Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, January 25, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated January 25, 1861 Page 4
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DBOKDER, • CLOCK & WATCH MAKER, AND DEALER IN JEWELRY, Would respectfully announce to the eitize of Bedford, and the public in general, that he has opened a Jewelry Store in the building re cently occupied by H. Nicodemus, Esq. nearly opposite the Bedford Hotel, where he will be pleased to spe all in want of articles in his line He has on hand, and will constantly keep, an elegant assortment of JEW ELR'r, and will re pair Clocks and Watches in the bert style. He hopes to receive a liberal share of patronage, ac he feels satisfied he can render satisfaction to aU who entrust him with their work. liis terms will be moderate. He has on hand Gold and Silver IYATHHSS, Silver Spoons, Thimbles, Butter Go!J and Silver Pens and Pencils. ntv.:. April 27, I8h" SPECTAFTE^. The subscriber has jus' a spiendi variety of Gold, Silver Mounted, and Steel Spectacles, with the finest x otch Pebbles, su perior in clearness, and designed to suit persons of all ages —warranted never to FA I L—to which he invites the attention of all who are in need ol the article. He has also just received an elegant assortment of JEWELRY —all of which he will sell on reasonable terms. DANIEL BORDER. Bedford, May 22, 1857. (GRANVILLE STOKES' * GIFT CLOTHLNG EMPORIUM, ONE PRICE AND NO ABATEMENT. NO. 607 CHESTNUT STREET. GRANVILLE STONES would return thanks to the public for their appreciation of his efforts to please, and their liberal patronage. In ordSr to keep up this kindly feeling, he has yielded to the solicitations of many of bis friends and inaugurated a new system of Guts with each Garment sold. To his choice selection of fine fab rics, and made-tip Clothing, he invites the scrutiny of the public, as well as to his new mode of doing business. Each article is warranted to be, n Fab ric, Style and Make, equal to any gotten up in tbe City, and one price, (lower than the lowest,) marked on the Ticket. Each article sold, or measured for, is accompa nied by a Gift, varying in value from SI to SIOO. N. B.—None but the most sktliiul Designers, Cutters and Workmen employed; and satisfaction in Fit, Fashion. Fabric, Price and Gift, guaranteedat GRANVILLE STOKES' ONE PRI JE GIFT CLOTHING EMPORIUM, NO. 607 CHESTNUT STREET. Nov. 15,'60.-6 ms. BLAIR COUNTY NORMAL SCHOOL &. SEMINARY, MARTIN3BURG, BLAIR CO., PA E. J. OSBORNE, A. E. I Pfinc ; pa i s . J. W. DiCEERSON, \ nnc T a This institution will commence its first session with an able and experienced of (instructors on Monday, Nov. sih, IL6O. No expense has been spared in making it thorough and complete in every department. The school building i constructed and furnished upon the most approved modem plans, end is one oi tee best in the Stat". It eoitains a ha'l cjrabl? of seating 500 adults, with office, music rooms,j suffi cient for a school of 300 pupils. The school is located in a region o' country un excelled for its beauty and bealThiu'r-ess. e d ■ surrounded by a mom! and irdnstr ous corn-no i• ty. Tue distance to Cove Station. Huntingdon end Broad Top R. R. i 3 six miles; to HcMideysburg Station, Pa.R. R. i 2 miles, with d u -ly stages Lorn the latter and tri- .vet 1 ;y from the foitrar : that ma king it easy of access liom all parts of the country. The objects of the school are : Is*. The Professional Training ofTearhers. 2r, ~ The thorough Education of young !ad s and 6 "3d" The prcpa'ratidff o"t stdifttws wtaLttgwr'— The teacb : n"Cl'S will meet daily for lectures .he Theev"nod Prtctiee ofTraching, rej.tat.on ot Methods of Toaci'ng bj the class. Students who t0 do s0 ma - v P'epare to en uiri-n.- ,Asses in collie, tor the 1 ®, , , . \T -dies will * ve a boarding house and .. l .„ !• ne immediate surirvision ot an ex- Wl ll ", p ceptics3. perienc u given in all the branches taught in Instruct "... * .-ader.i.e'; ana Semmane-. expense, (exclusive of Ornamental bran _ JJr boarding, tuition, furnished looms, room c ®itid fuel, SIIB.OO a year. tR "r circular, vr ; t'a full particulars, address E. J. 