Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, February 22, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated February 22, 1861 Page 3
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, IST OF LETTERS— ! IJ l 3 REMAINING IN THE POST OF- J 6ET A t BEDFORD Pa , EL Hanna Joseph Anderson Gelaspa Hanlin H H Xlbrighl C "Mrpl. I Arndt J Hofius flerkstresser D S Hajhnr. J R Baldwin Jco Ha!II VV Betson Rebecca Keinbra G V\ Bannon M „• Barribart 11 XCo KLULE MagM.G. Bunt M J yers W H Butterworth H S Maospeaker Dan I. Brvon Robert Megahao J 3 " Bryon Louisa Mi Mair P Cbullb'irn M A Mr. Martin Jno G ClaycombJ Patterson Sus an CarneHUary Miss Xulty M J CLUTX J " Robinson J R Durham A . Rine Abraham E?ANS p Sroves William fiagan J >hn Sherley J O } adder William Shorey Samuel Farrey John P Strouse Elizabeth Gillespie M Staenefelt Gavin Francis Stouffer G Gasnel Jennie Weael Noah Graham James Whisel Harrison Hofius J H jr— 2 VVemiert Stephen Hess Rebecca J Miss Vartori P W JOHN' A. MO WRY, P. M. Feb. 22, ISC 1.-571. STRAY^BULL.— Came trespassing on the premise* OR the subscriber residing in Hopewell ip., Bedford County, about the first day ot Novem ber last, A red bull, with white tace, both ears marked, supposed to be about 2 years an., a half old. The ownet IA requested to prove his property and take him away, or ha WI.L be disposed of ac- CO'rilfJg lfiW Ffb722J. * SAMUEL DAVIS_ ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE— Letters of Administration on the eitate of Alfred S. Over, late of South Woodberry township, dec'd., having been granted to the sub scriber living in Middle Wootitflrry tp., all persons indebted t6 said estate are requested to make im mediate payment, and those having claims against the same, will present thetn pioperiy authenticated lor settlement. ** CYRUS S. OVEK, Feb. V2D, '6l. PUBLIC SA LE.— By virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court of Bedford County, the un dersigned will otler for sale at Public Vendue, on the premises, on FRIDAY,THE th DAY OF MARCH R.ert, the following deschbed Valuable tate, situate ip Monroe Township, Bedford County/ adjoining land of Bernard Claybaugh . William ( or pel! , John Fletcher and Leonard Nycuin, CON TAINING 254 ACRES, about 130 acres cleared, about 6 acres of which are good meadow, balance in high state of cultivation. The improvements area two story Plank House, a double Log Barn, Wagon Shed, and other out-buildings. The purchaser can have possession on tbe Ist ol April, 18S1. Sale TO commence at 10 o'clock of said day, when the terms will be made known by JOHN NYCUM, ADM'r. ofWm. Nycutp, dec'd. Feb. 15tb, 11. STATEME NT OF Tri E RECTI FTS AN D EXPENDITURES ot the Bedford and Stoystowo Turnpike Road Company, for the year ending 2d January, 1861. To Balance at Settlement, 2d Jan. 'CO. $97.23 ' TAI'L., of tolls collected during the year, 1573.16 $'.670.36 By IM't. ol Expenaes during the year, J1.C22.39 Balance ta the Treasury. 47.97 ?1.670.36 No dividend made. PET IF R SCHELL, Feb. 15th, 61. Treas'r. WOTICE.— I-™ Ail persons are hereby notified, not to interfere with, mo.'est, or disturb, remove or takeaway one grey mare, harness, and w.igon, a bagatelle table, and apparatus for manufacturing Mineral water, the bottles, boxes, barrels, ma chinery, tools and instruments, and every thing thereto belonging, now in the posies -ion of John N. Mur.shower, in the Borough of Bedford. The above property belongs to me, and remains in bis posses sion, by my consent and permission. N. A. ELDER. Mifflintown, Pa., Feb. Bth, '6l. A DMINISTR ATO ICS NOTICE— ~ -*• Letters of Administration upon the Estate of Francis McGirr, late of Juniata Township, Bedford county, deceased, having been grunted to the subscriber by the Register ot Bed ford County, a!! p'rsons having claims against sud estate, are hereby notified to present the same properly authenticated for settlement, ard ail per sons indebted are requested to make immediate payment. OWEN McGIKR, Administrator. Feb. 13th, '6l. Bedford Township. SELECTION— The Stockholders of the Red ford and Sfoystown Turnpike Road Company are h rby notified, ibat the annual E ecticn of the Com pany to elect Managers to conduct the affairs of the company, will be held at the bouse ;f JAMES Fra sber, in Schelisburg, on the first Monday of March next, between the hours of one and three o'clock, P.M. PETER SCHELL, Scheilsburg, Feb., 15th, '6l. Secretary. LECTION.