Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, February 1, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated February 1, 1861 Page 3
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CON Til A. CR. Hv amount paid State Treasurer as 'pel receipt 54.0 SO r,fleeter® commissions for ISGO, and previous years .'HO 95 ( jilector's exoneratiohs as p"r Tt'r tificate of commissioners 107 37 )>j jB. F. Meyers publishing tur ner to retailers and dealers 3 00 0 p Meyers, publishing list of re tai'ler. 15 00 i) Over, publishing list of retailers 15 00 jeriAgnew, mileage as mercan tile appraiser 1~ 00 7tvi Agfiew, services as nietcan- V appraiser _ 20 624 Treasurer's commission on 5977.78 50 77 amount uncollected for the yeat lSfi o, at;d previous years 9993 58 10005 014 Ji ttuiler't License. 1 r ,'2ste amount of said licenses tor lStiO, as per list furni-h.d sv mercantile appraiser 449 00 CR. ('ash paid State Treasurer 210 00 Treasurer's commission 20 45 (abpaidSute Treasurer 210 55 Tivern Licen see. ... -r aunt of said Lice^i "ior; ve 4 r per return JolCou *. dQuaiterSe*- G0 cr. !Jr ca<b paid Stite JVc ras per receipts ' 550 00 ) > rill Treasurer s commission - Ex'jnei at ion. of Joiui A Sinve.y s O'v (j ji license yjyj (i-h paid State Treasuter as per ;rC eipt 42 :>j tinting Houses- GSU 00 fa ablegate amount of said licence 310 00 CR. fr cash paid State Treasurer 6:1 o<> Treasurer's commission ;> 50 Cash paid Slate Treasurer a* per receipt 44 50 110 00 Dtstiiltris t\Z''rwate amount of said License for IbGO 50 00 fCR. Cash paid State Treasurer as per receipt 47 50 Treasurer's commission 2 50 50 00 Vender t of Spiritous Liquors. By the quart > 5 00 Ctt. Hy cash paid State Treasurer 71 25 Treasurer's commissi m 3 75 75 00 Rilhani, To aggregate eint., of said License j for the vear 1860. 17 00 CR. Py cash paid State Treasury as per receipt 1G 15 I Treasurer's commission, 85 17 00 Ten Pin JhUy.. "a aggregate ami., of said license 3S 00 CR. I cash paid State Treasury as per I receipt. 96 10 Trasurer's commission. 1 90 33 00 Conftclionarirs. I Aarreeate amount of said license 35 00 CR. 13r cash paid State Treasurer 28 75 I . asurer's commission 1 25 I Ennera'.ion on P. Devore 5 00 Hawkers and Peddlers. I 1 To aggregate airount of License HOO CR. S* cash paid State Treasurer 8 00 | Hanking Houses. I Aggregate amount 10 00 CR. |3y cash paid State Treasurer 9 50 I treasurer', commission 50 10 00 I BEDFORD COU.YTY JSS The undersigned, Au | "icftaid county, do "hereby certify, that in I I of the Act of Assembly in such cases provided, they rnet at the Court House, ■ ■-e borough of lied lord, and did audit, and adjus . accounts between William Shafer, Treasurer of 1 uutny aad tr.e Commonwealth of Peiuisylva- B ! - cautainau in me foregoing statements. " "n our and eeuis, this 7th day of Jan- JAMKSC. DEVORK. DANIEL FLETCHER. GEORGE BAUGH.MAN, ' bINGtsrCLTEI. D - 1 ' , i\'iSTRATOR T b NOi'LCt "* I, The undersigned having be, n granted -'if-ilr:. nitration on the Estate of Dr. M. L. Pc''| ,o "'i of Borough, dee'd., all per- L h ■ vbted io said Estate ore hereby notified to li - '."'.""diate payment and fho<e having claims I-... e f, me, will present them properly au- I \ p a! | f,i fo ' R<, ttlement. kc>; l 4ve appointed John S. Schell, Esq , of l„'J, : h to act lor me in my abscence, and a!, ■ _ 'indebted to, ,or having claims against tne I " i< i ran settle with him. It. W.M.ALLISON. ' ,b -1, IShl. V OTICK °F INCORPORATION.— Notice is hereby given, that applica be made to the Legislature of Pennsylva .l* j' 3 present session for the passage of an act ' "Ah act to Incorporate the Poweltoti cod : J °'npanv," empowering said company to ' n ® e dl°'d and Huntingdon, counties, rv ria mes of the corporators in said com bom/'n® Francis Jordan, Samuel J. Reeves, ,jj 3 rtjdrile, Robert H. Powell, Charles D. Brod- Feb i 'ham H. Harried. t eb -1,1861 - SErV AL WOOL > * H colors, at Dr. Hurry'' _ J ONE OIL, the best article, at Dr. Harry't UcS N 5 E OP EDUCATION AND ART OF nine, by John Ogden A. M. at Dr. Harry's W IST OF Gil AND JURORS— Drawn for February Term, (2d Monday,) 11th day, 18G1. A. 1). Bunn. Foreman, Ahraham Bulger, Henry S. Bu - :ard, Joseph Regie, James B'ackHun, Josiah Brurier, Solomon Conn, A. Kntriken, Esq., Adam Ferguson, Lewis Fyan, '1 hos. R. Getiys, lVter F. d-'iilega o , Joseph Beckman, John Hoenstine, John E. Miller, Henry Kaugle, John Otto, Thomas A. I'iper, Jacob Rice, Samuel Stivers, Philif Snider, John Suißer, Abraham Smith, John A. VVertz. LIST OF PETIT JURORS. John Burns. Geo-ge Barthelow, Samuel Bottom field, Simon Brumbaugh, Daniel