'OSBORNE, or J. W. DICKERSON, dare o! 3. C. EVEP-HAET, Mart'osburg, Blair co., Pa. Oct. 12. ISUO - STATES MAIL LINE BETWEEN CH AM BEKSEU RG & LAT ROBE, via BEDFORD, A new and spjpndid Fne o Concord Vt'ilt Coaches, leaves Chambersburg daily (Sunday excepted) at _— 7A. M., and arrive* tin Bedford at " P. 3% •'••••'* k same day. I.ea•/>.' Bedlord daily, (Sundays ex- -pis/ at 7 A. M., for Latrobe, malting clouc eoonectic/i with Mail train for Pittsburg and the West, fv'fum'tig, leaves La trobe daily (Sundays excepts: on the arr : ral o " tbe train from Pittsburg, at 3;C - 1 -- M.. and a,..ves in Bedford .-ane evening. D ■-ngc-'-s to-.o East, take the coach next, moi nmg at 7 A. 51., and arrive at Chatr.bersbuai s - ' - a. , f' ,M. RATES OF FAB -From Bedford to Cham bers burg, $3 30. Fro''.'2, ito Latrobe, $3 :>). From Bedford to Pitt.-bGG The stock on this ro 1 cr; t uc surpa,;, ; i by any in the State, and t" svei - nre caimm, s .jgr vul accommodating. J ls: * ' the*peat, most expeditious and plra'ft route passe .gen can take, goi East or West ' f ' r iH'ther info mcNon opply to Ja'mes John, RuJ lord,Chas. Vv. Ei' er * Lrl Vj: ,p ; A. J. Kl-.ESiDE, Contractor. N. B. Passe£ cr3 ' or Johnstown, connect t Stov* own v "Gi A. Ga-man's Lire of Alaii Coaches^ 3o ' at Jenncr X Roads with E. Kier man's mail l if> * Sept. 7, OJBPJJYNS' COURT SALE.— JF VALUABLE COAL LAND. Theupiersigned Trustee, appointed by the Or'Court of Bedford county, to sell the real es tate c William Anderson, late of Bread Top Town ship, leceased, by virtue of an o.der of said court, will expose to public sale o.) the premises, on Tueday the 29th day of Jannrry, text, the one und v ided third pait ot a ,rct of land s mated in Br Ad Top Township aforesaid, 2: iacras 10! perches, composed of parts of three warrant irthe names of Gabriel Cr.aiey. h , iJuvait ,c gary Foster ; adjoining lauds of llliiiaiU L. Foster, ieptimus Foster and others ; This is considered one of the BEST COAL TRACTS ... the Mount in. the exposure being exceedingly Irvorable for work ing. TiCRMS CASH. Sale*will be opened at one o'clock of said day Dec. 14 IS6O. JOHN P. RF.F.I), Trustee. A BEAUTIFUL ASSORTMENT XV Of Kerosene Lamps and Shades, just receiveu at Oct. 2, IS6O. HARRY'S. A LOTOF PUKE MAPLE SUGAR, FOR SALE l\f by July2o,'6o. A. L; DF.FIBAUGH. MACCARONI, CHEESE, CRACKERS, CRTS talized Fruit and Gum Candies for sale bv ?20. A- L. DEFIBAUGH JINSEL ZEPHFR, all colors at Dr Harry's !SOMETHING NEW £ USEFELj gan always be seen at - Vj* f pf,i f IS A 11 T sL li VS. j Hartley has just received the finest assortment of . Meat cutters and StutTers ever brought to the coun ty. He hag n new • rtic 1h of cutter that excels al ' other-, cfie. p and dtnable, also Butcher Knives by j the hundred, Meat Saws, Ac., RORI LAND KEROSENE OIL AND LAMPS Ciiliiant, cheap and beautiful. Said to bum - hours for one cent, r.o smoke, no smell, no ex tlo j ston, o to Hartley's and purchase betore the pret tiest are sold, and piucha-e a nice cheap light ior the long winter nights.—Har' ey a!-o has SPALDING'S LIQUID GLUE, wh'ch should be in eveiy house; it mends mo-tev erytbing. HA R OIV AREBY TH E TO\, Oil and Paintsj of rea'ly eveiy kind, Iron, Nails end Glass. Karm Implements and Machinery. Satisfaction given to all tea o male persons. Gash buyers wanted and tavoied. Those who pay promptly and known to be reJia b'e, may b-> cr- iited G months. Nov. 9, ISGO. fTNION HOTEL.— Sf-DFORD, PA. THE subscriber lespectiolly announces to the public, that be has leased the above named Hotel in tbemldand well /mown G'obe building, forrrei'.y owned and occupied by Mr. John Yorng, and *te een'lv ir. the occupancy of Jonathan Horton. dec d. I where he wi'l be b.ppv to see bis Irieiuls. and the j traveling public geoeialtv. Persons ?t.ending Court ate re-pectiully invited to give him a call.— He pledges ktrnsell that he will do all in his pow er to render fc's guests comfoitahle. His Table will be supplied with -be choicest del icacies ;he market will atfoid. The Bed Rooms will contam clean.end comforta ble bedding. The Bar will be supplied with choice lipuor. The Stable will he attended by a careiul and at tentive hostler. Boarders ta/en by the day, week- month and year. JOSEPH ALSIP. Bedfoid, Nov. 30, ISGO. ROHRER'S ROHRER'S ROHRER'S ROHRER'S ROHRER'S PRACTICAL CALCULATOR. P R ACTIf A L CA LCU LA TOR. PRACTICA L CA LCU LA TOR. PRACTICAL CA LCULATOR. PRACTICAL CALCULATOR. o lIIOHREH'S PRACTICAL CAL -"'CULATOR— A P>ook oi Plain Rules and Calculations for Business Operation. By