— An Election for fire Mana gers of the Chambersburg and Bedford Turnpike road Company, will be held it the Public House ofjJ . McDonald, in McConnellsburg, on Monday the 4th day of March next, at 1 o'clock P. M. T. B. KENNEDY. Cbambsrsburg, Feb. 15th, '6l. Pres't. ADM IXI STR ATOR'SN OTIC E. Letters of idministration on the estate of Mrs. Keoecca Shi mer, late of Union township, dec'd., having been GRAFTED to the subscriber, residing in said town hip, notice is hereby given to ell persons indebted to said estate to make immediate payment, and those having claims will present them duly anthen ticated tor settlement. JOSEPH IMLER, FEB, 8 , 1861. Administrator IPWCLIC SALE of Valuable Persona! prop erty AND Real Estate. There will be sold, at Pnb- He 6aie, at the residence of the subscriber, in Ju niata Township, Bedfoid county, on THURSDAY, 14th MARCH, rext, the following property viz : Eight head of Horses and Colts, Thirty head of ows end young Cattle, Fifteen head of Hogs, also breeding-sows and Pigs, One Brotd-wheeled Wag on, also one two horse Wagon, Two Buggies and or, E Stave and Shingle Machine. ALSO, Cooking Moves, Sleds and Horse Gears, Meat Cutters, Riffs J uns, and a vartety of Farming Utensils and other articles too numerous to mention. Sale to com mence at TEN o'clock, A. M., of said day, when due attendance and a reasonable credit will be given by 'he undersigned. ALSO, at the same time and p.ace, WL) be offered for aale, the valuable FARM * r -d MILL PROPERTY, on which the Subscriber ■esides. Terms reasonable. Any person in want good property will do well To attend tha Sale. LEWIS N FY AN. Feb. 13th, '6l. CLLF.TALND WOOL, all colors, at Dr. Harry's, HI ROSENE OIL, the BE.RT ttrUele, at Dr. Flarry's. RECEIPTS AND EXPENDITURES- I Ol Bedford County for i860.' WILLIAM SHAFEB, ESQ., Treasurer of Bedford I County ia account witli (aid County, from the j 2nd day ol Jahnary, 1860, to the 7th day ot January, 1861. TREASURER. DR. To cash received of collectors : John B. Z iok, Liberty 1857 sl4 11 Solomon Steel, Hopewell 1858 10 00 Johu Morgoet, Cumb. Valley, " 40 00 George F. Steel, Liberty 44 1 32 Michael Bone, Londonderry " 34 87 . Wm. Carnell, Monroe 44 81 11 Anthony Smith, Napier " 20 00 William Kirk, St. Clair, " 78 92 Jared Hank 9, Southampton " 31 00 John B. Fluke, S. Woodberry " 4 95 Isaac Mengel, Bedford Bor. 1559 250 00 Michael Fetter " Tp. " 662 67 Joseph Evans, Broad Top " 140 00 Michael Diehl, Colerain " 204 73 Jacob B. Anderson, Cumb. Val 44 198 57 David Miller, Harrison 44 158 12 William Young, Hopewell " 133 03J John Gillespie, Juniata 44 149 00 George Khoads, Liberty " 40 00, Levi Carpenter, Londonderry 44 181 25 Philip Snyder, Mutire 44 107 76 Vbram Biackbuin, Napier " 427 25 David Fore, Providence E. " 117 00 Jacob Barndoliar, Prov. VV. 44 125 00 Jacob VV. Miller, Schellsb'g bor 4 * 58 52 John VV. Hoover, St. Clair 4 - 424 00 Adam Shater, Snake Spring 44 93 60 John Bennett, Southampton 1859 245 64 John Fickes, Union 44 153 72 Geo. B. Holsinger, Woodb'y M. 44 556 79 i Jacob S. Brnntbaugh 44 S. 44 562 00 A. J. Sansom, Bedford Bor. IS6O 282 02 M. Holderbaum 4 * Tp 44 367 00 Samuel 8. Fluke, Broad Top 44 72 85 Simon Stnkey, Colerain 44 125 00 Samuel Boor, Cumb. Valley 44 236 00 Hugh VVertz, Harrison 44 60 00 Wm. Cypner, Hopewell •' 60 00 Leopard Bitnvr, Juniata 44 65 00 Isaac Kensinger, Liberty 44 90 00 John Wiihelm, Londonderry 44 140 00 Philip Felten. Monroe 44 162 00 Joseph Black, Napier 44 81 00 Wm. Lvstngrr, Prov. E. 44 75 00 Daniel Ritchey " VV. 44 165 00 John Otto, Scheilsburg 44 20 00 Jacob Berkheimer, St. Clair 44 280 00 Joseph Disbrow, Snake Spring 44 128 00 Philip Klingerman, South'tou 44 13 5 0 0 Abram CroyJe, Union 44 71 05, Rudolph Hoover, Woodbury M. 41 261 00 l Jacob S. Brumbaugh 44 S. 44 120 00 Amojnt received ot Samuel Davis $33 71 VVin. S. Fluke, juiy funds 140 02 D. Shuck 1 40 M. M. Peebles, on estravs 3 93 Att'y. Mower on judgment against Fred St.filer, 212 40 Amount on uuseated lands 353 21 $9131 621 CR. Wiliiam Schafer, Treasurer of Bedford Coun ty, Cr. by amount of moneys paid to sundry persons on urafts drawn by Commissioners as follows . Bv amounts paid constables for re turns, &c ~ $263 28 Election board and return judges 789 00 Road and bridge viewers 252 20 Assessments on icsuranceof county buildings . 