Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, January 25, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated January 25, 1861 Page 3
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WoF ft HAND JURORS - I Drawn for i rtiarv Teim, (2d Monday,) llth day, 1861. i B Bonn, Foreman, Abraham Bulger, Henry S. ; T' j Joseph Beegle, James Blackburn, Josiah ; oner Solomon Conn, A., Esq., Adam' •liis'on, Lewis Fyan, Thou. R. Gettys, Peter I-. . i Jgai, Joseph Heckman, John Hoen-tnie, John , L Miller. Henry Nauglb, John Otto, Thomas A.j ' Jacob Rfce, Samuel Silver-, Philip Snider, 1 iijilflei', Abraham Smith, John A. Wertz. LIST OF PETIT JURORS, hn Burns, George Barthelow, Samuel Bottom- j i Simon Brumbaugh, Daniel Border, Willum j .'el Ileuben Colvin, Samuel Cypher. Samuel Di -10 Daniel Fetter, Michael Fluck, Samuel S. Klucd - V S ' oil Hdligas, John Hohman, Asa Housare, .Tared ir-. ks Joseph Imler, William Jones, Joseph Long, jC rv Morgart, Henry Moyer, David T. Miller. yjav, David Patterson, John Rilev, Wiiliam '(."bison, lienor Rose, Solomon Shrader, Daniel t-'ne Samuel 'Shafer, Peter Steckman, Simon Daniel Snider, Job Shoemaker. Tobias Sni r" Benj <min Valentine, John 11. Walter. A. J. Woodcock. t IST OF CAUSES g j Put down for trial at fcbroary Term, (11 day,) 1861. . r McLanahan et ul use vs. A. J. Snively Esq . C'arotbeis " Alex. George Anderson's'r " H. Easton et al V, (routs' use " Gideon Hitchew 1 Hill, et al " Geo. Troutnian et al V|, Mean " D. Fletcher et al Reigbart et al " Win. H. Irwin et al Vi igton iF Co ' Hugh MeN-eal Thompson '* David Stuckey a'Jjr Hvit's use] " Thos. Kensir et al 2,' V lckes et al " A.J. Crtssman . V t'lark. " David Brailier '1- Conrad - Pal rick Burns et al 2. Keighart et al " Win. 11. hvin Sal Bank of Pa. F. D. Beegle et al r'ruher, Rogers Co. ■ ,ames Urhew et al. () F Shannon's use " Philip Keagy Abraham Skelley " Joseph Garber Protby's office, j • A V\' Bedford, Jaa. 18 | ° rtfiGISTER'S NOTICE. Ail persons interested are hereby notified that the following inmed accoun •ants have filed Iheir accounts in the Register s fce of Bedford County, and that the same will be to the Orphans' Court, in amJ lor sail! r"iniiiy on Tuesday, the 12th d iy of February next, • Conrt Hoube, in Bedlord for oonfirrna- The account of Henry Bennett, adm'r., of the ; ot Robert Bennett, Ule of Southamptoii tp. • ;>. The final account of Joseph B Noble, Esq., <'i:J:an of Alferd S, Over, minor son ot Jacob O ve" "late of South Woodberry township deceas- The account of John P. Reed, Esq - , adminis trator of the Estate of John Crisman, late of the vte of lowa, dee'd. t 4 The final account of Jacob Long, EXT., ol the'last will, Ike., of David Long, late of Middle Woodberry ip , dee'd. 5. The account ot Jacob Long, guardian o. John T. Keagy and Susannah Keagy now Susannah Ja cobs, ofAliddle Woodberry township. 6. The account of Jacob Long, adm r., ot toe Estate ot Elizabeth Long late ot Middle Woodberry tn dee'd. 1 ~ The account of Solomon Williams, adm'r., ol the estate ol Levi Clark late of West Providence 'v. The final account of Jacob A. Nirodernus, F.x'r.,cfthe last will, JS-c— 01 JacoD, Ueot Middle Woodberry, tp., dee'd. 9. The account ol John f ickes, guardian ot zabeth Barley, formerly Elizabeth Fickes, one of the daughters of Valentine Fickes, die'd. 10. The account ot Peter Bechtel, admr. ot tha Estate of Theodore Snowberger, late of South Woodberry tp., dee'd. 11. The account of William Hammer, one ot the. executors of the last w ill, &c., of John Hammer late otiUnion tp., dee'd. 12 The account of John Nycum, adm r., ot the Estate of Wiiiiam Nycum, late of Monroe township dee'd. „ 13. The account of Mary Weaverling, Execu trix, of the last will, &c., of Henry Weaverling, late of West Providence tp., dec d. 11. Th account of Maria Hunt and Samuel Ra debaugh, olm'ra of ~the estate of Joseph Hunt, U'.eol Cumberland Valley tp. dee'd. Register's Office, I S. H. TATE, Bedford, J an.lß, 81 { K egister. 15ROTHONOTA RY'S NOTICE, — Notice is hereby given that the account of J. W. Linger,, el ter, Esq., committee of George Owe, a lunatic, has k in the Prothonotary's Office, and that the M uje will be presented to the Court of Common r 1. in and for said county, for confirmation on I -dav. the 12th day of February next. Frothy s Office, j S. H. TATE. January 18, 1801. 