Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, January 4, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated January 4, 1861 Page 3
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t _ rr •-- - .crKST-TaaaK wweaK T r F your accounts.— jE l ""' Out published term?, as our ; * „ n . ea se bear in min.l, require annual set- I -.etuis -nl rle- o|i the H ,of Januaryot . e" ' Otr books are now rea,!y tor sue h set e.:f"T eBl - , UP ,-, -nectfnHy, but earnestly, requ .*t ' "id bte<: to 1.3 to come fo rtvar.. vol ar- , . wbo . a l r accounts. A won! It, the WW s si.f rifS e! , rl .„ , n j t ,et. t. M. SHOEM aKLR <V Co. • rnp S NOTICE. I? Letters testtmenlarv having Jj , ,the Mtbs> rtber residing tti Scbells ■ iiurSt ** st Clair Township, dee'd., ne no :?*•*' ; 3 - induct -d to the estate to make.m tihes > . , ril : a!! tnose bavins claims, are rue „ . at the same pioperly authenttca ..vuesfu !" . W dt*r-* ule:i ' e ABRAM B. BUNN. Execute. ■ ' l will offer at Public Sa e, on 19 I -1 Tl),sl;in, Biair County, adjoining the m 9 9 ■ " i. j,t ill acres, or less, about !15o! ■ "Vp denied, ai.d > ider good fence ;On ■ " i;ch -t.-d a good two-story weatherboar- U u 1 9 ■ *t an:! an excellent orchard of * j! 'iV rß n"on tht premises. Poplar Run. a small Heam ol pure water, runs through ■ .. l.v the barn and house. H fl 2'on"tbat 1 i:av", ai l d it the real property is not I offered for ■ , ' imog about 70 acres, more •*, ■ . ; ■ . jjstant from Newry, in Free . less. . • h southern part ol the Mid " .d. a!J of which is of an excellent qual and'has a sood spring on the premises. also be o.7cred lor sale, on the same if Kett *, >. o pa. to, a lot Xo .... street, tco'iiei or the Dtair on . on . : Room, i.ow in the occupancy of tr.* -V Mcintosh, with other improvements ; 3 af res, mo.e orless.oi limestone nd. ('nil, . " Ridge, vrill be oflertd, on which .ree'e ! a L.n>e-I:i!n, now in blast, anu cai.. .. v Vr succe.-M.liy, by the ab >ve named er.feipn t •- /ot of thb've rv V..*st quint' V Al.N undivided ha 1 of acres, more m • C i. ol in ■ nprov-l tar lin Juniata township , ... timbered, and o; a good quality wl, ;n cleared I farming purpo-e:-. Tun mint proprietor w, Hal offer his part ! n sale at the a roe , , I'F.RMt- v. ill be made I t own on me >■-; oi ■ and possession given on the sUlajr nex... Newrv, Dec. 'GO. .Executor. A LLEGHE N Y M A LE A ND A female seminary, Kwisoffd CC. I REV. V\ VV. BRIM, A. -M., Principal, Miss A. L. PRIM, Preci t'dress, Miss S. J. P.RIM, ;'- aclier or. Piano hortv. This ins'tut on, under the supernsiono! the a bove named p rsons,=.-iSted by other competent lVacheis. affords a full course in M dnem.tics, Natural see. < Languages. ..nd L-l . s F.-ttre-. in music, P.. ruing, l:e., it gives extended uisn/iic 1, ,n The next session will commence on Jan. v.. ,„V. Students admitted at any Habits oi health, system, aodpromptness , view-, moral, so- j cial. and uome-M ~ ■■' J , VPtBf . !, may be cultivated— Calistben- f'iL Se aeeaawy—t era the Student, roeet'each day for sy Nmat.c pnyica. excuse, j _ Will pav for boar.', inc ••• ' • SVV £>l ; niched ."c m.-, room rent, fuel and o*>6* '■■ ... F.nslisb, per term ol eleven | - . modern ' "• 1 - : For Circulars, or particular. , - w FRIM} | Dec. 21, lSftO. Rainsburg, > dfwtd Co., ÜBl l p on thft The sub-crmeTS An j (1 ,.. g ,- J-nuary next, premises, on i i u.a ( t > . ii,e follow I 'g v . Snrinx townsh p, A tract oi land si' (U . t .,.d , n 0,, per, h- Bediord county, t lands f Maria es of good L "to.,e an . | l>. Croyle, Harcleroad s . ° F , rm .-- 1 ■ c.'hers, and known • jor '. Ic-.' eta'.' ' ■ proveawnts ace at ccelleut orchard ,nd other ■ - (f . th;s U!iJ ;i arleare . rhereon. 12 o'clock, M., when terms wu' be made known. WESLEY HARTZET.. WILLIAM HAKTZEL. Dec. u " 'pi,,, (subscriber cl; *rs for rent r° r Lvon" V . ***> mediately opp , , Shoemaker. — and lately occupy ' oy J. • the oc a-M cupancy cl w . .u --ue made soon. p_ q, REAM ill. pUULK' S }};}'' FVL | s TAT k. *■ ° l VA o,d;Vof tie o,'phans' Court ot BY virtue o. an older ot Administrators Bedford County , fue < o! l .a-r Prov,- of the estate o; .acob "•>, to sale by dence Tc .vu-t. .p, dec d. , win I at 1 o'clock P. M.., fhe follow, ng descnb Valua ble Real Estate, to wit ; Cove, in said A tract or lad in Ray . i o , Tow-"*-' pof East r'rovt Ricbey on the Adam I'mis on the . ' h an4 j John CJrove i'.a-t. Win. t■ acey on the South, ola , ract of and Samuel <• rove on th I , hit " l A h'isher's heirs) and formerly belonging to , PhnHp or u . s3) •tout'l .""'l . dwelling and with a story and a hau io w Mirtb- P-..