50 70 44 44 Damages on roads 48 00 Amount paid assessors 226 79 A.J. Baylor, late court crier 25 50 Levi Agnew, cleaning and atten ding Court House £5 70 CharDs Merwine, for putting in cellar and chopping wood. 65 00 Joshua Mower repairs to Court House 4 25 Mary Mortis, scrubbing commis sioner's office, &.c. 15 00 John Lesiz lor spout stones 7 11 Henry Sellers, white washing Court room, Kc. 14 00 A. B. Cramer, bill lumber for re j pairs to Court House 10 40 I B. F. Harry, stationary 8 22 John Border, hobbles for prisoners 6 00 i 11. C. Reamer, oil and paints 9 28 For repairs to public buildings 18 77 D. B. rroulman holding inquest on dead body of roan unknown 11 97( M. M Peebles, holding inquest on body found dead 3 71 BY AMOUNT paid County Commissioner's as foltuWE : O. Evans, 67 00 J. Berkley, 78 00 VVrn. Pearson 62 00] J. Feightner, 13 00 220 00 By amount paid Commissioner's for sale of Pooi House property. O. E. Shannon 21 00 Joseph B. Noble 6 00 John Nycuin 6 00 33 00 Johr. Mower, Esq., salary as attor ney to Commissioners for '59 '6O 100 00 Werner Herkens making cushins for settees in jury box 3 50 William S. Fluke, costs in Com monwealth case, and boarding prisoners 892 03 Reamer it Way, stationary 4 02 J. Charles Dukeo, Esq., borrowed money and interest 636 60 Interest on money borrowed of sun dry persons 438 00 Samuel Davis appropriation to Bed ford County Agricultural Soci ety, 100 00 For building and repairing bridges 320 7b F. C. Hotter, binding old j Dockets for Prothonotary's office 42 25 William S. Haven, new Dockets for Prothonotary's office 27 40 S. H. Tate, Prothonotary's fees 183 71 Statp Treasurer on deficiency ci as sessment 752 37 Samuel Radebatsgh. costs 3 72 Moneys refunded to collectors 82 39 44 44 44 Siqj'pson 44 18 O. H. Gailher auditing Prothono tary's account 18 00 G. H. Spang, costs in Common wealth cases 42 00 J. Strayer, costs in Commonwealth vs Tho. O. Mock 31 75 Supporting prisouei in Western Penitentiary 96 22 H. Nicodemu9, services as clerk to commissioners 180 00 H. Nicodenius, costs in Common wealth cases 34 22 R. F. Meyers, printing 273 50 David Uver 44 232 25 Premiums on fox scalps 315 89i P. lit jurors 906 234 Grand 44 387 95 Constables attending juries 95 00 Levi Agnew, court crier 45 00 Exonerations and escapes 248 50 Incurrent money of G. R. Holsiger 5 00 Treasurer's salaiy 185 00 Levi Agnew attending auditors 2 00 Miscellaneous 55 00 County auditors and clerk 70 00 Balance due county ]6l 78 9131 62 STATEMENT of moneys due to the County ol Bedford, on the 7th day of January, A. D., 1861. Abram Snowden, Cumb. Val. 1854 $39 79 Jac. A. Nicodenius, M. Wood'by 44 78 23 John Dasher, Hopewell 1850 60 564 John A. Osborne, Broad" 'fop 1857 79 90 James Smith, St. Clair 44 54 04 Lemuel Evans Broadtop 1858 227 08 , John Morgret, Cumb. Valley 44 109 24 Solomon Steel, Hop-well 225 20 Jared Hanks, Southampton 44 37 23 Jacob A. Nicodenius, Woodb'y M 44 122 1 1 Isaac Mengei, Bedford Bor. 1859 91 83 Joseph Evans, Broadtop 44 167 47 J. B. Anderson, Cumb. Valley 44 83 01 David Miller, Harrison 44 44 48 Wm. Young, Hopewell 44 90 00 John Gillespie, Juniata 44 29 03 George Rhoads, Liberty 44 Jls 44 Levi Carpenter, Londonderry 44 74 72 Philip Snyder, Monroe 44 157 48 Ab. Blackburn, Napier 4 ' 15 75 David Fore, East Providence 44 66 86 Jac Barndoilar, VV. Prov. 44 109 27 J. VV. Miller, Scheilsburg bor 44 16 15 John VV. Hoover, St. Clair 44 17 56 John Fickes, Union 4 163 35 J.S.Brumbaugh, VV'ood'by S. 44 157 61 A. J.Sausom, Bedford Bor. 1860 462 40 M. Holderbaurn 44 Tp. 44 553 62 Samuel S. Fluke, Broad Top 44 319 20 Simon Stuckey, Colerain 44 4JB 85 Samuel Boor Cumb. Valley 44 316 46 Hugh VVertz Harrison 44 219 70 William Cypher Hopewell 44 272 48 Leonard Bittner Juniata 44 331 28. Isaac Kensinger Liberty 44 91 28 John Wiihelm Londonderry 44 216 9i Philip Fellon Monroe 44 318 45 Joseph Biackhurn Napier 44 506 53 Wm. Lysinger Providence E. 44 249 6.0 Daniel Hitch,ey (of J.) Providence VV. 169 55 John Otto Schelisburg Bor. 44 86 73 Jacob Bei kheimer St. Clair 44 376 OCW Joseph Disbrow Scake Springs 44 236 87 Philip Clingerman Southampton 44 324 16 Abram Croyle Union ' 349 12 Rudolph Hoover Woodbury M. 73 i 57 JacobS. Brumbaugh, Woodbury S. 555 19 10034 344 Statement of money owed by the County ol Bedford. I To John Sill, 2000.00 44 Elizabeth Rea, 50.00 " John Brice, . 