Met En M. Robier, Piaciical surveyor and Conveyancer. New Edi tion, Pub!,shed by J. B. I. ppincott 'o. , Philadelnbia- This work contains 204 paues, and upwards of 500 Rules and Examples, entirely and thoroughly practical, -itch as aiise every day in oib common pursuits of Business. It has already pas ed through a number of Editions in rapid succession, and is pra.munceil by all clas-as of bu->ines- men to be the handiest book of reterence, pertaining to calcu- i lations. lb it has ever been pub! ' *d. Every example in the book is vio.ked out in full i and tated in a plain manner, so that when a par allel c--o arises, those refeiring to the work will find no difficulty in readily solving it ; in a word, the general arrangement of the Calculator 19 so simple, tb it ar.y one who know- how to add, sub oW'.;: nwtapltf-..Pa -tanta, tb - result ' f any estimate required. The cb ef . irr. of the author has bepn to eschew *beory ami phitooopby in figures, aiming only at facts aad simplicity, believing that business rr.en care !■ '-e about spending time in discussing the philosophy of rnies or the science of figures, deem ing it su.'iicifriit for their purpose to be able at a moment, by reference, to arrive at ffee true result I The csloertator differs in this respect from all A aet'cs 0; tb-: day, and kindred works—it is a key to practical bu-*ne..s cumulations—it is, in the' hand- of the business roan, what the key to math- IBirtic.l .vorks is in tirs hands c 1 t!re teacher in the school-too to —it facilitates timr anil insures cor rectness. THE v. ORK TREATS OF THE Measurement 0. Land of Lumber, of Brick and I'm :!: work, of Store and Stone Work, of Gram i and Grain K r.s, o' Ccal and Coal Bins, of Wood, of SOLIN, cl Ltriu- r , of Circular, of Square, or Irregu jln Vessels,of Cisteros and Vats, of Roofing, of Plasterers , Pamteis', G! ziers', Pavers', Plumbers, Panei Hangers', and Upholsters', H'crlc. U treats of Currency end of Foreign end Domestic Exchange of the Decimal System, of Redact-on and its exten a;, licai .a., .0 Business, of f mp't and compound Interest, and their entire application to Business tiansact ns, with the laws and usages governing a.,d regnletmg the same, together w ith nuraeious C otnme.-eial hi,, m,— o L-al Tender, of Partial Payments on Notes, of Banking and Dank Discount 01'on or Raiments and Partnership Accounts oi Asse sr it ofTaxe., of Weights a-id Measures, o. Square and Cubic Measure, ot the Square Root and ita aj.p.icarion to Bastpeaa, ot our.ares, of Ex cav. tion, and of many other important practical matters not v. Uhin the scope u an advertisement to me.itisn, E. Vlailcd (post pah!) to any part of to? United atates upon receipt of the money. Price of a sin * '• i' l loTb, 60 Lents, or two Copie? for Si. CO. Bound in Pocket-book form, Morocco, SI.OO per copy. * ADx.Rt-i : M..M. ROHRER. Box 1911 Philadelphia P. 0., Pa. 39, l<*Co.-ums. (SETTLEMENT Ail persons knowing them selves indebted to the subscriber, either by note or boos accounts, will comer a avor, by settlin" the same, by the trrst of January. All persons having claims, will present them ior settlement, as 1 wish to have all accounts c.osec. lam determined tt have my books clored. GEO BLYMIRE- have a assortmen. .j, Stoves and Tin ware that 1 will sell iow foi c._-a, or on - hort cred i- -.; or. 1 .v 3eccnJ handed cooi-siove.i that '.viil tie so .1 very low. r- o Dec. 14th, ISuJ. * jpAIZ AND SEE 1 r A LARGE AND BEAUTIFUL ! ! ! As-.,, .men: Coal Oil Lamps of t e latest stvles, just received,and .or sale cheap, at v H. C. REAMER'S 16, 1860. l)rug store. NORTHERN LIGHT ! <7~ " THE CHEAPEST !! '! And best light in use, ra n be had bv buying Corl 0:1, perlectly pure, inodious and ,re'e iroir. " mnke while burning, at 1.00 per gallon, at .. H. C. REAMER'S Nov. 16, 1860. Drugstore. STATES HOTEL. > S' E. Cor. u/hfr Market S/s. w. kan.AGA, 1 / HILADELP " IA M. McVEV. PItOPKIETOKS. Feb. 3, 1860 | {ROAD TOP RAIL ROM)! Arrangements have been effected between the PENNSYLVANIA H. R. CO. and HUNTINGDON N BROAD TOP R. R. CO.. by which Freight* are transported at the following low rates ; From Hopewell to Philadelphia; Flour, G2J- cents per bar rel. Grain, 31 cents per 100 lbs. Merrhand'ze Westward, From Philadelphia to Hopewell, per 100 ib*., Ist Class, 75 cents. 2d class, GO cts. 3d class .10 cents, dtb class. 