Border, William Cornel, Reuben Colvin, Samuel Cypher .'Samuel Da vis, Daniel Fetter, Michael Fluck, Samuel S. FlucC Jacob Hilligas, John Hohman, Asa liousare, Jared Hanks, Joseph Imler, William Jones, Joseph Long, Perry Moigart, Henry Moyer, David T. Miller. John May, David Patterson, John Riley, William Robisori, Henry Rose, Solomon Shrader, Daniel Stone, Samuel Shaier, Peter Steckman, Simon States, Daniel Snider, Job Shoemaker. Tobias Sni der, Benjamin Valentine, John 11. Walter. A. J. Woodcock. ]i IST OF CAUSES Pot down for trial al February Term, (11 day,) !S6l. J. C. McLanahan et al use vs. A. J. Snively fq. J mathau C'arotheis " Alex. George Wm. Ande.son's adm'r " H. Kaatn-i et al G. D. Trouts' use " Gideon Hitchevv J. L. Hill, et al " Geo- Troutman et a! Dan'l. Mean V D. Fletcher et al Henry Ueighart et a! " Win. H.lrvvin et al lstt, Wigton ACo 4 Hugh McNeal Abner Thompson '* David Stuckey Henry Kelt's use " Ttios. Kensir et itl Henry lckes et al " A. J. Citsrnaii Wm. E. C'lail: • David Bra!tier Henry Gonrad " Patrick Bun set a! Henry Reighart et a! " Wm. H. livin Central Bank of Pa. " F. D. Beegleetal Thrasher, Rogers A Co. •- James Drbew et ai O. E." Shannon's use " Philip Keagy Abiahttin Skelley " Joseph Garb'i Prothy'a OIF.-m, i S. 11. TAT !., , Bedford, Jan. IS j ProthoncU.ry. \ . LISTER'S .NOTICE. i-V- ! 1 persons interested are hereby notified that the following n irncd nccoun rt •, have i' ! their accounts in the Register's office of Bedford Comity, and that the same will b presented to the Orphans' Court, in and lor said county, on Tuesday, the 12th dsy of February next, at the Court Louse, in Bedford tor confirma tion 1. The accoin : o Henry Ber nett, adm'r ,of the } ■; teoi Rtfficit .Bcinett, late of Southampton tp. dee'd. - 2. The li.u.i Accoot:t of Joseph B Nob e, P.-q., I ilfrifoS. ,Tver , minor son of Jacob ()- ver, late of South M'oodberry township deceas eii. a. The account of Tqhn P- Reed. Esq . admim - trator of the Estate of John Crisman. >ate of the State of lowa, dee'd. 4. The final account of Jaeof? Long, 1 x r., of •he iael ai l, (Src.. of David Long, 'ale ol Middle Woodherry tp , dee'd. fi. The account of Jacob Lon,r. (guardian ot John T. Kesgv anil Susnsnah Reagy tiovv Susannah Ja cobs, of Middle Woodherry townslap C. Tbs account of Jacob Long, adm'r., ot the Estate ot Elizcbetb Long JateofMidale V\oodbeiry tp., dee'd. 7. Phe account of Solomon Willnms, .vfin o: the estate ot Levi CI irk late of West providence tp., dee'd. 8. The final eccnunt of Jacob A. Nico. eriiiis. Ex I *.,ol'the last will, ipe-. o! Jacoli Ik leocfomUS; late of Middle Woodbi-rry, tp., dee'd. b. The account of John Fickes, guardian of Eli zabeth Barley, formerly Elizabeth Fickes, one ol the daughters m Valentine Fickes, rUc'd. 10. The account of Peter Bechlel, adm'r. of lha Estate of Theodore Snowbergei, late of South \\ oodbeTry tp., dee'd. 11. The account of William H immer, one of the executors of the last will, &c„ oi John Hammer late ot Uiiioit tp., d-*c d. 12 The. account of John Nycum, adm'r.,-of the Estate of W illiaw Nycum, iate of Monroe township dee'd. 13. The accoun l of Mary Weaverlmg, Execu trix, of the fast will, &c„ of Henry Weaverling, Uieoi WTsi Providence tp., d-c d. 14. The accourrt ot Maria Hunt and Samu-' Ra ilebaugh, adm'rs of the estate of Joseph Hunt, late oi Cumbeiland Valley tp. decM. Register's Office, 1 S. "• TATE, Bedford, Jaii.lß,'6l \ Register. PRO THO.NOTA KY NOTICE, — .Notice is hereby given that the account of J. • I.inget, tel ler, F.sq., committee ot George Owe,, a lunatic, has bem tiled HI the Prothonotary's Offic E, ai d that the same will I e presented to th* Court oi Comnton PR-as ih and for said county , for coflfi r rnut ion oo Tue day, the 12th day o Febrtfary m.xi. Protby's Office, j S. L). iAI L. January 16. 1801. _ v iOlt> y 4UDFTOR'S NOTICE.— Tim ttnilerfijyn ed, appointed auditor by the Orphan >' Court oi Bedford county to distribute tbe a--ets in the hands of 1 - lias Dill, adin'r. of tin- estate of Joseph dee'd., will attend to theduties ot said appointment on Fliday, .si Feb. ISO 1, ut his office, in Bedford borough, at IU o'cloi t, A. M.,0l said d*y. O. fI.GAITHER, Jan. IS, 1861. Auditor. ('Treat BA RGAWS i ~ * GREAT BARGAINS ! GREAT BARGAINS! Wishing to reduce our stock as low as possible by Spring, we will ofTer every description of WiNTER GOODS! WINTER GOODS! WINTER GOODS! AT COST, FOR CASH. AT COST, FOR CASH. AT COST, FOR CASH. Ready made Clothing at Half-Price. OS-CALL AND SEE FOR A. B. CRAMER k CO. pan. 11, 1 861. ■RECEIPTS AND EXPENDITURES Of the Charci'.ersburg end Ped'ord