5100.00 $7050.00 BEDFORD COUM Y SS. The undersigned Au ditors, ot saio county, do hereby certify, that in pursuance, of the Acts ot Assembly, in such cases made, and prouided, they met at the Court House, in tiie Borough of Bedford, and did audit, and adjust, the accounts between William bfcafer, Tieasurer of said county, for the year '.B(}o, as contained in the foregoing statements, and that we have examined the lot<• going account, of money due to and owed by said county, and that we have found the same, to be correct, as witness our h-nd, and seais, this the 7th day cf January, 1861. JAMES C. DKVORE, DANtF.L FLETCHER. GEORGE BALGHMAN, Auditors. ATTEST : J. W. LiapXKFELTBP.. REPORT of the Auditors of Bedford County, to the Auditor General, January 7th, 1861. VV illiam Schafer, Treasurer of' Bedford Coun ty, iu account with tile Common wealth of Pennsylvania. Treasurer. DR. Tax on Real and Personal Estate : Aggregate amount of said tax out standing at last settlement $7662 59 Aggregate amount of said tax asses sed lor the year 1860 8127 50 Amount received on unseated lands 314 79 Amount due Treasurer Schafer 134 $16005 014 CONTRA. CR. By amount paid State Treasurer as per receipt 5437 80 Collectors commissions lor 1860, and previous years 340 95 Collector's exonerations as per cer tificate of commissioners 107 37 Paid B. F. Meyers publishing no tice to retailers and dealers 3 00 B. F. Meyers, publishing list of re tailers !5 00 D. Over, publishing list ol retailers 15 00 Levi Agnew, mileage as mercan tile appraiser 12 00 Lfcvi Agnew, services a3 mercan tile appraiser 20 624 Trea urer's commission on 5977.78 59 77 Amount uncollecttd for the year 1860, and previous years 9993 58 16005 014 Retailer's License. Aggregate amount of said licenses for 1860, as per list furnished by mercantile appraiser 449 00 CR. Cash paid Slate Treasurer 210 CO Treasurer's commission 22 45 Cash paid Sute Treasurer 216 55 Tavern License. Aggregate amount of said License lor the year iB6O, as per return of Clerk ol Court ol Quarter Ses sions 650 60 CR. By cash paid State Treasurer a? per receipts 550 00 1 Treasurw's commisstoti 32 50 Exonerations of Jbn A. Snively's litense 25 00 Catfi paid Stale '.'reaiurer us jier receipt 4,0 50 Eating Houses. 050 CO To aggregate einiunt of said license 110 00 CR. By cash paid State Treasurer 60 00 Treasurer's commission 5 50 Cash paidjState Treasurer as pet receipt 4.4. 50 110 00 Dtsiilltrits. Aggregate amount of said License for 1860 50 00 'CR. Cash paid Slate Treasurer as per receipt ' 4.7 50 Treasurer's commission 2 50

50 00 Venders of Spiritous Liquors. By the quart 75 Q0 CR. By cash paid Sta'e Treasurer 71 25 Treasurer's commission 3 75 75 00 Billimd Rotms, To aggregate amt., of said License for the year 1860. 17 00 CR. By cash paid Slate Trea>ury as per receipt 46 15 Treasurer's commission, 85 • 17 00 ren Pin Jlilcy., To aggregate amt., of said license 38 00 CR. By cash paid State Treasury as per receipt. 36 jo Treasurer's commission. j 90 38 00 C 3nftctionarir.s. Aggregate amount of said license 35 00 CR. By cash paid Stale Treasurer 28 75 Treasurer's commission I 25 Exoneration on P. Devore 5 00 Huwkers and Pe<ldlcrs To aggregate amount of License 8 00 CR. By cash paid Slate Treasurer 8 00 Banking Houses. * Aggregate amount 10 00 CR. By cash paid State Treasurer 9 50 Treasurer's commission 50 10 00 BEDFORD COUJVTY JSS The undersigned, Aa ditors of said county, do herebv certify, that in pursuance of the Act of Assembly in such cases made and provided, they met at the Court Houie, in the Borough of Bediord, and did audit, and ariins the acrotrnts between William bhafer. Treasurer cf sairi CBunty and the Commonwealth of Penneylva ma, contained in the foregoing statements. # Witness our bands and seals, this 7th day of Jan uary, lbCl. JAMES C. PEVORF., DANIEL FLETCHKR, GEORGE BAOGHMAN ATTIST, J. \V. LtNGe.NFEI.TEB. SALE.— The subscriber offers at Private Sa'e, all the following described valuable Real Es tate, situate in Bedford Township, Bedford County, udjo ning land of George Reighard's heirs and George Biddie, containing 215 acres of good lime | <-tone laud, J55 acres cleated and under, and ; in high state of cultivation, the balance being vat uoble timber—2s acres good meadow. The buil dings are a good LOG DWELLING HOUSE, good hank Bam, spring house, and other out buildings, also, a gore! saw mill, and apple orchard of 200 trees, 150 of which are of the best gratted frtrt. a:n! a never failing spring of goo d waier.!n' i ar the door. Also, another tract of 158 acres oT timber- Land, adjoining the above. Also, a tract of Moun tain lmd, containing 273 acres, lying convenient to aid farm. TERMS made to suit purchaser?, and one Thou sand dollars of the Ist payment can remain in the property if nesired by the purchaser. Posiessions wll he given on the Ist day of April next, if sold before the 10th day of March next. Persons desiring to purchase a valuable farm, at a great bargain, will do well to call upon the under signed residing on the property. JACOB RIDDLE. Feb'y. Bth, 'ol.