1 r °L Y' LDFORD COUNTY, SS. At an Orphans' Court h-bd at Bedford, in and for the County of Bedford, on the 19th day of November, A. D., iB6O, before the Judges of said Court, On motion of G. H. ir.g, Esq., the Court grant a rule upon the heirs . legal representatives of Dr William W. Reed, of "bouth Woodberry township, dec d., to wit: aronßeed, William Reed, and Nathaniel P. Reed, . rsidir.g in BeUlord County, to be and appear a! • '> pbat s' Court, to be held at Bedlord, in and - sa:J County, on the 2d Monday, llth day of :uary next, to accept or retuse to take the i estate of said Dr. Win. W. Reed, at the valua which has been valued and appraised in pursu oi a Writ of Partition or Valuation issued out : Orphans' Court of Bedford County, and to the 1 of said County, directed, or show cause why :ne should r.ot be sold by order of the said i In testimony whereof, I have hereun \ to set my band and the seal of said Court at Bedford,tthe2Cth day of Nov., 1860. J.CESSNA, SAM'L. H.TATE, Sheriff. Cler/-. an. :;31. .i T TOR'S NOTICE.— <• The Rnijersi^ned, l'ed auditor by the Orphans' Court ot Bediord o distribute the assets in the hands oi E- I, adm'r. of the estate of Joseph Weyant, , will attend to the duties of said appointment c;y, Ist Feb. 18G1, at his office, in Bedford • .gh, at 10 o'ctoc/f, A. M.,ot said dy. O. H.GAITHER, 18, IS6I. Auditor. TTC'E.- Ail persons knou - ing them .".Jebted to the estate of of Jonathan Horton, -eby notified that the books, totes &c.; are ' ends of J. jW. Lingenfelter for collection will be brought against ail who dtsre • s Mice. OLIVER HORTON, " > (661. Administrator. , UT BARGAINS! TitEAT BARGAINS ! GREAT BARGAINS! • " o reduce our stock as low as possible by j will offer every description of MER GOODS! WINTER GOODS! WINTER GOODS! ~ I, FOR CASH. AT COST, FOR CASH. AT COST, FOR CASH. Jesdy made Clothing at Half-Price. -all ANDSEEPOR y A. B. CRAMER t CO. 14, 1861. SHERIFF'S SALE. Bv Virtue of Sundry writs of Fi Fas, Vend Kx|>onas and Levari Facias to me directed, there will be sold %t the Court House in the Borough ol Redl'ord, on Saturday, the " 9th day ol February, 1801, at II O'clock, A. M., the following described Real Estate, to wit : One tract ol flaud containing 70 acres rr ore or less, about 45 acres cleared and uruler jl'ence, a leg dwelling house, log barn and tenant house thereon erected, also a small apple oichard thereon, adjoining lands of Henry Irnler, William Limburn, and others, situate in Union township, Bedford co., and taken in execution as the property of Peter Colebaugh. ALSO— One lot of ground in the Town of Kainsburg, fronting 82?, teet on Main Street and extending back about 105 feet to lot ot Andrew J. Bobbins, with a two storv frame dwelling house with back building attached, and small frame stable thereon elected, adjoining lot of A, J. Robhins on the North am! lot ol G-orge Vaughaii on the South, situate in Township. Bediord County* and taken in execution as the property of William O'Neal. —ALSO— One tract o! land consisting of parrels, or tracts of I >ud, contiguous and adjoining, containing 35 acres, more or less, about 1(1 acres cleared alul uu der fence, with a log dwelling house ihereon,erec te I,alson young peach o,chare-d- apple /ree 3 thereon, a joining i. in's ot Gtoige B. Kay's heirs, George Clapper, Christian Baitzel, and others, situate in Hopewell Township, Bedford county and taken in execution i s the prupeity ol r'reston Briles and Meltord James. - ALSO— Tw o lots of ground in Stonerstown, each fron ting 55 leet on jMaiu Slreet, leading to Saxtoi and extending back about 150 leet, with a plank house with basement slorv tuereon erected, adjoining lot of J .rues -Conn and others, situate in Liberty I ow n ship, Bediord County, and taken in execution a.-> the pioperty of Terrence Kinney. —ALSO— One tract of land containing 259 r.cre% more oj less, about 25 acres cleared and under tence, with a log dwelling house and small stable thereon erec ted, adjoining lands of William Brollier, Joseph W. Tate, Esq., and others, situate in Hopewell town ship, Bedford county, arid taken in execution as the property ol George iswattz. —ALSO— Ml the undivided third part of seven tiacts of land, warranted in the names of VV i•! ia tn Lane, Wil liam Fo irester, t eoige Hinish, 1 rancis Johnston A iexaridei Johnston, David Montgomery, and James blunter, containing about 2300 ( acies, more or loss, situate on Yellow Creek, in Hopewell township, Bedford County, ar.d known as the Lemnos Iron, vt orks pi opeity. —ALSO— One tiact of land warranted in the name oi Swope, King ,V Co., containing 237! 2 acres, fnore or ess,situate in said township, and known as the ! Bedford Forge tract, arid taken ru axccution as tne property oi' Henry h. King. —ALSO One part of a tract of unimproved land, contain | ing 360 acres, more or less, in the name of M arga ret Diehl, adjoining land in the name of Samuel Diehl,on the South, Top of Cove Mountain on the West, Solomon Diehl oil the North, and Frederick Herring on the West, situate in Shover'.s Valley, Bedford township, Bedford county, and taken in ex ecution as the pioperty of and legal rep resentatives of Dr. Wiliarn Wats in, Dec'd. —ALSO— Tne undivided half of one tract o! Lan I contain ing 21 acre-, mere or less, unimproved, adjoining land of King & Osborne, and others. —ALSO— The undivided