Turnpike roat. Conipa nv for the year ending Jan. 7th, font. DR. CR. To balance at last 1 By amount ot ex; en set'mt, s.'t,'>B'.S4. j ses, $1,0b0.73J Kecetpts, 4,951.40 | Dividends paid aince last settle) i°nt, 1,276.X2| S. Bamhart's judg ment and costs fi'.2.68 Managers' pay 250.00 See r y. and 'l'reasu j rer, 100,00 j Bui. in Treasury, 1,067.70 $8,437.21 | $8,337,24 Unpaid dividend, $2,133,97 •W. 11. Mc DO WELL, Jan. 20, IbOt. Treasurer. ■•UB LLC SALE OF TALL A RLE RE \ L ESTATE. The undersigned vrill offer at public sale, on the pre-T)ise>'. Friday, 10th March, next, his property at the "Turn." one mile b~!ow Bed ord, containing about one hundred acres This property is well and favorably located—is goof land, witn 63 acres un der good fence, and has a water-power on it that is not surpassed by any in the county. It is at a point where a grist mill would command the custom of a large part of Snake Spring Valley, Friend's Cove, the "Dutch Corner," snd Redlord and vicinity. It lies on both sides of the turnpike, where the Rulroid, when made, must run within a few rods ol the mill seat. The undersigned feels bound to sail, and a bargain can be had. Term* : One third in hand, nfid the balance in three payments, without interest. For paiticulars address Cessna & Shannon, Bedford, Pa., or WM. CHENOWF.TH, Jan. 25, 1861. Bedfordj fa /./. ///V' J /t)J? $35.00 Pays the entire cost for Tuition in the most pop ular and successful Commercial School 111 the couu - I try. Up war.l of TWELVE HUNDRED y ung ! men trom TWEN'I Y-EJGHTf different States,! have been educated for business here within the [ past three years, some of whoa) have been employ- 5 ed as Book Keepers at salaries of $2000.00 PER ANN UrM, immediately upon graduating, who.knew nothing of ' accounts when they entered the College. K7~.M misters' sonsjfhali' price. Students enter at any time, and review when they please, with out xtra charge. For Catalogue of S6 pages, Specimens of Prof. Cowley's business and Ornamental Penmanship, and a large engraving of the College, inclose twen ty-five cents in Postage Stamp, to tii Princi pal,, JFNEt.NS tk SMITH Jan. IS, IS6Q. Pittsburg, Pa. rEDF(RD COUNTY SS: * At an Orphans* Court held at Pdford, in and for the county of Bedford, on the 1 Dth day of November A. I)., 1800, before the Judges of 'he same Court, * On motion o| John Movvei, Esq., the Court grant a rul" up.i 1 i the heir s an.l legal iepr. -entatfves of dWchior I'isher, late "f Harrison Township decea sed, to wit, Louis I isfcer, Catherine, intermarried with J. ck.-on Waggoner, ami Margaret, ii.termar -1 icd with Y\ iliiatii M. Hill, to be and appear at >ll Orphans' Court, to he held at Bedford, in and tor said county, 011 th- second Monday, Uth day ol' February next, to accept or refuse to take the real estate ol s H J .'•! dcljior Fu her, at the valuation, which has been valued and appraised 111 pursuance ot en order ol Partition .;. Valuation, issued out of 1 he Orphans' Court of Be ■ ford, or show cause why t i.e same stiuuld. not r sold by ot.ier ol the said Court. in testime: y whereof 1 have hereunto set my hand and seal of the said Court, at Bedford the 'J Itii day ol No-, . u.ber A. I)., lsiib. 5. H. TATE. Jan. 11th, tc. C'b rk. iiCE.— 3 The following nam. H pers ins, have filed their petitions for Tavern License, in the office 01 the CleiK ot the Court of Quarter Sessions of the peace, (or Bed' >rd Cou ity, and vv 11. he pres<-!iT.-d to >vl county, on .Monday, tie 11th dav of February nexl. Peter Kinsey Juniata tp. < P. G. Morgart, Bloody Run Borough William Dibeit, •> '• >• David Stoner, South Wood berry Tp. John McF.lheny • <• George Baily, Londonderry " George Wetnuier Monroe " Frederick B -rkhimer, St. Ciai r " David Sleek. d do J. B. Castner, B; oad Top " Clerk's offi -e, P.c.l- f S. H. TATE, ford, Jan. Uth, '6l. Clerk. ]pXLCUI OIL'S SO IJCE. -®~4 l.e'L r- - lestemenlarv upon the esTate of James Hmton, ol Napier t, , dee'd., hiving been granted tiie undersigned, notice is hereby given to triose iodebte i to the estate ' to ri ake immediate payment, and those having claims will present them tor payment. SHADRACH HfNTON, c: NQpier tp.. J. C.'ELY, of Scbeiltburg, Ei'ors. M7OTICE -a ]n Ihe Court of Common Pleas of Bedford County, Nov. Term, 1860. App ic ition ot 'he .Methodist F.p seopil Congrega tion of the Borough of Bedford, for charter of in corporation. In pursuance of t.'ie order of said Court ot Com mon Pleas, Notice i 3 hereby given, that ine Meth odist Episcopal Congregation ol the Borough of Bed ford, have made application to said Court, bled with the Prothonotdry. setting forth that I ■ y are de-i --ring to acquire and eujoy (he pow.'fs and n muni ties of a corporation or politic, and accoinpa nied by a constitution or instrument in ..' riling, spe cifying the objects, article., comLti. • s a 'id name style and tit e tinder which they me m to .is "cia e , and that, 11 no sufllcier.: cause I ,>-a > fo the con trary, the 6.1 i,t Court will, at next t :n. decree .ud declare that congregation shall become and be a car poration or body politic, urn! 1- the name style and title of "The Methodist Episcopal Ci.tirch of the Borough of B dford." 