sheriff. i'lL'E OF INQUISITION. YYhreas, Henry ekes, late of Union township, dec'd., died seized of he following Real Estate, to vvtt : The mansion ract of land, situate in said township of Union, rontaming-22Si acres, more or le-s, on which are ;r cted two log dwelling houses, a double log barn, nul other out buildings, adjoining 'ands of Amos Edwards, William Berkhimer, Adam Ickes, the reirs of John .McDonald, and others, Also, a tract 51 land on Geo ge's Creek, in the township of St. Jiair, adjoining lands of Samuel Clark, Amos Ed wards, Jacob Stuff, A ex. McGregor and others, rontaming lf8y acres more or less, on which are i reeled a Jog dwelling house, double log barn and -thr out t Hidings, leaving a widow, Mu.gnret Ic k and isue nine children, to wit: George Ickes, lolin lckea, and Adam Ickes, residing in Lowe.- Sandusky county, Ohio. Michael Ickes, resit,ing in scneca County, Ohio Henry Ickes, Susan inset mariied with Frederick Stifller, Elizabeth inter married with Christian Car n, Catharine intermar tnarried with Isaac Horn, and Joseph Ickes, residing ri Bedford County, IVnn'a., two grand-children, laughters of Mary, now dead, who was intermar ried with Joseph Garver, and Catharine intermaried with Jonr® McCreary, residing in liedfoid Coun ty. Notice, is therefore hereby given that in pursu inceol" a writ ol "artitioo or Valnition to me di ■ected, 1 will proceed to hold in Inquisition or Val uation on the ptemises, on Wednesday the ,Ith day of January 1861, when and where uj! interested may attend, if they see proper. Sher R's Office. Bed- I JOHN J.CESSNA, ford, Dec. Ith, ISGO. j Sheriff. Si?c ULIC SAL;-, Ol £ HEAL ESTATE. The subscriber will sell at public s.i!e, at the house of Jas. S. Beckwith, in Hopewell, Bedford county, Pa.,on THURSDAY, the 3J day of JANUARY, next, All the Ilea! Estate which he purchased as the prop erty of John, Thorn is and Henry S King, not here tofore sold by |him, including the fohu Mel nay tract, containing 200 acie3, in Hopewell town ship. —ALSO— The H *if ah Alberti tract, Containing 374j acre* in said township. —ALSO— Part of the George F. Alheiti tract and a part ot the Maria Aiberti tiact in siid lj>. —ALSO— All those parts of the John Boyd, A'm. Davis, Is abella Davis, Wan. Piper, John Ha'din, Ignatus Har din and James Wilson tracts lying and being on the Moirison's Cove side of the mountain. —ALSO— The following Coal Lands in Broadtop town, ship; 427 acres in the name of Mary Montgomery. 401 " " " John Monigomeiy. 71 " " ■' Mordeeai Williams. The above described lands will b j sold in such parts as to -uit purchasers. Drafts ot the whole tc getber with subdivisions, will be exhibited on the day ot sale. Sale to commence at tOo'elocJ-, \. M. Terms to su/t purchasers made /mown on day of sale. Dec. 7, iB6O. JOHN" CESSNA. fiiTIUY rill CEP.— Carre to the premi ses of the subscriber residing fti Cumberland Vcl ley tp., some time in September last, six hea i of shorp, two of them rams, one o: them having a horn broken off; two ot them having ear-mar/fs,ahd the other two being without mar/. The owner will please come forward, prove property, pay char ges and ta.f-e them away, or they will be disposed of according to law. Dec. 7th, '6O. SAMUFL M. BOOR. npEACH£R r S INSTITUTE. -®- The lied ford County Teacher's Institute, will hold its annual session in Bedford, to commence, Wednesday, ,)ec. 26th, al one o'clock, P. M., and to continue three days. Al live teaciiers will try, and at! others should try tc be pres-nt during the entire session. The hospita ble citizens of Bedford will entertafn