half of 19 acres of acres cleared and under tence, adjoining lends ot Kathmell Wilson and others. —ALSO— The undivided half of 160 acres of land, more nr 1 ess, about 30 acres cleared and under fence, with a log dwelling house thereon erected , a so an app e orchard thereon, adjoining lands of John P. Ander son and others. —ALSO— One tract of land containing 5 acres, more or I ess, nearly all cleared and under fence, adjoining lands of Ka'hmell Wilson and others, all situite in Bioad Top Township, Bediord County, and taken in execution as the property ol Lemuel Evans. —ALSO— One tract of land containing 75 acres, more or less, about GO acres cleared and URder fence, with a two story log dwelling hou-eard log stable there on erected, alge an apple orchard thereon, adjoin ing lands of Henry Harcleroad and others, situate in Colerain Township, Bedford county, and taken in execution as the property of Evelina Han leroad and William B. Hartzell. —ALSO— fine lot of ground tronting about 200 feet on the Bedfordand Stoystown Turnpike Road, and exten ding bacK about 90 feet, with a story and a haiflog dwelling house, new frame wagon maker shop and new frame stable thereon erected, adjoining lands of John W. Scott on the East, West arid South, sit uate in Bedford township, Bedford county, and ta ken in execution as the property of Andrew J. KegS JOHN J. CESSNA, Jan. IS,ISGI. Sheriff. OOURT PROCLAMATK)N .To the Coroner, the. Justices of the Pence anil Constables in the different Townships in the County of Bedford, Greeting. KNOW YE thit in pursuance of a precept to me directed, under the hand and seal of the Hon. FfUMIS IVI. KIMMELL, President of the Several Courts of Common Pleas in the Sixteenth District, consisting of the coun ties of Franklin. Bedford, Somerset and Fulton, and by virtue of his office of the Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail delivery for the trial of capi tal and other offenders therein and in the Gene ral Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace; and A. J. Snively & John Taylok, Esqs., Judges of the same Court, in the same County of Bedford, You and each of you are hereby re. quired to be and appear in your proper persons with your Records, Recognizances, Examina tions, and other remembrances before the JaJges aforesaid, at Bedford, at a Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail Delivery an i Gene ral Quarter Sessions of the Peace theiein to be holden for the county of Bedford, aforesaid, on the 2d Monday of Feb. (being the 11th day,)at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day there and then to do those things to which youi several offices appertain. GIVEN under my hand at Bedford, on the 18th Bay ol January in the year of our Lord 1861. JOHN J. CESSNA, Sheriff. q \ TTENTION ! BEDFORD R I F LF." t/ \ MEN. —You are hereby oidered to meet for Parade, atthe Court House, in Bediord. on Friday the 22d of February, 1861, at 10 o'clock, A. M., in full Winter Uniform, (with Plume.) It is desired by the Bri gade Inspector that there be a Aid turn out. Very important business will be id before the Company on that oeca on. By order of the Captain. GEORGE STIFFLER, Jan. 18, IS6I. O. S. 4 EDITOR'S NOTICE— The undersigned appointed by the Court of Common Pleas, com missioner to hear and report the ev idenc e iu the case ot Michael Miller's admr's. use of John Aisip, John W. Smith, hereby gives notice that he will meet the parties interested, on the 22d day of January, 1861, at his office in Bedford, at 1 o'clock, P.M. J. W I.INGENFELTER, Jan. lltb, 1861. Comm'r. - - //I-/ /F) FF g5.0 Pays ihe entire cost for Tuition in the most pop ular and successful Commercial School in the coun try. Upward of TWELVE HUNDRED y nng men from . TWENI different State?, have been educated for business here within the past three years, some of whom have been employ ed as Book Keepers at salaries of 4 $2000.00 PER ANNUM, immediately upon graduating, who knew nothing of accounts when they entered the College. EE7*M misters' son sjhalf price. Students enter at any time, and review when they please, with out extra charge. For Catalogue of SO pages, Specimens of Prof. Cowley's Business and Ornamental Penmanship, anil a large engraving of the College, inclose twen ty-five cents in Postage Stamps to the Pnnci pals, JENKINS & SMITH, Jan. 18, 1860. Pittsburg, Pa. ■BEDFORD COUNTY SSI~ At at) Orphans' Court held at Bedford, in and for the county of Bedford, on the 19th day of November A. D., 1800, betore the Judges of the same i ouit. On motion ol John Mowet, Esq., the Court grant a tnle upon the heir's and legal representatives of Melchior Fisher, late of Harrison Township decea sed, to wit, Louis Fis her, Catherine, intermarried vvitt Jackson Waggoner, and .Margaret, interinar lied with William M. Hill, to be arid appear at an Orphans' Court, to be