- r Yi'- b >- Bofi ts, or Bonds and Mort = a^L NR y HINISH, DAVID FORD. Administrators Dec. 1 1, SETTLEMENT'— jS knowing th , m . selves indebted th ® ' n b" aeUling the boon accounts, nmII same. the first Of January- n . thpm All persons having tQ have aU accoun ts M second handed cook-stoves that will be sold very low. Dec. 14th, WW. - p SHE rL AND WOOL; all colors, at! Hr. KFROSF.NE OIL, the best article, at Ir. H > MRS. HALE'S RECEIPTS for the million, Dr. Harry's. GSPA ISOOK^eO] THAT EVERY FARMSLf?, MECHANIC, AND BUSI NESS MAN WANTS! JUST PUBLISHED. THE TOWlliiP k LOCAL LAWS OF THE STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA* compiled fuoiu the acts of assembly BY WILLIAM T. HAINES, ESQ., and I" BUSHED r.Y EDWARD I'. JAMES, o/ iVest Cluster, Pa. j This work contains over 400 pages of closely j ■printed matter, anJ will be sold by subscription. h teaches the duties ol Justices oi the I ace, | with forms for the transaction ol their business. ] It teaches the duties ol Const .bit- with all the ; necessary forms appertaining to the olfice. It contains the .it,ties of the Supervisors of eve ry County and 1 ovvsislup in the b?tate ' It contains the mode ol procedure tor the laying out nd opening ot public and pivate road®, ol va c ting and ; Itering roads, the building ot bridges, fee It contains the Common School Law, with expla nations, decisions and 'directions, tog ?th>T with tonus lor Deeds, i .e. Isj Contracts, Certificates, he., foe. Ih 1 • department of the woik was compiled ot Har r-.ebura i'V Mr. S, in .uet P. Bates, Deputy Superin ■j.t, .',, d is alone worth the price ol the volume ro any one interesti ,i in CoofflW Schools* It con: the ..ties of Township Audita"*, it contains the .. ws relative to Dogs and . heep. It cert .me tbe t'ntie* c f Assessors. It contains tiie laws it. reiauon to istiays, JM _ and Swine. , n It contains the laws rcla'tve to Tences arid fence Viewers It contains the laws relative to Game Duntihg, Trout nnd Deer. . It contains tbe Election Laws, with all the ne cessaiy Forms. It contains the Naturalization, Laws with all the necessirv Forms lr Application. It contains a la ge number ot Legal /•.'', w,ich are used in Ihe every d y transaction ol b -mess such as Acknowledgments, Affidavits, Articles of A-re. ments and ( oi.uacts, Purine-ship, \pprni-i --ce" \sienments, Attestations, Bills ol ! xchange and' Promisson Notes. Kills of Sale, Bonds Checks, Covenants, Deposei.-u, Da- IF B sand Produce Notes. Landlord and Tenant, Leases Letters ol Attor ney. Marriage, Mortgages, Receipts and .lc!<- -c - The wo k\~ bound in Law -hep, and will be 1 to soli scribers at per copy, payable on d liv ely ol Ibe Work. Tbe work has pis- ! the revision of* many of the best I twy-rs c-fthetitate and his cc C ■.. .! their urqnaliti-d ippvob tion as a reliable band b ■ .k of reference upon ail subjects pori winch it tr ts. Tbe whole i- arranged in sip a mann er ..sTo piesent a plain, concise and explicit stat •- rr.ent of the dull- s of .ill T- wnsb.p be readily understood by any one. Bedford Comity wi I be C.oroughlv canvassed lor tue work snd trie support of 1u; ci;:z-ns is respeetlu ly solicited. _ Mr stlV ('. ULAMLK is General Agent lor i> e •- ford County. p. S- Good canvassers are wanted in all parts o: this CouiCy Kr Ho above woik, to w hom a libe iui compensation will be g.v.n. Applications hich must be nt <e at an early sate, addresse 1 to Mr. Reamer, will receive prompt attention. Dec. 14th- 1 s. jTpp eIL^ - ;1 Notice .s hereby £>v en to the Taxable mh 1> tants oi Bedfod county, 11 -• the appeal will be held by the Commissioners at the Comn is> oner's office, hi the Borough of Bed forti, on the da v s specified, to wit : For tbe tewi i| Mil Hopewell, Sr. Clair, Inmn, Middle Woodb rry *■' South Woodberry, on Wed nesdav, tbe 9th day O: January, nex . Fer tile townships ci Has; Providence, Snake Spring, Liberty, Monrop, Broad Top and Bedford, on Thursday, be 10th day oi Janu ry, next. For the townships of Wert Providence, Napier, Juniata, L> 11' 11 Try ml Scbellsburg Lor >ig : , on Friday, the 11th day ol January .ext. T1 For tbe town-hips of Southampton, Harrison Cumberland Va'b y, Oolerain and Bedford Borough I. iuid-y the 1.-W if •,rersO.'.s~2; r ?- ' . j,,., selves <;ggrt "e :at the enumeration am value! ion ol iheir tax >ble property, are t -0 attend, and state their gnev inces for redies- ac -ordirg *o Law. . .... ;-C-F . J J. BECKLI. i . H N.corr.xn, Clerk. ( Wm. M. PEARSON Commissioner's Olfies, \ J. FICHTNER, ... ' 'wotU'K Ol' LfQUlblTiOX.— W 11K UK AS 1 nah llorton, late of Mmroe Townsh !p, decea Hid'," ■i.e.;. 8-, zed aid P-, ssgd of a certain hous. ind otof ground, Mtuuten Clearv He, Moni •, To mi hip. "aforesaid adpuwig ot of 1-aac ( rove o; • ■ N'. i*h, Nicholas B- i m the South,Maui stree tie Fa-t, and an alley n the West. Being -o there, seized, died irteWs, and w, thou, tint the • "Xt ot kin of sal Hannah liorton ar ( k, other-", and the is-ue of An-case I brotuers to ... . . t.-vid Evans, John SM i* <!-ml. ieav i i s„e tbrm> childrtn v /.: L i Htiv-y ;id H / . ~.,r !a tried with Reuben U il. iVillim, vvtio is dead ' ' v "-- "•* ydren, vi* : Henrj I ieavi.ig two cliil treil /. : names .nd i idence UTkr.c-.', G-orge Whingtoi, VVilliar; ill lowa , v. i.-on resmg ... Fnlto:. cm. u tv Penn : a Jane intermarnecWitb James Bartoi of'l ':! ton county, I'muFa., H. on, res.dence no . . n Maty £At n intern Led vuh a! pa. Coudcr resui ;ig in Morrow cotty, Ohio, and .Mar 'iet i'l zibflh, residing in sryland, F.van !.v ans' cadvvalder Evans, Ph.lipfcvans, no/ n-ead i e s'.; tbiee children, v iz: >y Jane, intermar -ied' wTtl: folm Adams, Tnon Jetim-on, Am , t: •• last two minorsJer fourteen year ai'ii't widow Rebecca Evans. NOTICE is therefore herebyiven that in pur • .