—4t WOTICE. Notice is hereby given that I have purchased, (Feb'y. Ith. 1861.) the lollowing prop erty, at sheriff's Sale, to wit : One Hack, one Gray Horse, (blind,) one other Gray Horse, one Riding Saddle, one Bridle, one Two Horse Sled, One set Double Harness, one Sleigh, fifteen tons of Plaster at Poor House Mill, and ten tons of Plaster at Hopewell, all of which said property 1 elect to leate with John Nelson, during my pleasure, and hereby caution all persons against interfering witn the same, WM. S. FLUKE, Feb. Bth, 1861. m'OriCE OF INC ORPORATION— AH persons interested are hereby notified that at the present sc<*ion of the Legislature of Penn'a. an application wi I be made for the passage of an act to be enti tled "An act to incorporate the Glamorgan Iron Company," giving such company the privilege of ho ding lands in Huntingdon and Bedford counties, anf of carrying on the business of manufacturing iron therein, in which bill the uudersigned will be the corporators named. CHARLES WOOD, SAMUEL I SETT, R. B. WIGTOV, WM. P. ORBTSON. IOHN L. T. WATTSOX, Corporators. Feb. 8, 1861. |f OOKING CLASSES, - SJ ENGRAVINGS. PICTURE FRAMES, OIL PAINTINGS, | The most extensive and elegant assortment at the very lowest rates.—Glasses In store of every de scription. ilfahogany framed Glasses, for country j sales. Print and Pot trait frames, Window Cornices, I Gilt Jlfouldings, etc. Estimates for furnishing I Glasses to fill every space, by mail on application. | Engravings for Grecian and Antique Paintings.— ; Catalogues gratis. JAS. S. EARLE St SON, 816 Chestnut St., Phil's. May 18,'60.-1 yr. %m's jiarsapriHa, FOE PUEIFYING TEE BLOOD. And for the spec ,j cure of the subjoined varieties of Disease: Kcrofolaand Scrofulous Afaci jons,such as 'fuiuors. Ulcers, bores, Eruptions, Pimples, Pustules, Blotehes, Boils, Ula.ins, and all bklu Diseases, OAELA.NO, IPI., 6th June, 1559. J. C. Aviß Jk Co, Cents: I feel it my duty to ac knowledge what your Sarsaparilla has done for Oia. Having Inherited a Scrofulous infection, I havo so tiered from it in various Ways for years. Sometimes it burst, out in Ulcers on my hands and arms; sometimes it turned inward eijt! distressed me at the stomach. Two years ago It broke out on my head and covered my scalp and ears with one sore, which was painful ana loathsome beyond desci ■ tion. 1 tried many medicines and several phyaiciaus, but without much relief from any thine. In fact, the disorder grew worse. At length 1 was rejoiced to lead in the Gospel Messenger that you hud prepared au aitcr&tiv , .-aisui'.uriHai. li.i l knew from vour reputa tion that any thing you made nr;]t be good. 1 sent to Cincinnati and got it, and used it t.U it cure! me . p took it, as you advise, in small doses of a teaspooiiful over a mouth, and used almost three botiioa. New and healthy ekm soon began to term under the scab, which alter a While fell off. My skin is now clear, and I know by my feelings that the disease bus gone from myNystem. You can well believe that I feel what I am saying when I teH you, that I hold you to be one of she apostles of the ago, und remain ever gratefully. Yours, ALFKKD B. TABLET. St. Anthony's Fire. Rose or Ervalpela*. Tetter sail Salt lliieuui, Scalu licad, Uiugworiu, Sore Eyes, Dropsy. Dr. Itohert M. Preble writes from Salem, N. T., 12th Sept., 1869, that he has cured an inveterate case of /Oropcy, which threatened to terminato fatally, hy the persevering use of our Sargapariila. and also a danger ous attack of Malignant Erysipelas hy large doses of the same; says ne carts the common Eruptions by it Con stantly. Bronrhoct-le, Goitre or Swelled Neck. Zcbulon Sloan of Prospect, Texas, writes : '• Three bot tles of your Sarsaparilla cured me from a Gailrt — a hid eous swelling ou tho neck, which J had suffered from over two years." £.eueorrlicpa or Whites, Ovarian Tumor, Uterine Ulceration, Female Idiaeusea. Dr. J. B. S. Channing, of New York City, writes ; " I mat cheerfully comply