held at Bedford, in and for said county, on the second Monday, 11th day of February next, to accept or refuse intake the real estate ot said Melchior Fisher, at the valuation, which has been valued and appraised in pursuance of an order of Partition or Valuation, issued out of the Orphans' Court of Bedford countv.or show cause why the same should not be sold by order of the said Court. j In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and ttie seal of The said Court, at Bedlord the i 26th day ol November A. D., 1860. S. H. TATE, Jan. llth, te. Cltrk. WrOTICE— -1 - The following named persons, have filed their petitions tor Tavern License, in the cflice of the Clerk of the Court of Quarter ; Sessions of the Peace, tor Bedford County, and will i he presented to said county, oil Monday, the lltb I day of February uext. | Peter Kinsey Juniata tp. P. G. Morgart, Bloody Run Borough William Divert, • David Stooer, South Wood berry Tp. i John McF.lheny " " George Baily, Londonderry " George Weminer Monroe " Fiederick Berkhimer, St. Clair " David Sleek. do do J. B. Castner, Broad Top " I Clerk's office, Bed- ( S.H.TATE, lord, Jan. llth, '6l. Clerk. WOTICE— J-™ All persons knowing themselves indeiited to firm of Ferguson & Shafer, are hereby notified, that their Books, &c., are in the hands of J. VV. Lingenfelter, Esq., tor collection, with outers to collect by suit, or otherwise, as speedily as possi ble. FERGUSON ,V SHAKER. Jan'y. 3d, 1861. A D MIN IST R A TOR'S NOTICE.— -=* Letters of Administration upon the estate of .larob Kites, late of Southampton tp., deceased, bavin;* been granted to the subscriber, alt persons indebted to said estate are hereby noti fied to make immediate payment, and those having claims, to present them properly authenticated for settlement. DAVID ELITES, Jan. 4tb, '6l. Administrator. A UDITOR'S NOTICE.— The undersigned appointed Au ditor to make distribution of the funds in the hands of John Bili and John Mower Esq., assignees of Pat - rick Dullard, will attend to the duties of his ap poihtment, at bis otfice ih Bedford, on Monday, the 21st day of Jahnary inst., at which ;ime > tho-.e in terested can attend. JOB. MANN, Bedford, Jan. Ith, '6l. Auditor. lpou RENT R The subscriber offers for rent the Store Room known as the -'Kerns Stand," im mediately opposite the store of N. Lyons Sons, and lately occupied by J. Ac J. M. Shoemaker.— ALSO—the Dwelling House at present in the? oc cupancy of VV. M, Hall, Esq. Application should De m ide soon. F. C. REAMER. Dec. 21st. CJETTLE YOUR ACCOUNTS.— Out published terms, as cur friends will please bear iti mind, require annual set tlement of our accounts on the first of January of each year. Our books are now ready for such set ement , and we respectfully, but earnestly, request all who are indebted to us to come forward *,nd ar range their accounts. A word to the wise is suf ficient. J. M. SHOEMAKER \ Co. Bedford, Jan. 1, IS6I. NOTICE. •j Letters testamentary bavino been granted to the subscriber residing in Schells burgj Bedford county, upon the last wi!| &c., of Phil ip Shrad >r, late of St C'air Township, dee'd., he no tifies all persons indected to the estate to make im mediate payment, and all tnose having claims are tequested 16 present the same properly authentica ted for settlement. ABRAM 13. BUNK, Jah. -Ith; '6l. Execute; WOTICE In the Court of Common I'leas of Bedford County, Nov. Term, IS6O. Applic Uion of the Mthcdist Episcopal Congrega tion of the Borough of Bedlord, for cbarter = of"in corporation. In pursuance of the order of said Court ot Com mon Pleas, Notice is hereby given, that the Aleth odist Episcopal Congregation of the Borough of Bed ford, have made application to said Court, hied with the Prothonotary, setting forth that they are desi ring to acquire and enjoy the powers and immuni ties of a corporation or body politic, and accompa nied by a constitution or instrument in writing, spe cifying the objects, articles, conditions and name style and title under which they mean to associa e , and that, if no sufficient cause be shown to the con trary, the said Court will; at next term, decree and declare that said congregation shall become and be a corporation or body politic, under the name style and title of "The Methodist Episcopal Church of the borough of Bedford." By order of the Court. S. H. TATE, Jan. 4th,'6l. Proth'y. A DMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE— Letters of Administration on the estate of Aaron Good late of Napier Township, dee'd., having been granted to the subscriber, no tice, is therefore, given to all persons indebted, to said estate, to make payment to him, at the resi dence of the dee'd., in said Township, on the 17th of January, inst., and those having claims will pre sent them for settlement, at'the same time. If the subscriber is not called on at the time -above speci fied, James Allison, Esq., residing in said Town ship, is authorized to make settlement and receive money due the Estate. WM. ZIMMERMAN. Jan. 4th, '6l. Administrator. THE SCIENCE OP EDUCATION AND ART OT TEACHING, by John Ogden A. M-, at Dr. Harry's. J Vft S O .v' s Mountain Herb Pills. AHOVR, s>resent vou with a perfect likeness .r Ten™, n clief of a tribe nf the slramre A7tec Nation I list once rulsi Mexico. Y*nn will fin.