so far a, pos sible, all Teachers who may attend during the In slttute. Teachers coming in during the forenoon of thi st day will call o me at Shucif-'s Store, where f coniiiiiltee will Ire in waiting to conduct rnem tt the hospitable farm ires by whom they will he en teriaiired. Directors will p'ease urge their Teachers to at tend the Institute. GEO. SIGAFOOS, Dec. 7, IS3O. County Superintendent (f 1 RAN VILEE STOKES' GIFT CLOTHING EMPORIUM, ONE PRICE AM) NO ABATEMENT. NO. CO7 CHESTNUT STREET. GRANVILLE STOKES would return thanks to the public for their appreciation of his efforts to please, and their liberal patronage. in order to keep up this kindly feeiing, he has yielded to the solicitations of many of his friends and inaugurated a new system of Gifts with each Garment sold. To his choice selection of fine Fab ric*. and made-up Clothing, he invites the scrutiny of the public, as well as to his new mode of doing business. Each article is warranted to be, in Fab ric, Style and Make, equal to any gotten up in the City, and one price, (lower than the lowest,) marked on the Ticket. F.ach article sold, or measured for, is accompa nied by a Gift, varying in value from SI to SIOO. N. li.—None but the most skßiiul Designers, ("utters and Workmen employed ; and satisfaction in Fit, Fashion. Fabric, Price and Gift, guaranteed at GRANVILLE STOKES' ONE PRI JK GIFT CLOTHING EMPORIUM, NO. 007 CHESTNUT STREET. Nov. 15,'00.-6 ms. K BEAUTIFUL ASSORTMENT /\ • Of Kerosene Lamps and Shades, just received at Oct. 2, IS6O. HARRY'S, 2hcr's FOE PURIFYING THE BLOOD. Dwwe' thS ,pecdy cm 9 ttiC rohfoSncJ v.-ulcti* of Scrofula and SffornJona AfTecltona.s sich & i uioofii* I'ii'orjf sorc4. '•'£ '>>>,• Fiinplea, Pu.tul. v, UT..I, h": s, IToiis! litmus, aud all Skin I>incn.;a; in. Gth June, ISS3. J. C. Atkr t Co. Cents: I (,M jt :u , ~IJlv. IJlv to „ r _ know ndge nhat your fc.-w done "fui • Jlimiig uiherited a }*r<duiou uilKti.ii. I lit > • ... ffcr. : mrtYn , l ? I vmnou * fOT .v*.-ar. Sometimes it burst out in I leers on in . hands and arias; tm.-s it turned inward and distressed tne at tie- stomach. Two yean ago it ornk. out on my hca 1 and cover.-1 mt . and ears with one solo, which was painful and beyond description 1 tried many dicirt-s and sere,at pny-iciaiis. but without much relief f,, <n any thin" in fN'.i'l b'"* worse. At l.ngtl. I wa 3 r.-joicad to lead iu the tiowpol ..leseeng.-r tltut von had prepared U alteiauve (earwapariiia;, for I knew ... vour iwpaUw tion that any thing you iu de must I*. c< ; -i. I s.'.t to Cincinnati and got it, and used it tiii it cured no- 1 took bniH " te:,5,.0..„.ui over'a in<>nb f nnd 11* ditfmo-t thr* • !/ut!!.-. \ <\ •u'iL'*i , * * eK.n RCNiti began to t m u.tkr tbe w I,H. : r'.-'"a. while fell off. ;iy f R vorr cJ , unii , kD , )w , * feeling that ibe dutease aas gbnc imy "i : i can ..M tataw that I fee! what I yon, tli •11 hold yon to be 0110 of Ihe npostlei oj th. •> and leiuaia over gratciuiiy. l ours, " ' ALFitliD It. TAIJ.KV. Anthony's Flee. Hose or Krj sipcJ.. s. im!,' 1 , " Suit lb ileum, Sen! <1 lUati. Hlngworm, Sore Byes, Dropsy, Dr. Robert M. I'reb! > writes from Salem, N. V . IC'h • tSod, that he has cured an inveterate car- . f Dropsy, which threatened to leinunite .Viali / by " , ?. f "" r and also a dun • r u-ttack of JUah.jnant t.n s.T-Jns by large d .