with the request of your agent in saving I have found your Saisapaiilla a most excellent bltorative in the numerous complaiuts for which we employ such a remedy, but especially in Female Instates Cf tho Scrofulous diathesis. I havo cured manv Inveter ate cases of Leucorrhoea by it, and some Where' the com plaint was caused by ulorratum of the uterus. The ulcer ation itself was soon cured. Nothing within my knowl edge equals it for these female derangements." Kdward 8. Marrow, of Newbury. Ala., writes. " A dan- b, gprous ovarian tumor on one of the females in my family, which had defied all the remedies we could employ, has at length been completely cured by your Extract of Sar saparilla. Our physician thought nothing but extirpa tion could afford relief, hut he advised the trial of your barsaparilla as the last resort before cutting, atid it proved effectual. A'ter taking your remedy eight weeks uo symptom of the disease remains." Syphilis und Mercurial Distasc. NEW OSLSANS, 25th August, 1859. Da. J. C. AVER : Sir, I cheerfully comply with the rs ?os>t of your agent, and report to you some of the effects have realized with your Sarsap&rilla. I have cured with it, in my practice, most e.f the eotn plaints for which it is recommended, and have found its effects truly wonderful in the cure of Frnertol and MT eurial Pimate. One of my patients had Syphilitic ulers in his throat, which were consuming his jialate and the tcp of his mouth. Your Barsapariila, steadily taken, cured Urn in five weeks. Another war, attacked by sec ondary symptoms in his nose, and the ulceration had eaten away a considerable part of it, so that I believe tiio disorder would soon reach his brain and kill him. But it yielded to my administration of your Saraaparilla: the ulcere healed, and he is well again, not of course without some disfiguration to bis face. A woman who had 1- r-n treated lor tha same disorder by mercury was suffering from this poison in her bones. They had become so sen sitive to Iks'weather that on a damp day she suffered ex eructating pain in her joints and boner. She. too, wat cured entirely by your .Narmiparilla in a few weeks. I know from its formula, which your agent gave me, that this Preparation from your laboratory must be a gTcat remedy; cooiequeDtfy, '.lieae truly remarkable reuultj with it have not nrpri3edl me. Fraternally yours, GV. LARIMER, M. D lUaCuai&tlsnty Ooct, Liver Complaint* ISMPEXTOWCB, Preston Va., eth July, l£sJ>. I>u. .T. C. Ayp.ii: £ir, I have been afflicted with'a pain ful chr>nic Khrumatisni for a lorg time, which baffled the 6kill of and muck to me in rpite of ail the reuiediod 1 could fta J, until I tried your Sarjaparilia. One little cure i mo in two weeks, and restored my general health so much that I am far better than befnn 1 was attacked* I think it a wonderful medicine. J. PRKAM. Jules Y. Getchell. rf St. Louis, •flirted for years with an afa urn of Vt Liver , which clrs royed niy i.ealth. I tried very thing, and every thing failed to relieve me; and 1 have been a broken-down n an f r some years from no other cause than dtrarigevuMi tie Liver. My beloved pwrtor, the Rev. Mr. Espy, advised me to try your Sareaparilla, because Lo said he licew y u, fti;d anv tiling you in ado was worth trying. Ry the bl end ing of God it has cured me. atd has *-> purified Piy Mr- d as to make a nt-w of inc. I Ibel ycair.g again. TUa best that can be said of you is not half good encugh." Tumor*, Enlarge inent. Llotiitlon, Carles and Kxfoliatiou of the lit>utu. A gr*at variety of cases hare been reported t"> us rhen cure* of tlcaae f imidable complaints have resulted from lb* use u. this romwdy, but our space here will not admit iheui. Some of them may bo fbund in our American Altrmnac, which tho agents telow named are pleased to ftrrrtah gratis to ail who call Cor thezn. Dyspepsia. Heart Disease, Fst*, Epilep sy, Mticnihoiy, .Neuralgia * Many retxiarkabl** cures of thoso aJfyCtuns havo been xr.ado by the alterative power of this zav.; no. jt ni-au l&tes the viial fniicflntj* into vigorous action, and thu overecmea diaordere -*hioli would he supposed teyi-ud its reach. Such a remedy has long been required V.y the no resf'.tif* of thepeople, r.