-e of a v. lit of partition or luatiou lo m • di , ,', tpd I will proceed to hob! as quisitioil or val , v, -i ;- ih- on Me y, the 7th day o ... i when and where! inteiested rnaj Jajiiii* l j• 1 " ' attend if they tee proper. S "'F"- -s^F'TLCK OF I" 1 1 * V'ItEAS, Roberl Rp- nett, late of Southampton Tothip, deceas-tb s Vi zed of the, le to w.t : fine tr" ci of land, situate in Southiion Township, lied lord county, containing one fcred end five, ') f" aer-'-r - allowance, mort e, .rdjoiniug I flobinett, Artcmns f>nr, Abr.nam BennetL Bvail Browning an tufa, i.b ut sixty serea ctearad d under cuU.DN Having there on' . reeled, a "ory are at. I e ho.i-i an I a kitchen aiqo'rr ing, barn P-'g house, leav ? . .... ,-iiiidien, viz, (ley, James and issue tine- ' "" , , ' •la.nssa, the Utter, a minoynd ho has for her guardian Archibald Perdew^. " Notice 18, th. reforc, berefcivei that in pursu ance of a wi it o.' Partition < a u .j,,,. to me di - rected I will uat on on the pre mises, o.h uosdy, ,be 9th day of January, I*ol, when an ere ahpa.ties mter : :;i an * , rr Sherifi's office, Bedford, l fOrJN J. CESSNA, Dec. 14tb, S a >.UPIIANS' CC' Ti' LK OK LAND. Th e undersigned d by the Or nlrails' Court of Bedford •!' se. Lie real rate Of William Andersol ol oar. lop 1 own. Ship, deceased, by vi.tuei order oi sa. i court. W U exoos to public ba promises, or -r ,dav the 29th day ij'uary, next, theont undivided third part ot ! ol J nd situated u: Broad "I op Township afo- containing 21b acres too perches, composed Is ol three wanants bn the names of Gabriel <. Jeremiah Duva'l A \i ii- Foster ; adjoining o. Richard L. Foster V, Foster and ot This i considered rr LNSEL 7.EPIIVB, at Dr Harry't < 1K AN VII. LE STOKES' GIFT CLOTHING EMPORIUM, ONE PRICE AND NO ABATEMENT. NO. 607 CHESTNUT STREET. GRANVILLE STOKES would return tLinks to j the public for their appreciation of bis ellorts t<J , please, and their liberal patronage. In order to keep up this kindly feeling, he has Yielded to tbc solicitations ol many oi his friends ; and inaugurated a new system of Gifts with each , Garment sold. To his choice selection ol line tab- j l ies, and made-up Clothing, be inviles the scrutiny , of the public, as well as to his new mode ot doing , business. Each article is warranted to be, n fab- j ric, Sty'e and Make, equal to any gotten up in the .■ City, and one price, (lower than the lowest,) marked , on the Ticket. Each article sold, or measured for, is accompa- i niedby a Gift, varying in value lrum $l to SIOO. N. B.—None but the most skilllul Designers, | Cutters and Workmen employed; and satisfaction, m Fit, Fashion. Fabric, Price and Gilt, guaranteed at j GR A N VIL L E ST( J K ES' ONE PRI "E GIFT CLOTHING EMPORIUM, NO. 607 CHESTNUT STREET. Nov. lS a 7 CO.—l ms. ■BPLAIR COUNTY u3 NORMAL SCHOOL & SEMINAR*, MARTINSBUiiG, BLAIR TO., PA E. T. OShOKNL, A. B. I Principals. J. W. DICKERSON, I This institution will commence its first session I with an able and expei ienced coi ps of instructors) on Monday, Nov. sth, ISftU. No expense has been , spared in making it thorough and complete in ever) department. . . , The school building is constructed and lurni=bed upon the mo-t approved modem plans, ami i> one ot tue best in the Mat.e. It contains a hall capable ot seating 500 adults, with office, music r00m,,; auln cient ior a school ot liOO pupils. the ,chool is locat >d in a region ot country un excelled for its heafitv and bealthfulness, and is sorrounded by a moral'and industrious romaaotty. The distance to Cove Station. Huntingdon and Broad Top U. R. is six miles ;to Holhdayshurg sta; Pa. R. R. lb miles, with daily stages trum th.- l itter and ti i-wei kly Iroin the former; thus ma king it easy of access ftorn all purls ol the country. The objects of the school are : Ist. The Professional Training of 1 eachers. 2nd. The thorough Education ot young ladies and gcmleme,, in he fngli h and Ornamental Branches, •pl j v,p preparation ot Students lor College. The te u-hn.g Class will met daily lor lectures en < i • . jriav ami Practice of 'Teaching, .iMTmn :: -n a sta Mard work on the siibimT,- or discussion o! Methods of Teaching I'• the class. Stu i . ts v ,o .' -sire to do >o may prepare to en ter the higher classes in college. Ladies will have a separate bosrding- house and w;!l be nnd . tue immediate sup rvisioa ol an ex perieuoed Prfcpy* Instruction giv-ii in all the branches taught in the be.t Academies an Se-niim i**'. Whole expense, (exEuMve ot Ornament.l bran cues.) for boarding, tuition, furnished looms, room rent, and fuel, sll "0 a y al "- for circular, with full particulars, address E.J. OSBORNE.or J. VV. DICKf.RSON, Care ot .EC. EvKRiiAUT.LMarf-r.shurg, Blair co., Pa. Oct. 12. IB6o' UNITED STATES MAIL LINE C- BETWEEN CHAMBERSBURG & L ATROI K, via BEDFORD. A new and splendid line of Concord b"ilt Coaches. leaves Chambersburg daily (Sunday excepted) at v ... .. 