* a full account of' him and his people in our Ramphlets and Almanac*— to b" had gratis from the Agruts for Ilieao Fills. The Inventnr and Manufacturer of •' Judson's Moun tain Herb I'ils.'' luu spent tlie greater .art of his life in traveling, having vi-ite.i nearly every country in the world He Ijient over six years among the Indians of the Rocky Mountains an l of Mexico, and it was thus that tlie " MOI XT.IS HKKII I'IUJS" were discuverod A verv intwrestin arcount of his adventures there, you will find til tiur Aluiaiac *od Pamphlet. , It i* hu eatib!i.rih#'l fact, that all disease* arise from IMPIICK BLOUDI The olood if tlie life! and when any foreign or unhealthy matter gets mixed with it, it is at once distributed to every organ .f the body. Kvery nerve feels the poison, and nil the vital organs quickly complain. Tlie stomach will not digest the food js-rfectlv. Tlie liver ceases to secrete a suflitiency of bile. The action of the heart is weakened, and so the circulation is feeble. The lungs become clogged with the poisonous matter hence a cough—and all from a slight impurity at the fountain head of life—the Mood ! As if you had thrown some i earth, for icstance, in a pure spring, from which ran a tiny rivulet in a few minutes the whole course of tho stream becunes disturbed and discolored. As quickly does impure blood fly ,o every part, and leave its ating behind. Alltlie passages become obstructed, and unless the obstruct! u i- removed, tlie lump of life warn dies out. These piilsxot only purify the blooi. but regenerate all the secretiouiof the body; they are, therefore, unrivalled as a CURE FOR BILIOUS DISKASES, Liver Comph nt. Fick Headache, Sc. This Anti BUi rus Medicine esds from tie blood the hidden seeds of dis ease. and reiders all the fluids and secretions pure and fluent, clearug and resuscitating the vital organs. 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"(06 CHESTNUT Street, Above Seventr, opposite the Washington House, Fine Shirts aid Drawers made from measurement a' a lew days lotice and in all cases Warianted to fit. Formula or measurement lurnislied on ap plication bv nail. LIBERAL INDUCEMENTS TO WHOLE SALE BUYERS. May 18,'C0.-; yr . OIYNOT? WHY NOT? Save your money, By buying yourgoods of OSTER & CARN, Cheep side. You II find it tie cheapest place in town. They have jug received another choice selec tion ol new and thoice Winter goods. Their stock is large, and suited to the wants of the community. Call and see. Dec. 14th, 1860. ¥0 TIC E._ AH persons are hereby noti fied that 1 have purchased the following persona! property, viz : a cows—one white, and one red, 2 beds and bedding, 1 ten plate stove, 102 bushels of corn, 65 bushels oits, 22 bushels buckwheat, J of 15 acres of rye, 4 acres do, 3 acres do, £ of 5 acres do, 1 rick of hay—4 tons—2 stacks, 2 tons each, one 2 horse plow,|l shovel plow, 1 harrow, 2 sleds, 1 sett gears, 1 pair double and single trees, and have left the same with William May, and Mary his wtfe, of Southampton township, Bedford county, during my pleasure. 4 he hay, grain, and ssme of the other property is for a!e, and all persons are notified not to purchase, except from myseil, any of the same. D , JOSEPH W. TATE. Jan. 18, 1861. MRS. HALE'S RECEIPTS for the million, at Dr. Harry's. Soger's jlitrsiiparilfa, FOB. PUBIFYIKG TEE ELOOD. Ami for the epeedy cure of the subjoined varieties of Dntease: Scrofula and Scrofulous Affections,such "j; i'lunors, Ulcers, Sores, Eruptiuns, Pimples, Pustules, Blotches, Boils, Billing, au4 ail Skia Diseases. T _ OAKLAKD, lud.. Gtb June, 1569. J. C. ATSB & Co, Oenra i I feet it tuy duty to ac knowledge what your barssparilla has done for me. Having inherited a Scrofulous infettion, X have suffered from it in various ways for years. Sometimes it hurst out in Ulcers on my hands and arms; sometimes it turned inward and distressed me at the Btotuach. Two years ago it hroko out on my head and covered my scalp and ears with one sore, which was painful and toothsome h J liud description. I tried many medicines sod several physicians, but without much relief fneu any tiling. In tact, the disorder grew worse. At length 1 was rejoiced to read in the Gospel Messenger tbst you had prepaid an alterative (iMtre&iiariila), for I knew from your reputa tion that any thing you tsade must he good. I sent to Ciucinnatiai <lgot it, and used it till it cured roe. I took it, as you