1 Bv order of the Court. S. 11. TATE, Jan. Ith,'6l. •Proth'y. >UKT PUOCL AMATI I>N. To the Coroner, the Justices of the Pence and Cons fables in ihe different Townships in the County of Jle '■ford, (ire tie r. K NOW YE tlm' in purs.i ti ce of a j oc< jit to m" directed, under the hand and seal of the II >n. HMMSS .1J KISSS tfELL, President i-f t!i.' several Courta of Common Pleas in the Sixteenth I) 'strict, v ni ;>ti;;r of t'ta c itin tios .f Franklin. Rt-hfonl, Somerset and Fufton, and by virtue ■j{ his'office of the Court el Oyer and Terminer rnd General Jail delivery Tor the trial of eaoi :,ii and 'other offend urn therein at: I I.i ihe Gune ral Gout' of Quart, r Sessions of the P.-ace: md A. J- Sxivia.Y E Jokn Taylor, E js., Judge?of the same Court, m the same County >t Bedford, )'ou and rac.h of you are hereby r.'- t}tnrt d to he a'J I a|';i"ar in y-ur proper persotis with your Records, Recognizances, Exau iaa tious,*and other ."etnembrances before t!i.-J aforesaid, at Uedi'ord, at a Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail Delivery an 1 Gene ral Quart . Sessions of the Peace ihot-on t) be bolden for ihe coun'y ol Bedford, afore iid, on the 2d Monday of Feb. (being the 1I m riay,)at 10 o'clock ni .'he lorenoon of that day there and titer, to do those things to which youi several offices: appertain. GIVEN under thy hand at Bedford, on the 18'*1 uay of January in Lie year of our Lord IS6I. JOHN J. CESSNA, S her if. 4 ULTIOR'S NOTICE.— Tiie t tdersignexl appointed by the (''ourt of Coairr 1 Pleat, commissioner to hear anu report the evidence in the case of Micha.-l iMifier's ailinr's. use of JohnAisip, egainst John IV. Smith, hereby gives notice that he will meet the patties intere9teJ, on the 2'2d dav of January, 1861, at bis office in Beifor 1 o'clock, P. M. J. VV LINGEN'FELTER, Jan. Uth, ISCI. Conam'r. JDMIS ISraTfOIPS NOTICE.—. Letters of Administration on the estate of Aaron Good, fate of N.pier 'J'owuship, dee'd., having been granted to the subscriber, no tice, is therefore, given to all persons indebted, to said estate, to make payment 10 him, at the resi (U nee of the dec'iL, in said Township, on the 17th of January, inst., and those having claims will pre sent them for settlement, at the same time. If the subscriber is net called on at the time above speci fied, James -Allison, Esq., residing i i said Town ship, is authorized to make settlement and receive rnooey due the Estate. WM. ZIMMERMAN. Jan. 4th, '6l. Administrator. [IJ O T I C £ AH persons knowing them selves indebted to tiie estate of of Jonathan Horton, urehereby notified that the [books, notes inc., are in the hands ol J. IV. Lingenfelter lor collection and that.-uit will be brought against all who disre gard this notice. OLIVER HORTO.V, jan. IS, 1861. Administrator. i J US) S O JV> s Mountain Herb Piils. j I Aitnvis. we preiumt >Oll with it likeness o. j 1". itc>. chief of u t ibe of tho htru zy Azt?c Nation, ; t • "t ruleil Mo*ic Von will tiu'l a full account of I' •11 •- l his 1" p'" j:i our Ftunphlots an-l Almanacs—to I- !<a • kfratiK, from the Agent* for those Tills. | The lover.tor aoT ManiU;iCturr of •Juav.if-; Moun tain llorb Fill* ' i t v p*!ot th- greater part < f iiia life 4u 1 having visiud nearly evory country in. the worl.l Ho spoilt over *ix years among the Indians of j the t'.autiiaina and of Mexico, and it was thus that the "M >1 maix Hbkk 1TU" were discovered. A very iuterestiu accouut L - adventures there, \ou will fiul in our and Pamphlet. It is an eat ;bli.-iK*<] fart, that all di<*eftAfe6 arise from