7 A. M., and arrives . ' 3\ w • . in Bedford at V P. M, . '' Bedlo.Tdaily, (Sundays excepted) at 7 A. M., fo. Latrobe, making close connection with Mail trair 1.1 Pittsburg 111 dt he West. Returning, leaves La trobe daily (Sundays excepted) on the aruval ot tbf train from Pit,shunt. at 9 30. A. M . and arrives „ Bed >. I ? ime ever no?. Pass ngers wishing to gc Ea.t, take Ike coach next morning aT , .-v. M. and arrive at Chamhersburg same evening ;.t ... >1 P ATl's Or FARE Ef ir Bediord to i nam- LA I 1 . , . , , .1 > i.atrobe, ■■ i >t | Firm Bedford to TPt-'burg. $ 1.25. j Ti.e stock on this road cannot be surpi.ed by any in the State, and the dnvers are caret:,!, sobei and accommodating This is the cheapest, ra0.,1 exnedifious and pleasant run e passenger, can take, going Ea>t or U-st. For further information apply "o Jam's Reamer, ( hamber-uurg, John Hafer, lied fold, W. Fisher. Latiohe. A. J. UEESIDE, Contractor. N. B. Passengers fo'' Somerset and Johnstown, connect at Stoy-towu w-ith J- A. Git - Line oi Mail Coache-, also, at Jenner X Roads with 1.. ivier man'-- mail ime. Sept 7, ISGO. IVOTICE OF 1 NQLTSITIOX lv VVHEEAS Henry Iwces. late of Union township, dee'd., died seized oi the following Real Lst te. to wit : Ihe mansion tract of l.ind. situate in said township of 1 nior:, containing ggsJ acres, moie or le- ■, on which are errcled two log dwelling houses, a double log barn, and other cut buildings, a .Joining 'an Is of Amos Edwards, VVJiaui lbu khi'mer, Ad,tin Ickes, the heirs of John •! • A r-ald, and ofiie.s, Also, a tract oi land on Gr" go's Creek, in the township of St. (' air, adjoini: '.•!<■! >• met Clark, A.nos Ed- Jac'. k St i f, A ex. McGregor cud others, containing L'B[ acres i.uie or less, on which arc erected a leg dailing iioti'", double lug barn an I other out buildings, raving a widow, Ma.guiet Ick , Bt .,i i.sue i iue children, to w: t: tleorge Ickes. John l' kes, arid A-iatn li kes, residing in Lowe. Sin tu l.v r uiiuy, Ohio, Michael (ekes, res,i.itig in > rirca County, Ohio Henry Ickes, Susan ii sr.- mari.eil with Frederick Stifllec. Elizabeth inter married with Chri 'i in Car n, Catharine intermar married wit i ac Horn, and Joseph Ickes, r siding oi Bedford County, Penu'a., two giand-children, daughters of Marv, now dead, who was intermar ried with Jose.... Gii ver, -rid Catliarine intermiiried ■ with John McCreary, residing in Bedford Couu i <y- Notice, is therefore hereby given that in pu.'su ! acre of a writ of l 'ar' iton or Valintion to m - i rected, I will proceed to ho d .n InquGition or Val uation on th" piemis-s, on Satin 'ay the slh day of t January IS''l, vshen .id wnere ell interested may attenJ. il 'hey see pioper. i Sheriff's Office. Bed- 1 JOHN J. CESSNA, ford, Dec. 7th, 1860. | Sheriff fiSTRAY SHEEP.— Cam* Lithe pretj -esofthe subscriber res/ding n Cumberland Vi Icy tp., some tune in September last, six he a/a j vh.t'p, two of them rams, one ol them hav/pd 1 hoi ti hro/en off; two of th"m having eai-mas o( . r | tiie otlier two being without tnar/-. 1 h8 ( .' liar \viD please come forward, prove property,^ )ole d ges atid ta/e them away, or they will btj of according to law. Dec. 7th. '6O. SAMfJFL Nf - LECTION.— -tincr of u The annual Broad Toy Stockholders of the Hunt iugdoibjr.pany, will Mountain Rail Rea l and Coaly, 01 , Tuesday, the held at the olhce of the comfj o'clock. A. M , Bth day of January, !S C! dfora President and I when an election will t"', r rp,. entuin- y^ ar ' i w"|ve dr ecto'.s to seryj j j _ p. Af.K I' • Phild'i'a. 2.V South T'' ' 1 Secrctaiy. D ■ •. 1 Ith, t.>/; WHY NOT • . HY I.ol* g ave yout money, i „ , . our goods ot ; By buy,nc OgT£R O g T £R CARN, Cheap side. I si" sss. , the wants of | the community- Ca:l and see. Dec. 1 Uh, iB6O. i 7 BEAUTIFUL ASSORTVF n r ERRTKI . N< , | ;lnd Shades, fust received at. H aRKT'S. Oct. 2, 1-60. • ATEE'S : H CATHARTIC PI li L.S. <\ A . I ri • j ? ; - \iv y>n *) 1 . f* -"Id--. - . {;/•'• \,j ! . .-vd cr.'iv!, uii.-r Ar. v'.n* * /T " i : * 4 I,l ■* % wi; r your v " L • - .. " | r>S r.-i I. • i y ur • •;? . n*i- J, \ p. U'' • •° " , u ? ''' r i V 1 ' ' - ' ' T <- r I C/iJ\ '• ••*■ iltu '--as. fiftun . -f :£ v ' •*. ' *] M' k; r . li{ ... 'i. '' '*■ '• • •' 'Ulti wit ;i by t y ~ . I.l*l , y UiC* €• t' 1 ■ ini If gilt vetti- V, I< # . . • Take Ay-r'a Pilis jm 1 >, v kJ ■ '*•• T-N: <"t till* iliitt. bu- I *? : > ; n r.— ;• r.w th<- Mood, at'd fV,. - ' ; let the fl-i '!->■. n lin. I - R -* - y?. K 4 MI.-ted in it- dti at; tin. %C? # Yr & j .H X J Th\v stimulate tin? fun< •; '.J ,v ' ><* t i the body ii t• v• ;•/1 1:.- ar- J- y ' liv.ty, the -f• ■ 11i lr*ui <". i ' t!f • ; tr;t.-luoiH whit !i make disease. A c <i Bottl* wh< •-• in ib body,: : 1 < - Bip.n't it- r|U*:d ' I net. in. :!i ■', :• i ' r v "t, .1..*-I- ' <hef X-. • !'•'• a--'. *l-1 111. iu! .ml ill-" UW. While Jo tb;<iadH u, n-.;. - -.1 by.> ..h-raug -m -nW. <• Aypv's lli -..1 ■ v ili: ' !■■.-. r .••• th* ik.i>ir if 'Wrf sypt-ai aii-i ■ it < - r li-i iairnin. Wn • i tt-iipaipl wi .-,|.p iro'm tin triv.itl :.iiai '"i n;>liut i< u>- > tin ■• iin.iiy ti tin* •* • •!•-* *' l < i '" >•'•••" ''■• *-■ • inn .'.. tin ■' ■' .'ilitr.-l-inii