advise, in smnli doses of a teaspoonful over a inn nth, and used almost three bottles. .New and heailuy skin soon began to iorm under the scab, which after a while fell off. Jly skin is now clear, and 1 know by my feelings that the disease ha. gone from my svstnin. You can well believe that I feel what I am saving when I Oil you, that I hold you to be uuo of the apostles of the age, and remain ever gratefully. Yours, ALFRED B. TALI.EY. St. Anthony's Fire. Rose or Eryaincias, Tetter and Salt Hheum. Scald llead, Ringworm, Sore Eyes, Dropsy , i'". ' M. f'reblu writes from Snlem, N. Y.. 12th Sept li. m. the lias cured an inveterate case of Lhu, whim threatened to terminate fatally, by the persev ring use of our Sarsapariilu, aud also a dsnger oua attack of Malignant Erysipelas by large doses of the saint; say.- he cures the common Eruptions bv it con stantly. Rr one hoe el p. Goitre or Swelled Serh. /-■bulon Sloan rf Prospect. Texas. writes : '■ Three, hot ties of your Sarsaparilla cured me from a Csi re a hid eous swelling on the neca, which I had suffered from over two years." Leucorrlnta or Whites. Ovarian Tumor. Uterine Ulceration, Female Diseases. Dr. J. 15. S. Oiannin t, t.f New York City, writes ; " I m si chserfuHy comply with (he request of your agent in saying I have found your .rsspariila a to.i te. ■■<■ Herat alterative in th nnnieraus complaints for which wo employ such a remedy, but especially in E vials Jsi'uses of tlie ik.ofulouH dia'insis. I have cured many inveter ate ease of Lvucorrh..* by it and some where the com plaint caused fry ulcerdim of the uterus. The ulcer ation itself was soon cured. Nothing within my knowl edge equals it for these fr-male derangements." lid ward F. Marrow, of Newbury, Ala., writes, "A dan ger, ois ovarian tumor on one of the females in mv family, which had defied all the remedies we could employ, has at length been completely cured by your Extract of Far saparilia. iiur physician thought nothing hut extirpa tion could afford relief, but he advised the trial of yocr Farsapr.rilia as the last resort liefer* cutting, and it proved effectuul. After taking your remedy eight weeks lio symptom ot tb disease remains." Syphilis and Mercurial Disease. New Orleans. 25th Aupeat, 1553. T>r. J. 0. Am: Sir. I cheerfully comply *;irh th rv qm st of your agent, an'i reirt to you some of the e??ecu 1 have realized with your SarsAparilla. I have cured with it, in my practice, most of the com plaints for which it ia recommend*&, and have found its effect* truly wonderful in the cure of I entreat aud Mcr curiil Diinist. One of my patient* had Syphilitic ulcers in Lis throat, which were consuming his palate and the top of his mouth.* Tour Sar>ap&rir.a, steadily taken, cun >i him in five wet*k6. Another v/aa attacked by sec ondary symptoms in his nc-e. and the ulceration had eateni away a coiwi-ierablo part cf k, so that I believe the disorder u -iid toonrea li his brain and kill Lim. i; u t it yielded to my adniiuibtration of your S&rsaparil'a: the ulcers ht-.t.Ml, and 110 is wt 11 again, not of course without aotue disfiguration to his f;ce. A woi/au who had boon tre.;u-d f-.r the same disuruer ' y tr.eicurj wa- suffering frnm tins pifison in her hones. The;, had W so M-U --sitive to the vv, tiiat cu a damp day she suffered ex crutdating pain in her joiuts aud U aes. Fhe. 100. wis cured entirely by your Mirjrq.artlla in a few weeks. 1 know fr t it. , rm 11 la, which your agi*:if ;ave me. that thi Preparation from your laboratory must lea great remedy ; consequently, tliese truly remarkable results with it have uot surprised me. Fraternally yours, G. V. LARIMER, M. D Rheumatism, Gout, Liver Complaint. iNDEPEsnxscF-, Prest-.n Co., Vn- rth July. 1559. DR. J. C. AVER: Fir, I have been afflicted wiih a pcin ful chronic EhcumaUsm for a long time, which beffied the skiii of pliysicians. and stuck to me in spite of ail the remedies 1 could find, until I tried your .-areaparilin. 0.o bottle cured me in two wetks, an'i rertored'my general health so much that 1 am I a better than betore ] was attacked. I think it a wonderful medicine. J. FREAM. .Tales Y. Gelrbell, of St. Louis, writes: "I have been afflicted for j are with an ajejtim of Iht Lo -r, which destroyed my health. I tried ever tiling, aud every thing fiiiied to relieve fne; aud 1 have been a breken-d'Wn r.rtn for some years fr. ni r;o other cause thai; derangement f thr Ls . My beloved ; astor. the Rev. Mr. Espv, advised me to try your Sarseparilla, because he „id l.krw you, and any thing you no do was worth trying. Pv the bless ing of God it has cured me, and h SJ purified mv Uod as to make a new man of me. I tool young again. The best thai can be said of you is not half good enough." 