35 cents. Salt and Plaster, 30 cents. Freight* Westward are received at the Pennsyl v n a R ill road Station, 13th and Market Streets, Philadelphia, and forwarded daily. Freights Eastward are received at the Hopewell station of Bioadtop R. R., and forwarded daily- S. R. KINGSTON, JR., Fieight agent, Pen'na. R. R. Co., Phil'a. S. S. FLCCK, Freight Agent. B. T. R. R.. Hopewell Station. Riddlesburg Coal, Fine and Lump, always on hand and for sale. S. S. FLUCK. Sept. 7, 186 d. Bloody run foundry AND M AClli N F. 8 H O P. I THE subscribers are now prepare! at thei Foundry ir. Bloody Run, to fill all orders fir Casting: of every description for GRIST .r].\ O S.'HV-MfLLS, TURKS HLYC MACHINES, APPLF. MILLS, PLOUGHS and ail things else in our line that may be netded in thi: or adjoining counties. We manufacture Threshing Machinesof 2, 4 m - Horse fowcr, WARRANTED enual if not sup-rm to any made in the State. We keep constantly oi band a full as-ortment of Wood Cork, Plug ani Hillside Ploughs, WARRANTED *o give satisfac tion, or tio sale. Points, shares and land tides to fi all Woodcock, or Seyler ploughs in the cointy. Farmers' Bells, Ploughs and Castings ot our maki may be had at the store of Wm. Hartley, in Bedford, Sonderbaugh & Pee, East l'roviden To., John Nycum & Son, " " Times being hard, we offer great indudsments ti Farmers and Mechanics to buy ot us. All kmd3 of repairing done in a neat aid substan t*al manner and all work warranted. Cal and ex. amine our castings and work and judgeior your, selves. Our agents sell at foundry prices JOSIAH BAUGH.MANHc PRO. March 26, ISSB. TpOUNDRY & MACDINF SHOP, THE subscrbers having formed a p,rtners'.r under the style of "Dock 8c Ascho.n" for 'he ptn jiose of conducting a FOUNDRY AND MACHINE i business in the establishment recently ercted by Gillian! Dock, in Hopewell, Bedford county are now prepared to execute orders for CASTIXiS AND MACHINERY ofeverv description. 'Buy wil ! build to order stgam-engines, coal and dift-cais j hor-e powers and threshing machines—al , casting ! ofeverv kind lor furnaces, forges, saw, rist anc rolling mills, ploughs, water-pipe, column, house front-, bracke ike., &C. They are also, now making a fine assorment oi S I'OVKS of various kinds ol the latest patnn- and mo-r approved style*, including seveial sizes o I COOK STOVES of the best make, heat'n stove; ! for chuicbe*, offices, bar-rocms, Btc. | A full assortment of Stoves will be kept #nstant j ly on hand, and sold at wholesale and frail, a pi ices to suit the times, and quality, w- raniec qua! Jo the be-t Eastern make. Macbiner of al inds repaired promptly. Patterns made to order. GILLIARD DCK, C. W. ASCHOI. Nov. 11. 1859 "13* VERY DAY BRINGS SOMETHING NW ! ANOTHER NEW FIRM ! AN D MOR EN E W 0(0DS FERGUSON k LIKE, A? th -1 former stand of Ferguson 8c Matspaker are now ready to wait on old costomeisa w>]l a new: They expect to sell very low for /ash anr produce, o' :o those who will "foot up" very gii DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, HA 15 WARE QUEENS WARE i anJ eii other goods usually kept in *res, havi j been caret oily selected. and bought at rices ena ' bling them to seii at reduced rates T H FI E E 1 1 K R S S H J 0 0 E E D D E I P P A A R R T T M M E E N N T Contains every variety of Shoes and'Bots, for Men Women and Children. They invite a fair share of patronagi from thei jrienos and the public, and particular)! solicit thi trade of their countiy friends, expecing to dea fairly with them aod all others, at ONE KICE for E vervbody. Sept. 7, 1860. E W GO O DS, JUST ARRIVED AT MRS. S. ,E POTTS. A large assortment of FALL St WINTERGOODS, FALL & YVIXTiR GOODS. FANCY DRESS GOODS, FANCY CRESS GOODS oi al, Kinds, handsome winter silks, French men noes, ail wool delaines, BONNETS St lIBBONS, BONNETS it RIB RONS Flowers, Ruches, bonnet velvets— nev style, hand ome cloaks, FUR CAPES, FUII CAPES, Also, a large assortment of victories and muffs. -Nov. 2,'60. SALE OR TRADE! 2;t Tons of Piaster. 3 New Two horse wagons. 1 New set of Double Harness Ihe highest market puce paid for wheat, rye corn,oat-, and buckwueat. Poor House Mill, ( Bedford. Nov. 16. f JOHN NELSON. EXCUSE— For reasons satisfacto ry to myself, 1 respectfully request all pe. sons hav ing accounts on my Books of 6 month* standing to call and set'le the same either by cash or note.— Per-ons having no money can have no excuse for neglecting to give their notes. And all neglecting