ti.-i,- : I<J- *• ':N < t> •• • ' h .! tho .. a,, v ;\t V. Ml; i !•:. ty of I hem Kite v . i. I hv'r-l m a*- v < i " ••• vwM - 1 • : l!l " J pills, v,ill u4;tt ♦'Hip:t.i -:u > .as i.l nis.; iroui thinii-o-.1. rjTl* P t)ii t*i. pi>*s i-na in wnii- <T the |)ri'i''iiNil 'il i.o.ti o.i 'i wcil knowiJ puLiiiu jK.r --tUll-i. Fra-.ia Fun- Merck(■*>' <f"\ Lm F J >. 1. VV\ IR. A7c.': "Vr Pilln rr • tpi?ac n r r ,nll ii ffroot in •• .-?■ Tii-y ••nr.-i Utile dau .ht r ot ul"T >us sjr.fWfi I"ih ;. ! *tzi ' that i 1". Ipi ve i inciir.iW'* fi>r yw- *U'r h ' ' ,:i< U- v.i ! oasl • 4 r t ■ pliiaon ooT attiii ana j., | it i i . |r our •. • sLu jA > t.. I vour a t! ty Liavo cui't* I i' ••*. A MORGUIBO2. Af. r mi!y Pliyilo. From IM-' K. '"rt< rr,'y< Orleans. Tour Pills I'ne priivo <i* j.?*rTheir excellent finnliri'-s furp-Piy t • 'i .-v are mil.!. -. ut vei • ti a a. T•.l • • -i il :. ; • . mi the l)Owi'!*, whita kt'a tlaeiii invaluable to n in the daily treatment oi HeadaeltelikHeadapbf.F nn! Stor.iacli# /■V /b*. Ak/." /ti liwjiL I! It in*, j)f BRO. A: Icaar 1 anawer you into I have corz*l ti your !'>:•. ibt: -r tli '.n !.; ay f < 1 1 c€ rrer tret 'roatirr inrslicihe. Ipi ice :n .it .!• JK'll on an erfaal /!• -"ise, ttfii living as I do lb it y. tr I'ilH affiv-rfl us the beat we ha-..v cour. value th**rtt bi:..viy. PJU V.*V I,IPT. TR. J. C. A. Sir :T I; iv<- l*t n r'pi .: v cur :of the worst h- ikc any I 1/ ci-i have by i . -•' o~ wo of your Pill-it seen s to ariao from a ttomucli, Vli'i :.. they ■■' at once. Yours i . ED. TV. PIT Cirri: of £Uain-r l. ritu TJ'liotts torCer-i Live? Com plain ; u From Th' >'orr P,T. of v) Vorf: CN. :;.t ivuir P:!;* ;dnii ;.-'up '! C • pnr pr.. as r.u • I Vv ■ ' : >1 *' - Upon t*. • Liver v'eiark A T! % i.i ny prae t > •r • i v. 'tuai f thi .•' of I **■ - pUtjntoib oijouer ••• 3 l can meAtioa. 1 tin y r )•"•* that v* .. -'i it'll. 11.1 1 . y.iMvc w' i , wor uy the rouli- oi l u p. . a aa i llie po P or *. f. TwEr-' ) V. a! n; r a, l>. ( it!i Ft h.> 1 . .. ( y.v ■ r hawd ur ••ills iu iry .1 and li. -pdal pr--u- civet? ;• j-<"i u<;; • iiii :ii,an .'mui• ■>t h' i'ule to f... ;i.b si atliitl'dc ca'play. 'Tit. Ir r-ju -11 ;:.! iuo liver i- muick ar-i deeitb- . c.uise <pi'i.V ' lacy aa adiirra 1 i. niet.y ft H . <?n a oi that I'JI- Ind- • i ! hu\ ! ?i 1 UT; i a CASE of buious it ' / stiiia!- thai i: •. I uut r . Llv \; I'i to them. Friially yours, Air '/.0 !ALL ; d. i . J '*t jsi can *..' ifu Maruie 11 1 /itul. D)*s, Cinn hu a, llflax. Worms. • u. l>r. J. (J. Oi en, of Chicago* Yon Pii?we had .1 long trial 1 m pr.vtlpe. and T hold *•! J-'ti-em a.> • 1' ?!.- l ri.-n: ! have ev tl. ir a'. r.iliv.' • 1 .p*.u tne liver ni'.kvs thwai'Ai'-.mut reniei y. wheu given in small for IT tot* fysirj an J Uiitrr.ktta. Their sugar-coating inakf. Vw '. vet" ptabki and couvouicnt ibr the u.* of vross children. UTURS!*, Impurity 0" the Hlood. Prom h y V. liana, Pastor of Advent Chvrck, K rton. Diuit X lave used your Pi'ls with cxtm 1 .!inay success|v funiiy a*.l a.u Uigthnsel a.u . . ' toviMt in Tofgulat i the orpin of d.£*ii<>n rail purify ' iooi,they a. • the v *ry best r ui*iy i have ever ki and I can oohftdctitiy roconiin- n*f 111 to my trie Yours, J. V. Wyomfni Co.. N. Y.. Of. ill. Pr.vrJ] am ny -nr flath i iiV* Pills i• uy p: w> - t?'"*. ant them (Ui o v oi!- ot •• - - .fi : .t tiu sy.vlc.a iHri/y ih* /.. -us . .. •,r *.' rj, A *jllL% i. M . ACT I AM. M. 1). C'o~".Ion, Cosiivenc Si Kjft . Pout, V ;.. . i>. Ihcu ijialysiM, k If. J. r. V: A!' .'•••' To 1. • ir, 1 - v 1 <i r yniir I !.s 'r t! ■ ' ei.:J Uuthers of uur • I'ltiity 1 ' 1 at tlut r I hive, thi'y U oM j- >■ ro to jtotlaiiß iiillti.. h-n. lit of t!i • tan :i'u'.o< l •'i-o!.'f ' ' tli.ifl lirit.'ii. !!li-i;:. I ' II .i.igh in tin- . f olii.-r. ii r- '• •r-*** I i • - ' in. I. :. i'. ill.- liver,tut jur Plllt St th.vt orgaicuru lo.e discate. F'v. E. SLu >rt, Ph\ •;>. • 1 end }■' 'v'fr, 1 fie or tn* l \r T 9 h J e " ,r P : r t ! prn|j>e.aro excel ent | ot ' * ii v oPvorpait '••• *• ••*L !a • i ♦ .Vrcfl eh .* V.iO t-toi'i ' ! : ! ? ■ V I ;.r0 sth 111'- Iv ;i.,,.u ".U' U-. 1 o-*i - ' I :r> op my patients. Frctf-ler. Br. Ilir>he*.ef!h' ft hniut 2T":'' Ch:mh. ' CT.ifSt flocsr. Psvannn .tlr.. 'an 1 . n> -IK: 1 ' • ■ ' . ,111' '• ■ f TCHltttl liri-iiv. ni -if 1 iii'l Bflt i ■' "i- ''' • ' . n. ljsi flit . i-i nv liminan lln -"lit • ri.tiilir -Vyi- i "rr, i*U'.i h ■ ■ 1 . t r • fi.,,.ijv.'.i:*'-.noi' i.! ■ I-i ! ; ••" '• iliii.t'.v war > mill iv - uu'HUy'i:. _ r . * I>.<wttnit >■: r.-i" i tf - > > . 1:1 tqof thrill, 1 • now till. . v li. ITS Cntvn.'n. Baten Rotr*. r/•- sDee. if-"-'- Tin-.: T li.vv !•- r: ti ir -I. >y v- r Ph-Ki . KhA Gomt—a. i oln&ii <fr rtal I"4• " ' ; ino , ,d NCBT SLTDBUi. f J' of the rill* in irm-'Ket r.-n:.viv 1 !.---urT, v. 11 l-. -ieh a vnln.-il 't i in 'kil u'. In ' •• '* ,>...■} I o tv.;! 1-11. ft-itn th-' .Ip nifel rr.l--- . - ijiat fr.- nt'y f'll iv it< -i infina* tr~r. . c t !.)• r. . v t>r miner •' •* wn.-.t •' J.-f.3 por Box, or 5 3oros for sl. H ; l.y Ur. J- C. AYZII aw J-, Lc v/ell, Iflaa3. B. !