-s of the sama ; say, he cures the common Eruplunis bv it coa cranny. Bronchnctle, Goitre or Swelled Keck. Zebuion Sloan <.f I . -pert. Texas, writ-s : • ti r ■ ■ lad t.ev of your Sarsap aeilla cured me Irorn i ' irt a1 , ' eons swelling C ri the neck, which I had sWlWd'from over two jvarg." L VU aJ* rat!re fn the numerous conqlafnta for w!tih *3 *mplojr such a remedy hut teepee Jolly in 1 %aU DistDuxj t>f tlie Scrofulous 1 have cured many in*et*r ate rases of Lencorrhcea by if, and some where th" com plaint was cauKetl by uiwruivsii *>[ ch uUru*. The ulcer ation itself was soon cured. Nothing: within my cd£o equals it for these female tnetiti." Edward S. Marrow, of Newbury, Ala., writes, -'A dna geriMis 'irnrian tumor on one of the females in iny family, which had deiied all the remHiies we could employ, l as at length been completely cured by your Extract o*" ?rr e.'ijtarillru Our physi? ian th< ru thin*? hut extirpa tion could tCbrd relief, but he advised the trial of your brtrsajmrilla as the last resort before cutting, and it proved effectual. After taking your remedy eight weeks no symptom of the dise:tse u w.uius." Syphilis and Mercnrlal Dljcobc. New Orleans, Aupujst, 1^59. Da. J. r. Ayer: Sir, I ch crfuliy comply ' irh the re qnf-st of your asrent. and renort to u some of the tflecwa 1 have realized with your Sarsaparilla. I have curcl with it, in my pnu-tu-e. mo*t of the com plaints for which it is re ommemled, and havo f mnd ejJcts truly wonderful in the cum f IVncr-ufond M-r --run it Dis-'>'?<■. One ( f :uy patren*§ had Syphilid*- ulcers in hia throat, which were < usuiuing his palate and ths top of hLs mouth. Your steadily taken, cured hiin iu five weeks. Another wnw attacked by sec ondary symptoms ii lm nose, and the ulceiatiou bad eaten away a c-msiderable pan of it. so t i at 1 the disorder would soon reach his biain and kill liim. hut it yielded to nij acSminiHtriiLitin -f your b-arsaparil'a; tlie ulcers healed, and he is wtdl again, not of course without Fume disfiguration to his face. A woman who had I• on treated for the same disorder by mercury was ft *!u this poison in her bom -. They lmd hc-<fne s> st silive to the weather that • n a damp day she suffered ex cruciating pain in her joints and bones. . w h , tco. was cured entirely by your ."n is* pari Ihi in a few vvks. i know from its formula, which your agent gave me, that this Freparation from your laboratory nniM lie a pr-ut remedy ; • nsequently, these truly remarkable re&ulls with it have not furj'rised me. 1 ratcrnally yours, G. V. LARTMES, If. D Rheumatism, Gont, Liver Ccmplaiitt# Jxoei zndcsoe, I'iest. n Co., Ya.. tih July 1559. Drt. J. r. AY R: Sir, 1 h: vo bet-n alnU n-d v irb a r,ain fill dnoßie RhaaHGtuiM for n l-..g biffli i t fee skill of physicians, and stuck to me in spite of uil tho remedies ! coohi find, until ! trivl your ap*aril!a. ' u ; e bottle cure*! me 11: two weeks, and restored my goners! health fo audi that I am fur better than be tore I '.v.c3 attacked. I think it a wondi'ul medicine. J. FILE A 31. Jules Y. GetcheH, of St. Lou:?. writ*s: b * I have l>een sfl3i*t i for year? with an cj -r?;' ncj its I,Ver, which d<-strojH't! my health. 1 tried every thing, and every thing f.iiiti-i to I* Uvce me . and 1 lnivc 1 eu a broken-* 1 - '*ra v. u:i f•• seme years fin ;:•> other th.i: w- .. : / tV Lirrr. My Moved pa.-*i r. the Rev. Mr. i-'snr. advivc<l me to try your Sarsapanlla. because he sai-1 l;c * --cw • n, and any thing you made wu* wnth trying. Tsy the 1' -v lug of Gad it has < ured me. and ;•* purified toy L: • ! at to make a new man of me. 1 feel again, ."ha best that can be said of y u i; not half cuou^h." Sc hirrna,Cancer Tumors, "Enlargement, . I lccratlou f Coricn uud Eifollatioii of tiie ilourn. cnrc i'f these formidable complaints have resulted f!cm th use of this remedy, but our space hero v. ill n* t admit them. is>ute rf them nlay v> found ir. our 'irr.