lomake settlement—will have their accounts lef tthe Squire's. f Nov. 9 '6O. WM. HARTLEY. i; Of? sAI, E , X OK T R A DFI, t> A liift-iate iarm of limestone land. . Mornsolt's ove, containing about 131 acres, 100 c : which are cleared and balance well timbered. The iarm is weii watered. Ihe impiovements are good two story I- rame House, Log House, Bern. &c. There is a good orchard upon the premi- eg. The iarm ad joins Bloomfield Furnace, Ires ha'l'a mile from the Hollidaysburg Turnpike, ai I four miles from Mar tinsburg. '1 here is a -eady market at the i'oor for all kinds of produce, and the land is in a high state ot cultivation. For particulars inquire ol Dav.d liuiiiel, in possession, oi G. ge Cleugh, at Spang a A _Al>o— Giist-mill property in Harman's Bottom, now owned ny Lewis X. Fyan. The mil' i a large frame with two overshot whells and four run of stone ; in good order, and in a good settlement, with a suf ficient snpp'y of water. The farm contains nearly 10W aores ; about 100 alluvial soil, and cleared ; and the balance w tunbc ed. The impiovements aie a large brick house, tenant house, miller's hon-e, barn, distillery, <Vc. The farm can be divided with out disadvantage. Teims reasonable. —ALSO— A tract ot land in St. Clair fp.. containing 93 acres, or thereabouts, aboi -ies cleared, with a two story log dwelling nt-e t uaot-bouse and two log stables •weon et ; ai-o. an epple 0~- chaid Thereon, adjoining lanu, of Win. Keefe. Jacob Semlei and others ; formerly the preperty oi George Kimbeilin, —ALSO— a Farm of ICO acres, about 100 cleared, with Double Log House, New Bank Barn, and two good ifbar. s thereon, lying on the Juniata Rivet, two mites from Stonerstown. and half a mile from the n>i| road. This larm is composed of a good quality of river bottom land, 30 or 10 acres of which can be put into i. >d meadow. The whole is now in a good state of cultivation. —ALSO— A farm of llSacresof limestone land in Liberty Township near Ntoperstown, known as the -'Joint Stolei picpe. ty," ar.joinirg lands of "Squire Keosin ger, Stolec and others. The impi ove meats aie a Log House, i.og '' ri tcc. There i good water or. ! the premises, also an orchard of good fruit. —ALSO— A new two-story Rnugb-casi House and two lots ol ground in Bro.uitop city. ALS— O-160 acres of the best quality of land in Danism countV; lowa, near the Missouri, close to th counlv eai. ALSO— A Lot ol ground in Omaha city, Nebraska. ALS— O-100 acres of lard, in Southampton Township, Bed ford county, lately owned by Writ. Lashlcy. TERMS *o suit buyers. O. E. SHANNON, Jan 27, ISGO Bedford, Pa ifl I SSO L u tT< X JSLF OF PARTNERSHIP. The late firm of J. REED fn CO . nas been dis -olved by mutual consent, and the books of the firm nl Reed & Mninich have been 1-it in the hat ■ of their attorney J. P. Reerl. and those ot Jacob Reed, im settlement and collection ; and all persons con cerned nesting to save co-is must call immediately and make seUleirient, as but little dvlav will be al- ! forded. .3 ACO 15 HEED Will now continue the bt'a'nesb on the CASH AND PRODUCE SYSTEM. He win dobusn -s on the cOL'.-sRF., so that lie can set! goods at a < i• 1 °ER RATE ,'ien ever; he does i .1 wisb toil. • -CASH and PROMPT customers " the 10--e- orca otied by non-paying custnmei—timrei'o T e, Co i or PiO- Juce will govern bis ti.vle. - invites bis friends arui custonri'S to cUI and t m ; ne his splendid NEW GOODS ; they will be s. >wn with plea- ile and disposed ol at very light prohli. Just opening and on band DRY GOODS, • HATS, CAPS, CLOTHING, SHOES, QUE ENS WARE, GROCERIES, And al! goods kept in a genetal f ore. LADIES can here find all they want for c'r ess o I commit. GENTLEMEN need seek no further for their cs- : senl>a' . Coma and e-ramine lor yourselves, a ready wel come awa i ■ t you. Nov. 9, 1800. J£ORE NEW AND CHEAP GOODS A. B CRAKEF & CD'S., BEDFORD, PA. The undersigned have just received a iarge and general assortment of FALL & WINTER GOODS. FALL AND WINTER GOODS. Our piesent stock is very complete, and we re spectfully invite our friend.: and customers to ca ' and EXAMINE THE PRICES, EXAMINE THE PRICES. Cash or prompt six month buyers may ex pect, and will be offered, GREATER BARGAINS, GREATER BARGAINS, th an ever offered