IMPUIB HhOODI J The olood U the life! nnd w hen any foreign or unhealthy matter mixed with it|fcit is at oner distributed to every rcan of tiie h ly. l.verv ner\- feel* the poison, un l all the \itnl oiyaus qui *kly x>mplu':u. Thr stomach will not dig*" t the food perfectly. The liver censes to secrete a solii iencr < f bile. The action of the heart is j wenkenod, and .->> the circulation is feeble. The lungs • I- , <** with the poisonous matter; hence a ' cvu ; ii—nod all from n slight impurity a: the fountain ; head of It • • —the Id nod ! As if you had thrown Mn e*r U. for instau >i, in a pure spring, from which ran a tiny rivuh t. in A few minutes the whole course of the ! :n no becomes disturh.-d and discolored. .-V* quickly [ d'#'s impure Flood fly to every part, and leave it* sting I behind. AH the passbge.t Wonte obstructed, and unless t , nh-tru ?:n is :vMt>\'-d. the btmpfof life soon <!ie out. 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MKDICINE DRiLERS. -.v* To }>.■ SiaU nt H. C. REAMER'S' Drug j and Rmk Store, B.dl .rd, I'a. J Jan. 11.1 860.- 1 v. i a OOKING GLASSES, ENGRAVINGS. PICTURE FRAMES, OIL PAINTINGS, The most extensive and assortment at'lhe very lowest rates.— in store of every <te sciifttiAn. Kf ftrtan\'framed Glasses, tor countrv sales. Print and Port rail Irames, Window Cornices, Gilt jlfoulrlines, etc. i.-tnriates for fnrnistiini; Gla to 2.1t very -pace, by mail on application. F!: f-avings lor Grecian and Antique Paintings.— C'ataiogut s gratis. JAS. S. EARLE & SON, MG Clit-sltlut St., Piiil'a. May J 8,'60.-1 yr. g A ALL ntADE NOTICE. J RIINN. RAIGUEL fit CO., ,Yo. 137 A'orfk Third Slrret, IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS OF FANCY DRY GOODS, Invite the r.t tent inn oTurchasr is to their extensive Slock of fancy J ! rv CloUs, Siik--, Kmbrciiieries, C!oth>. Casmmeres ij-o. May IS,'C'J.- I 71,? FRANK. JACKSON, ' iis. PRINTER AND STATIONER, -r3!i CHESTS UT STREET, PHILADELPHIA; May IS,'I'G.-1 ) r. Mich .el VVbeeLng i In Common P<a> ot Bed i ' ford county, \o. 11, Nov. Juliana Wheeling. \ Term, lSfih. Subpoena on Libel lor Divorce. The undersigned appointed Commissioner to take testimony and report lacls. | ice.. in this case, v. ill attend to the duties of his ap i poiutment, a! his ottice in the Borough of Bedford, i on Eeb'y. sth, lSi !, at which time ail wishing c in attend. R. D. BARCLAY, Jan. 25, 1851. Commissioner. A EDITOR'S NOTICE. ~®- The ar pointed Auditor to make distribution of the money ari-iing (torn ihe sale of the real estate'of J no. (2. CI ik,Jwi l attend tothednties o! his appointment, on Wednesday, Eeb'y., 6, ItsGl, at his Otfire in the Borough of Bedlord, at which time al! desiring can attend. R. D. BARCLAY, Jan. 25, 1860. Auditor* WHY NOT l WHY NOT? j Save your mnnet - , By buy ing your goods of OSI ER fit CAEN, Cheep side. You'l! Ind it the cheapest place in fo,vi They have just received another c hoice selec tion of nevy and choice Winter goods. Their stock is larite, and suited to the wants of the community. Ca' 1 and see. j Dec. I-lth, 18G0. wO 11 C E '" AJI persons arp hereby noti fied that t have purchased the following personal pioperty, viz : a cows—one white, and one red, 2 beds and bedding, 1 ten plate stove, 152 bushels of corn, C 5 bushels oats, 22 bushels buckwheat, J of IC acre.- of :ye, t acres do, 3 ones do, f. of 5 acres do, 1 rick of hay-- 1 tons—2 stacks, 2 "tons each, one horse jilow,ll shovel plow, 1 harrow, 2 sleds, 1 i sett gears, 1 pair double arul .-ingle trees, and have I left The same with William May, and Mary his wife, of Southampton township,' Bedford county, during my pleasure. The hay, giain, ar.d ssrne of the other property is for wue, and all persons are notified not to purchase, except from myself, any of the sawe. JOSEPH \V. TATE Jan. IS, 1801. MRS. HAI.E'S RECEIPTS far the million, at fir. Harry's. ' AYER'S . CATHARTIC! ,V j IBS-' }•. .• cvrrr 1 I j I j 'f. An* yu t>itk. liable. i.ui ' V ■Z.'d* r ***-Itpiaiur t;r? A I'o you OUI <>f ,u witfi your *ysttta it,- . iwtgd. fc;i jour filings u r; /v ii S>.3 CTv cojtsforlabu-? These eyiw, - j - r j- f'r ■ ■ '."■ toiUM are often the prelude i. C'sr.wVsb **'rioiw iLues*. home Lt of I Q-v i* .-r< oping upon vru, "•HiTv. v '7 ntiould lit* averted by a v -. ' iJ& v fc j timely um- of the right ic-m- T; J% v £-/f ;:#?•- • ••]>•* T.*ke Ayers jhiif. and ! K* 4 y-A. 'Kt i *■&* ciranae out the Uiaonltml hu rl i mors— purify the blood, and ' -5 * vl ** 4 ° move on unob vA,; ..' ij tructed in health again. r 0, 7 i • Thr v Btlmi:lat the function* - i".v' K f•' of tiie body into vlgorou* uc ." ?T-*3r ' vivity. purify tbonystem from **- • th© obstructions which mako A r -M - • ' •:! ©njtpwliere in the body, and ol* ttruct* its nataidi function*. Tit - . if not relieved, j react u;x.'ii thet.:tlve* a; d the sHirronatag organs. pr.> rin-ii.;; r *oer 5 a ";ra* Buffering, and dimei. { While in thin arniititm, <>p;rw.-ed by the dcrangementi*, tai •> Ayer'.