**?rau Almanac, which the agents below name! are pleased to furni.h gratis to all who call f r them. Dyspepsia. Hear? CU>;nc, rlti, Lnlfe b), 3lelf*ncli.iiy , .Yturalgla Mary rrnuirkat! ur sf ti. %c ai". :. i t l.a .o l. -tn made by t- - a!t--raiiv * t U ■■. It rt.n.u laiee the vital fuuctioov vigc-.u.* r.rtir B, rt.d thus cvcr.aiiiic'3 (its- rd ir ri. li would be sti| poaeJ beyond fo reach. ?na remedy* h-s 1 . ■. ur- .:r iby th** ru*- cesaiti'.-s of the people, an ! : ;e ** v ui thia will tl > for them ail that metlicice can do. Iyer's Cherry PetieKil, Coughf, C row 'i, Lr;;urLlth, Xa*v : .jlr i%.t t <:a suniptiori, ant far vie.- lit'scT cf Consar.ip* . e Pctlsuts 1:J pdvmin t Stages of the Disease This I* ti reuse-oy o univrn- • lv known to rr.rrsstj arr Ot!.* r for tin* cu.*e f tbr and • r. c \ . it is useless li*--to pub'!di tl ' e*fis\. ■- ?. x * Ut:rivalled cxc- .ci;"• for ri.s t.r Itt ids. ai.d i's tru!.? v -.darfnl run sof j *.!• .. I.i • ■■-. i c u. . i t.ivn tl.rou- bout tl. - •.* -d : • s * t tl.e * <• sb vh) havo tm t- mo pers*>nml • i i ■ ' ■••mo !i.-ig tr- i :v :i it n i . .. * f d.-> M ry-.*r;ia fcubtic and da .. • ■ n d !*h the ihrt •: kn ! I* n . As all k:v t! •'. - :I. . d • •. si - fts tbcv know, !•*. tl'.* . :s i li..** J ii we v. i t i.■ t J.* m ■■■*• to mm f- mi! e - taes that it 41 I w n rvrs wli'th bavo \v Ml .vj atr i ;• .*. • . . . Prepared by £r. J. C. ATHP. CO.. I.owv'i. IT. ~s. [. T. Harry. Bed lord ; Barndollar 6: Son, Bloody Run ; G. P>. Am ck, Sr. ClairsvilU ; J. Brppeman, Woodbeiry ; Geo. GardiU, West End ; J. E. Colvin, Schellsbnrg : and by dealers generally. Oct. 12, IS6O. ■yj* otic E J_ xj Is hereby 'otbp Mil itary Coard of Aiiditors of the r i;st Biijatie, iGth Pivision, I'. M., that thev are required to meet at the publie house of Col .lohn Hater, in the Doroun'u of Bedford, on Tuesday the Sth of January, 1801, tor the purpose of adjusting the Military accounts of 'pid Brigade, and ulso The collectors for IS'O, of the different Boroughs and Townships of -aid Brigade, to meet sail hoard at the same lime and p ace, for the purpose of h,v<ng exonerations and abatements —r-a. .^,l l.t .wcrru r. ' Nov'. ?3d. Bilg. Gen. l't 8., ltith D., P. M. CIAUTIOX. 1 I hereSj caution all persons asainst takin<r a note, given nv me to by the nameol Fox, for fifty two dollar®, dated Nov lGlh. lStiO. The note was civen on certain condition?, which as yet have not been compliec with. I have been deceived, not having te ceived value, and am determined nut to pay said not** unless compelled by law. A. ZLMBOWER. C. Valley, Dec. 7, 'GO. 4 DM INISTRA TOR'S NOTICE. /\ Letters of Adminis tration upon the Estate of I.'.ias Hitc, fate ot Cum be'land Valley tp., dee'd., having been grantei the nndeisigned, 11 persons indebted to said Estate, are requested t.> make iromedtate pay ment, and those having clainr.s will present them duly authenticated for settlement. HENRY HITF t A dm'rs THOMAS FISIIER ( At!m "• Nov. 23d.* A DMINISTRATOR S NOTICE. /-\ Letters of Adminis tration having been granted to the sub'criber resi ding in St. Clair township, on the Estate ot Archi bald Findlay, late ot f Napier township, dee'd., all person? indebted to said Estate are hereby notified to make immediate payment, and those hiving c airns against ihe same, will present theni proper • ly authenticated for settlement. GEORGE BECK.LF.Y. Nov. 23d,* Ados'r, |r®£| ■ PILLS IRON. B \N A PER IEN r AXD STOMACHIC PREPARA ,* ■ " on purified of Oxygen and Carbon, by eombu-tion in Hydrogen. Sanctioned by the hignest mei .cat a ithor.'ie., both ,n Europe and th. I ni ed States, and prescribed in their Mtfiet lbe experience of daily proves tfint no pr**piraion of Iron can be conDparfil with i'. 