before. All kinds of COUNTRY PRODUCE WAN TED, COUNTRY PRODUC E WANTED. Oct. 26, 1860. ONEW WINTER GOODS, £ & AT THE CHEAP STORE * f OF -J OCTER & CARN, rp BEDFORD, PA., fgN -L- Just received a handsome line of new and I-g lashionable ~gr-; Id GOODS, kit Shawls, Prints. Ginghams, <r 5,: Sacking ffannejis in a'l colors, ljuX Clothe, mere>, Ves ir,g. Satinette. Jeans, Ready-made j ftr Vests, Bii-iiness and Over-Coats, ■ Hosiery, Gloves, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps. Glass, China aqd C 1 Queens ware, G i oceiiee. Spikes, &c., ATA / And eveiytbing NEW AND CHEAP. - Being determined to ailbeie to the svs- / fA tern of "QUICK SALES AND SMALL PROFITS," we be eve it will be to the X KS> interest of all to EXAMINE our Stock, & beiore purchasing. JLw.- NO TROUBLE TO SHOW GOODS. Oct. 26,'60. TTVM PLOyMEN T X J The undersigned are de sirou* of securing the services of a few Young Men to engage in a Travelling Agency, upon a Salary of FORTY DOLLARS PER MONTH, and all expenses paid. This is an oppor unity sel dom offered, and those who merit the approbation of the Subscribes, by strict attention t j business, can rely upon constant employment lor a term of years. For further particulars address CONANT t y DRAKE, 33 Main St., Atkinson Depot, N. H. Nov. 23d.3m riTO BUILDERS.— I The subscriber is fully prepared *to furnish any -quantity or quality of Building Lumber and Plastering Laths 1 Order* directed It St. Clairsville, !!<dibrd county, will be promptly attended u. by mging a reasonable notice. F O. BEEGLE. DRUGS A > T !> 5?- C. BUfIRK, Jiiliij; a Sired, Bni. Td, Pa. (Jit the Stand formerly occuj dby Dr. F. C fx earner.) til HOLES ALE and re- -ix'-Jgr \| tail dealer in I)- i^s, Medicine Chemical*. Dye nafi<i£ii Stuffs, OiU, Pa' , {Varnish e tine, Window G ass, Giasswarp r, received, a large *toe.: of Ame-ican, Trench an English pe,furriery. Also, a great variety of lis Soaps for to - F USP. 'i h pastes, Pair Tonic Hair Dyes, that wit' color v.inous shades, from a light brown to a je black, Tooth, NaU, Hair, Sha v ing. and Clothes brjsbes, Combs, Pocket Knives, Pocket Books. Portmonnaies. Segar cases, &c. —ALSO— Have an J W'U keep constantly on hind, a supply of Coal Oil, Horning fiu-d ard Caoiphine. with a gie?t var'.eiy of toe most nioi'e .11 ano best sty |o 01 con' oil and flooi'l tops. Pore Wines 8.-andies for meilica! use, Fla voring Extracts and Spices ofal' o't-. Fine begars, Sotitis, Chewing and Smoking Tobacco. Having the agency for e'l the principal patent medicines in use, will keep a full supply constantly on hand. —ALSO— D<\for in Books, fkc., consisting of Geographical, Scientific, Religions. Poetical, Historical, Law, Medical, School and Mi celianeous Works, in con nection with a great variety of plain and fancy Mafioriery Cap, Note, Post, and Wrapnii . Paper. Blank Books, of every size and quality, Diaries, Blank Deeds, .Mortgages, Notes and Receipt*. cL/'Oiocrs promptly tilled and sat •■taction guar anteed with regard both to price un< quality. K?~Pbysicians' Prescriptions carefully and accu rately compounded at all hours of the day of night. Dec. 10, 18-19.' T)EDFOfiD CLASSICAL INSTITUTE. I> REV. JOHN LYON, ) N T*i r * <i , I RJNCI PA L 3. * . Lyttleton Lyon, A. M., \ I'HF, SinrimiT session of t K 's ipstiiution w'lt open on Friday, the lib da vof M y 1." 'O. It is the design of the Piincip to make this Academ .in all respects, a iits e'ess Lnstitut-on, for the thorough instruction oi y u-'h of boih sexes, ar d to prepare them for any pio,ess,an or position in III*. The h ; gh moral and scientific tone of the *cnool is well known to thcommunity, ami a st.'ct disci pline will be er o re ■?. A few boys, (ihe numbe- i* Jj • ■ IU tc-t.) wi'l he leceived into the tannly of the Piincipais, as boarders. The bea>i*y of the sce.tery j t S alnb<ity o! the rlit. ite i M >, u an desirable loca tion for such a school. I ersons from r • o. d, v -itiqg at the, can be near their children cu.'n. h" i p r>er. It is desirable that pupils -uou'd "titer at the mer-cement ot i-e . -.ion, a.i<: o pup; 1 will he ie- C°ived for le-s tiitii o ie quail I JiJOO per year, i. c'liding bo, firg, T tun. f washing, 1 uel, light, and Tuition in ad f th' b aocbes. Te,ms tor 'ay scholars: Per Quarter. J B ™" c ? es ' J Classical do 6LC. June 10,'59. fJEDPORD FOUN D HY, IHK snLcri! is having purchased the Bedford Foitndiy ol Messr . Wasbabangh and Bannon, would most respecUully announce to the citizens of Bed foiti and adjoining count ies that they me peoared to make and furnish all kinds of CASTINGS for GRIST AND SAW-MILLS, THRESHING MA CH'NF.S, PLOUGHS. APPLE MILLS, COOK ING, TEN PLATE, AND COAL STOVES, SLED AND Sleigh s o]es, wash kettles ot' difle-ent sizes wag n boxes ot all sizes, farmers'bells, (a superior ar, " ele), oven doors, and every thing usually made in a country Foundry. E7- PLOV GIT S .