> 1 jIK suirl i k\r din : y they ivcFore the i.:t ' .ii R- tt'-o <f th - * . - -.11. end with it the buoyant f *!il ;•' ii *:**J-h ajrhn. is tr.:" aid so apparent iu j lh"'> . via- : J (Mi i iion complaint. also true in lua uy ! tle 'I- ate'i a:* <1: ig.-i ii -: -npe-e- Th *ajud purcntiv • i --t- . •--Is them. Caused h> similar obstruct as and ' ;.!>. th i.aiur.u fuacthme of tlw th- ..•• ri. i;h. Ac ' m.".ry 1' th ..i .•>■*l v, cured bv th .liia 1 tutntns. Noii k who kiiov ;h .! virtues of tlie- j I'iils. wilt u _'•••; to ♦•mp'".'y th-iu v.hun from tl'e dhr- i*-i i Jli -y cure. Htaft rrunti it.r.n irH?in.: i"y fans in wme of tho principal ci. , .;:nl ••> n well kaown jiublic pv.r fuils. From a Ft>nnr ling .*'■ ' h*r! 'f St. Ismis, I<\b. 4, I^sfe ID*. Ar ' <ur I'iiis ar tb-s jmr-i: no:" all that h pi v* In . h.n . Til y have cure! my little dAttffht* ♦ uii-er His e-et> nr :hT li i:U uTHi/e -i tiiat liad proved im nrihlv • \ ■". iuir Uiiih •li .s brer lour -iy aflli • •' •-■ ' h'ot. ' in i pinpl*ss :i her ptkin a. I !i.i : . A;':.-r ur nil ! \;:in cured, bile tlso tried | • r Piila, and ti. j Lave CU; Jii r. A-\ MORGKIDGfi. As r Family Physic. P. ->t' Jr. L. li*. rig 1 ,-'. JV eie Orlnm. l'our Pillv rir the rrin •• f pun;i. Their e.vit.dleut , qnalUies aurpa any rMfuirric vve j Tlit-v nro is.hi. bat very . rh;in and ei* 'dual ..t th .i octlou on tlio to • e*i=. whi; ii make* Uitmi iuvaiuabb to u- in the daily treatment of disea-e. 1 llti4,dc.eii.CTGlc2.l2'ricTnc Z\.Fotrl Stomach* From Dr. Ft a; . d w-yd. Bji'iii>or . . Df.aß Bro. AVETI: I >* n*:-'x r -r >ou it' ft complaints T have c /re ? with y mit i ; IS her- *r than t > ±ny all thnt ice trer tre 't wdh ap ir<r m -<< w J pi.:ce great depeu- I' *■ me on an <dV-v!;nl carh n r.iy :•. y • -ou' t with ♦. - i ■ M IK* viii rus I ! tire y- • f'i'lji aiTori us tlio t- * • have, i <fcmi. • ;u • . i l .i_rlilv. PITTPTUBS, TA.. May 1, 1R55. h". J. C. AT:a?. Fir: 1 h.tvr t... r itinlly cured of the v.*:r*-t f ' It t 5v can have by a d >se or two { t f V'-ur Pills. It aectis to arise from a foul stomach, ! :o L t'.'-y < !em-e at oi. • *. Yours with great respect. ?'D. TT. PREBLE, IfTcr/; of Steamer Clarion* Flllou.* Disorders Liver Complaints. F--oyi Dr. TftcmlO'-r Dill, of X?w Y-.rk City. \'t only ari your Pill- ndaiiraMvadapted t th**ir pnr | T as an ajH rient. lut I Jiiui their be? < hcial etuxr upon t • Liv. rvfry liiai kvj i: 1. They ixve my prao | tice jroyt*d more ••Leetual 1 r tho cure of I lit ar c a 1' : f>* ri uu aisv on* r*mie:y f can mention: I sincerely j r-ji.;- thut w.* have at length a purgative w v ; : ia wor thy the couiidcace ui the p:o;.*fcS.' n and the x . -pk. OF THE I MET!TOR, > IV. . Shiugt. n, I). C., 7th Feb., k--J. | Fir.: J hare us*-■! your Pills in my geuc;-? I aud h ] ir.t • f.rf..-! vei iti< •;•. u made them, and cannot hec*ita.< to c-.y th > the i cat bar tie w\ cuiphy. Xheir rvg i- Jai-.K. . u oti liver is qui k m.\ d. i:- d. c*-:V— ■- q... ii v th.y :ue ;.! admirable rein-dy for deraugenicnt't ot tiirtt -rgun. Ind ed, * liuve t>el ~u found a < of i d die .f so Ir tiaate tLut it did not readily yield to Ibeiu. fraternally yours, ALONZU BALL, M. !>., Jt gsician of to- M.r.oc Ifu.'i/ituL Dysentery, Plnrrhtra, Relax. Worms* i / J .J. ij. Ore i, ( f Ciurryy. Y or Pills h.-.v. 1 ul a li-ng ti bd in my pricticc, and I bold theru in stt-t mas one of the i> st..ricuto i have •-t fewri'L Their uTcr-iiive effect upii lli -liv. r makca tln-m an exc h.-rt: ;• K, dy. win n given iu Kumll d"-- for oiiiitut dyicnt rg and n ir, i,nc. 'ibeir sugar-' -'tiling inak* * them very M - ptabie and conveuient far the UKO of women and children. Dyspepsia, Imparity of the lilooti. From ii'et. J. V. U.mtj, Pastor of Advent Church, Diston. DP.. AYES: I haveuF*d your Pi't]g with extraordinary success in my family and am ag tlpi- 1 am culled to visit j in dl To r *gilatj the organ* cf digestion and purify the blooil, th y ure the very best remisly f have I ever known, and 1 can confidently reconunend tb m to lay friends. Yours, J. V. lIIMLS. Warsaw, Wyoming Co.. X. Y.. Oct. 24, 1865. DE\p. FIR: 1 aru ur-ing your Catharti • i ills in my prac j tke, and find tlit-iu an excellent purjath o to cleanse tho t system and purify the fountain* of th* Llnc<l. JOILN G. MEACiiAM, M. D. Constipnflon,C(iifirenfiv, Snppre°slow, Ehrumatism, Gout, Keuraluia, Drop-. j , Paralysis, Fits, etc* From Jir. J. J*. Vaughn, JJontrr L Canada. much cannot 1>• s.i! 1 : y ir l\!is for the cur©of wiir+*' ■•. li. thcrs of our fiTtic-uirv iiave f.utnd tb! rs e?iu*aci iw as 1 have, they sh old join me In procJtiiu iug it f-r lie U.n of i:..* nii:Uitnd'" who soil-.