~d tre ecbSdent that Li id will t! r fm them all that mediciue can do. Ayers Cherry Pectoral, IOR TILS RAPID CUBE OP Coughs, Colds, Inttucuin, lfo*r*enes, C roup, XiroachUis. iaripkul C-ou sumptlcn, and for ffcr of ('or. i.mntive Pr.lients in ftdvanccd Slaves o* *.lte Disease Thl* !s n remedy sn univeivallv known to snrpss* other for t J e cure • f throat ai.d ct nif ;;-.uis, that i*t is i!ek*s hk jto publish tho ©viderct cf ;;s virtms. iia nnrivailxKl ex< Ilocco hr <<.ughs ami cc lds n.d its truly wonderful euros of pulnvc.ary ciiseasv, havt- niado it \nown throughout 11.n civil nktiji- f tV.e cerlh Few are :ho e<>iumuni!ier. or even fsnußw, as: th *:t who havo not some p<*rsonsl experlemw cf its t'l. . eme living ;r hy in their mid: r. cf its v:'-;tojy r?: o fubtle and dangerous 'l!ord*rs of the thrir-t and lur . s. As all know tho diu tdful Is ,i!ity ci dironiers, r.:ii s they know, io-\ tho clTectacf ihia renudy. \re nee i r ; do tine to aasttre them that n haa v. waU tho vir- ' fues thnt it d. i lisve when ir.-i'.irg the cures w'-'- h I won so strongly upon the r uit it nee cf hi on kind. Prepared ly Dr. J. C. ATT,?. A CQ„ Loweii. Haaa. B. F. Harry, B-iilord ; B.irndollar Son, Bloody R<n ; G. B., St. ClairsvtUe ; J. Brenernan, Woodborry ; Goo. Gar Jill. West End ; J. E. Colvin, Schellsburg ; and by dealers generally. Oct. 12, ISGO. A LLEGHENY MALE AND FEMALE SEMINARY, RAiSSBi'RG, Bedford Co., Pa. REV. W. W. BRIM, A. M., Principal, Miss A. L. BRIM, Preceptress, Miss S. J. BRIM, Teacher on Piano Forte. Tb:s institution, under the supervision of the hove named persons, assisted by other oompeten Teachers, affords a full course in Mithernetics Natural sciences, Lansiuages, and Belles Lettres in music, Psintins, &c.,it aives extended instruc tion. The next session will commence on Jan. 22 IS6I. Students admitted at any time. Habits of health, system, and promptness , views, moral, so cial, and domestic, are here made prominent ob jects ot education. That the physical powers, as well as the mental, may be cultivated—Caiisthen ic exercises are necessary—here the Students meet each day for systematic physical exercise. £>)•) (f A Will pay for board, including; fu"- •*-)' / nished rooms, room rent, fuel and tuition in common English, p>r -ferm of eleven weeks. Extras, .1 modera'e rhargfs, even less than heretofore, or than the circular calls for. Students prepared lor the highest class in col lege. For Circulars, cr particulars, address W. W. BRIM, Dec. 21, IS6O. Rainsburg, Bedford Co., Pa MARTnA T. MARTIX, C. It.UAMKICK, J, A. t.. MoRKEt. GEO. R. PESDLE, 8. R. MARTIN. A. HA KER, il • WITH MARTINS, PEDDLE, HAM RICK & CO. —IMPORTERS OF— HOSIERY, GLOVES AND NOTIONS, Ail. 30, JVorth Fourth St., Phil . May 15.'60.-1 yr. NOTICE. Letlpr lestamentarv having been granted to the subscriber, living ,n Mid dle Middle Woodbrry township, on the E.tate of Joseph Keagy, late of said township, dee'd., ali persons indebted to ai<l estate are noli tied to mats dayment immediately, and those having claim# a gainst the same will present them prop-rly au thenticated for settlement. D. S. LONGENEC.xER, Jan. 11, 8 161. A . 1 ANO STOMACHIC PREPAR- F\ tion ot IKON purified of Oxygen and Carbon by combustion m Hydrogen. Sanctioned by the it 2-, *. !" ,cal ""thoritici, both in Europe and the tI : " at '' S ' a " d P resrribed in their p-acfice. Ihe exj>er;enceof thousands daiiy prove* rhnf no preparat: in [ ron can be compared wmj jt _ , ritiesof the Liood, depression of vital energy. j w l 0 and otherwise sickly complexions indicate it. ne cessity in almost every conceivable case, innox ious in all maladies in which it has it hai> proved absolutely curative in each of the folio wir „ • complaints, viz : '■ In Dchilttp, Nervous Affections, Emanation, llul. pepsta, Constipation, Diarrhea, Dytcnl.n . I„r, p Lt , .onampton, Sero/uious T,titrations, S a /, Rheum, Uumenstrucuon, White,. Chlorosis, Liver Cmp/amt Headaches, Rheumatism, intermittent Ft v.. Pufiplts on the Fire, d f . In cases of General Dvbi 7,r y , whether the result of acute disease or of the continued diminution ct ne, vous and muscular enetgv frotn chronic com plaints, one trial of this restorative ha, proved suc cessful to an extent which no description nor write ten a-te.tat,or. „oi,ld render credihis. Jcvall(Js long bed-ridden as to have become forgotten in their own neighborhoods, have suddenly r- P: ,eared in the busy world as if j„ 4t returned from pmtrar ... revel in a distant iand. Some very,sig nal instances of this sind are attested ot i'm7„ sufferers, emaciated victims of apparent marasmus, sanguineous exhaustion, critical changes, and