—WOODCOCK, SEYLFR, and HILL-SIDE PLO Also, a r.ew PLUG PLOUGH, to whi -b we c'U the e-pecial at'ee. on of our farmeis—a ••ineior article to the old Plug Plough, with two kinds of points, shades and laiid sides to suit all ploughs in general aw in th<s coun ty. Tinning and fitting c mn patterns made to ordei. and all kinds of rep. =_ done at the short est rotice and at low price.. \f| our ow „ worlc mad. of ihe very best mate. i, and warranted to give satisfaction. Farmers and others would do well to ct"'. our \\ork purchasing t?lsp when*. as we are determined to meet the emer ge ncies of the t'mes, we will Snlioio for C. IS If, or country produce. Pig and bar iron, horses and ] urrb er, taken in ex ck-inge lor work. leb 2j,'60-ly SHIRES & JORDAN. ma"2KG-EL HOUSE, 1 JULIANA STRLET, BEDFORD, PA. J HE subscriber,having j novated and refurnished this old established House, is now pre iored tc re ceive guests. He invites bis friends anu the travel ing public to give him a call. Having new lurni turn, new bmis, and eveiyihing necessary to render heaiiy cheer to those in want of a ternporarv home, he flat .ers himself that those who stay \vitb him. will find themselves at the right place. He is fully prepaied to receive visitors to the Springs, and ail having business with tbe courts 01 otherwise. Ample stabling and carnage bouse is attached tc the Hotel. Boarders will be received on favorable terms. ISAAC MEN GEL, JR. Bedford, April 20, ISGO. /CONFECTIONARY V_7 AND GROCERY. THE undersigned has just received and keep! constantly on hand the articles:— Coffee, sugar, molasses, cheese, crackers, currants prunes, raisins, figs, almonds, filberts, cocoa nuts ground nuts, pecans, Eng. walnuts, cream nuts, can dies in variety, oranges, lemons, tobacco and cigars allspice and pepper, spices of at! kinds, baking so da, cream of tartar, sulphur, brimstone, cauistp and keg powder, shot, caps and lead, giainandgias scythes, whetting tools, wash tubs and boards, in C'go, extract logwood, copperas, alum and madder oil, polish and Mason's blacking, sweeping, du*tin< stove, shoe and scrubbing, brushes, clothes, hair tooth and flesh brushes, hat and infant brushes, bail oils and perfumery, purses and port tnonaies, pock et and memorandum books, bonnet and round gutr combs, "ridding" and fine combs, bracelets ant beads, pens, pen-holders, penknives, scissors, knife sharpeners, umbiellas, suspenders, spool cotton ant (loss, clocks, small looking glasses, violins, violin strings, toy watches, watch chains, curry comb", cards, horse brushes, shoe-thread, pegs and spara bles, Johnson's Arabian Liniment, Rock and Little's White Oil, Merchant's celebrated Gargling Oil, for man or beast, and many other articles of a similar nature. The patronage of the public is respectfully solicited. A. L. DEFIBAUGH. June 17,'59.-lv. WASU2NCrTO> HOUSE. .y BEDFORD. PA. MRS. S. FILLER would respectfully announce to her friends in Bedford Count), and to the public geneially, that she has leased, for a term of years, the large and convenient brick hotel, at the comer of Put and Juliana streets, Bedford, Pa.. known as the "WASHINGTON HOUSE," and lately kept by MRS. COOK. This bouse is being thoroughly re fitted and refurnished, and is now open for" the re ception of guests. Visitors to the "BEDFORD SPRINGS" and persons attending Court, will this house a pleasant ami comfortable temiro-. home.—Every attention v. ill be paid to the cowl and accommodat- nof gue.-ts. The table will ?• times be supplied with the best the markets affon- Ch: rges model ate. Extensive attached to this hotel, and a careiul a.;d compt-iLnt hostler will be in atten dance. Special attention wi!' be pa.J to the accotn modation of the iarm ;ig communitv. March 30th, 1800. ; e, "* fc,, T oil *| rail , I ! : • .'--.rt-!,'rr'.." > \ !•{ c ;l L >, : V " —M IXVARIABLY CASH. - .. r, .