-r fr a i hut com obi rt, v,:. ii.uitii -ii,'. bfi i .High is i* *]f, ii the pr •of - : err •• ■ • . j )-' • ' •' ■ • • : ;•I -i the liver, tut yjur i'ills allect that lagan and cure the disease. Fror-i Mrs. E. Stuart, Physician arid AY'r "T*, Boston* I find one or two l.irce clones of your l'ills. taken at thG propi r time,ar-' ex- -dent |-r< ..; -tiv-*s cf the nature! secre tion wh.-n VM- !'y i r p-.rtiullv Miporr 1. and a. vj v-rv i fTrtual to cleanse the stomach ar ! cs: 1 Mtrnif. Th v ; an-1- much the lvt physic wo have taut 1 recommend no other to my patients. .' wi ti.t Rev. Dr. Hatclrs. of the M 'todisi jF.pis. Church. PrLASXi HOUSE. Savannah.GO.. Jan. 6. rii.vop ;:t FIR: 1 ih.*uid U- ungrateful 1r the relief V"iir hkill has brought inc if I did'not rt p-. it my • t. V-m. A cold settled in my limbs and bn-tight on eTcru 'M :iig neur- 'TIC JM: as, which onA-d in eh -irhewaa- Notwitiistanding 1 had best -.f physi- i uis, tho grew worse ami w r-e. mit.l by the advice your ♦ x•*. -lert agent in Baltimore. Dr. Mackenzie. I tried your m I heir effects wore *1 w. hut sure, l'.y |a.-i*sevcriug in tho w.e of tht-m. I am uw entirely well. FKfATX CKAKTJER. Baton Douce, La.. 5 Dor. 1855. T'< \AT Ihav. 1 n , .;ir !y our I. by your Pills, of T '• tie C . i siufiii mil it had afflicted nio L>r years. YIXCKMT FLIDELL dpM'--: rf the rills i*i market contain Morrury, '• I : h. oltl. ugh aval labb- remedy in skilful bands, fj dat.w u a public j ill, fr m ; dreadful cunse- > t'. it frequently follow its incantmn m-.-. These t uda nc :.i re my r minerai iub>l .nice whatever. ! 'rico, 25 cents per Sox, or 5 Bores for sl. f• 9 rre.l ty Er. J. C. A"/ Sit Ci> CO., Lowell, Hass. B. F. Harry, Bedt'ord ; Barndollar & Son, Bloody Jlun : (i. B. Am:ck, Sr. Ciairsville ; J. Rrenemnn, Coodberry ; Geo. (>arli!l. West I'.nd ; J. E.Colvui, b; :'eJlsiiuri ; and by ileiieis genoraily. Oct. IJ, ISCO. A LLEGHKNY MALE AND FEMALE SEMIYAIiY, aAirCABVRM, ISeillord Co., K':t. REV. VV. IV. BRIM, A. M., Pnocipal, iWiss A: L. BRIM, Preceptress, Miss S. J. BRIM, TVarher on Piano Forte. This institution, under the supervision of the at hove named persons, assisted by other eompeten- Teaehers, affords a full cour-e in M itbemstics. Natural sciences, and C dies Lettres, m music, Paintin", See., it sives extended instruc tion. The next session will commence en Jan. 22, Itifil. Students admitted at any time. Habits of health, system, and piomptuess , views, moral, so cial, and domestic, are here made prominent ob jects ot education. That the physical powers, as well as the mental, may be cultivated—Calisthen ic exercises are necessary—here the Students meet each day for systematic phy-teal exercise. o \ A s- , \ Will pay for board, incltidinsl fu'- i )££*"}[ / nished rooms, room rent, tuel and tuition in common F.nsrli-h, p?r term of eleven weeks. Extras, .* nirCera'e charges, even less than crthnn the r rcular calls for. Students prepaicd tor the highest class "in col lege. For Circulars, or particulars, address W, VV. PRIM. Pec. 21, ISGO. Rainsbtirg, Bedford Co.. Pa- MARTIIA T. MARTIN, C. H. HAMCICR, J. A. L. SioP-KEI GEO. It. riiliOLE, S. K. MARTIN. Z? A. B A i: ER , a e WITH MARTINS, PEDDLE, IIAMRICK &. CO. —IMPORTERS OF— HOSIERY,GLOVES AND NOTIONS. Aii. 30, .A o/7A Fourth St., Phil < May 18.'G0.-1 yr. NO IK 1.. Litters (estamenfnrv j having been granted to the subscriber, living in Mid dle MuliFe WoodWrry township, on ihe E-tate of ! Joseph Keagy, late of said town-hip. dee'd., all j persons indebted to said esta'e ie nntifi"d to make j payment immediately, and those having claims a j gainst the same will present 111 m properly au j thenticated for settlement. ; 1 D. S. LONGEN F.CKER, Jan. 11, ISGI. Executor A N A PER IEN I and STOMACHIC PR F I>A r by combu"'- IK °' N WH"' ° Xyee " a '"' ''"bo,,' hmh r n > riro B en - Sanctioned by i he highest medical authorities both in Europe and the United Sutra, a, d prescribed their practice. Ine experience oI thousands daily moves that n„ preparation of Iron cat ue corniced v°h„ I -sfcis: J AW,,,. Aff-ctior-, Emanation, JNprfs, (, Biantkmti JJy.cnur,, IneimLrnt Scrofula, u Tuber. „Uu,, .S a/l H /Z1 Whit,.. Chlor o „,, Li v ,rFmpl,i„) Lhrotue hr.M r , Rk, F^Z l imp Us on the J'cice t 11l cases of General Dvhihty, whether the result I. .VOils energy from c'wonm C3:T! . e'le*f i't o"** 0 "** ' 01 r " st has proved *.j . ° e *"" r which no d scription r.or writ ten attestation wonld lender credible. Invalid* so e r| d<len ~to have become lorgotten in their own iielghborhoodo have suddenly reappeared in ;;;; "/ wor!d as *„ 0 :. p , ' a '* ncl * Some very.sie al instances of th.s atnd are attested of temale sufferers, emaciated victims of a parent marasmus, exhaustion, critical changes, and thai c-J-atton o, nervous a:..! nysp-ptiif XsioJ to an una exercise for which the r hy, e:an has nc name. A ; frr "! ic " 1 * 0,a!1 k 'n's and for reason a. ilia: to medica. men, I e operation otlhisprepa ol ii on must necessaiily be salutary, for, on ,' w r ' e ' ,x '"""> ' J ' s vigorously tunic, withou beuig ex. 