1 npu ntieg at the b!o<vl. depression ,! vita! energy t,.„ and otherwise sickly complexions indicate In ' ne . cessify in almost every conceivable case. Innox ious in all maladies in w', ch it has been tried, it I.a proved aooiulelv curative in each of tne following complaints, viz : ° In Drf>i/itr/, /. rrwo/.a Aff, cliun*, Fmc nation, p rpsia, Const,/./foil, IHairltert, I>y**>rterr,, liirnient Consumption, . SW , Altsmenxtruat,on, \V!„U ... Chlprosis, Cmpbint, Chronic Uraelarhrs, Rheumatism, Intermittent Fever, t impffs on the rare, S-t. In ca-esol General Dvliif.y, whether the result ot acute disease or of the continued d.minulioo of nervous and muscular energy from chronic con points, one trial of this restorative has proved snc ces.Mti! to an extent which no d scriprion nor writ t n attetration would lender credible. Invalids so ibns bed-ridden as to have become lot gotten in their own neighborhoods, have suddenly re-apfceared in the Illicit UVIJ/1 •' i--i - - .. • - sanguineous exhaustion, critical changes, and tout complication ot'nervous and dyspeptic aversion to atr and exercise for which the physician has no , name. In jVnvous Affections of all kinds, and for reason familiar to medical men, the operation ofihUprepa ration of lion must necessarily be salutary, for, un like the old oxides, it is vigorously tonsc, withou being exciting and over-heating t arid gentiy regut iariy aperieui, even in the most obstinate cases of costiveness, without ever beni£ a gastric purgative, or it dieting a disagreeable sensation. It is this latter property, among others, which makes it so reinafxably effectual and permanent a remedy for I't/es, upon which it also appeals to ex ert a distinct and specific action, by dispensing tt.o local tendency which forms them. In ]>v'>,epsia, innumerable as are its causes, a sing'e box of these Chalybeate Pills has often suffi ced for the most habitual cases. In unchecked Dtarrltera, even when advanced to Dystentery, confirmed, emaciating and apparently malignant, the effects have been equall decisive and astonishing. In the local pains, loss of flesh and strength, de bilitating cough, and remittent hectic, which gene rally indicate Incipient Con.iumption, this remedy has allayed the alarm of frier. Is and physicians, in several very gratifying and interesting instances. In Scrnfitlotts Tuberculosis, this medicated iroC has had tar more the good effect of tne most cau tiously balanced preparation* of iodine, without any of th°ir weil-krrown liabilities. The attention of females cannot be too confident ly invited to this remedy and restorative, in the ca ses pecu'iarly affecting them. in Rheumatism , both chronic and inflammatory, in the latter, however, more decidedly, it has been invariably well reported, both as alleviating pain and reducing the swelling., and stiffness of the joint* 3nd muscles. In lutemut'enl Fevers it must necessarily be a great remedy and energetic restorative,'and its pro gress in the new settlements of the West, wili pro bably be one of high renown and usefulness. No remedy has ever been discovered, in the whols" hi-tory ot medicine, which exerts such prompt hap py and fully restorative effects. Good appetite* complete digestion, rapid acquisition of strength, with an uriusuai disposition tor active and cheerful exercise, immediately follow its use. Put up in neat flit metal boxes containing 50 pills price £K cent* per b®* r feraaie by druggists and dealers. Will be sent free to any address, on re ceipt of the price. AH letteis, orders, etc., should be addressed to I'.. E Ltci*c & Co., Central Asents, •10 CEDAR STREET, N. T. July 20th, *6O. ROHRER'S ROHRER'S ROHRER'S ROHRER'S ROHRER'S PR \CTICA L CAECULATOR. PRACTP AL CALCULATOR. I R ACTIC A L CALCUL ATO R. PRACTICAL CA LCCLATOR. PR A (TIC A L CA L r ULA TOR. ¥*OHREU'S PRACTICAL CAL •"'CDLATOR.