>ry. Roil lord ; Barrulollar \ Son, i'.leod Run : (J Amiciv, St. C 1 ur-v .!• ; .1. 15r'netn.u ' W'otxlli*; Geo. Ganlitl, West End ; .1. E.Colvir j SchelUi : anrt by tin lets generally. Oct. ISGU. XT ? 1 CE— ! [ g hereby given IVTi!- i'aiy jd of Audito's of the Eiist Brigade, 16th DivWP. M , tii. t they are require 1 to meet at the r>*'hoii •• ■>( Co!. John lia.'er, t■ i the Borough of IV® 'Aon Tnes' 1 iv the Sth of Jaouary,' lh(* 1, lor tii^/P"*'if adjusting 'he Military accounts of •ib >0 the collectors tor l v: > 0, ol the ,r Boiotigbs and Townships of said Brigade, (fieet rait j -, 4r( i at the same time a.i t place, tor purpo e r \ having exonerations acid libatements •de and filiawtd I.P.MFF.L EVANS. „ Nov. 23d. Biig. CJen. Ist !>., H* i j ',,orebj caution all persons eatnsi .. note, wjven r>v me i a man by be name if Fox, for fifty (wodoll irg, dttft ii Nov, [bth, 18G. rise note was given on certain conditio"' which as yet have not been con n|„ d with, law been deceived, not having re ceived vt " ' a "d am determined not |< ;,av said not" n I ess compelled by law. A. ZEMBOIV.'K. C. Vay, Dec. 7, 'fiO. K DMSTRATOIFS notice J\. Letters of Adminis tration the Estate f F.lias Hitr, tote t>f Cnire tie-lain! -y tp., dee'd.. having been . antei the unsigned, s'.l persons indet. > t sid Estate, request d t.- make immediate pay. .-.ent, < cse h.-.vii,.; claims will j. e.ent i, duly aatlcated At ■ etttasem HENRY it' r I THOMAS FISHER < Novi* ' a irsTßAToirs None E •£\- L^ttei.< of Admiuis tritiojns been granted to the criber resi ding i lair town-hip. on the Ksr. lie of Archi bald V. ate oi N'.ipier township, dee'd, all peifoebted to said Estate are hereby notified to mnmeihate paym •t. and tho-'e having <• elttl tth ■ I . , ... ,1. , m , r ly a| -ted ;--r s< 11-. ■- en ' - I \ N APERIENT ANH STOMACHIC PREPAY, i \ tion of IKON j-nnlie:l ol Oxygen ami Carbon by ccmbuntiou in Hydrogen. ya'nctioi ed by the bightst ■ ledical authorities, both in kuro|>e ami the : Uf'ited States, and pi escribed in their p actum I The experience of thousands daily proves that no of Iron can be cnmpar 1 with it. lmp- > rities oi the blood, depression oi vital energy, pale and otherwise sickly complexions indicate its ne- j cessity in almost every conceivable cav*. Innox- j ions in ail maladies in which it-has bfi tried, it t > proved ab-olutelv curative in earn of trie following complaints, viz : Jit Debility, jYer>//, Affection*, ' " i itio", D *- j pcpsia, Constipation, Diarrhax, Dy'rut* n,, [uci/n. it , Co" sumption, S'rrofnlott* 'Vtthrri-ulo i't lihii-m, ■ jMism*n*trnatio)l, Whites. CA/oroei *, J,' ■ *r Cinplrn CUrottiY He ait arhes, Rheumatism, hiieimitleiit tioer, I'implr* o" the Pace, ,V -. In cu<-es o { Drhihty , whether 'he result ' of ncute disease or of the continued diminution < n 'i votis and tnuscu . r eneigv Irorn chrome con.- . plaint--, one trial ot 1 is resioi.itive has proved sm. cessfui To an extent uuirh no d scription nor writ ten attestation would render credible. Invalids so lone ber|-i jililen as to have become forgotten in th"ii own neighborhoods, have-suddenly re-appeared in I the busy world as it j-ist returned from protiac- , ted travel in a dutant laud. Some very^sig-. nal in-taiices oi tin. kind are atte-;ed oi lei.. ale j sufrerers, emaciated victim , of apparent marasmus, i sanguineous exhaustion, critical changes, and that : complication of nervous and dysp-ptu: aversion to j air and exercise for which the physician ha* rio j ; name. In Nervous Affection* of all kinds, and for "ca'on familiar to medical men, the operation ot l! |trep. ration o! lion n.u-t nrres-ariiy be salutary, for, un like the old oxides, it is vigoiously tonic, wi* ou being exciting and nver-tieating : and gently regut larly aperieni, even in the most obstinate cases of I contiveiiess, v ithont ever being <t gatnc purgative, or indicting a disagreeable sensation. It .s tlii- latter pre,aerfy, among others, which mak"* it so, effectual and permanent *a remedy lor Pit.*, upo . which it also an- . ars to ex eit a distinct ; ml specific action, by dispersing the ioc il tendency which iortns t ! -rn. In Jitt'-pfpo i, innumerable *e its causes, a single box of these Chalybeate P...s has oiten . utli c-d for tbe most habit it ,1 -PS. In il net eke# Dt •••//•, even vlien advanced to H-. steutg:y, confirm 1, ii . ciat-.ig ami apparently J malignant, the efleets ha.e been eq-iall decisive and i astonishing. In the local pains, locs ol flesh a. 1 strength, de- 1 bit:! iting cough, and remittent heetic, which gene- j rally indicate Incipient Consumption, tins remedy | hs- allay .1 tne alarm ot friends it'd j xieians, in- | oi-veral very gratilying an I interesting > -.'aiices. In i s t ofit/p is I'ut, ratio lit . this medicated iron has had lar more the good effect of the most c".u tiotisiy balanced piepaiatinus o! odine, without any of their vv- 11-knowu liabilities. The attention of females cannot be too confident- ' iv ed to H.!