• j G.W.EUf,, REED, R{ PP & SCIIELL. BANKERS & DEALERS IN Ey CHANGE,' SFDFOP.D, PENN'A. T~\RATTS bought and sold, collodions mad* B • and monty promptly remitted. Deposits solicited. REFERENCES. HON. JOB MANN, Bedford, p. I 4 JOHN CESSNA, U JOHN MOWER, -j ~ * < It. RORWARI), Somerset I'T'NN, RAIGUBF. & Co., Phil J. WATT &. Co., Pitlsbur . J. W. CURLEY, Co., " T JJESSXA & sinxxo.v— F,in -h,■l'rac l ,ca„";V, f L nea. iy opposite the Gazette Office wl or the other may at all times bj C " e Bedford, Aug. 1, 1859. J ' Teas P. REEfiu 99 ATTORNEY. AT LAW, LEDFORD P . j Respectfully tenders /lis service to the Lu Kr-Otfice second door North of the Iff House. "WMT-OWL Bedford, Aug. 1, 1859. ! A a. ctrniet— V* ATTORNEY AT LAW, BERFORD FA WILL promptly attend to all busi'ne^' M(1 . '.niM-d io his care. Olhce on Pitt street, twj doors east of the Gazette office. He will , s '' un " ~J any surveying business that may oe entrusted to him. {Nov. 4, '59 i Tiai NSBISK GUNSMITH, BEDFORD, PA. s.iop at the east end of ([. town, one door west of tiie residence of Major Washabaugh. All guns of my own manufacture warranted. May 21,'58. •'Mm. KETTERMIX— ' . COUNTY SURVEYOR. U()[ LD hereby notifiy the citizens o! Bed ford county, that he has movpd to the Borough "f Beuford, where he may at all time?lie found !>v persons wishing to see lum, unless absent upon business pertaining to his office. April K>, 1558.-tf. I Aim & SIVWG— J. 1- ATTORNEYS AT LAW, R.FDF" I> PA. IFF* undersigned have a rociated themselves in ■ raetirt of the Law, *Q JJ] attend promptly to UII busine -R ENTRUSTED to - r RARE iu ue 'iord ANC REJOINING CF '.PS. KF" Office on J1 .anna Street. ; -E doors sou--. o ? ;HP "Mengel House," oppc ■> RP. VNC MAJ. Tate. JOB Vr- AU?. 1, 1839. T W. UffGEPIFELTEft— -9 -J ATTORNEY AT LAW, AND LAND S7R . . VR. If ill of tend with promptness to all husi, • entrusted to his are. WILL PRACTICE is BEDFORD AND FCLTO* COCVTISJ. <C~ Office three doors North of the 'incnicer" Office. Dr B. F. BABKY— R GSFECTFULLY tenders his professional services to the citizens ot Bed ford and vicinily. Office and residence on Pitt Street, in the building formerly occupied by Dr. John Hotius, Aug. 1, 1859. F. C. REUJER— -A. " RESPECTFULLY BEGS e<ieto tender his Professional Services to the ( it'zens of Bedford and vicinity. 'XT' Office in Julianna Street, at the Druo and Rook Store. Aug. 1, 1859. * £lmeifcan fife Jusitraitcc (Lrusi <£O. CAPITAL Stock, $300,000. COMPANY'S BUILDING, WALNUT STREET, S. E. CORNER or FOURTH, PHILADELPHIA. LIFE insutance at tne usual mutual rates, at ahoii', 20 per cent less, or at total abstinence rates, at tne lowest in tlie woild. J.C.SIMS, A. WHILLDIX, Secretary. President, JOHN J. SCHELL, S Jan. 27, 1860. Bedford, Pa. ?3 S LGODiiOLD, TUNER & REPAIRER W. ""* r " ~ / _3-i V F -. T.-: • F\ OL Pianos. Melodeons &c., has made arranjements to VI-1 C this place resuUilv at stated periods. The ne.v visit will be in October. Yearly contrac"' made. PI ICE tor tuninj $2.00. First class PIANO? for sale. OILERS to be left at the office. H. L. G. has permission to refer to the following per-ons tor whom he has tuned : Hon. A. King, Hon. S. L. Russell, John Mower, Esq., O. E. Shannon, Esq.,;D R . W. H. Watson, I'.ev. S. Barnes, Mis. Freytet. June 29,'60. |,-0 R S A L E, * OR EXCHANGE. Three tracts OT very choice farm land, contain ing 160 acres in each tract, situate on the Illinois Centrla R. R. in Champaign co., State of Illinois, S miles from the city of [Trbana, and 1 mile from Ren tual Station on said road. Two of the tracts adjoin, and one of tbem has a never failing pond of wafer- The city of U1 bana contains a population of 3DOO. Champaign is the greatest wheat growing country IN the Stai,E. Address, F. C. REAMER, Bedford, Pa. rjio MILL OWNERS!— JI S. D. BROAD has made Schellsburg his perms nent residence, and is prepared to do all kind-" O work in the Mill Wright line, on the most appro ved and durable plans, and reasonable TO IS. He has on hand the most improved SMUT ani Screening Machines. Mill Brushes, Anchor Bolting T'lct 'is, both new and old, at city prices. Mill Burs an be procured from him and shipped foany point o. D. BROAD •nells G, Bedford Co., I darch -T, J8.39. F OSWEGO CORN STARCH, the best article, Dr. U rrv"-. ES C R .sr.l: OF COFFEE, at Dr. Har Y''. Dec. HIB, 1560.J HBI ■■