8e hi rruK,Cancer Tumor*. Tcnlcrgenitnt, UlcerntSou, Carles anil Exfoliation of the Rones. A great variety of cases have been reported to TIS where cures of tie..i formidable complaints have resulted fruci the usa of this remedy, but our space hi re wili not admit them. Some of them may be found in our American ilhriVUti Call Yof Ulctn. * Dyspepsia. Heart Disease, Fits, Epilep sy, Melanc holy, .Seuralgia Many remarkable cures of these afTi ti' us lure V-cn mad" by tho alterativo power of this me..., inc. It f.itr.u liifes tile vi al fiincticus iuto Vigori-u- action, and t!;us overcomes disorders wh h would be in;Loyiaid its roach. Fncli a ro:„ -d; I long been reijui-od by ( l .e nt cessities of tlie pecple, i.r.d we are coufid ji that this will do for them ail tii-t nu dicinc can do. Ayer's Cheny Pectoral, pon THE rriiE cr Coughs, CoMs, latluema. Cron*), BronrhltU, lin-ijiifrt c on punipllon, and Cor thf Keller cf Co '.Kimpth i* Patlmts iu advK)if ii of the ]}.&ia<ie Thi* U a remedy ao .iverbali -* ki. -xn to nrpns ry other for tho cine of tb .it and hmar c. r..i!. 'M.. that it is UPOIOSS here to puidi.-h the o>i; < f it-s v.rmcs. Ila unrivalled excolleac© f< r coughs nn 1 cola*. fcid i: * truly wonderful cure® of imlmonsry d!w:tse. leave n.n'ie it Vnown throughout the civilized nati' lis of the Few are tho com.auuitfo®, cr evtn familief. tin- uir tii in who have rot run-.- , r ■ nal ezpericuco of i'.- •orne living trophy ii tli*-ir midst < f its viett■■ v over ti.o subtle and danpc: ius di>ovders of tho throat art ..i ?. As all know the as they know, too, tlie iffects of this r medy. w._* 1. Ed n- : do more than to aR;.re them that It las !>• -.v a 1 ! th *r tues that it did have T -.h' U making the cur. * which have won so strongly upon ? (vnluU ucc cf mankinu. Prepared by Br. J. C. AYLP- CO., Lowell, B. F. Harry, Bed lord ; Barndollar Son, Bloody Hun ; G. B. Amtck, St. Clairsville ; J. Breneman, Woodberry ; tieo. Gardiil, West Had ; J. K.Colvin, Oct. 1 2, IS6O. A LLEGHENY MALE AND FEMALE SEMINARY, RABASItIJKr-, tied Cord Co., Pa. REV. W. IV. R!ii I, A. M., Principal, MIFS A. L. BRIM, Preceptress, Miss S. J. BRIM, Teacher on Piano Forte. This institution, under the supervision of the at hove named persons, assistea by other competen- Tearhers, a fibrils a full course in M ithematics Natural sciences, Languaffes, and Kt-lles Lettres, in tnus'c, Painting, &c., it gives extended instruc-, tion. The next session will commence on Jan. C' 2, 1861. Students admitted at any time. Habits o: health, system, and piomptness , views, moral, so cial, and domestic, are here made prominent ob jects ot education. That the physical powers, as well as the mental, may be cultivated—Calisthen ic exercises are necessary—here the Students meet each day for systematic ptty-ical exercise. dt.OA ffj Will pay for board, including] lu r - O/W/4.0' ' dished rooms, room rent, fuel and tuition in common English, per term of eleven weeks. Extras, >t modera'e charges, even less than 'heretofore, or than the circular calls for. Students prepared for the highest class in col lege. For Circulars, or particulars, address VV, VV. BRIM, Dec. 21, IS6O. Rainsburg, Bedford Co., Pa* MARTHA T. MARTIN, C.H.HAMRICK, J. A. L. MoRRKL GEO. R. PESDLE, 8. R. MARTIN. A. BAKER, • WITH MARTINS, PEDDLE, HAMRICK & CO. —IMPORTERS UK HOSIERY, CLOVES AND NOTIONS, JYO. 30, JVor'h. Fourth St., Phil , May 18.'C0.-1 yr. I7 XE C U TOR'S NOTI CE. Letters testamentary having been granted to the subscriber, living in Mid dle Middle Woodberry township, on the Estate of Joseph Eeagy, late of said towirebity dee'd., ail persons indebted to said estate .re notified to make payment immediately, and those having claims a gainst the same will present them properly au thenticated for settlement. D. S. LONCENECKF.R, Jan. 11, 1861. E ecntor lISS™ \\j->Vr v* J ' * - V -M i \ N A PERI F.N I'AND STOMACHIC PR EPAR, 1 lion of IRON purified of Oxygen and Carbon [by combustion in Hydrogen. Sanctioned by the , h-- "st medical authorities, both in Europe and the j United States, and prescribed in their p actice. 1 iie experience of thousands daily proves that (no preparation ol Iron can be compared w.i'a it. Jtnpu rities 01 the blood, depression of vital energy, pale and otherwise sickly complexions indicate its ne cessity in almost every conceivable case. Innox ious in all maladies in which it has been tried, it has proved absolutely curative in each of the following complaints, viz : In Debility, Nervous Affections, Emanation, Dys pepsia, Const,potion, Oiurrhai, Dyer titert,, Incipient < oiieumphoH, Scrofulous Tuberculosis, Salt Rheum, Mi s mens t mat ion, Whites. Chlorosis, Licr Cmplaint Chronic Headache*, Rheumatism, Intermittent Fever Pimples on. the. Face, tfc. In cases of General Dvbihty, whether the result of acute disease or of the continued diminution ol nervous and muscular energy from chronic com plaints, one trial of this restorative has proved suc cessful to an extent which no description nor writ ten attestation would render credible. Invalids so long bed-ridden as to have become forgotten in their own neighborhoods, have suddenly r-appeared in the busy world as if just returned from protrac ted travel in a distant land. Some na. instances of tnis aim! are atte-ted of female suff-rers, emaciated victims of apparent marasmus, sanguineous exhaustion, critical cuanges, and that complication ot nervous and dyspeptic aversion to a:r and exercise for which the physician has no name. In Acrvo/is Affections of all kinds, and for reason familiar to medical men, the operation ofthisprepa lotion ot lion must necessarily be .