that complication of nervous and dyspeptic aversion to name tXercise for w "hich the has no In Nervous Affections of all kinds, and for reason familiar to medical men, the operation oftfiij prepa ration of lion must neces-aiily be salutary, for, un like the old oxides, it is vigorously tonic,' withou bemg exciting and over-heating • and gently regut r - a P er| Pni even in the most obstinate cases ot costiveness, without ever being a gastric purgative, or inflicting a disagreeable sensation. It is this latter property, among others, which makes it so remarr.ubly ellectual and permanent a ,y for Piles, upon which it also appears to ex en a oistmct and specific action, by dispersing the yocal tendency which forms them. In Dyspepsia, innumerable as are its causes, a single box of these Chalybeate Pills has often sutfi. ced tor the most habitual cases. in unchecked XorrAffa, even when advanced to Uvstentery, confirmed, emaciating and apparently malignant, the etiects have been equall decisive aud astonishing. In the local pains, loss of flesh and strength, de bilitating cough,and remittent hectic, which genei ru.i} indicate Incipmnt Consumption, this remedy has allayed tue alarm ot friends and physicians, in several very gratifying and interesting instances. In Scrofulous Tu&ereufosis, th s medicated iron has had tar more the good efb-ct of the most cau tiously balanced preparations of iodine, without any ci their well-known liabilities. 1 be attention of females cannot be too confident ly invited to this remedy "and restorative, in the ca ses peculiarly affecting them. In Rheumatism, both cnronic and inflammatory, in the latter, however, note decidedly, it has been invariably wel'reported, both as aiie'viating pain and reducing t;._ swelling, ar.i stiffness of the joints and muscles. in Intermittent Fevers if must necessarily be a great remedy and energetic restorative, r an<) its pro gr< s in the new settlements of the West, will pro bably be one ot high renown and usefulness. No remedy has ever been discovered, in the whole history ol medicine, which exerts such prompt py and folly restorative effects. Good appeUte, complete digestion, rapid acquisition of strength, with an unusual disposition tor active aud cheerful exercise, irrn . - uiely follow its use. Put up in neat iat metal boxes containing 50 pills price 50 cents per box : f or b y druggists and dealers. Will be tent free ,to any address, on re ceipt of the price. All letter?, orders, etc., should be address# to H. B Lucke & t .-, 5 nrral Isreuls, ■ n 2b Ch-DAfl STREET, N. T July 20th, '6O. PH'L'A. ADVERTISE ME N TS? ~ ¥ E. GO U LDT j -Vo. 632 Chestnut St., cor. of Seventh, PHILADELPHIA. PIANOS AND MELODEONS. RAVRX, BACON Ik co's., HAI.LET, DAVIS St CO's., HUNK'S CLARK'S, AND A. n. GALS fit co's. MASON h HAMLIN'S, AND PRINCE ScCO'S. MELODEONS & HARMONIUMS. Pianos and Melodeons to Rent. Second-hand Pianoa. -May 18,'C0.-1 yr. T P. HU BE EL " -fFCCESSOR TO 3. SCRVERtf —WHOLESALE DEALER IN TOBACCO. SNUFF AND CIGARS, J\"o 8 JSiorth Fifth St., above Market, Phi Pa. Also. Manufacturer and Importer of FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC SEUARS,- May IS, ISCO.-1 yr. WILLIAM RAIGCRL, JAMES M. WHITET, SAMUEL MOOKE, EDWARD A ADAMS, WILLIAM G. SKILLMAX. HENRY P. ATKINSON. XJAIGUEL, MOORE & CO., f.ATE, RAIOUEL AND CO., IMPORTERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN DRY GOODS, ,\oj. 220 & 222 jYorth Thint St., above Ram, fVest siJe t PHILADELPHIA. May 18,'6D.-1 yr. rgTHE WORLD'S GREAT EXHIBITION PRIZE MEDAL, awarded toC. MEYER for his two PIANOS, London, October 15, 1851 C. MEYER respectfully informs his friends and the publie generally, that he has constantly on hand PIANOS, equal to those for which he received the Prize Medal in London, in 1831. All orders promptly attended to, fand great care taken in the selection and packing the same. He has received, during the last fifteen years, more Afedais than any other maker, from the Frank lin Institute—also, First Premiums ia Boston, New York and Baltimote. Warerootn*. No. 772 ARCHS'reet, below Eighth- South side, PHILADELPHIA May 18, 1860, lyr. jotta o. JAM fa, IHAAC WELSH, o. tTERLinod WSI. O. KENT, O. A. SMITH, 8. D. WELSH, CHARLES SANTEE, SAMUEL WHITE, J. TOULJNSOM. TAMES, KENT. SANTEE & CO., IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS OF DRV GOODS, 239 At ?tl NORTH THIRD STREET, ABOVE RACE, PHILADELPHIA, JRay IB 'if -1 yr