'ling and over-h.ating : and gently ,e -lit a • a P er >eni, even in the most obstirate cases"ol co.tiy ne Ss , wtthout ever being a gaslt.c purgative, or 'ill u t :itg a in agreeable sensation. it is this latter property, among others, which maKCB 11 so remar.xably effectual and permanent a reinei.y Jr, , upon which it also appears to ex ei and tpectlia action, by dispe.sing the local tendency which forms them. In Dftpepna, innumerable as are its causes, a single box of these Chalybeate Piiis Las oiten sulfi ced lur Ibe ino>t habitual ca^s. I n unci.ecked Diarrkaa, even when advanced to ysteuteiy, confirmed, emaciating and apparently malignant, the eHects have been equal! decisive an.l astonishing. In the local pains, loss of flesh an.l strength, de ! ill luting ci.tigb, and remittent hectic, which gene '" ■) indicate Incipient Consumption, this remedy has allayed the alarm ol friend, and physicians, in veral very gratilying and interesting instances. . .T' Ui T "' co/osis, this medicated iron has rad lar mote the good effect of the most cau tiously . ahineed preparations of iodine, without any aftbeit well-known liabilities. i ne attention of females cannot be too confident ly ti.vntd to this remedy and restorative, ir. the ca ses peculiarly affecting them. in Kheumatum, both chronic and inflammatory, in tbt- latter, however, more decidedly,it has been invariably well reported, both as alleviating pain and reducing the swellings and stiffness of the joints and muscles. In Intermittent Fever.' it must necessarily be a 2rcat remedy and energetic restorative/and its pro cess in the new settlements of the West, will pro bably he one of high renown and usefulness. No remedy has ever been dicoveied. in the whole history oi medicine, which exerts such prompt hap py and fully restorative effects. Good appetite, complete digestion, rapid acquisition of strength, with an unusual disposition for active and cheerful exercise, immediately lollow its use. Fut up in neat flat metal boxes containing . r >o pilis price 150 cents per box ; for sale by druggists and dealers. VV ill he sent free to anv address, on re ceipt of the price. All letters, orders, etc., should be addressej to fi. C Lucke & Co., Centra! Aeptifs, 20 CEDAR STREET, N. Y. July COtb, '6O. PHIL'A. ADVERTISEMENTS. I | ETTG O U ld, I ® • J\ o. (j3"J Qkeijnut St., cor. oj Seventh, PHILADELPHIA PIANOS ANDMELODEONS. ttavrx, BACON & co's., IIALLET, DAVIS & CO's., | NL'X.N S4* CUARK'S, ANE> A. 11. OA UK Si CO^S f ms Vip : Wf I ®*aj d f/f ® 1 MASON & HAMLIN'S, AND PRINCE &CO'S MELODEONS s\ HARMONIUMS, F.anos and Melodeons to Rent. Second-hand Pianos. May 15,'00.-1 yr. ; |T I'- JI U iE R, - * ;'?uccr!soi: to j. soever,) —WHOLESALE DEALER IN TOBACCO. SNUFF AND CIGARS, •All S Aori/t Fifth St., above .Market, PhWa. Also, Manufacturer and Importer of FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC SEGARS. May IS, ISOO.-1 yr. WILI.IAM ItAiGU'Eb, JAMES M. WHITBY, SAMUEL MOOBK, EDWARD A ADAMS, WILLIAM CJ. SKILLMAN, HF.NRY V. ATKINSON. | MOORE & CO., I LATE. RAiatJEI. AND CO., IMPORTERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS l.\ D R Y GOOD S, .Xos. 320 St. 222 . Yorth Ihirt St., above Ra i. West side, PHILADELPHIA. May 18, CO.--1 jr. rfWE WORLD'S GREAT EXHIBITION -E- PRIZE \J EDA L, a warded IoC.M EY E R for his two PIANOS, London, October 15, ISM "-- - ■ \f f : -As * % p? tJj (PJ ZF* \k I C. MEYER respectfully inform- Hie faendst ana the public generally, that be has constantly on hand I'l ANOS. equal to those tor which he rereive-d the Prize Medal in London, in 1851. All orders promp'ly attended to, ?and great core tc'hen in the selection and packing the-same. He has received, during the last fifteen years, more .Medals than uny u'her maker, from the Frank lin lii-titiil—a'-o, Firs! Premiums in Roston, New York and Baltimore. • V.'arer-i ".r >, No. 772 ARCH S'reet, Velow Eighth, South side, PHILADELPHIA May 18. 1800.-1 yr. JOtlX n. JAM". ISAAC WELSH, H. U. STEIILINO. WM. O. 1-fcNT, <l. A. SMITH, M. V. WELSH, CH ARLI.S sa.N rvn, SAMUEL WHITS, J. TOM LISSOM , ]JAJMES, KENT, SAN TEE ik CO., IMl'Ott f Sifts AND J'IIiBKRS OF ,D R Y GOODS, 2.79 Si'-'ll NORTH THIRD STREET, ABOVE RACE, PHILADELPHIA. Ma" IS '<W -1 yr.