-alutary, for, un like the old oxides, ic is vigorously tonic, withou being exciiu.g and over-heating : and gently regut larly aperieni, even in the most obs'inate cases ot costtveness, without ever being a gastric purgative, or inflicting a disagreeable sensation. It is this latter property, among others, which makes it so remarkably effectual and permanent a remedy For Piles, upon which it also appears to ex ert a distinct and specific action, by dispersing the iocal tendency which forms them. In Dyspepsia, ii imerable as are its causes, a single box of these Chalybeate Pills has often suffi ced for the most habitual cases. In unchecked Diacrhaa, even when advanced to Dystenteiy, confirmed, emaciating and apparently malignant, the effects have been equal! decisive and astonishing. In the local pains, loss of flesh and strength, de bilitating cough.and remittent hectic, which gene rally indicate Incipient Consumption, this remedy has allayed the alarm ol 1.-ientfs and physicians, in several very gratifying and interesting instances. In Scrofulous Tuberculosis, this medicated iron has had tar mere the good efl-ct of tr.e most cau tiously balanced preparations ot iodine, without ar.v of their well-known liabilities. The attention ot females cannot be too confident ly invited to this remedy and restorative, in the ca ses peculiarly affecting them. In Rheumatism, both chronic anu inflammatory, iri the latter, however, more decidedly, it has been invariably well reported, both as alleviating pain and reducing the swellings and stiffness of the ioints and mj3cles. In Intermittent Fevers it must necessarily be a great remedy and energetic restorative,jaud its pro gress i.r the new settlements of the West, will pro bably be one of high renown and usefulness. No remedy has ever been discovered, in the whole history of medicine, which exerts such prompt hap py and fully restorative effects. Good appetite, complete digestion, rapid acquisition of strength, with an unusual disposition for active and cheerful exercise, immediately follow its use. Put up in neat flat metal box:s containing 50 pills price 50 cents per box ; for sale by druggists and dealers. VVill be sent freeze any address, on re ceipt of the price. l 0 *ii > • .... _ vw R. B Locke & Co., General 4eeni< 20 CEDAR STREET N V July aoth, p. 1 ft. y. PHIL-'A. ADVERTISE fa crpg-j-g ~8~ E. 6 O U L l), 93 • JVo. K32 Chestnut St., cor. of P HI LAD E -pjj/J PI A N'OS AN D MELODEOXS. RAVEN, BACON AC CO'S., IIALLET, DAVIS HE U NUfiJi's ir CLAEK'S, AND A. H. GALE & CL' iifflh ff f MASON Ik HiMLIN'S, AND PRINCE &QO'S. MELODEONS & HARMONIUMS. Pianos and Melodems to Rent. Second-hand Pianos. May 15,'60.-1 yi I P. H U B El, "• ; = RCCESSOL TO J. SOEVER,) —WHOLESALE DEALER IN_ TOBACCO. SXUIF AND CIGARS, A'o S Aorth Fifth St., A o ve Alarktt, Phi Tit. Also. Manufacturer i<d Importer of FOREIGN AND DO MIOTIC SEGARS May IS, 1560.-1 yr. WILLIAM EAIGSEL, AMES M.WHITBY, | SAMUEL MOORE, BWAKD A ADAMS, WILLIAM G. SKILLMANj *'*JRY P. ATKINSON, S AIGUEL, MOORE & CO. "A LATE, RAIGUR AND CO IMPORTERS AND WHOLESALEV£ ALE RS IV DRY GOODS, A'os. 220 St 222 A'orth Third Sl.,f JoVt face, West side, PHILADELPh/]. May 15,'60.-1 yv. raiHE WORLD'S GREAT EXHUnoN PRIZE MEDAL, awarded toC. M'.YEK for his two PIANOS, London, October 15, P54. C. MEYER respectfully informs his fiiends and the public generally, that he has constantly on band PIANOS, equal to those for which he received the Prize Medal in London, in ISSI. AH orders promptly attended to, Jand great care taken in the selection and packing the same. He has received, during the last fifteen years, more Medals than any other .maker, from the Frank lin Institute—also, First Premiums in Boston, New York and Raltimoie. Warerooms, No. 772 ARCH Street, below Eighth, South side, PHILADELPHIA May 18, 186;'.-lvr. JOHN O. JA'.TVS, ISAAC WELSH, W. G. 8 L'KRLINQ, WM. C. KENT, G- A. SMITH, H. D. WELSH, * CHARLES SAN TEE, SAMUEL WHITE, J.TOM RISON, f AMES, KENT, SANTEE & CO., *9 IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS OF D R Y G O UDS, 279 St 211 NORTH THIRD STREET. ABOVE RACE, PHILADF' °H!A, May IS '6O -1 yr.

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