- remedy and restoiative, in the ca ses pecul uiy ail" 'ting thee. ■ii Riitnnatisin, both chronic and inflammatory, in the iatter, however, more decidedly,it has been invariably w-II reported,both as alleviating pain and leducins the swelling- and stiffness of the joints ; and muscles. ! In Intermittent Fever* it mast necessarily ! ureat remedy and energetic r>*to'ative, and it~ I tress in the new settlements of the West, will bablv he one of bia • renown and usefulness. No remedy e< er been tiiscoveied, in the v ' history ol medicine, which exerts such prompt ipy and lully restorative efler ts. Good apjn coo liiaestion, rapid acquisition of stte w.'.i an unusual disposition tot active and che j exercise, immediately follow its use. Put up in n"at Hat metal boxes containing GO pr -e 5o cents per box ; ft. sale by druggist* 1 ut'i.irr- Will he sent free to any address, 01 : celpt Ot tn- I'm. - . All lelteis, orders, etc., should be addr ; to R. B Lorke k fo., Oqpral Agpui 20 CEDAR STREET, j July 20th, 'GO. ROHRER'S ROIIKKK'S ROHRER'S KOHKER'S R O I i R EE'S PKAOTCAL CALCULATOR. PRACTICAL CALCULA FOR. FKACHCAL CALCULATOR. PKACTCA L C\ LCI LATOR. PUACK'AL CALCULATOR. FT>OHKE"b IMtAC l ICAL CJ •^CULATO.— ; A Book o! Piaiilu'es and Calculation* fir Bu-- Opeiation, v Martin .V. bonier, Practi i tsurvexor id Cmveyiattr. Ne*r Kdi tion, Pdistied by J. !>. Lippincott ' k Co., Philadelphia- fi This work ait iins 201 pacts, and npwara SOO Utile- and xamples, entirely and inorol prict eal. suc*s e.ri-e every day in the coi ' purst it* of Buless. It has already passed tli' ! a number of ittioiis in rapid succession, a u j prano meed bill classes ot business men ill The hanuie-t of n-leience, pertaining to calcu lations. th<t h ever been published. F.very exaiie in the book is wo; kid cut in full and tated in slain manner, so that when a par allel case aris, those referring to the work will liml no diillci/ in readily solving it ; in a word, the general amgement of the Calcu a'i r is so simple, th t rone who knows how to .. Id, sub itract, tnultij. ordivide, can easily soi. my or. , d'.nuiv rxamj that a.isesni business, orunive at i the result of r estimate required. The chief tt oi the author tas been *0 eschew I theory and pbsopiiy in figures, aiming only at ' facts and -iucity, beiievn.g that business men I cars little at) spending time in discussing th< philosophy dies or the sc -nee of figures, deem I' ait uliicietor th ir purpose to be ahi-j at a moment, by jrence, to a neat the true le-ult The ca!ctilatd.lf-"rs 111 th's respect fr n all A j ; ihmetics oft day, and kindred .works—it is a fey to praeti business cumulations—it is, in the I bands ol trie kuiess man, what the bey to inVb einrtical wor i" in the ha <ls of the teacher in the schosl-roo.n—. facilitates time and insures cor rect uess. THFVORK I'RF.ATS OF THF. Measurement Land, of Lumber, of Brick and Brick work,;' Stone and Stone Work, of Oram ami Train Bi, of Coal and Coal Bins, of Wood, o? Solids, of Lirpls,of Circular, of Square, or 'in Ve-sel", ijCisterns and Vats, of Roofing, of Dasterers , Tnters', Cl-siers", Pavers', Plumb rs, Paper Ilange', and Ip! ulsters'. Work. it trouts 1 of Currency ni of Fori n and Domest'C Exchange 01 ile Deem) Systen of Reduction and its ex I >a ' ded npplicr.tii to Busin o l ' Sim; m a o: compound Interest, and |ir aq • *at • I -;sii e - tra. suctions,titii the laws ( images govern!rig 1 and r gu'atir the same, to ber w t: nnnieirus Commercial !uti?—of Le vier, of rat .! j Payments on toes, of Ba 1 ' .n tr. I Rank OUrnunt ; of Equation od'avments and I. , netsiop Accounts iof Asbj"smenv i'axe of VT e , v !,t3 ami Measn es, |of Square anifubi" *! u?tr- ,• th- 3 Square Root | and its app'u.rori to iie-ss. of Siirfsc-s, of Ex ' c.ivation, and if met, important practic.i matters nri; wp. r. th-- oi. ( ,e • an a.:ve:tisement to men'ton. uy.Mailed pest paid) to anv art rf ' ' I "t-d Stat-s upon rr-eip: of the money. Price of a >in gl" Copy, in (loth. I'D (tents, or tu i Copies lor SI. fit . Bound i. Pocket-book lorn, Morocco, 51.06 per copy. jnpnrsn : M. M ROKRFR PH I l_" A . ADVERTISEMENTS. | E. G O II L I), -V®. I) I'd ( ft*tant St., en-, at Sevnih, PHILADELPHIA. PIANOS a: d melodeons. SAVRS. n\'-o\ Xc CO*S., IIALL'.T, DAVIS Xt CO's., MNN > \ M.AUK' 3, AND A. 11. GAI.K it OO's. ws - jSfese ' - - '> . - - A "* ' ' ' " I - **, - " ■ 2&1 PJ "■ " fr£ 2 "*C' A ■ ' ill © * V; % 3 - ' %uss?^ MASON V HAMMN'S, " u PRINCE ? ; r()-s. MELODEONS & HA RMONIUMS. . Pianos anl Melodeons to Par! Second-hand Pianoa lay IS,'-.0.-1 yr. 77 P. IM P i: n, ;•=!' CO- OP. TO *. sin c.) —WHOLESALE DEALER IN— TOGA COO. SNUFF AND CIGARS, / H„\ rih Fifth St., above AJ'. , /7;< 5 /, PhiVa. ANo Manufacturer and Importer of KORKICV A\D DOMESTIC SEC.*.- IS. May IS, 1m;o.