— A Rook ot Plain Rv.Vs and Calculations for Busines* Operation, By Martin M. Rohier, Practical Surveyor and Conveyancer. New Edi tion", Published by J. B. Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia. This work contains '204 pages, and upwards of 500 Utiles and Examples, entirely and thoroughly practical, such as every day in the common pursuits of Business. It has already passed through a number of Editions in rapid succession, and is pronounced by all classes of business men to be the handiest book of reierence, pertaining to calcu lations. that has ever been published. Every example in the book is woiked out in full and stated in a plain manner, so that when a par allel case arises, those referring to the work w>II find no difficulty .n readily solving it ; in a word, the general arrangement of the Calculator is so simple, tint ar.yone who knows how to add, sub stract, multiply, ot divide, can easily solve any or. dmary example that arises in business, or arrive at the result of any estimate required. The chief aim of the author has been to eschew theory and ph iosophy in figures, aiming only at facts and simplicity, believing that business men care little about spending time in dis>—-"" , s :k > '.hilosopliy or Tirtrs or tmr 'science of figures, deem in" it suflieiert for their purpose to be able at a nrurnc,,, ,r v to arrive at the true result The in ihis re*b?ct from all A nthmetic- cf the day, and kn.ufeh - key to practical business ca'culations —it is, in the hu'.dstif the business man, what the key to matb emrtical works is in the ha ids or the teacher in the school-room—it facilitates time and insures cor rectness. THE WORK TREATS OF T3E Measurement ot Land, of Lumber, cf Brick and Brick work, of Store and Stone Work, of Grain end Grain Bins, of Coal and Coal Bins, ot Wood, of Solids, ot Liquids, of Circular, of Square, or Irregu irti Vessel', ot Cisterns and Vats, of Eoolng, of Plasterers', Painters', Gi ziers", Pavers', Plumbers,* P ip-r Hangeis', and Upholsters', Work. It treats ot Currency end of Fu-rign and Domestic Exchange ol the Decimu System, of Reduction and its exten ded application to Business, of Simple and compound interest, au-1 their entire application to Business transactions, with the laws ar.d maces governing and regulating the sjuie, together with numerous Commercial Forms—of Legal Pender, ot lartial Payments on Notes, of Banking and Bank Discount of Equation of Payments and Partnership Accounts ol Assessment of Taxes, of '-'"eights ar.d Measure*, of Square and Cubic Measure, of the Square Root and Its app icatiun to Business, of Surfaces, of Ex cavation, and of many other important practical matters not within the scope of an adveitisemeot to mention CT"Mai!ed (post paid) to any part of the United States upon rrccip*. of the money. Price of a sin gle Copy, in Cloth, fi* Cents, or two Copies for £l. 00. Bound in Pocket-book form, Morocco, (1.00 pec copy. AooßKsa : M. M. ROHJU'-R. Bog lfi\l Philadelphia P. 0., Pa. Nat. SO, 1900. -Bms.

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