-I yr. WILLIAM KAIGCKL, JAME- 1... ..IIITEY, l>i I V'l, MOOEK, no WARD A ADAMS, AVI I.LI AM . SKILI.MAN, BK.MY I. ATKINSON. T A ID TEL, MOORE & CO., ~ LATE, UAIGITEL A .VP fin., I MI'ORTF.i.r AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN DRY GOODS, .Yos. ~~'i) ,V 2'2'2 jX'orf/i Thirls' r - ?;>e Race, I','sidf f P ELPf i. May IS; yr. npHE WORLD'S GREAT 2X UTIOM PRIZE MEDAL, awarded (nl. 1 for bis two PIANOS, London, October " >, J -• 4 \\ * "<• V W7. " r * T> l > I ' u .... vV -4J - W-- . C. MEYER respectfully informs. his friends ami the jnh!ic generally, thai he ba< constantly on hand PIANOS equal to those fir v. Veil he received the Prize Meda! in London, in IS$ . All orders promptly attended to, fand great care taker, in ti. • selection and pariting the same. Me has received, during the last filteen years, more Afedals than any other maker, from the Frank i :i Inti?ute_a|.o, First Premiums in Boston, New York and Baitimote. Ware- JOTS. No. 'Ti ARCH S'reet, bplow Eighth, South si !e, PHILADELPHIA May 18, IbGl'.-lyr. JOHN O. JAMS S, ISAAC WELSH, H. G. STERLING, WW. C. KENT, G. A. SMITH, H. V. WELSH, CHARLES SANTEK, SAMUEL WHITX, J, TOMLINSON. ff AMES, KENT, SANTEfc &. CO., IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS OP DRY (iOODS, 230 k 241 NORTH THIRD STREET, BOV ' r-', PHILADELPHIA ibv a higt. __ .. . . o ais, me feel ings and the interests of her sister Slates. As early as 1705, the provincial authorities iol Pennsylvania, after reciting a the preamble, I that ''the importation o' Indian siaves from Carolina, or other places, hath been observed to give the Indians of this province son - umbrcge for suspicion and dissatisfaction," passed an act against the importation of Indian slaves from any other province, or colony, in America, but at the same time declared, "that no such Indi an slave, as deserting his master's service else ( where, shall tit into this province, shall be un ideistood or construed to be comprehended with in this act." And when, in 1780, more than eight years befoie the Constitution of the Uni ted States went into operation, Pennsylvania | passed her law for the gradual abolition of sla i *ery, mindful of the rights of her confederates, j she declared that, "this act, or anything in it | contained, shall not give any relief or shelter to any absconding or runaway negro or mulatto slave, or servant, who has absented himself, or shall absent himself, from his or her owner, master or mistress, residing in any other State or country, but such owner, master or mistress, shall have like right and aid to demand, claim and take away his slave, or servant, as he might have had in case this act had not been made." A provision much more unequivocal in its phraseology, and direct in its commands, than those found, on the same subject, in the Consti tution of the Union. The act, by its terms, IVJI made inapplicable to domestic plaves attending upon delegates in Congress from the other A merican States, and those held bv persons while passing through this State, or sojourning there in tor a period not longer than six months. In 17SS it was made a high penal offence J hereby bken in several otlmr , most clearly, their ample. ~tes of secession, it is ,i s merely a compact et's composing it, and r-., which may leel ag f'ure, declare that it , ] to the compact.— s rroneous. The Con nates is something more • agreement, between applied to nations, a ( which may be abro t party ; responsible to aaJ faith in refusing to t entirely irresponsible A government, on rreated by consent, or hed with legislative, •vvers, is necessarily in irom this sovereignty ts laws and decrees by emergency, by its mil- Tile government owes 1 and they, m turn, owe aws cannot be vioia ot accountability to Enforce its decrees and rgaaized resistance to ?ssful, it may be purged It unsuccessful, the rebellion, may be exe rovernment of the Uni n:ts assigned to if, is as as any other govern ed. The Constitution iance thereof, are ex e Sl> ?"-• t J Q f the eANc'Y GOOl>>, „ <■"• fraud, to JV"r>. 330 .Market Street, Philadelphia. i May IS.'GO.-l yi. I WI'I.M'IIESf&I &. CO. GENTLEMEN'S EHRNISHING STORE, ~ A >N — ' r.\ IT. NT SMOOI.DKR SEAM SHIRT MAN- , I* FACTORY. .Va. 706 CHFSTJYI'T Street, I Above Seventh, opposite the Washington House, : <■ . dirt- and Drawers made from measurement | a' a w days notice and in all c i-es Warranted to I tit. rmi 'i lor nrcea-urement toTnishe.l on an ' plica", l'v mail. LIBERAL INOUCEMKN i'S TO Vm !.E SA 1 E BUYERS. May W, >O.-1 jr. MARTHA T. MATTIN, O. H. If AHRICK, J. A. ' - MORREL. | OKI). P.. TEDDLn, 9. S. HASTUW. A. H A K E It, * vy iTti i MAJiTIXS, PEnr LE. HA MRICK & C —IMPORTERS OF— j HOSIERY, GLOVES AND NOTIONS Ab. 33, North, Fourth St., Phil . May 15.'60.-1 yf. Tt OTICE.— >- * A!! pi r..r>; s krn ving themselves in ! '!e' • il t the subscriber on book accounts crother \\:me earnestly requested o make settlement, i e.: or before the t-t ay i f January, next, either • by cash or note. Ail neglecting to do so will find 'heir accounts |ui tie hands of an olficer for settlement, without ra.-pect "o persons. I Dec. 1 Ith 1860.* JOHN ARNOLD. | V O T 1 C E.— , 1 13 A]! pelvis knowthj therr mlves irGttwl to th firtr. of Ferguson and Sh fer, ! - *her by Note -r Book ac-.onn', are hereby notifi ed that. after toe 'ilth of December, I*6o, the Books, htc., will be placed in the bands of a Jus tice of the Peace for collection, when suit will be brought without respcc' to p rsorts. EERCUSON & SHAFER. Dec. 11th. 1800. •tb" f-Cio* ./ - w ' TKACIIiNt . y John C • ' "?'• /